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  1. I've been inactive I know... I'm probably not gonna be very active until the twenty-fourth. So, I apologize to all threads that I had active. Sorry, see you guys soon.

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      No worry about it Ghost, Life is life and we all know it, try to fix up your own things and start making if better for yourself, as always, my door is open and you know how to contact me.

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    [PP-F1] Again... <<TFFLAF>>

    Despite David reminding her it was a compliment, she still was flustered. “T-Thanks…” Her face was red and she was trying to use her long hair as a sort of curtain, covering almost half of her face. At least he found another material. Jade didn’t know charcoal was a material, though she should have, it made sense. Charcoal can be used to fuel the forges and stoves of Blacksmiths and Cooks, it can be used to heat elixirs in an Alchemy Lab, and if in a pinch, Charcoal can be used for drawing and writing. Jade watched in horror as the wolf lunged at David, but fortunately, he managed to dodge it just in time. She let out a sigh of relief. That's when David came up with the idea that the wolf was protecting its litter. Jade thought about it for a moment, it was a high possibility. Jade decided to do the same as David and back away, after a while, the wolf turned around and disappeared into the vegetation. Jade quickly went back through her menu, getting back into her dress with the enhanced loot bonus. There was a brief silence. “A-are you ok?” She asked shyly, she was back to being calm. She doesn’t typically serious unless someone is in immediate danger. “I-I thought the wolf, I-I thought it was g-going to… hurt you, or w-worse.” Jade said, her tone full of worry. She completely forgot to search for materials, though she did think she spotted something earlier, she just didn’t remember where she spotted it. Seeing as she was a little preoccupied then. Search Results: Loot: 10 + 3 = 13 Fail @Davidranger
  3. [OOC: If no one wants to join in over 48 hours, then it will become a Solo Party] Jade needed help, which is why she put a single anonymous note on the player request board. Saying that she needed an escort or something, but where the player usually signs she put an alias, Mirage. That way the spies of the organization wouldn’t suspect that she was alive. She looked at the message again, as if to verify that it was real. She had to show up, whether she wanted to or not, this “Crimson” knew she was still alive. If he so wanted, he could just tell someone she was alive, and everything she did to stay hidden from sight would just fall apart at the seams. Her friends would be dead, she would be killed, or worse, kept alive. She responded to the message. To: Crimson From: Ghost Subject: Dinner Party Message: I’ll be there. She closed her menu, immediately, a message was received. To: Ghost From: Crimson Subject: Dinner Party Message: Splendid. Please, come by at ten, its only an hour away, it shouldn’t be that difficult of a trip! My coordinates are attached. Jade looked at the time, 8:39 AM. “He is having a dinner party, in the morning?” Jade thought to herself, a confused expression on her face as she stared at the message. Another ping: To: Ghost From: Crimson Subject: Dinner Party Message: Sorry sorry, my apologies, you’ll need this to get in. I always come down and never ever go up. Jade finally decided to close her menu, waiting for anyone that wanted to help.
  4. Jade thought about her choices, what were her options, she needed help and fast. But with all this talk of some superficial organization, would it really try to kill her if they saw her. As soon as they found out she was alive, would she really share the same fate as her mother and die in some tragic “accident”? Her heart was racing, she felt weak and powerless. She shook off the cruel thoughts and tried to calm herself down, which wasn’t helping. She didn’t know who to trust anymore, her friends, her guildmates. This whole thing had her questioning herself. Rex, as he introduced himself, seemed to be specifically out to get the criminals. Maybe he could be trusted, though Jade couldn’t believe she was placing her trust in an orange player. What if he is lying? What if he really is just a pycho? No, Jade couldn’t think like that now and lose her last sliver of hope. She began walking into the darkened town, daylight was slowly piercing the darkness in its orange haze. She received a message, out of instinct she opened it, hoping it was a friend she could talk to, or someone. But the messages : From: Crimson To: Ghost Message: Greetings Ghost. I humbly request an audience with you. Your “death” seemed to stir up the hive, which means you’re a valuable asset to the Brotherhood. Please, do come, we have a wonderful dinner party set up in preparation! And… In exchange for a favor, I do believe I can provide some much needed information on this Brotherhood that is after you. -Sincerely, Crimson, the Ace of Spades - - END CHAPTER ONE - - Thanks for reading! Next Chapter: Shattered Minds | Chapter 2: Crimson Caller >> The next chapter of the Storyline is Crimson Caller, which can either be a Private or Solo Party. If anyone wishes to join in the adventure, just ask! [Maximum of 4 Players]
  5. “Do you mean to say, you don’t know who is trying to kidnap me?” Jade asked. Rex added an insightful comment. “I mean, it could be worse, they could be trying to kill you. Oh wait a minute, thats right! If they see you again, they will! Sorry that kinda slipped my mind.” Jade was about to add something, but the sound of drawing swords made her jump back. The town guards had their swords drawn and ready. A small group of tired players behind them looking at the two worringly. Rex looked down at his axe, which he still had in his hand, then up at his cursor, then at Jade, and finally back at the players. “Well, this is my que to leave, see ya around, if you survive that is. Have a nice day!” Rex broke into a sprint as the guards chased him, they tried to catch him, but he was to fast. Rex easily outran the guards in their heavy armor. Just like that, the guards returned to their posts without a culprit. What do I do know? Jade asked herself. What do I do? What can I do…
  6. “I-I’m sorry. T-that was uncalled for. But you... He j-just, he didn’t deserve to die.” Jade said sorrowfully, recalling the conversation the man had with the other player on there way to, somewhere. He had likes and dislikes, he had a personality, he had flaws and morals, but most of all, he was alive. Jade recalled the music. “Hey, about the music. Why were you playing it? Not to mention how?” Jade asked, curiosity flickered in her eyes. “Oh, it’s quite simple. This bad boy… If I can… Get it dislodged from my bagaHA!” Rex pulled out a crystal. “This thing recorded one of my friends playing piano back when the game began. I’ve been using it ever since.” Rex said, whipping the crystal up into the air a few feet before catching it with his non dominant hand. “Yeah, but, why are you using it?” Jade added. “Its a great distraction, you saw how the guy came for it.” Jade thought about it for a second. Using an enemies curiosity against them, by luring them into a ambush. Interesting. “Anyway your free to go, ain’t no kidnappers gonna stop you.” Jade’s train of thought was broken by the comment. “It doesn’t matter, I have to go with them, they are going to hurt my friends if I don’t.” Jade said bitterly. “Oh thats cute. But seriously, didn’t you wonder why I said: Run now in the most intimidating way possible? Maybe it was because the last player was watching you run for your life with no chance of survival and watched a “Madman” with an axe follow suite? Now tell me, if you saw something like that, would you think person lived?” Jade thought about it, did he really plan that out? “Word of the wise: Stay away from popular safe zones.” Rex said in a warning tone. “But why, can’t we get some strong players to help us?” Rex burst out laughing at the comment. “...Haha! Good one, whatever organization we are dealing with, whoever is behind it, is powerful and has ties everywhere. We would literally die trying. They are like the god d### Illuminati.”
  7. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Morning Routine

    "...bu- he isn- is n..." Jade let out a sigh. "C-can I get a ham sandwich, and a water." She said quietly, the waitress seemed to be satisfied by the response. "Name? Its for the order." Jade mumbled "Jade" and the woman walked away. Jades face was still a deep shade of red. She had folded her arms on the table, her eyes were closed. She was forcing herself to calm down, she was taking in deep breaths, then exhaling, deep breaths, exhale, and the cycle continues until she is calm enough to speak again. Finally her eyes opened, her hazel eyes, stared at the center of the table. She figured that this was an excellent opportunity to use and improve what little social skills she had. "L-lovely morning isn't it?" Her voice sounded, cautious, like she was unsure whether speaking was dangerous or not. Her eyes glaces over in Kyoto's general direction, only to be repelled by some unknown powerful force driven by uncertainty. At least she got the phrase right this time, at the right time. @Kyot0
  8. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Morning Routine

    Jade sits up. "N-no. It's fine, y-you don't have to." Jade rubbed the bridge of her nose with a yawn. She stretched out her arms above her head, then set them on her lap. She was lowering her head again, slowly, before finally resting it on the table and dozing off, well, for around thirty seconds. She heard the waitress approach and heard her say "How can I help you today". Immediately, every fiber of Jades body screamed "Food" and she practically shot up in her chair, only to be stopped by a wooden divider that were keeping the tables separate. The back of her head made a loud BANG as it impacted. Her cheeks became pink out of embarrassment. "Ow." She cried, though it was more out of shock then anything else. She rubbed the back of her head. She was dazed and tired. She only heard the waitress for brief seconds at a time. "I see- two- a- ple." She shook her head, and asked the waitress to repeat herself. "I said, I see you two are a couple." Due to her tired state, it took her a few more seconds to understand the question. But when she understood the question, her face went beet red. "W-w-what... I... I don- we aren..." With every attempt to explain her voice grew weaker and weaker. The waitress turned her attention away from her before Jade could explain that the two just met eachother. @Kyot0
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    Er... I saw this a while back and I thought someone would give you a warm welcome by now. But no one did so now I feel bad, anyway Welcome to the site! @Emerald
  10. Pick a number between one and seven... You'll find out why I did this later, but for now, its a secret...
  11. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Again... <<TFFLAF>>

    "T-thanks, I guess..." She said shyly, unsure whether to take it as a compliment or not. Jade listened closely, though she was trying to search at the same time. It's not against the rules to smile. She thought to herself. Why does it feel that way though. Jade continued searching without comment to his words. Jade perked her head up."O-over there? I- Sure, I don't see why n-not." She resumed, hoping she was onto something, thinking she was going to find something. She quickly turned as she heard the wolf growl, at first shock and disbelief, she didn't think they'd be out around this area. Then came fight or flight. Jade face looked a lot more serious, the wolf seemed to be warning the players to back off, and not attacking. Some NPC's do that in other games, so why not here? The wolf continued to growl as Jade went through her menu equipping a few items. Suddenly she wore a black cloak, with silver chain mail and leather over the chest, leather wrist guards and shin guards, she wore a hood now too. She equipped her her dagger, and assumed stance. "If it comes to it, I'd rather help then watch." Her nervousness seemed to be gone, for the time being. Her voice was stern. She was ready if the wolf were to jump them, she stepped forward, dagger in hand. Hopefully, the creature would back off on its own. Searching for Materials: Current Battle Ready & Stats: @Davidranger
  12. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Again... <<TFFLAF>>

    She knew exactly what David was talking about, she met tons of people with somewhat long names, and after a while, it can be a burden. Though she does it anyway, unless she is given a nickname, or something. “Good to know.” Jade said calmly. Jade never knew how to properly respond to a compliment, she isn’t usually complimented, in the real world, she was nothing, even here not much is different in that perspective. So the only thing she knew how to say was “T-thanks.” then she tried to thing of a response. “You too.” She said, quickly realizing the error. “Er… I-I mean you look good t-too. I didn't mean t-that you look good in a d-dress.” Jade laughed nervously, trying to play off her mistake as a joke. She searched the next mental square, the pattern was easy to predict. She noticed something, she picked a bright pink flower, of which disappeared into her inventory. "I got one, that makes three." 3/10 @Davidranger
  13. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Again... <<TFFLAF>>

    She knew it. She looked ridiculous, she could tell by his reaction. She took a deep breath and continued down the streets of the town. After Jade asked why he just started dancing looked at David curiously, he seemed to be acting, odd, she wasn't sure why. Though she had seen stranger and accepted it as normal. Jade wanted to ask another question, but she kept it to herself. The field was pretty scarce of both monsters and players. The closest players were only seen because the sun slightly illuminated a group under a tree almost half a mile away, or what seemed to be that far. Jade began her typical material search pattern, which was similar to a sweep. She made a grid on the ground in her mind, then only searched the area within one sector before moving on to another. Whether or not this was an effective strategy was unknown, she just seemed to function better when faced with a lots of small areas to search rather then one large area. "A-alright, we got one, only nine more to go." Jade said, searching through the last bush in her little mental square. Nothing, again. She let out a sigh of disappointment. And began humming a tune quietly. @Davidranger
  14. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Again... <<TFFLAF>>

    Once inside, David initiated the quest, because Jade was in the room at the time, she also got the quest notification despite already having the quest active and pending. After David started talking to Zach, she zoned out and began daydreaming about life, food, more food. Fifteen seconds later, she snapped out of it, and with absolutely no context, saw David dancing. Confused, she looked around, wondering why he was dancing. He stopped, and she received the party notification. She quickly accepted it. "A-alright, hold on, I have to c-change first." Jade went into the back room, only to come back seconds later wearing a white dress. "D-don't laugh." She spoke slowly. "I-it increase the chances of f-finding something, for m-me that is." Jade left, signalling David to follow then went out to the fields outside of the town. "So... W-what was with the dance?" She asked curiously. She arrived at the field, and began searching for anything that could qualify as a material. Nothing. 0/10 Found @Davidranger
  15. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Being Normal

    Jade gave it some thought before speaking. "I don't think being a broker is for me." Jade said sorrowfully. "Sorry, I just, don't think I'll be any good, just like always." She said, she then forced herself to smile. "Though I do love the information you've given me, it'll help me out a ton." Oh yeah, speaking of books. "I try to write stuff, too." Jade said, she rummaged through her inventory before pulling out a small leather book. "Usually, I just look around my environment and try to create something catch, but most of them are really silly." She laughed nervously. She folded the small book to show a specific page, titled "Jade is Green" below that read: Jade is green, the sky is blue, bark is breen, but I’d bet you knew, that there is no color called breen. This poem is random and silly, and I really really don’t like chili. Her face was bright red. "So... W-what do you think?" She asked quietly. @Ennakai