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  1. Bahr

    [F22 - PP] Stars and Galaxies

    The telltale jingle of an incoming message ping-ponged against and through the cave's rocky corridors over the whine of discharged Sword Arts and cries of fallen ghouls. The moist air tickled Bahr's nostrils as he took a deep breath and waited for the post-Sword Art cooldown to expire, then took a few sharp leaps backward. By the time he'd come to a stop, another jingle had signified his opening of the menu, the subsequent tones detailing his navigation to the messaging panel. It was from Lessa. The window was automatically dismissed as a bulbous club smashed into Bahr's shoulder, the impact of which should have sent a normal man sprawling. But in Aincrad, everything was determined by statistics, random number generators, strategy, and a dash of skill. Figures such as damage, mitigation, evasion, accuracy. With the stat advantage Bahr held over the feeble (yet tenacious) goblin that stood before him, its strike offered less bite than it did chagrin. In response, Bahr planted his boot against the creature's chest and shoved, sending it stumbling backward several feet before its heel very unceremoniously caught a rock. The monster fell backward with a pathetic shriek, its club slipping from between its fingers and skittering across the cavern floor a few feet away. With the goblin temporarily incapacitated, perhaps Bahr would be awarded enough time to read the remainder of the message. He drew up the menu once more, made his way to the messaging panel, and began to read. Thwack! What the hell? How had it gotten up, retrieved its club, and attacked him again so quickly? The message was only a single line long! Or, perhaps, it was more likely that Bahr was just too slow a reader to accomplish this while there was an aggressive mob nearby. He never had gotten around to becoming a quick reader, quicker instead to fall behind his peers in class. Having read so few books since somehow graduating high school, it wasn't exactly like he'd honed his skills, either. Regardless, his patience had reached its maximum, and he was no longer willing to tolerate this goblin's foolishness. It was time it met its obliteration. "Alright, you little sh*t," Bahr started as Blinkstrike ignited crimson. "Ol' lady's callin'. Gotta make this quick." Splick! Done. FLOOR TWENTY-TWO Something she wanted to show him? Hopefully it wasn't her cooking. Though, he wasn't sure what could be more splendiferous than the twenty-second floor in spring. The entire expanse was bursting with life, pleasant scents and vibrant colors weaving together in a perfect, cacophonous medley. Every way one turned, their eyes would meet with a flawless tapestry of nature's finest hues and subtle minutiae. Lush leaves lightly scraping, beetles crawling slowly, birds chirping proudly, woodland creatures scuttling stealthily, and rays of light piercing through it all in a heavenly mosaic that seemed to fill everything with the very fire of life itself. A glowing, perfect monument to the majesty that was Pan's design. It seemed only fitting that anything stitched together through his grace would carry with it the perfect soundtrack. Bahr had traded out the war cries and pained screeches of his enemies, the clangs and hisses of crossing blades, and the occasional echoing drip of a fallen droplet into a wayward pool for the hushed whisper of Aeolus as the wind carried his voice through the flora, the rapping of Artemis' fingers against the naturalesque environment as he ran his animals through it, and the pumping blood of Acheron as his streams pulsed through the land. The damp cold of caverns untouched by natural light for the warmth of Helios' touch as his rays of sun kissed every surface. Solitude for the company of countless benign entities, of which one such had stolen his heart as though by Eros' design. The gods had a gentle grip on this place. There was something magical about it. And he experienced that magic as he carefully ascended the winding trail toward Manderly. Swine Bajesus had settled into slothful slacking about atop his shoulder, seemingly similarly soothed by the softness of their surroundings. A mediocre day given up for a fantastic one. Just as he had every time he'd visited before, Bahr wondered what ever compelled him to leave this place. There was everything he needed here to live a fulfilling and satisfactory life. The nature. The calm. The activities. Her. His knuckles knocked against the door.
  2. Bahr

    [F04 - PP] Where do I Begin?

    "You're not a monster." It was what kept replaying in Bahr's mind, over and over, as she continued to explain herself and what she felt about all of it. It wasn't that Bahr didn't appreciate the rest of what she had to say, it was just that he appreciated that the most. I'm not a monster, he reminded himself as he let loose the breath he'd been holding back ever since she'd caught him fighting Pinball. Then he sucked in newer, fresher air. Desperately, like he'd been moments away from suffocating without it. And in that air, he felt the essence of her. Everything he'd been longing for since this twisted journey began. He just wanted her. He wanted her to believe him, and understand him. And, for the first time since she found him dueling with his arch nemesis, it looked like she did. "But you aren't a monster, and I'm not afraid of you. I just - well, I want you to know that." When had her arms snaked around his waist? When had he mirror the action, and pulled the comfort that was his love toward him? When had tears once again carved rivers into his cheeks? "Damn it. I don't want another breakdown here," he sniffed, raising a palm to his face and wiping away the moisture. It was replaced immediately. "And it's always when you're around. What's up with that?" A chuckle followed, albeit weak. Then, silence. And that silence persisted for awhile as they remained frozen there; unmoving monoliths amid the patrons that shuffled nervously about that unholy place. And they held each other. Clung to each other, really. "Thank you." THREAD COMPLETE. No rewards.
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    Crozeph's identified items

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    Oikawa's Chest

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    [F04 - PP] Where do I Begin?

    "I'm grateful he didn't kill you that day." Something wasn't right here. Her hand may have been on his arm, but she was miles away. Hesitant. But why? What did she have to be conflicted about? Her boyfriend had almost been murdered by the very man she had caught him fighting. The same man who had killed others, and had the orange cursor to show for it. "He killed someone else and almost killed me." That wasn't enough to convince her? "Well, it makes more sense." Bahr was genuinely annoyed, now. Makes more sense? She didn't know anything. "There's more," he breathed, doing his best not to let his agitation come through in his tone. His eyes flickered back toward the path, and then back to the Town of Beginnings. There were no clouds, no rain. Nothing to accent the tragedy of the situation. It was sunny, and the heat of that spherical inferno bathed the land with a familiar warmth. The world kept turning, even if Bahr had felt like he'd been standing still. "Let's head back." As Bahr kicked a pebble down the path, he took a deep breath. "It wasn't long after that that my party began falling apart. Or- well, I guess it had been for awhile. Both Kirbs and Kit were starting to spiral. So was I, I suppose. But a big argument broke out between Kit and Kirbs one day, because apparently Kit had gone to Pinball asking for advice on what to do if she planned on killing someone. A few days after that, I looked at their location data, and saw that they were in the same place. I decided to go and tag along, because I figured they may have found a way to make up." "But when I got there, all I saw was an orange cursor over Kit's head, and Kirbs lining up the killing blow toward her." Never mind. There was a cloud. Just one. And it have very convenient timing. "I managed to get in the way of the spear in time," he continued to explain, "but it hardly made a difference. It was clear that Kit had lost it enough to start a fight, and Kirbs had lost it enough to finish it. They both ran off, and I never saw either of them again." They were making their way back into town now, and the Monument of Life was only a short jaunt away. "The last thing I told her was that she was no better than Pinball." There it was. That horrifying edifice. The space it occupied held both good memories and bad, but more bad than good. In fact, the only silver lining about this place was that he'd met her here. "There," he hissed as his finger traced a line through the air toward her name. «Kirbs» Player-Killed by Pinball. There were three other such names on the Monument that had been crossed out, with Pinball as their reason. Bahr did what he could to keep his eyes from trailing off to the 'Z' section in search of them. "There's others. How many more before someone stops him, do you think?" There was a sharpness in his eyes as they found hers again. "How much goodwill can someone like that be afforded?"
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    Bistro's Appraisals

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    Bistro's Appraisals

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    Elora's Journal

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    [F10 - SP] <<Leaching Nightmare>>

    It was smelling extremely fishy, in fact. So fishy that it was beginning to drown out all of the other beautiful scents of the floor. The abysmal stench because increasingly morose the closer Bahr drew to the trail that would lead to Manderly. It was starting to get difficult to breath through his nose, but he knew if he breathed through his mouth he would gag. Further up on the path, a man was running toward Bahr. He seemed frightened. "What's the matter?" Bahr asked as he grabbed the man's arm. "Did something happen?" "There was a hidden event," the man responded. "Every fisherman on the floor fished up a monster at the same time. We're overrun." Of course. Bahr released the man's arm just in time to catch sight of the creatures chasing him. Dawn's Demise entered the swordsman's palm in the blink of an eye, and tore into the lot of them just as quickly.
  10. Bahr

    [F10 - SP] <<Leaching Nightmare>>

    FLOOR TWENTY-TWO Floor twenty two looked exactly as Bahr had left it. Though, the same could be said about any other floor. It was just that this one held so much nostalgia for him. "It's actually a really weird tradition. Historically, mistletoe was used to cure things like menstrual cramps. And y'know, the Old English word was 'misteltan,' where 'mistel' means 'dung' and 'tan’ means 'twig.' So you're kissing under the poop branch. Even the druids used to-" It was what had happened after that moment that had created so many memories. Good ones, in an environment where they were so scarce. And he owed that to someone, along with so many other things. Flowers were a paltry offer in return for everything that she had done for him. But he had to start somewhere. She'd given him so much, and he would do everything in his power to give some of that positivity back. One gesture at a time. The subtle breeze carried the scent of the lake along with it. Every portion of air that tickled his nostrils purged the pollen that the third floor had left behind. Intermixing with the proverbial melody of smells was that of lush leaves, damp earth, and... fish. Which was strange, but not totally out of place for a place like the twenty second floor. After all, it was the fishing hotspot for all of Aincrad - even more so than the twenty fourth.
  11. Bahr

    [F10 - SP] <<Leaching Nightmare>>

    FLOOR THREE As soon as he materialized in Flora, his senses were assaulted with something infinitely more pleasant that the stench of death - the sweet aroma of pollinated flowers. He took in a deep breath, and held it as though it would get him high. And, to some extent, it did. There was a certain mental cleansing aspect to this place unrivaled by the whole of the floating castle Aincrad. The fact that Bahr chose a place like the tenth floor to call home instead of a place like this constantly perplexed him. What sort of head space had he been in when he chose literal Hell as his home? Not a good one, certainly. And there it was. Sitting in a display window was a perfect bouquet of freshly picked lilacs. Lessa would have loved them. She would love them. He strolled inside, collected the flowers, and was on his way. The twenty second floor was waiting for him.
  12. Bahr

    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon

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    Arabelle's Evaluations

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    Bahrbaric Evaluations

    Name: Cloak of the Crimson Crusader Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 9 ID: 147135 Roll: CD: 10 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: MIT | MIT | Light Momentum Description: Red. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17882-f1-r9-tailor-the-crusty-bahrnacle/?do=findComment&amp;comment=607009