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  1. With the two starting to get a move on, Chase quickly managed to get a word in with Tythen to pick up the quest for the both of them. Apparently, they had to find his wife among some wreckage further out of the town. Needless to say, that would need lots of exploration, and that was going to be a bit of a time waste. Whichever the case, Chase promised to do the one thing that Tythen asked of them. "Please, I don't know if she's alive or not, but... Look through the wreckage, and if by a miracle she's still alive, please bring her back safe." Not too high hopes when talking about his own wife, but regardless, the two moved on and began to quietly look through the wreckage while Alkor started to describe his story. Chase had just picked up some rubble which he dropped as soon as he heard that Alkor was presumed dead. There was one thing about his story that shook him even more than hearing that he 'died', that was how long he was in a coma for. There was no way it had been that long... right? "T-Two years? You mean we're in here for over two years?", he asked with furrowed brows, his mouth slowly starting to form a frown. "There's no way it's been that long. We don't even have a way to know; a calendar or anything." [Looking through rubble. 1/4]
  2. And so, the party trudged forwards until they came across a group of diseased ones, followed by the priest, they all came to a halt and Lessa took the first swing. With a jump forwards and a cleave of her blade, all of the monsters were damaged plenty; not that they seemed to be too rough in the first place. With the excuse to get as far away from Freyd as possible being given, Chase quickly nodded to her proposal and followed suit. Before he even began his attack though, he could already see a streak of white lightning coursing right through his blade, knowing fully well what was about to happen. "Cover your eyes, please.", he tried to warn his group ahead of time, so as to not flashbang them. And so, the bright white light began to form at the edge of his broken blade, slowly amounting to the missing half's form. And with a swing, one of the diseased ones instantly went down, only to leave the other three behind as the light dissipated. A few more swipes and stabs, and by the time the rest had opened their eyes, he had everybody's attention; the monsters being everybody, in this case. They kept charging right at him one by one, getting dodged with a few sidesteps and just jumps further back. "You good Lessa?", he looked over his shoulder to ask, only to be somewhat surprised. Of all the people to step forward, the one to do so was the... priest..? Hold up, why was his name in the party?! "Allow me to assist you, travellers.", he proclaimed before holding his hand out, a golden circle appearing before a gentle light showed over Lessa. In an attempt to heal the tank that was already at full health, Chase could feel his eyebrow twitching. "M-Miraak, she's at full health...", he tried to tell the priest, but alas, he quietly pulled his hand back and kept behind the lot. "These vile creatures can be crafty. We have to be careful moving forwards."
  3. With the questions going by unanswered for the most part, Chase just let out a deep sigh and gave an understanding nod. Before he could even open his mouth though, he heard familiar footprints and reached down to keep a hand on his sword's hilt, seeing the same dislikeable face he thought would be there; Freyd. For crying out loud, did Jomei have a tracker on him or... ah... his... his shop... right... "... C-Come along.", he awkwardly blurted out and nabbed the antidote from Freyd's hands, applying it on himself and looking between the two awkwardly. And it was then that Jomei began to message somebody else... for god's sakes, how many more people could this party have..?! The silence went by... well, quietly, as Chase refused to engage in any form of conversation with Freyd around. And it was then that he noticed, a few minutes later, who said fourth party member would be. He quickly waved at Lessa and moved over to her side, starting to fiddle with his own thumbs in each pocket as he waited for them to get the show on the road already. They were sure wasting plenty of time so far doing nothing, but... with Lessa, Freyd might as well be bearable. Finally, a responsible adult. "Nice to see you too, blonde lady.", he quickly told her and stood by her side as she greeted the rogue, turning to Jomei and giving him a small smile that spelled out something like 'Thank you so much'. A desperate smile, that is. [ChaseR uses Antidote! (ANTIDOTE +3)] ChaseR: HP: 1630/1630 | EN: 160/160 | DMG: 22 | MIT: 88 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 5 | HOLY: 12 | PARA: 9-10 | BH: 81 | V.(DEF): 81 | HBS: 16 | LD: 5 | ANTIDOTE [3/3]
  4. Thread Rewards: > 10,133 Col [Everyone] > 7 SP (5 quest, 1 page, 1 event) [Everyone] > LD Drop: 7 (Nothing)
  5. He didn't seem to have ill intent whatsoever, the friendly greeting wasn't pretentious or forced, so it was probably all in good faith. Sucking it up and turning down the possibility of having screwed his own self image for the rapier user, Chase approached him and shot him a party invite. "Trying to do a quest. Headed over to it right now, it's somewhere around these ruins. It's called 'Cleansing the Corruption'. I have to find some priest for it. Do you know where he is..?", the short, sharp sentences flew towards him one after the other as the bluenette looked to the side, trying to see if anything was apparent in the destroyed urban jungle. Well... ex-urban, current-jungle, rather. He didn't have a single clue of what had happened around these parts, or even the 'Fallen Event' the quest was referring to. "... Do you know anything about the Fallen Event?", he added to the list of questions he'd be asking, blurting it out right away as he turned his gaze back towards Jomei.
  6. And even with Jomei missing, the mob was almost dead. The relative silence that took over, putting aside the clashing of blades on the thick bones and the low music that came from his pocket. He was certain the ginger had heard it, so he knew all too well that there was no point in asking again. He didn't want to ruin his image for the new guy because of the other jackass. "It's about to hi... hit..?", Chase faltered once he had delivered his own blow at the monster, seeing himself completely ignored even by the boss who began to stride right towards the ginger. And with a raise of its hand, it swept down at Jomei, only to thankfully fail to hit him. If anything, Chase wanted to avoid getting unnecessary damage on his allies; yes, even him. "Jomay, it... wants to attack you. Try not to get hit, please.", he awkwardly asked of the new companion, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand. It probably wouldn't even get another shot at attacking them at this rate.
  7. The response from Freyd was enough. Chase more than understood the downplaying attitude that Freyd was going to maintain with him, and that didn't help any. Like anything he did helped in any way, shape or form. Although he didn't want to put any burden on Jomei, right now he was his only grip to not breaking loose. He was there as a reminder they weren't alone, and obviously plenty of help for all the effort that Freyd wasn't putting in alongside the other two. "Louder.", Chase almost barked at Jomei as he approached him, slashing at the King once more and looking at his pocket, where the music seemed to be coming from. "Put it louder, turn the volume up. If you can.", he asked of him although rather demandingly, but it was clear he didn't mean any ill intent to Jomei. He still didn't, even when the Forgotten Time King rammed an arm right into him, for Chase to block it with his shoulder and get pushed a few feet back. The antidote stopped it from paralyzing him, but the monster's attention instantly diverted from Chase to the ginger he was next to. "..?! Was it because I got too close to Jomei?!"
  8. <<Cleansing the Corruption>> With his quest list almost completely finished, Chase wanted to mark the next one off the list; and the nearest one, barring the Iron Guardian that he was going to be taking on on his own sometime soon, was Cleansing the Corruption. A quest he had heard little about, and it seemed to refer to some in-game event that took place a while back to boot. "... The Fallen event? Like that item enhancement?", he began to wonder to himself as he casually began to approach the quest NPC's position, hearing somebody nearby and and turning to look. Boy howdy, he didn't expect it to be the same ginger leprechaun looking fellow that he had done FTK with... and with Freyd too. To hell if he knew what sort of impression he left on him, but he wished that it wasn't anything foul. "... Morning.", he quietly blurted out with a cautious and rather hesitant glance towards @Jomei, sighing and proceeding to move both of his hands into the more welcoming warmth of his jacket's pockets. He usually pulled his hands closer to his chest like that whenever he felt awkward, or wary. And now he was filled with a mix of both. [ChaseR consumes Liquor of Light! (DMG +3)] [ChaseR consumes Chocolate Beans! (ACC +2)] [ChaseR consumes Chase's Meal Special! (EVA +2)] [ChaseR consumes Roast Chestnuts! (MIT +45)] [ChaseR uses Filling on Chocolate Beans! (ACC +1)] ChaseR: HP: 1630/1630 | EN: 160/160 | DMG: 22 | MIT: 88 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 5 | HOLY: 12 | PARA: 9-10 | BH: 81 | V.(DEF): 81 | HBS: 16 | LD: 5
  9. Chase silently looked at Alkor with an awkward grin as he turned to look to the side and scratched the back of his head silently. "It's okay, don't worry. But you're not useless. Your sword is keeping you back. It has a lower damage output than two handers and the sword arts are weaker to boot. At least that's what I've noticed with my database.", he tried to explain, genuinely finding Alkor to have helped him a fair bit in the past few quests, even if it didn't show all that much. "As for me, I've... kept doing quests. Yeah.", he blurted out and went back to rubbing his neck awkwardly. While the two had quested before and knew what to expect of one another, it definitely felt somewhat awkward to be talking again after a few days of no contact whatsoever. And he wasn't sure if that was just him or the air around the two was really stiff. It kind of all went away when Alkor mentioned being thought of as... dead? "... Why would they think you're dead? You can message them, can't you? And they can see you're alive, you're friends, right?", he asked with concern in his voice as his gaze quickly went from the side right to Alkor, confusion and curiosity written all over the boy's face.
  10. The constant throwing of insults back and forth between the two with this fucker of all people was doing Chase no favors whatsoever. Like hell he'd be able to calm down when this clown did the exact same thing that caused the bluehead to react this way and then started to put the blame on him. He just quietly turned to Jomei, giving him a small frown and uttering a low "... Sorry." before he faced Freyd, starting to quietly walk towards him with complete disregard for the boss. The look on his face was already filled with burning anger enough, which... wasn't all from this encounter, if only people could get this angry this easily. "Listen here you clown. You keep on your witty banter thinking you're so cunning, you do nothing but anger me when I rely on your skills to make sure you and I both see the light of day-", and then came the boss. Possibly all too annoyed at the player for disregarding him, he tried to stomp on the blue tank who turned around and rammed his sword with enough strength into the boss' sole to make it topple over. Not that it didn't immediately start getting back up. And as if that was just an interruption and nothing more, Chase turned back at Freyd. "If I have anger issues, you have tunnel vision. If you fuel the fire, why are you complaining it's so hot? Can't you grind your gears together and realise you're pissing me off and then calling me out on it, you blind fuck?! You barely even know me, don't talk as if this is how I act to everyone. You're the only person that is anywhere close to deserving this form of treatment.", he hissed at the rogue with venom in every word, his breathing shaky and unstable and his eyes pinned right into the swordsman's, unmoving. An intense stare Freyd hadn't seen yet, and definitely a bad impression for their tag-along, who the King now seemed to turn his attention to, roaring and beginning to charge right towards him.
  11. The way that Freyd kept on tugging at Chase's patience was starting to get very bothersome, and holding back was slowly becoming less and less of an option when it came to not screeching right in his face. "If you're not worried, then why are you even mentioning the offchance I get stunned?! Speaking of which, you fucking baffon, you gave me an antidote before! I cannot get stunned! How will the thing even stun me?!" While practically screaming at Freyd, the bluehead had already began his stride towards the Forgotten Time King, finding himself dancing with the massive beast once more. Despite the both's frenzies, the only strikes that went through, as per usual, were the boy's. Down to approximately half health, now. He turned to look at the ginger, addressing his concerns rather awkwardly and definitely a lot more friendlier than he had Freyd's. "N-No, it's okay... This slog can't hit me. B-But his name isn't Skeletor, you can read, right..?". The reference completely missed his head as he saw its health before turning to shout at Freyd again. "H-Hey, quit takin' credit when you've barely hit it two times you damn thief! Hit it hard for once and win your spot in the party!"
  12. ChaseR

    [PP|F1] New (Would Be) Habits

    "... G-Great to meet me..? Ah, that's what it is... She thinks I'm a child, doesn't she.", he concluded inside of his head, knowing that this was the same way Mari, now dubbed as Ma, had been treating him. Well... Whichever the case, he still had questions that wouldn't help his position if that's how she felt about him right now. "Er... Don't people go to bars for the... you know, noise?" Chase let his head rotate around the room, before realising he still hadn't pulled his hand back; which he quietly did and stuffed in his pocket, sighing. "... I'm horrible with new people, sorry.", he quickly apologised and went back to looking around the bar again. "I thought people went to places like this cause they wanted more crowd, people around them. Why would you go to a crowded place alone?", he continued to ponder on his own, but out loud where Lessa could hear it and give feedback to his questions all the same. While waiting for an answer though, he turned to look at Lessa again with the same confused expression, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes scanning her form really quickly. Incredibly casual clothing, but she definitely didn't seem to just be a college student. She seemed way, way older, maybe... more like a graduate? The bluehead would have become a college student if they hadn't gotten trapped in Aincrad, but even he seemed way less mature than the blonde. Maybe it was in the way she expressed herself, her clothes or her overall looks. She just didn't seem to be around his age. Not that he'd say that of course, being bad at talking and being blunt isn't the same... necessarily.
  13. It certainly was like Freyd, to do absolutely nothing while continuing to fuel the fire inside of Chase. The fact he could be this laid back even now, leaving it all to himself and Jomei... For crying out loud, did this guy have no shame whatsoever?! "Hey shitass, watch it!", he called to Freyd as he saw the Forgotten Time King raise his hand in the air and start bringing it down way too quickly for him to respond, given all of his pondering. As quickly as he could, Chase began his sprint right towards Freyd, looking to the side at his broken blade and seeing some white streaks of thunder racing through it. He moved both hands towards the blade and the moment he did, a bright, white flash blinded everybody within range, but the bluehead himself. Once it was over, a large gash could be seen across the King's chest, and the boy was jumping down from him and moving a while back, only to see him charge right towards him completely unaffected. "He's trying to use you as a decoy to leave me compromised, so move it and get to fighting. If you were worried about me, quit trying to get me killed and listen to Jomay!", he almost ordered at the red-eyed menace further by the side, dodging the King's swipes with his massive hands that just seemed to get faster by the minute. "He's immune to paralysis, I don't think statuses will work on him."
  14. And well it all went. Chase dashed right at the Queen one last time and slashed right at her stinger, cutting it off clean before slamming the flat side of his sword on her side, sending her to the side and off the air onto the ground. Before it even had time to get back on its wings, its health dropped to zero and it shattered into blue shards. "Nice going Kayaba, way to make us feel good about not dying.", the bluehead thought in the back of his mind as the final hit bonus appeared in a small window before him, accepting it into his inventory and turning to look at Valentine and Orvilla with a small frown. "Go rest as much as you want. But never take a mission like that without knowing again, alright?", he scolded the both of them with concern written out in his voice, stuffing his hands in his jackets and just sighing. "I hope the SP at least made this trip worth it. If you need anything, shoot me a message. You know my name." Thread Rewards:
  15. ChaseR

    [SP|F3] <<Escape>> ... Really?

    To even think about how much progress the young man had made throughout this whole time... He started off with Ariel and Shay, met a few people here and there, but the only ones that really mattered or made a difference to him were NIGHT and Mari; of which one he had met most recently and even much too few for her to normally make a difference. It was just her motherly effect. As for NIGHT, she was someone that he could definitely trust with his own life, the same way she had with him. "... I'm glad I've made some powerful allies in the meantime.", he said in the back of his mind and raised his head to look at the cloudy sky, just smiling as these happy thoughts kept swirling about his head. "... I'm much luckier than I give me credit for, aren't I?", he joked with himself and chuckled, throwing both of his hands behind his head. "Heh. I'll keep pushing. No matter what."