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  1. Bahr

    [F10 - PP] <<Wail of the Banshee>>

    Seemed the other two had run off toward the Banshee. Good. Give them what for, he thought to himself in his best mental conjuring of an old man voice. He could handle the putrid sacks of decayed flesh matter within seconds and catch up to the rest of the group. Provided the stench didn't force him to keel over where he stood, that is. A glow of the blade, a flick of the wrist, and the trio of ghoulish grousers were rendered into triangular azure confetti right before his eyes. He even managed to hold down his lunch. By the time he caught up to the others, he noticed that the Banshee's health bar had been depleted by a marginal degree. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing surely. But just as his eyes met with those of the hovering monster, it vanished. Behind them. Back in front. No, now it was above. Ridiculous agility. Bahr couldn't tell if it was teleporting or simply moving with enough speed to outspeed the refresh rate of his eyeballs. By the time it had stopped in front of of Kooh and sibilated a shriek with a decibel level strong enough to thrust her into the nearby wall, Bahr wasn't sure any of them were tracking it properly. "Oh, crap!" he boomed as he dashed forward, placing himself between the injured woman and the apparition that had accosted her. Glancing back over his shoulder, he noticed that her HP had fallen into the yellow after only a single hit. Not good. Back in front, it didn't seem that throwing himself in front of the monster had really done them any good. The creature simply *looked through him*, focus still clinging to Kooh. Bahr offered a wary glance and a slight nod to Kirbs. They needed to kill this thing now.
  2. Bahr had already left Dagger's shop, but suddenly he had a very good feeling. Like he should head back as soon as possible. And so he did, turning on his heel and walking right back into the door he had just exited through. No sooner had he walked through the door than Dagger was placing a heavy weapon in his hands. He held it for a moment, getting used to the feel and the weight. "Vampiric Offense, huh? Feels pretty good. Thanks Dagger, this will be a huge help." And with that, he was off like the wind yet again. Off to... wherever Bahr's go when they get a new toy to play with.
  3. Bahr

    Dagger's Dapper evals

  4. And then the next batch of mobs spawned. And he continued to fail. He swung his blade, hit all but one, and two sunk their teeth into his flesh. He managed to fend them off and double back, but then he fell to his knee. "Damn it! Why can't I do it!? Why can't I harness this!?" His frustrating voice boomed through the cave-like cavity that the floor resided within, but nobody answered. Certainly not the mobs, which were slowly closing in on him. No matter what he did, no matter how hard he tried, it didn't seem like he was making any headway at all. He continued to miss. He continued to fail to dodge. What the hell was wrong with him? Why couldn't he bring himself to overcome this hurtle and be as good as he knew he could be? Ever since he had encountered Lessa, this had been a problem. He was apprehensive. He doubted himself and his abilities. Never before had he performed so poorly during a hunt. And the worst part was the fact that he wasn't even enjoying it.
  5. Solitude wasn't Bahr's first choice, but it was the choice that had been thrust upon him. Perhaps, once he could finally get rid of this damn sword, he would be able to move past all of this and become a better person. No, the time to become a better person was now. Why wait? Why let the sword decide his fate? Why fall victim to it? Why not learn to harness it? That was, after all, why he was out here training. Enough of this mental nonsense. It was time to get his head in the game. He needed to harness this rage for good. He couldn't allow himself to become a monster like Ssendom had been. He couldn't allow himself to give into his darker temptations and become the very thing he reviled. He couldn't allow himself to fall into solitude. There were too many people depending on him. There were too many people that needed him to be the rock. Beating around the bush with his shortcomings wasn't the key to success. He needed to tackle these demons head on.
  6. Bahr strolled into Dagger's shop, happy as a clam, pleased that his order had been fulfilled after a fortnight of waiting. Not that he blamed the dapper merchant, though. After all, he was the busiest salesman in all of Aincrad. Heck, Bahr could have sworn he even saw Macradon shuffling out of here just moments before. He walked up to the counter, scooped up his completed identifieds, stashed them away in his inventory, and then laid out another selection of identifieds for Dagger to take a look at. "Thanks for your work on the last batch - but I have another one for you. Sorry for coming in and dropping these off and then leaving again, but I really must be getting going. Places to go, monsters to hunt, you know the drill. See you in a bit!" - 10100 col sent to Dagger
  7. No, that wouldn't be right. The whole point of this excursion was to find himself amidst all of this hate and anger. To simply deny that it had happened would be to deny himself. To deny who he was, in the end. Pathetic. And he had actually started to believe he could be with someone again. To put the past behind him for the first time in years and focus on the now. It had been a fleeting feeling, and he knew that. He knew that it would probably leave him as quickly as it had come. And even though it played out exactly like he had predicted it would, it still stung. He felt like a monster. Nobody could ever truly love him. He wouldn't allow them to. Being around him only put them at risk. And how could he do that to someone he had feelings for? He couldn't. He could take on small quests or go to little social gatherings, but he could never allow someone to get close. That would have simply been a fool's errand.
  8. And then, he was finally upon it. He looked down at the creature with a silly grin plastered across his face. Well, silly wasn't really the right word. More like sinister. It wasn't a look that someone who knew Bahr could probably ever say they had seen come across his face. Contrary to the usually dual toned eyes of green and red, they were both stained the color of blood now. His two crimson orbs stared into the eight of his adversary, and then, in a flash, it was over. Splick!
  9. The spider recognized when his frenetic fervor had finally stopped, and instantly began to close in. But just because Bahr had winded himself, that didn't mean that some lowly pest like that could just waltz up to him and attack. And so he spun, his blade charged, clocking the creature once directly in the face and sending it hurtling into a nearby wall. The only thing that that creature would see through its eight peepholes would be the crimson outlined silhouette of its death fast approaching. Or, you know, slow approaching. Bahr certainly seemed to be taking his time with it. Was it possible that he had pulled something? A hamstring perhaps? That would have really been something, considering injuries like that weren't supposed to even be possible in the floating castle Aincrad.
  10. As he charged up his blade and swung once again, the exact same thing happened. He managed to hit all but one of them - and it just so happened to be the same one he had missed the time before. And for some reason, this just set him off. He dashed toward the spider, and the strangest thing happened. It actually started to run from him. It knew. It knew that it was being hunted as an animal, by an animal. It was no longer man versus beast. It was beast versus beast. Any part of Bahr that had remained human disappeared for that instance. And try as he might, he could not catch up to the spider went it got into its full stride. He ran and ran and ran until he exhausted all of his energy, only finally stopping the lens of red that had taken over his vision once he stopped.
  11. And then, finally, the new batch of arachnid suckers materialized into existence. Bout time. Bahr quickly got to work, jumping into the middle of the horde and charging up his blade as usual. He swung the slab of metal in a wide arc, striking all but one of the revolting creatures he was facing. The last one, apparently more elusive than the three before it, managed to narrowly avoid the tip of the blade and strike back with its massive fangs. They sunk into Bahr's flesh, and he had to wriggle away to prevent the damage it was dealing from getting too high. He had been so close. So close to finally having a perfect round against these things. He had been on the brink of perfection, and then all of this happened. Completely disappointing. He stared down the creatures with disdain, wishing death for all of them as his temperature began to rise. He was close to popping, he could feel it.
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    Rythose's Journal

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    Aurelius' Journal

  14. When he finally shrugged off his apprehension and actually opened the thing, he found himself as underwhelmed as he usually was when it came to things like this. Once again, a chest had given him mediocre loot. Yippee. Whatever. At least it hadn't been a Mimic. His attention turning back to the stomping ground he had been abusing for the last however long, Bahr found himself a bit shocked that more hadn't spawned yet. Worked out for him, allowing him to heal up enough to put himself right back into the green again on health. With any luck, he would perform better against the next batch than he had against the previous ones. Though with his anger setting him on edge, it was anybody's guess how that would turn out. He suspected that he would probably lose control at some point during the outing, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Part of this whole experience was learning where the line was so he could tow that in a way that allowed him to make use of the rage while also maintaining enough control to have the precision he desired.