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  1. Kirbs

    [PP/F1] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Kirbs almost let out a choked breath a she shook her head furiously, "Gods, no. Kityuisa wouldn't do that," she trailed off, looking over at the girl. She's changed so much in such a small amount of time, that it almost scared Kirbs herself. Kirbs furrowed her brows as she thought about it more. Was Kityuisa really capable of murder? Well, everyone was... but she couldn't help but think back to the time when she first met Kityuisa, with Pinball. She looked like she was on the verge of murdering somebody that day. The redhead sighed and turned back to Ike. "Yeah, she's harmless. Wouldn't hurt a fly." Kirbs felt her face get as red as her hair, again, as he took his hand in hers. "I-I guess I am?" She admitted it more like a question. They weren't too far apart in age, that's for sure-- and it felt really weird since he was... well, famous. What was she doing when she was fifteen, playing frekin' animal crossing on her 3DS! "My birthday?" She echoed, blinking. She hadn't really celebrated her birthday since the launch of SAO... she'd completely forgot about it. Birthdays seemed so irreverent in a time like this after all. "It's on the eleventh of November. Eleven, eleven," she chuckled. Those numbers were supposed to be lucky... so why hasn't she had any luck, yet? His question caught her off guard as she nearly burst out laughing from it. "Uhm, I think fingers for toes? Because that's kind of how monkeys are, I think?" Her forehead wrinkled in thought. BD: 119819 LD: 7+3=10 Total Materials: 3
  2. Kirbs

    [F06 - PP] <<Deforestation>>

    She got into a fighting stance as he was about to land another stunned attack. That sword art was strangely useful. She nodded her head at his calling and darted towards the tiger. "Alright!" Kirbs lunged forward, finally ready to land an attack against this damned tiger. She twirled her spear around as she gave the tiger slash over slash. Aftershock was spewing out bolts of electricity as she whirled around to impale it one last time. She plunged her spear deep into the flesh of the tiger, stunning it as well. Well, that's always handy. She dug her spear out of the petrified tiger and leaped back to Bahr's safety. She did a mini fist bump in her head as she saw the tiger's HP bar. It was practically nonexistent at this point and one hit from Bahr could probably kill it. She glanced at him and give him a thumbs up. "Your go, Bahr. Don't screw it up."
  3. Kirbs

    [PP/F1] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    "I see," she nodded, piping down from her previous burst of energy. Shaking her head, she gave him a small smile. "No, I don't do that. I've acted normal around a murderer before, so a famous person can't be that hard, right?" She asked, more or so to herself than to Ike. She laughed bitterly as she thought about how normal she had acted around Pinball when she had met him. It was almost disgusting to think about it. Kirbs' eye twitched as she snapped her head up to give him another look of disbelief. Was he really talking about her at this point? Her face turned beet red again as she giggled nervously-- something she would do often in situations like this! "R-right," she coughed into her arm as she tried to cool down her red face. "Your streams were pretty cool, I guess. I didn't really watch much of them... I'm not very good at Japanese," she rubbed the back of neck sheepishly. Her mother never really bothered to really teach her the language. London wasn't a very cultural diverse city as some others were... plus, she didn't really have any relatives living in the U.K. with her, so why did she really need to learn it? Her? Interesting? Yeah, this guy must be really confused. Surely, he was thinking of some other chick, right? She was just your average joe... back in the real world... So much has changed since two years ago, but what could so possibly be so interesting about her? She gulped and shrugged at his question, not even sure of the answer herself. She never really thought herself as interesting... that's what her twin brothers were for! I mean, she guessed that her hair was an interesting thing, but it never really sparked anyone's attention before. "I personally don't think I'm that interesting enough to be talked about." "I believe I am seventeen, as of right now," she pondered out loud. What even was the month? She had stopped counting the days a while ago... ID: 119813 LD: 4+3= 7, Fail Total Materials: 3
  4. Kirbs

    [F06 - PP] <<Deforestation>>

    "Hm. Yeah, these stats a pretty much nothing to what the both of us can do," she mumbled, inspecting the window before closing it. "Well, it won't be too hard, at least." Safe. Kirbs dashed after him, her spear trailing closely next to her as she charged up her sword art. Just as Bahr had finished his attack, she leaped into the air and began her onslaught of attacks... but that didn't really happen. The flaming tiger was just able to narrowly detect her right before she landed her attacks and leaped away before she could really do anything. Man, it's been a while since she's actually missed an attack-- and she forgot how sucky it felt when you did. Grumbling curses at the tiger, she bounded back to Bahr with a scowl, her eyes sending imaginary daggers at the tiger. "This is why I hate big cats," she muttered, gripping her spear just a tad tighter.
  5. She pulled her fist down and grinned. "Yes! I knew it!" She exclaimed. Alec really gave her a new perspective of SAO. She had never really expected older people to play such a 'young people' game, y'know? He was certainly the oldest person she knew so far. Like, he looked old enough to be her dad! And honestly, he kind of felt like one, too. God, it's been so long since she's seen her old man, it was almost sad. No, it was sad. Two damn long years! And he was a little redhead like her! Yes... Alec certainly did give off a father figure kind of player, who knows, maybe he had a kid in real life? She cringed, glancing at the other player next to her. It must suck to have your dad stuck in a video game for two years. She wouldn't know how to feel if her dad was stuck in SAO instead of her for two years!
  6. Day 36: 119789 1 119790 9 119791 1 119792 2 119793 10 119794 4, LD: 17, Salvaged 119795 11
  7. Kirbs

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

    Kirbs sweat dropped as she looked at her energy bar-- which was practically nonexistent. She sighed and decided to use one of her less energy costing sword arts. She needed to conserve some of it while she still could. Who knows how long they could be here! Kirbs darted towards one of the more newer rain minions and unleashed her tiny fury! She dragged the blade of her spear down the rain minion's torso and bounced away before it could really do anything. Perhaps her little bursts of energy would be a good thing in this game! It would always get her in some trouble back in the real world! But it was pretty handy when it came to fighting so that was pretty good! She clapped her hands together and grinned. "Alrighty, we're doing pretty good right now! Keep it up! We'll be done in no time, just you guys wait!"
  8. Kirbs

    [PP/F1] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Kirbs widened her eyes as she put the new info and the old info together. Ike? Like the streamer who had more than ten million followers Ike? She didn't even watch him that much but she wasn't disappointed when she did! Holy banana cheese balls, she was right in front of a damn celebrity! "Y-yeah. From Fire Emblem," she stuttered, not really sure how to act around a literal famous person. "If you don't mind me asking..." she mumbled, sheepishly, "are you the same Ike that streams? I-I mean, if you aren't then I must've really gotten my mind all jumbled and stuff from sleeping on my counter for the past two weeks and stuff--" she cut herself off. Well, she had to cut herself off. She gave him a bow of apology, which was something her mother made her do when she made a fool of herself... and that happened a lot. "Ah, sorry," she muttered, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. Looking back up, she rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly. "I used to play a bunch of Nintendo games... I tried some first-person shooters and all of that stuff but I never really liked them that much. I guess I only played them because they were meta or something." ID: 119769 LD: 1, Fail
  9. Kirbs

    [PP/F1] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Kirbs shrugged, "I don't care." I mean, she really didn't, although, she still thinks she could be more careful with the guy. He seemed harmless... for now. She watched him from the corner of her eye as she then turned to look at the endless expanse of flowers. God damn, there was a lot of them. But why was she so surprised? Her shop was on the floor known for flowers! She let out a short laugh under her breath as she thought about that. Her shop felt so dull even though so much color was around it. It was funny, really. She would do the same routine in the morning everyday. She would wake up from the previous night with her head on her counter with a stack full of messy papers-- and most of the time, with drool coming out of her mouth-- and then she would go hunt or gather, then come back to plan and think, and then pass out on her desk. Repeat. Ever since she found out, that's been her life so far. ... and it was all his fault- Her thoughts were shattered as a vibrant red filled her vision. Looking down, she scrunched her brows together when she saw a red rose. She then looked back up at the still nameless player and gave him a look of disbelief. "Me?" She pointed to herself as she looked around. There wasn't really anyone there but those three, and Kityuisa was all the way over at a random flowerbed. Oh, he is talking to me. "O-oh," her face flushed as it dawned on her. "Thanks, I guess? It's Kirbs..." she mumbled, averting her eyes to the green patches of grass. "Like the video game character," she added with a sigh. Why did she have to make such a childlike name? No one was ever going to take her seriously with this username! ID: 119760 LD: 1+3=4, Fail Total Materials: 3
  10. "I would beg to differ for myself," she mumbled. If she ever had the chance to kill Pinball, she would do it with rage. He was going to feel all that she had to endure, painfully. She had no remorse for the bastard. "Idiot," she mimicked when Bahr walked all the way next to the dragon. She sighed and bounded into action when the dragon came waking up like how she used to; raging and furious. After she had assumed that Bahr was safe, she leaped into action, her spear blazing and ready. Sparks from Aftershock and the extra power from Scarfy's grip made her attack probably do more than it should've. She slashed... and slashed... and slashes-- oh what fun-- at the dragon, until its health bar had depleted to less than half. The poor hatchling was stuck in a fatal position, and probably for a while too. Kudos to her for that.
  11. Kirbs

    [F06 - PP] <<Deforestation>>

    Kirbs blinked as she opened up the message. Bahr? Was this going to be some kind of reoccurring thing? She was starting to think that Kityuisa and Bahr were her only friends, now. She sighed and gave a quick reply back. Kirbs appeared on the outskirts of the town and looked around. Ah, there he was. Walking over to Bahr casually, she gave him a brief wave. "Which 'monster' are we taking on today?" She asked, looking out the gate and at the vast forests. She wasn't sure which quests were located on this floor... but a lot of them involved the sage waterfall or something like that, but she was pretty sure that a big 'monster' wouldn't be at a waterfall named after a plant. The thing shouldn't be that hard to kill, either. I mean, come on, they were only on floor six, so it shouldn't be that much of a hard quest.
  12. Kirbs

    [PP/F1] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    An unfamiliar player caught her eye as Kityuisa was explaining. She stiffened up as she and she was just about ready to open up her menu and dig out her spear. He didn’t look much like a threat but she could never be too sure, again. She couldn’t risk the same thing happening twice. He looked oddly... familiar. Maybe she had seen him on floor one before? She surely would’ve recognized someone with that kind of hair color, right. It sort of reminded her of Bahr’s hair color. “Hello,” she murmured, and not too much later did she stifle a small laugh as she got the reference. After sparing him another cautious glance, she turned back to Kityuisa and nodded her head. “Alright, that sounds good to me,” she replied, also finding another few flowers on the ground. “And four...” she added, picking them up with ease. ID: 119689 LD: 14+3= 17, +2 Materials Total Materials: 2
  13. Kirbs

    [PP/F1] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Kirbs lifted her head off of the counter tiredly as she heard a notification bell ring. How long was she sleeping? When did she even start sleeping? Below her arms were a messy stacks of papers filled with plans and doodles... and drool. Gah, she hated doing that. She lifted herself up and wiped her mouth. Opening her menu, she quirked a brow up when she realized it was a text message. Who could possibly want to message her right now? She opened up the message and scanned its contents. Gathering? She sighed, drumming her fingers against the table. She should be training... but she was running low on materials, so a few hours off couldn't be so hard, right? She lifted herself off of the stool and looked tiredly at her familiar. "You stay. I'll be back by the end of the day," she mumbled, already starting to leave the shop. What was her fighter familiar going to do to really help on a gathering quest, anyway? Once arriving on the first floor, she had quickly made her way to the garden to greet Kityuisa. "Hey. I've been seeing you a lot lately, huh?" She gave her brief chuckle as she said that.
  14. She let out small, heavy breaths as her shoulders finally sagged down. "I don't want to lose you guys, too," she whispered, her voice cracking. She wouldn't know what to do with herself if she had lost another person close to her. She didn't even want to think about it. As much as she wanted to linger in the presence of these two for just a few minutes longer, she knew she had to finish this quest. She needed to get stronger. For Bell. For her sanity. For her well-being, and for everyone she bloody knew! "No," she demanded, shaking her head. "We've already wasted enough time doing whatever this is," she gestured to herself. "Let's just go, I can't lost any more time," she said, pushing past the two. Even if she had to do this quest by herself, she was going to get it finished.
  15. She didn't want their pity. It was a horrible feeling-- to be pitied by your own damn friends. "It's okay," she sniffed, sobering up. "It was partially my fault, anyway," she laughed humorously, narrowing her eyes at the ground. "I should've called Hestia the moment I saw that filthy bastard, but I keep letting him off the hook," the redhead seethed, clutching her fists together. Right, it was her fault Bell was dead. Her head whipped up to Bahr and widened her eyes. "No, no, no," she said quickly, walking away from his hands as she let out heavy breaths. "You guys are not going to get anywhere near him!" She screamed, surprising both her and Scarfy-- to which she totally forgot was there, sorry Scarfy! "He let you off the hook the first time," she looked at the both of them with eyes as wide as saucers. "Who knows what he's going to do the next time you see him!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands up in exasperation. "No, I am not going to be okay! I can't ever just be okay when I know that my best friend's killer is out there!" She pointed her hand out to the endless land.