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  1. Morgenstern

    Easter Event

    Easter Boss Trio Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17706-event-quest-f011121-easter-boss-trio/
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    [PP-F13] The Weight of our Sins <<CTC>>

    The blond would watch as Pinball would finish off the last enemy. Their team was proving to be clean and efficient, with Miraak keeping a constant check on their health, they were more than fine. Pinball would turn towards him, resting his own spear on his shoulder and suggest to split the loot right down the middle. Nodding with agreement, he would reply, "That sounds to be the best option" Miraak would also nod with approval. He really needed to get some backstory on the priest, but it sounded as if Pinball didn't know much or really did not care to tell. A gurgling noise was heard and the terrible stench returned to fill his nostrils. Turning on his heel, Jonathan watched as more of the Diseased Ones shambled towards the party. Sighing and readying his weapon, he would shoot towards at the enemies. As he neared the first of his opponents, he would swing his weapon powerfully, aiming towards the chest of his opponent. His weapon smashed into the first enemy, sending out a a powerful wave of energy. This wave of energy would the next enemies but the power would dwindle before it hit the last enemy. Only one of his enemies managed to return a hit back to him, but a healing wave from Miraak once more brought him back up to full health. He felt like saying some encouraging words to Pin, but decided quickly against it. Rolls (+3 ACC, -1 EVA) 114167 BD:10 MD:3 27*12=324 DMG 114168 BD:6 MD:8 26*12=312 DMG | 201-126=75 DMG Taken 114169 BD:5 MD:2 26*12=312 DMG 114170 BD:1 MD:3 (Miraak)114171 CD:4 BD:9 Holy Breath Activated: +200 HP for entire party [2,1,1,0] @Morgenstern 1430/1430 HP | 77/134 EN | 21 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 42 Thorns | 72 BH | 3 HM | 25% DoT Reduction [0,0,0,0] @Pinball 980/980 HP | 88/98 EN | 19 DMG | 0 MIT | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 2 Frz | Phase [0,0,0,0] @Miraak 800/800 HP | 50 MIT | 2 EVA | Holy Breath | Lord's Protection | Silent Night Diseased One A: 346/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA Diseased One B: 358/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA Diseased One C: 358/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA Diseased One D: 670/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA
  3. Morgenstern

    [PP-F22] Fishing Trip

    Jonathan waited silently as Hei took his turn holding the rod. Hei's expression told him that there was not even a nibble on the line. Jonathan turned towards the NPC. "You sure this thing even really exists?" The NPC looked aghast at his words. "What do ye' mean is she real? She's real alright! I seen her with my own to eyes! The lassie is big alright!" Jonathan would turn toward Hei as he mentioned that it may be sleeping. "Well, than its up to me to wake her up!" Jonathan grabbed a nearby large rock with both hands, putting all of his strength to throw it into the center of the lake. A splash would happen and the rock would vanish under the waters. "Alright, hand me that pole!" Holding the rod in his hands now, he would wait to see if the hopefully now angered fish would take a bite on his reel. A large jerk would instantly pull upon the reel. "GOT IT!" Pulling on the rod as hard as he could, the NPC started to sprint away. "Hey! Where are you going?" The line snapped and he fell to the ground. He looked back and seen a monstrous four legged fish barreling towards them. Quickly opening his menu, he switched back to his weapon and prepared for a fight. ID:114217 LD:20 ~ Fished up King of Lakes Morgenstern 1430/1430 HP | 134/134 EN | 151 MIT | 16 DMG | -1 EVA | 3 ACC | 6 HM | Para. Immune @Hei <<King of Lakes>> 1200/1200 HP | 20 MIT | 125 DMG | <<Body Slam>> On an MD of 9, the boss will jump high into the air and crash down in the center of the players, sending out a shock-wave dealing 120 AoE damage. <<Dive>> On an MD of 10, the King of Lakes will take the player with the highest hate in its teeth and drag it back into the lake. The player will take 150 unmitigatable damage and need to swim back to the shore, missing their next attack.
  4. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    It sounded to him as if Hestia was often called a workaholic and didn't seem to like it very much. "I don't know, I have never seen you not focused on something. Also, it takes a lot of time to be the head of the Aincrad Police Department, plan for boss raids, and go around helping every single person in Aincrad", He would chuckle when she told him that he might actually be Itzal for saying that. "Nah, my dragon is white, and I am far too devilishly handsome to be Itzal" Cracking up at his own joke, he would turn to look at the waters. The water was constantly churning, constantly changing. New tides rolled in every few seconds. Maybe it was better to let someone else hold the weight that he had been carrying. Or in the very least, a portion of it. He was going to help shoulder Hestia's but for some reason he still didn't feel as heavy as he did. Joking around but understanding he was probably going to get a serious answer he would ask the dark haired girl, "So, what is our first mission, chief?" He opened up his inventory, opting out his black armor for his silvery white one, with the Bialas Bindings sitting on his wrists. "I haven't been in the loop for a couple of weeks, you're gonna have to fill me on in some detail" @Hestia
  5. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    He would listen as Hestia assured him that taking the Redemption quest was better to be taken sooner rather than later. He would look away, unsure of what to think about it. In his mind, he needed to wait until he felt worthy to be forgiven. Wearing the mark of a monster was deserved until he repented for his own decisions. She then offered for him to stick around with her for some time. "I don't see a problem with joining you for a while. I guess until further notice I am your game's temporary party member. Who knows, maybe it'll be a permanent change for the better. As for you not doing well, don't sweat it. You are the best Police department in this entire game.... And the worst I guess..." She asked once again if he was willing to accept her offer, and he would nod in response. "Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Also, its best to keep a criminal under constant surveillance right?" She joked at him teaching her more and he actually laughed back. "Ain't anything' at this point that I could teach you... Except maybe to not be on business 24/7. Ever thought of more than clearing the game or getting stronger?" His white scaled dragon would fly back to him, landing proudly on his shoulder, allowing Hestia to bask in his glory. "If there is anything I learned from having nothing to lose, is that every moment counts. Maybe think this game less as a sentence, and more as a brief opportunity" 'I don't want her praise exactly, so I'll keep it quiet that I actually spared the man in the end...' He would clear his throat to speak once more. "As for Itzal, I don't know much, but understand that he still follows under a good judgement." @Hestia
  6. Morgenstern

    [PP-F13] The Weight of our Sins <<CTC>>

    After he slashed his weapons through their bodies, the bodies repaired themselves as if it were nothing. The corpses retaliated immediately, using full force to slam their arms into him and rake across his armored body. It didn't look like it was a powerful attack, but it sure did some damage. Three of the four managed to hit him with full force before he backed away. The fourth charge him but he brought up his straight word to put something in between them. The diseased one grasped the blade of his sword and gnashed at him with its teeth. Unnerved a bit and pushed back by the creature's force, the blond fell to the soft earth below him. The beast prepared to leap at him, but was caught by Pinball's weapon, slashing through its body and knocking it away. Quickly recovering, Jonathan stood up and nodded to Pinball. "Hey, thanks" The corpses reformed from Pin's attacks and began to clamber their way back to them. His partner would leap back, leaving Jonathan to the hands of the beasts. "You gonna shoot some fireball back there or something Miraak? Unless you supported those players to death, I am not seeing much work" Jonathan glanced back to see that Miraak's face had paled. "That power was not my own. The only power I have now is the gift of light granted to me by the Lord" Jonathan sighed. "So a bullcrap power then" The man in dark armor activated his sword art once again, the weapon emitting a yellow light. "The power of love is bullshit. Power of swords and violence, that's where the money is." He would say jokingly. As the desiseased reached him, he would strike powerfully with severing blows. As his blade me the first, it was instantly reduced to pixels. The second, did not have the same fate. It survived his attack, continuing its attack to rake across his body. Unhesitating, Jonathan continued through with his attack, killing the other two. Another light would emit from his body, his wounds healing and the fungus that had started growing on his armor from the touch of the diseased faded. His body, was now completely healed. "So you are a healer, not bad for our predictament. Though if you could just vaporize these dudes, that would also be pretty cool" Action Taken: Sword Art - [Calamity Disaster] [-20 EN] Diseased One A: ID#113110 BD: 10+4= 14 (Hit!) ~ (21+2=28*12=276 DMG Diseased One B: ID#113111 BD: 9+4 = 13 (Crit Hit) ~ (21+1=22*12=264 Diseased One C: ID#113112 BD: 8+4= 12 (Hit!) ~ Diseased One: -(21*12=252 Diseased One D: ID#113113 BD: 6+4= 10 (Hit!) ~ Diseased One: -(21*12=252 Miraak: 113114 CD:7 ~ Heal entire party fro 100 HP, BD:9 :Holy Breath Activated ~ x2 Effect [3,4,3,2] @Morgenstern 1430/1430 HP | 96/134 EN | 21 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 42 Thorns | 72 BH | 3 HM | 25% DoT Reduction [1,0,1,1] @Pinball 980/980 HP | 88/98 EN | 19 DMG | 0 MIT | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 2 Frz | Phase [0,0,0,0] @Miraak 800/800 HP | 50 MIT | 2 EVA | Holy Breath | Lord's Protection | Silent Night Diseased One A: 0/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA Diseased One B: 28/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA Diseased One C: 0/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA Diseased One D: 0/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA LOOT Rolls: (All +3 LD) (670*3*3)=6030 Col 113115: LD:4 CD:6 ~ +670 Col, Rare Trinket 113116 LD:15 CD:1 ~ Rare Consumable, Rare Weapon 113117 LD:15 CD:1 ~ Rare Consumable, Rare Weapon 6700 Col Weapons: Rare Weapon[113116], Rare Weapon[113117] Armors: Consumables: Rare Consumable[113116], Rare Consumable[113117]
  7. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    Hestia's disappointment seemed to fade as she told him that he felt bad for his own actions, and that his sentence should be to take the redemption quest and take care of himself. The mixed emotions hit him once more. It felt good to know that he didn't have to be jailed for the rest of the game, but his freedom felt undeserved. She also told him to try to get in touch with Itzal, that she was having problems with Shield, and that he was able to do whatever. "Wait. I can't just take the redemption quest. Even if the game clears my cursor, nothing else is cleared. I will still be the same soulless, purposeless creature that got me into this mess. I need some form of purpose. I can't just go back, I am not fit to lead. I am not who I was, my judgement is never clear. There has gotta be something in this damned world for me to do, some purpose" He felt like a loss dog, looking for an owner. He walked over to his weapon that lie in the sand, bending over to pick it up. The large black-handled blade was cool to the touch, and it reminded him of the crime he committed. "As for my build, don't take to thinking that I can't tank. My mitigation is hardly lower than yours I bet, and that gap is only going to be replaced by better armor" He told her. He had spent several hours mulling over builds that would allow him to kill Chaos before Chaos killed him. 'What symbol can I portray? What can my own purpose be? I will never go back to the leading position, and being alone only got me into trouble. Perhaps following orders, a decent persons orders, will get me back to where I need to be' @Hestia
  8. Morgenstern

    [PP-F13] The Weight of our Sins <<CTC>>

    As Miraak spoke, a terrible stench caught his nose, bringing tears to his own eyes. He swiveled on point to find the source: four shambling, half-rotted corpses that let out pained moans as they made their way towards the party. 'They are something out of a horror film!' He told himself. He reached to his back, pulling the black-handled blade from its resting point. He looked over to Pin who was looking back expectantly at him. 'He is awaiting an order...' Jonathan realized fearfully. Ever since, the incident, the blonde had lost faith in his own judgement. Every decision he made was bad, if the man was going to look at him like a leader, they were going to have some issues. "Attack! I will back you up!" Miraak shouted to them. The Priest would close his eyes, chanting something and a blue aura would outline the NPC. Activating his <<Charge>> skill, Jonathan would leap forward to the enemies, his eyes watering even more as he neared. Trying to ignore the rancid smell, he would perform his most powerful AoE attack. His weapon would cut through the bodies, slashing through limbs, adding gashes into their bodies. He even severed a few limbs, but to his surprise they grew back with ease. The damage they took was real enough. Passive Effects Activated: +72 HP, 42 Thorns DMG All Rolls: +4 BD, +1 MD ID:113101 - BD:3 MD:5 ~ Diseased One: -(21+5=26*12=312+42)HP Jonathan: -(201-126=75)HP ID:113102 - BD:10 MD:7~ Diseased One: -(21+7=28*12=336+42)HP Jonathan: -(201-126=75)HP ID:113103 - BD:10 MD:7~ Diseased One: -(21+7=28*12=336+42)HP Jonathan: -(201-126=75)HP ID:113104 - BD:8 MD:4 ~ Diseased One: -(21+5=26*12=312)HP Miraaks Roll: ID:113105 CD:6 ~ Heal entire party for 100 HP [1,2,2,1] @Morgenstern 1377/1430 HP | 134/134 EN | 21 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 42 Thorns | 72 BH | 3 HM | 25% DoT Reduction [0,0,0,0] @Pinball 980/980 HP | 98/98 EN | 19 DMG | 0 MIT | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 2 Frz | Phase Diseased One A 316/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA Diseased One B 292/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA Diseased One C 292/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA Diseased One D 358/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA
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  10. Jonathan realized after a moment that he had just kind of filled the air with noise. He wasn't even sure if what he had just said was beneficial to the man in any way. However, when he got an honest reply, Jonathan understood that he was soaking up the random info like a sponge. "You are right. Shield has more mitigation and I have more damage. However, Shield has no damage at all, and I have no support at all. Hestia has all three. She is good to fill gaps" He really had not seen much of Hestia lately, so he had no idea how she really had been doing. "I think they call it jack of all trades, master of none or something like that" Stretching for a quick second he would look to Stryder one final time before looking back to the boat. "Looks like I am all rested up. You all good to go kick the crap out of some more pirates? Same plan, worked pretty good last time" @Stryder 3/3 -Sprry for the wait
  11. Morgenstern

    [PP-F13] The Weight of our Sins <<CTC>>

    Pinball was silent after his own words, and Jonathan followed the man's example. Miraak was walking away and Pinball was following him. 'Aren't we just the band of misfits? Miraak who apparently was the main antagonist for the lower tiered players in the Fallen Event, Pinball of unknown atrocities, and me, the Killer for greed' he would think to himself. Following the two, he would glance at his almost barren inventory. 'Restoratives, teleport crystals, and damage potions. Wonderful!' He would think sarcastically to himself. He took a damage potion, bringing the glass bottle to his lips. Hesitating a moment, he would hope that Pinball was strong enough to take some forms of damage. He would tip the bottle back, the red liquid would gush into his mouth, a sharp taste filling his mouth. Swallowing it and wiping his lips, he would equip his items and follow the tow through the wasteland. Now, he adorned a black armor, a two handed sword strapped to his back. The floor looked the same, desolated and destroyed by plague, however, since the event the floor had gained some life. The occasional plan life was found, normally vining up the sides of ruined buildings. Miraak spoke up then. "Careful now, I feel that we aren't alone here" Miraak would take a firm stance with his staff in hand. 'Wait, is he actually going to help us fight?' @Pinball Stats(After buffs) Requirements:
  12. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    As he spoke of how he killed Elsea, the business side of Hestia faded, showing her disappointment. She wrote something in her notebook once more, no doubt that he had killed someone of his own volition. As she put down her notebook, she then assaulted him with her words, dealing ore damage with that instead of her sword. "I have nothing more to say about the monster that is me. I also understand my broken vow as a tank and as an Ascendant. I came here to be given judgement for my actions" He gave a heavy sigh, one that anybody could tell was weighted with stress and pain. With the way she spoke to him, he knew that all bonds with Hestia had been broken. 'Will she take up the mantle that I was unable to hold? I would be able to rest easy knowing someone more capable took the reigns' Clearing his throat. "Write somewhere in that journal to watch out for Fyre though. That's F-Y-R-E. She turned rogue and killed Chaos at the end of everything. I don't really know her motives, but I would advise stopping her if you hear about her doing anything." Jonathan would lift his hands in a passive manner, giving no indication that he was about to run. "Now please, what is the sentence you will give me?" @Hestia
  13. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    He would pause for a moment, his eyes drifting from Hestia. Her face betrayed none of her emotions, it was as if she was trying to hide from him what she felt. No doubt she was prepared to get enough information on his enemies, lock him up and then hunt him down. She requested he finished his story, and he would nod. "I told Chaos to finish it, ill me and end my pain here. All it has been is failure and loss. I betrayed my friends, my feelings, my cause. Chaos then told me I had not finished my own goals, I had not beaten my own game. He reminded me once more, that I had a sister in this game. A sister I had never met in the real world, but I knew that I had. He told me that I should meet her. He would help me find her, but in exchange, I would follow his orders. It was a hesitant decision, but I accepted the offer. My plan was that as soon as we would find her, I would betray Chaos, try once again to off him or just make an escape" The fire in his eyes faded, his shoulders slumping forward. It actually kinda felt good to get this off of his chest, even if he knew he was going to go to Aincrad's new prison for it. "I followed Chaos back to his base and met with the very same people that slaughtered my guild. It was hard to not fight them, but I found two or three of them were genuinely friendly. Luz, Aya, both of them were green and just found themselves working for Chaos for some other reason. Of course, neither of them were named after the worst fatal sins. Luz was gluttony, she liked to eat and was actually a pretty good cook. Aya was wrongfully named the Sin of Greed and we came to discover, the true Sin of Greed was me all along. Aya was just there because she was actually the guild leader of a guild branching off of the Uprising" After a moment's pause, clearing his throat, Jonathan began to speak once again. "Everyone met together and the plan was to smoke out Penelope, my sister, from her known group of friends. We pin pointed potential hiding places and sent a person to each one, me with Chaos and everyone else on their own." "Elsea was the girl we were told to search. We headed to the Twenty-second floor to find her, found her house, and got her out of it. I fought off the NPC guards until Chaos drug her out of the safe zone so we could bring her in for questioning. We brought her out of the safe zone, and Chaos took charge while I watched. She told him that she didn't know anything and thats when things took a bad turn. He told her that for being a traitor to the Uprising a while back, she had been sentenced to death. I was ordered to kill her. I told... I told him that we didn't need to kill her and he told me that if we didn't she would tell Penelope and we wouldn't be able to find her. I still argued and he reminded me of my deal. That;s... That's when I killed a defenseless girl, uncapable of fighting back." It replayed in his mind, a single stroke, a single scream. Then nothing. Data pixels. Loss of someone else's life. All for his own selfish desires. @Hestia
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  15. His sword resting on his shoulder, he would turn to the party members. The battle had went easily enough. Silence assumed the party for a short second as the only sound that was heard was their breathing and Shield's footsteps. A second passed before Shield's voice told them that if they didn't object they would press on. Neo would nod as would he. As they came to the next tunnel Jonathan would stop to briefly examine it. Unlike the last one, this one was lit by red crystals that lined the walls, giving them the ability to see through the room. As they walked down the corridor they would eventually come to a rare sight. Four hooded figured crouched over several tomes and books. Jonathan brought his weapon from his shoulder to in front of him as Shield stepped inside. The figures would turn on them, standing as they came to attention. Shield charged another red orb and tossed it at him to increase is damage. Grinning, Jonathan would catch the orb crushing it with his hand. A red aura would light the edges of his avatar as he grinned. "I am going all out!" Charging in after Neo, his weapon would gain a yellow aura as he prepared his sword art. He felt exhilarated for a brief moment, the weight of pain and loss being lifted. He struck his first two targets with ease, knocking them down a good portion of health. He spun on the third, using his momentum to slash the blade through its midsection. For the final of them, he would regain his speed before smashing his weapon into its side. "It's all over!" he would shout excitedly. It had been a while since he felt this thrilled, even if it was only temporary.