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  1. Kirbs

    [PP-17] <<Feeding your Enemy>>

    Kirbs held Scarfy in between her arms as she roamed through the seventeenth floor. It wasn't like she had anything to do. She had closed off her shop for a while ever since the whole birthday accident happened. She still hadn't heard from Bell yet, and it was starting to worry her. He had completely disappeared from her friends list and she wasn't sure if he unfriended her after that day... or worse. Bell was careful, right? The redhead let out a loud sigh as she struggled to fight off the thought. That day was so blurry yet so clear and it made her head hurt from just thinking about it. She was sure she would see Bell around some day. Right? She lifted her gaze off of the ground and was met by a familiar face not too far away. Eyy, it was that old gypsy lady who gave her the familiar quest! Her eyes shifted over to the man next to her. She laughed to herself as he completely ignored what the old NPC was saying. By the time the NPC had finished and had given him the pouch of food, the brunette look dumbfounded. He looked like he was about to ask the lady more questions but she already walked off. She walked quietly over to him and grinned. "Maybe if you weren't staring into space, you would've understood this quest a little bit better."
  2. Kirbs

    [PP-F01] Fist to Face

    Kirbs nearly doubled over when Hynes punched Bell back. "Stop it, Hynes!" She hissed, pulling the flirt away by his ear. "You're better than that, stupid," she mumbled quietly, more though to herself than to Hynes. Well this kind of sucked arse. Being the stupid and oblivious idiot she was, she really had no idea what was going on. She wanted to punch both of them!.. but she'd know that would only make matters worse. She huffed to herself and let go of Hynes' earlobe harshly. "It's fine, Bell, really. I don't mind. I needed some action in my life anyway," she gave him a joking but slightly sad smile, "it was getting a bit boring around here." She quickly glanced at Hynes and kicked his shin not-so-lightly, motioning her head towards Bell as if saying, 'and what do you say?' Boy, she felt like a mother. Maybe not such a proud one, but a mother nonetheless The girl offered the leaving redhead a small wave even though she wasn't even sure if he would see it. Kirbs lowered her hands dejectedly and sighed. It's barely been a few hours and day was already spiraling into madness. Her mind was still fuzzy on what was going on. What had happened between the two idiots? Most importantly, what was she going to do now?
  3. Kirbs

    [PP-F01] Fist to Face

    "W-wait, Hynes! I don't think that I want to swim right now!" She screeched, trying to get out of his bear arms. "My clothes are gonna get wet, right? Don't make me walk back to talk in soaking wet clothes- umph!" Before she could finish her sentence, she was already launched into the water, and God damn was it cold. She was pretty sure her heel hit the bottom of the water before she kicked off the mushy mud and up to get air. The redhead coughed and threaded in the water as she looked around for the bastard who threw her in the water. Her eyes landed on him and she scowled, ohhh- when she got her hands on him..! That's too gory for you children, though. "Did I look like I could fly?!" She shrieked, dragging herself out of the water. She marched over to the two boys and was nearly about to start ranting about how she was not a fish nor a bird until she saw Bell throwing a punch at Hynes. At first, she thought it would be some sort of friendly punch that boys use when they're being stupid but then she quickly realized that Bell's face looked quite serious. Although, she was sure Hynes' HP bar didn't go down one bit, he still got knocked back quite a bit. "What the hell?" She exclaimed, rushing over to Hynes. Oh God, this was my free day. Please don't make this harder for me already, God, she silently prayed as she looked over at Bell with a confused look. Bell definitively wasn't the type to throw punches at someone, so what sparked him to do this?
  4. Kirbs

    [F1-PP] <<The First Few Lessons are Free>>

    She sniffed, shrugging her shoulders at his question. "Jewelry, trinkets, practical artisan stuff, really," she replied, feeling as if her job was a lot more boring that she made it out to be now. Kirbs' lips thinned as she brushed the thought off. She was basically the only artisan in the field right now. She hasn't really heard from the other ones in a while. So perhaps she chose the right profession after all? Her thoughts shrank back as she scanned the area around them, specifically looking for anything that could look good on a wrist or neck. She tilted her head at his statement but shrugged again at his question. "I don't really have anything that could boost damage or defense..." she mumbled, her head perking up a little bit, though. "Artisan enhancements are usually focused more on things that can boost some kind of likelihood for battle stuff. Not much on pure defense and damage, though. I can give evasion but no one really wants that," the girl muttered the last part to herself and sighed quickly after. She looked up at him and gave him a look. "Though, I suggest you don't invest in damage so quickly. Defense, sure. But your skills boost your damage pretty significantly. So I suggest using your Col wisely and invest in something like accuracy--which is something an artisan is totally good for, by the way. After all, you won'y do any damage if you don't even hit the target," she mused, continuing, "there are a lot of things that can boost your damage if you put some work into it. Like Scarfy here, he's pretty useless outside of battle, but hey, he boosts my damage." She finally finished, not missing the glare that he oh-so-loving familiar had sent to her. "I agree," she gave him a knowing smile and stifled her groan of annoyance as she had yet to find any materials for her shop yet. Even with her damn item, she still fails to get a simple rock. "You should try getting an item to help you gather, it can be useful even in battle," she commented, turning her head to flash him a sly smile. "And you know who can make an item like that? An artisan, of course!" 117799 LD : 3, Fail @Rushdown
  5. Kirbs

    [F1-PP] <<The First Few Lessons are Free>>

    She connected the tips of her fingers and nodded enthusiastically. "Great, that's great! I'm seriously not getting that many customers so you're always welcome!" She said, grinning like there is no tomorrow. She failed to mention she was terribly broke but who would want to tell anyone that? 'Oh, come to my shop because I'm literally living off an unknown food that I don't know where it came from'. The girl internally sobbed as she thought more about her financial crisis. "You're right," she agreed, nodding her head. "This quest gives a heft amount for a fetch quest so it's good you're doing it, I guess." Though she never really helped someone with this quest, she knew that this quest was pretty bloody boring-- especially if one does it alone. The redhead shivered at the memory of her wondering through the forest by herself when she first did this quest by herself. Oh, the dark times indeed. @Rushdown ID: 117680 LD: 11+3=14, Fail
  6. "Eureka!" Kirbs shrieked as she held up the ordered item with her palm. Cue Legends of Zelda music. You found a..! four leaf clover? She sighed and shrugged it off. Boy, her Nintendo antics were clearly showing off right now. She opened her menu and quickly messaged Alec that his order was ready. After she typed it up, she pushed the item to the other side of her counter and wiped the 'sweat' away from her forehead. It was weird not having orders anymore. She didn't want to waste any more materials but crafting was almost addictive now. Day 27: 117665 5, Salvage (LD: 13) 117666 1, Fail 117667 3, No Salvage (LD: 5) 117668 12, Perfect 117669 8, Uncommon 117670 7, Uncommon
  7. Kirbs

    [F1-PP] <<The First Few Lessons are Free>>

    "Ah, a unique name," the girl commented, putting on her best stereotypical British accent-- well, more British than she already sounded anyway. She gave a sideways glance at her familiar and sighed when he merely just stared at the stranger. But then again, what did she really expect from him anymore? "Don't mind him, he's doesn't go well with anyone, even me," she reassured him, laughing a bit nervously as she rubbed the back of her nape. She tapped the tips of her fingers rhythmically and grinned when he asked the question. Finally, someone who asks some questions other than her! Listeners can be such a bore sometimes. The girl nodded her head and laughed at his curious question. "Oh, yeah. I have. I just roam around these areas to prey on passing low levelers," she giggled an octave higher. "Jokes aside, though. I just gather around here. I 'av a shop up in floor three. Check it out sometimes, I'm in need of more customers!" Kirbs piped, taking the chance to freely advertise her most like barren shop at the moment. Now it was her turn to ask the questions! Oh boy, did she have a lot. @Rushdown
  8. "Yeah, yeah," she waved him off, grateful that he didn't ask for more items. "Just get your butt out of my shop." She smiled softly and waved at him slowly as he left the shop. Now things were finally going her way! She's been getting more customers lately so that was a big plus to everything. Although, she knew she was piratically the only artisan nowadays. There was Enna, she knew that for sure-- but she hasn't seen the purple-haired lady in a while. She wasn't sure if her shop was still up and running or not. She'll have to check for herself later. Day 26: 117546 6, Salvage 117547 9, Uncommon 117548 10, Rare 117549 7, Uncommon 117550 7, Uncommon 117551 4, No Salvage
  9. Kirbs

    [F1-PP] <<The First Few Lessons are Free>>

    She peeked at the stranger from behind the tree. He didn't look like he was on the hunt for anyone to kill. She deadpanned when she realized that he was doing the fetch question for the lessons line. The girl face palmed herself in the forehead for not realizing it. Kirbs shot Scarfy a glare from the corner of her for getting so riled up. After not much thought, she stepped out from behind the shrubbery and waved her fingers at the stranger. "Hey there, stranger," she started off, a small smile forming on her lips. "You look like you're doing that tutorial question that so many people are doing," she commented but then deadpanned, realizing this is probably the fifth or sixth person she has helped with this quest. "Anyway!" She piped up, her eyes gleaming, "My name is Kirbs, nice to meet you, stranger!" She stretched her hand out to give him a handshake, hoping that he'd reciprocate. "Oh, yeah, this is Scarfy!" She exclaimed, using her other hand to point to the familiar wrapped around her shoulders, much like a scarf-- hence the name, duh. @Rushdown
  10. Kirbs

    [F1-PP] <<The First Few Lessons are Free>>

    "Ow, stop it, you bugger!" The redhead yelped as she flicked away the sharp fangs of her familiar. Though Scarfy doesn't have the ability to actually bring her HP down, he could sure as hell make her life-- well, a living a hell. She wasn't sure why she brought him gathering with again, again, but it was probably along the lines of 'i'll get bored'. The Nguruvilu scowled at her as she continued to glare at him, but only snort in defeat and look in another direction. Seriously, what was this animal's problem? She's been nothing but nice to him! She silently sobbed inside as she thought about it. The girl sniffed. She gave him food, an for what, this attitude? She rolled up her sleeves and her nose wrinkled, boy-oh-boy, she's gonna have to whack some sense into that damn head. She was just about to start ranting again until she realized that Scarfy was staring particularly on something in the distance. Though, she didn't trust her familiar one bit, she knew he gets actually serious when there's the smallest hint of danger in his peripheral vision. From the corner of her of her, she spotted an unfamiliar player among the thin trees of the forest. She narrowed her eyes as she looked closer at him. He certainly didn't look like he had much, but she could never be too careful. Last time she actually tried to befriend someone, he cut off the arm of her friend and stunned her in a room of bats. She knew she could take him on if she had to, her just-bought gear proved that. @Rushdown
  11. Kirbs

    [PP-F01] Fist to Face

    She nearly choked on her spit as she watched Hynes stand up. "W-wait, wait, wait- No, Hynes, seriously. I don't think that's such a good idea-!" By the time she finished her sentence, Hynes had already pushed Bell into the pond. She winced as she watched his body clash with the water. She immediately stood up and took off her boot, with a little bit of nearly falling to her bum that is. "What did I tell you, you stupid moron!" She hissed, stalking over to Hynes with her boot in hand. Whack him and show no mercy! -And so she did. Her red eyes glared at him as he fell back on to the grass with that stupid and careless grin of his. Kirbs scowled at him and bent down to attach her boot back to her bare foot. "Jees, why can't you two get along?" She muttered, fastening the laces with a bit of extra hate. She looked back at Bell and nearly face palmed herself for not checking up on him first. Her scowl dropped a bit and she smiled sadly at him. "Aw, don't worry about it, Bell. I seriously don't need any thanks for this shamble of a birthday party," she laughed inaudibly to herself "but it was... fun, I guess," she mumbled, her brows furrowing as she tried to find a correct word for this oh-so-special occasion. She raised her hands up an nervously giggled. "Oh, no. I don't think I have any... swimwear," she internally cringed, "and I'm not so well with swimming either, so that's a solid no for me, sorry Bell." She made an 'X' with her hands and looked over to Hynes to see his answer.
  12. Kirbs laid down on her couch and looked up at the wooden ceiling with a scowl. Sure, today's crafts were literal arse, but at least managed to salvage some of the wreckage. She pulled down on her cheeks with the power of FRICTION and groaned. She really didn't want to only have customers buy with materials but that's how it's gotta be for a while. She's been too lazy to gather and it's really getting on her nerves on how far she can procrastinate. She face planted into a random couch that sat in her shop and 'sobbed' her eyes out. Day 25:
  13. Kirbs

    And the winner is... Kirby!