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  1. Morgenstern

    [PP-F4] The Fall of the Ascended (Celestial Ascendants)

    He turned and looked at the players who had gathered. Four players had arrived in total to the meeting. Two had followed him after a brief training and two were DPS's that he didn't know the names to. He guessed Beat didn't have training with them. There were five tanks training within the Ascendants Roster. Two under him, two under Shield, and one under Orik. His two had interesting personalities. The first one to have joined was named Trevor. Jonathan had taken him under his wing even though he wasn't actually sure which role he would fall under. It turned out being around Jonathan had influenced him to become a tank. He knew that out of his two apprentices, Trevor would be the one to put everything on the line to save someone's life. It was a quality that was good for a tank. Also a common quality of deceased tanks. His second apprentice went by the name of lance. He carried a more carefree attitude, and while Jonathan had to pull him back from time to time, he normally let the guy have his fun. As a veteran player, he had seen and even experienced the lax nature while training. The amn's build was more Bruiser than even Jonathan. He carried no shield, but instead used a two handed spear paired with Heavy armor, accuracy item, and a healer familiar. He could take hits, but surely dish them out even having just reached Tier Two. "HEY YO TEACH!" A voice came calling, interrupting his personal thoughts. Jonathan turned his head to see Lance heading toward him. "Got any training routines planned until the meeting starts? I'm bored and have enough energy to take on an entire army!" Jonathan chuckled. He smiled before saying, "No worries, after the meeting we can go out on a trip and get some routinely training in" As they spoke, one of the Tank Sentinels had moved into the area. Orik made his way up, followed by his apprentice. Fromm what he heard form the Apprentice, Orik never actually liked to fight for some reason. Unless the Apprentice got himself into trouble, the Tank Sentinel hardly ever moved into action. He stopped as he seen FearX, his Since following suit. He grinned before opening his mouth to speak to FearX and the Virtues. He knew he would have to be careful with his wrods as he knew the allied group hung and analyzed every word he spoke. "Today marks the day that we begin to put a nail in the foot of those who think themselves as untouchable gods. Today isn't our day, but those who can't raise a torch and a blade themselves. We fight for those who are forced down into the dirt every day by the greedy nature of the strong. They will realize after today that they can't just forget those who lie on the ground. It is by their own blind eye that they will fall, and we will straighten the very path of Aincrad itself. I am proud to work with you on this important mission" He chuckled a bit. "Well don't I suck at giving speeches"
  2. As people began to arrive, it was finally time for he to begin his duty. He had spoke with Itzal before about the wedding and he earned himself a part. Jonathan promised the man that he could fluently play the piano and so he became the Wedding musician. He walked over to the bench, examined the luxurious instrument. AS he looked at it, once of the wedding NPC's walked over to him smiling as he spoke, "A fine piece of work, and a marvelous decoration for the occasion" Jonathan chuckled looking at the NPC. "Its not a decoration at this wedding. I will be playing it" The NPC looked startled from his promise. "You can play it? You aren't even a performer!" Jonathan smiled sitting at the bench. "You don't need to be a performer if you have experience playing" He put his fingers on the keys and a foot to the pedals. "Watch and Listen" He pushed the B-key thrice before beginning to play a song that was his first advanced song he learned upon the piano. He had played it so many times before, so he knew the composition by heart. Music flowed through the wedding room, setting the mood for the wedding that would begin soon. While he played, he would speak to none. He was completely focused on his work and wouldn't allow himself to be distracted for a second. SONG BEING PLAYED:
  3. Morgenstern

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    While he listened to each and everyone of his comrades but ended up well... more confused than he originally started with. He was a visual learner and really just wanted to see the teams on paper. He held up his hand and replied, "I am completely and utterly confused by this point. Just put me in a team deemed necessary. I am always prepared for tanking, and while my damage is hardly sufficient I can still pack the average punch" A problem he intended to fix by getting the two handed straight sword. Afterwards, he wanted to get First Aid, which as a support apparently made him much more viable. Of course, none of his friends knew of where his skill points had one into. He chuckled to himself. Back at Floor 19, they were scrambling for tanks so much that they pulled up a level thirty tank into the frontlines. He would then act as Main Tank for an entire group against Tanos. Now, there were so many tank options that he was almost certain he would not be a tank this time around. He turned to @Baldur and replied, "I trust that you make the correct decision over the final matter. I will go and do as told as my faith is in you. You entrusted me with a job on the frontlines when I was level thirty. I believe I can do something again, whatever it may be"
  4. The blond finished his breakfast satisfied. He scooted his chair away from the table and made his way back up to his private office. He would be spending a pat of his day researching alchemy. Afterwards, he would probably go out for a training session. He could invite some of the tank apprentices. They seemed to usually be eager to watch him fight or for him to help them work on their form. He opened his alchemy book to the page he was working on. He had been trying to create a corridor crystal, a rare crystal that allowed several players to teleport at once. So far, it seemed impossible to obtain unless buying it from one of the NPC merchants. The merchants rarely had it though and he wanted to be the first to actually create one. He was aout to begin when a notification buzzed. He opened his messages and found something he had never seen before. A invitation to a wedding. When he seen the people who were getting married he could not help but grin. They had been dating for a VERY long time. He had already given up hope that they would be getting married within Aincrad. He stepped out of his office and into his room to his wardrobe. He found something he had saved since the Valentines Day Dance. He pulled out a White Tuxedo with gold trims. Equipping it, it would pleasantly cover his body. He moved to the bathroom, tapping a comb to his head which was instantly neatly combed. Aincrad spoiled them with game mechanics. Everything was instant and done for them. He moved out of his room and began to head down the stairs to the door. He would arrive at the chapel on the first floor just minutes later, stepped inside. The scenery was beautiful and caused Jonathan to smile a bit. He felt weird. He was happy, excited and jealous all at the same time. He looked a the people who had already arrived. He knew about half of them, but they all seemed engaged in other conversation so he just moved up to the front row and took a seat, ready for the wedding to take place.
  5. Morgenstern

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    The debate had finally come. He looked to Hestia with a smile. He knew when he had seen her jump in levels that she would surpass him. While it was no longer able to pass him in pure skill, he did know that she could pass him in Health or energy. The debate had come to whether he should DPS or not. Her argument was good in true, something he respected. He looked at her and replied, "If the final decision stands that I should be purely DPS, then I will act on such. However, all of us have pardoned one small detail. Hate. There is a possibility for five different boss correct? What is to say that each of them have a different hate output? From here, we could look at this as either an advantage, or a disadvantage. Disadvantage, the tanks would have to maintain hate for several bosses at once, not only that but more than four. Advantage, we could actually have offtanks. Tanks to take damage in smaller quantities. We could have the main tank taking damage from their DPS and two others, while the offtank can maintain hate for two others" "Its actually kind of terrifying to be this much in the dark. The mechanics could be simple, or very elaborate. For all we know it could be one or multiple bosses" He chuckled. A challenge had finally arrived for them. He heard Itzal running some numbers, but he also knew the man would go over it several times with him after the raid meeting.
  6. Jonathan stood upon the fourth floor, the very floor in which they had founded their guild. Since then, several months had passed and the players within their ranks had grown to be strong and capable frontliners. Within the last month, their ranks had swelled with members. Since then, they had held a few meetings, and ti actually had become hard to keep track of alll of the players. They had reached up to forty members and the Paladins and Sentinels had worked their tails off trying to keep track and allow each and every individual to grow. The task seemed almost impossible as they could hardly train on a personal level with any of them. They held meetings about once a week to tally what had happened and to give the Paladins and Sentinels a chance to catch up with one another and hopefully become familiar with faces. With the meeting just ten minutes away, players had begun to show up, Jonathan only being able to name a few of the faces. They were in the clearing of a forested area, with tree trunks to be able to be used as seats. With being out of the way, they could expect to be left alone by players more so than if they were in the town. He knew it would not be long before the other Paladin's and Sentinels arrived. "Hopefully we can make some good progress today" he muttered, unable to be heard except by the ones in closest proximity. The day was upon them. Sarah and Orik had completed their mission. They had increased the numbers of the players within the CA, and had successfully made motions for the guild to be all gathered in one place at the same time. After a small meeting with FearX, they had decided the next meeting of the ascendants would not only be the perfect time, but the perfect place to stage the ambush. Chaos had left the talking with the "enemy guild" to FearX. The plan was ready to be set into motion. Chaos stood, battle ready. His weapon remained sheathed at his left hip, his hellhound sitting at the right. The Sins began to collect around him. Morzan's face held a grin, making ti obvious he was overjoyed to be able to immerse himself in such a grand fight. Raven's facial expression was hidden under her black bird mask. He knew she didn't enjoy fighting as much as the others, but none were as precise with the blade as her. Luz seemed worried, knowing that she wouldn't be hurting none, but the lives of her comarades depended on her. Aya was out gathering the Red Claw guild. Finally, Fyre's face was unreadable. She had mastered hiding her feelings and not even he could tell what she was thinking. She appeared battle ready however. "Let's go find FearX. Remember, the goal is to prevent as many casualities as we can. It'll look bad on us. However, if it comes to a life or death situation, kill is preferred over being killed. I don't want any of us to fall over such a small part of our plan"
  7. Morgenstern

    PP-F10) Wails of the Past (Kasier)

    Jonathan was about to pursue forward when he heard Kasier's voice as something. He turned as she spoke, listening carefully. When she was done, he would rub his head and say, "If I remember right, there were four guardians to the main boss, but most were easy and fodder. I should be able to make quick work of them. Then there is the Banshee herself. Her attacks are decent, and the main problem is a screech that both deals damage and is an AoE paralyze. Since I am immune however, that won't stop me from bringing her down" He nodded reassuringly. She was getting worked up over a quest that he and Itzal completed while they were both at her level. He unsheathed his sword as he walked into the darkness. It wasn't long before he came into a low-lighted area, with just enough light to see fifteen feet ahead of him. His sword began to gleam a bright blue as he prepared to use a sword art as soon as an enemy came towards him. He heard shambles in the darkness ahead, indicating enemy movement. [0]Morgenstern 1370/1370 <> 124/124 EN [0]Kasier 4x Undead Guardian Zombie 40/40 <> 120 DMG | 15 MIT
  8. Morgenstern

    [F19] Morning Star Alchemy- R7 Alchemist

    Jonathan sat in his private office, reading an Alchemy book to understand the properties of different materials when he heard a knock at his door. He closed the book and walked over, opening the door slightly. "A player by the name of Stryder left this, Sir" Jonathan nodded, taking the slip from her hand and returning to his room. He looked at the slip, another call for safeguards. He stepped up to his cauldron and began to start the fire, the smoke drifting out from the top of the manor. He looked at his notes from the last session of safeguards, the small scribbly text contrasted with his recipe. "I believe I need more carbon, I'll increase the grams added by five" He moved to the materials, He cut out portions of the ingredients he had and through them in the with the material solvent. 101373 3 4 101374 5 2 101375 1 10 101376 6 20 101377 1 6 101378 11 5 101379 7 5 101380 4 6 101381 5 5 101382 4 4 -10 T1 Materials +53 EXP +1 Safeguard
  9. Morgenstern

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Morgenstern noted details of the boss fight, taking every word of each player. Itzal was currently making his normal diss on his own damage, which reminded Jonathan that not even he had decent damage. The dark haired man had told him as a tank he didn't need damage, but Jonathan didn't like the feel of support. He udnerstood it would have been the better option if he chose the Tanking Healer role, but he perferred to not feel like he was on the side lines. Also, if he were attacked by a player killer, not having damage would be a serious problem. He could take their hits, but not dish anything back. He would be a fat sitting duck. The teams debated on what the Dice and the Orb were. The dice gave him the feels of chance. "The dice could perhaps portray a boss that mainly works off chance. Maybe he has a special ability on criticals like phase or auto-AOE"" He pondered a bit on the orb. "I feel like the orb could be a debuffer, focusing on stunning, bleeding, or maybe we have even progressed toa point where they will decrease our damage and defense capabilities" Jonathan heard talk of alchemists and beginning to craft and he nodded, understanding what he needed to do. "By the end of this, us Alchemists need a number of T2 and T3 players. I can't just make Tier Three items anymore"
  10. Morgenstern

    PP-F21) A Royally Traitorous Adventure

    Summary of Thread 1 SP Each
  11. Stryder seemed happy that the Ascendants had been getting more members. "None of the progress I can credit to myself. Two players named Orik and Sarah are the ones who motivated to begin actively recruiting. Afterwards, we sent many of our members to begin recruiting and training players. Its been a hassle, but I am sure we can start calming down here soon. If you ask me, it all seems to be working out all too perfectly" Their food would begin to arrive, Jonathan picking up his food by the buns and taking a bite. Although he didn't like fish, the food was not bad. "So you said some of your members would be joining the next boss fight, any hints as to who they are? Are you one of em'? He as a bit worried. Two of theiir members last boss fight almost died. They had done a good job recently ensuring there wouldn't be any deaths, but last boss fight came to close for comfort. Ever since, Jonathan had been training himself to try and make sure others wouldn't take that damage. He had even thought of getting Field Aid although pure supportive was really not what he wanted to go for.
  12. Morgenstern

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    The meeting seemed to begin as enough players seemed to arrive at the meeting. There were three new faces that he counted that he hadn't seen before. Shield gave what he saw and gave time for players to interpret was he was possbily meaning. "Five bosses. I don't believe this is something we have ever seen out of a floor boss. If they are going to mirror players roles, then we are going to see a tank, DPS, Healer, and Status inflicter and possibly even a stealth type build. What I am thinking for the Tank, is it is going to force us to attack it instead of the others through some method, or it will increase the mitigation of the other bosses. From what I think, it is going to most likely take option two. This leads me to believe that the bosses are just one well oiled machine working together to increase effectiveness. Meaning, if we could focus on just one at a time we could seriously begin to break them down" He would think to the last boss for a second before mentioning something else. "We also need to make sure we are bringing spare weapons to boss fights. It seems to me that the bosses are beginning to stop status effects, or use status effects to our advantage. It might be good to just start carrying normal damage weapons, even if you have a damage familiar"
  13. Morgenstern

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    The blond stepped forward, looking at the hall that sat before him. It was similar in detail to the one that had previously been on Floor 20, but it hadn't been decided on by the guild. AS he stepped forward, he glared sternly at the hall. "Although the guild decides against getting another hall, Mr. Shield decides to go buy one on his own" He grunted, and took the negativity off of his face. He pushed open the door, stepping in to find three other players. Hestia, Shield and Itzal. He smiled to the players and said, "Hey, how's it going guys?" His eyes cast to each of them. "By the way, who found the boss in the first place? I have a guess that it was one of us in this room" He had a feeling that it was Shield since he sent out the message, but with him trying to throw off Jonathan's position it might have been a collaboration between him and Itzal and just purposely exclude him from it. He shook off the idea and would let them just answer the question. He expected this battle to be their biggest boss raid ever, meaning it might be required to pull a fourth group and a fourth tank. Hopefully Hestia was ready for pure tanking. He would ensure that most low levels be put in her group. Her healing abilities had a saved a life or two last boss raid.
  14. Morgenstern

    PP-F10) Wails of the Past (Kasier)

    (Alright, you were right. Technically we were supposed to find the Banshee Lair in Tartarus, since I already rolled correctly, Im just going to RP finding it) The tank looked over at Kasier as a scream was heard within the distance. The woman shivered, seeming a bit fearful of the task that lie ahead. He had already forgotten the distance in levels between them. Also, he had faced the creature they were hunting before, while this was a fresh experience for her. As they crossed the bridge, his eyes scanned the area for a cave entrance. "If I remember correctly, it was due directly Southeast from here" He walked forward, ensuring not to stray too far from Kasier. If anything were to attack them, he would quickly move to distract and destroy it. He wasn't the best DPS, but he could, with luck, come toe to toe with Itzal. As they moved along, he had a tightened grip on his Finding Stone. Not only would it help him find the cave, it would help him detect any possible enemies or players that were hiding nearby. It didn't appear anything was lurking around. They were probably trying to stick away from him. His eyes squinted as he seen a small entrance forward. "There is our destination. Prepare for a bit of combat. I will try to keep things swift as I will be immune to her status effects if she screams'" Trading Items Equips:: Finding Stone - +3 LD for Bialas Bindings - +6 Heavy Momentum, + Paralytic Immunity (Stats Pending for Next post)
  15. (Mass influx of numbers is all for the CA Downfall event thats coming up. Don't go actually look and see that fifty members joined lol) As Jonathan was prepared with his order, he sent his menu down, training his eyes on the dark haired boy. The boy spoke of his guild, telling them that they were busy and it sounded like they were all taking the dragon quests together. "Good, sounds like you are busy. Itzal and I are taking the Dragon Quests together, too easy for bringing more than two. AS for my guild, at first we hit a dead spot, much of our own guild becoming lazy and lax without much activity. Then, two new members joined us and they basically spurred us to bring in new members and bring back life to the guild. We've brought in so many members that I can hardly keep track of any names anymore. I must say, it has been rather stressful with this many members. I am glad that we are up and active again" He chuckled, taking a sip of his water. The waitress came back then and he told her, "I'll take the Grilled fish sandwich please, thank you" @Stryder, Sorry for the long wait!