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  1. With Leviathan stunned from his previous attack Calrex was already primed, ready to strike again. However, as the boss raised its head out of view he cursed under his breath, his eyes quickly scanning across the area as his fist began to burn once again with the power of his Sword Art energy. It only took a few moments before he heard the sounds of the four sahagins engaging his team, seemingly all targeting a different member of his team, "Oh no you don't..." Hurling his body in the direction of the creatures as his right arm extended to the side, the animation for his <<Quick Change>> skill triggering as the Grand Gauntlets III switched out for the Grand Legionbane, the massive axe already alight with his <<Explode Catapult>> attack. In a flash, powered by his <<Charge>> skill, the bluenette came from behind Jomei as he came down from a high diagonal angle, slamming the axe into the creature and knocking it to the side. The more vertical angle unfortunately did mean that he missed also catching the second fishman. His second slash collided with both the third and fourth minions, grouping the three he struck close enough together that his final leaping slam crushed the trio before the attack completed.
  2. A audible shattering sound echoed across the battlefield for a moment as the bluenette finally broke free from the extended period of being frozen, giving a frustrated grunt as he leaned over for a brief moment. For the most part he had been keeping an even keel through the fight, maintaining a observant demeanor, since he had to serve as the tank for the first team for an extended time. However, the continuous period of being frozen had caused him to drop that. Even though his armor was not giving any indication of the shift in his mood, his actions had certainly taken a shift in presentation. He turned, eyes locking onto the massive face of the floor boss like a predator spotting its prey. Where his head faced his body followed, his entire being seemingly directed and being funneled towards a single target. Passing by @Hestia he spoke in passing, his attention still fully on the main body of Leviathan, "Sorry for the wait. I'm leaving the tanking for the rest of this fight to you." Raising his right hand, already tightly clenched into a first, Calrex brought his left hand to cover it, a small crach being heard as he pushed his right hand fingers towards the palm, the virtual simulation replicating the sound of his joints popping. Continuing to walk forward his posture began to lower, his right arm seemingly starting to burn aflame with the light blue Sword Art energy while his upper body came closer and closer to ground, his usually more composed <<Martial Arts>> form becoming more wild and feral in composition. "Alright Cardinal, let me show you what I think about this little balance patch you decided to put." In an instant he rocketed forward towards the massive serpent's face, arm drawn back to the farthest extent that would be considered anatomically possible, as if he was priming as much of his muscles to be behind his strike. A second later his <<All Might>> hook shot forward, smashing into the right side of the creature's face. Still hanging in the air for a brief moment the Ultramarine Knight tried to push further, as if he was trying to drive his strike further through, but after enough resistance was applied he let up, kicking off and sliding across the ground, left hand extended like a claw into the sand to slow his retreat. Keeping low to the ground as if primed to shoot forward again his right hand remained closed into a fist, ready to strike again if the opportunity presented itself.
  3. Still under the effects of the Frostbite infliction for its extended period the only indicator that Calrex was still alive beneath the reflective powdery white exterior was the intermittent condensed breaths that escaped from beneath his expressionless helm. However it was starting to wear off as thin pieces of ice began to fall off of his armor, the deep blue beneath starting to come back into full view. "At this point I would prefer the volcanic water over this, because then at least I can still act." As more seconds ticked by his virtual muscles began to loosen once again, his body slowly starting to move like it was skipping frames in a video. Once he was free he was planning to take action, but at this point it was also going to be determined whether or not Leviathan was going to attempt another freezing attack. From what the bluenette could tell, the boss had a cooldown window for the attack, but was the exact period of time he would be frozen if he was unable to escape it.
  4. It seemed that luck wasn't going to cut out for the Ultramarine Knight as Calrex felt his virtual muscles starting to become free, only to slowly lock up once again as Leviathan unleashed another wave of its Frostbite attack. A mere condensed breath escaped his lips with part of a word, "Sunv....." With that he was unable to move once again, and from what he could gather from his brief seconds free, it means that once he was able to move again the boss would be able to release the attack once more, "So...this literally could mean that this boss was designed to exploit Achilles' new weakness. If it is, then I can easily call that a targeted debuff. If Cardinal really is a self-evolving and developing AI, then seems to have a serious bone to pick with me in particular. Tch, well even if I was contemplating going into retirement at some point there would be no way I could entrust this skill to someone else with confidence. The only way someone can survive with this is to have a massive level advantage, because if they were of average level they could be easily still be taken down with stunlock and DoT tactics, especially with the prominence of damage dealing advantages, and it certainly seems that there is a trend among the bosses that revolves around one or both of those mechanics. Stun may be the only one that can't be used in this, since everyone does have a stun immunity after breaking out, but the other action-wasting inflictions don't that. I'm really going to need to take a look at my equipment now and if it comes to it I might have to develop a set that is specialized against those."
  5. Calrex's eyes watched as the other players that had broken free from the Frostbite effect had begun to take their retaliatory actions. However, due to the lengthened effect on him, even if he tried to move a simulated muscle it wasn't going to do him any good. The icon indicating his frozen status was flickering, but it was't fully gone yet. Small crackling noises could be heard coming from the plates of his armor as it continued to become looser and looser, "Geeze, this is really one punishing effect. I think if anything I'll really need to be careful about going up against known enemies that have paralyzing effects, and make sure I don't waste my store of Safeguards, especially now that they can't be crafted anymore." As a few more seconds passed finally he felt the restrictions release, breaking free as multiple pieces of ice flaked off of his exterior. Giving a small sigh the bluenette stretched his limbs before turning to face Leviathan once again, "Let's just hope this thing doesn't decide to do another one of those things again. It's one thing to do it a few times, but consecutively could mean whatever game developer made this might have had a propensity for cheese tactics."
  6. "Geeze...another one of these?" Right after his punch connected and the segment was damaged he watched as Leviathan unleashed yet another freezing attack, seeing the Frostbite effect appear in his status window, "Come on...this is really starting to get old." Trying to straighten his form and use willpower to break free the bluenette watched as his breath became more and more visible until he felt his avatar lock up, frozen once again. The frost covered the exterior of his armor, confirming that he was frozen, "...and that means I'm out of commission once again for an extended period of time compared to everyone. It's a good thing Achilles is pulling its weight of helping me keep the damage down, but I really need to start being aware of it. This is basically the equivalent of an Achilles heel, as if this power hasn't gotten enough changes while I've had it already." He tried to move even the smallest segments of his body, attempting to close his hands or wiggle a toe, but with the status now in full effect there was no way he could budge until it started to wear off.
  7. With his strength now back to full Calrex watched as the teammates around him already began to take action as he swiftly dodged yet another Hydro Jet that was aimed at him. Surprisingly, it seemed easier this time around to avoid the incoming blasts of water than bracing for them behind the Grand Guard III. "It's a good thing I've got two arrays I can technically serve as a tank for. Nonetheless, if I keep worrying about that I can't help out with offense, especially now that we're down one team." As if on cue he heard Hestia's suggestion that they switch roles, with her taking the forefront for tanking while he focused on helping the other's get rid of the last bit of health Leviathan was clinging to. It was then that he noticed the water crystal float up and seemingly heal the boss for a bit of health, which was immediately followed with Mars charging up to strike it, "We need to make it vulnerable, or else that crystal is going to be a nuisance." "Alright, I'm leaving it to you Hestia!" With Jomei already charing forward to strike the first segment the Ultramarine Knight quickly lowered his stance, drawing his right arm back as it quickly lit ablaze with the light blue energy of his Martial Arts skills, the excess energy being emitting out of the upper forearm opening of the Grand Gauntlets III like a jet engine before he shot forward, slamming into the section of the massive water serpent with his <<All Might>> Sword Art.
  8. The sahagins were successfully taken care of, which was a huge step in the right direction. Without minions specifically targeting their team, that means only the seemingly constant rain damage and Leviathan's attacks were the only things to worry about at the moment. Calrex gave a small sigh of relief before he suddenly saw his health shoot up to full, turning to see that Hestia and Neo from the second team had seemingly joined up with the others. Glancing at the corner of his vision the bluenette saw that their two usernames had now appeared in their group, "Guess that's a new feature as well." "Much appreciated, that means I can go a little more on the offensive now, albeit a little bit late now. First things first we'd better take care of the water crystals..." As he finished his suggestion the Ultramarine Knight recognized the motions that Leviathan used to trigger both Frostbite and Scald. Luckily enough, one did cancel out the other, so they didn't have to worry about the second should they not succeed shaking off the first. However, as he recognized from the previous effects, his unique skill was causing the effects to last twice as long, and he could not let that happen again. Clenching his right hand into a fist he focused his senses as he saw the frost starting to form on his armor, "Not...this time...[/i]" With a swift swing the forming ice shattered into small pieces, flecking off of him before being followed by the volcanic water that fell over them. The spots where ice still rested on his armor it combined and steamed off, while the rest ran down the Grand Chariot III. Letting his mind focus Calrex gave a calming breath as he focused his eyes on the crystal, "Sorry, you've hit me with both, and I'm not going to let myself be subjugated to them again." Rushing forward his arm drew back as he prepared <<All Might>> to strike, but as he got into striking range suddenly he saw the floating object shift, missing his strike, "Guess this thing is more agile than I had planned."
  9. With Jomei attacking the sahagin with the highest health Calrex shifted his focus to finishing off the remaining two that had only slivers left of their health bars, "Tch, what a time to have switched off of axe. At least Martial Arts still has an area of effect attack, let's just hope it's enough to finish them off..." Crouching low his right leg began to glow with Sword Art energy are he prepared <<Tornado Kick>>, locking onto the second and fourth creatures of the group, a calm breath escaping beneath his expressionless helm. Right as he felt his body get locked into the assisted system the Ultramarine Knight shot forward, darting towards the two from a horizontal angle while he rotated quickly around his central rotational axis. As the creatures came back around into his field of view his powered leg whipped around, crashing across both of the monsters' faces while he slid to a stop at the end of his travel path, kicking up sand as the bluenette came to a stop.
  10. As the battle continued Calrex took note as most of his team switched to attacking the head, his eyes returning back to the sahagins that remained. One luckily fell to his reactive damage, but with that Vengeful Riposte was used up and on cooldown. However, their eyes were still darting between everyone, meaning that his Hate wasn't high enough to get their full attention, "Guess that means only one thing for now. I can focus on Leviathan later, right now I've got to keep these guys off of the others." His gauntlets quickly swirled with light blue energy as he unleashed <<Howl>>, the explosive roar that emanated from his fists hitting each other shooting outwards and seemingly encapsulating the three creatures, as well as Leviathan. Lowering into a fighting stance he gave a small sigh, letting his mind focus, "All that's left is to take then out before they can do more damage. I can keep up with the damage, but not for an extended period of time."
  11. The sound of ice cracking and breaking could be heard from behind the first team as Calrex finally broke free from the extended effect from the previous Frostbite attack, stumbling forward a couple of steps as the Grand Legionbane fell off of his shoulder and crashed axehead first into the ground. Giving a few breath the bluenette felt his strength slowly return as he looked forward, "About time..." Beginning to heft the massive two-handed battle axe into a fighting position he felt the cold chill blow past once again, feeling a bead of sweat form on the side of his head, "Two in a row? That's unfortunate..." However this time he was spared the effect as the chill seemed to go away as quickly as it came. With the torrential rain pouring down he could feel his armor starting to get heavier, weighed down from the buildup of the effect as he grit his teeth beneath the expressionless helm of the Grand Chariot III. Letting his senses refocus he looked forward, seeing another four sahagin in front of the section of the boss that they needed to take down. However, as he looked at his team he saw one person was gone, "Stryder must have gotten out. Shoot so we're down a man." His weapon began to glow with pulsating energy before the Ultramarine Knight rushed forward, targeting all four of the sahagins in front of them as he unleashed <<Explode Catapult>> for a second time this fight. However, because he was still recovering from the effects of the Frostbite, combined with the rain he wasn't as nimble as before, only managing to strike the first and last creature. He did get some comfort as he saw red letters flash by, signifying a critical hit. "I've got to let the other's focus on the main body, since single target is their specialty." Swinging the axe after completing the attack to the side it vanished into lights before reforming into the Grand Gauntlets III as Calrex smashed his fists together, eyes locked on the creatures in front, "This battle is nearly half over, let's not lose momentum now."
  12. Metal could still be heard faintly creaking as Calrex remained frozen in place due to the effect of the Frostbite attack. He could still look around beneath the expressionless helm of his armor, taking note of the people around him that were also bound being freed, but as he tried to move his limbs nothing seemed to budge, "Tch, this must be part of the effect of having Achilles now. Guess I'll still be stuck for a bit longer before this stuff wears off." Glancing skywards he saw the volcanic rain come down once again, dripping against his armor. Unfortunately this didn't seem to do anything for the Freeze effect, but because of his state it seemed to stave off a secondary effect that came with the attack. His health still took a hit, but his Battle Healing did more than enough to heal back majority of the damage. His teammates seemed to be doing well enough due to the level of Hate he had gained earlier, but with the Sahagins now respawned in front of him he knew they'd need to get rid of them quickly, or else the others might get hit. "Looks like I might have to stick to axe for a little while longer before switching to Martial Arts. Now if I can finally get free. I think I've had my fair share of this stunlocking stunts."
  13. As the incoming high-pressure blast of water came into striking range Calrex quickly stepped to the side as the attack slammed into the sand where he was previously standing a moment ago. The impact kicked up sand left and right until it concluded, the bluenette looking forward as he gave a calming breath, "Now would be as good a time as any..." Preparing to activate his <<Quick Change>> ability the Grand Legionbane began to glow, but almost immediately afterwards the Ultramarine Knight had to stop to raise his arm as Leviathan's main body unleashed a second blast of frost. Raising an arm upwards to block his helmet he gave a sigh, "Well that was a quick follow up." Getting ready to move suddenly he felt his entire frame slow, glancing at his status bar as he saw the familiar icon for the Freeze effect, but it seemed to look a bit different from before. In fact, this time felt different from when he fought the revamped Avalanche field monster. He was definitely frozen in place, but the ice seemed to appear sharper than before, not forming large rock-like chunks and instead shaping into fierce icicles over his armor. Metal could be heard creaking as he attempted to move, but nothing seemed to budge at the moment. "Well, at least my health's fully recovered for now, but I'm a sitting duck for another attack. This would have been a good time to be in my protective gear. Will need to quickly act once I get out of this."
  14. With Leviathan stunned, it seemed that his preparation for an attack wasn't needed as the radiating glow of <<Parry>> expired, or at least that was what the blunette was original expecting. As he moved out of his stance to activate the defensive skill he noticed that the aura didn't fade, "Huh, I guess that's new. I might need to take a day and figure out if anything has changed behaviorally in my kit. Still that's pretty useful." Calrex gave a small sigh and lowered his arms, seeing as his <<Quick Change>> cooldown was just about done. He'd be able to switch out his armament once again the next moment they get a chance to act, "Best just focus on recovering my energy for now. Looks like the others are going to focus on our segment to bring Levathan into striking range once again, plus my Hate is already high enough to keep in a good lead." Letting his breathing slow the bluenette's eyes slowly closed, the light blue indicators on his helmet slowly fading out to reflect this as he activated <<Meditation>>, his avatar form becoming more relaxed as a rejuvenating aura surrounded him for a moment. His energy pool took a significant jump upwards, becoming a more faded out section of his bar, now starting to become more and more opaque as time continued on. "Remain calm and focused, this battle is supposedly almost halfway done. Best not let anything slip now." His grip tightening around the Grand Legionbane the Ultramarine Knight readied himself for the next action the boss was going to take, but also prepared to respond accordingly.