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  1. Endilix heard her call back her response to him in the kitchen, and found it as vague and unhelpful as the response for lunch had been. Endilix gave a light sigh, but couldn't help but chuckle to himself. He'd be lying if he tried to say he wasn't himself as often this indecisive or vague. In fact, it was enough of a problem that his twin stopped asking him for input altogether, just assuming that whatever he decided was fine with the apathetic knight. He never once found this to not actually be the case. But here he was, having to make all the decisions instead, for a stranger just as ap
  2. Endilix received the answer to his question and his ears perked up as he realized that her voice had not come from the chair he had set for her, but from another part of the bar. He turned his head and saw that she had started cleaning herself. He couldn't help the frown that drew across his face. He would never normally ask a lady to assist him in cleaning when she was the guest. It was bad enough this place was the mess it was. But, seeing as she could send his HP bar into the abyss just by thinking about it, he thought it better to let her do as she wished. Even if it was something menial l
  3. Endilix chuckled as she continued to assure him that what was done was fair, but no matter how much convincing she tried he just knew in his mind he wouldn't accept it. At the end of the day, a life debt was something incredibly difficult to repay, and while he made it simpler for the newbies that he helped on the lower floors, he had a hard time accepting such weak payments for his own debts. But at the end of the day, paying off a longer term life debt meant making friends with this sweet girl, and that seemed more like an offer he couldn't refuse, if anything. The longer he walked and
  4. "That's a lovely name," Endilix admitted, silently still wishing that this cute girl wasn't already taken by whoever was lucky enough to snatch her up. But he would be lying if he said he wasn't still enjoying himself despite all that. As they reached the safe zone, Endilix pointed off to a nearby neighborhood inside the town gates, "I have a shop here where I live. A bar that I've never given enough love and attention to get it off the ground. I accidentally became a cook just to have a place to live I guess." He chuckled again, the more he talked and opened up to this girl, the more stu
  5. Endilix wasn't sure how much he should really divulge to this girl. He wasn't certain of her connections or friends, or who this duo partner was. If it was one of the frontliners he knew, he could land himself in hot water speaking ill of them. But he figured he shouldn't play coy either, as that would just sour the mood. "And see, here I am, getting you into more trouble when you're supposed to be taking a break!" he ended up joking, giving the girl a smile. Then he remembered he was still wearing his mask, and decided to open up his menu, giving it a few swipes. He took off the mask and
  6. Endilix hadn't looked up from the snow as he heard her footfalls crunching in the snow. He expected the worst. Scorn, disappointment, or worse, death. If she could take down a monster like that as easily as she did, his life was nothing in her hands. She wasn't orange, but that didn't mean anything if someone truly wished to take advantage of a weak opponent like him. And yet, what he received was the exact opposite of all those things. She was kind, understanding, and her words were sweet like honey. The words felt like they were being sent through a filter and were a world away, but he
  7. Endilix tried his best to think of what to say to the girl as they walked. He had to find some way to woo her before they got to town. Provided his amazing tanking skills hadn't already done so. Though based on her demeanor, she didn't seem exactly smitten with him. He did find himself hoping that she was actually into guys. That would be just his luck. Save a cute girl, be a badass tank, and she turns out to be a lesbian. These thoughts were shaken from him as the ground started to rumble beneath them. He looked around, waiting for the next threat to appear, only for it to be a massive d
  8. Endilix couldn't help but feel his heart swell at the girl's praise. This was what he lived for ever since he got trapped in this death game. But he had best not get ahead of himself, so he gave her a nod and refocused his attention on the golem. The golem's arm had been torn to shreds by the thorns of his shield, and he didn't figure that it was that strong of a creature. Not that the creatures they would find would be incredibly powerful this low on the floor count, but that was neither here nor there. Endilix wasn't especially high level so he couldn't get too far ahead of himself. If
  9. Kinda surprised that nobody has updated or made another one of these reflecting any changes. Still seems like a comprehensive and useful thing to have around. But, I made this on an alt forever ago, and can't edit it now. So, may as well remake it now on a main character. Have fun! List is sorted in order of recommended level for ease of access in terms of players planning their leveling path. Included party limits and repeatability which were not previously included. However, if this makes it too busy or too hard to understand please give me some feedback and I'll do some formatting to m
  10. Endilix trudged through the snow to the fourth floor. He had long since become accustomed to the snow that surrounded him, but he still couldn't help but wonder with regret how different it would have been to live on a floor that was an island paradise instead. His steel boots left stamps in the snow as he pressed through the snowstorm to his small bar. He had spent yet another day helping train low levels on the basics of defending themselves in the death game. It was a thankless job, especially because Endilix is high enough level that he got nothing out of it. But it was rewarding morally,
  11. Hey everyone, Endilix here for my regular, I don't post anymore but really wish I had the time/motivation nostalgia trip. So, it looks like I'm going to be the first, and maybe only veteran to go on record as saying that I think a hard reset is a good idea. But let me explain why. I've made it no secret that despite the numbers game, my motivation is always the story. But from all my experience playing MMOs and actual video games, which SAO aims to emulate, and SAO-RPG further emulates, there is one key element missing for any and all new players. And I say this as someone who missed it m
  12. Endilix's eyes lazily drifted from the man next to him to his glass, and then back again. "Honestly, meeting an actual orange player is something I've never had the experience of. Most hide in the shadows, or openly flaunt their position in a way that says, 'Look at me, I'm unbeatable!' You did neither, and that's important." Endilix nodded, and sat up from his rested position. "You seem like an alright person, Oikawa." As Endilix looked around he had noticed that the evening crowd appeared to be making their way to their rooms or clearing out of the tavern. In the lull, Endilix caught th
  13. Endilix didn't order another drink. The conversation had taken an interesting turn, as the crimson haired man was faced with things that he had never been forced to consider. That was far more important than drinking, and Endilix turned to give his full attention to Oikawa. The questions filtered through his mind, one by one, and readily an answer would jump out for each one. But these were his old answers, his old way of thinking. Not that his mind had wildly changed, but the consideration of an open mind was far more important than the generic "heroic" answer. Endilix put a hand on his
  14. To those who haven't seen it, some of us have taken up the torch to bring ALO to life. If you're interested in ALO Development, please read this thread, and feel free to PM me, Opal, or Cygnus for questions. Thank you!

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      We are going full throttle with the development of ALO, I myself am making it my priority over SAO. New staff, new ideas and new everything. It wont be the same ALO you played on this side of the site. We are making ALO great again! XD 

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      Making ALO great again again!

  15. This time, Endilix didn't notice the bartender bring his new glass. He didn't notice the trade window pop up, until the bartender gave a gruff, "Oy. You wanted my attention, now I can't even get yours." Endilix uttered a brief apology as the smile had faded in light of what the man next to him had asked. Payment was transferred on autopilot, Endilix's fingers dragging across the buttons on his UI. Again, he heard the words flash in his mind, "Standing up for what was right always mattered to you more than anything else. What if I'm not what's right? This is why...this is..why... This is why w
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