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Wulfrin's Journal

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Username: Wulfrin
Real name: Lance Perkins
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 5’7”

origin: America

Birthday: January 12th


Lance was always an active MMO and RPG player. With his weekly escapes into games such as Dungeons and Dragons to the endless grind that was World of Warcraft, it was only natural that once the Nerve-Gear was announced and the first major Full-Dive experience that was Sword Art Online would catch his interest. All night he waited for his chance to enter that new world and for once physically experience that which he had only described or experienced vicariously through a virtual avatar that could not transfer its own physical sensations. The Full-Dive experience always impressed him and he wanted to be at the frontlines of the developments. He began studying various Computer Science and Engineering courses in hopes of being part of the future of the platform.

He had grown attached to his online persona, often seeing it as his idealized self. In the face of certain death Wulfrin would face it head on whereas Lance would shy away not accepting the risk. For once he could be that persona. Outwardly the two were similar in appearance, Wulfrin was slightly taller and more physically fit due to his more adventurous lifestyle. Often times when unsure of himself or if he had fears or uncertainties, Lance would retreat into his own mental world and ask himself what Wulfrin would do. It was nice to have someone who he could look to considering he didn't have his own role models to look to for advice. 

At last, with his copy of SAO in hand, he ran home and booted up his Nerve-Gear and SAO copy and with a quickened breath uttered the last words he would utter in the physical world. “Link Start!”


  1. Improvisational: Not much can throw Wulfrin off his game. He’s held worlds in his hand and had others attempt (and sometimes succeed) to uproot everything he had created for them and in the same breath use the leftovers to reform it. He often thinks of himself as a Phoenix able to return even from total annihilation.
  2. Brave: Even in the face of danger, Wulfrin chooses to fight rather than flee. He wont let this Death Game stop him. To him it just makes it more fun. Despite his situation, he is ready to charge in and get these people out.
  3. Determined: No task is too big. Nothing will be left undone. Tasks given to him are sure to get completed as he hates leaving things partially completed. Loose ends aren’t his style.


  1. Over Ambitious: Often his ambition can get the better of Wulfrin. He is always striving to improve himself but even he has limits. Most of the time he only realizes these limits far too late and suffers catastrophic consequences.
  2. Selfless to a Fault: If given the chance, Wulfrin would take the initiative to help those around him. Even if he would harm himself in the process. This comes from both his real-life experiences and those of his other games. While in real life his mortality would get in the way and stop him from acting on his thoughts, in the virtual world he had grown accustom to having no consequences that couldn’t be undone.
  3. Tunnel Vision: Wulfrin tends to try and focus on one thing at a time. Often this causes him large amounts of stress of being given too many deadlines to meet or tasks to complete. This is a result of an overcorrection on his part to control his ADHD.

Skills (SP 8/35):

  • <<Straight Swords>> Rank 2 (+4 DMG) 8
  • <<Light Armor>> Rank 2 (+8 MIT) 8
  • <<Searching>> Rank 2 (+2 LD and +2 Stealth Detection) 11
    • R2 Mod: Night Vision (unaffected by low light and darkness penalties. Negates enemy bonus to stealth in low light or Darkness)

Sword Arts:

Rank 1 Straight Swords

  • [x4] ST-I (4 EN) | A single-target sword art.
  • [x3] AOE-I (1 + [2 * targets] EN) | AOE | A sword art that strikes multiple targets at once.
  • [x4] TECH-A (5 EN) | STUN | A single-target sword art that stuns an enemy.

Rank 2 Straight Swords

  • [x6] ST-I (6 EN) | A single-target sword art.
  • [x5] AOE-I (5 + [2 * targets] EN) | AOE | A sword art that strikes multiple targets at once.
  • [x6] TECH-A (7 EN) | STUN | A single-target sword art that stuns an enemy.


New Character Bundle: DPS Package
Equipment (Bolded items are currently equipped)

  • Rare Straight Sword
    • Accuracy 2 [+2 to the BD when attacking. Cannot create a Critical]
  • Dioscuri. | TIER 1 JEWELRY | ACC III | ID:  #210452-5
    • [desc.]: a pair of ear cuffs fashioned from precious stone.
  • Crystal | TIER 1 TRINKET | LD III | ID: #205224
    • [desc.]: a blue crystal. scraps of a larger crafting component.
  • Armored Coat | T1 Perfect Light Armor | MIT 2, REC 1
    Fusion ID 218989
    A red leather coat with added Plates on the shoulders and forearms.
  • Steel Longword | T1 Perfect Weapon (SS) | DMG 3
    Fusion ID 218988
    A simple steel longsword. 

  • Tealeaf Breastplate | T1 Uncommon Light Armor | MIT 1


  • 3 Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 hp each)
  • 6 T1 Uncommon Health Potions: Heals 5% of Maximum HP.
  • 1 T1 Uncommon Damage Potion: +1 DMG for an entire thread.
  • 1 T1 Uncommon Overhealth Potion: Adds 5% of Maximum HP to users Maximum HP for a thread.
  • 4 Teleportation Crystals
  • 1 Boar Jerky | T1 Perfect Consumable | DMG II | MIT I

Crafting tools

  • Blacksmith's Hammer |  Custom Ambition Tool | +1 Crafting EXP on crafts

Roleplay Log:

  • [PP-F01] A Fresh Start in a New World  | <<The First Few Lessons: First Lesson>> | COMPLETED
  • [F01;PP] Nature's Secrets | <<Scents of the Wild: Keepers of Nature>> | COMPLETED
  • [PP - F01] | The Investigation of Lyle | <<The Second Lesson>> | COMPLETED
  • [SP - F01] The Path of the Angler | <<Earning a Living: Fisher>> | COMPLETED
  • [PP - F05] Shark Bait Training Program | <<Bloodstained Land>> | COMPLETED
  • [SP - F01] Forging a Future | << Earning a Living: Blacksmith >> | Awaiting Closure
  • [PP - F02] Training Intermission | <<Breaking The Unbreakable>> | Ongoing


  • Freyd - Acquaintance, helping out with learning the system
  • Nari-Lanreth - Friended after completing first <<Scents of the Wild>> quest

The Story so Far:

After the calibration set up and taking his first steps in the floating castle Aincrad, Wulfrin began his first steps into SAO. This took the form of accepting a quest titled <<The First Few Lessons>>. The town mayor Dorian pointed Wulfrin towards an alchemist named Zackariah to collect a debt. In the alchemist's shop he found out the entire thing was a ruse and instead was an introduction to crafting and foraging. With the help of a veteran player Freyd, Wulfrin took his first steps outside the Town of Beginnings. 

With the arduous task of collecting materials out of the way, Wulfrin and Freyd returned to Zackariah. Wulfrin managed to craft his potion on the first try. Freyd and Wulfrin made plans to run through The Second Lesson. Together before they went to Floor 8 to face off with a monster to power level Wulfrin. Completing The First Lesson saw Wulfrin get to Level 2.

Wulfrin took some brief time to venture to a couple of shops Freyd had referred him to in order to get equipped with more adequate gear. While he waited for his new sword and armor he decided to investigate a cave near where he had found the materials for The First Lesson. there he grouped up with Nari for a brief time.

Not long after the adventure with Nari, Wulfrin regrouped with Freyd to attempt The Second Lesson.




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