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Found 114 results

  1. Rushdown

    Rushdown's Journal

    APPEARANCE ALBUM Profile Username: Rushdown Real Name: Hyousuke Suzuki Age: 18 (20) Gender: Male Height: 5'10" Stats LEVEL 1 PROFESSION N/A HIT POINTS 20 ENERGY 2 DAMAGE 2 MITIGATION 1 ACCURACY 0 EVASION 0 History Virtues: Flaws: PROFESSION: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills SP AVAILABLE: 0 SP SPENT: 5 Inventory STARTER PACKAGE: Basic COL: 2,500 Roleplays Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)
  2. Kasier

    Anyone need sig?

    Heyo, anyone want a sig made? I just learned how to do them and now I'm addicted.
  3. Matoyasu

    Matoyasu's Journal

    Profile Username: Matoyasu Real name: Shiroe Heishi Age: 17->19 Gender: Male Height: 5'10" History/Personality Shiroe Heishi is an exuberant youth that had just about all of the time in the world when he had been younger. Thankfully, his family had been rather well of. His father had been that of an accountant and his mother had been a nurse whom had been working towards obtaining the required certificates that would allow for her to become a doctor. Of course, just because his parents had been raking in the dough, that doesn't exactly mean that Shiroe's life had been as easy as it might have seemed. It was true that he was capable of doing pretty much anything that he had wanted, but in return, he had often found himself feeling rather unloved. His parents had financially supported each and any of his endeavors, allowing for him to do just about anything, but they weren't around a whole lot because of work and school. Naturally, Shiroe would end up becoming quite a reclusive young man from the lack of support. Instead of the love of his parents, he had caretakers that would watch over him and attempt to keep him out of trouble. Instead of any real friends, he had mentors that would constantly berate his actions and would do their best to shape him into a 'respectable young man.' As such, in an attempt to try and get some enjoyment out of life and hopefully make some friends, Shiroe would ultimately throw himself into any and all of the games that he would come across. It didn't matter which platform, because he had them all. He didn't have a specific kind of game that he liked. He would play anything and everything that he could find. Unfortunately.. this is what would lead to him playing Sword Art Online and getting lost into the world. The only real question that he would have at that point would be whether or not this would be a good thing or a bad thing. Only time would be able to tell. It was all too likely that this game could quite literally be the death of him. Virtues: Generous - Due to the fact that Shiroe had just about anything that he had wanted when he had been growing up, the fact that he is now facing a world where he must work for everything has been rather hard for him. At least, that had been the case when he had first logged into Sword Art Online. There wasn't a way to simply pay to win, so he had to learn how to do everything on his own. As such, over the course of his time within the game, Shiroe, aka, Matoyasu, had come to learn of just how privileged his life had been. With that thought in mind, he would eventually come to learn of how others might need help to experience some of the things that he had experienced within his original life. This would lead him into that of a rather generous lifestyle. Honest - Growing up, Shiroe had no real reason to ever have to lie about anything. Regardless of whether or not he had gotten into trouble or anything of the sort whilst he was growing up, his family had usually taken care of it rather quickly. Naturally, this would lead to him seeing no reason to lie, thus becoming that of an honest person. Affable: Being placed within the world of Sword Art Online had been entirely different for Shiroe. Once he had become Matoyasu, he had been forced to actually interact with the others around him. Instead of doing everything on his own, he had to interact with others and work towards gaining help from them for when it came to certain things. As such, over the course of the time that he had been trapped within the game, Matoyasu would come to learn how to properly interact with others, and had even gone as far as to try and go out of his way to make as many friends as possible. After all, friends usually provided him with information, and with the way that he had been hoping to play the game, he was going to need all of the information that he could get. Flaws: Gullible - Unfortunately, a drawback from having to rely on others as much as he had within the game, Matoyasu would come to develop that of a gullible nature. He didn't believe that anyone really had a reason to lie to him, due to the fact that everyone had been stuck in the same situation, so he simply went on to believe anything that they had told him. The fact that he didn't really have to worry about anything like that when he was growing up is also one of the main contributors to this fact. Impatient – Another of the drawbacks from his everyday lifestyle, back in the real world, was the fact that he had gotten everything that he had wanted, practically whenever he had wanted it. If he wanted a new gaming system, he would have a driver take him to the store and than they would purchase it right away. If he had wanted a puppy, his parents would send someone to go and pick one up for him, without a second thought. It was both a blessing and a curse that his family had given him anything that he had wanted, but it would eventually lead to him developing some rather impatient tendencies when it came to Sword Art Online. Naive – Just as he had whatever he had wanted or needed in the real world, the exact opposite could be said for that of his life in Sword Art Online. There wasn't ever really a reason for him to have to try and learn about new things, other than that of what his tutors had taught him. He didn't have to experience any of the real world struggles as he was growing up, so he didn't ever encounter the situations that would lead to him being rather street-wise. He had book knowledge, but not basic knowledge that just about every teenager his age had known. This would ultimately lead to him being rather naive about the real world, and that of the world of Sword Art Online. He didn't really know how to do anything, so everything that he had encountered had been rather new to him. Profession: N/A Skills Non-combat: » N/A Passive: » Searching [Rank 1] Combat: » N/A Weapon skills: » N/A Armor skills: » N/A Inventory Weapons/Tools: » {Uncommon} Iron Dagger (+1 DMG) » {Uncommon} Iron Spaulder (+1 MIT) » (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) » (4) Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) » (1) Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) » (10) Tier 1 materials » 2,900 Col Stats Level: 3 SP: 3/8 HP: 60 EN: 6 Roleplays » [PP-F01] Sweet Home - in progress » [PP-F01] <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>> - Completed » [PP-F01] Here We Go Again <<The Second Lesson, Is Also Free>> - In Progress » Friends List
  4. Dekunut

    Dekunut's Journel

    ''Play this new game, they said. It'll be fun, they said.'' Profile Username: Dekunut Real name: Dylan Age: 18 - 20 Gender: Male Height: Average About: History/personality Dylan had a happy childhood like everyone else. With a supporting but very religious Father and kind Mother that motivates him to thinking that he'll have a bright future. But, at the age of 15, where he developed a liking for watching anime. Dylan's father caught him watching a harmless show about pocket monsters and deiced to punish the poor child with unnecessary violence for watching ''demonic cartoons and he has to purged. Dylan's mother noticed this and tried to call the police to stop all of this. Just before the cops took him away to the car, Dylan's father was screaming the word evil at his own child. Over and over, before he was taken away, never to be heard from his son ever again. Hoping to escape from his past. Dylan turned to gaming, casting himself away from his room until either dinner or school. With only to his Mother and Grandparents to support him. But when a certain VRMMORPG just released, the young man was glad that he got out of High School, just to play what could the Game of the Century. So he puts on the Nerve Gear he bought with the money he saved on his birthday's, turns on the game, and said those two magic words that we all know and love. "Link, Start!'' If only he knew, that he threw himself into a death game, created by a mad man. Dylan is described as a sheep in wolf's clothing. If the sheep is made of references and sarcasm, and the wolf is just trauma from his childhood, and it's cranky when he realized how serious Kabaya was when he announced the death game. But that wolf will calm down if he learns to trust people that doesn't want to stab him in the back. Virtues: Honest: Dekunut is seen as an honest man. But in more of a very ''brutal'' way that may get himself killed if he's around the wrong players. But sometimes, his kind of telling the truth can make good advice to other players. The reason he never lies, cause he thinks lying will bring him bad luck in the game world. Laid Back: Despite his rude attitude, Dekunut is actually a nice person to hang out with. If you can tolerate him or understood half of the references he babbles about. But, he act likes this as a way to mask his childhood pains and worries about home. Dork: Dylan can't help but make constant references about Anime, Manga, and Games every time he communicates with friends, along with jokes and memes. This tends to make other players uncomfortable or just walk away. But not to ones that are weird likes him , or just plain nice. Flaws: Sarcastic: Tends to act like this during rude players or players that ask obvious questions. Can go further into it if Dekunut wants to really piss off whoever he's talking to. But he'll drop it a little bit once you get used to it. Not very trusty: Ever since the death game began, Dekunut became more cautious when it comes to partying with other players. Thinking they'll PK him or take away his money. But he'll try to open up, but it'll take awhile for anyone to gain his trust. Wolf in Sheep's clothing: Though he acts like a stable minded person, Dekunut acts like this to hide the pain from his childhood, along with his worries about his Mother. But he'll open up to anyone he trusts very much if could try. But other players will notice, every time he looks up to the sky with a pain expression. Profession: Skills SP: 5 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: »Rank 1: 1H Straight Sword (Novice) Inventory Bundle: Basic Package Weapons/Tools: Straight Sword (T1 with Paralyze 1) Effect: Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) remove the enemy’s action on their next turn. Paralyzed opponents lose any evasion properties. Light Armor (T1 with Evasion 1) Effect: Reduces the die value by (1 per slot) on an enemy’s attack against you. Cannot be used to avoid a critical hit. 5 Started Healing Crystals (Heals 50 HP) 2,000 Col 10 T1 Mat Stats Lvl: 1 HP: 20 EN: 2 DMG: 5 MIT: 5 ACC: 7 EVA: 6 Roleplays Relationships
  5. Homura

    Homura's Journal

    Profile Username: Homura Real name: Terrence Okumura Age: 15, 17 (post time-skip) Gender: Male Height: 5'8 ( 172.72 cm) Nationality: American Physical Appearance Homura is fairly average height for his age, standing in around 5’8, but appears to have that of a standard, but slimmed mixed martial artists’ build, with muscular arms, and prominent chest muscles, and extremely toned legs, with prominent calves, veins usually most visible on his arms and hands. His hands and feet are very big, and he has long, slim fingers. He has a fairly long ovular face, with a strong jaw that accentuates his fairly long neck. His hair is short cropped, and curly; sitting on his head in an uncombed mass, and his skin is tanned olive as a result of his mixed ancestry. He has tired, monolid eyes, with slight bags underneath due to lack of a half-decent sleep schedule, and has a long pug nose with a bump on the mid-section of his nose bridge from one too many punches in the face. His lips are usually pursed if his expression is blank, but is usually curved up in a big smile, with prominent dimples and laugh lines on the end of his mouth. His chest has bruise marks on numerous parts of the body, mostly around the chest and neck. He has a large and noticeable birthmark on his left cheek. Personality Homura at his highest is a headstrong, and grounded person who prefers to have a very good idea of his motivations in life. He always appreciates whenever the solutions to his problems are simple, straight-forward, and don’t have very many strings attached; he tends to get frustrated very easily when faced with a situation he feels he doesn’t have any control over, whether it be minor or major, and finds being completely helpless infuriating, often to the point where he could get angry at someone simple choosing to be passive in a situation and let other people take care of their problems for them. It’s his source of pride, and the reason why he seeks to find a way to express this feeling in SAO after his injury, albeit he would not admit it himself. He himself has been taught that passivity gets in the way of productivity, and wholeheartedly approaches everything with this mindset. Homura’s mostly a opportunist, seeking to act on his feet, and decide the best course of action to approach it while acting, and while he is never opposed to outside opinions (within reason); he’s very excitable, and often enjoying charging into combat quickly. He’s incredibly supportive of others working towards goals, willing to encourage them all the way through, especially if the pursuit is physically based, like getting in shape. He tries his best to keep a positive mindset, even in the worst of times. He tries his best to be funny around those he knows well with either dry or but tends to be notorious for coping with anger. However, when in a fight, he will push himself to the brink, as if the goal were lying a couple of feet ahead of him, and he but a single chance to do it every time. As of recent events, he self-conscious about the way he presents himself, especially in the virtual world, wanting to get strong to show the players of SAO that despite his injury, he still can perform just as well as anyone else. Background: Born and raised in America, Terrence lived in a high-strung foster home for a portion of his life, often noted by his foster family of his low temper, a small result of his sensitivity about his height. Eventually adopted by Japanese immigrants Hayao and Suzuki Okumura, they channeled his anger into a medium, and gave him a direction in life through martial arts. He made use of his wide frame, and spent a majority of his life participating in tournaments and going to several donors over his lifetime as his family moved a lot. He was happy, and felt Martial Arts was a way of life for him, filling a hole in his life that he could never quite do with other hobbies, like video games. However, a shift in came during the semi-finals in one of his tournaments. He was one win away from earning his black belt, but after a blow from his head dazing him in a fight, the opponent took a cheap shot at his ankle. While normally this would have been fine for the sturdy Terrence, his overconfidence led him to not rest between matches, adding further stress into his knee before the fight. As a result, this shot caused his Achilles’ Heel to tear, losing him the fight quite spectacularly. His fall from standing broke not only leg, but his own personal honor. To make matters worse, his family, their green cards having ran out, had planned to move back to Japan after winning his fight, and thus were forced to take him with them. Because of this injury, he could never practice martial arts again, and felt crushed. Terrence, ever the optimist, tried his best to look towards the bright side, but found difficulty in losing his favorite sport. He found solace in his best friend Temura, whom he had been friends with in his various visits to Japan. Although a bit more technologically inclined than physically, Terrence always looked up to his character of diligence and maturity, and sought out his help finding a new hobby. Temura was more up-to-date on Japanese games than his friend, and, owing him a favor had just the game for him. A game that may both fulfill his love of fighting, and allow him to make use of that broken leg of his. A couple of months and 3 days later, they pooled their money together and bought the NerveGear, granting Terrence not only a VR headset capable of making use of the revolutionary FullDive, but a spot in the first launch of SAO, and an opportunity to fight once more. Virtues: Optimistic - Homura is a high-strung optimist, often always managing to find a smile on his face even in the worst of conditions that he may find himself in. He feels that approaching a situation without confidence in one’s possibility of success, or future well-being can be of great benefit, as long as the person is willing to keep their ego in check. He almost always finds some reason to laugh, and will try his best to cheer up those around him; he also can clearly tell when an atmosphere doesn’t exactly want his cheerful nature, and is willing to hold off on it. Steadfast - Homura can be incredibly dedicated when he sets his mind to something; especially if it’s within his own personal interest, and is one of the reasons why he plays RPGs. For hours on end he could spend his time doing a repetitive task just to commit something to memory, and is usually very focused when in a working mood. His confidence is usually hard to throw off easily, and he’s never prone to giving up, nor cracking when he can see a clear opening he can get to. However, despite his clear determination when dealing with other people, he’s willing to pack up and run if it’s someone close or someone who’s opinion he values. Meditative - Homura tends to be think inwardly, often needing to take some time alone to ponder his thoughts and actions. He makes use of this daily retrospective to improve upon his character, and possible future plans. He often needs some time alone, but doing so allows him to better plan around mistakes, and perform better in the future. Despite Flaws: Impatient - Often more than not, Homura tends to have a hard time waiting for something, and would much rather act than sit around waiting for something to happen. Taking notes from Leroy Jenkins himself his confidence often leads him to enter problems without thinking just on the stance that he believes he can solve it as long as he maintains a cool head, but more often than not ends up getting caught with his pants down. He finds it hard sitting down for a long time (ironically), and despite his martial arts training, isn’t very disciplined. If someone were to simply make him mad, he’d have a better chance of punching them in the face than solve it diplomatically. Stubborn - While open to new ideas, Homura tends to be very Steadfast in his own. It takes a lot to get him to give up on a certain point or opinion he has, and will not unless someone brings up a solution that he too believes is better than his own. He tends to hold grudges for a long time, and often never forgets anything anyone’s said to him, using it as leverage for arguments later. It’s very hard to shake him, especially when it’s on his pride, and will stubbornly avoid something if it goes against his morals. Prideful - While not often openly expressing arrogance, Homura often overestimates his own abilities in combat. He takes on situations he may not entirely know the full situation about, and assumes things will be fine, regardless of the circumstance. His pride keeps him from backing down, and often leads to him fighting people who challenge him. He’s never one to turn down a fight, even if the person out levels him. Skills Profession: N/A (‘Earning a Living’ not completed.) Col: 2,500 Col PLAYER SKILLS Total SP: 5 | Used SP: 5 | Unused SP: 0 Skill Slots: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 SP: 0/5 Skill Point Total: 5 Non-combat: » Rank 1 Heavy Armor Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » - Inventory Equipped Not Equipped (in inventory) () - Quality []- Enhancements Anything in italics is flavor text, because who doesn’t like flavor text? » Set A "Basic Package": Weapon of choice, of Uncommon or lower quality. Armor of choice, of Uncommon or lower quality (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Weapons - Armor - Consumables Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)
  6. Cremisius

    Cremisius's Journal

    Profile Username: Cremisius Real name: Felix Falazar Age: 20 Gender: Male Height: 5'11" History: Young Felix Falazar has been a troubled youth for the majority of his life. He had been born into an impoverished family within the slums of Porto City, Portugal. This wouldn't have necessarily of been an issue, if it wasn't for the fact that he had been diagnosed with acute myelomonocytic leukemia at the age of fifteen. Up until that age, despite the rough upbringing, Felix had rather enjoyed his youth. With six brothers and three sisters by his side, things didn't necessarily seem to be an issue. Even with the hardships brought upon them, they had always had food on their table and had enjoyed each others company. Of course.. that was all until the leukemia had hit. Unfortunately, Felix's parents had barely been scraping by before, what with the ten kids and whatnot. The fact that they had rather low paying jobs on top of that? There really wasn't much hope for the family after the leukemia had struck. The primary issue had been the fact that they had barely been able to get him into the doctor, let alone with a specialist of any kind. In order to cover the costs, the family had to give up certain things that they didn't entirely wish to give up. Suddenly there was less food on the table. The bills hadn't been getting paid more and more often. Eventually, despite the serious risks to Felix's health, the other kids had started to get fed up with it. They could see the troubles that their parents had been going through and wanted to help, but knew that there wasn't anything that they could do. Anything but take it out on Felix.. Around the age of sixteen, Felix's siblings had started to harbor a strong resentment towards him. The lives that they had lived before were no longer possible. Their parents were obviously struggling and their mother had cried every night. To them, it had seemed as though he had been the source of all of their issues. And as kids usually did when they have issues with something, they had simply cast him aside. Whenever their parents weren't around, the other kids would tell him how much they hated him and how he should either die or just leave the family behind. At least that way they would be able to move forward with their lives and there would be food on the table for all of them. It wasn't fair for the others to go without meals for days at a time, just because his medical expenses had to get payed. They were even certain that there father had gone longer without eating! Of course, they were wrong about that fact. It was merely that their father had lost a ton of wait, given the life that they had to live, in order to ensure Felix's safety. It wasn't until a couple months later that Felix would begin to agree with his siblings.. if he could even call them that any longer. He was the source of their problems. If he had been gone, perhaps things would get better! The only issue with that plan though.. was that he couldn't really move at this point. As such, once he had gotten to his next appointment, Felix would ask to speak with the doctor alone. He would beg and plead with the doctor to simply pull him from life support. He couldn't keep living at this point. It was clear that he had been causing too much trouble for the family. If anyone could put an end to that, it would have to be the doctor, right? Almost. Although the doctor hadn't agreed with young Felix, there wasn't much that he could do. The choice wasn't in the hands of Felix or the doctor, but in the hands of the parents themselves.. Two years later and Felix would find himself being transported in the middle of the night via carrier plane. He wasn't entirely sure how he had gotten there, but there wasn't any point in putting up a fight any longer. He had given up two years ago and saw no further point in living. That was, of course, until he had arrived within Japan and they had begun to explain everything to him. After one of the doctors, that had previously been apart of Doctors without Borders, had discovered Felix within Portugal, they had taken a great interest in him. He, among various others across the world, had been chosen to participate within a program that the Japanese Government had been funding. They had been attempting to develop a piece of FullDive technology for medical purposes, that would hopefully improve the lives and help treat terminally ill patients. Unfortunately, they had been struggling with the designs behind that matter, at the moment, but they had figured that it was at least worth it to try and witness the effects of Virtual Reality upon one of their patients. They believed that this would help further their studies, thus assisting the development behind this new technology. Thankfully, Kayaba Akihiko had already developed the NerveGear! Using the NerveGear as a temporary catalyst, the doctors would load up the machine and launch Felix into the game simply known as 'Sword Art Online.' Personality: Although Felix has led a rather disappointing life, now that he has another chance at life, he is holding out for hope that things will change for him. He still has various issues when it comes to dealing with people and quite honestly doesn't really care that much about his life, but he has gotten better as the time has gone on. After witnessing so many people striving to survive and escape this game, a small glimmer of hope has begun to dwell within his heart. Perhaps there is a chance for things to get better? No, of course there isn't! But what if there is? He honestly just doesn't know what to think. He is so unsure of himself and whether or not anyone will truly be able to escape this sick game of Kayaba Akihiko's that it is absolutely revolting to be around him sometimes. At least, that is how he sees it. However, that small glint of hope that some will make it out is what keeps him going. It allows for him to strive to be patient enough to see where things will go with things, has given him the determination to move forward with this game and at least try and consider a positive outcome, and has helped him considerably care more for the livelihood of others. Of course, admitting this or even interacting with others is rather challenging for him. He doesn't let that stop him though. Not from trying to continue moving forward. He is truly a unique man. Virtues: Patient – Given the life that Felix has led, it is no surprise that patience is one of his virtues. He knows that even if things are unlikely to work out, as long as he waits for the proper time, at least something in the end will occur. Whether that something is an event, whether it be good or bad, or simply his own decision to turn back, the fact remains that something in turn will happen. Compassion – After having withstood various trials of his own, Felix has learned to care more about others and the troubles that they may be experiencing. It is true that there won't always be something that he can do for them, especially with his timid nature and fear of dealing with these situations, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't; care for them. After all, it's only human. Determination – It may not happen often, but once Felix gets his mind on something, he remains fully dedicated to that task and is determined to see it to its end. Whether this be his medical treatments or finally standing up for someone or something that he believes in, the fires that rarely dwell within him shall keep him on task. Of course.. this doesn't happen all that often. Fairly rarely in fact. Flaws: Dubious – After experiencing the various trials that he has had to overcome, Felix has been left fraught with uncertainty and doubt in most of the decisions that will be made in his day to day life. He is often left undecided, doubtful or even unsure about what to do. Unfortunately there isn't much that will ever help him overcome this issue. Only in a few rare instances will this occur. Timid – It isn't often that Felix manages to interact with others, given his timid nature. He is rather shy and quiet when he is around others, or really just in general. This shyness usually leads to him keeping his opinion to himself, lest he subject himself to a rather unpleasant confrontation with someone and/or something. Of course there are times that he shall overcome this obstacle, but it usually takes him a bit to get used to someone. Once he manages to trust this person though? His trust within them shall never be lost. (unless warranted) Nosy – Despite how shy Felix can be, there is no denying that he is a rather nosy person. The sympathy that he feels towards others, and quite honestly, his rather curious nature as well, often lead him into delving into somebody else's business. The fact that this had been one of his usual pastimes within the hospital didn't help the matter any. In fact, since coming to Aincrad, this issue has gotten much worse! Profession: N/A Skills Total SP: 5 Unspent SP: 0 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Dagger Skill [Unskilled]-> Rank 1 - Novice Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Bone Dagger (Uncommon Dagger w/ Damage 1) » Leather Cuirass (Uncommon Light Armor w/ MIT 1) Currency: 2,500 Col Consumables: (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) Materials: (10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress Relationships » » Story Thus Far For the past two years, Feli-.. Cremisius's life has taken a rather unexpected turn. By this point, he has practically forgotten about the pains of his old life, and he is only thinking of the others around him. Should he help them all escape from this game? Or should he try and enjoy his new life to the fullest extent of which he will allow himself? There are so many questions to be asked all the time, and he still isn't sure of what to do, but he at least believes that there is a chance that things might get better. His only action at this point is.. to simply take that overly cautious step forward and hope that he can be of some use.
  7. Shadowspear27

    Rym's Story so Far

    Profile Username: White Rose Real name: Rym Age: 17 Gender: Female Height: 5’8” Weight: 107lbs About: History/personality Rym comes from a very standard upbringing. She has both his parents a part of her life. A dog whom she cares for more than most people. Rym is considered to be a shy and distant kid, she doesn’t speak to many people face to face. Yet when she plays games she feels a certain feeling rise in her, a feeling of belonging she doesn’t feel in the real world. She attends Cross High which made two friends which got her into gaming and exposed her to VRPG. They mentioned a game called SAO that will be releasing soon. Parents are well off so buying the gear was never an issue because they were excited that I was making new friends and eager to help me socialize. She doesn’t talk much to people at her school just good to be alone. Most of her family sees her as a distant and lonely person, yet though she doesn’t show it much she is a loving and caring person. Rym snuck out of her bedroom to go wait in line for a copy of SAO. Virtues: Loyalty- When Rym actually trusts someone she gives her unwavering loyalty to them. She's not someone who would leave someone to suffer or struggle alone. She will do pretty much anything for those she trusts the most. Dedication- When Rym gets dedicated to doing something then she'll do it till she comes out successful. She won’t give up till what needs to be done is done. Her dedication is one of her biggest values. Courage- Rym isn’t easily scared she will stand her ground against those that oppose her or her friends. No matter the obstacle Rym won’t waver in light of it. Her sense of courage ties to her loyalty Flaws: Anti-social- when she see a group enjoying themselves she feels awkward and doesn't really know how to react to the situation. this really shows when people try to talk to her, she blushes and some what tries to avoid conversation. Reserved- Since Rym doesn’t really talk to many people she is usually reserved and slow to trust people. Her being reserved also definitely hasn’t helped her social abilities. This can also be mistaken as her being social awkward. Lack of cooperation- Since she doesn’t talk to many people, she doesn’t have much in the way of leadership skills. In a crisis situation, she wouldn’t be able to step up to the plate. she had a hard time working with or under others since her people skills aren’t the best. Profession: Skills (SP: 0) Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Rare | Chaotic | Dagger [Bleed 2] Inventory Set B "DPS Package" Weapons/Tools: » Weapon of choice, of Rare or lower quality: Rare | Chaotic | Dagger [Bleed 2] Vanity Armor of choice (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays: Relationships: Single (Ready to mingle) Story Thus Far: Rym took on the quest [SP-F1] To start a new life <<The First Lesson is Free>>
  8. Appearance (Real World): Username: Ghost Name: Jade Mora Age: Entry to Game - 17 | Currently - 19 About/History: Virtues and Flaws: 《EMOTIONAL STABILITY》 Skills: Inventory: Set A (DPS) Roleplays: Relationships: Adventure Arc:
  9. Greetings players of Aincrad! Itzal here, head systems dev. The team working on 3.0 and myself have been discussing a great deal, trying to get everything finished before it's release. There were a few things we came across that we felt the need to discuss with the community. We write 3.0 for everyone after all, and not just staff XD There are three topics to be discussed, each with their own thread in the blog: Feedback. The links are directly below, the topic of the discussion beside each link. We ask that you look through them and place your opinions and votes, as well as your reasoning for them. In addition please remember that this is a discussion, and that we will be taking everyone's words into consideration. Thank you! ^^ Damage/Mitigation: http://www.sao-rpg.com/blogs/entry/40-damage-and-mitigation-discussion-topic/ Level Cap, SP and Skills: http://www.sao-rpg.com/blogs/entry/39-level-cap-sp-and-skills-discussion-topic/ Last Hit Bonus: http://www.sao-rpg.com/blogs/entry/38-boss-drop-chance-discussion-topic/
  10. Nexus

    Nexus's Story

    character image] Profile Username: Nexus Real name: Hikaru Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 5,9 About: History/personality Hikaru/Nexus is a boy whose familly died in a car crash, but he survived the accident. He didn't get out of the accident unscathed however, for a large scar goes across his left eye. however, he had to live his life without out having a familly, never moving on. He was constantly moved around by foster familys, because no oprhanage had room for him. Everytime he tried to fit in with friends at school, it barely worked, because Everyone thought he was some kind of freak because of his scar. he was never accepted. everyone hated him, saying he was a no good kid. he tried his best, he really did. but no matter what, every familly he took on turned him away. he started to feel unaccepted in this world, until he discovered SAO. a place where fantasy becomes reality. a Place where nobody would judge him, because he could design how he looked. a place where he could be strong to fight agaisnt his problems. he saved up enough money, and also by asking from from friends to help by a nerve gear. Soon, he had finally bought it, and entered The castle of Aincrad, unknowing that soon he would be trapped in the castle for eternity. Virtues: Nexus is brave Kid. he never backs down from a challange or a fight, and he always rises to the challange. He always gives his all, never backing down. Even when He's wrong, Nexus will continue to pursue his goal. nexus doesn't make many friends, but when he does, he Never leaves them behind or abandons them in times of need. he's loyal to the end, defending the very people that give his life meaning. Nexus always tries to cheer up people, even people he doesnt know, who are sad, miserable or angry. his mission in life is to make everyone around him happy. he believes that if not everyone has a positive outlook on life, then they have lost their lives to the game already. and he wont let that happen. Flaws: Ironically enough, Nexus's Loyalty is also a problem. if someone stays behind to sacrifice himself for him, Then Nexus would try to fight right beside them, ready to die for them. his Friendships and relationships is his fatal flaw, for he cannot allow a friend to die to save his own life. Nexus has real bad anger issues. if someone's antagonizing him, he might actually break out and attack that same person, regardless of the concequences. He once almost badly injurred a bully at his school out of pure rage. Nexus has deadly pride. he looks at things all the time, and thinks if he could tear it all down again, then he could rebuild it, better and better. this is the same pride that always makes him mad whenever someone insults him badly. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills Non-combat: » Passive:» Combat: Weapon skills: Rank one in: 1 h straight sword » Inventory Set B "DPS Package" One handed sword: Enchanted with Damage 1 and taunt 1 Vanity Armor of choice (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays None so far. I'm new to this, and I just made an account. Relationships (optional) None so far Story Thus Far (optional) None so far Description: Hikaru wears a Black cloak, over a brown tunic with a little bit of armor. he has dark skin, and wild blue eyes. he has spikey wild hair, and has a long scar going across his left eye. he is five foot nine.
  11. Hydravion

    Hydravion Teacher In Game

    Username | Hydravion Real Name | Toshiko Yasmine Aris Age | 24/26 DoF | 9-02 Gender | Female Sexuality | Homosexual Height | 5'97" Weight | 165 lbs. History Virtues And Flaws Skills Inventory Roleplay
  12. Doc

    Doc's Journal

    Profile: Username: Doc Real Name: Mamoru Sano Age: 18 Gender: Male History/About: Mamoru was a doctor in training who became fascinated with the virtual world just months before the nerve gear was announced. Before this he was an intern for a group of researchers that claimed they would revolutionise the medical industry with what they called “Nano-biotics”. Which, when completed, would be able to not only make people heal faster, but would be able to act as an invincible immune system, and prolong their life span far more than normal. This experimental medical science was in early development however, and was expected to take over eight years to complete. During this time was when Doc was sucked into virtual reality. He never got to see the outcomes, experiments, and worst of all his funds for his medical studies were exhausted. Meaning when and if he got back to reality, he would be broke. About: Mamoru was a medical trainee when he got sucked into the game. He was also interested in medieval medical equipment, seeing as back then doctors had no idea what they were doing, and acted on beliefs instead of fact. If they had his knowledge, many lives would be saved. He is typically wearing a plague doctor mask and garb in game, along with having several pouches and satchels, and even some medical equipment he utilizes in combat. He has short black hair and perceptive grey eyes. He is also very shy and timid when it comes to people, he also hates being judged unfairly. Doc is used to being the smartest in the room, he graduated high school at fifteen, so yeah, smart. Virtues & Flaws: Virtues: Persistent - The quality of continuing steadily despite problems or difficulties. This is a very strong attribute shown in his personality. Due to this, he is also excellent at hiding his problems, he does this due to another attribute that will be discussed later. Tenacity - Doc has a very good memory, he can remember the most acute details. He can remember the exact time of day, the exact words that were spoken, the exact location that took place as if he were reliving the memory in high definition. Selfless - Doc possesses the quality of not putting yourself first, better known as being selfless. Not only that but is also willing to his time, effort, and even money for those in need. Sometimes he does it just because he enjoys helping others Flaws: Secretive - The attribute of withholding information, even if it's not a big deal. He doesn’t like it when others ask about his past or information he is trying to withhold, if they do he brushes the question aside or changes the topic. Persisting with the same question just gets him irritated. Twisted - For reasons I won’t go into, Doc is badly affected by unpleasant experiences or constant disappointment, leaving him in a terrible state of mind, or better yet, a broken state of mind. Some of his morals have been “twisted” because of this. Meaning what he thinks is morally correct, would actually be morally wrong, and vice versa. Depression - Ever since the calamity, which I won't go into due to plot purposes. Doc felt terrible, sad, and upset all the time. He had developed a case of depression, what's worse his he has realised this and doesn’t know how to properly treat it. Being trapped in a death game limits his options on how to treat it. Eventually he learned out to live with it, but it still is a painful reminder of that day. Skills: Inventory: Roleplays: Relationships:
  13. AllGoodNamesRGone

    Dan's Journal [WIP]

    Name: Daniel Price Username: AllGoodNamesRGone Age: 15 > 17 Gender: Male Nationality: Canadian Handiness: Ambidextrous History: Dan, as he prefers people should call him, was born in Calgary Canada on September 15th, 2007. His mother was from Japan while his father was from Canada, don’t ask how it came to be because it didn’t last long. His parents were divorced and he spent years being shipped back and forth between Japan and Canada, spending months at a time in one country, only to be back in another the next week. When he got into high school, he became interested in technology, knowing Japan was like tech city, he decided to stay longer during his high school years. When he was a sophomore he became particularly interested in the newest piece of tech, the Nerve gear. He actually managed to get ahold of a headset and wanted to use it and find out what the world was like on the other side. So he placed it on his head and found that the world that awaited him was something, terrible… About: Dan is a positive person, he tries to see the bright side of every situation, he also tries to help others and make them feel happy. He has a good sense of humor which he uses to express himself and is very clever and intelligent. He is an only child, and has a stressful life, he almost never stays in one place too long, and is worried that what he likes about something or someone will shift and disappear as had happened so many times before when he returned. Due to this, he is a bit, worried at times. He isn’t very selfish, as a matter of fact, he is the opposite, but he has a horrible moral for doing so. At the beginning, when he found out that he was trapped in game. He had an anxiety attack, afterwards, he isolated himself off from everyone else. Only to reappear, horribly shaken days later. VIrtues and Flaws: Virtues: Positive - Dan views, or at least pretends to, everything as positive. He does this to help others around him feel better in bad times. Intelligent - Dan is very smart, he was almost an all A’s student throughout most of his life. Though grades tend to be more about dedication to the subject then how much you know. He is able to think clearly and answer most questions anyone asks him, and most of the time, that answer is correct, or close to it. Humorous - Dan is what some people would call funny, however, not many people know that he also expresses his own emotions in his sense of humor. Most of the time, the jokes he makes reflect his current thoughts. Flaws: Anxious- A feeling of impending doom or disaster, feeling like everything can turn into a living hell at any moment, and expecting it to happen even if the probability of it happening is almost impossible. This is a feeling that Dan has to deal with throughout his day to day actions, sometimes, it is easy to ignore, others, its like someone holding a air horn up to your ear. Try to ignore that without making some strange or dangerous choices. Lack of Self Worth - Dan views himself as worthless, useless, only here to suffer. This is the main reason he tries to help people to the best of his abilities, to make some part of him believe that he is useful for something. Though if he doesn’t do it often, he might end up hurting himself out of sheer desperation, either mentally, or physically. Anxiety Disorder - Dan has been categorized with a Serious Anxiety Disorder when he was younger, though most of the symptoms had faded away with time, they returned upon the realization he wouldn’t return to the real world anytime soon. These symptoms can range from erratic eye movements, to isolation, and even suicide. It's all depending on how bad it gets. Please note, I am keeping an invisible scale from one to one thousand to measure which symptoms will show and how he will act at those times.
  14. Cosi hung around his shop for a bit until Katagawa showed up at his shop. He greeted her warmly and returned the items he had identified for her from their quest together. Once she got to floor four and picked them up, Cosi himself headed upstairs to floor six.
  15. Appearance: (Couldn't find a picture of a male anime character that has a fedora, trench coat, and a hidden identity. My current profile picture will change of I find a picture fitting that description.) Marc usually wears a black faded trench coat, which is usually buttoned, a black fedora, black rain boots, a white undershirt, and gray pants. He has black hair, hazel eyes, and a barely visible scar on his cheek. He also has no facial hair. Profile: Username: Falcon Name: Marc B. Harrison Age: 23 Birthday: August 9th About: Marc was always fascinated by the unknown. At such a young age, Marc studied forensics, crime, and such. He continued to learn, and figure things out. When he was nineteen, he had opened a private investigation company, Falcon Detective Agency. After a year, he got a large case, he chased after it for a few more years before he found more leads in Japan. He went there to poke around and try to see what the other investigators could not, the final price of the puzzle. When he was there a game released called “Sword Art Online”. He figured he earned himself a break from the case and to have some time to himself in this foreign place, like a vacation. That's when everything goes so very wrong. But the players of Aincrad need help, so Marc is trying to start a reformed version of his real life agency: Falcon's Private Eyes of Aincrad. In his past, Marc was an abused child, he was bullied and beatened by his own parents. When he was sixteen he was severly injured in a beating and placed in foster care. He never made contact with his parents ever since. Though he has an extremely troubled past, he tries to see the good in everyone. Not everyone fulfills this unfortunately, though individuals he tends to ignore or distrust. Virtues: Clear Headed - Marc is able to remain calm, composed, and understanding in stressful or in most any negative condition. As a private eye, he has to consider motive. He believes that behind an action, is a reason. Even in the event of an extreme incident, he is more likely out of everyone there to see and understand his point of veiw. Not that he will side with it. Intelligent - Harrison is clever, he needs to be in order to do his job. He used his heightened intelligence to understand others better, solve problems, and to help him make it through the day. He utilizes this to the best of his abilities, he is able to make people see the wrongs in themselves and others, and given time, hopefully a better person in a near future. Helpful - Unless you happen to find yourself attacking him, he will probably try to help others of they ask for it. Sometimes, if you help him, he will help you in return, almost immediately too. He had been quick since he was sixteen. The way he saw it was, why have enemies, when you can have friends. Flaws: Gruff – Stern in manner or appearance. Marc always looks and sounds serious, he always had the same calm but serious expression in his face. Most avoid him because of it. Even his posture is serious. He all together, his face had look of a doctor with terrible news. Which concerns people around him. Indifferent – The trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally, remaining calm and seeming not to care. To sum it up, it is a casual lack of concern. He was always like this, he is always thinking he has everything under control, and remains surprisingly calm because of it. Though some people can get offended by this, because it seems like he just doesn't care. Doubtful of Others - Marc is seriously doubtful of others. He doesn't tend to trust strangers or newcomers unless he has got a good reference from a friend. He always has second guesses when another player comes up with an idea, and Marc will try to pick it apart. He also never feels safe when he is under someone else's instructions. Which can be annoying at some times. Skills: SP: Unused SP: 5 / Total SP: 5 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory: (DPS Pack Selected) Weapons/Armor: Potions: Other: Roleplays: Relationships (optional): Story Thus Far (optional):
  16. Pick

    Pick - Pickpocket

    Profile: Username: Pick Real Name: Ivan Patricia Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 5'10" About: History/Personality Ivan was born in the streets of Cordoba, Spain... and literally in the streets. His father had left his homeless mother, and soon after he was born, his mother died due to an unknown sickness that she was never diagnosed and treated for. Thus, Ivan was left alone to fend himself in the cruel streets of Cordoba. He made friends with the rats that roamed the trash bins, and made enemies with the dogs that fought to obtain their own food. His story began with tragedy, but it didn't end that way. He was able to survive through harsh winters, and hot summers by savaging food from the streets, but one fateful winter, while he was shrinking within his small, ripped sheet that he called shelter, a hand reached out to him. He was wearing a hood, and from what Ivan could see, the man inside seemed almost Egyptian, and although he had a dagger by his side, he looked like he was kind enough to provide him with food and accessories that would allow him to survive. Without hesitation, Ivan took the hand, and the event would change his life forever. The man was a thief, a professional thief... perhaps one of the best in the world at the time. He could steal without a even looking at a target. He could grab the bag that you held securely in your pocket with one smooth swipe of his hand. He was incredible, and he was a mentor to Ivan. Ivan learned the methods thieving, and soon enough, he was able to survive as a pickpocket by stealing from unaware rich people roaming the streets of Cordoba. Ivan fed homeless children on the streets when he had a chance, and he actually lived quite a comfortable life with his master, who was a far better thief than him. Eventually, Ivan learned the ways of scouting, and drawing maps for his master before his grand schemes, and soon, he was taught how to pull off the schemes that his master plots. He was incredible, and his flexibility along with his experience with tough situations as a child made him the perfect thief, and it seemed that no tasks would trouble him. His life, however, changed when his master died after a grand robbery. The cops were able to track them down, and his master acted as a distraction so Ivan could escape out of the window. Before he left, he heard the words, "Do not kill, for the art of stealing is a piece of art." Soon enough, he became a sailor sailing the wide seas of our undiscovered world, and he spent his life travelling through the world and flirting with girls whenever he had a chance to come onto the land. On one occasion, he took a nerve gear from a man who was walking carelessly through the streets in the middle of the night, and thus, his story began, by entering the nerve gear that had driven his curiosity to a new level never before experienced by him. Virtues: Social: Ivan loves to talk to girls, and he'll find any opportunity to do so. Not only girls, he just likes to talk in general, and thus, he is very good at gathering information and getting on the good side of people. With this, he is a good asset to a lot of people. Extremely Lucky: Since he was a child, he has been known for his amazing luck. With his luck and a combination of skill, he is able to make miracles that keep him alive and safe. Luck comes from confidence, some say, and for Pick, he says, "You make your own luck". Calculative: Ivan has a plan for the future, and will make plans in order to reach that. He is a quick thinker, able to act from behind in order to make plans for individuals. In order to obtain wealth, he is willing to under go any method. Flaws: Annoying: Because Ivan is highly talkative, he often gets on people's nerves. When he talks too much, it can be very annoying, and become repetitive even. This doesn't bother Ivan though, because he'll try his best to get on the good side of people again. Coward: Ivan has lived a life of running away and direct confrontation. He's not afraid to run away from a tough situation, and even if it means ditching his friends, he would do so without hesitation. As a true thief, this is only to be expected of him. Selfish: Although Ivan hides behind a mask of good by giving supplies and materials to people, it is not because he's not selfish. He does this mainly so people thinks he's a good person. In order to get on the good side of people, he sacrifices money - and then gets more money as a result of his connections to people. Skills: Total SP: 34 Used SP: 33 Unused SP: 1 Non-combat: » Gatherer (Skilled) Passive » Familiar Mastery: Fighter (Rank 1) Combat » Weapon skills: » 2H Battle Axe (Rank 3) Inventory: Weapons/Tools: Axe of Pure Gold (Perfect) (3x Accuracy) Dread (Perfect) (3x Accuracy) Thief's Companion (T1 Light Armor) (Perfect) (3x Evasion) Cloak of Corruption (T1 Cloak) (Perfect) (2x Regen, 1x Savvy) Cape of Pure Gold (T1 Cape) (Perfect) (+3 LD) or Luck of Time (T1 Trinket - Pocket watch) (Perfect) (+3 LD) Emerald (Owl) (Familiar) (+1 DMG) 3985 Col 94 T1 Materials 3x Starter Health Potion (+50 HP) 5x T1 Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40 HP) 1x T1 Damage Potion (+1 Damage) 1x T1 Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) Familiar's Calling (1x Familiar's Sight) [+2 LD when searching for familiars] Safeguard Potion 3x Golden Garlic Bread (+3 LD) 1x Strong Fish (+1 BD) Snowfrost (1/2 Damage from Burn) T1 Dagger (1 DMG) T1 Ring (+1 ACC) T1 Unidentified Perfect Heavy Armor 2x T1 Unidentified Rare Consumables 2x T1 Unidentified Rare Consumables 2x T1 Unidentified Rare Consumables Roleplays: Col Tracker: T1 Mat Tracker:
  17. Zuel

    Zuel's Journal

    Profile After Two Years Username: Zuel Real name: Giovanni Epithet: The Wolf Age: Old Gender: Male Height: 6'2 History Personality Virtues Flaws Character Stats Profession / Crafts Dark Iron Forge Sword Skills Mods Inventory Equipped Gear Zuel's Quest Log
  18. Asakku

    Asakku's Journal

    Profile : Username : Asakku Real Name : Ada Saiko Age : 17 > 19 Gender : Female Height : 5'1 About: History/Personality : Ada only grew up with one parent, thus not giving her nearly the amount of love she deserved. Adding on to that, her father was rarely ever home, he was usually out drinking booze and alcohol with his 'friends'. But because of this, Ada became severely excluded from other children her age but had a growing skill of independence. She didn't have a parental figure in her life to help her with homework or to have nice family meals with. Her life only got worse when she was diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder at the age of 15. This gave her father a sense of hatred for her since he had to use his 'hard earned' money for therapy sessions for her. Though she never got severely injured, her father would often take out his anger out on her, and that happened a lot. So Ada studied hard, she knew that her father would never pay any college for her, no matter how good of a university it was, but she studied hard for a scholarship in the field of medicine. She eventually did get that scholarship, finally ridding herself of a place she never called home and an abusive father. Though she never attended anymore therapy sessions- which only worsened her disorder- she felt more free than ever. So when SAO first came out, she took it as her first action of being free and buying the game and gear before it was sold out with a little bit of money she quote on quote 'borrowed' from her father. Finding herself in a virtual world unable to get from, she was honestly quite amused, she took this as a sign that she was meant to be free from the world and her fathers grasp. Virtues: Unbothered : Dealing with a lot of criticism growing up, Ada simply did not care about people said about her anymore. Even if she hears rude comments are careless whispers, she won’t give a crap. This leads her to coming up with more ideas without letting people’s judgements get to her. Quick-Thinker : Adding on to her analyzing skills, she is quick to think is narrow situations. When in face of a problem, she is fast on catching onto the situation as well as coming up with a solution for it. Although when she is pressured into thinking of a successful idea, she may think of a rather bad one. Creative : When thinking of possible solutions for problems, she would pick things you wouldn't usually think of at first. Sometimes its hard for her to explain those ideas, but she somehow manages.Though they are not always good ideas, they still hold a dash of creativity. Flaws: Cold Hearted : Ada disregards everything she sees as living, breathing, and thinking. She does not care for people, animals, or plants for the matter. People often call her cold hearted, because of her lack of sympathy or empathy for any living thing. Sociopathic : Late into her childhood years, Ada was diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder. This often leaves her in the dark of things and uncomfortable to be around. Thus leaving her lonely and friend-less, as most people tend to stay away from her. Manipulative : Going along with her disorder, Ada likes to take advantage of people. She usually takes advantage of people who are weak minded, making them have a false sense of justice in the world. This lets her manipulate how they think and feel, letting her have the power in the situation. Aquaphobe : Ada has always had a fear of water. Harsh punishments from her father especially concerning water left her scarred to the harmless substance. Though small amounts leave her chilled, its only the big bodies of water that tend to freak her out. Profession : N/A Skills Non-combat: > Passive: > R2 1H Assault Spear Skill > R1 Light Armor Skill Combat: > Weapon skills: > Inventory : > Basic Package > Breaking Point | 1H Assault Spear | +1 DMG | +1 ACC | +1 Keen > Beginners 1H Assault Spear | +1 DMG > Beginners Red Light Armor | +1 EVA > Crimson Ascot | +3 Loot Die > Green Tea | +2 Loot Die > Snowfrost | Takes Half Damage From Burning Damage Over Time > 2 Rare Consumables > T1 Perfect Light Armor > 5 Starter Healing Potions | Heals 50 HP SP Log : Roleplay Log [ Not In Correct Order ] :
  19. Aspect

    Ryder's Documents (Finished)

    Appearance: Profile: Username: Aspect Real Name: Ryder Esterwood Age: 19 Height: 5’ 10” Born: June 12th, 2001 Gender: Male Sexual Alignment: Straight Handiness: Ambidextrous Favorite Color: Silver About: Ryder was abandoned at birth, he lives as an orphan in a horrible place for the first seventeen years of his life, he never knew his biological parents either but intends to find them. He made friends in middle school with an individual named Athel. Athel is mute, and due to a few things, he can’t speak in game either. The only reason they were friends is because Ryder understood sign language. Then their friendship prospered, together they were quite the companions. They like to play video games despite the fact that Athel would be able to understand anything without subtitles, when SAO came out, they both bought a copy and were excited to play together. But little did they know it was a trap, they were then stuck in the game. Ryder was stuck with the name “Aspect” and Athel was stuck with, mainly because he was mute in real life, the name “Silence”. Ryder went into the game at seventeen, he is now nineteen. Athel went into the game at nineteen, he is now twenty-one. They plan to escape together, alive. At one point Ryder ran away from the orphanage and became homeless for a little over three months, the orphanage took little effort to find him. He hated that place, to him, SAO is an improvement. He was mistreated in the orphanage by the caretaker who seemed to enjoy watching the kids suffer. No one had adopted Ryder, and he doubts anyone ever will He wouldn’t be where he is now, not in game, I mean in character if it wasn’t for his lifetime friend Athel. He tends to always feel threatened and endangered because of his troubles in the real world as well. He obtained insomnia as a child and has it to this day, somehow able to do thing day to day with little sleep and motivation other then to help his friends, more specifically his best friend. What he doesn't know is that the orphanage closed down shorty after SAO released. He will have no where to turn. Virtues & Flaws: Virtues: Social - Ryder is a very talkative person. He likes to get to know people and try new experiences, that is if he is courageous enough to do it. I mean, who would even try bungee jumping? He likes to find out who people are and why they do what they do. He is also funny from time to time, he is good with making jokes to crack the ice. Smart - Ryder is smart, not that he was a great student or something like that, he is a quick learner. Thought he only learns new things if absolutely necessary or if he is interested in the topic, subject, or physical object. He never forgets, he almost wishes he could, but the more you think about a memory, good or bad, the more intense it becomes. He can be particularly hand in this situation. Friendly - He is friendly, combine that with social and you have a recipe for a very nice person. He like to help or at least say he will. He likes his sleep, don’t cut into his sleep time. He will help you out on the spot if it is a small deed or if he cares for you. Most likely on though. Flaws: Lazy - He is lazy, he is a little stubborn about it too. He wants to help but can’t seem to work up the nerve to do it. He has a bad habit of making himself false promises or flat out lying to himself. He wants to stop this, he wants to help, but he doesn’t know how to get himself to do it, he needs guidance. He tends to only do things if they interest him. Which reminds me of the next flaw. Aimless - Ryder is aimless as ever, he has no motivation, No sense of direction or purpose, no guidance to tell him right from wrong.That was before the game, so now, it has gotten so much worse. He wanders around Aincrad, doing things to satisfy his own boredom and interests. He could easily just fade away as another casualty of the Aincrad Arc. Like a unnamed soldier who died in combat, never to be heard from again. Insomniac - Despite the fact one of his favorite things to do is to sleep. He has trouble doing it, and he does admit it as well. Ever since he could remember he had been a troubled sleeper. He tosses and turns all night to no avail to wake up restless in less than twenty minutes after midnight. It tends to be harder for him to sleep when he is feeling unsafe. Needless to say being trapped in a game were over two thousand people died within a month, he barely slept. Even then, he thought he was in danger in the real world, due to the caretaker. Skills: Usable SP: 5 | Total SP: 5 Non-combat: N/A Passive: N/A Combat: N/A Weapon skills: N/A Inventory: Col: 2,000 Weapons/Tools: Armor: Battle Ready: Other: Roleplays: Strike through means its complete - **Asterisk means is in progress** N/A Relationships (optional): Story Thus Far:
  20. Omichiharu


    Shino Asada (朝田 詩乃 Asada Shino) is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels and anime by Reki Kawahara. She is more commonly known by her portmanteau, Sinon (シノン Shinon), her player name in the Gun Gale Online and ALfheim Online video games that the series is set in. She makes her series debut in the fifth light novel volume, titled Phantom Bullet, and the second season of the Sword Art Online anime. When she was eleven, Shino was involved in a post office robbery where she accidentally killed the armed robber. As a result, she began to develop a fear of guns, deciding to play Gun Gale Online in hopes it would mend her trauma. The character has achieved popularity in anime and manga fandom, often appearing in fan polls and official merchandise, and has received positive critical reception, with acclaim directed at her appearance and depth of character
  21. Kult

    Mizujinns's Journal

    Profile Username: Mizujinn Real name: Shinjiro Tomoroki Age: 14 Gender: Male Height: 170.18 cm About: History/personality Shinjiro is a teenager. He was bullied as a kid and was depressed until age 12. He never did well in school though his only friend said he was a genius (so did a few others but he didn’t know that. He is Introverted. He lives in the city with his mother, father, and his brother. Loves anything Nerdy and is especially interested in VR and was barely unable to be a beta tester because he was around a minute late(literally so many people wanted to be beta testers!) He finally got a copy of SAO and he can’t wait to dive in.. Virtues: He is Extremely Smart. He likes to Learn and is a huge nerd. He loves Science, Math, Engineering and Technology. He is very Observant. He loves puzzles and is very good at putting 2 and 2 together. He also loves strategy He is good at video games. He plays a lot of video games and his favorite are RPGs. Those are his specialty. Flaws: He is no good with people. he has very bad social skills so doesn't like people. Is irritable around them too. He is a control freak and likes to always control everything. He always tries to lead if he's in a group. That means he is never a team player He's a pessimist. He never looks at things optimistically. People find this annoying. Profession: none Skills Non-combat: None Passive: None Combat: None Weapon skills: None Inventory Weapons/Tools: None Roleplays Coming soon! Relationships none Story Thus Far Coming soon!
  22. Vivlia

    Vivlia’s Notebook

    Profile : Username : Vivlia Name : Adalene Mercier Age : 17 Height : 5’1 Gender : Female Personality / History : Adalene Mercier was born into a more upper class family in the heart of France, Paris. As an only child, her parents pampered her more Han they should have, giving her gifts, toys, and more items she did not care for. She would prefer them using their money to benefit other people but this never really happened because she was honestly a shy girl. She wasn’t introduced to many people, leaving her often isolated and alone and in her own world. Though she never truly felt alone, Adalene would always turn to her books for comfort with welcomed arms. Reading had become a daily thing for her, you would always spot her with either a book or two anywhere. To her, the books were her refuge, a place she could call home, a reality where she was only allowed into. But because of her love for reading, she was always nicknamed the ‘bookworm’ or ‘nerd’ at her prestigious school, making her less and less confident in her social life. But soon enough, the word SAO has popped up through her school. Though she would often ‘overhear’ other people talking about it, how it was a great place for social activity and how there were countless things to learn, she knew straight away she needed this game. It was actually one of the few things she strongly wanted in the world. During summer break, her parents would always take her to a small beachfront they own in Japan, though always hesitant on spending a large amount of cash for the trip there, she reluctantly agrees every time. Around the evening during her stay, her parents had given her a large box, nearly wrapped with a large ribbon. Refusing a gift, she shook her head no, but her parents kept insisting until she gave in. Slowly and cautiously she opened the box, it revealed to be a full set of Nervegear and the SAO game. Her parents had managed to score the gear and a copy of the game before it sold out. She thanked her parents humongously of course and set off. Her parents only chuckled at their daughters behavior before turning in the news to reveal the shockingly truth of SAO. They rushed to their daughters room to warn her, but it was already too late. The poor girl was already sent to the horrors of the virtual world. Virtues : Hardworking : Vivlia has a hardworking personality for someone so shy. She always tries her hardest whether it’s a big or small problem. Her hardworking nature has gotten her high points in life and she hopes to keep it that way. Focused : She would always remain super intent on whatever’s happening in front of her. This is letting her being able to get work down easier. Thought she sometimes casts others away while she’s working, it just saves her time and energy. Respect : Vivlia has respect for almost everyone she meets. She believes that the only way for people to respect you is for you to respect them. She doesn’t have respect for everybody though, if she gets a bad vibe about you, you’re out of the picture for her. Flaws : Quiet : Thought being quiet has some perks, Vivlia wouldn’t say it is. She would always stay quiet during conversations unless it’s strictly being directed to her. She usually tends to keep quiet during arguments cause she really just doesn’t know what to do. Lonesome : Face it, she doesn’t have that many friends in or out of SAO. She would often be sighted far away from groups of people, hence the reason why she still remains a solo player. Though she honestly tries her hardest to socialize, it’s just no second nature to her. Doubtful : Though she is hardworking, she often doubts her decisions.. a lot. She would always be scared that if she makes the wrong decisions, the world could fall down on her. She hates the feeling of bearing weight on her shoulders which is why she usually takes a while before making decisions. Skills : > One Handed Weapons Non Combat : Passive : Combat : Weapon Skills : Inventory : > Basic Package > Frostbite Rapier [ Rank 1 | Uncommon Rapier | 1 DMG ] > Sylvan Plates [ Uncommon Light Armor | 1 Accuracy ] > 5 Starter Healing Potions [ 50 HP ] > 10 T1 Mats Col Log : Roleplay Log : Relationships :
  23. Cypher


    Username: Cypher Real Name: Shiroe Homura Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 5'11" Appearance: Real Life Offline: Shiroe's actual appearance is far different than that of his avatars. In the real world, Shiroe is a tired young man that some would call a NEET. He has dark bags under his eyes, messy black hair, an excessively skinny frame and patchy facial hair. Of course, this was back when he had first entered the game. By this point in time, both his facial and actual hair have likely grown out and began to fill out the space that practically wasn't covered. Due to his parents work life, it was doubtful that they would take the time to properly groom him. Sword Art Online: Cypher's appearance is everything that Shiroe himself had actually wanted to be. He is a thin and yet muscular man that has fair skin, long bleach blond hair, sky blue eyes and no facial hair to be seen. His physique is toned and his weight, surprisingly, is rather light. He is typically seen wearing sets of heavy armor, going for both protection and style within the piece. And just for the added flair, he dawns a cape as well. About: History & Personality Shiroe Homura is the son of two rather wealthy Japanese executives and got just about everything that he had ever wanted just by asking for it. His parents worked full time jobs and were rarely ever home to actually see him, so they would simply throw gifts at him to try and keep him happy. In all honesty, they weren't the best parents. In fact, it was their fault that he would even end up in Sword Art Online in the first place! Of course, with the fact that he had constantly played video games instead of going elsewhere and really doing much of anything else, he had some part in the blame as well. It had been around the time of his seventeenth birthday when he had received his nervegear, in addition to the latest game, Sword Art Online. His parents said that it was something new that was supposed to be all the rave and that if he was going to ask for a new game every other week, that he should just try out this new VRMMO and see how long it would stick. Seeing as how he had nothing better to do, Shiroe would simply give it a whirl. Of course, once he would log-in, he would find himself stuck in the same circumstances as all of the others within the game at this time ... Fighting for his life. As time would go on for the first two years, Shiroe honestly didn't know what to do. He was scared of dying out there in the field and honestly ... just wanted to get back home. Over the course of the two years, he would simply reside within the town of beginnings, listening to the stories of others and waiting for someone to beat the game. Unfortunately, it seemed as though that time wasn't going to come for quite some time. As such, there was only one way out of here ... This was the day that Shiroe was going to move forward and participate in the passing of the game. This was the day that he would put Shiroe behind him and rise from the ashes as his avatar: Cypher! Virtues: The virtues that Cypher has come to accept over the course of these past couple of years are courage, open mindedness and kindness. He has met various people throughout this time, most beginners that had remained with him in the town of beginnings, and come to learn a great deal about a lot of people and their lives outside of the game. Hearing their words had been enough to inspire him to head out into the game and begin to make a name for himself. In order to accomplish such things, he would need to have the courage to face these trials. He is open-minded to most things that occur in the end, as long as he is able to get out of this game and to help the others escape as well. And thanks to all of those that have helped him along the way and given him food to survive off of, he has learned the true virtue of kindness. Flaws: Although Cypher has gained various virtues throughout his time here, his flaws would still remain. As the time would go on and the floors would still have trouble being completed, Cypher would begin to grow agitated. Slowly, he would begin to develop a fixation of sorts, hoping for these events to finally come to an end. In the end, it was the experiences that he had heard from others and this fixation of his that would cause him to venture out and begin his journey to help clear the floors. Unfortunately, all of this time being cooped up with people that he has come to know has left him as a rather ... bold person in nature. He doesn't really seem to have any restraint when it comes to strangers, which also begins to tie into his courageous nature. And finally, one of the biggest side-effects of being in this game, was the fact that Cypher had over time developed a habit of sorts. Whenever he seems to get truly antsy about a situation, he can't help but bounce his right leg in place. This typically gives away how he may be feeling at the time, but honestly comes and goes. Profession: N/A Skills: Total SP: 5 Used SP: 5 Unused SP: 0 Inventory: Set C "Tank Package" Weapons/Armor: Items/Consumables: Others: Relationships: Friends List: Roleplays:
  24. Is there a community consensus on two-handed vs 1-handed weapons and light armor vs heavy armor? (Number crunching) This site really needs another Beginners Guide geared towards the character creation process, right now the posts are just massive info-dumps.