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  1. "Doesn't seem like it's too much farther from here..." Calrex wasn't sure if there were others that were already responding to Oikawa's message, but from what he could tell he was one of the first to arrive. Taking his forearms out of his jacket pockets the deep blue hue of his gauntlets shone in the light as the polished metal reflected the digital light. As he continued to look around with his eyes, it seemed that his peregrine falcon companion had already locked onto the target as Roc swooped down from his higher hovering altitude, seemingly becoming a blur as he reached hunting speed before pulling up at the last moment to break the acceleration. The target that had been locked by the familiar was actually King, the falcon's friend that the bird approached with excitement as he gently touched down on the ground next to the cub. The bluenette was not much further behind as he recognized Roc's behavior, coming to a stop as he recognized the now jet black hair that his fellow former Spectrum Coalition member was now sporting. With a calm wave the Ultramarine Knight walked forward, "Guess I'm the first one here."
  2. As the conversation continued Calrex felt his mind trail off while staring into the empty bottom of his cup. He wasn't strategizing, or thinking of the current conversation, merely letting his mind wander for a moment. When he snapped back his eyes immediately picked up the dark green basin in front of him as he gave a small shake of his head before requesting a refill. As his cup was being filled up with tea he was able to focus on the conversation once again. It seemed now the main concern was filling the frontlines with more of the roles that had less representation, namely tanks and to some level healers. It kind of made him chuckle that DPS was not as big an issue, "Guess that's just the way a lot of people tend to think. Everyone thinks more about how to kill the opponent faster than how to keep others alive." "Unfortunately I've got no one that really comes to mind that might be close to serving as a tank. Even though I'm consistently at the raids, outside of that my usual exploration and training has been basically non-existent a the moment. So far the group dungeon explorations for power leveling those on the borderline sounds like a good idea. Outside of that I think any ideas that I can think of have already been said."
  3. "Hm? Oh it's nothing too out of the ordinary. It's still the Thorns enhancement, maybe with some small visual changes. However the damage is because my equipment is tier three items. Nonetheless, nice work playing a DPS role, let's wrap this up." "Either way, if the queen got another hit on me this battle would be over anyway. Might as well get an attack off with the Skypiercer before it's over, and it might as well be the strongest one." With a small breath to center his senses Calrex lowered himself, spear drawn back as the entirety of the weapon began to shine with bright blue light. As he pulled it further and further back his front arm moved further forward, the Grand Guard III obscuring more and more of his form behind the massive tower shield. The Wasp Queen flew forward after recovering from Zuekin's attack, targeting the bluenette one more as he raised a claw. However, as the system seemed to change the AI of the monster's attack the striking limb changed as instead of the front claw it thrust forward with the massive stinger on its abdomen. The tip hit against Calrex's shield, which once again triggered Thorns right at the same time as the Ultramarine Knight unleashed <<Merciless Fury>>. While the field boss was reeling and starting to break apart into crystals the Grand Skypiercer shot forward in a blurringly fast series of blows that stuck at different points, blowing away parts of the monster's form before the final strike propelled him through, the boss bursting entirely into crystals. With that Calrex let the tip of the spear rest against his shoulder before separating his shield back into two halves to attack against both of his forearms once again, "I think that should about do it."
  4. Soon after he had finished his quest with Zuekin, Calrex had made his way back to the second floor teleportation plaza, sitting down on a nearby bench, "Guess I can rest for a..." Before he could let his mind relax suddenly his HUD notified him of a message. With a few familiar swipes after performing it so many times, the bluenette arrived at his inbox to see that Oikawa was the sender of the message, seemingly to request his assistance. "That's definitely not unusual. Maybe he's finally gotten time to get out of the shop. Too bad Teayre's still not wanting to leave the Amethyst Boutique. I'm sure she would be happy to see him as well." Preventing his mind from getting nostalgic the bluenette gave a quick shake of his head before getting to his feet, "Alright let's get moving." Entering the destination floor his avatar vanished from the second floor to rematerialize on the twenty-first. Glancing down at his current armament he gave a small smirk before swinging the Grand Skypiercer to the side as both the one-handed spear and shield vanished in a series of lights before reforming as the Grand Gauntlets III around his forearms. In the meantime he refrained from equipping his armor, keeping the Rebellion of Sapphire attached around his neck, "Back to his mansion workshop then." Putting his gauntlet-covered hands into the jacket pockets of his casual combat clothing the Ultramarine Knight made his way to The Faint's location.
  5. As the young man charged forward and sent a strong punch into the Wasp Queen the bluenette quietly observed. Not so much on form of the like, but on the effect of the attack. "Well, he did say that he only had the gauntlets for a boost to accuracy, but he deals all of his damage through his Thorns." "It's a good start. Once you start picking up the Sword Arts that damage is going to skyrocket. Keep up the pace for now." The field boss quickly recovered from the blow as it detached rom the crater in the cavern wall, its eyes already locked onto the Ultramarine Knight once again. As he started hovering towards him Calrex gave a nod, "I'd better get more of a lead in aggro just to be safe." His spear glowed with light blue energy one again as he slammed his shield against it, unleashing <<Howl>>. This time the sound seemed to echo even further, albeit at a lower volume. Unlike the focused version he had used moments ago, this one was designed for hitting multiple targets for a lesser value. In response the Wasp Queen flew faster at him before raising a front limb to pierce down at him. This time the attack hit its mark as it came down on Calrex, who raised his shield just in time to connect with it. With his defenses at such a high number, the attack only did the minimal damage possible in the game as his health dropped only by a single number. Unfortunately for the queen his Thorns also triggered as a blast of energy emanated out from his shield, with more than half of its remaining health vanishing in an instant. "Guess it got a rather unlucky hit."
  6. As the bluenette expected, after the quest was picked up finding the entrance to the field boss' lair was fairly straightforward. It was a quest designed for fairly new players to take on, which meant it was straightforward without much need for special stats or the like. At the same time Calrex also knew it was one of the quests that gave a good amount of skill points, meaning that completing this for the first time would give Zuekin a good boost to hopefully help the new player along in his farming. "Nice work, alright then might as well get this battle going." With a small sigh the Ultramarine Knight walked forward, descending down into the cave as he kept his eyes on the Wasp Queen. Since they had not engaged in combat yet, the boss was merely hovering around on the ground, neglecting to take the initiative to strike. This served perfectly as Calrex brought his forearms together, the two pieces of the Grand Guard III shield forming together in front of him. As the parts snapped together he pulled his weapon arm away, the part attached to it detaching and remaining formed together on his off-hand. Now prepared the spearhead of the Grand Skypiercer resonated and glowed bright blue in tandem with his formed tower shield. Slamming his spear against the shield a massive roar-like sound wave shot out from his avatar, washing over the queen as the monster's eyes flashed red and locked onto him. Now with combat initiated the giant wasp flew towards him, aiming to swipe at him with her massive front claws. However, even with his more tank-like configuration, it seemed the creature was unable to keep up, even missing so much as to temporarily get stuck hooked around a stalactite before it was able to pull free. "Alright, you're up!"
  7. Listening to Zuekin as he explained his current method of fighting monsters Calrex gave a nod, "So at his current level and build he seems to be following Tristan, a walking cactus. Guess that would be the second or third person to do so, although he might be the first to do so from level one. Since there's no real room for building his skills yet it's a good thing that it's effective." "If that is the case, then at the least this will get you familiarized with the duties of the role. Sometimes playing different parts can can expand your perspective, especially since you haven't gotten enough skill points to build just yet. It's wiser to be informed of the possibilities, than to do so reactively to the things you face. Your confidence in your defenses is good, but it would be too risky for my own personal preference, and I'm not going to put a person at risk while they're under my charge." Turning to scan the area the bluenette listened as his quest companion responded to him, giving a small smirk in response, "We'll have to see if that has been preserved once he gets to the frontline levels. I hope it does, even if he isn't able to completely pull it off." "In any case, we'd best get moving. Since you accepted the quest, it's most likely that you'll be able to spot the cavern now. It should be fairly obvious against our current environment. Once we do I'll go in first and draw the monster's attention, and we can take it from there." @Zuekin
  8. As the Zuekin took his time to listen to the bluenette's suggestions Calrex waited as the young man responded, even going so far as to ask for his help to get leveled up to join the frontlines. He couldn't help but give a smirk at his desire to save everyone by surpassing the Ultramarine Knight, as well as everyone close to his level. It was an honorable wish, and one that Calrex himself had shared in the past, but after his many quests, raids, and other battles the bluenette had grown to be a bit disillusioned with the idea. "Nonetheless, it's not like the frontlines are at excess in participants..." Giving a small sigh to himself Calrex responded, "Don't worry about compensation. I've assisted many players in the past with this exact quest, so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for me to help you with it." "It might even be a good first test of my new armament." "However, if you do wish to hold your own, then we'll approach this differently. I'll serve as tank for this endeavor, where you focus on dps. Going from the wraps on your arms, I'm guessing that means you've got some form of damage dealing. That way we can at least have you get a feel for combat without coming under threat." With that the bluenette brought his spear upwards before resting it against his shoulder, giving a brief scan of the environment to see if the cave had spawned nearby, "I'd be more careful with that wish of yours though. Many people have tried to do the same, I being one of them. However, carrying the wish of thousands to escape this game is not something any one person can bear." @Zuekin
  9. As Zuekin described his level, as well as his current stats because of his equipment Calrex gave a nod as he let the numbers run through his mind for a moment, "Level one...geeze then his health is pretty much one shot away from death against most mobs. It's probably smart that he decided to purchase armor first and foremost, but I'm not sure if that would be enough." "Hm...well I won't doubt that your current gear must be serving you fairly well if you've taken on four monsters at once and came out alive. That's something not many players get to say. I've heard of more than a handful of players that decided to go out of the safe zone and take on a simple boar alone, only to not return alive. However, a field monster and a field boss are two completely different beasts. From what I can recall this particular creature is at a strength level that groups of players at least four to five players higher than you can partake in it, and usually that means it's health and damage are set for that. If anything, the amount of damage it deals on a single attack will still outpace the amount you heal by." With that he listened to the followup question, which the bluenette gave a small breath before continuing, "You would be correct to guess that. I've been a tier three player for a fairly long time. Last I recall I think I might be one of the highest leveled known players. As for the frontlines, I've been a member of the raiding groups from floor eleven I believe, and have participated in all of them up to the current floor. The frontlines is a completely different environment than what most of the players usually go through, and usually the thing that changes the most is the dynamics among the players rather than the floor bosses we fight. I guess you could say at times it's probably the most intense thing that people volunteer to do, enough that I've seen numerous players participate and then need to stop and take a break for an extended period of time before thinking of participating again. I think I'm probably one of the few that have actually continued to do so continuously for the past floors till now." @Zuekin
  10. "Well, yeah, I guess it has been a long time since I was in the tier two level range, heh." Scratching the back of his head Calrex watched as the young man spoke about wanting to duel him, but delaying the challenge as it would be a very one-sided battle. With that Zuekin seemed to start heading away before turning back around to ask him where the quest NPC would be located. Giving a nod the bluenette pointed in the direction of the main settlement, "If I remember correctly the NPC was located close to the exit leading out to the field zones, so I think if you were to head back through the gates they should be fairly easy to find. If not, then I think the info brokers would have the information just a little further inside. It's been a while since I went on the quest, so my memory on all of the steps is a little fuzzy unfortunately." Before he continued speaking, the Ultramarine Knight gave a brief pause before continuing, "...just out of curiosity may I ask what level you happen to be? You certainly seem to have some good starting armor, but the main concern is if you'd have enough health points to survive a few clashes with the field boss safely." @Zuekin
  11. As the man responded to him Calrex gave a nod, taking a minute to think of the two things he had mentioned, "Oh, then you must be looking for the spawning area for the Wasp Queen for the <<Long Live the Queen>> quest. I believe it should be fairly close to here, but if I recall the cave that she appears in moves around and only shows up once you've accepted the quest from the NPC. As for the level to fend off field mobs, I think for this floor it does tend to be around Tier 2 levels that it starts to happen, although it might not be to the extent like now." "If I was being honest I'm not 100% sure about that, since I didn't really notice that it was happening until I actually took a moment to look around. I guess with all the times that mobs decided to suddenly pop out of nowhere and attack when I'm in a group I guess I went with the assumption that they will attack no matter what the level gap was between the monster and the player." With that the other player introduced themselves as Zuekin, which prompted the bluenette to return in kind, shaking his hand, "It's nice to meet you Zuekin. I'm Calrex." @Zuekin
  12. "What was I doing out here in the fields again? Guess I was lost in my thoughts again. Not like I'm doing any material gathering out here nowadays anyway." As the bluenette made his way across the plains outside of the second floor's main safe zone he gave a small sigh. Garbed in his casual combat attire, he didn't really have a need for equipping his actual battle gear for the most part. With his current stats, none of the monsters were going to be provoked to engage him in combat. However, the Ultramarine Knight was sporting slightly different weapons from before. Instead of his usual gauntlets or two-handed axe of his usual gear, instead he was walking with the Grand Guard III and a single-handed spear. Recently crafted by his old friend Oikawa, the Grand Skypiercer shone a dark navy blue. As he heard someone call over to him Calrex turned around to look at the young man approaching him. Going from his equipment, the person seemed to still be of lower levels, although that didn't seem to keep him from picking a very standout design for his armor. The golden appearance reminded him of when Oikawa had also worn a similar scheme before isolating himself for an extended period of time, and before him Daeron did so as well. "Ran off to? I guess they might be avoiding this general area at the moment because of my presence. Sorry about that, at least if you were looking to do some farming off of them." @Zuekin
  13. As Baldur continued the conversation to the next topic Calrex gave a small sigh to himself before letting his ears remain open to what was being discussed next. It seemed now the western samurai was thinking of how to prepare the next in line outside of the immediate picks for different teams, players that were up and coming but not at the maximum tier just yet. Unfortunately for the bluenette, he hadn't been keeping touch with the players in the frontlines. Outside of participating in the occasional events or raids, the Ultramarine Knight had basically become a hermit, only leaving the Amethyst Boutique when something important needed to be done. Upon hearing his name mentioned, his eyes focused on the man as he heard mention of their previous guild, the Spectrum Coalition. From what he could remember, only he and Oikawa had been given possession of what was in the vault in the past, "Too bad Takao isn't active anymore. It does feel kind of bad that he donated so much to the guild, only for the thing the dissolve later on." "I'm not exactly sure what remains in terms of actual items from the coalitions vault. The only things I know I received off the top of my head are col and materials, but that's about it. So at best we could use some for crafting new items."
  14. "Geeze this battle really is dragging on..." Checking his energy levels Calrex saw that his energy was dropping to a very low level. From what he could tell, he probably only had a handful of his strongest AoE Sword Art left before he had to recover. Giving a small sigh the bluenette let the thought pass before locking onto the cluster of bats once again. Heeding Baldur's advice he lowered his arms into the position to trigger <<Explode Catapult>> once again, but didn't trigger it immediately. His eyes followd the flight path of the creatures as they slowly seemed to start to cluster closer together, "Best chance...now!" The Grand Legionbane blazed alight before he shot forward, his first two swings cleaving into two of the remaining bats. Unfortunately, his last overhead swing missed the third bat. Nonetheless, it was still another step in the right direction. Giving a calming exhale the Ultramarine Knight kicked his massive axe onto his shoulder, "Almost there..." @Baldur: 918/1090 ENG: 82/106 MIT: 79/39 EVA: 3 | DMG 19/36 Bleed | BH: 21 (Miss -2 energy, +1 regen) Hestia: 1381/1425 ENG: 66/138 MIT:151/75 DMG: 16 EVA:-1 Regen: 3 on CD:6 BH: heal 57 HP Thorns:54 Calrex: 1576/1765 ENG: 55/172 MIT:72/44 DMG: 16 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 | ACH: 0.6 | Thorns: 30 (Battle Healing +89) (0/7/9) Cave Bat 2: 373/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/0/10) Cave Bat 3: 363/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/6/5) Cave Bat 4: 872/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit)
  15. As the conversation continued Calrex listened as Macradon chimed in, pointing out that his previous statement was only half-true. There were, in-fact, multiple quests and other events that had happened in the past where the players had to fight humanoid NPCs, although he did point out that the last raid was the first time that the participants had decided to interact with their opponents rather than merely focusing on taking them down, "You're right, thanks for the correction Mac." With that it returned once again to the idea of a training bootcamp. The bluenette listened to both Hestia and Shield as they continued going back and forth for a brief time. However, he made sure to extrapolate the object things that were being put forth, and when the two finished he gave a small breath before speaking, "There is an old saying, that the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting something different to happen. I think that to some level describes what we have been doing for the past few raids. To some level, we have come far from before, but I guess now we're finally seeing how our old mentality is no longer holding up, especially with so much changing of the guard." Giving a small stretch he continued, "The people here are in some ways the most essential part of any raid battle, so it is important we are all on the same page to some extent, maybe not 100%, but at least 85-90%. To stay on subject, whether or not we all think a raid training retreat or bootcamp is a good, I would guess that we all at least agree that something needs to be done to start some form of change among the frontline players." With that his gaze shifted from wide view to address the whole group to between Shield and Hestia as if he was talking to them both in a mire direct manner, "I've seen many discussions in the past, so let me chime in a bit that I see we can potentially be going down a rabbit hole. I'm sure there's more than enough time in the day for everyone to give their thoughts on why the current idea is good or bad, effective or ineffective, so let's change perspective." With that his eyes shifted over towards Hestia, "As it stands Hestia, you do seem to have a lot of reservations on the training retreat idea, at least in terms of it being an effective solution. If that is the case is there potentially something you might have in mind that might help us better adapt or prepare for this potential type of scenario should it happen again? Even if it's a rough idea, better to have all of our thoughts out on the table so that we can better understand where everyone stands before we all come to a decision."