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  1. Seul

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    Never being one who was adept at stealth or tracking Seul decided to take a step back and let the others handle most of the work. From the way they spoke earlier, most didn't trust him anyway. That was fine with him; they were strangers and he wasn't about to give them his life story while there were more important matters at hand. The forest canopy would do little to shield him from the storm brewing above, but even so he sat beneath a tree in an effort to avoid getting drenched once the rain started to fall. Relaxation never lasted long in Aincrad though. Some kind of chimera thing had grabbed his attention and promptly began directing him toward the base of the mountain. It was the pet of that Hestia woman who confronted him earlier. “Something must be happening…” Through mumbled breaths he got up and made his way toward the rest of the group, intent on seeing for himself how the next part of this story would unfold.
  2. Seul

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    Worried? Were people here actually feeling scared? They were tracking an alleged criminal, sure, but Seul didn't see this as being any more dangerous than taking on one of the game's quest bosses. Aincrad was only so big and once word spreads even further, the number of places left for Wyson to hide would become limited at best. The poor weather didn't bother Seul that much. He kind of actually liked the rain. Or at least how the world always felt once a storm had passed. At some point he had drifted toward the back of the group; his walk shifting into a leisurely stroll while listening to the others talk amongst themselves. From what he could tell it was just more of the same being repeated. Unlike at the meeting though he would be a bit more vocal about his feelings on the smear campaign being waged against Wyson. “You both ( @Fae / @Krysta) make it sound like you're gonna just arrest him on sight without hearing his side of the story…”
  3. Seul

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    “And just like that the cycle continues…” It would seem the blind were leading the blind here. This was the same narrative he had heard time and time again. Without hesitation the group denounced Wyson; slinging names like killer, low-life, and Laughing Coffin. They wanted to lock him up without knowing any of the facts. Perhaps Seul’s bias as an orange player was finally shining through, but something wasn’t adding up. There was no doubt that those players died from PvP, but could these so easily be called just the murders of a psychopath? What if Lessa and Aereth were wrong? Wyston could have easily been just another average player. A rare item could have come into his possession; something collectors or people trying to make a quick buck would hunt him to the ends of Aincrad for. Instead of giving in, he fought back. Killing might have been the only way to make those pursuing him stop. But once he was marked as an orange player even more of an incentive was given for a bounty to be placed on his head. A prime opportunity for someone to play the role of hero for a change. Even now people were gathered here to pick up where the first twenty-seven failed. Was this really the right way to go about preventing more deaths though? Only time would tell. --- While leaning against one of the far walls Seul’s eyes naturally shifted toward the woman who was running the show. In any case, things were about to get a lot more interesting around here. If he heard right then she’d be taking a group to where Wyson was spotted last. The only testimonial he needed to hear would be from the culprit himself. With that in mind it was a no-brainer deciding who he would be going with. Stats: OOC: Going with @Lessa but lowkey on Team Wyson
  4. Seul

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Parry | Howl | EnergizeMod(s) Being Dropped: THSS Rank 5 Ferocity | Justified RiposteSP Refunded: 48Cost: 48000
  5. I will now start the bidding for my glittering snowflake at 1 million col. >:3

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  6. So you can only understand everything in a literal sense and also don't know how to form a logical argument? Noted. I didn't blow it out of proportion. Your clarification changes nothing. If someone doesn't want their character to die then what gives you the goddamn right to say otherwise? Your precious little story? Gimmie a break. With the old rules COUNTLESS PEOPLE HAVE DIED. Have you seen the monument of life recently? Guess not. Here I'll do the work for you and list off some: Lowenthal, Beatbox, Wardege, Opal, and Sierra. All pks. All done with consent from the parties involved beforehand. All done using thread tags. I haven't even gotten into PvE deaths. I don't know who you're trying to fool, but the act of losing characters hasn't been as scarce as you're trying to propagate it to be. Stop. Your dnd example doesn't make sense because: 1) It's a different game. 2) Our rules are the problem. This isn't an opinion, it's the objective truth. If it wasn’t then this thread wouldn’t exist. 3) Unlike Wizards of the Coast, the staff here are actively giving YOU THE PLAYER a platform to air your grievances and help work toward improving these systems. I know you said you're insane, but surely you can understand that's kinda why we're talking here now. 4) You say you write for the story and not the characters. Okay. How does that work? How do you tell a story without making characters for said story? You can’t. Name one successful book, movie, tv show, anime, whatever that doesn't put effort into making their characters because they're just plot devices. “This character has to die here because the plot says so and we need our death quota for this story”. Honestly. You're pissing me off. How dare you call ME selfish. Where have you even been? Not here. You like to come in for a week and say all this then leave for months at a time. Who has to deal with these things you're proposing afterward? Us. I am not being selfish. I actually care about the people of this community. I actually want them to flourish and to not have to write in a constant state of fear because some random guy wants to get off to having his character being death edged. It is unbelievably frustrating that this is even being debated. The whole reason NK and KE tags were made was because of this exact thing. History will repeat itself and then we’ll be back at square one and have to talk about this again in a few months. Also Endilix I'm surprised you're in favor of this. As someone who was so vehemently against the timeskip a while back I would have thought you'd be on the side of the writers and not mechanics that would hinder the creative process of you as a player. I guess you are a hypocrite. I'm done talking about this. What you want is not collaborative writing. If consent isn't involved at all times how is that collaborative? Being good at writing or an adaptable writer has nothing to do with this. Grow up. You wanna die, then die by yourself but don't bring these people down with you because they owe you N O T H I N G. And staff I hope you've been following along. A community that advocates for the destruction of it's own members like what I've read in this thread will not last in the long run. Think long and hard about what you're doing here and who this will benefit. Then ask if it's worth it or not. That's all I have to say.
  7. You kids might actually be insane. What are you even doing anymore? Thread invasions? Really? This is like kicking sao-rpg when it's already down. My main issues stem from invasions so that'll be the focus for the rest of this post. First I'd like to ask, what exactly does integrating this accomplish? Why do we need this mechanic? Because death is a thing in the sao universe? I guess, but it's not like we’ve ignored it until now. Imagine this: You and your friend are writing a thread and edgelord laughing coffin wannabe kid invades it because why not. Well now that thread is ruined and you’re forced into doing this dumb plot that you’re not even invested in. On top of that fighting is rp based only, so it's not like anything of value actually happens in the end. I don't understand this leap in logic that says randomly showing up and forcing your way into threads is good for storytelling lol. Like… Forget all the game aspects for a minute and think: If you can't tell a good story as a writer and not as a sao-rpg player, no amount of additional ridiculous game mechanics the staff cooks up will change that. If you're orange you should quit the site now. You're just kinda out of luck if five people decide they want to mess with you for “plot” reasons or because they're evil or whatever and invade your threads. Next I want to address Endilix directly and ask again: Are. You. In. Sane? Do you even realize what you're saying? Not allowing someone to kill your character because they've been plotting to kill your character for WEEKS is selfish? What are you on? Selfish is acting like your character is the only one who should matter. That if me and my friends want to be “villains” it's our birthright to just kill you whenever we feel like it because you're a side character to us. It baffles me how you can say I wouldn't allow someone to kill me but I should be able to kill anyone because I forced the into a story forced that makes sense. The example you gave isn't so unrealistic too. “These guys wanna kill me; better put myself in a situation where they can kill me”. “This is unfair to the players that had been hunting him” <- This about sums up my problem with this half of your post. Just stop. The second part of your post is crazy too though. I mean the staff can already do that since now they have absolutely authority to make rulings on these things. But I will ask do you know who is running this place and what has happened in the past when you give this kind of power? Think about that, the people who've been affected by similar situations. The old pk rules made it harder for player characters to kill each other, but at least it handled this in a clear and objective way. You didn't have to worry about some kid getting his staff buddy to just rules that you instantly died. You had to CONSENT to putting your character's life on the line, PvP and such. If they died then so be it. But the difference is there was something in place that put everyone as a members of this community on equal terms. I can't say this will do the same. Using “plot” to justify this just proves to me that you all don't know what a story is. I want to close this post by saying as someone who has been around consistently for a little over 2 years now I am not joking when I say sao-rpg is dying. It might not be too late, but if it continues down this path there won't be anyone left except for the few zealot members who are blinded by their love of whatever they thought this place used to be. *SCREECHES*
  8. Seul

    [OP-F4] Awakening

    “If you're all so desperate to know what's up with the crystal then fine... I'm not the strongest player around, but I'm no slouch either. When you start going to the frontlines and word gets out that you're carrying some valuable loot people get desperate. They’ll do whatever it takes to get your stuff; even kill. I'm not sure who exactly the group after me is, but the guy they sent wasn't playing around when he tried to take my equipment. So I attacked him first in a panic and after he stunned me I tackled him and just kept stabbing until there were only pixels left.” Getting up from his his seated position he stepped over to Aquila to retrieve the cursed coat he had used to initially warm the man. After putting it back on Seul turned away from the group. “I'm not a bad person. But… I have to survive. If that means murder then so be it. I hope you all never have to experience this truth with your own hands. Still, I should get going though. Don't go falling in anymore lakes Aquila.” With that he began a slow trudge through the snow. Perhaps he was wrong about them. Maybe there really wasn't a place in this world for someone like him. The judging eyes of those around him never ceased to bore into his very being even in a place protected by the game's systems. It couldn't be helped. The path of an orange player was a lonely one; the sooner Seul made peace with that the happier he would be. [Seul Exits the Thread]
  9. Seul

    [OP-F4] Awakening

    A giant, a hippie, a klutz, and a killer all hanging out at a frozen lake in a virtual world… It sounded like the setup to a bad joke. It seemed Seul had a knack for drawing in a strange crowd these days, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact it had been quite a while since he last interacted with other players. Most tended to either avoid him outright or would only serve to slow him down while traveling. He might even say that this was “nice”, just sitting and talking for a change rather than hunting monsters. “Wonder if anyone else will show up.” He said to no one in particular while beckoning for the two newcomers to join the conversation. “As for why I'm here, I don't really have anywhere I belong. Not anymore anyway. Came here because I thought it'd be quiet while I think over my next move.”
  10. Seul

    [OP-F4] Awakening

    "C-Calm down!" The once peaceful mood had shifted to one of distress with the man’s revelations. Seul couldn't really blame him for freaking out though; if he really had been trapped in the ice for that long then he would have missed out in quite a bit. He'd try his best to fill in any details. “First, no the game hasn't been cleared yet… Should've been pretty obvious since we’re still here. As far as missing things goes the highest floor the clearer have reached is twenty one. It's been a slow path to the top of this place and a lot of people have even died just to get us where we are now. I'd recommend visiting the Monument of Life when you get the chance to make sure none of your friends kicked the bucket.” Hopefully his words would be enough to alleviate some of Aquila’s worries. He couldn't imagine what it must have been like to be so behind but perhaps things were meant to turn out this way. The world of Aincrad did work in mysterious ways after all. --- [Search Attempt | ID: 88634 | LD: 20 (19+1) | Success!] Before either of them could continue the conversation Seul’s ears perked up. The otherwise quiet woodlands surrounding the lake had erupted with the sound of crunching snow echoing throughout. “We have company.” He whispered while his eyes shifted toward the source of the noise. A female player had managed to creep onto the scene without either of the men taking notice till now. Fighting back the urge to instinctively reach for his sword, Seul began to address the girl directly. “Do you need something?” @Aquila @Hito
  11. That was fast. He knew that Macradon was a skilled smith, but there was practically no time to breathe before the knight appeared with the equipment Seul requested. With a nod he accepted the trade and sent over 20,000 Col. Ultimately it was a small price to pay for some overall better gear. “Thanks, I'm sure they will work well with what I have planned.” He said before opening his inventory. He unequipped his current weapon, replacing it with his new one, and also put on the mask. A final mod to Macradon in appreciation for his work was all he did as he pulled up the hood of his coat and turned to walk away. With these taking on quests would be far more easy than before and perhaps even prompt him to attend the next floor boss fight instead of enjoying a life of retirement and complacency. [Sent 20,000 Col to Macradon] [Obtained Gratitude & Confession]
  12. Seul

    [OP-F4] Awakening

    “My name isn't important. What matters is that you're alright.” He replied with a shake of his head while poking at the fire with a stick. While the fact remained he did save the man, that didn't make them friends or anything and with things like the Tracking skill along with being marked as a killer the fewer people who knew his name, the better off he would be. Hell, saving Aquila could have been a mistake for all he knew at the moment. Perhaps someone had left him for dead for a reason and now he'd go carryout whatever heinous schemes he had planned to do before getting trapped in the lake… It wasn’t like those plans, if they even exist, would affect Seul though. For now he’d just have to hope he did a good deed. *** Times like these made him wish he had chosen to become a cook instead of a performer as he imagined nearly freezing to death would make anyone hungry. Feeling bad about not having anything to offer he instead he opened his inventory to look for anything he might have saved during travels. “So how did you get here, @Aquila?”
  13. Seul entered the shop without much thought as his only focus for now was getting the items he desired. Giving a wave to Macradon he began to rummage through his coat pockets to find the scrap of paper that held the details of his request. As far as he knew the Blazing Typhoon was the only forge currently operating with third tier materials available and since gathering was far more trouble than he was willing to endure, that didn't leave many options for finding crafters. “Hey Mac, heard you've got some high tier materials lying around. Think you can make me a new sword and armor? I like the Crusader MK II and all, but I've kind of outgrown it now that I'm level 51.” And he wanted to play around with his build a little. Having new enhancements in his position would probably motivate him to take on the remaining quests he needed. *** ...Of course he didn't actually do any of this for real. He was orange and for some asinine reason that meant he wasn't able to go into town and subsequently the knight's shop. Instead he sent the requests in the form of a message, waiting outside the walls of the settlement for his items if everything went well. Name: Gratitude Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 9 ID: [Leave Blank] Roll: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Two Handed Straight Sword Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Damage II / Accuracy I Description: A pale greatsword that once belonged to a noble knight who protected a now forgotten kingdom. Post Link: [Leave Blank] Name: Confession Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 9 ID: [Leave Blank] Roll: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Heavy Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Heavy Momentum II / Thorns I Description: A simple metal mask used to both protect the face and conceal one’s identity during battle. It also looks kinda cool. Post Link: [Leave Blank]
  14. Seul

    Spending Account

    110,835 Col and 25 T2 Mats I Want To Die
  15. Seul

    Spending Account

    110,835 Col and 25 T2 Mats