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  1. Azhoda

    [F1-PP] Filtered Sunlight

    I looked a bit up and down at the player, She seemed to be from high-class status, such as I was known to grow up with. On the other hand, she seems to be younger than me maybe by like 5 or 4 years. Plus the fact that her eyes were on my hand and making sure my hand did not do things. I was ok with this for now but did want to test something later or sooner. listening to her speaking about relaxing while keeping your wits about, well in my book that was a bit dumb too so. It's better to keep working and go for the best. "Hmm... well I would say keeping your wits out while relaxing it rather useless. It is better to strive for the best and become the best." with my other hand I fixed my goggles on my head a bit and took out some grass of my hair that got stuck between my hair and goggles. Now time for a little test, I have done these kinds of things before with my co-workers. To test if they really paid attention to things. As she was focusing on my hand the whole time I started speaking, "So, I guess, nice to meet you then. I'm Shior, a pleasure to meet you then," I said opening my menu to get ready to test my thing, "So... you seemed not to be really keen on doing anything in this game, just relaxing and taking breaks," I said. I took my glaive up and from the ground as the blunt part of my blade moved to the girl and before it made contact with her face, it disappeared into my inventory. "You don't trust me, do you now," I said smiling innocently. @Shin Kagami
  2. Azhoda

    [OP-F03] Blooming Trust

    I notice the girl behind the tree finally showed her face up as she did her best to hide behind it. Not the best way to do it but still. I held my glaive at the top and pointed it at her as I stood up, "Name!" I said to her holding my eyes on her. I was ignoring what both Nora and the new girl said because I already had experience with people who sneak around are not the best. "Name Now! Or a Duel!" I said again to her as out of the corner of my eyes I see The second boy leave right away. At this point, I had accepted Nora's party invite and looked at their level a bit as I was still holding my glaive pointed at the new silver-haired girl. Yeezy They are really low levels. I turned my look to Nora and Yukiro "If you two want to die, why to walk up to something that could be an obvious trap, I could have killed you both by now," I said sounding harsh and cold. Upon seeing how nervous the other girl. I lowered my glaive and placed it on my back again. Walking up to her and standing right in front of her. Without any warning, I gave her a quick hug, "Sorry, come and sit please," I said and yet again without warning I took her hand and made sure she sat on the rock next to Yukiro and Nora. "Well, I'll think I introduce myself again. Name is Shior if you want to be formal like you kids always seem to be when I'm in coat, the name is Kikenna. Otherwise, if you don't like any of those Its Azhoda." I said to them making a small bow to them as I stood. My body showed how confidence I was and how strong I was. But then A loud growl came from my stomach and my face turned into a face of tired and hunger in one, while I went and sat down holding my stomach a bit. @Yukiro @Nora @Andromeda
  3. Taking this fine Gift, 2x Vicious Dragon-Fang Potion (+3 Damage for a thread) 1x Rhino's Horn (the First crit ignores 40% of MIT not granted by block) 2x Sharp Dragon-Fang Potion (+2 Damage for a thread)
  4. Azhoda

    [PP-F01] Working together as one!

    Reading the book again I did not pay attention to anything at the moment, but as I was about to take a sip from my coffee again I notice a girl walk up to me. She spoke of my little lie I just minutes ago threw out. I did not see a reason to lie to her as I did to the players annoying me so I smiled a bit awkwardly. "Um... Well sorry if you overheard that, But that was a lie to get those useless people away. They would probably be no use to me as they seemed low level. Like really low." Now that I said this my brain started working in a domino effect, I had a lie and an idea of that lie and this girl was interested in that lie, "Maybe if You give me some time I set it up, or not. I already know more about making a guild then most people did," I said to her but before she could answer more people walked up and at that moment My communication skills shot off. ACK! they are tall, What um... Why do I get this attention I don't need it, I can stand for myself. "Ahh~! Um... Well... Um... Your all giants." I said even without noticing what I just said. I was just a little bit intimidated by their hight, not just one but both of them. ACK! WHAT ANOTHER ONE! I looked behind me to see another tall person, Hell you tall people multiply from nowhere! But then I notice the last guy Darn it Yukiro! "YUKIRO!" I shouted a bit, I got a bit flustered again as this is the second time He saw me in a bit of trouble. "Sorry... Sorry Sorry, I um Ok Shior get it back together nothing wrong here," I cleared my throat a bit and nodded as my face turned emotionless. "Name Shior Kikenna, Or Azhoda. Level 21, So no worry about those useless guys." I looked around and looked at the lady next to me "I don't know you," Then looked at the two players in front of me, "I don't know you, and I don't know you," And then back to Yukiro, " And I know this dumb ass Yukiro," I said looking at him pointing at him. "Yet again I'm Shior and if you want to be formal as you kids seem to like you can call me Kikenna, Or if you want to keep names out of it Azhoda is also good. Take a seat you're all invited to this meeting I just made up, No no's just sit down now," I said to them moving the stuff from the table I was sitting at and placed down a paper. And on the paper, I wrote Messengers of Retribution. @Cordelia @James_Hawke @Joanne @Yukiro
  5. I was walking around on floor one, getting ready with a few things, Slowly new guilds started to grow and I even got asked to be part of a guild. But if you truly knew me, then you would know that I don't like to be bosses around. I would have been my own boss, like my old job I was the head of engineering, So I never really had to deal with people ordering me around. If I could I want to make my own guild that does what I want and how I want it. But for now, that idea was just a small piece of my plan. Getting stronger was about becoming stronger and accepting challenges for old times. Today's challenge was easy and I already finished it. Walking on the streets of the town of beginners, it seemed that people were all just to keen to walk around me. No wonder if I was wearing the armor I had and the weapon as well. I walked up to a small cafe because I made a promise to eat more. Sitting down I ordered myself a coffee and a cake to get some food inside my stomach. Reading a book that was placed out for beginners about monster and field bosses I sipped my tea as I finished my cake. My silver shoulder pats were shining in the sun a bit and My glaive was leaning against my chair standing tall above my head. This was a good place to get food it seemed like some rest and quiet. At least I hoped. Before I knew it I heard a voice calls out to me, "Oi, Miss, you look strong want to join the Heroes of the Night, We are a strong guild seeking new members and we would love to have a girl with your power with us," One of the three guys in front of me said. I got warned by these sort guys before joining, once that seek to have a cheerleader with them all the time. I stared blankly at them and went on reading my book. It seemed they did not like that. "Hey... girl don't ignore our boss if he speaks to you, Join our guild we can really use you to the boss... I mean help us." I stared up from my book again and sighed, Standing up being not much taller than the middle guy, "No," I said to them. Oops, guess they didn't like that either, " OI! I said you join us or we will make sure you join us, do don't make it out in that world alone," they said to me. I held my hand to my chin thinking of something and nodded, "No... I have my own guild and I'm the guild leader of this group, the ... Messages of Retribution," I said to them seem to have at least some effect. And yep I was right They left in disappointment, Well I can say I lied but not in their faces of course. As soon as I sat down again I drank up my coffee and went back to my book. @Cordelia @Symphony @Yukiro
  6. Walking into the store called the Frozen Gemstone, I looked around a bit seeing a player half asleep at their counter with dark long hair. Walking in I started to look around for any item I could use for my time going out and getting items I needed. It would not take long before I found something. Taking the item and walking back to the player I help up the item and smiled "So this one, be? um... 700 col, that is a high price but okay here you go." I said giving the col and leaving again. -700 Col Obtained: Name: Dragons Claw Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 6 ID: 113889 Roll: 11 Item Type: Jewelry Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: +2 Loot Dice Description: A Ring in the form of a small claw made from silver and gold stripes and in the middle of the palm sits a green orb. Post Link: [Like Not Blank]
  7. Azhoda

    [PP-F01] A Daring promise {Koga}

    Looking at the menu I went on and tabbed the menu and a waiter came walking up asking what I and Koga wanted for food. "Ooh, can I have a sandwich with egg, cheese, steak, and jerky as well with a glass of water. What do you want Koga?" I said to him waiting for him to order as well. As the waiter took Koga's order as well he walked off and I got back to the conversation. Koga said something I heard quite a bit during my work and my whole life, "Aw, I um... Thanks, I guess. I don't know how to respond to that so sorry if I just hurt your feelings," I said to him with a weak smile. As he then asked why I wanted to go after the floor bosses, and I went down with my head a bit noticing what I have been saying. "Um... Oops, I'm sorry, I mean Field bosses, Like the Nepent on this floor and a wasp on the second floor. And the reason why. They give quite a boost in your EXP plus that you get items from them as well so I am out for that." I said to him taking a short break, "I already have a plan as I did all the quests on this floor, I'll go to floor two and defeat the Field boss there, a Wasp queen or something like that," I said to him waiting for the food now @Koga
  8. Azhoda

    [PP-F10] The New Hope

    Following Morgenstern into the restaurant, I looked around and smelled the air, "Ooh it smells good!" I said looking around for a good second before joining him in the booth sitting across from him as I took the menu looking into it. As soon as I got my idea of what I wanted a waiter came up and took my order "Um... can I have the house steak, with potato chips, spare rip and um... also some roasted egg." I said to the waiter as He left I looked up to Morgenstern, "Sorry... I'll pay for my own stuff," I said as the waiter came with my order I started to eat. If you thought you have seen a lady eat well your dreams just got ruined cuz I don't eat very nice at all as I was just eating like a beast. "So about... Gulp, him... well He came to my inn I was staying before, and after that, I have seen him there," I paused to eat some steak, "And well When I was going some low-level quests on floor 1 He helped me one time as a Boss monster spawned gulp out of nowhere," I said looking at my food again as I finished the steak as I got some sauce on my cheek as well, "So on floor 10 I well met Hazado, and well I seemed to irritate him a bit, so I left him, then He came back and Omniga jumped out and smiled, saying something like seems he still can't protect people at all, This will haunt him forever," I said to Morgenstern looking up from my spare rip and tilted my head, "You knew Haz, It seemed he knew you at least."
  9. Azhoda

    [PP-F01] A Daring promise {Koga}

    I looked at him a bit confused, "Soldier, Warriors. I don't see myself holding a gun as a job, Tho I know how to shoot, And I'm also not a warrior at all so... I blame them, I am neither of them and why would you waste your time then. I go out risking my life for a promise most would not even try to hold, It is just determination and If you don't have that then go waste your time for all I care. You don't become something if you do nothing and just sit in fear of failing." I said sounding cold and harsh tone almost like I really did not care about people, but I was just a bit Naive at best. Looking at Koga now I smiled innocent, "Well Koga, I wanted to get some food as I have had nothing since two days ago. And I can use some food for sure, so here we are," I said holding my hand out to a small restaurant on the side of the street. Taking Koga's arm and dragging him in with me without asking if he wanted to come with me. Taking seats sitting down on a chair and looking at the menu "Come on sit down Koga," I said looking up from the menu a bit. @Koga
  10. Azhoda

    [OP-F03] Blooming Trust

    I looked as It seemed they all started to introduce each other, Nora, Gambit and Yukiro. Nora and Yukiro seemed to know each other as he said nice to see you again. And Gambit seemed to be a healer for sure now. Nora would be the more nervous girl here while Yukiro was more open and helpful as well, while on the other hand Gambit seemed to be quite an upbeat and infected happiness booster. "Seems we all introducing each other, Why don't I go." Making a small bow while sitting still I smiled, "Name is Kikenna Shior Or Azhoda, but Shior is good too, I guess it's nice to meet you all as well" I said sounding happy a bit. I looked at Nora as she asked why she never saw me on floor one before I put my hand to my shin, "I was there last but not long, The floor is quite useless to me, all quest on that floor is done by me and I have nothing else to seek there for now." I said in a cold tone a bit "Plus the fact that I'm level 21 and nothing can hurt me there so EXP grinding is useless," I said to her. Turning to Gambit who seemed to love the idea of this as a young adult novel I tilted my head a bit, I never really read any of those novels and kept my nose into the books about robotics and engineering. Though he said something that did peek my interest, "If that was true, it would be rather stupid from this big bad even more so that it also would be their death wish to even touch me or any of you," I said in a cold and protecting way gripping my glaive in my hand a bit. Looking at Yukiro who question why his cursor changed a bit before introducing himself I stated something to him, "Yukiro right, If you attack someone, in what way your cursor will change color. If you kill someone your cursor stays that color. Over time your cursor will go back but I advise you to stay away from safe zones as guards will attack you. The system saw your panic punch as an attack, Lucky for you, you're not skilled in hand to hand combat or that would hurt him a bit more. Also If you find someone with an orange cursor with blond hair and katana, just don't panic He is a friend of mine and helped me not get PKed." I explained to him. @Nora @Gambit @Yukiro @Andromeda
  11. Azhoda

    [PP-F01] A Daring promise {Koga}

    Listening to him a bit I nodded as he spoke, Sure I can understand that but ... why, "Well I never have felt that fear, Only once have I felt fear but that was when I nearly got killed by a player." I said to him like it was no big deal at all. "I guess some people are just weak and scared," I said almost saying it like an insult to others. As we walked I looked at the time in the corner of my viewing screen. "Um my age, I was 24 when I started playing the game that would make me 26 now if time is right," I said to him not really caring about how to treat a lady If I could see myself as a lady like with all the engineering. "My boss would say that I have acted dumb again, Like always. But I'm not dumb, Not even near it at all. I would say my co-workers are dumb for wasting their time going home, and some players here on floor 1 is dumb as well for staying here too long." It sounded like I was getting around some small insults to people, but I was a bit naive for sure. It was clear that I may have been getting stuff out and about but well I take very bad care for myself as at that right moment that my stomach growled quite loud. At the same moment however My expression turned into one hell of an exhausted and tired face. @Koga
  12. Azhoda

    [PP-F10] The New Hope

    "Ooh... Okay, Then I guess we are going to do that. It does sound a bit like an interview, so I have no problem with that, I have done many of those," I said to him as they teleported to the seventh floor. It was quite interesting to see how this guy worked, Wondering if I could become strong like him I nodded to him just looking as plain as he did. "Okay, I guess that is how things work. If you want to," I said not really knowing where he wanted to go as I never and I mean never really went to floor 7 maybe only once just to level up. As I was thinking my stomach growled again, "hehe~, sorry, guess I really went a bit too far on my body. If I say, I'm really sorry for the trouble Morgenstern," I said sounding honest and truly sorry.
  13. Azhoda

    [PP-F01] A Daring promise {Koga}

    I was surprised as ever hearing him like this that he did not know there was this simple of a feature in the game, That made it really clear to me that he was really just getting ready to start doing things. "I won't be risking your life now, maybe a later day. Just so you know I won't let you go hunting with me until I get to know you, I have learned from my mistakes and Don't want another person dying because of me," I said to him sounding very serious and didn't even flints as I said this. It would almost seem like I didn't care someone died for me. "But we can talk, I have nothing to do, So Koga right," I said to him a friendly smile. I took a few steps and turned to him, "Follow me please, I want to be in a less crowded place, We can talk while walking," I said grabbing his arm and taking him with me without even asking if he wanted me to do so. I was holding his arm now as we walked to a place I wanted to be at, "So, Koga, If I may ask how old are you, you look quite young to me," I asked him letting go of his arm and walked a few steps in front of him walking backward still holding my glaive in my hand. "And also, You seem to be low level, why did you wait so long to start going out there and adventure to gain levels?" I said to him tilting my head a bit. @Koga
  14. Azhoda

    [OP-F03] Blooming Trust

    My body was still in recovery and I was way too exhausted but the sound of voices around me got me to wake up a bit. I opened my eyes seeing two girls and two guys, all probably younger than me. Looking around I took off my goggles putting them over my head. "Um... hehe~, this is awkward... well," I said getting upright a bit still sitting on the ground looking exhausted as hell. Looking at the people around me more, All seemed to be lower lever then me and less equip for battle then I did. leaning on my glaive a bit I nodded. "Please don't worry about me, I am good. To be honest better than a few minutes ago," I said as It seemed a few players where around me now one even seemed a bit worried. I did not know how to feel only to feel a bit useless now as if this happened at my job people just seemed to ignore me and I just woke up in a bed that was placed at my workplace. And if it happened here I never really got into trouble like this, "Yeeez... I'm sorry to be a trouble to you all, but I'm really okay. This happens a lot to me so no worry okay," I said opening my menu looking at my stats for a second forgetting yet again that others could see my menu as well. "If I may ask you all, You don't seem to be high levels. Can I ask what level are you all... cuz you seem to be all weak and well you don't seem to have any weapon at all," I said looking at the younger boy who healed someone just a second before. I was not really used to people being worried about me in the open. Most of the time they just said to keep me to my own projects. As I stared at people a bit as my stomach began to growl as well now and not so quite too. @Yukiro @Gambit @Nora @Andromeda
  15. Azhoda

    [PP-F01] A Daring promise {Koga}

    It's a bit sad to hear the guy be mad as he seemed lost as he told me this, but wait I can help him. I just forgot to tell him. But it was weird to hear not many higher level players came to this floor, why Not. It probably the best way to get connections and make yourself stronger. At least I was not the only one coming here. As he asked what I would do I literally just chugged my shoulders, "I don't know what you like. Just something probably how should I say it, I like to have fair trade," I said to him. But I was more surprised by the fact that he didn't need anything and tilted my head, "Okay, your lost I guess, But I was not planning to stick around here much longer. Just need someone to help me fight some floor bosses, I already did some research on them and know how to kill them fast. I can take them all as My damage output in near 100," I said to him standing up and grabbing my Glaive from my back and holding it in my left hand, "Name is Azhoda, but if you want to call me Shior, or you even want to be formal go ahead and say Kikenna, All is fine to me." I said to him holding out my hand to shack I opened my map I smiled and typed in what the guy said, then looked up and pointed into a direction, "The Lucky Armament is right there. you know you have a search function on the map while in settlements." I said to him showing my menu to him as well as the location of this shop and the way to it, "Because I don't want to stand in favor I'll just take you there, or not if you want to talk more." I said to him if he did not want to speak much longer. @Koga