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  1. Kirbs helped as she hit something solid with her foot. Sighing to herself, she crouched down and poked at the material with a nearby stick. Rolling her eyes at herself, she placed the material in her inventory and stood back up. The day was getting later and her mood is slowly degenerating. She hated this. She hated this a lot. Collapsing back on the grass, she let out an inaudible groan. Putting her arm over her eyes, she let out another lacy sigh. Kirbs kicked her legs impatiently and rolled into her stomach, slapping her face into the grass. The day wasn’t so hopeless, at least. She would have enough materials for her shop for a bit with the share she was going to get from this quest, at least, she told herself. But at this point, she just wanted to pass out on her bed and dream her little worried away. @Mortambo
  2. She gave a thumbs up to Mortambo just as he sped away. She watched as he missed... again. As the Nepent Variant strutted over to Ptolemy, she backed up a bit and shrugged her shoulders. It's not gonna be that much damage anyway, he'll be fine, she thought, bringing out her dagger once again. As she watched Ptolemy's thorns activate against the Nepent, she cracked a small smile. Taking the time to strike, she rushed forward and unleashed her weakest sword art. This should be able to finish it. Piercing through the nepent, she let out a brief sigh before jumping back. She clapped her hands together when she watched it vaporize into the air. "Alright, that should be taken care of!" She grinned, picking up the Nepent's Ovule and tossing it back to Mortambo. "That's what we're looking for," she smiled, "and what wasn't too hard of a quest, right?" Combat:
  3. Kirbs

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    Kirbs blinked as a bunch more people started crowding around the trio. Shrinking back, she gave a small wave to Neo and sighed. Darn it, I thought only a few people would be coming here. She sighed and pushed a few strands of hair out of her face. Well, this blows, a lot. She let out a loose smile as she watched them interact with each other. She quickly sent a message back to Ptolemy, explaining to him that she changed her mind. Closing her menu, Kirbs looked up and sighed. I suppose there is no backing out... for now. I’ll see where this goes. “Alright, you tiny bread crumbs. Don't forget about me, got it?” She joked, eyeing a few people she didn’t recognize a whole lot. Steering her vision to Huginn, she raised her brow a bit. Isn’t that the guy from the Christmas party and whatnot? Oh yeah, he was the one all giddy about that... fire thingie mabob. She then looked over to another person she had never seen before. By the way he talked about the implacability if getting drunk, she assumed he was a heavy drinker. What a weird world. Chuckling to herself, she turned back to Arabelle and Bell— what a strange name for someone who chugs beer like a maniac. “Aight, are you guys done with getting ‘drunk’ yet?” @Bell @Arabelle
  4. Kirbs scribbled down on a random piece of paper that sat on her counter. She had just managed to finish the order someone had asked of her. She was beyond relief, but it was just one out of a lot more high-quality trinkets. As she examined the trinket, she sighed and placed it back on her counter. "That guy wanted me to place it in that crate a few buildings down from here, right?" She looked towards Scarfy for some answers. "You weren't even there, gosh dammit." Huffing to herself, she picked up the trinket and marched out of the shop. It wasn't too hard to find the crate, but she much preferred people to pick it up instead of her delivering it. She returned to her shop after dropping it off. She tapped her nails impatiently against her hardwood counter as she debated whether to message him or not. Hell, I've been putting this order off for so long, I should probably message him just in case he forgot. She typed up a quick message and returned back to her working station. Day 21:
  5. Kirbs propped herself against a base of a small tree as she poked through the grass and dirt with a stick. I'm starting to remember why I hate gathering so much, she thought, a loud exasperated sigh escaping her. As she continued to poke through the dry dirt, her stick hit something solid. Raising an eyebrow, she continued to mess with a dirt a little bit. The more the pushed the earth away, the more she could make out a few tiny gems. Smiling to herself, she picked the gems up. She briefly examined them before throwing them in her inventory. As a bit of time passed, she just sat there with a blank expression on her face. Abruptly, she threw the stick on the ground and stretched her stiff limbs. "Well, I'm bored again!" Just as she was about to complain some more, she received a message from the girl she was introduced to earlier. "I guess I can do that instead." @Mortambo
  6. Kirbs let out a small clap along with a chuckle as she watched him finish off the few Nepents left. "Alright! That's how you do it!" She cheered, a small grin spreading across her face. "The Variant should come up any second now," she mumbled, her hands tapping against her dagger impatiently. She let out a loose sigh just as another Nepent spawned it. Nodding her head towards the both of her party members, she dashed off towards the mob. As she got ready to activate her sword art, her feet gave way from under her. Well, that's not good, was her last thought before she fell face first into the ground. She gave a muffled reply as she slowly pushed herself up. "I'm okay, I think." Kirbs let out a low laugh as she joined back with them. "I mean, first miss? That isn't too bad," she chuckled, giving a short and dejected sigh. Combat:
  7. Kirbs

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    Kirbs tilted her head but gave the white-haired boy a small smile. "Yeah, actually. Yeah, my name is Kirbs." She scratched the back of her neck nervously. "Ah, I see. Well, I'm here now! No need to worry anymore." She cracked a small grin and looked around for anyone else who had managed to find the notice. Turning back to the other player, she gave a shrug. "I'm not that experienced but I can deal a bit of damage to a couple of mobs," she finished. This situation honestly is freaking her out a bit, so she did the most rational thing she could think of at the moment-- calla friend over so she wouldn't have to do any of the talking. She glanced at Bell from the corner of her eye before opening her menu and scrolling own her friend list. Let's see... How about that Ptolemy dude. He seems social enough to distract people. She sent him a quick message before releasing a sigh of relief. @Ptolemy Hearing a familiar voice, she spun around and was greeted by a familiar mop of purple hair. "Oh, hello Arabelle." She gave the girl a small smile. "How have you been since the Christmas party? Good, hopefully?" She asked, feeling just a tad bit better since someone she knew was finally here. Facepalming herself, she let out an inaudible groan. I guess messaging Ptolemy is useless now. Bah, it's too late to take it back now. She sighed to herself but shrugged it off. @Arabelle
  8. Kirbs

    [OP-F1] Legends? Maybe...

    Kirbs shoved her hands into her pockets as she inspected the papers that lined up the board. She never really fancied going to taverns but it seemed to be her lucky day. Hunting, huh? Shouldn't be too bad. She looked over at her familiar and sighed as she saw the same unattentive face that Scarfy always had. Rolling her eyes, she decided to try this group hunting thing out. What was the worst thing that could happen? She was more than ready for any battle at the moment, especially one on the first floor. Going through this should be a complete breeze for her. She pushed her way out of the tavern with a ball of ice in her stomach. What if I screw up like I always do? She pressed her lips together and shut her head. Do it for the benefits, goddammit! She looked up and scanned the supposed area where the notice said to go. Oi, where is this guy anyway? @Bell
  9. Kirbs grinned as she watched Ptolemy take down the second one. "All right!" She cheered, watching him finish it off. She had expected him to be inexperienced at fighting, he didn't seem like the type to get his own hands dirty for stuff like this, much less be the type to play video games in general. Turning her attention back to Mortambo, she nodded her head. "I'll take down the third one," she gestured her free hand towards the closest one. "Take the fourth!" She dashed away and activated another one of her sword arts. Propelling herself up, she landed two splitting jabs onto the third nepent, making it explode into a flurry of blue. Turning her head back to Ptolemy and Mortambo, she pointed to the farthest nepent who was currently standing there like a bamboozled cat. "Take down that one and then we'll have one more wave to take care of before the variant." Combat:
  10. Kirbs sighed as she picked at a couple vibrant red and yellow flowers that sprouted from a small patch of grass. Man, I'm pretty sure I've put off all of my shop's orders for... basically forever. Damn, I feel kind of bad now. Maybe I should send each of them a hundred col for compensation or something? Perhaps, that'll make my guilt go away, at least. She let out another heavy sigh and fell back on to the grass with a frown. I should probably close down my shop for a little bit after I finish all of these bloody orders. Maybe when I have enough materials to last me a while or something. She groaned into her arm. This is the most responsible thing I've done since forever. Kirbs chuckled to herself and pressed her palms together. The gathering had barely even started and she already wanted to go take a nap. @Mortambo
  11. She looked between both of the men and shrugged, "Aight, let us go my fellow peasants." Just as she was about to take a step into the shrubbery, she heard a meow. Immediately, a smile graced her features as she spun around at lightning speed. "Oh my goodness, you have a cat. Bloody hell, Mortambo! You should've told me the moment I saw you!" She cooed, watching the cat that was perched on his shoulders with so-called hearts in her eyes. Whipping her head towards Mortambo, she blinked at him. "How much for that cat? I'll trade you my bloody familiar for it!" She felt a sharp pain in her arm and turned her head to a seemingly fuming Scarfy. "What? It's not my fault you're always a jerk to me! Why can't be you like innocent, little Sunetra over here!" She poked an accusing finger in Scarfy's face, which he stared at for a few seconds before looking away. Facepalming herself, she turned to the people in her party, "Do you see what I have to work with every day?" Just about when she was about to go on a full out rant, she heard a familiar sound of a certain mob. Yuk, time to go through this again. Pressing a finger against her lips, she made a bunch of wild hand motions at the nepents who haven't noticed them. Ah, hell, I can't even understand myself anymore. She sighed and rolled her eyes at her stupidity. Unsheathing her dagger, she pointed to the nepent closest to them. If she had just the right amount of luck, she'd be able to finish it in one go. Without waiting, she burst out behind the undergrowth and activated her sword art. The nepent barely having enough time to react, didn't have enough time to recoil before her dagger plunged into its sickly green skin. "Alright, you guys go after the second one!" Combat: @Ptolemy
  12. Kirbs nodded her head, "Nice to meet you, Neo." She gave her a small wave and a smile. Taking the toast, her eyes gleamed when he mentioned being a cook. Whipping her to Neo, her previous smile was turned into a full-blown grin. "Oh wow, you're a cook? Seriously, I admire the things that cooks do in this game." She giggled. Stuffing the toast in her mouth, she gave a salute to Mortambo before dashing off to who knows where. As she walked around the garden, a small sparkle in the grass caught her eye. Crouching down, she quickly moved aside a few patches of grass to find a few gemstones hidden in it. Oh sweet, these look pretty enough to be on some trinkets and crap. Grinning, she stuffed the materials in her inventory. Standing up, she brushed her lap off with a smile. "Well, that's a good start so far." @Mortambo@Neopolitan
  13. Kirbs was wandering through the shops of a small town she was too lazy to remember the name of when she received a message from a friend. She quirked a brow up when she read the message. Gathering, huh? I guess I could use the materials, she thought to herself as she closed the message. That doesn't sound too bad. Kirbs closed her menu and bolted out of town. Arriving at the garden, she looks around for a familiar face and found it. "Hey Mort, how has life been treating you? Very well by the looks of it?" She gave him a small grin and turned her head to an unfamiliar face. "Oh, I haven't met you before," Kirbs said with a voice an octave lower than what she had begun with. "I'm Kirbs, nice to meet you." She extended her hand out and gave a small and nervous smile. Jesus, I didn't know someone else was going to join in. @Mortambo