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      Donations and Recognition!   12/22/2016

      Hello everyone! We are becoming a huge community and that doesn't come cheap. All staff here are volunteers and do this because they love the site. Right now, everything is paid out of pocket, by Erroneous. We would love for you to donate in order to help out with the site costs (i.e. Forum License, Domain Name, Hosting) so that we can keep Security and Forum Software up to date and possibly add some new features. If you do decide to donate, we have some fun, snazzy gifts of appreciation for you ;) Please message me (Shark) so we can get you the gifts of appreciation! We thank you for your support! Please use this link for more info   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Donate Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the donate button.

      NOTABLE DONORS LIST Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Percival Row  Teayre Nezumi Zandra Alice Arc Atzo Baldur Claim Corvo Dominion Genji Ignavus_veneficus Jomei Kaya Kimi Lee Lessa Mack Macradon Nocturn Persephone Piera Ruus Sarial Hawke Shi Unyeilding Vale To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/21/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

      "Who is on these teams?" Well the answer to that lies below! Floor Team Systems & Clarifications Team Player Support Team
      Minecraft Development Team
      * - Denotes Team Lead

      We also have a team to work on and develop the current systems but that team will search for its members and is not allowed to be applied to.

      Now you may be asking, "Shark, how does one apply to the Staff Team?" And I have but 1 simple answer!
      Go read this thread and it may answer all your questions!

      If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I will answer your questions about staff. (Only the format of teams and/or the application process)
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      Holiday Event   02/07/2018

      A Brand new holiday event is now live! Free for everyone to enjoy! <3 And a brand new, limited time only quest that pairs can take, and enjoy! <3 Wishing Everyone a very happy Valentines Day! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo~~~~~~~~~~~~
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      Patch Notes: Crafting and Adventuring Update   02/19/2018

      <<Crafting and Adventuring Update>>
      SAO-RPG Patch 2.5.1 Timeline Update! Please note that the following is out of character knowledge.
      Time progresses at a different rate in the game than in our characters' real lives. As of November 6, 2017 (OOC real time), characters should have the perception that 2 years have passed since the game's launch. This will continue to roughly mirror the passage of real time until the game's completion. The note that the perception of time is different in-game is to allow the idea that a set amount of time has passed in the real world (likely 2 years) upon the game's completion, regardless of how long it takes for the site to clear all 100 floors. We hope to release more changes soon that will streamline boss fights and floor clearing, as well as help new players establish themselves despite the time gap, but hopefully this timeline serves as a helpful tool for players throughout the rest of our time spent clearing the game. Site Changes: A post count feature has been added to the site. The number of each post (i.e. #1) now displays on the top-right, beside the "Link Post" feature. General Rule Changes: Word count requirement for posts in which a player is stunned or paralyzed has been reduced to 100 from 150. PvP and Player Killing Rules have been updated: No player can kill another without OOC permission. The rule for initiative rolls on Unauthorized Combat have been removed. The NPC Guard mechanic has been removed. Characters under Level 5 are eligible to claim a New Character Bundle, regardless of when their journal was created. Unidentified items, when obtained in a thread, no longer have to be declared until they are identified by a Merchant. For example, a weapon drop can be claimed from a locked thread as an Unidentified T1 Weapon, rather than an Unidentified T1 2H Assault Spear. When identifying an item, the Merchant should then specify the item type in their roll(s). To clarify, items leaving locked threads should be specified according to the loot tables as: Weapon, Shield, Armor, Consumable. The Loot Table has been slightly adjusted, mainly to increase the number of consumables dropped from monsters. Crafting Changes:
      A note to all crafters: Be sure you are transferring your materials (col for Merchants) to the @Banker account when crafting. The <<Earning a Living>> quest has been updated, and is now profession-specific. Three new crafting/gathering-based quests have been added: <<Nature's Treasure>>, <<Witch of the West>>, and <<Challenge of Olympus>>. +CD bonuses for crafting have been reintroduced. These can be obtained through the new quests <<Challenge of Olympus>> & <<Witch of the West>>. Merchants: The chance to successfully identify a unique enhancement now scales with Merchant Rank. The identification chart for Consumables has been reworked. The process of identifying consumables has changed. Identification prices have been reduced by 20%. General stock items have been adjusted. Blank Recording Crystals have been removed, and five new items have been added: Glow Stone, Single/Double Tents, Spyglass, and Water Canister. Alchemists/Cooks: Enhancement lists for both professions have been reworked. Successful crafts now have a chance to yield additional items. The Crafting Die Result charts have been updated. Performers: Song types have been adjusted. Enhancement list has been reworked. Successful crafts now have a chance to become 'Masterpieces'. This allows the craft to be submitted for evaluation with an additional effect. Skill Changes: Hiding Mod: Surprise Attack Has been split into two mods: Surprise Attack (Assassin) Cost: 15 SP Passive Effect: Attacks made from stealth cannot miss. Attacking from stealth grants +2 DMG. Stuns and other status effects (Bleed, Paralysis, Burn, etc) cannot trigger. Cannot posses both Surprise Attack (Assassin) and Surprise Attack (Trickster). Description: You have mastered hiding, and now can move so silently that the target has no time to react, guaranteeing a hit. You focus on hitting critical zones and exploiting your target's weak points, allowing for bonus damage. Surprise Attack (Trickster) Cost: 15 SP Passive Effect: Attacks made from stealth cannot miss. Attacking from stealth reduces final damage by 50% and automatically applies all status effects (Bleed, Paralysis, Burn, etc) the player possesses on active equipment/consumables. Cannot posses both Surprise Attack (Trickster) and Surprise Attack (Assassin). Description: You have mastered hiding, and now can move so silently that the target has no time to react, guaranteeing a hit. You focus on slipping past the enemy's defenses and sacrifice strength in order to apply as many status effects as possible. Mod: Vanish Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, from 5 Turns. Energize Can only affect target party member. Mod: Hyperactive Increases energy regeneration of target player by 3 for three turns, up from 2 for two turns. Can only affect target party member. Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, from 5 Turns. Energy cost increased to 5, from 3. First Aid Mod: Purify Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 2 rounds. Mod: Sharpness Energy cost increased to 12, up from 8. Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 3 Turns. Mod: Barrier Energy cost increased to 12, up from 8. Cooldown reduced to 1 Turn from 3 Turns. Effect now applies a Safeguard effect to target party member that lasts until the beginning of the user's next turn. Does not stack with the Safeguard enhancement. A player can only be targeted by Barrier once per combat. Mod: Field Medic Cooldown reduced to 3 Turns, down from 5 Turns. Fighting Spirit Now affects hate-generating abilities (Howl & Focused Howl) Enhancement Changes: Thorns: Damage increased to (9 per slot * Tier) from (7 per slot * Tier).  Effect has been updated to specify that only damage dealing, melee attacks trigger Thorns. [Performer] HP Recovery Reduced to (20 per slot * Tier), down from (40 * Tier) per slot. Mass HP Recovery has been removed. Monster Call has been reworked into two different enhancements: Monsters' Fortune Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 3 Slots Effect: When played, gain +1 LD per slot when rolling for loot on the next monster killed. Monsters' Favor Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 3 Slots Effect: When played, gain +1 CD per slot when rolling for loot on the next monster killed. Familiar Call Renamed to Familiar Sight. Grants +2 LD when searching for a familiar, up from +1. Incarceration Effect now applies to one target. Effect now lasts for one battle. New Enhancement: Perpetuate Cost: 3 Slots Cap: 1 Slot Effect: When played, doubles the length of damage over time effects (Bleed/Poison/Burn, etc.) on a single target. Effect lasts for one battle. Applicable to: Debuff Song Misperception Effect now applies to one target. Effect now lasts for one battle. Hypnosis Cap reduced to 2 slots, down from 3. Effect now lasts for one battle. Lullaby Cap reduced to 2 slots, down from 3. Effect now lasts for one battle. Mesmerism and Berceuse have been removed. [Alchemist] Damage No longer scales with Tier. Mitigation Reduced to (5 per slot * Tier), down from (9 per slot * Tier). HP Recovery Reduced to (20 per slot * Tier), down from (40 * Tier) per slot. Mass HP Recovery Reduced to (30 * Target's Tier), down from (45 * Tier). Over-Health Cost reduced to 1 slot, down from 3 slots. Cap increased to 3 slots, up from 1 slot. Reduced to (15 per slot * Tier), down from (50 * Tier). Antidote Effect now grants immunity to negative status effects (Paralyze, Bleed, etc.) for a number of turns equal to the slots used. For example, if a player uses an Uncommon Antidote (1 slot), and is then affected by Burn for 2 turns, they would negate the damage from the first turn, and then take the appropriate damage on the second turn, as their protection from Antidote has run out. Toxic Venom Adjusted to (8 * Tier) damage over 3 turns, from (6 * Tier) damage over 4 turns. [Cook] New enhancement: Evasion Cost: 1 Slot Cap: 2 Slots Effect: Reduces the die value by (1 per slot) on an enemy’s attack against you. Cannot be used to avoid a critical hit. Applicable to: Snacks, Desserts, Meals, Feasts Mitigation Reduced to (5 per slot * Tier), down from (9 per slot * Tier). Over-Health Cost reduced to 1 slot, down from 3 slots. Cap increased to 3 slots, up from 1 slot. Reduced to (15 per slot * Tier), down from (50 * Tier). Protein Cap reduced to 2, down from 3. Effect reduced to (1 per slot) base damage and -(5 per slot * Tier) mitigation, down from (1 * Tier) base damage per slot and -(9 per slot * Tier) mitigation. Item Changes: <<Banner of Command>>, <<Banner of Leadership>>, <<Banner of Inspiration>>, <<Banner of Support>>, and <<Banner of Greater Support>> no longer have the ability to be recharged. Any players that have one of these items may continue to use them until their current number of charges have been depleted, after which they become vanity items. <<Name Tags>> now can not only change the name of an item, but the description/appearance as well. This includes any Name Tags received in the Fireworks Festival Raffle. Quest Changes: Quest Revamp: <<Earning a Living>> Whether you are looking to start crafting for the first time, or wish to change your current profession, the <<Earning a Living>> quest has been reworked and flavored for each profession. Materials gathered and a single item crafted in this quest are yours to keep, along with the ability to open a shop for your desired profession and some bonus materials to get you started. <<Earning a Living: Blacksmith>> <<Earning a Living: Tailor>> <<Earning a Living: Artisan>> <<Earning a Living: Alchemist>> <<Earning a Living: Cook>> <<Earning a Living: Performer>> <<Earning a Living: Merchant>> Quest Revamp: <<Witch of the West>> Witch of the West is a quest specifically for players who have a profession that takes place on floor fifteen.  By defeating the monsters and the boss players can receive a +CD consumable for their profession specifically.  By taking the quest again, you do not have to fight the boss but still must face the mobs in order to obtain the item. Quest Revamp <<The Iron Guardian> Loot drop changed from the <<Banner of Support>> to the <<Crystal of Support>> a mass healing crystal. New Quest: <<Nature's Treasure>> On each tier's first floor, players are able to take the quest.  The quest itself is designed to make material grinding easier whether you are actively searching for materials, fishing for materials, or fighting mobs for materials. New Quest: <<Challenge Of Olympus>> After reaching Rank 2 in a profession, players are eligible for a quest on the seventeenth floor in which they have a chance to accept a challenge from one of the Greek Gods/Goddesses in order to prove their worth as a crafter. This is an RP-focused quest for players who enjoy crafting, which awards a permanent +CD item to be used in a shop. <<Challenge Of Olympus: Blacksmith>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Tailor>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Artisan>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Alchemist>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Cook>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Performer>> <<Challenge Of Olympus: Merchant>> New Quest: <<Trouble in The Mines>> Mining on Floor Twenty One has ceased to a halt with the appearance of Drakelings in the mines. The town has requested your help in clearing them out, so they can resume work. Of course, bringing back proof of your exploits will be rewarded handsomely.  New Quest: <<Betrayal of The King>> Rumors of an old king long forgotten have began to resurface, bringing about fear that he had been resurrected. It is up to the players to stop him, and return this dangerous King back to the land of the dead. Those who complete this task will be reward not only with Col and SP, but the chance to obtain T3 equipment.  New Quest: <<The Hidden Village>> Players have been tasked with finding out more about the town of Charko, which has remained shrouded in shadow. Though the trip through the tunnels does not prove to be simple, as powerful monsters stand in the way of the players' discovery. After bypassing these mobs through either combat or stealth, it will be up to them to determine whether Charko stays a secret, or is revealed.  New Quest: <<Burning Phoenix Feathers>> Rumors of a powerful item that can change the look or description of an item have surfaced, and that these Name Tags are dropped by a powerful phoenix.  New Quest: <<Bane of Blood>> Word has been received that upon the fifteenth floor, a new more vicious wolf alpha has been terrorizing travelers and merchants. Bulletins of the beast are posted on exits to the city. Many merchants are fearful to travel around, and the city is becoming more afraid of not being able to get the supplies they need. Towns have gathered col and a few other rewards for the person or party who hunts down these powerful beasts and returns for the reward alive.  New Quest: <<The Swashbuckling Buccaneer>> Players will find themselves fighting against a crew of cunning pirates in the hopes of being rewarded handsomely with Col and other treasure.  New Quest: <<Keep Calm and Ki'Raion>> Rumour spreads of an exceedingly powerful monster, hidden deep in the far Eastern reaches of the 19th floor. Those that hunt down this Field Boss will find that its patterns change depending on the time of day this boss is discovered. Players will be rewarded with Col, SP, and Equipment for the defeat of this boss.  New Quest: <<The King of Lakes>> At the bottom of the Lake of Reflections lurks a powerful aquatic monster that has evaded many fisherman's lines for months. However, one fisherman has revealed he may know the trick to fishing him up. He sends you out to retrieve the bait before giving you a shot at catching the powerful King of Lakes.  New Quest: <<What We Fight For>> Deep in the Forest of Memories lies a chamber that has been said to reveal to players what they miss most of their real world outside of SAO. Housing Changes: Guild Hall Costs have been reduced. Room upgrade cost lowered to 15,000 col. Players who have spent col to upgrade rooms since the initial housing update have been reimbursed. Living Room Effect changed to: “Increases HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts” Dining Room, Living Room, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Extended Workshop, and Mega Slime Farm slot cost reduced to 1, down from 2. Dining Hall room slot cost reduced to 2, down from 4. Removed restriction for having both a Basic Kitchen and a Chef’s Kitchen. Basic Kitchen is now able to create Tier-specific food items. The material costs for using a Basic Kitchen has slightly increased. Limited the maximum number of items created per thread to 3. Dining Hall and Dining Room effects have been reworked. Basement buff increased to +2 from +1. Cooldown changed to once every 10 posts(total), from once per thread. Clarification added: Food items created with a Basic Kitchen may be traded to and used by other players, but still may not be used outside of the thread they are created. The ability to Upgrade/Downgrade Plots of Land has been added.


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  1. [OP-F2] Boss Raid Meeting

    By the time that the Ultramarine Knight had arrived, the meeting seemed to have just started, at least with the sharing of what was found about the next floor boss. He wasn't sure whether or not to actually be surprised that the next floor boss had been discovered before most of the community even had time to survey the newly opened landscape. Even he himself wasn't able to do so, partially because he had been trapped in a crystal for a little bit after the boss fight had ended, "I swear I'm going to be finding crystal pieces on my clothing for the next few days." Making sure he gave a yawn before moving into the communication space Calrex put his hands calmly into his jacket pockets and moved so that he could hear what was being discussed. His eyes casually scanned the group, seeing a lot of returning players that he had come to fight alongside more than a few times in the past. He gave a nod to each of them as to not disrupt the conversation being held. To his slight disappointment though, what he had gathered about the boss was something he found to be a constant, and borderline gimmicky, mechanic to it. Paralysis and Stun. In certain situations or occasionally activated, it would make a fight more interesting. But it seemed like the Cardinal system was trying to beat the frontliners over the head with being unable to move, "Geezes with so much stunning abilities might as well bring a blender so that you have something to drink while you wait to be able to move again." Crossing his arms for a moment he decided to chime in, "Going from what tank build characters are here, it'd be a good reminder that the Parry skill negates the stun and paralysis effects of the next successful attack on you. Depending on whether this boss is going to be alone or with minions, it would be wise to make it so that any stunning attacks the boss throws out is absorbed by players that are capable of enduring the blow without being stunning. If stunning is really going to be a thing for this fight, then there's also the chance it has an immunity to the effect. We might as well be fighting Mack's old stun lock strategy embodied in a boss."
  2. ID: 96025 Battle Dice: 10 (Accuracy +3) = 13 (+2 Damage) Sword Art: All Might (17 Energy Used / 1 Recovered / 44 Remaining)(20x15) - 135 = 165 Damage to Tesseleth "This battle seems to be nearing its close, unless there's some weird trick this boss still has up its sleeve. I haven't seen any game-changing tactics like that just yet, and I think I appreciate that Aincrad has decided to go for any cheap tricks like that. There's more than enough of those in regular explorations." Watching as Tesseleth's health dropped into the red zone of its last health bar Calrex gave a calm breath while briefly closing his eyes, clenching his right hand into a fist once again. The light of <<All Might>> returned once again with an even brighter intensity than before. The afterburner visual effect seemed to be even stronger now, and when he rushed forward it seemed like he had a rocket attached to his arm. Right after Macradon scored his own attack on the massive dragon the Ultramarine Knight immediately followed up and flew towards Tesseleth's face once again, as if he had completely disregarded the fact the boss had just chomped down on him previously. Bringing his fist back his eyes focused once again in the same area he had struck the past two times. Sending his punch forward it smashed into the same area, but this time it felt different. The impact was stronger, but the resistance was lessened, not so much by a reduction in mitigation, but wearing over time. "Geezes...did I just take out a tooth? I meant that as a joke." He didn't have time to confirm the visual result, but the critical red numbers flew by his vision once again before his momentum gave out and he dropped back to ground level.
  3. ID: 95513 Battle Dice: 9 (Accuracy +3) = 12 (+1 Damage) Sword Art: All Might (17 Energy Used / 1 Recovered / 60 Remaining) (19x15) - 135 = 150 Damage to Tesseleth With only the floor boss remaining Calrex watched as each of the teams cycled through, almost like moments in time as they struck at the massive dragon, the creature snapping, growling, and literally flaming at the mouth to try and take them down. No one had fallen into a critical state, but just by looking at the creature's health bar they still had a decent amount of health to go. Calrex gave a small sigh and shook his right arm for a few seconds before Macradon charged in, following in the white and red colored knight's shadow. His teammate's attack had whiffed, striking at air, but that didn't mean that they were not going to be able to contribute anything for their turn. As the massive greatsword bounced off of the dragon's scales the Ultramarine Knight jumped upwards, landing for a brief moment on Macradon's sword, "Borrowing this for a quick sec!" Kicking off of the tip of the weapon Calrex launched himself upwards, his right fist glowing with a greater intensity than the past few strikes as his comparatively smaller form was carried up to Tesseleth's massive maw, still clamped shut from the second team's assault. With a small exhale to steady his arm he pulled back and shot his fist forward, <<All Might>> slamming into the side of its mouth once again, "That felt a lot easier than last time." As if to signify this the bluenette saw a single red number fly away from the boss' form, a critical hit, as he descended back down to the ground.
  4. ID: 95111 Battle Dice: 4 (Accuracy +3) = 7 Sword Art: All Might (17 Energy Used / 1 Recovered / 76 Remaining) (18x15) - 90 = 180 DMG to Dragon Knight The enemy numbers were dwindling as two of the three remaining knights was destroyed with another barrage from the two larger teams. They were gaining momentum again, enough to make one more push to hopefully drop this floor boss for good. Calrex gave a small sigh as his eyes calmly scanned the battlefield, watching various players taking their opportunities to rush in and strike before stepping back, like waves on a beach that crash against a rock. With every wash over the stone, it would eventually wear down and break. This was no different. Macradon rushed forward, buying them an opening they had not been granted for at least a few rotations, a round of stunned monsters. While the Ultramarine Knight had initially continued the assault on the massive dragon that was Tesseleth the Tyrant, that was not the case for his current moment. The final knight's health had dropped to critical levels, enough that he thought he could finish it off so that the other teams could focus all of their attacks towards the boss, "Alright, targeting the knight then. This one's going down." Clenching his right hand into a fist <<All Might>> surrounded the striking limb, causing it to glow ablaze with light blue energy. Like his arm had turned into a flaming turbine the gauntlet's forearm opening released small shining blue particles like an afterburner. Rushing forward the bluenette let his body be carried by the assisted system before driving his punch into the knight's helm, feeling and hearing the metal collapse before it completely caved in, the structural integrity of the protective armor suffering catastrophic failure as it was knocked away before bursting into crystals. Sliding to a stop Calrex gave a small exhale as he looked towards their remaining foe, ready for act again on a moment's notice.
  5. ID: 94805 Battle Dice: 6 (Accuracy +3) = 9 Sword Art: All Might (17 Energy Used / 1 Recovered / 92 Remaining)(18x15) - 135 = 135 DMG to Tesseleth The previous blow that the massive dragon dealt to the bluenette was something he made note of, not so much for the damage itself, but the fact that Tesseleth was still more than capable of landing a shot on him. It was plain to tell from the course of the battle that this creature wasn't agile, but made up for it with accurate strikes to make sure that majority of its attacks landed, "Kind of reminds me of Dom's build back when he was alive, sacrificing Evasion for consistency and damage. Guess he really did live up to his Dreadnaught nickname." However, this battle was far from over, as the other two teams darted in, some of them meeting more unfortunately responses to their attacks. Still, none of them had reached a particularly dangerous level at this point of the battle, from what Calrex could tell. Even so, it wasn't like he was going to be able to do anything about it, since the restrictions of the game prevented him from doing so. Glancing over the Ultramarine Knight could already tell that Macradon was getting ready to act upon his previous suggestion, his dark blue eyes focusing on the dragon once again. Closing his right hand into a fist the gauntlet lit up with the shining blue aura of <<All Might>> once again. Squeezing his fingers even tighter to his palm Calrex shot forward, guided by the assisted system as his body shot upwards, bringing him up to Tesseleth's face before unleashing another powerful punch to the creature's jaw, "Same side too...geezes that's gonna leave a mark."
  6. ID: 94253 Battle Dice: 6 (Accuracy +3) Sword Art: All Might (17 Energy Used / 1 Recovered / 108 Remaining) (18x15) - 135 = 135 DMG to Tesseleth As three more knights were freed and set upon the raid teams, Calrex gave a small sigh, letting his mind continue to remain focused. For the most part, it still seemed like the teams were holding up in terms of health and defenses. The tanks were still high enough to endure incoming blows, and the damage dealers were not completely spent on energy. Healers were making sure to do their part as well, although from what the bluenette could tell dedicated healers were becoming fewer and far between. Macradon took the first strike of the group as he charged forward and managed to Stun or Paralyze two of the knights, with one remaining and able to act, "Right now they're not out priority, especially with one team member..." Before he could finish his thought the Ultramarine Knight turned to see that their third party member, the one who possessed Dual Blades and in turn the highest damage, had pulled out a teleport crystal while still spouting whatever nonsense the man had continued to state throughout the entirety of the fight. Such types were maybe at best entertaining, and while Calrex wanted to say something he could understand why Death_Adder decided to back out. His weapons had shattered, something he had never seen previously throughout the entirety of Aincrad, which meant that he could no longer fight. "Likely didn't bring any backups either." "Whelp, guess that's what happens with one-trick ponies. Looks like it's just you and me now Mac. If those knights aren't down by the time our team comes round again I'll leave them to you. Meanwhile I'll see if I can break a tooth off of this dragon's mouth." Clenching his right hand into a fist for the first time in this fight he could feel the energy steadily building before reaching its most powerful, the shining blue aura surrounding his fists while smaller lights emanated from the back of his gauntlet like an afterburner, "There we go." Stepping forward he let his avatar become taken over by the assisted system as he guided him upwards, maneuvering past the knights and straight to Tesseleth's face. Bringing his arm back the Ultramarine Knight pushed forward with his shoulder, then arm in one fluid motion, unleashing <<All Might>> square into the dragon's jaw.
  7. Item Switch: Grand Guard III > Tide Pendant Free Action: One-Handed Straight Sword (Quick Change) -> Grand Blade III > Grand Gauntlets III Stats Change: Calrex glanced back as Macradon rushed forward to strike, also making note of the fact their hard-hitting teammate had to now take a breather in order to recover his energy levels. "Tch, I thought we would have been done before that happened. Guess the energy required to use Dual Blades really is more taxing as a reult of the high damage." Looking forward the Ultramarine Knight watched as the red and white armored knight cleaved a notable amount of health from the floor boss, with apparently a little added on top due to the dragon being frozen. The bluenette's grip tightened around the Grand Blade III, but as much as he wanted to take action he remembered why he even attempted to strike with his sword in the first place, "Unfortunately even if I could deal extra damage, it wouldn't be anywhere close to what we need to keep the momentum. With Death_Adder recovering we need to switch to maximizing damage." Giving a small sigh he swiped on his menu, pulling down his battle ready items. In a flash of light his massive shield vanished before he swung his sword to the side, also vanishing before being replaced by the Grand Gauntlets III, which enveloped his forearms. Smashing his fists together Calrex lowered himself into his <<Martial Arts>> stance. With the equipment switch he could feel his body become lighter and vision become sharper, indicating that his Accuracy and Evasion stats had gained a boost, "Guess it's about time I added some damage too..."
  8. ID: 93090 Battle Dice: 2 (+2 ACC) = 4 Mis Occurred (2 Energy Lost / 124 Remaining) The battle continued to rage on as Calrex's eyes calmly scanned the battlefield, checking how the other teams were doing. Even though the combat was dragging on, it seemed that the tanks for the most part were holding up just fine. "Not too surprising. Shield and Morgenstern both have built themselves as full-blown tanks from the get go. I was the one that decided to have a defensive array later on, so if anything I was the one that showed last to the party." The massive blow from earlier did seem like it was intended to be a debilitating blow, but his combined skills seemed to be sufficient at absorbing the strike. However, the followup attacks certainly did do a number to one of his other team members as he watched Macradon's health bar drop below three quarters. It wasn't to the point that it changed color, but enough to be noticeable. Reaching down the bluenette prepared to pull out a Safeguard, but decided against it as he watched Death_Adder rush in and eliminate the remaining knight. With only Tesseleth left, the Ultramarine Knight decided to bolster his defenses once again, "No idea what that giant dragon has got planned. It wouldn't be the first time that a boss pulled out some stunt when its health bar drops far down." With that, the only other big thing to note was that one of his old friends, Ariel, seemed to have not acted for long enough that the game system decided to boot her from the fight. A sweatdrop formed on the side of his head at the realization, "Seems rather odd, going from what she's been about for the longest time, taking pride and such in her combat prowess from the real world. Now she decided to not even participate. I guess something else might be happening, and I'll just leave that to Zandra and the others to figure out." Even though Tesseleth was now on stun immunity cooldown, the bluenette remembered that his most powerful Sword Art while wielding a shield, without being an AOE, was a Stun-augmented attack. Taking a step forward he prepared to charge <<Nova Ascension>>, but right as it seemed to build to a maximum charge, suddenly the blue glow fizzed out once again, causing Calrex to look over with a moment of confusion, "Something's not working here. Have I been that much out of practice with a sword because I've been using Martial Arts all this time?" His moment to attack gone the Ultramarine Knight gave a sigh and awaited for the next opportunity to strike.
  9. <<Howl>> Activated (10 Energy Used / 126 Remaining) +3 Hate to Tesseleth and Dragon Knights Calrex gave a small calm smirk beneath the emotionless face of his helm at Death_Adder's taunting response. This conversation was made of short sentences, but the bluenette's mind was already thinking of it like a beginner's psychological chess match. He wouldn't let the man slip past his emotional armor. Doing so would result in a break in judgement, something that he couldn't ever let happen in the middle of combat. In their current situation, the second possessor of the Dual Blades skill was a foe and an ally. "Trust me, keep that up and it won't be a situation I'd have to spend energy on. But in the meantime you're right, let's keep our focus on the task at hand." Looking over at his other teammate, the currently stunned Macradon the Ultramarine Knight gave a nod, "If those knights aren't down by the time we get another opening, I'll leave them to you Mac. Meanwhile I'll see if I can keep their attention off of you so that you can heal." "Healing...isn't really something of concern for any of us at the moment. A couple more hits and maybe Mac and Adder would need to recover, but hopefully by then Tesseleth will already be long finished. For now I've just got to keep up my job as tank, and that includes those knights." The Grand Blade III was drawn from the built-in sheath within his shield once more, already swirling with blue energy as Calrex unleashed <<Howl>> once again, slamming his sword against the Grand Guard III once again to unleash a sound wave that passed through all three of the enemies in front of them, "The knights certainly have shown a skill which attacks all targets within a team. Hopefully well land on the one where they only target me. Now the question is if my mitigation and Achilles will be enough to weather the onslaught."
  10. It seemed as time continued to stand still as Calrex made his way to the third floor, entering the nearby teleportation plaza and directing himself to the main settlement of Delilah, his blue hair seeming to drop as if he was falling for a brief moment before his avatar seemed to settle into place, "Now...what the heck what I doing here again?" Putting his hands into his jacket pockets, the bluenette made his way forward, giving a small sigh upon seeing the warming sight of the NPCs populating the main settlement. After spending so much time on the upper floors, whose settlements at times reflected a more darker design aspect, it was nice to wander a more welcoming area. Roc seemed to reflect the thought as he materialized in the air, soaring overhead before swooping down half of the vertical distance to the Ultramarine Knight before breaking his descent to hover more directly over his master. "I guess since I'm here I might as well stop by to see Piera and Lee's mansion. I never really got a chance to look around the outside, so I might as well since I'm here." Making his way towards the mansion of the couple, whom he didn't know if they were home or not, Calrex calmly weaved his way through the crowds before finding himself in viewing distance of the large abode, "Geezes, it really does match the description of a mansion, heh." Crossing his arms for a moment while thinking before returning them to his jacket pockets, the bluenette looked upwards at Roc hovering high above before directing his gaze towards the gates, "I guess I could always wander the field zones for a bit before having to get back to task." Starting to make his way there he began to swap his equipment, going with his tank armament, the Grand Chariot III and Grand Guard III appearing on his form before the Grand Blade III migrated from the back of his hip to the built-in sheath on the shield. "Might be a bit overkill, but with some of the quests and monsters being discovered nowadays it's worth playing on the safe side @Jomei
  11. <<Rampart>> Activated (8 Energy Used / 136 Remaining) Rampart: Reduce final damage by 25% His third teammates' words sunk into his mind as the bluenette felt his lips purse upon hearing the young man's reply. However, it was not out of fear for himself, but of concern for what may come in the future. The sentence wasn't a threat, but made more like a promise, a promise that Calrex figured would potentially lead to the unnecessary deaths of more people before the man fell. It was likely the reason why he saw the hesitation and held back aggression from Jomei before the raid commenced, "One thing's for sure, this guy is no Zelrius. He may sport some form of elitism, but his presence here is one of a hesitant volunteer, rather than Zel's actual participation. If it came down to it I'm pretty sure he would have no qualms with leaving us high and dry. It just might be that if things don't change I'll likely have to face him sooner or later, and with the changes Achilles has gone through since Tristan wielded it it'll likely still be a close fight. However, whatever he has in raw power I do make up for in experience...in any case this is no time to be thinking of that. First tackle what is in front of me." Hearing Macradon's alert the Ultramarine Knight gave a nod of acknowledgement before giving a quick comment to the supposed new "Hero of Aincrad," even if it was a title by skill association only, "I'd be careful with those kinds of promises, they tend to come true sooner and never in the way you want them to. Both this game and the real world has a knack of taking such things and throwing them right in the speaker's face." Stepping in front of his teammates Calrex slid the Grand Blade III back into it's build-in sheath within the Grand Guard III as the massive shield began to radiate a pulsing blue aura, the signifier that his <<Rampart>> mod was at full charge. With a single punch-like thrust he impaled the tip into the earth beneath him, a projected barrier now hovering a few inches in front of him, while large enough to form a partial sphere, "Putting up another Safeguard potion right now would only serve to spare me from the dragon's attack, but if there's a chance that more of the knights are going to spawn soon, it's likely they will attack right when they are free."
  12. [PP-F4] Close Call <<Avalanche>>

    Calrex gave a nod as Erin responded, speaking about her personal decision to select the rapier as her weapon, "I understand. Back when I first chose the straight sword as my starting weapon I picked it because I felt it suited me best. Even after the changes I said before, I decided to stick with it in spite of the fact there's a handful of other weapons that outclass it. I wouldn't sweat the stat-building details of it so far. You seem to be on the right track. Once a person's level gets high enough they tend to either try and continue specializing or branching out. Plus I've heard the info brokers recently discovered a way to gain back used skill points, so you're not locked into whatever you decide to choose if you don't wish to." Stretching his arms in front of him to help relax his shoulders the bluenette gave a small sigh as he continued to look around their general area. It was still endless white-topped hills and trees that looked like they would fall over from all of the snow that piled up on their branches. However, he did have a slight sense of direction from all of the times he was wandering the floor, to the point where he could at times navigate without needing to pull up the floor map. "Shouldn't be too far from the safe zone now. It looks like the field monsters are still staying back for now, so we shouldn't have any encounters, at least as long as it didn't become night all of a sudden without us knowing." @Telrenya
  13. [PP-F4] Close Call <<Avalanche>>

    Calrex gave an apologetic nod at the young woman's initial hesitant answer, "Sorry about that, I figured as much you were likely going to pick some up at some point. There's only a very select flew players that choose to not take any form of mitigation at all, at sometimes I can't tell if they're brave or have a death wish. I guess having heard of too many overambitious early levels getting killed by the boars of the first floor must have made me overly concerned. I guess my one tip if you do decide to try any of the other quests is that only the yeti one is of similar level to Avalanche. The others were discovered after the higher floors were unlocked, which means they're a lot tougher. I'm sure your damage if up to par with them, but they certainly hit hard, and this game has its ways of screwing players over, even with the best preparations." "Yeah, usually you somehow become the guinea pig of those cheap tricks this game throws at you, or at least you were when you were taking on quests before anyone else had." Listening to Erin's comment to his words about her weapon the bluenette gave a nod, "Well, it wasn't always that way. Back when I was first adventuring around everyone and their mother seemed to wield it like it was going out of style. I thought they all drew inspiration from Errol Flynn or the Dead Pirate Roberts because of it. Nowadays people seem to do the typical min-maxing of other traditional types of gaming, so the trend is more maximizing damage nowadays, like some sort of one-trick pony. I think the only other person I know of that wields a rapier goes by the username Jomei...come to think of it he's also a bard, so he might be able to help you out if you decide to take on looking for a familiar." @Telrenya
  14. [PP-F4] Close Call <<Avalanche>>

    After the bluenette had finished giving his comrade the information she had asked for, Calrex gave a simple nod to respond to Erin's short reply. "Hm...I guess going from that either she's not really interested in them at the moment, or maybe she's just keeping that information for a later time when she's stronger." Since he had not done so before, the Ultramarine Kniht gave a quick scan with his eyes over the rapier wielder's equipment, since his helmet allowed him to do so with betraying anything beneath it's expressionless helm. He had seen many other players' gear in the past, and with his long career outside of the Starting City such players tended to orient themselves towards a specific build, at least starting out. Some seemed to orient themselves more towards protection and defense, reflected by their more bulky armor and shield. Others focused on attacking, deciding to sport light or even no armor but had their weapon and potentially some accessory to aid their maneuverability. Calrex himself had started out the same way, deciding to try and focus on attacking and evasiveness before opting to switch to a more tank-like build due to his friends picking a more offensive style of combat. Erin seemed to also be the same way. While she was wearing some form of armor, it didn't seem to be designed for protection and more for appearance, which could have meant that she had strengthened her armor skill in order to be able to do so with some mitigation. However, she definitely possessed a weapon and trinket, which likely meant evasion and accuracy in some way to boost her survivability. Crossing his arms for a moment the bluenette picked his words carefully, "Sorry if this is too prying, but out of curiosity do you happen to possess any form of mitigation? You definitely strike hard, going from the battle earlier, so my initial guess was that you're more of a striker-type of fighter, meaning you tend to survive by taking down the enemy before they get a chance to hit you. I've seen a lot of people tend to build that way, but I've only seen one other person as of late that's used a rapier as their main weapon." @Telrenya
  15. [PP-F4] Close Call <<Avalanche>>

    "Hm...on this floor...actually..." "Let's see, there's a handful I can recall off hand for this floor. I mean, most of the quests I've repeated the most actually are here, so I guess it's no surprise. I wonder if part of the reason was that it allowed me to stay close to Teayre's shop when it was still here." Crossing his arms for a moment Calrex put together the ones that existed here in his head before lowering his arms again while responding, "Actually, there's a few that occur here. Avalanche is certainly one of them, as well as a revamped and upgraded version of his quest, one that I highly suggest taking as a party. If you decide to fight it solo don't be surprised if you end up being frozen multiple times over." The bluenette could still recall the time he took the quest on. For some reason once the upgraded field boss landed an attack, it was frozen for a long period of time. It was almost as bad as going up against Oikawa in the old S&Z tournament, where he had spent most of the battle paralyzed, "In addition to that, there's one that you fight a yeti-like beast for an item that allows you to improve the quality of a piece of your equipment by one rarity level. Other than that...I believe there's also a second field boss that spawns further away that you have to fight a few minions before being able to reach him known as the Night's King." Thinking once again to make sure he had not missed anything the Ultramarine Knight gave a nod, "I believe those are the ones here, at least from what I can remember. There's probably at least a couple more that I haven't heard of from the info brokers just yet that might have recently appeared. Clearing higher floors sometimes tends to yield new quests on the lower ones." @Telrenya