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  1. IS THAT @Emblem?!

    1. Morgenstern


      Speaking of which, Happy Birthday Emblem!

  2. To those interested, I have a open position to whomever would like to work as a PST.

    Only Requirements:

    - Must be active for at least 2 months

    - Must have discord

    - Must know rules and friendly towards others.

    Message Shark an application if you are interested!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Beatbox


      in staff we argue all the time what you talkin

    3. Hirru


      You have a very compelling argument

      And sometimes I feel like I should be joining staff with my constant badgering

    4. Aereth


      @Hirru Do it. Do it now. xD

  3. Beatbox

    Fiora's Journal

    Approved. Welcome to Aincrad. @Fiora you have my apologies.
  4. Beatbox

    Real Life Picture Thread

    where the hell did you get a bacon outfit
  5. Beatbox

    [F02] «Return of the Queen»

    Gonna be doing this on the down-low.
  6. Beatbox

    Killia's Journal (Rebirth)

    Approved my dude, nice to have ya back online. Welcome back to Aincrad. BTW: @Killia Rebirth will give you have rounded down, meaning if Lycan died with 29 SP, ya got 14 SP. :P
  7. Beatbox

    Ariel's crafts and loot

  8. All future monthly bosses are postponed until further notice. Do not attempt if finding them until notice.

  9. Couple of Things:

    1. You may now contact Aereth for Approvals if needed if no PSTs or myself are active while he is on.

    2. I will get to posting soon. I promise.

    3. Soon...

  10. Beatbox

    Neabaz's Journal

    Approved, welcome to the SAO RPG!
  11. Beatbox

    RenaldoFarqwad's Journal (Finished)

    Approved, btw never be sorry for having a brick of a backstory. It's nice to read upon your characters backstory and get to know them outside flaws and virtues.
  12. Beatbox

    Yuukis Journal

    Pending, check your PM's in just a moment.