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  1. Can there be a Christmas even like last year please??

    1. Enjuru


      Yeahhh! Christmas....

  2. I stuck out my bottom lip and spun the axe around like I was dancing or something. Ryu, I want to try new things though, and this axe..I saw someone earlier using an axe and it was just wonderful! I exclaimed while my eyes shone bright. The player I saw sliced through the creature as if it were nothing, just absolutely stunning to watch her glide through. I thought about this in my head for moment. I should use his judgement, he's better than I am at picking out weapons and putting them to the test. He know what he's saying. Finally, without a second thought I placed the axe back carefully
  3. I smiled brightly as I walked through the door of Ryu's shop. I hadn't had a chance to visit yet so I wasn't pleasantly surprised to see a customer. She was speaking with him about a weapon he had just made, or so I assumed. I didn't want to disrupt him just yet so I walked around. My eyes traveled around the room until they landed on an axe. I haven't tried one of these...Maybe I'll give it a shot! I thought and picked it up with one hand. It was heavy at the end but the staff-ish part was light. My eyes glimmered as I addressed my fiance with the axe in hand. Hey Ryu? I know you don't l
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    1. Daeron


      Happy Thanksgiving to you to, Mayonaka!

    2. Zero


      And a great day to you Mayonaka

  5. I walk into the shop that opened sometime ago, not sure when, and notice a girl. I shuffle my was over to her excitedly and smile. What do you have in stock right now? I asked.
  6. Riku Profile » Username: Utukashii » Real name: Riku Sakamaki » Age: 16 » Gender: Female » Height: 5' 4" » About: History/personality Riku has a younger sister, by six minutes, that she entered the game with. Her sister's name is Sakura but her avatar is Axelle. Riku didn't exactly know why her sister was interested in Sword Art Online but being the more mature one she is, she decided to go with go with her. Riku didn't want anyone messing with her sister in the game, nor to hut her. Her plan was to log on when she was on and watch over her while she was there, or at leas
  7. » Username: Mayonaka » Real name: Mayonaka » Age: 14 » Gender: Female » Height: 5' 2" Col right now: 3,905 Face Claim: Anko, Tomako Market {C}http://i.imgur.com/ehGPFKP.png{C} » About: History/personality Before SAO, she was a very active girl. Playing soccer and basketball every week made her very athletic and strong. Her basketball coach pushed her past her limits, he wanted her to be the best at it. Being short; basketball was a hard sport to play but everyone supported her choice. Mayonaka had been appointed captain of the school soccer team because she not only had close
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