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  1. Beatbox had placed his hand on his chin as he had looked down, more so it seemed like the wanted to scout out this person rather than testing his true strength, but even then you wouldn't truly see what their capabilities would be if you had the safeguard to begin with. However it would be a good thing to see if theres anything unnatural or how aggressive he could be. However after a moment a NPC had waved towards them gesturing them to come over saying that they had news, Beatbox had stepped inside the bar once more breathing in the atmosphere, Beatbox had looked around from side to side seeing all the pathetic excuses for players or NPC's, designed or those who kill because they have nothing else better to do, Beatbox wanted them all out of his face. However, he wouldn't cause a scene, that would be the worst idea to do. Beatbox had looked down to the man that had waved them down and said "Alright you got our attention, whatcha want?" @Itzal
  2. IS THAT @Emblem?!

    1. Morgenstern


      Speaking of which, Happy Birthday Emblem!

  3. Beatbox had opened the door to Teion's shop rather late at night, he had opened it quietly, he didn't want to stir a mouse or even wake up Thea even if she was here. Beatbox looked down on the box he was leaving Teion... a Recorded Crystal, Rhaegal's Emerald, Zylara's Quartz... and Shi's Talon. He didn't regret his life, he didn't regret a moment he spent in this game... while he didn't get to find out if his Sister is okay... this was the end for him in order to try to protect those who are innocent in this world. Beatbox had left it on her counter, and without another word. He had left to face the end. Upon Opening the Crystal it Says:
  4. Beatbox

    Stryders Tailor Evaluations

    Ask and you shall receive, approved.
  5. To those interested, I have a open position to whomever would like to work as a PST.

    Only Requirements:

    - Must be active for at least 2 months

    - Must have discord

    - Must know rules and friendly towards others.

    Message Shark an application if you are interested!

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    2. Beatbox


      in staff we argue all the time what you talkin

    3. Hirru


      You have a very compelling argument

      And sometimes I feel like I should be joining staff with my constant badgering

    4. Aereth


      @Hirru Do it. Do it now. xD

  6. Beatbox

    Stryders Tailor Evaluations

  7. Beatbox

    Aster's Crafts and Loot

  8. Beatbox

    Fiora's Journal

    Approved. Welcome to Aincrad. @Fiora you have my apologies.
  9. Beatbox

    Real Life Picture Thread

    where the hell did you get a bacon outfit
  10. Beatbox

    [F02] «Return of the Queen»

    Gonna be doing this on the down-low.
  11. Beatbox

    Killia's Journal (Rebirth)

    Approved my dude, nice to have ya back online. Welcome back to Aincrad. BTW: @Killia Rebirth will give you have rounded down, meaning if Lycan died with 29 SP, ya got 14 SP. :P
  12. All future monthly bosses are postponed until further notice. Do not attempt if finding them until notice.