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  1. Sorry to everyone about how I vanished like that, I got into an accident... I'll reply tommorow.

  2. Ghost

    [PP-F1] A Summertime Picnic

    “Er… T-That’s not the problem…” She whispered to herself. Well, it was part of the problem. She was intimidated by them, she learned the hard way that and event that could take place in less then a minute could make monsters of men, but it was difficult to tell them apart until it was to late. But the other problem she didn’t know how to talk to them. She was also afraid that something she would say would make them hate her. “N-Nevermind me…” She took a deep breath. “L-Let me restart…” She paused thinking. “Alright, I-I’m Ghost.” She tried to calm her breathing, her eyes fixated on the ground. “I-It’s nice to meet you... “ She thought about doing a few handshakes, but her arms felt stiff and seemed to be resisting against her. “...can I get you guys something t-to eat?” She managed to grip the handle of the basket, her arm shaking nervously. She pulled it out in front of her, and opened it. She packed quite a lot of sandwiches. Along with a sealed pitcher of pink lemonade, some celery sticks along with some dip, and around six cups. She finally pushed it away from her towards the center of the blanket. “E-Enjoy.” @Dustin @Hydravion @Aspect
  3. Ghost

    [PP-F1] A Summertime Picnic

    It wasn't looking before yet another person appeared. "H-Hi... Welcome... A-Aris." Ghost shook nervously. When Hydravion touched her shoulder, Ghost tensed up. This, was something out of her nightmares. She didn't know how to talk to anyone, to her this was a very bad dream. She sat at one of the four corners of the blanket. She quietly ate a sandwich, it had ham, cheese, and sauces on it that tasted very similar to mustard and mayonnaise. "Mmm..." She forgot where she bought the food, which was clearly a mistake. As she was eating one of the players, the one named Dustin specifically, said he liked her hair. "Uh... I-I, um..." She looked nervous. "T-Thank you..." She resumed eating. When he continued to tell her thay it was to bad he couldn't see her eyes. "Um... Hehe..." She made a nervous laugh. She parted her hair making both of her eyes visible. " I-Is this good?" She asked shyly, managing to form a weak smile.
  4. Ghost

    [PP-F1] A Summertime Picnic

    A man approached from the bushes. He looked like he hadn-t gotten a haircut in a while. He asked if she had seen another person around. "N-No! I haven't seen anyone out here..." She said nervously. "...D-Did, you... Did you see a-anything?" She shook nervously. Her face was a bright red, her eyes fixiated on the ground in front of her. She looked for something to distract herself, her eyes lingered around the picnic basket. "W-would you like something to eat? I was excpecting soneone, but I don't think they are going to s-show up." She asked. "Unless you, you have somewhere to be." She said, as a last ditch attempt to be alone again. She could have sworn she heard noises from more the just that direction, she was probably paranoid. At least, that's what get "friends" told her. She went over to the basket and opened it. The statues were gone, maybe they went back into her inventory? Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud thud, along with a player quickly getting up. "Hi..." Her face turned to an even deeper shade of red. "...I-I'm, g-gonna sit down..." She took a few steps back, and sat down on the checkered sheet. She zoned out for a bit, but came back to when the other player asked to lay down on her picnic blanket. She silently nodded. She was hiding her face under her blonde hair. Sorts using it like a curtian. "I-I'm G-Ghost..." She said aloud. Looking up slightly at the two players. @Aspect @Dustin @Pinball Apperance:
  5. Ghost walked through the towns central center. Thinking about what Kimihito said: Does he really care? It's not like I’m special. There are probably quite a handful of people that actually need more help then I do. A small icon appeared in front of her. She swiped it down and the messages opened up. “So thats how that works.” She said to herself. “A message from…” Her eyes lit up when she saw Kimihito message. She actually forgot she sent the first message. To: Kimihito From: Ghost Subject: N/A Message: I’m glad it works. Same to you Kimihito. “Ah… Now where was I? Oh yes…” She went walked towards the location that holds the quest all the beginners are supposed to have done. “I-I suppose it's time.” She said, her voice a little nervous. She finally had the courage to do what she should have done quite a while ago. She took a deep breath and walked towards the quest marker. (OOC: I think it's time to end the thread now... I want my SP... XD) @Kimihito
  6. "Well, I have to go... So, see ya. I really do hope we meet again." Jade said. "I wish it wad easier. But..." She paused, the sounds of rustling leaves filled the air. Along with a faint bit of lavender. "I will, you can count on me. But... I enjoyed your company. So, if you ever need help. Just contact me. I'd be happy to be useful for on- Er, I mean happy to assist." She smiled. "I guess this is goodbye. For now. I'll see you around Kimihito. Safe travels." Jade said. She began to walk up out the park. As soon as she was out of sight behind some buildings, she sent a message to Kimihito, mainly because she wanted to make sure the messaging system worked: To: @Kimihito From: Ghost Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3. Is this working?
  7. Ghost was walkingaround the Town of New Beginnings when she noticed a small group of people around some tent canopys, watching from the distance, she learned if a giveaway. She quickly sprung art the opportunity. "Hi, I just want to make sure that I-I'm hearing this correctly, a giveaway?" Ghost asked shyly. "I-If that's the case, can I get. Two of the Poti- Er... Crystal of Agile Dragon Wings please? Thank you..." She gave a smile to the shopowner. She didn't know what kind of business strategy this was, but she was glad to get some useful items. @Zandra Ghost looked over at the next canopy, who also seemed to be doing the same thing. But his was on weapons and armor, unfortunately, he didn't have and daggers that were better then the one she currently had. "Oh, they look so cool..." She muttered to herself. "Can I get the Slayer of Juna, and the Blood drinker, if I can get other, I would like the Waist Protector... Thanks." @Macradon
  8. (OOC: If anyone wants in, just PM me.) "I'm so, close, I can feel it. " Ghost said, determination in her voice. She ducked under branches and avoided some bushes, cutting through the plant life, figuratively, to get to her destination. "Ah. Finally some peace and quiet." She said. She was in the middle of the woods, in a small clearing with short grass and flowers. She opened her inventory to get a basket. She then set up a black and white checkered blanket. Placing the foods in three separate spots. After she sat down in one of the three spots, after placing down small holdible wooden statues in two of the spots. "Ah... Lovely day for a picnic... Isn't it?" She asked no one, looking at one of the two carved statues. "Yes it is! This was a great idea Jade!" She said to herself. "I wished I thought of it myself!" She added, imitating different person. "So, what do you guys want to talk about?" Ghost said to herself again. "Well, you look like your hiding something Jade what is it?" A wide grin formed across her face. "Nothing..." Ghost said to herself. "Jade..." She repeated. "Ok... Ok... I'm starting to feel better. Because of someone, he helped me out, hopefully I can return the favor." She smiled, but it slowly faded away into a frown upon realizing just how lonley she was. "Maybe, I'm not supposed to have friends?" She asked herself. She heard something, it sounded like a twig snapping. She grabbed the two statues and stuffed then in her basket. Hopefully whoever it was didn't see her, or better yet, hear her. @Aspect @Dustin @Pinball @Hydravion
  9. Does anyone want to RP?

    1. Aspect


      I want in, I'm bored...

    2. Dustin
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      Alroght, I'll make the thread,  it's gonna be a social thread btw. If anyone else wants to join, PM me.

  10. “So now, we can go and adventu-” She was interrupted by Kimihito’s sudden and unexpected hug. “W-Wha…” She looked a little embarrassed, but fell into it. “T-Thanks, I know it's just a friendly gesture, but c-could you, not, do that in public... “ She looked down at her feet nervously. “I, now you said, I should just restart, but I can’t. Not with my nightmares following me.” She said bitterly. She lit up for a moment. “But, I’ve had enough for a week. I don’t want to dwell there.” Jade looked towards the inn. “T-Thanks, your a really good friend you know.” She said with a smile. “I look forward to the next time our paths cross.” “Really? I thought you’d say…” She smirked nervously. “...no.” The wind swayed the leaves in the trees in the same hypnotic pattern. “Well, then next time, I can help you out for a change.” She said with a wide grin. She grabbed Kimihito’s hand and pulled herself up. Almost falling over because she almost lost grip on his hand halfway through. “W-Woah! That was close... Thanks…” She said, her facial expression returning to its calm state. @Kimihito
  11. "...never changes. Ah! Oh... I didn't see you there... Hehe..." Jade paused. "Before we parted ways, I-I was gonna give you my contact information." She said nervously. "I mean you said we were friends, right?" She added. "So, here you are..." She said, swiping through her menu, Immediately a notification appeared in front of Kimihito. It was Ghosts' friend's request. "Oh... I-I don't sleep well. Ever..." She said, a hopeless tone in her voice. "I'm not mad at you if that what your wondering. To be honest. I really needed that... T-Thanks... It was very kind of you to help me. If you weren't there, I might have been thinking irrationality and I might have done something really stupid, and possibly self-destructive." She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. "...And for that you have my gratitude." Upon opening her eyes she smiled. "You made me feel. Happiness, yes, that's it. You made me feel happy." She look away as she realize how it sounded. "D-Does that sound weird?" She asked nervously. "A-Anyway, maybe later we can go, q-questing together?" She asked shyly. @Kimihito
  12. Ignore this, I accidentally quoted my post instead of editing it... sorry.
  13. It was approximately eight in the morning, beams of sunlight came in through the window, illuminating the small room. Ghost's bed was empty, and she was no where to be found. In her place was a note. It read: Park Ghost sat underneath on of the many trees in the park, singing. What she was singing was a song she liked: "...you look like you've been for breakfast at the heartbreak hotel. And sat in the back booth by the, pamphlets and the literature, on how to lose. Your waitess was terrible, and so was your food. If your gonna try to walk on water be sure to wear your comfortable shoes..." She sang. Occasionally, she hummed instead. She was rifling through her menu. Searching for something. @Kimihito
  14. She stopped crying. "Then how come I still feel like this?" She said, walking over to her bed. "Why are there still knives in my soul..." She mumbled softly. "I don't know If I can tell you the full thing..." She mumbled. "Really, you know? But have you ever consider, what I've considered? To stop the pain... Forever..." She didn't sound to proud of saying that. "I, I can't, I've tried, but I can't let go..." She cried. "I can't feel happy anymore. Even then I was seeing a psychiatrist for-" She pause, thinking she was talking to much. "I, I need to sleep... And to think..." She said a loud, pushing back Kimihito. "See you tomorrow..." Jade smiled, but there was something wrong with it. It was a smile, sure, but through it you can see a world of sadness and pain behind her eyes. "I-I'm fine... Thanks..." She went back to bed. @Kimihito
  15. "It's nothing..." She mumbled. "...I-I'm fine." She looked up at him. He looked comforting. She was shocked when he hugged her. She didn't know what to do. "Are you sure?" She said falling into the hug. "I-I don't think you would un-understand. How I f-feel..." She said, trying to calm herself. "O-Ok, here it goes..." She announced. "Kimihito. I, I hate myself." She said with a weakened smile. Sounding severely distressed. "I hate myself so much..." She cried. "Why? Why won't the pain just stop! E-Even after I left, I'm still in pain." She kept crying. "Make it stop! Help me..." Jade looked more miserable then before. "Help. Me..." She looked up at him. "And I didn't even scratch the surface..." She gave a weak, fake smile. "...the hug was nice, though..." She gave a slight grin, but it was quickly washed away. "I-I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't force my p-problems into you..." @Kimihito