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Snowball Fight [OOC]

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Snowball Fight

Welcome to the SAO-RPG snowball fight! This event is meant to encourage site activity across the site through the closure of threads, but also to bring everyone together in a fast-paced, lighthearted snowball fight. After sign-up, Players will be assigned one of two teams (team names will be decided by the participants themselves, and unique team roles will be given on Discord!). The goal is to deal as much “damage” to the other team without taking too much yourselves. Don’t worry - the event will not pose any real threat to your characters! In-game, the event protects you from actual harm. That means characters of any level can join. There will be an IC and an OOC element, and writers will be able to come and go as they please. A participation reward will be issued at the end, so no one should feel obligated to make a big commitment - the snowball fight is for everyone, no matter their availability or activity level!

Dealing damage to your opponents is easy enough - just make an IC post in the snowball fight thread. For each post you make, you lob one snowball, or deal one point of “damage.” You do not need to track this, as staff will tally up all IC posts and make occasional score updates as time passes. Just be sure to include your team's name in each post you make! Each team will have an outrageous amount of "health," and the goal is not to get them to zero - just to get them lower than your own team.

Want to protect your team from damage? Construct additional pylons a snow fort! The walls will keep your teammates from getting hit and allow them to keep fighting. For each thread that you close, you block three points of incoming damage (essentially, heal your team for three points). Each participant in the closed thread will earn 3 points for their team, even if they’re on opposing sides, so long as they’ve earned standard thread rewards. Please “claim” your defense points by posting a link to your closed thread here. Obviously, threads must be closed after the event begins, but they do not necessarily have to be started in this time period, so feel free to wrap up old stories. Important: each person who wants defense points must link to the closed thread, so the same roleplay may be linked multiple times by different people. Please remember to include your team's name!

The event will run from now until the end of February. Alts are allowed, but you must put them all on the team you’ve been assigned. All site rules apply. Questions can be posted in this thread, on Discord, or sent to Lessa’s DMs. To sign up, post in this thread!

This thread is for sign-ups, claiming defense points for closed threads, and questions. In-character exchanges should be kept to the IC event thread.

* Upon sign-up, you'll be randomly assigned a team (A or B). Your team will choose a winter/holiday-themed name in the first couple of days. If you want to participate before the name is finalized, feel free to simply refer to your team as "Team A" or "Team B." * 

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"Alright...let's get to it, then."

-Vigilon rises up to the challenge!


"I shall give it my all, so you shan't anticipate an easy victory!"

-Krysta enters the fray!


"I guess hell has frozen over, 'cause you're going to feel it."

-Dazia unleashes her might!


"A Snowball fight? Oh, I am SO in!"

-Astralin casts Snowball!


"Time to show them who's boss."

-Yona is ready to Yeet snowmen!


"Let's make this a battle we won't forget."

-Sorun readies his snowballs!


"Time for a bit of fun, then~"

-Kylissia graces the battlefield!


"Snowball fight! Let's do it!"

-Almina joins in the fun!


//Team A!

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