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    [SP-03] <<Escape>> No, you are trapped here with me

    Tristan looked through his gear, pushing it around as he got the armour first on and put his fairly standard weapon of a spear aside. Hah, it reminded him of the time he used a weapon before major system changes, which allowed him to win a tournament. He had personally himself gone through a few system changes, and since time has gone on while he was away at home, it had changed more. It really made him wonder what was going on in SAO, like if developers were out there still working on it. Surely they should be working on helping them get out? Or maybe it was an AI gone rogue which was continually developing for them. The latter seemed more likely, unless apparently a lot of humans had completely lost their sense of morality. That or the world as put by fictional stories like Battle Royale was coming to light. Well that was a grim thought. He shook his head as he put on his armour, fitting weirdly well as it always did. Heck, his trusty Twinfire Reflector was still here. It'll be a sad day when he no longer has use for it, for it has a strong history with him, ever since Alkor gave it to him.
  2. The walls were dark. So was the outside. Heck, everything was dark. Why was he here again? Tristan had for the past several years been lost in a daze. His closest comrades in battle were gone. His wife had ran off...somewhere. He was, well, truly alone. He didn't know if there was anyone of the old Azure Brigade still left, since he was the only one who went to the halls where he still lived. It was....well. It was dark time in his mind as well. Maybe he deserved this fate, being randomly kidnapped in something that he assumed was a quest. He sighed quietly to himself, his scars on his face mentally throbbing. They weren't even related to SAO technically when it copied them over from his real life appearances, but there were scars in his heart. However, Tristan felt that he would have to not be in this stinking place, lest he died from not eating. Wait, could he even die from not eating in SAO? He had...never considered that before. How odd. And it was with that, to which he sighed and cracked his neck, then broke the restraints on him, which were of little to him. This Floor 3 had little to oppose him after all. He felt it was time to also breaks the chains that held him down all these years. To go into the outside world and be something. New? The same? Who knows. Either way, he has a new future ahead of him.
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    [SP-03] <<Escape>> No, you are trapped here with me

    Tristan decided that his leg was getting a bit sore with all this kicking, so settled for his shoulder instead. Taking a few steps back, Tristan geared himself up, then ran full pelt into the gate, smashing the gate completely as it was sent flying into the wall with a loud bang. Now there's definitely going to be bandits coming. Well, at least he would be seeing combat again. However he did have to consider that these are Floor 3 mooks so it was likely he could survive them even without armour. However despite that, he still would need his gear for good damage or would be here for far too long, so shook his head and decided to focus on what was ahead, which was getting himself geared up. Especially since he didn't have all the time in the world to sit around like he has been. He had quests to finish.
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    [SP-03] <<Escape>> No, you are trapped here with me

    For what it was worth, it seemed his efforts were showing some fruit with the gate bending, for if it was unmoving, he would be rather embarrassed at his actions. Well, that is if anyone could see him, which there was only bandits. And luckily they were taking their sweet time to get here it seems. Tristan sighed as he felt his leg getting a bit sore from all this kicking, but at least it was not in vain. He stretched his body around, once again putting his weight behind his kick as he gave another kick. This time too, the gate was close to breaking. Sigh, finally. It was taking its sweet time, especially with being rather dull to having to constantly kick a gate. He supposed it was punishment for not having invested in the more "Thief" oriented skills though.
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    [SP-03] <<Escape>> No, you are trapped here with me

    Well. He had to admit, it felt like it stunted his newfound energy to do something with his life for the gate to be a barrier in his progress. Tristan sighed and stroked his chin in thought, maybe wondering if there were easier ways to break the gate. Well, there was indeed the lock and he had heard of players who managed to use their Sneak and Hide or Lockpick to get out. However as noted before, Tristan didn't have such capabilities, so instead would just have to break through the gate eventually. On the plus side, his big pause from doing anything meant there was already a slew of information on the quests which had been shared. Well, no time like the present. Tristan got his leg ready again and gave the gate a swift boot, bending the bars more.
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    [SP-03] <<Escape>> No, you are trapped here with me

    After Tristan had broke the restraints and tossed them aside, he looked around the cell. It was...well, a cell. Dark, damp and not particularly pleasant to hang around with. Either way not particularly a place to stay around in. Tristan saw on the other side of the gate that there was a chest, which was partly open with his gear in it. Well, that made it clear what to do next. Looking by the gaps of the gate, he saw no immediate guards. This gave him the presumption that what he should be doing is breaking the gate, then getting the equipment from the box to escape with, fighting whatever came at him, not far off from the classic <<Bandit Camp>> quest. Simple enough. Tristan shook his leg around a bit, then dealt a swift booting to the door, but it didn't budge quite yet. Well, it was definitely creaking though and it wasn't enough sound to alert anyone it seems. Plus he had absolutely no lockpicking skills, just his trusty brute force as usual.
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    Sword art Poll and Debate

    I'm unsure if they use a derivative of the template I made for bosses years back and what changes, but it greatly comes down to player activity. However it would be possible to speed up fights while keeping on your toes by decreasing boss HP but increasing their attack power. But that's diverting from topic here. Indeed. I still need to get around to playing Hollow Realization to see what they used there, but to my understanding they use a mix of both energy and cooldowns. They can have that complexity due to automation though.
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    Sword art Poll and Debate

    As the person who designed properly the first Sword Art system (based off suggestions by Daeron IIRC), interesting topic which I remember deliberating myself a lot. My main inspirations at the time of designing the systems were SAO Hollow Fragment and its PS4/PC remaster Re:Hollow Fragment. Let's talk about the distinction between these two games, as this is very relevant to the discussion at hand. Note a key point here is that both games have an HP and Energy meter. 1. Vita Hollow Fragment. In this system, sword arts have no cooldown per se, but instead cost a certain amount of energy to use. More swanky the skill, the bigger the cost. This comes at the benefit of no tracking, but at the cost of something else. If you buff your energy to max and be consistently high then you can spam skills, but you also may not spend the energy using the "battle skills". For lack of better term, skills like sword arts that are not weapon based, but do buffs, debuffs, healing etc. I believe I stuck with this system as the basis because it led to no tracking, and cooldowns arent really what happens in the book/show. I'll explain this in the second part. 2. Re: Hollow Fragment. In this one, sword arts are on a cooldown. I believe this was done to both encourage energy usage for the other skills, but also to attempt to emulate the show, where bigger sword skills had you literally stuck in place like a doll as a cooldown longer, thus leaving you more open. This made the "Original sword skill" chaining mechanic HF had much stronger, which if you could time it right, basically stole the Kirito principle of skill cancelling by flowing one sword art into the next, effectively cancelling the cooldown of the previous, along with greatly reducing the cooldown to use them again. Problem was in HF this was incredibly difficult and we can't emulate that here without severely breaking balance or making things very confusing IMO. Energy cost for basic attacks is a weird one, because technically any canonical attack that isn't a "sword art" is basically worth gnats piss. See Kirito slaying a pig with ease using a rock with one over Klein flailing about. So the idea I had in mind with basic attacks was that it was a sword art usage, just so basic it warranted no name. Hollow Fragment somewhat followed this principle with your basic attacks being extremely weak, though they were there. I will say if a move from Energy to cooldown is planned, I'd stick with proposal B, but with maybe options for fixed routes to chain sword arts into weak ones to reduce the cooldown of the previous used one, to follow the OSS thing mentioned before. So you either spam big skills for long cooldowns, or chain into weaker ones after strong to reduce the cooldown of the strong. I wouldn't use both Energy and cooldown at same time, that'd be horrid. I'd thus consider Proposal B but with the chaining mentioned in this paragraph to incentivise various Art usage. As for increasing the depth of stuff arts can do, I purposefully somewhat cut down from the original Hollow Fragment ones (and the ones I had to make up or use from other canon) but if users feel confident in the increased depth of skills that inflict self buffs or enemy debuffs I can see there being extra depth, especially for weapons like dagger to debuff for example.
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    [F12]<<Lord of the Seas>>

    <<Lord of the Seas>> This quest takes place on Floor 12 This quest is repeatable Usually the swamps of Floor 12 are quiet, aside from the occasional splash from alligators or other swamp monsters traversing the murky waters. However occasionally, a great storm brews and lightning strikes the swamp, as though something was serving as a mobile lightning conductor. Sailors of Floor 12 speak of the "Lord of the Seas", an alligator looking wyvern which traverses the wet domains of the Floor as though it owns them and wreaks havoc to the sailors and fishermen of the Floor. Requirements: -At least two [2] Pages (22 or more posts) -Maximum Party Size of 3 -The Sea Wyvern must be defeated -Due to the muddy waters of the swamp, movement has been hindered and all players receive -2 to evasion. -Repeat completions will only yield <<Lightning Rod>> Sea Wyvern Information: <<Sea Wyvern>> is a respawning Field Boss and has the following statistics: HP: 300 Damage per Attack: 300 On MD rolls of 9 or 10, its lightning strike will chain and strike the entire party for full damage. Rewards: 1. <<Lightning Rod>> Grants a weapon a one turn paralysis effect on a critical hit. Lasts for one thread. Takes a post action to apply. 2. 3 Skill Points Parties of players are advised. Recommended Level: 33 (Updated for the September Patch)
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    Why do YOU play SAO-RPG?

    An interesting topic to see while having a glance at the site while on lunch break. I'd trace it back to some years ago, when I had a nigh epiphany in the world of roleplay, starting with a section on it on the classic Minegarde forums, long dead now but infamous at the time. I did a few roleplay stuff, nothing special, but it lit a spark. From there I had during May 2014 discovered a different RP site, which I used to be on a LOT. I didn't like the rules there much but I made several friends and my writing addiction to roleplay my fantasies practically exploded. I accrued several thousand posts there in the bursts of activity I had, both in long and small posts. However the nature of the place meant while RPs could start easily, they died easily too. I needed longevity and development. During the summer holiday of 2014, amid stress with job searching having finished school and otherwise wasting my life away playing Destiny and such, I read SAO the light novel, for the anime was famously crap and I wondered what the hype was all about. Meh read, it's basically the famous shitty YA of light novels. But I've always loved making my own stories, and SAO was a great universe to do it in. Lo and behold, I did a google and found this site. I actually came at a really interesting time as it was relatively close to the arse end of the switch from phpBB to Invision Board. As an more experienced programmer now, I can only dread Erron's job of having to deal with the shitshow that is MySQL, PHP itself not being that awful. MySQL can go die in a fire, all hail the Elephant. Anyhow, a lot of the site in links and guides were broken, but there were a few passionate players and I was super keen to forge my own story. I'll admit, I was quite a cunt about it, but it was fun. I am generally open minded, but I get terribly headstrong sometimes over my own fantasy world ideas and it is terrible of me. But, I had passion and somehow managed to get to be a PST, along with a reasonable tank. The system was frankly slipshod and very easy to exploit, but it was better than the earlier no system, and I know what it's like to make and balance this stuff. However work at the time got really busy and it killed my motivation after a while, so I took a hiatus from the site for I think a year or less, memory is fuzzy. Wind forward to uh...2015? 2016? I don't even bloody remember anymore. Anyway, I came back, apparently flew completely around some staff explosion, as they sometimes do, and decided to RP again. I got sick of the little change that happened and bulldozed ahead to try and bring more, with mixed success. But as I had most of the time no job and was busy with UK college, which I was sailing through (I got a Distinction in IT Practitioners Level 3 from that 2 year course last year :D), I had energy to RP and did so. Was great fun, many ups and downs, many clashes and so much thinking and stress, but it was great. After a while though, I burned out, a mixture of stuff not really going how I assumed or anticipated it to and a job at the time while in college made me eventually quit again, as I felt I had run the Tristan story through its entire course and done near everything I wanted. Honestly, I'm happy seeing work being still put into the site and how that has all been going. Now whether I'll return to RP here, I don't know. I'm somewhat unsure where to go with Tristan but really don't have the energy to make a new character. Personality switch may be interesting though. Because of twice now also getting involved in the system, one time wholly revamping it with aid from Zero, I also have a burning curiosity constantly at what is being done under the hood and get messy with it. Alas, I'm not a staff member :P To add to that, my roleplaying has been mostly consumed by regular Thursday and Sunday RL tabletop games such as D&D 4th edition (the most mathy of all D&D but I love it because [censored] Vancian casting from all other D&D), Alternity and Numenera. That...was more wordy than intended, but hey ho. I hope the site thrives well. Edit: I feel to an extent this retrospect explanation is also warranted. For what it's worth despite my efforts of trying to make a fairly balanced system at the time, that still adhered as much as possible to the canon, I was at times at colossal cunt or obstinate. I won't reject that and I won't reject that especially in the early game, tanking was indeed quite OP and various other stuff. There were intents for many of this, tanking was actually scaled down from what it could have been due to seriously wonky curves (before reworking) that meant tanking viability fell off at later levels and I had to consider the generally low damage output of tanks too. My solo or not with a DPS threads were sometimes stupid long and tired me the [censored] out eventually because I was getting so bored while stabbing for little damage. I still feel I wish there was better class focus to "not be everything" eventually, but SAO as a canon outright didn't have this for what it's worth and mostly depended on equipment and "What you spent the skill points you had on", see broken Kirito. A lot of time and consideration went into my choices and I wouldn't go back on many of them, but understand also there is so much more I would have done if this forum had automated maths over trying to make it possible to figure out in your head. I'd certainly use percentiles far more for one. I won't apologise for it all as that's dumb and vapid, honesty is key. But I will say, I wish I could have executed it better. There's a lot of things I just wish I had more time to think on and develop. I mean frankly for one, a lot of what I was given to work with before releases was....minimal and many spreadsheets and the like had to be figured out and slaved over to make some sort of coherent sense out of it. In a weird way, I suppose I always wished to be like a Kayaba and not have to focus on the game part of it because I wanted to work on the mechanics so much.
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    Real Life Picture Thread

    I got the beard and the girl nailed ;) As promised, an album of pictures from when the Tristan and @Flints power couple became RL. As you can see, fell asleep several times while we watched films or anime. She didn't quite manage ice skating either regardless of how much Yuri on Ice we watched, though I was okay at it and (tried) teaching her. Featuring fast and slow doggos also.
  12. Tristan Delaney

    Real Life Picture Thread

    I had many beard, then i shaved. May the hair rest in peace.
  13. From today onwards will be taking a break from staff duties for some personal time for about a month or less, please direct concerns to other staff.

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      I'm hoping it doesn't burn either *house on fire because of his shield* Damn it!

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      Now that he's gone I can enact my evil scheme to take over the world! *rubs hands together evilly*

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      Sounds good Tristan, enjoy the personal time! XD

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    SAO-RPG Staff Team feedback

    Just jumping in to explain some stuff. Erron changed sub forums because it left the site less fragmented which gives the site better Search Engine Optimisation. He's the one to consult on that. The level system was changed for 2 reasons. The first is that during the site shift from IPB3 to 4, several users got huge jumps in level due to posts, Calrex for one gained thousands of post count from somewhere no one could figure. Thus many users had levels not representative of what they actually should of had. Secondly it was to discourage to an extent spammy RPing of small posts since post count mattered and to lean more into what is effectively an 'XP' system, so doing quests gets you to high levels quicker. Topic creators can indeed choose not to give rewards to a user in a topic who say did a single post then nothing else, or quit half way through without sensible reasoning, like say mid quest is bad but mid long party thingy is fine. If users are unsure, consult staff. Also making notes based on stuff written here for future work. Already currently working on a small patch releasing hopefully tomorrow and there are plans for bigger reviews and how to approach it underway.
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    [F10] «Wail of the Banshee»

    Taking this with Flints.
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    [PP-F1] Easter Event Boss

    This is the official sign up for the Easter Event. It is Strongly recommended you do not apply unless you are at least level 25 with T2 equipment. Under-leveled applicants run the risk of their immediate death. NO MORE PLAYERS MAY NOW JOIN THE FIGHT AS THE FIGHT HAS STARTED Players have received a player wide notification with a message, saying only "Come to this plain for a big Easter Surprise, on a journey travelled by kings of old." with a location shown on a map to a green plains on Floor 1. A rock akin to a cave sticking out the ground appears to be sitting there out of the plains, with an eerie quiet as though something will soon arrive. Rules: You have 24 hours to post or are skipped Anyone who does not post in the boss fight within 24 hours of their turn will be skipped and receive 10 damage. The damage for being skipped is something that is being trailed for this boss battle; it is an incentive to keep an eye on the thread you are in, to ensure that you are not skipped. It is also an incentive to promote activity within the boss fight and to demote users joining then abandoning the thread. If you are skipped three times you void any rewards but will still sustain damage You have three days to post here and declare your equipment or you will be considered absent. You may post without double posting as often as wanted to eat buffs etc.The boss will appear on 31st of March, after which no more players may join.
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    [PP-F1] Easter Event Boss

    Tristan smiled when he saw Flints appear, coming up to her and kissing her on the head and hugging. "Glad you could come my dear. I'll make sure to keep you safe. Plus I guess you get to see my infamous tanking for the first time on the frontlines. I will absolutely make sure my wife does not die on me.". He smiled at her once more, then said "Alright, I have a boss to distract. Just focus on the attack when your opening comes, that is if Zelrius or such don't kill it first...". Tristan stepped forward towards the boss, shield in front and spear beside him and faced the...oh for goodness sake. Guess Rect Progress really liked their references. Tristan sighed to himself, then used Howl to attract the attention of the boss to himself. Howl used, 3 Hate generated. 1 Hate from Fighting Spirit, 1 Hate from Taunt. Tristan 281/281 Hate : 5 Zelrius 220/220 Takao 205/205 Manta 148/148 (Boss) Ssendom 193/193 Jomei 169/169 Opal 160/160 Ebony 116/116 (Boss) Mack 157/157 Oikawa 169/169 Ariel 185/185 Macradon 153/153 (Boss) Zandra 168/168 Hikoru 104/104 Flints 92/92 Zero 120/120 (Boss)
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    [PP-F1] Easter Event Boss

    Tristan got a strange message, thinking it must be time for one of those weird bosses again. He just hoped it wasn't too bad, since he as usual would likely play the role of main tank, but as it was a festive boss he felt it was unlikely such would occur. Tristan rolled his shoulders and equipped all his gear as he entered where the boss room was, his bloodstained armor, burning shield and golden spear with the blue glow around the arm that held it. It sure felt pretty badass to be covered in demonics, he had to admit. Stats and extra skill info in spoiler:
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    Ariel's crafts and loot

  20. New Easter boss! Sign up within three days! Special loot for every person who joins at the end! http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/11652-pp-f1-easter-event-boss/


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      I'm not cut out for stuff like that yet, I guess I'll try my hardest to level up as much as possible then see if I want to join the event.

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      Trying to send more lambs to the slaughter Manta? :P

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      Nope.I do my best to save/help everyone. Heck, I was giving out free safeguards for the boss battle, it seems like no one wanted them though. 

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    Flaws and virtues must be at least 2 lines long each, which is roughly 3-4 long developed sentences.
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    Luna's Journal

    Alright, journal is approved.
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    Luna's Journal

    They're plain clothes so assuming androgynous appearance, wouldn't show as male/female particularly either way. Plus more can be made to suit the character by tailors.