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  1. Well, It's been fun you guys but, I am done there. The Crimson Inquisition will go to the four heads of state. Good day forever!

    1. Lessa
    2. Terrence


      Don't I am avenging you!

    3. Akumu


      Argumail, I will make certain that the guild stays intact and grows stronger. I will miss you Argumail.

  2. Started a new RPG forum, Need help making it good!

  3. Looking for Love interest and good rp!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Moartea


      XD I kid man, good for you mate.

    3. Argumail


      I need love too! XD

    4. Moartea


      Moartea seems to be having no luck so far... I think he might end up bailing on love entirely, who knows.

  4. Long Live the Crimson Inquisition!

  5. Well, I'm happy two new members! Still looking for more.

    1. orhalimi


      you never continue the post you add me to

  6. Always looking for new members! Just shoot anyone of us a PM or invite our guild wall to join!

    1. orhalimi


      Argumail i how i will able to RP with you, if not wait tile Friday (please :P)

  7. LOL, Kazuya you look like you sound, I imagined you to look just like that.
  8. :-P I past out from pure awesomeness! I freaking love you!
  9. Hey guy join the Crimson Inquisition!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Life


      sshhh -rubs them all over your abs-

    3. Zeke


      *Admires the abs I didn't know I had.* My dream body! 80

    4. Mari


      Somehow I don't think Mari would play nice in that guild XD

  10. That's enough for one night, night guys.

  11. Now that I known you face I hunt you down. JK. But I would jack off to you anytime
  12. Go to watch some Log Horizon!

    1. Kiru


      I loved LH, I wish they made a second season or something.

    2. Argumail
    3. Yuji


      Aren't they airing the second season now?

  13. My right or yours, Hey are you Lebanese? I have a lot of Lebanese friends.
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