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  1. Beatbox had placed his hand on his chin as he had looked down, more so it seemed like the wanted to scout out this person rather than testing his true strength, but even then you wouldn't truly see what their capabilities would be if you had the safeguard to begin with. However it would be a good thing to see if theres anything unnatural or how aggressive he could be. However after a moment a NPC had waved towards them gesturing them to come over saying that they had news, Beatbox had stepped inside the bar once more breathing in the atmosphere, Beatbox had looked around from side to side seeing all the pathetic excuses for players or NPC's, designed or those who kill because they have nothing else better to do, Beatbox wanted them all out of his face. However, he wouldn't cause a scene, that would be the worst idea to do. Beatbox had looked down to the man that had waved them down and said "Alright you got our attention, whatcha want?" @Itzal
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  3. Beatbox

    [PP-F21] Gathering Courage

    Beatbox had looked over to Birdie who had successfully defeated one of the Spiders, now was the time to finish the spiders off. And with one swift movement as they had tried to attack he hit the ground as a shadow explosion hit all 3 of the remaining spiders ending their lives. Beatbox had then sheathed his sword after the victory against them and sent all of the items and col that he had earned to Birdie and said to her "Here, a farewell gift." he looked at her with a smile "I would love to stay around... but..." he looked down and over to the path back to the main settlement that then turned to almost what it had seemed depression "There's a fight I must win." he then proceeded to walk away to his eventual doom as Birdie had released her beloved falcon.. and thus the Aer Solider was never seen again. @Birdie ----- ID: 86877 - BD: 3+5=8 - MD: 3-4=-1 [H:3] Beatbox - HP: 1235/1235 - EN: 52/122 Sword Art Used: Shadow Explosion [Damage = 17*9=153] [H:2] Birdie - HP: 640/640 - EN: 60/64 Giant Spiders x3 - HP: 84/610 - DMG: 183 Loot: 3 T3 Material - Uncommon Consumable - 5490 Col ----- Thread Complete! Birdie - 1 SP - 7740 Col - 25 T3 Mats - Uncommon Consumable Beatbox - Walks Away a Dead Man.
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    Winik's Culinary Masterpieces

  5. Beatbox

    [PP-F21] Gathering Courage

    Beatbox had chuckled as she had shook her head and replied to his comment as he thought she would, he had looked back forward with his sword and charged up another Shadow Explosion as he moved forward to strike down the 4 giant spiders... he didn't quite kill all the spiders but he had brought down the spiders HP had gotten down so so quickly. Beatbox had looked back to Birdie and said out to her "Unless ya know you can kill it don't attack. The last thing I want ya to do is die on me." he chuckled as he took a few steps away from the spiders as they were trying to attack him, however... he easily dodged their attacks with ease. He gave her a pat on the back and exclaimed to her "But I believe in ya give it your all on em Birdie-bird." @Birdie ----- ID: 86720 - BD: 5+5=10 - MD: 6-4=2 [H:3] Beatbox - HP: 1235/1235 - EN: 70/122 Sword Art Used: Shadow Explosion [Damage = 17*9=153] [H:2] Birdie - HP: 640/640 - EN: 60/64 Giant Spiders x4 - HP: 84/610 - DMG: 183 Loot: 1 T3 Material
  6. Beatbox

    [PP - F10 - KE] One Man Apocalypse

    Beatbox had hit the ground as his HP bar had fell down to zero, Beatbox had looked up to him as his life was slowly going to be depleted, and he had flashed him a smile as he had a last few seconds on this world before the Nerve Gear on his head would eventually fry and kill him. He smiled and said "You can make up stories all you want... but, I know people know the truth about me... and when they know... you'll be dead where you stand." he chuckled before exploding into crystals that had faded into the air. He had a few moments after to just think, what would have happened if he had beaten this crook... what would have happened if he didn't at all... he doesn't know. But for all that can conclude with this... this man, must be stopped. However, the only way to know of his presence for other people is for a quick visit to the monument of life... but other than that... this man, this vigilante had failed to protect the lives of many innocent players... he cannot believe it... he was dead. Thread Complete - No Rewards Beatbox is Dead.
  7. Beatbox

    [PP - F10 - KE] One Man Apocalypse

    Beatbox had looked up to Death_Adder as he had began to taunt him before the end came "I am already taunting the devil. I don't need to give you any more to fuel you further. Just end me coward." and then the end was going to begin... he took a step back and charged upon Beatbox. Beatbox had closed his eyes for a moment, he knew the end was coming... but out of the corner of his eyes he had noticed that he tripped onto the ground. Beatbox's paraylsis had expired as he had exclaimed out that he was going to give him a second chance... like hell he was going to believe Death_Adder... Beatbox had chuckled as he got up from the ground and grabbed his sword "Do you... really think I am gonna believe you'll give me a second chance?" he then moved forward to strike Death_Adder with another Meteor Break successfully "I'd rather fight the devil than to be spared by the devil." @Death_Adder ----- ID: 86712 - BD: 7+4-4=7 Sword Art Used: Meteor Break [Damage: 17*11=182] Beatbox: 409/1235 - EN: 82/122 [-11 /+1 EN] - MIT: 66 - ACC: 4 - EVA: 4 - DMG: 17 - Battle Healing: 60 Death_Adder: 1117/1605 - EN: 160/160 - MIT: 0 - ACC: 4 - EVA: 4 - DMG: 16
  8. Beatbox

    [PP - F10 - KE] One Man Apocalypse

    Beatbox had smirked after his last successful attack and looked upon Death_Adder as he had admitted that he had liked him and how entertaining it would have been to keep him around... but this was the line where Beatbox was not going to win and he had taken a Dual Blade sword art entwined with Charge and Bullrush. Beatbox was blown back from the attack and was stunned. Beatbox had fell to his knees and eventually to the ground where he had looked up to the man before trying to get up but failing because of the paralysis. "This is how it ends huh? Well... I cannot say I wasn't aware that what is to happen I suppose. But to die to the man with Dual Blades... the supposed Hero of Aincrad... it sucks.." he had thought to himself before falling onto the ground where he would die "This is the end Death_Adder... kill me. You have won. Hero of Aincrad." he had accepted defeat and knew what was to come next. @Death_Adder ----- ID: 86712 - BD: 7+4-4=7 Sword Art Used: Meteor Break [Damage: 17*11=182] Beatbox: 349/1235 - EN: 92/122 [+1 EN] - MIT: 66 - ACC: 4 - EVA: 4 - DMG: 17 - Battle Healing: 60 Death_Adder: 1224/1605 - EN: 160/160 - MIT: 0 - ACC: 4 - EVA: 4 - DMG: 16
  9. Beatbox

    [PP - F10 - KE] One Man Apocalypse

    "Lack of intelligence huh?" Beatbox chuckled and let Death_Adder continue to speak, after he was done he had went out to attack him along with using a crystal... now that it reminded Beatbox, he should have brought one with him... just to deal the damage, well... you kind of forget when you're on a suicide mission. Beatbox had dodged out of the Adder's attack which was a difficult attack as it was dang near impossible to do so, however he managed to pull off the attack, then he had retaliated with Meteor Break to continue to pressure onto the murderer, he knows he can't use the paralysis sword art because it would use too much energy... "Spoiler to you Death_Adder, you're gonna have to work to kill me. Because I will not die so easily." he looked at him with a confident yet knowing look that he was going to die. "I know you can easily kill me, but I love to taunt the devil, and even when staring down the eyes of death. I will strike back." @Death_Adder ----- ID: 86712 - BD: 7+4-4=7 Sword Art Used: Meteor Break [Damage: 17*11=182] Beatbox: 1235/1235 - EN: 91/122 [-11 EN / +1 EN] - MIT: 66 - ACC: 4 - EVA: 4 - DMG: 17 - Battle Healing: 60 Death_Adder: 1149/1605 - EN: 160/160 - MIT: 0 - ACC: 4 - EVA: 4 - DMG: 16
  10. Beatbox

    [PP - F10 - KE] One Man Apocalypse

    This man was empty almost what it had seemed... dead, Beatbox knew he was dealing with some sort of stone cold murderer... even with his dry chuckle. However after his attack upon Death_Adder it had seemed that he was even expecting him to do something like what he had done. Beatbox had looked down as he had spoke to him, and it had only made Beatbox more angry than he needs to be "Please, your men couldn't handle what I am capable of. I'm sure if it weren't for your Dual Blades they could stand a small chance against you. Heck, if they all teamed to together they might even successfully coop against you. That's if you don't give them what they want of course. Knowing the likes of you." he said before not hesitating to strike again against Death_Adder dealing more and more damage upon him. He knew eventually Death_Adder would strike against him... but there has to be some sort of strategy to win against him... something, maybe it involves built in stun sword arts. He took a deep breath, it had seemed he was fighting an impossible game to win. @Death_Adder ----- ID: 86710 - BD: 6+4=10 Sword Art Used: Meteor Break [Damage: 17*11=182] Beatbox: 1235/1235 - EN: 101/122 [-11 EN] - MIT: 66 - ACC: 4 - EVA: 4 - DMG: 17 - Battle Healing: 60 Death_Adder: 1256/1605 - EN: 160/160 - MIT: 0 - ACC: 4 - EVA: 4 - DMG: 16
  11. Beatbox

    [PP - F10 - KE] One Man Apocalypse

    Well, here was the man the living legend. Beatbox had looked at him, he was dull... just as he expected him to be, he didn't like the way he looked, everything about him screamed... Player Killer, heck he was even orange. To Beatbox's surprise... he had a deadly secret that he had fallen too... this man, had Dual Blades. Now this would have been a scary sight, however Beatbox had gave Death_Adder a smirk as he unsheathed The Silver Cresent from his side "Backstory? I never heard a murderer wanting to know a players backstory, typically they would get straight to the point wouldn't you think?" and with a blink of an eye Beatbox wasted no time entwining his sword with Charge and Bullrush moving forward upon Death_Adder stunning him into place dealing more damage than he would have thought... wait, did he take all of it? Beatbox didn't know but he had let out a chuckle as he exclaimed "Look's like the Dual Bladed man left his guard down for a second, tis a shame I suppose." @Death_Adder ----- ID: 86709 - BD: 7+4-4=7 Sword Art Used: Meteor Break [Damage: 17+5=22*11=242] Beatbox: 1235/1235 - EN: 111/122 [-11 EN] - MIT: 66 - ACC: 4 - EVA: 4 - DMG: 17 - Battle Healing: 60 Death_Adder: 1363/1605 - EN: 160/160 - MIT: 0 Stunned Skills / Equipment:
  12. Beatbox stood in the main settlement of Floor 10 after making his deliveries to the guild and Thea, all he had left was The Silver Cresent, Blastia's Core, and wind... and poor little Ocarina who doesn't know whats coming to him. Beatbox looked around to the cave system of a floor... this was gonna be the floor he was gonna go into a battle huh... Beatbox shook his head with a chuckle, he's not gonna go down without one last final huzzah. This figure he's recently heard about doesn't know whats coming to him, maybe... there was a chance in victory. However Beatbox knew it was slim, however he's not gonna let this man go away unscathed, this WAS something that needed to be done. Beatbox had stepped out of the main settlement to the end of the road to eventually lead himself to where the horsemen had told him of his last movements... who knows if he's even here though... its only a rumor he had heard. @Death_Adder