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  1. Penelo

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    Jun seemed to have a short thought about her offer, but shook his head with a decline. Apparently, when it came to actual combat experience, he was just as clueless as her. While she had watched Chaos fight before, that was with a one-handed sword, not a two-handed spear. Silence would resume for a short period as he looked again but he didn't seem to find anything. He would then mention investing in some sort of item to help him out with it. Nodding she would look to the lantern. "A normal item would do great with this lantern. I am not exactly sure, but I think I can still use perfect items with this lantern. I don't have an item to try it out with though" Lifting her lantern she would continue her search... Gonna have to roll later :P
  2. Having received a message about her item, Penelo moved back into the store and moved back up to the counter. Facing the man who was apparently not tall and 5'3 which in my opinion is an unfit height for the serious nature that Macradon emits, she would give him a smile. "Heya~ got a message that you finished it up!" Opening her menu, she would move into a trade window, placing in six materials. As he would place in the spear the trade would go through and be sent into her inventory. Equipping the item, the long spear would appear in her hand. The weight was unusual, telling her that if she ever wanted to use it she would have to practice. Giving the man a big smile she would say, "Thank you!" before turning and moving out of the shop. +1 Zodiac Spear MK.1 -6 Tier One Materials
  3. Penelo

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    Jun mentioned that the girl he was talking about, Sunova, wasn't exactly low leveled. 'He doesn't understand how they view us down here...' Pushing the thought away, she would continue her search. As she had mentioned doing something different, he would ask what. "I meant like fighting a monster or something. Though, at our level it might be best to wait a bit. Maybe we can do it after the Lessons quest.... I don't like fighting much, but I understand that it is essential for this game" She would tell him. Lifting her lantern, she would take another look at the scene in front of her. Keeping her eyes peeled for the gleam of a material, she would continue her search. Her eyes found nothing and she gave a heavy sigh before looking at Jun. He would cheerfully say that they should keep on moving. She would grant him a smile and nod. It seemed that her luck was based off of his so far. @Jun ID:111671 LD:7(+1)=8 ~ Material Not-Found Objectives Collect 3/5 Materials on a LD:11+ Craft a 0/1 Healing Potion with a CD:7+
  4. While fighting really wasn't on her agenda of things she enjoyed doing, it would be stupid of her to walk around Aincrad without any form of weapon. It was because of that reason that she would find herself walking into the man's blacksmith shop. She stepped up to the counter where a tall man would stand. She would look up to him and say, "Could you craft this for me?" She placed a slip on the table in front of them, sliding it forward. Drawing her hand back she would smile before saying, "Thank you, see you when its finished!" 'Afterwards, she would turn and walk out of the shop. She wasn't sure if he was busy but she would stick around in case he sent her a message saying that it was done.
  5. Walking into a tailor shop that seemed humble enough she would take a glance around. If she wanted to be able to survive in this world, she had to give herself the best possible fighting chance. Her choices were limited as a support, but she knew what would help her. She walked slowly and quietly up to the front where a dark haired boy was sitting. She would stop in front of the boy and place a slip down on the desk. She would give him a smile "If you could get this done soon, I would be appreciative!" She didn't know how long it took to craft but she left her username down on the slip for him to send her a message when he finished her item. Walking from the door, she would leave the shop.
  6. Penelo

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    He mentioned a combat medic and she looked over to him. "There is another lower leveled healer right now?" She doubted that they were as supportive as her, as her lantern gave a Party buff. She lifted hr lantern and continued her search. She gave a glance at Jun ad watched as he failed another material attempt. He really was not having a lot of luck when it came to getting his materials. Material hunting was hard for those without the Search Skill. After she was finished with her build, she would get Search to compliment her support. She looked over to Jun as he walked over to her with a smile on his face. "Failed another search? Maybe you should choose something different to do!" she would tell him as she turned to look for another material. She would scan the area and just before she was about to give up, she caught another glisten on the ground. She would walk up to the glistening object and tap it and it would add itself to her inventory. "More than half way there" she would call. Maybe they would get through this faster than she had thought. @Jun ID:111549 LD:10(+1)=11 ~ Material Found Objectives Collect 3/5 Materials on a LD:11+ Craft a 0/1 Healing Potion with a CD:7+
  7. Penelo

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    Her rhetorical statement was answered by a Jun that had lost some confidence. "I don't know. One mistake and you've wound up dead here" A mistake of herrs in the past had almost got her killed at the hands of a woman named Fyre. A woman who followed her ex husband and was prepared to kill her. He shook the thought out of her head. Hopefully, after Jonathan and Itzal took care of Chaos, the woman would leave her alone and continue on her own path. She heard the sounds of excitement and turned her attention towards Jun who had seemed to have found himself a material. Offering a smile she would say, "Maybe I was wrong. You are a good luck charm! Nah, lets not get overzealous" She gave a hearty laugh as she continued to pester the boy. He anyways, thanked her for the lantern assist and she would nod to him. "It is pretty handy isn't it? My brother got it for me at the Christmas Event. He said it would suit my support build well" She would lift her lantern up, it lighting the dark areas. With the sun beginning to set, it did more than help. Only problem, she wasn't sure if the light would attract monsters. Eyeing another glistening object, she would reach down and touch it, a quest material adding to her inventory. "Three more then!" ID:111523 LD:18(+1)=19 ~ Material Found Objectives Collect 2/5 Materials on a LD:11+ Craft a 0/1 Healing Potion with a CD:7+ @Jun
  8. Penelo

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    As she told him that she already knew, all of his confidence seemed to vanish. His words were jumbled as he tried to play it off to her. Shaking her head with a smile, would would resume her search. As she found the first one, he would applaud her. "Hey, if you are applauding me, how are you gonna find any real materials for yourself?" She would say jokingly. Her light would fall on the ground before her, giving a little glisten to everything that had the possibility to be a decent material. The scene before her made her lose her smile. Nothing in the immediate area seemed to glisten. Sighing, she would look to Jun. "Now I am starting to think that your bad luck is starting to rub off on me. We might be out here longer than I thought" Her skills weren't that good, including her Loot Bonuses. While her lantern helped, an actual item might have provided better support. She looked around the field, seeing that the area they were in was clear of monsters. She wasn't sure of Jun's combat ability, but she knew hers were insufficient. She didn't have a single rank into her spear, and she wouldn't be putting any into it for a while. ID:111339 LD:5(+1)=6 ~ Material Not-Found Objectives Collect 1/5 Materials on a LD:11+ Craft a 0/1 Healing Potion with a CD:7+ @Jun
  9. Penelo

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    They would move out of the town and Jun would follow her quietly, seeming to try to give words of encouragement. 'Should I tell him that he doesn't need to try so hard? No, I don't want to hurt his feelings. That would just put him down' Remaining quiet she would grab her lantern from where it was connected to her belt. Tapping it, it would cast a bright light on the area around them. The soon to be setting Sun no longer made a difference. "Looks like we are all set to look!" she would tell Jun. He would then nervously tell her that he had already finished the quest. She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "I know, you already told me that. I am just saying that you can look for normal materials while I am searching for my quest materials. While you are partied up with me, you get a Loot and Accuracy Bonus" she would tell him. Ignoring Jun for a short period of time, she would get started. Quickly, she managed to find her first quest material. A blooming purple flower was glistening and glowing on the ground. She knew the higher your Loot Bonus was the more it would glow. She would crouch beside it for a moment before tapping it. The material flower would vanish as it entered her inventory. "One down, four to go" ID:111197 LD:16(+1)=17 ~ Material Found Objectives Collect 1/5 Materials on a LD:11+ Craft a 0/1 Healing Potion with a CD:7+ @Jun
  10. Penelo

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    She stood inside the shop with Zackariah as he looked to her. Her words seemed to have an effect on him that made him smile a bit. "An inquisitive one eh? Well, that will be just fine with me" He stood up and began to speak. "An important essential to this world is being able to find and create your own items to be useful to yourself and others. I need you to go out and collect five materials for me, bring them back and we can get started with phase two" Nodding as the quest objectives appeared in her HUD, she would turn and walk to the door. She would call, "Thank you!" before she pushed open the door and let Jun follow her out. "Alright, looks like we are all good to go. Luckily, it doesn't sound like we have to do any fighting today. I am not skilled in damage" She didn't mention the fact that she didn't really like to fight. It was why she chose a more supportive role. "While you can't really help me search for my materials, you can search for your own if you like. You see, if you party with me then you get a accuracy and loot dice bonus." She was a bit proud of her lantern, even though Jonathan bought it for her. She liked to come up with items herself, but the lantern was a true supportive item @Jun Objectives Collect 0/5 Materials on a LD:11+ Craft a 0/1 Healing Potion with a CD:7+
  11. Penelo

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    He gave her an embarrassed expression, showing his distaste for the name. As he requested one that was cooler and more memorable. Giving him a tasteful laugh, she would reply, "Trust me. Everyone would remember a name like that. Jun the stalker, expert stalker. You would attract attention fast. Maybe even faster than the wanted Pinball and Hidden" Afterwards, she would stay silent as he dreamed of the frontlines. Her smile faded. "Right now, I am not sure if I wanted to be a part of the frontlines. I know one, and according to him its all in shreds. People defending bosses, hiding things from the rest of the players. I guess it always holds true. Power gets to people's head. You get to a high enough position and you believe its your duty to protect everyone and in doing so you separate yourselves from them" She sighed. Maybe she had let too much of what Jonathan had said to her out. They would round another corner and make a turn. After a bit more walking on the main street, Jun would stop and offer her the location she desired. "Will do, you can come with if you want" She would walk into the shop and find an older man working quietly at an alchemists station. "Ah, you must be here to get the help you need" His words didn't seem sincere, but his voice assured her that it was. "So, you must be here to give me the help I need" @Jun
  12. Penelo

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    As she slowly began walking away, he would quickly speed up to take the lead. He would make a retort back and say that he would be the first to run in the threat of danger. She shook her head, "That isn't what I meant Mr. Stalker" If she had been worried that he was actually out to get her, she would be running. She had way too much experience with overzealous men. He would then move forward, wasting no time. She knew by now it was evening, but she was used to wandering in the dark. "What other players? It isn't like we haven't already been left in the dust by the frontliners. I shouldn't have thought that I could just sit around and keep my level low. That came back to bit me" She would say. She had played the damsel in distress due to her stats being low. That was why she wanted to get stronger. He would turn to her then and introduce himself as Jun. Smiling back at him she would indulge with her player name. "Penelo and the pleasure is mine!" she would say sweetly. She had let him help her in fear of being rude, but she internally felt like it was wrong to be using up his time. "Well... I am not sure if the word journey is what we are looking for. Just errands to be honest. Anyway, lead the way" @Jun
  13. Penelo

    [PP-F1] How Free is Free? <<FFLAF>>

    (Sorry about the wait, its been the Holidays) She seemed to be walking aimlessly through the streets. She didn't figure it would be this hard to find the Starting Quest NPC. She stopped for a second. "Perhaps if I wasn't looking in the back alleys' She would think to herself before a voice caught her attention. The tone was soft and cautious and came from above. She quickly caught sight of a boy peering at her from a wall above. He mentioned the quest she was doing and offered his help in finding the NPC. She raised her eyebrow questioningly at him. She would remain quiet as he walked over to her, but ensured that he stayed with a few feet of distance. He would explain that he wasn't a creep in the shadows and he was just willing to help. "Uh huh... Now how am I supposed to beleive something like that?" It would be a few seconds before she would laugh again. "Alright, you win. I do need help finding the quest NPC. Everyone I know is busy with things" She would walk in front of him, walking away. "Well, I guess you can tag along. Obviously from what you seem to do with your creeping around, someone needs to be keeping you out of trouble." @Jun
  14. Quest Details Penelo's Stats Note - All member partied with Penelo receive: +1 ACC, + 1 LD, Negates all effect from darkness. The girl roamed the first floor, a specific destination in mind. Her brother, Jonathan, had told her that it was her decision whether she wanted to increase her level or not. She had been placed in the predicament that she was in due to her lack of level. She required others help instead of being able to rely on herself. She herself decided that it was time to move on and to do better. Now she moved in search of Zackariah that had an alchemy shop here in the town of beginnings. 'They seriously need to give me a map of where to find this guy. Or at least make the directions in the quest information understandable. This town is like a maze!' she thought to herself as she made her way through. She had been searching for the last fifteen minutes and was no closer to her destination than when she started. She was half tempted to ask someone to help her, but her mother had always told her to accept help and not beg for it. Begging for help makes you seem helpless and unable to do it on your own, accepting help means that you understand for time to time that help is needed. Her mother had received some pretty strange wisdom from her grandfather, but she didn't question it. She looked up to her mother as a strong individual. "Zackariah, where possibly could you be?" she would ask aloud, even though she spoke to herself. @Jun
  15. Penelo

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    As she approached, the first to address her would be the white haired girl. However, she seemed rather skeptical. "Hi there... who... are you?" Smiling, she would introduce herself. "My name is Penelo. Nice to meet you!" The skeptical girl made it rather awkward for her, but she gave no signs of it. A dark haired man would speak next, introducing himself as Stryder. She would offer him a warm smile. The person to introduce himself next was the snowball thrower. He would introduce himself as Dustin. She mentally kept a count of who was who. The skeptical girl than would ask to leave for a moment to do the raffle. A small reindeer girl would come up next, obviously new to the group as well. She mentioned something about a guild and asked if they were a part of it. 'So this group is just one big guild huh?' Her question would be voiced as two other players arrive, adding to the chaotic group. It seemed as if they were a guild, knowing eachother quite well. "Wow, its starting to seem like you guys are pretty popular around here!" @Stryder @Jinx @Hydravion @Dustin