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  1. “Fine, fine, we’ll take a break, from now on, Weekends are our days off,” Rei relented and gave in, concluding on what he thought to be a fairly reasonable schedule, one that they were well aware of as being similar to what it was like back at school, there was short silence as this connection was made between them all, sharing a small smile, they nodded, “Yeah… that sounds reasonable…” Kenji nodded and murmured softly, “I guess some rest is necessary if we want to be in top form,” Yuta agreed and relented as well, more than anyone else he wanted to get stronger but if the others won’t come with him willingly, then not only will it be less fun, it would also be risky, “Just the two?” Takuma sighed deeply, it seemed that he wasn’t satisfied at all leading the others to be at a loss but he also relented, “I guess that’s good enough…” ID# 136214 LD: 4 100 Col, 2 T1 Mats, 2 x uncommon consumables
  2. “I mean, if you say it like that…” Rei scratched the back of his head whilst glancing to the side, rethinking what they’ve done so far, “… I suppose we’ve been a little overzealous since we finally decided to start doing things and we haven’t really gotten a break ever since,” “At first it was just from one life threatening situation to another, but now, we are in a good situation,” Yuta nodded in agreement, since they got their equipment, they were doing fine, they were not cripplingly weak and were capable enough to handle things to a certain degree now, at first, they ploughed through the quests and missions because of their driven desire to not returning to the stagnating hell that was fearing death and waiting to be saved. They worried that if they stopped or lost their drive, then like a rocket without enough fuel to break atmosphere, they would simple crash down and be back to square one. ID# 136213 LD: 18 = Treasure Found
  3. “Ah well, don’t give us that face, we can head back and relax for the rest of the evening now,” Rei gave him a small understanding smile, he would love to be lazy but quite frankly, combat was exhilarating and it always had been his fantasy to be whisked away to another world of swords and magic, granted, this one only had swords. “Yeah, but tomorrow you’re just going to kick down my door and drag me out again,” Takuma slumped over heaving a tone of despair and resignation, as a man that didn’t sleep until early morning of the next day and would be lucky to wake up by early afternoon, having to wake up in the morning was nothing short of torture for the poor guy. “Maybe we should take a break, we haven’t had one since we started,” Kenji suggested timidly, his small smile wavering uncertainly leaving Rei to glance at Yuta and back at everyone else,
  4. The notification informed them that the quest had been complete and the group looked over around at each other with a small smile, “Looks like that’s that,” Rei grinned as he hefted his katana over his shoulder, satisfied and relieved that he didn’t make a fool out of himself in that last moment, “One quest down, two more to go on this floor,” Yuta nodded in all seriousness, he sounded matter of fact, but the glint in his eyes was shining with excitement, two more quests and they would be done with this floor as well and move onto the next, his enthusiasm was palpable between them and it was exactly that which made Takuma heave a deep sigh, “Oh good…” his tone was thick with sarcasm, seeing the two battle maniacs thrive happily on the chance of getting stronger and fighting stronger enemies on higher floors and exploring new locations was the kind of energy sapping adventurer mindset that he didn’t have the motivation for.
  5. It wasn’t hard for the others to understand what he was planning and so they quickly gathered behind him, there was no real way to understand what aggro is like between them right now in that fight, so the best way was to just get everyone over so the Queen would have to come to him regardless, Gripping the handle of his katana with both hands, Rei glared down at the Queen, it’s not like he couldn’t afford to miss, but it would be greatly annoying if he did, with that in mind, he let out a breath and waited. Before long, the Queen swooped down as expected and the moment it was in range Rei parried the stinger, dodging was not an option with everyone behind him, the motion was smooth, with his blade held in front of him between him and the Queen, he just had to push to the side to deflect the stinger before running the blade across the Queen, bisecting the monster. The body flew past him separated into two halves before becoming a white silhouette and shattering into pieces.
  6. Rei took the time to grasp the Queen’s timing, how long before the tell and the attack, how long it would take to reach them, what the best timing to side-step and counter was. After ten more clashes between the group and the Queen, he finally made the decision to end it, this creature was far weaker than them, apart from it’s speed, it was a rather unimpressive enemy, so far not a single person had received damage, Kenji protected himself with his shield and Takuma was getting to the point he was actively trying to get the Queen to hit his barbed shield which would inflict thorn damage against it, Yuta was nimbly avoiding it’s attacks and dealing a single hit at a time, whittling it down. Rei finished the encounter by tracing a circle through the air, creating a illusionary moon with the trail of blue light and glowing water, he was ready to strike, “Everyone! Get over here! I’m finishing it off!” he shouted his plan, ID# 136212 BD: 3 +3 = Hit [Gen Getsu] MD: 3 = Miss Damage Dealt = 8 x 6 = 48 Damage Received = 20 - 17 [Mit] - 10 [Regen] = 0 Rei - HP: 420/420| EN: 39 (+1-3) /42| 8 DMG | 17 MIT | 0 EVA| 3 ACC| 1 BLD| 2 REGEN Wind Wasp Queen - HP: 42/50| 20 DMG
  7. Everyone quickly re-summoned their weapons, the items materialising in a small flash of light and numerous cubes of data transforming into a physical object in their hands, weapons raised and guards up, they regarded the Queen with a little ounce of worry, this would be one of the few times a monster had the jump on them but even so, this creature would be easy to dispatch of. The Queen struck at them several more times in quick succession, it’s combat style reminded them of the Emerald Hatchling, using it’s black blade like a kind of spear, it would use it’s superior speed and mobility to lunge towards them, the only thing was that this Queen was definitely slower than the dragon, but the prospect of facing that black gleaming blade headed to impale them was much more averse than the dragon’s little headbutt. As the Queen dived a few more times, it receiving a few small scratches from the group. ID# 136211 BD: 3 +3 = Hit MD: 5 = Miss Damage Dealt = 8 Damage Received = 20 - 17 [Mit] - 10 [Regen] = 0 Rei - HP: 420/420| EN: 41 (-1) /42| 8 DMG | 17 MIT | 0 EVA| 3 ACC| 1 BLD| 2 REGEN Wind Wasp Queen - HP: 42/50| 20 DMG
  8. The black and yellow colour scheme was more pronounced and exotic, the black gave a dull purple sheen and the yellow was more akin to gold, even going so far as to make the chitin plating look like actual exotic armour on the creature. In this battle, the Queen got the first strike, lunging forward from the skies as if dive bombing them, it levelled the black blade on it’s abdomen directly towards Kenji at the far back of the group, only his skittish reflexes and the weeks of constant questing allowed him to bring his shield up fast enough to deflect the blow with a loud jarring clang, unprepared for the attack, Kenji was thrown backwards and crashed into the ground as the Queen leaving a feel sparks behind simply zoomed past the group overhead, now attracting their full attention. “The Queen! That’s it!” Yuta cried out, comparing it to an image within his HUD,
  9. Which, as far as he remembered, they were nothing particularly significant… As the four of them mused over the possible reasons and solutions, in the end, they had no choice but to move onwards and search for a new Wind Wasp hunting location, they shared a small tired look and heaved a sigh before dematerialising their weapons and began to head off, That was, until a large shadow loomed over them, it could’ve been a cloud but the weather was already entirely overcast, making this phenomenon seem rather strange, but many of them didn’t bother to make the connection, only Kenji who was naturally jumpy and absent minded looked up at the sky to see what it was, when he turned his eyes up, they quickly widened in shock and fear. The Wind Wasp Queen, if the earlier Wind Wasps were the size of a watermelon, then the queen was like a person or a car,
  10. “It should spawn right near us…” Yuta frowned as he gave a mumbling answer, rubbing his cheek and scanning the wide open field all around them, there wasn’t a single thing in sight however which was incredibly confusing, “Are we in the wrong place?” Kenji suggested hopefully, he didn’t have a good grasp on these sorts of game mechanics and was hoping for a simpler, more understandable reason for the failure, “I’m sure it said anywhere that Wind Wasps spawn in can do it…” Yuta’s frown deepened as he looked to the side, he was near certain that this was the case and the information was correct, it was just details on a quest on the second floor, something many people have done already, there was plenty information about it to be consistent enough for this to work, “Maybe we didn’t kill enough of them,” Rei shrugged, he felt like 100 was a good number, but if it required something like a 1000 then it was really a serious hidden quest that no one in their right mind would come across it or even bother to trigger it unless the rewards were extraordinary.
  11. My characters are hanging around Floors 1-2 right now, so if any players in those areas want to thread together let me know, seeing a few threads waiting for people and I can understand how awkward it can be to set up groups (Since I mostly solo in the end due to sudden urges to write that cannot wait, even though I want to thread with others XD)

  12. “So…” Rei looked around at the empty field, devoid of enemies, “Did everyone kill at least 12?” he turned to his friends and asked the question for confirmation’s sake, did they not kill enough? He could see the Queen anywhere, perhaps it only looked like there were enough Wind Wasps to trigger the fight from above, “yeah, pretty sure,” Takuma nodded, “I took a quick headcount of the number of wasps in the area and there was enough,” he looked around and searched specifically for the hill they crossed, now it was much further in the distance, enough to make it simple landscape now rather than a proper point of interest, during the fight they had slowly moved forward to seek new targets, leading them away from the starting area. “I’m amazed you can just make headcounts like that from memory,” Rei sighed, bemoaning his horrible memory, having to check things over and over quite often, he eventually turned his eyes towards Yuta, “So? Did you find out if there’s a specific area it spawns in?”
  13. Before he knew it, the field was empty and everyone was slowly gathering together, he only realised this when the buzzing sound of the wasps and when he couldn’t see anymore shapes flying around in the sky, knocking him out of his day dream, he looked around and regrouped, “That was rather quick,” Yuta commented somewhat pleased with the pace they had efficiently completed the quest, “I-I guess…” Kenji shrugged, he personal had a hard time, making the mistake of backing away from the enemy only to aggro a second one was a rough time, he was able to use his shield to halt the wasps’ attacks before striking with his sword, meanwhile Takuma was more than happy to let the wasps die on his shield without him needing to actually do anything. Mid battle, Yuta had looked over and saw Rei’s slightly ranged sword art and felt a small tinge of jealously, after all, having a distance attack must be incredibly convenient against flying targets like this,
  14. So, his current schedule was looking like, hunting the Venomous Warg, then the Quartz Hatchling, would he need two separate days for them? It was possible, the Warg required him to hunt and prowl the area dealing with stray wolves until the mutated Warg showed up, the location it was at was probably quite different from the Zone that the Quartz Hatchling would show up in, he would skip over the Return of the Queen and move on to the next floor, if the stats were that exaggeratedly bloated, it would be simply suicide for them to fight it. He mused over his course of actions, counting up the numbers to decide his chances as he fought automatically against the several wind wasps around him, they were not much of a threat, using his Whirlwind, he could cut them out of the air with little effort. The most recent attack even managed to cut down two at the same time, so he was certainly on a roll. ID# 136155 BD: 10 +3 = Crit +2 [Tsuji Kaze] MD: 8= Hit Damage Dealt = 8 + 2 x 4 = 40 Damage Received = 10 - 17 [Mit] - 10 [Regen] = 0 Rei - HP: 420/420| EN: 41 (+1-1) /42| 8 DMG | 17 MIT | 0 EVA| 3 ACC| 1 BLD| 2 REGEN Wind Wasp - HP: 25/25| 10 DMG