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[OP-F13] Not all the Darkened Souls were Monsters [F13 Boss Fight]


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(OOC Sing ups are open to anyone who posts, This will be an OP until the Boss fight begins.)

Zelrius nodded to his group of people. Ebony, Manta, Shizuka, Officer Celesmeh and Commandant Ssendom. He looked around, and watched as the other players fought their own battles with the Darkened Souls and that they were the first team done. The Golden haired boy ran a gloved hand through his menu, going over the notes of the planning the Crowned Lion made for the fight and then took another glance at the ongoing war surrounding the team. "Looks like we're ahead of the game," He addressed his small team and smirked. "Of course, I expect no less from Berserker and Lady Officer here. Will say, Good work Ebony and Manta. Shizuka, step up your game." Of course he answered with a snide comment like that toward the pink haired support. He had never truly been kind to her, and wasn't planning on starting anytime soon. "With that, It is up to you guys what you want to do. Either follow me to the Doors of the Cathedral and wait for our assembly, Join the other groups in a Relief process, or Walk on home and take a nap. Most of you earned it. Emphasis on the most." A glance as he said that final part toward Shizuka. "I do hope that atleast you follow me to the doors, Berserker." And that being said, Zelrius stepped off and stood in-front of the doors of the Cathedral, throwing his gaze over the war that was going on throughout most of the Floor Thirteen. 

He was intrugied by the glimpse of a familiar figure, one of which he had not seen in quite some time. Unknown? He wondered to himself quietly watching as her and another Male seemingly blitz through the ranks of the Darkened Souls and destroy all enemies they came in contact with. He dismissed the thought, simply thinking that if it was her, he'd know soon enough. Zelrius swung back around and put his hands on the Cathedral door, admiring the markings and architecture. Damn Avarious has a better prison than us players. How Ironic.

Activated Bloodrage Crystal, +3 Damage.

Activated Blood of the Champions. +40 HP, +2 Damage

Activated Azure Kebab, +3 Damage, -3 Evasion.


OOC: No post Order until the Boss fight. We will announce the beginning of the Boss fight once the Majority of our group has arrived and decided we are ready. Use Items and prepare as normal. For those that are new to the Boss fight scene, Direct questions toward Staff.

Roleplay as if you had just gotten done completing the War Of the Ancients quest, as the Description of the Quest says that the Quest Objective and the Boss fight happen in sequential order, one right after the other. Refer to the Quest Here for more details.


HP: 240/200
Damage: Min:21 Max:43 (16-38 Without Charge

Rank 5 Dual Blades.
Rank 5 S&D
Charge Rank 5
Blade of Lucifer [T2]: 8 Fallen Damage, 2 Accuracy
Blade of Michael [T2]: 16 Holy Damage
Azure Commandant's Pendant: 2 Accuracy, 2 Evasion

Accuracy: 4
Evasion: 0 (Dom's Kebab is mean)

Active Enhancements:
+3 Damage, Bloodrage Crystal
+3 Damage, Dom's Kebab (-3 Evasion)
+40 Overhealth, +2 Damage. Blood of Champions


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"Alright, that's done."

As the last of the eight souls were defeated Calrex gave a nod to his teammates as he heaved a sigh of relief. Not too far away he saw more souls also being vanquished, "Good. This floor is just about cleared."

Resheathing his weapon he looked at Ariel, Teayre, and Zandra, "Let's get a move on."

Heading towards the cathedral he saw that another team composed of Zelrius, Ssendom, and a few other Azure Brigade guild members were also making their way upwards, "It's going to be a tough fight, just like the last ones, but we've got to keep pushing forward. Just need to make sure we don't put anyone at extensive risk while doing so..."

Giving a calming breath he put his hands into his jacket, standing in the small area outside of the door, making note of the young blonde boy admiring the architecture of the building before swiping on his menu, "First things first..."

Producing the Safeguard potion he had stored in his and Teayre's shared inventory he crushed the item in his hand as the effect triggered, a sphere appearing around him for a second before vanishing, "Just in case this thing has any tricks up its sleeve."

Safeguard Potion Consumed


Calrex Stats (Subject to Updates before Event Starts):
HP: 290 (237 Base + 5 Athletics + 48 Stonewall)
Energy: 58
DMG: 14 (1 Base + 1 Athletics + 5 Skill +1 Banner of Command + 6 Weapon)
ACC: 3 (2 Item + 1 Familiar)
EVA: 0 (1 Item - 1 Stonewall / Reduced to -1 while using Grand Guard II)
MIT: 48 (30 Armor + 18 Grand Chariot II)
Thorns: 36

Battle Skills:
Rank 1-5 One-Handed Straight Sword Arts
Rank 5 Heavy Armor (30 MIT when using Armor)
Rank 3 Block (23 MIT when using Shield)
Parry (Half Damage Received on Next Attack / Immune to Stun and Paralyze / Active)
Rank 3 Charge (+3 to DMG / Can only be used if Calrex has not attacked yet / Active (Can be used alongside Sword Arts))
Rank 1 Battle Healing (On CD of 10 and up recover 5% HP / Passive)
Rank 1-2 Martial Arts (Access to <<Meteor Break>> Sword Art with One-Handed Straight Sword while not using shield)
Rank 1 Meditation (On CD of 7 and up remove all negative status effects and on CD of 10 and up also recover 5% HP / Active)
Howl (Gain +3 Hate to all monsters / Active)
Disguise (+1 to own BD and -1 to enemy BD for one round / Active (Can be used alongside Charge and Sword Arts))

Active Mods:
Athletics (+5 to HP / +1 to DMG)
Stonewall (Current MIT = Overhealth HP)
Rank 5 One-Handed Straight Sword Ferocity (All Rank 5 Sword Arts get +1 to DMG)
Vengeful Riposte (On successful Riposte deal half incoming damage back to attacking enemy, can be mitigated)
Bull Rush (On successful Charge enemy is stunned)

Grand Blade II (3*2 DMG)
Grand Chariot II (9*2 MIT / 18*2 Thorns)
Amethyst Charm (+2 ACC / +1 EVA)

At Ready Item:
Grand Guard II (18*2 MIT / +1*2 Heavy Momentum)
Tide Pendant (+2 EVA / +1 LD)
2x Safeguard Potion
1x Potion of Fallen Strength (+3 DMG / -9 MIT for thread)
1x Basic Teleport Crystal (Use 1 post and takes effect following post / Teleports back to main settlement for floor)

Active Enhancements:
Safeguard (First enemy hit during battle is negated)
Banner of Command charge (+1 to Damage for battle)



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Manta frowned as Zelrius told her how she had done a great job. Over all she had done probably in the single digits in terms of damage. Yet she got congratulated while Shizuka, who had probably been more helpful than her, got insulted and told to do better. Maybe Zel just knew the stats better, and understood that Manta was more of a one on one fighter, a duelist per se, but that still didn't give him the right to be rude to someone like that. She turned to Shiz momentarily, a kind look on her face. "He's just an arrogant bastard, ignore him. You did a great job, much better than me." She said, before following Zelrius towards the cathedral. She was ready for this fight. She hoped. 

She couldnt help but feel a tingle of fear zip it's way up and down her spine, making the hair on her neck stand up. She certainly wasn't a boss battle veteran, but she had fought two bosses so far. She couldn't understand why that feeling of anxiety was still there. Every tim she went to one of these events or raids, it felt like the world was about to shatter, and everything was about to end. The last two times it had been a false premonition, and she could only hope that this battle would follow that trend.

[Activated Safeguard] [Activated Banner of Inspiration: +20 Overhealth to Team]



Manta's Stats (Subject to Updates before Event Starts):
HP: 156  (136 (Base)+20 (Overhealth)
Energy: 34
DMG: 12 (1 Base+ 5 Sword Skills+ 6 Equipment)=12 +5 (First attack)=17
ACC: 2 (Equipment)
EVA: 3 (Equipment)
MIT: 7 (Heavy Armor Skill)

Battle Skills:
Rank 1-5 One-Handed Rapier Arts
Rank 2 Heavy Armor (7 Mit)
Rank 5 Charge
Concentration: +1 to BD 

Active Mods:

Brigadiers Breastplate: 2 EVA, 1 Savvy

Pinpoint: 2 Accuracy, 1 EVA

Rapier Thingy: +6 DMG

Crusher: Vanity (Gauntlets, Heavy Armor)

At Ready Item:

Banner of Inspiration

Potion of Heavenly Mending

x2 Uncommon Health Crystals



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Zandra followed Calrex when he said that they should get a move on. Together with her three party members they headed towards the cathedral. They have just been thru a hard fight, thou there was only one thing that was in her mind at the moment, was Jomei alright? She checked her friend list like once every minute to make sure his name was still there.

After awhile they reached the destination where there already was a small pparty gathered. She recognized a few of them. Thou because of the situation, she didnt made anything to socialice with them except a single hello. They would have plenty of time to celebrate after the fight. She took out one of her mitigation potions and let the liquid flush down thru her thoath as well as shatter an antidote crystal on her armour.

-Potion of hard dragon scale +36 Damage mitigation. New: 57+36=93

-Antidote x2 crystal


Energy: 37
HP: 148
Dmg: 12
Mitigation: 93
First aid: 20%
CC: 3

Grandmaster Whip
Grandmaster First aid
Novice Heavy armour
Unskilled Martial arts

Field medic

Whip of the warrior: +6 Damage
Dark angel armour: +54 Mitigation
Ice-braclet: +3 Combat craft

At ready:
Amphibian war rally
Banner of superior support 3/3
Banner of command 3/3
Mass heal(t2) +30 crystal x3
Antidote(x2) crystal x2
HP recovery(t1) +60 crystal x5


Next 2 Bleed/Paralyze/Poision status effects ignored.


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Jomei let out a sigh of relief and his body slouched over. All of the darkened souls were defeated, either from their own blades, or thanks to the two mysterious characters who came out of nowhere, taking out the rest of them flawlessly. Jomei was curious just who those two were, but at the moment, there was something much more important that they needed to deal with. Defeating all of souls was just the beginning, for now they had to deal with the Floor's boss. For this boss fight to occur just after the war was torture.. most of them were not at full strength to be able to help out, so they needed to make best of the time they had before the boss appeared. The man's eyes gazed the horizon, spotting all of the other groups of players gathering at one point. He had been worrying about Zandra's condition the whole time during the fight, so he needed to make sure she was alright.. as well as everyone else of course. 

After hurrying over to the group of players, Jomei looked from player to player until he found her. He grinned and walked up to her, "Thank God you're alright." He then crossed his arms over his chest and turned, a grim look on his face, "Looks like we really don't have a lot of time.. the boss is going to be here soon." Swiping his hand upward, the small menu box opened with the soft chime of bells. After a moment, a small bottle with a thick blue liquid materialized into his hands. He pulled the cork out using his teeth and downed the drink, immediately feeling its effects. He felt his muscles tighten for a moment, increasing his overall strength. 

-1 +3 Dmg Potion

Level: 37

HP: 148/(153)

SP: 5/130


DMG: 13(+3) = 16
EVA: 3

ACC: 4

Light Momentum: 2
MIT: 25



Grandmaster Rapier Skill (+5 DMG)

Light Armor Rank 3 (+25 mit)
Charge Rank 2 (+ 2 Dmg)

Extra Skills:

Concentration (+1 BD when used)
Martial Arts Rank 0
Survival (+6 HP Out of battle & Not effected by environment)


Rapier Ferocity Rank 5 (+1 dmg to Sword Arts Rank 5)

Athletics (+1 DMG, +5 HP)
Precision(+1 ACC)



Weapon: Saint Andrew's Bane (+3 DMG x Tier 2)(6 Dmg)

Armor: Leather Vestment of Cunning (+2 EVA, +1 LM)

Accessory: Erin's Favor (+1 EVA, +2 ACC)

Familiar: Adere the Tawny Owl (+1 ACC)

At ready:

Rum (+3 DMG, -3 EVA)
Safeguard Potion
Snowfrost Potion



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Shizuka sniffed. Indeed, things have not been going well for her. She needed help yet was filled with absolute obnoxious determine to seek the help that she required. Perhaps the time is near for her to face death... However, a pitiful suicide was definitely not something that she was seeking for even though she had been considering it in the past few days. If she was to die, she was not afraid to die. But she wanted it to be a meaningful death... One that would cause tears and one that she would be remembered by. If that chance had come, she would've taken it but it had not come by yet and hence, she had yet to pass away. "Yes, sir. I will try my best." Shizuka said, feeling her voice shake as she hid her face in the dark hood that she had only recently bought. Sure, Shizuka had recently learned to dislike Zelrius and despise him. However, he was still her commandant and she was expected to show respect even though the other party had no respect for her. "Thanks, excuse me now." Shizuka whispered to the white haired girl that had taken the time to notice and comfort her. As the woman walked away, Shizuka walked to an area where no one was there and made sure no one was around her and watching before sitting down, blending in with the darkness and burying her face into the hands that had roughened in the past few days. It was a suitable place to let her tears come out... A suitable place to let her feelings become exposed... It was time to let it go. Shizuka sat there, waiting for everyone to gather and taking the time to allow her waves and waves of tears to flow out without control so she would be focused entirely on the boss fight once everyone is here in hopes that she could do a good job and please her guild members and guild commandants.

Consumed one Safeguard Potion



HP: 116/116
Level 29
Damage: 2
Evasion: 3

One-Handed Straight Sword (Rank 1)
First Aid (Rank 5)
Search and Detect (Rank 2)
Concentration (No Rank)
Survival (No Rank)
MOD: Field Medic

Defender (2X Paralyze, 1X Bleed)
Pink Azure Cloak (3X Evasion)
Pink Azure Trinket (3X Combat Craft)

At Ready:
1X <<Banner of Superior Support>>
3X <<+20 HP Health Crystals>>



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Macradon would run up from the battle he was just being part of, finished by people he did not know, but the aide was needed and his team was able to somewhat 'succeed'. Macradon would look at the amount of people that had joined to battle the floor boss. Macradon was slightly nervous about this, his actual first floor boss raid. He would sigh and look around on the gathered people, being there were people he hadn't and some he had. The ones present he knew were quite a lot of them, those being Shizuka, Jomei, Zandra and Calrex, though they were mostly just people he had met once or twice, then there being Zandra he had been out questing with a couple of times now. "Seems like this fight will tough for me ..." he muttered, he was pretty sure that he was lower level than the others, but he wanted to do something to help at the least. He would prepare himself and get ready to fight. This fight was going to be much more difficult for him and he would need some aid from the potions he brought with him. He would drink the first one, the onde that would make his damage increase for this boss raid, which would be enough, he hoped.

-6 x Damage potion


Level: 26
HP: 104/104
Energy: 26/26

- Equipment -
Crusader MKII: +6 Damage.
Blood Crusader's Halfplate: +54 Mitigation.
Blood Crusader's Bracers: +2 Recovery(+2 Energy on CD 10+), +1 Regen (+18 Health on CD 6+).

- Skills -
Grandmaster Two-Handed Straight Sword (+5 Damage).
Rank 2 Heavy Armor (+7 Mitigation).
Rank 1 Charge (+1 Damage on first attack).
Survival (Out of combat 6 health regeneration. Immune to environmental damage).
Concentration (+1 BD, 5 posts cooldown).
Disguise (+1 BD, -1 Enemy dice, 12 posts cooldown).

- Items -
+6 Damage potion.
Safeguard potion.
+54 Mitigation potion.

Damage: 18
Mitigation: 61


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In one word, the last 10 seconds against the war on souls, could be summed up as: decimation. The hooded girl and the one known as Nero, had completely and utterly obliterated the souls that stood before them only moments ago. A wave of relief washed over him. Cleansing him of worry and despair. Two feelings he hadn't felt in a long while. Glancing over his group, he nodded to the wedded couple and Lowenthal, assuring them it was finally over. However, as he searched the group for Lessa, a visible tinge of disappointment crept along his features. Shaking his head, he made mention to the rest that he was gonna head out to the meet up at the boss room door. Turning on his heels, he began to make haste.

As the scenery changed, the blonde moved along until the cathedral was well in sight. Swiping through his menu, he selected the [Wonderbread] he had been saving for a moment like this. Consuming the bread in a few bites, he searched through the rest of his inventory as he moved along. Finding his Tier 2 PerfectDamage Crystal, he opted to use that as well. I can use all the help I can get...thought the blonde.

 As he approached, he saw a bobble of pink disappear into the darkness around the building. He was sure it was Shizuka, but was still uncertain nonetheless. Curious, he stopped, and made way for her instead. The fight still has time, I'm sure a small detour won't prolong anything. Rounding the corner, sounds of soft weeping filled his ears, as his eyes laid on his pink-haired guild member. Unsure of exactly what to do or what the problem was, the blonde took a seat next her and laid his head back. "Whatever is bothering you, I'm here for you. Not just as your guild mate, but as a friend." Rather than leaving, he offered his shoulder for her to cry on and his ears to listen should she want to share what was bringing her down.



Level: 36 | HP: 149/149 | Energy: 36/36


-Amphibian Teeth [+4 Damage and +1 Paralytic Venom]

-Raikiri II [+18 Mitigation and +2 Paralysis]

-Clasp of the Progenitor [+2 Accuracy and +1 LD]

-Azure General Cloak [Vanity]


Damage: 18 (1 Base + 1 Athletics + 4 Weapon + 5 Skill + 6 Crystal + 1 Wonderbread)

Mitigation: 30 (12 from Light Armor Rank 3 + 18 from Raikiri II)

Accuracy: 3 (2 from Clasp of the Progenitor + 1 from Precision)

Evasion: -1 (-1 Wonderbread)


Wonderbread [+1 DMG/-1 EVA]

(T2) Perfect Damage Crystal [+6 DMG]


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Lowenthal stretched his arms above his head, as he let out a powerful yawn. He had been away from fighting much to long. In thought, he had been away from everything and everyone for far too long. He had been lazing around in his room in the Azure Guild Hall for such a long time. Ever since those players arrived, and completely eliminated those monsters. He had felt foolish that he had let his energy dwindle that low, and was forced to take the back seat on things. So he had steered clear of everything, choosing to just lay about in bed and waste time all day.

But today was different. People had finally decided to get out and attempt the boss fight. Which, if it was anything like the last boss fight, it would be a cakewalk. And Lowenthal wouldn't let this moment pass him up. He needed to get better, better than he was before. And as he arrived he noticed familiar faces. Zelrius came as a surprise. Seeing as he had taken a break from the last boss fight, or had missed it. And he had recently declared his 'vacation' and had decided to take leave.

Everyone else, he recognized. Jomei and his lover Zandra. Oikawa and Shizuka, other members of Azure Brigade. The others he knew of, but hadn't spent time with enough to know all that well. Lowenthal ignored them. He knew that they'd be needed to battle this boss, but other than that they wouldn't help him get stronger. They hadn't before. Zelrius had empty promises, Oikawa had disappeared before and had only returned recently, and Calrex was just there to serve as a pseudo-tank while Tristan was elsewhere.

Lowenthal leaned on the wall, near the boss door. He opened his menu and checked his overall stats.



Level: 30
HP: 120/120
Energy: 30/30
-'Darkened Blade' [2 fallen/1 ACC](+4 Fallen damage on a non-crit)
-Stealth Coat: +1 Eva/+2 Light Momentum
-Shinobi Shozoku Mk.II - Perfect Light Armor - + Mitigation, +2 Evasion

Damage: 10 on non-crit; 7 on a 9; 8 on a 10
Mitigation: 28 (25 from Rank 3 skill + 3 from Armor Enhancement)

Lowenthal shut his menu, after conferring with his stats. They were to his liking, but they could've been better, but they would have to suffice. He let out a sigh, and saw that Shizuka was alone and seemed to be crying. Before Lowenthal could act, Oikawa moved in to play the 'White Knight'. Typical. Probably said something along the lines of 'Oh I'm not a guild mate, I'm a friend.' or 'I understand what you're going through' or some other nonsense. Lowenthal scoffed, and didn't move. If he approached he'd only be crowding Shizuka, which was unneeded. Instead he stood there, and waited. Just as he had before.

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With a smile the blonde looked at the rest and nodded as they finished fighting their share of mobs. As they started heading towards the Cathedral, she was sweeping through her inventory in search for the right items to use during this battle, well it wasn't like she had much of a choice. Selecting 6 classes of items she added them to her battle ready inventory and took another one out. "Bottoms up!" she thought as she started gulping the blue content of the vial. It had a refreshing minty flavor that seemed to revitalize her spirit, after such a fight all help was needed... especially since the hardest part should just come next.

It seems that there were some already at the gates, awaiting the assembly of the full raid group. It was a bit of a pain as she didn't knew the exact attendance so she couldn't split the members into balanced teams... With a sigh she walked towards the entrance where a lonely golden boy stood. Selecting another item she smashed it against her right vambrace, subsequently the small lion head head on it turned bright green from boring white.

Consumed 1x Palladium [Potion](Safeguard)
Consumed 1x Arx, 1st grade 2nd edition [Crystal](+27 Damage Mitigation)



  • Health: 173 / Energy: 42 / Basic Damage: 23* / Damage Mitigation: 30*
  • Accuracy: 3 / Evasion: 3 / Savvy: 1 / Light Momentum: 1

Skills & Mods:

  • One Handed Rapier: Grandmaster -> Precision
  • Light Armor: Expert ->Athletics
  • Charge: Grandmaster
  • Concentration
  • Survival


  1. Potion of Fallen Strength (+3 DMG / -9 MIT)
  2. 4X25 HP Recovery Crystal
  3. 3X20 HP Recovery Crystal
  4. Basic Teleport Crystal
  5. Malum crystallus, 1nd grade 2nd edition  (+3*2 Damage)
  6. ^5X15 HP Recovery Crystal

^Dimensional bag slot



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Tristan felt his body tighten in tension with the air as he looked around, seeing the other players already gathering for the fight. He smiled as he saw everyone gathered, looking like it wasn't just them for this war. No, there were several here, ready to end the war with the final fight against Avarious. After taking that other one though, it was just like they suspected, there will be more to this fight than may appear to the eye. Or at least so he hoped. After all, the fighting itself became dull for him lately and he was understanding Zelrius' feeling when it came to that these days fights were getting boring. This one hopefully will be otherwise. He smiled and cracked his neck, saying "I'll gladly offer myself as the bait in terms of damage from the boss. At high floors like these, we can't know what kind of power they may send at us. A safeguard for other players may still be handy though.".

Stats and extra skill info in spoiler:


HP: 257/257 (168 + 89)
ENG: 42/42
DMG: 4
MIT: 89
EVA: -1
Thorns: 36
Flame Thorns: 36
Regen: 36
Holy Blessing: 72

Skills (and Mods):
One Handed Spear 2
Battle Healing 2
Heavy Armor 5 (E: Stonewall)
Fighting Spirit
Block 3
Meditation 1
Achilles 0

<<Survival>>, Increases the health you regenerate per post to 6 when out of combat. Survival also gives immunity to damage dealing environment effects.
<<Athletics>>, Increases damage by 1 and health by 5.
<<Disguise>>, It temporarily transforms you into the other player/enemy, giving you a +1 on your combat die and them a -1 on their next action. It only during your and his turn, and can only be used once every twelve turns.
<<Meditation>> allows the user to lessen negative effects such as paralysis and poison, this skill also allows one to regain lost HP (4% HP to begin and increases by skill rank, the max rank being 20%), the negative effect healing is activated by rolling 7+ while the HP heal effect activates alongside the negative effect one when rolling a natural 10+ on the Crafting Dice.

<<Achilles>> All damage received after damage reduction (Mitigation, parry etc.) is halved and that half instead damages the enemy, which the enemy can mitigate. Minimum 1 damage back.
Example: Dragon (20 MIT) hits Tristan (60 MIT) for 140 damage. That damage is reduced to 80 by mitigation. Half of the damage then afterwards is sent back. So Tristan receives 40, while the Dragon receives 20 (40-20=20).

Stats: 4 Base Damage = 1 Base + 2 (1H Spear 2) + Athletics. Battle Heal 12 HP every turn with natural roll of CD 10+
Mitigate 89 Damage. Regenerate 72 health when hit the last turn, 108 on a CD of 6 or above. When hit on a non-critical, deal 72 damage back. When hit on a critical, deal 36 back and a 2 turn DoT for 8 damage each.

 1x Potion of Heavenly Mending, (When used recovers 15%(rounded up) of your missing health)

Banner of Inspiration: 3 Charges, empowers you and three other players in a party with +20 overhealth for 1 battle. To refill 1 charge costs 5,000 col
Banner of Superior Support: 3 Charges. When used, the Banner of Support heals up to 4 players, including the user, a maximum of 30 HP. Once used, the Banner of Support changes from a red to a gray color and begins to go on it's 10 turn cooldown. To refill 1 charge costs 5000 col

Default Equipment:
Hephaestus Armor (Tier 2): +36 Regen +36 Thorns
Burden of the Fallen (Tier 2): +72 Holy Blessing
Twinfire Reflector (Tier 2): +36 Damage Mitigation, +36 Flame Thorns
Dragon Spear (Vanity)
Azure Brigade Cloak (Vanity)
Lion's Mane (Vanity)
Delaney Ring (Achilles) (Vanity)

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Ebony smirked and made her way to the cathedral, wondering who those two people had been. She didn't much care who they were, but they had taken out the last of those spirits, so she was glad that they had shown up. She sighed, wondering how long it would take this time for everyone to show up so that they could fight this new boss. She was bored with all of this, and couldnt believe that they were still on such a low floor after all of this time. With a frown she adjusted her shield on her arm and messed around with the rest of her equipment in preparation.

HP: 104
ENG: 26
DMG: 3

Combat Craft: 3

Paralyze: 2
MIT: 57 (Skill+Equipment+Potion) (3+27+27)
Regen: 9

One Handed Dagger: 2

First Aid: 5 

Heavy Armor: 1

At the Ready Inventory:

 1x Potion of Heavenly Mending, (When used recovers 15%(rounded up) of your missing health)

Banner of Inspiration: 3 Charges, empowers you and three other players in a party with +20 overhealth for 1 battle. To refill 1 charge costs 5,000 col
Banner of Superior Support: 3 Charges. When used, the Banner of Support heals up to 4 players, including the user, a maximum of 30 HP. Once used, the Banner of Support changes from a red to a gray color and begins to go on it's 10 turn cooldown. To refill 1 charge costs 5000 col


Ebony Rose: +3 Combat Craft

Obsidian Rose: +2 Paralyze, +9 Regen

Impenetrable Gauntlet: +27 Mit

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In truth, the third in command of the Knights of the Blood Oath and the leader of their Strike Team was not sure who all from the guild would be taking part in the floor raid up here on thirteen. Given his recent time away from the world, as it were, Mack was also a bit low on enhancement items. He didn't find it overly concerning, there would be more than enough firepower from the rest of the people that assembled to take down the boss that he wouldn't sweat not being able to boost his damage output to its true maximum potential. Making his way in the direction of the players already assembled near the Cathedral the massive axeman applied the Matriarch's Stinger potion to Invictus, boosting his damage output by a whopping point. Still, the potion had been sitting unused for sometime and now was as good a chance to use it as any.

Coming close enough to the group to begin making out faces, Mack spotted several familiar faces included Zelrius, Jomei, Ariel, Calrex, and Tristan. But, the one that stood out the most was his fellow Knights of the Blood Oath strike team member, Macradon. Given that the massive ginger headed man was, in a nominal sense, Macradon's commanding officer within both the Guild and the Strike Team, it was only right to head in Macradon's direction.

"You ready," Mack rumbled in a low tone, rolling his head around on his neck to pop it loudly as he swung Invictus lightly in his hands. "We'll probably be in a support role, dealing with ankle biters. That's fine though."




HP: 109
ENG: 26
Dam.: 14
Mit.: 70
Regen: 54

At Ready: 1 Basic (+15) Health Potion, 1 Uncommon (+15, +5) Health Potion, 3 15 HP Recovery Crystals, 5 +4 Energy Items (4 Green Tea, 1 Fish), 1 +6 Energy Item (Energy Drink), 1 Teleportation Crystal

Skills: 2 Hand Axe (T5), Heavy Armor (T2), Athletics, Concentration

All my Equipment is T2.

Used Items: Matriarch's Stinger (+1 Dam.), Kopi Danish - Eaten in NEXT post (+9 Mit.)



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<<Player Card>>



Stats: Level 34 || HP: 136 || Energy: 34 || Tier 2 
Dmg:+16/+17**  || Eva: N/A || Acc: 3  || Mit: +12 || 

Status Effect:
-+1 Dmg from Calrex's Banner
+4 Dmg from Whetstone T2 

Weapon: Masamune X [+6 Dmg]
Accessory #1: Blood Oath Necklace: [+1 Acc, +2 Keen]
Accessory #2: Ring of the Blood: [+2 Acc, +1 Keen]
Vanity Light Armor: Panoply of the Blood Oath [+12 Mit: Light Armor Skill]

Disguise: +1 to BD, -1 BD to enemy PC
Sneak & Hide: +4 Stealth Rating
Charge: +1 Dmg Rating
Katana: GM +5 Dmg
Light Armor Skill: +12 Mit
Survival: negates environmental effects

Ready Items: Safeguard [x3], Mass Heal Crystal [+25 HP all] [x4], Teleport Crystal [x1], Antidotes- Uncommon [x4]


Opal had helped clear the way of the final Darkened Souls that needed to be banished from this world with the aid of two unknown players. The help was much appreciated as the group was on their last leg and limb in the energy reserves. It would have been a beyond difficult battle to continue if they had not shown up when they did. The woman showed her gratitude towards them by thanking them properly. But she headed straight with the others, their bladed weapons swinging through the Darkened Souls as they made way to the Boss Gate. Opal was once more filled with anxiety as she slowed her pace from a swift run from the group. Her hands quickly hovered over her menu as she accessed her items and put them in the needed battle ready positions. First she coated her armor from a silver vial. The liquid splashed over her figure as if she were now dancing in light while it slowly dissipated away <<Safeguarding>> her from the first attack. She would use her Whetstone next, but depending on who arrived or who needed help, she would keep them to herself. 

There were already several other players waiting by the Door. The woman gulped, it was her second Floor Raid and the butterflies in her stomach continued to torture her. Opal scoffed at her own nervousness from the players around her and to herself, shaking her head as she did so. As she came up to the shadows, it was as if her figure disappeared as she engaged her <<Sneak & Hide>> there was no reason to be bothered while she prepped from the shadows.

-Used <<Safeguard>>
<<Sneak & Hide>> Engaged: 14 Stealth

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Looking over at the people present Calrex figured what would be the team formations as he walked over to Ariel, Jomei, Zandra, and Opal "From the looks of things we'll be teammates for this one."

Giving a nod to Ariel he swiped on his menu, producing the Banner of Command he had obtained from the <<Falling of Tagas>> quest, "This should give a good boost to four of us. Zandra, since you're likely going to be on healing duty and watching out for Leothiel, I'll need to pass you. Keep us alive out there ok?"

With that he addressed all of his teammates, "Tristan will most likely be drawing most of the aggro for the battle, but I'll be sure to do my best and keep you guys safe. If it gets dicey out there just let me know. I've got some safeguard potions at ready if we need it. Ariel, I'll leave the battle tactics to you."

He gave a friendly smile of confidence as he triggered a charge from the item, boosting his, Ariel's, Jomei's, and Opal's damaging power. With the preparations done he gave a calming breath to center himself, getting ready for the battle to come.

Banner of Command Charge used
+1 to DMG for Calrex, Ariel, Jomei, and Opal

Banner of Command Swapped for Safeguard Potion

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Opal had given herself enough time to prep, being left alone in the cover of darkness while she was stealthed was good enough time to get her head in the game. As she stepped form the shadows once more revealing her figure, she came upon Calrex. She looked to Jomei yet didn't say anything and instead of voice she gave a sideways glance as her eyes looked away from them, yet she was in their presence. 

A voice broke her thoughts, Calrex talking as they were mostly likely going to be paired up. The woman nodded and was actually given a small boost in damage thanks to the effects of a banner. The woman's body was dressed in light as the effect took place and she was more than happy to take such gift if it meant earning her an extra point in raw damage. That reminded her, she would take from her inventory a small stone as the katana, Masamune X appeared before her hands. Exposing the blade, she swept the stone across it rhythmically with long strokes until the stone fizzled away. It gave her steel another boost in damage and it would help in the aid of either the Field Boss or the dregs that would more than likely find their way to them.

"You don't have to worry about me, Calrex. I am currently <<Safeguarded>> and keeping extras on hand just incase. I also have a few healing potions and Uncommon Antidotes. Not to mention the Teleport Crystal. But I hope I never have to use it..." The woman cleared her throat, her right hand had a slight tingling sensation as her eyes blurred for the moment. She almost seemed to sway off balance for a moment till she caught the wall and steadied herself, "God damn it...not now..." The after effects of a certain potion she had taken more than likely. The woman felt dizzy for a moment before her vision cleared once more, the odd pulsating of her body diminshed as she looked around her.

"New faces...Even though it's my second, I am still kind of nervous about this." 


+5 Dmg Increase [+1 Banner from Banner, +4 from Whetstone] -Reflected in earlier post. 

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Macradon sighed in relief as he saw even more people join the boss raid. Mostly people he wasn't familiar with, but some of them were some he knew. Mack, his team leader, approached him. They were approximately at the same level and were equally as deadly as each other. Being the two with the big two-handed weapons that would cleave multiple enemies with a single swing, they were in a strong position to take out a large amount of lesser creatures and let the bigger guys handle the big boss. Macradon would look through his items to make sure that he had everything he needed. He wasn't thinking of going to be a tank for the team, but if he needed he could pop his mitigation potion which granted him just above 100 damage mitigation, which should be fine for him if he were to be hit by any attack. 

Now getting hit from attacks wasn't something he usually liked when facing field bosses, and he was sure he wasn't gonna like it against a floor boss either. With great might he would access his menu to bring out his safeguard potion and apply the salve to his armor, effectively ignoring the first attack on hi, which would be a great help if there were any strong attacks from the boss that would hit everyone. Using a safeguard wasn't something Macradon usually did, well this was his first time. He hadn't really been in need of a safeguard for the field bosses he had been fighting, he had just tanked the damage raw in, but he was sure he wouldn't be able to do that against a floor boss.

"I'm ready" Macradon answered to his team leader "I don't really mind not being the vanguard of this raid" he said with a big smile. He was sure that he wouldn't be able to do too much against a big floor boss, but he was sure he would do something to the small critters that would come forth. With both Mack and Macradon, their small group would be able to take care of at least 8 small critters and a time, at least crippling 8 of them. "With us two, our team is going to take care of the small critters, no problem" he said with a grin, he was sure of it, and of course their team wasn't just the two of them, sure other people would join as well.

[Status Effect: Safeguard activated]

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The blonde looked around and saw many familiar faces gathered here. Most of them have attended the raid planning meeting so it would make things go more smoothly with her distribution of teams and roles. Pulling out a virtual panel she began to assign teams and team roles. It was a simple plan as she didn't expect extreme difficulty... taking in account the last couple of floor bosses. Simply put it, most of the players here were overleveled and most likely over prepared for these still low boss fights. But they couldn't afford to get cocky, thus the recommendation of a safeguard potion and a strong suggestion of having a teleport crystal in case things go haywire fast. She saw some abiding to the plan while other not, that was not her problem anymore. Now she had to announce the teams, she walked towards the entrance while smashing a red crystal against her weapon's thorny hilt. Then she looked towards the Banner of Command that was impaled it into the ground by Calrex, getting a glimpse of the Amethyst Descend guild flag waving in the light breeze as he activated its buff.

"Can I have your attention please?all of you, it will only take a second. This will be the team distribution for this raid" she said, popping out her plan and enlarging the virtual screen then continued.
"We will split into 3 teams: blue, yellow and red. Each team will have different roles that will be the following: Blue team, vanguard... they will get in the room first and deal with whatever they encounter. Next follows Yellow team, the supplementary force that will back up the vanguard and deal with whatever comes after the initial clash. Red team, the support troops will aid the red team and/or the yellow team depending on the situation. You're free to appoint your own team leaders and choose what's the best course of action that your team can take. Instead of being a unified body, each team will act almost independently in order to achieve their purpose! Any latecomer can be integrated into Red team as they are missing a member. That's all!"

And with that she ended her little "speech", turning towards her team members and speaking in a normal tone, a small smile appearing on her expression: "Okay yellow team, let's give it our best!" then she turned at Cal and grinned: "Battle tactics? We'll hit that bad boy with all we got!"

Consumed 1x Malum crystallus, 1nd grade 2nd edition  (+3*2 Damage).
Consumed 1x Potion of Fallen Strength (+3 Damage / -9 Mitigation)
Under the effect of Calrex's Banner of Command.(+1 Damage)
*Changes made in previous post

*Player stats may vary before/during the actual fight as players may use status modifiers.This is but a roster of the participants, teams assignments and roles distribution.

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The battle against the Ancient Darkened souls was done and the last of them were gone. Within moments of this occuring, Leothiel was absorbed by Avarious and the Fallen Angel quickly retreated back into his Castle, the former Prison he was held in was now his fortress of battle, how ironic. The Berserker's group, complete with The Hero, Manta, Shizuka, and Ebony. Of Course Celesmeh was there, but had seemingly left the scene with haste. The Slayer of the Forsaken Crusader didn't mind too much; there were far more important things to focus on at the moment, and he would talk to her later if given the chance. "Looks like we won the battle, but the war is not quite over yet. Worry not, I am confident in the Frontliner's abilities to take down this Fallen Angel with relative ease." This bit was directed more to everyone that just Zelrius, but that was whom he was primarily looking at when speaking.

With his gargantuan sword, The Berserker took his usual long strides across the field and toward the Cathedral, now standing by the Golden haired Commandant's side, awaiting the Battle to begin.

19 DMG (1 Base + 5 Skill + 3 Crystal +3 Alcoholic  + 6 Enhancement + 1 Athletics)
48 MIT (12 Skill + 36 Hydra Skull)
36 Thorns (36 Hydra Skull)
2 EVA (2 Commandant's Pendant)
2 ACC (2 Commandant's Pendant)
Bleed (8 DMG/Turn for 2 turns on a 9 or 10)

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The doors open. Any player who does not post 24h within their turn will receive 20 damage and be skipped. Edit your HP in as my time is limited. No more players may enter the thread.

Tristan took´a deep breath, then opened the doors before him as the one to start the fight. The doors of the cathedral that slammed shut now opened with eerie ease.

The room littered with decayed bones of fallen warriors and fighters. Blades, shields, and armor alike laid out across the intensely dark room. After entering the cryptic room, it lights up in an ominous purple light as Avarious one of the Fallen Angels descends upon the field. His massive Two-Handed Sword <Despair> and his Light Armor Battle Robe <Soul Keeper> adorned. His 4 Wings spread out wide as dark purple eerie essence envelopes him, His skin a pale white as well as his hair. He grins in his blood red outfit and blade, “More souls to quench my hunger.” Was all that was said as he initiates the battle against the players.

Tristan drew his weapon and readied himself, however for now started with using Howl, attracting the attention of the boss to him, to ensure the others wouldn't be in grave danger. "Alright, I don't know where he hid that other angel, but for now let's go ham on him!".

BOSS THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzIdc4sFzsI

Avarious the Soul Stealer 520/520
Mitigation 15
Immune to Fallen and Holy Damage
Avarious Cannot be Stunned or Paralyzed

Tristan 257/257 42/42 H: 4

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