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  1. Kairi

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Kairi yawned laying in bed, enjoying yet another lazy day she rubbed her eyes then in a blur she looked around the room "M-macaroon?" she called out seeing if her fiancee was around, however she didn't find him anywhere. Moving herself placing her feet on the floor then with a yawn she stretched her arms upward and rubbed her eyes again, then after her vision has cleared a bit she had seen a message notification, opening it slowly she yawned again then read it. Then suddenly, her eyes has widened then she looked at the date and time, then suddenly she jumped out of bed and sprung into action looking through her inventory "C-mon... c-mon! I gotta have a good dress somewhere! Ugh... I wish Ruby was still around to help me.." she thought to herself before "Aha!" found one that she had liked then she immediately sent a reply to @Macradon: Then as quickly as she could she moved out to where the location was at, as she arrived at the front gate she took the moment to breathe and straighten herself before walking inside with her hands together on her hips looking around for her love. It took her a moment however she eventually found Macradon, with a smile she had walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek "Sorry for keeping you waiting my love, had another one of my days where I just overslept..." she nervously laughed.
  2. After enjoying some of the many games, and drinking the Hot Cocoa that had been around she had a message appear after feeding her familiar Karona. Opening it she had red, with a puffed out cheek she had sent one back to him: Then it was just a matter of going out and finding where the guild hall was for him again, however it didn't take long for her to find Macradon. When she finally found him though she dashed forward and leap hugged into him. Rubbing her cheek against his she had exclaimed out to him "I almost thought that I wouldn't see you again after you went on your own into the event." trying to be cute and silly at the same time. Stats @Father Wuotan @Macradon
  3. Kairi

    [NLY-F11] New Life Years Festival

    Kairi looked around at the event that had been happening on this floor, and couldn't help it but smile the entire time. Originally she had come with Macradon, however the two had gotten separated. She had found her with some other people, however with a smile she had shook her head and left him to speak with other people. Kairi didn't know many people around however it was okay, she was just happy an event like this was taking place. She took the time to play some of the games, and try some of the Hot Chocolate that was being given out and tried to enjoy what was around her. Karona had kept up with her the entire time, and he got a bit hungry. Smiling she had pulled out some Gemstones she collected and fed them to her familiar, patting her familiar on the top of his... chest head?
  4. Kairi looked around as they had walked together on the 23rd floor, she had already enjoyed the scenery that was displayed for them... in the most literal sense she had sparkles in her eyes as she enjoyed the scenery. She had even gone as far as pointing at certain things for Macradon to look at, even if he had already looked at them. Karona following up behind, while incapable of showing its true emotion, it had felt happy for its master as she had shared its fair moments with depression. After a moment Kairi had looked over to Macradon and listened, then after a moment feeling playful she had puffed her cheeks placed her free hand on her hip and leaned toward him to say out "Pillow? Is that supposed to be a big chest joke?" then letting out a small giggle she placed her head on his shoulder nuzzling into it saying "Well, I am glad I can be here for you in your darkest times. And for you to grant me shelter and the same love that I can provide to you. I never want to leave your side Macaroon." @Macradon
  5. Kairi had looked over and with a smile nodded her head and stood up excitingly shooting her arms into the air and said "That sounds like fun! Lets go do that!" and as she stood up it had alerted her familiar Karona. He woke up from his slumber then scuttled over to the room they had been then opened his lid then his tongue shot out panting like a dog. Kairi had moved over to her familiar and patted the lid of the chest and said to him "Awww~ you can come too. I am sure you want to go find some small animals or some ores to go find and eat." After a moment she then opened her HUD and switched to casual attire as well, however keeping her buster sword on her back. Grabbing her boyfriends hand she looked up at him with a smile then back forward walking into the first floor. Karona scuttling behind following the two. @Macradon
  6. Kairi had giggled at his cheesy response and said to him "Aww~ well I am glad I can be the light in the surrounding darkness." Then after a bit, the kiss had finally happened, it had been a long time since Kairi last... kissed someone. She had tried to remember if she had even kissed her previous partner, however she had enjoyed the sensation all over again. After a bit, the two had separated from the kiss, and Kairi had looked at Macradon with a smile and said lightly patting his shoulder "Oh you stop those words, it was more than okay. Simply kissing a loved one is more than okay." she then moved herself upward and stretched her arms into the air then looked to him sitting down on the bed "So! Lets go do something! Do you have anything in mind to get your mind off of things Macaroon?" she giggled. @Macradon
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    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon

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