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  1. Walking back was not as hard as Su was thinking, both her friends looked okay and the sandstorm was still going on. With the piece of cloth, Su turned to the two and waved them to come and follow her. "Come, I know the way back for sure, Its this way," she said walking over a small hill and looked into the distance in hope to see the town, but luckily Su had a great sense of direction and knew where to go. A few minutes have passed and Su knew for sure they would be coming into the town soon, then she saw it a small tower sticking up out from the sandstorm. "THERE THE TOWN, I SEE IT!" she yelled with a lot of energy and started to take up her speed. With the box on her back, she moved closer and closer to the town, as the town got closer and closer the sandstorm seemed to calm done more, but still it was there and for how long was it going to be there. As then a popup came saying <Entering Safe Zone> Su let's out a sigh and looks back at her friends.
  2. Sunova

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    She started thinking a bit as Kiro said the name, "Grimm, Grimm, I know that name from somewhere, maybe I will remember if he gets here," she said to Kiro. She lets out a sigh and looks at the distances a bit thinking about the place, and how she knew the name, Grimm. As she thought a good time it started to come back a bit, she knew the name because of a beach party. And not only that Grimm the guy that the name was from was also friends with Hazado who was her best friend in this game. She has not been in contact with him for some time and she still wanted to know what he is doing. But not to dwell on that for long as she looked over to Kuruyama who has seemed to find a treasure chest. "Hye! Big guy, your very lucky getting a chest that not has been found yet, maybe open it and find what is in it," she yelled at him sounding more friendlier as she did it. This was because she started to trust them and it was a good sign, but if any of them turned out to be bad, what was very unlikely to happen, she would just start attacking as well as both of them were lower level. "Kuruyama next boar will be your to take down with Kiro so join him over there," she said to him sounding just as serious again as she did before. It was just a thing that Su did, she was very happy most of the time and it would be a waste of time to not be, but there were times where you needed to act on your actions and this was for Su also a good training to keep her rage while fighting in check and become more of a leader and tactician. He then looked over to Kiro who pointed out to a boar who was standing there in the flowers while eating and destroying them at the same time. "Aaw the flowers, Kiro Kuruyama it's your turn to show what you know, I won't help as the system does most of the work so training is a big word in the game," she said waving Kuruyama over to Kiro so that they started to fight the boar. But before she could sit down she hears the other voice, a male voice came from somewhere and as she looked around she saw a guy with a familiar face walk up." Wait, I knew it I was right, " she said jumping up and walking over to the new player that joined them "you are Grimm, nice to see you again, how have you been doing sins the beach party." She said sounding very energetic in her voice to see that she was right, she smiled at Grimm and this and did a small spin and ended with a small bow " so, Grimm as you can see I'm helping those two level one players on there first fight, and one thing, have you heard anything from Hazado, because I like to know what he has been doing." She said cutting away the serious tone in her voice and sounding happy and very very energetic. @Kuruyama @Kiro @Grimm
  3. Sunova

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    She turns around to hear a familiar voice as she turned around Kuruyama was there again, Seemed like he got his things done and just in time to get schooled. "Yeah, No loot for me, The system thinks it was to easy for me and does not allow me to get loot from the monsters on floor one, But Kuruyama you just got in time, So no need to school you," Su said with a giggle and turned her attention back to Kiro as he was looking to the ground in hopes to find some crafting materials, "Best way to find them Is by items, Looking for them is all about Luck and how you use your own luck by adding to the numbers," she said putting her katana back in to its place. Su did a fast squad and moved around skipping a bit behind Kiro to see how he is doing, It almost looked like Su was doing dance moves instead of skipping. Kiro seemed to like this place more than she did, but this was because it was his first time being outside here with someone else. "Kuruyama?" she said making her movements to Kuruyama, "Can I ask you something, Promise me not to risk your life and I will promise to do the same, plus I will make sure all your injuries get fixed, And last thing, We BOTH going to make sure nothing Happens to Kiro Okay?" she asked him sounding full of energy now and just as normal as she was, while making a few dances moves around him. She did not want to see any of there names on the wall and she never wanted to see any of the names she knew on the wall at all. Then she looked over to Kiro who seemed to be having some trouble with something, she moved over to him "Hye! what are you doing, anything that I need to worry about." she then sees him bring up his menu and her question was answered as he opens and seems like he had a message from someone. seemed like someone else send him a message about the request he put down on the board. "So who was it, Does our new friend have a name?" she asked him getting a bit lower so she was on the same high as Kiro, she was quite curious who was the new person that wanted to join them and she was about to hear it from Kiro. @Kiro @Kuruyama @Grimm
  4. Sunova

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    Su nodded at Kuruyama as he kind of agreed with her but also told her not to risk herself for them, "Okay, Understood, both of us won't risk our lives, I just wanted to say it as I don't want another person ending up dead," she said as looked to him. He then looked at a notification he got and said he had to do something real quick, "Sure make it quick, I won't let you slack off on my training," she said with a giggle, "Oh and second thing, get back because the kid looked quite happy when you agreed to come," she said waving him of and following Kiro who seemed to be focused on getting trained. Su had learned the hard way of the game as her friend and both trainer at that time made her fight all alone. She followed Kiro outside of the safe zone into the wilderness, it almost looked like deja vu to her as she did this once but this time she was helping someone on there way into the death game, "This feels a bit weird," she mumbled to herself as she was alone with a younger kid then her, they looked like an easy target for some new PKer but others would remember her a bit as she took part in tracking down the mass PKer. once in and ready for combat, Sunova looked at Kiro and saw a bit of herself in him, minus the power energy waves she had. Kiro started to sneak around a bit, but this was really not needed as Su just walked normally behind him looking to see a monster to fight against. she stopped a boar not far away as it seemed that Kiro also did and pointed it out he asked if Kuruyama wanted to go first but he was not here. "Sorry Kiro, he had to do something real quick, If he gets back late I will school him," she said with a giggle. She took Kiro's hand as she took out her katana as well, she took Kiro almost next to the Frenzy boar as it turned around and looked at them, "Kiro just stand there for a second, Hitting a monster is based on luck and numbers, just watch." she said taking both hands to her katana, She moved in and her Katana began to glow a bit as a sword art was ready by her. Su was fast and moved close to the Frenzy Boar, and while sprinting and with the sword art ready she then did a small jump and slashed the Frenzy boar two times in one smooth action. It looked so magical as it almost looked like Su was floating in the air for a long time while hitting the boar two times on the chest in one movement. the Frenzy boar landed on its side and disappeared into pixels after that Su landed on two feet and spun around in a circle like a dancer. She came to a stop and did a bow to Kiro. "I will explain soon what happened," she said as she walked over to Kiro. she took out her start and pointed at somethings, "First off I would not have killed it in one hit if it was not for the sword art and the of a critical hit I got there, My sword art made it so that it took twice the damage then normal, so making me official getting it at 2 HP left, But because of the randomness of luck I got a critical hit and so it made my base Damage bigger and deadlier, Insta killing the Frenzy Boar. Energy is also important, as you are level one you still have 2 energy and you would have to deal with normal attacks once you did one sword art. " she said pointing Energy and her base numbers were a big part of it all. She then looks at the rest of the wilderness and back to Kiro, "So did you understand that?" @Kiroo @Kuruyama
  5. Sunova

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    as the older man patted her on the head and said "Don't worry," she was thinking about one man only who also said that a lot, and risk his own live to save others, She knew how it sounded a bit too reckless for her liking and she wanted to say something but it came. "Don't be too reckless, I don't want you to get hurt on my watch," she said very quiet and looking at the older guy who was patting her on the head. She cleared her voice at once and fixed her hair as the older guy stopped patting her. "Next time don't mess up the hair okay?" she said with a serious look in her eyes to Kuruyama. It was not every day that you would meet another tall adult who patted her and risks his own live for others. Kiro was sounding happy about the two people that have come to help him train, and it was a memory richer for the young child, "Jup Kiro, Based on Numbers, Strategie, Trust, Teamwork, and experience. That is what this game is about, having numbers is a big part of it, but with trust and teamwork you will come even further." Su said as Kiro talked about that he was thinking this was not only about numbers, it was true this world was a game but got strategies and teammates would make this world even easier. She knew from past experience that her teammates no matter the level of her or her teammates were, they needed to trust them if not, a party would be falling apart from the inside or even face death more then once. But she did not want to mention any of this to the two new teammates she had as false hope would bring even more distrusting and some things are always hidden from some people and as they were both levels one she did not mention how easy it was for them to die. as then both players were in the party Su looked at the stats of Kuruyama, his stats looked okay and he has the highest DMG of them all, but that did not really matter as he had no way of projecting himself from incoming attacks. Kiro was ready to move and Su followed him behind, it was fun to see that such a young child wanted to go outside and fight, instead of staying on floor one where most young children were. Su came here mostly to talk to the younger children in the foster house or the church, and she would tell them stories about her adventures. Even if some people saw her as a young child too, she was more then a young child but she was already seventeen years old and she could handle the world on her own as she did that quite a lot in her own village where she lived. She turned to Kuruyama and looked up at the man, "Kuruyama, Did you hear the thing I said to you while you were patting my head, just wanted to make clear that there is no risking live on my watch, No reckless moves okay?" she said wanting to make it clear that he should not risk his life until it was needed. "And secondly thing I wanted to tell you is, I'm not a child anymore as this game has changed me, please don't act to me like one, Ooh the last thing if something does happen to make sure you get to Kiro first," she said sounding very serious about it. she gave him a bit of a smile to make sure they would not end up on the wrong foot and they starting to help each other. @Kuruyama @Kiroo
  6. Sunova

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    It was cute how the boy kept calling her Miss, and it was the first time this happened, but Su was okay with it as the kid had to do what he wanted it was his own choice to call her miss. Su Nodded to the kid "Always happy to help, Its the job of a combat medic to help people in need and you wanted to learn a bit so I could help there as well," she said as she showed him the skills she had and the stats. Her Katana had a name as it said <Perfect White Fox's Soul>. Su did not feel like it was important to know the stats of your teammates and to know what their limits are. It was the utmost important thing in Combat to trust your party members and know their stats even more as you Su was the main sources of healing. Su then thought about what the other person would look like and what his level was but that question was going to be answered soon. As Su then looked at a tall man who was walking up to them, He is big, Think he is the biggest man I ever have seen, She thought. the White haired tall man Kuruyama, a normal name and good first impression on the name and his look were a bit worried the cloak was okay but it just did not feel good when people had cloaks. "So Kuruyama, You also Level one then, Seems I'm the strongest here, so I will be your guild for this training then, Just so you know I don't like it when you go risking your life," she said sounding a bit more serious than before and even speaking in one toned voice. As she then introduced herself to the man called Kuruyama "Name Is Sunova, But please Keep it, Su, And I have to agree as well as numbers make a better chance, at least this game is all about numbers if you think about it." it was like Su had to stations one full of emotions and energy and the other one being a very serious fighter and tactician. Su got the pop up from the party invite and she opened her menu and accepted the invite as then Kiro's username and HP bar were shown in her top of her few. This was the advance for a healer to see the HP bar and status effect of her party members. Su looked opened her menu to inspect Kiro's stats in the party section, even if he had the same DMG as herself Su would still have more of a better chance to kill something as she knows how to fight in real life and in the game. She waited to see the stats of the other man as well as he was going to be into the party as well soon. @Kiroo @Kuruyama
  7. Sunova

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    Su looked at the boy as he said he was waiting for someone to train him a little bit. "Training, you sound like me when I started here, I got a bit of training from a higher level player, and she is still helping me. But no I did not read the request," she said looking out into the street a bit. It was kind of nice to see that lower leveled players wanted to train with groups and not alone as most people did. "Training Is good, so who knows who comes and joins you, maybe a higher level than me even," she said now just wanting to see how this was going to plan out. The boy then said his name was Kiro, "Pleasure to meet you too Kiro, Name is Sunova but just call me Su," Su said smiling again to Kiro. the kid then opened the menu and it seems like he was answering a message and then turned to Su as he asked what she was going to do. "Ooh yeah, well you know what I tag along with you, It sounds like Fun," she said looking at Kiro tapping her Katana on her back. It sure sounded like fun and Su knew a good spot to train a bit as she did this herself once before surely whoever was that in the message of Kiro would come too and she was happy to help training as she was pretty tactical and kind of a leader. "I Sure like to come, I can even help you train As you are looking to be a lower level then me I can surely help you, but I'm not that high myself but I have some experience in this world, even helping to track down a murderer," she said sounding a bit more energetic then before. It was surely an experience richer if she helped someone out for the first time, and surely she could teach him what she has been taught By her friend who helped her the first time ever. @Kiroo @Kuruyama
  8. Su rushes after Kyoto as he kills one Nepent, "Hye Dummy! don't rush you know that could kill you," she yells at him getting her Katana ready. then from the side, she hears movement and another Nepent jump out to attack. "Oh Hello there, I was looking for something like you TAKE THIS!" Su said getting her Sword art ready and slashing the monster two times in one smooth movement as the Nepent disappears into many pixels, "Two, Zero for the Team Kyoto and Su, Let's get going to another one." she said as her voice turns to a more serious tone and starting to sound tactical, "Kyoto on your 5, another Nepent Get him and you will deal with the First boss," she said pointing to the Nepent that moves up to Kyoto. Su was at this point more serious and sounded like a good leader giving orders to her troops, "Keep focused and don't lose hope yet we get them all If it was on me," she said sounding no longer as the sweet nice girl Kyoto first met. It was very easy for her to do this however if she had to fight even more then she has a chance to lose her temper completely and go nuts. @Kyot0
  9. Sunova

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    It has been a long time that Su did set foot on the First Floor and the town of beginners, But it was always good to see that people come here and started their adventure. Su was one of the people who got a bit more luckier and got to meet a Higher level player than her, much higher. Even if this floor was full of people that wanted out for an easy target Su knew what kind of people to trust and what people not. The Small White haired girl walked into the area where most players met up with others, this was also the place where her day started but in a more running away. She looked around to see what was going on some people where here to seek help and others where here to give help to people, Su was mostly both as she came here. Her eyes then spot a small boy sitting on a beach near the notice board, "He looks young, Is he waiting for someone?" she said to herself looking at the small boy with blue hair. She had an idea, the small boy looked lonely on that bench and Su was not okay with people just sitting lonely on themselves. she walked over to the bench from behind and jumped over the bench and sat down next to the boy with blue hair. She looked at him giving him a small wave and a smile, "Hye There! what are you doing here all by your self," she asked him nicely. She looked the boy up and down and smiles at him again, How old is this boy, maybe around 15 or 12, he really looks young, She thinks to herself not knowing how the boy would react to her jumping over the bench just a second ago, but it was the second time that she did something like this and last time it went very smooth and she even got a friend out off it. @Kiroo
  10. Sunova tilted her head a bit as Kyoto asked what the plan was, "Plan, Plan, Plan... Just fighting, and I will heal if needed," she said getting a bit more serious about the upcoming fight. It was very simple Kill two get one and after that get the loot from one and return to the village and give it to someone. Then as Kyoto grabs his sword, Sunova just looks confused, "Hey Dummy, We are in a safe zone. Why you getting your sword for?" she said bopping him on the nose. But it was weird as the sound came not far from them. Sunova then skipped to where the sound came from and a woman was there in a bit of a panic, "Hye, What is the matter miss, Can I help?" Su asks the woman NPC. The NPC turns to Sunova and starts speaking, "Ooh little girl you want to help me, well sure you can but Are you sure you want to do this?" the NPC woman said, But Sunova just nodded that she wanted to help, "Okay then if you help me you help everyone here, There is the medicine we need and you can get it from a Nepent so kill it and get the Medical item it has," the woman said in a panic voice. Sunova nodded and waved over to Kyoto "Come on Dummy, we got the quest so let us go and fight," she said sounding full of energy. @Kyot0
  11. Su was a bit surprised to hear that Ruby made Clothing and it was something Sunova always liked watching fashion shows on TV and if she ever had the change to go to one herself she would. It was not every day that you meet someone who makes Clothing in the real world. Ruby already had something to do in real life but Su did not really have anything. "At least you can go back to making Clothing once we get out this, I still don't know what I want to continue on. I been in sword Fighting Championships and done a good job there, but I also took part in Dance competitions and won a few things there. But I just like both and it is really hard to work on both at the same time, at least in both I can use my movement ." Sunova said not knowing what to do as she would come back to the real world. "That's just not something Ruby, Fashion is so cool and I always like looking at those kinds of shows on TV. What kind of company did you work for then If I may ask," she said, looking with a small light of sparkle in her eyes. @Ruby
  12. It was nice to get a drink before going into combat and so Su ordered a glass of water from the bartender "Kyoto, Hey... I know it is all nice to get a drink before fighting something but I think we can start and help this village and get is out of the way?" she asked him looking at him how he was thinking about something. "It says that you have to find two Nepents and kill them as then the boss will come out and you have to get the item from him," Su said looking into the quest as she takes another sip of her water. "So Let's fight this thing, You, me and or weapons. Drink up and stand up because here we go," she said sounding very energetic in her voice and she tapped Kyoto on his back and walked to the exit of the Inn. @Kyot0
  13. Sunova

    [OP-FX][MM] A Night in Aincrad

    Group 4 As Sunova was going her act It looked like Kasier followed as well, even if Kasier did not like it, it had to be done and this was the only way to get their Targets attention. The man walked up and started talking, sure there where two white-haired girls in their group but he seemed to be talking about Sunova. Kasier looked up at the man and so did she as well, then Kasier brought her a bit closer to the man and Sunova lets out a small gulp just of how big the guy was. Not the time to be selfish Su, Keep acting, she thought still looking sad as she cleared her tears. As Kasier took most of the talking out of it She was a bit more happy that she did not need to explain what they wanted as she was just a bit scared of the man in front of them. Su nodded as Kasier was done and started as well sounding still sad but without the tears, "I would ... and I will do everything, just for my best friend. And when I say ... everything ... I mean everything," she said sobbing a bit as she looked up at the man right into his eyes with her pure blue eyes as they watered a bit. Her face at this point just looked sad and there was a bit of anger in it as well but it was all an act, but really Sunova was just scared for the man and her tears at this time would start to get real as she did not like the men look at all. "And If ... If this Wyson guy is ... the murderer of my friend, I ... I .." she paused taking another gulp just of how scared she was for the man as Sunova held her hand back to grab the hand of Kasier so she would be brave enough to go on, "I would ... do everything for any information." a few confident came up and Sunova started again "I just know this Wyson guy is the guy who killed her, My friend... and Anything that can help if good." he said sounding a bit angry but still looking very desperate as she held on to Kasier's hand @Kasier@Hidden
  14. As it seems that Im back from things, I will start posting soon again just say so If i fergot a thread with someone.

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  15. she looked back once more at Vigilon to make sure he was alright and then continued to grab the jewel on the ground. As she took the Jewel the mission updated saying Defeat the monster, Sunova looked up scared to see what happened as out of nowhere a black shadow became bigger and bigger under her. She opens her menu and drinks a potion quick, as the monster lands before her. as she jumps back "Eeep, Cave Guardian, WHY WHY WHY," she said as she took out her katana and stood ready standing eye in eye with the Cave Guardian, she took a deep breath and said "May my blade rest your soul," and moved to the Cave Guardian to attack as she ready's a sword art to strike it. with one smooth movement, she hits the Guardian and takes a few steps on top of him and jumps off him. She looks back but was shortly met with an arm of the Cave Guardian, she flew to the side of the wall as she hits the wall with a loud bang she screamed for a second and then looked at her health, Nothing was gone and. "I'm Okay No worries" she yelled as she leaned on her katana and stood ready into combat again, but then the Cave Guardian started to glow and lets out an angry roar as it arm felt off and it falls to the ground turning into pixels. "VIGILON, THE CAVE GUARDIAN IS DEAD!" she yelled up being proud to herself as she did a bit of a victory dance to herself @Vigilon