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  1. Kairi had looked over and with a smile nodded her head and stood up excitingly shooting her arms into the air and said "That sounds like fun! Lets go do that!" and as she stood up it had alerted her familiar Karona. He woke up from his slumber then scuttled over to the room they had been then opened his lid then his tongue shot out panting like a dog. Kairi had moved over to her familiar and patted the lid of the chest and said to him "Awww~ you can come too. I am sure you want to go find some small animals or some ores to go find and eat." After a moment she then opened her HUD and switched to casual attire as well, however keeping her buster sword on her back. Grabbing her boyfriends hand she looked up at him with a smile then back forward walking into the first floor. Karona scuttling behind following the two. @Macradon
  2. Kairi had giggled at his cheesy response and said to him "Aww~ well I am glad I can be the light in the surrounding darkness." Then after a bit, the kiss had finally happened, it had been a long time since Kairi last... kissed someone. She had tried to remember if she had even kissed her previous partner, however she had enjoyed the sensation all over again. After a bit, the two had separated from the kiss, and Kairi had looked at Macradon with a smile and said lightly patting his shoulder "Oh you stop those words, it was more than okay. Simply kissing a loved one is more than okay." she then moved herself upward and stretched her arms into the air then looked to him sitting down on the bed "So! Lets go do something! Do you have anything in mind to get your mind off of things Macaroon?" she giggled. @Macradon
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