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    [F17-PP] A Day off

    It seemed that the hostess wanted me and Lessa to follow her, Leaving the entrance behind us I followed her a bit sheepishly as I didn't really understand what was going to happen and to be frank I didn't really want to know but it feels like I owe someone if I didn't go. And now at least I got someone with me as well, meaning that I don't have to do this alone. The building was just as the outside, the architecture was really based on the old-time bathhouses from greek times or Rome, I don't remember at this time. Getting to the room where the hostess led us to, it seemed that the place was already prepared for us to use and even some snacks and other things were standing on the table. I turned to Lessa with a smile, but that smile turned to a pure on redhead of blushing as soon as I heard the NPC talk about undressing. "Uh... Ah!" I was going to say something but Lessa was before me and she just took the words out of my mouth. "Y-Yes... Robes!" I said fast looking at the robes prepared for us. I hesitated at first a bit as I walked over to the robes and looked at it as my menu was hovering over it. But I took a sigh and as soon as I did so my armour was replaced by the robe. Still with my back turned to Lessa, she could see that my body had a sort hourglass type body, as well as my arms and legs seemed to have still quite some muscles as well. My hair came loose and was hanging passed my shoulders. "I'm Not really used to this," I said fast. The red locks of my hair seemed to be well cared for as well as my skin itself seemed to be from a distance quite soft itself. I turned around to face Lessa still a bit of blushing as I did, My sea blue eyes stared a bit at her before I spoke up, "Thank you for coming. I probably would not have been here if I was on my own. And I guess, I do need some time to relax after all ... I ask too much from my body I guess." I said holding my arm up and stretching a bit holding my shoulder with my other hand. @Lessa
  2. Walking up to the door I pushed it open and once I did I notice that this place must have been some sort of storage as well as that it was also empty apart from one shelf. Walking closer to it I pick up the item from the shelf and inspect it. Of course, it was an item for blacksmithing as it was a small piece of gold and I placed it into my inventory. Sooner or later I got at that right moment an update from my quest saying that I need to return to the quest giver and get myself there fast. I walked outside of the blacksmith and straight to the gate of this place, looking back one more time before going back to the exit of this cave. My thought drifted off o something about this place and I was thinking about getting back here and start finding out about this place a bit more. But on the other hand, I wanted to have some rest, as well as my stomach, was still not happy with myself as well. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138829 | LD: 17+2=19 | 1 Tier 1 Material 5/5 Materials | Quest Updated
  3. Going inside the blacksmith I notice a few stone-like furniture as well as some old dust and wood items. Meaning my thoughts from before could be wrong as wood is not easily gathered underground at all. It made me think of something else. Out there, there as this game that had something close to this, there where people underground hiding and minding their own business. Until one day they disappeared into thin air leaving behind everything they once had. It seemed to be a bit long search but still, it seemed fun to think about this as well. I walked in a bit more and looked around moving some things around and looking under the stones. It was clear something or someone left this place without being spares on what to leave behind as really nothing was in here. I sighed and turned around and looked outside of the blacksmith before noticing that there was still a door inside here. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138828 | LD: 3+2=5 | Failed 4/5 materials
  4. As soon as my roundabout was done I walked up to the structure and looked on the ground near its walls and near what looked to be some sort of baker. Inspecting it a bit closer I notice that it was just not any baker or oven, it was a forge and a really old one as Stalagmites have started to grow on it a bit as well. It was still something important, meaning this building was a blacksmith and I started to look around the forge with the just amount of Luck I needed as I spotted an item just laying there in the forge itself. Picking it up I got a notification about it and I seemed to get an update to my quest as well, meaning just one more Item to go and I got this quest done and ready to go back out of here. Turning around I looked once more last time around the forge and nodded finding nothing more, it seemed that I needed to go and check the inside to find more or I would be at a lost here if I did not. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138827 | LD: 13+2=15 | 1 Tier 1 Materials 4/5 Materials
  5. Inspecting the body more I notice that is was dead or at least not active at all sitting dormant state for a long time. I knocked on it and as soon as I did I heard the knock I did around as an Echo as well. But it got quiet after that as soon as I looked at it. It was clear this was here for a long time and it seemed that not many players have met their eyes upon this at all. Waiting for a bit I got away from the stone guardian and walked over to the fountain and stared into it. There was still a bit of water inside it but the rest of the structure was either overgrown by the stalagmites or destroyed. Letting out a sigh I walked over to one of the buildings that were not blocked of or destroyed at this point. With a smile, I looked at the outside of this building and walked around it to make sure I didn't miss anything I did not want to miss Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138826 | LD: 1+2=3 | Failed 3/5 Materials
  6. The Ideas started to run into my head as the body laid there. Maybe this was once a place of people and the stone guardians where the guards of this place. And If I remember the third lesson good You needed to get an item from inside this cave, as soon as you picked it up a stone guardian jumped out. Maybe back then that guardian was just protecting what it was told to protect. The item you give to some artisan in the city of beginners. My brain started to think about many and even more ideas on what really could have happened here, like this one. Before everything people in this cave where used to the dark and had Stone guardians to protect themself. After many years people from outside came across this place and wanted to take it or something. I don't know I'm not a storyteller, but it sounded fun. Action: Gathering Materials ID:138825 | LD: 8+2=10 | Failed 3/5 Materials
  7. Walking closer to what I thought to be a cave I notice that my eyes where not playing jokes on me. This 'gate' was made out of stone and it seemed it has laid dormant for a really long time as It was open and I could just walk past it without much trouble. Getting inside it seemed like it was quite a bit brighter inside, noticing that there was a hole at the top of the room where the light came into. I placed my light source away and I opened my menu to take a fast picture of the view from out from the gate. The view itself was one of the ages and right in front of me, there was a fountain with stalagmites growing from it as well as all the building having either two or more stalagmites attached to them. What was this place and how is this place even around here? Looking around for a bit I notice a statue, no not a statue more like a stone body. It was so familiar to me as what it was but still, it seemed weird. getting closer to it I took a better look at it and notice that is was a stone guardian, one of the things you had to fight in the third lesson. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138824 | LD: 7+2=9 | Failed 3/5 Materials
  8. I let out a sigh as I walk around in the new to explore hallway for me. It was dark and the hallway of the cave was narrower than the other paths in this cave. But it was clear that with some time and patient it would be rewarding for sure. It just takes a bit of time over the time it normally takes. Still, it didn't hell me much or any at all that it kept getting narrower and narrower in this cave, what if a boss or either a stong monster popped out and attacked me. I can't swing my weapon around here its way to long and that would mean I just have to do basic thrust attacks. But soon as the thought about this came to me the cave started to go back to normal getting bigger and bigger. Opening the map I looked at it for a minute and it seemed that a big and open room was up ahead. It seemed like something was build inside this cave but I was not sure what or if it was something. Getting closer and closer I looked around and for a minute I thought I saw something like a gate pop out from the walls. Or at least it looked like one. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138823 | LD: 5+2=7 | Failed 3/5 Materials
  9. Now walking over the exit of this opening I have seen to notice one of the smaller stalagmites has something close to it. As I get closer and kneel down to reach out to it I seemed to pick it up and inspect it. Of course, the last item around here is just another material. Meaning that the last Item I got here is are just two more. Standing up from the floor the quest updated and notified that I still needed just two more materials as well. Not like I knew that already or something but still nice to get an update now and then. I closed down my map to make sure I didn't walk into a wall or something or even stumble over and fall to the ground. It was still dark here and the cave seemed bigger than normal. It was rare to even get around here but knowing that the third lesson I think is also in this cave system makes it clear that floor one is just a bit more than just hills and forests. And I enjoy that, it gives a vibe of more and open items like the real world as well. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138822 | LD: 16+2=18 | 1 Tier 1 Materials 3/5 Materials
  10. "Alright Shion, Let's do this!!!" this ... This ... This ... This ... ugh God still not really used to that Echo around here. But still, it was no time to hang around and do nothing, sure this was something of nature and knowing that they are there is always a fine benefit for sure. Walking over to the other side of the cave... or was this the side I came from. Opening my map I notice that I have been walking around and got back to the entrance of this opening, to be honest, it is kind of hard to find you way around this place if its dark like this. Looking at my map and holding a light source, on the other hand, I walked to the other side of the opening and as the map updated I walked right to the other side passed some more stalagmites. Looking around a bit to see if I maybe have missed something, maybe I was a bit lacklustre but I still knew that if I did my best I would maybe find some extra materials around here making my job quite a bit easier. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138821 | LD: 5+2=7 | Failed 2/5 Materials
  11. Getting up from my knees again I looked around the stalagmites and slowly walked around them to see if my luck could help me a bit more here, but it seemed the stalagmites revealed all their hidden treasure to me, being one stone with metals inside them. But it was now not the time to give up and I got out my menu and smiled knowing all too well what I was going to do. With one quick more I smashed a stone against my light item and a flash came off as it went full-on bright and letting out a light. There was the moment, A small *click* sound came from my menu and once that was done I opened my menu to a tap called images. there it was the photo made from the Stalagmites and stalactites. I smiled at the picture and put away my menu again before looking around at the rock formation again. It was quite a different look from just normal, they looked so real and yet they weren't real at all. Still, this is something you don't find many times out on a walk so it was best to remember the times of things found around on the floors. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138820 | LD: 10+2=12 | Failed 2/5 Materials
  12. Walking more into the middle the stalactites and stalagmites were better to see with the lights shining on them. Looking around at them I was clearly impressed by them as I never saw them myself and only heard or read up about them. It was quite something for sure and I slowly touched one of the stalagmites that went from the ground up to the ceiling of the cave. Of course, it was wet as I touched it because by dripping water a stalagmite is created slowly over time. Yet knowing that this world didn't live as long as ours in the real world it was a bit less impressive but it was still an experience. Looking around them a bit I notice thanks to the light a flash of something shining. Getting closer to shine I kneeled down to inspect it. Once close I noticed that is was an item as well. Slowly picking it up I shacked it a bit to get the water of the rock and notice that it was an ore with some metals inside it. Soon as I placed it into my inventory my quest updated and I just needed three more items to gain a foothold on the quest. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138819 | L: 19+2=21 | 1 Tier 1 Materials 2/5 Materials
  13. Walking for a bit more I came into a clear open area of the cave as my footsteps began to echo more and more as I walked into this hallway of the cave. Step ... By Step ... By step ... by Step ... by Step, Started to echo into the surroundings. It was clearly big and open, and every time I took a step further into the cave my footsteps echoed more and more. It was, apart from my own breathing and footsteps, quiet around here. It had its own ambience around here, completely different from floor 10 or outside in floor 1, Even though this was floor 1, it felt more like a different floor altogether. As for any luck with the materials gathering mission, I had, well, to say the least, I was not getting any better. Maybe a other group was ahead of me and took all that there was to gather around here. But on the other side, I also had to deal with the darkness and nearly seeing nothing at all. Both Stalagmites and stalactites were in this open place and earing a few water drops fall was not the worst in a replacement of this quest. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138818 | LD: 9+2=11 | Failed 1/5 Materials
  14. With that last thought, I made my way deeper into the cave turning a corner as the light from outside was not gone. Now only the light from the item I was holding was shining and beyond that it was black. Lucky for me I was not scared of the dark or night, Knowing that everything inside this cave was either weak or just plain on stupid and didn't attack me. So I was safe for sure. But still walking in the dark and the only light source around was the item I had in my hand meaning I would go blind if I had to fight. but I was really not worried at all and made my way around this place quite easily and without any trouble at all. Still, it was dark and I could not help to notice that it got harder and harder to gather materials at all. Slowly and carefully I made my way around the cave step by step walking to someplace I could get some better luck with materials. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138817 | LD: 1+2=3 | Failed 1/5 Materials
  15. That was the first of the bunch, now four more to go and then some crafting as well. Seeing as it was a good start in this cave I made my way deeper into the cave looking around left and right keeping my eyes out for maybe any sort of enemy that wanted to make my day worse. But with the light from outside still behind me and this not being an official dungeon, it was clear there was no black screen for loading in the cave. Time went on as I looked around and I felt like I missed something but I was not having any luck as I walked around in the cave for a bit with the outside light still behind me. It was hard to see as well as the basis of the light behind me and the light coming from the item I was holding it was kind of pitch-black around me. But slowly I was gathering my baring and nodded knowing deeper was the only way of going. Action: Gathering Materials ID: 138816 | LD: 2+2=4 | Failed 1/5 materials