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  1. His sword resting on his shoulder, he would turn to the party members. The battle had went easily enough. Silence assumed the party for a short second as the only sound that was heard was their breathing and Shield's footsteps. A second passed before Shield's voice told them that if they didn't object they would press on. Neo would nod as would he. As they came to the next tunnel Jonathan would stop to briefly examine it. Unlike the last one, this one was lit by red crystals that lined the walls, giving them the ability to see through the room. As they walked down the corridor they would eventually come to a rare sight. Four hooded figured crouched over several tomes and books. Jonathan brought his weapon from his shoulder to in front of him as Shield stepped inside. The figures would turn on them, standing as they came to attention. Shield charged another red orb and tossed it at him to increase is damage. Grinning, Jonathan would catch the orb crushing it with his hand. A red aura would light the edges of his avatar as he grinned. "I am going all out!" Charging in after Neo, his weapon would gain a yellow aura as he prepared his sword art. He felt exhilarated for a brief moment, the weight of pain and loss being lifted. Rollin
  2. Morgenstern

    [PP-F13] The Weight of our Sins <<CTC>>

    @Pinball The man in front of him would turn his face away for a moment, rubbing his face as if trying to wake up. The boy looked tired, and Jonathan was beginning to wonder if he would actually be of any use in his current state. The silence would continue as the man replaced his spear on the leather tube that laid across his back. 'Alright good, the apprehension seems to be slowly fading. Since we both have orange cursors however, there will probably never be no apprehension. It is the kind of treatment a monster like me deserves anyway' The boys voice would jar him out of his thoughts, and bring them back into them again. 'Posters? Orange cursor and he mentions posters... He must be wanted' Jonathan would offer a slight chuckle. "I am afraid I haven't been in the loop of this world lately. In light of what I have done, I think I can look over anything you have done" He stated glumly. Unless he was a serial killer, Jonathan in his own mind had done worse. Jonathan's eyes drifted away as the boy accepted his offer. "A bond of the bloodied..." he would mutter under his breath. 'The pain and suffering I have caused.... How can I ever make up for that?' He looked over to Miraak. "Happy I got someone? Can we move on now?" Miraak would nod, but his eyes seemed sullen as if he was feeling pain from a past memory. "It seems all is ready" Miraak would turn his back to them. "Morgenstern. Pinball. Understand there is forgiveness for those who seek it" With that, the NPC would walk forward, a new quest objective would appear on his HUD. "Follow Miraak"
  3. Morgenstern

    [PP-F13] The Weight of our Sins <<CTC>>

    The man was silent as approached, but he did find himself getting a long look over. Finally, the man would whip towards him, his voice finally being portrayed as he earned an unsatisfied glare. "I know your name. What? Don't think you can handle it yourself?" Jonathan would chuckle at his response. "I probably couldn't to be honest. From what I heard, its not that easy and tall and brooding priest dude doesn't seem like much help" He would look to Pinball, his gaze moving down to rest at the man's feet. "If you don't want to, that is alright too. I was just looking for some help, never know when you need some extra firepower" He would say plainly. He felt like he had seen the boy somewhere, but he couldn't exactly put his finger on. Was the guy a frontliner? 'I wonder what he got the orange cursor from? Hopefully he isn't just killing people for fun.' He knew that the guy most likely wouldn't be able to attack him and win, but Jonathan still kept a close eye to him. He didn't even know the strangers name yet. @Pinball
  4. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    Hestia really made no action, than the slight tapping of her finger on her notebook. Judging from her eyes, she was in deep in thought in story. "I-I uh.... I pushed everyone away. I figured if no one cared about me, they would be fine with letting me go.... I trained on my own, changed my damage output, familiar, everything. Out of self drive, I gained several levels. Almost to seventy by now I think" He understood from rumors that it didn't touch Hestia's level, but it was still pretty high. "I met up with a few people at some points, Shield, Neo.... I never told them of my plan, but I told them I had things to do" Hi eyes began shifting away. He hadn't been nice to those players exactly.... "I found some information on Chaos that somehow turned out good... I heard of an old guild hall on the ninth floor that might prove to be useful. I decided to search there, and that's when I found him. Chaos. He had been using the old hall as some sort of living space, and I managed to catch him by surprise" As he spoke of the fight,a small fire grew in his eyes. "I took advantage early on and had him on the ropes, but it was short lived once he was able to get his weapon out and start taking me seriously. After that, the battle ended quickly after. Chaos took advantage and slashed me to ribbons, only stopping when I was far into the red zone. It was then I told him to kill me. I had been spared twice, one by him, and once by the game. I was tired of fighting and losing. Even though I trained, the short level gap and large skill gap was a very large problem" He was starting to hate admitting everything to Hestia. @Hestia
  5. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    As Hestia would mention giving her information, he would nod. "We have sadly only scratched the surface" He looked away. She would try to console him, telling him that he had people like Mina and Itzal who went through it to help him deal with it. "Mina was never there, and Itzal vanished." he stated plainly. "Anyways, their faces just remind me of those of the family I lost" he made a sigh, and decided to continue on with his story. "Long story short, the result of that night was waste to most of the Celestial Ascendants, the complete death of a murder guild, and a loss of half the Red Claw members that joined up with Chaos. The entire purpose, to end a guild with frontliners and weaken people's views on the frontliners. They want to make us seem weak, unable to command the line of duty. It was all a plot for control. If you control the frontlines, you control everyone. Who else is there to stop you?" Jonathan's voice had shifted to a more glum and depressed state. "There was quite a bit of talk about it on the lower floors, though it wasn't spread much on the frontlines" He looked over at the water and his eyes would rest their a moment. There was peace in the quite waves that tickled the sandy shore. "That's when I started getting bad. I obsessed over the idea of revenge and the need to get stronger so I could destroy him... I only showed up at that stupid Angel event to earn a level to be closer to kill Chaos. After that day when I died, I thought it was my second chance. I had a mission to rid this world of him, I couldn't go until I completed it. I began to change everything. I dropped the Curved Sword and shield for a two-handed Sword and Charge. Basically, I became a tank that doubles for damage. Chaos's build relies on damage, so being able to counter it and then kill him with my own sounded like it would work" @Hestia
  6. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    Hestia would say nothing as his story began, instead she would pull out her notebook. She had always been a worm for information. "The Celestial Ascendants meeting had been ambushed with a plan in mind to destroy both the Ascendants and frontliners reputation. Weeks before the ambush, two new higher leveled members entered, level headed and strong in their skills. Orik and I don't remember the girls name. Sarah? They joined and insisted in boosting up the Ascendants numbers, get it high, help more people. It eventually became a problem with the amount of people we were getting, we could no longer individually focus on members. At that meeting though, several plans within plans piled up. At first, we were attacked by a murder guild, some part of a group that's goal was to just take out easy targets for money or something. Then, at the same time, another group got involved by the name of Red Claw, a medium sized guild of low to mid tier player based out in the woods of Floor six. This guild was actually under the control of Chaos and their mission was to help our guild take out the enemy guild from the start. While hell broke loose, Chaos and his "Sins", as he calls them, moved in to cause the real problem. Chaos was already an enemy of mine, so I knew he had caused it. We fought and he got the better of me, humiliated me and caused me to watch helplessly as most of my guild was reduced to crystals...." Jonathan's eyes would widen as the faces of his guild members were seen, the dreadful looks that people gave as they were about to be killed. Those along with Elsea's scream, he was never able to sleep. @Hestia
  7. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    Her eyes at first glance were all that he needed. Dismay and pain were seen in them. He was one of the last people she would have ever figured to be in the situation he was in. She would sheathe her blade immediately, embracing him in her arms. He would let it sit for a moment before accepting the positive attention. Over the last couple of days, he had been the monster, the killer, the enemy. It was too much.... As she released him, she would open her menu and equip something less battle oriented. He would look away as the blue light flooded the area for a moment. "Come on Jon. Lets..lets sit down and have a chat okay? We can just..talk about what happened can't we? You're not going to run like Pinball tried to do are you?" As she mentioned run, a chuckle would escape his own lips. "Run? I don't have it in me to do anything right now.... That battle was the last thing before all of my fight was snuffed out.... Anyway, if I didn't want to be caught, I would have never come" He would say solemnly. He couldn't tell if she was disappointed, but he knew that she was consoling him to find out what to do with him. She then asked him politely to tell her the whole story. As a tear fell down his face. "I hope you are ready for a long story..." Knowing she wanted to hear every detail, he would start from the complete beginning. "It all started when the Celestial Ascendants were having a meeting. Everything was fine, Shield and I's quarrel was more or less on hold... then everything met a cold bitter end. When I was too weak, too powerless to prevent my own guilds slaughter" @Hestia
  8. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    As he sat there and she would walk forward. He physically couldn't do it anymore. He was shattered, he had been glass just waiting to break. He just didn't realize breaking could bring this much pain. It was unbearable. He didn't want it. He was attempting to repent to feel better but it made it worse. Maybe it would have been better for both of them if he hadn't come. A sharp whistle was heard and her familiar was heard off to the left in the sand, his instinct told him that it was ready to attack at his first false move. As she spoke again, he knew she had done it again. Push back her emotions to deal with the matter at hand. It seemed to work well for her. She was good at it, she was a woman good for power and leadership, even if sometimes her idea of secrecy wasn't applicable. Her blade was placed on his chest but without pressure. A silent threat for him to not make any movements. He was cornered. "Why did you do it? And take off that helmet you aren't Domarus. You are more respectable than being forced to hide behind some stupid mask. Don't you know why i show my face always? People need something to believe in, so i gave them a human. A scared girl that fights for everyone's safety." He didn't understand why she kept bringing up Domarus, but as a former tank he knew what her words meant. "Nobody could respect or forgive a killer like me..." "Now stand up and show me your face if you're going to attack me at least be honorable enough to show me your face instead of a coward who is too scared to face a friend they attack." Jonathan shakily stood, tears in his own eyes. "Honor is something I lost the day I turned my back to my own cause" he choked. He lifted both hands to his helmet and slowly removed it. As he did he would look at the ground, unable to face Hestia. Tears were streaming down his face and his eyes red. "A coward is what I am..." @Hestia
  9. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    His switching hand trick seemed to get the better of Hestia and keep her at bay. While his own technique was stolen from about five different players, he put them together quite well. Itzal, Chaos, Beatbox, Hikoru.... Their own techniques could partially be seen in his own attacks. The switch hand trick was stolen from Itzal. However, it seemed to have more effect on Hestia than just the damage. He heard her voice, almost quiet at first. The battle would remain at a pause for a second. "You killed someone, and attack me. I respected you, you know. You were my mentor and one of the first friends i had within this game! You are going to explain yourself when i put you down!" She would say, becoming more audible as the sentence ran on. His weapon would lower slightly as her words hit him harder than any sword. 'She rejected me... I have lost her respect. She knows its me...' Tears would well in his own eyes. A flashing smile of a younger Hestia working on helping him grind moved before his eyes. Then, her smile was all that remained, before she was burdened with the task he was supposed to have finished. Instead, he gave up everything and unloaded it on her. The illusion was cut through by the sound of Elsea's scream, her shattering at the end of his blade in a single stroke. She couldn't do anything, she had no chance. The light of her life snuffed out like a candle. He had become the monster he had sworn to protect them from. The monster that killed his guild members. The monster who slaughtered his own apprentice and laughed as he did. Distracted and thrown off focus, he was in no position to defend against her. Her attack pattern had also changed, her attacks now unpredictable. Her blade would cut through body and armor, leaving red gashes and shards to fly through the air. Her eyes filled with tears, no doubt hatred of him and everything he stood for. "TAKE THIS YOU CELESTIAL!" Her words would press. Her shield would slam into his chest, pushing him back in the sand. Broken inside, tears would stream down his face. The pain from her hate at his betrayal hurt more than anything. He had pushed down his emotions for the longest time. When she mentioned scouts, his mind didn't register it. He figured she meant the scouts he hired to find her. How far did she know about his plan? "Is that it! Did the events of F23 hit you that hard! That you would just abandon everything! Who did you kill huh!" Another sound of a scream. Every word was another dagger of pain being thrusted through his heart into his very soul. Her voice was becoming hostile as she kept going on with her words. Who did you murder itzal! You might've tried to fool me with that stupid black getup. But i can see why it is a knockoff Domarus you copied his stupid armor he wore to the final fight. Your mistake was doing that weapon trick you showed me when we thought the phoenix though couldn't have been more obvious than with that" Jonathan looked down, his weapon loose in his grip now. She was blaming his actions on Itzal now. She thought he was Itzal. 'Another person being hurt because of my actions. My existence hurts those I am around huh?' "I..." he would try to choke out. "You may be my friend. But you murdered someone and attacked the police chief of Aincrad. Clearly you have to have been unhinged Itzal. Unless you want to try and talk on your defense?" Jonathan's gaze was unable to meet Hestia's betrayed teary face. "I'm... not... Itzal" he barely managed to choke out. However, it didn't seem to register in her mind before the next onslaught came. At first contact of her weapon, his blade would fall from his hands, his soul no longer in the fight. She had choked the life of the little fight he had in him. His spirit was far weaker than his stature. With each strike, she would justify her Pride, telling him that she protects others, she didn't care about who she was. Falling to the ground, no longer able to stand, he would lay at her feet on his hands and knees. "I-... I'm... sorry Hestia" he would choke out through sobbing and tears. His emotions were uncontrollable, his pain unimaginable. The long build up of pain and pressure bursting out once more. Instead now of being turned into hatred, there was no one to hate except himself. @Hestia
  10. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    As he held his sword strong in front of him, he watched as Hestia had more time for thought instead of just pure instinct. He was quickly analyzed and a low growl was given from her familiar. He was starting to wish he hadn't called off Celestane, he would have been just fine to take on another familiar. However, it was Hestia that he was most worried about. 'I have to give her the credit of her reaction time. If she hadn't noticed me before my attack, there was little time for error' he would think to himself. Truly, she had lived up to the legend that he wanted to fulfill himself at one point. Now, he was a needle without direction and was swerving around trying to find his own path. Chaos had left his life... chaotic. Banter would reach his ears, her tone seeming relaxed, playful almost. He gave each of them time and thought. 'Pin, Crazy girl and supporting male? What has she been up to in the last month?' He would ask himself. He had been so caught up in himself, he had left everything else behind. She noted him as a Domarus knock off that apparently a psycho child sent after her. He wasn't going to question the sanity of that question. He would step forward, ungiving of a response. "Well than? Come on you armored reject it is time you face the best tank that Aincrad has ever seen" She would then say with a smug smile. He would note her activating charge, closing the gap between them quickly. As her blade came to him, it was almost slow motion. Having used it before, he knew the Curved blades attack patterns to the point and he was also familiar with Hestia's style. He brought his own sword back, grabbing the blade and using it to block the oncoming attacks, metal hissing and sparks flying as it did. While his heart pounded, Jonathan was as calm as the waves that slowly lapped onto the banks of the island. As soon as Hestia's attack would come to it end, Jonathan would take back control of the situation. If there was anything Chaos taught him in the short time, it was how to attack quickly. There was a small trick to getting yourself to move faster and it was to move while mid-attack. The system will overassist your movements, giving you a fair boost in speed. Still holding his weapon with both hands, he would shove against Hestia, giving room for him to move. Having the smaller weapon, Hestia had more advantage at closer range. His left hand would slide down to join its opposite as he held the weapon in a reverse grip. He would then make a powerful swing aimed at the girl, but it was merely to soften her defenses. After it scraped across her shield, he would switch his hand hold and attack again. As he did, he would say one word, his helmet keeping his voice form being recognizable. "Pride" If Hestia blocked it again, he would bring his weapon back to him before using it to thrust forward into her shield to push her away again. @Hestia
  11. Morgenstern

    [F24-PP] When Duty falls from Mentor to Mentee

    Hestia had originally started out as a tank that seemed to follow his advice and he had played somewhat of a mentor role for the girl. However, it was short lived as she became caught up in her own training and would most likely have surpassed his by now. With all of his own drama taking up most of his time, training had been seen little. Chaos himself absorbed an entire week of his life. Even afterward... his sister told him that she would talk to him when she felt up to it. 'I lost everything.... My friends, my guild, my own self drives' A white scaled dragon would fly around him, landing on his shoulder and giving a snort. "Sorry Celes... my mood is never the best is it. Hey, I'm uh gonna get into a fight. Stay out of it if you can okay? It's more personal than anything and my goal isn't to win" the dragon would nod and take flight, back to the water. The dragon enjoyed freezing the water over for some reason. As he ended his walk on the bridge, he looked out and seen her. She stared at the ocean water, her stance told him that she was lost in thought. He walked closer, a hundred meters or so before he stopped again. Shakily, his hand would raise. To stop the shaking he would clench his hand with the other and take a breath. He would drop his left hand and continuing to the hilt of his blade on the right. Jonathan would pull Judgment from its sheath. However, it was he to be judged. He had only used this weapon twice since he killed Elsea, and both times were against a player. Judgement's weight would take hold and he brought his second hand to hold it. With that, he would refocus on Hestia, and with all of his might, activate his Maxed out Charge Skill. In a matter of five seconds he was in range of Hestia. Her movements however, we sharp and she brought out her shield as he brought his weapon down. The woman would successfully block her attack, hitting him with thorns, but she would be pushed back, making a long line of indention in the sand. Saying nothing, he would hold his weapon and point it at Hesta. @Hestia
  12. The player walked on the long bridge, moving from the main island to one of the remote islands. His target was to be found there, a paid scout assured him of that. The player adorned a full body of black armor, concealing all features. On his back was a large Two-Handed-Sword that went by the name of Judgement. However, it would be judgement that would be passed on him today.... The single stroke, feeling his blade pass through the body of another player. The shattering sound as their life slips away at his own cold and bloodied hands. 'The fear in her eyes... The fear of staring death in the eyes and knowing its the end' A tear would fall from his eye but it would be dried up by the mask covering his face, lost to sight and time. Once upon a time, the player had a vision of protecting every lower leveled player, to recruit them all and protect them all as the began to experience the game. Instead, he murdered one out of pure desire. The fact that he put his own wants before someone else's life sickened him. In the end, he got what he wanted, but to what cost? His relationships with other people, someone else's life! For a while, his own freedom of choice. He gave everything for something he wanted. "Sin of Greed" Aya's words would remind him. He was a monster, a ruthless monster that killed for hi own desire. The only worse killer than he was someone who killed for fun. Jonathan Morgenstern gazed upon the water another time before his eyes set on the beach of an island that stood before him. 'My own judgement falls to you, Hestia' @Hestia
  13. Morgenstern

    [PP-F13] The Weight of our Sins <<CTC>>

    While Miraak's statement wasn't firm, Jonathan understood that he might as well look for help. "Fine then, you stay here. I've heard a lot of rumors that people don't exactly like you" Miraak seemed to wince at that statement. "I give you and the other my most humble of apologies. My actions were unforgivable and I have turned over a new leaf" Jonathan raised an eyebrow. "What did you d-... It doesn't matter exactly" Jonathan then would step forward, moving away. 'Should I message someone to come out? Most people are probably not happy with me anymore. Penelo isn't a high enough level to come out here, her healing abilities would have been great. Guess I'll look around' It wasn't long before he found someone wandering around. It was an orange player, one that Jonathan had never met, but was sure he had seen him wandering around before. He took a few steps toward the man but was mindful of distance. He understood getting too close to a player could sometimes set them off or make them feel endangered. "Hey uh, interested in taking the new quest on this floor? Name is Morgenstern" He knew many people would recognize his username, even though now he wasn't sure if he liked that. @Pinball
  14. Timeline Notice: For those who follow Jonathan's story arc, this takes place in the future, after the end of the Chaos Arc. While he is stable, he is still weighted by the life he took. Quest: <<Cleansing the Corruption>> The blond haired player stepped forward onto the grounds of the church. He wore most of his Twilight Protector, opting out the mask while he was in the premise of the city of Angel's Point. This had been the first time he had visited since the event. He died in the fight against Artamiel, and had been weak in both mind and body. The only thing that had kept him going by then, had been his absolute hatred for Chaos and thirst for revenge. Now, that was gone, leaving room for his emotions to finally begin to kick in. His eyes had a sadness behind them, the same as they were before, but now without the fire. He had overcome his anger in the last moments, opting to spare Chaos. However, his mercy was in vain as Chaos had been finished off by someone even more sinister. Fyre, Chaos's second in command and Sin of Wrath. Her whereabouts were unknown as were her motives. Focusing away from his own thoughts, he looked ahead of him. Standing in front of the large chapel that was the main attraction of the floor, stood a priest. Jonathan had no feelings for this priest, unaware of his actual origins. He walked forward, approaching the priest without caution. As he did, Miraak would face him and say, "I require your assistance. Some time ago when I was under Artamiel's influence, I placed a powerful seal of corruption in what once was the largest city of this world. I understand now that it must be destroyed if we plan to put an end to the Corruption of this world. It seems that the Angel's power didn't lift it and we require to remove it directly" Nodding, Jonathan would answer, "Alright then, lets get going" Miraak's eyes would advert him. "This will be not be an easy task. I advise we recruit some more help before carrying on" Sighing, Jonathan knew he could push the NPC into taking him anyway, but he understood the NPC probably mentioned it as a warning. @Neopolitan @Pinball
  15. Rolls(+4 BD) 112465 BD:2 - 21*8=168 112466 BD:5 - 21*8=168 112467 BD:2 - 21*8=168 With the aid of his own allies, quick work was being made of the monsters in front of him. 'Hmm, after all of my alone work, I had forgotten what it was like to have a team to work with. While my rewards are much shorter, the enemies fall faster' He pushed his own thoughts away. He was supposed to be making his connections short so few would grieve his death when it came in the passing time. The health of his enemies were low, so he shouldn't go all out and waste energy. 'Tempest should work just fine...' Moving in, he slashed at his opponents, hoping to take them out. His blade would rip through the snake enemies, slicing them in two and rendering them to data shards. Taking a breath when he finished, he would look over to the two other players. His steps would echo quietly as the room became still. "That wasn't too bad at all" His large sword would rest on his shoulder. @Shield