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  1. Morgenstern

    SP-F9] Unyielding Rage

    Jonathan's mouth gapped open. "How could I believe you on something such as that?" Chaos would laugh. "I am a man of my word. I don't tend to lie or manipulate. Anyways, what other choice do you have? Unless by some other strange means, a girl that looks quite a bit like you, shares the same name as you" His vice would trail off, letting Jonathan think. "Fine. Take me to her" Chaos would shake his head and wag his finger. "It isn't as easy as that. You see, we have to find her first. You help me find her, and well... you get to meet her" Jonathan bit his lower lip, unsure of what choice to make. "What's the catch" Chaos smiled. "Oh, nothing much really. Other than that you will follow every order I have to give until we find her. You will not hesitate when I tell you to do something. You will act" Jonathan turned. "That's how you do it huh? You get people to follow you by tugging them with something they want" Chaos smiled, telling Jonathan he was right. "Happens in the real world too kid"
  2. Morgenstern

    [PP-F22] Fishing Trip

    Hei would walk off in his own search for the salamander so Jonathan would as well, leaving Kasier behind to think to herself. She had been quiet even since he had told her that he knew Chaos. Maybe she was starting to blame him for the loss? Pushing the thought away from his mind, he began once again to look for the Red Salamander. After a few failed tries he looked at the map to ensure they were searching in the correct area. To no surprise, they were in the right area. Which meant that they were utterly failing at finding it. Returning back to the meeting point, Hei would report that he had found nothing. Jonathan's posture drooped. "Neither did I. I wonder why we are having such a hard time to find this. I figured it was just going to be a fight, not an hour long session of searching for something. Sometimes, I think Kayaba is this cruel just to have a good laugh" 110487 LD:8+3=11
  3. They would begin taking out each of the enemies quickly, Jonathan taking on the minions, while Stryder dealt the main of the force to the Boatswain. As Amir's HP dropped severely low, Jonathan would block an incoming swing before yelling to him to begin using AOE attacks. After Amir, was done, they could focus damage on the other one and get this quest done and over with. He refocused on his own fight and activated his sword art. With this attack, he would have to take out the boatswain and hurt the other guys. He would charged the boatswain first, who tried to dodge, but Jonathan cut through his chest, the man dissolved into shards of data. Using his momentum, he would attack the others, hitting two and but leaving one. "Alright, Stryder switch to an AOE attack." ID:110483 BD:5 ID:110484 BD:5 ID:110485 BD:2 ID:110486 BD:7 MD: Dead MD: 7 MD: 2 MD: 10 [2/2/1/2] @Morgenstern 1370/1370 HP <> 84/124 EN [ +3 ACC | -1 EVA | 16 DMG | 151 MIT | 68 BH |+6 HM | Para Immune [4/0/0/0] @Stryder 612/700 HP <> 37/70 EN] [ +4 ACC | 3 EVA | 15 DMG | 62 Mit | Concentration 3/3 (Ready) Enemies Boatswain Amir HP: 0/400 DMG: 125 MIT: 60 EVA: 2 Chain of Command: When first engaged upon by a player, two <<Pirate Deckhands>> will instantly spawn and attack the player once regardless of Hate. If all 5 <<Pirate Deckhands>> have already been previously spawned (and/or defeated), none will spawn upon engaging the <<Boatswain>>. Freebooter: On nat. BD rolls of 9-10, <<Boatswain Amir>> raises his boot. If the CD is 1-6, he kicks high and hits with 150 AoE damage. If the CD is 7-12, he sweeps low and knocks the target's party off their feet, lowering their Evasion by 2 70r their next turn.\ Pirate Deckhand A HP: 74/250 DMG: 85 MIT: 40 Pirate Deckhand B HP: 162/250 DMG: 85 MIT: 40 Pirate Deckhand C HP: 74/250 DMG: 85 MIT: 40 Hornswaggle: On a nat. CD of 11-12, stuns the player for one turn and the pirate's attack bypasses 1/2(rounded up) of the target's mitigation
  4. Morgenstern

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Commotion kept rising, especially after the players from the Tier one and two fight were finished. Many of them coming out of the room seemed exhausted, heart ached and prepared to leave. Jonathan would rise from his seated position, beginning to quietly make his way out. Of course Itzal wanted to talk to him sometime soon, but that would just have to wait or be indefinitely postponed. It all depended on the results of what he was about to go through. As he passed the chapel, he would look inside. There were still players filing out. Many future frontliners. He looked back behind him to see the frontliners deep and thought. They seemed to be getting things to work out. If he ever made it back to the frontlines, he wondered what it would be like. Would there be some sort of code to follow? He heard a mention of it somewhere. He would finish his way out of the courtyard and to the teleported. This was one of his favorite floors, so he understood exactly where it was. -Jon leaves the thread-
  5. Morgenstern

    SP-F9] Unyielding Rage

    "Sins Demise" Sudden'y, Chaos's attack patterns changed. Instead of his attacks being a few smooth, accurate blows, but now they were rapid and just aimed at him. His weapon sliced through him, cutting through his health quickly. The attacks never stopped, Chaos never giving him the opportunity. When the man finally finished, Jon retained about 10% of his health and his entire body covered in gashes. Breathing heavily, Jonathan's sword dropped to the ground with a clatter. He fell to a knee, looking towards Chaos. "Do it then. Finally put me out of my misery. I should have already died twice in this damned world" Chaos's smile would return to his face. "You don't want me to spare you? Well, I could kill you. However, I believe you still have business on this world" Chaos would sheathe his weapon before walking over to Jonathan and offering him a hand. "Penelope Morgenstern. That is the name of your sister. She also is in this world." Jonathan raised his eyebrows, his anger fading from his eyes. "How do you know something like that" Chaos grinned, grabbing Jonathan's hand and yanking him up. "Because. She used to be my wife"
  6. Morgenstern

    SP-F9] Unyielding Rage

    Picking himself up, Jonathan would turn to find Chaos smiling behind him. "You just don't give it up do you? Do you just like the feeling of failing?" Wiping the soot off of his own face, Jonathan would come in again, as strong as ever. Chaos's smile would fade, the man becoming annoyed. Sparks would fly into the air as the blades collided with one another. Jonathan's sword was surrounded in a blue aura and Chaos's gave off an angry red flame. Another slash, another block. Another hit taken. He would pull himself off as he reached 50% health remaining. Breathing heavily, Jonathan stared into Chaos's eyes. "I won't give up. I will defeat you" he would state to Chaos. The man would raise his eyebrow. "The reason you came here was to get revenge no? Any real purpose?" Jonathan pointed his sword at the man. He had only about a quarter of his energy left. "I came here to kill you" He charged forward again, but the man seemed unfazed. Just before Jonathan swung his weapon, Chaos would say one word. "Suicide"
  7. Morgenstern

    SP-F9] Unyielding Rage

    Jonathan's wounds would begin to heal as battle healing would activate. Of course, so would Chaos's. He moved in again, but Chaos quickly took advantage of the moment. The man would hold his sword, thrusting it several times at Jonathan, forcing him to a defensive stance. While he managed to block off each attack, Chaos had already gotten what he wanted. With Jonathan's sword now set in a horizontal position, Chaos was easily able to make his attacks. Chaos's sword would become ablaze before he slashed into Jonathan with many horizontal strikes. Jonathan swung his weapon in retaliation, but Chaos would block it firmly. Chaos would throw himself back, smiling coolly at Jonathan. "Not a fan of when I bring the heat? Oh, don't give me the cold shoulder!" Jonathan would grit his teeth before charging into battle again. "SHUT UP!" he would shout. H would swing his weapon horizontally at Chaos but the man would leap upward, pushing himself off of Jonathan's moving sword, and come down slashing his back. Propelled forward, Jonathan would slam into the nearby wall.
  8. Morgenstern

    SP-F9] Unyielding Rage

    "I could kill you right now if I wanted. The only reason you're still alive is I want to know why you targeted my guild" After he said kill, Chaos began laughing. "You seriously think you can beat me?" Jonathan dug further into the man. "ARE YOU STUPID? I have LITERALLY got you against the wall. What have you called the last few minutes of fighting?" Chaos would use his foot, kicking Jonathan off of him and picking up his sword again. Raising his sword, he pointed it at Jonathan with a sneer. "Pity" Gritting his teeth, Jonathan would burst forward again, swinging his weapon. This time however, as it hit Chaos's blade, the weapon would take on a black ghostly hue. The force behind Chaos's blade would double, pushing Jonathan back. The blond quickly lost balance and Chaos's speed would increase dramatically. Hellraiser would cut through his chest, creating several red gashes. Jonathan's health dipped to about 90% before he was able to leap away. "All this strength you have received still is far from enough to let you beat me. I am stronger and faster. While you have a mitigation advantage, hitting me is going to be your relative problem. Your strength comes from stats, mine comes from something beyond stats. Skill"
  9. Morgenstern

    SP-F9] Unyielding Rage

    Pure hatred came from each of Jonathan's attacks. He didn't mind that he had already used half of his energy up. He wouldn't stop fighting until Chaos was at his knees, begging for his life. Jonathan wouldn't dare grant him that. His weapon would slam into Chaos's blade, forcing the man to move back or fall down. Chaos would then return an assault, but Jonathan would block dodge and evade when necessary. He swung his weapon high and horizontal, causing the man to duck. Afterwards, he would continue with a kick, forceful enough to slam him into the wall. Activating <<Charge>> again from the distance, the flat of his own blade would crush him further into the wall of rock, cracking it. "You won't get away with what you did. You're a monster, taking the life on the innocent just to try and live your wild fantasies of being ruler" Chaos would laugh, staring back at him. His voice was strained from being crushed, but his confidence hadn't wavered. "And you are the one constantly causing people to worry, pushing people away. However, you still think you can be the hero of this story. You've told yourself over and over again that you are the protagonist. To be honest, I think you are more of the side character. One thing about those guys... they're disposable" Jonathan would push harder into the man.
  10. -Takes Place after Jon's Chaos Arc- -Jonathan technically has an Orange Cursor in this thread- A message would confront his inbox, and he would swiftly open it. Standing and stretching, Jonathan would look through it, finding it to be a wedding invitation for Neo and someone named... Hazado? He was unfamiliar with the name but a warm smile came to his face when he seen Neo was happy. He had attempted to form a relationship with a woman named Rin, but she had shut out everything in the world. She used to be a popular tailor, but her shop had quickly become her hideaway. He could enter if he wanted, but he preferred to leave her alone. She was broken and occasionally called him Alex, the name of her first deceased love. Also, she believed that they could beat this game pacifististically. He searched through his inventory, and only found one thing that could even let him remotely near a wedding. He moved to equip it, the white and gold suit appearing on his body. He recieved it for the Dance of the Crossed Paths, the first time he had been to an actual event. He would arrive at the wedding shortly after, a smile on his face. Recently, he had been relieved to a lot of burdens he was carrying. Of course, he still had the job of finding Fyre now before she could accomplish anything far too drastic. He looked around, finding many people arriving and preparing. However, he didn't see Neo anywhere. That was a problem when it came to knowing the bride and not the groom. The bride, until the wedding, would be preparing somewhere off the scene. He searched around, finding no piano like he had for Itzal's wedding. Finding a seat in the back, he would quietly and patiently begin waiting for the wedding. He wanted no extra attention to himself. He was just another guy, nothing special.
  11. Morgenstern

    SP-F9] Unyielding Rage

    With the last comment, Jonathan's eyes would widen. His eyes would darken as rage began pouring out of him. "TO HELL WITH YOU" Every ounce of strenght that Jonathan had would be poured into his attacks. His blade would slam into Chaos' weapon, knocking the man back farther and farther. Jonathan's defense was keeping the man on the defensive, never giving him the chance to attack. Each time the swords would clang, Jonathan caught a brief glimpse of an apprentice converting into shards of data, being lost to the wind. Chaos would roll away from his attacks, escaping him momentarily. The man would smile smugly at him, giving another one of his rhetorics. "This fight is just gonna end up like last time. Your friends dead and you left crying and desperate" Jonathan's teeth would grit more as he continued his attacks, casting sweeping blows at his opponent. On the other side of the room, Celestane was dodging the hellhound, sending spikes of ice into it that only seemed to anger it. It didn't help the creature was basically able to keep fighting as long as it still retained some of its fire, no matter how many times Celestane killed it.
  12. Morgenstern

    SP-F9] Unyielding Rage

    "YOU THINK I'M EVEN GOING TO GIVE YOU THE CHANCE TO PULL OUT YOUR WEAPON?" He would shout towards the man. He would begin his assault again but Choas would snap his fingers, and shout, "FANG, SERVE MY WILL!" Stopping Jonathan in his tracks, a flame would begin to burn brightly before him. As the flame subsided, the large hellhound familiar of Choas stood in his way. As the creature tried to attack however, Celestane would circle around Jonathan, sending large spikes of ice to pin the enemy familiar into the nearby wall. This would bring howls of pain into the room but the ice shards would be burned through the hellhound would prepare to fight the icy dragon. Given time now, Chaos stood, blade in hand and armor equipped. "It doesn't matter if you prepare yourself or not. You will endure more agony than any of my friends did. I won't spare you" Chaos would smile, shrugging with his free hand. "Alrighty, I see you. I'm willing to bet you'll just end up like all of your friends".
  13. Morgenstern

    SP-F9] Unyielding Rage

    Chaos' eyes would widen as he approached, the man's donut falling form his hand. Before it reached the ground however, Jonathan's weapon would slash through the man's chest. Chaos would be thrown back into the wall, his health having taken a good hit first. Chaos would stand, his teeth gritting. "You have most definitely improved since last time we fought. I don't think you could even produce a hit half as hard as what you just did" His smug smile would fade as Jonathan charged him once again. "YOU TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME!" Jonathan's attacks were frequent and powerful, Chaos having much trouble to dodge them. "YOU WILL SUFFER FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" Jonathan words would be enough to throw off Chaos' dodges. Another blow would clip into his shoulder, the weapon throwing him back. Jonathan stepped towards the man, slowly. "My apprentices... no, my friends were all taken because of you. YOU STOLE THEM FROM ME!" Chaos would begin opening his inventory, scrolling through to find his items.
  14. Morgenstern

    SP-F9] Unyielding Rage

    As he pushed open the door, a wide area would catch his eyes. It was easily visible that this used to be a place for guild meetings. The room was large and circular, along with being very hot and humid. This brought him to believe that he was over the center of the volcano. The room was filled with different decorations, one side of it seemed fashioned for some sort of living space. On the left seemed various notes and papers on a large planning table. Movement would catch his eyes as a casually dressed Chaos stepped into the room. The dark haired man was wearing jeans and a T-shirt as he munched on what appeared to be a chocolate donut. No weapon was at his side, and as he caught sight of Jonathan he seemed rather surprised. Swallowing his current bite, Chaos would give Jonathan a short wave before speaking. "This is a surprise for certain" Jonathan's eyes widened as his body shook with pure rage. His knuckles as he gripped his weapon turned white. "You... You killed them.... YOU BASTARD!" his raged yelling would seem more like a scream as he activated <<Charge>>.
  15. Morgenstern

    SP-F9] Unyielding Rage

    It was finally time... Standing on the ninth floor, his weapon in his hand. He stepped forward to the base of the largest volcano in the floor. While volcanoes didn't erupt in the game, they did bring a large source of heat. As he stepped up, he searched for what could possibly could be the entrance to the old base of Chaos. It took several minutes, but within time he found and entrance colored the same as the volcanic rock. Reaching for the handle, he would yank open the door. As it slid open, Jonathan would peer inside. Confronted with a long hallway of stone, he would cautious move down the hallway. As he caught sight of the door, his own breath would still. Not from the door of course, but due to the idea that everything that he prepared for came down to this. All the planning, all the training. Pushing everyone away, keeping to himself. The lost hours of sleep. As he stepped to the door he would put his hand on it. Everything was now...