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  1. Isolation wasn't something Jonathan considered himself to be a part of. Isolation to him was keeping to yourself, and only yourself hiding away from the world for eternity. He stepped forward, coughing up some of the sand that he had been breathing in. He looked across the desert floor, finding only the hot and sun dried to look forward to. This quest was the mark of halfway through. With the constant wind and shifting sands, they were unable to get any trail of the Desert Dragon that awaited them at the end of this quest. Sighing, he looked back to Itzal, who was trailing silently behind. A faint smile caught his lips before he turned back around. One of the Yensa watching them pass. The Yensa clan were an angry group of humanoids that attacked players on this realm, usually with Katanas or daggers. There were few on this floor, but they thrived in desert locations where most didn't bother them. Jonathan pondered them before, wondering if they would see a bigger role in future floors. He sighed, continuing forth, in search for the small dragon creature that he and his friend hunted. As things became in order, Fyre sat, a smug look on her face. Her plans could finally come together. She had awaited for Chaos's move again for quite sometime, and though nobody knew her intentions ever, she worked happily where she was. Everything went according to plan in the position they were in. It seemed they had perfected a plan to destroy the Ascendants from the inside, exploiting flaws deep within the players themselves. FearX began to speak again, assuring them that Itzal would make the guild disband either way as he would want to protect his friends. she flicked scarlet eyes as he spoke. "I rather like this plan" She would say smugly after FearX offered for them to finish their meal now, but she never ate any of the food. Aya straightened herself in her chair, her fingers fiercely grabbing the corners of her seat as he talked. From Chaos's words, they were all of much higher strength and level than she had originally thought. If forty-five was nothing to them what were they? She had figured herself in league. A wave of unsettlement rushed over her, as she had a new desire. She would train herself to beat each and every one of these people in front of her. She always strove to be ahead of everyone, and better herself when there was someone higher in the vicinity. She refocused on FearX, finding that they would instead occupy the apprentices that laid in the way of the prize. She nodded, taking a bite of a sandwich when he turned his attention away from her. The Red Claw would see much changes in the next month. As conversation moved on, Luz had stopped eating, listening contently. Her white hood of her robe was down, showing that she wasn't hiding her face or person and she meant no harm to anyone. She noticed the plan didn't really involve her as a healer, but she would probably end up as safety for Chaos if he became engaged in battle. She tended to the others as well, except Morzan as he always had a sense of pride and fought his battles alone. Morzan had his reasons, noble ones, but unless one got to know him, they wouldn't pick it out. As FearX said to enjoy more food, she looked down on it. "Gah....." She said. She had already eaten the most of everyone, and was quite satisfied. She squinted at the food. 'NOOOO..... NOOOOOOOOO!' She told herself. She didn't need more. She bit her bottom lip before excepting defeat. Another sandwich wouldn't hurt would it? She grabbed one of the platter of sandwiches, and sank her teeth into it. Chaos nodded as FearX finished, "It seems suitable. It keeps all values under check, especially if we can keep casualties of us and innocents to a minimum. I doubt we ourselves will suffer much if we can catch them by surprise" He took another bite of a Chaos Donut, watching a message appear before him. He opened it casually, making it look as if it was just his Inventory and read it quickly. He smiled and hastily replied. @Itzal
  2. PP-F10) Wails of the Past (Kasier)

    (Umm... Kasier? We have to SEARCH for Tartarus) No worries, I can role with your RP They began their journey, passing the chained dragon that acted as a guard for this town. He had always wanted to fight the beast, but had decided against it as normal guards were of high level, and usually would swarm to defeat enemy players, he bet this dragon made up for numbers with sheer strength. A puff of air was seen as he exhaled in a long sigh as they made their way through the floor. He ensured to keep a careful eye on the predators which were seen occasionally in the shadows. More were probably there, unseen. They kept their distance, due to Kasier and his level's. Kasier began to go through a bout' of instructions, stuff he hardly listened to as it appeared common sense and he had more on his mind. Ever since his last journey on with Itzal and the man had brought up isolation, Jonathan had thought of Rin ever since. He had been trying to forget her and her name, but it proved to be difficult. He acted as if she didn't exist, hoping to believe it was all a dream and move on. He shook his head away from the thoughts. "I'll go check over here real quick. We are getting close from what I remember. I had Itzal last time, so I was not paying attention exactly. " A light chuckle would emnate from his lips and he would tentatively put his fingers together His eyes caught sight of an old wooden bridge. He would smile and his eyes would trace the bridge to and old rundown looking building with broken jail cells. "Hey blondie? Its over here!" He chuckled and a bloodcurdling scream was emitted from the inside. Objectives Find Tartarus on LD:15+ Defeat Four <<Undead Guardian Zombies>> Defeat <<Banshee>> http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/7484-f10-«wail-of-the-banshee»/?page=1 94315 LD:16 - Tartarus Found. @Kasier
  3. Kasier's Evaluations

  4. [PP-F13] Angel Slayer [FoT w/ Morgenstern]

    Replying to intense training situations, Aereth mentioned something about the eighteenth floor. "Nope. I have never touched the eighteenth floor!" He shouted back as he blocked another incoming attack. He ducked under the next blow, rolling back with his momentum. "Also, never have my party members almost died before! Except me... one time" That was when he was actually training with Aereth. "I am talking about the eleventh floor, with the ants and the RGQ!" They had gotten much experience that day, but Jonathan couldn't hit to save his life. He fell back on Aereth's command. They worked well together, but not as well as Jonathan and Itzal. He always knew what Itzal wanted without him even saying. Itzal read his movements for when to attack, and Jonathan knew Itzal's movements for when to fall back. The man dealt a good amount of damage as he brought his fist into the enemy. "Good one, but here I come!" Rollinb
  5. PP-F4) The Frosted Mask of Personality[Morgen and Erin]

    He was immediately saddened that she didn't see his childish humor, and a he frowned a bit. He returned his attention to his icecream. He took another bite, cringing at the fact that most of it was already gone. After his question was asked, it was only one or two seconds that passed before she answered 'art and music'. He raised an eyebrow as she began to speak of it. Supposedly, she couldn't replicate what she had done as in artist, but she had figured out how to play the violin again. He immediately dropped his spoon back into his bowl and stared at her, wildness in his eyes. "How did you learn how to play an instrument without being a performer? Tell me! I absolutely have to be able to play the piano again! I know from the real world, but I gave up after the system stopped me from doing so!" He looked at her more intently now. He guessed she would learn he had hobbies, if reminded of them. Sword Art Online had taken away his hobbies. "Piano was something I did in the real world often, my father told me it was always best to create some sort of art. He also told me that he used to play it, and was playing it when he met my mother" He left out the details about never meeting his mother who was many states away. @Telrenya
  6. [PP-F4] «Feeding the Enemy» Snow Fur Fun

    (Have been told to Skip Tel) (Also, how do you figure Im higher leveled already, I am wearing Tier One equipment! XD) After he had spoke, silence took on the players, and Kaya set out in front of the pack. They traveled a good bit before a harsh snowstorm came rushing in, hitting him in the face with snow. He wasn't wearing his heavy armor, so he wasn't sinking n the snow, and he was used to having to use excess strength to keep up the wight of his armor. Pushing through snow wasn't that much different. He pushed through the snow, appearing to be better at it than the other three. "Hopefully this dies down here soon!" He said, his voice almost a melody itself. He wasn't sure of the potions effect on his voice and laugh. it changed his voice a bit, but sounded more like happiness than he wanted to sometimes. When he got back to the inn, he would test saying something mean and harsh. "This storm is peculiar. I haven't been pushed back by it since-" He purposely let his voice drown out. They can't know that he had taken down Absolute Zero, even if it was with Itzal and Aster. Aster was lower leveled, but a Tank and scout/DPS were by her side. @Kaya
  7. PP-F10) Wails of the Past (Kasier)

    Jonathan watched as the elderly woman walked forward, eyes trained on the party leader. Kasier. Age was no longer ripe for this woman, as obvious from her posture as appearance. He frowned as she began to speak, explaining the beast they were fighting and they could not be tricked by its human form. She showed them the col and told them her reasons for killing the monster. As Kasier accepted the quest, the woman smiling before quickly scurrying away, at much faster of a speed then she had arrived. He chuckled and heard Kasier's command. Nodding, he began to follow her out of the city, she suggesting they find the Banshee's Lair now. Then she asked him what he had meant. He grinned and replied, "I have redecided. I want you to get the full potential of the quest and learn about it yourself!" He quickly examined his gear. "It should be... naturally easy since players stats have increased but they have yet to increase difficulty of quest to match it. You can tank I guess, seeing that healing won't be needed, and I can deal enough damage... that we should be in and out faster when Itzal and I finished the quest" He scrolled through his inventory, Equipping his accuracy Pendant in for the shield. He left on his armor for the Heavy Momentum properties it had. Turning back to Kasier he smiled. "Ready for the trip I guess!" @Kasier
  8. Gwydion

  9. Package Col and Mats

    Col and Materials will be sent along with a message regarding your current equipment
  10. Novafire's Journal

  11. PP-F4) The Frosted Mask of Personality[Morgen and Erin]

    He took another bite of his icecream, bringing his bowl to about a fourth remaining. He looked up, frowning as the girl in front of him was wearing a sour expression. "Whats with the look?" She quickly replied, explaining to him that she did not like the idea of herself becoming a tank and allowing things to just hit you over and over. He nodded, understanding her point. "I think you just get used to it after a while. Let me tell you though, being a tank makes you a man of... high endurance" He exploded with laughter, causing a glare from Valarie who was only a couple a rows away, tending to some of the NPC's that were in the room. "Its not really all that fun, but its needed in this game I guess.... Either way, I guess talks about builds are kinda boring.... Thought I really don't have any hobbies to talk about. I grind a lot a guess in the killing monsters sense. Anything... you like to do in general? Sorry, I have never been the best at conversations.... Especially with pretty girls.... I-uh, never really talked to people much until SAO" He didn't mention the fact that he had never seen any girl his age until SAO either. It was a weird feeling, but Rin had broken him of it and love forever. He was through. But yeah, stil not good at the convo's" He lightly chuckled, not sure of what else to say.
  12. Still recovering from his bout of bitterness, his blue eyes trained on his friends face. The dark-haired boy mentioned that bitterness usually derived from when you were hurt from what you bitter about. His face quickly morphed to annoyance and a bit of betrayal. "You really believe isolation has hurt me? When have I ever hidden away from my fear or pain? Such an act is foolish" He looked away. The only Isolation he had... was his life. They lived out in the country, where he left and never met with others. Though, that itself never bother him any other than the fact that he could never see his mother who was several stats away from where he was living and diving from. He had one of the American copies of SAO, and words were automatically converted for him. "I... have never been isolated here in Sword Art Online Myself..." His hurt of isolation perhaps came from Rin's choice to remain isolated in her shop on the third floor, pushing him away the one person she had let get close. He blinked away a tear before turning back to Itzal. "Let us hurry, I want sleep but let's get this quest over first. We have to be getting close...." He chuckled, pushing back his emotions. The hero never had emotions, so he couldn't either. Upon Orik's name being called, the tank appeared more aware of the conversation. He brought his attention over to Sarah, his partner for the mission. He scanned her face, noticing she bore a face of trouble. He raised an eyebrow for a second before deciding when they were on their own, he would explain to her the nature of the sins. The Sins had been drilled from the very beginning to not show emotion unless they were to use deception. If they showed no emotion, then they were hiding nothing but emotion. Chaos had shown them after the fall of The Uprising due to the frontliners and the loss of his Beloved Penelo, that Emotion was only something that could be used against you, and you must conceal it so it wasn't your fate. He noticed that many of the Virtues had looks on their faces as well, obviously taken aback that the Sins shown little remorse towards the innocents that would be falling. He knew for a fact that he didn't like it. He also knew, Luz wouldn't be please. He didn't know her, but she seemed innocent so Aya felt something, but being untrained she showed it clearly on her face. A month with Chaos and Fyre and that would be gone. Fyre and Morzan would enjoy hacking down anyone that stood in their way. Raven just plainly didn't care about anything. She had joined the Uprising for the specific to gain a purpose. Orik looked over to Sarah as she spoke to him, her cheerful nature washing over him like a cool breeze. He would have replied, but Fearx was the first to speak, ensuing the fact that it should be that they know nothing of the other to ensure that it wasn't going to interfere with their work. He nodded and replied, "Understood" Chaos watched each of the players faces in front of him and determined the Virtues were becoming quite uneasy with all of the Sins, save for Aya, show any pity for the innocents that woud be killed. Chaos himself, didn't care. He had suspicions that Orik, Luz and Aya were the only of the six that necessarily were affected. Orik only wanted to protect others shifted more towards his friends, and that is the only thing that got him motivated. "I have no doubt in any of the Sins. They look and have the demeanor of greater beings, sent down to Aincrad for greater purposes. If anyone can make this work it is them alongside the Sins" The dark-haired man chuckled and returned his gaze to Fear who explained his plan of attack. He suggested they use a common enemy of Aincrad. Someone they could decieve to attack the Ascendants. "I must say... Its a bit more complicated than my usual line of work, so be patient with me here as I sum it up for myself. We anonymously message a guild of players that is hated by Aincrad, and get them to attack the Ascendants. They will ambush the Ascendants and scatter them, exploiting them and proving them weak. Afterwards, we come in to 'help' and you bait Itzal into attacking you. After he does, we turn our attention towards the Ascendants that we just rescued from the guild we just decimated to dust and defeat them. Then, we get the message out that they have a week to disband for their ill-protection of their low leveled players and attacking a group that had the means to help, or we will return and decimate any player still within the guild" "Then, after this the guild is forced to submit to our words and the guilt of the death of their members... I see no problems" He smiled, pleased with the plan. He usually didn't make plans so elaborate, but this seemed to have a large success rate. He was a bit surprised when Aya spoke up, obviously uneasy to think of already invade a guild of players with many players of higher level than her. "Mr. FearX, Sir." Aya spoke. "I am afraid there are no members currently that could take on any of the Sentinels in the guild. The average level of a Red Claw member is thirty. I am the strongest at level Forty-Two... It would take the entire red Claw to bring the Sentinels and the Apprentices into submission" She looked down at the table, her long black hiar falling in curtains to hide her face. Her hands, with her red dragon-fist gloves on, lay intertwined on the table. "I see..." Chaos spoke. "Slight problem, but only slight. Aya, you will be trained vigorously while Orik and Sarah do their work by Fyre and I. We can't have any of the Sins be at your level. As for the Red Claw, Raven and Morzan will begin to train them. I have expectations that the average level is raised to 35 by the least, and the strongest fifteen of them to level 45. Training will be very important. As for you Luz... You will be in charge of gather buffs in great numbers" "Does that settle everything?" @Itzal
  13. Hei's Items

  14. As Aster seemed unconfident with the use of her build, Itzal voiced in his opinion that they weren't even a quarter into Aincrad yet. Healers were probably going to much more efficient down the road. With being into the low section of Aincrad, damage didn't phase him, but once the patterns changed then damage would be happening more. He chuckled, his eyes shifting over to Itzal as he spoke again. "Just because I said the word 'summon' doesn't mean I can use magic. A summon skill would be cool though. If you could summon monsters or something to your aid, even if it was to buff you, or give you an extra turn to use items, that would be cool I guess, but would make players Overpowered, so no go." Jonathan frowned as Itzal said he was close to the cap of quests. Jonathan then looked over to Aster and said, "He may be, I still have a good fourth of the quests left." He smiled towards at Itzal and said, "Quests are far to hard until they become way too easy" Jonathan found that kind of boring. He found Aster being relative quiet, so he decided to think of something to include her. "So, Aster. What is your current goals? Anything in mind?" @Aster @Itzal
  15. Jonathan looked at the dragon that loomed in front of him, his eyes becoming full of anger. Everyone else was doing so well to bring down the bosses health, but as he attacked, the dragon ensured that he couldn't hit, as if it were mocking him, showing him that he was no damage dealer. Angered, he raised his curved bade. The next boss or the one after wouldn't make fun of him. He would bring down his sword with persision and skill. He looked to his right as Hikoru blasted past him, becoming a shadow before vanishing from sight, the only trace of him being a shadowy figure attacking at all different angles at the dragon, each hit taking much of the enemies health. The blond tank grunted, envy in his eyes. "Alright Dragon... I won't be made fun of any longer!" He charged forward, his blade charging up in a bright blue light with a wisp at the top as if it was alight. With a large leap off the ground, he charged towards the inside of the right wing, a weak point in all dragons armor from mythology. He raced forward, but as the main target, himself, approached it changed directions, backing itself at him. Giving it the amount of space needed to burn him with its inferno, or snap its chompers around his waist. "THE HELL!" He rolled to the size to dodge a fall rock coming from the ceiling. "Why can't I hit you?" He growled, raising his shield to try and stop an incoming attack.