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  1. Once again, Shay wasn't really in the wrong. The two remained quiet, but as they were approaching the safezone, a mumble was heard from Chase. He coughed to clear his throat and then repeated himself, except this time the rogue could hear it too, clearer and louder. "... Were you always like this?", he asked her with a light blush beginning to emerge on his cheeks, seeming rather embarrassed. "It feels like I'm... I don't know, safe and looked after. More than usual... I don't feel as lonely.", the bluehead continued, avoiding eye contact out of what seemed like embarrassment, going by his face and awkward pauses. His companion croaked behind him, moving a bit faster to catch up with Grace Eon and walking next to her, trying to get her attention by waving his tiny arms and attempting to croak something through to her- little did any player know if the two could communicate in the first place, or what the pangolin was trying to relay over.
  2. The question caught him off guard, but he gave her a nod and let out a deep sigh. "Yeah, I was trying to think of how to name him but... Yeah, Blizz sounds like Blitz and Blizzard, so... D-Don't mock it.", he added to the end with a light blush on his face, feeling like his childish side really showed with how creative he got when it came to naming items- speaking of which, she probably didn't even know the names of his equipment. Oh well, that was as much a curse as it was a boon. "No, Grace sounds good. Grace... Eon. Grace Eon. It rolls off the tongue okay, I'm just not sure why you gave her a last name-. Wait. Is it a she?", he asked rather awkwardly, despite being more than just uncertain about Blizz himself. Yeah, he'd called him Blizz since he didn't look to be a female, but it's not like Chase had picked him up to see whether or not he really was a male. That felt much too awkward for him to do, even if nothing was there ultimately cause the game would probably not be that detailed.
  3. Shay was probably right. He was just underestimating himself, same as he used to do back when he thought he'd done a half-assed job for school or some errand. "... Thanks.", he told her without much else to add, looking over and giving her a smile as he tried to brighten his mood up a bit. Chase looked over to the side at the two familiars, Grace walking properly and Blizz still latched onto her timidly, shaking ever so slightly from the eerie surroundings they were going through. If age was a factor, Blizz was definitely much closer to a child than the rogue's familiar seemed to be, or at least they acted that way. "So... How come the name? Grace Eon?", the swordsman asked in hopes of getting his mood back up, trying to start some small talk as he stuffed his pockets with his hands and continued to walk towards the town, upstream of the Stygian River, Styx.
  4. It had been a few minutes, but he eventually came back to his senses, keeping himself off the ground with both hands rather than with one and slamming the other on it. "I don't want to rely on my adrenaline to push me through these fights... And yet...", he responded, looking over his shoulders with an expression as if he was going to cry, his eyes slowly tearing up near their corners. "Whenever I try to hold it back I always get in danger... I'm not used to taking damage and when I do, I usually let loose and don't notice..." This could be a valid explanation for all the adrenaline-fuelled moments that he's had in battles where his expression had become much more savage, wild and fierce, contrary to Chase's overall character. Then again, if he himself found it to be a problem, there was little that the explanation could help do. "I'm sorry for being a baby and acting like this. I should be stronger than that. I just need time to figure it out... I'm sure I will..."
  5. The boy grunted lightly as soon as she flicked him, stepping back and rubbing his forehead. Taking a few seconds to let her words soothe him, he sighed and nodded, having successfully calmed down a bit. While they walked back to the teleporter, he spoke with puffed cheeks. "Y-You're right, sorry... Just... I didn't- I can't. I still get scared. I feel all this adrenaline at every fight, but I keep getting scared when I hold it back and keep control.", Chase admitted with a frown, looking at the ground before lifting his gaze to look at the rogue. Maybe he was too much of a perfectionist, expecting to take these fights head on with no problem whatsoever, or maybe he was right. Hell if he knew, all he knew was that they were getting through the fights by what felt like sheer luck supporting him through and through. He was trying to get integrated into Aincrad's setting and laws of living, but comparisons to how useless he'd have been back in the real world kept hitting him hard again and again, no matter how far back in his mind he tried to push them.
  6. ChaseR

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    Honestly, if anything was keeping him happy and from getting distracted by any form of negativity, it was Katoka's casual tone. While he wasn't as fond of them anywhere close to how fond of Shay, let alone Katoka compared to Vie, seeing someone be able to act this casual and nonchalant in this world definitely brightened his mood up. Maybe he should take a page out of her book and follow suit, just accept that things are the way they are and try working towards clearing the game while enjoying the experience that this would inevitably be, for quite a while too. "Got any single profession in mind? Little red said she doesn't.", Chase responded to the blonde with a grin, only to notice that the pangolin which was moving away from Vie had stopped at some point, turning around to start sneaking up behind her quietly, taking slow but big steps, hopping up and down at every single one practically as he held his tiny arms in front of him like a smaller-scale dinosaur. A much cuter one too, but that was besides the point. "... He's actually kind of tyrannizing Vie too, jeez. Blizz is really nothing like me, wow.", he commented inside of his head, giving it a shrug and a low chuckle before scanning the ground quickly and turning back to Katoka. Loot: 3 T1 Materials
  7. Seeing his partner manage to take the Lich down was enough of a relief, as the most horrifying of these terrors had already been dealt with. The only monsters left were the small fries, which even if they scared him, they were too weak to do any real harm. Before Shay could get in harm's way any longer, the bluehead took a deep breath and rushed at them, spinning twice on is heel with two quick diagonal slashes so that he could take them both down from that final sliver of health. Finishing the two off, he groaned and thrust his sword right into the ground, watching them disappear as he leaned onto it and held his head tightly in his right hand. "... I'm too timid. I'm sorry.", he uttered before looking at Shay with a defeated expression, despite their best efforts and how they just ended the fight with no damage taken whatsoever, due to their impeccable teamwork. "I've been trying, but...", he groaned, although it wasn't clear what he was referring to exactly. Shay | HP: 520/520 | EN: 29/52 | DMG: 13 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 2 | BLD: 12 | REC: 2 ChaseR: HP: 600/600 | EN: 38/60 (-3, +1) | DMG: 14 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 3 | REC: 2 | MIT: 5 | BH: 5 Stygian Warrior 5: HP: 0/100 (-23) | DMG: 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC: 1 Stygian Warrior 6: HP: 0/100 (-23) | DMG: 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC: 1
  8. The bluehead felt that his body was starting to get heavy just from the sheer impact of him being launched onto the tree, looking to the side and giving a simple nod to the rogue and pushing himself off the ground. As he picked his blade back up, he did his best to focus on weighing it properly so he would hit no matter what this time around. With a moment to concentrate, the boy launched himself right away at the boss, letting out a roar as he lunged right at it once more, aiming for its body for a clean, diagonal strike. Just as the beast appeared to be ready to roar, the blade ripped right through its chest, finding itself on the other side than the one it entered from. A weak, fainting cry echoed before the beast shattered into crystals, and shortly after Chase dropped his sword, before his body fell to his knees with only his arms to keep him up, covered in cold sweat. "F-Fuck, I'm... D-Damn it... Why can't I just..?!", he grunted and sounded like he was cussing to himself, punching at the ground with a frown on his face only for the same stupid 'Immortal Object' label to appear once more. [2]Shay | HP: 520/520 | EN: 46/52 | DMG: 13 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 2 | BLD: 12 | REC: 2 [1]ChaseR: HP: 600/600 | EN: 50/60 (-10, +5) | DMG: 14 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 3 | REC: 2 | MIT: 5 | BH: 5 Kumatetsu: HP: 0/300 (-157) | DMG: 100 | MIT: 25 | EVA: 2 [Stun CD; 1/3]
  9. Some more Stygian Warriors appeared out of the side of the river, crawling next to the Lich once more. According to Shay though, that would just keep on happening. Having watched her dodge its attack, he knew that all they had to do was focus down the big bad and then everything else would be child's play. He tried to lunge heroically at it once more, letting out a shout, almost like a battle cry while he prepared to swing his sword with all of his strength at the Lich only. Every step sounded more and more powerfully, as he pulled his blade back the farthest he could. His blade pierced it, and it only kept going deeper and deeper into it as he ran past it, eventually having circled it in full to draw his blade back and turn around, facing it with his sword raised and ready to block while he caught up with his breath. Shay | HP: 520/520 | EN: 52/52 | DMG: 13 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 2 | BLD: 12 | REC: 2 ChaseR: HP: 600/600 | EN: 40/60 (-10, +5) | DMG: 14 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 3 | REC: 2 | MIT: 5 | BH: 5 The Leech Lich: HP: 24/250 (-157) | DMG: 50 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 2 Stygian Warrior 5: HP: 100/100 | DMG: 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC: 1 Stygian Warrior 6: HP: 100/100 | DMG: 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC: 1
  10. Chase had never seen Shay use such a move before, especially with that form of effect, but that wasn't to say that he didn't appreciate it. More than anything, with the two finding newer ways to disguise their sword arts, they could work much more effectively against monsters, even if their effects realistically remained the same. All they had to do was adapt and find a way to flow their movements the exact way that suited them the best. Now that Shay was behind him again, he stomped the ground to throw himself just a bit higher into the air, gripping his sword tightly and raising it upwards. Just as he was going to fall, he attempted to slice downwards at the beast, with intent to kill it and put an end to the fight. It was then that time felt almost like it came to a halt, as he realised that in between the attacks, the beast had bulked up quite a bit, probably losing some defense in exchange for offense in the process. It felt like his muscles froze, and as he missed his chance to attack, the beast rammed its paw into him, sending him flying off to the side and into a tree. Thankfully, he'd managed to quickly turn his blade's flat side to parry the strike, taking no damage from the attack. As he dropped onto the ground with no HP lost, to his surprise, the purple hexagon with the label 'Immortal Object' appeared where he'd struck, as he groaned. "F-Fuck..." [1]Shay | HP: 520/520 | EN: 52/52 | DMG: 13 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 2 | BLD: 12 | REC: 2 [1]ChaseR: HP: 600/600 | EN: 55/60 (-2, +1) | DMG: 14 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 3 | REC: 2 | MIT: 5 | BH: 5 Kumatetsu: HP: 93/300 | DMG: 100 | MIT: 25 | EVA: 2 [Stun CD; 2/3]
  11. "I-I don't believe in superstition either, but this river... It leads to the underworld. You realise just what's waiting for us, don't you?", he asked her before it came into sight. He wasn't sure whether he was expecting much worse or not, left with wide eyes and a shaky hold on his sword as he grit his teeth, shaking his own head. "I don't care how it looks... Shay will be in danger if I don't man up.", he tried to regain his composure, letting out a deep breath and taking a few steps in front of the duo. Blizz stayed onto Grace, and that was fine. He couldn't do much but help a tiny bit in the end. "There's five monsters. The literal monstrosity has to be the boss... So I have to take out the small fries, hmph... Man the fuck up and do it already!", the swordsman tensed up, giving an incredibly intense look towards their direction and almost cracking the ground under him, burying his foot into it before he lunged right at them with his sword behind him. "Come on!", he shouted as his blade practically slashed from the ground upwards, slashing once but very powerfully with a blue glow trailing his blade's movement. By the time it disappeared, he jumped back to see three of the four having been hit, the other Stygian Warrior having barely dodged the attack and survived. It was incredibly obvious just how tense the bluehead was. Shay: ChaseR: HP: 600/600 | EN: 45/60 (-15) | DMG: 14 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 3 | REC: 2 | MIT: 5 | BH: 5 The Leech Lich: HP: 250/250 | DMG: 50 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 2 Stygian Warrior 1: HP: 100/100 | DMG: 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC: 1 Stygian Warrior 2: HP: 0/100 (-163) | DMG: 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC: 1 Stygian Warrior 3: HP: 0/100 (-163) | DMG: 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC: 1 Stygian Warrior 4: HP: 0/100 (-163) | DMG: 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC: 1
  12. With his sword unsheathed, the boy groaned and furrowed his brows at the mere thought of 'pink'. He equipped his new gear, to Shay's surprise, as she hadn't seen it before and it felt more of the same, but a bit more buff due to the extra plates under it. The chain was a brand new addition, and seeing the boy without his earmuffs must have felt rather different. It was still an outfit that screamed 'Chase' alright though. "Of course it had to be her again...", he grumbled under his breath, about to start cursing before he saw something huge coming up ahead alongside Shay's warning. "Behind me!", the bluehead shouted as he ran ahead of her, the chain flying right behind his arm while he lowered his blade to the ground, a green glow covering it in full. The bear raised its arm, preparing to swipe down at the tank powerfully enough to send him flying at least a fair distance back. That would interrupt his attack, but almost at the very last second, he turned his blade in his hand and slammed the pommel right into it, causing it to fall on its back with a loud cry from it. It didn't seem to have taken as much damage as it probably got caught off guard, with it getting stunned as a result. Shay: ChaseR: HP: 600/600 | EN: 55/60 (-7, +2) | DMG: 14 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 3 | REC: 2 | MIT: 5 | BH: 5 Kumatetsu: HP: 238/300 (-62) | DMG: 75 | MIT: 50 | ACC: 1 | EVA: 2 [Stun CD; 3/3] (Stun)
  13. "Stygian River..? I've heard about that somewhere in mythology...", the boy thought to himself aloud, unsheathing his sword as soon as the two exited the safezone and holding it in front of him, keeping his guard up so nothing could get the jump on them. The monsters he could see by the sides were mostly skeletons and other undead entities, none too welcoming for this bizarre, eerie underground complex. It was very damp, and that alone was enough to start making Chase that much more paranoid. As the two went on and on, the path really seemed to stretch out. The monster was probably at the end of it, and after a while, he began to remember more about that name. "Wait... Stygian... That's a river where... Sh-Shay, be careful. I don't like where this is going.", he quickly warned her, catching up and getting in front of her a bit too warily with his eyebrows furrowed, as if expecting an attack from something in the next few seconds.
  14. Once he was ready, he jumped back down and gave her a nod, yawning once more. They kept on moving, exiting the shop and going all the way to the teleportation plaza before entering the foreign eighth floor. It took the boy a while to get used to his surroundings, as he looked all around and slowly stepped off of the plaza, keeping his eyebrows furrowed and his arms dropped. Just like every time he stepped into a new floor, he became very cautious and wary of everything around him, trying to take in the environments and overall feel for the areas around them. "Well, this is... definitely a new floor to go to.", he mumbled on his own, scratching the back of his head and looking over to Shay as he asked. "What quest are we doing anyway..? I've never been up here so I don't know what to expect."
  15. Usually, Chase wasn't cowardly in the slightest. Such an eerie and ominous floor though had gotten under his skin. If the previous fight didn't give him a slight adrenaline rush at the mere sight of the monster, then just being here would be enough to get him going. "I-I really don't like this floor...", he mumbled under his breath, never having been really courageous or that up for scares and the like. "Grace or Blizz don't seem to really appreciate it either...", he commented, watching Blizz quickly run over to Grace and practically latch onto her as he trembled slightly too. It would appear that both of their monster types didn't have too close a relationship with astral type monsters, just as humans didn't- at least the players. Astral monsters were the closest this game had to ghosts, and the floor was already spooky enough as is. The slightest creak would be enough to send shivers down the bluehead's spine, and any monster that jumped at them could lead to him following Blizz' example and jumping on Shay with ease.