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  1. It didn't seem to be hard at all, you just think of the item you want to craft and start slowly working on it, sure sometimes it goes better than expected and you get quite good results. But no matter what the option was You always were busy wasting materials So I needed those a lot. That means I needed to get to know the best places to get some of them. Maybe I could ask Koga for help one day so I can get some materials and see if I could get the armor fast. Walking my way to the door I seemed to get to the blacksmith or at least the place where you got this quest started. Taking a small breath I looked at the book and read it very quickly, it was simple and easy to read fast and I was ready to get this quest started maybe I should get my spear out for the best and get ready for anything. Putting away the book and opening my inventory I got out my spear and just to make sure I got ready for anything I needed to face off here. -Switching gear, Dragons Claw (T1 Jewelry | Rare | Loot Dice 2) for Gliding Glaive (T1 THAS | Perfect | DMG 2, ACC 1 ) -stats Change, Azhoda: 29 | HP 580/580 | EN 58/58 | DMG 9 | MIT 23 | REC 4 | EVA 3
  2. Well guess its time for me to get this going as well, I did some research on this but it seemed I'm stuck on being my own crafter as well. It will not be hard at all so I guess I could start getting used to crafting as well. As I walk to the location, to start this quest, I had a book in my hand as I walked. The book told about how crafting worked, it was quite interesting to read on and see that you could make anything just as it was in the limit of weapons or armor. Well, at least I knew what I wanted and needed to do getting to this blacksmith who teaches players how to forge and stuff. It will probably not be that hard at all. With my new armor, I looked a lot stronger on the first floor than any normal person. The slim gray undersuit with a leather padded jacket and a white shoulder cap. As well as a battle skirt with a small skirt and some normal pants. I walked over to what I thought to the location. Best to know what will happen, so reading up in this book while I walked was quite handy, I zigzagged between people even without hitting anyone. I seemed quite skilled at this and passed people without trouble.
  3. Okay now next retrace our steps, it would be easy right. My head was not full of combat from before and my map made in my mind was still clear for sure. So what was it again. Right, Left, Straight, Left, Straight, right, left, left, straight, hit the wall and go, right, left and straight. That should be it. I was sure of it. Following what my mind was set too I grabbed Koga's arm and took him behind him as I walked into the mace repeating to myself the map in my head. I got quiet as we walked passed familiar walls. Yep then here the dead-end and straight to the right. It took a bit but then BAM mist came up and it seemed just on time as the maze was just completed by us. "Yes!" I said low forgetting I dragged Koga on his arm. Finally noticing, I let go of him and turn to him as more mist came in. "Well from here I believe it just follows the map. From there we can just get into town and plan our next step, if you want you can ask me questions or come up with an idea of what to talk about I guess," I said taking the lead back to the settlement. @Koga
  4. Listening to Ariel I nodded and got her hint as she paused a bit, "Shion, Shion Kikenna," I said to her and now looked at the other girl as well as I did notice her as well now. Yeah a bit dense but that is me. It was clearly Ariel know quite a few things about fighting off the way she spoke. But once she told about telling the future of someone who just seemed determined and strong-willed took her advice rather than the can predict, because science already proved that those fortune-telling things are all just about reading a person and card tricks. But before I could say more It seemed this man, no wait it was Father Wuotan, the one who announced everything at the beginning, walked up and greeted us. I was a bit surprised to see this man walk around and interact with players before they interacted with him. A gift, hmm... well guess I can ask for something, maybe a good weapon, "I would like a simple thing, A weapon, just a perfect fit for me. Something to burn me right through all the quests," I said to him, he probably knew what I had in mind, a spear that is strong for me to use.
  5. Holding my spear in my right hand I walked ahead for a bit until Koga spoke, Where should he be. It was weird how the minotaurs did not spawn yet or how it was seemed to be very quiet. "Let me look something up," I said opening the menu and looking at something. My eyes went from sentence to sentence reading information up about this. Then I opened my map and looked at something, But before I was done looking up I saw the minotaurs storm Koga and with one Attack Koga killed it. My face, you should have seen it, No fear, no reaction, Nothing at all. I just stared at Koga and tilted my head a bit as trying to understand what just happened. I snapped my fingers closing the map, "Done, now to find that item," I said to Koga with a smile as I walked from behind passing him, As I passed him I gripped his arm and took him with me more into the hall until we came to an open door, probably where the minotaurs came from. "Alright so in we go, get the item and out, There are two of those things so if we run into one again we just poke it and it falls over," I said to him dragging him more into the door and into an open area where in the middle of the room stood a small pedestal. Letting go of his hand I walked over to him and a pop-up showed up, "Do you accept the Gift?" it asked and without hesitation, I clicked on yes. "I'll look at it once we are outside the labyrinth. Now just retrace our steps and we get out easy," I said sounding a bit hyper and joyful, fully just skipping over the fact that we one-shotted a so-called 'Field Boss'. @Koga
  6. A bit surprised but not at all at the same time, it was quite fast to be noticed. Altho I didn't even try to hide It was more of waiting for their conversation to end and then speak up for my own, At least that is what I learned to do when it comes to it. I did not pay the familiar any mind as they are just harmless as can be especially this one as it seems the owner of the familiar was just a starter a noob as the term goes. But everyone starts somewhere I guess. It seems the higher level player was signing to me to join at the hot cocoa stand as well, Why me in all places. But I guess I can talk to her there as well even if I already had my hot Cocoa already. Well, I looked down into my cub and well it was there but a bit cold now. Following them to the stand as I spoke into my head a bit, What would it be, how and what should I ask her I don't want to look like a stalker. Getting this in my head I walked up and stood next to Ariel. "Hello, I could not help but notice that you are a frontliner, one of the frontliners with the Two-Handed Assault Spear skill," My voice soft and calm, from one who cared about you almost. "And I wanted to ask a few things, Not about fortune or anything like those jokes. Just about your skills and well a bit of Idea on what to do best with combat," I said to her kind of ignoring the other person as well as she did not really seem interested. @Ariel - The Crowned Lion @Lethia
  7. One down two more to go, It was clearly a good crafter as the item looked quite good, "Thank you, sir, I do a good word for you around people I know," I said to Bahr making a small bow to him to thank him. The best you could do to a fellow crafter of the fine arts was to thank them for the great work they did at least that's what they did to me while I worked on the designs from my plane I was making. With one item done and set off my list I walked out and smiled again, "Maybe we meet again, See you!" I said to him closing the door behind me and leaving the place as I had placed a pouch of Col on the counter for him -2250 Col send to Bahr
  8. Well, this was something, This whole event was like a bigger and better Christmas, but every Christmas was bigger and better as I never celebrated Christmas. Looking around for a bit I notice that someone was advertising fortune-telling. Wait what was a thing in this game... Slowly walking closer I thought it was done by an NPC but on closer look, I saw that it was done by a player and another player was sitting with them. Ha who would believe in fortune-telling, it's all just about reading the person, If you were good at that you could play it off like you seen their fortune. Or on the other hand, you could just talk jibberish and people still believe you. Walking over just because it did get my attention from who was sitting and telling fortune was a frontliner, One of the stronger players I heard stories about. Looking at her now I got to think. Wait, isn't she one of the people who use Two-handed assault spears as well. This got me more interested for sure, Not many people walked around with an Assault spear and I was kind of in the mood to learn more about the weapon I use. With my equipment all still on I walked over to them and looked from a distance still in earshot so I could hear what they said. @Ariel - The Crowned Lion @Lethia
  9. I looked around for a second, it was weird to see something like this, two shops at the same place. quite handy for sure. Once the girl came back with the Jewel I smiled, "Thank you, and here is the money, as promised," I said giving her a pouch with Col inside it. "Shion, By the way. If you ever want to do a quest just say so, Any friend of Koga should be a strong one," I said to her and looking at the Jewel I placed it around my neck and smiled to her again, "You got quite the skill in this, I thank you again," I said to her waiting for Koga to finish his crafting as well. It was the start of my build finally getting somewhere, I'll show them all. -850 Col to Noctua + Snell, T1 Jewel, EVA, EVA EVA
  10. Right, then Left, straight... Left again, Um... Straight, right, left. Keep going for a bit more and let's hope we get there. Um now we got here Left, straight, hit the wall and go right here, Then we should be close to the other side of this maze. I got quiet as I was trying to remember the way in my head, It was clearly not hard but getting into and out of this maze without hitting a dead end was gonna be something. Sh*t First dead end... Alright, retrace my steps. So don't go right to go left on this wall and then right left and straight. Alright, I feel confident about this. As I walked with Koga behind me holding my spear, on the other hand, I kept quiet trying to keep the road in my head. then before I knew it I entered an open field with a sort building in the middle. "So this must be it, Inside is a item once we get that we may need to fight a Minotaurs as there are two guarding this place." Saying this I looked around for a second to see any sign of any enemies but not yet at least. "Alright, Let's go in and see if we can get that item and the minotaurs," I said to Koga with a burning passion in my eyes. @Koga
  11. Blacksmith, Blacksmith, Black-Smith... I thought as I was wandering around on the floor for a bit, I needed a weapon. A new one so I could use it in my current layout. at this moment I knew where to go with my build and with help from a friend I know how to use my weapon and with what items. Trying to find a blacksmith I found a dual shop both blacksmith and Artisan, NICE! I opened the door and closed it behind me stopping as I looked at the face of "Koga?" I said surprised to him, Well better him then someone else. "Well this makes things better, you know my fighting style so making a weapon for me should be easier." I said to him with a smile, "And while I am here I like to get some jewelry as well if I could," I said with a smile. "I'll pay you both once the items are done! I promise you that," I said to him and the other owner of this shop. Item Name: Polémou Ierís Profession: Blacksmith Rank: 6 Roll ID: [Leave Blank] Roll Result: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Two-Handed Assault spear Tier: Tier 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: DMG, DMG, DMG Description: A Naginata with a black blade and bronze markings of wings. While on the pole itself red tape with small fires. Post Link: [Leave Blank] Name: Snell Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 6 Item Type: Jewel Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: EVA, EVA, EVA Description: A blue crystal sounded by a metal flame in bronze coloring.
  12. Azhoda

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Alright Last bit of my energy right into this, once closed I should help some people again, they seem like they need it. With this in mind and the still one portal close to the group I nodded. "Alright one more and we can start helping Civilians if we need to," I said following the rest to the last portal as we came there. Holding hands here we go again, at least they are not sweaty at all so a bonus for me there. Grabbing the guys their hands without any sort of panic or really any feeling at all, apart from being very very very determined to close this portal. I held on to Calrex and Baldur's hands. Wow when was the last time I really did something like this, I feel a bit weird but in a good way. I did not really care if they were random people I just met, I must admit I did that to someone before just grabbing their hand and dragging them along with me. Even if I did not know. Then at that moment I closed my eyes and just went with it. A feeling inside my chest before the portal collapsed into itself and exploded into light with a good sound and a flash I stood there still holding Baldur's and Calrex's hand even if the portal was now destroyed. "Nicely done!!!" I said in a good mood still being oblivious to the fact that I was still holding their hands. "So we should see if we could help some civilians out there," I said before I noticed I was still holding their hand, "Oh Sorry," I said in a monotone Objective: Close Portal ID: 133427 BD: 2 Group Members: @Cordelia @Calrex @Baldur Cumulative BD: 10+10+7+2=29 Portal 3/3 Closed!!!
  13. Azhoda

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Well Cordelia seems to hate this, it was clear to me at least, but it seemed Baldur got of a laugh now or two, it even made me giggle a bit before he spoke to me about knowing Cordelia, "I have met her before, not to much talk but I have met her before, I knew she was around the same level or so. But I myself are more of a Naginata fan. Got the skill fully maxed out now," I said as it seemed like Calrex was getting on with the next portal. Standing by the next portal I looked and we were standing in the same formation, I was holding both Calrex and Baldur's hands. It was really weird, Baldur had a grip that was quite strong and while on the other hand Calrex his hands. WHAT THE HELL DOES HE USE, they are so soft for a guy's hand. On the other hand, my hands were also quite soft but who would notice. With a sigh and a nod, I closed my eyes for a second and before I knew it yet again the portal closed into itself and exploded into a light disappearing into nothing, "Done, I can do one more, I feel for some reason a bit drained," I walked passed Calrex and spoke softly to him "You got some soft hands," before focusing on the next portal. Objective: Close Portal ID: 133417 BD: 4 Group Members: @Cordelia @Calrex @Baldur Cumulative BD: 8+6+3+4= 21
  14. Azhoda

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Well, this was not gonna be weird, well... Sh*t it is gonna be weird. Okay, have to deal with it now, not focus on the holding hand part just on closing these things. Following Baldur and Cordelia to the portal. There was another guy already who Baldur called Calrex. Not paying much mind to it now as it seemed Baldur took my hand and Cordelia's. That means I had to take Calrex his hand, taking his hand I hoped for the best as the circle around this thing was not full. Then BAM the portal fell into itself and disappeared with a small explosion of light. YES, WE DID IT, I thought fast looking over to some other portals that needed to get closed as well. Following the rest, I joined them again. Objective: Close Portal ID: 133410 BD: 6 Group Members: Calrex, Baldur, Cordelia, Azhoda Cumulative BD:10+6+8+6 30
  15. This place seemed like the best option to gain some armor for my starts, I was not finally Tier two and needed to get some armor to show I was a Tier two as well. Hearing about this place made it a good choice for me to get myself some armor. Knowing where I wanted to go with my build I already made up my mind on what to get, "Good day, If I could and you would? Could I place an order, it's very simple, sorry if its a high request to make but this is what I want," I said to the owner of the store giving him a smile, "I'll pay once you got the order done, I keep in mind the price and put it away for a moment," I said to him.