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  1. Sunova

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    still crying behind the tree was now really looking even smaller than she normally did and even for her height, she was clearly small behind the tree there. Her mind raced back and forward quite a bit with very bad things in her memory, things her mother said thing people sad after they heard Su had snow white hair. All of those where bad thing all about how she should not have been gifted the gift of life and how she would be better up leaving. Now thinking about it a bit she was getting even sadder. Then hearing a pin she looked up and looked around before opening the menu and seeing that a message came in, a Message from Neo. She wanted to push it away but then something in her mind sparked saying something along the sides of "My grandchild is a strong and caring child, No matter how you look, you always bring joy from your own joy, smile back to those who seek you ill," those words where her grandfathers word. the one who learned her about self-defense and kendo, and not only that gave somehow some excellent dance moves as well. Getting the courage and slowly raising her hand and opening the message and reading it. She started to read it a bit and shook her head. Even tho her mind wanted to be happy she was clearly not capable of it. It was a combination of old memories and the new once, not only that also the memories of others of her closes friends and the pain they carried with them and never told anyone but her. @Neopolitan
  2. Sunova

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    it was getting quite for a bit as Neo was writing the message, she was really learning how to type fast and was almost done in a few moments, in the time that Neo was typing Su dried her tiers a bit and was calming down while still being quite red on her face. Once Neo was done and Su got the notification she started reading it with care, she kept reading and reading as a small tear rolled down her cheek and she just kept reading. Then she was reading it again and lowered her arms to her side a bit. She swallowed a bit before slowly raising her hand to the message and selection the reply, in a few seconds it was clear to Su the names she kept reading and reading were peoples names with friends and love once. To Neo, Sorry This was that the message said before Su stood up from her seat and bowed to Neo before running quite fast out into the back door. Once in the back yard of the house Su jumped behind a tree and started crying and talking to herself almost like cursing and talking herself down, "Y...you stupid Idiot, Why... Why did you ask? WHY! I sho... should have never ... never come here, It is better for me... If I left," She said to herself as she hides her head into her knees and was mad and sad at the same time, not mad at Neo but at herself. It was not that Su wanted to do this, Memories can be good right, but sometimes it's better to leave them forever and Su thought about it quite a bit and talked herself down quite a bit. @Neopolitan
  3. Sunova

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    Su looked a bit shocked as Neo went in for a hug, it felt a bit weird as Neo was not the kind to hug like this. Maybe it was just because they have been spending time together quite a bit, It felt nice and Su returned a hug to her as well. "Neo, I'm ... really ... happy to have you as a friend. can I ask... why do you care so much for me, and don't give me that because we are friends. Give me a good reason because the first time we met you did not really seem to be bothered by my action when I randomly grabbed your arm and did like we were good friends." Su was still busy trying to dry her eyes and give a weak smile to Neo as she spoke. It was clear Su kind of knew she could be a bit to active for some people and sometimes be quite hyper as well. not only that sometimes she was called irritating by some people. @Neopolitan
  4. Sunova

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    Su looks as she cries a bit, Neo seems to do her best to get her better and it was maybe the best Neo could do really. Su did not want to do it but sometimes things have to move, "I ... I have been hiding, T...Trying to find my place again. But t...that was maybe not the best, Memories came back. Good and bad once, As you already know I came here with Haz, We are good friends and all but it was not JUST us two. No our whole guild from another game came as well." Drying her tears now quite a bit she looks up and Neo nodding as she looked quite to bring up some power to think about it. "Haz may not like to speak about it, really I think he does not care anymore, What ... Is quite rare for someone like him. But our old Guild members are still alive, with us that old guild was made out of 10 people. We used to call us 'Voices Of The Unique' or 'Voices' and we knew each other quite well. And in these dreams, I see their names sometimes and other times I see my own and everyone leaves me behind. Forgetting about me," She stops looking down at her hands a bit as it was clear she was a bit scared. Su was really not in the best place now and was really scared of being forgotten by everyone, "Neo... Please tell me, have you ever forgotten about me. If so I want to hang out with you more, Please..." She was clearly sad and scared for what to come next and was really shaking now as he hands shake quite a bit now. @Neopolitan
  5. Sunova

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    Walking inside a Su looked around with wondering eyes and she looked quite a bit around, Seeing the Kitchen is a bit open and to be sure quite big as well, Like there where two kitchens in one. Sitting down in the living room Su looked around a bit more, It was clear both players had some interest in calm surroundings and Haz was always from white and old stuff and Well Neo seemed like the time who liked the warm places as well as the cold places of colors. Sitting down Su lets out a sigh and looks around a bit more seeing A door from the Kitchen going into some big kitchen kind of workshop and some stairs going up, Probably where the sleeping room was. As Neo came back with snacks on a tray Su laughed a bit, "I used to do that you know, Had a side job in a cafe being the waiter and stuff, But that is not what I wanted to talk about," She said as she did so you could hear the change of tone from happy to sad. Taking a deep breath and taking some snacks as well Su nodded and started speaking, "Neo, I have been quite scared. Like I have been having dreams... Off the time facing Miraaks demon... I still do not blame him, But... I can not blame him for things he was not holding the controller," You could see tears appear in Su's eyes a bit but none were falling down yet. "Well... I have been dreaming about... well really being dead, And I just fear nobody was gonna care that I was gone... And... And like ... Nobody... like, really ... I.." Su stopped talking and just shut down laying her head into her lap starting to cry. @Neopolitan
  6. Sunova

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    Su looked once more at the house and looked at the small little bridge connecting the house to the land. Somehow this house had the style of an old Japanese house, giving Sunova a bit of feeling from home and her Grandpa's house she was at quite a lot. "This feels... A bit too familiar for me," Su said sounding a bit sad still patting Roman a bit. It was clear Su was really in a hole that was hard to get out of, and was hiding it quite a bit for sure. Tho giving it now Su was not having the best of times. It was clear she grew quite a bit quieter but still tried to shock it off like normal and just be herself, what seemed to hurt her quite a bit. "Can we sit somewhere Neo, I kind of want to sit somewhere, just talking okay," She said to Neo pointing at the door so they knew She wanted to go inside and just sit in the living room to take a break and talk a bit to Neo about the things. "If you don't mind Neo, I would like to talk about something I ... I just can't handle alone, and well you seemed to like the only person I know, And after Cutting my hair down a bit I feel like I want to drop something else as well and stop this once and for all," She said sounding like she was talking about something else for a second almost sounding like killing herself. @Neopolitan
  7. Sunova

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    Getting a Hug from Neo was something Su really never got in the first place it was nice for sure to get one and she did like it. "Um thanks for the Hug," Su said a bit blushing a bit, Even tho Neo was maybe one year older she felt like she was quite a bit older, But maybe that was because of Su's Highed and stuff and how she was with her personality and stuff. Following Neo into the Transporter, She seemed to be waiting for her, walking next to Neo for a bit Su tried to think of something to talk about. "So Um... Neo, I know I have not been seeing you guys in a long time, but that was because I'm scared after the events on Floor 13. I want to help surely do, But after some planning and moving around the pieces a bit, I still have quite a bit off fear," She said to Neo still following her. It was nice to know that Neo was always listening like she did always and sure it would be nice to speak with Neo for sure, but this was also good. Getting to some mountains with a river and stuff Su saw a house quite standing out as it was sitting at the river bank. "OH WOW, Haz made this, HE REALLY DID, Guess he is useful from some other things as well. It so Big, How did you two get that amount of Col to even get this kind of house," Su said quite surprised and was really with open mouth staring at the house as Roman came down to Neo, Su shocked a bit, "EEEP!" She looked at Roman and sighed, "Its just you Roman, Please don't scare me like that, My heart can't take that," She said to him giving him a small pat on the head. @Neopolitan
  8. Sunova

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    Being Sumiko her real name and Sumi being nickname she could see that Neo was a bit confused to it at first but as always Neo reacted like she always did. Getting a message from Neo she had no problem with going to the house of Neo and Haz. "Neo it would be quite fun to go to your house, tho well if you want I want to talk about something if you alright with it." She daid to Neo getting a small snigger herself as she nodded to Neo and smiled "You always been the type to get things done fast, just a clarification on why the name change a bit well, my real name is Royama Sumiko, so yeah thats is why." she said sounding a bit sad as she told this but she was at least happy she would carry her grandfathers name with the best way she could. Being The person she was and wanted to become, Sumiko knew she needed to change quite a bit, become more serious and deadly with her way of fighting and how she strategist. "Neo if you dont mind would you take the lead for now, I really don't know where you have your house at all so how about you show me the way," she said with up most respect to Neo like she was some sort of teacher to her. As it was a reason she did this being the reason that she wanted to be taken more serious. @Neopolitan
  9. Sunova

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    Sunova looked a bit around to her own surprise and a big spark of joy, then she got up with something. With full speed Sunova changed at Neo hugging her right away. "Neo, been so long, I though you forgot me, Su." letting go of thr hug Sunova straightened up a bit ans smiled "ooh yeah sorry, a new introduction is in place. Name is Sumiko, but all friends call me Sumi and we are friend like best friends in game. Or you know me as this person," She pulled up her Menu and sended Neo a message saying ,>~< hello Neo! Surprise surprise, a new me. She smiled and looked at Neo who seemed to get ready to leave and made a small spin "where are you planning to go, I heard you got a house made by Haz, if you like we can go there?" she sounded full of energy like she always was but you could see a small tear in her eye yet not know if it was a tear of happiness or just a tear of sadness. Turning to things a bit she smiled spinning her hair a bit around her finger, now that she changed a bit in hair color and so, but seemly she was the same looking Sunova from before, her face did not change at all and her eyes still rhe same as well she was still quite small like still small being 4'9" at best. Tho what ever Neo wanted to do Sumi was happy to follow and even whilling to learn sign language from either Hydravion or Neo herself. "Like my new style, it's a bit different and well, I thought they maybe treat me a bit different if my hair was not white, and well tried my best. But please don't talk about my length yes I'm still small." she said a bit huffing and looking on to hos things where holding with Neo. @Neopolitan
  10. Sunova

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    Sunova was wondering around for quite a bit on floor 1, things have started changing quite a lot. Haz and Neo got quite a bit stronger and Sunova was left behind. Walking past some windows of stores she looks at her own reflection. She looks down and a bit sad, her face looked quite sad and she moved on before coming to the plaza. Looking left and right Sunova looked up at the building with the monument of life inside it. "sometimes you have to face it and I will face them today," she said low to herself before heading in. A few people where around here and this was quite wonder that even anyone wanted to come here, it was quiet here and Sunova was not ready to read the names but something was going to be done. Going over the names a bit slowly Sunova could see flowers at the names and Sunova looked up from the flowers. Reading the names a bit Sunova moves her finger over the names as she reads them. Ikano, Hiso, Speedy, Beatbox, Aralle, Vanilla, Fang and quite a few more. She moved along with reading she felt something heavy on her chest, she blinked a bit and before she started to stare at a name that was her own. She started to look a bit heavy and then yelled quite a bit and started crying before she all went dark and saw Miraak and his demon form laughing at her dead. Then he sees just her name and then a gravestone and her parents and grandfather. Then everything went black again and she saw her own old school friends laughing and making jokes over Her death. Last she saw Neo and Haz who seemed to have forgotten who she was and moved on. Sunova yelled and screamed at them before waking up. Waking up she looked around feeling her body a bit and looking at other things in the room. Move out of bed she moved to the bathroom and washed up a bit, "it was just a dream, I can still fight on, keep going, but first I have to change," she said looking at the mirror and at her snow white hair nodding before getting her armor and katana holding it in her hand. She moved around on floor 1 getting ready to do things but she knew something was needing to change and Sunova knew what. Getting to a window of a shop she stared at her reflection and nodded before moving into the barber shop. Greeting the NPC she started to move near the mirror and a menu popped up saying, you sure want to change, and Sunova pressed yes. Before she knew it she could change her hair and eyes. She nodded to herself and smiled going to some hair styles, she stopped at a long hair with some nice bowtie on her pony, she selected it and then moved on to hair color, she did like the light coloring and so made a small change to show a bit more coloring, light pink hair and long she smiled at the look and pressed agree. Staring at the mirror of the shop a bit she smiled "The old me, is no more. Today I became Sumi, the samurai priestess." she said smiling before moving out of the shop and breathing in the air and smiling yet again, "World you better watch out, the new me is here!" she said proud with a smile with her armor and her hand on her hips and her katana sheeted in her hand.
  11. does anyone want to do a thread with me, of so pleaseeeee

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      I am quite new and just started the first lesson with someone. 
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  12. Sunova nodded to Jun as he spoke It was true we are just all humans but not all humans with a curse like mine. I can't believe I speak like this, Well it is now that time we need to be with family. Sunova looks to Jun again and in his eyes a bit. Yep, he had that still hoping look on him so sure you could build on his shoulders for sure. But now was not the time to talk about that and she smiled to him, "True we are human, failing is in our system right," Sunova said nodding to him before he started Thanking her for all the information on guilds and more and he wanted to talk once more after he got stronger and Sunova noted it down, "I won't be waiting much to keep up with me with a little head sprint but you can get here as well," Sunova said as it seems this talk was over and Sunova had also to do something for sure so it was the best time to leave as well, "Well I should be heading somewhere, I was supposed to train with a frontliner about using my Katana and stuff," She said getting up and taking her to leave waving to Jun twice or so. Thread Summary, @Sunova: 200 Col | 1 SP @Jun 200 Col | 1 SP
  13. Sunova smiled at him as he says this and that he would be happy to help her to her goal, "Well my goal is to take care of my friends as a supporter Like I did with most games.And well... At the moment I have been failing at this a bit to my lack of protection," She said to Jun still a bit smiling but you could see quite a bit of depression in her eyes. "But you have a long way to catch up to, I'm Level 20 right now and trying to get much higher for sure. Only wish I could help people of my level more but it seems a lot underestimate me quite a bit," Sunova said to Jun smiling innocently. It was clear Jun was a really kind person and praised Sunova for it, but the only reason that Sunova had was that she was just two years stuck in the game only thinking about how to get better at the game and have a plan, As any other Tactician would do. Sunova was proud to be this handy with information and putting it into a notebook even helped her quite a bit. But still, she was not perfect as she clearly needed help to do some more battle. "Thank you Jun, I'm Happy to have met you this day, I would like to invite you to the guild for sure, and yes I would allow this no matter what but My word still has to go around either Neo or Haz, But if you are willing to show you want to be with the guild I will be happy to put my self as a representative for your recruitment," Sunov said ending her talking waiting to see if Jun wanted to talk some more @Jun
  14. Sunova looks at Jun as he seems to get what she was talking about, It was no wonder for Sunova to know it most like the past two years she has been busy getting information about things and planning ahead on things to come and go. As than Jun asked her what she was, what type of build she was, at the moment she was a floating build not really into a thing but she did have a plan on where to go with it. "At the moment I'm a Combat Medic, WIth having Rank 2 in First Aid and having a Rank 3 in Katana. But that is just a small part of something I'm Planning on now, My Mitigation at the moment Is low because I want to focus on getting First aid and Katana up to a higher Rank. Getting the Mod Barrier to reduce Damage to my part, So I will be a Support Damager or well Combat Medic for some." Sunova said looking to their Katana at the moment, "So for this to work I need a better weapon or sticking with what I have now until the next tier, As at the moment My Katana has accuracy 2 and Bleed 1, And My Armor is just a Mitigation 2, For rest I don't have any stuff at the moment but I'm planning to get a few Buffs items in my battle ready inventory and be the buffer of the team for the most part." Sunova said explaining how her role worked. @Jun
  15. Sunova looks over to Kit as she wanted to get up to the building, Sunova held one hand to her chin and started thinking. Best way to get up a building was via the side for sure but getting back down without damage was a bit harder, then Sunova listens to What Kit said and looked back at the building a few stones left and right and in her mind she could see that she just could get to the top if she used her Sword art and get that extra boost of speed from it, Sunova nodded to Kit. "If you get to that above the window above the door. I can get there as well without trouble, Then you can have some more power to send me up and I can get by jumping quite a bit higher by using My sword art. Set that once I jump you should go down fast as once I get to my momentum in the air I use my Sword art to boost up more. But once I do that air around me will be pulled to me and I will end up falling back a bit. So if you get down stand 20 Feet away from the building I will land about where you are if you try to catch me without any fall Damage taken." Sunova said pulling away from her chin and un sheeting her Katana, holding it with the blade between her teeth and one hand on the handle as she was getting ready to get to the window. @Kit