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Soon, the boss to unlock flopr twentyfour gonna be defeated. After that, its time for the floor 25 boss, an extra hard. And for that, the frontliners need to be as buffed as possible. So Im gonna set together a group that will go thru ALL repeatble quests that gives combat buff cobsumables. I know some quests hv party limits but on those we will just split the group into smaller parties. So for the total group, there is no player limit. Tye more the merrier. If you wanna join the fun, comment your interest together with lvl and role and any other thingies yoy think is important.




Ugzeke the mighty +2 dmg potion
Long live the queen +1 dmg potion
Avalanche 50% burning damage reduction
Bane of blood 15 regen/turn for 1 thread to party leader. 4 maximum party size
Monkey king potion that gives +1 EVA. 3 maximum party size
Wail of the Banshee potion that adds paralyze
Lord of the seas rod that add paralyze
Snake out of water paralyze and toxic venom
Guardian of fire +2 burn dmg for 2 turns on nat 8-10
Return of the queen +3 damage (last hit reward double bleed damage)
Deforestation +2 dmg potion
Blood in the sand +27 mitigation alchemical salve
Case of wurms 4dmg for 10 turns on critical hit
The lichs calling +20 mitigation, -3 dmg

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if you want to be honest there is only a small handful of quests from buff giving ones that would need to be completed for some actual use.

Fire guardian- Burn T1 DoTs (only one like it)
Return of the queen- 3 slots damage potion
Banshee- Paralysis
Blood in the sand- 27 MIT (rare potion basically)
Case of wurms- Poison Dots
herculean Labor- 4 party limit of players complete it= 100 T2 mats.
Lich's calling- Reverse protein MIt buff for less damage Tanks will love it
King of lakes- Overhealth buff
Swashbuckling Buccaneer- do this if you only really want that grinding item buff the coin

In short sign me up for these quests since these are the ones that matter for a good averagely buffed people.

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Sorry for the all caps there, but, yeah. I'm currently level 27, and although I don't deal the most damage, I can at least do something. My maximum damage(without counting crits) is about 54 so far, but just a little SP can change that, of course. Anyway, sign me up!

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Trying to get this account more active, this might be what i need to get some stuff plus figure out the direction i wanna take personality. 

Level 21, Healer, Dps <Weak Dps>

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Though my man, Kioshi, is only Level 4 and has 7 DMG and 27 MIT, I think I can let him join you guys. At least his equipment are all perfect. And he has plenty of healing items too.

Sign us in. It will maybe be best if he stays at the tail of the group, though still he can hopefully support you guys.

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If people want to get this started we can do some of the quests now. Considering the level range i can take people on these quests

Wail of the banshee- Enemy has 15 MIT at the worst and 40 hP for that enemy type.  The other is the Banshee that has 2 EVA as a defense
Fire Guardian- requires 2 pages, but little to no MIT 30 HP for each head a easy kill
Case of wurms- 45 MIT but low health only 125
Blood in the sand- real easy
Swashbuckling Buccanneer- on the more difficult end of the spectrum will only take late T1, to early T2 on this quest. Since one has a 150 DMG AOE attack. Also they have EVA, and ACC 

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*raises hand* Im willing to take any group of players out on a quest... cept' Shield XD

I'm interested in doing both Return of the Queen and King of the Lakes

Return of the Queen - @Hirru you up for it?

King of the Lakes - @Kasier @Hei perhaps up? I would offer more, but I don't want anyone under level 30 getting slashed by AOE DMG

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