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  1. Sunova

    [PP-F1] What is a Death Game? (Sunova)

    "I can say I have, A katana to be sure. It is heavier than this weapon but I think that because of the game." as she swings the sword even more as it just passes her hair every time she does that. Sunova was looking like someone with skills of the weapon itself, but somehow this felt weird it was so light and she wasn't to keen on this. As Kasier pointed out the wolf pup Sunova looked at it. "It looks so small and harmless, BUT I WILL DO IT KASIER-SENSEI." She said this with such determination in her eyes and stood ready in an attack pose, holding her sword right in front of her body holding the sword in two hands getting ready to attack. Standing in front of the wolf pup who was looking kind of pissed that She showed up, but it looked cute being so angry at her. As she got ready to attack the wolf pup she stood eye in eye with the wolf pup ready to attack, but the wolf pup did not attack. Sunova then moved into range with the wolf pup and swung her sword at the wolf pup's chest using the sword art Rage Blow. She ended up hitting the wolf pup in the chest with a lot of power but this made her lose all the energy at once because she still was so low level. "Arg This doesn't feel good, I did hit it but it was so light." She said and stood back into the pose she stood in just before she attacked. But as the wolf pup got hit it got ready to attack Sunova, It jumped at her right before she stood back into the pose she was going to stand in and got off a hit on Sunova. "I was going to spare you, But now you have done it stupid pup." She said with a really angry tone in her voice. @Kasier
  2. "Wait, don't you mean Kasier. I know her she taught me the basic of the game. So she already helped me, She is very nice she is so cool and awesome at the same time. I kind off want to be like her." She said this like a fangirl, But she knew Karier and she taught her how to handle the basics of the world around her. " Sorry If I sound like I'm almost drooling over her, she is just cool" As he said this Lyle Tealeaf came back outside with something in his hands. "Here you go little girl, For your trouble's. And don't be using them to quick" As he hands over the rewards from the quest Sunova just did. As Lyle walks back in he says "If you have any time left, would you come again girl" And he walks inside again. As Beep was heard by Sunova and the quest was completed. "This means it is over, aaaw I just started to like it. So I think this is goodbye then Kyo-Kun I think I will be seeing you again sometime later" As she gives him a hug and let's go very fast, then looks up to him with a smile. @Kyot0
  3. "Good to hear you like me, But it happened." She did really like when people were around her and she cared for the people that cared for her. "Why are you hanging around me, I'm still level 1 and not really good in combat at all." She was standing in front of the shop and opened the door for her self. "Are you coming, or are u going to your friends?" She said to him as she was standing in the doorway. But before she knew it a man walked outside right next to her, She jumped up a bit from the shock. " Sorry kid I made you jump, you were standing there so I came outside to see what you wanted," The man said and stood next to Sunova. "Oh, I was here because Zachariah asked me to give this to Lyle Tealeaf That must me you RIGHT?" As he pulls out the package out and gives it to Lyle. "Lyle Tealeaf, That's me and I was waiting for the package, So if you like to wait here let me give you something for the trouble." As he walks inside with the package. "See no need to go inside, he... he... Well Tell me, you have friends here right, so who are they?" she asked Kyolo really wanting to know it while she was waiting for Lyle to return with the thing he said. @Kyot0
  4. Sunova

    [PP-F1] What is a Death Game? (Sunova)

    Sunova still in her Tactical mastermind she looked at the blond girl explaining some extra things. She still looked very serious an nothing that just happened in the cake was to see, Her emotions were in-check and she became very calm. Somehow this status off her made her think with great tactics and advances in almost everything she said, This was for her just normal to turn so serious about things from one point into another. Still speaking in one tone "Alright, then can you show me how to fight then, It is my first ever VRMMO and I still need to get used to everything. I have used mine curen't SP in the skill <<Curved Sword>> and I'm Rank one with it. Curved Swords are much like katana's, And I know how to handle a Katana." Still sounding very serious about things it almost sounded like she owned a Katana in real life. But shot after the equipped her Curved Sword. " This is the sword I started with It is a RARE weapon and it has DMG and Bleed 1. The Bleed will come in handy when I hit things with it, Something like a Crit and the DMG 1 Is also handy if I use my sword" It sounded like she knew more then she let off but for sure she wasn't a beta tester although it did almost sound like it, Apart from the not knowing how to fight part. She let out a smile after the long and serious look she had, She still was very serious in voice. She took a breath in and took a breath out and then looked over to Kasier. "So where are we going from here, I don't see any monsters around. AND no I won't hug a wolf if I see one, I know it will end up attacking me. And Sorry if I was too loud just a second ago, Things like this just carry me away. But as long I stay like this you really don't have to protect me." As she swung around her sword like she already was used to holding a sword "Still lighter then I'm used to" As she exclaimed to it. @Kasier
  5. Sunova

    [PP-F1] What is a Death Game? (Sunova)

    Sunova Looked really happy, and she even laughed a bit at what Kasier said about the ropes when there's nothing to damage. She was really happy and she was even happier than before, Sunova was really happy that she was going to protect her from any PKers. She has never seen anyone die and she is not planning to see that ever, she did hear about the people who jumped off the side of the world and died. She didn't want to think it too much as Kasier still in one tone was speaking. "Yeah, I will learn how to hold these ropes just for you." As she giggles. but as she saw her look at the sky she opened her mouth a bit to fast "You lost someone didn't you, I ... I feel sorry for you" as she hugs her just for a small amount of time. As she followed Kasier to town gates. "This looks so calm, WAIT, WHAT WOLFS I LOVE WOLFS." She said a bit happy, but deep inside she knew that they would attack her if they saw her. "As support, you will be at the back and get to heal people, I get that I have played a support many times before. " She looked to where the safe zone ended and looked outside where all the trees are. Knowing they where fake made her still believe they could be real in some way. It was something new for Sunova she looked so happy and giggled a bit, as Kasier explained a bit about how <<First Aid>> was one of the most important things to have aside teleportation crystals and potions. she started thinking what she needed to plan. as Kasier was done talking Sunova started to talk "It SOOOOO CALM, I LOVE IT." She said this so energetic and happy, but then she took a deep breath and let out a sigh. Her face turned very serious and the happy and energy from just ago was all gone "So in order to get to the front lines and help the lower leveled people, I need to level up my self Start Grinding and get the skill <<First Aid>>, Knowing what to do I can see what it takes to be at the front lines. I can handle it for sure, and I just need to grind until I get strong." She turned from an emotional and very energetic person to some sort of tactical mastermind. She looked into her menu at her player info "I'm now Level 1 and have 5 SP, so if I want to get <<First Aid>> I need 5 more because I already used my SP on <<Curved Sword Rank I>>. So and all the mods cost 10 SP plus I need to Unlock the Ranks first. So I need 90 SP to get all the things I need to be a perfect support" Somehow this tactical mood she was in looked good, It almost looked like she knew what to do in this game. She did not even let go of this phase of her and looked at Kasier with a very serious look "Where do we start with the training?" She said in one toned way almost like Kasier did. @Kasier
  6. As she hugged Kyoto because she made the potion, she was really happy and even herself didn't know what she was doing. she let's go of Kyoto and looked over to Zachariah, she looked at Kyoto and then back to Zachariah, she knew they did something while she was hugging him, But she didn't know what. Just before they left Zachariah called Sunova back for a moment "Sunova Girl, Can you do one more thing for me. I have this package that needs to be delivered to someone. Can you take this package to the Blacksmith called Lyle Tealeaf." As Sunova looked back at Him she walked up to Zachariah, If this was the only last thing she needed to do she would be happy to do it. "I can do that, So where does he live," She asked Zachariah, and as Zachariah pointed at the blacksmith not far from here almost at the end of this street. Sunova and Kyoto walked outside, somehow she liked it to be close to him, she didn't even know why but he made her feel safe. She looked around, people looked at them and some of them were acutely good to hear. One of the things she heard was "Are those to dating, How cute" As she heard this she started blushing a bit and became really hot at once, She knew this feeling. It was when she saw to people dating and one of the ships started sailing, But how could this feeling come up now. She looked up at him, and he was just smiling did he feel the same thing or is he just doing this to make her feel at home. She was thinking about this and all other things when in her mind, and then Kyoto asked where they should go now. She jumped out of her own thought "Ooh, yeah... Um, let me think. Oh yeah off to the blacksmith guy right over there, so I can deliver this package Zachariah gave to me" She pointed at the end of the street where the blacksmith was. as they walked over to the blacksmith she was still in thought thinking about the fact what she was feeling, and if it was really something she was feeling. She didn't know for herself because she was emotional really quick and she couldn't tell and out of nowhere she asked Kyoto one thing. "Do you mind me being with you Kyoto, I mean so close to you. Like could you care if I leave right now saying goodbye to you and not seeing you ever again? " She said this without any emotional things in her voice, It felt so straightforward ad she said it almost emotionless. @Kyot0
  7. Sunova

    [PP-F1] What is a Death Game? (Sunova)

    Sunova was listening to what Kasier was telling, She was surprised that Kasier didn't show any emotions and just said things in almost one tone. Yes, Sunova was very hard trying to get to the front lines but for now, she still had a long way to go. But she was really confident she could get there one day, but for now, she had to train hard. She clearly knew her things around here and of course, Kasier has been out there longer then Sunova herself. As Kasier paid her side of the food Sunova stood up and bowed down. "Thank you Kasier-san, I will pay you back one-day, And I promise I won't let you down and keep that inspiration I have." Sunova clearly was grateful to Kasier As she sat back down As Kasier explained to her about putting up a notice somewhere and the altar of life Sunova thought to herself about how she never tried to get in contact with him and he never tried to get in contact with her, It made her question her friendship with him but she was leading it to slide for now He maybe has other things on his own mind. "Ooh, Eeh Yeah..." Kasier was so straightforward It almost sounded like she really didn't care about it, but somehow Sunova felt that she did care about the lower leveled players. "I exactly forgot about the Altar of life, and I never even tried to get in contact with him. Maybe he is busy doing things by himself, not really social tho so I think finding him will be a bit harder then I think" Sunova was still a bit shocked at how Kasier said it, but she was confident her friend was still somewhere out there. Sunova was carefully listening to what Kasier was saying about the support role, True it didn't have much choice in skills but it will help in the end. And of course, Being an Alchemist would be good as well. It all sounded so interesting to Sunova that she already started to make a plan in her head off what she wanted to do, she did know what she wanted to do now. "I can see how the role works, and I think I can handle it and sure I could do the healing, I think at least." She laughs a bit nervous, knowing it would be hard to do. "Ooh, you are support, then you can teach me a bit more then I thought. So off the fields then?" @Kasier
  8. Kyoto began to take up speed and she was holding on real tight, but she didn't feel like she was going to fall from his shoulders. She felt a bit bad for Kyoto because he was carrying her on his shoulder for a long time now. As they walked in she just felt like she wanted Kyoto to stay close, so she asked with signs to hold her hand. It was clearly a bit dark in here but she still saw "Welcome back love birds, And did you find what I asked for" Zackariah said with a big smile on his face. Sunova let's go of Kyoto's hand and then makes herself really big, it almost looked like she was angry or something. "ONE, NOT LOVE BIRDS. Names are Sunova and Kyoto. Second Yes I DID FIND WHERE YOU ASKED FOR." She clearly raised her voice a bit and didn't even became red when she said it. "Okay, what you say Sunova. So let me see the materials, so we can get started." Zackariah said and looked at the Materials Sunova gave to him. He checked the materials and asked Sunova to come next to him at the table in the middle of his workshop. "So what I want you to do is copy me perfectly and do it step by step." as he grabs a bottle and some materials and started to put something together. It was Sunova's turn to do it now. As she did every step good and wonderful, she felt so good about it and so great when doing it. Even Zachariah looked a bit surprised how she did it, slowly but surely Sunova crafted the healing potion. Everything when as Zachariah told her and it felt like it went even better than that. As she did the last part of the crafting a healing potion appeared in front of her, as she opened her menu to see how she did she looked a bit shocked. "Wow Little Girl, you got the hands of a real crafter there. a perfect healing potion It looks great, it is for sure better than most people at first" Zachariah said. "I did it in one go, and even perfect. LOOK KYOTO LOOK A PERFECT POTION." As she showed him the healing potion with such happiness as she began to blush a bit again. @Kyot0 ID: 101145 CD: 12 (success/Perfect)
  9. Sunova

    [PP-F1] What is a Death Game? (Sunova)

    Sunova Looked quite happy when Kasier said she would help her, She never knew players with that high of a level would even care to help a low leveled player like herself. She was very happy to hear what Kasier had to say, and it clearly showed. "You really want to help me, It sounds great and ... It exactly just what I needed if I want to do something for a change" Sunova looked really happy and both a bit shocked, still wondering to herself why a high leveled player wanted to help her, Most High leveled players she saw just walked passed her ignoring everything she did. It was a second path, a path to a new destination. she started to plan a bit in her head in what kind of attacks she was going to use, She much prefers a katana to wield but a curved sword was her weapon right now. Kasier started about that she couldn't survive alone, and that made sense. It was, of course, a dangerous world she was living in now "Other people around my level, that sounds okay to me. I can do with some friends right now, the only friend I had that came here with me is somewhere in this world. Problem is that I did know him from another game and don't know what he looks like in real life. But yeah maybe one day" As Sunova started to think about her friend that was around here somewhere she tried to remember what she did with him most of the times, He was a tank, so he would be a tank here as well. On that, she was thinking a bit like what if his reckless moves already got him killed or what if he is lost and is being held captive by someone. But she didn't want to think about is as another tear fell down her cheek. Quickly she takes the tear away not wanting to cry in front of Kasier. Sunova was a bit in her own though and ate the rest of her food, But then Kasier asked her what she wanted to become. It all sounded great to her, she has played as a support and DPS most of the time. But knowing the fact that people counted on her as she chose one of them was hunting her a bit, what if she didn't do her job good enough people would die because of it. But she made up her mind, "Support, that's sounds good to me. If I want to help people I can do it by supporting them in combat right?" She asked Kasier with a really questioning look on her face. She knew the answer but she just wanted to be clear, It's not every day that you make an important decision but same goes for that she said yes to Kasier's help. @Kasier
  10. As she jumps off his shoulders and walks over to the material he pointed out she picks it up and puts it in her Inventory, "The last one!" She yelled to Kyoto. She walked over to him again "I think that is all, Do you mind if I go up on your shoulders again?" Before even hearing his answer she jumped on top of his shoulders, she looks happy on top of his shoulders. She loved the view even though it was so dark. But she saw the Town and its lights, as she tapped on Kyoto's head pointing out the way they had to walk if they wanted to get to the Town again. "Sorry if I'm too heavy on your shoulders, Just say it if you can't hold me anymore." She said to him while she was holding his head a bit too keep in balance. "Tell me Kyoto, Do you get that feeling from time to time, that there is exactly someone watching us do everything. Like ... I mean that we are being watched not by a player but by someone who controls this all." As she says this she looks up into the sky thinking there was really someone watching them. It sounded even weird for her to say something like this but at the same time, it did feel like they are being watched by someone. @Kyot0
  11. As she doesn't see Kyoto anymore she goes into hiding waiting for him to pass her, as she does so she hears some noises but she just clearly ignore then. She then sees Kyoto walk pass he was wearing his armor and had his sword equipped, He was definitely looking for her. As she looked next to her she spotted another Material she needed so that made her think that lady luck was really on her side. As Kyoto walked passed she sneaked up behind him unnoticed and jumped on his shoulders. "SUPRISE" She looked happy and unharmed as she was sitting on his shoulders. "Mist me Kyoto, No need to worry I can handle my self, I already know how to fight." She said with all the energy she had. She clearly was enjoying sitting on his shoulders, she could see almost everything, zee even saw the Town Gate's "We are almost there Kyoto, I can see the gate from your shoulders, do you think you can run with me on your shoulders?" She asked looking down at him with a smile as she booped him on the nose. @Kyot0 ID: 101132 LD: 16 (succes)
  12. She picks up the materials that he pointed out, knowing she had all the materials she looked a bit happier. She still got a bit shocked as he puts his hand around her waist, "It... is just that with all the attention the guys gave me IRL ... there was one guy ..." She pauses covering her eyes and wiping away a tear. She clearly didn't like to talk about it what happened, and of course, he would get why the other thing she told was " He was ... on my school, about 3 classes higher ... so that made him older than me." as she wipes away another tear of her cheek. "I don't want to speak about it ... okay, it alright now." she pauses putting her head against his chest and letting out some tears. she then looks up at him wiping away her tears, she looked calmer now really calm. " you know what, If I ever find Hazado, you will have to meet him. He is just like you, a Real caretaker." As she looks to the sun as is almost about to set. "Why don't we go back, You don't need to hold my hand, okay I want to walk a bit free now" As she moves away from him in one smooth motion, and when she is away from him she started to dance and mumming a bit around and walking at the same time back to the town. The song she was humming came from a game called Elder Scrolls, and that was really clear to hear @Kyot0
  13. She really feels sorry and bad that she hit him in the face, But sometimes things happen. She looks around and sees him go back to sleep "Yea Yea go to sleep" She said a bit low and irritated by the fact that he didn't help her at all. She looked into a bush and found one more material she needed, just as fast she saw it the same amount of speed did she grab it. this one made three, she felt so good that she found another one, Knowing that lady luck was on her side like Hazado her friend use to say. She jumped up and looked at the sunset, It was getting late already but the sun was still showing "ALRIGHT, I can do it." She said and looked around for more materials. She wanted to show Kyoto but then she turned away still feeling sorry that she hit him, As she looked around for more Materials she needed, it almost looked like a search of infinite time and she really didn't like looking for materials, she preferred the old way in just standing still and here and there popping up an item. @Kyot0 ID: 101109 LD: 15 (succes)
  14. She was clearly in shock there, Not knowing what to do she just lost it a bit. As she struggles a bit lose from his grip, out of nowhere she slaps him on the face. As she does it she puts her hands right in front of her mouth, "Sorry I didn't mean to... sorry okay, it just I got too scared there." As she looks more in shock than before, she almost never did hit a guy that was hitting on her, but the moment in what he did was a shock to her and gave her bad memory's. "I'm really sorry, I really am It's just." she turned silent, and then went back to her search for the materials. She really didn't expect her to hit him but it just happened out of nowhere as she looks behind her at Kyoto who looked as shocked as her, "Really I'm sorry" As she looked at his face where you saw the palm of her hand. At the same moment, she picked up the material that Kyoto pointed out just a second ago. @Kyot0 ID: 101108 LD: 18 (succes)
  15. Kyoto pointed out the spot, and as he went and sat down she looked around for any of these materials, Somehow it was really hard to find any of them. Looking around she spotted a group of rocks. Walking over to then she spots what she wanted to find, It was not much but at least she got the first one. She picked up the Crafting Material and a BEEP was sounded, She knew that she found one of the quest Items she needed. "That is one down... Let's see, HEY KYOTO, I forgot how many Crafting Materials did I need, It Was five Right? " She yelled over to Kyoto just but she noted that he was sleeping and she let him sleep on. she threw a little stone at him saying "Great Bodyguard I have. Sleeping on the job" as she giggles @Kyot0 ID: 101107 LD: 13 (Succes)