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  1. Calrex

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    More strategies were exchanged as Calrex continued listen, hearing as more of the veteran raid members gave their thoughts. As @Baldur suggested that he be the shot caller for his team the bluenette took a moment to simulate in his mind what his own thought processes would be in the middle of a raid battle, "Shot calling seems really more for someone who's not having to decide their actions each round. If we're talking a classic dungeon crawler, it wouldn't be the fighter or paladin that's strategizing. It would more likely be the cleric or black mage that's doing so because they have more available mental capacity to observe the situation and alert the others for changing tactics. As much as I an technically qualified to do so, I'll be focusing on damage and Hate management for whatever team I'm on, meaning that keeping an eye on what the boss/es are doing might diminish my performance in the main duties of my role." It seemed that Shield might have picked up on this, albeit not exactly in the way he was thinking. Any form of pride aside, it was true that when in a group he preferred to be more of the person taking action than the one directing it. It was rare for him to take the reins unless there was no one else willing to step up and do so, and usually someone else would have gotten fed up and done so long before he did. He gave a small smirk with a nod, "None taken @Shield. However, I do think that if we do follow Baldur's suggestion and having the team I'm on be the all-rounder group, then whoever is not focusing on DPS or tanking be the shot caller for the group. As he said I now have maxed martial arts and two-handed axe with quick switching mods, on top of Achilles, meaning that I can contribute to tanking, single-target, and AoE damage for my team with minimal downtime. But that also means those are three things I'll need to be juggling throughout the fight. Preferably if there is a dedicated healer I would think them to be the best candidate for tracking the boss' tactics. I'll be sure to keep an eye out if I notice something for sure, but that's more reactive than proactive in that sense."
  2. Calrex raised an eyebrow beneath his expressionless helm at the NPC's scripted words, "Guess we really are going out of sync for this particular quest. Since Tesseleth is already eliminated, it would technically render this NPCs plight moot." Calmly lowering the Grand Legionbane to his side, one of the two large striking heads making contact with the ground lightly, the bluenette listened as Baldur interacted with the AI, giving a small laugh at his mentor's off-guard reaction to the villager's quick defensive response. His small bit of entertainment now quickly over he immediately went back to observing the environment. It still seemed like if there were any monsters in the area, they were not yet being triggered or drawn to their position. In some ways this put him even further on alert than if there were some on the way. Since Baldur was the one seemingly heading the interactions with the villager Calrex merely gave a nod, "If we are going to have a conversation, we'd better keep the volume down. I still am not seeing any movement nearby, which could mean that any enemies that are around are hiding in a set position or haven't caught on to us already. Either way if might be a good idea to have one of us on each side to make sure we don't get ambushed from an unprotected side." Using his right foot he kicked his axe up so that it stopped straight upwards, allowing him to rest the bladeless handle of the weapon against his shoulder. @Baldur
  3. Calrex

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    The bluenette as the discussion began, giving a nod to those he acknowledged from previous gatherings, as well as his mentor Baldur as the Western samurai made his appearance. " While multiple bosses are certainly something uncommon, it's not unusual to have mid or field level enemies appear aside from mobs in the past. Plus there was the Spartan battle in the past which actually gave us a massive battle that required special fight-only buffs. However, everything that's been said and accounted for so far seems sound." With that Calrex remained silent, open and observant. For the most part the people here were taking this upcoming fight with some sense of seriousness. It seemed Bialas might have been more than enough of an eye-opener to those that may have become a bit complacent. The boss fights were changing, and in order to survive their strategies needed to evolve as well.
  4. Calrex

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Upon seeing the message from Shield inviting him to the next meeting Calrex gave a small sigh before getting to his feet, "I guess it was only a matter of time before that happened. Looks like we're still trying to keep a decent pace with the floor clearings." Giving a small stretch before swiping on his menu the bluenette changed from his training attire into his casual combat-style clothing, putting his hands into the jacket pockets as the item materialized on his form. He felt the wind cease from hitting his chest as his shirt also appeared beforehand, his lower legs losing the tight grip of the greaves as they were replaced with dark gray slacks, "So the coordinates looks to be at some kind of meeting hall. Alright then, probably by the time I get there most people will have arrived, or likely the meeting will have potentially already started." Glancing upwards he signaled to Roc as the peregrine falcon streaked down in a hunting swoop before circling overhead, "Off to the 23th floor." Moments later the duo arrived as the teleportation plaza for the 23rd floor, swiftly making their way over to the destination of the coordinates, seeing a certainly fantasy-style structure upon getting closer. The hill/plateau that the hall was built on had a strong curve beneath that made its base foundation seem rather questionable by realistic standards, along with the stairs that seemed to have been built on a naturally-forming ramp, something that to Calrex's memory didn't really occur in nature. Dismissing the thoughts he made his way up to the front door and opened it, entering inside to see a small handful of people had arrived, "Guess I'm kind of early for once."
  5. A single moment went by that seemed to cause a shift in the atmosphere of the group and the area they were in. Even though they were all more than qualified to deal with whatever monsters they encountered, it felt like the air grew heavy, as if they were perceiving an actual threat, something that could more than likely be fatal. If he was being honest, any encounter in SAO could technically be fatal, but since most fights had many built in parameters as a result of the Cardinal system and the hard code of the game, such things were easily dispelled. However, because of the actions of his teammates, he felt himself also going on some form of high alert. Seeing Baldur raise his hand to request silence the bluenette refrained from speaking, even going so far as to lighten his breathing so that it wouldn't make an audible sound. Saing he heard a voice certainly gave reason for caution and concern, whether or not the source was NPC or monster. Calrex had seen more than enough films where the predator would use a familiar sound of voice to bait its prey towards their doom. Making his way over to his two companions the blunette calmly lowered his massive axe from his shoulder, placing it forward almost like a barrier to keep them from moving past him. Bending down slowly so that his armor would note shift and make a noise he turned slightly towards the gaijin samurai, "Whether or not the source of the voice is a threat, it's certainly out of place for this area. We're supposed to be encountering monsters here, not humans. I didn't get a chance to check with a info broker before coming here, but I did overheard from other players in passing making my way here that there was an optional alternative route to fighting the bats. If that was the case then the designers must have given a some kind of incentive for people to actively engage the monsters instead of that alternative, which could mean NPCs we have to rescue. Wouldn't be the first time we'd have to rescue someone from bats after all." Getting back to standing upright the bluenette gave a nod to Hestia, "We'll head slowly towards the source, but stay low so that we can assess the situation before going on. We know out team duties, but any advantage we can get over the foes we might face will be useful." @Baldur
  6. Calrex

    [OP-F19] The Aincradian Library of Dawn

    Calrex gave a nod and a small smirk at Morgenstern's response, "You having a better chance at alive and keeping others' is more than enough repayment. As tough as the frontlines are getting, any life lost is not acceptable in my book." Putting his hands into his jacket pockets the bluenette gave a quick glance around the immediately around, listening as the fellow frontliner continued to speak. Having previous experience in both floor boss fights, he was very familiar with how both monsters had performed, as well as their impact on the raid participants, "Tier 2 definitely doesn't seem like it's sufficient enough to be safe in the frontlines battles anymore, which means more than likely they'll need to make more use of stacking buffs than the fighters at Tier 3 levels. Ruby was one of the people in my team that last fight, as well as the team healer. If it weren't for her abilities it would have been likely another player by the username Telrenya would have also been trouble too." "Speaking of which didn't I run into that other fencer a while back? Guess maybe she didn't remember since it was such a brief encounter." "In either case Bialas and Rohk were both powerful, but certainly different beasts in terms of build. Bialas had constant area of effect damage output, but it didn't seem to be a guaranteed shot every single time. Rohk had the ability to seemingly temporarily take players out of the fights at random, on top of having a almost guaranteed tornado attack. In top of being like Tessleth, with going out of a fight occasionally and summoning minions, that was a fairly brutal battle." Clenching his right hand into a fist within his pocket Calrex remembered the lives lost in that fight, specifically one. It was the young man Azide, whom was the former guild leader of Square One, Oikawa's original guild, and one of the more clear-headed people he had met in his time there. He was an honorary member of the Spectrum Coalition, back when it was still an unofficial group. Giving a small sigh he let his fist release, "I guess if we're thinking of it in sequence, it may be that Rohk's fight forced us to be more aware of more things we might not have thought of before, things that we could take into account when Bialas came around, even with the limited information we got."
  7. Before the bluenette could give a reply Calrex looked down to see that Hestia had already gifted him one of her immolation potions, "Well, if you insist, I appreciate the gesture. I'll make sure to pay you back for it at some point." Crushing the item in his hand a secondary red aura washed over his avatar for a moment, "Not gonna lie I haven't used a Thorns consumable before, since I've been too accustomed to having it as an enhancement on the Grand Chariot armors. Guess it may prove to be useful later on. Don't think I'll ever turn into a walking porcupine like Shield and Tristan do, but the extra bit of damage may help to increase my overall damage output." Adjusting the resting point of the Grand Legionbane on his shoulder the Ultramarine Knight's focus was not currently focused on what Baldur and Hestia were inspecting. He did notice that the overall structure of the columns didn't match up with their current surroundings, but right now he decided to leave the detective work to his teammates while he remained on lookout. While both of them were more than capable of taking a hit from whatever came at them from the shadows, Calrex wasn't planning on letting the monsters get an opening strike if possible. It seemed they were in the clear for now, but the dancing patterns of the lights reflecting off and through the gaps in the columns was making it difficult to track any movements in the distance. There were natural light sources that helped to illuminate the darkness, making it not as disorienting like the tenth floor naturally was. However, they didn't help with discerning moving objects from stationary ones, "Better be ready to use Howl right when I see any physical forms enter into the light." @Baldur
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  9. Watching Baldur's surprised, yet knowing, reaction to his equipment change Calrex gave a small smirk beneath the emotionless helm of the Grand Chariot III. It was a good feeling to know that his mentor wasn't hurt in any particular way by him adding on a new skill to his equipment. It was after spending much time in reflection in a martial retreat. He still felt like the time seemed to fly by when he was there training, but he hoped that the things he learned and reaffirmed to himself was something to help everyone. "Well, it was easy and not at the same time. I did end up making use of the recently unlocked skill refund system that the players found. Sadly the Grand Blade III and its predecessors are just for show at this point, as well as my experience in curved blade and katana as a result for the mods needed to make my build's system work. Maybe further down the line I might take up one of those weapons again, but for now this is what I've got to work with." Looking over at Hestia as she spoke and voiced her own capabilities the bluenette gave a small smirk and a nod, "A hybrid tank-support build huh? You sound like you'd be one of the most durable support players out there that isn't swinging a massive weapon. I'm looking forward to how you progress. If that's the case we'll be counting on you to keep us topped off. Hopefully if things go well there won't be a need to heal me, since I've also grandmastered Battle Healing. Two Handed Battle Axe Sword Arts are definitely energy vacuums though, so the energy will be greatly appreciated." @Baldur
  10. Calrex

    [UPDATED] Face-Claim Thread

    I actually cycle through four character images, but the latter three are up to be claimed, since Calrex's actual appearance is mainly the first one. Calrex: Wave from Akame ga Kill! Fang from Fairy Fencer f Naoto Kurogane from Blazblue: Central Fiction Saber (Senji Muramasa) from Fate: Grand Order
  11. Calrex

    [OP-F19] The Aincradian Library of Dawn

    - Gave Bialas Bindings to Morgenstern The bluenette gave calm nod accompanied by a smile as he handed Morgenstern the equipment, "Hopefully they'll be of some use. If anything you'll be immune to stun locks, which is definitely helpful. Let's just hope that the upcoming bosses aren't keen on applying that strategy every time." With the equipment traded Calrex lowered his arms to his sides again before turning to see that someone had come over to introduce themselves. It was the young woman he had seen also browsing the library while he was being escorted over to Morgenstern's location. However, it seemed that she had taken a "hint" from his current attire and had unequipped one of her outer clothing pieces, leaving just the bra beneath. Rather than blushing out of embarrassment, a sweatdrop formed on the side of his head as the situation and how he was likely the origin of it. Clearing his throat for a moment he responded to the introduction, "It's nice to meet you Tsu. Apologies for the...confusion of attire I guess." Turning to his fellow tank frontliner the bluenette put a hand apologetically behind his head, "Same to you Morg. I guess I may have gotten too used to this training attire that I forgot about obvious societal norms like wearing a shirt." With a few swipes on his menu his avatar was engulfed in a flash of light as his training gear was replaced with his casual combat clothing (The one in my signature :P). "I guess I should save that for training on the mountain or maybe at the beach. Just walking around without a shirt really only works for people that don't have clothing that fits them...but that's not really the case in SAO." "In any case I guess I could take a look around the library for a bit, although I'm not sure if there's anything particularly new that I can find that probably hasn't been circulated by the info brokers. Any particular section you think I should check out?" @Morgenstern
  12. Calrex

    [OP-F19] The Aincradian Library of Dawn

    Calrex's calm eyes scanned as the two guards seemed to look confused for a moment. Glancing down for a moment he gave a small sigh before hearing the young woman usher him inside, "I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess maybe I'm out of place, heh. In any case, I guess I won't be here too long. Maybe I'll take a look at a book or two in passing, but I'm really here just to drop off the armor." The interior of the library itself was fairly impressive, being the largest repository of in-game knowledge, at least that he knew of. Most of his information was mostly gathered from interactions with his info broker, but this might be useful in a different way because of the lore recorded that could give background for each floor. With a single motion he draped the outer robe-like cloth he was carrying over his shoulders, letting his hands rest at his sides. Not moment after he saw that Morgenstern had come into view as he raised a hand to give a casual wave, "Hey Morg, this is a pretty large place you've got. I'm actually here to give you this." Swiping on his menu the bluenette swiped through his inventory to reach the item he was looking for. With a tap it was produced into the physical space between them, extending a hand out to catch it as it appeared. The Bialas Binding's bracers materialized in his hand as he stepped forward, "This is the drop that I received from the boss, which apparently grants Heavy Momentum and Paralysis Immunity. It's a pretty good boss drop item, but unfortunately it doesn't really work well with my current build. I noticed at the start of the fight that you're opting for more of an offensive build, so I figured you might be able to make better use of these than I can. If you want them they're yours." @Morgenstern
  13. As the bluenette arrived at the meeting place he gave a nod to both of the people already present. One he knew from both in and out of the frontlines, his mentor Baldur. The other was someone he had mainly only seen in the floor raids, being Hestia, at least from what he got from the messages. Turning to face the young woman Calrex gave a a nod of his head in response to the introduction and greeting, "Pleasure to be working with you Hestia. I'll be sure to do my best to keep the both of you safe during the quest. Hopefully if things go right I'll be the only one taking the hits." Upon hearing Baldur's plan and strategy he crossed his arms for a moment, his eyes beneath the expressionless helm scanning everyone's equipment. Baldur, being themed after traditional samurai, was wielding a katana, while Hestia seemed to be sporting a curved blade, "Haven't seen someone dedicatedly use one of those in a while. However, going from what I know of the current Sword Arts..." "I think it might be best for everyone to focus on single target combat. I haven't done too much research into the quest, but just going from everyone's equipment we're likely short on powerful AoE Sword Arts. However I can perform an opening AoE strike that can hopefully stun the group out of the gate and spare us a turn. From there I can also switch to single target attacks and we can burst down the bats one by one while I weather the blows from the others." Extending his arm to the side the larger gauntlet surrounding his already armor-clad forearm vanished, the Grand Gauntlets III being swapped out by the Grand Legionbane. The massive two-handed battle axe extended out like a pillar of light before manifesting into the deep sea blue weapon that seemed like a hybrid of a sword and double headed axe. Resting i against his shoulder he turned to the two, "But that's just my take. If you guys think there might be a potentially better alternative I'm all ears." Equipment Change: Grand Gauntlets III > Grand Legionbane (No change in stats) Sword Arts: Martial Arts > Two-Handed Battle Axe @Baldur
  14. Calrex

    [OP-F19] The Aincradian Library of Dawn

    Calrex's current attire: After the conclusion of the Bialas fight Calrex had taken some time to go and train on the mountain he had spent such a long time at a few months ago, where he had honed both his avatar's body and his own mind to help struggle and survive the new encounters both game and player created. Since he had just come from there, he hadn't decided to switch out of his training gear just yet. However, he was aware of the extreme difference from his usual clothing, which was why he carried a long coat to cover when necessary. Walking up the the entrance to the library the bluenette had one goal in mind at the moment. After the fight had concluded, and he received the reward item which was for enduring the most blows, he figured he didn't need the item as much as someone else in the raid team might. His skills and equipment were more than sufficient, and the enhancements that the armor gave wasn't as useful to him as it might be someone else. Going from what he had observed before the fight began, Morgenstern, one of the other tank-like players, was opting to go with more of an off-tank build, rounding out his damage and mitigation simultaneously, "I think this might suit him better." As he approached the two guards standing at the front he gave a formal nod to both of them, "Hi there, I'm actually here to meet with Morgenstern. I have a piece of equipment to give him."
  15. ID: 100036 Craft Dice: 9 (75 Damage) ID: 100036 Battle Dice: 2 (Accuracy +4 / Evasion +1) = 7 <<All Might>> (17 Energy Used / 1 Recovered / 105 Remaining) 16 * 15 - 50 = 190 Damage to Bialas Ruby's little comment gave Calrex a quick laugh, smirking beneath his helm while responding in a light-hearted tone, "I don't know how much high battle stats equals lady-killer, but I'm definitely not some suave gentleman like 007. Add to that I'm off the market, so that sounds like a recipe for disaster." Facing back forward he turned his head to glance at his teammates behind him, "Let's see if we can take this thing down this rotation and get out of here. I think I'm going to need to go somewhere quiet to let my ears rest from all of the close-proximity thunderclaps we're having to deal with right now." Glancing down to monitor the static charge buildup that had remained on his avatar he gave a small sigh before taking a few more steps forward, distancing himself from his teammates as he saw the charge build to a peak, exploding and eating away a bit of his health. However, his <<Battle Healing>> was more than enough to offset the damage he had incurred, enough to heal past the amount and a it more. The lightning that had crashed down on him moments ago deal more damage than the static, which was good for the bluenette because it meant it was one less attack to worry about. Lowering himself into his fighting stance once again his eyes locked onto the base of Bialas' horn once again, "Here we go again." <<All Might>> triggered as he shot himself forward, right gauntlet glowing like a runaway afterburner before he drove his fist into the floor boss' head, the exact same spot once again. He couldn't tell if he was making any visual impact to the piece, but he was also aware that SAO wasn't like another game from the real world, where severing body parts of a creature was something to also focus on. Kicking off he landed at a low angle, spreading his legs and leaning forward to help ride out the excess momentum pulling him backwards, sliding to a stop and standing upright once again. Boss Stats Player Stats