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  1. Calrex

    [Event-F1] Spooked (Zandra&Calrex)

    "Guess since we're just clearing these things out for the night..." His axe head glowed with shining blue energy as his armored avatar shot forward, powered by the combined strength of his Sword Art and Charge skills. If Zandra and Morgenstern glanced overhead, they could see a small blue glint soaring over the two remaining zombies of the mob they were targeting before a dark blue blur shot past. Calrex's form solidified in front of the first of the two remaining zombies, the Grand Legionbane coming down, unfortunately merely smashing into the ground and clearing a large scratch in the ground before the battle axe came around, slamming into the second zombie with destructive force, sending it flying backward along the ground. "Sorry for cutting in. If you don't mind another person tagging along maybe I can help you clear these things out even faster and buy a little more breathing room." The Ultramarine Knight straightened his posture before hefting his weapon to rest against his shoulder, looking over at the zombie he had struck. Unfortunately, its bent back form slowly adjusted itself until the upper torso was upright once again, unmoving momentarily as a result of his Bullrush modifier.. The bluenette cursed under his teeth, "Looks like I'm not getting so lucky on these hits tonight however..." Morgenstern 1430/1430 HP | 94/134 EN | 22 DMG | 156 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 42 Thorns | 69 BH | 3 HM | 25% DoT Reduction Zandra: 1685/1685 HP | 164/164 EN | 22 DMG | 128 MIT | 3 ACC | 30 Thorns(flame aura) | 84 BH | 12(6-8) FLN | 36(8-10) BRN Calrex: 1850/1850 HP | 160/176 EN | 21 DMG | 126 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 93 BH | 0.6 ACH | 25% DoT Reduction Zombie 7 139/400  Zombie 8 1/400 | Stunned
  2. "Figured as much, at least it's not a spontaneous event boss fight this time around..." As Calrex watched the other players begin to take their leave he gave a small sigh, purchasing some funnel cakes from the concession stand before looking over at Roc still perched on his shoulder, "Guess it's time to go to work. Ready?" The blue peregrine falcon did a couple of flaps to become airborne as he began to hover close to the top of the tent, circling overhead as his eyes. The Ultramarine Knight gave a small sigh as he took his forearms out of his pockets. Taking a quick swing to the side his gauntlets vanished and were replaced by his massive two-handed battle axe, the Grand Legionbane appearing in a flash of light. Resting it against his shoulder the bluenette gave a small sigh and leapt into the fray.
  3. The Ultramarine Knight gave a small exhale as he awoke, giving a stretch to the entirety of his virtual body before his eyes opened, looking out at the dark desolate landscape of the thirteenth floor. He gave a small sigh before getting to his feet, a quick swipe on his menu robing his avatar in his casual combat attire. In this case he opted to go light for the start of the day, equipping the Grand Dragoon, the barebones set of heavy armor attaching over his attire before the Grand Gauntlets III covered his forearms. Glancing back briefly at the bed he gave a small smile before quietly exiting the Amethyst Boutique, making his way to the main settlement of the floor. As he passed a board his eyes locked onto what appeared to be a new event that had popped up on an upper floor, one that seemed to be interesting enough to grab his attention, "This might be worth checking out." Time passed as he made his way to the entrance to the circus as he dropped the admittance fee into the box, putting his hands into his jacket pockets as he made his way inside, looking skyward before he entered coupled with a quick hand gesture. Roc descended from the sky like a bullet before breaking his descent in an instant, gently perching on Calrex's shoulder as the bluenette entered inside. Within the tent itself there appeared to be only a couple of patrons so far, but rather than rush to get a good spot for viewing the upcoming performance he opted to stand to the side for now, finding a sturdy wall to lean against. "I can wait until more people arrive, I'm not exactly in a rush to grab the most optimal spot for seeing this." He kept his equipment on his avatar, mainly out of caution then paranoia. He had participated in Halloween events in the past. In fact, he was very close to being eliminated in one, and he didn't want to take his chances with getting caught unprepared. While he wasn't clad in his raid armor, his attack was still at its best in his current form, and in the meantime he would be banking on Achilles to at least cushion a potential surprise attack. "Wonder what's in store once enough people get here..."
  4. As the main body was exposed for attack Calrex's eyes watched as the others that could still move took the opportunity to attack, placing a good amount of damage onto the boss. At the same time more of the minions spawned to populate the field once again, the bluenette cursing in his thoughts, "It's really one thing after another with this boss..." He could feel warmth flowing back into his limbs as the Frostbite effect began to wear off, although it was likely he wasn't going to be able to act for a little while longer. Most likely he wasn't going to be able to attack the main body until their opening was already used up. "I guess at least I may be able to attack the sahagin once I get out, since I didn't have the opportunity to switch to Martial Arts this time around. However that freezing attack will likely be cast again once I get free...let's just hope I get lucky next time around."
  5. It appeared the AI of the floor boss had an accurate reaction to its impending protection being destroyed. As Calrex was preparing to switch to Martial Arts suddenly he glanced to see a single frosted snowflake touch his armor, "Oh crud..." Almost immediately the Grand Chariot III became frosted over with a layer of ice, a single screech of metal on metal as the bluenette tried to move before it happened, but the vain attempt was met with failure as the Frostbite skill took effect on him again. Frozen solid a single fogged breath escaped his helm as he gave a small sigh, "First the health crystal, next the frostbite. This would be great if I had strong burst damage, but my build is more oriented towards constant damage output, like a baseline for other DPS to spike over. Unfortunately this attack seems very well designed to be reducing that to minimal levels. Hopefully the others can take it down, but unfortunately once I'm free unless someone potentially stuns or paralyzes the head I won't be able to hit it."
  6. With only one target remaining in front of them, there wasn't really much else to do but hopefully burn down the segment's health as quick as possible to open up the main body for damage once again, "Still, we haven't had much luck with locking down and taking out the water crystals fast enough to prevent the boss from healing. That thing's speed if really in another level, even when I'm using my maximum possible Accuracy with Martial Arts..." Rushing forward Calrex leapt skyward as the Grand Legionbane glowed with Sword Art energy, preparing to use his most powerful single-target attack with the weapon. Coming down on the segment he chopped through with a single slice, light blue energy leaving a scar in the air that remained for a brief second before the space around it visibly seemed to get sucked in for a moment, the wind scar doubling the damage from the single cut. Hefting his weapon back onto his shoulder the bluenette took note that his Quick Change had just completed cooling down, meaning that should they be able to attack the main part he would be able to quickly change to his gauntlets and maximize the amount of damage he could contribute.
  7. With the final sahagin taken down Calrex gave a small sigh of relief. The only thing that remained at this point was to take down the segment and make Leviathan targetable again. However he was more focused on the fact that Jomei was being put on the defensive from the Leviathan's jet attacks, "Nice work dodging the water jet Jomei, I'll take it from here!" The Grand Legionbane swirled with his light blue energy, building up to a dense aura around the head of the weapon before the bluenette brought it around, slamming it into the sand beneath him. The booming roar from the impact was directly targeted at Leviathan, the Focused Howl technique taking its effect. As he hefted the massive axe back onto his shoulder the Ultramarine Knight noticed the boss' face orient itself towards him, meaning that he had taken the highest Hate, "Good I was not that far behind then. That should allow the others to focus on it for a bit. Hopefully once it's vulnerable we can all capitalize without another crystal popping up beforehand."
  8. "Tch...I'll try..." Hearing Jomei and Hestia designate targets for him to focus on, Calrex gave a small sigh. His arms were still shivering from the continuous Frostbite effects, so he felt that while his strength had returned, he might not be as consistent in terms of accuracy. He turned to face the mobs that were still on the field, readying the Grand Legionbane as he began to glow with his Sword Art energy. Rushing forward his eyes locked onto his opponents, the massive battle axe coming around. The first two strikes flew, just barely missing each of their marks: The water crystal and remaining red sahagin respectively. However, the remaining final attack made up for these by getting two of the lesser sahagin at the same time, immediately smashing both into the ground as the bluenette gave a small sigh of relief, "Two at least, instead of just one. Still they're the least of our worries. Plus with every miss that wastes the focused DPS fighters on cleaning up. Maybe I need to look more into other armaments that might compliment these evasive monster situations again. My old Aegis Armament was designed for this, but it's way too outdated now to be useful. Might be time to upgrade it and the Ichor Armament."
  9. As the Frostbite wore off Calrex gave a small sigh, catching his breath as he quickly surveyed the battlefield. During his temporarily lapse of judgement it seemed the floor boss had spawned even more mobs to distract the players. In addition to this, yet another water crystal had appeared on the beach as well, meaning that they had an even more problematic target to strike at. Looking down at his right arm, still shaking from being recently defrosted for the nth time this fight, but after a moment he grit his teeth, clenching his fist as some of the remaining ice in his palm shattered. More freezing droplets descended over the battle field, but this time around the bluenette managed to easily shrug them off, "No time to be getting frozen again. Achilles debuff or not, this battle isn't over. I can internally yell at Cardinal all I want, like the system is even listening up in whatever ivory tower Aincrad has it." Extending his arm the Grand Gauntlets III vanished from his forearms, reforming back into the Grand Legionbane as he lowered his stance, "I'll do something about the sahagin! Keep focusing on the crystal and get the head vulnerable again!" Rushing forward he felt his body being carried by his Sword Art, eyes locked onto his targets. His body rotations brought the massive axe around again and again, directed at each one. However, at the end of his attack it appeared he was only able to connect with one target out of the four he had intended, and it was one the lowest in priority. He gave a heavy sigh, grip tightening around he weapon as he lowered his stance, "Tch guess that one was the warm up then...gotta do a lot of that to work the cold off."
  10. "What what was I just..." As the frost particles fell over the battlefield once again Calrex had a lapse in his focus, likely from so many of the past Frostbite effects. Unfortunately, it was the most inopportune time to lose attention. A single snowflake landed against his paundrol and immediate began to cover his entire armor with a layer of frost. Cursing under his breath the bluenette glanced up into his peripherals, seeing the Frostbite effect solidify underneath his health bar once again, "Come on that was a terrible time to lose focus...Especially with the current situation..." His eyes locked on the sahagin that were spawning once again, peeking at his cooldowns to see Quick Change had just become useable again, his mind considering his next move, which was likely going to be switching to axe and activating an area of effect Sword Art to hopefully clear out majority of the mobs. "I guess it was still basically a tossup on whether or not I would have been able to dodge that frost effect again."
  11. Calrex

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 3]

    As he felt his paralyzed effect seemingly wear off before the timer was supposedly set to expire Calrex looked around for a moment, "Guess the boss' death let me off the hook early. Guess that's good." He could hear people talking about assisting the other players in there fight, specifically the tier two players that were having to deal with the boss' hordes. With a small sigh he stretched his arms, glancing at the safeguard effect he had consumed for the fight, "Well I hope that thing stays intact since it wasn't triggered. Alright then, better get moving before the situation there takes a turn for the worse." "Also kind of hoping I'll be healed up the by the time I get there. Nonetheless if it's mobs we're dealing with then I'd better switch to axe now, rather than waste Quick Change trying to switch at the battle." Swiping on his menu the Grand Gauntlets III vanished from his forearms as his massive battle axe formed in his right hand. Placing the majority of the weight onto his shoulder the Ultramarine Knight gave a nod to the others that were heading over, "Better not keep our tier two teammates waiting then."
  12. As his health slowly gained a bit more health, Calrex watched as his green bar climbed to...almost full. There appeared to be a pixel width of space between, meaning he was just about there, "Well at least the Burn is wearing off this round..." Looking forward it looked as if Hestia needed to take a break, most likely from having to focus on healing and lending people energy this whole time. "Guess it's still rough being a healer tank, especially because of the constant energy consumption. Maybe I'll have to see about becoming more self sufficient in that aspect somehow, at least as long as I've got the reserves to do so..." Watching Jomei rush forward the blunette's eyes locked onto the Leviathan's own as it appeared to target the ginger-headed duelist, "Can't let that happen." Lowering his body he felt <<All Might>> quickly build to maximum strength as his arm seemed to look almost like he had strapped a jet engine to it, from the amount of Sword Art energy being blasted out from the top of his gauntlet. Shooting forward he quickly climbed up to the massive serpent's segment, arm drawn back before slamming it dead on into the piece, a red number flashing by signifying a critical hit, "Hopefully that does the trick." Leaping back he gave a small sigh, looking over as he watched the floor boss' gaze travel onto him, "That's right, better keep your eyes on me."
  13. As the water crystal clung on to life Calrex gave a small sigh, seeing both the hot and freezing attacks be emanated from the boss once again. Seeing the Burn effect appear on his status bar he gave a small sigh of relief, as at this point it was the lesser of the two evils. Charging his punch he tried to rush forward again with the aim of taking down the crystal. However, as it shifted rapidly to the side he saw that his punch was not going to connect, his attack stopping early as a result, "This thing is going to be the main pain with this fight, especially since a lot of us are not having any luck with taking it down." Turning to face the segment he gave a calming breath, centering his focus, "If that thing goes down we'll need to really focus down that segment as quick as possible to make the creature vulnerable. At lest at that point I should be able to charge the main body again and hopefully lock it down with a charged attack." Glancing around he surveyed the battlefield as he allowed himself to try and take in what was happening, "We're still not in the best situation, and things still have the chance of changing for the worse. At the least it seems the boss has presented everything that it has in terms of attacks."
  14. So far he was listening to his teammates commands as they were thinking on the fly for strategy. To some level the battle was being turned around in their favor. However, it seemed the Leviathan wasn't going to go out without a fight. Another water crystal appeared, with Neo being the one to nearly take down the crystal. However it still remained standing. Since Jomei had tried and missed the strike the bluenette gave a small sigh, "Guess we really need to take this thing down..." Seeing his Quick Change had finally come off of cooldown he charged forward, the massive battleaxe vanishing in lights as it was replaced with his reinforced gauntlets once again, "This boosts my accuracy, so let's see if this lands a hit." Lowering his body his right first became coated in his Sword Art energy, readying All Might as he shot forward. For a moment it looked like he was going to hit as his empowered right hook came within inches of contact. However, at the last moment once again the crystal shifted just enough to escape his strike, the attack breaking through the air next to it, "Okay this is really starting to feel like someone slid the scale up on difficult unnecessarily. I swear if Cardinal is listening to players complaining in private about the raids being too easy it really needs to stop listening."