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[EV - F4] Snowball Fight

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Snowball Fight

Ah, the fourth floor. Miles of pristine white snow, towering fir trees, and tranquil frozen lakes. It’s easy to see why it is considered a favorite floor. Perhaps that explains why, when a mass invitation went out to all Players on one unassuming Wednesday afternoon, so many heeded the call. Upon acceptance of the invitation, a map marker led Players to a snow-covered field, bordered on all four sides by trees. Huge snow drifts marked the locations of possible snow forts, were the participants daring enough, and the trees provided additional cover. A chilly, but not altogether unpleasant breeze blew through the evergreen branches as the midday sun beat down on a new kind of battlefield.

Deal damage to the other team by gathering snow, building snowballs, charging the other team, throwing snow, etc.
Play defense by building your snow fort (or improving upon what is already there), hiding behind trees, falling back after a charge, etc.

This thread is for IC snowball fighting. For sign-ups, claiming defense points for closed threads, and questions, check out the OOC thread.

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Fae walked through the snow, the bite being mostly countered by the large brown coat and scarf she was wearing. The day before Fae had gotten a message, one claiming to be from Cardinal, about a large snowball fight with the potential for rewards. Now, on the day of she found herself walking through the snowy forest in her warmest clothes.

It seemed like the first went on forever when Fae finally created the edge, a large field in front of her with forests on all sides. As soon as Fae stepped into the field an announcement appeared in front of her in the customary pop up window. 'Welcome Faerie, you have been placed on team B, good luck.' Fae closed the menu and looked ahead, it seemed like she was the first one here, no one else appearing in the field before her.

Taking her opportunity Fae rushed to one of the nearest snow drifts and started funneling the snow off to the sides, creating a makeshift barrier for herself. Hopefully she wouldn't be the only one here, Fae was worried that she was dumb for coming here for something so childish, but hopefully she would be proven wrong.

Fae's Christmas outfit


Except, you know, it looks like her



Post for Team B

Word Count:200


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Snow time! Yule! Holidays!

Astreya was jazzed beyond jazzed at the idea of being able to romp around in the cold snow with people, and honestly the idea of doing it in a game setting like Sword Art Online was almost better somehow?

Like all of the cold and everything was simulated, you could pretty easily get warm without any real problem afterwards. The frost bite probably wasn't permanent. All of these things objectively made it better than the grand fun of playing like a child in a snow bank.

But as she arrived at the event location, she noted that there was only one other person here. She started to approach when an alert for Team B popped up in front of her face. "Team Best I think you mean," she announced to the pop-up, feeling quite proud of herself for that one. 

The other person here was on Team B's side of the war field, and she grinned as she hopped forward, bereft of her usual armor, and instead she had on long gloves and tall boots of light blue, and because of the fact that she and a few others had been able to beat down that giant ice monster... She had been more naturally resistant to the cold anyway and just had on a black sundress with a scarf matching her gloves and boots. 

"Heyyyyyyy! Ready to drop a glacier on the competition?" she called to the individual, nothing that she didn't recognize them... But that would change. Astreya had only met one person she hadn't befriended after all.


(WC 265)

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Nari had managed her way from her house, towards the location of the event that Cardinal had been so kind to display for her. The possibility of seeing people again, after so long, had dragged on her to the point where she had forced herself out the door and into the snow covered fields that lay beyond. At first, she'd been disappointed, huddled beside a tree in the hopes of spotting someone, anyone - even if she didn't know them. Those hopes had risen slightly when she spotted a familiar face, the short purple hair above it bringing up memories. As she'd tried to recall the face, another had appeared - blonde, bubbling and as energetic as it ever was.

"Astreya. Catch." She tossed the packed snow she'd had beside her for the last twenty-minutes towards the girl, hoping to strike the first hit before either of the other two could react to her presence. Standing, she rushed out from behind the trees she'd been settled in behind, laughing as she went. It felt good, just getting out, just seeing other people - especially people she'd worried over for the past...the past, too long. "Well, are you two just gonna stand there, or do I need to dump snow down your jackets to get you moving?!"

Her laughter carried around her as she dashed underneath a tree branch, circling the duo in the hopes of catching them off guard, picking up snow as she went. This...this is what I missed...



//Team A//

Nari's Christmas Outfit


Nari Christmas.jpg

Nari-Lanreth Slim Banner.png


  • --

Nari-Lanreth | Lv. 32 | P. 40 | HP: 840/840 | EN: 98/98 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 20 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 30 | B.Healing [+46] | L.Momentum: 1 | LD: 3 | Bld: 48
Tier 4 | Tier 8


  • Solitude's Sorrow
    [Scythe; Tier 4 Perfect]
    Enhancement: Accuracy [2 Slots]
    Enhancement: Bleed [1 Slots] 
  • Reaper's Defence 
    [Light Armour; Tier 4 Perfect]
    Enhancement: Evasion [2 Slots]
    Enhancement: Light Momentum [1 Slots]
  • Music Box
    Trinket; Tier 1 Perfect]
    Enhancement: Loot Die [3 Slots]

battle-ready inventory

  • Teleport Crystal {3}
  • Starter Healing Potions {4} | Heals 50 HP
  • Divinity's Wait {5} | Tier 2; Perfect Potion | Mitigation III
  • Divinity's Protection {5} | Tier 3; Perfect Potion | Overhealth III
  • Cold Brew Coffee {4} | Tier 1; Perfect Potion | HP Recovery III
  • Percephonius Pyratius {11} | Tier 4; Perfect Potion | Damage III
  • Ketchup Chips {3} | Tier 4; Perfect Snacks| Probiotics III
  • Siúil a Rún {2} | Tier 3; Perfect; Masterpiece Support Song | HP Recovery III [Mass]



Utility Skills
Extended Weight Limit [Active: Passive. Effect: +2 additional Battle-Ready inventory slots.

Combat Skills
Battle Healing [Rank: 3. Active: Passive. Effect: While in combat, recover 1% per rank of your maximum HP (rounded down) at the beginning of your turn.]
Fighting Spirit [Active: Passive. Effect: Attacking and using Howl or Focused Howl generates +1 additional Hate. (Ex. Generate 1/2/3 Hate on a Miss/Hit/Critical attack. Generate 5 Hate when using Focused Howl.)]

Weapon Skills
Polearm [Rank: 5. Active: Passive. Effect: +7 DMG]
[Rank 5 Weapon Addon] Stamina [Active: Passive. Effect: Reduces EN of all attacks by 2.]
[Rank 5 Weapon Addon] Precision [Active: Passive. Effect: Gain +1 ACC.]
[Rank 5 Weapon Addon] <<Weapon Type>> Focus [Active: Passive. Effect: Decreases minor critical threshold by 1. Also reduces DoT thresholds by 1. Players cannot use Focus and Ferocity at the same time for the same Weapon Type.]
[Rank 5 Shift] TECH Specialist [Active: Passive. Effect: For TECH Sword Arts, +4 to multipliers, +3 to EN cost. No other Shifts may be taken.]

Armour Skills

Light Armour [Rank: 5. Active: Passive. Effect: 30 MIT. Mitigation is capped at 2 slots.]
[Light Armour Mod] Meticulous [Active: Passive. Effect: Gain +1 base Damage.]
[Light Armour Add-on] Resolve [Active: Passive. Effect: Gain +1 Accuracy and +10 * Tier HP.]

Active Extra Skills
Concentration [Active: Free Action. Cooldown: 5 turns. Effect: As a free action, gain Absolute Accuracy on your next attack. In the case Absolute Accuracy is already present, increase your Accuracy by 1 instead. Effect lasts until the start of next turn.]

Meditation [Active: Post Action. Cooldown: 3 turns. Effect: Recover an additional (4 * Tier) energy.]

Parry [Active: Post action. Energy cost: 9 EN Cooldown: 3 Turns. Effect: Apply the energy cost upon proc, not activation. Reduces the final damage of the next successful attack against you by 50% (rounded down) and negates stun/paralysis effects of that attack. If hit by multiple attacks, only apply parry to the first attack against you. Parry lasts for three turns. Cooldown starts when the player activates the Skill. If the player is hit when using Parry, the cooldown is reset to 3 turns.]

[Parry Mod] Vengeful Riposte [Active: Passive. Cooldown: 4 Turns. Effect: A successful Parry also returns 50% (rounded down) of the raw damage that would be dealt to you back to your opponent. The reflected damage can be mitigated by the opponent.]

Survival [Active: Passive. Effect: Increases Healing effects received from all sources by 10%. Grants immunity to all damage dealing environmental attacks/effects.]

Familiar Skills
Protector Familiar [Active: Free Action. Cooldown: 3 Posts; Effect: The next time you would take damage, your familiar rushes to your aid, reducing the final damage by 10%.]

sword arts


[x12] ST-I (12 10 EN) | A single-target sword art.
[x15] ST-II (15 13 EN) | A powerful single-target sword art. Only available for use when ST-I was used and successfully struck an enemy the previous turn or if ST-II had been used and had missed the previous turn.
[x20] ST-B (20 18 EN) | A devastating single-target sword art. Can only be used if the sword art used the previous turn is not ST-B and had rolled a natural CD9+. When performing an AoE attack, use only the first roll.
[x11] AOE-I (11 9 + 2 * targets EN) | AOE | A sword art that strikes multiple targets at once.
[x14] AOE-II (14 12 + 2 * targets EN) | AOE | A powerful sword art that strikes multiple targets at once. Only available for use when AOE-I was used and successfully struck an enemy the previous turn or if AOE-II had been used and had missed the previous turn.
[x16] TECH-A (16 14 EN) | STUN | A single-target sword art that stuns an enemy.
[x16] TECH-B (15 13 EN) | DELAY | A single-target sword art that, on a successful strike, applies [Delay] on the enemy. [Delay] is a status condition that reduces the enemy’s ACC by 1 for one turn.
[x16] TECH-C (15 13 EN) | COUNTER | A single-target sword art that, on a successful strike, places [Counter] around the player. [Counter] reduces the final damage taken by its user by 25% (rounded down) for one turn.
[x16] TECH-D (15 13 EN) | SHATTER | A single-target sword art that applies [Shatter] to an enemy for 3 turns. [Shatter] is a debuff that can stack up to a cap of 3. Each stack of [Shatter] removes -20 MIT from an enemy, down to 0, if it has MIT.
[x12] TECH-F (11 9 + 2 * targets EN) | AOE STUN | A sword art that strikes multiple targets at once. All struck targets are stunned for one turn.
[x16] TECH-G (15 13 EN) | BURN | A single-target sword art that, on a successful strike, applies [Burn] on the enemy. [Burn] is a DoT ailment that deals [14 * Player Tier] unmitigated Burn damage for 2 turns.
RAW-A (10 8 EN) | THORNS | A single-target sword art that utilizes the [Thorns] of the individual against the enemy. Other types of enhancements that apply damage upon contact with the individual are also considered in improving the damage of this sword art (eg. Immolation Potion, Flame/Frost Aura, etc). Outgoing damage is considered mitigatable.  Must have a weapon equipped to activate this sword art.



Estate Buffs

Master Bedroom [-1 energy cost for the first three expenditures of each combat.]
Master Bathroom [The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 25% (rounded down).]
Dining Room [Turn 2 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Lesser Feast. A Lesser Feast contains 4 portions of the food items sacrificed. Lesser Feasts created this way cannot be used outside of the thread they are created. Limit 1 item created per thread.]
Basic Kitchen [Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot. This can exceed normal Cook enhancement caps. Ex: A perfect T2 MIT food gives 35 MIT instead of 30.]
Living Room [Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.]
Attic (Storage) [+5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests]
Storage Closet [+1 Battle Ready Inventory Slot]




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the emerald duelist 


  • Level: 32 | Paragon: 67 | Tier: 4(10) 

Jomei: 900/900 HP | 128/128 EN | DMG 23 | MIT 44 | EVA 3 | ACC 4 | BH 49 | HLY BLS 19 | FLN 16 | HLY 8 | AA | LD 1 | F.Sprt.


  • Fragarach 
  • Vestige of St. Patrick
  • Alatreon's Will

battle-ready inventory

  • Antidote (3/3) 



Saber R5 | TECH Spec.
Combat Mastery DMG R3

Cloth Armor R5
B Healing R5
Fighting Spirit

Concentration (x)
Survival (x)
Meditation (x)
Forgotten King's Authority
Hiding R.4

Athletics (x)
Vanish (x)

Stamina (x)
Ferocity (x)
Precision (x)
Nimble (x)




Housing Buffs: 
Bedroom: -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat    
Bathroom: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down)    
Dining Room: Turn 2 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Lesser Feast.
Living Room: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.




The idea of some sort of social activity really excited Jomei, though he might not have admitted it out loud. He had been stuck inside and alone for so long, he just needed to scratch that social itch. So when the message from Cardinal went out about a little snowball fight, he immediately went to the coordinates. So when other players slowly started showing up.. Jomei was already there, waiting. 

He had chosen a tree close enough to the wide open battlefield, with branches thick and low enough that he could easily climb up to and sit comfortably and wait for the others to arrive. There wasn't a lot of snow that he could gather to create snowball ammunition.. but enough that he could maybe get one or two tosses in before needing to retreat to lower ground. 

Finally, some players arrived, an unfamiliar face, Astreya, and Nari. From where she was standing, it looked like Nari would be on his team.. while Astreya and the other player were two of their opponents. Perfect. Gathering a handful of snow, Jomei began to mold it into a ball. Nari had taken a throw at Astreya, so Jomei figured it was only fair that he took a shot at the new face.

"Think fast!" The voice came from the tree, as a baseball sized ball of snow went hurling towards the short bob of purple hair. 

// TEAM A //

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White powder fell softly all around the crimson cloak, as the hunter found himself in an odd venture, indeed.  A social based event had been presented to those that would like to attend.  All one had to do was to head onto the fourth floor, walk into one of the frost covered fern forests, and find a clearing filled with other players.  Everything would be explained later, but the event did call itself, "Snowball Fight".  What in the hundred floors was a snowball fight?  Were they going to fight gigantic balls of snow that have come to life, by the system's guidance?  That seemed like a very odd and silly thing to think of, but that's all Hirru could think of.  What else could it be?  He couldn't understand as he gathered up his form from the cold.  He would have to change up his extra skills for survival, if this was a proper battle.  Probably have to let Leadership fall to the backburner, if healing was required.

It didn't take him very long to find the clearing, as the event marker sprung up soon after entering the frozen tree line.  Within, there were some rather familiar faces there.  Somehow, he found himself on one side of, what seemed to be, a decently sized battlefield, but it was all covered in snow.  Large amounts of snow seemed to be piled in several points.  On his side, he saw the recently befriended Nari, as she hucked something white out of her hand towards someone on the other side.  Another would fly out from above, as Hirru looked up to find the familiar emerald cloak of his frontliner friend, Jomei.

As soon as he was about to ask what was going on, a window would pop up in front of him.



Snowball Fight!

You have been assigned to Team A

Use your wits and tactics to lob snowballs at your opponents.
Each ball that hits an opposing player with deal a point against their teams fortitude.
The team with the highest fortitude at the end will be proclaimed winner!

Players are allowed to use only the freshly lain snow, on the ground, to create throwable balls.
The piles can be used for offensive or defensive purposes.
Use your imagination, work with your team, and have fun.

Physical combat is not allowed.
Therefore all combat / damage inducing skills and enhancements are not allowed.
Any violations will bring about the wrath of winter.


This was something else, but if this is what the event wanted him to do.  He guessed he would have to work with it.  Bending down to grab some snow, he would try to make it into a ball.  It seemed weird to do, but that was what was required.  Though, with the matter of no physical harm being placed upon the players, it seemed that he didn't have to worry about healing, so he swapped out Healing with Survival, just so he could survive the cold weather better.  Still, that meant that his leadership skills probably wouldn't mean anything either.  He would just have to do things the old fashion way.

"Nari!  Let's concentrate our targets!  Go for Astreya until they find cover!"

He would shout before hucking his snowball in the air, trying to go for at least a body shot.

Hirru stats??? //Team A//


Hirru | HP: 920/920 | EN: 104/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 122 | BH: 46 | HLY BLS: 36 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 36

Hirru Lvl 32 (PL 58)

920 HP (+220 PL)
104 Energy (+22 PL)
1 Base Damage
5% Battle Healing
8 Recovery
122 Mitigation
32 Thorns
4% Holy Blessing
20% Life Mend


Paladin's Oath ..................... // +4% Holy Blessing / +20% Life Mending
Light's Embrace .................... // +8 Recovery / 32 Thorns
Bulwark ............................ // +72 Mitigation
Blades Cloak ....................... // Vanity
Lun'Rael's Insignia ................ // Unique Vanity |
Fates Armament (Shield) ............ // Unique Vanity | 
Dimensional Backpack ............... // +1 B.R.I Slot

Battle Ready Inventory

<Teleportation Crystal> x5 ......... // Teleport to a town / out of a dungeon [Uses 2 posts: 1 for use, next to teleport]
<Favor of the Golden Dragon> ....... // +3 Loot Die
<Betrayal of the Fallen Knight> .... // +12 Damage
<Mass HP Recovery Crystal> x5 ...... // +10% AOE Heal


Heavy Armor ........................ // Rank 5: +35 MIT
Battle Healing ..................... // Rank 5: +5% HP each turn
Search ............................. // Rank 5: +5 Loot Die / +5 Stealth Detection

Extra Skills (Max 4)

Survival ........................... // Rank 0: Negate environmental damage / Heal 10% more through healing.
Leadership ......................... // Rank 5: Command the Front w/ Buffs

Skill Mods / Addons (Max 5 Mods)

Iron Skin (Add on) ................. // +15 Mit / +60 HP
Field Medic (Add on) ............... // +25% AOE-H / -15 EN / 3 turn Cooldown
Hyperactive (Add on) ............... // +3 EN Regen for 3 turns / -5 EN / 3 turn Cooldown

Reveal (Add on)..................... // +2 to Dungeon, Labyrinth searches / Post 10 searches / 3 turn Labyrinth Cooldown

Barrier ............................ // -15% Dmg shield AOE / -15 EN / 2 turn Cooldown
Energize ........................... // +8 EN ST / -10 EN
Rally .............................. // +1 ACC AOE, -1 ACC self / -6 EN / 3 turn Cooldown
Press The Attack ................... // +(Target Tier) Dmg, -(Cumulative)Dmg / -10 En / 5 turn Cooldown

Detect ............................. // +1 to Labyrinth searches | +2 Stealth Detect

Housing Buffs

Rested ............................. // -1 EN for 2 uses
Relaxed ............................ // OOC HP regen 5*tier Rec EN after 2 turns
Filling ............................ // Increase food by +1 T1 slot
Multipurpose ....................... // +1 LD, Stealth, Dection, or Prosperity to 1 post
Practiced Angler ................... // +2 EXP & +1 LD & CD to attempts


Edited by Hirru
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Lessa, Guardian of Aincrad
Level: 31
Paragon Level: 54
HP: 820/820
EN: 120/120

Damage: 28
Mitigation: 142
Accuracy: 4
Battle Healing: 45
H.M.: 8
HLY: 8
REC: 8

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Arcael's Might (T4 THSS - DMG DMG DMG HLY)
Armor: Empress Armor (T4 HA - HM HM THNS THNS)
Misc: Neutron Star Necklace (T4 TRINKET - ACC ACC REC REC)

Straight Sword R5
Heavy Armor R5
Battle Healing R5
Fighting Spirit

Active Mods:
Emergency Recovery
Justified Riposte

Iron Skin

Active Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:
Teleportation Crystal x5
Mass HP Recovery Crystal x2

Housing Buffs:
Well Rested: -1 energy cost for the first three expenditures of each combat
Clean: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down)
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Col Stash: +5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests
Advanced Training: +10% Exp to a thread. Limit one use per month [1/1]
Multipurpose: Gain +1 to LD, Stealth Rating, Stealth Detection, or Prosperity to one post in a thread. Can be applied after a roll

Guild Hall Buffs:
Helping Hand: Lowest-leveled guild member receives +10 bonus Exp at the end of the thread. At least half of the thread's participants must be guild members. Limit one use per month, per character. [1/1]



Team B

The wind whipped through the trees, dragging its frigid fingers through her long, tangled blonde hair. It tugged at the black jacket she wore, sending the hem flapping around her knees in a dramatic, film noir style. It brought red into her cheeks, and sent chills coursing through her body.

And she freaking loved it.

It didn't matter if the air hurt her face, or she couldn't feel her toes, or her teeth burned a bit when she smiled. She was on the fourth floor, a place she had always adored. She was getting out of the house, something she had been meaning to do for months. And she was attending a snowball fight.

Did it get much better than that?

The snow beneath her boots cracked cheerfully with each footfall, and her boots joined the half dozen other prints leading toward the edge of the woods. A few flashes of color signaled the presence of other players, and as she moved into the meadow, a popup informed her that she belonged to the B team. As a flick of her gloved hand sent the notification away, she caught site of a familiar face. That red hair, blazing against the pristine white snow, guided her in like a lighthouse's beacon.

"Jomei!" she called cheerfully, closing the distance between them with a few running strides. "I'm so glad you're here! I can't wait to-"

Her voice trailed, and those frosty blue eyes narrowed in sudden suspicion. "Wait a sec. What team are you on?"

[253] @Jomei

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Team A

The ball of snow left his gloved hand, hurling towards his target. He could not help but beam a smile in their direction, whether it hit her or not, he was still having fun. Retreating back behind the trunk of the tree, he carefully situated himself, securing a bit more snow from the branches around him. There wasn't much to work with.. he could maybe make one or two more, he assumed. A bit smaller than the last, but just as round and packed, Jomei gently held onto the projectile, waiting for his next target.

A very familiar voice called out, and Jomei immediately swung out from around the tree. He held onto a branch just above him with a free hand, looking like a pirate hanging from the roped ladder of a ship. "Lessa!" Jomei called back with a bright smile of his own. Though the cheery greeting quickly turned to one of suspicion as she slowed to a stop, asking him what team he had been assigned. 

That smile he wore slowly turned upwards into a mischievous smirk, before pulling back his arm and tossing a snowball at Lessa. 

"Team A. What about you?"


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Team B

Zandra was exiting the warp portal on floor four, entering the snowy landscap of <<Snowfrost>>. She had herd there was gonna be an event here today. All she knew about it was that it was called -Snowball fight-. But she had no idea how it was organized. Was it a big snowman they was gonna fight? Was it gonna be some kind of pvp? Was they gonna use their normal gear or special event weapons? Well, it didn’t took her long to find out. When she arrived at the location where the event was gonna take place, she could see it was a big field surrounded by tree’s with large snowpiles here and there. She saw a few players had already arrived. And they wasent using their weapons. They was… throwing snowballs. A smirk on her lips. ‘’Hehe, yes this will be fun.’’ She said as she shoveled up some snow. But she got met by an unexpected experience. At first it was very hard to form a snowball with this armor, and second was that the flame aura was smelting the snow around her. ‘’Goddamnit.’’ Why didn’t she thinked about that. Well, there was only one thing to do, swap to something else. And of course, as she opened her inventory she saw she had only one other outfit with her. For a few moments she thougth to turn around and get a more fitting outift, but nah, she had her survival skill. A quick change, shoveled up some more snow and entered the arena.

She spotted a few players of which some was recognized and some was new to her. But wait, was it a freee for all or was it some organized teams? Also, would friendly fire be on or off? She saw a ball fly towards one of her newest friends, Astreya, and the shooter was one of her oldest friends, Hirru. She quickly formed the snow into a nice ball before she sent it flying towards @Hirru. If she landed a hit, hopefully she would get most of her questions answered.


346 words


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Nari nodded in response to Hirru's call, a large smile on her face. Although there was competition, it was clear that those who'd arrived thus far were in this for one reason - the need to get together, and have some fun once again. Something that broke away from the darker aspects of Aincrad, something happy. Something wonderful...and a bit cold.

Her hand slid through the snow as she palmed another ball into existence, before turning her attention towards her target. The blonde had appeared as if out of nowhere, calling out to Jomei - a sign that she was likely a long-time friend of the ginger. Not that it mattered. Jomei had tossed a snowball towards her, and so Nari was going to follow his lead. 

"Hey, Lessa. Heads up." The grin on her face was almost as mischievous as Jomei's own, and as she evaded back behind a tree after tossing her snowball, Nari couldn't help but laugh with delight. 

Team A

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Fae looked over at the new arrival for her side of the snowball fight, but before she even had the chance to say a word a snow ball hit her in the side of the head, the scarf and coat she was wearing doing nothing to help with the cold on her face. Fae looked to where the ball of snow had came from and saw a ginger haired man hanging from a tree like a pirate calling out to a newly arrived woman, she had called him Jomei.

"Heads up Jomei." Fae scooped up some snow from the barricade she was making and launched it at him in the same way he launched it at her "I think the sky is falling." Fae smiled at herself as she saw more and more people arrive, all clearly already enjoying throwing snow with long time friends. A small twang of sadness hit her like the snow, but she shook it off with a shiver "Let's go Team B, we can't let them out stage us." Fae called out to her companions like a general rallying her soldiers.


Post for TEAM B

Word Count: 186


Edited by Faerie
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Team B

The snowball hit its mark, plowing into her face, and sending tiny ice crystals skittering across her flushed cheeks. The moment it struck, Lessa instinctively drew a breath, sucking in snow as she did so. By the time she'd finished spluttering and swiping at her face, she'd missed Jomei's reply. But she already knew the answer to her question. The snow in her eyes, nose, and mouth said it all.

"Wow," she drawled, planting her hands on her hips as she regarded the Irishman. Her scowl seemed genuine enough, but the daggers she shot him did no real damage. "I was going to suggest a truce if we were on opposite teams, since we're friends and all, but-"

The second snowball struck the base of her neck, exploding across her exposed collarbone. She yelped in surprise, one hand slapping across the skin as if a bullet had just entered there. A faint 'hey Lessa, heads up' reached her from somewhere nearby.

"Oh ho ho," she huffed, the fire finally reaching her eyes as she bent to scoop a handful of snow. "Forget it," she called to Jomei, though loudly enough for Nari to hear. "I don't negotiate with terrorists." Only seconds after she lobbed a snowball at the redhead, she was already building another to throw at Nari.

[218] @Jomei @Nari-Lanreth

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"A truce?" Jomei responded with a laugh, "My dear lady, being my friend just makes you a bigger target for me." he added with a wink.The Irishman, like a monkey in a tree, gently swung back and forth as he glared back down at Lessa, that smirk not fading, a symbol of his resolve to not go quietly into the night.. or afternoon, in this case. Before any other words, or snowballs, could be hurled by the two, a stray ball of white pelted Lessa from a third player. Nari, the sniper in question, decided to also wage war on the blonde.. which only seemed to ignite that flame within the woman that could melt the snow were it real. 

"Terrorists? Hah, thats a mighty accus-" 
Cold, wet snow smacked Jomei in the face, not from the expected assailant. Instead, Jomei received a taste of his own medicine as another member of the opposite team took advantage of a distracted Jomei; the purple haired bob that he had struck at the beginning of the battle. The snow slid off of Jomei's face and into the tall collar of his cloak, making it difficult to shake out in his current, hanging situation. 

Before he could react any further, a second snowball, this time from Lessa, broke apart as it crashed into his chest. What an arm on that one, was all he could think, as his fingers slipped from the branch above, sending the ginger into a freefall from the tree and onto his back in the soft, white snow below. 

"Pfft" still spitting out snow, he lay there motionless. "... I deserved that." 

@Lessa @Nari-Lanreth @Faerie

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Nari couldn't help it - she burst out of her cover laughing her ass off as Jomei's bravado got the better of him and he was pelted not once, but twice by a combination of Lessa and FaeFae. She took her opportunity to toss a could of shots towards Fae, before rushing back for cover as she felt something coming towards her. She didn't bother checking, just diving behind a tree in hopes that whomever had tossed something towards her ended up missing.

"Hey Jomei, just keep doing what you're doing! Distract, distract dis-" Her words were cut short as she heard rustling nearby, forcing her to move away from the location she'd just gotten comfortable in. Once she'd started moving, she called out towards Fae and Lessa, a smile on her face as she taunted them. "I bet you two couldn't hit a moving target if it was right beside you! Come on, I'm used to this sort of stuff...are you?"

Post for Team A!

Team A Point Count: 7
Team B Point Count: 6

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Fae couldn't hold in her laughter as the ginger man fell out of the tree from her and her teammates barrage of snow. Fae hadn't gotten out like this since Kas and she loved every second of it so far, even if the cold was making her nose and ears go numb. Fae looked over to the side at the perfect time to watch a purple haired women taunt her and her teammate a smile came to her face as she thought back to the last time they had interacted which was almost two years ago at this point. 

Tossing one of the snowballs in her hands at Nari Fae laughed "Maybe just stop being so fast and it won't be a problem" Fae looked away from Nari as she surveyed the battle field around her, there seemed to be four people on her side of the field a blonde woman named Lessa, who seemed to be having the time of her life, a black haired woman who came into the field right as the snows started flying, and a woman dressed as a boxer in the snow. Doing a double take at the last individual Fae's smile only grew, she hadn't been around this many players in a long time, and it felt like the snow was finally melting even if it was a land of snow on the outside.

Word Count: 231
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Team B

Genuine fear gripped her as Jomei toppled over and plummeted toward the ground. Even before he’d landed in the fluffy powder, she was moving toward him. It was pure instinct. Deep down, she knew her friend wasn’t in danger from the fall; Any damage he took would be negligible, and he would recover the health immediately. But she couldn’t stop herself from worrying. It wasn’t until she stood above him, confirming that he was indeed alright, that she could draw a full breath.

”You definitely deserved it,” she informed him matter-of-factly. Then, as she turned away, she made sure to kick snow in the man’s face. With a grin, she added, “You deserved that, too.”

At Nari’s taunting, the blonde huffed out a breath, the vapors left hovering in the chilly air. “You sure talk a big game,” she called back.

Pausing, she turned to the Player who had joined her in the assault on Jomei. “My name’s Lessa,” she stated, offering a snow-dusted glove for shaking. “Glad we’re on the same team. You’ve got a heck of an arm.”

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Fae's blush was hidden behind her rosy cheeks as the blonde woman walked up to her and introduced herself a gloved hand outstretched in greeting. "Hey, it's nice to meet you." Fae tried her best not to let her teeth chatter as she said hello, extending her reddened fingers forward and clasping onto Lessa's hand in a gentle handshake "My name is Faerie (Fay.ree not Fair.ee). Though I don't think this is a great place to have a chat." joking as she ducked beneath a stray snowball thrown by the opposing team.

Fae chuckled as she bent down to form a snowball of her own turning her gaze to the other side of the field as she chose a new opponent, her old one having gracefully fallen out of a tree. Settling on a green haired individual Fae let her compressed ball of snow fly, hoping to watch it land home. She didn't know if this game had points, but she didn't really care as she laughed alongside a gathering of people. Something that had not been so common as of late.

Post for team B

Word Count:187

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She ducked under one snowball, just to meet another one head one - the cold ball of fluffy frozen bursting and covering her. She blinked in surprise, before smiling wickedly at her new target. Dashing out from behind the tree, she targeted the form of Fae, before launching a single, wound up throw towards the girl. "Well, you know what they say Lessa - if you don't walk the walk, you can't talk the...err...wait that sounds wrong. If you don't talk the walk...no, that's not it either..."

She shook her head, trying to remember the phrase while dodging the lobs that came towards her. The words took longer than she liked to come to her, and as she struggled she found herself far more focused on remembering it than on the snowball fight going on - coughing as another ball caught her in the side of the face. A moment later she cried out, before citing the phrase. "You can't just talk the talk, you need to walk the walk!"

Team A Post Count: 8
Team B Post Count: 9

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Moving from the deserts of the fifth floor to the mountain ranges of the fifteenth floor definitely helped her become more accustomed to constant cold weather. Though, snow wasn't necessarily a constant view outside her door, unlike the fourth floor. It was almost a different type of cold.. less windy, more of a bite to the air, and, of course, the snow itself. If she was going to be participating in this snowball fight, she would have had to prepare for more than just standing around a hot forge in the cold air. A thicker pair of pants and a fur-lined coat should do nicely. 

Jevi could hear the contestants as she walked through the snow, their voices and laughter ringing out, even through the thick coverage of fir trees. Without realizing it, the promise of a fun time put more of a pep in her step and the hint of a smirk on her face. It had been some time since she had seen this many people.. or anyone at all, really. 

Ducking under a low hanging branch, she was now standing on the sidelines of the winter warzone. Balls of packed, white snow flung back and forth, crashing into the snow and other players alike. Swiping a hand upwards, she checked the message sent over from the system about the event. "Team A.. Alright." she said to herself with a nod before hopping off of the small snowbank and joining the fray. Reaching a hand down to scoop up some snow into her gloved hand, she would pack it into a ball as she walked over towards one of the more familiar faces on her team, @Hirru.

"Catch." shed call out, as she tossed to snowball towards him to.. well, catch. "Glad I'm not on a team with a bunch of strangers." 

Making another quick snowball, she would look across the field at her targets, "..Why the hell did she dress like a boxer to a snowball fight?"  Shrugging her shoulders, she would toss her snowball at the one player not dressed for the occasion, @Zandra.

Outfit Reference: 


Fan Content] Winter Korra by iahfy (▽ IΑНFУ ▽) : r ...



Jevi | HP: 680/680 | EN: 82/82 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 78 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 2 | BH: 29 | KEEN: 2 | PARA | REC: 4

Level: 32
Paragon Level: 2
HP: 680/680
EN: 82/82

Damage: 23
Mitigation: 78
Accuracy: 2
Evasion: 3
Battle Healing: 29
Keen: 2
Rec: 4

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Maelstrom Bracers -  Keen | Keen | Para
Armor: Brawler's Respite - Mit | Mit | Recovery
Trinket: Fancy Footwork - Eva | Eva | Eva

Combat Mastery: Damage R3
Specialization: AoE
Martial Arts R5
Light Armor R5
Fighting Spirit
Lock Picking R3
Battle Healing R4

Active Mods:

Stamina x
Precision x
Ferocity x
Resolve x

Active Extra Skills:

Rested | -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat
Clean | The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20%
Multipurpose | Gain +1 to LD, Stealth Rating, Stealth Detection, or Prosperity to one post in a thread. Can be applied after a roll    
Relaxed | Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.    
Meticulous | +1 CD when crafting in one’s workshop.
Working | +2 EXP per crafting attempt
Forager | +2 Gathering EXP per gathering attempt   


Edited by Jevi
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That was about all the brunette had heard (having not been paying super close attention to the environment around her) before the snowball from Nari had caught her.  She had turned around to see who had said her name and had taken it full in the face.  That, of course, caused the young woman to spit and sputter the snow out of her mouth, the snowflakes clinking to her eyelashes and hair for a moment.  She looked over at Nari, before Jomei arrived, and then Hirru- but before she could offer greetings, Hirru had taken another shot at her as well.  Of course, the girl hadn't readied herself for this one either and there was yet another blow taken- this time, her attempts to move actually hindered her as her feet went right out from underneath of her and she fell back into one of the snow drifts.

Despite it all, even as she lay in the cold it didn't really bother her too much.  Her gaze was skyward on the piercing blue sky, her own sapphire gaze meeting it evenly.  While she had just been viciously assaulted by those she'd call friend, the young woman was clearly not at all offended by it all, and was merely just amused, more than anything.

She didn't realize how long she'd just lain in the snow, but when she'd finally sat up, several more people had started to fill in and she couldn't help but to grin.  "All right you nerds!  It's payback time!" she called out, the woman grasping ahold of enough snow to form a ball and- with years trained in softball- delivered and underhand pitch toward Nari.

"The next one's for you!" she called toward Hirru, forming another one.

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