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Free gifts for everyone just share okay

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Hello all you people, Today I will give out these gifts for anyone who wants them please take care of them and please keep in mind I do not mind if you take more, but please not more then 5 items per person. So please take and enjoy it for they are all yours to use.

  • 14x Dragon-Fang Potion (+1 Damage for a thread)
  • 39x Sharp Dragon-Fang Potion (+2 Damage for a thread)
  • 2x Vicious Dragon-Fang Potion (+3 Damage for a thread)
  • 1 Snowfrost
  • 1 T2 Hero Protection Potion, (MIT +20)
  • 1 The Matriarch's Stinger
  • 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage)

I'll update per person who takes something from this list of items, I hope you enjoy it and keep safe.

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I humbly accept your generosity.

     1 Vicious Dragon-Fang Potion

     1 T1 Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)

     2 Crystal of Agile Dragon Wings (Teleport crystal)

     1 Essence of steel

Many thanks

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