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  1. Appearance: (Couldn't find a picture of a male anime character that has a fedora, trench coat, and a hidden identity. My current profile picture will change of I find a picture fitting that description.) Marc usually wears a black faded trench coat, which is usually buttoned, a black fedora, black rain boots, a white undershirt, and gray pants. He has black hair, hazel eyes, and a barely visible scar on his cheek. He also has no facial hair. Profile: Username: Falcon Name: Marc B. Harrison Age: 23 Birthday: August 9th About: Marc was always fascinated by the unknown. At such a young age, Marc studied forensics, crime, and such. He continued to learn, and figure things out. When he was nineteen, he had opened a private investigation company, Falcon Detective Agency. After a year, he got a large case, he chased after it for a few more years before he found more leads in Japan. He went there to poke around and try to see what the other investigators could not, the final price of the puzzle. When he was there a game released called “Sword Art Online”. He figured he earned himself a break from the case and to have some time to himself in this foreign place, like a vacation. That's when everything goes so very wrong. But the players of Aincrad need help, so Marc is trying to start a reformed version of his real life agency: Falcon's Private Eyes of Aincrad. In his past, Marc was an abused child, he was bullied and beatened by his own parents. When he was sixteen he was severly injured in a beating and placed in foster care. He never made contact with his parents ever since. Though he has an extremely troubled past, he tries to see the good in everyone. Not everyone fulfills this unfortunately, though individuals he tends to ignore or distrust. Virtues: Clear Headed - Marc is able to remain calm, composed, and understanding in stressful or in most any negative condition. As a private eye, he has to consider motive. He believes that behind an action, is a reason. Even in the event of an extreme incident, he is more likely out of everyone there to see and understand his point of veiw. Not that he will side with it. Intelligent - Harrison is clever, he needs to be in order to do his job. He used his heightened intelligence to understand others better, solve problems, and to help him make it through the day. He utilizes this to the best of his abilities, he is able to make people see the wrongs in themselves and others, and given time, hopefully a better person in a near future. Helpful - Unless you happen to find yourself attacking him, he will probably try to help others of they ask for it. Sometimes, if you help him, he will help you in return, almost immediately too. He had been quick since he was sixteen. The way he saw it was, why have enemies, when you can have friends. Flaws: Gruff – Stern in manner or appearance. Marc always looks and sounds serious, he always had the same calm but serious expression in his face. Most avoid him because of it. Even his posture is serious. He all together, his face had look of a doctor with terrible news. Which concerns people around him. Indifferent – The trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally, remaining calm and seeming not to care. To sum it up, it is a casual lack of concern. He was always like this, he is always thinking he has everything under control, and remains surprisingly calm because of it. Though some people can get offended by this, because it seems like he just doesn't care. Doubtful of Others - Marc is seriously doubtful of others. He doesn't tend to trust strangers or newcomers unless he has got a good reference from a friend. He always has second guesses when another player comes up with an idea, and Marc will try to pick it apart. He also never feels safe when he is under someone else's instructions. Which can be annoying at some times. Skills: SP: Unused SP: 5 / Total SP: 5 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory: (DPS Pack Selected) Weapons/Armor: Potions: Other: Roleplays: Relationships (optional): Story Thus Far (optional):
  2. Zuel

    Zuel's Journal

    Profile Username: Zuel Real name: Giovanni Age: 35 Gender: Male Height: 6'2 History Giovanni had always loved RPGs, spending most of his free time playing video games whenever he had the chance. At a young age, Giovanni lost his father while he was serving overseas. It had a pretty big impact in his life and made him strive to honor his father by serving the military as well. He worked very diligently in school, spending most of his time studying as playing video games was put on hold. After high school Giovanni enlisted and joined the military severing for many years and earning the rank of First Sergeant. He learned a lot during his many year of service before suffering an injury that would send him home. After returning home he decided to follow his passion and go to school to become a software designer for video games when he graduated, he join a gaming company. Eager to test out new software for the future he got his hands on the new Sword Art Onlin game that was coming out with the NerveGear thanks to his company. Personality Giovanni is very calm and reserved in nature. His usual unyielding stoic countenance hardly ever betrays bewilderment or enthusiasm but whenever it does, it’s often at the minimum level. He is extremely intelligent and analytical. His emotions are merely skewed in a certain direction, with on particular aspect becoming especially sensitive. He is very analytical, using logic and common sense rather than emotions to make decisions. Giovanni is a lot older than most of the player base in SAO but he still has a passion for game all the same. Virtues Tactician When it comes to formulating a strategy no one is more suited for the job than Zuel. Taking advantage of his unnaturally high intelligence Zuel is able to make accurate choices in intense moments usually thinking ten moves ahead with dozens of strategies ready to be used. He is highly aware of his surroundings and able to see through most deceptions. His intelligence is highly adaptable regularly using it to out-think his opponents. From these traits Zuel is able to easily focus on data acquired quickly and effectively analyze the situation to discern the enemies battle style, abilities, devise counter, anticipate enemy action and quickly form effective plans. Leader Due to Zuel’s personality and intelligence, most people tend to follow what he says and look to him for most answer to any given situation. He is able to utilize and manage his parties abilities to the fullest while helping people learn through his instructions. His intuition allows him to discern if his party members are equipped enough for any given task and will never ask more of someone than they are capable of unless in extreme situations. Usually prioritizing keeping his party safe, Zuel will tend to never put his party in danger if the risk is to high and calling for a retreat when necessary. Confident Zuel is very confident in his abilities and will never falter in intense moments. He rarely second guesses himself when it comes to formulating a strategies and always executes his plan without hesitation of what might go wrong. He isn’t cocky in any way and will never boast when ever a plan goes right. To him it is just mere calculations with minimal room for error. His confident can reassure his allies in battle seeing that he isn't stressing over the situation at hand and can allow them to perform without worry. Flaws Indifferent Zuel tends lack enthusiasm for or interest in things generally, remaining calm and seeming not to care about much. He usually thinks analytically and doesn’t put other feelings before logic and usually doesn’t work well with highly emotional people. His hard way of thinking can be seemed as if he is a cold person when he isn’t at all. Intimidating Zuel’s deep - set eyes and piercing gaze often makes him look very intimidating which tends to make other that don’t know him well think that he is a scary guy. Whenever he is lost coming up with a plan it can make him seem very unapproachable. This makes it hard for people to want to get closer to him and for him to try to build relationships with others. Eccentric Due to his unconventional behavior Zuel is often referred as an Eccentric person. He tends to see things differently than others and may act strangely to achieve his goals but to him seem like normal behavior. He tends to think about the bigger picture and over all scheme of things, planning well in advance which make people not understand his actions. Profession: 3/8 SP Skills » Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: ►One-Handed Weapons1/5 RanksPassiveEffect: Gain +1 base damage per rank Weapon skills: » Inventory Set B "DPS Package" Weapon of choice, of Rare or lower quality Vanity Armor of choice (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials - 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP)- 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage)-1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) Weapons/Tools: General's Blade (Rare quality 1 handed straight sword) (X2 damage) Slot 1 ► DamageCost: 1 SlotCap: 3 SlotsEffect: Gain +(1 * Tier) base damage per slot. Slot 2 ► DamageCost: 1 SlotCap: 3 SlotsEffect: Gain +(1 * Tier) base damage per slot. Roleplays RelationshipsStory thus far
  3. Asakku

    Asakku's Journal

    Profile : Username : Asakku Real Name : Ada Saiko Age : 19 Gender : Female Height : 5'1 About: History/Personality : Ada only grew up with one parent, thus not giving her nearly the amount of love she deserved. Adding on to that, her father was rarely ever home, he was usually out drinking booze and alcohol with his 'friends'. But because of this, Ada became severely excluded from other children her age but had a growing skill of independence. She didn't have a parental figure in her life to help her with homework or to have nice family meals with. Her life only got worse when she was diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder at the age of 15. This gave her father a sense of hatred for her since he had to use his 'hard earned' money for therapy sessions for her. Though she never got severely injured, her father would often take out his anger out on her, and that happened a lot. So Ada studied hard, she knew that her father would never pay any college for her, no matter how good of a university it was, but she studied hard for a scholarship in the field of medicine. She eventually did get that scholarship, finally ridding herself of a place she never called home and an abusive father. Though she never attended anymore therapy sessions- which only worsened her disorder- she felt more free than ever. So when SAO first came out, she took it as her first action of being free and buying the game and gear before it was sold out with a little bit of money she quote on quote 'borrowed' from her father. Finding herself in a virtual world unable to get from, she was honestly quite amused, she took this as a sign that she was meant to be free from the world and her fathers grasp. Virtues: Analyzing : When Ada takes on a task, she is quick to analyze it's contents. This also comes in handy when she is faced against something or someone, she spots out the strengths and weaknesses, thus letting her be informed of their threat level to her. Taking the advantage, most of the time triumphs her battles. Quick-Thinker : Adding on to her analyzing skills, she is quick to think is narrow situations. When in face of a problem, she is fast on catching onto the situation as well as coming up with a solution for it. Although when she is pressured into thinking of a successful idea, she may think of a rather bad one. Creative : When thinking of possible solutions for problems, she would pick things you wouldn't usually think of at first. Sometimes its hard for her to explain those ideas, but she somehow manages.Though they are not always good ideas, they still hold a dash of creativity. Flaws: Quick To Judge : The conditions she's lived in have forced her to be a very judgmental person. Usually, your first interaction with her is how she has you labeled. Although there is a very slim chance you can make her change that labeled, it's nearly impossible. Sociopathic : Late into her childhood years, Ada was diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder. This often leaves her in the dark of things and uncomfortable to be around. Thus leaving her lonely and friend-less, as most people tend to stay away from her. Manipulative : Going along with her disorder, Ada likes to take advantage of people. She usually takes advantage of people who are weak minded, making them have a false sense of justice in the world. This lets her manipulate how they think and feel, letting her have the power in the situation. Profession : N/A Skills Non-combat: > Passive: > R2 1H Assault Spear Skill > R1 Light Armor Skill Combat: > Weapon skills: > Inventory : > Basic Package > Breaking Point | 1H Assault Spear | +1 DMG | +1 ACC | +1 Keen > Beginners 1H Assault Spear | +1 DMG > Beginners Red Light Armor | +1 EVA > Crimson Ascot | +3 Loot Die > Green Tea | +2 Loot Die > Snowfrost | Takes Half Damage From Burning Damage Over Time > 2 Rare Consumables > T1 Perfect Light Armor > 5 Starter Healing Potions | Heals 50 HP SP Log : Roleplay Log [ Not In Correct Order ] :
  4. Aspect

    Ryder's Documents (Finished)

    Appearance: Profile: Username: Aspect Real Name: Ryder Esterwood Age: 19 Height: 5’ 10” Born: June 12th, 2001 Gender: Male Sexual Alignment: Straight Handiness: Ambidextrous Favorite Color: Silver About: Ryder was abandoned at birth, he lives as an orphan in a horrible place for the first seventeen years of his life, he never knew his biological parents either but intends to find them. He made friends in middle school with an individual named Athel. Athel is mute, and due to a few things, he can’t speak in game either. The only reason they were friends is because Ryder understood sign language. Then their friendship prospered, together they were quite the companions. They like to play video games despite the fact that Athel would be able to understand anything without subtitles, when SAO came out, they both bought a copy and were excited to play together. But little did they know it was a trap, they were then stuck in the game. Ryder was stuck with the name “Aspect” and Athel was stuck with, mainly because he was mute in real life, the name “Silence”. Ryder went into the game at seventeen, he is now nineteen. Athel went into the game at nineteen, he is now twenty-one. They plan to escape together, alive. At one point Ryder ran away from the orphanage and became homeless for a little over three months, the orphanage took little effort to find him. He hated that place, to him, SAO is an improvement. He was mistreated in the orphanage by the caretaker who seemed to enjoy watching the kids suffer. No one had adopted Ryder, and he doubts anyone ever will He wouldn’t be where he is now, not in game, I mean in character if it wasn’t for his lifetime friend Athel. He tends to always feel threatened and endangered because of his troubles in the real world as well. He obtained insomnia as a child and has it to this day, somehow able to do thing day to day with little sleep and motivation other then to help his friends, more specifically his best friend. What he doesn't know is that the orphanage closed down shorty after SAO released. He will have no where to turn. Virtues & Flaws: Virtues: Social - Ryder is a very talkative person. He likes to get to know people and try new experiences, that is if he is courageous enough to do it. I mean, who would even try bungee jumping? He likes to find out who people are and why they do what they do. He is also funny from time to time, he is good with making jokes to crack the ice. Smart - Ryder is smart, not that he was a great student or something like that, he is a quick learner. Thought he only learns new things if absolutely necessary or if he is interested in the topic, subject, or physical object. He never forgets, he almost wishes he could, but the more you think about a memory, good or bad, the more intense it becomes. He can be particularly hand in this situation. Friendly - He is friendly, combine that with social and you have a recipe for a very nice person. He like to help or at least say he will. He likes his sleep, don’t cut into his sleep time. He will help you out on the spot if it is a small deed or if he cares for you. Most likely on though. Flaws: Lazy - He is lazy, he is a little stubborn about it too. He wants to help but can’t seem to work up the nerve to do it. He has a bad habit of making himself false promises or flat out lying to himself. He wants to stop this, he wants to help, but he doesn’t know how to get himself to do it, he needs guidance. He tends to only do things if they interest him. Which reminds me of the next flaw. Aimless - Ryder is aimless as ever, he has no motivation, No sense of direction or purpose, no guidance to tell him right from wrong.That was before the game, so now, it has gotten so much worse. He wanders around Aincrad, doing things to satisfy his own boredom and interests. He could easily just fade away as another casualty of the Aincrad Arc. Like a unnamed soldier who died in combat, never to be heard from again. Insomniac - Despite the fact one of his favorite things to do is to sleep. He has trouble doing it, and he does admit it as well. Ever since he could remember he had been a troubled sleeper. He tosses and turns all night to no avail to wake up restless in less than twenty minutes after midnight. It tends to be harder for him to sleep when he is feeling unsafe. Needless to say being trapped in a game were over two thousand people died within a month, he barely slept. Even then, he thought he was in danger in the real world, due to the caretaker. Skills: Usable SP: 5 | Total SP: 5 Non-combat: N/A Passive: N/A Combat: N/A Weapon skills: N/A Inventory: Col: 2,000 Weapons/Tools: Armor: Battle Ready: Other: Roleplays: Strike through means its complete - **Asterisk means is in progress** N/A Relationships (optional): Story Thus Far:
  5. Omichiharu


    Shino Asada (朝田 詩乃 Asada Shino) is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels and anime by Reki Kawahara. She is more commonly known by her portmanteau, Sinon (シノン Shinon), her player name in the Gun Gale Online and ALfheim Online video games that the series is set in. She makes her series debut in the fifth light novel volume, titled Phantom Bullet, and the second season of the Sword Art Online anime. When she was eleven, Shino was involved in a post office robbery where she accidentally killed the armed robber. As a result, she began to develop a fear of guns, deciding to play Gun Gale Online in hopes it would mend her trauma. The character has achieved popularity in anime and manga fandom, often appearing in fan polls and official merchandise, and has received positive critical reception, with acclaim directed at her appearance and depth of character
  6. Kult

    Mizujinns's Journal

    Profile Username: Mizujinn Real name: Shinjiro Tomoroki Age: 14 Gender: Male Height: 170.18 cm About: History/personality Shinjiro is a teenager. He was bullied as a kid and was depressed until age 12. He never did well in school though his only friend said he was a genius (so did a few others but he didn’t know that. He is Introverted. He lives in the city with his mother, father, and his brother. Loves anything Nerdy and is especially interested in VR and was barely unable to be a beta tester because he was around a minute late(literally so many people wanted to be beta testers!) He finally got a copy of SAO and he can’t wait to dive in.. Virtues: He is Extremely Smart. He likes to Learn and is a huge nerd. He loves Science, Math, Engineering and Technology. He is very Observant. He loves puzzles and is very good at putting 2 and 2 together. He also loves strategy He is good at video games. He plays a lot of video games and his favorite are RPGs. Those are his specialty. Flaws: He is no good with people. he has very bad social skills so doesn't like people. Is irritable around them too. He is a control freak and likes to always control everything. He always tries to lead if he's in a group. That means he is never a team player He's a pessimist. He never looks at things optimistically. People find this annoying. Profession: none Skills Non-combat: None Passive: None Combat: None Weapon skills: None Inventory Weapons/Tools: None Roleplays Coming soon! Relationships none Story Thus Far Coming soon!
  7. Vivlia

    Vivlia’s Notebook

    Profile : Username : Vivlia Name : Adalene Mercier Age : 17 Height : 5’1 Gender : Female Personality / History : Adalene Mercier was born into a more upper class family in the heart of France, Paris. As an only child, her parents pampered her more Han they should have, giving her gifts, toys, and more items she did not care for. She would prefer them using their money to benefit other people but this never really happened because she was honestly a shy girl. She wasn’t introduced to many people, leaving her often isolated and alone and in her own world. Though she never truly felt alone, Adalene would always turn to her books for comfort with welcomed arms. Reading had become a daily thing for her, you would always spot her with either a book or two anywhere. To her, the books were her refuge, a place she could call home, a reality where she was only allowed into. But because of her love for reading, she was always nicknamed the ‘bookworm’ or ‘nerd’ at her prestigious school, making her less and less confident in her social life. But soon enough, the word SAO has popped up through her school. Though she would often ‘overhear’ other people talking about it, how it was a great place for social activity and how there were countless things to learn, she knew straight away she needed this game. It was actually one of the few things she strongly wanted in the world. During summer break, her parents would always take her to a small beachfront they own in Japan, though always hesitant on spending a large amount of cash for the trip there, she reluctantly agrees every time. Around the evening during her stay, her parents had given her a large box, nearly wrapped with a large ribbon. Refusing a gift, she shook her head no, but her parents kept insisting until she gave in. Slowly and cautiously she opened the box, it revealed to be a full set of Nervegear and the SAO game. Her parents had managed to score the gear and a copy of the game before it sold out. She thanked her parents humongously of course and set off. Her parents only chuckled at their daughters behavior before turning in the news to reveal the shockingly truth of SAO. They rushed to their daughters room to warn her, but it was already too late. The poor girl was already sent to the horrors of the virtual world. Virtues : Hardworking : Vivlia has a hardworking personality for someone so shy. She always tries her hardest whether it’s a big or small problem. Her hardworking nature has gotten her high points in life and she hopes to keep it that way. Focused : She would always remain super intent on whatever’s happening in front of her. This is letting her being able to get work down easier. Thought she sometimes casts others away while she’s working, it just saves her time and energy. Respect : Vivlia has respect for almost everyone she meets. She believes that the only way for people to respect you is for you to respect them. She doesn’t have respect for everybody though, if she gets a bad vibe about you, you’re out of the picture for her. Flaws : Quiet : Thought being quiet has some perks, Vivlia wouldn’t say it is. She would always stay quiet during conversations unless it’s strictly being directed to her. She usually tends to keep quiet during arguments cause she really just doesn’t know what to do. Lonesome : Face it, she doesn’t have that many friends in or out of SAO. She would often be sighted far away from groups of people, hence the reason why she still remains a solo player. Though she honestly tries her hardest to socialize, it’s just no second nature to her. Doubtful : Though she is hardworking, she often doubts her decisions.. a lot. She would always be scared that if she makes the wrong decisions, the world could fall down on her. She hates the feeling of bearing weight on her shoulders which is why she usually takes a while before making decisions. Skills : > One Handed Weapons Non Combat : Passive : Combat : Weapon Skills : Inventory : > Basic Package > Frostbite Rapier [ Rank 1 | Uncommon Rapier | 1 DMG ] > Sylvan Plates [ Uncommon Light Armor | 1 Accuracy ] > 5 Starter Healing Potions [ 50 HP ] > 10 T1 Mats Col Log : Roleplay Log : Relationships :
  8. Cypher


    Username: Cypher Real Name: Shiroe Homura Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 5'11" Appearance: Real Life Offline: Shiroe's actual appearance is far different than that of his avatars. In the real world, Shiroe is a tired young man that some would call a NEET. He has dark bags under his eyes, messy black hair, an excessively skinny frame and patchy facial hair. Of course, this was back when he had first entered the game. By this point in time, both his facial and actual hair have likely grown out and began to fill out the space that practically wasn't covered. Due to his parents work life, it was doubtful that they would take the time to properly groom him. Sword Art Online: Cypher's appearance is everything that Shiroe himself had actually wanted to be. He is a thin and yet muscular man that has fair skin, long bleach blond hair, sky blue eyes and no facial hair to be seen. His physique is toned and his weight, surprisingly, is rather light. He is typically seen wearing sets of heavy armor, going for both protection and style within the piece. And just for the added flair, he dawns a cape as well. About: History & Personality Shiroe Homura is the son of two rather wealthy Japanese executives and got just about everything that he had ever wanted just by asking for it. His parents worked full time jobs and were rarely ever home to actually see him, so they would simply throw gifts at him to try and keep him happy. In all honesty, they weren't the best parents. In fact, it was their fault that he would even end up in Sword Art Online in the first place! Of course, with the fact that he had constantly played video games instead of going elsewhere and really doing much of anything else, he had some part in the blame as well. It had been around the time of his seventeenth birthday when he had received his nervegear, in addition to the latest game, Sword Art Online. His parents said that it was something new that was supposed to be all the rave and that if he was going to ask for a new game every other week, that he should just try out this new VRMMO and see how long it would stick. Seeing as how he had nothing better to do, Shiroe would simply give it a whirl. Of course, once he would log-in, he would find himself stuck in the same circumstances as all of the others within the game at this time ... Fighting for his life. As time would go on for the first two years, Shiroe honestly didn't know what to do. He was scared of dying out there in the field and honestly ... just wanted to get back home. Over the course of the two years, he would simply reside within the town of beginnings, listening to the stories of others and waiting for someone to beat the game. Unfortunately, it seemed as though that time wasn't going to come for quite some time. As such, there was only one way out of here ... This was the day that Shiroe was going to move forward and participate in the passing of the game. This was the day that he would put Shiroe behind him and rise from the ashes as his avatar: Cypher! Virtues: The virtues that Cypher has come to accept over the course of these past couple of years are courage, open mindedness and kindness. He has met various people throughout this time, most beginners that had remained with him in the town of beginnings, and come to learn a great deal about a lot of people and their lives outside of the game. Hearing their words had been enough to inspire him to head out into the game and begin to make a name for himself. In order to accomplish such things, he would need to have the courage to face these trials. He is open-minded to most things that occur in the end, as long as he is able to get out of this game and to help the others escape as well. And thanks to all of those that have helped him along the way and given him food to survive off of, he has learned the true virtue of kindness. Flaws: Although Cypher has gained various virtues throughout his time here, his flaws would still remain. As the time would go on and the floors would still have trouble being completed, Cypher would begin to grow agitated. Slowly, he would begin to develop a fixation of sorts, hoping for these events to finally come to an end. In the end, it was the experiences that he had heard from others and this fixation of his that would cause him to venture out and begin his journey to help clear the floors. Unfortunately, all of this time being cooped up with people that he has come to know has left him as a rather ... bold person in nature. He doesn't really seem to have any restraint when it comes to strangers, which also begins to tie into his courageous nature. And finally, one of the biggest side-effects of being in this game, was the fact that Cypher had over time developed a habit of sorts. Whenever he seems to get truly antsy about a situation, he can't help but bounce his right leg in place. This typically gives away how he may be feeling at the time, but honestly comes and goes. Profession: N/A Skills: Total SP: 5 Used SP: 5 Unused SP: 0 Inventory: Set C "Tank Package" Weapons/Armor: Items/Consumables: Others: Relationships: Friends List: Roleplays:
  9. Is there a community consensus on two-handed vs 1-handed weapons and light armor vs heavy armor? (Number crunching) This site really needs another Beginners Guide geared towards the character creation process, right now the posts are just massive info-dumps.
  10. Ry

    The Journal of Ry

    Username: Ry Real name: Frank Ryen Age: 28 Gender: Male Height: 5'10" Appearance Tall, well-built, brown hair, brown eyes, strong jawline; these are the physical attributes of Frank Ryen which stand out at first glance. About: History/Personality Frank is a man who would look through you, rather then at you. Growing up in a middle-class home in America, Frank had the standard upbringing- he played on little league teams, went all-state in baseball as a shortstop, played competitive soccer for his high school teams, and even played basketball for a number of years. Growing up in a solid community, he learned the importance of the American Dream and small-town values. Moving on from high school sports, he became a North Carolina Tar-Heel where his work-ethic led him to start all four years and hold the position of Team Captain for his last two. Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Finance, Frank was no shrub about his classwork either. After graduation, Frank commissioned in the Marines where he spent four years as an infantry Captain. After being discharged, Frank put his violent past behind him and came home to small-town USA, where he then took up a job doing economic research for the government. One day his manager came in, and asked Frank to submit a report on 'The Incoming VRMMORPG Popularity Explosion'. Frank took one look at his boss and laughed saying, 'What do I know about the games these nerds play?' "I understand that Frank", his boss would tell him. "Just do some research to help, this a big-ticket item and getting your name on this report could do wonders for you." That's how Frank Ryen found himself sitting at home one day, putting on a virtual reality headset. Before firing the game up, he fired off a quick email to his boss, "Checking out this new game, details attached". Once he discovered the implications of this death-game, Frank didn't know if it was all part of the game or not. In fact, he was about to dismiss the entire thing, but it was the worry and concern of those around him which alerted him to the fact that this just might just be the real thing. The game certainly felt real. Frank silently looked at the faces of those around him, seeing that they were just kids. With a heavy sigh he knew that even if this was just a game, he couldn't take the chance that it wasn't. Maybe it was the old team-spirit, or the espirit de corps, but Frank knew that he was one of the few trapped with real-life combat experience, and he was going to draw on that experience, that battle-hardiness, to help clear this game. He had thought he was done with war, but Frank always knew, could always feel one more war in him. This would be Franks final war, this game called Sword Art Online. Virtues Honor - You walk out of the world defined by the memories of those who knew you. Honor is something hard to describe, Frank is certainly no saint, but he is someone who conducts himself with honor, and because of that, tends to receive it in turn. This attribute makes Frank someone to be seen as a reliable person in his dealing with others, or at the very least, straight-forward and filled with integrity in his dealing with others. Wisdom - Level-headed and calm, Frank is someone who will speak with both tact and authority on what's needed and what should be done. He's educated, experienced, and has served in leadership positions before; drawing on all of this, you can count on Frank to come out and say what must be said, even if the answer isn't what you want to hear. Dedication - Acutely aware that death is eternal, Frank is a highly dedicated to his task of clearing this game, to the point of seeming obsessed. When he isn't actively clearing mobs, he's the type to be finding a way to work on his skills so that he can then go and clear even stronger mobs. His work ethic is par-none and while he doesn't love his work, he is his work. Flaws Violent - Frank is at times almost too extreme in his cause for clearing the game. Unable to hold back, his displays on the battlefield aren't going to make you want to sidle up to him and ask him for a drink post-raid. It stems from a kernel of violence he has always held in his soul, left-over from the war, something which is there and will always be there. Frank isn't reactive violent, he is predatory violent. He doesn't get angry, he doesn't become aggressive or stand-offish, he will just seek to hunt his prey in the most efficient manner possible. This creates a coldness to Frank, something which is alienating towards others. Morally Ambiguous - Frank is an honorable man, but he is not an ethical man. He will operate outside the bounds of society if he feels it is the best way to move towards his objective. His personal beliefs are not to harm innocents and to protect the innocent, but don't confuse him for a super-hero. For a tough decision the keyword is morally permissible, meaning the lowest bar one can choose while still remaining within their own personal morals. Would killing someone who is plotting to kill others be OK? Would killing someone who is raising a guild to kill others, or raising a guild to take total control of the weapons / materials markets be OK? For most these answers would always be no, for Frank, they are just more decisions to be made. Antisocial - Frank doesn't understand this generation, and he doesn't understand the people around him. It doesn't just make it hard to socialize, it makes it hard to escape his problems and to relate with others. He has never really played games in his life, and doesn't understand everything about the game or terminology that gamers tend to use. He is at times, on the outside looking in. Profession N/A Skills/Inventory Skills - 0 SP Unused Inventory "Tank Package" Roleplays N/A Relationships N/A Story Thus Far N/A
  11. Liebe

    <<Liebe>> Swordsman

    Swordswoman <<Liebe>> Swordswoman Appearance: Username : Liebe Real Name : Liebe Age : 19 Height : 185cm About - History/Personality: As a kid, liebe got bullied by a bunch of kids, they threatened her, and insulted her. She never liked going to school as she knew the kids would come and bully her again. She decided to go into a karate club when she was about 13 years old. She managed to break one of the gang members arms. The rest of the gang ran off, and never bullied her again, a few years later when she was 18 she got into VRMMORPG's. She felt content in this world, as if it was where she belonged. When she was 18, she found a VRMMORPG that peaked her intrest, it was called sword art online, she thought about pre-ordering it but didn't bother. But a few months before the launch of SAO, liebe was in a major car accident, this ended up breaking one of her legs and ripping off the other. She was told their was no hope for her, that she would never walk again. Eventually the nervegear was invented, her doctors told her that their might be a hope, that she might be able to walk again, her doctors managed to get on of the 10,000 copies of SAO, meaning that there was a hope for liebe walking again. As soon as she logged on, and found the log-off button was missing. She knew she was going to have to fight, she would most lightly die in this world, but if she survived. She'd be able to walk again, she knows it. Virtues/Flaws: Flaws: Slow: Liebe is slower than average players, this is due to the fact she was in the car accident, she carries light weapons to increase her speed ingame. Liebe has to use the nervegear to learn how to walk again, As a young child, she was threatend and bullied excessively more then others. From consistent shaming, she became self aware of her weight and looks. To this day, if she is bullied or insulted, it can cause her to become upset. Death: She knows if she dies in the game, she will die in real life. She tries her hardest, but if her HP ever drops below 25% she'll freak out, and start having a panic attacks. She tries to stock up on potions to prevent her health dropping below the 25% mark. Virtues: Death: Since she logged in she tried her hardest to help the newbies. She knows if she dies in the game, she will die in real life. She tries her hardest, this is the reason she co-operates in battle, so can make it further, and even if she does die, she helped many others get out of the game atleast. Karate: When liebe was young, she took karate classes. This helped her improve her physical health at the time. This benifits her since she can take opponents down easily and she can disarm peoples weapons. Co-Operation : During boss raids liebe is extremely co-operative, she believes it's what will keep people alive, she was a natural team player for as long as she could remember. If people don't co-operate in her party she can get angry though. Skills/Inventory: 5 Pending Skill Points Starter pack D: Vanity Weapon of choice Vanity Armor of choice (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,000 Col and (25) Tier 1 materials Friend List/Relationships/Story So Far:
  12. Appearance: Username: Mr. R Name: Redfield Van Doren Age: 28 Nationality: Unknown, but sounds European Handyness: Right Handed About: Not much is known about Redfield, not even his face is known. All he wants to do is to put on the “Perfect Display”. He's brave, eager and crafty. But there's more than meets the eye, not surprising for somebody with his horrifying past. He was born and grew up in a fairly rich family in a developed community, he lived out of trouble until he was about sixteen years old, but at that point everything changed. He lost his home was destroyed after a robbery gone wrong and was forsaken by all. He came back with trauma but ready to go on, as he says, when he was trapped in Aincrad, it only made him worst, crazy, deranged, and finally he snapped. This has turned him into the man he is today. He now travels Aincrad in hopes to find and or put on the “Perfect Display”, he has yet to find a purpose, he has slipped into the bad neighborhood, now working as a stylish criminal. By finding one, he hopes to shed the memories of the past and finally find friends he has never had. White, short hair almost fully covers a fine, tense face. Hollow yellow eyes. There is a scar which he is not fond of, running across the nose and ending on his forehead leaves an aching memory of a robbery gone wrong so many years ago. This is the face of Redfield Van Doren. He stands elegantly among others, despite his darkened past. There's something strange about him, perhaps it's the way he moves or perhaps it's simply a feeling of uneasiness. But nonetheless, people tend avoid him. He wasn't an only child, but he was the only member of his family to make it out of the incident. He had a mother, father, and three siblings, unfortunately he doesn't talk about his past. Virtues: Determination - Sometimes when Redfield keeps on trying despite being stomped into the ground a million times, and still gets up and keeps going after his goals regardless of the constant beatings, you have to at least admire his tenacity somewhat. Since he is determined, he won’t let anything stop him in the way of his infamous path of domination. Which is what he strives to achieve. Resourcefulness - This makes him exceedingly dangerous, and here is why. There are lots of ways to work more 'resourceful' combatants into scenes and stories, but the key to good resourceful fighting is twofold: a willingness on the part of the fighters to use whatever is available to them in combat, and a willingness to use psychological tricks in order to gain the upper hand. Inventive tactics and an ability to improvise are naturally assets. The best examples of series taking this approach to heart will see characters play possum, play head games, and play hardball as soon as things get close. Anything goes in a real fight, after all. In this case, Redfield will use anything against his opponent. Physiological, Relationship, Threats, etc. Valor/Courage -"It's better to burn out than to fade away!" (Neil Young) Redfield despise weakness. So even when he knows he’s probably going to lose and the odds are in the enemies favor, he is not going down without a fight. After all, if you're trying to take over the world, you're up against pretty much everyone, and thus it helps quite a bit to be able to look at an army six billion strong, smile confidently, and say "Bring it on." Humility - Not all baddies are smug and arrogant, especially Redfield. He is down to earth, personable, and modest. Common in a No-Nonsense Nemesis, and a large part of what makes him a terrifying foe. He acknowledges his own fallibility and rarely shoot advisors for doing their job or minions for failure of The Plan. They will not be enraged by insults. They are not concerned with making a spectacle or gloating. He is a villain who will just shoot the hero or calmly inform them that the plan has already succeeded. If he gives a "You’ve Already Lost" Speech, it will likely be both accurate and effective. Flaws: Deranged - Redfield is Deranged. He is viewed as crazy and or insane. He claims he is what he wants and wishes for nothing more. He may or may not have lost his mind long ago before Aincrad, he has trouble with others, always messing him up even more, not mentally, just physically. Megalomaniac - He is a Megalomaniac. But what is Megalomania? It is a delusional drive for power, wealth, and fame. Being one of these, Redfields decisions are influenced by his own self-desire, not by others in need. A quote fits this fairly well with this. “The rabbit screams, and the fox comes running, but not to help.” Erratic - Redfield is Erratic, he has Strange and Outlandish behavior patterns. Many will view him as strange or even creepy because of the way he acts and the way he talks. He talks formally, but his movements are so, odd, and uncomfortable that others tend to stay away from him. Nosey and Manipulative - He is nosey, Redfield tends to pry open the affairs of others and mess with them, this isn’t a good combination. He will get noticed for interfering one day. Though his is great at hiding his lies. He is offensively curious or inquisitive, and at the same time, he is Intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner. He loves doing this to, specifically because he wants more people like him, to spread his disease. SKILLS: Inventory: Weapons/Tools: ("DPS Package" Chosen) Color Code: Vantity is Black | Uncommon is Red | Rare is Blue | Perfect is Purple | Demonic is Green | **Means Equiped Equipped Items AKA Battle Ready: » Weapons/Armor: » Items/Consumables: » Other:
  13. Hello players of Aincrad! I wanted to set this little thread up as a way to better the communication between developers and the community, and for you guys to help us find flaws in the current system, come up with new ideas, or ways to improve the current systems! Please note that we're looking for constructive criticism, not complaining. In addition, we won't be able to please everyone, but we will do what we can to make everything balanced and fun for as many people as we can. Things for system include: - Rules and Tutorials - Levels and Tiers - Skills and Mods - Gear and Enhancements - Crafting and Professions - Combat and Actions - Monsters and Bosses - Dungeons and Labyrinths - Familiars - PvP and Tournaments - Quests and Events Please remember that these are strictly systems with nothing to do with lore, specific bosses or quests, floors, etc. If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts, or corrections please feel free to either comment below, or talk with me in private messages on either the Forums or on Discord!
  14. Hello players of Aincrad! I wanted to set up this thread because any help in regards to ideas, thoughts on improvement, or pointing out current contradictions or redundancies. Please note that we are looking for constructive criticism, not complaints. We also are looking for quests or floors that you came up with and want to share with us! In addition however, we won't be able to please everyone so bare with us on this. A list of things related to floor development are: - Floor Lore - Places of Interest - Quests Quest Outline: This is an outline you can use to create quests if you're interested in using it feel free! Name: Recommended Level: Requirements: Objective: Reward(s): Enemies: Quest Summary/Description: Floor Details Required: If you're writing up an idea for a floor, please answer all of the following. And try being creative! Name: Settlements: Places of Interest: NPCs: Monsters: Lore (Culture? Religion? History?): Please remember that none of this has anything to do with the sites systems, such as enhancements, rules, dungeons, skills, etc. If you have any questions or feel like you haven't been noticed, or if you want to discuss a project or idea you had in mind, go ahead and message me via forum pms or discord.
  15. PROFILE: Name: Sebastian Phoenix Grimm Username: Grimm Nationality: German Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 6’ 2” ABOUT/HISTORY: Phoenix, or Grimm, as he calls himself, is a strange figure. He is a bit odd and is hopefully everyone around him is fine with that. When he was twelve, he found out he was related to a famous story character from a novel in the 1800’s. He was determined to find answers. He's athletic, witty, humorous and perhaps a little too rash. This is to be expected from somebody with his position. He was born in a royal family in a urban area. He lived comfortably until he was about 17 years old, but at that point things changed. He studied a lot and was learning a new language, English to be specific. With the help of great friends, he managed to bloom in a astonishing world. But with his bravery and perseverance, there's nothing to stop him from going beyond expectations. He could quickly become a person of importance. But things could change quickly; he is currently still growing up and learning new things. He feels like there's more secrets than answers in this world. Luckily he has a great family to support him. But alas, he was trapped in the virtual world Sword Art Online. In game, things took a turn for the worst, he lost all his friends to in-game monsters, player killers, if you will, he now wanders Aincrad seeking vengeance and secrets that haven't uncovered themselves. “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve seen, nobody knows the sorrow.” VIRTUES & FLAWS: Virtues: Reliable - Grimm is Reliable, you can trust him to pull through certain tasks if he is up for it. He is also reliable for last minute idea, as he always seems to have a few of them. He doesn't often disappoint other with the tasks he is assign. After all, he was born in royal blood, he has knows he is one of the most reliable people out there. He won't see it otherwise. Responsible - Phoenix is Responsible, he is able to, when he messes up or knows he is wrong, admit it and overcome the price. The last time he took responsibility for something, someone had died, and he blamed himself for it. Which is pretty heavy stuff. He takes responsibility for failure more than anything else, but he overcomes, adapts, and tries again, making sure he gets it right. Assertive - He is Assertive, you're probably wondering what that means, Assertive means to be bold or confident. Grimm is good at that, he is most confident when it comes to admitting his wrongs or mistakes. He messes up just as much if not more then everyone else, despite being of royal bloodline. But he is confident about his mistakes and overcomes his loses. He mostly is assertive when it comes to combat or socializing. Flaws: Manipulative - Grimm is manipulative, he can't help it either. He can tear friendships, heck, RELATIONSHIPS apart for his own social benefit. He commonly does this on his enemies, someone he dislikes, or someone he just has a bad feelings about. Grimm uses this to his advantage, but sometimes, he can't help it, and does it for fun. Purposely ruining and manipulating others to get what he wants, and won't have it otherwise. Unforgiving - Phoenix doesn’t forgive others easily, if you read the history, it mentioned he wondered Aincrad seeking vengeance on hostile players and monsters alike? Yeah, well, there is a reason he hasn't giving up yet. IF you steal from HIM he won't forgive, you attack him, he won't forgive, if you do anything against him, he, won't forgive, sensing a pattern? He is known for this trait, also, the username should give you a hint on how merciful he is. Impatient - He isn’t the “most” patient person, he actually is kinda the opposite. Grimm always expects results, and immediate results at that. A sign that he is growing impatient is when he crosses his arms and starts tapping his foot. Grimm can't stand waiting, he gets irritated when waiting to long and eventually, stops waiting and flat out leaves. Its best to arrive early when meeting him. SKILLS: Non-combat: SP Left = 0 | Total SP = 5 » Passive: » Hiding I Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory: Weapons/Tools: P.S. "DPS Package" Chosen: Color Code: Vantity is Black | Uncommon is Red | Rare is Blue | Perfect is Purple | Demonic is Neon Green | **Means Equiped Equipped Items AKA Battle Ready: » Weapons/Armor: » Items/Consumables: » Other: Roleplays: N/A (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" means one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships: N/A Story Thus Far: N/A
  16. Hello Aincradians! Just letting you all know that there's a podcast coming up and we wanted to ask all of you what you wanted to hear in the podcast. Well more accurately, anything you want discussed or answered. There's a poll set up for you to select from, as well as an other button. If you select the other category, please explain what you want discussed/answered. We will not skip over anyone's votes or comments so don't be shy. Anything you're curious, confused or excited about is perfectly fine with us!
  17. Baldur


    «Baldur» Photo commissioned by Baldur Profile » Username: Baldur » Real name: Jason Weaver » Age: 31 » Gender: Male » Height: 5'11" » Profession: Grand Master Merchant » Role: Tempered Glass Canon » Before SAO: As a young boy, Jason grew up in a Japanese neighborhood on the west coast of America. He never learned the language, but he was surrounded by their art and architecture and customs. In school, he was the only white kid, constantly standing out for his blond hair and blue eyes. He and his brothers were bullied for being gaijin, until his parents moved them into private schools. They were still the only white kids there, but the classes were smaller and better managed. The academic standards at the private school were also much higher than the public schools, and as a result, Jason rose to the challenge and excelled. When it came time for high school, they moved again, this time out into the rural country. In the beginning grade school, he had excelled at all sports simply by virtue of the fact that he was the biggest kid around. But when he went to high school, more diversity came with it, and he went from being the big fish in a small pond, to just another unremarkable fish. However, Jason had a unique blend of loving pop-culture, being a jock, and on the honor roll. So he found himself in a strange cross section of people. He could move from circle to circle, but didn't really belong to any of them. Living out in the countryside it also made it hard to keep up with his old friends, and even the new ones lived too far away to ride his bike to. So he turned to video games. Gaming was also how he learned to get along with his brothers. They could beat eachother up outside, but at the table, or side by side at couch or keyboard, they worked together like a well oiled machine. It was due to his older brothers and his parents that he also developed a love of old movies. In games, it didn't matter who he was in real life, he could be anything he wanted, and that bridged the social awkwardness gap he had had from being so different from everyone else. His parents were by no means rich, but they made travel a priority, and as such, Jason developed a love of it as well. He loved to travel and explore. He learned to love different cultures, and appreciate the larger world as a whole. Especially when traveling to third world countries, he learned to value what was truly important to survive, and understand how blessed he was. When Jason went to college, the diversity crept in even more, but it was a more honest diversity than you find in high schools. The rigors of college life caused Jason to draw inward, however, and revert to his video games rather than be social. Still, he was far more social than your usual NEET. He eventually found a balance to college, for being social through MMO gaming, and managing to excel in his studies. During college he also began to fence competitively, both with the foil in European fencing, and with the Shinai in Kendo. Baldur studied and truly excelled in Iaido. It was his passion. He felt some deeper connection with the eastern philosophy of Iai and Kendo, but loved the competitive academic european fencing scene. He pushed hard, and placed nationally for both Foil and Kendo. Once he graduated college with a degree in network security he moved again, this time across the country. There he truly found himself and flourished, having the opportunity for a fresh start. He found a group of people just as odd as he was, and who shared a collective passion for academics, theater, and martial arts of all kinds. His excitement for life and having found "his people" cause his success in all areas to skyrocket. He met his first love, a perfect match for him he never would have expected to find, Rhoan Xavia, and they never looked back. But life would change once more. Jason had the opportunity to move across the world to Japan. He spent the first year before the move learning Japanese as quickly as he could, but due to his background, he had a leg up on most novices. As with most things, when Jason found a passion for something, he excelled at it. So together with his girlfriend Rhoan, they moved together to Japan to pursue the next exciting step in his promising career and life. They had been living in Japan for several years when the announcement for SAO came out. Being an avid gamer, especially of MMO's and martial artist he had his girlfriend were first in line to pick up a pair of NerveGear. They were extremely excited about the game, and read everything about it which was publicly available prior to release. Being one of the lucky couples to get their NerveGear, they raced home and logged in immediately. They had everything prepared up front. Food, drinks, comfy chairs, and time off from work. They became so engrossed in the game, they never even noticed the Log Out option was disabled until that fateful meeting in the Starting City. While the initial revelation was terrifying in its consequence, Jason, as someone who often looked to escape reality into a game, was able to quickly adapt and adopt this new world as his new "real one." and embrace the new rules of this world. That was almost two years ago. » Jason is the kind of person who will take his time to help the newbies out, who will go out of his way to help others, and to try and raise up the less fortunate and defend those who need his help. He wants to stand up for what is right, and to treat everyone fairly. He will side with what he thinks is Just, even if it isn't what is best for him. He believes in putting honor above his life, though he would never ask anyone else to by his code. He has one of those personalities that people feel instantly like they can trust. In fact, he is honest to a fault, and is a terrible liar. More so than telling the truth, his feelings are honest and straightforward. He is guided by his heart and his code of honor, and if they are ever not in alignment, he feels torn. His emotional depth is not deep enough to be murky as so he can often come across as transparent. He is a rock. Or perhaps a willow. Whatever the analogy, he is the type of person who will weather the storm, and adapt to his surroundings. His will is implacable, but he also has a 'go with the flow' manner that makes him fit into many different social situations. After years in Aincrad, he has some scars and some wear and tear showing, but where lesser men might have fallen, he will pull himself back up and move forward. Baldur loves to help people, and to that end he has also taken a few players under his wing. It wasn't a position Jason would have thought he would find himself in, but as he and therefore Baldur, are far older than most of the players, Baldur has found himself helping younger players. Not so much with his sword arts, but with coping with life and the situation they find in, and helping try to balance the mental and spiritual health of his fellow players. He didn't want the position at first, but he has grown to embrace that maybe his greatest contribution to helping escape the tower won't be the damage he deals, but the people he helps get up there and fight along the way. » In spite of the fact that he is (righteous), this attitude of always standing on the moral high-ground, and being assured of the right-ness of his cause and point of view, can rub those who love to languish the the shades of gray and moral ambiguity the wrong way. He can be blind and bullheaded in the pursuit of what he feels is right, especially if he certain of it, and refuses to bend his morality to suit a situation. Perhaps going hand in hand with being self-righteous, he is prideful, and those who attempt to demean him, his friends, or his ideals, are sure to inspire his wrath. It also means he has a hard time asking for help for himself, though not for others. He doesn't view this as pride, however, rather he does not wish to impose on others, especially if he feels that the task is something he should have the strength to accomplish himself. As mentioned, he is honest to a fault. He couldn't lie to save his life, and he will tell you why you're wrong and he's right. He never is mean-spirited about it, he just honestly thinks you want to know why you're wrong, and that by sharing his correct reasoning, you can see the light and become enlightened along with him. He can't see why anyone wouldn't want to be "on the same page" as him, and the fact that people would willfully disagree with his version of "common sense" is bewildering to him, and can cause him to act indelicately. As Baldur as spent more and more time in SAO, and on the front lines, he has developed a certainty that he knows more than most other people. He won't dismiss good advice from someone he respects, but it does mean he discounts people he views as having less experience than he does, or who are out of their depth. He isn't quite obstinate, but he will err on the side of him and his friends being right, rather than someone he doesn't know or trust. This dismissiveness can be more hazardous and make him seem to come across as Blunt and Self-Righteous to others. Story Thus Far » It has been years now since they have become trapped in the game. For much of the first year, Baldur and Tyger made due staying in the city. It seemed obvious to him that whatever the situation actually was, the authorities would rectify it quickly. As time wore on, however, and they were still in the game, he became confronted with the reality that they might have to take Kayaba at his word and save themselves. It was then that he and his girlfriend from the real world, Tyger, took the stance of catching up with the others to help clear the castle. He would no longer let their lives be solely the responsibility of others now that he had to accept that this might really be their only way out. They stepped forth from the Starting City and began their adventure. Along the way they became members of the Guardians of Aincrad under the stewardship of Lessa. They made many friends who they would fight side by side with such as Ariel, Crozeph, and Oikawa and in whom they often entrusted their lives to. They flourished in the tower, learning how to fight as a group with their friends and began to feel invincible. There was nothing the tower could throw at them which could stop them. Together, it seemed, anything was possible. But perhaps it was not the tower they should have been the most concerned about. It never occurred to Baldur that there would be players who would actually seek out to harm others. He had seen orange players before. He had even grouped with them as a member of the Azure Brigade. Those people became orange for a reason, however. A grudge, a responsibility. A reason he could fathom. That there would be those ugly people who just wanted to watch the world burn... that never entered into Baldur's mind. He won't tell anyone what happened. All that anyone can piece together is that Tyger and Baldur disappeared for almost a year. Neither of their names showed up on the memorial stone on the first floor, but he had removed everyone from his friend list and vanished. He won't talk about it. He doesn't even like to think about it. But he has reappeared and renewed his desire to free everyone from the cage of Aincrad. When he came back from this mysterious leave of absence, he was broken and lost. He sought out the strongest connection he had: Lessa. At her side, she helped him get back on his feet, work through his issues, and build up self-confidence again. Her help in repairing his emotional state was immeasurable. He formed a bond with Lessa that to this day outweighs any other. In a moment of weakness and in trust, Baldur told Lessa one thing he had never said to anyone else in Aincrad. He told her his true name. Her, and no one else. Lessa had her own struggles, which would at times cause her and Baldur to pass like ships at night, but the ebb and flow of their friendship always brought them back together. Not as lovers, but as two people who had found someone they could confide and trust in more than anyone else, and that bond was unbreakable. As he became more involved, Baldur joined the front line just in time to witness the first major death in a Floor Boss Fight. Azide had been someone he had greatly admired and respected, and had things gone a different way, they might have been good friends and guild mates. The death of Azide, however, impacted Baldur severely. It would adjust his philosophy when it came to boss fights and managing the raid in its entirety. They must be prepared, and they must be as safe as they can. Reconnecting with other old friends, Baldur discovered that the junior members before were the senior leaders now. They helped him work to get caught up to the front line at a rate he never would have expected. Very quickly, Baldur became a voice of influence in raid planning, because the people who could their role better than anyone else, listened to Baldur. This advisory role would define Baldur's time in the front line. He was never the best at anything, but he taught those who were. His strategic influence became respected, and his voice was listened to. Occasionally, the stress would be too much for him to bare, and Baldur would take a short hiatus from the front line to recharge his batteries, and then come back to join his friends and push the line forward. Relationships IRL (optional) » Tyger (Rhoan Xavia) - Girlfriend (MIA)
  18. Outlander

    Outlander's Journal

    Outlander leaning against a wall... Profile: Username: Outlander Real name: James Watchman Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 5' 4" About: Outlander is a mercenary that would do pretty much anything if the price is high enough. In game he lost his guild members and best friend Barrett Jones. He now roams the floating castle aincrad as the Last Outcast, he never wants to leave the guild Outcasts Pact because he is trying to hold on to the thought of better times. Because of losing all of his friends and guildmates, he almost no remorse, and is picky when it comes to food and vodka. Also has a very dark sense of humor. It will block out the sun. In the real world, he was just about to finish up high school. Then got trapped in sao. He usually is a fan of anything the color gray, IRL he usually wears blue jeans a gray shirt, and a gray jacket over it. He has blonde hair IRL, but in game it is bluish. So, he went with blue armor instead of his favorite gray armor. He is a ranged attacker, he thought that "I took archery, so at least I can do something to defend myself." Outlander once had a soul, he lost it on the day of the tragedy, after that day. He never spoke his real name again. Knowing that the only people that knew his name are dead. He wanders town to town, village to village, dungeon to dungeon, seeking refuge from himself. Your probably wondering, why is his name Outlander, well, for starters he "song" that he was going to use as a theme (Outcast- Shinedown) is he became popular had something to do with it, also, because Outlander meant stranger or foreigner. P.S. He is a criminal, and I don't mean IRL. >: ) Virtues: 1) Brave - Outlander is brave, or was it careless? I dont know there is a fine line between the two. He would be willing to do anything if a price is high enough, which means he has to be Brave against some challenges he has to face. Even in the real world he was still brave. And getting stuck he only made him stronger. 2) Perceptive - Outlander is quick to notice things out of the ordinary. Whether that be emotionally or physically, he can notice when something bad or good is about to happen. IRL he also had this trait, he used it on people then. Not on the surrounding environment. But now, he uses this trait to survive instead of telling whats wrong with a drama queen. 3) Smart - Outlander is Intelligent. He was a (almost) all A's student. But now, his smarts let him see the best option in most situations. Also, smarts alow him to be more adaptable.Easier to change under stress or reason. This makes him very useful. Flaws: 1) Egomaniac - Outlander is an Egomaniac, putting himself above others with a glace. Or is they speak, he thinks he is the best at everything. And makes fun of people for not being as "pro" as him mentally. His ego cannot be topped. 2) Sarcastic - Outlander is Sarcastic, this is not that bad but would you want the last thing you heard to be Sarcastic? Yeah, not good. He consistently bombardes everyone around him with witty remarks and Sarcastic jokes. Making every want to stab themselves. 3) Judgemental -Outlander is Judgemental, quick to read a book by its cover. And doesn't care to much about anyone else, ever sense the "incident", so he looks for reasons to deny them. Which is why he is so judgemental. Professions: Skills: Inventory : Weapons/Tools: (Set A: Basic Starting Pack Chosen) Roleplay: Strike through = Ended [OP-F1] Treasure Hunt = +9 SP Throwback <<Avalanche>> Storage and Money: Relationships:
  19. Shark

    Sword Art Podcast Season 4 Ep. 1

    The Sword Art Podcast returns for a new season! Join us as we discuss up and coming news as well as recap everything that happened while we were on break. More info to come! Ft. Special guest: @Calrex! Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on alerts so you know when we are going live! Hosted by: @Shark Co-Hosted by: @Ruby Special Guest: @Calrex
  20. Well, Hello there, I'm Outlander if you haven't guessed it already. This is my box of suggestions that could help improve the site. In my opinion that is. Ranged Weaponry: Now, I'm not quite sure if this isn't in the RP for a reason or something, but, I think it would make an excellent addition to your RP game. I wanted to have a bow, as a matter a fact, the first weapon I wanted to fight with in this game WAS a bow. Unfortunately, I learned that the bow hasn't made it into the game for some reason, dispite them being canon in SAO. At minimum, I recommend adding throwing knives or something like that. Passworded RPs: No, Im not talking about the Unrestricted Role Play Chatroom, I'm talking about a password protected private RP you could create, and even chose the password. Say, I dont know, private meeting that you preferred to be kept in quiet untill the subject was finished. Or you hiring someone to kill someone, and you wouldn't want that someone to go, "Oh! Kill me eh? Private RP's it is!" It completely ruins the hit. These two are the only things I've come up with that I think the RP could do. To improve and make it better for everyone, thanks for readin!
  21. Spangie

    [ Spangie's Journal ]

    Rebirth from Illiure Profile : Username : Spangie Real Name : Kanaria Uta Age : 19 Gender : Female Height : 5'4 ft. History / Personality : Kanaria was born into a family between well off and middle class, in a small town in Japan, no siblings at all. Being surprisingly independent for an only child, her parents would often want to shower her with gifts and presents, though she would never accept them. Growing up, Kanaria had always had a passion for art, often doodling on everything from newspapers to worksheets and tests. The few times the child had actually accepted gifts from people who had given her art supplies, only filling her confidence in her skills even more, but not becoming cocky of it. Though in her small town, most residents there knew of her skill, though some were jealous, not even the slightest impressed her art. Soon after she rose to popularity, she would often getting bullied, teased, all other kinds of bullying. Sometimes even getting beaten, dramatically lowering her certainty in art. Even though never telling the truth to her parents about the bruises and gashes she would receive when he would come home, saying that she 'tripped' or fell'. She was always a cheerful girl, trying to impress anyone she sees, never finding her work satisfying enough. Her dedication soon led her to a prestigious college, Oxford University, England. At eighteen years old, she had set out on her journey in the real world. Though her townsmates will miss the cheery and independent young woman, a piece of her will alwyas echo in their hearts. Her music. Arriving at a new country had truly changed her, new wonders, new things to draw. She would often go to different places in England, trips that were funded by her college, ever few months she would go to a new city, a new place, a new world. She would take few visits to her family each year, each flight a little expensive and time consuming. She always had school or art in her mind, that is until she found out about SAO. She would hear about it on and on around her campus, everywhere, 24/7. Students would talk about how 'unreal' and 'fantasizing' it is, wonderful beyond your wildest dreams. Virtual reality gaming, though she was never interested in gaming herself, she was only in for the scenery of the world. For her summer break, Kanaria had returned him, only to be gifted with a wonderful surprise. Her parents had bought her a full set of Nervegear and SAO, her joy was impossible to say in words. Snatching up the equipment immediately, she barged into her room and set it up without any help, her parents watching with a sad smile behind the door. After she had entered the hell game, she had sulked in beginner inns, constantly guilty of her crimes. She had never said a single hello to her parents after seeing them for a few months, not even muttering a small thank for the Nervegear and game. Though she had later joined in to help in the slightest wya possible to completion of the game, she's would every now then cry when she's alone, never foregetting the one time she had she had ever greedily taken something. Virtues : Creative : After years of art, Kanaria has boatloads of creativity. She often imagines what her art is going to be like after she is done with it, which helps her predict situations and problems. She uses this to her advantage and thinks of ideas no normal person would even have the thought to create. Quick Thinker : She often is quick when in situations and does a tremendous job. She reacts to problems almost immediately and finds a solution not too soon after. Though they might not always work, she has every drop of confidence that she'll find a way sooner or later. Social : Attracting people with her art has let her develop social skills. Knowing how to be polite and friendly, Kanaria almost looks like shes always happy. This earned her many friends and acquaintances in the real world. Flaws : Forgetful : Kanaria often forgets things very easily and this sometimes leads her to forgetting what is most important. Her mind will often go blank at random times and it takes a few minutes or even hours to remember what she was doing. This is why Kanaria doesn't do well with promises and favors. Jumpy : She was always jump to the slights sounds, especially if it's in the dead of quiet. She mostly runs away from the sound, or hides in something that can cover her. This leads to people thinking that she's weak and timid. Day Dreamer : Kanaria usually spaces out a lot in the middle of conversations. She will most likely stare at you or somewhere in the distance without saying anything for a while. She sometimes uses this to her advantage and thinks about solutions when she's in dream land. Profession : Cook. Rank 2 Skills : - [ Tier 1 ] 1 Handed Weapon Non Combat : - [ Light Armor ] Snow Fire Armor [ +2 Migitation ] - Leaves of Autumn Cloak [ +3 Lood Die ] Combat : - [ Dagger Tier 1 ] Vermillion Feather [ +3 DMG ] Inventory : - DPS Package - 5 [ Tier 1 ] Standard Healing Potions [ Heals 50 ] - 1 [ Tier 1 ] Damage Potion [ +1 DMG ] - 1 [ Tier 1 ] Over Health Potion [ +50 Temp. HP ] - Small Fruit Crepe [ +1 Loot Die ] - Tigers Rage Potion [ +2 DMG ] Col : 2,725 SP : 10/18 Roleplays [ Not in Order ]:
  22. Macradon

    Exchange of currency

    Walking towards the randezvous point, Macradon would have the pouch of Col ready for the not that shady exchange, but would make it look as shady as possibly. When Hikoru would finally arrive, Macradon would hand over the pouch filled with 30 000 Col. 30 000 Col handed over to @Hikoru
  23. Profile: Username: Epsilon Real Name: Linsey Byrnne Gender: Female Nationality: American Location: New York, United States Language: English Physicals: Age: 19 Birth date: January 28, 2006 Physical Height: 5 ft 4 in Weight: 63 kg / 138 lbs Handedness: Right Blood type: A+ About/History: Linsey Byrnne AKA Epsilon was fresh out of high school when SAO was released, she loved playing these games with her friends, but none of them owned the game yet, which made her sad that she couldn't play with them.She got the game pre-ordered on her birthday. After her party, her friends congratulated her on getting the game, and she went to play it. She lived with a family of five at the time, there was mom, dad, and her two younger siblings. She was a happy girl, she wasn't spoiled, but she was curious all the time, enough that one of her most used words are "Interesting...". She is strange. But she is easy to get used to. She can instantly derail someones argument with tactful comments and facts. On the day she was trapped inside, she was web surfing, when a package arrived at her door. It was SAO! She was excited to play it. She cleaned up her apartment, did some chores. Then hopped into bed, placing the headset on her head. Suddenly her phone buzzed, she wanted to pick it up. She was responsible, but then again, she was so excited and had waited so long for this, she decided to answer it later, "Link. Start!" She said enthusiastically, this is the first time she hasn't been bored in days. What she didn't know, was that buzzing on her phone, it was her mother. After she didn't answer back, her mother called the police. The police found her in her bedroom, with nerve gear on. One of the officers picked up her phone, it was on messages. The most recent one was from her mother. It read: Lins! Have you seen the news! Don't put the nerve gear on! Even so, after a while of her getting trapped, her parents began blaming eachother for what happened. By the time she comes back, her family would have broken apart. She will have nothing to go back to. Virtues: 1) Persuasive - Linsey is persuasive, she naturally had this trait. She can find the weakness in anyone's argument. Rerail it, and sometimes make it completely backfire on them. She also uses evidence, fact, and logic to do most of her arguments. 2) Smart - Epsilon is smart, she knows what she is doing, she was a straight A students up untill her senior year of high school. She likes to use her intelligence to pick out people. Sort bad from good, and vice versa. 3) Curious - Now, why is this a good thing? Well, the main reason she talks to anyone and explore's is because of this. She likes to satisfy her curiousity. For example, if there was a fork in the road, she would mentally mark that spot. Walk down one road, and eventually turn around and try the other. Flaws: 1) Depression - Linsey has been this way sense day one of SAO. Knowing that if she might have answered her phone, she might not be here. Trapped, and doomed to die is the way she see's it. 2) Bored - Epsilon is natural bored and uninterested in most everything. It was only for the first day of SAO, when she was hyped. But now, she has nothing to do, most people she talks to are bland, except for a select few. 3) Unmotivated - She is unmotivated, remember that thing I told you about "Trapped and doomed to die"? Well, this is why she is so unmotivated, she believes that no matter what, no one will escape the death game. So, this means she thinks crime is ok, any kind. Profession: N/A Equipment: Inventory: Skills/Abilities: Roleplays: Relationships:
  24. Profile Username: Nevermore IV Real name: Razgad Barrett Age: 24 Gender: Male Nationality: German American Height: 6' 1" About: Nevermore is a mysterious and frightening character, from his naturally dark and rough voice, to the plauge doctor uniform he wears everywear, its no wonder people are afriad of him. He has a tendency to kidnap and torture many people. He is a well known and feared person. For certain reasons, for example, many people are naturally afriad of the unknown, and not much is know about him. Not even his name is known. He uses daggers as lethal weapons, sneaking up on unsuspecting people and ruthlessly killing them... It began on the night of his first kill. After that... he became a monster. Some survivors say they hear something before being attacked, four words... "Quoth the Raven... Nevermore." He tends to track his targets down and never leaves them alone. He will constantly ambush them untill they are finally dead. To him, it does matter where and when, broad daylight in a safezone, no, dark night in a forest, yes. Broad daylight in a forest, Maybe, dark night outside safezone. Yes. History: Very few people have called out to him, one of the few that have is a shifty character known as Outlander, he promises great fortune to Nevermore, and in return has decided to help him found "The Outcasts Pact." Nevermore doesn't backstab others. For he trusts Outlander to follow through with his promise. They say there was a point in time where he wasn't a monster. But something went wrong, terribly wrong, he no longer feels sorrow, empathy, love, or happiness. All he can feel now is, hate, rage, anger, and vengeance. He wanted to become all that was left. By ending everyone and everything else. Funny, how a coping mechanism gone wrong creates a serial killer. "They're all dead! All of them! I wasn't there to help! I can't do this anymore! I can't!" -Nevermore IV's Message to a close friend at the time. After sending this message, unfriended everyone on his friends list, then disappeared for three weeks. Thats when "he" started popping up. Reported cases of a madman in a plauge doctor uniform jumping at people, injuring them or killing them. The lucky ones died first, the ones that lived had their life turned onto a living hell (Hell as in place). As Nevermore attempted assassinating them over and over. Untill finally success. Eventually, his friends started dying off, they assumed they died of suicide or killed by Pkers or monsters. Nevermore had something to do with their deaths. Virtues: 1) Fortitude - He has a high Fortitude. Which the definition for Fortitude is "courage in pain or adversity." Most of the time, he goes through emotionalpain, or adversity, but he is so good at keeping this courage. It tends to rub off on his allies. Most people don't see his fortitude, but he truely has it. 2) Smart - Nevermore is a smart pychopath, don't expect him to fall for something so easily, he usually finds the quickest solution out of it, then you end up on his hit list for trying to pull the wool over his eyes. He uses this to his advantage and turns the tables when least expected. Promising his name is still dominant over the others. 3) Perspective - Nevermore notices things out of the ordinary physically, for example, traps and ambushes. He can also set traps and ambushes up in the perfect positions. Surrounding the enemy and defeating them. He is able to see through a persons disguise quite easily and find out what they really want. Flaws: 1) Intimidating - "He who shall not be named" is intimidating. He stands a little over six feet, has a dark tone to his voice, has daggers and knives hidden all over his body and in his armor, and he moves suprizingly fast. Which scares people into doing what he says, this is bad if he is against your side. 2) Mysterious - Your probably wondering, How is this a flaw? Well, that because the actual definition of mysterious is "difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify." Almost everyone has trouble understanding Nevermore's motives, movements, and location in general. It is extremely hard to contact this him, and those who manage to are bounty hunters whom are killed on the spot. 3) Stalker - Nevermore tends to watch his target a while before killing them, but when his position is discovered, and the target is alone, he casually comes out from where he is hiding and faces his targrt. If the target is not alone, he runs away, recovers, and tracks down the target again. Making sure not to make the same mistake as before. Professions: Skills: Inventory : Weapons/Tools: (Basic Starting Pack Chosen) Roleplay: STRIKE = ENDED Storage and Money: Col: 2500 (Set A: Basic Starter) Other: 10 T1 Mats 5 Starter Health Potions
  25. Roi Enlil Yatokami

    Roi's Records [FINISHED]

    Profile Username: Roi Enlil Yatokami Real name: Roi Enlil Yatokami Age: 27 years Gender: Male Height: 6' 3" Weight: 180 lb. Race: French/Iraqi/Japanese About: History/personality History: Not much is known in the way of Roi’s true origins. The information that is known, however, shows that he was an orphan who at some point was found and taken in by a couple working for the infamous “Society of Shadows” in Hong Kong. From then, he was trained rigorously and groomed everyday so he could one day take over if anything happened to his parents as the next “Ghost” of the organization. He took to this training like fish to water, showing great promise in his progress as the heir to his parents’ feared moniker, eventually growing up from a little boy of 6 years into a handsome young man of 21 and rising to the top, impressing the leaders of the “Society” so much that he became his parents’ backup when out on missions. Sadly, to his great dismay, these times did not last, for there was one mission on a certain fateful day that his adoptive parents did not come back from at all, this on Roi’s 21st birthday. The true reason they were sent on that suicidal mission was, of course, a plan by the higher ups to kill them off since the leaders had suspected his parents of being traitors for a long while due to a ploy by a group of their victims. This ploy had framed them as turncoats and brought down on them the ire of the leaders of the “Society”, which of course resulted in their deaths. This information was kept from him and he was told only that his parents were killed in the line of duty since the leaders knew that he would turn his terrifying talents for slaughter against them and their “Society”. So, with no other leads to go on, he accepted their word at face value and took up the mantle of “Ghost”, the top field agent of the “Society” from then on, and slowly but surely, he became infamous and feared as the angel of death who brought promised demise upon those who dared to stand against the organization. Things were going smoothly for a while, that is, they were until there came a series of missions which Roi was sent on which involved the elimination of a certain list of targets who didn’t seem all that much of a threat to the organization. No, to him, these missions seemed almost like they were given to him solely to save the organization’s own skin from him due to something they had done to him in the past. His suspicions only grew stronger as he realized how little info the “Society” gave him on his targets this time and they were pretty much confirmed when he extracted the truth from a couple of them before he killed them. He learned the horrifying truth that the so called top secret mission that his parents were sent on never to be seen or heard from again was in fact nothing but a death sentence handed to them by the “Society”. This completely broke his illusions about the organization down and showed him its true nature, causing him to go and assassinate the leaders before running away from Hong Kong. He then fled all over the world, constantly giving the "Society" the slip till eventually they gave up for a period of time. In those 6 years, Roi settled down and eventually started to regain some semblance of normalcy in his life. He even picked up VR gaming as a hobby among other things. Since SAO was so wildly popular, he thought he would give it a shot. From here, where he will go no one can truly know, but one thing is for sure, it will be one hell of a show. Virtues: Persuasive: During his travels, Roi gradually picked up the art of smooth-talking. Over the many years till present, through practice, he has become glib enough with his words that many who know him personally call him a “silver tongued devil”. Provided the target is susceptible, he can convince just about anyone to do just about anything and thus have them dancing in the palms of his hands. Decisive: Once Roi decides on something, he stubbornly pursues it to the bitter end, or at least until it proves too dangerous for his health. That said, he can and most often does vacillate among all possible permutations and combinations of a certain decision before coming to the one decision he thinks is best. This can be both a blessing and a curse, for while it allows him to rise to the occasion and navigate crises well, it can exasperate those who hold him dear since nothing they do or say will change his mind once he has made up his to do something in a certain way. Individualistic: Roi is at heart a maverick. He abhors following the same beaten path that the rest of the masses take, unless of course that happens to pique his curiosity or otherwise prove expedient for him. He finds it more satisfying to examine all the pros and cons of a certain situation and come to his own conclusion instead of following predetermined protocol for any given occasion. This means he doesn’t hesitate to break tradition or commonly accepted norms while engaged in any activity should the occasion call for such drastic action. Intelligent: Roi is one of the rare few who have IQs over 180 in the world. This is by far his most dangerous and powerful weapon, especially when combined with his knack for strategic analysis, critical judgement, and high-pressure planning. This is because it allows him to run mental circles around most people all the while looking like he isn’t doing much of anything at all. It also means he is not easily deceived since he can see through most attempts at fooling him. Open-Minded: Roi has met and interacted with several people from all walks of life. So, over the years, he has learned to be tolerant of pretty much anyone and anything unless said thing or person is on his dislike list. This means he will work with anyone to get what he desires in life, be they good or evil, weak or powerful, and poor or rich, etc. Charismatic: Roi has some modicum of naturally higher than average charisma. This draws people towards him and makes them want to help him out and in some cases even obey his whims. With the help of this, he is able to gather followers quickly in all but the most trying situations and so make his task easier. Flaws: Introverted: While Roi is open-minded and willing to work with just about anyone, he does not actively pursue any relationship. He prefers to act alone as much as possible since it means he will have less to oversee and doesn’t have to worry about being stabbed in the back by one of his alleged allies. The only time he break this is when he actually needs something from someone. In that situation, he will not mind engaging others. Unprincipled: Roi abhors the thought of limiting himself in anything and being restricted by anything. He is the type of man who seems like the amalgam of all the seven deadly sins warned against by the ancients. He has no qualms about trampling someone underfoot, literally or metaphorically if they get in his way. He craves everything that piques his fancy and will do just about anything to get it. He does not show much regard for life or comfort of others if they happen to be in the way, impeding him from achieving his desires. With women, he is perverted beyond belief, and so no regular woman can tolerate being in a relationship with him. He does not show any semblance of temperance when it comes to food, alcohol, drugs and the like should they catch his eye. Coldly Logical: Roi prizes pure logic over emotion unlike most people. This makes him come off as un-empathetic to most who know him and can unnerve them quite a bit. He abhors all manner of soft passions and uses them only to manipulate others if at all. He will always choose the more logical of two paths without considering the ethical aspect of the situation. While this does get the job done quicker, it does cause others to label him as cruel in these situations. Manipulative: Roi doesn’t like to get his own hands dirty. So he is always trying to use others to do his dirty work, especially if the task is menial. He finds the feeling of controlling someone or something’s actions like a puppeteer intoxicating and so, whenever he can, he prefers to persuade someone else to do his job for him. This trait allows him to maneuver the course of events in any given scenario so masterfully that the people being manipulated often times don’t even realize they are under influence by him. Pessimistic: Roi is a true blue pessimistic person. While others maintain their faith that tomorrow will come and that things will get better even in their darkest hours, Roi is firm believer in Murphy’s Law, that is, if something can go wrong, it will most certainly go wrong. He can never see the silver lining in a situation and always expects the worst from people and the world around him. So he always finds it difficult to drop his guard around people, but will do so if it means he gets his desired goal. This also makes him quite cynical in his words and outlook. Neutrals: Adaptability: This trait allow him to maximize his success rate even if he should be given limited and low quality resources. This is a huge asset to him in a variety of different settings since he can make the most of what he is given. This makes him an excellent ally as well as a dangerous enemy if he is not properly restrained when captured. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills SP » Total SP: 5 » SP Used: 5 » SP Unused: 0 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » 1-H Curved Sword (Rank: 1) - SP Invested: 5 SP Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Set B "DPS Package" Starter Weapon of Choice: 1-H Iron Curved Sword (Rare): "Apep" [Slot 1: Accuracy, Slot 2: Paralyze] Vanity Armor of Choice: Shinobi Shozoku (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships » Father: Rousseau Enlil Chevalier » Mother: Izanami Enraiha Yatokami Story Thus Far TBA