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  1. Shion listens to what Ben had to tell, so no real boss fights or anything and outside that he also was mainly focused on crafting so that would explain a bit why he didn't see to have much equipment on him. But it was a good test for Shion as well to test her new skill as well if Ben got hurt. Knowing this Shion opened her menu for a bit and looked at her skill for a bit, 'First Aid' is was a good skill for her type of playing style. Paladin as her friend called it. But her train of thoughts was cut short as Ben mentioned the shop up ahead. "Ah yes, So we just take a seat inside and get something inside out stomachs. It does help to fight on a full stomach give you all kinds of boost. But not in-game even tho there are some items that do, but I believe the rest of the food just gives a visual boost to your body," She said holding her hand to her chin and thinking a bit. As soon as the got to the shop Shion looked at Ben and opened the door for him so he could walk in, once inside Shion looked around for a bit and nodded walking up to some NPC. "Table for two, and please some quiet place with a good view," She said to the NPC before she took Ben's arm and followed the NPC to their table. Once at their table she lets go of Ben's arm and looks at the chairs taking a place of her own, "Come sit, so we can get some food soon," She said cold and monotone, like she spoke the whole time, as a small slight smile was finally visible on her face. @Benjamin Bookworm
  2. Shion was not paying much attention to Ben's face as he spoke, however, she did notice that she stopped for a bit and she slowed down a bit. Looking back as Ben came up to her again, she didn't really notice his actions and just brushed them off. She didn't know the guy to either care or just have time for what he was having. Right now Shion was focused on food and getting to this quest as fast as possible... and maybe get a strong ally in the shop industry as Shion was lacking some contacts there. "So how long have you been handling a shop if I may ask. As well a second question, I many times did you see or take part in actually boss like fights. Like, say ... the event bosses or something," Shion asked seeing to understand if she just needed to go on full guard or slow it down and just go in with Ben together. To understand your ally or partner you are working with is key to something like this especially this quest line as the dragons are no joke around. She already saw people taking on this questline and coming back like they been into hell and just got back. So knowing what you up against and who fight along your side is very important for at least Shion it take in as a factor. logocal thinking Shion would not even take Ben to this quest but sometimes you have to make exeptions the least she could do it make sure it is dead in one shot. @Benjamin Bookworm
  3. It didn't take long more and Shion already saw the safe zone pop into her view, as soon as she touched normal road again the snow stopped and the sun broke past the clouds. it was quite an interesting view to see behind the clouds the sun raised and Shion walking right towards it heading into the safe zone. Sure this didn't take long so that meant that she could just go straight up to the next floor and get herself done with a land shark that was around there. It was still interesting how a Snow floor was beneath a desert floor. Both would have given off quite a great look so far for the times that Shion has been there, and looking at it now those are not the only places she would want to explore a bit just to look around. Maybe one day Shion would lay down the spear for a bit and start exploring and see what to do but right now she needs to focus on getting stronger
  4. She walked looking at the message for a bit, how and why did Shion not know more about her friend, she has seen him so many times and he even got her the game so they could 'relax' a bit getting their, or at least her workaholic behaviour away from her for a bit. She was a bit sad but she yet again hit herself on the cheeks and looked up at the sky where snow was still falling down towards her. "Nope time to be sad! You cant! you have done a lot of things already maybe you can even fight of this moment and find out what happened," She said to herself trying to boost her own emotions up and get something off as well. Shion wanted to focus on being better at a lot of things and she needed to do so to see if she could win this game on her own or does she need people to help her.
  5. As she walked Shion in the snow, the wind started blowing more and moved her air around a bit. Part of her hair seems to catch some snowflakes and she looked back where she just killed the monster. She was happy a little bit that nobody risked their lives just to help her. She was not planning to do that anytime soon as she was not gonna risk anyone. She was minding her own business before she got herself a message from someone, she looked up for a second and then looked at the message. From Yuuma To Azhoda Hey Shion, Quick update, I have asked around for a little time and found out that this discription fits everyoner. Like no joke, I have at least three people who look like this, I may need something esle to find this person for you. Sorry Dears Yuuma Looking at it she kind of felt down, "Guess he is right I may need to find some good prove of people who act like him. Guess I have to halt that search for now," She said low to herself as she kept walking looking at hte message, it was clear that she didn't get to look for her friend for a long time as she really didn't have much more information on him as it stands now
  6. It was a bit said yes but Shion didn't have time to be sad at all she tried to look ahead and think about the changes that still could be. A lot of players out here are still alive and she knew that what she was doing was for the best of people, sure death was part of this game but knowing that people would be saved if she kept fighting gave her hope. Even if a lot of people would like her to just keep save she didn't see that to be an option. The logic behind her plan was to keep people out her way even if it meant hurting them, apart from that is would be quite interesting if people became friends. Even if Koga broke into her shell, she would not want anyone to work close with her. She was scared of getting more people killed, she already did and she also felt like she failed Koga as well.
  7. Shion looked around and took a bit in, as she stood there the snowstorm around her began to slow down and just a small amount of snow started to fall down slowly. With that is was clear to her that she just killed the boss on her own. With the weather clearing up more now Shion looked at the lake, there was quite a big area that was here and all of this ice, it all meant that beneath this ice would be water. She smiled a bit looking at it, this would have been quite a place to hang out with more people. But ... yea but sadly she didn't have any idea if anyone would even come with her. She has pushed away people as much as she could and she is not planning to drag anyone into it as well. In her eyes it seemed like people always ended up getting killed
  8. As the snow got thicker and thicker and Shion had to cover her eyes a bit as she was walking. Looking around was hard and everything looked like it was a monster, from the smallest hills of snow to some small ice pike. Walking for a bit more Shion began to fell the snow beneath her feet become slippery and she kneeled down to feel the snow. Brushing it away she noticed that there was ice, the frozen lake perhaps. Not a moment later and in the distance a shadow walked at his with gaining speed. Jumping out of the way she noticed that this shadow was the avalanche she had to fight. She smiled and took out her spear and with a fast movement on her part charged at it with full speed, One stab connected two and three before Shion slammed her spear down on the monster. Just before it could do anything it was already on its knees and it disappeared into the snowstorm becoming one with it. ID: 168951 | Dimension Stampede Used Against Avalanche BD: 6+1=7 | HIT | 10*15= 150 DMG | CD 9 | + 4 EN | MD: 4 | MISS | Azhoda: HP 700/700 | EN 70/57 (-17, +4) | dmg 10 | MIT 72 | ACC 1 | REC 2 | HM 2 Avalanche: HP 100/0 (-150) | DMG 40
  9. Walking for a bit Shion started to see worse as the snow got a bit heavier and her vision became blurry. But that all meant that she was getting closer to the boss and meaning that she would be out of here quite quick as well. If Shion would beat it nobody else had to do it, or at least someone who didn't need to fight a much worse enemy then this. Sure it would respawn again but It also meant that Shion got closer to making sure others did not get closer to the front lines as well. Looking into the info she gained from her friend was easy to understand about 100 HP and his damage was low enough for her own MIT to feel like nothing. Maybe Shion was a bit of a reckless fighter but at least she knew of what she was capable and didn't feel like she would be holding people back.
  10. Shion had to keep her head up she was and always has lost someone, first joining this game she lost the people who she joined up with because it seemed logical. But thanks to some errors on her part as well as other members thinking they could do anything ended up killing 50% of the groups she was with. And Now this, Koga was meant to meet up but he never showed up at all, messages didn't get any reaction for days and even Yuuma didn't find anyone. And now thinking about it, her friend she had in her real-life could be in this game as well. It was all to risky and Shion knew that if she became stronger and helped to beat the bosses, it would mean nobody else was gonna be in danger at all. "Come on Shion, head into the game, the boss is not far away anymore, and you can easily beat this one on your own, it is not gonna be hard at all," She said hitting her own cheeks as she walked into a small snowstorm.
  11. with the message send to Yuuma, the info broker he is, it would probably okay to trust in him he may or may not find him. Even if I didn't know if he made it into the game at all I was sure Yuuma could find the guy. But now there were some other matters at hand, finding this ice sculpture of a monster. It would not be that hard I guess, but I never really knew if this monster is gonna be hard or not. Yuuma was probably one of the few people that I still trusted at this point, sure I met some great people but they all were just some one time go people who helped me in battle. I can't risk anyone dying on my watch ever again. Knowing where and what to do now I started walking to where the boss would be at and made sure I was ready for is, "Alright, You may not be here anymore Koga but the least I can do is fight for your name, I... I'm not losing another person ever again!" I said slowly to myself as I walked. It may be not clear to a lot but I did feel for people around me, and those who gained my trust like Koga meant a lot to me. He showed someone like him can break threw a thick-headed idiot like me. Hear me now, Calling myself an idiot because I lost someone again. No... I can't sit by and be sad, I have to fight I MUST.
  12. It seemed like a nice invite to go and get some food with the person Shion soon would hunt down some dragons. So why not it looked to be a good deal, plus it has been months since she was not eating alone. And if she was eating alone she mostly was eating instant noodles so she didn't need to wait long for her food to get to her. Hearing that Ben knew a place made Shion relax a bit more meaning she didn't need to look aimlessly look around. "That is very much appreciated Ben, I am in need of some food." She said before looking up at the sun and covering her eyes as the lights shined right into her helmet. "Yeez it is warm with this armour, sorry you wouldn't mind if I took it off right," She said looking at Ben for a second. But Before getting any reaction from him she already opened her menu and went to her inventory selecting her armour and changing up her armour. Her full darkend armour and closed of helmet disappeared and took the appearance of a gold chest plating and shoulder plates, with a red and white cloth around the arms and legs. As soon as her helmet fell away, her red hair appeared and fell down past her shoulders with two small wing clips on the side of her head. From her appearance from before to now, she looked like a young strong and capible woman with elegent body shape as well as sky blue eyes. "Alright much better, at least some armour that can breath normally." She said coldly as she grabbed her arm and without knowing herself she flexed a bit and stretched out. She didn't look at Ben who was clearly younger then her, almost 10 years or so. @Benjamin Bookworm
  13. Azhoda

    The Armor makes all [PP-20]

    It was getting warmer in this armour and Shion was not up for much more combat, she always questioned why people took so much armour to protect themself. She took off her helmet and her brown-reddish hair fell down her shoulder. She took a few deep breaths before looking around and confirming by herself that she was alone. There and then she took off her armour and her older but still heavy armour shines. With the golden trims and her long red hair fell right on her mark. Right now she was a marker inside this whole forest standing out as best as she could. "Aah, much better... hmm what was that," She said looking around a bit. While combat stopped for the time, it took not long before Shion heard the sound of other battle being held not all too far away from here. But is sounded almost like a one-sided battle as a Player was not heard at all. Talking her time as Shion's energy still was empty for the most part, she walked toward the sound carefully. Once there Shion leaned against a tree and took a breath before walking into a few of the player making sure she did not take her by surprise. "Yuki?" she said surprisingly looking at the girl who was more than capable of tanking the enemies that attacked her. Shion was taken by surprise to see the tank she met a long time ago gained so much power and level up to where she is at now. Completely new armour and No damage at all. Nearly invincible for the monsters of this floor. @Zajcica
  14. It seems with a bit of hesitation and thinking the guy seemed okay to accept the invite from her, It would be beneficial for both of them as A. Shion has not done this questline, B. it would mean that this guy got to see some of the combat out there. Hearing his name and a quick invite to the party Shion accepted it and nodded. Her name popped up next to him revealing her in-game name and her level being 40, almost double Ben's level. "Well Ben, Know any more information about this quest, I do know that the dragons we have to fight are strong and on every floor, and you need to beat them in order, apart from..." She was cut short has her belly started to rumble quite loudly. Shion's posture fell down right away and she seemed less energized than before. "Ahh... Aahh... before w-we go, for some food" she said from under her helmet. Shion was looking around for a bit before speaking up again "Sorry, But I have to get some food, that was my official plan for getting down all the way here, I live on Floor 24 you see and most food there is all the same so I want to try something different, and a lot of places here offer a big range of food al over." She said to Ben looking around for somewhere to eat and get her stomach refreshed. @Benjamin Bookworm
  15. Listening to what the guy had to say it was clear that he wanted to do something but couldn't. Even if Shion was bad at reading people she could clearly see that this guy wanted to do a quest. Once he spoke about his shop Shion tilted her head a bit, and nodded, "So you someone who focuses on being a merchant, Who sells potions and stuff, Sadly for you that is not the reason why I'm here." She said seeming a bit less cold and was trying to find out what the guy was planning. Without thinking, Shion leaned forward passed him looking at the board for a second. She looked at the quest that the guy wanted to take. "Dragon Hunter Anthology," she mumbled. Taking a few steps back and looked him up and down, "you're in luck I guess, Name is Kikenna, Shion Kikenna. But call me Shion. Looking at the quest it seems that it is one of the few quests I have not done. So you up for a challenge ... Sorry never caught your name," She said to the guy extending him a hand. To see or not if the guy would accept the hand was yet to see. If he did Shion knew that the kid was not just gonna sit by and if he didn't Shion would right away take her offer of helping him, plus it was to see as well if he had a strong grip. @Benjamin Bookworm