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  1. Just gonna roll and edit both posts
  2. Will Edit Tomorrow After Work (+1/-13 EN) Galaxy Destroyer on Giant Peep ID# 154816 results: Battle: 7 (5+2) | Hit | 234 - 150 = 84 Damage
  3. Seul

    [PP-F4] Exhausted

    It seemed his words had reached her, as he hoped they would. Despite knowing nothing of the woman who sat before him, he didn’t care. Everything he’d seen thus far pointed toward her being a good person. Or at the very least, not being a cold-blooded murderer. “Not at all. It’s rather admirable actually.” As someone who wandered the world void of any real purpose, people like Mari served as a reminder of the great things one could accomplish with enough determination. Serving as a guide for the people was a noble goal, and one Seul could get behind. Though, he was curious just how the woman would set about accomplishing a thing many before her had tried and failed. “But that being said, only one thing separates a dream from a goal: A plan. I’m assuming you have one?” She was undoubtedly aware of how orange players were viewed and the various stigmas that existed against them. And what of those who didn’t believe they could be saved? Was she willing to kill again if someone were to oppose her goals? There was a fine line between being a leader and a tyrant. Which path she’d walk in the end, he could only speculate about. @Mari
  4. Before he knew it the group had moved on to the next arena in the dungeon. Eyeing his energy bar the man shrugged. The previous fight had reduced him to less than half, but it was just one of the drawbacks that came with wielding a two-handed sword. In the middle of the second zone sat a large creature, and it would seem that Seul would be the first to attack this time as well. Gripping his greatsword, he charged the soundly sleeping Giant Peep. Galaxy Destroyer tore into its sugary body, but rather than cut clean through, his blow almost seemed to be almost absorbed into its form. Placing a foot against the boss, he managed to pull the weapon free. All that work and only minimal damage was dealt. Saying he was disappointed would be putting mildly. “Tag in.” After cleaning the marshmallow clumps off his sword, he’d regroup with the others to pat @Baldur and @Beat on their shoulders. “Be careful, seems like that thing is good at cushioning attacks… Well, mine anyway.” (+1/-13 EN) Galaxy Destroyer on Giant Peep ID# 151510 results: Battle: 7 (5+2) | Hit | 234 - 150 = 84 Damage
  5. Rolling... Looking for Mat ID# 151226 results: Loot -- 12 | (11+1) | Fail
  6. Seul

    [F21-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    next Combat Summary Seul [1078/1150 HP] (+81/-33 HP) | [72/106 EN] (+1/-2 EN) | [Concentration: 2/3] Kobold 1 [-34/530 HP] Kobold 2 [-22/530 HP] Kobold 3 [530/530 HP] Kobold 4 [314/530 HP] Rolls Calamity Disaster 3 ID# 151120 results: Battle -- 4 (3+1) | Miss Calamity Disaster 4 ID# 151121 results: Battle -- 3 (2+1) | Miss Vamp Defense ID# 151122 results: Craft -- 6 | Fail Kobold 3 Attack ID# 151123 results: Mob -- 9 (8+1) | Hit | 33 Damage Kobold 4 Attack ID# 151124 results: Mob -- 1 | Miss
  7. Seul

    [F21-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Seul unleashed another flurry of slashes across the enemy party. The first two kobolds who stood in front shielded the others but in doing so took the full brunt of his sword’s power. On the verge of death, unable to move, and afflicted with grievous burns, what little life force remained in the pair had been quickly snuffed out. They exploded leaving behind a wealth of rewards to gather. But before the man could revel in the fruits of his labor, he’d need to finish what he started. The two kobolds each attacked him from opposite sides. Battle healing had done its job, but the monsters were determined to reverse what healing effects had occurred. Seul grit his teeth and steeled himself for the worst. Their weapons tore past his blade and broke his defenses. At a glance it didn’t seem like the assault was anything to worry about too much, though. Combat Summary Seul [1030/1150 HP] (+81/-66 HP) | [73/106 EN] (+1/-16 EN) | [Concentration: 1/3] Kobold 1 [-34/530 HP] | (-312 Damage) / (Freeze) / (36 Burn: 1/2) Kobold 2 [-22/530 HP] | (-300 Damage) / (Freeze) / (36 Burn: 1/2) Kobold 3 [530/530 HP] Kobold 4 [314/530 HP] Rolls Calamity Disaster 1 ID# 151100 results: Battle -- 10 | Crit | 26 (18+2+6) x 12 = 312 Damage Calamity Disaster 2 ID# 151102 results: Battle -- 9 | Crit | 25 (18+1+6) x 12 = 300 Damage Calamity Disaster 3 ID# 151103 results: Battle -- 5 (4+1) | Miss Calamity Disaster 4 ID# 151104 results: Battle -- 1 | Miss Vamp Defense ID# 151105 results: Craft -- 5 | Fail Kobold 3 Attack ID# 151110 results: Mob -- 8 (7+1) | Hit | 33 Damage Kobold 4 Attack ID# 151111 results: Mob -- 7 (6+1) | Hit | 33 Damage Kobold 1 Loot ID# 151107 results: Loot -- 11 (10+1) | Craft -- 1 | Kobold 1 drops 3180 Col / T3 Crafting Material (x3) / T3 Rare Trinket (x1) Kobold 2 Loot ID# 151108 results: Loot -- 2 (1+1) | Craft -- 2 | Kobold 2 drops 4240 Col / T3 Crafting Material (x1)
  8. In such a short time he felt he had grown so much. It had been an eventful few weeks, and Seul was eager to put his new toys to the test with some training. Recently he learned of a quest he had never taken before. One by the name <<Nature’s Treasure>>. Supposedly the monsters that spawned were more lucrative than the ones a player might otherwise find somewhere else. After asking around, the swordsman managed to locate a cavern on the 24th floor fitting the description. But when he entered he was immediately rushed by monsters. The Barb of the Whorleater had been fastened to his back, and after removing it he unwrapped the cloth that covered the scaly tip of the greatsword. Six slashes swept across the field and managed to knock off large chunks of some of the enemy party’s health bars. Though, not being enough to slay the creatures, they quickly took to beating him with their weapons. Seul's Stats Enemy Stats Combat Summary Seul [1015/1150 HP] (-135) | [88/106 EN] (-18 EN) | [Concentration: 0/3] Kobold 1 [314/530 HP] | (-216 Damage) Kobold 2 [314/530 HP] | (-216 Damage) Kobold 3 [530/530 HP] Kobold 4 [314/530 HP] | (-216 Damage) Rolls Calamity Disaster 1 ID# 151092 results: Battle -- 8 (6+2) | Hit | 18 x 12 = 216 Damage Calamity Disaster 2 ID# 151093 results: Battle -- 8 (6+2) | Hit | 18 x 12 = 216 Damage Calamity Disaster 3 ID# 151094 results: Battle -- 1 | Fail Calamity Disaster 4 ID# 151095 results: Battle -- 10 (8+2) | Hit | 18 x 12 = 216 Damage Kobold 1 Attack ID# 151096 results: Mob -- 9 (8+1) | Hit | 159 - 126 = 33 Damage Kobold 2 Attack ID# 151097 results: Mob -- 10 | Crit | 161 - 126 = 35 Damage Kobold 3 Attack ID# 151098 results: Mob -- 8 (7+1) | Hit | 159 - 126 = 33 Damage Kobold 4 Attack ID# 151099 results: Mob -- 9 | Crit | 160 - 126 = 34 Damage
  9. Seul

    Seul's Evals

    Using Demonic Egg on Barb of the Whorleater Old: New:
  10. Seul

    Our Chosen Paths

    Ambient Music A sigh escaped his lips as the player pulled back their weapon. Relief washed over him, like waves on a beach. But what anxiety had been washed away was soon replaced with happiness from successfully de-escalating the situation. Seul nodded along to the stranger’s words to show he’d been listening. They were all valid points and things he’d take into account moving forward. One thing was clear: It was going to take a lot more work for his true potential to be realized. “I won’t lose sight of what matters again. I promise you here, I will become strong to be a swordsman of the people, and to do my part to put an end to this death game.” With that he’d grasp the blade's handle. Using his free hand, he fumbled through his inventory for a moment before materializing the bunny stamp and holding it out. It was the least he could do. “I did say I’d trade for it. This thing can turn an ordinary piece of equipment into a demonic. If you want it it's yours.” +Barb of the Whorleater @Itzal
  11. Seul

    Our Chosen Paths

    Something like this was bound to happen. After calling it a day and heading off to set up camp, Seul now found himself motionless with the blade at his throat. Even if he desired a fight, in this position his head could have easily been severed long before the getting to draw the greatsword he carried. For the time being he was at this stranger's mercy. “I am looking for demonics, yes.” He said, while peering into the void where this person’s face should have been. They were capable, for sure. “It happened a while ago… I was out farming on the fifth floor. I had just finished fighting and my back was turned. Figured it was another mob trying to get the drop on me while I was collecting my loot so I swung without looking. It was another player. Since he was green and I attacked first, my crystal changed. Soon after a hit from his hammer left me on the ground and immobile. But as he loomed over me, the man never revealed why he sought to take my life that day. Merely that doing so was how he earned his bread. Through dumb luck I managed to turn the tables. Once I was on top of him I didn’t stop until he was nearly dead, and I can still remember his final words. He claimed his friends would find me, so I dealt the final blow to protect myself and to keep him from potentially going after my girlfriend at the time. I killed a man with adrenaline and out of fear. I didn’t want my story to end there or for the ones I care about to get hurt.” Pausing for a moment, Seul tried to collect his thoughts. Since then, few knew the truth behind his orange status and here was spilling his guts to someone holding him hostage. It was somewhat cathartic. “I don’t think he was bluffing when he said his allies would come. Though I haven’t had any encounters yet, I figure they just aren’t as eager to engage after what happened. But it's been tough going regardless. The Knights of Blood. My friends. Anemone. I left them all behind. I couldn’t face them with what I had done. I didn’t want anyone to get close to me, and in an act of symbolism I passed on my holy weapon, Maiden’s Kiss, to someone I felt was more worthy of its power. I lost what little I had in this world. But these months spent traveling alone have taught me a great deal. Though I used to regret the road I walk, I’ve mostly made peace with my past. Now I have something to run toward rather than constantly look over my shoulder. A new guild with a dream of bolstering the frontlines so that we may all be freed of this nightmare. With them as my foundation I wish to become someone others can rely on and to return to the frontlines. But I’m still too weak as I am now. So I seek demonics as I feel they will help in achieving both of these things.” @Itzal
  12. Seul

    Our Chosen Paths

    Using the pommel of his blade Seul, struck the nail which would bind his note to a request board just outside of the Starting City. Under the afternoon sun, he replayed the events that had led to this moment in his mind. It all started, as most of his adventures did, with some curiosity. Seven floors had been cleared since the last time he set foot in a boss raid. To be honest, he had fallen out of touch with who was still around on the frontlines, and what loot might have been set loose into the world. Thankfully, Aincrad had no shortage of people who were willing to investigate these things and report them. If they received the right incentives, of course. Though it pained him, walking around with a lighter wallet was a small price to pay for the list of demonic drops the info broker had given him. Going over it, there seemed to be a few solid ones out of the bunch. But one in particular happened to catch his eye. The sword was supposedly powerful, and its owner was said to be shrouded in mystery. No name or discernible features were offered to the man when inquired further, effectively stopping his investigation in its tracks. But he would not lose hope. Wiping the sweat from his brow, the swordsman took a moment to admire his handiwork. How many of these had he posted over the last few days? Somewhere along the way he lost count, and with no word as of yet perhaps it was time to start considering alternative methods. Or giving up.
  13. The battle was over and the spoils of war were quickly being divided between the party. Before Seul’s eyes flashed a reward screen, and without hesitation he accepted, spawning a greatsword by his side. When he grabbed the hilt the metal burst to life with a roaring flame, and the swordsman took to swinging it around with glee like a child who received a new toy. Embers trailed behind each slash from the mighty weapon, and soon he would turn his excitement to the others. “I got a sword! A sword that can be set on fire!” Finally, a unique weapon was in his possession. Though he wondered how well it would mesh with the build he was working toward. Glancing over its actual stats, he thought perhaps he could change the slot of bleed for something else. Having fought without accuracy for so long, he really didn’t feel like going back to just attacking blindly. In any case, it was just something to consider. Putting his new blade away, he waited to see what the group would do next. Loot ID# 150645 results: Loot -- 17 | Red Hot Weapon (T3 THSS) Obtained! [Energy Regen: 1/3]
  14. Seul

    [SP-F4] <<Absolute Zero>>

    Next round Combat Summary Seul [1076/1150 HP] | [92/106 EN] (+1/13) | Absolute Zero [691/850 HP] | (-159 Damage) Rolls Galaxy Destroyer ID# 150603 results: Battle -- 13 (8+5) | Hit | 234 (18 x 13) - 75 = 159 Damage! Absolute Zero Attack ID# 150604 results: Mob -- 9 (3+6) | Hit | 200 - 126 = 74 Damage!
  15. Snow gently around him as he walked, and the grip he held on Remorse tightened in a n effort to stay warm. Despite having the survival skill, it seemed that this particular region of the fourth floor was covered in an unshakable cold. It was no wonder the monster he hunted today took up residence here. Seul still remembered his first time defeating Avalanche. The infamous player killer, Ssendom had been the one to carry him through the quest, felling the field boss with a single slash of his sword. On that day Seul swore that he’d surpass the man, and wandering here now the swordsman felt he had in some respects. The lake where Absolute Zero spawned had been frozen over, but as he approached the ice began to move and grow as if it had a mind of its own. The battle was beginning and with no time to waste Seul drew his executioner sword to attack the creature. Absolute Zero’s icy body proved tough to crack, and his blade merely skidded off when he tried to cut. He could feel his movements slowing from the cold, but luckily the beast was slower and he was able to avoid being struck by its enormous fist for now. Seul's Stats Absolute Zero's Stats Combat Summary Seul [1150/1150 HP] | [104/106 EN] (-2) | Absolute Zero [850/850 HP] Rolls Galaxy Destroyer ID# 150596 results: Battle -- 1 | Crit Fail Absolute Zero Attack ID# 150597 results: Mob -- 1 | Crit Fail