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  1. I'm not going to be able to respond as frequently as I have. Being sick and having a large workload tends to do that to you. So forgive my delayed responses...

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    [OP-F2] Farewell World

    "C-change my name? Because less then nine people can see me? I-I'm sure everyone here knows what a haunting is, and I doubt anyone you tell would e-even care." Jade sighed, her voice still showing signs of distress, though no where near as bad as before. "I need to b-be alone... I-I'm going back to town... I need to, to think..." Jade said as she got to her feet and slowly lumbered towards the treeline in the direction of a road. "I-I'll see you guys later..." Jade disappears into the treeline. The clouds slowly begin to disappear as the sun takes back the sky. The eerie silence still lingers as the wind slightly sways the grass and flowers by the cliff side. What could have happened. A question that many people tend to ask themselves or tend to make fantasies about. Jade almost jumped, the only thing that stopped her was the approached of a friend, if it were just few seconds off and she wouldn't have been here, not anymore. Another factor that played a large role the prevented her from jumping was the comforting and counseling from a few others. Actions were done, words spoken, and things good and bad that won't be forgotten. End of Thread Col & Earnings: @Alec - 1 SP + 100 Col @Ennakai - 1 SP + 100 Col @Huginn - 1 SP + 100 Col @Symphony - 1 SP + 100 Col
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    [OP-F2] Farewell World

    [OOC: So I had this "Random Number Gen" thing and if the number landed within a certain area then my character would attempt to end her life. Wouldn't you look at that, the second I get back I roll just the right number. But yeah, if your character wants to save a life (or end one), here is your chance] Message all on Friend’s List: Subject: Farewell To: @Ennakai, @Huginn, @Kimihito, @Neopolitan, @Hazado From: Ghost Message: I'm glad that I met you guys, but I wish none of you met me. I’m not going to see you again anytime soon. I’m sorry for any distress this causes but you’ll forget about me, eventually, I hope. Kimihito, you were a great friend, a kind friend. Huggin, you remind me of me, only your stronger. Neo and Hazado, I’m sorry, I know you must have been excited that I join up, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. Ennakai, your books were full of intellect and fun to read, I read through the floor guide before I went to bed, though it didn't amount to anything in the long run. All of you were nice, happy, and I almost wish we could have spent more time together. But all things have to come to an end, so, sorry. Funny, now I realize the soon to be irony of my username. But don’t worry about me, I’ll just slow you down. So, goodbye, hope you guys live long happy lives. Jade tapped “Send”, the wind sending a chill down her spine. She closed her menu, the wind sending a chill down her spine. The sun hid behind the clouds as if it knew exactly what was about to happen, ashamed of something so dark and sinister happening in broad daylight. A dark shadow passed over everything, including the girl a few feet from the edge. Deciding whether or not to jump into the ravine, leading to her swift demise. A cold breeze blew her brown hair delicately behind her. She stood at the edge, with tears in her eyes. "Why is it so hard? I just need to take a few steps forward, and no one will ever have to worry about me ever again. I don’t have to fake it anymore. With all these benefits for everyone else. Why can’t I do it? Everyone will be far better off without me here. I’m just a burden to them. A nobody, no, a parasite, sucking the life out of everyone by wasting their time and effort that could have been used on someone that actually matters. Someone who isn’t me…" Jade said, tying to work out the courage to jump. Her gray scarf fluttering in the breeze. "Just do it! Why is this so hard!" She forced her right leg to make one step forward. Her whole body was shaking. She didn’t really want to die, but it just seemed like a way out, and she thought about it for so long that it just seemed like a reasonable solution after a while. It felt like freedom was near. She could do it, she just had to give in. But something was holding her back, what was it? She has nothing to live for, no purpose to complete, no lesson to learn, this was supposed to be the end. Her end.
  4. (OOC: Maybe, put the picture of her face, then her outfit? That might work, though it would look kind of ugly if left unorganized. At least in my opinion.) As Jade approached, the slightly smaller player seemed to change into actual questing clothes, instead of the daytime casuals she was wearing before. Now she looked very different in her armor, the outfit seemed to have a few cosmetic items. The one standing out the most, to Jade at least, was the amulet. Jade paused, taking a moment to address her outfit. She was still in her formal wear. She didn't have enough time to change at the vary moment either, she need to make sure the other players don't decide to leave without her, and that, was one of the rare moments that social interaction became a top priority. There was a brief silence after Jade asked the two if she could join, mere microseconds. Before the younger girl's unexpected enthusiasm almost startled her. Jade didn't know how to respond to something like that, so she ended up staying silent. The other player, Dazia, as she called herself was the first to introduce herself. Though she said something particularly strange. "...survive, by any means necessary." She unknowingly repeated out loud. Jade had heard many players address their goal to escape the virtual hellscape that is Aincrad, but the bluntness and vagueness of the comment made Jade a bit, uneasy. Hopefully it wasn't showing. The other player introduced herself as Yinangi. "I-I'm Ghost. I-It's a pleasure to meet you both." Jade seemed a bit, paranoid. She even asked a second time just to verify that what they said was, in fact, yes. "A-Are you sure? I-I'm mean... I'm only l-level four... I-Is it really okay for me to be t-tagging along with you?" @Dazia
  5. (OOC: Understood. Also, keep in mind, I only have a decent idea about how the combat system works, so if I mess up please call me out. Thanks.) Jade sighed, realizing she should have stayed in bed. It was one of those days. She needed something to do to get her keep her mind preoccupied, to prevent her from doing something stupid, like last time she felt this way. She made her way out of the safe zone. Funny, the only thing Jade knew about this floor was how easy you could fall to your death. Maybe some sightseeing would preoccupy her? Though sightseeing never really interested her, she'd rather stay in a closed off space then in the great outdoors. As she made her way out of the town at a normal pace, though she stopped as she heard players talking about a quest, Jade looked over to see two players chatting. One of which was wearing a black and blue cloak with hood and all, carefully detailed seams, leather padding on certain areas, the player look well prepared, the other player, looked slightly less prepared for an adventure. They sounded like they needed someone to join them, maybe if Jade could pull this off, she might be able to do something worthwhile? She cautiously approached the two. "H-hey... I-I overheard your conversation... Is it a-alright if I join you? I-I may not look like much, b-but I think I can help. I-I'm a DPS player, and I'd understand if you s-say no..." Jade asked. Halfway through, she thought they would think negatively of her, after all, what she did was essentially eavesdrop and insert herself to the picture. She awaited their denial, assuming that she wouldn't be allowed to join them. Battle Ready: <pending> @Dazia
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    Hello and welcome!
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    [OP-F2] Farewell World

    “Why me though… Why…” Jade muttered, her tone of voice still showing signs of sadness. Though it has drastically improved from before. The man offered that when she was feeling down again, to do a quest or something, probably to distract her mind. Jade tapped accept when the friend request popped up. “S-sure…” Jade stuttered. Her attention then turned to Huginn. Which Jade tried to force a smile in response to his first comment, though it was painful to maintain. His familiar floated next to her, Jade stared at it curiously. “That’s a cute name, Felli...” Jade reached for it. Jades face turned bright red at Enna’s comment. “H-Hey, wait… T-that’s not… I-I’m not, I-I...” She quickly became silent out of sheer embarrassment. Why would you say something like that in front of other people. Jade sniffled. “I-I don’t know…” Jade commented. “I… I can’t keep promises that I’m prone to breaking…” Jade said sorrowly. She pull the scarf she had around her neck up a bit. “...I h-haven’t introduced myself, have I?” Jade then asked, directing the question towards the two she didn’t know. “I-I’m Ghost…” Jade let out a short, but fake, laugh. “I-If you think about it… My username is also a-an ironic joke. Because no one sees m-me, much like a ghost.” @Alec @Huginn @Ennakai
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    [OP-F2] Farewell World

    The woman sat down beside Jade, rubbing her back and attempting to offer a cup of hot chocolate to her, of which Jade refused. A bear cub, which seemed to be a companion of the man, rested across Jades lap. Enna hugged Jade, as he also tried to comfort her. Jade closed her eyes, trying to hold back the surge of painful emotions as everyone comforted her. "I-I'm ok Enna..." Jade spoke softly, her voice quivering. "...p-please don't hate m-me." Jade remained silent and motionless. She stopped crying thanks to all the comforting of the people (and the small bear cub) around her, though she occasionally sniffled. She didn't make eye contact with anyone, staring at the ground. She wanted to disappear into nothingness, she wanted to fade out of existence, she wanted out of this nightmare. She was scared, scared people would hate her if she opened up to them, after all, she had been harassed and bullied by people she had used to call her friends. She was forced to confront multiple fears in the same place, at the same time. Jade took a deep shakey breath. "Why is it so hard to forget..." Jade mumbled, though quiet, it was completely understandable in the eerie silence that lingered. @Symphony @Alec @Ennakai
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    [PP-F1] Being Normal

    The sun's rays shimmered over the trees, the wind soft but present. Causing the leaves to move in a hypnotic pattern as they tried to pull away from the branches. Jade walked down the dirt path leading to her quiet place. She didn't own it, it was just so isolated, that she thought no one would find it. She made a swift ninety degree turn off the path and into the underbrush. She continued this direction for a little while until she came across clearing, it was a small hill with short grass, and a tree at the very top. Jade got out a checkered blanket and laid it down. She sat down on the blanket, her back against the tree and began reading a book. "I wish I had a normal life..." She said outloud, which she tends to do when she thinks she is alone. "...just like the characters." Jade continued, enving the book she was reading. She looked up from the book and let out a long sigh, then resuming reading the book. @Ennakai
  10. Looking for someone to RP with. Social or quest, though I'd prefer a quest. 

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      I'm always open to do a thread either story type or if you'd like someone to hold aggro for you so you can wail on mobs let me know.

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      Alright, I'll contact you when I can open a thread.

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      Sounds great.

  11. XD yeah, is it bad that I also wanted her to go Yandere too? That or number 1.
  12. Pick a number between one and seven... You'll find out why I did this later, but for now, its a secret...
  13. So, It's a tie between 3 and 4. I was hoping there wouldn't be ties. Lets see, I'm going to roll a die, three and below is three, four and up is four (obviously). And the roll is... 5!!! Which in turn means that the number "4" is the winner. But "Why did you make us pick numbers?" you may be asking yourselves. The number determined several different possibilities on what path my character would either Ascend, or Descend. The number determined a path of which Ghost would go down. So now I shall show you exactly what the numbers stood for, except for the winner, that one stays secret to keep you in suspense! 1 - Jade eventually copes with her depression, and in the end becomes more social. 2 - Jade eventually loses it and ends her life. 3 - Jade ends up falling in love with a randomly selected male friend. 4 - This is secret... but now I am going to fill this with filler text to waste someones time because reasons. uwu 5 - Jade eventually opens up to people about her past in detail. 6 - Jade falls in love, stalks, and obsesses over a randomly selected male friend a bit too much... (Essentially turning her into a Yandere) 7 - Jade eventually overcomes her fears and becomes a stronger person due to the experience. So yeah, all of those were possibilities that could have happened. Now knowing these, what possibility would you have chosen for her?
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    [OP-F2] Farewell World

    [OOC: I didn't like the way I made Jade react. So, I changed it entirely.] Jade stood silently as she was pulled from the edge and hugged by the stranger. “It won’t. It never is… Nothing is ever ok.” Jade spoke softly. “Nothing…” Jade began tearing up again. “I-It just won’t stop…” Jade let out a shaky sigh as the two parted, the stranger told her to address those she had distressed, her friends. The man intruded in the gap left by the two, now blocking her path to what she needed to do. “I-I…” Jade stuttered. “I-I… If it wasn’t for me being s-stupid none of them would have been here in the first place. N-None of them would be upset. It’s my fault.” Jade turned to Huginn. “I-I’m sorry... Huginn… I guess I never told you, huh.“ A sad smile formed on Jade’s face, which was her poor attempt to lighten the mood and let them know everything was fine. “B-but now you know how I feel.” Jade’s smile disappeared as she looked down at her feet, now addressing both Ennakai and Huginn. “Y-You guys are making this so hard…” Jade said, which was followed by a few tears. “I-I’m sorry both of you met me. All I did was waste your valuable t-time and effort. I-If I had just done this earlier, neither of you would be like this. I-I’m an idiot.” Jade collapsed to her knees, and began crying once again. @Symphony @Alec @Huginn @Ennakai
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    [PP-F1] Being Normal

    Jade nodded. “I-I’d like that.” She spoke with a soft smile, the redness slowly fading, though it returned as Enna went on. Jade looked to her right, partially nervous, then flinching when Enna’s hand connected with hers. Physical contact wasn’t something happens under normal circumstances, at least with her. She was used to being hurt, being broken. But what Enna did, it felt, different. Once Enna finished Jade smile nervously, she then looked down and moved a stray strand of hair away. Jade wanted to retract her hand, but, something about it was, unusual. She felt, strange. She wasn’t sure what she was feeling, but it was a pleasant, warm, and comforting. But at the same time, it felt anxious. She sighed, slouching against the tree’s trunk, pulling her hand away in the process. “Y-you know... “ Jade began, putting her hands in her lap. “I-I’m, I-I... Hold on… Let me think of the right words...” Jade paused, closing her eyes, taking a deep breath, then exhaling, then opening her eyes again. “Thank you.” @Ennakai
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    [OP-F2] Farewell World

    Jade took one more step forward, both feet now lingering on the edge. She took a deep breath. “I guess this is it…” She paused. “Goodbye worl-” “DON’T DO IT!” A voice called out. Jade took a step back, turning around, both in shock and surprise. Jade watched in agony as Huggin approached, begging her not to jump. She waited for him to finished, she forced a smile that contradicted her tears. “I forgot to turn location off, didn’t I?” Her smile turned into a frown. “I can’t even kill myself correctly.” She wipped her tears away using her sleeve. “I-I just… I just want it to stop… I want the pain to go away…” Her eyes became hazy again. “It hurts, so much…” A single tear rolled down her cheek. “I-I didn’t think you’d care. Sorry…” She forced the same smile, which quickly turned to shock as another player entered. “STOP!” He yelled. Jade didn’t recognize him, perhaps he had been listening to the conversations and decided to step in? The man continued to speak. “I-I… I’m…” Jade stuttered. “I-I was…” Jade stopped for a few moments, and waited for the man to finish. “I-It’s not like my life matters. I’m just a blip c-compare to everything else. I can’t support anything, even myself, I just wear people down, I-I’m doing everyone a service.” Jade spoke, trying to defend herself. Jade turned back around, standing at the edge once again, she took a deep breath. She wipped away another tear. Staring down into the chasm below. Jade looked back up, she could sense someone beside her. Jade turned her head. She didn’t recognise her, another bystander? Jade felt utterly embarrassed, if she had just been a little smarter, no one would have found where she was. The stranger spoke. Jade recalled how it felt to fall here, just like the real world, except hitting the floor is followed by disorientation, but no pain was involved. Though Jade remained silent. The stranger spoke again. Jade nodded slightly, then looking down at the chasm again. Everything and nothing… That's a good way to describe what she was feeling. Jade accepted the cookie hesitantly. She didn’t want to take it if she was going to die anyway. Jade fell silent as the stranger continued, Jade waited for her to finish. “I-I… I-I’m not strong enough. I can’t… I can’t bear this anymore.” Jade finally spoke, tears filling her eyes again. Another voice, this one she recognised. Jade turned around again. “H-Hi Enna…” Jade forced a smile. Jade listened to him, a frown crossed her face, her brow furrowed, tears streamed from her eyes. “T-that’s… That’s not fair!” Jade spoke, trying to wipe away her tears, though she failed due to the sheer amount. “NO!” Jade cried. “You weren’t supposed to worry! You were supposed to go on without me! Every morning I look into the mirror and hate who is staring back at me. Every night I lay awake from nightmares. Every moment of everyday rainclouds drizzle above me. I-I just can’t handle it anymore… I’m weak, I’m cowardly, I’m stupid, I’m hideous… I’m a parasite.” Jade spoke, her voice shaky. @Huginn @Alec @Symphony @Ennakai
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    [PP-F1] Being Normal

    [OOC: And thus starts my slow return.] Jade nodded, more out of instinct then out of acceptance. She didn't feel the same way Enna did, in fact, Jade felt the exact opposite. She felt as if she didn't belong anywhere. Jade's face turned a bright red as he read her short poem, and when Enna laughed, Jade felt embarrassment, genuine and pure embarrassment. "I-I... I..." Jade stuttered, unable to speak. Why did I show him that. Jade asked herself. I'm an idiot, that's why. "I-I'm not-t that good..." Jade was surprised at his response. His own short poem. "Hehehe..." Jade laughed nervously, her face still a bright red. "I-It's not really... I-I was just b-brainstorming and trying to r-rhyme words." Jade spoke softly. "You can c-cook? I can't, last time i-it ended with me trying to m-make cookie dough. But I ended w-with something as e-edible as play dough." Jade sighed, looking down at the ground. "I can't do anything right..." She mumbled. Jade stared at the lollipop.Jade giggled quietly as she reached slowly for the sugary treat, taking it. She eyed it, before looking at Enna, making a small smile, then putting it in her mouth. @Ennakai
  18. Jade took in a deep breath, and exhaled. She looked up at the familiar building. She just couldn't finish the quest on her own, could she? Whoever leaves, just seems to, leave. Was she really that unlikable? They never said it to her face, maybe they just wanted to leave without hurting her. That might be why they never said it directly. She took slow steps into the building. "Hi again..." She muttered nervously as she approached the NPC. Zack looked up at her, and repeated the same dialog line as the attempts she tried before. She had to come back to re-enable the quest due to its reset period if left incomplete. 5 Materials. Jade thought to herself. Just five. But for some reason, mustering three is extreme. She also came to get help, hopefully they would remain. She walked back out of the building taking a seat on the steps watching the busy players moving around. @Davidranger
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    [PP-F1] Again... <<TFFLAF>>

    [OOC: I need to really finish these before I disappear, huh?] Jade let out a sigh of relief, though what it left behind was plain paranoia. "Y-yeah... That was close..." Jade spoke softly. "I-I'm fine, don't worry about me." Jade continued, before resuming her search for materials. Unfortunately, she was unlucky, and didn't find any materials. Jade continued searching in her grid like pattern until she saw what might be a perfect spot for searching. It had a little pond with clear water, weird looking flowers, dry grass, a few big rocks, all the things the would warrant a search for materials. "Hey, w-want to search there?" Jade raised her arm and pointed to the oddity in the middle of the field. "We would p-probably have better chances of f-finding something if we look somewhere with more areas for the m-materials to be found, because all of it is in a more tightly p-packed spot and we wouldn't have to search very far..." Jade commented, before a wave of utter embarrassment washed over. "I phrased it weird, d-didn't I?" Jade turned her head shyly away from David. "S-sorry..." @Davidranger
  20. I will slowly be returning... Very... Very slowly...

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  21. I've been inactive I know... I'm probably not gonna be very active until the twenty-fourth. So, I apologize to all threads that I had active. Sorry, see you guys soon.

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      No worry about it Ghost, Life is life and we all know it, try to fix up your own things and start making if better for yourself, as always, my door is open and you know how to contact me.

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    [PP-F1] Again... <<TFFLAF>>

    Despite David reminding her it was a compliment, she still was flustered. “T-Thanks…” Her face was red and she was trying to use her long hair as a sort of curtain, covering almost half of her face. At least he found another material. Jade didn’t know charcoal was a material, though she should have, it made sense. Charcoal can be used to fuel the forges and stoves of Blacksmiths and Cooks, it can be used to heat elixirs in an Alchemy Lab, and if in a pinch, Charcoal can be used for drawing and writing. Jade watched in horror as the wolf lunged at David, but fortunately, he managed to dodge it just in time. She let out a sigh of relief. That's when David came up with the idea that the wolf was protecting its litter. Jade thought about it for a moment, it was a high possibility. Jade decided to do the same as David and back away, after a while, the wolf turned around and disappeared into the vegetation. Jade quickly went back through her menu, getting back into her dress with the enhanced loot bonus. There was a brief silence. “A-are you ok?” She asked shyly, she was back to being calm. She doesn’t typically serious unless someone is in immediate danger. “I-I thought the wolf, I-I thought it was g-going to… hurt you, or w-worse.” Jade said, her tone full of worry. She completely forgot to search for materials, though she did think she spotted something earlier, she just didn’t remember where she spotted it. Seeing as she was a little preoccupied then. Search Results: Loot: 10 + 3 = 13 Fail @Davidranger
  23. placeholder text (I'm still working on the story line)
  24. [OOC: Sorry if the grammar isn’t correct, I was very sleepy and sick at the time, I hope you enjoy! I also hope that you'll join me in the next chapter "Crimson Caller" which is a Private Party.] Jade awoke early. The darkness engulfing the windows. She opened her menu, 1:31 AM. She tossed herself over trying to go back to sleep. She tossed and turned, she couldn’t sleep. She didn’t know why, usually at this time she could just close her eyes and drift off into nothingness, but for some reason she couldn’t. Was it the nightmares? The ones she had tonight weren't as bad as some of the ones she had recently, that must be it. I must be paranoid. Jade thought to herself. I can’t get sleep like this, I need to clear my head. Jade reluctantly threw off the covers, and put on some slippers via the menu, stepping off the bed, the floor made a loud CREEEEEAK. She opened the doors to the balcony, sitting down on one of the chairs. It was cold out, even her pajamas, which were exceptionally good at keeping her at just the right temperature were failing her. She was about to head back inside when something caught her attention.
  25. Jade thought about her choices, what were her options, she needed help and fast. But with all this talk of some superficial organization, would it really try to kill her if they saw her. As soon as they found out she was alive, would she really share the same fate as her mother and die in some tragic “accident”? Her heart was racing, she felt weak and powerless. She shook off the cruel thoughts and tried to calm herself down, which wasn’t helping. She didn’t know who to trust anymore, her friends, her guild mates. This whole thing had her questioning herself. Rex, as he introduced himself, seemed to be specifically out to get the criminals. Maybe he could be trusted, though Jade couldn’t believe she was placing her trust in an orange player. What if he is lying? What if he really is just a psycho? No, Jade couldn’t think like that now and lose her last sliver of hope. She began walking into the darkened town, daylight was slowly piercing the darkness in its orange haze. - - END CHAPTER ONE - - Thanks for reading! Next Chapter: Shattered Minds | Chapter 2: Crimson Caller >> The next chapter of the Story line is Crimson Caller, which can either be a Private or Solo Party. If anyone wishes to join in the adventure, just ask! [Maximum of 4 Players]