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  1. Kairi had sat on one of the benches at the town after talking to @Benny to put her into the raffle, and looked around seeing a lot of people having a fun time. However, Kairi lately had been a little bit worried over Macradon, as the past boss raid had got him a little bit down about his own leadership, however one good thing came from it... however, he was in a bit of a depressed mood. She had opened up her messages and sent a message to him: Kairi had closed her inventory and looked around at the crowd once again however she had a bit of a smile just enjoying the enjoyment that surrounded her and the many cute outifts many decided to be wearing. Kairi's Appearence:
  2. Kairi had looked around at the many different weapons and stuff that Anise had, and she had thought for a moment which one she would want. However she had spaced out for a bit and forgot other people were here. Kairi had quickly glanced around at what had remained after the first few people picking and Kairi had simply pointed at the Two Handed Straight Sword with Phase and said out to her "I would like that one. It should be me very nicely. Just have to get its quality up..." she had admitted however with a cheerful smile she had then said "Please and thank you~" Karona stepping up smelling scents from items that had a way different scent to what he is familiar, Kairi had simply kept her hand on the top of her familiar and said out to him "None of this is for you, I know you probably smell things that are very tasty, but we as people need these, keep off them." Karona then grunted sadly but accepting that he couldn't feast.
  3. The battle had clashed and raged forward as the boss had been on its last leg, Kairi had looked over to group one and see that it had basically become nothing with two more players almost dead, but Domarus still alright. Kairi had looked to the boss, and she really could only think of one way to get this all said and over with: an all out assault. Kairi had sighed, she knew in her mind this would potentially get her killed, but it was better than trying to back down. Kairi had looked to Mars and said "I'm going in for an all out assault, this boss needs to be over before more lives are taken. We just have to hope he'll fall over soon." then moving forward to do a slash onto the boss dealing a good chunk however she presumed not enough, she may need to attack it again.
  4. An interesting day to say the least, Kairi had woke up in the midst of the aftermath of the floor boss and had a few plans already made. However afterward she had received a message from somebody, Kairi had read the message then closed it and without much of a second thought she had got her things and began to walk toward where the location was. After a brief walk and teleport to the fourth floor Kairi had looked around to who had arrived which was not that many to say the least with one person she had recognized. However she had arrived up to the two that had been holding this event and did a bow stating out "Hi, I don't believe we have quite met before. My name is Kairi I am here to take up on the offer you have been so generous to hold. I was wondering if there was still one that I could possibly get."
  5. Kairi had looked around at the people that had been around her, Kairi had looked over and noticed that one had even reached 0 HP, Kairi was stuck frozen seeing that she had exploded into crystals and then looked over to another and noticed that they too were to perish. Kairi had looked to the boss and was only angered by the lives it had taken (or so she thought) on this day. Kairi had growled but then looked at her own HP as it had been dwindling, Kairi knew she had to do something to prevent her death... for Macradon. However broken by her thought was Mars exclaiming out for a switch, Kairi had nodded her head and with a smile then moved forward and landed a powerful angular slash at the boss then said out to him "Thank you kindly sir, I need a breather and to be out of the sight of it for just a moment, switch!" she had exclaimed to use a mechanic she hadn't used before switching her hate with the man that had agreed to do so with her. Action: Used Switch on Mars ID: 109644 - BD: 3+5=8 Sword Art Used: Galaxy Destroyer [Damage: 20*13=260-75=185]
  6. "My apologies, currently I am semi-perfect. If you all would have given me just a bit more time, I would have made myself a little more presentable. It isn't easy preparing the mortal body to control the power of the unholy." Kairi had looked at the boss with a bit of disgust then said out to it "You aren't even semi-perfect, you are nothing but a mortal among us. And if you really want to test your "godly" strength... it will be your downfall I can promise you that." Kairi had stepped back to let the team strike onto him one by one seeing its HP drop further and further. Kairi had smiled a little bit, something about seeing someone thinking they are high and mighty fall and take this much was a little amusing to Kairi. After a moment she had spoke up to the boss one more time "How hypocritical you are being, for a god you wouldn't want to dare harm the people you wish to save. And here you are, trying to play god and control death." then moved forward with one of her strongest moves against the boss "At the end of the day, I know you aren't a god, there's no reason for me to like you."
  7. Kairi simply rolled her eyes, this boss simply had just kept pushing her the wrong way. She didn't like how Miraak had continously thought itself to be some sort of god or savior toward all the different players that were here. Kairi had looked down, she knew she had done wrong in this world, however she wasn't going to back down and just accept this boss to be some sort of savior. Kairi looked up with a bit of a angered expression and moved forward and hit her with a bunch of upper and middle cut strokes dealing a fair amount of damage. "Can you shut up about being some sort of god, you aren't immortal. You can be brought down to your knees. In fact, you wont be able to once we're through." She had looked back at her party and said out to them "Great work everyone, we've almost put her through a run of its money." ID: 108411 - BD: 7+5-2=10 Damage: 20*12=240-75=165
  8. Kairi had sighed and thought to herself "He really thought that we would forgive him, this is a game. Forgive no one, let no one run away. Let no enemy live another day." Kairi had raised her sword high and fought for the one thing she should be fighting for: her own freedom. She had let the others take their turn attacking the boss one by one and eventually she had moved forward with a attack of her own. Without hesitation and quickly she had sliced a vertical slash onto Miraak with her sword with Galaxy Destroyer critically making him paralyzed. "You've mistaken methods and execution. You can think of methods to use, it doesn't mean they will always work. Practice makes perfect, arrogance makes death." she had said out to him. She had looked back to her team and just nodded her head "Lets just finish this and move on, death is never something to celebrate, just a tactic we need to move forward. Fight for our freedom, and end those who wish to take it away from us." ID: 108134 - BD: 10 - Attacking Miraak - Galaxy Destroyer [Damage: 24+2=26*13=338-50=288 Damage]
  9. Kairi had stayed mostly quiet through the duration of the crowd speaking to each other and toward the boss itself. Kairi had been asked to be a leader, and she did intend to try to do at least that... if not for everyone around her, but at least for Macradon. Kairi had looked over to the crowd and then back to the boss that had stated that he had followed the path of god throughout his entire life, and then a whole argument about how leadership is. Kairi had simply shook her head and said out to the boss itself "Are we going to sit around arguing about beliefs and personal opinions or are we going to do what we all know that will inevitably happen. Whether or not the Lord wants to forgive us or you, we cannot walk away from the amount of sin we've already committed in this damned world. Put your opinions aside, lets just get this done and over with." Kairi had exclaimed out to him, it was clear the old Kairi was gone, and she had spoke out seeing how the world truly was.
  10. Kairi

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Kairi had marched her way toward the event that had been happening today, it's been more than a minute since she has shown her face to the public and she had thought that a day like today would be a perfect time. Karona had scuttled behind her sniffing all the new scents of players that had been nearby putting him a little bit more on Guard Duty. Kairi had looked around looking for anyone she knew, and she had seen a couple in her own guild but most important she had found @Macradon. With a smile Kairi had walked up behind him and hugged him from behind "Missed me?" Kairi had giggled a little bit. Karona had sniffed around and found the scent of @Hestia and scuttled its way toward her and position itself to face her with its tongue sticking out as if it had been a dog, Kairi had looked over and smiled then waved to Hestia. Purchased: Stats:
  11. Kairi

    [PP - F1] Roof above your head

    OOC: What year is it? Kairi had smiled as Macradon did, she had listened to his words and she had said out to him, Kairi had simply nodded her head and said out to him "That sounds good, anything you like I should be able to like as well..." she had chuckled. However after a bit he had asked if there was anything that she prefered, Kairi had simply shook her head quickly and said "No no! I can never decide! Just lets go to that restaurant you spoke of, otherwise we might be walking around for hours... maybe even days..." she had nervously chuckled. She knew if she had to pick it would take her honestly a little too much time before they could even sit down to simply eat food. However Kairi wouldn't be upset if it was just a simple bare bones resturant, its better to just sit down and eat rather than walking for 5 hours then eat. @Macradon
  12. Kairi

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team B

    Kairi as she had entered the room, the Hestia had let out a giggle as the door closed and it had touched one of the mounted heads and turned into a tall deer. Kairi had squinted, she knew this was a trap from a mile away however why the evil spirit had turned into a deer was behind Kairi. Kairi had simply raised her sword confidently toward the deer and said out with a simple tone and without showing much "I don't know how you know Hestia at all, however you would of been more scary staying as Hestia rather than a simple deer. Last time I checked a deer isn't scary remotely." Kairi had darted around the room, she had looked and felt as though... other heads had been moving? She had been questioning if this was because something was causing them to fall of the wall, or if its more of a older aesthetic.
  13. Kairi

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team B

    Kairi had went toward the direction where Ruby and the others walked toward after her encounter with Teion trying to stick with a group of people, and she had caught up with some people... or rather, someone as she didn't see past the figure of Hestia. And Kairi blinked in confusion with how she acted, and Kairi smelled something fishy, she squinted her eyes to see if this had been a fake, she knew that she would never act such like this especially when they agree'd to just be family and people that had feelings for each other. However, she needed to know whether or not this was this was the real Hestia or a demon pretending to steal the name. Kairi had prepared her two handed sword into her arms as she had entered the room as it closed behind her. Kairi had looked back, then back forward; she wasn't the scared girl she once was... she isn't scared to fight what she even onced loved at a fake image reflection.
  14. Kairi had looked over thanking that someone had heard her, she had seen that most of people had been gone and she had wondered if the house had took people individually. However she wasn't fully aware of the female that had approached her, however she had assumed she had came with one of the others. Kairi had said out to her "A part of me doesn't know, however a Shadow had took Spencer down into the basement, some sort of vines took Ryo and Jevi, Ruby went after Hestia and a blockade had occured when Tel and Jomei chased after them. I guess we are just the only two targets left for the house to take. However we can't stay alone like this, we need to find the others. Otherwise who knows where we could end up." she had sighed "Lets do this, I am going to find Telrenya, Jomei, Ruby and Hestia. You go find Ryo, Jevi, and Spencer. Does that sound like a good plan?" she had purposed to her. @Teion