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    Bananas, climbing trees, searching for a significant other, killing players by smashing them as bugs with fists

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  1. Someone's in trouble... HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE

    I told y'all don't mess with the monkey!


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    2. Calrex


      That ellipsis XD

    3. Shirien


      It may/may not make me immediately paranoid about the hot chocolate I am drinking.


    4. Teayre


      No no it's not you becoming the blood sacrifice don't worry :)

  2. @Takao & 2nd team: "Come at me bro!" *taunts by giggling it's monkey rear*
    "Don't you want to retrieve your team members?"

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    2. Calrex


      *taunts by giggling it's monkey rear*

      So...either this boss's butt can talk...or it's some weird kind of mandrill O_O

      Btw I believe the term you're looking for is wiggling XD

    3. Takneil


      You can laugh with your butt? Oh my god, I guess that would explain why you are talking so much crap. 

    4. Takao


      i came at you, bro

  3. Foolish bald apes!!! Bow to me and I shall allow you to become my pet monkeys!

    We can even go and make a video that'll be more popular than this one!



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    2. Hakai


      So Ariel's a giant bald ape-man? @_@

    3. Amira


      Just wondering how the Ape feels about the 323 damage that just got etched on it's chest?

    4. Akumasaru


      @Manta GaulTicklish *starts scratching bottom* ... a total received damage of just 570 after 3 player turns. Don't get too cocky my hairless primate cousins, that's just around 1/3rd of my total HP and I have yet to act. The high jump from the volcano top was just... foreplay.

      @Calrex & @Hakai nah, she's just this monkey's fangirl.

  4. I hear movement in front of the boss room door. Come in, don't be shy little humans I won't bite. I'll just pulverize you with my fists!!! *laughs*

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    2. Hikoru


      That should be easy! Prepare to taste my Dagger!

    3. Ratatosk


      Rise of the planet of the apes....

    4. Teayre


      * licks the monkey boss*

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