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  1. does anyone want to do a thread with me, of so pleaseeeee

    1. Runa


      I am quite new and just started the first lesson with someone. 
      would you like to do a thread with me? If so, do you have any idea what we could do


  2. Sunova nodded to Jun as he spoke It was true we are just all humans but not all humans with a curse like mine. I can't believe I speak like this, Well it is now that time we need to be with family. Sunova looks to Jun again and in his eyes a bit. Yep, he had that still hoping look on him so sure you could build on his shoulders for sure. But now was not the time to talk about that and she smiled to him, "True we are human, failing is in our system right," Sunova said nodding to him before he started Thanking her for all the information on guilds and more and he wanted to talk once more after he got stronger and Sunova noted it down, "I won't be waiting much to keep up with me with a little head sprint but you can get here as well," Sunova said as it seems this talk was over and Sunova had also to do something for sure so it was the best time to leave as well, "Well I should be heading somewhere, I was supposed to train with a frontliner about using my Katana and stuff," She said getting up and taking her to leave waving to Jun twice or so. Thread Summary, @Sunova: 200 Col | 1 SP @Jun 200 Col | 1 SP
  3. Sunova smiled at him as he says this and that he would be happy to help her to her goal, "Well my goal is to take care of my friends as a supporter Like I did with most games.And well... At the moment I have been failing at this a bit to my lack of protection," She said to Jun still a bit smiling but you could see quite a bit of depression in her eyes. "But you have a long way to catch up to, I'm Level 20 right now and trying to get much higher for sure. Only wish I could help people of my level more but it seems a lot underestimate me quite a bit," Sunova said to Jun smiling innocently. It was clear Jun was a really kind person and praised Sunova for it, but the only reason that Sunova had was that she was just two years stuck in the game only thinking about how to get better at the game and have a plan, As any other Tactician would do. Sunova was proud to be this handy with information and putting it into a notebook even helped her quite a bit. But still, she was not perfect as she clearly needed help to do some more battle. "Thank you Jun, I'm Happy to have met you this day, I would like to invite you to the guild for sure, and yes I would allow this no matter what but My word still has to go around either Neo or Haz, But if you are willing to show you want to be with the guild I will be happy to put my self as a representative for your recruitment," Sunov said ending her talking waiting to see if Jun wanted to talk some more @Jun
  4. Sunova looks at Jun as he seems to get what she was talking about, It was no wonder for Sunova to know it most like the past two years she has been busy getting information about things and planning ahead on things to come and go. As than Jun asked her what she was, what type of build she was, at the moment she was a floating build not really into a thing but she did have a plan on where to go with it. "At the moment I'm a Combat Medic, WIth having Rank 2 in First Aid and having a Rank 3 in Katana. But that is just a small part of something I'm Planning on now, My Mitigation at the moment Is low because I want to focus on getting First aid and Katana up to a higher Rank. Getting the Mod Barrier to reduce Damage to my part, So I will be a Support Damager or well Combat Medic for some." Sunova said looking to their Katana at the moment, "So for this to work I need a better weapon or sticking with what I have now until the next tier, As at the moment My Katana has accuracy 2 and Bleed 1, And My Armor is just a Mitigation 2, For rest I don't have any stuff at the moment but I'm planning to get a few Buffs items in my battle ready inventory and be the buffer of the team for the most part." Sunova said explaining how her role worked. @Jun
  5. Sunova looks over to Kit as she wanted to get up to the building, Sunova held one hand to her chin and started thinking. Best way to get up a building was via the side for sure but getting back down without damage was a bit harder, then Sunova listens to What Kit said and looked back at the building a few stones left and right and in her mind she could see that she just could get to the top if she used her Sword art and get that extra boost of speed from it, Sunova nodded to Kit. "If you get to that above the window above the door. I can get there as well without trouble, Then you can have some more power to send me up and I can get by jumping quite a bit higher by using My sword art. Set that once I jump you should go down fast as once I get to my momentum in the air I use my Sword art to boost up more. But once I do that air around me will be pulled to me and I will end up falling back a bit. So if you get down stand 20 Feet away from the building I will land about where you are if you try to catch me without any fall Damage taken." Sunova said pulling away from her chin and un sheeting her Katana, holding it with the blade between her teeth and one hand on the handle as she was getting ready to get to the window. @Kit
  6. Sunova

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Rank 1,2 Light Armor Mod(s) Being Dropped: N/A SP Refunded: 13 Cost: 13.000 Col
  7. Sunova looked at his equipment a bit and she nodded, "SO light armor and One-handed weapon, I see. Advice from me, Get a weapon with the enchantment Damage 3, Then you can have quite a good base for starters. Next up if you want to I advice to get a Light armor with at least Mitigation 2 enchantment, You will be getting at least 18 boosts to your Defence. If you going for a move in move out build I advice you to get at least something with evasion, You be faster then most if you have that, wanting to get an extra hit out on things Get Accuracy well. Best way to go for you is then, Weapon with Damage 3 enchantment on it, Next up a Light armor with Mitigation 2 and Accuracy 1, Last but not least an Item like a jewel or so with Evasion 3 enchantment." Sunova said to Jun sounding quite knowable about the system and how it best worked for things, and Sunova did not even start talking about Skills yet. "Saying you go for a balanced build I would say Slowly move your way up on both Skills, Put in a point in Light armor and after that a point in Straight Sword, If you are happy with your damage or Mitigation then you can start focusing on what skill you want first, As you want to do Damage most I would say get at least Rank 3 in Light armor and then Get Rank 5 Straight Sword, In between you can take some other skills if you want, but you need to be happy about your started Skill first," Sunova said explaining to Jun how she would do it. @Jun
  8. Sunova smiled to Jun as he said that he would get in contact with one of the two and she nodded to him, "Well Neo is easy to find, She has two colors in her hair, but is mostly up at floor 7 or higher. Haz is maybe a bit harder but once you see the friendly giant you can never unsee him. Hydra well she can be found on this same floor, She is mostly at the church or orphanage she has red blue and White highlights in her hair so you can't miss her," Sunova said to Jun looking at the locations of her guild members as it seemed like Hydra was at floor 1 now and Both Haz and Neo at floor 13... Again... She let it slide for now but wanted to know why they both were back at that floor. "But any plans of going with your build Jun, I Know I can be quite a good battle but I think I need to get some Col to get my skills better ordered, But I will be mainly focused on getting my katana skill up. What about you Jun?" Sunova asked @Jun
  9. It seems that Jun was not in a guild at all and neo nodded happily, "There are many guilds, a few known once are KoB, The Guardians of a New Dawn, The Holy Dragon Alliance, The Vanguard and Garnet Rangers. Some are Frontline Guilds others are Leveling Guilds. I'm Part of Garnet Rangers," Sunova said showing Jun him a symbol on one of her writs plating. As this was in the form of a Red Garnet. "Kind of a guild leader but I don't make those big important decisions I just plan things like the Tactician type," Sunova said smiling to Jun waiting for something to happen like a light but that was just Her being happy. "If you really seek a guild try to find either Neopolitan or Hazado, They are quite nice and leaders of the Garnet Rangers most part. There is also Hydration who is the caretaker of the people there and also of the kids on the lower floors.."Sunova looked Happy talking about her guild a bit and she smiled quite a bit as she spoke about it. @Jun
  10. Sunova giggled a bit, "I'm not stupid you know, I'm old enough to know to just leave them alone, It was the same thing my first every trainer said to me, She is been missing for some time now so I don't know where she is at the moment," Sunova said smiling. Sure hugging red players is not good they are called red players for a reason and being a lower level then most people would be an easy target, tho having a guild in your back helped quite a big part. No matter what if your guild was known but not big it still had a name for itself. "Speaking of groups, are you in a guild by any change, Because having a guild is always better than standing alone. Or even having a few people on your back will make you saver. I have a few people who look out for me, somehow a few frontliners as well," Sunova said with a smile but surely something having your back was always good. "I'm training to use a Katana better in this game as real-world logic breaks your own balance in this fake worlds combat. Not only that I'm also trying to be a medic and help people by healing them Like first aid Skill I have," Sunova said with a smile to Jun. @Jun
  11. (Sorry been busy with things) Sunova nodded as Kit showed her the coin, it sure looked fancy And not only that Sunova heard about this quest from an Info broker but did not want to do the quest because it seemed quite a lot to get but as soon seeing the quest in detail she nodded happily. "Kay, I can help you there, So finding the people with blue names, probely quite a lot of fetch quests but I think that is not a big problem, Maybe some bigger quests can give you a big boost into it like helping out someone heal their kid or maybe even getting a small bring this to my father in the wilds at that place. I can look around for some of the papers as well so no worry there." Sunova said as she smiled hearing about the papers being 1 favor worth. Sure not a lot but every little bit helps right. Sunova took around very quick and spotted something not just anything but a dog who seemed to have something in their mouth a paper to be sure. "Hold up I think I see a Paper," Sunova said before walking up to the dog NPC slowly and making her way to the dog, "Hello doggy, you look quite cute, Maybe you want to give me that paper you got there," Sunova said putting out a hand to grab the paper but the dog moved away growling at her. "Or not, well Plan B." Sunova took a small item out her inventory and smiled at the dog, it was a cookie. Once the cookie was shown to the dog it started to wag its tail and Sunova moved up again, "Now doggy, Lets us do a fair trade, I give you this cookie and you give me that paper there so let go of it now and I throw it up," Sunova said before throwing the item in the air and with a quick reaction the dog jumped up and dropped the paper, at the same moment Sunova took the paper and smiled happily, "Thanks, doggy, Bye now," She said turning to Kit again and giving her the paper, "Here you go, where to next?" She asked Kit waiting as she was still holding her big Katana weapon. @Kit
  12. Sunova listens to what the priest said and she smiled quite a bit, I'm here to see two of my best friends getting married how cute, My ship is finally sailing for good and nothing can sink this thing. Sunova thought a bit and smiled before she heard Haz do this vow, it was quite nice but still, he would do all that he could for her once outside and she smiled even more now. Sunova was getting hyped and smiled quite wide, Hype Hype Hype Hype, I can't wait until the kiss. then she hears the priest say 'please send your representative to the font to say them' until she needed to do it as Neo looked at here, "Sorry Sorry, got lost in my thought Eeek! this is cute," Sunova said walking next to Neo now and smiling taking out a paper. "These are not my words just to make clear Haz, Ruben, you are the person who has been there for me. Through the toughest times, you have been my shield and I your blade. Though I choose not to read these to you aloud, know that that is because it makes them all the more sincere. My silence has been my one connection to the real world, and now I have you. I promise that we will be together, and will find each other when we have finally pulled through this castle. I will be your maiden within this castle of Aincrad for as long as it does stand. And once this castle has crumbled, then may I be your woman of the earth," Sunova said before looking to Neo, "Her words Not mine," She said again before walking back and smiling with joy as now the real thing was going to happen. @Hazado
  13. Sunova was sitting there getting her hair done by Hydra until Neo stood up and she seemed to be done with everything and sent the girls out of the room to get ready, "Good Luck Neo," Sunova said to leave the room as last. before making her way outside seeing that Hazado was getting things ready to start and Sunova took a small skip in to him before seeing Cosi, "Good luck to you too, A speech is going to be hard for sure," Sunova said standing next to the priest on the side where Neo was going to stand waiting to see what happened she sees quite a few faces she knew, She smiled and took a wave to @Vigilon Before standing good again she had a big smile on her face and she knew what was going to happen soon, Her best friend even though He may be in the early 20 now still was going to get married, Sure both of her friends where going to get married for sure and she was happy to see so. Now it was just to wait on @Neopolitan To come out and the priest can start his thing and get Sunova's Ship sailing as she smiled a bit in pure happiness.
  14. Sunova listens to the question Jun asked Sure maybe they were not bad but it still was murder why did, then Sunova started to think about something, tales of a player that seemed to be so nice and all but always ended up with pointing their weapon at the other player with a broken mask, "Well Jun, to be sure, They can think so, But Sometimes they can be bad from the start, But I do believe everyone can change even a murderer, as well the NPC that killed me was very sorry after his well he got killed, but He said to him that I forgive him. I think Players can do the same and change," She said to him before thinking about the player with the broken mask. "Jun question, Have you heard about the player with the red clock and broken mask, They call themselves Metal hand and stuff like that but I'm not sure why but the player seems to be unstable as people who made it away from her said she never killed anyone and just laughs as others do it for her," SHe said before thinking again, "Well No worry I think As I never seen this player yet, But if I do ever meet them I would like to say I forgive them for being like what they are and um... well give them a hug and stuff," She said turning to Jun @Jun
  15. Sunova

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Sunova let out a sigh of relieving to see that everyone expected that Miraak was back and even Neo seemed to be okay now Haz was quite happy looking as well and Neo for sure did as well too. Then a player walked up to her the blond, wait, not just any blond it is yea boy Cosi who she met quite a while ago at the beach party and stuff. He took her a bit away from everyone else and started talking to her, "Yeah, It was hard But with Baldur-san here and Hestia-san it was quite okay to get back up from it, Knowing everything is lost is hard and I do not want to repeat that a third time now in my life, But Cosi... Just remember I saved players live for at least one more turn for sure and I think Mina would be happy to see what I did for her, But next time Cosi. Let's meet on a beach again or something not on this floor or even near this floor," Sunova said to him before staring at Miraak "I believe in one thing only, that every person can be loved and should be loved, Never knew that Haz and Neo would turn so mad to Miraak once he k... took me out, They are my friends for sure as are all of you here, So Cosi how about you get there and smile for me please," Sunova said smiling not letting any weakness out. @Cosi