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  13. A small jab to the ribs would catch the player off guard. "Maa, jon, why aren't you wearing a yukata or kimono like almost everyone else? I know you own one, so why don't you get changed into it, that way we match a little more~!" His eyes widened as soon as he heard the voice. Typically, when someone's lover would arrive all of their worries would melt away. Jonathan on the other hand was quite the opposite. Was this her first time showing up to one of these? Or was she at the one hosted by the Celestial Ascendants? He wasn't sure but it didn't exactly make him the happiest that she was here. Ever since the girl had told him it was her plan to join the frontlines along with him, his heart had harbored a fair share of doubt. He didn't want her to join the frontlines. She was the only stable thing left and if he lost her... he'd be lost as well. He didn't let her know of his feelings because he believed his would be soon to pass. Anyhow, who was he to tell her what she could and couldn't do with her life. "I didn't realize everyone was going to be wearing them. Anyway..." 'Why are you even here?' is what he wanted to say. This was a boss raid meeting. Not a get together. This was the time to be serious. Lives were at stake according to their decisions and hardly anyone else in the room knew about the dangers of what lie ahead. After the fight, the had teleported back to the Settlement of the Iron Fist. That's when the sky randomly became dark as night. The boss had enough power that he could effect the entire floor instead of just the room he resided in. "... I guess I shall go find somewhere to change then." He would tell her. "Can you come over here for a minute, me and Jon have something we need to talk to you about before the meeting starts~" Jonathan's eyes would glaze over. 'Really? Now?' He lightly placed his hand of @tricolor_mina's shoulder. "This isn't the time or the place. Everyone's focus should be on staying alive. Even if you aren't in the raid, doesn't mean that the rest of them aren't. @Baldur is leading this meeting and doesn't have the time to listen intently. Please save it." His words were better said by the Orange-haired girl he had noted before. Jonathan would mouth a silent thank you to @Mari. He'd would bring Mina's hand into his, and wade through the growing crowd with her in tow. @Bahr would step into his path, fistbump him and pat him on the shoulder reassuringly. Jonathan would offer him a smile and continue on. As they stood now stood outside, he would turn to her. "I'm sorry. I know you want to tell him. But today... today we make a plan to keep the most people alive as possible. Any distractions could mean the loss of anyone's lives. Let's go, if you really want me to change than we have to find someplace for me to do it at." Releasing her hand, he would set off for a nearby bridge that would lay across a large pond. His eyes caught the side of a smaller building that rested in the center of the pond. 'It is rather rude for me to do this, but I hope Baldur won't mind if I just search for a place to change right?' He slid open to the door to the building and found that a large dojo sat before him. Peering inside, he would find that none were in the room and he could make his way inside. His eyes light up as he walked to the center of the room where and emblem of a crane marked the floor. The room was clean and smelt of polished wood. A rack of the wooden swords Baldur had thrown him during their spar sat against a wall. He walked to the far side of the room where he found a wooden stick laying along the floor. It looked like it had been recently etched into with the name of Shay. A name had yet to hear of. His eyes looked to the wall where he would also find the name, "Crowzeph, Cordelia, Morgenstern, Teayre, Calrex, and then finally, Baldur." "This must be the names of everyone he has taught..." He mentioned quietly to himself. A lot of time and thought was put into this place. To him, it looked as if Baldur's idea of a house was a resort of higher learning. Both a paradise and a get-away from the rest of Aincrad. Where they could train unbothered by the problems in the rest of the existing world. 'I'd better hurry. I'd hate to think for them to think that I was being uncivilized while everyone else is having the meeting.' He opened his inventory and scrolled for several seconds before he found the vanity item he was searching for. A kimono that he purchased from a tailor once for the sole purpose of in case that Baldur had wanted him to swear something traditionally fashioned during training. He believed that Baldur understood he wasn't originally from Japan, but if the man was nice enough to help him out he was show a little more respect to his values. As he pressed equip, a flash of blue light would surround his body, replacing his casual clothes with a dark blue kimono. "Alright, that just about settles it right?" He turned to Mina. "I'd hate to ask you something like this, but is there any chance you could save anything you have to say til the end of the meeting? Or maybe even after the boss raid? I duno, just here really isn't the place. The orange lady... she introduced herself as Mari. She was trying to be really nice in what she said. You can watch and everything... but just try to remain on the quieter side yeah?" He felt like a complete ass telling something like that to his girlfriend. If she got mad, he full well would deserve it. The two would return to the meeting, where it would seem that Baldur was getting prepared to take them into the meeting room. "Here we go" Jonathan would say with all the confidence he could muster.
  14. The twenty-fourth floor was one that Jonathan really hadn't visited before. He hadn't even been a part for that boss raid due to his own problems he had been dealing with at the time. With the labyrinth boss only recently, he still felt like he once again was a stranger to the frontlines. After the incident with the twenty-third boss fight, he believed there were those that resented him for some his action during the boss raid. 'It has been some time, would they even remember?' He thought. 'If they do would the forgi-' His thoughts were interrupted upon his body slamming into another. Completely caught off guard, he staggered a few feet back and instinctively muttered, "Ouch". It was a dark-haired player he had walked into. "Oi, watch it! I'm walking here!" The player donned a green cursor, was well dressed in a white suit and immaculate combed dark hair. "I'm sorry" The blonde-haired player would say with an apologetic smile. 'Right... Paraneze. I'm trying to get to Baldur's house. Better pay attention'. The casual dressed player was currently walking through a tight alleyway in the city of Paraneze, pushing past a crowd of NPC's and players to get to the other side as he followed his minimap to the set location that Baldur had sent him. He walked with his hands in the pockets of a gray jacket that overlapped his black shirt. Now with his eyes paying attention to where he walked, he veered through the players, earning a few eyes on him due to his cursor that he had failed to get changed. After exiting the town, it was only a short distance to the location on his map. However, he was astonished to find that a flat plane of water rested before him. He walked up to the edge of the water, catching a glimpse of his own slightly distorted reflection. A small boat rested just to the left of the dock he now stood on. No house was in sight though. The boat would be taking him nowhere. "Mister Morgenstern?" A younger voice threw him off guard making him jump within his clothes. Thankfully, he didn't leap into the water. He turned, his eyes meeting the player with a slightly reproachful gaze. "How do you know my name?" The player, dressed in a haori gestured to the boat. Jonathan's eyes shifted from the small boat back to the boy. He would then restate his question. "How do you know my name?" The boy would gesture again to the boat. "Please hop in the boat." Jonathan's eyes would squint on the figure of the boy. "My name. How do you know it?" He said with annoyance hinted in his voice. The young shaggy brown haired boy ignored it however. "The boat. Why don't you hop in?" Jonathan rolled his eyes. "Okay buddy. Look." He turned and pointed to the water the cleanly sparkled before him. "There is nothing here. There is no point for me to hop into the boat." A pressure was placed on his back and he fell forward. Thankfully, it was into the boat and not into the water. "Hey!" The blonde player would protest. As he scrambled to get up, he would find that his boat was already drifting away from the shore. "Good day, Mister Morgenstern!" the boy would call to him. "Look what you did! Where am I supposed to go now? There isn't even any paddles!" The boy would turn away and he would continue his drift. Pouting, he would turn to face in the direction the boy sent him in. A large Tori gate randomly hung in the water, seeming to almost be pulling his small boat into the middle of it. "What a random thing to have here. I wonder if it had something to do with a quest? Was that boy actually an NPC? Bet that's how he learned my name." His boat passed through the Tori gate and the scenery in front of him melted into something different. In fact, the whole world seemed to change as if he were picked up and brought to somewhere entirely different. His boat slowly drifted up to a wooden bridge before coming to a stop. Appalled, he would get up from the boat and look at what lie in wait for him. His lips parted as he gazed at the Japanese estate that was invisible to him mere moments ago. He walked across the wooden bridge where it was quite easy to spot the small group of players that stood talking amongst themselves. He only recognized a couple of them. And if he hadn't just seen Ariel, he would have never guessed it was her. He walked up to the group, eyeing each of them before stopping suddenly. His eyes brought in each of their attires before he glanced hesitantly at his own. 'Shoot. I'm way out of place here....' Forcing a smile, he would begin to walk forward and gave as friendly of a wave as he could. "Heya" he said. Even his voice seemed out of place in the group. His throat tightened a bit. At one point in time he might not have cared but now was a crucial moment that he had blown. A snow white dragon would land on his shoulder, sitting there proudly as if it was a throne. 'Then there is this guy...' he thought regrettably. His eyes fell on a girl with a red and black kimono. He hadn't seen her at all before on the frontlines but she seemed to stand comfortably as if she'd been around for a while. Way more confident than he was on his first raid meeting. Funny thing, it was Baldur that dragged him on in the first place. The white-haired girl was cute in her own way but for an unknown reason he felt a tinge of rivalry after just seeing her. 'Whats up with that?' he would think to himself. Then there was the random child. 'There is no way she's a frontliner... no way. Right?' He straightened his shoulders to better his posture. 'I'm an almost a veteran frontliners at this point? Should... should I introduce myself? I haven't been around for a while.' Anxiety seemed to hang thick in the air around him. "H-Have I missed anything important?"
  15. The chilly night air settled on them and it sounded as if the celebrations above were coming to an end as the distant voices became too faint for them to hear. Pressure fell onto his body as Violet held him close, laying her head in the small area between his shoulder and chin. "I don't ever want you to doubt how i feel about you again, alright..? One day you'll see me on the frontlines with the rest of you, ready to help take on the whole world right by your side... because i never want to lose someone I care for ever again." Jonathan's heart seemed to almost stop for a moment a those words. 'I don't want her on the frontlines' he thought to himself. 'She is the only thing I have left it seems from the time that everything was a dream. When this world still had joy to give.' Perhaps that's why he latched onto her... she was the last thing from that time. The last piece of living memory. Maybe he was wrong for even thinking about how he didn't want her to follow the path she wanted, but he didn't want to lose her too. Lose her like he did everything else. He closed his eyes and with a sudden heavy sigh he said, "Okay." This precise moment had died to him. He didn't want to think of her on the frontlines, sacrificing herself for a purpose that he didn't understand. Maybe she felt that way about him on the frontlines. 'Why do I still fight on the frontlines? I have nothing to escape for... everything is here. I mean, I bet Mina has got a future she wants to get back to. A future that probably won't involve me, but if its whats for the best for her.' He reached down and picked her up, less romantically this time. Paddling with his feet, he moved onto the shore and began to walk the sopping wet pair back to his house. Luckily it wasn't a far walk for them.