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  1. Morgenstern

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    The blond would watch as the lower tiered players would begin to storm the church. He would then turn, seeing the Priest leading the rest of the players walk away from the chapel and informing the players that this is where the feeling was strongest. He didn't understand what this feeling was, but many of his allies seemed to be noticing it. He would watch as figures of black would rise form the ground, each of them in their own different shape and size. A first wave would appear and he stepped forward ready to attack but the first group began out. Gritting his teeth he would wait but keep his mouth shut. These players wouldn't heed anything he had to say. None of them trusted him anymore. He didn't blame them, he didn't even trust himself anymore. He was just another failure, someone who tried to lead but failed all of his followers. He wouldn't get the chance again, didn't want the chance. Their group would begin to attack the demons that would come from a different direction. 'Good, we can split focus, taking on one side at each time. As long as none of the demons get through, we should be fine. That is if they don't overwhelm us. I've never dealt with a horde event before... Its cool I guess' he would think as he faced the oncoming demons. The first demon to head at him was dark and shadowy, many swords sticking out of its body as if it had befallen many warriors. His blade would begin to gleam a blue aura before he would spin, slashing horizontally through the body of the demon and then slashing out at the next nearest ones, hitting four in total before his attack would end. He paid no attention to if they had died or not as it seemed that where he struck black dust would pour from. "Who's next?" he would mutter glumly. Action: Dancing Hellraiser (x9 AOE) ID:107860 BD:9 20*8=160 DMG ID:107861 BD:8 19*8=152 DMG ID:107862 BD:8 19*8=152 DMG ID:107863 BD:7 19*8=152 DMG (I dunno which demons are actually alive still, so just apply them the rolls to whatever demon is still alive)
  2. To all T1 and T2 players in the event boss, if you could ensure your first post is updated for the Tainted Prestige Thread, that would be wonderful. I am currently unlocking the thread for a bit to give you ability to edit. 

  3. Morgenstern

    SP-F12] The enemy of the enemy

    Rolling out the door, Jonathan would stand, watching as Ayer stepped towards him. His bulky body and size would allow him to destroy Jonathan if they were in the real world. "If I would have known you would have brought up Chaos I would have never brought you here. She told you what she wanted, and it was a touchy subject to begin with. Now leave!" Jonathan shook his head. "She knows something about Orik. She can tell me where he is!" Ayer raised his mace again. "That may be true, but if she doesn't want to, then she doesn't have to!" Jonathan would outburst with rage. "I need answers!" The man would swing again, this time Jonathan would dodge it. He would walk past the man, towards TEssa who was standing in the doorway. "Please, just tell me where he is!" he would shout. A grunt would be heard as Ayer would charge him again, but this time Celes did the word. The dragon hopped off of his shoulder and spewed icy mist from his mouth. Ice crystals would appear, keeping the man off of him. "How did?" Jonathan would ignore him and press on.
  4. Morgenstern

    SP-F12] The enemy of the enemy

    Jonathan's brows furrowed. "A close friend of his betrayed him?" The girl would nod. "She betrayed him and let the frontliners know of his plans. When the time came, his guild was massacred, a few including Chaos escaped into the night and a few of them were spared and placed under watch for a very long time" Jonathan's eyes widened. 'Chaos, even though he caused it all, has been through the same thing as me. He lost his guild, was betrayed, and left with next to nothing...' "Chaos, with the last few of his followers, would retreat back to an old base on Floor Nine at the base of the largest volcano. I doubt its in use anymore" Jonathan would stand, a frown on his face. "Thanks for this information. What happened to him after that? What is his goal now?" The girl would look him sadly in the face and reply, "I don't know where he is or what he is doing. I bet he still thinks that he is fit to lead the Frontlines to get us out of this game. I bet he's still trying to take the reigns" Jonathan would shake his head. "Oh, you have to know something about where is at. I was told you were friends with one of his followers, Orik!" She shook her head. "There's nothing else worth to say" Jonathan's face began to show his anger. "I need answers! TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW!" It was too late for him to notice a mace slamming into his left side. He would slam into the door he had walked in, pushing it open.
  5. Morgenstern

    SP-F12] The enemy of the enemy

    The girls voice trailed off, but Jonathan's curiosity had peaked. "So, what happened next?" She would look to him, her mouth parted slightly. The shopkeeper was quite surprised as well. "Well..." The shopkeep stepped forward, "Hold your tongue, if she doens't wa-" The girl would speak up, "Ayer! I'll tell him, its not a problem. Well, while he never made it to the fight on time, he originally planned on making it to the Floor Nine boss battle. While he didn't make it in time, he heard of the players who died. This hadn't happened for a while as guilds like the Azure Brigade took over the boss battles, only allowing the elites join to be able to get the best items" Jonathan would frown. "What does-" She would clear her throat, shutting him up. "Due to this, he felt like he would have been better to lead, and he planned to overthrow the current frontliners. He knew the elites wouldn't just step down, so he planned to massacre them. He invited the frontliners to a party, believing they would be unarmed and unprepared at a party and then be easy to take down" She looked towards a closed door in her cabin. "Chaos has always had a closer circle of those he trusts dearly. One of them, the closest of his followers, betrayed him"
  6. Morgenstern

    SP-F12] The enemy of the enemy

    He would follow her inside, the cabin seeming cozy. There were two sofas and many windows to let light in, but at the time most of the drapes covered the windows. All of the furniture was made of wood, giving it a real cabin vibe. He sat on one of the couches that was seated next to a coffee table where two mugs of tea sat, both warm and fresh. 'Why is there two mugs of tea here?' he would wonder to himself. "So... what is it?" Tessa would follow him in, sitting on the other couch. "It would be better to stay away from a man like Chaos. He thrives in destruction, in madness. He feels that this world would be better led by him" Jonathan would frown. "Why would you say that exactly?" she would sigh, looking towards the shopkeep. "I used to be in a guild owned by Chaos, it was named The Uprising. At first, our goals were simple. Get stronger, help everyone else get out of this game. It wasn't until that we started getting quite a few players that followed us that he started letting the power go to his head. He was a good leader, each of our missions being successful"
  7. Morgenstern

    SP-F12] The enemy of the enemy

    The shopkeeper would lead him to a cabin of wood on the edge of town. He would knock on the door and a woman with curly brown hair would answer the door. She was young and fair looking, but there was a fear behind her eyes as if she were worried. "Tess, this young man says he wishes to ask you a few questions. I don't think its about her, so I think you're good" Tessa would nod and step outside facing him. She was looking at the ground as she spoke, her voice wavering in and out. "What can I help you with?" she would ask. Jonathan would immediately reply, "My name is Jonathan, pleasure to finally meet you Tessa. A week ago, my guild was destroyed as a group attack us. Someone I knew told me that you might know where to find them. I'm looking for a man named Orik, or if you know, a man named Chaos" The girls eyes would widen. "It would probably be best if you came inside"
  8. Morgenstern

    SP-F12] The enemy of the enemy

    He would [censored] the water off of the table and guzzle it down, letting the cool contents drain down his throat, cooling the hot scratchy feeling in his throat that he hadn't even noticed. As he finished the water, the bottle would burst in shards and he would send the man the col to pay for the drink."Hey, I was wondering. Do you perhaps know a player by the name of Tessa on this floor?" as soon as he asked, the man's expression hardened. "Depends who's askin'" Jonathan would raise his hands into the are as a sign that he had no intent of doing anything. "I just wanted to ask her a few questions. I heard she can help me find someone" The man didn't seem to relax. It looked as if him and Tessa were friends or something. "I'll take you to meet her, but try anything or say anything out of line and you won't be liking me" Jonathan would nod. "Thanks" The man would return all of his item from his shop to his inventory and then motion for Jonathan to follow him. 'Finally getting some answers around here, I figured I would have to bust down some doors'
  9. Morgenstern

    SP-F12] The enemy of the enemy

    He came to find quickly that none of the players came to know who the Tessa player was. While he wasn't trusting of Frigid, he knew that the man was prideful enough to tell the truth. "Alright Celes, it seems to me that no one here can help us" With a sigh, he would look down one of the paths to go to the market place. 'Where would someone hide this well at? It may just be that those players aren't on this floor very often. The market place will be full of marketers who sell here on a daily basis. They should know her at least' He would start walking towards the markets. Celes would fly after him, landing on his shoulder as he walked. Walking into the market, he would search around. His eyes were met with about six different shops, most of them NPC owned.Grimacing, he would walk towards the one player owned shop. Stopping at the booth, he would find that the player was selling beverages. "Can I get you anything young man? You look a bit stressed" the man would tell him. Jonathan would shake his head. "Just a water please" the shop keeper would pass him a bottle of water.
  10. Morgenstern

    SP-F12] The enemy of the enemy

    Jonathan would walk through the river town of Lazaro, figuring that the first and most obvious place to be headed was somewhere public. The most people in a place, the mroe chance that one of them knew who Tessa was. The two most obvious options were town square or the market. Players would most likely gather at those places, and he wanted to talk to players, not NPC's. Deciding to start in town square, he would make his way through the grassy path until he reached it. It didn't seem as if there were many people to ask here. He would walk up to two players that were chatting, seeming to be enjoying themselves. "Hey, sorry for the interruption, but can I ask a quick question?" They stopped their conversation and nodded, and he would reply, "I'm looking for a player by the name of Tessa, any chance you know her?" They would shake their head, "Sorry bud" He would sigh and walk away. First time? It was a very low chance. "I guess I can just start asking the others" His dragon would nod, looking at the next group of people.
  11. Three days had passed since he had retrieved his familiar and he considered himself finally combat ready. After three days f constant work, Celestane and him were enough in sync that they made a pretty solid duo. They had just teleported and were now on the Twelfth floor, ready to get some answers from a player by the name of Tessa. Celes tasted the air and shook his head, making it obvious that he didn't like it. "We won't be here long, I promise. What, are you too chicken to be here?" Celes would grunt, blowing cold mist into his face, but Jonathan was lucky that he let it clear out before freezing it. Celes had made some obvious improvements as well in the past three days, having much more control of his ice while in a mist state. The Frost Dragon would jump atop of his shoulder to perch. "Alrighty then, I guess let's start asking around" The dragon would nod with his head held high as if accepting someone's challenge of his grand authority.
  12. Morgenstern

    Morgenstern's Evaluations

    Familiar Evaluation Name: Celestane Roll ID: 106547 Species: Frost Dragon Roll Result: 12+6(Enhancements)+1 Familiar Call=19 ~ Enhanced Familiar Found Height: One Foot Link:(Still needs to be locked lol) http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17005-sp-f2-the-steel-of-ice-feeding-the-enemy/ Appearance: Below Enhancements: Mitigation
  13. Morgenstern

    [SP-F2] The Steel of Ice (Feeding the Enemy)

    He would stop and Celestane would perch proudly atop of his shoulder. 'This is going to make it interesting. With Chaos's hellhound, Fang, it will be a battle of fire against ice' He chuckled at the thought. He was the most uplifted now then he had been in several days. With a goal in mind and a plan of action, he was the most set on course then he had been since the Fall of the Ascendants. It wasn't an easy journey ahead of him, but at least he knew what the journey was. Most heroes of a story had no idea what they were up against, only that they needed to prevail. In the story, he believed himself to have already suffered the greatest loss, the driving factor. Now he needed to bring about the climax, save the day, and fufill his destiny. Sheathing his weapon and beginning to walk back towards the town of Rig, he would take another look at his dragon. Although he was proud and seemed to try to be a prick, Celestane was the perfect match for him. Of course, they would need to work more on combat for the next few days, and not torturing rabbits by freezing their feet into the ground. That had only happened twice on the way back to Rig. "God damn it Celes!" Thread Rewards A new Familiar (For freaking vanity's sake) 1 SP
  14. Morgenstern

    [SP-F2] The Steel of Ice (Feeding the Enemy)

    Jonathan would begin to make his way out of the cave, following his previous actions in reverse. As he seen sunlight again, he would stretch. He would smile towards the sun. "There is a small but strange satisfaction knowing that your own journey is almost complete. Our next moves are finding the lady on Floor 12, and learning to function in battle. Neither of those should prove too difficult" Celestane tasted the new air that was outside of the cave. He reminded Jonathan of Velnia. He wouldn't be as fast as her, but he was definitely much sturdier. He wondered how a blast of Velnia's lightning and Celes's ice would mix. "Alright, I have an idea. While I know you have your own offensive style, if your main focus could be my personal defense, I feel that this could go smoothly. Instead of sending ice shards that could potentially hit me, you keep enemies off of me with walls of ice" The dragon seemed confused for a second, but then grinned. "Alrighty, try making a wall of ice to my left side as I run" he took off sprinting, slicing his weapon into the air as if he were attacking something. Celestane flew to his left side, spraying a mist of ice before quickly closing his mouth. A wall of ice would appear, coming up to his own shoulder, allowing him to see over it, but preventing movement in that way. "It could be easily broken, but that would deflect an oncoming attack... this could be useful against Chaos"
  15. Morgenstern

    [SP-F2] The Steel of Ice (Feeding the Enemy)

    The dragon would shake his head again and he would sigh. Communication skills were still at a minimum. He would tap the crystal, pulli gup its details. It was a mineral called Celestite. Immediately, it would make sense to him. "Celestite, its the mineral that your scales are made of or at least represent. You want your name based on that" the dragon would bow his head proudly, obviously pleased with Jon's breakthrough. Or just being proud that he as covered in such a fine material. "How about Celestane?" The dragon would raise its head now, boasting itself. It thought the name was perfect. "Ah, you just think your the coolest thing. I'll call you Celes for short though,t hat sounds more like a female's name though" he would chuckle but the dragon as not amused at all. It would sly up, coming down and slamming into the crystal he stood on. The crystal would crumble, causing him to fall to the ground with a heavy thud. "Good point, but you aren't getting out of the name" He would stand up, brushing the dust off of him and his armor.