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  1. Everyone seemed to be working on the same goal, yet still doing their own thing. Peculiar. Bahr, for instance, was still trying to excavate his face from the mud. After a long and arduous endeavor against the primordial muck, he finally succeeded in freeing himself. It turned out that there was one less soldier than before! Fantastic. Bahr, seeing his opportunity to yet again show off his slick moves, sprinted toward one of the chains as well as could be expected given the terrain, and took a swing at it. Though his blade sank into the metal, it wasn't able to chew all the way through. "Weird," he muttered, perplexity masking his visage. "What, uh. What?" He'd expected a sword such as Dawn's Demise to slice through such feeble links without so much as a hiccup. But that, of course, was his vanity talking. The reality was that his blade was no better off severing the links than any other.
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    [F19/PP]The Beast vs The Marauder

    Frustration crept out of Bahr's chest in the form of laughter as he took in Oscar's delusional ramblings. He threw his arms up in a grandiose gesture as words bellowed from his mouth that he could no longer hold back. "Yeah, I killed all those guys! Not because I had to, but because I wanted to! But I'm not a bad guy, I swear! Everyone around me owes their life to me! You'd be dead if not for my genius and willingness end mortal existence!" The speed that Bahr closed in on Oscar from his position was the likes of which he hadn't displayed yet in this fight. His hand took Oscar by the throat and carried him back to the burning tree, hurtling is body clear through the trunk. As Oscar's frame skidded along the earth amid the descending flaming branches, it was by the grace of Dusk's Demise impaling him to the dirt that he could be prevented from flying off the hill altogether. "Let's get one thing clear. I'm alive because of me. You really seem to have this idea in your head that you're exceedingly smarter and stronger than I am. You think you're strong enough to put Tyson down, but he'd be able to kill me in my sleep, huh?" Bahr stamped his boot against Oscar's cheek and wringed Dusk's Demise as it sapped away at the man's vitality. "Ain't been a time I've let loose on you, boy. I left my big guns back home just so I wouldn't accidentally kill you." Finally, Bahr stepped off and retrieved his blade from Oscar's ribs. "I've gazed into the eyes of killers more accomplished, competent, and powerful than you and your failed client combined. I didn't just live, I thrived. The cherry atop your layered delusion cake is that you actually think I need you to protect me, and that killing was the best way to do that."
  3. Bahr

    [F19/PP]The Beast vs The Marauder

    Oscar's blade sent Bahr back, but it was easy enough to gather his bearings and plants his boots into the earth below, rapidly coming to a halt in spite of the rapidly slickening terrain. "Again, you only think that Aincrad is safer because you believe you're above reproach," Bahr countered. "From where I'm standing, one murderer has taken the place of five. Whatever twisted machinations led you to believe slaughter at your hands was the optimal alternative could similarly lead you to death of anyone else, including our friends. You claim to protect them now - but you could deem their death necessary tomorrow. You would feel justified in their killings as well, so long as you felt you were the one who had made that decision." It was like talking to a brick wall at this point. It seemed there was no hope of talking any sense into him. It was only a shame Bahr had left his good equipment behind. It wasn't likely they'd make it far in this state.
  4. Not really knowing what to expect next, Bahr saw it fitting to follow along behind someone who did seem to know what they were doing. But as they leapt from the boat and Bahr saw his mark on the beach below, he realized that the two of them were... off-target. Perhaps he didn't know what he was doing after all? Or perhaps his boot had slipped against the algae that blanketed the railing of the ship. Whatever the case, neither of them were going to land anywhere near the spooky lady that had accosted their bahrnacle-encrusted vessel. That is, unless, Bahr deployed his special move. The thing you need to understand is that in the world of Sword Art, parts of your body can be used for things you never would have imagined in the real world. Someone with a high enough strength parameter, for instance, could saw through solid wood with their hand like a hot knife through caramelized molasses. A person with an appropriate speed parameter could walk on their fingers with enough dexterity to keep up with their slower, tankier companions. And someone with a high enough intelligence ranking could likely unravel the ol' noodle in their skull to use as a lasso for particularly elusive foes - or so Bahr assumed, anyways. Ages of clumsy failure had prepared him for this moment. With a midair jilt forward, Bahr's face was now the tip of the proverbial iceberg plummeting toward the seemingly cretaceous ooze that permeated the expanse below. Having achieved the ultimate pitch, Bahr did not sink with his face collided with the oily muck. Nay, he glided across the slime on his face like a young boy on Christmas day, enjoying the new sled his parents had converted their miserable time into. The inertia of his graceful descent did well to carry him to the foot of the beast, arm outstretched above him with the gleaming pommel of Dawn's Demise illuminating the darkness not unlike Rudolph's nose. He slid, then slowed, and finally the crutch of his weapon ever so gently tapped the bridge of the creature's nose. In spite of the light hit, as though Cardinal's sense of humor had shown through in this one distinct moment, Hel was blasted back into the miasma that lay beyond, leaving behind the chained subssoldiers that had been firmly within her grasp only moments prior.
  5. Oh. Now the battle had started. That was... sudden. But far be it from Bahr to stand in the way of a good throwdown. No sooner had one boot made it to land than the other stamped into the deck before the beast. Though the darkness and hazy miasma that surrounded them cut down visibility, the vibrant scarlet glow and crackles of electric energy emanating from Dawn's Demise ironically offered enough light for him to find his mark. As Bahr reeled his blade back to strike, the noise from the crystal he'd deployed on the rowboat finally caught up with him and prevented Hyrm from having the accuracy it needed to black the incoming strike. Three rapid downward slams of his blade later, and the mighty Hyrm was little more than a plug for the new hole in the ship's deck. Satisfied with his handiwork, Bahr took a few paces back and placed the dull side of his sword's blade against his shoulder. He marveled over the ogre-turned-turtle trying to flip itself over, with nothing to show for it. If nothing else, at least the others wouldn't have any trouble hitting it. "Dunno how long he'll stay like this," Bahr declared, stifling a laugh. "The rest of y'all should get it while the gettin's good."
  6. Bahr

    [F19/PP]The Beast vs The Marauder

    "I don't suppose I need to remind you that I've been in a near-identical scenario," came Bahr's gruff retort, twisted and contorted through the mask of Disguise. Bahr's afterimage would fade, but Oscar would find himself struck in the back. The figure before him had been an illusion, more a decoy than anything else. As he staggered from the blow he'd sustained, Bahr grasped the man's coat and threw him back against the tree, holding him against it. "The targets were people I loved, and it was my friend's head at my feet. If I don't take responsibility for you, then you'll be the same situation. You see it fit to decide who lives and who dies. Well, how long before one of ours is at the end of your blade?" The focus in Bahr's eyes wasn't yearning, nor threatening, nor angry nor foul. It was a direct question, and a serious one. "How should I react other than to stand in your way now, before it eventually is Lessa on the other end of this pompous crusade of yours? You said it yourself. You didn't need to kill all of those people. You did it because you wanted to." "Don't you see?" he questioned as he released Oscar's coat and took a step back. "You've become what you despise. You're my Tyson. And if you're actually telling me this watered down skirmish is representative of my ability to 'deter' you, you're the fucking liar."
  7. Bahr

    [F19/PP]The Beast vs The Marauder

    Oscar's axe traced a line along and through Bahr's chest with enough tenacity to inflict a bleed status effect, a cruel irony that wasn't lost on the Kingslayer. The very enhancement he'd relied on all those years could very well be the culprit of his undoing in this duel. It was strangely poetic that a man plagued by the same temperament Bahr had spent so long escaping was using many of the same brutish, inelegant means of delivering harm. It was a small helping of bonus damage, but assisted Oscar in bringing them both closer to an even playing field than they'd enjoyed the moments prior. After Oscar had concluded his speech, Bahr straightened his back and looked his former companion in the eye. "I see that you're my margin of error," Bahr decided as he planted the tip of Dusk's Demise into the earth, using its pommel to steady himself upright as the Bleed status ticked away at his hit points. "I've helped so many like you get their start in this world. I'd hoped that, with the diligence to give each the attention they needed, I could mitigate the risk of unleashing a monster." He sighed, then plucked his blade from the earth. In a flash, a single line had been carved across Oscar's chest in much the same fashion he had just done to Bahr. "Guess I was wrong. Aincrad would be better off if I'd never helped you in the first place." The tip of Dusk's Demise found its way into the soil as Bahr once again steadied himself. "If this is truly how you feel, it's in my best interest not to let you roam free. It is not your place to play judge, jury, and executioner. It's not the place of any one man. If this is your 'true nature,' so be it. But its not one that I, in good conscience, can willingly subject Aincrad to." He once again retrieved his blade from the ground and exhaled in a controlled manner. As he did, a mosaic of countless glitchy fractals would follow his breath, slowly enveloping his body in a mirage of uncertainty. Where he was amid the junk data wouldn't be obvious except to those with only the most honed in senses.
  8. Bahr

    [F24 - PP] Next Destinies

    Strange time to gather around and reminisce. While Bahr still wasn't particularly happy with the outcome of their recent encounter, he'd be remiss not to hear the man out. He did, after all, owe a great deal to Macradon. Or, rather, he had owed a great deal to Macradon. As far as Bahr was concerned, the handoff of Mari had squared them up. With a strained sigh, Bahr pressed his index finger against the 'reply' button and readied his hands as a composition prompt populated between him and Macradon's message. Paraneze was a strange city, though Bahr mostly attributed that to the persistent smell of salt that hung in the air there. He was naturally untrusting of such places. Even his island home didn't reek of salt the way this place did. The buildings were weathered from it. Even the NPCs in the area seemed eroded by the harsh sea air. Though he knew it was only a trick of the system, it was still unsettling. Everything here was just... starting to fall apart. It didn't stop the coffee from being good, though. It was the foremost thing on Bahr's mind as he approached Macradon, offered a nod, and said, "Hope you were serious about coffee. That meeting zapped me."
  9. Bahr

    [F19/PP]The Beast vs The Marauder

    As Bahr listened to Oscar's taunts, he realized what this was all really about. Oscar's insults were a deflection - projection, rather. It wasn't that he really believed Bahr was such a colossal fuck up. It's that he realized that he, himself, had failed in one of the most colossal of ways. Were Bahr in a more forgiving mood, he may have taken the high road with this realization. He may have tried to talk Oscar down, or tell him that it wasn't his fault. But after paragraphs of Oscar accusing Bahr of being a failure, the Kingslayer wasn't feeling so agreeable. "Yeah, the Guild isn't as active as it could be," Bahr grunted as he placed his boots flatly against the earth beneath him and pushed himself into a standing position. "Always was more of a lone wolf." He dusted off his arms, then reached for Dusk's Demise. "And yeah, Pinball's still alive. I had the good sense not to walk off that ledge." He inspected the blade, grimacing as he caught his reflection within its glossy surface. "And yeah. Kirbs is dead. She's never coming back." A maelstrom of dust, then a loud crack. Bahr had shrunk the distance that separated the men faster than the naked eye could follow. Oscar's axe caught the attack, but the blowback was too much for his light frame to sustain. He was catapulted back toward the tree, his spine colliding with its rough bark with enough force to reveal some of the roots surrounding its base that had been buried for untold lengths of time. Before he was allowed to fall, he'd find himself nailed to that very tree - Dusk's Demise ran straight through his sternum and into the edifices trunk, holding him in place. Bahr placed his boot against the wrist of the hand still gripping to Money Shot and leaned forward, his visage now cloaked by the shadows. "But what of you? You think you're so perfect?" he sneered, wringing his boot against Oscar's wrist and grinding it against the bark of the tree. "This is all happening because of you. At every turn where you had the opportunity to make the right decision regarding this boy, you've ran the opposite direction. You left him for dead, didn't bother to check in on him, and neglected him until he'd had the chance to create a murder guild specifically to destroy you and everyone you care about. You, the 'professional,' the psychologist, drove one of your closest patients into a murderous rage. You failed to request your companions' aid when it was necessary, and your friend was murdered as a result. And now you're here, alienating your strongest ally in the name of vanity and arrogance. You're trying to prove you're stronger, smarter, better. But you're not." He ripped Dusk's Demise from Oscar's body and let him fall before taking a few paces backward. "If I'm a failure, you're a fraud."
  10. I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat) I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat) Now he was on a boat. When had that happened? And what a foul thing it was. No more foul, Bahr mused, than the vibe put off by the other members of the party. Though he felt the wooden boards of the loosely constructed vessel bow beneath his weight as he stepped aboard, they did not fracture; which was more than could be said for the temperaments of his companions. When had everything become so serious? Was it not merely a year ago that the brave Aincradians had been locked away in mysterious tent with immeasurable waves of ghoulish undead nibbling at their ankles? Compared to then, this seemed like a walk in the park. At least they could bring their own consumables. Bahr could still taste the Off-Brand Energy Drinks. "Loosen up, guys. It'll sting less when you get hit if you're not so stiff," he chided jokingly, before glancing around and noticing they'd already lost two party members. He mentally ran the headcount twice before realizing he'd forgotten to count himself. Silly. Still, that meant one was missing. Where'd NIGHT gotten off to? And had that been a growl? "Weird bunch," he finally concluded before sitting down. But something wasn't quite right. This seat was... bony. After adjusting his rump for a moment, he realized he was occupying the petite lap of the very woman he'd been searching for just a moment prior. "Oh, pardon," he called with a grunt as he shifted his weight to the side, sliding from his impromptu perch and assuming the position nearest her side. "That never happened."
  11. Bahr takes x3 Filled Pork Tenderloins and turns them into a Feast. Bahr consumes: Titan's Strength (+3 DMG) Synthesized Virus (T. VNM: 24/3 (9-10)) Roasted Provence Chicken (+2 EVA) Mitigation Feast (+45 MIT) Accuracy Feast (+2 ACC) Protein Feast (+2 DMG | -30 MIT >>> +3 DMG | -45 MIT with "Filling" house buff) Overhealth Feast (+135 max HP) LD feast (+3 LD) Bahr was a tad surprised to receive an invite from NIGHT, given her recent absence as of late. He was sure his ramblings about the dangers of leaning too heavily on buffs may have finally annoyed her to the extent that she'd chosen to continue on without her mentor. Better was she without the bug in her ear - or so she may have thought. And, possibly, she was correct. He'd heard the whispers regarding this dungeon, the heinous monsters it encapsulated, and the promise of treasures for defeating them. And, so, when she invited him to tag along with a group of her friends, he obliged. And, upon arriving, he hypocritically indulged in the practical buffet of buffs that had been laid out before them - even going so far as to assist in the creation of feasts to better the party. It was all in the spirit of merriment and good food. Surely. "Sorry I'm late," he managed while smacking his gums on some of the food. "Had a thing. Angry old psychologist. I'm sure you understand." He finished his helping and frisbee'd his dish away carelessly, discarding his fork in a nearby bush, or tree, or... something. He wasn't here to think too hard. He was just here to hit things. "I'll be letting y'all take the lead on this one. I'm just here for some extra muscle."
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    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Meditation Mod(s) Being Dropped: Night Vision SP Refunded: 13 Cost: 13000 (sent to Banker)
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