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  1. Sunova

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    It was getting Started and the one thing On Su's mind was only getting focused on the boss. SHe did not care for what he had to say but it was really getting quite as Miraak seemed to then Use an attack and attacks the whole group and deals damage to everyone and giving everyone Burn damage as well. soon after that, she gets an order from Domarus to get to healing and she gives a short noded to him. Looking at her party members health and while still holding her katana with both hands and moves over to @tricolor_mina And puts her hand on her shoulder healing her. Sunova hand began to give a slow Glow and heals up Mina for an attack before she gets herself into Burning Damage and she gives Mina a smile, "Be save now, Okay," She said and moved behind her just to make sure she was not getting a full hit from the boss or even something else. healing @tricolor_mina For 8% of party member’s maximum HP | 19 HP Healed | 5% of healing done | 0 EN
  2. Sunova

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    All people walked in and Sunova did not like the church at all never was a big fan of believing in things that were not real, And for her god was not real even tho everyone in her hometown and family did believe so and because of her pure white hair Sunova had she even been called the child of a demon. Su was still hugging her Katana and was feeling a bit scared from the man standing there, speaking about God and all did not make her feel safe at all. Even she knew it was just coding but He still sounded and moved like Human and his responses sounded quite human as well. Su snapped then at the man standing there "Your God Is Not Real, No God is real, they are all just fake. You can't be loved by someone who does not exist at all, It never did for me, and it will never do for anyone else. I just agree with Mars here, you should Die as fast as it can," She said puffing herself up altho she was the smallest person here maybe even the youngest as well. @Miraak the Accursed She walks over Next to @Hazado who seemed to be ready to fight as well, but Sunova was not standing ready she was still holding her Katana in something that it almost looked like she was hugging it. She also turned to @Domarus "Can we just end this meaningless talk about a fake thing, And just end the guy, I agree that rushing in is not going to work but I would love it if we just could end this meaningless talk," She said sounding serious about it not wanting to listen to whatever the so-called priest had to say. She then turned to her other friend @Neopolitan And smiled a bit giving her a small wink before looking back at the boss, "I don't really care what you have to say about your so-called god, but he is not real and so are you if you believe in him. God did not love me before so why would he love me now, you are a missed lead monster to believe in a god, If A god does not love you they call you a demon friend and I know how that feels But your so called God does not love any off us, otherwise we would not be here Stuck in this death game," She said sounding now a bit angry as well as she was building up her fighting spirit as she always did if she got angry.
  3. Sunova

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    As the group was called around and It started to calm down as two people started to speak One seemed to be a frontliner and quite a high level as well and the other one seemed to know a quite a lot as well. She walked to the back of the group and it seemed that the tier ones and tier twos got into the same group and the guy with red hair seemed to ask the players to there stats and other things, As it calmed down a bit Su walks up to the front and still holding her katana in the sheet and her small body stood now at the front, She was standing a 4'9 tall and her Katana was around 4 Feet Tall. @Domarus "I'm Sunova, And I'm Level 12 support with Rank 2 in first aid. I really don't have much else for items but I can keep up the healing for sure," she said holding on to her katana as her white fox fur armor moved on the wind. Su did not have any items to use and was not much as Combat as well, It was for sure something as this was going to get serious than the other times she had to help out healing. She then walked up to @Hazado and poked him in the side, "Hiy there, You look cool with that spear," she said to him as it seemed he was talking to @Cosi who she also knew, "Hiy Cosi, you are here too, It seemed like you got to see Haz in action again, this time in this armor, But you look cool as well with your armor," she said to Cosi.
  4. Sunova

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Sunova walked around for a long time and then seemed to walk into an event board on floor one saying about an event boss on floor 13, It was something Su was looking out to and she walked to the teleporter of floor one and went up to floor 13, it took her not long before she got there and when she got there it seemed that there are quite a few players. Ooh well, That is a few people where is Neo and Haz, Maybe Hydra is around as well, She thought and started to walk around for a bit he spotted a few people Kyoto was there Vigilong and Krysta was here as well, and she spotted Neo and she was selling some items and then her eyes spotted a long man in green armor that would be Hazado, She did not know where to walk to but her Eyes seemed to Spot some other people she knew as well, Hidden and Dazia and even Ruby. Quite a few faces here she knew and Su looked around and seemed to be the smallest person around here, and only knowing form the people she has met. She did not know where to walk to. So Su just stood there holding on to her Katana as it was almost as big as herself waiting for people to walk up to her or if she knew with who she wanted to speak to.
  5. Sunova was tasked with planning and was thinking off what they should try to do, it was just the four of them right now Being Hydravion, Hazado, Neopolitan and herself. Both Haz and Neo could deal some good hits in defeating monsters and Hydra and herself could do the healing for the most part for sure, but It would mean they had to find something that was going to challenge Neo a bit just to make Sure loot was getting spawned for them. She thought about what floor would be good for them, Floor 1 to 5 was quite weak even for Hazado, But Floor highers seemed to challenge him already. So Sunova walked to Floor six where she said down at a table in the main settlement and sent all of her guild members a message, saying the following, "I have got something, It is going to be harder for one of us, but as a team we can work together and deal with this," As it was done Sunova sent it off and she then waited for her companions to show up, as she sat down at the table and waited until her friends showed up maybe today Su could get a bit stronger and start showing everyone that she was stronger then she looked as she really did not have a good fight with anyone in her guild. @Hydravion @Neopolitan @Hazado
  6. Sunova

    [OP-FX][MM] What to do next?

    Su Sits next to Hidden and Next to Hidden was Kasier, Both of them did a great job, Sunova's Acting was on point and she was maybe going a bit far but it worked in the end and Sunova was quite proud on herself as she was not much of a fighter but still could do some heavy damage if it came to that point as the Katana she had was almost as Big as herself. The man was not keen on them leaving but Hidden did her best and made the man freeze from fear. As Aereth talked about what to do next Su seemed to get the idea of the best option, Yes Laughing Coffin was dangerous but with the description they got, Su was thinking maybe this guy was going to be there And if not there would be still a change that there were others, and it seemed that Hidden had the same Idea almost. Sunova nodded to Hidden "I Agree, and If the guy we heard about is there as well we know we are at the right spot, And our group is big right with quite a few frontliners so I think we would be okay," Su said as she stood up from sitting, with full of energy she stood there as her blood was pumping at this point and she was ready to get things moving even if it meant they would get into dangerous territory.
  7. Sunova Gave a Smile to Kyoto and she turned back to the Nepent with a look of focus, It was now her and the Nepent, Time to end you, I won't miss this time I know it I just know it, She thought and then with a lot of speed she moved in at the Nepent and with her Katana glowing red she made her first strike from under her right side up to the Nepent's face or what seemed to be its face, after that she moved her Katana horizontal over the things face as the next second the Nepent exploded into Polygons. She turned around to Kyoto and Smiled, "Got Him," She said as she skipped up to Kyoto holding her Katana in both hands. She then turned around next to her and looked where the Nepent Variant was going to come from, a big shadow moved in from the bush right in front of them and it seemed it was here. Out of the bush came the Nepent Variant as it was ready for a battle and fight the two. @Kyot0 ID: 107014 BD: 5+2=7 Hit MD: 5 Miss Sunova | HP 156/160 | EN 11/16 | Nepent | HP 0/7 [ Base DMG 4 x 2 Han'ei = DMG 8 ]
  8. Su turned to Kyoto and Smiled, with her Katana in her hands she looked at her last Nepent appeared and she was the one who needed to kill it fast, She nodded to herself, "One More to go and we can start beating the Big one, If I'm right," she says. She ran up to the Nepent who was still left, it was for her need to kill this one as Kyoto already killed two and now she needed to kill one as well. Her Katana began to glow and she tried to swing at the Nepent but it moved down from her attack and went for the counter-attack Hitting her as she took the full damage of the thing and flew back, "Ouch... That is Unfair, pick on someone your own size," she said getting up as she looked at Kyoto, She gave him a small hand sign to stay back and that she needed to do this on her own to kill the Nepent and get the boss out. @Kyot0 ID: 107014 BD: 2+2=4 Miss MD: 8 Hits Sunova | HP 156/160 | EN 12/16 | Nepent Attack: 3 DMG | 160-3=156 HP Nepent | HP 7/7
  9. Sunova

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Su Has Heard about a great shop that was around here and she walked into the shop she saw before her. once entered Sunova was amazed by all the cool looking clothing around and she wanted to get herself something as well. She walked up to the owner and smiled, "Hello there, I would Like to make a request, it is not hard so if you could get it done for me please do. I will be waiting right here while looking around," Su said as she filled in the request and looked around again to all the cool and cute clothing around in the shop -1100 col Name: Fox Momentum Hide Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: leave blank Roll: leave blank Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Mitigation 2, Recovery 1 Description: White Hide of a Fox that is placed upon the user's shoulders as beneath the Hide itself sit leather protection for the user. Post Link: leave blank
  10. Sunova

    [F07 - PP] A Garnet in the Rough

    Everyone seemed to get ready to leave Hydra offered help to Neo while Hazado got ready and explore this floor, Haz said to her to plan the next trip for the four of them to get col and start things so they could by a guild hall. "Sure I can do that, I will do it right away, I got an Inn room on this floor already rented so I will go there and plan it right away," she said hopping of her chair and starting to walk outside right after Haz. While Haz went one way Su went the other, it took not long for Su to get to the Inn in the settlement and get to the room she rented, Sitting on the bed Su started to look at the level of her friend and what floor they needed to go to get loot and col, It looked like it was going to be quite a high number but Su was for sure okay that they would be fine as long as Hydra and herself did not get to much hate from the monsters. Thread Summary @Neopolitan 300 Col | 3 SP @Hazado 300 Col | 3 SP @Hydravion 300 Col | 3 SP @Sunova 300 Col | 3 SP
  11. Sunova

    [F07 - PP] A Garnet in the Rough

    It was getting awkward for Su as the quietness went on and Su started to play a bit with her fingers until Hydra spoke asking if there was anything else to talk about, Hazado responded with an answer he did not really know as well and looked at her and Neo, "Um... I think we did all now, I'm not sure either but I can tell Neo and Haz told what they wanted to tell And I really don't know what to say because I never got into the guild thing," Su says with a smile on her face and took some of the things standing on the table to eat. Su was getting Used to Hydra being around and she did not even Care anymore who she was and just wanted to be friends with the woman and be happy. No matter Su was still seeing what they had to do but it really seemed that it was over and now they had to get into action.
  12. Sunova

    [F07 - PP] A Garnet in the Rough

    Su sat down on her chair as she crossed her legs, as both Neo and Haz said that a guild hall would be quite expensive to buy right away, "Ooh, I ... I did not know that," She said a bit said as she looked at Haz and Neo. A few Seconds later Haz explained to Hydra what things meant with the guild main use, It was getting explained quite clear that even Su was understanding it. As it then seemed what to talk about next was on the table it kind of fell quiet Su did not know what to say and was getting even quiet now, and that is a wonder. Su did not want to break the silence now and looked at Neo, So this is what it is, Quiet, maybe I should be it more... for them, She thought to herself. It is quite nice to see all of her friends here again but this time their dream of fighting together was becoming real.
  13. Sunova

    [F07 - PP] A Garnet in the Rough

    Neo came back and Haz was going over it again, He wrote it this time one a paper with simple words and their names. As he then puts execute and, prepare behind their names a small spark comes to Su's head and she knows what he was meaning with that, "So like Hydra and me are the leaders that make sure that everything is ready to go and you two execute it, Like um... Let see, I planned a group to go out for a quest and I send you and Neo out to clear that quest with them. So me and Hydra being the support leaders and you the attack leaders, a bit like that? " Su said trying to see if she knew what Hazado had writing down, It was not hard now it was more like getting the place and done, wait to get the place, "Ooh We have not chosen where the guild hall is going to be, like on what floor we could try and get one," Su said looking at Haz and Neo as they both seemed to forget about it as well.
  14. Sunova

    [F07 - PP] A Garnet in the Rough

    Neo laid down a paper with what she wanted to do, Su did not really understand what she was meaning with this but she Su was about to speak to Neo but it seemed as she was leaving to the back, " Ooh," she said low wanting to know what was going on at this point because Neo did not seem to be the same anymore and Su wanted to make Neo happy again. then Haz started talking as Su was saying about him doing this part, He started talking for a long time and she nodded while listening to what he was saying, then he addressed her by saying she could be the planner, like in making plans for things to do, "Yeah Yeah, I could be that I think, so far it is going well with my plans so why not here as well," she said as then Haz seemed to talk on about rolls, as He could be a trainer slash scout guy and Neo a supplier, while the role of Hydra was not clear it seemed Haz had it planned already giving her a role that meant caring for the members like... Like a mother
  15. Sunova

    [F07 - PP] A Garnet in the Rough

    Su was caught by surprise as Hazado and Hydra choose for Neo to be the 'Figurehead' for their guild, "It is treason then," she said in a smokers voice, as she paused for a second and smiled, "I always wanted to say that, Sorry, But you two mean it..." she said sounding a bit sad but as both Neo and Hydra explained it in more detail she nodded, "Okay, Neo can be the figurehead, I will be just a Co-leader off... TACTICS!" she said sounding full of energy again. Su was really happy that her dream in this game was becoming a thing, Making a guild with Haz and Neo, and Plus there was also this quite nice lady with them two. So now what was left, Name was done, the symbol was done, the leader was chosen, what was next. Su started thinking and then slammed her hand on the table again, "SORRY!" she said right away after she did that, "As we now have the figurehead, so how about rolls Like what are we ordering, Like um... yeah Rolls, Haz you know this a bit more, your father is in the military so you should know a bit more of the Roll thing," she said looking at Hazado