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  1. Bell

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    As the bartender passed him another drink, Bell nodded to Neopolitan and Huggin. "That settles it then, well be heading out shortly and we'll pickup Mishiro on our way out of town. Thats a pretty good sized party!" He eyed the drink as it was pushed toward him across the bar. He always liked the taste of beer, but the harder stuff he couldn't get into. He knew how much of a lightweight he was and steered clear. Come to think of it, he hadn't actually tried the alcohol in SAO since he got here. He swiveled his head around as he was dressed by a slightly older player, by the looks of it someone who was probably a much higher level. His words brought a slight blush to Bell's already flushed cheeks. "I- I can't be drunk? Why did no one say that before?!? So it must be a placebo sort of thing... " Honestly, he was a little embarrassed. He let out a deep sigh. "That kind of sucks, I really enjoy a good beer,, and not just for the flavor." Still, he was not anxious by the people and conversation anymore. That was a relief. "Oh well. Are you joining us on our trip? Should be a good time." He stood up from the bar and stretched his legs and arms, knowing today would be a long day. Even though the alcohol had no effect, he still finished his second drink, paying more attention to the taste than before. "Oh also, Ara, why cant Mishiro come to the plaza?" He asked as he looked over to the girl beside him.
  2. Bell

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    "Alright!" Bell let out a satisfied sigh and a smile as he downed his beverage. He was settling into the socialization and was glad to not be alone for the moment. He did a small headcount of the people he knew were joining in the party. That was... 1... 2... 3.... ok 3 so far? Maybe? He was a little tipsy from guzzling his drink so fast. "Does aaaannyyone else wanna join our party?!" He scanned the room. "Ara, you said you had someone who might wanna tag along??" He looked over at the girl with the yummy looking hair and at that moment a man came stumbling after a glowing ball of something. Bell had no fricken clue. He watched as the girl tensed up while the glowing ball floated closer to her. "And what is that? Someone gotta tell me whats going on" He shook his snow white hair around, ruffling it up a bit as he opened his menu, making sure he was prepared for battle. He ordered another drink. ((ooc: sorry for the late post guys life is crazy))
  3. Bell

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    'Oh- oh wow' Bell thought to himself as the two players gathered around him. He hoped to god he wasn't blushing... they were both cute girls. This was something he had a problem with, simply because he was a shy mess around cute girls. But isn't that the reason why he had posted the notice? To meet new people? He took a deep breath in and squared his shoulders, forcing himself to push any anxiety or shyness aside. This was his chance to make friends. "Hi Arabelle! My names Bell coincidentally." He let out a small laugh, feeling more confident with each second passing. "I was hoping we could hit the fields and kill some mobs, I don't know about you but I could really use the experience... it's been a long time since I got out and did any hunting." He slid his finger downward through the air, opening the floating menu, and equipped his light body armor and the leather pants <<Evasive Feature>> he had received from his old friend Takneil. He hadn't seen Tak in a long time and sometimes wondered what had happened. His dagger materialized onto his hip, and he was ready for adventure. "Did either of you see anyone else that seemed interested?" he asked as he beckoned them to follow him into the tavern for a drink before the hunt. He figured they could use some warming up to each other before going out hunting together. He sat down by the bar and ordered an ale to ease himself into conversation. Bell noticed a girl with interesting colored hair sitting at the edge of the bar, drinking a water and looking rather gloomy all by herself. 'She looks lonely... maybe I should invite her to tag along!' he thought. "H-hey there, I'm Bell. This is Kirbs and Arabelle. We're going hunting after a drink or two, would you like to join?" Bell smiled and extended a hand to the lonely looking girl. [ooc: I know my HP sig says I'm level 1 but I am actually level two. Msg me if anyone knows who can fix that for me]
  4. Bell

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    As bell entered the wide open area surrounding the fountain, his eyes lit up as he saw a girl standing over outside the tavern. He smiled and picked up the pace. She seemed to be looking for him, and he cracked a small grin. He didn't really have any friends, and seeing someone saw his notice excited him. "Hey there! Are you here because of the notice I posted?" he asked as he gave her a little smile. As he got near it became obvious that she was indeed here to meet him. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Bell. I was looking for some new people that might be some good company and tag along for some hunting. I-I'm not really a good fighter so I was hoping some more experienced people would show up and give me some tips and whatnot." He was starting to get a little anxious, realizing he was talking a lot despite never having met this girl.
  5. hey guys i appreciate everyone that replied to my last post about discovering this site again! back in 2015 i started a thread that ended up having like 10 people in it and it was really cool I'd like to do something like that again. I'm going to start something similar. 

    Bell is posting a notice in the main area of the town of beginnings for any and all new and experienced players to join in a group to grind out some mobs and gain some EXP and make friends. Hope to see you all there!

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    2. Bell


      @Neopolitan yeah it can totally turn into whatever and be social and story based. mostly just want something to do and have some fun meeting some new characters :3

    3. Neopolitan


      Well, let me know if you ever want to start a thread (with any of my several characters) just the two of us (or I can drag some of my other posting friends along as well). Or just let me know when you're large thread is starting up.

    4. Bell


      @Neopolitan its started! check just under this post on my profile it should be there

  6. Bell looked around the familiar setting of the Town of Beginnings. A few days earlier he had posted up a small notice in some of the more popular taverns and shops. Bell was hoping he would be joined by some new faces to make friends and go hunting together. Everyone could use the socialization in these tough times, not to mention the EXP and loot that would come if they were able to clear a few field bosses. He thought this would be a good opportunity to get out of the house and get some fighting experience under his belt. The notice told players to join him at the fountain in the town square if they were interested. Now the fun part... waiting. He made his way through the town, passing by many players and NPC's alike. "Any of these people could be on their way to meet with me... I hope at least one or two people show up." He was getting a little anxious that no one would show and he would be embarrassed. He shoved the thought aside as he turned the corner, almost reaching the fountain.
  7. whoa i completely forgot about this website. i hope its still doing well cuz i wanna get back into it...

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    2. Masutado


      Welcome back!

    3. Arabelle


      There can only be one Bell.

      Nah, jk. Welcome back. Site's still very active and if you need an RP partner, send me a message.

    4. Macradon


      Site's still going strong!
      I'd love to start thing out again, I even remember something we had going form back then!

      Though I can't really find the actual thread, might also be archived somewhere

  8. I feel like this site could be even better if we knew each other. At least a little bit ya know. That would make it easier to find people to rp with, and make it more fun.

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    2. Grave


      Many of us often talk to each other casually through PMs and Skype, not just for storylines and such XD

    3. Macradon


      Though beware, The Skype group chat can be addictive.

    4. Grave


      Hence why I do not partake in it XD I have too many group chat distractions as it is

  9. Is there a way to change my username to just "Bell"? Or am I stuck with what I have...

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    2. Bell
    3. Zandra


      Oh realy? I didnt knew that. Thanx for asking Bell :)

    4. Bell


      I talked to shark and he changed it. Thanks guys! :)

  10. You good now fam? Or do you still need time?

    1. Bell


      i can start posting again. i will post on the thread tonight. probably in like 20 minutes or so.

  11. i'm sorry to everyone i'm in a thread with, I'm going through some emotional crap, and I just don't have it in me to post. I'll be back at it soon, but with personal stress, plus midterms and crap, I'm just all-out exhausted.

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    2. Bell


      that sounds ok. also, is there any chance you could update my signature when I level up?

    3. Calrex


      Sure thing! Just let me know when you need it fixed up XD

    4. Bell


      awesome! Thanks

  12. I'm still having such a hard time understanding battle mechanics...

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    2. Bell


      i wouldnt worry about it now.. theyre not accepting journals in GGO for a while, not until they finish with the reboot.

    3. Seul


      Hold off on making the GGO one if you can as there's still work being done in that area and it'd suck to have to redo it if it didn't fit with what is asked once the reboot is complete. xD

    4. Bell
  13. Bell

    Daichi Yoshida <<Bell>>

    Profile Username: Bell Real name: Daichi Yoshida Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 5'9" STATS: Level: 2 HP: 40 Energy: 4 SP Total: 7 SP Current: 2 "Sometimes, when I look up into the night sky... I can see the hero I was meant to be" About: History/personality History: Daichi Yoshida grew up in the Kanto region of Japan, among the outskirts of Tokyo. His parents home-schooled him until he was around 12, hoping that they could one day send him off to a great academy where he would become a brilliant scholar. His name, meaning "Great Wisdom', was given to him in hopes he would follow his parent's dream for him. His early years were disciplined, but fun and family oriented. He was a bright little boy, who could read at the age of 3. As he grew up though, he began to care less about his school work, and more about his own happiness. When he was 15 years old, his father died in a car crash. Yoshida thought that nothing mattered anymore, and seriously considered taking his life. He just couldn't bear all the sadness and depressing talk of the world around him. Over time the wounds began to heal, and he was starting be his own self again. He began to find that music was a source of pure joy in his life, and once he hit high school, he realized that he wanted to make his own music. He devoted most of his time to playing music, and just jamming with his very small group of friends, making beats and playing instruments. Over the course of time, he began to feel his old wounds of his father's death resurfacing. To his friends, Yoshida seemed perfectly fine, but on the inside, he was an emotional wreck. He began to play VRMMORPGs in order to take his mind off of things. And now, with all the hype over the release of SAO, and the great reviews by the Beta testers, he has to try it out for himself. Personality: Bell is a very quiet guy, and he goes unnoticed by most people, as he is fairly small. He gets nervous around people, girls especially, and he can't help but to easily fall in love all the time. Because of this, he gets into embarrassing situations every now and then. Bell is also sort of lonely. He has never really had anyone to love, and has never actually fallen in love before, and he gets sad easily. He tends to use things like games as an escape from the monotone of everyday life. VRMMORPGs are almost like a drug for Bell, giving him a way to distract himself from his own thoughts. He can easily get lost in the fantasy world of RPG's, and take them very seriously. He can become sad very easily, but playing games and making friends has helped him to become tougher and to gain determination and happiness. He is determined to become a great hero in the world of SAO, and one day hopes to be someone who people look up to. Virtues: Kind - Bell is very kind and will always be there to help a friend out. For example, he would rather give his food to someone else than to keep it for himself, simply because they said they were hungry. He is generous, and a genuinely kind-hearted soul, earning him valuable, true friends. Hard-working - Bell is the kind of person who will work hard to achieve a goal. Once he sets his sights on something, nothing will stop him, even if it might mean endangering his health. He would rather die than not fulfill a promise to friend, and he wouldn't be able to sleep if he didn't finish something he started. Polite - He is overly polite, which causes good first impressions when he meets new people. He tends to be quiet, and mind his own business, which can keep him out of trouble. He will apologize over and over, always thinking he has done something wrong. Flaws: Fools Love- Bell is always "Falling in love" with one girl or another, and getting emotionally attached, only to realize that they didn't reciprocate. He is a bit of a dreamer who doesn't really understand what true love is, so when he has even the slightest crush on someone, he will daydream about them. This can be a huge distraction during battle or during a quest. Gullible- He tends to believe everything he is told, even some things that are obviously false to others. This makes it easy for people trying to deceive him to get what they want, all they have to do is tell a few lies. He doesn't understand that some people of liars, or that some people will try to manipulate him. Naive- Bell is socially naive, and it is hard for him to make good judgement around other people, regarding what to say or how to act, so he typically will try not to say anything. he doesn't understand the interacting with other people, especially girls. He stutters and apologizes a lot, but he works hard to try and be a little more confident. Soft-Hearted- Bell always tries to go out of his way to help other people, even when it may put his own health at risk, or even when the other person may not even want the help. He is also very easily overwhelmed by other people, and can become upset easily. He tries his hardest to please everyone around him even though it causes him stress. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: »One Handed Dagger 1 Inventory DPS Package Weapons/Tools: »One Handed Dagger (Rare) Armor/Clothing: Basic Metal Armor, Leather Armor Items: (10) Bread, (14) Water, (3) Starter Healing Potions Roleplays » Un-Familiar Faces (Complete) Legends? Nah... Part 1 (Complete) Legends? Nah... Part 2 (Incomplete) Relationships Friends: Maximum, Takneil Enemies: Crushes: Acquaintances: Manta, Calrex, Ssendom, Evac, Daeron, Teayre, Story Thus Far Bell is beginning to get somewhere, he is meeting new people, and for the first time since he logged on, he is learning how to fight.