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  1. Mutsu

    [SP-F6]Gemini - Quest

    "Are we there yet," Mutsu finally asked, stopping in the middle of the road just outside of town and putting her hands on her hips. Enough was enough and, so far as she was concerned, she had walked far enough at this point in order to trigger the beginning of the quest. After all, how far could they possibly need to walk? This was a tutorial quest for the Player versus Player combat system, at least as far as Mutsu could tell that was what it was anyway. The only thing that should have been required for them to actually get down to business should have been for them to exit the town. Once they were free of the town, and its accompanying Safe Zone, then no further action should have been required. After all, once they were out of the town they could begin the combat whenever they liked.
  2. ID: 107933 BD: 9 (Hit) [5+3 ACC Clothing+1 ACC Food] Boss Nepent - 11/15 Mutsu: 17/20 (0/2 EN) (Hate: 1) Black: 259/260 (Hate: 2) "Well, of course I did," Mutsu said in response to the statement about her having put all of her skill points into wit instead of accuracy. "Someone has to be the brains of this outfit," she bounced on her toes which set her outfit to jingling. "And, let's be honest here, that job falls to the navy because everyone knows that the Marines are the crayon eating muscle." Mutsu giggled at her remark and then flicked her Marissa out at the newly spawned Nepent Boss. The weapon neatly scored a hit on the digital monster. But, unlike with the little Nepents, this time Mutsu hardly did any damage to the boss creature at all. In fact, if she had not seen her weapon hit the monster she would have doubted that she had scored a hit. Well, if that was the way this was going to work then there was only one response to offer to @Black. "This goddess helps those who help themselves," Mutsu stated, trying to adopt a saintly tone of voice to match the heavenly jingling of the bells on her armor.
  3. "Mmrf ermf murffl murmf," Mutsu declared, whatever it was that she was saying being quite muffled since her face was pressed into @Hydravion's chest. When she was released enough to squirm again she shot @Black a triumphant look. "If you weren't such a pre-vert Aris Senpai would probably give you one too," the brunette declared, ignoring the fact that it was bad etiquette to use one's real name in online games the way Mutsu was. Mutsu used her own name as her screen name, so obviously it wasn't that big of a breach of privacy, at least as far as Mutsu was concerned. "I revel in all things. Well, most things. Ok, some things. And also sushi," Mutsu said, starting with a statement of universal truth and gradually stepping it back to what was the actual case. The jingling spearwoman followed the conversation the rest of the way, though she remained miraculously quiet while introductions were made. "There, now that everyone knows someone or at least one other someone or maybe just of someone, or maybe just meeting for the first time..." Mutsu trailed off and got a gleam in her eye. "Oh. My. God! I've always wanted to do this," she said suddenly, her train of thought having derailed itself somewhere shortly after it left the station. "I need everyone to sit down on the edge of that fountain in the middle of the plaza," she declared, pointing a finger in the direction of the softly bubbling fountain. "It's important." @Vally@Shield
  4. Mutsu

    [PP F-05] <<Blood in the Sand>>

    "You take the beatings, eh," Mutsu asked, hopping lightly down from the table she had been dancing her jingling jig upon. She padded up behind @Black, while they were still safely within the confines of the Town's safe zone, and delivered to him a sharp open handed smack to the back of the head. "You're right," she declared merrily to the group. "He takes beatings real good," she said with a giggle, before dropping her tone into the deadly serious range, "And the beatings will continue until morale improves!" After delivering her message to Black she fell in with the rest of the group, jingling with every step as they moved through the town. While she was not overly fond of this floor or of deserts, at least this floor had the virtue of being a dry heat and not dripping with humidity like the sixth floor. The jungle was an absolute nightmare. "You know, the usual. Kicking names, taking butt, looking stunning and jingling while doing it. All in a day's work." @Dustin@tricolor_mina@Kirbs
  5. ID: 107828 LD: 11 (5/5 Found) "How can no one have found something like a prison yet," Mutsu asked, placing her hands on her hips and glaring at @Hazado, even though she was not really angry with him, per se. She was still fuming and huffing, jingling slightly as she bounced on the balls of her feet with nervous energy. Then another thought struck her. "You know Kayaba trapped us in here," she said in a brooding tone. "That makes him an accessory to murder, or something. And he made that announcement. From in the game, I bet. That means he's in here too. Do you think, if we found him in here and killed him that the game would end?" While she was thinking out loud about how the fastest way out of their digital prison might be to remove the head from the proverbial snake, assuming that the game was programmed to end if the Chief Executive Officer of the company that made the game died while it was active, I mean it made a strange kind of logical sense in Mutsu's mind, she absently pulled up a great handful of digital grass in a wantonly destructive act. Apparently, though, the game was feeling generous since she was rewarded with the last material she needed. "I guess that's five."
  6. ID: 107827 BD: 7 (Hit) [3+3 ACC Clothing+1 ACC Food] MD: 2 (Hit) Nepents C: -3/7 (-5 DMG) Nepent A, B, C, & D: Dead Mutsu: 17/20 (0/2 EN) Black: 259/260 (Hate: 0) "Did you just assume I have a kink," Mutsu asked, carelessly flicking her sarissa out and killing the last of the little Nepents. "Is that a sexist? That feels like a sexist. Ooh, am I being objectified? I will only allow it if you worship me as though I were a God...dess, a Goddess!" She continued to carry on and bounce around, jingling the entire time and not really noticing hardly at all that the last of the Nepents was dead. "Either way you can take your spear and head in some other direction, and digital babies don't count. Speaking of, can there even be digital babies in this game? I will not be testing that. You go find someone else to 'for science,' with."
  7. Mutsu

    Mutsu's Odds and Ends

    Name: Mutsu Your Profession: Performer Your Rank: 1 Roll ID: 107824 Roll Result: 10 (CD), 18 (LD - Masterpiece) Item Type: Support Song - Mass Healing - GANGNAM STYLE! (to be healed, you HAVE to do the dance) Tier: 1 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: +20 HP Healed (1 Slot @ T1) Description: A mass healing dance, those wishing to be healed must do the dance. Post Link: SUCCESSFUL CRAFT
  8. Mutsu raged about inside her shop. She would have overturned items, flipped tables, and otherwise wreaked havoc in her own shop. But, that was a literal impossibility since there was nothing in the shop. The empty shelves and the counter were all bolted to the ground. "I've been cheated," she fumed, shouting at no one in particular because, and this was important, there was no one at whom she could rage at the moment. "What kind deal is this? Selling someone a shop location when there is nothing in the shop? Where are all the goodies I need to make things?!?" ID: 107824, 107825 CD: 10 (Uncommon), 4 (Fail) LD: 18 (MASTERPIECE!) +4 XP, 11 XP Total
  9. Mutsu

    [SP-F6]Gemini - Quest

    Once she had activated the quest the rest of what needed to be done in terms of preparation was, really, pretty simple. Sweat a lot. Follow the quest giving non-player character through the town of Krycim. Sweat some more. Head out of the town through their moss covered main gates. Sweat a little bit more. Move to a specific spot about fifty meters from the main gate into the town, not even bothering to exit the roadway. And, of course, sweat just a teensy weensy bit more. "If there is a Hell, this place is probably pretty close. Stupid jungle and stupid humidity," Mutsu muttered to herself. She contemplated removing her armor for this quest, but thought better of it. If this really was the player versus player system tutorial quest then, it seemed quite probable, that she would want her armor to still be on. That just seemed logical. Maximum protection would not only make this quest easier, it would make it a lot safer too. And she did want that bonus skill. Skills that did not use up skill slots were always handy to have.
  10. ID: 107757 LD: 11 (4/5 Found) "Why would they kill another player when they know that person will really die," Mutsu asked, jabbing her booted toes into the dirt and, somehow, coming up with yet another crafting material. "That's really stupid," the brunette woman continued, starting to get herself worked up into a real and genuine anger. "Games are supposed to be fun and Kayaba's ruined that. Now we have stupid people that want to commit crimes and murder knowing that the consequences will be carried out in the real world. If there's no police, then we will just have to make our own police. I thought I read somewhere that there's a big prison under the Palace in the Town of Beginnings. Is that true? I bet we could figure out a way to lock up all the orange players. Ooh, or create our own judicial system with lawyers and everything. It would be just like Lord of the Flies! Ok, sort of. Maybe not really." @Hazado
  11. Being snatched out of the air, and then set on the ground, before she could deliver a proper glomp. As soon as the brunette was place back on the ground, her feet planted on Terra Firma in the digital sense once more, a repeat attempt at delivering the glomp was made. "ARIS SENPAI," Mutsu declared once again, flinging her arms around @Hydravion. "I can't believe you still won't fight the mobs. No one is asking you to fight other players, you know," Mutsu continued, turning her head to regard @Black with a look that told him, quite clearly, that she knew precisely how much he wished he could be right in between the two women at that precise moment. Of course, who could blame him for feeling that way? "Yes, Black is the games resident perverted Marine," Mutsu continued, still trying to tackle hug Hydravion. Though, by this point, it was really more like trying to wrestle the other woman to the ground. Then, suddenly, the brunette twitched. "Wait a minute, Senpai... you like girls and not boys," Mutsu said, sounding confused for a moment. Then she shrugged. "Whatever, doesn't matter to me but if your girlfriend sees us make sure she knows nothing's going on. I don't do girlfriend drama and that extends to girl friends who have girlfriends that might cause girlfriend drama with girl friends of my girl friend, Senpai," Mutsu continued, doing her very best to confuse everyone in the group with that sentence. "I never get myself into trouble," Mutsu declared in a saintly voice, still responding to Hydravion and, basically, half ignoring everyone else. "I just need to group of people to help me go off and slay a bunch of dragons. I'm not even pretending I'll go on a date with any of them in the real world... this time." While she was carrying on, and still trying to tackle or wrestle Hydravion to the ground for a proper jingle bell glomp, @Shield joined the group. "Are they still strangers if I happen to know two of them," Mutsu asked, blinking her chocolate eyes up at Shield. Before she could continue the response though, the high level player had laid into Black for being perverted. Mutsu smirked as Black was put in his place. True, she encouraged his perversion a bit, to get things she wanted from him, but it was still funny. "Yeah, don't be perverted," Mutsu said in a mockingly hurt tone before turning her attention to @Vally. Honestly, the other woman could give Mutsu a run for her money, in certain departments. "Hey, new girl, I bet if you jumped in on this glomp we could give Black a heart attack... or at the very least a nose bleed... he is a good cook though. So, are we all going to do the Dragon Hunter Anthology?"
  12. ID: 107734 BD: 6 (Hit) [2+3 ACC Clothing+1 ACC Food] MD: 7 (Hit) Nepents C: 2/7 (-5 DMG) Nepent D: 7/7 Nepent A & B: Dead Mutsu: 17/20 (0/2 EN) (Hate: 1-C) [-1 DMG] Black: 260/260 (Hate: 0) "It's not domestic abuse until I kick you in your baby maker," Mutsu declared, scowling at @Black. "Everybody knows that." Lazily, she flicked out her vanity weapon. The sarissa neatly punched into the head of one of the two remaining Nepents, leaving a crimson gash on the creature that disappeared after a few moments. With the various accuracy buffs that were now applied, it was actually rather simple to go about hitting the nasty little creatures. It felt more like she would have had to have tried if she wanted to miss, rather than if she wanted to hit. "Maybe I have handcuffs, and various other naughty things," Mutsu said, trying to make her voice sound like a seductive purr and not being entirely sure if she succeeded. "Not that you're ever likely to find out. But maybe I do... YOU DON'T KNOW!" She was so focused on the conversation that she failed to notice when one of the nepents hit her again and set her armor to jingling.
  13. Mutsu

    [SP-F6]Gemini - Quest

    After what seemed, to Mutsu, like hours, or days, or possibly even weeks of wandering around the soggy and humid streets of Krycim even though it was really only about fifteen minutes, Mutsu finally ran into the quest non-player character that she needed to find in order to get things started. She was just about to open her mouth and speak to the hooded figure when they spoke first, in a masculine voice. "You look pretty strong," said the masculine voice. "I am pretty strong," Mutsu declared, flexing her right bicep for added emphasis. "And you smell pretty strong," she continued, holding up her hand and waving it in the universal 'you stink' motion in front of her nose. "I'm looking to test my skills. If you beat me, I'll teach you a hidden skill. What do you say?" "Yep, quest NPC," Mutsu declared, clapping her hands delightedly and hopping on the spot which set the bells on her armor to jingling. "I say let's get this show on the road!"
  14. Mutsu

    [PP F-05] <<Blood in the Sand>>

    Mutsu tromped and stomped through the dusty town of, well it was called something, on the fifth floor. Sand. Sand was everywhere on this floor. And sun. "I like the sun, what girl doesn't," she said to herself as she jingled along the dusty avenues of the small town. "But, I prefer it when the sand comes with a beach," she continued, still speaking to no one in particular. Rumor had it there was some kind of something or other to kill on this floor to get fabulous loot and prizes. Of course, there were things like that on every floor when it came right down to it. But, from what she had heard the loot from this Sandshark thing was particularly good. As she wandered she noticed a tavern. Well, if anyone was likely to have information about where to go to find the thing so that she could kill the thing and get the glorious glorious loot it would be someone in the bar. Pushing open the door to the establishment, Mutsu sauntered in and the first thing that she noticed was that the @Black was standing up on a table and carrying on about, apparently the very same thing she was here for in the first place. "Oh," she called out, her voice carrying over the din as the clambered up onto another table. "Are we having a Table Dance Dance Revolution," she asked, then she began prancing and jingling around the table she had climbed up on, in her full armor, putting on quite the show. @tricolor_mina @Dustin @Kirbs
  15. Mutsu

    [SP-F6]Gemini - Quest

    As she stood in the town of Krycim, out of the path of people stepping down from the teleportation portal in the Portal Plaza, Mutsu swiped a finger in midair and pulled up her player menu. Now that she was on the right floor, it should be a relatively simple matter to go ahead and activate the quest. Or, at least, she assumed that the reason why she had not been able to choose the quest earlier and set it to active was because she had not been on the right floor. Sure enough, when she tapped the "Set Active Quest" button this time it worked like a charm. But, there was no waypoint set on the map for her to go to. Just a general area around the entire town. "At least this place isn't too big," Mutsu muttered to herself, picking a direction at random and setting off at a jingle inducing pace through the town. It was only a matter of time before she ran across the start of the quest at this point.