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[F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

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I relax as i continue just to softly hum to myself as i continue playing on my guitar the instrumental to the song as i keep in mind the lyrics and make some small adjustments to them as need be as a small smile plays across my face.  I see a lot of people i hear a lot of things.They're talking about the events on the frontlines, worried things. I guess that happens when you hit the top. You get to see the legends as just normal people. You say it's all about the levels, but than throw around build names. We speak of peace, but aren't doing anything to provide it.  We're lying to the lower levels. I sing once more as i continue the song as i tap my foot on the ground to the beat of the song as i smile happily as i do so unknowingly starting to sing slowly bit by bit louder as i get into it. Having wanted to keep this song more to myself, but slowly just getting lost in the practice and song. Testing out the changing of lyrics to see if it even works with the beat of the song. With their being some small bumps here and there from the changing of the lyrics and the way the words are meant to go, but not stopping anyhow from just having fun and doing what i want.

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Kirbs squeaked, launching her palm against Dustin’s shoulder. She pulled his ear down and hissed, “what the hell, mate? You know I wouldn’t date for the life of me! I’ll blow your bloody brains out if you ever pull a stunt like that again!” She seethed, pushing him away. She let out an inaudible sigh and massaged the bridge of her nose. “Boys these days, them and their blasted testosterone,” she muttered, turning her gaze back to Arabelle and her friend.

”So sorry about that,” she let out a nervous high pitched laugh. “He can be just... weird sometimes,” she made a sour face and scowled at Dustin. She also wasn’t sure if she found Arabelle’s current situation was amusing or pitiful. I mean, her herself was oblivious to about everything, but this was a whole new level. The red-head stifled a laugh and patted Arabelle’s shoulder with a somewhat sympathetic smile. “I would say I feel your pain, but I really don’t.”

@Arabelle @Dustin


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Shiro smiles as Felicity danced around him, the warmth emitting from her making him more comfortable. As she danced around him, he listened to the girl talk. She likes Felli? Good, everyone that talks to me from now on has to like Felli. Then she steps closer and Shiro gets nervous, as she reaches out for his best friend he tenses up. Not knowing what to do, he just watches and tries to act like the world around him isn’t collapsing, but then Felicity steps in and begins to play around Mishiro’s arm. “Okay Felli, should I be getting Jealous?” His joke placed perfectly to help try and break the nervousness he was experiencing. Her reply comes back and he thinks on the last question a little. Other parts of the fair? That sounds bothersome. People are always bothersome.

”Nope, I’ve just spoken to someone else, and sat over here.” He replies, trying to keep her from pulling that move she pulled back when they went to that restaurant. Please, just let me stay right here. His familiar, as if hearing his thoughts, floats over and burns his arm. “Ow, fine, I guess I’ll go check them out.” He looks at Felli and makes an angry face jokingly, standing up and spinning on his heel. “So... I don’t know where the other parts are, I’ve never been to a festival before.” He says to the girl who said she liked his familiar. The familiar which was spending way too much time with the girl.


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Zandra was standing infront of Bennys wares, looking at them. There was some pieces she wanted. More or less. First her eyes had fell on the bacpack and she was gonna pick it. But the she saw the side note. It wont stack with dimensional backpack. So she dropped that one from her wanted list. So left to decide of was the lantern or a box of demonic gear. She scratched he cheek as her brain worked. The consumables wasnt really worth it since she could get the same stuff from crafting. That was when someone tapped her on the choulder. She looked at the player and saw a black haired girl. "Hi Ayano, Im Zandra." she replied to her greeting and after that listened to what she had to say. "fi-fiftyfive?!" she got stunned to see someone walk up to a stranger and ask for that huge amount of col. Then she glanced at the wares. They could come up with a deal. her eyes focused on the girl again. "Well, that is alot of money to just ask fron a stranger you know? But before I came here I putted away some col I was gonna share with others, cuz its christmas. Also if we could make a deal. Totally I give you thirty thousand becaise its christmas and for something I would like you to do for me. What I want you to do is buy that lantern for me. So another ten. Then I can borrow you the rest and you pay it back later. Sounds good?" she asked and opened transaction. Sent the col when the girl agrees to the deal.

Sent 65,000col to @Ayano Tateyama

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As soon as Kataware got the message from Ayano, she began to get ready. Although events like these weren’t really her preferred place to be during Christmas, she took the opportunity to start networking. However, she wasn’t expecting Ayano to come up to her as soon as she entered the plaza and give her 45k Col with the minimal instructions of just to buy a present.

Although, Kataware did follow her instructions. As she walked up to Benny, she had noticed that she could buy any item that she could use at this current point in time. However, her eyes ended up lingering over the Hammerspace Backpack. Reading the item catalog, she knew that it was a powerful item worth its cost and decided to buy it. Not for herself though. As a tank she could probably weave in a few items within a fight, but she knew the plans Ayano had for her own build. Paying the 45k Col to Benny, she grabbed one of the Hammerspace Backpacks and walked over to Ayano.

Whatever gift Ayano would have given her, she would refuse it adamantly while offering her own. “Merry Christmas Ayano.”

« Bought one Hammerspace Backpack (-45k Col) »

« Offered Hammerspace Backpack to @Ayano Tateyama »

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Zabdra watched as the girls hand quickly wemt thru the menues and she talked to others. She had added the girl to he friend list so she was sure who she was. She would search up a info broker tomorrow and get some info. Zandra would also be able to track her down if sje decided to break tjeir deal. The celebration was going to an end and the shop would soon close. The tier two demonic was expensive. But after all, the enchantments to get on it could all be non toer scaled. So she went for the tier one weapon. After all, a vampiric weapon was what she was looking for. She turned to Benny. "Hello big guy, I would like a tier one demonic crate. If you have any left. And I want it to be a two handed battle Ace weapon." she sent the col and recieved the item. "thank you very much big man."

-30,000 col sent to banker 

+1 unidentified two handed battle axe crate

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Despite being the one to throw it first, Jinx hadn't prepared herself for Stryder to retaliate at her with a snowball of his own. After all, the girl had been paying attention to her guild-leaders interaction with the short girl. While she wasn't entirely sure of the specifics, it seemed that Fae had been involved in, something, in the past including someone, who Jinx could only assume was called Embers. Although, it was impossible to know what the pair were actually talking about, thankfully, it seemed to end well...Well, 'well' being with a good mood. 

Although, the boy mentioned he had...wanted the item she picked up? Well, if he wanted it then...She'd be more than happy to let him have it, after all, he'd done a lot to help her. She opened her mouth to answer, only for another series of snowballs to arrive. It seemed Fae was part of the battle. Alisea moved to make another snowball, however unlike Stryder and Fae, it took the girl some time to properly gather the snow into the ball, then she hesitated. Who did she...throw it at? Stryder, who she'd started it with, or Fae, who seemed to have an infinite amount of snowballs? The hesitation caused the girl to get hit by one, and despite they were weak, it caught her off-guard and her snowball ended up dropping back onto the ground, leaving her defenseless plus a little lost for words. 

@Fae @Stryder

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Fae was over the moon it seemed with how happy she was, though... When she suddenly kissed him, he was more than a little taken aback. He pretty much stopped throiwng snowballs, looking at the girl. He couldn't tell if she knew what she had done, or what... Then she started throwing them at Jinx, saying she had his back. 

I mean.... I... don't even know how to respond to that...

"Thanks for the pack Fae, once i find someplace worthwhile going to, i'l bring everyone along for a camp out!" He said, beofre seeing Jinx, who was trying to make a snowball, seemed to hesitate, and then one of the ones fae threw made her drop it, and stunning her for a moment. He couldn't help but smile at her, walking over and patting the young girls head.

"We should get ya home, maybe you can try the cute coat on" He said to her with a smile, before quietly adding in a joking manner "I can steal it then". He said so loud enough for her to hear him, and with a very relaxed and casual tone that even when in her dull state, she could tell he wasn't being serious. He looked over at Fae, smiling at her. 

"Its been really nice seeing you again Fae, it makes me happy to know your doing well!" He said before opening up his menu, and sending her a friend request. He needed to keep an eye on her, and for now, stay n her good side. It was going to be easy if it continued like it did today! Maybe she would come back to the light, she already seemed to be. "If you want to rejoin the guild, let me know alright? Theres always a spot open for the divine dragon!"

After saying that to her, he looked at Jinx, smiling at the young girl. He felt nothing when Fae had kissed him out of the blue, but just looking at Jinx made him feel a little happier, calmer, and that he could maybe overcome the issues. She was... just adorable. Kind...

"Whatcha want for dinner?" He asked Alisea, a look of genuine joy on his face as he looked at her.

<<accepts the adventures pack from Fae>>

@Jinx @Fae 

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The girl named Kirbs quickly denied what Dustin just said, coupled with some amusing language she'd never heard before, and apologized. Arabelle's cheeks turned a light shade of red as the friendly girl patted her shoulder with a sympathetic smile. Okay, maybe she didn't need to worry. "Ooooh, I see! Hehehe..." The small purple-haired girl straightened, giving an innocent smile like she hadn't been seething with jealousy righteous anger just a moment ago. Kirbs was alright. She threw a snowball at one of her guildmates awhile ago. That was fun. Dustin, though... She tried not to look at him too suspiciously. "It's all good. Yeah, Dustin's definitely weird!"

Oh, wait. She did not want to be saying that in front of her crepe and cookie supplier.

"Juust kidding~," Arabelle smirked and took a step back. [...] And then, she suddenly got bored. And a bit tired. Her jokes had all ran out and suddenly, she didn't have that much things to say anymore. "Well, I would love to stay and talk more, but I'm a bit tired, so I guess I'll go home now. Oh, wait!" She swiped downwards with a gloved hand and sent off a friend request to the girl named Kirbs. "Wanna friend? We can talk more sometime... or something... So, yeah. Leaving." Arabelle half-turned towards Claude and tugged on his sleeve. "Let's go?"

[ooc: arabelle leaves the thread and drags mishiro's npc character with her. tag @Kirbs]

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The snowball hit her on the chest, and Alisea blinked again. How did the short girl have access to so many snowballs!? How was she so good at making them? Then again, this was one of the first times she'd ever played with snow so, there was always that. Her guild-leader approached her, and that's when she remembered she was going to suggest he use it. After all, she certainly couldn't use an item that lacked Mitigation. Perhaps Stryder would benefit more from it? Or someone else in the guild at the very minimum. 

"I was thinking...i can't use the item so, i should...use it" The girls brain had swapped in the second use but mistake, she had meant to say the word sell but made an error. She looked at the boy, unsure if the idea to sell a unique item was a bad one, right as he asked her what food she wanted. She could feel her stomach growl "Ohh..umm..I don't...know, is curry still an option?" It was her go-to meal, and a request Stryder had to deal with ever since he had 'allowed' her to use his home as her own. 

@Stryder @Fae

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The familiar approached her and started bouncing up and down, moving in circles around the arm she'd extended to the wisp. Now that it had gone a bit closer, she could tell touching it wasn't a very good idea. It was... warm. Wisps were essentially phantoms that looked like bright little flames so for that reason, she'd always assumed they would be cold to the touch. "Don't worry about it. No matter what, a familiar is always most loyal to its master," Mishiro said with a soft laugh. She pulled her arm back and tucked her hands in her coat pockets. From the close-ended tone of the first response he gave, she could easily judge that he would rather stay instead of walking around. 

"It's fine. I was just asking." No observable change in tone and demeanor, though she had to admit that she felt a bit conflicted on whether she should excuse herself and walk around the festival - something she was likely not to encounter again in a long time - or stay and talk with someone she hadn't seen in a few months. Choices, choices... Thankfully, the boy in front of her suddenly changed his mind and decided the answer for her. "Ah, so we're going together...?" Mishiro took a step back as Huginn stood and turned to her. The next thing he said was enough of an answer to her. She smiled. "Never been to a festival... so I guess you're more of an indoor person? That's fine. I haven't been to many festivals either." She half-turned away from him, already considering which stall she wanted to visit first - she'd already seen a few that piqued her interest. "Oh, I spotted a stall selling some festive ornaments earlier..."

And off they went to explore the many other things SAO's Christmas Event had to offer. She didn't get to spend time with Roman and Arabelle - both had suddenly left for the latter's shop after sending her a PM - as she had intended to, but it was still a fun experience. Somewhat. Midway through their walk, they passed the Event NPC and his stall once again. Mishiro paused. This was where it happened, right...? "I never got to wish him a Merry Christmas." Then she shook her head and went on her way.

[ooc: tag @Huginn. mishiro will not make any more posts after this.]

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As the night continued on, the festivities started to die down as people started to leave to head to bed, or go get some last minute grinding for a gift for a friend. Benny's team started to take things down periodically, disassembling the area where nobody was at while leaving the lively areas alone and letting people enjoy their night. After a few more hours, the downtown area of Floor looked no different than it did when they had first appeared. Benny loaded up the last box of cargo onto his cart, then made his way onto the front part, where his two boars pulled the giant cart. Jesse and Dalta sat next to the giant man on the seat, the small dog giving a small yawn and curling upon Jesse's chest. Jesse leaned on the giant man's side. As he started to doze off, he looked up at Benny.

"Mr. Benny?" He asked in a quiet voice. Benny looked down at him. "Yes Jesse, what cn I do for ye?" Jesse gave a small yawn and curled up. "Will we be back again? The people here are fun..." He spoke, and soon he started to sleep. Benny smiled and gave the boy a small pat on the head. "Aye lad, we'll be back. For now, get some rest." He spoke in a hushed tone, and soon the caravan of goods was gone into the snowy night.



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