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  1. Morgenstern

    [PP-F4] King of Icecream! (Night's King)

    As they would walk back, the cold would begin to seep into him. The exposure to it was beginning to outlast his survival skill. Neo of course, was silent the entire time. Something was different, her face held some sort of pout to it. He wondered if he did something wrong. He wished she would say something and have a conversation, but he knew not to expect that from her. She was physically mute there, but here she was selectively mute. He brought her to the tent, which held a bit warmer of a temperature here. As she would step in, he would tell her, "Stay warm" before zipping up the zipper. She would be a bit warmer than he, but he could get over it. As he would open his inventory to pull out his own sleepingbag, his teeth would begin to chatter. 'Damn this game. I like this floor, but staying the night in it is not my idea of fun. If we could freeze to death in this game, we would end up doing just that right now' He wasn't sure if Neo would sit in the tent and freeze or go to sleep and hope it would go away in the morning. He would sit down, trying to get the wood on the ground to burn. He had completely forgotten flint or anything in the game to start fires. Of course, since it was a game, you could only start fires with certain things. @Neopolitan
  2. Morgenstern

    PP-F10) Wails of the Past (Kasier)

    Kasier believed that she didn't do much yelling at it when the time had come around. He shook his head and yelled in a light voice, "Over here!" He would chuckle as Kasier would step forward to the long slide down to the boss. "Hopefully the stairs will reset in a bit" He would say before leaping off the ledge. As the incline brought a sharp downhill, his feet would move faster, almost making it impossible to keep control of where he was going. Managing to not fall down, he came to a stop a few feet after the slope returned to the normal passage. H would then continue by following Kasier into the Banshee's Lair. As they stepped forward, they laid their eyes upon the Banshee and its room. The floor and walls were covered with red stains and a terrible odor got caught in his nose. The Banshee was crouched and huddled in the center of the room. As they stopped it would screech before standing and looking towards them. AS if challenging it, Kasier would activate the howl Skill. "Ok, I guess we have already started. What are you waiting for?" She would say to him and he would grin. "Alright then" The Banshee would make its way towards Kasier, and all the while he would charge at the Banshee. The creature was fast, and he hoped accuracy would win out for him. He would swipe his sword, the blade's sharp edge cutting up from the right hip to the left shoulder. The creature would hiss, obviously pained by his flurry of quick attacks, but still focused on Kasier. 104787 BD:8-2+3=9 -> 16*11=176 DMG @Kasier [3] Kasier: 820/820 | EN: 82/82 [1] Morgenstern: 1370/1370 | EN: 114/124 Banshee: 74/250 | DMG: 200 | EVA: 2 [MD: 9-10] Ignores Armor Mitigation [MD: 10] Paralyze all players
  3. Morgenstern

    [PP-F22] Fishing Trip

    As Hei mentioned that he was ready to go, Jonathan would nod, quietly replying, "That would be best" before moving forward. Having been to the quest location several times, he knew exactly where he needed to be going. The Lake of Reflections. A great place to reflect on oneself and your past mistakes. He would begin to walk forward, noticing a sparse amount of monsters within the area. A he looked over at Hei, he noticed that the man was carrying the same weapon that Sey used to, meaning he could expect the same sword arts. He already knew Kasier's capabilities. High mitigation and support skills at the expense of damage. He hoped she would be the one to tank for today. He was the highest level, meaning he would bring the hardest punch. The fight shouldn't prove to be too difficult and manage to be finished with ease. Unlike the prolonged fight with the Night's King that had reduced his damage. As they came to a stop on a hill, they were able to look down on top of the lake. "There it is. With luck, we should be able to find the boss and get out of here. I think it was a pretty easy boss if I remember right. Groups of... Level Thirty-Five player? Doesn't matter I guess" He would unsheathe his sword and begin walking down the hill to the mentioned lake. @Kasier
  4. Morgenstern

    [PP-F4] King of Icecream! (Night's King)

    He would blink as the chest would come to life, taking a bite of Neo's arm. "Every time, its just my luck. Inviting me over was not a good idea" Raising his drawn sword, it would be to gleam a blue light. "I'm just glad I am back to full strength for this thing" Stepping forward, he would allow the game to bring him into motion. A motion that slash up the chest into little pieces. As he drew closer, he would start with an uppercut, sending the small chest into the air. From there, he would bring upon a dozen of small quick slashes, before making a heavy downward slice. The chest would bounce off of the ground before shattering into blue pixels. He would whistle before looking at Neo again. "That was rather smooth and clean. Luckily, it was only scaled to you. Of course, normal mobs can't do that on this floor, now can they?" Sheathing his weapon once more, he would point back to the direction of the entrance. "Well, I got a tent all set up. No reason to be uncomfortable while you wait out the storm, right?" He would step slowly away. 104708 BD:10 - 18*11=198 DMG Mimic Dead @Neopolitan
  5. Morgenstern

    Quest Idea: First Day

    I think its a wonderful idea, but it would be basically 100% story without any actual requirements to be held. I feel like there wouldn't be anything to put in as requirements or even to give out as a reward. While its a great idea, its an impractical quest idea. I feel like maybe putting this in the tutorial under FAQ, "Where should I start" Then release this idea
  6. Morgenstern

    [PP-F4] King of Icecream! (Night's King)

    The blond would set up camp, pitching the tent and pulling out wood from his inventory. Itzal was right to advise to keep this stuff around. A typical small campsite was made, him throwing his own sleeping bag outside the tent, figuring Neo wouldn't want to share the tent with a random boy she had just met a few hours prior. As he would get a message, he would find it was from his silent friend who was apparently checking out the boss room. If there was a chest, there was a chance for a monster. He would let her keep the rewards if there was anything, but he didn't want her to get attacked. Returning to the Throne room, he would walk over to Neo. "Alrighty, crack that bad boy open. Let's see if we get anything good. Also, f there is anything good inside you keep it. I don't really need it" He would tell her. Drawing his sword from its sheath, he would bring it to his side. @Neopolitan
  7. Morgenstern

    [PP-F4] King of Icecream! (Night's King)

    "Alright, the end is now!" He would say before charging forward. Glee smote his face as he came into the last 100m of the race. His blade would gleam with a light more brilliant than anytime before. He would charge forward, making one clean slice to cut through the boss just as he did the wights. He would sheathe his weapon as he would be bathed in a shower of light and pixels. Uncaring, he would move back to Neo. "Let's go and see if the storm has cleared enough for us to journey back. If not, I am prepared for an unexpected camping trip" He would give her a smile before walking past her. The boss wouldn't be respawning for a while, but either way if they were to stay in the main room they wouldn't be bothered. It was some sort of rest point for players to prepare themselves for the boss fight. He would lead the party of two back to the main area. As they would rearrive at the doors, Jonathan would push open the doors, the two players being pelted with wind and snow immidiately. He would peer out at the harsh weather. "If you wish, we could try to brave the weather, but its late enough and the weather is bad enough that I'd advise staying here. Of course, f you wish to leave now, I will respect your wishes and take you back now" He didn't want to make his new friend feel like he was trying to keep her around for personal reasons. 104577 BD:10 _______________ <<Party>> [11] @Morgenstern | 1089/1370 HP | 46/124 EN | 126 MIT | 16 12 DMG | 3 ACC | 69 BH | 6 HM | Paralytic Immunity [6] @Neopolitan | 380/380 HP | 33/38 (+1 regen; -2 miss; + 2 recovery) EN | 14 MIT | 4 DMG | 1 ACC | 2 REC <<Enemies>> Frost Wight A-D | 0/100 HP | 25 MIT | 120 DMG | BD:9 +50 DMG | BD:10 +60 DMG Frost Wight E-H | 0/100 HP | 25 MIT | 120 DMG | BD:9 +50 DMG | BD:10 +60 DMG <<Night's King>> | /450 HP | 50 MIT | 300 DMG | BD:9 +85 DMG | BD:10 +100 DMG |  Ability: Weaken Area - Base DMG capped at 12 during battle @Neopolitan
  8. Morgenstern

    [PP-F4] King of Icecream! (Night's King)

    Focusing on his opponent, he knew from here exactly he would have about a twenty percent chance of finishing the boss right here and now. "That's alright, I'll just have to try to bring to everything at once" Narrowing his eyes, he shifted his stance before pouncing forward. His weapon gleamed a bright blue as it sailed towards the opponents chest. The weapon struck its target, making a large gash. Its health bar dwindled, reaching a low point of its health. He gritted his teeth as the health bar stopped and a large blade came crashing down, slamming into his ribs. He skidded to a stop, looking back at his opponent. Another hit and it was gone. If only he had a bit stronger base damage, the boss would have been as good as dead. 'Oh wait... More base DMG wouldn't help me. Mine's already reduced' he thought to himself. The bosses purpose was to just to be painstakingly slow. "Alright Neo, Bleed him out or make as much of a distraction as possible. I like the cold and even I am getting tired of it" 104494 BD:8 82 DMG MD:6 174 DMG ___________________ <<Party>> [9] @Morgenstern | 1089/1370 HP | 56/124 EN | 126 MIT | 16 12 DMG | 3 ACC | 69 BH | 6 HM | Paralytic Immunity [6] @Neopolitan | 380/380 HP | 32/38 (+1 regen; -2 miss; + 2 recovery) EN | 14 MIT | 4 DMG | 1 ACC | 2 REC <<Enemies>> Frost Wight A-D | 0/100 HP | 25 MIT | 120 DMG | BD:9 +50 DMG | BD:10 +60 DMG Frost Wight E-H | 0/100 HP | 25 MIT | 120 DMG | BD:9 +50 DMG | BD:10 +60 DMG <<Night's King>> | 11/450 HP | 50 MIT | 300 DMG | BD:9 +85 DMG | BD:10 +100 DMG | Ability: Weaken Area - Base DMG capped at 12 during battle
  9. Morgenstern

    [PP-F4] King of Icecream! (Night's King)

    As Neo would attack again, the king would slowly rise, facing Jonathan with a face contorted with rage. "Someone a little Gwumpy?" Jonathan grinned, twisting his weapon's hilt in his hand. A couple of more hits, and Sayonara. He adjusted his weight to the front, kicking off the ground to vault himself forward, slashing his opponents leg and midsection. "Too slow pal" He would chuckle. Spinning back around to face his opponent, he would watch as the king would go berserk. He would stomp his foot and shout at the top of his lungs. Too late, he would see the icicles that began to fall from the ceiling. Without time to pull out his shield, he would rush not towards the boss but Neo. "Neo, watch out!" He would swing his sword, cutting through an icicle about to impale her from above. A few Icicles would shatter around her, but none touching her. He wasn't so lucky. Hit twice, icicles portuding from his shoulder and arm. Luckily, it wasn't his sword arm. He would look back to the boss, too late to notce an attack was coming. Its blade slammed into his avatar, sending his sprawling about twenty feet away. The boss would give out a laugh before slowly making its way toward Jonathan. "Well played. I was trying to have a little fun, but you ruined that" He grasped the icicles that were lodged in his body and pulled them out, the wounds closing. "Hey, if you can make him bleed again. I can finish for sure next attack. Right now, there's a twenty percent chance of me finishing" 104390 BD:7 82 DMG MD:8 300-126=174 _______________ <<Party>> [8] @Morgenstern | 1194/1370 HP | 66/124 EN | 126 MIT | 16 12 DMG | 3 ACC | 69 BH | 6 HM | Paralytic Immunity [6] @Neopolitan | 380/380 HP | 31/38 (+1 regen; -3 sword art) EN | 14 MIT | 4 DMG | 1 ACC | 2 REC <<Enemies>> Frost Wight A-D | 0/100 HP | 25 MIT | 120 DMG | BD:9 +50 DMG | BD:10 +60 DMG Frost Wight E-H | 0/100 HP | 25 MIT | 120 DMG | BD:9 +50 DMG | BD:10 +60 DMG <<Night's King>> | 93/450 HP | 50 MIT | 300 DMG | BD:9 +85 DMG | BD:10 +100 DMG | Ability: Weaken Area - Base DMG capped at 12 during battle
  10. Morgenstern

    PP-F10) Wails of the Past (Kasier)

    (Well he's paralyze immune XD) He would watch the girl slowly stand and tell him that she was alright. He would smile. "It kinda hurt my ears a little. Good thing I'm immune to paralyze" he would chuckle looking down the shaft the had turned into a slide. "Glad you didn't freak out, I heard you yelling at it. Courageous or foolishness, I don't know which it was. Without battle-healing, Im not sure how many hits you could have taken exactly" He wiped the sweat from his forehead that came form his long a desperate sprint. "Itzal could have been here a lot faster than me however. If he would've been here, you would have only been seperated for a minute or so while he solved the puzzle" He gave a faint chuckle before looking down the shaft. "If you're completely ready, we can just slide down. My guess, is that after failing to climb backup, the banshee retreated to her normal boss room to await us, probably figuring were turned and ran" He would shake his head, remembering the quest end. "This entire quest is far too long for such a simple solution that could be gained from the beginning" He would sigh before preparing to slide down right beside Kasier when she became ready. @Kasier
  11. A the man would ask his question about Calrex, he would nod. "Calrex happens to be the top player of Aincrad currently. Basically, he has an overpowered Unique Skill that basically allows him to take only like half DMG after mitigation. Meaning, he can't be killed essentially. Not only that, he's about ten levels higher than the next players. He'll stay in the top until his Unique Skill is either Nerfed, or something else comes up to be able to counter it" he would say glumly. He always was kinda jealous of Calrex. the man could probably almost take on a boss himself. 'I wonder if Calrex was a beta Tester' He shook the thought out of his head. It wouldn't matter at this point. Jonathan would take a second to finish his food before resuming to talk. "I used to be the second best tank of Aincrad just behind him.... I think I'm top four now. There is just so many people that don't relax until they're the best. I've watched people thirty levels under me catch me in level. I just don't like living and breathing the game. Sometimes, a little fun or off time is needed you know?" He shrugged before looking outside. Him and the man must've already sat in the restaraunt for a good hour and a half. The sun was already beginning to set on the horizon. "We should start to get going or else we will have to wait til tommorow to do the quest" He stood, paying for his food as the waitress would bring the bill. A simple click of the blue button would work just fine. @Stryder
  12. Morgenstern

    [PP-F4] King of Icecream! (Night's King)

    Jonathan backed away from the King, a murderous glint in the boss's eyes. He wanted to dig his sword in the blond tank's chest for sure. Just before the boss made a move however, Neo snuck around to the back of the boss, thrusting her rapier into a small unarmored portion on his back. The boss would be an 'ACK' sound before falling to one knee. Static crackled around the boss and a stream of red pixels came from his wound on the back. "Nice work Neo!" he would say, shooting her a grin of congratulations. He would turn to the boss. He would walk up, raising his sword to his left side to attack with an angled blow. "Silent but deadly, ain't she?" He would say with a laugh. Grasping his weapon firmly with his hand, he would strike downward, cutting the King. From his cut, he would spin, making a powerattack to send the boss sprawling away a few feet. "Darn... He ain't dying for a while still" 104359 BD:5+3 12*11=132-50=82 DMG dealt.MD:Paralyzed __________________________ <<Party>> [8] @Morgenstern | 1370/1370 HP | 76/124 EN | 126 MIT | 16 12 DMG | 3 ACC | 69 BH | 6 HM | Paralytic Immunity [5] @Neopolitan | 380/380 HP | 33/38 (+1 regen; -3 sword art) EN | 14 MIT | 4 DMG | 1 ACC | 2 REC <<Enemies>> Frost Wight A-D | 0/100 HP | 25 MIT | 120 DMG | BD:9 +50 DMG | BD:10 +60 DMG Frost Wight E-H | 0/100 HP | 25 MIT | 120 DMG | BD:9 +50 DMG | BD:10 +60 DMG <<Night's King>> | 188/450 HP | 50 MIT | 300 DMG | BD:9 +85 DMG | BD:10 +100 DMG | Bleeding (12 damage/turn for 1 turns) Ability: Weaken Area - Base DMG capped at 12 during battle
  13. Morgenstern

    [PP-F22] Fishing Trip

    (OOC: Ugh.... of course XD) Jonathan would look past the tows and to the dense forests of the floor. He had been here a few times as of recently, sitting and pondering at the lake of reflection. He found reflecting on the past only brought pain. It was much easier to attempt to just bury it and keep his mind preoccupied. Footsteps were heard behind him and he would turn to see Kasier. The girl would say one word in a tone that would allow the gates of pain to open to wash the waters of torment around him. Kasier's own sadness was brought from his weakness. If only he could have stopped them... those players didn't have to die. He would turn away, wiping a tear from his eye. "H-hey" he would choke out. His mind had already played over and over again, his one on one fight with Chaos. To be brought down without a second thought, to be too weak to even deserve death. He would cough before noticing another dark haired man stepping up to them. The man would introduce himself as Hei and Jonathan would force a smile. "Glad to meet you Hei and Hulati. Looks like we got everyone here now. I am Jonathan, Tank Paladin of...." He looked down at the ground and kicked the dirt. The introduction had been a habit for a while. "Well... of nothing. My username is Morgenstern to prevent confusion but I usually go by Jonathan unless its a real serious time" @Kasier
  14. He would mention Pinball's spear, and then something about his gloves. The blond player would then raise an eyebrow. "Cursed gauntlets eh? All you new players with your fancy toys" Jonathan would open his inventory, bringing out two items. Maiden's Kiss and Bialas's Bindings. "Neither of the items here are demonic, but they are the closest to anything special that I own myself" He would pick up the curve blade first. It wasn't special looking, just a clean blade, easily showing reflections. Its guard was gold, and at the base of the blade, an odd inscription of undecipherable runes. "I don't get to use this much per accordance of my build, but this is a holy weapon by the name of Maiden's Kiss. This was a gift by from a retiring frontliner by the name of Seul. I will keep ahold of it until I can use it properly or find someone else that I deem worthy of it" He would put the weapon back in his inventory and point to the two bracers on the table. "This item was gifted to me from Calrex after the last boss fight. Basically gives me immunity to paralyze and redemption if I miss my target" He would actually leaves those out, equipping them. "Your gauntlets do anything special?" he would ask before taking another few bites of his food. @Stryder
  15. Morgenstern

    [PP-F4] King of Icecream! (Night's King)

    He would watch as Neo would keep attacking, repeatedly stabbing the boss and basically being a thorn in his side. To his own grief, he found that the weakness in his arms had a much larger affect then he had anticipated. The boss still stood with a large amount of health left, its own mitigation and weakening effect proving to be an excellent defense mechanism. The boss had obviously been designed to keep its difficulty despite the takers level. He would move back into range of the King, the boss taking a moment to see where Jonathan would try to dodge before smashing him into oblivion. "I think we are all getting a bit bored with you, if you could fall down and die, that would be great" Jonathan shifted to holding his weapon with two hands, allowing the blade to gleam from charging up. He would smile, prepared as the king came at him once more. Its weapon was heavy, making it much slower. It took quite a bit of time practicing and strength to make up for the loss of speed with a heavy-twohanded weapon. The boss would swing horizontally, the blow to be aimed at his stomach. He would leap off of the ground, landing onto the boss's weapon and push it down to the ground with his feet. Using his momentum, he would jump again, slicing the boss's rib cage before spinning in the air and cutting his left shoulder. Landing upon the ground, he would revert to holding his weapon with one hand. "Feeling outclassed yet?" he would say, taunting the boss. 104267 BD:3+3=6 12*11=132-50=82 DMG dealt. MD:2+1=3 __________ <<Party>> [7] @Morgenstern | 1334/1370 HP | 76/124 EN | 126 MIT | 16 12 DMG | 3 ACC | 69 BH | 6 HM | Paralytic Immunity [3] @Neopolitan | 380/380 HP | 35/38 (+1 regen; -3 sword art; +2 recovery) EN | 14 MIT | 4 DMG | 1 ACC | 2 REC <<Enemies>> Frost Wight A-D | 0/100 HP | 25 MIT | 120 DMG | BD:9 +50 DMG | BD:10 +60 DMG Frost Wight E-H | 0/100 HP | 25 MIT | 120 DMG | BD:9 +50 DMG | BD:10 +60 DMG <<Night's King>> | 283/450 HP | 50 MIT | 300 DMG | BD:9 +85 DMG | BD:10 +100 DMG Ability: Weaken Area - Base DMG capped at 12 during battle