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  1. Uuuhhh... May I?
  2. "Gonna finish this up then! A few sample of anything is my everything." Sharr said in reply. Soon enough they reached the house. "Well, first one out of the three, let's do this!" Sharr said with a sigh. He entered the building after knocking on the door. Inside, they were greeted by a rather old man in the middle of making a potion. 'So this guy is the quest NPC? Damn, he looks like my hippie high school friend making another drink mixing it with 420, oh the memories...' He thought as he stared at Zackariah. "Well, don't be shy, come in, come in." Zackariah started. "I am the alchemist, Zackariah. I am here to teach adventurers such as yourself the basics of being one. Alright, let's start, I do have a little something I need to do, but as you can see, I am quite the busy man. I see that you're a promising man, fetch me three herbs from the forest near this town, and bring them to me." After the NPC gave the quest, Sharr made his way out of the house, excited for what was to come. He turned to Benjamin Bookworm and said, "Hey Benjamin Book- Nope, I'll call you Benjay, let's get this one done fast! I wanna get to your level, then be on the frontlines ASAP! And this will be my first step in doing so." He said as he marched towards the way to the forest of the First Floor. @Benjamin Bookworm
  3. Sharr got up from the ground, dusting off his rear. He watched the girl as she reacted from Sharr's "attempt" to "to get her off him". He wanted to reply to every accusation she said, but he thought it was best to keep it all to himself. 'Nope, not a pervert... I think I am someone who was born and named Sharr...' "Wait it wasn't? Pretty sure it was, I should at least get that right about you." Sharr sighed as he thought about a way to make up for what he had 'accidentally' done. 'Yes, it was just a fortunate accident Sharr, nothing is your fault.' He then walked up to Spangie, then stopped making sure they were at least a meter apart, being weary of her personal space. 'I doubt she'll ever want to be close to me again, given just what happened.' "Aawwee don't throw all the blame on that cute little thing, you were the one that crashed on me, you ended up on top of me, and you had to make me get you off of me, trust me I tried." Sharr said, emphazing all the "you's", as he tried to grab her familiar by its scruff, planning to take it from her and let it go. "What was it you were saying about a quest? My name's Spangie by the way." @Spangie
  4. Sharr was just walking around town after stealing a simple sandwhich from a group of players in a gavern nearby. 'It is just a sandwhich, I bet they won't even bat an eye once they find out that I took it.' He was about to take a bite when he heard ruckus from somewhere nearby. It was getting louder as time went by. Soon enough he could hear the words, they were pleading for someone to stop. Then he saw a familiar stop running nearby, Sharr stopped finishing the sandwhich for a while and approached the Nine-tailed fox. "Hey I know-" He was cut short by someone crashing into him, his sandwhich flying from his hand, falling to the familiars head, making a soft "splat" before it shattered and disappeared. "Oww..." Sharr was lying on the ground with someone on him. He tried to get her off but stopped when his hands found its way to her chest, accidentally held them tight them. "Hey you're that girl from that party, Spanky was it?" He tried one more attempt to get her off but stopped once he accidentally held them tight again. 'Who knew they could feel this real in the NerveGear.' @Spangie
  5. (OOC: You know this isn't Earning a Living right?) 'Finally scored one! Good job Sharr you are not that kind of guy that everyone avoids because of who you are!' Sharr thought making himself feel good about his life. He watched as the player closed up his shop. The boy also mentioned that he does not get alot of customers. "I can't believe that even in this world, some jobs struggle to get alot people in it." Then he took out something from his scarf, a catterpillar. At first he was amazed, and somewhat gross out, but when he recognized what it was he felt that this may be popular among high level players. 'Must be one of those familliar thingies...' "You know, I have seen a lot of familliars lately ranging from a Frost Dragon to a Nine-tailed fox, and you my friend have the weirdest one yet. Anyways, the name is Sharr, here to follow you to wherever that quest guy is!" He said pointing his thumb to himself.
  6. Sharr

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    “Yeah, you don’t think so huh?” Sharr said emphasizing on the word think. “Guess I would be the first to find out whether it does.” He chuckled. The girl introduced herself as Spangie. ‘She was going to say something different, possibly her real name.’ “The name is K- Sharr.” He said trying to immitate her. Sharr took her hand and shook it. ‘First actual handshake in my whole life, better start practicing for the job interviews, of course that’s if I survive this hell.’ Sharr tried to shake the thought out of his head while Spangie was carrying her familliar and introducing it before letting go. “Agni huh? So, what is it called? I mean, the type of animal it is. I know this one guy with a Frost Dragon that he does fancy attacks with, can you guys do something like that?” He said as he looked over the table and grabbed a chocolate truffle. “Oh this one has Dark Chocolate in it, this is so good...” He muttered.
  7. So... I can see my OP thread going nowhere, anyone wanna do the honors of killing the last mob? I would if I could but a guy who attacks with 1 DMG might actually be overkill... Aand I’d probs be closing that on my next post so...

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  8. Sharr walked around the town of beginnings looking for an old man who was supposed to be named Zackariah. ‘Okay, if I want to get the ropes of this game I would need to find this guy, now which house would you be hiding? Gaaaaaaaaaaaahh I should at least have asked that player where he lives!’ He thought as he went from house to house looking through each window searching for the name Zackariah among all the NPCs. ‘Tsk this no use, I should probably go back to asking questions again.’ Sharr went to every player he sees, hoping that he would answer their questions. “Hey-hey good da-“ He started before getting ignored as his first attempt to ask a player about Zackariah failed. “Yo! What’s up! Would you at least spend some time helpi-“ Every player he went to ignored him and seemed busy in their own way. ‘This is going nowhere, how unluc-‘ “Ow! Watch where you’re go- Oh hi there! Do you mind helping a newbie find a man named Zackariah?” He said trying to test his luck one last time. @Benjamin Bookworm
  9. Replaying this quest with @Benjamin Bookworm
  10. Sharr

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    'Crap! I've been found! Act natural, act natural' Sharr thought as a female player approached him. She didn't mind much about his act. In fact, she stated that wine was not the best thing to steal in their current situation. Sharr looked at the bottle in his hand, then the bottle the girl was holding. Sharr let out a sigh and agreed with her. "Yeah... I'm not a tea-liking kind of guy. But in the end, wine is wine! And I that I would be better drinking these in the last seconds of my life in this death game than tea." He said as he took the other bottle of wine from Spangie and sent them to his inventory. "I don't know how these work but I hope they will taste better the longer they are kept." Sharr was about to leave, when the thought that socializing wouldn't hurt. 'Well I do need some friends to have my back.' "What did you say your name was?" @Spangie
  11. Sharr

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Sharr was walking around town when he noticed that he received a notification. He received a message from a player named Novafire. ‘Free coffee? I could use some of that.’ Sharr went to the location stated in the message. As he walked, he sent a message to his guild leader @Outlander Yo boss, I’ll be attending this party hosted by a player named Novafire, just wanted you to know that this could be a good place to meet alot of players, and people we can trust... Sharr entered the room nervously, and slowly. He could see several familiar faces in the room but he did not dare try to grab their attention. ‘C*ap, I’m not even dressed for this party!’ He thought as he looked at his white off-shoulder tunic, shorts, and sandals. ‘Don’t stand out, don’t stand out.’ He thought as he tried to stealthily grab a bottle of wine from a table. ‘No coffee in sight, but wine is twice as good, now to find another full bottle then make my escape.’
  12. Sharr

    [UPDATED] Face-Claim Thread

    Sharr: Sharr - Magi
  13. Here's a poke to everyone I'm RPing with *Pokes with my toe ^_^*

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  14. Sharr entered the shop of the rumored best Artisan of all Aincrad, Domarus.'Well he did say I can still buy stuff from him' Sharr thought remembering what happened in a certain tavern in a time he would not dare forget. "Hey! Mister Domarus!" Sharr called as he entered the shop. "Here is the order I promised you back then!" He said as he made his way to the counter and presented Domarus with a paper containing his order. Sharr then quickly transferred his payment right away. "See? It suits me right yeah? But it also makes me look a little flashy, don't you think?" -7 T1 Mats Sent to @Domarus (PS: Accidentally sent you 7 Col too.)
  15. Sharr

    [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    Sharr did not need words to know that his request for introduction was rejected as soon as he found himself back kneeling on the ground. ‘I could get used to this...’ Then Domarus came to him, introduced himself, and told him that he wishes to bring justice and peace in all of Aincrad and that he had already brought down two illegal guilds. ‘This is someone I have to watch out for. Could he possibly be the guy who brought Vial of Blood down?’ Then one by one, everyone started to leave and get back to their own business. The people left were the ones outside, scythe girl included. ‘Nope, I’m not going to exit there.’ Sharr thought as he made his way to a nearby window and left. He left out a big sigh for not getting arrested as he walked away from the Tavern he sent Outlander a message. ‘Damn that leader!’ [Leaves the thread]