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  1. Tsu saw the caravan in the distance and continued hopping alongside Merlin as they made their way towards it. When Merlin asked if Tsu saw herself as a human, she paused for a little bit. "No, ribbit. Even if it's only 14% of me, that amount is still enough to seperate me. Growing up, most people never saw my family as human, so I got used to it after a while, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu answered, now looking at the caravan, glad that they finally reached their destination. Tsu grabbed the bottle that Merlin gave her and took a sip, finding it refreshing. "Thanks for letting me come along, ribbit. It would have stunk trying to do this quest alone. Although we should start setting up camp now, rrrrrribbit." Tsu said, opening her inventory and getting out her usual exploration tent, setting it up next to the caravan. "Setting up camp is a lot easier in SAO with how things are already prepared, ribbit. I say we head inside to stay away from the sand while we wait for night to fall, rrrrrribbit." Tsu said as she hopped into the tent, sitting down inside. ID: 104916 CD: 10 (No Damage)
  2. Tsu started to get tired of walking, so she went back to her normal form of moving which was her frog hops. She kept the same pace as Merlin, so it wasn't really too much of a difference than walking. The heat was finally starting to disappear, so Tsu put her shorts and shirt back on to not get so chilly. "For me, I don't like how dry it is, ribbit. I grew up in an... often damp place, so I'm more vulnerable to dry places like deserts. The heat isn't too bad honestly, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu said, responding to Merlin's explanation for his blushing. The sun was setting, so she knew that they would have to set up camp soon. Possibly it would be a good idea to set up camp near the caravan just so the next day would be a simple walk back to the town. "So is there anything you wanted to talk about, ribbit? We're going to be out here for a while, so I figured that we get to know each other. Anything you were wondering, rrrrrribbit?" Tsu asked, looking up at him as she hopped alongside Merlin. The sand still wasn't doing anything to Tsu, and it seemed as though the winds were dying down a little bit at night. ID: 104890 CD: 9 (No Damage)
  3. Froppy

    [F16- PP] great water spirits

    Tsu smiled when Hazado said that he didn't mind her frog friends, saying that they were interesting. "Yay, ribbit. For some reason, they never want to leave me alone. Frogs stick with frogs I guess, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu said as she patted one of the frogs. One of them hopped into her bikini top and poked it's head out from between her boobs. Hazado asked why Tsu was here by herself at the beach and Tsu answered quickly. "I don't know, ribbit. The frogs like me a lot, so I just visit them. Plus it's summer, so I'm not really fond of being cooped up at my restaurant this time of year, rrrrrribbit." Tsu answered. Looking out at the ocean, the waves were always ever so calming, so Tsu just stared for a bit while another frog hopped into her chest and a couple of them hopped onto her knees. "What about you, ribbit? How come you came here by yourself? Just getting away from things, rrrrrrribbit?" Tsu asked, turning towards Hazado, the movement making all the frogs hop off of her.
  4. Froppy

    [F16- PP] great water spirits

    Tsu had been studying the beach for the past few days, and studying really just meant finding all the frogs she could and hanging out with them. Today since the beach was empty, Tsu could fully enjoy herself. She already had about 12 frogs around her, just laying back in the sun when she saw a familiar player show up on the beach. She had seen Hazado at the beach twice so Tsu figured she might as well say hi. She and the rest of the frogs hopped on over to Hazado, with Tsu sitting in the same frog stance as them next to Hazado. "Nice to see you again, ribbit. The beach is empty this time, it's nice. Don't mind my friends, they follow me everywhere, rrrrrribbit." Tsu said as the frogs surrounded them, all of them just staring at Hazado. The small waves felt nice to Tsu, so sitting down in this spot was good. Tsu's Beach Outfit
  5. Tsu noticed that now Merlin still wasn't really looking at her much, seemingly embarassed by something. Tsu handed the shorts back to him before starting to walk away from the rock formation. "You can hold on to them, ribbit. But how come you are blushing? Did I do something wrong, rrrrrrribbit?" Tsu asked, turning around and walking backwards while facing Merlin, her boobs now bouncing with almost every step due to the ground becoming more soft with sand. Merlin gave his own insight on the skill from this quest and said it would be useful for exploring, to which Tsu nodded her head. "Yeah, I guess it could be helpful for whenever I have to gather ingredients, ribbit. Sometimes my errands can get a little dirty, at least for human standards. A skill that just blocks that out would be nice, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu said in response, finding her own use for the skill. "From what I've heard, this caravan is so far from town that we have to camp out for the night, ribbit. That's why we have such a long period of time to find it. So are you fine with camping out here, rrrrrrribbit?" Tsu asked, making sure Merlin was okay with all of this. ID: 104843 CD: 9 (No Damage)
  6. Tsu noticed that Merlin's cheeks had turned a shade of red, and Tsu didn't really get why. "What's wrong, ribbit? Is the heat getting you that bad? Here, wipe yourself with this, rrrrrribbit." Tsu said as she slipped off her shorts, revealing her green panties. She handed her shorts to Merlin before following him over to the peculiar rock formation. "It feels nice now, ribbit. Clothes really weigh you down in heat like this. Just I like not having to wear clothes as much as others, it frees me a little in the heat like this, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu said as she looked at the rock formation, finding it a bit interesting. As she and Merlin looked, he asked what the rewards for the quest were and Tsu answered quickly. "This quest gives you a skill that lets you not take terrain damage, ribbit. Ironically, this is one of the only quests that it's actually useful on. The skill is only really helpful for helping others, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu answered, having a short giggle about to herself, trying not to smile still. ID: 104840 CD: 6 (No Damage)
  7. Tsu followed Merlin and walked beside him on their path to find the cargo, and wasn't too surprised that the sandstorm didn't do any damage to her or Merlin. It picked up at some points, but that was a rare occassion. What was not rare was the heat bearing down on them, which Tsu still hated. Merlin asked what level she was, stating that he was level 5. "I'm level 12, ribbit. Both of us will be fine. Even if we get hurt, our health regenerates on it's own, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu answered, glad that Merlin was pretty much guranteed not to die. Tsu was now getting hotter by the minute, so Tsu slipped off her shirt and started using it as a rag. She had on a green bra underneath that revealed a bit of her big chest. "I can't wait for this quest to be done with, ribbit. I have been dreading doing this one. The heat is really kicking in here, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu said as she let her tongue hang out about a foot out of her mouth. ID: 104838 CD: 7 (No Damage)
  8. Tsu followed Merlin out of the tavern and headed towards the desert they would have to go through. The heat was really kicking in, and Tsu was dreading how things would go once they walked outside into the sandstorm. "This heat is miserable, ribbit..." Tsu muttered as they approached the gate that went out of town. Tsu was already getting sick of the flies that started to buzz around them, so Tsu caught them all quickly with her tongue, eating 6 of them. Looking out at the desert, the orange landscape combined with the ominous rocks in the distance made the whole thing seem dangerous, even though the only real threat was the sand. "Are you ready to go, ribbit? I am ready whenever you are. As long as you're not level 1, this quest is super easy, rrrrribbit." Tsu said, already knowing how much damage the sand did, which was enough to 1 hit kill a level 1 player.
  9. Froppy

    [PP-F16] Break Time

    Tsu had been "studying" floor 16 lately, and by studying Tsu was just hopping around the beach trying to find frogs. She was already wearing a bikini and beach hat to fit the situation. Since it was a beach, frogs found her easily rather than Tsu finding them. Now that she already had a bunch of frogs following her, Tsu made her way back over to the part of the beach that most people actually visited. Although to her surprise, there was a big lack of people in the area, so Tsu decided to just relax with her frog buddies, but then she noticed a familiar player sitting on a rock out in the water. Tsu had seen Grimm at the beach previously, so Tsu figured it would be good to say hi. Tsu and the frogs hopped into the water, before hopping onto the rock Grimm was on. "Hey Grimm, ribbit. It seems like the beach is empty today. I like it like this, rrrrribbit." Tsu said as she hopped over to Grimm's side, still in the same frog stance as the other 12 frogs next to them. Tsu's Swimsuit @Grimm
  10. Tsu was glad that Merlin had simply waved off her whole tongue thing, not really pressing her for questions. Merlin then answered her question by saying he would dress more casual on this floor next time, adding that there was a quest he wanted to do. Sure enough, the quest NPC for said quest was already behind them, going through the usual dialogue for the quest before Merlin got the quest offer. So it was the traveller quest it seemed, and Tsu was looking forward to it. It was a rather easy one, with no combat, so Tsu didn't have to worry about Merlin dying at all. He sent a party invite to Tsu after getting the offer and asked if she wanted to go, and Tsu immediately accepted, tapping the check mark with her tongue. "Sure, ribbit. I was mostly just planning on exploring this floor. But now I can just explore and do a quest, ribbit. I recommend that we should leave now since we are on a bit of a time limit, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu said, getting off of the bar stool, walking over to the tavern door and holding it open for Merlin. "Humans first, rrrrrribbit!" Tsu joked, a smile once again almost forming on her face.
  11. Tsu saw Merlin's curious reaction to her tongue and blushes a little bit. "Sorry about the tongue, ribbit. I try not to let people see it. It's just a part of me, rrrrrribbit." Tsu apologized, not sure if the curiousity was out of disgust or interest. Regardless, it was a little embarassing she had just let a random player see her tongue so soon. He shook her hand and introduced himself as Aden, Merlin in game. "Nice to meet you Merlin, ribbit. I take it you're just travelling here for your first time? I can stay close by if you want, I'm decently levelled, rrrrrribbit." Tsu offered, not really wanting to see anything happen to this seemingly nice guy. Considering he had been on floor 1 for so long, there was no way he was very experienced. "Were you planning on taking some kind of quest, ribbit? I can come along if you need a frog buddy. I'll heal you too, rrrrrribbit." Tsu added, a slightly curious look on her face as she looked Merlin up and down to try and pinpoint what level he was.
  12. Tsu collected her thoughts and relaxed a little bit when this player turned out to be at least somewhat friendly. He had said he spent a few years on floor 1, and it was quite apparent from his choice of clothes that he wasn't fit for here, and most certainly had no knowledge of the temperature beforehand. "I studied up a little bit on all the floors, so I know what to wear, ribbit. You'll catch on each floor soon. Don't worry, rrrrribbit." Tsu reassured, before ordering a drink herself, to which the bartender slid a drink down the counter and Tsu caught it with her tongue. Tsu grabbed the cup from her tongue with her hand and took a sip while her tongue went back into her mouth. "I've been living on floor 10 for about a year and a half now, ribbit. Although lately I've been travelling more now, trying to switch things up a little bit, rrrrribbit." Tsu answered his question, before taking another sip. Tsu then held her hand out to shake, looking at the player in the eyes. "I'm Tsuyu, but my friends call me Tsu, nice to meet you, ribbit." Tsu introduced herself, a smile almost forming on her face.
  13. Tsu had been exploring more of the lower floors lately, trying to wrap up quests in each one of them. The remaining quests in floors 1 through 4 were mostly for higher levels, so Tsu moved on to floor 5. It was a super hot floor as Tsu expected, so she simply dressed lightly and wore a baggy white shirt along with black shorts. Walking around, there was mostly NPCs, as most players didn't like this floor, but Tsu liked it so far because of that. After getting tired quicker than usual from the heat, Tsu stepped inside one of the taverns to cool off. Looking around, Tsu could only spot one other player in the area, so she sat down next to him, as he also seemed to be having heat trouble. "Hello, ribbit. What brings you to this floor? It is rather hot in temperature out here, rrrrrribbit." Tsu asked, leaning against the bar and looking at him. To cool off a little bit more, Tsu slipped her shoes off to give her feet some cool air as well. It was relaxing in the bar, although she had to some quests to do, so she couldn't stay for long.
  14. Tsu read Neo's message and smiled to herself before looking at Neo. At least she was willing to learn. Tsu then proceeded to type out another message. "I'm aware of the whole translation system, just my language probably isn't translated because it isn't actually a language. It's a bunch of sounds I make with my throat to convey words, kinda like how morse code works. I was hoping the game would translate for me, but that's not the case. But hey, at least I can talk to frogs! I like your idea of us teaching each other. I don't know when I'll get my voice back if ever, so I'll have to learn to communicate differently. I'd love to teach you amphibious, maybe you could use it, since you're technically not talking. Just kidding, you do you. But thanks for being patient with me." Tsu sends the message and looks at Neo with a bit of a playful smile. "Rrrribb rrribbit!"