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      Donations and Recognition!   12/22/2016

      Hello everyone! We are becoming a huge community and that doesn't come cheap. All staff here are volunteers and do this because they love the site. Right now, everything is paid out of pocket, by Erroneous. We would love for you to donate in order to help out with the site costs (i.e. Forum License, Domain Name, Hosting) so that we can keep Security and Forum Software up to date and possibly add some new features. If you do decide to donate, we have some fun, snazzy gifts of appreciation for you ;) Please message me (Shark) so we can get you the gifts of appreciation! We thank you for your support! Please use this link for more info   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Donate Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the donate button.

      NOTABLE DONORS LIST Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Percival Row  Teayre Nezumi Zandra Alice Arc Atzo Baldur Claim Corvo Dominion Genji Ignavus_veneficus Jomei Kaya Lee Lessa Mack Macradon Nocturn Persephone Piera Ruus Sarial Hawke Shi Unyeilding Vale To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/21/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

      "Who is on these teams?" Well the answer to that lies below! Floor Team Systems & Clarifications Team Player Support Team * - Denotes Team Lead

      We also have a team to work on and develop the current systems but that team will search for its members and is not allowed to be applied to.

      Now you may be asking, "Shark, how does one apply to the Staff Team?" And I have but 1 simple answer!
      Go read this thread and it may answer all your questions!

      If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I will answer your questions about staff. (Only the format of teams and/or the application process)
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      [Live] 2.5.0 Patch Notes   10/02/2017

      <<2.5.0 Patch Notes>> Main Guide: The main rules/tutorial section has been rewritten. Resources: A Resources section has been added. This contains reference material such as the SP/Level chart, Skills list, Enhancement list, individual profession stats, and a new FAQ. General Rule Changes: Word count requirement in Merchants & Shops section has been reduced to 100 from 150. Col logs are no longer required to include in journals. The Banker system will be used to track currency/materials going forward. New characters and Rebirth characters may choose a Starter Package containing a variety of basic equipment, col, materials, and/or potions. NK/KE tags have been removed. The table for SP gain based on the number of players in a thread has been removed. SP gain is now issued at 1 SP per 3 posts, up to the number of completed pages. (e.g. 3 SP for three pages, requires at least 9 posts) A Skill Refunding System has been added. Players may now pay a col cost to remove known skills and receive a refund of the invested SP. Rules on vanity items have been clarified. Health regeneration outside of combat has been adjusted to (10 * Tier) per post. Stealth and Stealth Detection no longer have a base rating for players. Both now use a LD roll plus a Stealth Rating/Stealth Detection modifier. NPCs and monsters still utilize a base rating (10 as a baseline for player-created mobs). 'Using cover' no longer adds to Stealth Rating. Low light or darkness conditions grant a +1 to Stealth Rating, down from +2. Switch has been added as a game mechanic (no longer a skill). Players may call for a Switch when landing a successful attack. If the Switching player also lands an attack, a Switch is performed and the two players may immediately swap hate values. Players are required to post their level, stats, equipment, skills, etc., in their first post in a thread. This should be a snapshot of your character and should not be changed after the initial post. Players are still allowed to declare their characters at a lower level or with fewer items than what they currently have, but may not claim items that have not been approved or were obtained in an unlocked thread. Turn order rules have been modified slightly to reflect the leniency of Boss Raid combat. Players may post in any order so long as each player and the enemy has gotten one action in a single round. Outside of Boss Raids, parties may have a maximum of 4 players. Combat with more than 4 players should follow a Group order similar to boss raids. When fighting multiple enemies, players must now make individual rolls for each mob. This applies to both making attacks against multiple enemies and multiple enemies making attacks. One roll no longer applies to/for all targets. The Running Away mechanic has been updated. Running away from combat now uses a LD roll with a set of situational modifiers. The col/material values and frequency in the loot table have been adjusted. Labyrinth searching rules have been adjusted. The map fragment system has been removed. Bonus rewards for scouting and defeating the field boss have been adjusted. Housing and Guild Halls have been completely revamped. PvP rules have been adjusted. Players must make an initiative roll when engaging in combat with other players. The extended Player Killing rules/restrictions have been removed. Rules on player cursor colors have been expanded. There is now a strike system for criminal infractions that would cause a player's cursor to turn orange. Killing a green player outside of a duel now results in a permanent orange cursor. An NPC Guard mechanic has been added. Orange players may now enter safe zones, but must stealth/run from guards in certain safe zones. NPC guards have a Stealth Detection rating equal to (Floor / 3), rounded down. Added more detail to character death rules. The RGQ system has been removed. Crafting Changes: Fishing as a profession has been removed. It is now a skill. The CD result chart has been adjusted across all professions (except Merchant). Good and Bad quality items have been removed from the CD result chart. Salvage chances have been adjusted. Alchemists now have a chance to salvage one or both materials when attempting to craft crystals. Crafting Die tools no longer have an effect. Consumables, familiars, housing, and some items still provide EXP and Crafting Attempt bonuses. The process of crafting Feasts has changed slightly. Cooks may now take 3 identical food items and spend two materials to combine them into a Feast. A Feast can be used in a thread to provide that enhancement to up to six players. Artisan craftable item types have been modified (Trinkets, Jewelry, Sculptures). The buffs they can provide are largely unchanged. Alchemist craftable item types have been modified (Salves, Potions, Crystals). The buffs they can provide are largely unchanged. Skill Changes: Extended Weight Limit Removed Ranks - 15 SP cost Now adds +3 Battle Ready Inventory slots Adjusted Mod: Large Pockets Now has 3 Ranks Cost set to 5/3/2 SP (10 total for Rank 3) Now increases single Battle Ready Inventory slots to 7/10/15 Removed 'Larger Pockets' and 'Largest Pockets' mods New Skill: Fishing Cost: 10 SP Effect: Use a dice roll to fish something up based on a natural CD result: Gatherer Now has a chance to yield 1-3 bonus materials based on a natural CD result Sneak & Hide Renamed to 'Hiding' Now grants +1 Stealth Rating per rank New Rank 3 Mod: Untraceable Cost: 9 SP Effect: Negates the effect of the Tracking skill against the user. New Rank 3 Mod: Blindside Cost: 9 SP Effect: Gain +2 Stealth Rating. Natural BD rolls of 9-10 reduce the target's accuracy by 1 for one turn when attacking from stealth. New Rank 5 Mod: Vanish Cost: 12 SP Cooldown: 5 Turns Effect: Allows the use of a post action to re-enter stealth while in combat. Getting a killing blow on an enemy allows Vanish to activate without using a post action. Search & Detect Renamed to 'Searching' Now also grants +1 Stealth Detection per rank Mod: Night Vision Now requires Rank 1, down from Rank 3 Cost reduced to 5 SP, from 9 Mod: Reveal Now also grants +2 LD when searching for Labyrinths and allows Labyrinth searches at 15 posts. Mod: Tracking Now requires Rank 3, down from Rank 5 Cost reduced to 12 SP, from 15 Tracking requirements for monsters, players, and NPCs have been clarified. Mod: Detect Cost reduced to 9 SP, from 15 No longer uses or affects Tracking. Now Grants +2 Stealth Detection. Grants +1 LD when searching for sub-dungeons and labyrinths Battle Healing Now recovers 1% of max HP per rank, instead of (Rank * 5 * Tier) Mod: Emergency Recovery Cost reduced to 10 SP, from 15 Now recovers 10% of max HP, down from 25% Block MIT gained is now set per rank: 5/8/12/18/25, down from 1 MIT per SP invested. New Rank 3 Mod: Shield Bash Cost: 10 SP Cooldown: 2 Turns Energy Cost: 10 Energy Effect: Make an attack with an equipped shield. On a hit, deals (Base * 10) damage, stuns the enemy for one turn, and applies paralyze/thorns/flame thorns enhancements present on the shield. Note: When calculating Base Damage for Shield Bash, Weapon Skills do not apply. Mod: Safe Guard Reworked into 'Rampart' Added a 5 turn cooldown Added energy cost of 8 Now uses a post action to reduce final damage that would be dealt to you by 25% (rounded down). Effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn. Energist Removed Ranks - 12 SP cost Now adds (5 * Tier) to total energy, instead of (Rank * 2) Howl Added energy cost of 10 Mod: Focused Howl Added energy cost of 8 Parry Increased SP cost to 12, up from 10 Added a 1 turn cooldown Energy cost has been fixed at 5, instead of (2 * enemies parried) 50% damage reduction has been specified to apply to the final damage (after mitigation). Effect applies to the next attack against the user, and cannot reduce damage from multiple enemies at once. Mod: Vengeful Riposte Increased SP cost to 12, up from 10 Added a 3 turn cooldown Damage reflected is now 50% of raw damage, up from 25% of damage taken. This damage can still be mitigated. Switch Skill has been removed. Two-Handed Weapons The +2 DMG bonus for 2H weapons has been clarified in the first rank of 2H weapon skills. All Weapons The Ferocity and Finesse mods have been condensed into a single description. You must still specify the weapon type when acquiring the mod(s). Mod: Ferocity Rank requirement set to 3, instead of ranging from 1-5 Now increases base damage of all sword arts for the chosen weapon by 1. Mod: Finesse Rank requirement set to 3, instead of ranging from 1-5 Now has 3 Ranks Cost adjusted to 5/3/2 SP (10 total for Rank 3), down from 15 at Rank 5 Now reduces energy cost of all sword arts for the chosen weapon by an amount equal to its rank. Mod: Quick Change Cooldown reduced to 3 turns, down from 5 Now allows the user to swap, equip, or unequip a weapon in their Battle Ready Inventory. Mod: Stamina Now reduces the energy cost of all attacks by 1. Heavy Armor Increased the amount of MIT gained to 8>12>18>25>35, up from 3>7>12>20>30 Mod: Athletics Bonus health increased to (15 * Tier), up from 15 Mod: Stonewall Bonus health has been adjusted to (15 * Tier), instead of equal to mitigation from other skills. Now also grants 10 MIT when wearing heavy armor Now also reduces damage taken from damage over time effects by 25% (rounded down) when wearing heavy armor. Light Armor Adjusted the amount of MIT gained to 5>8>12>18>25, down from 3>7>12>20>30 Mod: Athletics Bonus health adjusted to (10 * Tier), from 15 Familiar Mastery 'Accurate' now has 3 ranks. 'Assistant' now provides bonus EXP (crafting attempts at max profession rank) instead of CD. Meditation Removed Ranks - 8 SP cost Added a 5 turn cooldown Now recovers (3 * Tier) energy. Getting hit by an attack before the beginning of your next turn reduces the energy recovered to (2 * Tier). Survival Added 3 SP cost Increases out of combat health regeneration to (15 * Tier), instead of 20. Enhancement Changes: Life Steal has been renamed to Vampiric. The Crafting Die enhancement has been removed. Alchemist and Artisan item types for enhancements have been modified. Sword Art Changes: Multipliers have been simplified to a single number (x6) from the two-part formula (2x3). Several descriptions have been updated. Quest Changes: The 'Redemption' quest has been revamped. The level and repeatable restrictions have been adjusted to affect only the bonus SP rewards: The First Few Lessons Are Free The Second Lesson is Also Free The Third Lesson is Just As Free The Fourth Lesson is Actually Free The Venemous Warg Repeating the 'Earning a Living' quest now allows a player to change their profession. Changing professions will reset experience to 0. Repeat completions of the Earning a Living quest will only award bonus materials if the quest-taker is changing their profession. The following quests have been removed: «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: T.M.H & S.B.» «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: T.L.C.» «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures «The Falling of Tagas» Housing Changes: The cost and size of Player Housing is now determined by a 'plot size'. The plot size dictates how many room slots, yard slots, and stories a house can have as well as the initial cost when purchasing. Purchasing a PK-accessible home (outside of a safe zone) has an additional cost. Buffs from Guild Halls/Player Housing now comes from the type of room, rather than furniture. Certain rooms for Player Housing have upgrades. Player Housing buffs must be assigned to a player. Home owners may use the Housing Evaluation topic to re-assign a room's player(s) once every 30 days. New/Rebirth Character Changes: Players who have submitted a new or rebirth character journal for approval in the past 30 days are eligible to add one of the starting bundles. <<2.5 Update Survival Guide>> Skills: If you spent more than 15 SP on the Extended Weight Limit skill, refund any SP over 15. If you have spent less than 15 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you spent more than 12 SP on the Energist skill, refund any SP over 12. If you have spent less than 12 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 12 is invested. If you spent more than 8 SP on the Meditation skill, refund any SP over 8. If you have spent less than 8 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 8 is invested. If you have the Parry skill, you must spend 2 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you have the Survival skill, you must spend 3 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 3 is invested. If you had the Switch skill, remove it and refund 10 SP. Mods: If you have the Detect mod, keep it and refund 6 SP. If you have the Tracking mod, keep it and refund 3 SP. If you have the Emergency Recovery mod, keep it and refund 5 SP. If you had Rank 1 or 2 of the Ferocity mod, lose it and receive a refund of the SP spent. If you had Rank 3 or 4 of the Ferocity mod, you must spend 6 or 3 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you spent more than 10 SP on the Finesse mod, refund any SP over 10. If you have the Large Pockets mod, you must spend 1 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 10 is invested. If you had the Larger Pockets mod, it becomes the new Large Pockets mod and you receive a refund of 2 SP. If you had the Largest Pockets mod, it becomes the new Large Pockets mod and you receive a refund of 5 SP. If you have the Night Vision mod, keep it and refund 4 SP. If you have the Vengeful Riposte mod, you must spend 2 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 12 is invested. Professions: If you had the Fishing profession, all EXP may be transferred to any other profession. If you had a Tool with the 'Crafting Die' enhancement, you may post it for re-evaluation with the Ambition or Crafting Attempt enhancement (item name/description may not change). If you retake the Earning a Living quest in order to change professions, your EXP resets to 0 for the new profession. Edit your existing shop thread with your new profession information. Housing: Existing Guild Halls and Player Housing have been removed. They may be repurchased through the Housing Evaluation template. Players who previously bought a home or hall have been reimbursed for the total col cost in their original housing application. If a guild had shared col lost due to the removal of a guild hall, PM the details to @Teion for review/reimbursement.
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      2.5.2 New Mechanic: Thread Invasion/Protected Threads   11/08/2017

      Hello Players,
      Once again your feedback is needed, so head over to the thread and tell us what you think. LINK  


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  1. Hestia's Performer evaluations

  2. He stood his ground against his opponent and watched as Itzal manged to get another hard hit on the colossal. The cloaked man voiced that another two hits and all would be finished. Jon nodded and turned to Aster, who wore a look for confidence as she charged forward, slamming her first into the giant and managing to break him apart even more. The beast was getting close to death, and for that Jon was excited. His damage wasn't the best in the terms of now, and he needed to work on that. This quest would go to helping him with that, and he was expecting some good things out of it. If he could get a critical out of the ordeal, he might actually stand a chance of destroying it now, but the chances of that were rather unlikely. "Alright Aster, way to keep the momentum rolling. Keep it up guys, we are almost in the clear!" He rolled to doge another fierce earth shaking blow and charged forward at the beasts middle. 'Come on! Alright, angels of Aincrad, if one time you could serve me, please let it be right now!' Two hands clutched onto his curved blade as he moved in for another hit. He brought his sword down on the enemies chest, but Maiden's Kiss made not even a dent into its cracked body. 90805 BD:3 MD:Paralyzed 200-134=66+24=90-40(BH)=50 DMG taken [12] Morgenstern 1024/1134 <> 81/100 | 7 DMG | 8 Holy | 134 Mit | 40 BH | 1 Def. Para | -1 EVA [8] @Itzal 1,220/1,220 <> 23/122 [6] Aster 340/340 <> 21/34 | 3 DMG | 27 MIT <<Avalanche>> (Paralyzed 0/1) (Bleeding (12 DMG) 1/2) 58/850 HP | 75 MIT | 2 Freeze | +50 BD:9 | +100 BD:10
  3. They moved forward, Itzal taking lead this time, leading them to the dragon. As they began to get closer, more signs of the dragon became visible, like footprints and many other things. He slid his finger on the edge of his blade, the sharp metal cleanly slicing his finger and sending a few red shards into the air. He flt a dull burn in his finger, but thanks to the pain relievers, hardly anything to notice. When you have fallen from a thousand feet, been crushed by an oversized golem boss, the rest of the pain in the world didn't even matter. Anyway, his wounds were healed instantly. A rush was heard in the air, and a shadow was seen. Itzal managed to dodge it, but only just barely. It screeched as it flew right past them, landing a sliding a few feet on the snow. Itzal was then the first to react, he managed to get a good hit, meaning if Jonathan struck home, the battle was over already. "Here I go!" His blade gleamed a bright blune and he was charging at his enemy at a great speed for one in Heavy Armor. He still had his mentor to thank for his speed and nimbleness in heavy armor. He slashed forward, his blade cutting through his opponents body before it even got a chance to counter or dodge. He sheathed his sword as it burst into shards. "Another one bites the dust.... We are moving at a much better pace now, would you think? Shall we move on, or do you have further business here? 90807 BD:9 16+1*11=187-50=137 DMG @Itzal: 1,410/1,410 <> 127/138 @Morgenstern: 1,210/1,210 <> 101/112 Diamond Hatchling: 0/250 Chaos stood there, hand no where near the guard of his sword. He was certain he could block, dodge or counter anything that came his way. Many players though, were already uneasy. As silence incurred, nothing happened. That was, until Fearx spoke, challenging anyone that wished to follow their leader. More silence. Then finally a player with his sword drawn stepped forward. Raising an eyebrow, Chaos was certain the boy was going to attack him. Instead, he kneeled, giving him the right of service. "Welcome, you will train harder and see much faster results under I. Anyone else wish to join us? I can assure you, i can provide better for the Red Claw. Your current leader shall feed your lies. We will move and act swiftly, months faster than the idea would have been thought of in your current position" Adam looked at him with a furious glare. "You think what you are doing is funny? I am going to kill you for this.... Now... DIE!" Although unarmed, Adam attacked with a fist, one aimed right for his face. When the dust cleared from the swift attack, every player would see Adam still in an attacking position, but his fist firmly held in place by Chaos. "I don't prefer attacking those I don't have to. Please refrain, or I might consider actually trying" With alarming speed, Chaos spun around, sending Adam flying back with a roundhouse kick. "Any further objections?" All but a few players now would come to stand behind him, facing Adam. "You can't just take Red Claw from me! I am the leader! I command them all, and they will do as I say, and make me one of the wealthiest and strongest men in Aincrad!" To that, many players talked in hushed distasteful words to their current leader. "All in favor of impeaching the current leader of Red Claw, and appointing a new one?" Everyone behind him raised their hands. "How many of you also believe that I should take his place?" 3/4 of the players behind him raised their hands. "I believe it is settled now. I assume full leadership of the Red Claw. Either join or leave Adam. Both would be wise options" Instead, Adam attacked again, but instead of having to make a move for himself this time, the player that spoke earlier moved in front of Adam and knocked him to the ground, sword extended. "Attacking the leader is one thing the Red Claw won't allow, and is punishable by death" Many of the players encircled Adam, and soon, nothing was left but shattered pieces of data.
  4. The blond moved forward, the deep conversation about Fearx coming to a dull standpoint. 'This Fear guy sounds almost like a god... gods decide fate, and mortals should not mess with the affair, but here we are!' His eyes moved to the left to watch the snow fall in that directio n. The cold had no bother to him, but it did man others. He rubbed the smooth stone of Darksteel in his hand, the stone itself providing its strength to him. "No biggy, there are some things you would prefer to keep to yourself, even if it for others safety" And there was also things you just wanted to keep to yourself. Chaos was one of those and he doubted the man was important enough to ever even see him again. The two would probably never conflict or see eachother again. "Alright, I wonder if the dragons will finally begin to become a challenge. The rewards are finally much higher" He unsheathed the White Edged Blade, its curve glinting in the cool sunlight. Chaos smirked but made no move as Adam came at him, sword in hand. It neared his face at a rather slow speed and a burst of light was seen from above. A man dressed in golden armor descended from above and intercepted the blade. The warrior caught fire, making Adam jump back form the quick exposure to heat. When Fearx spoke, it was harsh, confident and demanding. Many players began to wonder if they were from an event quest and they had failed. They actually were thinking that Fearx was an angel. He smirked as Fear took the wheel, removing the man's weapon and beginning to rally the players around them. Clearly frightened but assuming a sense of forced confidence he raised his head high, Adam stood his ground. He gave off a smile and replied harshly, "Me perhaps you may beat without a problem, but I would like to see you take on MY army! You would never have enough energy to finish me off after you slaughtered them all!" Seeing the chance, Chaos stepped forward and interjected, "You are going to send your own men to die for your mistakes? You are going to have them all slaughtered, because you couldn't develop an alliance. That is one of the worst things I have ever heard from a leader" Adam began to become even more enraged at pointed a bony finger right at Chaos. "KILL HIM! FORCE THIS LOT OUT OF HERE, OUT OF MY SIGHT!" The players didn't move. @Itzal
  5. PP/F8) Slaying the king (Monkey king)

    The Tank stood on the eighth floor, a bit embarrassed to be seen there. As a frontliner, he shouldn't look back to these floors or quests, but a quest needed done and as a authoritative figure in the Ascendants he should feel an obligation to come off from day to day and help. He sighed, a bit ticked at himself for feeling the embarrassment that still yet wouldn't fade. His sword hung at his side along with his shield in its folded inward state. He looked to the outer plains were many mobs were detected from his gaze. 'I bet Kasier hasn't done this quest either.... I have found that she has been rather content with not doing much' He scrolled through his people and about halfway through found the name he was searching for. Sending the woman a message, he informed the Healer Paladin that he would be taking on the monkey King quest and she wished to join him, he would be in Florenthia Village for the next hour at a small cafe that was serving some good sandwiches. He sat down alone at the bar and ordered a sandwich consisting of a BBQed meat, melted cheese and lettuce. The young woman NPC waitress gave him a smile, skipping merrily away, her dark brown hair bouncing in her ponytail. Most NPC's were older, but he found that in cafe's it was usually young women. He shrugged off the thought and waited for Kasier. @Kasier
  6. Yes, my internet finally connected, time to post. *sees new episode of RWBY* .... *sighs* DANG IT!!!!

    1. Vigilon


      You're not alone, bud. I watch RWBY too...

  7. The blond tank stood there, awaiting Itzal to be done with his little speech about Fearx's strength. "Smart, quick and powerful. Perhaps, making a feud with a player who wants nothing more than to prove he is the best was not the best of ideas" Jonathan couldn't say much. Chaos was out there, and he was pretty strong, but Jonathan only needed to get the man to inform him where his possible sister was. He had no intentions of a fight to the death with the man. "I understand where you get at, most players won't want to help unless it personally involves them, I see what you mean. Your 'secret' is safe with me. Let's just hope he doesn't cause any trouble there" He made his steps a little faster as they headed towards their destination, the next dragon. Chaos took a small breath watching as they anger and confidence began to build inside of Adam's eyes. The dark green haired man looked at him, pointing his curved sword at him. He grew a smug smile and replied, "The Red Claw is a fine group of solid warriors where we eventually shall drive back our enemies" Chaos stepped back casually and replied, "I can see that, though when will action ever occur?" Adam frowned before his face hardened. "My men will be perfectly ready when the time comes, now the time has come for you to leave" Chaos smiled and shook his head. "Well, I see how it is now. You are just using the Red Claw for you own personal gain.... These men want what the joined for, and that is to become part of the new generation of Frontliners, why do you stop them from this?" Adam's face became enraged as Chaos further on. many of the members stood warily, weapons at the ready in case things went south for their leader. It was their duty to protect him after all. "AS I SAID, ITS TIME FOR YOU, TO LEAVE!" The man attacked, his weapon coming at what seemed a really slow rate to him. 'here comes Fear' @Itzal
  8. Aereth: The Wolfs Cloak

  9. The White Paladin stood there with his shield, preparing for the same blast of fire that had engulfed the first team. Instead, the dragon roared, ignoring the many players that had actually attacked the beast, stomping through the area to reach him. The creature was much quicker than he had expected. It slashed at his shield, to find that it would take more to break through to his body. He rolled the the side, preparing to attempt a blow at its neck. He secretly knew his blade wasn't sharp enough to cleanly lop off the head, but it was worth a shot. Little did he know, the dragon was intelligent and supremely fast, snaking its head around getting him when he moved up from his roll. It grabbed him with its mouth, biting hard on his armored body. He heard crunching before he was thrown off, falling several feet to roll on the ground. He stood, readjusting his shield on his arm. Smirking Jonathan moved forward. "ALRIGHT YA OVERGROWN LIZARD, ITS GONNA TAKE MORE THAN THAT TO BRING ME DOWN!" Jonathan knew that most stories tell dragons as smarter than humans, and it would probably get the gist and tear him to shreds. The blond charged forward, his sword illuminating the darkness that was the battlefield. He charged straight forward at the dragon's lowered right wing. He maneuvered his blade into several different motions to activate <<Legion Destroyer>>. 'Finally, can deal some damage to the boss!' He struck forward at high speeds, spiraling in several different directions and motions to slash the boss. Unlucky for him., the boss lifted the wing he was trying to hit and he did not manage to him the creature. "Pathetic" he muttered to himself. His strength in terms of hitting and dealing damage was pitiful. "Alright Team 2, Rally in and lets start beating the crap out of this thing!" 90614 BD:5 (My first ever chance to freaking hit a floor boss.... Wasted..... +63 HP - Battle Healing
  10. I have to add my opinion on it I guess. I believe the idea itself would be cool, but I am only on the side of it if we have one slight change to the entire thing. Remove the system of these stupid little tokens. If I am going through an important questline or character development stage, I will be damned If I get interrupted by some other player just trying to be an ahole. Instead, I advise we make it so that any thread without a PT tag can be invaded. This way, important quests that must be taken solo, important adds to storyline and anything that players could want specific in a thread aren't screwed up. Also, ensure that if we have a cool-down phase, make sure they are 3 FINISHED thread. @Aereth
  11. Jonathan couldn't help but noticed that even still, Itzal was hesitant. Apparently, he had been right so far when it came to the ultimate showdown, but it just now occurred to him that Aincrad was the best place to do it. The nerve gear calibrated your muscle memory from the real world and graphed your entire body to find exactly what it was likfe in the real world. Thus making it, so that you were actually fully fighting your opponent. The tank did frown when Itzal mentioned getting assaulted not to long ago. Itzal mentioned his speed was unbelievable, and his skill and strength was almost unmatchable. "Deflected most of your attacks. How does one become that quick? You would have to constantly be training at a speed where it was higher than the frontlines. That is only achievable from players and bosses" Itzal mentioned he was on an entirely different level then them, and it would take a powerful player with a unique skill to completely stop him. He also mentioned Hikoru would have a lot of trouble. Jonathan kind of chuckled and mentioned, "Hikoru is as much threat as a player the same level as him. His Unique Skill hardly affects player battles. But you're right, if he is strong as you say, than that will be a problem" Itzal looked to him and asked that if there was anyone that could handle him, that would help him. Jonathan shook his head. "I can do the best I can, but I am not as strong compared to the other options out there" Fearx didn't seem to worry whatsoever about the commotion of his strength. Fearx preferred to hide his strength, to all except those he was exerting it to. He nodded and replied to the man, "Just ensuring. Not many players our level come down here, so it often starts something up" He noticed the woods began to become thicker, and Fear mentioned not being the villian before separating from him. He took a breath. This was the first time for the little while away from Fear and it allowed him to realize how much his original plan had changed. He neared the destination point, finding traces of players. He drew closer, a smirk appearing on his face, but his eyes appearing solemn and honest. Many players and tents were soon to be seen and then two players stepped into his way, weapons drawn. How much he would have wanted to just destroy them here, he decided it would foil their plan. "State your business or return to which you came from. the Red Claw won't allow players to freely tread upon her lands" Chaos rose his hands to show he meant them or anybody in his path any harm. "I have private business with your leader, Adam. I believe this ring here was sent to me with the intentions that I would be able to get in without stirring up any trouble" He handed the guard a silver ring with the Red Claw symbol on it. Fyre had retrieved it while Adam wasn't looking in her meeting with him. The man handed him back the ring with a smile and welcomed him in. He strode forward, passing several tents as he headed toward the largest one that was located in the center. Adam was found outside. The man had green hair and dark eyes that gazed upon his as he drew near. The man stood, not greeting but questioning him. "Who are you, why have you dare enter here? Is your wish to be torn to shreds?" "No, I never wished to cause any trouble" Adam pulled his sword a pointed it at him. It was a long Katana, but the man was still no matched to his level. "I was just interested in the fares of the Red Claw. I believe it was to be founded upon the basis of toppling the throne of the Frontliners and bringing equality to all players correct?" @Itzal
  12. [PP-F13] Angel Slayer [FoT w/ Morgenstern]

    Jonathan stood his ground as the angel brought forth many waves of attacks, many dodged or blocked by Jonathan. "I wasn't trained by a previous tank of Aincrad, to be slow and fall to heavy blows" He blocked another of the blows, a heavy clang falling before the room. Making another quick attack, the angel bound at him with full speed, just for Jonathan to duck out of the way and ram into him with his shield. The angel grunted and raised his blade high, preparing to smite the tank, but unexpectedly, a blur of a figure charged forward. All Jonathan was able to catch was a blur and the sight of a bright and powerful aura coming from the man's body and fist. The fist crashed into the angel, sending it flying into the wall ten meters back. Cracks appeared alongside the cathedral upon the impact. Aereth ducked behind Jonathan as he stepped forward slowly. "No worries. We will hit him. Both of us have been through intense situations and training, far beyond this" Smirking, Jon charged forward as soon as the Angel made it a few feet away from the wall. Instead of hitting it there, he moved past, bounding off the wall. He covered the distance at high speeds, his now sword now taking on a blue aura that burned brightly. He brought it from below the waist, striking upward. He struck with a fierce blow, but his blade, despite its supreme speed, had been intercepted by Tagas's Two-Handed Broadsword. A loud clang filled the room along with dust and a bright flash. Jonathan immediately moved in with his shield, slamming it into his opponent's chest, pushing it straight towards Aereth. 'I might not have gotten a hit in, but alas I am not the DPS' 90553 BD:3 MD:3+1 Morgenstern 1261/1261 <> 88/106 @Aereth 900/900 <> 80/90 <<Tagas- The Corrupted>> 460/650
  13. Jonathan walked forward, his face slowly morphing into a mixture of anger and confusion. "A man is pushing you forward to try to force you into a battle to end your previous conflicts, I am guessing to come up with the absolution of who is better?" The anger subsided and became a short amount of guilt. The Fearx sounded just as Chaos was, except they weren't sworn enemies. Chaos had information, information about his sister that he would be demanding to know. "Just remember that strength isn't all from the individual self. It comes from numbers, unity and those around you. Ensure you reach out to every resource available to you" He stood, breathing lightly. What happened to the carefree lives Itzal and he once knew? Fighting powerful enemies, being forced to train to overcome them? They weren't a part of some T.V show like Dragon Ball Z, but this new life they lived required the constant grind. Chaos took a deep breath before ducking and weaving in between several buildings and player in stealth mode. The players he passed did not see him, they weren't looking and they hadn't invested into the skill. He managed to make it straight to the gate unopposed. He whispered floor Six to the machine and he was instantly transported. He found Fear sitting by the gates. "We should. You and your strength have created a small commotion with the NPC's and the few players on this floor" Truthfully, he knew that many players would look upon him as the villain of the story but he meant to bring peace and prosperity to the players. After the frontliners were removed, then this would be easily accomplished. "If I play my cards right, there will no hero in the end to rise to face me" He chuckled and joked towards Fear. "Prepared? Fyre's coordinates say its not too far away from here" 'Im not going with my normal tactics. Who knows, perhaps he brings up a good plan. He is also as strong as me, therefore he must have a level head to not be a constant target from groups of players' @Itzal
  14. <<Thread Complete>> Each Player Receives 2 SP 850 Col Ghidorah's Opal Itzal Gets 5 T1 Materials
  15. He waited for the man to release his anger on him. As a tank, he really wasn't too worried about Itzal's superior level. Instead, he dropped his Demonic Sword and sheath onto the ground. Jonathan lowered his guard as Itzal began to chuckle to himself. Itzal seemed to be speaking to himself, but then Itzal started spewing things from his mouth that made no sense. "Stop, who the hell is he? Who have you been training before? What are you trying to protect us from? You know bosses are a team effort" Jonathan stepped forward after sheathing his sword. "This world is unforgiving, yes? Brilliant lights will eventually cease to burn, but there are enough out there for us to continue without there being a hero" Jonathan shook his head. "What are you trying to protect us from?" Jonathan was confused. What was the man talking about. Itzal didn't need to protect them from anything. They worked as a team for the boss battles. More or less, the did things together. They needed to become further together to go farther, but it would take time, and neither side forcing the other. A the mention of his wife, Fear seemed quite surprised, but then addled him by saying that he should have ensured that she had the same views as he. A bit disgruntled, Chaos shook his head. "She was. That is my problem. She was all for it. In fact, she helped me throughout the process. I used to have more than three times the amount of followers than I do now. Many middle-tiered players, prepared to intimidate off the frontliners who distancing themselves as individuals. She helped me gain the support of half of them, providing meetings in secret, rallying many players. She was always confident, strong with her words, and moving things forward" A shadow crossed his face. Some of his sadness reverted into a scowl as he distastefully said, "Then she betrayed me. I had originally made a party, where frontliners celebrated their success. Nothing happened, which lured more in the second time. They were weapons free, you were suppose to leave them away. Then, the second time, I led my forces into the party, prepared for instant overwhelming of the frontliners. Instead, my group et up with a fully buffed, fully armed group of high levels. I watched as my men were slaughtered. Angry, I captured one and beat the information out of him of how they knew. It was her. My wife had betrayed and left, after everything we worked towards" "My problem?" He replied to Fear's question. "Is that I still do. In fact, Luz and Raven are constantly out, trying to locate her. She's not dead, but instead in hiding. She must be moving constantly though. Every time I stumble across one thing, she vanishes from that area" He chuckled, but it was without jest. Fear tried adding to the point that many players would agree to such a task but Chaos shook his head. "The problem was that there was too man that didn't want it. Most of them were in the top levels, the top power. They were not cool with being moved from their high position of power" Fear noted the teleport pad and Chaos nodded. "See you there" he stated plainly.