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  1. Mutsu

    [PP-F1] Long Live the Queen

    "I'm just friendly, I'm not pretty," Mutsu asked, making a pouty face @Winik as she went fishing for a complement. "And I'm friendly enough, but not that friendly, if you know what I mean," the woman continued tapping the haft of her Shao Lin spear against the shoulder of her armor which set the bells on both the weapon and the armor to jingling merrily. "You can bring along as many people as you want, but I'm only bringing me and we're leaving now. Yes, the Long Live the Queen." Just like that the tiny woman was marching off in the direction of the main gates of Urbus to head out and slay the monster, win the loot and experience, and then be off on her next adventure. "This is no bee-level adventure, after all. Yes, pun intended."
  2. ID: 109802 BD: 6 (5-1+2 [Weapon, Concentration]) MD: 5 Mutsu: +1 ACC, 35 MIT, DMG 4, Safeguarded Mutsu: 160/160 12/16 Cave Guardian: -6/20 (4x2=8 DMG) [Heft, 2x] Tearing her spear from the giant golem, Mutsu took a step back and spun whirling the spear around her body like an improvised club. She walloped the golem up the side of its head and the creature shattered in a shower of blue sparks, dissolving into nothingness. "I win," Mutsu called out, shouting to be sure she would be heard from way outside the cave where, she assumed, @Hazado was waiting for her. It seemed he might be afraid of the dark. "What was the point of the safeguard potion again? I never even got hit by the monster." the curvy woman jingled up to her partner in crime, for now anyway, and produced the jewel that she had retrieved from the cave. "I assume this is the jewel we are looking for, the jewel we need to take back to the woman painter lady, right?"
  3. Mutsu jogged, and jingled, her way up the steps to the teleportation portal in the portal plaza in the Town of Beginnings. Stepping into the portal, she cleared her voice and then spoke. "Scotty, beam me up to Floor Two," she sang out. Within the space of a blink of an eye, she had disappeared and then reappeared in the matching portal plaza for the walled town of Urbus on the Second Floor of the Aincrad Tower. There were quests that needed doing, jobs that needed accomplishing, skill points that needed to be gained, and skills that needed to be improved. Of course, there were also sidekicks that needed to be gained. After all, since the game was now a digital death prison it was definitely wiser to work in a group than it was to work alone, which she typically preferred. Except for all the times when she preferred to work with a group. "So, I'm off to kill the Wasp Queen, harvest some XP, and get some loot," she sang out, as she jingled her way down the stairs. She glanced all around the Portal Plaza with her chocolate brown eyes, taking in all the players who were assembled in Urbus, even as she was technically speaking to all of them. Even if it was a rather impersonal way of speaking to them all at the same time. Still, it was much faster to simply yell at everyone all at the same time than it was to try and single out one single person to try and convince to come and help her. @Winik
  4. ID: 109265 BD: 6 (6-1+1 [Weapon]) MD: 3 Mutsu: +1 ACC, 35 MIT, DMG 4, Safeguarded Mutsu: 160/160 13/16 Cave Guardian: 2/20 (4x2=8 DMG) [Heft, 2x] "Don't worry, I got this," Mutsu sang out. Then she took a few jingling, running steps towards the golem. She jumped into the air and pounced into the middle of the golem's chest. The only problem, for the golem anyway, was that the tiny spearwoman dove in to attack spear first. As she landed in the middle of the creature's chest the weapon dug in deep. But, the golem was not quite so tall as she had expected, so when she came back down she was still on the ground. "Well, when in Rome I guess," she muttered, then her legs began pumping and she drove the golem backwards through the dark until she had pinned the creature to the wall, shoving her weapon all the way through it to hold it in place. @Hazado
  5. ID: 109264 BD: 9 MD: 4 Mutsu: +1 ACC, 35 MIT, DMG 4, Safeguarded Mutsu: 160/160 14/16 Cave Guardian: 10/20 (5x2=10 DMG) [Heft, 2x] "Behind me," Mutsu asked, tightening her hands around the haft of the spear in her hands. Then she bridged, planting on hand on the ground and thrusting the Shao Lin weapon backwards with her free hand. The business end of the weapon slammed into the chest of the Cave Guardian and left an indelible mark on the enemy before she rolled over and popped to her feet in a jingling tinkle of bells. Squinting her brown eyes in the dark, she peered at the health bar for the Guardian and noticed that she had already taken down more than half of the health bar. "It's already half dead," she sang out, making sure that @Hazado would hear her. "This one doesn't seem too hard either!"
  6. Mutsu

    [PP-F01/F04] Fair Maiden Dustin, Mutsu

    Mutsu opened her mouth to criticize and then make fun @Dustin then the Mrs. Clause costume came out. Then the cat costume came out and she was not the one wearing it. Something was very wrong with this picture. "Are you calling me fat," she demanded as @Ennakai hopped up on the counter and began striking various feline poses. That should have been her. Ennakai should have been the one in the Mrs. Clause costume. "Are you calling me old," Mutsu asked, in the same demanding tone. That was all completely unacceptable. "Do you think all of this happens for someone who is old," Mutsu asked, shimmying in a seductive manner. Then she hurled the costume down on the ground. Then she hopped up and down on it. "What about a sexy genie? Or a pirate?" She kicked the Mrs. Clause costume behind the counter. Then she had an epiphany, as the costume jingled away. There really was only one option, at least there was only one option of Ennakai was sold on taking cat. "What about a sexy gypsy or belly dancer? Those are options I could get behind, and they will jingle every bit as much. Also, I will need a tambourine... it's the poor person's bell!"
  7. "So, this is the cave," Mutsu said, trying to make her voice sound all deep and intimidating. She tried to turn her head, first to the left and then to the right. She was, obviously, trying to crack her neck and look like a super tough and not to be messed with. But, the system was not cooperating and would not make any noise to indicate that she had just popped her neck like an absolute tough guy, like in all the movies. "Let's do this! MUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTSUUUUUUUUUUUU JINGLEBELLS!" With her fabulous battle cry she went tearing into the pitch black cave. Well, maybe not pitch black there was a little bit of light, but not much. She was running full out, with her Shao Lin Spear ready, moving in a straight line. Right up to the point where she tripped over a jewel and went sprawling on her face. The sound of her swearing, no doubt, made it back out to where @Hazado was waiting for her at the mouth of the cave. Rolling over on the ground, she wrapped her fingers around the jewel and then crammed it into her inventory. "JACKPOT," she sang out, making sure to call out enough that Hazado would hear her.
  8. Mutsu

    [PP-F01/F04] Fair Maiden Dustin, Mutsu

    "Well don't let that stop you, Pumpkin," Mutsu retorted. She hauled back her gauntleted right fist and was about to sink it into @Dustin's crap lousy face when @Ennakai broke up what promised to be a really fun brawl. Maybe. Mostly because Mutsu was reasonably certain she could flash Dustin and then kick him in the nuts while he was distracted. "And why do you keep calling him a her," she demanded, then she stopped short and peered at Ennakai. "Wait, do you identify as a girl? Then WHERE'S YOUR BELL?!?" Mutsu called up her player menu, materialized a bell in her hands and dropped it over Ennakai's head. There, that was much better. "Well, I'm not sorry that I called you stupid. Seven times, in fact," Mutsu declared. "You were acting stupid, so you got called stupid. If you don't want to be called stupid then don't act stupid. We are supposed to be honest," she continued, trying to sound saintly and dignified. "And sometimes the truth hurts." The Ennakai called her "smol." She narrowed her brown eyes at him and considered the adjective. Yes, it meant small. She objected, strongly to small. But, it also meant adorable. She did not object to adorable. "I guess smol is ok, after all I am adorable and it's difficult to object to that kind of logic," she said, crossing her arms under her chest. "But if he wants to be friends he has to wear the dress. And the ears. And some bells. And he has to walk from one end of the Town to the other and take selfies with EVERYONE that asks for one."
  9. "There's no blacksmith in the cave ready to give me a sword," Mutsu asked, sounding sulky and huffing out her cheeks which gave her the impression of a chipmunk, a very jingly chipmunk. "How then am I to be able to show everyone that I, Mutsu, by divine right have been chosen as the Queen of England," she asked, turning and stalking off in the direction of one of the main gates that would take them out of the Town of Beginnings and out into the wild lands beyond. "Are you allowed to help kill this one," the woman asked, peering over her shoulder at @Hazado. "Also, when am I going to be meeting this woman of yours? I need to make sure that she is properly bedecked with bells. Everyone needs bells you know," Mutsu continued, passing out of the gates and into the fields beyond.
  10. Mutsu

    [PP F-05] <<Blood in the Sand>>

    OOC: @Dustin I am operating on the premise that, in terms of timeline, this thread happens BEFORE the events in the thread with you, me, and Ennakai. Mutsu took a few jingling steps, leaped into the air, and slammed into @Black's back, wrapping one arm around his shoulders and twining both of her legs around his waist as her head popped up over one of his shoulders with a merry sounding jingle to regard @Kirbs with a playful brown-eyed stare. "My battle hippo has been good. Doing all those things that battle hippos do. Eating. Farting. Eating. Being lewd. Eating. Taking beatings. And, of course, eating. Also, battle hippos are supposed to be silent. And crush watermelons whole with their powerful jaws, I've seen that YouTube Video," the woman continued, trailing off for a second as she replayed her words in her head. "Were you thinking something preverted, Battle Hippo, because I said something about putting watermelons in your mouth? Bad Battle Hippo, very bad," Using her free hand, Mutsu reached down and swatted Black on the rump. "Now, hyah Battle Hippo! We must away! Follow me brave meat shields... I mean companions!"
  11. Mutsu

    [PP-F01/F04] Fair Maiden Dustin, Mutsu

    "You are still under the impression that I care about upsetting you, I do not," Mutsu replied, snapping back cattily at @Dustin. "Not even at all, you started it after all. You also seem to think that I care about your dick-stender that you keep pulling out and waving around with all that pomp and ceremony. I don't, little boy," she continued, her tone turning decidedly nasty. "So, cancel my weapon order. I'll find a blacksmith more capable than you that can get the job done in something less than a month, rather than using a no talent hack like you, an assumption that we must accept as true given the amount of time it's already taken you. Either that, or you simply don't know how to craft which is always possible too. Now be gone." With that the brunette made a shooing motion to dismiss Dustin even though they were in @Ennakai's shop and she really had no right to do so. She turned her attention to Ennakai, and deliberately turned her back on Dustin to show exactly how little she thought of him. "Right you are, on all counts," she began sketching a small bow since one could not really curtsy when wearing leather pants. "I'm not the pervert, I just always have to deal with them because of my assets, if you will take my meaning. Also, there are many perverts and Black is their King. Or their Village Idiot, I'm not honestly sure which," she continued with a giggle. "And yes, I am here because I need a Cat Bell Collar necklace with a plus three Accuracy on it, preferably one with a silver heart-shaped bell and I was told you are the one to see for such things. When you're not busy wearing maid outfits and teasing poor children who simply don't know what's going on around them." She turned back to Dustin. "Are you still here? Shoo! Be gone! Run, run away Simba and never return."
  12. Pushing herself up off of the ground with enough gusto to set the bells on her armor to jingling, Mutsu brushed the loose digital grass from herself and spun to look in the direction that @Hazado had indicated. Sure enough, there was a woman sitting there in the grove doing something that appeared to be vaguely artistic. She also was decidedly not as old as the Cyrptkeeper. "Is this an ageism," Mutsu asked, turning back to look at her companion. "This feels like an ageism. Why doesn't she look like old mother River or something," Mutsu asked, still questioning before shrugging her shoulders and marching into the grove. "No time like the present!" A few moments later she reemerged with a healthy glow about her. "We have to go and retrieve some jewel. I bet there's some kind of priest in there ready to scream 'KALI MAA!' and rip the still beating digital hearts from our chests. Or, at least, I assume that's why the nice lady said I needed to use that Safeguard potion that the Blacksmith gave me. So, which way now?" -Safeguard Potion
  13. Mutsu

    Coming Back

    Yeah, and don't worry about it being super late when you get on. I live in Asia right now... and others live in other places too... so some of us already keep wonky hours.
  14. Mutsu

    [PP-F2] The Venomous Warg (Quest)

    "We are heading out now," Mutsu said, she was already halfway to the main gate of Urbus, a rather intimidating looking, if a bit rusty, iron portcullis. "Sunlight and time are being wasted," she continued, even as she began materializing bells in her hands to affix to the spikes on her new piece of armor. It was high time this piece of loot she had gotten after defeating the Gemini got tested out. It was definitely miles better than her steel breastplate had been. Well, maybe not miles better but it was better. She still needed to accomplish some other things in order to truly optimize her gear the way she wanted it to be, but the road to that was becoming smoother all the time. "So, Randy Savage, you look like someone who has probably already cleared this quest at least one time already. What can I expect from these, so-called, wargs? They like those giant wolves from The Lord of the Rings?" @Kyot0
  15. Mutsu

    [PP-F01/F04] Fair Maiden Dustin, Mutsu

    Mutsu watched as the conversation ensued between @Dustin and @Ennakai. Blessedly, and oddly, she remained silent as she watched the exchange, stepping back out of the way when Ennakai settled into Dustin's lap. The spearwoman's chocolate brown eyes narrowed and she bounced on the balls of her feet, which set the bells on her armor to jingling. It was clear, very clear, from Dustin's face that he was embarrassed, possibly turned on, and probably not too sure of exactly what he wanted out of life in terms of a partner. Still, if they carried on like this it was going to take forever for the brat to be convinced to put on the maid costume and then to go out in public. Which meant it would take even longer than forever before Mutsu got her revenge. That was totally unacceptable. Mutsu wanted her revenge for the most vile of insults, uttered several times by the whelp. And she wanted it now. Things would need to be hurried along. Mutsu swiped her finger in the air and unequipped her breastplate, which left her in a pair of tightly fitting leather pants and a equally tight fitting leather jerkin, both in jet black. "What is this," she declared, putting her hands on her hips and eyeing the other two. "Amateur hour?" Mutsu pranced forward and bumped into Ennakai with her right hip in a move that was half bump and half professional hockey player hip check, a move that was designed to dislodge Ennakai from the perch. Once Ennakai was clear, Mutsu settled herself in Dustin's lap. "This is how it's done, observe," she purred, reaching out and grabbing both sides of Dustin's face and pulling it towards her own. Then she kissed Dustin full on the mouth, making sure to lean into him for the maximum effect that the rest of her would cause. After a few seconds, she released him and plucked the maid's costume from his lap, dropping it over Dustin's head as she stood up. "Now then, you tiny brained pile of goo," Mutsu said in a silky soft purr, "You're going to put on that costume, march out that door, walk from one end of the Town of Beginnings to the other, and stop for everyone that wants to take a selfie with you. And you're not going to give me any crap about it or else this," Mutsu shimmied seductively and gestured to herself, then made a second gesture to take in Ennakai and Dustin as well, "Is not ever going to happen other than in your wildest dreams. Comprende, you pervert?"