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  1. It had been some time since Alec had put in any time in his mentor Macradon’s shop the Blazing Typhoon and the heavily muscled man was feeling very guilty about that so finding himself with nothing to do for the day the large man found himself on the First Floor in the Town of Beginnings and quietly let himself into the blacksmiths shop hoping to draw as little attention as possible, though it was had for a person of his size and stature to avoid notice. As Alec let himself into the shop he saw a leaflet lying on the bench about an event happening in Aincrad and noticed that a part had been hi
  2. Alec arrived at the Blazing Typhoon bright and early ready to get back to crafting and training under his mentor Macradon. He had progressed very far but wasn’t done yet he still quite a ways to go before he would consider himself a Blacksmith the large man thought as he let himself into the forge only to find a pair of requests that must have come in the previous day after had finished his own work yesterday. So Alec pulled out a stack of Materials and set to work. It seemed the first order was for a Perfect Tier 2 Katana with three slots of Accuracy. So once Alec had the forge heated up and
  3. Even more Upgrades for the Ole Cabin: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15355-housing-evaluation/ Master Bedroom +15 K Dining Hall +15 K Extended Workshop + 15 K Basement +10 K GRAND TOTAL: 55 K Col
  4. Alec was walking the Third Floor when he spotted an Alchemist shop he hadn't seen before. Always interested in finding new sources of potions and such the large man approached the shop and allowed a small smile to soften his perpetual scowl as he grasped the door handle and opened the door. As Alec passed through the entrance he rose up to his full height of nearly six and a half feet and gentle closed the door behind him. Being extra careful as he approached the counter the heavily muscled man eyed the stock of wares as he approached the counter. As the large man reached the counter he greete
  5. Alec had just finished his hunting on the 21st Floor and now had some Unidentified Items to ID'd so He went in search of a Merchant. He had heard the name Shield mumbled on the lips of many of the Front Line Players he had met but he had never met the man in person so when the large man found himself out of a Merchant shop and he saw the name Shield attached to it he couldn't resist the chance to meet the man so many Front Line Players spoke about. The man was after all a pure Tank and that was what Alec sought for himself as well. So why not kill two birds with one stone. Meet the man he had
  6. Alec was in search of some Healing Items for some upcoming quests and he was in need the supply seemed to be in very short supply so he found himself trudging through the First Floor his head down and an irritable scowl plastered across his face. He had so many bad memories of the years he'd been stuck on this floor and ever time he came back here all those memories and feelings were drudged back up again. As Alec stomped around he stopped and looked up spotting an Alchemist Shop he'd never been into before. As he walked in his scowl was replaced with a genuine smile this store had TONS of hea
  7. Alec had been away a long while and he felt horrible about it. He had promised his mentor when Macradon had agreed to begin training him that he wouldn’t up and disappear on the other man and that’s exactly what he’d done to his friend and mentor and Alec felt horrible about it!! Thankfully Mac hadn’t changed any of the locks on his forge since Alec’s untimely disappearance. With a guilty conscience the large man let himself into the forge through the back door and began the process of warming the forge and setting up his work station. Setting out his Obsidian anvil and laying his hammer on th
  8. Upgrading the Cabin. http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15355-housing-evaluation/ Adding: Storage Closet - 10,000 Col Dinning Room - 10,000 Col Total Col: 20,000 Col
  9. Alec once more found himself walking the First Floor through the Town of Beginnings. The large heavily muscled man wore a deep scowl firmly affixed to face and his body posture was one of not likely where he was. He didn’t know why or how he kept finding himself here. He hated this Floor and all the bad memories associated with it, but here he was again when he once more found himself before the store front of the Merchant he had used to identify his latest batch of items picked up while adventuring. The large man opened the door and stepped inside softening the deep scowl into a mask of firmn
  10. Alec heard a chime informing him he had a message. The large man cheeked it and saw it was an automated message informing him his items he had dropped off at the Merchant’s shop were ready. Alec nodded to himself and headed straight there. He really hoped he had some Health Potions or even Crystals headed his way. He had had one or two rough runs lately and even with his Battle Healing and Humphrey it had been touch and go. As the heavily muscled man entered the shop Pandora’s Wares he softened his perpetual scowl so as not to seem upset with the Merchant and brought a faint smile to his face.
  11. Once more Alec found himself walking into the Hot Dog Shop owned and operated by Oscar. The smells of warming bread and roasting dogs brought a smile to the large mans face and forced him to lick his lips as he began to salivate. “Greeting again Oscar!” The heavily muscled man called out as he walked through the door. “I just can’t seem to stay away.” He said cheerfully as he approached the counter. “I’m looking for something a little different today. How about a pair of those Negatation Dogs and a three pack of the Focused Dogs. I’ve have a little trouble these last few days.” Alec said as he
  12. Alec shuddered as he walked through the Town of Beginnings, he had so many bad memories of the years he’d spent here trying to figure anything out equipping items much less opening his inventory but he was looking for a Merchant and sometimes newer Merchants set up shop here to attract new customers so that’s where he found himself when he stumbled upon the unassuming looking store front called Pandora’s Wares. The oversized man let himself into the shop and quickly noticed the musty smell of the building. As he approached the counter he brought a smile to cover his perpetual scowl and cheeril
  13. As Alec stepped into Aincrad’s one and only World Famous Hot Dog shop the large man spotted Oscar the shopkeeper and a broad grin broke his stern features. “Ocsar! How are you?” Alec asked in his deep baritone rumble. “It’s been too long.” Alec called out as he approached the counter. “Those Prosperity dogs have been amazing in helping me gain Col. But I;ve got something else on my mind today.” The large man stated as he quickly glanced over the the man’s menu spotting almost instantly what he wanted. “Could I get all six of those Crazy Luck Dogs? I need to up my chances for Loot and those loo
  14. Alec found himself within a new shop he had never perused before. The large man gently let himself into the shop ensuring his oversized frame was clear of any shelves or small items which he might knock over by accident knock over, which is the last thing he wanted. He had never been into a Performer’s shop before and listened to the soft notes of music emanating from the shop itself. As he approached the counter and shop keeper he smiled and greeted the owner in a deep baritone rumble. “Greetings. My name’s Alec and I’m in search of some items to help me out in my journeys. As a matter of fac
  15. Alec was setting up the forge in the back of the Blazing Typhoon as he once again heard the tinkle of the bell at the front door to his mentors shop. As he finished his preparations for the day Alec looked up when his friend and mentor stepped back into the forge. Alec nodded as he listened to his mentors instructions before setting to work on the order of two shields shaped like parasols. That was a really weird order the large man thought to himself. He had never seen another Player using a parasol shaped shield before. That was a very distinctive item he thought as he made a mental note to
  16. As Alec was setting up the forge for the morning the bell on his mentor's front shop door tinkled announcing someone had entered the shop. The large man continued his preparations for the day as he heard Macradon speaking to someone up front. They're voices were muffled so Alec wasn't able to gear what was said but soon enough his mentors popped into the forge holding a slip of paper. Alec shot a grin to his mentor as he walked up and handed him the request issuing a friendly challenge to see what Alec had learned on his recent quest. The large man set to work crafting a Tier 2 Katana. He had
  17. As Alec approached his mentor's Blacksmith shop the Blazing Typhoon because the large muscular man noticed that once more his mentor had still not returned. Alec was beginning to worry and hope nothing foul had befallen his Mentor and more importantly his friend. Alec promised himself he'd give it another day or two before I started hunting for his friend and mentor. Alec let himself into Macradon's shop and quietly walked to the forge in the back of the shop to begin working for the day. Perhaps a day spent over the forge would ease his misgivings and worries over his friends sudden absence.
  18. Alec


  19. Alec once again found himself wandering the streets of the Town of Beginnings. He knew his friend Bahr had a Tailer shop nearby so he thought maybe he'd stop by and have a look when he came across a hot dog shop of all things. The thought of a good old American hot dog or brat made the large man's stomach rumble. "Whoah. Easy there boy." The large man said as he looked down at his mid section. Maybe he'd just pop his head in a look around he thought. As Alec stepped through the doorway and rose to his full height of nearly six a half feet tall the heavily muscular man made his way to the shops
  20. Alec returned to his mentor's shop the Blazing Typhoon. He was bound and determined to master the hammer he had won off of Hephestus the God of the Forge. So Alec let himself into Macradon's shop as he was still away. Alec wondered again what had drawn his mentor away and how long it would be till he returned. When Alec arrived in the forge he pulled out a stack of Mats to prepare for the days work. Alec's first project was to craft a nice piece of armor for Kit the young woman he'd taken to fight the giant snake on Floor Sixteen. Alec placed the Material inside the Combi Forge to heat as he s
  21. Alec had just defeated Hephestus the God of the Forge in a Blacksmithing competition and been awarded the God's very own Smithing hammer. Alec was excited to share the news with his mentor so the large many made his way straight to the Blazing Typhoon only to find out that Macradon had locked up his shop and disappeared. Alec let himself into his mentor's shop and set to work trying to familiarize himself with his new crafting hammer. Alec pulled out a stack of Materials and set to work. Throughout the day Alec managed to craft nothing more than a stack of training weapons. Alec's new hammer h
  22. Initial Application Already upgraded Slime Farm to Mega Slime Farm New upgrades: Basic Bathroom --> Master Bathroom (-15,000 Col) Adding Basic Bedroom (-10,000 Col) Total spent 25,000 Col
  23. Alec was in the back of Macradon’s shop the Blazing Typhoon getting ready for work when his mentor came in and informed there was an order that needed filling. It seemed a customer was looking for a Katana. Alec got excited he had never tried creating one of those yet. He knew there was lots of folding involved in the creation of one of those types of swords so Alec removed a Tier 1 Material and placed it into the Combi Forge to heat as he set up his work space and began his preparations. Alec removed the Material and began working it. When he was complete he had created a good sword but it wa
  24. Alec listened to both man go back and forth like old friends relaxing with friendly banter. The larger man stood by and nodded at their comments. "Well my friend." Alec began in his deep baritone rumble. "Some of dance around avoiding attacks. Some of us wade in waist deep and slog it out in the trenches. Fights take both kinds and we both fill our roles." The large finished as he looked at Bahr. "Well, if Macradon here has a sword that was handed from his mentor to himself, and now himself to you you're now part of a strong lineage." Alec stated as he glanced down to his mentor. "I don't know
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