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[EV - F4] Snowball Fight

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Vigilon rushed through the winter snow, trying to find where this snowball fight was supposed to be. He was late, he knew he was late, he just didn't know how late he was. Nevertheless, he dashed like all was on the line.

Before long, he found himself running right into the chill of snow projectile combat. The others that were already participating were throwing their snowballs, and now was Vigilon's chance if he wanted to try anything. He was assigned to Team A, but there was only one problem...how would he know who his teammates were, or who his opponents were? Maybe he had to guess, since the fight had already started? No matter, he had to start somewhere, So he stopped right before he was in crossfire range, ducked down in a swift movement, and made himself the first snowball to be used in non-damaging combat in a long time...

And threw it towards Zandra because he figured that she could take the chill of the heat, dressing like that. Other than that, it was a wild guess and Vigilon could only hope he picked the right target.


Team A



Stats and Equipment:


Main Stats:


Level: 32
Paragon Level: 25(paragon stat bonus totals: +100 HP, +10 EN)

Paragon Rewards:

Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 15% of EXP earned in that thread.
Lv. 10 | +1 LD to loot and chest rolls



Battle Stats:

HP: 780(Base[740], Resolve[40])
Energy: 112(Base[92], Energist[20])
Base Damage: 23(SS R5[7], Combat Mastery: DMG[12], SS Ferocity[2], Meticulous[1])
Mitigation: 78(Silver Night[+48], Light Armor R5[+30])
Accuracy: 4(Draco Fury[2], SS Precision[1] Dragon's Eye[1])
Evasion: 2(Silver Night, Dragon's Eye)
Loot Die: 6(Searching R5[+5], Dragon's Eye[+1])

Additional conditions:
-2 on all stealth rolls(Light Armor Rank 5)



[T4]Draco Fury(2 ACC, PAR)

[T4]Silver Night(2 MIT, 1 EVA)

[T1]Dragon's Eye(1 ACC, 1 EVA, 1 LD)



Teleport Crystal x1



Straight Sword Rank 5(30 SP)

Light Armor Rank 5(30 SP)

Searching Rank 5(30 SP)

Extended Mod Limit(10 SP)

Charge(10 SP)



Extra Skills:

Combat Mastery: Damage Rank 3(13 SP)

Familiar Mastery: Rending(10 SP)





Meticulous(4 SP)

Night Vision(3 SP)

Detect(4 SP)



Shift: AoE(10 SP)




Resolve(6 SP)

SS Ferocity(6 SP)

SS Precision(2 SP)

SS Stamina(4 SP)


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Snow was flying everywhere, to the point that Nari was beginning to lose track of who was where, and whom she was supposed to target. Not that it mattered in the end, they were all here for a good, fun time. Which is appeared they were having. From the sound of laughter that rang over the area, Nari felt that for once in their time here, they were actually enjoying themselves. Even if everything had been horrible, for a brief moment, there was happiness. Blissful freedom from the darkness that seemed to surround them every day, looming over them non-stop.

"Lessssaaaaaaaa! I'm coming for you!" Nari's voice sang out over the open air as she searched for her target, randomly throwing balls of snow at movement whenever she spotted it. The blonde wouldn't escape her for long, if she had her way. "Oh! Jomei! Heads up! Ooohhh...that looked cold...sorry!"


Team A Post Count: 11
Team B Post Count: 10

Team A Point Block: 15
Team B Point Block: 6

True Totals
Team A: 5 Points
Team B: -5 Points


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"G-Gah!" Jomei yelped as a hefty helping of soft snow was kicked up from the ground by Lessa's boot and piled onto his face. His arms and legs flailed for a moment as he quickly brushed the white dusting off of his face and sitting up immediately, his cheeks and tip of nose left a rosy pink. "N-Now that was unc-called for!" He called back after her, voice shaky with his shivering, as she retreated back to her teams side. Placing hands on either side of him, the ginger pushed himself out of the snow to a standing position, any lingering snow on his clothes dropping to the ground. One last shiver, and Jomei pushed lowered himself to a squat, bunching together a large ball of snow. As if building a snowman, Jomei pushed to ball through the snow towards where his team was set up, his creation becoming larger and larger as it packed itself with each roll. 

Once in position, he began to build off of it while using the large snow boulder as cover, creating a shield of snow that he, and maybe one other, could hide behind to avoid enemy fire. Peeking over in the meantime, he had noticed others had joined their cause, Jevi, Hirru, and Vigilon.. while Zandra added support to the opposite side. "Things are getting interesting now." Jomei said with a smirk, as he began to quickly pack balls of snow together and place them into a pile behind his fort. 

Team A

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Lessa crouched at the base of a tall tree. Though its spindly branches held no leaves - sticks reaching like skeletal fingers toward the gray sky - it still provided excellent cover. The trunk was so thick that Lessa couldn’t wrap her arms all the way around it. Her entire body remained hidden from the enemy team.

Briefly, the woman considered simply hunkering down there, hiding from view like a bush-squatter in Fortnight. She would likely go unnoticed for a while. But what was the fun in that?

”Gotta admit, Nari.” Her voice seemed to boom in the still of the frozen forest. “That’s pretty scary. I wouldn’t want to hear you singing that in a dark alley.”

A moment later, she called out again, her tone softer than before. “Hope you’re not mad at me, Jomei! I’ll let you kick snow in my face if it makes you feel better.”


@Nari-Lanreth @Jomei

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"Kick snow in your face? Now that would just be rude." The ginger said with a smirk as he thought of his own ridiculous plan to get revenge. With a sharp whistle, he would summon Adere from a nearby branch. The brown, tawny owl would swoop down and perch atop the snow fort, a green scarf wrapped around her neck to keep her warm in this cold, snowy weather. Taking off his own cloak, he would lay it on the ground and begin placing snowballs atop it. Packing the cape full of snow, he would pinch the corners together like a bag and gesture for Adere to grab his creation. "Go fly this over Lessa and the others and then drop it.. let all the snow fall out on top of them." 

Hopping off of the mound of snow, the owl would take the cape turned bag into her talons and pick up into the air. Like the image of a stork carrying a bundled child through the air.. but a bit less graceful. It was obvious that the payload was a bit heavier than Jomei had anticipated, especially for a smaller bird like his. However, her wings worked hard to pick her up into the air  a couple feet over the heads of the opposite team. "Now!" Jomei would shout out to the owl, who would release the green cloak and all of the snowballs held within, resulting in a rainfall of about a dozen, baseball sized balls of snow. Whether they hit any of their targets or not, the sight was still humorous enough to get a laugh out of Jomei. The green fabric of his cloak would slowly drift to the ground, laying atop the snow on the opposite side of the battlefield. 


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Event Closed
Tallying Team Scores...

5450 Words Total

(3 Post requirement is being ignored)

Team A - 31 Points Dealt / 18 Shield Points = Took -1 Damage
Team B - 17 Points Dealt / 6 Shield Points = Took 25 Damage


@Jomei T.10 5 Posts(6 Shield) 2725 EXP  
@Nari-Lanreth T.8 5 Posts(12 Shield) 2180 EXP  
@Hirru T.9 1 Post 2453 EXP  
@Jevi T.4 1 Post  1090 EXP  
@Vigilon T.6 1 Post 1635 EXP  
@Faerie T.1 4 Posts(3 Shield) 273 EXP  
@Astreya T6 2 Posts(3 Shield 1635 EXP  
@Lessa T.9 4 Posts 2453 EXP  
@Zandra T.10 1 Post 2725 EXP  



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