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  1. Morgenstern

    [Event-F1] Spooked (Zandra&Calrex)

    Zandra flew past him, barreling into the group of zombies, cutting down half of them but missing the other half, ruining their perfect streak. He bit his bottom lip, making a silent curse. Of course there was going to be imperfections. It had been a while since he had fought anything so he was not surprised if he was going to have some screw ups. He wasn't mad at Zandra, just not happy with the way the event was going. It was one of those events where you fought and fought and fought, with monsters spawning without end. It seemed that the lower tier monsters were attracted to the lower tier players and vice versa for the higher. He glanced up, seeing a flash of blue light crash into the opponents. When his eyes focused, Calrex stood there, axe in hand. He inhaled sharply, freezing for a moment. He had looked up to Calrex for a long time and aspired to be the new him. However, Calrex was a tier above the rest and he had no chance of catching him. Jonathan was also not sure about being a tank anymore. Unfocused, he slashed into his opponents but only managed to affect one of them. "Hm" he stated simply. Morgenstern 1430/1430 HP | 74/134 EN | 22 DMG | 156 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 42 Thorns | 69 BH | 3 HM | 25% DoT Reduction @Zandra: 1685/1685 HP | 164/164 EN | 22 DMG | 128 MIT | 3 ACC | 30 Thorns(flame aura) | 84 BH | 12(6-8) FLN | 36(8-10) BRN Calrex: 1850/1850 HP | 160/176 EN | 21 DMG | 126 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 93 BH | 0.6 ACH | 25% DoT Reduction Zombie 7 001/400  Zombie 8 001/400 Zombie 9 151/400 Zombie 10 151/400 Zombies killed: 4/150 Points Healed: 44/450 Last Blow: 0/100 Consumables: 2/13 Critical Failures: 0/25 Critical Evasions: 0/15
  2. Morgenstern

    [Event-F1] Spooked (Zandra&Calrex)

    He watched in awe as Zandra moved in after him, a mixture of fire and darkness sweeping through the zombies, reducing them to pixels and ashes. "Let's move forward until we exhaust our energy" Taking a breath, he would activate his energy, his weapon becoming ablaze with a blue light. "Next up" he would say as this next wave of four rolled in, moaning angrily. Charging forward and maximum speed, he would slash forward with a single swipe in an attempt to cut straight through them. His blade met its mark with each of them, tearing through the front of their bodies. The zombies kept moving forward, one of them scratching his armor, dealing a bit of damage that was instantly healed back up by his battle healing. "Bring in the finishing blow" he would call to Zandra, leaping upwards to sail over her head as she would charge in. He assumed that he would attack first for the first half and she would finish, and then they would switch for the second half. Morgenstern 1430/1430 HP | 94/134 EN | 22 DMG | 156 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 42 Thorns | 69 BH | 3 HM | 25% DoT Reduction Zandra: 1685/1685 HP | 164/164 EN | 22 DMG | 128 MIT | 3 ACC | 30 Thorns(flame aura) | 84 BH | 12(6-8) FLN | 36(8-10) BRN Zombie 5 151/400 Zombie 6 151/400 Zombie 7 139/400 Zombie 8 139/400 Zombies killed: 4/150 Points Healed: 44/450 Last Blow: 0/100 Consumables: 2/13 Critical Failures: 0/25 Critical Evasions: 0/15
  3. Achievement List Enemy Stats: Zombie (Tier 3 Event) HP: 400 MIT: 75 DMG: 200 on a hit, 250 on a 9 or 10. SPECIAL: If the Zombie would be killed by a weapon or defensive ability, and the LD is equal to or higher than 15, the Zombie is instead reduced to 1HP. This ability is ignored if the attack that reduced it 0 was a critical hit or the weapon/armor used has the holy or holy blessing enhancement. Unsheathing his weapon, he looked down a the blade. "Here we go again" Walking forward, he would analyze the situation. Many zombies. Lots of em. He watched as a player, Zandra, clashed into a rather large group of them. Pushing off the ground, he would move quickly forward, his intention to help Zandra. The two of them and their AOE attacks should be able to finish them off rather quickly. As he neared into range, he would call to Zandra, "Bringing in the air support" Leaping into the air, he would activate his most powerful AOE Sword Art, Calamity Disaster and strike the ground, sneding a powerful shockwave at the nearest four enemies. His attacks met their mark, annihlating most of his targets health bars and allowing Zandra to have the duty of clean up. With both his attacks and hers, they should be able to fight and use charge almost with every single attack, boosting their damage extremely. Morgenstern 1430/1430 HP | 134/134 EN | 22 DMG | 156 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 42 Thorns | 69 BH | 3 HM | 25% DoT Reduction @Zandra Zombie 1 151/400 Zombie 2 139/400 Zombie 3 151/400 Zombie 4 127/400
  4. Morgenstern

    [EVENT-F1]Halloween Event '19 - 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'

    Taking a step forward from the teleport pad, he had heard rumors of a Halloween event with rewards that were far better than some of his own items. To his left stood Penelo, his younger sister that he had stayed away from for some time. He had his own things to deal with. He remained reclusive, talking to none. Draper over his armor was a black jacket, and sheathed on his back was a large white and gold sword to match his style. On the chest of the jacket was a Celestial Ascendant Sun, a reminder as to where he came from. Looking to Penelo he would say, "Find somebody to help you out since you can't fight. Im getting this event done and then getting out of here" He hated being around all of these people. They would ask him questions, such as why his cursor was orange. He was trying to take on his pain alone and it was taking time. He had missed and entire boss fight, and he was debating missing a second. All the training he had been through to get revenge, and then he found out the revenge wasn't even the answer.... He walked into the tent of Jack the Ringleader. Jack sounded familiar. Wasn't it the name of the last NPC? The one with the scythe that he fought temporarily. A single scuffle? Handing the NPC col, he would walk out into the hole, seeing hordes of the monsters in front. Unsheathing his weapon, he looked down a the blade. "Here we go again" -500 Col for Event. Funnel Cake +3 DMG 1000 Col Obnoxious Corn Dog +30 MIT 700 Col Diet Soda x5 Heals 120 HP 750 Col Offbrand Energy Drink x6 Recovers 9 EN 600 Col -3550 Col sent to Jack the Ringmaster
  5. Morgenstern

    A Trade to Change the Tides

    (t's raining) Maiden's Kiss had seen little usage from him. He had been given it from Seul, a man he barely knew. The man that thought his heart and dream was true. However, Jonathan had strayed from that true path. He could never bring himself to use it again. The guilt of what he did... He had refused to even fix his cursor. He wasn't deserving. He had to put forth something in exchange for the innocent life he took. Hell, all the lives he let be snuffed out because he had been unable to protect them. Placing the Curved Sword in the trade box, he would hear Hikoru's promise and nod. Pressing trade, Maiden's Kiss would remove form his inventory and be added to Hikoru's. "Farewell, old friend" turning away, Jonathan would leave Hikoru.
  6. Morgenstern

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 3]

    Jonathan frowned as he noticed something. His energy bar dropped much more than normal. The boss was sapping at their energy bars when they made a hit. Shaking his head, he realized this fight would have to go one of two ways. Strategically played or bursted out as much as he possibly could. Choosing the best choice, he moved in for another attack, slashing at one of the giant tentacles that acted as its legs. Stepping back after his attack, he heard the shouts from his comrades. Some were planning a strategy, others were indulging in the story from the boss. He watched as Hikoru vanished from sight, saving him from damage and making his next attack even more successful. It was a good strategy when the boss was sapping your energy. That way you could make sure to do the most damage and not sacrifice your energy as much. Smart. Note: already deducted 10 from EN 119470 BD;3+6-2=7 DMG:21*13=273 DMG CD:3 - no Vampiric [8] Hestia: HP: 2024/2105 | 157/176 DMG:7 MIT:214 Thorns: 84(+15 flame aura) ACC:1 Eva: -1 TAUNT: 1 REC: +3 ENG BH: 105 Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [4] Macradon: 1645/1645 154/175 | 21 DMG | 131 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | Phase | 2 Holy Damage | 82 Battle Healing [4] Sey: 1390/1390 | 83/130 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 35 | ACC: 3 | Bleed: 36 on 9-10 for 2 turns | Paralysis: 1 turn on 9-10 | Holy: 6 | Vamp Defense: 5% | Heavy Momentum: 3 | Taunt: 1 | BH: 69 | -25% DoT Damage | +5 LD [5] Morgenstern: 1565/1565 HP | 82/134 | 21 DMG | 156 MIT | 6 ACC | -1 EVA | 78 BH | 3 HM | 25% DoT Reduction | Vamp (D) 5% HPrecovered on CD:9+ | 1 TNT
  7. Morgenstern

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 3]

    He watched quietly as the large monster washed in from the water, sending a spray of water into the air with every step. This beast was most definitely large in size, however he had held his own against Tanos, the large colossal Floor Boss. Teams were quickly assembled and he was placed under the defense of Hestia. He watched as the Frontliners would charge in, wreaking havoc with several attacks. Unsheathing his large black blade, Judgement, he would look forward at the boss. Focusing on his target, his weapon would begin to light with a blue aura. Ready now, he activated his charge skill, his legs tightening. Pushing off the ground and send the dirt flying up behind him, he would come in full speed. His familiar, Celestane, the white frost dragon would fly beside him. "Give me a boost" he would say to his familiar. Acknowledging his request, Celestane would fly ahead, creating a stepping stone of hard ice. Leaping to the top of the stone, he would bush of, barreling through the air. Reaching lower waist of his opponent, he would swing his weapon with as much force as he could muster, dealing incredible damage to his opponent. As he would fall through the air, his familiar would make a slide of icy that he would slide safely down to the ground, and allowing him to recover to an area Passive Effects CD:4 ~ Vampiric not Activated 78 HP Restored ID: 119112 BD:10+6 CD:4 DMG: 21+2+5)*13=364-100=264 DMG CD:4 ~ Vampiric not Activated Party 2: [4] Hestia: HP: 2105/2105 Energy: 166/176 DMG:7 MIT:214 Thorns: 84(+15 flame aura) ACC:1 Eva: -1 TAUNT: 1 REC: +3 ENG BH: 105 Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [2] Macradon: 1645/1645 Energy: 172/175 | 21 DMG | 131 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | Phase | 2 Holy Damage | 82 Battle Healing (-2)(+6) [2] Sey: 1390/1390 | EN: 113/130 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 35 | ACC: 3 | Phase: 1 | Vamp Offensive : 10% | Vamp Defense: 5% | Heavy Momentum: 3 | Taunt: 1 | BH: 69 | -25% DoT Damage | +5 LD [3] Morgenstern: 1565/1565 HP | 123/134 EN | 21 DMG | 156 MIT | 6 ACC | -1 EVA | 78 BH | 3 HM | 25% DoT Reduction | Vamp (D) 5% HP recovered on CD:9+ | 1 TNT
  8. Morgenstern

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 3]

    -Stealing a T1 ACC item from Hestia- As he stood there... he was afraid. The fear of being rejected, hated even, was present in his mind. He hadn't shown up in any Frontline events since the Fallen Angel Event. Nobody had seen him besides Hestia and Itzal, both of which had given him a long lecture on his current cursor state. He clenched his hands, so tight that they would turn white. It would be hard to see all of their faces. He bowed his head, a tear streaming down from his face. He took a step back, preparing to leave and save himself the pain. He turned his body, and was starting to walk away... No. You made a promise to Hestia. Honor it you pathetic wimp. After a choked breath, he would turn back to the teleported and stand in the middle. Wiping the tears from his eyes and face, he stood for a moment to breathe. Putting on a face to mask his pain and fear, he would speak. "Floor 22, Coral" With a blue light, the blond would flash away, exiting existence. Standing in the tow of Coral, he would make a quick exit before the guards bothered him in any way. Moving to the event people, he would look at the small group of players who had already gathered. Moving forward with a confident stride that would hopefully hide what he truly felt, he would enter the area of people. He would step quietly until he reached Hestia, his mentee who had now become the one that he followed in the footsteps of. Her immaculate skill and procedure was the one he decided to follow and join yet another guild. The Radiant Sanctuary. The blond stood there, an orange cursor spinning slowly around his head. He wore armor of bronze, a piece of equipment he had obtained as of recently from Hestia. A large black two handed blade remained strapped to his his back, and although he was a part of the Radiant Sanctuary, a white glove with a Celestial Ascendants Sun remained on his right hand. Although he had put on a face to not look depressed, there was no smile or happiness in his eyes or mouth. Looking at Hestia, he would speak quietly. "Hey uh @Hestia... Could I get one of those Accuracy things please? Thanks." It had been a while since he had fought a boss. A good month or two at least. Stats
  9. Morgenstern

    [PP-F13] The Weight of our Sins <<CTC>>

    Taking a breath, Jonathan would follow Miraak in the direction of the quest. The silence between him and Pinball made him fear the outcome. He did not wish to bloody his hands again. He would rather not fight. Miraak remained silent as well, most likely fearing what would happen if he did. Soon, they would arrive at the edge of their destination, and Jonathan would take a moment to let the scenery sink in. In front of him were many buildings and houses, many reduced to rubble, and the others covered in holes or vines that had been growing on the side. The streets had been unmaintained and there was a good number of enemies within the area. Miraak would point forward, indicating where the target building was. This building was tall and wide. Turning to the spear-wielding Pinball, Jonathan would speak, the words kind. "We've got two ways to go here. We can take the long way around or the quick way in. Which do you prefer?" The blond kept his voice low and hushed as to not bring any monsters after them. He felt as soon as they were detected, they would be fighting a while.
  10. Morgenstern

    [PP-F13] The Weight of our Sins <<CTC>>

    As the former Co-Guildmaster of the Ascendants backed in, Pinball moved in with his spear, raining a new hell of ice and fury. The man's technique was great, and he used his weapon with mastery. However, Jonathan couldn't help himself from getting the eerie feeling that there was something more to the history of both the weapon and the man. Jonathan would switch his direction, returning to the fray of the battle. Keeping his weapon horizontal, he would attack his opponents with a sweeping motion, attempting to create a gash in their bodies. His attack was both powerful and accurate, sending the bodies flying back. The stench of death and decay filled the air as putrid smoke poured from the wounds of the dead. Shards of blue would fill into the air as the bodies would pixelate. One enemy remained in their way, holding onto a hundred or so hitpoints. Miraak would step in front of the group, raising his staff into the air. The golden cross at the top would begin to glow fiercely. After a moment of eerie light and silent words being spoken by Miraak, a powerful light would come forth cleansing the area in its entirety. For a short moment, the air was clean and fresh and the heavy sunken feeling of the floor dispersed. Taking a breath and a step back, Miraak would look at the two players. "It is done. We should be able to reach the outskirts of Demon's End without opposition. From there we can take a direct route in, but I am not against snooping around a bit to see what we find" Jonathan would sheathe his weapon, accepting half of the rewards from the monsters. Taking a breath, he would look towards the direction of the objective without saying a word. He still wasn't too comfortable with this player. They were allies of circumstance, as soon as a better opportunity came along, Pinball would most likely betray him. At least, that was his feeling. Rolls - SA Used: Calamity Disaster ~ x12 AOE. 12+2(4)=20 EN Used 118620 BD:9 - 22x12= 264 DMG 118621 BD:10 - 23x12= 276 DMG 118622 BD:8 - 21x12= 252 DMG 118623 BD:6 - 21x12= 252 DMG 118624 CD:11 ~ Lord's Light : 300 Unmitigated DMG [2,1,1,0] @Morgenstern 1430/1430 HP | 58/134 EN | 21 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 42 Thorns | 72 BH | 3 HM | 25% DoT Reduction [2,1,1,1] @Pinball 980/980 HP | 76/98 EN | 19 DMG | 0 MIT | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 2 Frz | Phase [0,0,0,0] @Miraak 800/800 HP | 50 MIT | 2 EVA | Holy Breath | Lord's Protection | Silent Night Diseased One A: 0/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA {FROZEN} {STUNNED} Diseased One B: 0/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA {STUNNED} Diseased One C: 0/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA {STUNNED} Diseased One D: 0/670 HP | 201 DMG | 0 MIT | 0 ACC | 0 EVA {STUNNED} LOOT ROLLS! (+3 LD) 118628 LD:1 Nothing 118629 LD:13 CD: 4 | 1 Rare Consumable / 1 Rare Weapon 118630 LD:4 CD: 2 | 1 Uncommon Consumable 118631 LD:13 CD: 3 | 1 Rare Consumable / 1 Rare Weapon Loot Totals 20770 Col Weapons: Rare Weapon[113116], Rare Weapon[113117], Rare Weapon[118629], Rare Weapon[118631] Armors: Consumables: Rare Consumable[113116], Rare Consumable[113117], Rare Consumable[118629], Uncommon Consumable[118630], Rare Consumable[118631] Trinkets: Rare Trinket[113126]
  11. Morgenstern

    [PP-F22] Fishing Trip

    Action: Focused Howl (-8 EN) As the fish barreled towards them, Jonathan did not have the ability to switch out fast enough. The fish was upon them before his weapon was in his hand. He watched as the enemy grabbed Hei and dove with him back into the water before resurfacing. He watched Hei swim to shore, but seen that his healthbar had dipped a bit. Opening his HUD, he would activate the howl skill, a loud roar filling the silence. He would then focus this blast at his opponent, dominating the hate for the battle. "Alright Hei, I got the attention. We can start hitting it now!" The fish's eyes would flash red at him as he became the new main target. Raising his sword in defense, he would await its charge before choosing the exact correct moment to counter the enemy. Judging from its size, he expected it to have a large amount of health, however it couldn't have a large amount of mitigation because it didn't have hard scales. Hei and him could pull it off, they just had to ensure Hei was not taking any more damage than he already was. <<King of Lakes>> 1200/1200 HP | 20 MIT | 125 DMG | <<Body Slam>> On an MD of 9, the boss will jump high into the air and crash down in the center of the players, sending out a shock-wave dealing 120 AoE damage. <<Dive>> On an MD of 10, the King of Lakes will take the player with the highest hate in its teeth and drag it back into the lake. The player will take 150 unmitigatable damage and need to swim back to the shore, missing their next attack. [0]Hei: 450/600 HP | 60/60 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 12 DMG | 54 MIT [5]Morgenstern 1430/1430 HP | 127/134 EN | 151 MIT | 16 DMG | -1 EVA | 3 ACC | 6 HM | Para. Immune @Hei
  12. Quest Details Player Stats The blond haired player sat glumly on the twenty-first floor. As the time had come, an Easter Event quest had come out for one day only. He took it from the quest details that the boss was rather powerful and he needed someone to go with him. Recently, he wasn't jumping at the thought of adding someone into his party. He preferred to work alone, keeping away from players. He had made a deal with Hestia to redeem himself but he felt as if his crimes had been forgiven far too fast. Closing the quest details, he would open his inventory to consume a damage buff that he had made a while back... along with a ton more. Sending out a world message to invite players to join him, the blond sat with his back up against the wall where his coordinates led to. Currently, he wore his white and gold armor along with the Bialas Bindings and a large black handled two-handed sword rested on his back. His face almost ruined the image with his own glum expression. A white dragon was seen fro time to time as his familiar flew around to check on him. @Ariel - The Crowned Lion
  13. Anybody willing to take on the Easter event with me? Looking for another DPS or a healer. 

    1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Did someone mention a dps?

    2. Morgenstern
    3. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      lemme know if you're interested chief

  14. Morgenstern

    [F17-PP] Formation

    A familiar ping would snap him back from his thoughts, his eyes focusing once more on the layout in front of him. The grassy fields of the First Floor had remained as a common scenery of his last few weeks. Thinking on his own previous actions was a common activity as of late. Shifting his seated position, he would open the message. Simply coordinates from Hestia. A little bit ago, he had decided to follow Hestia as a means of... something. He didn't know what his future plans were. He was a man that had nothing to lose, and that was the worst kind. As he stood, the familiar shape of a white dragon circled him before landing on his shoulder. "Looks like we got something to do today" His leveling progression had stalled as well as... everything. Following the coordinates given to him, he would warp over to the seventeenth floor, many players steering clear of the orange crystal. He was wearing no armor or weapon, just a simple jacket and jeans. The only thing uncasual about him were his eyes which now looked as if they were constantly looking for danger. Quietly walking to the coordinates, his eyes would find the two familiar faces of Sey and Hestia but he had no idea who the red haired girl was. He stopped as he seen her, scouting out the new possibility of danger. He seen no weapon attached to her, and Hestia and Sey didn't seem to have anything against her presence as of yet. Finishing the last few steps he would look at the group, slightly bowing his head. "Hey" he would say subtly. His familiar, Celestane, would land on his shoulder and eye the hawk of Embers. As another predator of the sky, Celes had his own pride to prove. He was the master of the sky and no other.
  15. Morgenstern

    Easter Event

    Easter Boss Trio Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17706-event-quest-f011121-easter-boss-trio/