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  1. Kirbs

    [F03-PP] The Hunt is On!

    Kirbs raised an eyebrow and walked past him. Looking around, she found nothing. Shrugging her shoulders, she walked back to Mortambo. "Nothing to be found here." She gave him a small smile and patted his shoulder with her palm. "So I guess this is where we part ways, eh? Say, let me send you a friend request," she continued, scrolling through her menu. Sending him a request, she looked up and grinned. "So, I'll message you if I ever wanna hunt again, okay?" Kirbs sent him a cheery look and gave another smile and closed her menu. Scratching Scarfy behind the ears, she gave him a small wave. "See you later!" She gave him one last grin before walking away to the nearest town. Well, this day had been eventful, for me at least. She shoved her hands into her pockets and cracked a small smile. Maybe, I made a friend today. Searching for Treasure Chest: SUMMARY: Kirbs: -550 Col -1 SP -1 Unidentified T1 Perfect Armor/Shield [111053A] -1 Unidentified T1 Perfect Weapon [111053B] Mortambo: -550 Col -1 SP -1 Unidentified T1 Perfect Weapon [111053C]
  2. Kirbs let out a low groan as she laid on the ground. This quest had been far too easy now that she was at a much higher level, and it had bugged her a lot. She would have so much more free time now that she could just one shot the boars. She had thought about doing some gathering for this quest, especially since she was so low on materials and stuff like that. I guess today is an off day for me. She pressed herself farther into the grass and sighed. She was bored yet again, and that feeling was completely gnawing through her. She turned her head to the right and connected her gaze with Scarfy. "Are you bored, Scarfy?" She asked, her mouth forming into a pout. Her familiar flicked its black forked tongue in and out, its black slit eyes showing no understanding. Kirbs sighed and turned to face the sky again. "Thought so." Gathering:
  3. Kirbs

    [F03-PP] The Hunt is On!

    Kirbs gave him a small thumbs up off and nodded. Dashing off at the mob with low health, she quickly activated one more sword art. Just precautions, she told herself as she jumped into the air, dagger in hand and Scarfy tightly strung around her arm. She gave one last sigh before plummeting her dagger into the wolf's back, earning a--from what she assumed, painful-- howl. The player soon felt her dagger flow free once again, and she fell softly down onto the ground. Grunting, she watched the blue shards disappear into the air. "That was sort of anti-climatic," she mumbled. Feeling Scarfy release her arm, she bent down and examined the items that the wolf had dropped. "So, how do you want to split this up?" She asked, poking at the two weapons and the armor laying on the ground. "I can take either of these, I don't care. Take whichever you would like though, mate." @Mortambo Combat: Loot:
  4. Kirbs

    [F03-PP] The Hunt is On!

    She tilted her head at his observation and merely shrugged. “Handy, huh? I guess you could say so. I mean, I used to chase my older brothers with a kitchen knife when they stole my food,” she rambled on. “So I guess this is pretty damn well close to it.” She let out a nervous laugh and went back to her battle stance. Eyes focusing on the wolf, she quickly analyzed the situation. Right... two more hits... She readied her dagger and activated another sword art. She delivered yet another flurry of stabs and retreated before the wolf could attack her. “Alright, another sword art from me should do the trick!” She patted down her thighs and grinned. The accuracy and evasion enhancements sure did pay off. She gave a low whistle. “I hope we get some good loot out of this thing. It’s taking forever to kill so expect something stunning!” Combat: @Mortambo
  5. Kirbs

    [F03-PP] The Hunt is On!

    “Tis’ okay, young grasshopper,” she replied, giving him a smile of hope, “you’ll get there eventually.” She turned her focus back on to the wolf. It was exactly half HP, and just a couple more sword arts would be able to kill it. Sending a small nod to her friend, she went back to taking control of the battle. Activating the only sword art she has used that day, she swung her dagger back and delivered swift and heavy blows the wolf’s flank. Jumping back before the mob could land a hit on her, she watched its HP drop down significantly. Not to mention, that she had actually managed to stun the thing. Its whole body was stiff but that didn’t stop the warning growl it gave to both her and Mortambo. Shrugging it off, she turned her head to the other player. “It’s paralyzed, try landing a hit on it, okay?” Combat: @Mortambo
  6. Kirbs soon quickly found a new boar. The first one ruined my damn impression on you guys, sorry! She said in her head, activating her sword art. Dashing forward with the weight of Scarfy on her arm. The boar had barely noticed her before she had slashed through its body, creating a large red cut on its flank. "Sorry," she said once again, "but just tell your buddies to piss off next time, yeah?" She said dumbly, watching it disappear into dozens of blue shards. She felt Scarfy loosen around her arm and gave a sigh. "This is too easy. Too easy that it's almost boring!" She sighed and threw the tusk in her inventory. Damn, this kind of sucks, she said to herself, like, a lot. She fell backward onto the ground with a thud and let out another long sigh. I wanna take a nap so frekin' bad! Combat:
  7. Kirbs clapped her hands together and let out a large grin. This wasn’t going to be hard at all. She had already gotten one tusk and it’s barely been an hour. Perhaps my luck is turning around after all! She sighed happily and fell down into a crossed legged position. She felt already drained of energy, but not exactly. Was it because Scarfy had been strangling her arm for a solid five minutes? ... Possibly. Holding the risk up to her face, she let out a breathy sigh. “This is pretty small. It looks kind of cool though, don’t you think?” She turned her head to her familiar—who for once, was not on any part of her body. The Nguruvilu tilted its head in question but didn’t really perform some sort of reaction after that. Kirbs let out a yawn and held her arm out. “Alright, let’s go. We need three of these after all.“
  8. Kirbs

    [F03-PP] The Hunt is On!

    Kirbs raised a brow at his unusual state but shrugged it off. "Alright, pal. Don't go breaking down on me, 'kay?" She flashed him a small and sincere smile before activating a sword art and rushing off. She raised her dagger and thrust the blade into the wolf, earning a loud howl escape from it. She watched its HP gauge go down a significant amount. It had lashed out at her once again, and once again, she evaded it with ease. This is becoming very... repetitive. She sighed and fell back. "I got quite a lot of damage on it and my energy isn't halfway yet. So, I think we should be able to kill this thing before I run out." She noted, glancing at Mortambo with a smirk. "I'll probably need to wait a while for my energy to go up again after this, but it shouldn't be too bad." @Mortambo Combat:
  9. Combat: The boar snorted as she made her claim which only made Kirbs ticked off even more. Her eyes turned narrow as she quickly picked up her dagger. "This is your fault, just so you know," she snickered to herself. She could sense the boar getting ready to attack her once again, so she quickly started up her least lethal sword art. Ah, this should do the trick. She gave a broad smile as her dagger lit up. Peeking at the boar, she drew her dagger back. Just as the baby monster launched off of its feet, she lunged forward and stabbed it. The boar let out a meek oink, which only made a giggle escape from Kirbs as she dashed around to the other side of the animal, penetrating its side again with her dagger. Watching it disappear into a flurry of blue, she sheathed her dagger and narrowed her eyes at the boar tusk on the ground. "I told you, you shouldn't have done that."
  10. Kirbs

    [F03-PP] The Hunt is On!

    Kirbs blew a disappointed sigh as he missed but gave him a cheeky smile anyway. “Don’t worry about it, mate. Just leave it to me!” She cocked her head at him one last time before dashing off at the wolf. She activated the same sword art she just used before. Feeling her familiar grip her arm, she lunged for the wolf. Swinging her dagger back, she unleashed her sword art in a whirlwind of bright fury. Feeling her dagger penetrate the wolf a few times, she backed off a few feet, just far enough for her to be in the mob’s line of sight. The wolf whirled it’s head and snarled at her, it’s main focus now locked on to the red-haired player. Okay, that’s good. I don’t have to worry about Mortambo getting hit, she noted, narrowly dodging the wolf’s claws as it swung at her. Turning her head to Mortambo, she gave him a grin. “Your turn!” Combat: @Mortambo
  11. Kirbs bit her lip as she faced the baby boar. Oh my, aren't you adorable? Gah, I can't kill you, but I must! She heaved a depressing sigh, feeling her legs grow weak like jelly. Looking over at Scarfy, she knew that he had zero remorse for this creature, but she didn't mind. He was a mix of a bloody snake and a fox after all, of course, he wouldn't feel crap for a tiny boar. She chuckled to herself as she drew her dagger up into the air, only for it to be dropped to the ground a moment later. She fell to her knees and somewhat sobbed. "I can't do it! It's too adorable!" While in the middle of her semi-breakdown, the baby boar charged for her. Her eyes glinted with seriousness as she quickly jumped away from it. Narrowing her eyes at the mob, she let out a low mutter, "Well, love. I was gonna spare you, but position am I in now?" Combat:
  12. She felt her familiar curl around her neck even tighter and took that as a yes. "Alright. We don't need anyone. We can carry our own arses!" She declared to nobody."I don't need a depressed, dopey child helping me with anything. I can do my own work, especially with him! She huffed and got her lazy laurel off of the rock. Unsheathing her dagger, she pointed the blade at the plains of the floor and narrowed her eyes. I'm coming for you, you pesky worthless hogs! She rushed off, honestly loving the feeling of wind hit her face as she did so. No boundaries. No one telling me what to do. This is true freedom! She let out a throaty giggle as she felt the bottom of her boot crunch against the perfect grass. This is Aincrad. No pesky rules are going to keep me bound! I'm a free bird!
  13. Kirbs huffed in an annoyed manner as she threw a rock at the ground. Whatever, I can do this quest by myself. I don't need anyone helping me! I've gotten stronger. I can practically one shot them! One thing Kirbs hated the most were quitters. If they were quitting over something stupid, then yeah, she was fine with that. But when someone quits for the most stupidest reason, she has the right to be angry. He could've just waited for me! She told herself, throwing another rock at the ground, but he had to leave. Could've given me five more bloody minutes and I would've been done! She sat on a rock, Scarfy snaking around her neck with an amused glint in his eye as he watched his owner have a breakdown because of a simple boy. She looked at her obviously satisfied familiar and scoffed, tugging on her hair with frustration. "We don't need him, though. We can do this quest by ourself. We don't need anyone! Ain't that right, Scarfy?"
  14. AIGHT. Sorry for those of you who wanted to do the second lessons with me. But I really, really, realllllly need to do it before I'm level fifteen so I'm just gonna do it by myself. Sorry for those who wanted to do it with me. >~< 

    1. Neopolitan


      Though you've already started, keep in mind that you would still get the rewards so long as you were in the requirements when you started the thread. On top of that, stats are locked in once you start a thread. So if you start a thread with your own post to lock your stats for the thread and then have that thread wait for others, you could still meet the requirements whille waiting (perhaps go do it for venomous warg so you don't miss those rewards either)