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      Donations and Recognition!   12/22/2016

      Hello everyone! We are becoming a huge community and that doesn't come cheap. All staff here are volunteers and do this because they love the site. Right now, everything is paid out of pocket, by Erroneous. We would love for you to donate in order to help out with the site costs (i.e. Forum License, Domain Name, Hosting) so that we can keep Security and Forum Software up to date and possibly add some new features. If you do decide to donate, we have some fun, snazzy gifts of appreciation for you ;) Please message me (Shark) so we can get you the gifts of appreciation! We thank you for your support! Please use this link for more info   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Donate Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the donate button.

      NOTABLE DONORS LIST Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Percival Row  Teayre Nezumi Benjamin Bookworm Zandra Alice Arc Atzo Baldur Claim Corvo Dominion Genji Ignavus_veneficus Jomei Kaya Kimi Lee Lessa Mack Macradon Nocturn Persephone Piera Ruus Sarial Hawke Shi Unyeilding Vale To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/21/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

      "Who is on these teams?" Well the answer to that lies below! Floor Team Systems & Clarifications Team Player Support Team
      Minecraft Development Team
      * - Denotes Team Lead

      We also have a team to work on and develop the current systems but that team will search for its members and is not allowed to be applied to.

      Now you may be asking, "Shark, how does one apply to the Staff Team?" And I have but 1 simple answer!
      Go read this thread and it may answer all your questions!

      If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I will answer your questions about staff. (Only the format of teams and/or the application process)
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      Community Aid   04/17/2018

      Hello players of Aincrad! I created two threads in the support ticket section with the interest in having the community involved in the development of Aincrad in floor development, and even systems through your thoughts, concerns, and other forms of communication.  There are two separate threads for players to look at and share their opinions.  One is specifically for floors which is mainly helping by sharing ideas on what we could add/change/improve as far as our current floors go.  Come up with your own floors and share them with us for the chance of seeing that floor one day.  Or coming up with a quest and sharing it with us!  The other is specifically for systems, which is things like the rules, skill and level system, dungeon and combat systems, etc. I'm hoping people will be willing to share their opinion and thoughts for the purpose of helping to further this site further.
      Can't wait to see what you have in mind! Floor Development Suggestion Thread http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16352-a-helping-hand/
        Systems Development Suggestion Thread http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16347-a-helping-hand/  

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  1. Hello players of Aincrad! I wanted to set up this thread because any help in regards to ideas, thoughts on improvement, or pointing out current contradictions or redundancies. Please note that we are looking for constructive criticism, not complaints. We also are looking for quests or floors that you came up with and want to share with us! In addition however, we won't be able to please everyone so bare with us on this. A list of things related to floor development are: - Floor Lore - Places of Interest - Quests Quest Outline: This is an outline you can use to create quests if you're interested in using it feel free! Name: Recommended Level: Requirements: Objective: Reward(s): Enemies: Quest Summary/Description: Floor Details Required: If you're writing up an idea for a floor, please answer all of the following. And try being creative! Name: Settlements: Places of Interest: NPCs: Monsters: Lore (Culture? Religion? History?): Please remember that none of this has anything to do with the sites systems, such as enhancements, rules, dungeons, skills, etc. If you have any questions or feel like you haven't been noticed, or if you want to discuss a project or idea you had in mind, go ahead and message me via forum pms or discord.
  2. Hello players of Aincrad! I wanted to set this little thread up as a way to better the communication between developers and the community, and for you guys to help us find flaws in the current system, come up with new ideas, or ways to improve the current systems! Please note that we're looking for constructive criticism, not complaining. In addition, we won't be able to please everyone, but we will do what we can to make everything balanced and fun for as many people as we can. Things for system include: - Rules and Tutorials - Levels and Tiers - Skills and Mods - Gear and Enhancements - Crafting and Professions - Combat and Actions - Monsters and Bosses - Dungeons and Labyrinths - Familiars - PvP and Tournaments - Quests and Events Please remember that these are strictly systems with nothing to do with lore, specific bosses or quests, floors, etc. If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts, or corrections please feel free to either comment below, or talk with me in private messages on either the Forums or on Discord!
  3. PROFILE: Name: Phoenix Grimm Username: Grimm Nationality: German Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 6’ 2” ABOUT/HISTORY: Phoenix, or Grimm, as he calls himself, is a strange figure. He is a bit odd and is hopefully everyone around him is fine with that. When he was twelve, he found out he was related to a famous story character from a novel in the 1800’s. He was determined to find answers. He's athletic, witty, humorous and perhaps a little too rash. This is to be expected from somebody with his position. He was born in a royal family in a urban area. He lived comfortably until he was about 17 years old, but at that point things changed. He studied a lot and was learning a new language, English to be specific. With the help of great friends, he managed to bloom in a astonishing world. But with his bravery and perseverance, there's nothing to stop him from going beyond expectations. He could quickly become a person of importance. But things could change quickly; he is currently still growing up and learning new things. He feels like there's more secrets than answers in this world. Luckily he has a great family to support him. But alas, he was trapped in the virtual world Sword Art Online. In game, things took a turn for the worst, he lost all his friends to in-game monsters, he now wanders Aincrad seeking vengeance and secrets that haven't uncovered themselves. “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve seen, nobody knows the sorrow.” VIRTUES & FLAWS: Virtues: Reliable - Grimm is Reliable, you can trust him to pull through certain tasks if he is up for it. He is also reliable for last minute idea, as he always seems to have a few of them. He doesn't often disappoint other with the tasks he is assign. After all, he was born in royal blood, he has knows he is one of the most reliable people out there. He won't see it otherwise. Responsible - Phoenix is Responsible, he is able to, when he messes up or knows he is wrong, admit it and overcome the price. The last time he took responsibility for something, someone had died, and he blamed himself for it. Which is pretty heavy stuff. He takes responsibility for failure more than anything else, but he overcomes, adapts, and tries again, making sure he gets it right. Assertive - He is Assertive, you're probably wondering what that means, Assertive means to be bold or confident. Grimm is good at that, he is most confident when it comes to admitting his wrongs or mistakes. He messes up just as much if not more then everyone else, despite being of royal bloodline. But he is confident about his mistakes and overcomes his loses. He mostly is assertive when it comes to combat or socializing. Flaws: Manipulative - Grimm is manipulative, he can't help it either. He can tear friendships, heck, RELATIONSHIPS apart for his own social benefit. He commonly does this on his enemies, someone he dislikes, or someone he just has a bad feelings about. Grimm uses this to his advantage, but sometimes, he can't help it, and does it for fun. Purposely ruining and manipulating others to get what he wants, and won't have it otherwise. Unforgiving - Phoenix doesn’t forgive others easily, if you read the history, it mentioned he wondered Aincrad seeking vengeance on hostile players and monsters alike? Yeah, well, there is a reason he hasn't giving up yet. IF you steal from HIM he won't forgive, you attack him, he won't forgive, if you do anything against him, he, won't forgive, sensing a pattern? He is known for this trait, also, the username should give you a hint on how merciful he is. Impatient - He isn’t the “most” patient person, he actually is kinda the opposite. Grimm always expects results, and immediate results at that. A sign that he is growing impatient is when he crosses his arms and starts tapping his foot. Grimm can't stand waiting, he gets irritated when waiting to long and eventually, stops waiting and flat out leaves. Its best to arrive early when meeting him. SKILLS: Non-combat: SP Left = 0 | Total SP = 5 » Passive: » Hiding I Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory: Weapons/Tools: P.S. "DPS Package" Chosen: Color Code: Vantity is Black | Uncommon is Red | Rare is Blue | Perfect is Purple | Demonic is Neon Green | **Means Equiped Equipped Items AKA Battle Ready: » Weapons/Armor: » Items/Consumables: » Other: Roleplays: N/A (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" means one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships: N/A Story Thus Far: N/A
  4. Hello Aincradians! Just letting you all know that there's a podcast coming up and we wanted to ask all of you what you wanted to hear in the podcast. Well more accurately, anything you want discussed or answered. There's a poll set up for you to select from, as well as an other button. If you select the other category, please explain what you want discussed/answered. We will not skip over anyone's votes or comments so don't be shy. Anything you're curious, confused or excited about is perfectly fine with us!
  5. [ Spangie's Journal ]

    Rebirth from Illiure Profile : Username : Spangie Real Name : Kanaria Uta Age : 19 Gender : Female Height : 5'4 ft. History / Personality : Kanaria was born into a family between well off and middle class, in a small town in Japan, no siblings at all. Being surprisingly independent for an only child, her parents would often want to shower her with gifts and presents, though she would never accept them. Growing up, Kanaria had always had a passion for art, often doodling on everything from newspapers to worksheets and tests. The few times the child had actually accepted gifts from people who had given her art supplies, only filling her confidence in her skills even more, but not becoming cocky of it. Though in her small town, most residents there knew of her skill, though some were jealous, not even the slightest impressed her art. Soon after she rose to popularity, she would often getting bullied, teased, all other kinds of bullying. Sometimes even getting beaten, dramatically lowering her certainty in art. Even though never telling the truth to her parents about the bruises and gashes she would receive when he would come home, saying that she 'tripped' or fell'. She was always a cheerful girl, trying to impress anyone she sees, never finding her work satisfying enough. Her dedication soon led her to a prestigious college, Oxford University, England. At eighteen years old, she had set out on her journey in the real world. Though her townsmates will miss the cheery and independent young woman, a piece of her will alwyas echo in their hearts. Her music. Arriving at a new country had truly changed her, new wonders, new things to draw. She would often go to different places in England, trips that were funded by her college, ever few months she would go to a new city, a new place, a new world. She would take few visits to her family each year, each flight a little expensive and time consuming. She always had school or art in her mind, that is until she found out about SAO. She would hear about it on and on around her campus, everywhere, 24/7. Students would talk about how 'unreal' and 'fantasizing' it is, wonderful beyond your wildest dreams. Virtual reality gaming, though she was never interested in gaming herself, she was only in for the scenery of the world. For her summer break, Kanaria had returned him, only to be gifted with a wonderful surprise. Her parents had bought her a full set of Nervegear and SAO, her joy was impossible to say in words. Snatching up the equipment immediately, she barged into her room and set it up without any help, her parents watching with a sad smile behind the door. After she had entered the hell game, she had sulked in beginner inns, constantly guilty of her crimes. She had never said a single hello to her parents after seeing them for a few months, not even muttering a small thank for the Nervegear and game. Though she had later joined in to help in the slightest wya possible to completion of the game, she's would every now then cry when she's alone, never foregetting the one time she had she had ever greedily taken something. Virtues : Creative : After years of art, Kanaria has boatloads of creativity. She often imagines what her art is going to be like after she is done with it, which helps her predict situations and problems. She uses this to her advantage and thinks of ideas no normal person would even have the thought to create. Quick Thinker : She often is quick when in situations and does a tremendous job. She reacts to problems almost immediately and finds a solution not too soon after. Though they might not always work, she has every drop of confidence that she'll find a way sooner or later. Social : Attracting people with her art has let her develop social skills. Knowing how to be polite and friendly, Kanaria almost looks like shes always happy. This earned her many friends and acquaintances in the real world. Flaws : Forgetful : Kanaria often forgets things very easily and this sometimes leads her to forgetting what is most important. Her mind will often go blank at random times and it takes a few minutes or even hours to remember what she was doing. This is why Kanaria doesn't do well with promises and favors. Jumpy : She was always jump to the slights sounds, especially if it's in the dead of quiet. She mostly runs away from the sound, or hides in something that can cover her. This leads to people thinking that she's weak and timid. Day Dreamer : Kanaria usually spaces out a lot in the middle of conversations. She will most likely stare at you or somewhere in the distance without saying anything for a while. She sometimes uses this to her advantage and thinks about solutions when she's in dream land. Profession : Cook. Rank 2 Skills : - [ Tier 1 ] 1 Handed Weapon Non Combat : - [ Light Armor ] Snow Fire Armor [ +2 Migitation ] - Leaves of Autumn Cloak [ +3 Lood Die ] Combat : - [ Dagger Tier 1 ] Vermillion Feather [ +3 DMG ] Inventory : - DPS Package - 5 [ Tier 1 ] Standard Healing Potions [ Heals 50 ] - 1 [ Tier 1 ] Damage Potion [ +1 DMG ] - 1 [ Tier 1 ] Over Health Potion [ +50 Temp. HP ] - Small Fruit Crepe [ +1 Loot Die ] - Tigers Rage Potion [ +2 DMG ] Col : 2,525 SP : 8/17 Roleplays [ Not in Order ]:
  6. Exchange of currency

    Walking towards the randezvous point, Macradon would have the pouch of Col ready for the not that shady exchange, but would make it look as shady as possibly. When Hikoru would finally arrive, Macradon would hand over the pouch filled with 30 000 Col. 30 000 Col handed over to @Hikoru
  7. Profile: Username: Epsilon Real Name: Linsey Byrnne Gender: Female Nationality: American Location: New York, United States Language: English Physicals: Age: 19 Birth date: January 28, 2006 Physical Height: 5 ft 4 in Weight: 63 kg / 138 lbs Handedness: Right Blood type: A+ About/History: Linsey Byrnne AKA Epsilon was fresh out of high school when SAO was released, she loved playing these games with her friends, but none of them owned the game yet, which made her sad that she couldn't play with them.She got the game pre-ordered on her birthday. After her party, her friends congratulated her on getting the game, and she went to play it. She lived with a family of five at the time, there was mom, dad, and her two younger siblings. She was a happy girl, she wasn't spoiled, but she was curious all the time, enough that one of her most used words are "Interesting...". She is strange. But she is easy to get used to. She can instantly derail someones argument with tactful comments and facts. On the day she was trapped inside, she was web surfing, when a package arrived at her door. It was SAO! She was excited to play it. She cleaned up her apartment, did some chores. Then hopped into bed, placing the headset on her head. Suddenly her phone buzzed, she wanted to pick it up. She was responsible, but then again, she was so excited and had waited so long for this, she decided to answer it later, "Link. Start!" She said enthusiastically, this is the first time she hasn't been bored in days. What she didn't know, was that buzzing on her phone, it was her mother. After she didn't answer back, her mother called the police. The police found her in her bedroom, with nerve gear on. One of the officers picked up her phone, it was on messages. The most recent one was from her mother. It read: Lins! Have you seen the news! Don't put the nerve gear on! Even so, after a while of her getting trapped, her parents began blaming eachother for what happened. By the time she comes back, her family would have broken apart. She will have nothing to go back to. Virtues: 1) Persuasive - Linsey is persuasive, she naturally had this trait. She can find the weakness in anyone's argument. Rerail it, and sometimes make it completely backfire on them. She also uses evidence, fact, and logic to do most of her arguments. 2) Smart - Epsilon is smart, she knows what she is doing, she was a straight A students up untill her senior year of high school. She likes to use her intelligence to pick out people. Sort bad from good, and vice versa. 3) Curious - Now, why is this a good thing? Well, the main reason she talks to anyone and explore's is because of this. She likes to satisfy her curiousity. For example, if there was a fork in the road, she would mentally mark that spot. Walk down one road, and eventually turn around and try the other. Flaws: 1) Depression - Linsey has been this way sense day one of SAO. Knowing that if she might have answered her phone, she might not be here. Trapped, and doomed to die is the way she see's it. 2) Bored - Epsilon is natural bored and uninterested in most everything. It was only for the first day of SAO, when she was hyped. But now, she has nothing to do, most people she talks to are bland, except for a select few. 3) Unmotivated - She is unmotivated, remember that thing I told you about "Trapped and doomed to die"? Well, this is why she is so unmotivated, she believes that no matter what, no one will escape the death game. So, this means she thinks crime is ok, any kind. Profession: N/A Equipment: Inventory: Skills/Abilities: Roleplays: Relationships:
  8. Well, Hello there, I'm Outlander if you haven't guessed it already. This is my box of suggestions that could help improve the site. In my opinion that is. Ranged Weaponry: Now, I'm not quite sure if this isn't in the RP for a reason or something, but, I think it would make an excellent addition to your RP game. I wanted to have a bow, as a matter a fact, the first weapon I wanted to fight with in this game WAS a bow. Unfortunately, I learned that the bow hasn't made it into the game for some reason, dispite them being canon in SAO. At minimum, I recommend adding throwing knives or something like that. Passworded RPs: No, Im not talking about the Unrestricted Role Play Chatroom, I'm talking about a password protected private RP you could create, and even chose the password. Say, I dont know, private meeting that you preferred to be kept in quiet untill the subject was finished. Or you hiring someone to kill someone, and you wouldn't want that someone to go, "Oh! Kill me eh? Private RP's it is!" It completely ruins the hit. These two are the only things I've come up with that I think the RP could do. To improve and make it better for everyone, thanks for readin!
  9. Profile Username: Nevermore IV Real name: Razgad Barrett Age: 24 Gender: Male Nationality: German American Height: 6' 1" About: Nevermore is a mysterious and frightening character, from his naturally dark and rough voice, to the plauge doctor uniform he wears everywear, its no wonder people are afriad of him. He has a tendency to kidnap and torture many people. He is a well known and feared person. For certain reasons, for example, many people are naturally afriad of the unknown, and not much is know about him. Not even his name is known. He uses daggers as lethal weapons, sneaking up on unsuspecting people and ruthlessly killing them... It began on the night of his first kill. After that... he became a monster. Some survivors say they hear something before being attacked, four words... "Quoth the Raven... Nevermore." He tends to track his targets down and never leaves them alone. He will constantly ambush them untill they are finally dead. To him, it does matter where and when, broad daylight in a safezone, no, dark night in a forest, yes. Broad daylight in a forest, Maybe, dark night outside safezone. Yes. History: Very few people have called out to him, one of the few that have is a shifty character known as Outlander, he promises great fortune to Nevermore, and in return has decided to help him found "The Outcasts Pact." Nevermore doesn't backstab others. For he trusts Outlander to follow through with his promise. They say there was a point in time where he wasn't a monster. But something went wrong, terribly wrong, he no longer feels sorrow, empathy, love, or happiness. All he can feel now is, hate, rage, anger, and vengeance. He wanted to become all that was left. By ending everyone and everything else. Funny, how a coping mechanism gone wrong creates a serial killer. "They're all dead! All of them! I wasn't there to help! I can't do this anymore! I can't!" -Nevermore IV's Message to a close friend at the time. After sending this message, unfriended everyone on his friends list, then disappeared for three weeks. Thats when "he" started popping up. Reported cases of a madman in a plauge doctor uniform jumping at people, injuring them or killing them. The lucky ones died first, the ones that lived had their life turned onto a living hell (Hell as in place). As Nevermore attempted assassinating them over and over. Untill finally success. Eventually, his friends started dying off, they assumed they died of suicide or killed by Pkers or monsters. Nevermore had something to do with their deaths. Virtues: 1) Fortitude - He has a high Fortitude. Which the definition for Fortitude is "courage in pain or adversity." Most of the time, he goes through emotionalpain, or adversity, but he is so good at keeping this courage. It tends to rub off on his allies. Most people don't see his fortitude, but he truely has it. 2) Smart - Nevermore is a smart pychopath, don't expect him to fall for something so easily, he usually finds the quickest solution out of it, then you end up on his hit list for trying to pull the wool over his eyes. He uses this to his advantage and turns the tables when least expected. Promising his name is still dominant over the others. 3) Perspective - Nevermore notices things out of the ordinary physically, for example, traps and ambushes. He can also set traps and ambushes up in the perfect positions. Surrounding the enemy and defeating them. He is able to see through a persons disguise quite easily and find out what they really want. Flaws: 1) Intimidating - "He who shall not be named" is intimidating. He stands a little over six feet, has a dark tone to his voice, has daggers and knives hidden all over his body and in his armor, and he moves suprizingly fast. Which scares people into doing what he says, this is bad if he is against your side. 2) Mysterious - Your probably wondering, How is this a flaw? Well, that because the actual definition of mysterious is "difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify." Almost everyone has trouble understanding Nevermore's motives, movements, and location in general. It is extremely hard to contact this him, and those who manage to are bounty hunters whom are killed on the spot. 3) Stalker - Nevermore tends to watch his target a while before killing them, but when his position is discovered, and the target is alone, he casually comes out from where he is hiding and faces his targrt. If the target is not alone, he runs away, recovers, and tracks down the target again. Making sure not to make the same mistake as before. Professions: Skills: Inventory : Weapons/Tools: (Basic Starting Pack Chosen) Roleplay: STRIKE = ENDED Storage and Money: Col: 2500 (Set A: Basic Starter) Other: 10 T1 Mats 5 Starter Health Potions
  10. Roi's Records [FINISHED]

    Profile Username: Roi Enlil Yatokami Real name: Roi Enlil Yatokami Age: 27 years Gender: Male Height: 6' 3" Weight: 180 lb. Race: French/Iraqi/Japanese About: History/personality History: Not much is known in the way of Roi’s true origins. The information that is known, however, shows that he was an orphan who at some point was found and taken in by a couple working for the infamous “Society of Shadows” in Hong Kong. From then, he was trained rigorously and groomed everyday so he could one day take over if anything happened to his parents as the next “Ghost” of the organization. He took to this training like fish to water, showing great promise in his progress as the heir to his parents’ feared moniker, eventually growing up from a little boy of 6 years into a handsome young man of 21 and rising to the top, impressing the leaders of the “Society” so much that he became his parents’ backup when out on missions. Sadly, to his great dismay, these times did not last, for there was one mission on a certain fateful day that his adoptive parents did not come back from at all, this on Roi’s 21st birthday. The true reason they were sent on that suicidal mission was, of course, a plan by the higher ups to kill them off since the leaders had suspected his parents of being traitors for a long while due to a ploy by a group of their victims. This ploy had framed them as turncoats and brought down on them the ire of the leaders of the “Society”, which of course resulted in their deaths. This information was kept from him and he was told only that his parents were killed in the line of duty since the leaders knew that he would turn his terrifying talents for slaughter against them and their “Society”. So, with no other leads to go on, he accepted their word at face value and took up the mantle of “Ghost”, the top field agent of the “Society” from then on, and slowly but surely, he became infamous and feared as the angel of death who brought promised demise upon those who dared to stand against the organization. Things were going smoothly for a while, that is, they were until there came a series of missions which Roi was sent on which involved the elimination of a certain list of targets who didn’t seem all that much of a threat to the organization. No, to him, these missions seemed almost like they were given to him solely to save the organization’s own skin from him due to something they had done to him in the past. His suspicions only grew stronger as he realized how little info the “Society” gave him on his targets this time and they were pretty much confirmed when he extracted the truth from a couple of them before he killed them. He learned the horrifying truth that the so called top secret mission that his parents were sent on never to be seen or heard from again was in fact nothing but a death sentence handed to them by the “Society”. This completely broke his illusions about the organization down and showed him its true nature, causing him to go and assassinate the leaders before running away from Hong Kong. He then fled all over the world, constantly giving the "Society" the slip till eventually they gave up for a period of time. In those 6 years, Roi settled down and eventually started to regain some semblance of normalcy in his life. He even picked up VR gaming as a hobby among other things. Since SAO was so wildly popular, he thought he would give it a shot. From here, where he will go no one can truly know, but one thing is for sure, it will be one hell of a show. Virtues: Persuasive: During his travels, Roi gradually picked up the art of smooth-talking. Over the many years till present, through practice, he has become glib enough with his words that many who know him personally call him a “silver tongued devil”. Provided the target is susceptible, he can convince just about anyone to do just about anything and thus have them dancing in the palms of his hands. Decisive: Once Roi decides on something, he stubbornly pursues it to the bitter end, or at least until it proves too dangerous for his health. That said, he can and most often does vacillate among all possible permutations and combinations of a certain decision before coming to the one decision he thinks is best. This can be both a blessing and a curse, for while it allows him to rise to the occasion and navigate crises well, it can exasperate those who hold him dear since nothing they do or say will change his mind once he has made up his to do something in a certain way. Individualistic: Roi is at heart a maverick. He abhors following the same beaten path that the rest of the masses take, unless of course that happens to pique his curiosity or otherwise prove expedient for him. He finds it more satisfying to examine all the pros and cons of a certain situation and come to his own conclusion instead of following predetermined protocol for any given occasion. This means he doesn’t hesitate to break tradition or commonly accepted norms while engaged in any activity should the occasion call for such drastic action. Intelligent: Roi is one of the rare few who have IQs over 180 in the world. This is by far his most dangerous and powerful weapon, especially when combined with his knack for strategic analysis, critical judgement, and high-pressure planning. This is because it allows him to run mental circles around most people all the while looking like he isn’t doing much of anything at all. It also means he is not easily deceived since he can see through most attempts at fooling him. Open-Minded: Roi has met and interacted with several people from all walks of life. So, over the years, he has learned to be tolerant of pretty much anyone and anything unless said thing or person is on his dislike list. This means he will work with anyone to get what he desires in life, be they good or evil, weak or powerful, and poor or rich, etc. Charismatic: Roi has some modicum of naturally higher than average charisma. This draws people towards him and makes them want to help him out and in some cases even obey his whims. With the help of this, he is able to gather followers quickly in all but the most trying situations and so make his task easier. Flaws: Introverted: While Roi is open-minded and willing to work with just about anyone, he does not actively pursue any relationship. He prefers to act alone as much as possible since it means he will have less to oversee and doesn’t have to worry about being stabbed in the back by one of his alleged allies. The only time he break this is when he actually needs something from someone. In that situation, he will not mind engaging others. Unprincipled: Roi abhors the thought of limiting himself in anything and being restricted by anything. He is the type of man who seems like the amalgam of all the seven deadly sins warned against by the ancients. He has no qualms about trampling someone underfoot, literally or metaphorically if they get in his way. He craves everything that piques his fancy and will do just about anything to get it. He does not show much regard for life or comfort of others if they happen to be in the way, impeding him from achieving his desires. With women, he is perverted beyond belief, and so no regular woman can tolerate being in a relationship with him. He does not show any semblance of temperance when it comes to food, alcohol, drugs and the like should they catch his eye. Coldly Logical: Roi prizes pure logic over emotion unlike most people. This makes him come off as un-empathetic to most who know him and can unnerve them quite a bit. He abhors all manner of soft passions and uses them only to manipulate others if at all. He will always choose the more logical of two paths without considering the ethical aspect of the situation. While this does get the job done quicker, it does cause others to label him as cruel in these situations. Manipulative: Roi doesn’t like to get his own hands dirty. So he is always trying to use others to do his dirty work, especially if the task is menial. He finds the feeling of controlling someone or something’s actions like a puppeteer intoxicating and so, whenever he can, he prefers to persuade someone else to do his job for him. This trait allows him to maneuver the course of events in any given scenario so masterfully that the people being manipulated often times don’t even realize they are under influence by him. Pessimistic: Roi is a true blue pessimistic person. While others maintain their faith that tomorrow will come and that things will get better even in their darkest hours, Roi is firm believer in Murphy’s Law, that is, if something can go wrong, it will most certainly go wrong. He can never see the silver lining in a situation and always expects the worst from people and the world around him. So he always finds it difficult to drop his guard around people, but will do so if it means he gets his desired goal. This also makes him quite cynical in his words and outlook. Neutrals: Adaptability: This trait allow him to maximize his success rate even if he should be given limited and low quality resources. This is a huge asset to him in a variety of different settings since he can make the most of what he is given. This makes him an excellent ally as well as a dangerous enemy if he is not properly restrained when captured. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills SP » Total SP: 5 » SP Used: 5 » SP Unused: 0 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » 1-H Curved Sword (Rank: 1) - SP Invested: 5 SP Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Set B "DPS Package" Starter Weapon of Choice: 1-H Iron Curved Sword (Rare): "Apep" [Slot 1: Accuracy, Slot 2: Paralyze] Vanity Armor of Choice: Shinobi Shozoku (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships » Father: Rousseau Enlil Chevalier » Mother: Izanami Enraiha Yatokami Story Thus Far TBA
  11. Sword Art Podcast Season 4 Ep. 1

    The Sword Art Podcast returns for a new season! Join us as we discuss up and coming news as well as recap everything that happened while we were on break. More info to come! Ft. Special guest: @Calrex! Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on alerts so you know when we are going live! Hosted by: @Shark Co-Hosted by: @Ruby Special Guest: @Calrex
  12. Fetu's Gazettes

    Profile Username: Fetu Lagi Discord: (Fetu Lagi) Real name: Lagi Loto( Heaven Heart) Age: 15 Gender: Male Height: 152.40 cm About: History/personality Lagi has a 3 GPA, he is smart in some stuff. For example, he's good learning physical things, kendo, Judo, and gaming. He hates math, he likes gaming, biking, Judo, animals, science, history and outdoor things. He is a very quiet person depending on who he's with and what he's doing. He doesn't mind trying new things, and if it interests him he will try to pursue. Lagi is a good listener and follows orders and, he loves cake and sweets. For example, if there was cake on the table, and you turn 360 degrees, by the time you arrive back towards the table there will be cake crumbs, but no cake. He wears loose layers of clothing and wrapped around his clothing, is practical leather armor, such as a shoulder guard, bracers, arm guards, and a shin guard. At all times he has a dagger and potions concealed on his belt. Lagi is a green belt in judo and does good deeds every day. Before entering SAO Lagi earned his rank of life scout in Boy Scouts. He was really committed to Boy Scouts and loved it, he even joined a boy scout brotherhood, the organization called the Order of the Arrow. He isn't really employed in a job, but he does do a lot of services and volunteer work. Lagi helps the homeless, does service projects to help his community, cares animals, and helps young kids. Lagi came from a middle-class Samoan family in West LA. He is one of five siblings, he has three older brothers and a younger sister. His mother and uncle work full-time in their family-owned business, a bar/lounge. Judo is a main sport and topic in the family, it runs in the family. The Loto's are a loving family but there is a lot of drama. Lagi and his sister never really had a good Male Model in their life. Their father was a drinker and an abuser, later on, he was kicked out of the family. Lagi lived with his four siblings, his mother, his uncle, his aunt and his three cousins. His cousins are the same age as he is and he has a very good bond with his cousins as well. He considers his cousins as good friends. Lagi and his cousins are very competitive with each other. They grew up together and played with each other a lot. Lagi loved video games because it gave him the ability to socialize. Lagi is the type of kid that doesn't talk a lot, he barely talks about his gaming life. He only talks about his interest in gaming to his brothers, cousins or other gamers. Lagi's favorite genre in gaming is rpg. He loves RPG games, stories, fps, and fantasy. GAMING LIFE When Lagi was little, his brothers introduced him and his cousins into Video games. His brother introduced him to competitive gaming, board games, and arcade games. He played the games with his brothers and cousins. A few years later, his oldest brother, Rangi Loto got shot up in a drive-by shooting and bled to death. It affected the family a lot. Lagi and his two sorrowed about their brother's death. Later on, Lagi's two bothers chose to work full time in doing what they love. His two brothers were very skilled in the MOBA game League of Legends. They created a youtube channel of there gameplay and pursued their passion. They try to entertain people, they don't want people to suffer the grief that they did when their brother passed. Lagi decided to also make a gaming youtube channel and a twitch channel. Instead of going with his brother's channels, his cousins, and Lagi made their own. They played RPG games and online games. Later on, there was a huge hype going around about a new game called SAO, Sword Art Online. A virtual reality RPG online game. The trailer and gameplay looked awesome Lagi and his cousins really really wanted it. When Sword Art Online was announced Lagi and his cousins were very thrilled about it. They went all out to save up their money for birthdays and side jobs for the game so they can play together and form their own guild. In order to get the game, you needed the Nerve Gear and the Full Drive System. Lagi and his cousins asked their parents for it. Lagi's mom said that you have to work for it and earn it. Lagi and his cousins raced to get money for it, they were doing a competition. They raced to get the game first. Lagi asked his brothers if he can get paid to do a job for them so that he can get money to get the game SAO. Lagi's brothers pointed out that there are some neighbors who have work, and will pay. Lagi asked all the neighbors that his brother pointed out to, and asked for work. Half of them said yes and the other half said no. During the first week of work, Lagi worked 12 hours a day working different jobs and tripling the money. By the time the week was done he made $1260. His brothers offered to help Lagi. When the month was finished Lagi made $7684, with his brothers help. He had more than enough money to buy the nerve gear and the Full Drive System. When he got it he was so happy. Lagi's cousins were sad that they lost. Lagi bragged a bit because he won. He gave his leftover money to his cousins. To Be Continued... Onward... Virtues/Flaws: Hardworking - Lagi is a hard-working, living the scouting life, the oath, the law. He's a good person and a caring person if he saw a kid getting bullied he would help the kid, and stop the bully. Lagi is friendly, kind and a bit protective. Patient - Lagi is very patient and is a good listener, but sometimes instead of being patient, he can be a rusher. A person could be going on and on, and he will still wait. This could help him by allowing him to wait for the right opening in a fight. Nature - Lagi has the personality at some spots, sometimes he can get pretty rough depending on the situation, but he's usually a nice person. He has good nature to him, he has a good build to him. For example, he'll ask people like how's there day going, he'll help elders and kids. If there was a kid crying he'll cheer up the kid and keep him company. He helps his community if there are any needs and helps to be done. Quiet - Lagi is pretty quiet, doesn't like to talk a lot. Because of that, he's not really a leader, he's the type of person that follow orders. It's hard for him to make friends because of the lack of physical social skills. Most of his socializing are in gaming. Not Liking - Lagi doesn't like losing, and doesn't like being confronted, but he will listen. Sometimes Lagi will speak and confront people by there looks and actions without thinking. This will make him a bit annoying and mean. This is very rare though. Lagi barely will do this, it only depends on the time usually. Not mindful of others, feelings - Lagi will bad mouth without thinking, he pisses people off really easy with that. Part of that is his lack of social skills. He doesn't have the brain to know usually... his mouth runs faster than he can think... He is currently trying to fix that. He's trying to build up and repair the damage that he has done. This could make him a bit cruel... This doesn't happen usually, it happens very rarely... Profession: Artisan Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Two-Handed Weapon - 2H Straight Sword Rank 1 Saving for Katana Inventory Set A "Basic Package": Weapon of choice, of Uncommon or lower quality. Armor of choice, of Uncommon or lower quality (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Weapon: YOLO "You Only Live Online" +1 ACC 1 healing potion Light Armor: Recovery +1 (Have 4sp) Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)
  13. Ryo witnessed Teion flinch as she rose her voice, then clutching her chest. Ryo bolted to the front counter, sliding over the front counter and into the kitchen area. He noticed the tied up NPC staff workers but had to ignore them. That other NPC had to be here somewhere. Instead of checking the kitchen Ryo ran to the back door and was surprised to find it locked. or stuck. The first kick knocked the door free, and what was blocking it loose as well. A few more kicks and the door was open just enough for him to peek through. He saw a figure running off in the distance, the rain pounding all the while. A large dumpster had been pushed in front of the door preventing him from opening it fully. "Dammit!" He cursed, as he could do no more to catch the man. "[censored]!" he screamed again, running his hands across the kitchen counter tossing cutlery across the room. Teion had now entered and had seen the tied up NPC. Ryo walked over, his katana now equipped. "Damn, French bastard. How'd did he even manage all this?" He asked himself, freeing the NPC. Underneath the NPC was another note with exact coordinates. Most likely the shop where the French man had hidden the antidote. The hell was this man's game. Ryo stood up, looking over Teion. "Hey, you alright?" He said wincing and touching his temple. His HP had been taken down a tick as well as a new icon appearing underneath his health bar. "That, sun ova bitch." He cursed to himself. "The drink wasn't the only thing poisoned." He said to Teion, as he knelt down and freed the NPC from its bounds. It thanked them, and quickly returned to its routine. "He got me too. Probably when he handed me the note." He said, holding the second one. He was already poisoned with whatever the not was laced with, and he didn't want to risk cross-contaminating Teion with a second poison should it be a different one. "I'll handle the notes, okay?" He said, sharing his feelings about the notes poison. The note included a smug taunt of them being lovebirds, how this was all just a game for him, and the exact coordinates for the shop. "Gameplan. We go, we find this antidote. And if there's not enough for both of us." Ryo said, looking at Teion. "You get it, no exceptions. Then afterward, if we're both still breathing we kill this French [censored]. Questions? Objections?" Ryo asked, before getting ready to set out.
  14. Darkness and Hate (The Dark Knights Journal)

    Profile: Username: The Dark Knight Real Name: Deen Bruce Walker Age: 22 Height: 5' 4" About: Not much is known about his man but here is the need to know details. Deen Bruce Walker suffers from blindness in the real world. Using the Nerve Gear was the first time he was able to see, he was so happy, even after getting trapped in SAO. His real face is hidden underneath a helmet because the color in his eyes are gray. Because they look like that IRL. He was commented on why his eyes were that color, he gives the response "I'm blind." Then something happened to him, something changed, and not for the better. He was met with the tragedy that caused him to become the dark knight. He is a criminal now, hunting down those he feels deserve it, and those responsible for the tragedy. Which is to say, everyone. He isn't seen much now a days. He never enters the citys or Towns unless he needs something important... He lived in Japan but is of American decent, and he is white. He had a loving family whom recommended it to him to try SAO. So he would see for the first time, his brother actually came with. Needless to say, you won't be seeing him again. He had a job. He had friends. He had a life. But he was happy he could see again. So he didn't complain about it that much, but something happened that turned him from a happy person, to a blood soaked murderer. Unable to find the light, and wishing death upon himself, and to those responsible for the tragedy. Which he hunted down most of. Virtues: 1) Brave - Deen is brave either normal. He will fight whatever he has to help him. He likes to fight most things, even players. Then he constantly takes on impossible odds. He would be brave in the toughest conditions, too. Thinking his life was meaningless anyway made him fearless. 2) Fast Reactions - Being the fact that he was blind and had great agility of dodging objects, and that now he can see leads to some fast perceptive reflexs. Able to think quickly was something he could already do. Then there was being blind for 22 years. 3)Confident - He was a confident person, dispite his many, flaws... He is almost certain he will suvive SAO, cure his condition, and save himself from himself, these are some of his only thoughts keeping him alive. Flaws: 1) Vengeful - Deen is vengeful, he is hunting players responsible for "the incident" that made him into the dark knight. He is always serious about it, at least when he talks about it. He takes his vengeance out on anyone, ANYONE, low-level to high level. 2) Depression - When he is not "dark knight" he is happy, or, at least he acts like it. He feels like the longer he is alive, the more people he hurts. Whether that be physically or mentally, he only is alive now, because he feels as if it is a burden he has to carry. If someone doesn't help him soon, he will die because of it. 3) Hostile - Deen is agressive and hostile to people that aren't like him or at least don't understand him. He hates everyone and is feared across Ancraid for being the "Dark Knight". Slaughter of the innocent, Murderer of Hope. Professions: Skills: Inventory : Weapons/Tools: (Set A: Basic Starting Pack Chosen) Roleplay: Strike through = Ended Storage and Money: Col- 2500 Materials- T1 ×10 Other- Potions Starter health Potion ×5 Relationships: Hates everyone Equally...
  15. Novafire's Journal

    Novafire in her standard clothes: ProfileUsername: NovafireReal name: Nova EvergreenAge: 16Gender: FemaleHeight: 5' 1" Favorite Song: Through GlassAbout: History/personality She can still remember the day everyone was trapped, here, in Sword Art Online. It hit her that she could die. She spent the first five days in SAO hiding and terrified. That she would die because of monsters, or even worse, other players. After the five days, she got ready to face her fears, and she got her sword, and her armor and went out to help get out faster. In real life, Nova has two brothers a dog and two loving parents. She felt cut off from everything at one point, she was constantly bullied, and that drove her to online gaming, and when SAO came out, she jumped in trying to escape reality, she couldn't when they were trapped, but, she did come up with a bright side of things while being trapped in SAO. She thought, at least I never have to see those bullys again. Nova is the kind of person you would always expect to be happy, and always wants others to be happy, she is also very helpful and social. Even in SAO, despite being trapped, she goes and tries to help as much as she can, meeting as many people as possible and trying to make them happy. She always tries to see the bright side of everything. She always tries to be nice and kind. Some times she meets others like her, sometimes he meets others who don't like her. But it doesn't really matter because where ever she goes, she's always got a smile on her face. Virtues:Helpful - Nova is very Helpful, she tries to help as many people as possible. Even if she know for sure she has literally no idea what she is doing, she will still go straight a head and try to assist. She will even go far out of her way to help anyone, even if its a complete stranger. Optimistic - For Nova, there is no such thing as to happy, she really is one of those people. She is constantly believing there is always a happy side to the bad news. Even if the bad news greatly outweighs the good news. It helps her cope in times of distress or sadness. Trustworthy - Nova is Trustworthy, she can be trusted as much as she trusts you. Even if she is scammed by someone she trusted, she, with time, will trust them again. So, if she is willing to trust a scammer, she will trust you like she trusts gravity to keep her on the ground.Flaws-Easily Upset - When something goes wrong, or she is left with nothing in the end of the day. She is easy to make upset and she won't get over it easy either. She will want to be alone, she will cry, and she will stay in this state if she isn't helped. Forgetful - Nova is forgetful, unless she writes a note, she is bound to forget. Sometimes she forgets important things, as well. She used to forget all kinds of thinks IRL such as homework, tests, to eat, etc. However, she isn't as forgetful in SAO as IRL but she forgets from time to time. She thinks the reason she isn't as forgetful in SAO is because she is almost always alert. Stubborn - When not helping someone is the right thing to do, she is stubborn about it. No matter who it is, she believes in second chances and in do overs. So, she will still try to help, even if it means putting her life in danger, she will still at least try.Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.)Skills & Stats: Inventory & Money Tank Starter Chosen: **Item** = equipped Clothes, Armor, and Weapons. Steel Armor[Rare][Enhancements-Thorns and Mitigation] Can deal DMG back at attacker and can block a successful non-critical attack Standard Curved Sword[vantity] **Relaxing Nova-** Food & Drink: Coffee of the Strong ×2 Carrot flavored Coffee ×1 Materials and Items: T1 Mat *10 Money: 2500 Col Roleplays» [PP-F1]Helping Hand <<The first few lessons are free>>Relationships (optional) Friends: Benjamin Bookworm Romantic: N/A
  16. H3LL0's Journal

    Appearance: Profile: Username: H3LL0 Nickname: Ell Real Name: Evan Jin Age: 15 Date and Country of Birth: 8th of October, Philippines Gender: Male Occupation: Student Height: 5'8" Weight: 139 lb History: Evan Jin, a middle child out of three in the Jin family, graduated out of middle school and enrolled to a rather popular and elite high-school. A student of Class 2C, the class that is viewed as rivals by the outstanding Class A. Evan was the most laid back in the class, and the smartest one too. He despises work and always does things effortlessly; not easily, as in without effort. Although he has this kind of attitude, he still ranks 2nd in his class. Despite being the middle child, Evan has a good relationship with his family, especially with both of his brothers. Evan loves video games. He had grown attached to MMORPGs like Aura Kingdom but also loves to play MOBAS like League of Legends with his little brother. His elder brother is in college at a university in Japan. At Christmas Vacation, Evan was excited for his elder brother to get home because he said that he'd be bringing a gift. A gift that will get that bored look out of his face. He arrived just in time for dinner carrying a box. Evan rushed to him eager to see his gift, but his elder brother kept it away from him while also trying to greet their parents. "He- Hey! After dinner okay? You'll get it after dinner. I mean, God give me a break." He exclaimed. Evan inhaled his dinner, then took the box with him to his room. Nothing else made him this excited other than video games. When he opened the box, he saw it... The new popular gaming platform, The Nerve Gear, and one of the most hyped games every gamer wants to play, SAO! Evan then started to read the manual when several minutes later, he heard a voice. "You like it?" Evan looked a his brother leaning by the door frame of his room and said, "Well you got me alright, what do you want with me?" His elder brother then replied "What I want Lil Bro, is for you to try that on and have a good time. Go on." Evan bumped fists with his elder brother and put it on, then like the manual said, "Link..." "Evan don't!" Mom's voice, what a drag, I'll talk to her later "Start!" Virtues and Flaws: Virtues: Cunning and Smart - Evan is smart, he has a strategic mind that makes him survive. For him, Survival is the most important move more than anything else. He does his fights slowly and cautiously trying to find an advantage over his enemy. Calm Thinker - Evan is not reckless. He does not panic for stress will only get in the way of his path to win. Even when he is at worse situation possible, he will always try to think of a way to get out of that situation calmly. Gamer - With his experience in various MMORPGs Evan might just be a pro at this game. Being a Gamer, Evan has great reflexes, he tries to level up his EVA to go along with this. Also, he always thinks and spends rationally avoiding luxury. Flaws: Socially Awkward - He only made friends with like minded people. He always feels nervous around those he does not know what to talk about. This might not make him use his full potential when grouped with people he does not know. Laid back - Evan always thinks that doing things he does not like is a drag, Sloth is as sin. He does things with the least effort possible just as long as it gets the job done. He also lacks initiative but would do things immediately, and lousily, if instructed by someone with a high status. Gamer - Evan views SAO as a game, he may hate to lose, but he views the other players as avatars that re spawn. When intimidated, Evan might duel someone to the death. He does this with low level players who think high of themselves, "and oh how fun it is to school those newbs," he'd once said. Careless - Evan is careless in both talking, seeing, and reading. He once read over the quest part of the menu leading him to look for a quest board. He also sometimes mistakes a player for an NPC not noticing the player icon on top of him or her. Stats: Skills and Mods: (Used: 16/16) Inventory: Equipped Items: Battle Ready Inventory: Weapons/Tools: Set B "DPS Package" [BR] Silver Moon Dagger (Rare) Silk Robe (Vanity) (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials [BR] Thunder Stormers (Rare) [EQ] Ell's Robe (Rare) [EQ] Golden Sun Dagger (Perfect) [EQ] Necklace of Finsternis (Perfect) Potions & Consumbales Col -1096 Materials T1 -7 T2 T3 Role plays, Story: Eclipse Ell buys his new weapon, the Golden Sun Dagger and the Necklace of Finsternis «The First Few Lessons are Free»A Game Will Always Be A Game (3 SP) Ell's First quest. Ell meets a lot of other players. He buys two new items. 2.5. Treasure Hunt (5 SP) Ell receives a message, rather an invitation to a gathering game. Ell meets a lot of new players. Witnesses a duel between Dazia and Krysta. Outlander pisses everyone off. 3. Masquerade Ball (1 SP) Ell meets some people from the Treasure Hunt once again, he eats a lot from this event, makes Dazia and Ben dance, and votes for the competition. 4. <<Breaking the Unbreakable>> Tough Rocks are Tough (2 SP) Ell trains to learn the martial arts skill. 5. <<Let there Be Light>> More monsters in caves Friend list:
  17. Outlander's Journal

    Outlander leaning against a wall... Profile: Username: Outlander Real name: James Watchman Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 5' 4" About: Outlander is a mercenary that would do pretty much anything if the price is high enough. In game he lost his guild members and best friend Barrett Jones. He now roams the floating castle aincrad as the Last Outcast, he never wants to leave the guild Outcasts Pact because he is trying to hold on to the thought of better times. Because of losing all of his friends and guildmates, he almost no remorse, and is picky when it comes to food and vodka. Also has a very dark sense of humor. It will block out the sun. In the real world, he was just about to finish up high school. Then got trapped in sao. He usually is a fan of anything the color gray, IRL he usually wears blue jeans a gray shirt, and a gray jacket over it. He has blonde hair IRL, but in game it is bluish. So, he went with blue armor instead of his favorite gray armor. He is a ranged attacker, he thought that "I took archery, so at least I can do something to defend myself." Outlander once had a soul, he lost it on the day of the tragedy, after that day. He never spoke his real name again. Knowing that the only people that knew his name are dead. He wanders town to town, village to village, dungeon to dungeon, seeking refuge from himself. Your probably wondering, why is his name Outlander, well, for starters he "song" that he was going to use as a theme (Outcast- Shinedown) is he became popular had something to do with it, also, because Outlander meant stranger or foreigner. P.S. He is a criminal, and I don't mean IRL. >: ) Virtues: 1) Brave - Outlander is brave, or was it careless? I dont know there is a fine line between the two. He would be willing to do anything if a price is high enough, which means he has to be Brave against some challenges he has to face. Even in the real world he was still brave. And getting stuck he only made him stronger. 2) Perceptive - Outlander is quick to notice things out of the ordinary. Whether that be emotionally or physically, he can notice when something bad or good is about to happen. IRL he also had this trait, he used it on people then. Not on the surrounding environment. But now, he uses this trait to survive instead of telling whats wrong with a drama queen. 3) Smart - Outlander is Intelligent. He was a (almost) all A's student. But now, his smarts let him see the best option in most situations. Also, smarts alow him to be more adaptable.Easier to change under stress or reason. This makes him very useful. Flaws: 1) Egomaniac - Outlander is an Egomaniac, putting himself above others with a glace. Or is they speak, he thinks he is the best at everything. And makes fun of people for not being as "pro" as him mentally. His ego cannot be topped. 2) Sarcastic - Outlander is Sarcastic, this is not that bad but would you want the last thing you heard to be Sarcastic? Yeah, not good. He consistently bombardes everyone around him with witty remarks and Sarcastic jokes. Making every want to stab themselves. 3) Judgemental -Outlander is Judgemental, quick to read a book by its cover. And doesn't care to much about anyone else, ever sense the "incident", so he looks for reasons to deny them. Which is why he is so judgemental. Professions: Skills: Inventory : Weapons/Tools: (Set A: Basic Starting Pack Chosen) Roleplay: Strike through = Ended [OP-F1] Treasure Hunt = +9 SP Throwback <<Avalanche>> Storage and Money: Relationships:
  18. Iris's Journal

    In-game name: Little Kitty Real name: Iris Hawkins Gender: Female Age: 17 Nationality: American Sexuality: Bisexual Iris and her older sister were orphans. By the time she was 7 her older sister died from natural causes leaving her by herself. She eventually found a family that took her in and turns out they were some of the richest people in the state. At the age of 14 she was diagnosed with ASPD or Antisocial personality disorder. Treatment didn't help as she would always find something different to focus on. She also had this weird attraction to cats, always trying to catch one and bring it home whether it was a stray or another persons pet. At the age of sixteen she started stealing and sneaking out at night. By the time she was 17 she was gifted a Nerve Gear by her adoptive parents. She would play for hours at a time, ignore sleeping, eating, or drinking. Her parents eventually banned her from using it, but that didn't stop her. She had know idea that once she logged back in that there would be no logging out. Strengths: Sneaky: She is able to move without making a peep. This is great when trying to avoid a fight or spy on a conversation. This can be essentially to sneak past an enemy(and at some moments friend) to get at the loot while they defeat the monster for you. Reflexes: Almost able to react before the attack is even made. Targets with weapons that require a wind up will have a hard time hitting her thanks to her similar to cat-like reflexes. A quick weapon seems to be the only one that can hit without being lucky. Demoralization: In a fight of psychological warfare, demoralization is key. Breaking a man(or woman's) confidence can lead to a quick end to a fight. This could also help in some cases when convincing some to do something for you Weakness: Betrayal: She betrays certain people if she finds them weak or unsuitable for the job. If she feels like she got a prize worse than the person next to her she will take it by force if she has to. Best not to be greedy and take everything ASPD: Those with antisocial personality disorder tend to lie, break laws, act impulsively, and lack regard for their own safety or the safety of others. She will charge into battle and push others into danger. She will also make moves without thinking of the effect. Kinda saying if you peeve her of, she won't think twice about punching you. Clingy: After the death of her sister she had no one to talk to making her already social awkward. Friend are scarce and now friends can disappear in front of you by dying in a game. When she makes a friend she may be extremely clingy to the person for the first few days. This could be dangerous in two ways. If the person ends up dying or didn't want to be friends then she may become sad or unable to think of anything else for a few days. This could also lead to her not caring about anyone else on the team. Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: Martial arts » Weapon skills: » Basic Package Weapon of choice, of Uncommon or lower quality. Armor of choice, of Uncommon or lower quality (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials
  19. Pikyu's journal (i lied)

    Pikyu Journal O-Oh uhm hi! My name is u-uhm pikyu! And i’ll be writing about myself here! ^^ Name: Pikyu Age: 19 years old gender: female Personality: very shy and isn’t really a big groups person, although she will most likely join one. Height: 5’’2’ what she looks like: She has brown hairs with a single ponytail at the back of her head, she has blue eyes and the clothes she wears are: very basic armor, she never really upgraded it or tried to get new gear since she didn't plan on leaving. the colors are mostly gray or green since she has'n't gotten any guild specific clothes since she's not in a guild. Virtues/flaws: VIRTUES Good with animals She was Always good with animals, ever since her mom got her a dog when she was young she loved animals, she found them cute and fluffy and Always wants to protect them, whenever she finds an abandoned animal she Always brings it home, although her parents did not quite enjoy it, it was ideal so that she wont be as sad when one of them dies. She also found a fascination in foxes since she found them a mix of a dog and a cat, which were her 2 favorite animals since she owned many of them she grew up knowing what they ate and what they liked to do. She also loves to approach and try to feed and/or pet any animal she finds cute enough to. Quite nimble As you'll read later on she's quick to flee and because of that she is quite nimble, although she's not the fastest she can get away quite quickly if you don't suspect it, when she was younger she had to run away from bullies but couldn't outrun them so she tried and tried again until she was quick enough to get away from them, she tried to keep that speed till today, although she may be a bit slower right now but she will quickly get back at speed because she's scared of most things and well run away, but once she gets her familiar she'll most likely be fighting more than fleeing since she'll feel more secure. She's a good cook She has been a great cook ever since her father got sick and her mother was out at work alot, she had to cook for her dad and for her little brother, so she started to learn cooking from online videos and cook books, she kept on cooking even after her dad recovered and so she kept her ability to be a great cook! She also loved being a cook onoy found it a bit sad that animals had to die for food but she knew it was for survival, she also had a part-time job on as a cook in one of the beginning towns restaurants which she did enjoy alot but had to leave after she went out to try and beat the game and get back home. Flaws she's easily scared Ever since she was little she Always was easily scared which made her an easy target for bullies which made her only more easily scared, if you go up and touch her from behind she'll most likely flinch or run away slightly, she doesn't mind sudden movements aslong as it's not towards her. She'll most likely get scared if an enemy suddenly appears but once she gets her familiar she'll mostly try to find comfort with it, if you somehow team up with her you'll most likely be stuck with someone that'll end up being more of a mascot than anything so be prepared for that. Aslong as she has a familiar she'll slowly start to get scared less easily. She isn't a very big social person Because she got bullied when she was younger she started to isolate herself more and more which meant that she didn't talk alot to other people. She'll mostly be that quiet person that'll mostly open up if you spend enough time with her (mhm i know very Original) she'll mostly be talking to her familiar once she gets one and that'll most likely be your source of information, by listening to what she says to her familiar. But in the end when she opens up you'll know everything about her day since she'll be eager to talk to you about stuff, She loves her pet and will most likely end up picking up some noises that her familiar makes and will copy them, just as a heads up. She isn't very good with combat She has Always been a pacifist, she never liked to hurt even a fly, so she'll most likely end up not wanting to use a weapon at all, but maybe after alot of training she might slowly start to get used to it, but that's mostly up to the people that'll train her at using a weapon. She'll mostly end up letting her familiar do most of the work but she will get over emotional if her familiar gets hurt. As said before she will mostly end up as a mascot for the team she'll be on. But with enough training and time she'll slowly start to go into combat herself, while she might not be the best at combat she'll still try her best, and it'll be up to her trainer on which weapon she'll specialize in. Skills/Inventory: Set D "Support Package": A dagger The generic starting armor (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,000 Col and (25) Tier 1 materials Skills Non-combat: »0 Passive: »1 Combat: »0 Weapon skills: »0 A little story about her: (get it because she’s small) Pikyu was always a shy kid, never really around people and not really making friends, she started to play games and got fascinated by vr and all the new fancy stuff, after begging her mom way too much and trying to save up the second she heard the nervegear was being made, she wanted it so badly she begged for her mom to let her stay over for 2 nights, after her mom agreed she waited there in a tent for 2 days, and on the day it got released she got in line the second it was past 00:01 am, she wasn’t the first nor the last, after she got it and somehow managed to get the new game she quickly went back home set it all up and quickly read through the manual (mhm she’s that kind of person) after that she put it on her head laid down in bed and turned the game on, she found herself not being alone but with alot of people already in the game, after sometime of her wandering around she got teleported back into the town sqaure and got refused, then saw the sky get encased by red and a monster appear, she thought it would be apart of the opening ceremony, but oh was she wrong, after being told that she can’t leave till she clears the game she colapsed onto the ground and started to slowly cry, after crying for what seemed like 20 minutes and everyone was already gone she finally got up and decided that she would not leave the town after hearing so many people have already died. After scrambling to get money everyday she finally decided to get out of town and that’s where her story begins (not alot ik but don’t be mad at me i’m not the best story teller) Hope you have a great day, Pikyu (Derpikyu on discord)
  20. Archangel's Journal

    Profile Username: Archangel Name: Kyle Shan Age:19 Height:5'5" Eye color: Blue/in game Gold Skin tone: white/tan for arms as well as under eyes and across nose Hair color: Dark brown Hair style: mid length perpetually messy from wearing hats 24/7 Build: Very slim Nationality: Hails from North America History/Personality: Born into a lower middle class family the youngest child of an alcoholic father who didn't seem to care for the younger of his 2 children and a mother who was always at work Kyle sought out gratification from beating any game he could get his hands on from the age of 6, these games commonly came from his mother who worked for an American developer. Although he was able to make many friends throughout his childhood he always tended to distance himself from them. It wasn't until high-school that he met people with the same interests as him, people who often times felt more at home getting caught up in a game then at the diner table with their family. Shortly after high-school Kyle moved into an apartment with some of his co-workers due too a resentment of his parents house, and maybe his parents themselves. Soon after moving he heard about SAO and the idea of being able to live in a game was a dream come true although he tried for months to make it into the Beta he didn't succeed. Although his Mother had been absent a lot due to work she had sent Kyle an early copy of SAO for his birthday accompanied by the nerve gear to go with it. With only a week away from the games launch Kyle made all the preparations he could to take advantage of his mothers gift booking the week of the games launch off work, running the calibration process on the nerve gear etc. He fervently thanked his mother many times for the gift and started to open up too her more in the week before the games release. The only thing she asked of him was to come and visit after he was done his first session in the game so she could hear about how much he was enjoying her gift and see him again. Traits: Determined: Kyle is a veteran gamer so in his mind this game will be easily beaten just like the rest of them. However his drive to beat SAO is prominently so he can finally go and see his mother. As such he will finish any quest he partakes in as quickly as possible with or without help. Calm: Even in dire situations Kyle will remain calm under pressure. This is due to the gaming world being his happy place and although this is a death game Kyle still feels comfortable in the environment at all times. Often times calming the people around him just by being there. Happy: Although stuck in this every evolving death game Kyle remains happy. Being inside a video game has been one of Kyle's biggest dreams his entire life now with SAO that dream has been fulfilled. Although Kyle may never see the real world again he is happy to be able to live in a virtual one. Flaws: Combat Junkie: When Kyle engages in a fight he often gets lost in the combat. Usually losing track of when a situation may become hazardous to his own health. Often referred to as a loose cannon. Blunt: Kyle is often found without a filter. Although it can be a good thing in most cases it ends up with him getting himself into trouble. just don't ask him how your dress fits and you'll probably get along well. Competitive: Over his years of playing games Kyle has become incredibly competitive. Weather its a dps competition or trying to snag the last hit on a boss Kyle will be trying his hardest to win... especially when theirs loot on the line. Skills: SP:0/5 Skill slots: 1: One handed straight sword: 5 sp -> rank: Novice effect: +1 DMG per rank Current bonus: +1 2: Non-combat:»Passive:»Combat:»Weapon skills: [x2] Rage Spike (4 Energy) - Strike each target in the vicinity twice in a blinding fit of uncontrolled rage. [x3] Snake Bite (3 Energy) - The user quickly strikes the target with three brisk angled slashes Inventory: Set B (dps package): Midnight's edge: 1H Straight Sword (Rare +1ACC, +1ACC) Black leather armor (light armor, Vanity) Black Cloak (Vanity) 3 Healing potions (50 hp) 10 T1 Mats Col/Transactions: Current Col:2500 Friends List: Story so Far: Roleplays: Combat info: Lvl:1 HP: 20 EN:2 DMG: Base:1 Modifiers: +1 Total: 2 MIT: Base:0 Modifiers:0 Total:0 ACC: Base:0 Modifiers:+2 Total :2 EVA: Base: 0 Modifiers: 0 Total:0 Battle ready items: 3 Health potions (50 hp) equipped items: Midnight's edge (1h straight sword +2ACC) Black chest plate(vanity) Black cloak(vanity)
  21. Once again, I want to reach out to you, the playerbase to help me come up with things to spice up the RP on this site. Now that the patch for the PKing rules is almost ready to get out, I want to talk to you guys about the addition of a mechanic that I want to call "Thread Invasions". Back in the old discussion thread some players liked the idea while others hated it. Now I've come up with something new (thank you @Itzal) that might fix the issues pointed out in the old thread regarding this matter. -------------------------------------------------- Thread Invasion Players are now allowed to enter other PP or SP threads where they are not invited in order to attack, scare, etc. other players. Initiating combat against another player outside of a duel must also begin with a similar initiative roll. However there are several rules on invading other players threads: After a Player has entered a PP or SP without permission there is a 3 thread Cooldown before this player can invade another thread. Cooldown threads must be created after the 'Invasion' (Time Stamps) and must be tagged as such. At your first post of an 'Invasion' you have to link your last 'Invasion' as well as the 3 Cooldown threads. Failing to do so, will result in the 'Invasion' to become invalid and deleted. Invading players have to post at least (Max SP available)*20/3 rounded up posts to qualify for SP rewards. Example: Player A invades the SP of Player B. The thread ends at 20 posts; this means Player A has to post at least 7 posts in order to qualify for SP rewards. (Player B always receives normal rewards) Example: Player A invades a PP of Player B and C. The thread is already very long and after the thread is done, it has 80 posts. So in order to qualify for SP rewards at least 27 posts must have been made by Player A (Player B and C always receive normal rewards) Invaders do NOT qualify for Col rewards, no matter the amount of posts they do in an invaded thread. RP combat only. This means that no dice, stats and calculations are used. The combat only happens in the RP so please take care to avoid 'godmodding' In case you feel like somebody is 'godmodding' in your thread, contact the Player Support Team and we will help you. And most importantly: NO player can be killed this way without OOC permission of the other participants of the thread. There will be no exceptions made to this rule. -------------------------------------------------- While this might seem like a cool idea to spice things up on a boring grinding/farming thread, it also comes with he risk of other players ruining really important moments in your RP. Thus I have thought about adding a new tag. The "Protected" or [PT] tag. If this tag is used in front of a thread it means that nobody can ever enter the thread without OOC permission. Now I hear you say: "But Aereth. That is the same as with the old Private and Solo tags..." But let me explain further. In order to add the [PT] tag to your thread you must use a so called "Protected Thread Token" on your fist post. These tokens can be earned by something like this: After every x(3?) threads you receive a "Protected Thread Token" to use for protecting your important threads. This way players can enjoy the excitement that comes with invading threads, while also keeping their important moments to themselves and the ones they want to share them with. Sooooo. If you guys and gals like the idea, pleas vote with Yes, and if you don't like the idea, please vote with No and explain why you don't like it. Really helps me figuring out what the playerbase wants. Until that, see ya later. Like promised all the tags from the previous thread: @Jomei @Kisodeth @Eira @Sey @Thorsten @Ryo @Paglikha @Kion @Vigilon @Lessa @Ssendom @Genji @Vale @Endilix @Manta Gaul @Macradon @Hakai @Seul @Helios @Azide @Ruby @Opal
  22. leggomyaggro (tower for short)

    Profile Username: leggomyaggro (not fond of this name, goes by Tower) Real name: John Age: 76 Gender: M Height: like 6’8” LVL: 1 EVA: SP: 5 MIT: 26 EP: 2 DMG: 1 HP: 20 ACC: About: History/personality John Cromwell is a self-made man if ever there was one. He was born to good parents who loved him, but were poor. John never missed a meal, but santa and the tooth fairy never seemed to remember his address. At a young age he realized he was just bigger and faster and stronger than most of the kids his age, and lied his way into the military. He went on multiple tours around the world and sent every penny he had to his wife. She invested wisely, and when John had come out of the army, with substantially more scars and gray hairs than he started with, he started his own business and got down to raising a family. His hardworking nature shone when after failed products and brands never got picked up, but as they say, you only need to hit it out of the park once. His company made him a small fortune, and ensured generational wealth for his children and children’s children. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease early, and at first he relied on his wife for the support (physical as well as emotional). But over time, John grew weaker and his wife’s health declined faster than his, and she died before he hit his seventies. WIth his age and infirmity, John wishes to escape to a place where he can live some of his last days with relative independence. Virtues: Steadfast: Tower is loyal, nearly to a fault, and though he seems slow to trust, his commitments run deep and he has a propensity to give more and invest more than other men, especially in the face of opposition. Sagely: Tower was an old man before he came to the great game, and as such he is more wise and patient than most, and usually has advice to give and truth to help those who will listen, if they can pry his mouth open, that is. Hardworking: Tower lived a hard life before the game, and through this he built a small fortune and a large family. He considers himself a self-made man, and most of that is true. He is shrewd and thrifty, and seems to always be able to make something out of nothing. Flaws: Blunt: Tower has never been a man of subtlety, and this reflects in the way he interacts with others. He routinely says things as he sees them, and this often offends people. He calls it 'just being honest' or 'speaking my mind', but generally, John lacks tact, even in situations that would benefit from it. Prejudiced: Though he seems a logical man, Tower has been given to certain not-quite-rational dislike of certain people due to their beliefs or practices. He tends to draw unnecessary conclusions, perhaps not from his initial interactions with people, but give him a few minutes to get to know you and he'll find a nit to pick about your personality, and he tends to Slow to trust: In a game where collaboration is key, Tower tends to do things alone. He seldom parties up with other players, and when he does it is usually because he has no other choice, and he does not expect them to watch his back. Due to this he has few friends in the game. This is compounded with the fact that he sometimes relates poorly to other people in the game, himself being an older man. Profession: (N/A) Skills Non-combat: »N/A Passive: »N/A Combat: »Heavy armor, 1 rank: 8 MIT Weapon skills: »N/A Inventory Weapons/Tools: »Heavy armor (rare, 2 sockets) »Sockets: 2x mitigation, 18 MIT »Vanity weapon (A spiked gauntlet) »Health potions (50hp): 3 »Mats »tier 1: 25 »Col: 2500 Roleplays N/A Relationships N/A Story Thus Far John looked around with a wobbling head, making sure there wasn’t anyone around to see him. To his relief, the kitchen was empty, at least for the moment, and he had the room to himself. He stared at a glass, half-full of water. It had been mostly full when he pulled it from under the refrigerator dispenser, the excess water now slicking the floor slightly. Alexander would have something to say about that, something about ‘my safety’ and ‘dangerous’, he thought, looking down at the floor’s white tiles, smoothed marble for easy sweeping and mopping. He turned his gaze back to the glass, his field of view shaking slightly with the tremors in his torso and neck. He reached out, tensing all the muscles in his arm that he could. They felt like stretched rubber bands; wobbling, ready to snap, all at the same time. The tremor lessened, and he closed his hand around the glass. I can do this, I WILL do this, he thought as he lifted it from the counter. The water shook slightly, and he tried to loosen his grip. With a shaky breath, he concentrated, tried to predict the wobbling and compensate as he lifted the glass to his lips, and misjudged one of the motions, crashing the glass into his lip, pinching the thing against his teeth hard enough to knock his head back. He lost his concentration, and dropped the glass, bringing the hand up to cover his mouth, stifling a grunt as the glass shattered on the tile floor. Almost immediately, John heard a young man’s voice, along with approaching footsteps “Grampa?” A stocky young man appeared in the doorway, already moving to support John’s large form. Alexander was a third his age but still in his early twenties. John leaned into his grandson’s arm. Even though age had bent his back, he still had to reach down a little to drape his arm around the younger man’s shoulders. When John was younger he had been a giant of a man, and even though age and infirmity had bent him over, he was still large, and seemed to have that peculiar presence about him that made men somehow more than what they were “You need to let the nurse-” “I know!” John rumbled roughly, regretting his temper instantly. He continued, slower and more deliberately as Alexander guided him to the table. “I know, boy. Sit down, let your grampa tell you something.” Alexander was a good man. He may have played too many videogames, but that made for a good living in some circles nowadays. He felt ashamed, as he did on his more shaky days. He wasn’t the rock he was, no matter how much everyone of his children insisted otherwise. Alexander dragged a chair around close. It all welled up within him sometimes, his infirmity. Maintaining an air of control was harder now than it ever was, and every time he tried to regain a part of his independence, it had backfired. “Alexander, I can’t-” he stuttered, the words caught as much by muscle spasms as by his own emotion. Of all the things to kill him, it was this thrice-damned DISEASE. “-I can’t live this way. This body, this disease. I have been strong, I have done everything I could do for my family. God, sometimes I just wish I was gone, just somewhere I didn’t have to have a damn nurse all the time.” Alexander looked down. He was focused on the floor, like a man banishing distraction from his mind. He had that look about him often while he was working on his videogames. The boy always said there was always a way to win, no matter the odds. He liked that quality. Alexander looked up, a rueful grin almost upsetting him for making light of the situation. He spoke in that way of generals who knew their gambit was risky, but perhaps worth it. “Want to play a game, grampa?”
  23. (WIP) Shaw's Journal

    « Shaw » » Username: Shaw » Real name: Hirai, Katsuo » Age: 25 » Gender: Male » Height: 5'8" » History Outside Inside » Virtues || Shrewd || || Focused || || Loyal || » Flaws || Indecisive || || Obsessive || || ? || » Profession - None - » Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapons: » Total: » 5 Unspent | 5 Total
  24. Genji.

    ProfileUsername: GenjiReal name: Kotarou YamataAge: 22Gender: MaleHeight: 5'9"About: History/personality Admit it. When you were young, you daydreamed about being a hero, or someone who everyone else looked up to. You wanted to be famous and well-liked, and you wanted there to be nothing bad to say about you. As you got older, you threw away that fantasy because you knew that the world we live in isn't all sunshine and rainbows, and people don't become heroes in everyday life. It takes something special, in a dangerous situation to earn that honor. Kotarou was born three hundred years too late, his mother once said. In a more feudal Japan, the actions and deeds of Samurai were renown across the island nation. Men fell on their own swords for a lack of honor, and men stood for the things they believed in. Kotarou spent much of his time before Sword Art Online daydreaming or reading books. His father tried for several years to put him through Judo lessons with the hope that the art might beat some sense into him. When the game released, Kotarou saw his chance. A world for swordsmen, where epic quests and heroic deeds were commonplace. Little did he know, Aincrad would prove to be a hell all its own. Virtues: My Time Has Come: While he was no one of merit in the real world, "Genji"- so named for the title hero of Murasaki Shikibu's "the Tale of Genji," is ready to break out on the scene in Aincrad and start making a name for himself. Genji will not hesitate when faced with monolithic tasks, and he will jump at the opportunity to improve himself. I studied the Blade: No, actually he really did. Since the culture banned swords in the early Meiji period, his studies were limited to books and wooden swords, but Kotarou was fascinated with Kenjutsu from a young age, and has a preference for the Katana. Because of this, he is nearly a natural with a blade inside of Aincrad. I'm not really interested in that: Perhaps Kotarou's most endearing trait is how brutally honest he is. Blunt, to the point where he says what he means even if someone might not like it. (How would he know, anyway?) Flaws: Actually, I don't have a lot of friends: Kotarou is your textbook NEET. After High School Ended, he opted not to go immediately into the work force, and despite adequate grades he was afraid to go to college. Because he spent all of his time sequestered away from others, his skills in gaming and intellect are fairly high, while his people skills are abysmal. I-it's not that I don't like you...: When he was in middle school, Kotarou had feelings for one of the more popular girls in the class. While that was far from abnormal, his attempt to make friends and talk to her ended in a disastrous rejection, one that made him less certain of himself and forced him further into reclusion, away from his peers. Because of this, he is slow to trust people. Look before you leap...! Or not: Kotarou has a tendency to jump headlong into dangerous situations, especially if it appears like a hopeless situation for someone else. Because of his long standing hero aspirations, he tends to forget about self preservation in Aincrad. Profession: - Skills Non-combat: Passive:Light Armor: Rank 1Combat:»Weapon skills:» One Handed Curved Sword: Rank 2Inventory Sanguine Scimitar +3 Damage Dusk Cloak: +2 Evasion Roleplays http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14322-f2-darkness-delving-rainagenji/?page=2 / SP 2 http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15468-op-f10-trick-or-treat~/?do=findComment&comment=529616 / SP 2 SP: 25 Unused: 7 5 Standard Healing Potions (Heals 50 * Tier HP)
  25. Guardians of the New Dawn

    Guardians of the New Dawn Guardians of the New Dawn The Guardians of a New Dawn is a guild created to survive and see the new dawn, and to bring all the other survivors in Aincrad with them. It welcomes anyone into its ranks, and will protect those in need. Ranks Guardian The three who have the rank of Guardian have unique names, and are the leaders for the various groups the guild is split into. They help others level up, and protect anyone in the guild who is in danger. They are the ruling force of the guild, and represent the meaning of it, to live and bring others with them. Any decisions made will be in vote between them, and the majority wins. Dawnguard The Dawnguard are the members who make up all the other teams, and the entire guild. Required level to enter one of these squads is level ten, for safety reasons. Twilight Watcher These are no different from the Dawnguard, however it is not safe to take them into the squads and brought out onto the field. All Members Guild Guidelines To join PM me, Eatos or Hei. The only thing to join will be a thread where one of us tells you about it and you join in the thread, thats all thats required.