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  1. Right as the last sahagin in front of him vanished Calrex looked as he saw the segment associated with his team began vulnerable once again, "Guess that means that in order to be able to strike we'll need to do that each time." Feeling a cold chill rush past him the bluenette turned to face towards the main body of Leviathan, seeing a frost breath emanating from its maw and down onto the field. His eyes darted left and right as he saw various players become frozen in place, cursing under his breath. Luckily it seemed some of his teammates were prepared, as Jomei, Mars, and Stryder all had protective layers peel off of their avatars from the effect. However, as the cold blast hit him the Ultramarine Knight felt his arms and legs start to cease up, "Tch...guess I missed this..." "Come on...I've dealt with things like this before with field bosses like Avalanche. I've got to be able to break free..." The dark blue surface of his armor began to freeze over as the Frostbite began to take effect, but at the same time it seemed like Calrex was slowly using force of will to keep his limbs moving. With each small movement cracks and scratches could be heard as his metallic armor began to grind on itself from the ice forming in the joints, "Come.....on..." Taking in air with his simulated lungs he brought energy into his avatar while his eyes locked onto the main form of the floor boss, trying to recruit as much of his strength as he could, putting it towards the main task at hand, "Focus...I can break out of this!" His entire body began to pulsate with radiating blue energy as he took in <<Focus Howl>>, slowly gaining more and more movement back as the effect started to break down. With one final push he released the energy he had stored up, unleashing a powerful roar as he heaved his whole body forward, the frost forming around him bursting into shards as he broke free while also increasing his aggro. Free from the effect the Ultramarine Knight dropped to one knee for a moment as he caught his breath before hefting the Grand Legionbane back onto his shoulder, ready to fight once again.
  2. The first cycle seemed to end for their team as the segment went down, Calrex's eyes glancing over to see that the Leviathan's main body had come into striking range, "An opening to strike? Nice that's good..." Hearing Jomei say he was attacking the main body the armored blue knight gave a nod as his eyes focused on the segment as it seemed to reform with a sparkling armored plating, as well as seeing four sahagins emerge and land in front of them, ready attack. Seeing their other teammate, Mars, also dash to strike the main part of the boss the bluenette's mind already focused on what he had to do, addressing @Hikoru and @Stryder. "Focus on attacking the main body! I'll keep the sahagins back!" Rushing forward he extended both arms to the side as the Grand Skypiercer and Grand Guard III vanished in a flash of light before the particles reformed into the shape of the Grand Legionbane as he executed Quick Switch to change his armament. His avatar body already felt extremely light from the change as he went into the stance to execute <<Explode Catapult>>, an intense bright blue aura immediately forming around the axe head a few moments after readying. A brief smirk came across Calrex's face beneath the expressionless helm as he used <<Charge> and shot forward like a bullet. Two wide swings managed to hit all four of the creatures, clustering them into a tight group as the Ultramarine Knight leapt upwards and came down with the final strike of his Sword Art, hitting them with as much as he could for an opening attack while also inflicting Stun due to his Bull Rush mod. Lifting the weapon onto his shoulder Calrex gave a small sigh, "It's a good thing I took that extended mod skill. Pretty much all of my current ones are active."
  3. "Got it..." "Well they certainly spent a good amount of time building up the atmosphere of this battle. One thing that's changed this time around is that we're all targeting different parts of the boss, I guess because this one is particularly large." As Jomei shot forward to attack the segment set aside for the first strike team Calrex's eyes locked onto the head of Leviathan, the Grand Skypiercer's spiraling blade swirling with distorted light blue energy. Choking up to halfway up the pole of the weapon he slammed it against the Grand Guard III, unleashing <<Focused Howl>> to target the creature and gain its attention before lowering into a defensive stance, ready for the creature's incoming attack that should follow. "The one thing that's concerning is if the segments also have skills or attack capabilities. If so we'll need to be ready to react. Hopefully the others will be table to take out segment down before that happens so that we can switch to going on the offensive."
  4. It was time for the next battle, and as per usual Calrex was already making his way over to the meeting area for players to prepare before the encounter started. Getting closer and closer to the area he could feel the simulated sensation of strong winds blowing against the front of his avatar, his hair being blown backwards, "Geeze if I had thin hair I'd be concerned with it getting pulled out from the front, at least if this was the real world." Tilting his head downwards he looked forward to see a handful of people already there getting themselves ready. After giving a nod to each of them he went over to a open spot and began swiping on his menu to get his raid gear equipped. His casual attire was quickly swapped out by the full body heavy armor, the Grand Chariot III. As his face disappeared behind the expressionless deep sea blue helm he gave a small sigh before a one-handed spear and massive tower shield appeared in his arms, the Grand Guard III and his new Grand Skypiercer, "Guess I'll start with the defensive array to begin so I can gain a quick lead in aggro for the team before I switch out to assault." Reviewing his skills the bluenette's eyes widened for a moment beneath his visor as he looked at his unique skill once more, "It got updated again...man what a terrible time to find out about it. Alright with these new changes I guess I've got to make use of that skill mod again, at least in order to offset some of this new weak point." Turning on all of his skill mods with his new expanded capabilities the Stonewall mod switched on for what felt like a long time ago, but at the same time he felt his body become slightly more heavy as his Evasion was reduced. Producing one of the quest items he received some time ago he made use of the Monkey Agility item as he felt his speed return back to what it was a few moments ago, "About the best I can do. Let's just hope this boss is not possessing any abilities that make exploit it specifically." Glanced around he saw that majority of his team was already present, albeit still getting ready. Giving a calming breath Calrex centered his senses as he awaited for the time to start heading down to the beach.
  5. A lot had passed as Calrex kept silent, seemingly being attentive to the conversation rather than zoning out like he did previously. That being said, the conversation did pass by like a blur. There was an initial bit of tension as a supposed veteran player stepped in, one that was around for the battles before the Ultramarine Knight himself had even stepped out of the Starting City for the first time. That being said, the bluenette himself had not seen the man named RyujinSeaLord for any of the battles he had been a part of. It almost made him chuckle when he departed with a quip, saying that any other veterans were dead, when Calrex was literally sitting right there. Nonetheless, He felt Jomei had handled the situation well, which meant he didn't have to step in. The young ginger-headed man had come a long way, and he seemed to be coming well into his own as a leader of a guild, as well as this raid. Now the point had come where teams were being discussed, and as the bluenette had guessed he would be the tank for one of the teams, although after some more deliberation his teammates had taken a slight switch, with Zandra being moved to a new team with... "Wait a second..." The familiar voice drew his full attention as his eyes shifted over to @Ariel - The Crowned Lion, who had come out of the shadows. It had been a fairly long time since he had seen or even heard mention of the Crowned Lion, but he gave a smile and a nod. Even with the previous things that had happened, it was still good to see that the blonde was still around. With @Jomei addressing him he gave a nod, "No problems with that. It should be noted that I've got both unarmed and battle axe grandmastered, so should our team still require AoE attacks I can switch between at the drop of a hat. In addition I've got a third setup I can change to specialized for building aggro just as quickly, so our team should be clear to go all out without fear of outpacing me and getting the enemies' attention."
  6. Upon receiving the message from Jomei, Calrex gave a rather stoic gaze at the message on his transparent HUD for a moment before closing his eyes, giving a small sigh and closing it with a swipe of his head, "Guess it's about that time. Of course it's a given that we want no nonsense, but we can't really take into account what might happen during the discussion. It certainly wouldn't be the first time that we've requested this before people decided to escalate." "It certain seems like nowadays the idea of being louder equals being right is more prevalent than ever." Getting to his feet the bluenette gazed out at the seemingly endless landscape in front of him, dotted with various suspended islands over a vast ocean, interconnected by pathways. It had been his first brief visit to the newly unlocked floor, mainly to just sit down and take in the scenery. He put his hands into his jacket pockets and gave a few more seconds to absorb what he was seeming before turning around, heading for the teleportation plaza. Stepping up to the circle his avatar vanished and manifested on the first floor, already knowing where to go. The meeting was being held at the same place as before, so it a rather short walk due to his familiarity with the route. "Looks like I'm fairly early this time around, either that or the turnout is going to be less than before." The people that entered into hi vision upon entering the meeting area were all familiar as he gave a silent nod to each as they vision crossed with his passing form before he took a seat a bit to the side, but at the very bottom row. This time around he intended to give his full attention, rather than zoning out for the past number of boss raid gatherings. "I understand that my role in any of these at this point is going to be a given, since I am carrying on Tristan's legacy by continuing to bear Achilles, but nonetheless there may be things that no one is really taking into account for. I'm certainly not the leader type, however that doesn't mean that I'm better off staying silent. Even leaders mess up, and it's the job of those working alongside to call them out when it happens." With a few swipes he sent a brief message to the ginger-haired man before settling into a comfortable sitting position. With his message sent Calrex looked up for a moment, seeing that Roc had materialized and perched on top of one of the pillars, casually rustling the feathers on his wings, as if to start cleaning.
  7. It wasn't exactly a dire situation, but things weren't looking good. Seeing his energy levels almost gone, Calrex knew that meant their group would be losing their constant damage output fairly quickly. Baldur wasn't having any luck at the moment with scoring a hit, and Hestia was also running extremely low on Energy to take actions, "Geeze I haven't seen this situation since I tried to solo large beasts on the twelfth floor..." Giving a small sigh the bluenette kept his center as he quickly analyzed the situation, as well as what to prioritize. He already knew his Energy was low, only enough for a single attempt with the Grand Legionbane. However, if it was successful that meant he could still potentially have enough for using Martial Arts, allowing them to potentially target another bat. The two that were low on health immediately became his focus. The massive two-headed axe shone bright blue as he readied <<Explode Catapult>> Before launching he turned to face Baldur, "Focus on the bat with the largest health. I'll see about taking out the two lesser ones in the next few moments." With that he shot forward, beelining for the first of the remaining bats. His weapon cut true as it smashed into the bat, knocking it bat to allow him space to move towards the second and lowest health bat, "This one needs to go down..." The axe came around as it smashed into the bat. A few moments after impact Calrex felt the resistance give way as his target burst into crystals. The final strike pulled him upwards as he flipped to try and come down on the third bat, but unfortunately his momentum pulled him too far as the axehead crashed into the rocks behind the creature, "Well it was worth a short. Now..." Quickly whirling around to keep his attention on the two remaining creatures the Grand Legionbane burst into smaller lights as the Ultramarine Knight activated <<Quick Switch>>, the clusters of luminescence converging on his forearms and solidifying into the Grand Gauntlets III as he switched to single-target attacks, smashing his right fist into his left hand. At the same time he took notice of his dynamic vision now having a slightly easier time tracking the monsters' movements, "Thank goodness I didn't decide to switch off my Precision modifier." @Baldur: 960/1090 ENG: 80/106 MIT: 79/39 EVA: 3 | DMG 19/36 Bleed | BH: 21 (Miss -2 energy, +1 regen) (Conc: 0/3) Hestia: 1425/1425 ENG: 47/138 MIT:151/75 DMG: 16 EVA:-1 Regen: 3 on CD:6 BH: heal 57 HP Thorns:54 Calrex: 1676/1765 ENG: 19/172 MIT:72/44 DMG: 16 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 2 | ACH: 0.6 | Thorns: 30 (Battle Healing +89) (0/13/11) Cave Bat 2: 75/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (Targeting Hestia) (0/6/13) Cave Bat 3: 154/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (Targeting Cal) (0/12/7) Cave Bat 4: 641/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (Targeting Hestia)
  8. While Baldur's previous outburst had grabbed his attention, as the conversation went on Calrex had begun to think that doing so would have begun to waste his mental energy. It was fairly clear to most people that the discussion was devolving and starting to stray away from objective thoughts on the fight, and more into some kind of internal feud. The Ultramarine Knight didn't know what had happened with the scouting of the floor this last time, but whatever did appeared to have created some bad blood between some of the participants, namely Shield and Hestia. He was fairly sure his own mentor was involved in it as well, but without any knowledge of what was going on the bluenette knew better than to start interjecting. Looking over at @Zuekin he gave a nod to get his attention, speaking low enough to not interrupt the exchanges happening further away, "Not going to lie this is far from what is usually expected to happen in the meetings. At least something usually gets done at this point. I'm probably gonna take my leave soon, but feel free to stick around if you wish." It was at this moment that he heard a different voice from the previous participants begin to speak, his eyes moving to lock onto Jomei as the ginger-haired rapier user began to voice his own thoughts. It seemed at this point Shield had stepped down from speaking and let the young man go in his stead. He was suggesting to call the meeting at this point to let everyone take a bit of time to cool off, and have a shorter one for finalizing plans. A small smirk crossed Calrex's lips as he pulled down his menu to summon his messaging center, beginning to type as he got up from where he was sitting. Since it was closer to the back the bluenette figured it wouldn't be as disruptive compared to someone at the front taking their leave. With that he looked over to Zuekin once again, "With that I'm heading out. I'll catch you around." As he got out of earshot of the meeting area he pressed the button to send a direct message to @Jomei: The message sent he put his hands into his jacket pockets and headed for the teleportation plaza, "In the meantime better get started on my own preparations." (Calrex Exits the Thread)
  9. "Other guy? Geeze I must have been more zoned out that I thought." As Calrex's senses became a bit more alert his memory reminded him of seeing Hikoru talking to Zuekin a few moments before he himself had spoke, "Man I really really to get back into the groove of things. It almost feels like I'm going on autopilot now more than ever. Probably not the best thing with the frontlines in the current state that they are in." His mind was still partially in this tuned out state, but he was able to boil down what was being discussed, as most of it was going to be the division of teams and their composition. Most of the discussion relating to his own spot was being placed alongside Zandra, Hikoru, Jomei, and the seemingly masked person that had joined in as well, "That guy seems fairly familiar, but it's been a while, so even if I did know them maybe they had changed their appearance from when I last saw them. Nonetheless, it looks like the team is going to be composed of regular veterans.." It was at this point his attention was fully grabbed when he heard a raised voice, from someone he was not expecting. The volume was one that caught him off guard for a second because of how close in proximity it was, as well as who it was coming from. Baldur seemed to snap at whatever the cloaked player had said previously before storming out of the gathering, "That...rather unusual for Baldur. For the man that trained me so much on the idea of mushin, that outburst seemed out in left field. Maybe I'll need to catch up to him later, but right now he probably needs a bit of time to cool off." His eyes moved over onto the figure once again as the young man, at least from the tone of their voice, clarified what they had said, "Well I guess there was some miscommunication there, at least from what I can gather. Geeze I really need to start paying more attention to these meetings. At least that last thing's got my full attention now." With that the teams appeared to be laid out for everyone to review and discuss. The last thing Hestia had thrown in was that Jomei was in a bit of a flexible position at the moment, with his team placement being determined by Macradon's capability in participating in the raid. With that the bluenette gave a small sigh as he let his mind think of their composition, "Zandra I know for sure specializes in AoE damage, while Hikoru with his skill can basically be consistently be dealing focused target damage without having to worry about gaining more Hate due to his unique skill. The young man over there seemingly appears to specialize in straight sword, so he would be a bit of a flex role. So the question at that point would be whether I start out with single target to focus the boss as well, or use AoE to potentially gain Hate on multiple enemies that appear. The other question will be if I can get the new Skypiercer commissioned from Oikawa in time, because if so then at least I can start with that before changing out."
  10. After arriving at the location Calrex had decided to take a step back from the main cluster of people that were seemingly sitting closer to interact with the discussion. After spending so much time at so many of these raid meetings, the bluenette decided to take a step back from the conversation, opting to focus on listening to what was said. "Wonder what the boss is going to be this time around. Hopefully nothing that might throw psychological trickery like the last one." He wasn't alone where he was sitting for long when he head someone address him. Turning to the side he saw it was a young man he had gone on a quest with recently, @Zuekin. It appeared that he was out of his golden armor, opting for more casual attire. It made sense with the fact that they were in the safe zone area. There was no fear of attacks out of nowhere unless you had accidentally fallen asleep. "Oh hey, guess it has been a while since the queen quest hasn't it. Well, guess this is probably the best opportunity for you at this point. This is actually the meeting for the next floor raid. Of course, since I'm one of the regulars for the battle, I received an invite to attend. Seems this time around they didn't have it at an isolated location, so if you want to get an idea of what goes into the floor battles feel free to listen in." From his further back position the Ultramarine Knight could recognize many familiar faces among the people arriving. In fact, Calrex was only not familiar with one person that had arrived a bit before himself. Everyone else were returning faces. However, one he was not expecting to see after the end of the last battle, the rapier wielding @Jomei, "I thought he and Telrenya had taken a break from the frontlines after the last battle because of what had happened. Guess he's here because the frontlines has taken a large hit to participants, or because he wants to see if we've really bounced back from the end of the last battle." The second thing was that @Zandra had approached the ginger-haired man, seemingly with different mannerisms from their past interactions. After all they had been through, Calrex was aware of the animosity from their history. But from the body language it seemed they were starting to move past that. A small earnest smile came across his lips for a moment before vanishing back under his indifferent expression, "Guess that's a good thing to see. Hopefully those two get to being on good terms again." With that he began to focus on what @Hestia was mentioning about what was gathered from the labyrinth trial in order to unlock the boss fight. A lot was mentioned, the environment, as well as some of the lore behind the boss, but that seemed to trigger a memory in the back of his mind, "I do remember back on the eleventh floor that there was a beach where I found a random event that I ended up passing on, but also almost nearby dying as a result. That was a supposed battle with the mythological creature Leviathan. I wonder if Whorleater draws from similar lore. The large 'something-made' holes in the cliffs would probably attest to that, since natural formations wouldn't have such a thing. But the fire and ice doesn't seem to coincide with that. Leviathan was a massive creature of the sea that wields water-based attacks such as geyser breath and summoning tidal waves. This has to be something different."
  11. Calrex

    [OP:F13] Crimson Teayres

    Time seemed to pass quickly as many interactions happened with and without his involvement very quickly. As Teayre called to him from the back, also mentioning that someone was there he had previously been on guard, his right first already clenched and ready to unleash a <<Charge>> powered <<All Might>>, but before he could do so suddenly he saw a familiar face storm past and began to verbally assault the Crimson Maiden. His eyes locked onto Macradon, but only after he and his familiar stormed out. It seemed with that most of the previous tension had subsided as he gave a small sigh, swiping on his menu to store away the Grand Chariot III armor, "I should be alright relying on just Achilles at this point." The timing couldn't have been more perfect as he felt the peck of his wife's lips on his cheek and mouth before stepping past, inviting Macradon and apparently another person outside in to sit. Recognizing Teayre's request the bluenette gave a nod, "Of course, this something that you alone can do. I won't get directly involved if it is not necessary, but if things are appearing to escalate I won't hesitate to step in." This was reaffirmed with Macradon's request for him to be the his mediator for the upcoming tense conversation. Calrex gave a nod as he spoke, "Of course, if things get to that point I'll be sure to remind and attempt to deescalate. Rest assured that I'll do my best that everyone engaged in this conversation will walk away." Hestia's entrance brought him a brief bit of relief as well, as having two tank players, with one also being a healer, meant that it would be a little bit easier to make good on his statement. While the others took seats in the areas in the entry room he leaned against the frame leading back into the workshop as he briefly drafted a message to send out should things start to go south, "If I need backup I know at least a handful of people that should be free and able to get here quickly. I'll have this message primed and ready, but I'll really need to be careful about judging this interaction. Hopefully Teayre is aware of this as well." @Teayre @Macradon @Hestia @Chisono
  12. It was only a matter of time since the meeting of the minds that Calrex had attended that he suspected the next raid meeting would be called to order. As he exited the Amethyst Boutique he gave a small sigh to himself as he glanced back, his eyes lingering on the closed door for a moment before he faced forward once again, "The days really seem to be flowing together seamless now. Never that I'd experience something like that, but I guess that's part of being trapped in a game while your body is on life support." Within a couple of minutes he came into viewing distance of the teleportation circle for the thirteenth floor as he pulled down his menu to select the location, choosing the Starting City to transport to. Before he pushed the button his finger lingered over it for a moment as his eyes stared at the transparent screen for a moment. Swiping it to the side he pulled up his messaging center to draft a message before his form vanished, reappearing in the plaza of the first floor safe zone. From there it wasn't a far trek to where the other frontliners would supposedly be gathering. Clothed i his casual combat attire he placed his hands in his jacket pockets, "Not far now..."
  13. There was a lot of movement from the bats from his last attack, most of it being a shift in attention. The three remaining were dodging back and forth to avoid Baldur's movements. It seemed that the Western samurai was having trouble tracking their movements. It was only with Roc's help that the bluenette was able to do so well so far. An opportunity presented itself as Hestia used <<Howl>> to try and get their attention, and that was enough for them to pause and create an opening for Calrex to strike. Before she could speak his greataxe was already burning light blue with the light of <<Explode Catapult>> charged up to attack. His body locking into the grip of the assisted system he was jerked forward towards the first of the remaining creatures, "This time let's get all three of them...one..." The first of his three strikes hit true, slamming into the bat's abdomen to push it forward as his form arced to guide him over to the second bat, "two..." The second strike also found its mark as it routed both bats towards the third and final bat as the Ultramarine Knight leapt into the air, weapon overhead, "Three!" The final strike came down and smashed into all three of the bats, with a red number flying past for the final back to signify the critical hit. With the attack completed Calrex began to feel the effect of his extremely low energy levels as the Grand Legionbane's weight became increasingly more difficult to move through space. He hefted it back to rest against his shoulder as he gave a small exhale, "I've got maybe one more completely successful attack in me before I'm spent...this is certainly going to be a while if we don't capitalize soon." @Baldur: 939/1090 ENG: 81/106 MIT: 79/39 EVA: 3 | DMG 19/36 Bleed | BH: 21 (Miss -2 energy, +1 regen) (Conc: 0/3) Hestia: 1425/1425 ENG: 56/138 MIT:151/75 DMG: 16 EVA:-1 Regen: 3 on CD:6 BH: heal 57 HP Thorns:54 Calrex: 1587/1765 ENG: 36/172 MIT:72/44 DMG: 16 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 | ACH: 0.6 | Thorns: 30 (Battle Healing +89) (0/10/10) Cave Bat 2: 224/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (Targeting Cal) (0/3/11) Cave Bat 3: 184/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (Targeting Cal) (0/9/7) Cave Bat 4: 695/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (Targeting Hestia)
  14. Calrex

    [OP:F13] Crimson Teayres

    It had only been a short period of time since he had stepped out of the shop, the bluenette's mind already to some level in auto-pilot as he had begun to make his way past the mobs towards the safe zone on the thirteenth floor. After all of his concern the past months that they would be more aggressive and attack the shop, it seemed in the end the combined level of himself and Teayre was more than enough of a deterrent, as there were small scratches at most on the exterior, but nothing more. "How long has it been since she stopped leaving the shop..." "I've been in and out, but for the most part I haven't seen Tea moving when I've been in. She's been mostly transitioning from one resting place to another. I don't think I've even seen her at her workbench since her unique ability had vanished from her inventory." As he was about to pass the boundary it was then he swore he had heard a scream from back in the direction he had come from. For the thirteenth floor that wasn't exactly uncommon, but the voice was too familiar to pass on, especially with what he could make out of the wail. He turned around, seeing that the light from the doorway of the Amethyst Boutique had been revealed, something out of the ordinary since he always made sure to keep it closed as he left, "Did someone leave...or go in?" "I probably shouldn't leave it to chance, not with the way things are right now.[/i]" He had been originally carrying the massive axe-sword dubbed the Grand Legionbane when he had first stepped out, but with a quick swing to the side it vanished from his hand in brusts of light before seemingly reshaping into a pair of heavy armored gauntlets that surrounded his forearms, the Grand Gauntlets III. Breaking into a sprint he performed another few swipes on his menu as his unarmored self became encapsulated in the dark blue armor of the Grand Chariot III, with the Rebellion of Sapphire landing around his neck. It didn't take long for him to cross the distance as he slowed to a stop, the clanking metal of his footsteps becoming silent as he neared the door. Peeking inside to make sure no mobs had wandered in he gave a small sigh before stepping in, turning to close the door behind him. Once quick glance could tell that no one was in the front part of the shop before he stepped into the doorway leading to the back, "Tea, are you in here?"
  15. With the field boss eliminated Calrex let his guard lower for a moment as he swiped on his menu, deciding to change out his equipment for his standard array of gear, "The Grand Skypiercer seemed to work for this battle, but that excessive Accuracy bonus is something that's not going to be useful in any more difficult fights. I think I might need to go revisit Oikawa again to get it remade with a different stat in that slot." The spear and shield vanished in a flash as they were replaced by the Grand Gauntlets III, the deep blue arm protectors surrounding his forearms as the bluenette turned to face his teammate, "Oh no worries, there no need for..." Before he could completed his response it seemed the young man was already preparing some tea. Something new to the Ultramarine Knight, at least in their current environment. It was also a sight to see someone actively brewing tea in the wake of a battle. A smirk came across Calrex's lips for a moment before he gave a nod, "Well if you're offering then sure I'll be glad to partake in a cup." As the tea steeped Zuekin seemed to take the moment to meditate. Something out of the ordinary for the current situation as well, but the bluenette was well acquainted with the necessity to do so, "Before when I didn't do so I did feel my emotions be a little more in control of my actions than my mind. Baldur really did ingrain into me the need to make sure that doesn't happen again, but to have my emotions be fuel rather than the guide to my movements." With the brewing complete he stepped forward with a nod, accepting the cup with both hands before taking a seat, sipping on the tea, "Definitely a well brewed cup, thank you again for this, it is much appreciated."