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  1. Froppy

    (PP-F10) Mushroom Hunting

    Tsu nodded her head when Hei accepted her offer to come back anytime, even adding that he might come tomorrow. "Sounds great, ribbit!" Tsu said as she finished the last of her fries in her meal, and then watched as the remains shattered into crystals. Hei opened his inventory and got out 18 mats, while Tsu only got out three. He then suggested splitting the mats and Tsu chuckled a little sheepishly. "Umm, this doesn't exactly seem at all fair, ribbit. Just so this is at least a little fair, I'll take 8 mats, and you take 13. That sounds good right, rrrrribbit?" Tsu said as she grabbed 8 of the mats and put them away in her inventory. Turning back to Hei, Tsu yawned and then got out of her seat. "Well, it was nice meeting you, and I hope you enjoyed our little mushroom hunting, rrrrrrrribbit!" Summary: Hei: 400 col, 13 T1 Mats, 2 SP Froppy: 8 T1 Mats, 2 SP Kairi: 400 col, 2 SP
  2. Tsu didn't say anything but just smiled and went along with Arabelle as she held her hand. She was a little bit hyper in Tsu's view, but Arabelle seemed like a nice girl, so it would be fun to spend time with her. Arabelle said that she didn't expect Tsu to be the healer type, and then added that she meant no offense. "None taken, ribbit. I just prefer to heal over combat, since there are so few healers in this game. Someone has to do the job right, rrrrrribbit?" Tsu said, explaining herself. Then Arabelle asked if Tsu liked green and she nodded her head. "Yes, green is my favorite color, ribbit. Since I'm froggy, green just naturally became my favorite color. It fits me like purple fits you, rrrrrrrribbit!" Tsu answered, walking up alongside Arabelle. "So, what did you have in mind for us to play once we finish this quest, rrrrrrribbit?"
  3. Tsu was in her shop, tidying up the place and making sure the place was ready to go when she received a message from Arabelle, asking if Tsu wanted to hang out after doing a quest. Tsu hadn't really met Arabelle outside of the two parties and the coincidental material gathering, so it would be nice to actually get to know her. Tsu quickly changed out of her uniform and into her normal green shirt and skirt, before leaving and warping down from floor 10 to floor 3. Tsu found Arabelle shortly and hopped over to her. Tsu had her rapier with her, but it was more of a sidearm just in case. "Hi Arabelle, ribbit. Good to see you again, it's fun hanging out with you. But I won't be too much help in combat, since I just have ranks in healing, rrrrrrrribbit." Tsu said, sitting down on the bench beside her. It was good to finally meet Arabelle properly, or at least not just a coincidence.
  4. Tsu was once again feeling the need to stockpile on materials. It was never a bad thing to have too much of something that you need. Tsu headed to the bulletin board on the first floor to see if anyone needed a healer, but instead saw a notice from Krysta on it. It had said that there was a garden with more materials. Tsu decided to go along with her, and started to walk northeast in the direction of the garden, going at a bit of a fast pace in order to catch up to Krysta. It didn't take very long once Tsu got out of town to see Krysta. Tsu jogged up to her and then waved. "Hi Krysta, it's good to see you again, ribbit. I saw the bulletin and wanted to tag along with you if that's alright. Are you running low on materials, rrrrrribbit?"
  5. Froppy

    (PP-F10) Mushroom Hunting

    Tsu still tried not to look proud when Hei said that the drink machine was really nice, actually tasting like cola. Tsu watched the NPCs play in the playground a little bit longer as Hei told her she had a good memory, along with saying that he knew a few child players. "Oh yeah, I forgot about the kids on the first floor, ribbit. But it doesn't take too much of a good memory to recreate this. I just ate here so many times, it pretty much came to me instantly, ribbit." Tsu said before eating another chicken nugget, turning forward to face Hei. "So, if you ever feel like just stopping by, or even if you want to bring Fae, feel free to do so, ribbit. I have more vanity food I could possibly need. I like seeing people enjoy themselves in places like this, rrrrrrrribbit." Tsu offered, then taking a sip of her drink.
  6. Froppy

    (PP-F10) Mushroom Hunting

    Tsu had went into the back of the kitchen as Hei asked if he should get her a drink. "It's fine, I'll get it myself, ribbit!" Tsu called out to make sure he could hear him. McDonald's had mostly frozen stored food, which is something similar to what Tsu did. She opened up a cabinet unable to be seen, just like the freezers, and pulled out a box labelled "Big Mac". From there she also grabbed a box of chicken nuggets, and then filled two boxes with fries, one for each of them. Tsu came back with everything on a tray and set it down on one of the tables. Tsu looked into the playground area and watched some of the NPCs playing around in there. There were only a few NPCs in McFroppy's today, but it was better than nothing. Tsu got herself what was supposed to be Coke, and then sat back down at the table. "I tried to replicate the real place as much as I could, ribbit. Looking back now, the playground may not have been needed. Since not all of them have a playground, and there aren't really and kids in this game besides the NPCs, ribbit. I still enjoy watching the NPCs. Sometimes when I spend too long in here, I partly forget I'm in a game, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu said as she started to eat.
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  8. Froppy

    (PP-F10) Mushroom Hunting

    Tsu followed Hei out of the cave once they came to the conclusion that there was no more mushrooms to be found inside the cave. McFroppy's stood out in the town simply because of it's appearance, not fitting too well with the rest of the theme. When they went inside, Tsu tried not to look proud when Hei stared in wonder. It was the same reaction just about everyone had when they saw McFroppy's for the first time. He asked how Tsu managed the design, and she shrugged. "It took a while, but it was mostly just based from memory, ribbit. The drink machine was the hardest to make. It's hooked up to the waterfall through a long pipe, ribbit. The flavors are just a mix of materials that closely taste like their real life counterparts. So go ahead and get yourself a drink while I go whip up a burger, rrrrrrrrrribbit." Tsu said as she walked to the counter and got out two cups, handing one to Hei, before heading into the kitchen.
  9. Froppy

    (PP-F10) The Prince and the Frog Princess

    Tsu remained seated in the pond, keeping still as she waited for Stryder to come. But sure enough, he came along after a while, and he would be greeted by several of the frogs nearby approaching him. Once they approached, Tsu rose up out of the water slowly and walked out of the water. "Greetings Stryder, ribbit. I am Princess Asui of the frogs. But just call me Tsu, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu said as she walked up to Stryder and looked up at him, doing a quick curtsie with her dress. Tsu then burst out laughing and she switched back to her normal gear. "I'm just kidding, ribbit. But it's nice to meet you, rrrrrribbit."
  10. Tsu's kinship with frogs was the main reason she wanted a frog familiar, but there were other reasons why as well. Tsu's whole family was another reason. When Tsu was alone like this doing her little material gatherings or when she became a cook, Tsu often thought back on how her life was before this game. This was another one of those times. Tsu's whole family was froggy, long tongues with all of them. It was just something they all had to deal with. Society mostly branded them as outcasts, so Tsu never got quite good with her social skills. Her whole family was overall bad at interacting with others outside of the family. Having a frog familiar like this would just be a nice reminded of her family that she oh so missed. Tsu now had somewhat of an idea for a name now. Maybe one of her family members, just to keep that part of them close.
  11. As Tsu walked out of McFroppy's, she greeted the hollow NPCs, who greeted her back by waving. Tsu had seen the NPCs on this floor so many times now, they were starting to recognize her. Tsu adored the NPCs, finding their hollow appearance and blank expressions adorable in combination with each other. That's how they were, so Tsu loved them. But today was not a day to just meet and greet NPCs, not that they could talk back, but now was frog finding time. If she could just find her special buddy today, then she would be set. Most players she had met with familiars had gone with a damage based familiar, so that's what Tsu had decided to go for. Granted, Tsu still needed to figure out a name, but she was going to get a frog no matter what. It was her simple kinship with them that made Tsu want a frog familiar so much.
  12. Froppy

    (PP-F10) Mushroom Hunting

    Tsu gave Hei a quick thumbs up when he said that he would visit her every now and then. "Thanks, I'll be sure to visit you every now and then as well, ribbit. But don't worry about me getting lonely. I'm always busy, rrrrribbit." Tsu said as she walked beside Hei, keeping her eyes peeled for any materials that could be nearby. Hei suggested Tsu just use her hands instead of her tongue to grab materials, just as he grabbed 4 more mats to prove his point. Tsu nodded her head. "Alright, ribbit. But I'll still use it to grab the high up mats, since my hands don't quite reach, rrrrrribbit." Tsu said as she spotted another mushroom on the ceiling. As usual, she wrapped her tongue around it and pulled it down, from there catching it with her hands. They were already nearing back on the other side of the cave where they started, and soon they would be back in town. ID: 100982 LD: 16 (Success) T1 Mats Total: 3 @Hei
  13. Froppy

    [OP-F19] The Aincradian Library of Dawn

    Tsu continued to read about floor 10 by herself and found a few good spots to grind and gather ingredients. All the while she listened in on sir Jonathan and sir Calrex's conversation. They had been mainly talking about Bialas and Rohk, both of which sounded horrible to deal with during those boss raids. Tsu remained silent, not wanting to butt in at all. But their whole conversation made Tsu question her own build and what she could do in boss fights. She had rank 4 first aid, and that was it. Tsu planned on becoming a tank, but how long would that take was her main question. Tsu continued to delve into her thoughts as she listened to the two of them, now looking at them from her seat.
  14. Tsu nodded her head in agreement with @Arabelle when she said that no one really bought from performers unless they were going on boss raids and dungeons. "Yeah, I don't get too much business either, ribbit. But I just cook since it's what I'm used to, and I needed a place to live. I think a home is part of all of our reasons for making shops, rrrrrrrribbit." Tsu said as she continued to search the ground. Nothing really seemed to come into view, so maybe they would find more materials when they would get further away from the safe zone. @Vigilon brought up when they had gone questing and the food sample and Tsu chimed in, "That dragon was too easy, ribbit. Although I still feel like I did nothing. I pretty much always bring some meals with me for after fights, since it's just good to keep a good mood with a party. Things almost went sour with Mars, rrrrrrrribbit." Tsu responded, thinking back to the raid. @Reinholt then said that they should try out their shops, and Tsu gave a quick thumbs up. "That would be nice, maybe I can check out yours as well, rrrribbit!" Tsu said as she continued to walk along the rocky floor. ID: 100921 LD: 6 (Fail) 1 T1 Mat Total
  15. Tsu hadn't expected to get an invitation like this, but since it was Hei's birthday, Tsu figured she should come, being part of this guild. Although Tsu wasn't good at cooking, she could at least bring food. Going to her kitchen, Tsu whipped up 100 chicken nuggets and a large bowl of fries, along with 10 hamburgers and 10 cheeseburgers, all of them went into her inventory before she walked out. It was a birthday party, so Tsu figured that she didn't have to wear anything fancy to it. It was just the guild and a few of his friends, no real need to be fancy. Tsu arrived at the hanger and waved to Hei as she walked in, setting up the food next to the drinks. She laid out the 100 nuggets on a plate surrounded by dipping sauces, with the bowl of fries beside it. Then the burgers were laid out on a tray next to the fries. "Pin is bringing the cake, ribbit. But happy birthday Hei! I haven't known you for long, but you're a pretty cool guy, rrrrrrrrribbit!"