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  1. "What what was I just..." As the frost particles fell over the battlefield once again Calrex had a lapse in his focus, likely from so many of the past Frostbite effects. Unfortunately, it was the most inopportune time to lose attention. A single snowflake landed against his paundrol and immediate began to cover his entire armor with a layer of frost. Cursing under his breath the bluenette glanced up into his peripherals, seeing the Frostbite effect solidify underneath his health bar once again, "Come on that was a terrible time to lose focus...Especially with the current situation..." His eyes locked on the sahagin that were spawning once again, peeking at his cooldowns to see Quick Change had just become useable again, his mind considering his next move, which was likely going to be switching to axe and activating an area of effect Sword Art to hopefully clear out majority of the mobs. "I guess it was still basically a tossup on whether or not I would have been able to dodge that frost effect again."
  2. Calrex

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 3]

    As he felt his paralyzed effect seemingly wear off before the timer was supposedly set to expire Calrex looked around for a moment, "Guess the boss' death let me off the hook early. Guess that's good." He could hear people talking about assisting the other players in there fight, specifically the tier two players that were having to deal with the boss' hordes. With a small sigh he stretched his arms, glancing at the safeguard effect he had consumed for the fight, "Well I hope that thing stays intact since it wasn't triggered. Alright then, better get moving before the situation there takes a turn for the worse." "Also kind of hoping I'll be healed up the by the time I get there. Nonetheless if it's mobs we're dealing with then I'd better switch to axe now, rather than waste Quick Change trying to switch at the battle." Swiping on his menu the Grand Gauntlets III vanished from his forearms as his massive battle axe formed in his right hand. Placing the majority of the weight onto his shoulder the Ultramarine Knight gave a nod to the others that were heading over, "Better not keep our tier two teammates waiting then."
  3. As his health slowly gained a bit more health, Calrex watched as his green bar climbed to...almost full. There appeared to be a pixel width of space between, meaning he was just about there, "Well at least the Burn is wearing off this round..." Looking forward it looked as if Hestia needed to take a break, most likely from having to focus on healing and lending people energy this whole time. "Guess it's still rough being a healer tank, especially because of the constant energy consumption. Maybe I'll have to see about becoming more self sufficient in that aspect somehow, at least as long as I've got the reserves to do so..." Watching Jomei rush forward the blunette's eyes locked onto the Leviathan's own as it appeared to target the ginger-headed duelist, "Can't let that happen." Lowering his body he felt <<All Might>> quickly build to maximum strength as his arm seemed to look almost like he had strapped a jet engine to it, from the amount of Sword Art energy being blasted out from the top of his gauntlet. Shooting forward he quickly climbed up to the massive serpent's segment, arm drawn back before slamming it dead on into the piece, a red number flashing by signifying a critical hit, "Hopefully that does the trick." Leaping back he gave a small sigh, looking over as he watched the floor boss' gaze travel onto him, "That's right, better keep your eyes on me."
  4. As the water crystal clung on to life Calrex gave a small sigh, seeing both the hot and freezing attacks be emanated from the boss once again. Seeing the Burn effect appear on his status bar he gave a small sigh of relief, as at this point it was the lesser of the two evils. Charging his punch he tried to rush forward again with the aim of taking down the crystal. However, as it shifted rapidly to the side he saw that his punch was not going to connect, his attack stopping early as a result, "This thing is going to be the main pain with this fight, especially since a lot of us are not having any luck with taking it down." Turning to face the segment he gave a calming breath, centering his focus, "If that thing goes down we'll need to really focus down that segment as quick as possible to make the creature vulnerable. At lest at that point I should be able to charge the main body again and hopefully lock it down with a charged attack." Glancing around he surveyed the battlefield as he allowed himself to try and take in what was happening, "We're still not in the best situation, and things still have the chance of changing for the worse. At the least it seems the boss has presented everything that it has in terms of attacks."
  5. So far he was listening to his teammates commands as they were thinking on the fly for strategy. To some level the battle was being turned around in their favor. However, it seemed the Leviathan wasn't going to go out without a fight. Another water crystal appeared, with Neo being the one to nearly take down the crystal. However it still remained standing. Since Jomei had tried and missed the strike the bluenette gave a small sigh, "Guess we really need to take this thing down..." Seeing his Quick Change had finally come off of cooldown he charged forward, the massive battleaxe vanishing in lights as it was replaced with his reinforced gauntlets once again, "This boosts my accuracy, so let's see if this lands a hit." Lowering his body his right first became coated in his Sword Art energy, readying All Might as he shot forward. For a moment it looked like he was going to hit as his empowered right hook came within inches of contact. However, at the last moment once again the crystal shifted just enough to escape his strike, the attack breaking through the air next to it, "Okay this is really starting to feel like someone slid the scale up on difficult unnecessarily. I swear if Cardinal is listening to players complaining in private about the raids being too easy it really needs to stop listening."
  6. "Come on...any second now..." The sound of ice shattering rang out as Calrex was freed once again from the constraints of Frostbite, the massive double-sided axe crashing into the sand as he gave a few deep breaths to help refocus, "Alright, out of that thing again...now for the next thing..." On cue Leviathan unleashed yet another freezing attack to try and hit him, especially after pushing him around with a jetstream that took some of the aggro off of him. Unfortunately, this wasn't the time for him to Howl as he prepared to be frozen again, "Guess I'll need to...wait hold on..." As if on perfect timing he had recalled the one skill he hadn't used in a very long time, "Well better give it a try now, worth a shot!" His form blurred for a moment as he took on the form of one of the players that was recent ousted from the fight. Black armor took over his form as he temporarily assumed the appearance of Zandra, the Grand Legionbane not requiring much to take on the form of her own two-handed battle axe. Seemingly this surprised the creature long enough for him to narrowly avoid the frost particles in the air, rolling to the side as the sand where he was standing became frosted over. Returning back to his original appearance the bluenette gave a small sigh of relief, "Alright at least that worked. Now let's see if I can attack." Attempting to prepare <<Screw Dimension>> Calrex raised his weapon, but felt his virtual muscles struggle to heft up the weapon before it collapsed back onto the sand again, "Geezes I really don't appreciate how many times I've been frozen. I'll have to switch to Martial Arts again soon..."
  7. Moments continued to pass as Calrex's frozen form remained in place, stuck by the extended effects of Frostbite. If people passed by his avatar they could hear mumblings escaping from the small cracks in the icy surface that coated his armor, most of them being not really relevant, or would compare to a sailor that just stubbed his toe. Occasionally a condensed exhale escaped from beneath the helm of the Grand Chariot III. More cracks developed as time continue to progress, the status effect slowly starting to wear off as the bluenette could feel his limbs starting to loosen up, slowly breaking free. He could feel his arms and legs responding to his mental synapses, each small pulse of his muscles slowly shedding more and more ice off of his armor. It would only be a matter of time before he was free to move again. His eyes could scan across and lock onto the remaining creatures on the field, and should they still be around once he was free he could immediately act. "As long as the Leviathan doesn't freeze lock me again..."
  8. It seemed like the tide (pun intended) of the battle was starting to shift in their favor once again as Neo was able to follow up on the bluenette's missed AoE to destroy the water crystal, seeing the similar symbol for the Hydration effect appearing, "Good, higher energy regeneration for a bit will help with allowing us to continue using our strongest attacks, not like that appears to have really been an issue." Looking over as Jomei recommended he perform cleanup on any of the remaining mobs Calrex gave a nod as he placed both hands on the handle of the Grand Legionbane, lowering his stance, "Alright then, on your..." In the corner of his eyes he noticed the familiar reflective light of the snowy frost that the Leviathan put out onto the battlefield so many times before, "Oh you've gotta be kidding me..." Glancing upwards, hoping that the Burn effect was still in place, he gave a small sigh seeing that symbol was gone, already used up. With each second he felt his avatar locking up once again as a thin film of ice covered the exterior of the Grand Chariot III. The symbol for Frostbite appeared under his health bar once again as the Ultramarine Knight became frozen for another time this battle.
  9. As more sahagin spawned Calrex gave a small sigh to himself, seeing his health climb a very minuscule amount from the Burn damage lessening his Battle Healing effects, "At least that torrential rain doesn't seem to be a factor anymore. Nonetheless those sahagin are going to be a problem, especially if the tidal wave is going to be a regularly occurring attack again. The wave in itself may not be that bad because it's scaling damage, but to add on flat damage from the mobs and the Leviathan's main attacks is going to eat away at the others' healths very quickly." Hearing Hestia request the bluenette glanced over for a moment, hesitating before giving a nod. He had initially planned to Howl and gain the attention of two of the sahagin plus the red sahagin, but in the end the newly appearing water crystal was going to be an issue, since it will lessen the overall damage they can deal to the creature, "Alright then, that thing's moving pretty quick though!" Rushing forward his Grand Gauntlets III vanished once again before shaping into the form of the Grand Legionbane, already blazing light blue with <<Explode Catapult>>, the sand being kicked up from the massive speed boost from <<Charge>>. His eyes locked onto four targets: One sahagin, two red sahagin, and the water crystal. The first seemed to have been knocked pretty hard as a red critical number flashed by, the Ultramarine Knight not taking a moment to pause and confirm. His Bull Rush mod was activated this time around, so even if the creature didn't go down he wouldn't have to worry about it attacking. Next came the two stronger mobs as his attacks registered against both, leaving only the final target. Leaping upwards his eyes remained tracked on the floating crystal as he came down with his axe, the impact of the weapon kicking up a bunch of sand. Kicking the weapon onto his shoulder he cursed under his teeth: The crystal has shifted to the side out of the attack as he came down, his final blow whiffing on the highly mobile target. "Well I got three of the four, unfortunately that thing is moving way too fast for me to keep up with using the axe."
  10. Calrex

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 3]

    "Alright, better use it now that it's off cooldown." As Focused Howl was ready to be used again, Calrex squared his stance, arms separated as light blue energy swirled like tornadoes around his forearms as he prepared to use the skill again. Bending at the elbows his hands were about to make contact when suddenly he felt his entire body lock up, the energy immediately extinguishing as his hands remained inches apart, "What in the..." His eyes looked over at the Rain King as he felt his body seem to take the better of his mind, refusing to move. It was a strange contradiction of thought and action. He knew there was no reason to be scared, no reason for him to be afraid, as he had fought many much tougher creatures in the past. But it seemed, as he glanced at his health bar, that he had been paralyzed, and what was worse was that the newly discovered debuff that Achilles took make the effect last twice as long, "This...is not very indicative of an Invincible Warrior title is it? What in the world was Cardinal trying to accomplish with this change? If Tristan was still around and using this thing these changes would have meant nothing because he never had to actively act outside of using Howl during a fight in the first place." The bluenette grit his teeth beneath the expressionless helm of the Grand Chariot III. There was nothing he could do now other than wait for the effect to wear off, and hope the boss' ability wouldn't go off cooldown right when that happened.
  11. "Oh no...here it comes." As Calrex watched the first segment drop to a sliver of health his eyes saw the small droplets of the super-heated rain that descended down onto the field, "This is that double attack it did for how many rounds that god me into a freeze lock. Guess I'd better be ready to..." Looking over at his health bar the familiar effect of Burn appeared, and for the first time ever the bluenette was glad to have been affected by it rather than Frostbite, "Great, at least I can still move! My Battle Healing should be able to outpace the damage over time, so all that matters is that I don't get hit by the Hydro Jet." Unfortunately it was fairly bittersweet as he saw Mars take his leave. Nonetheless the young man lasting and participating for a long as he did was much appreciated to the Ultramarine Knight, or else they likely wouldn't have gotten to the point that they did in the fight. Hearing Hestia call for him to take over tanking again he gave a nod, "I would wait, but with Mars gone better solidify this now!" His arms blazed with the swirling light blue energy of <<Focused Howl>> as he slammed his fists together, the direct point aggro-gaining sound blast that shot from his strike point beelining at the Leviathan to make him the main focus. "I've still got my Parry defenses at the ready as well, so even if I fail at dodging the jet I'll be able to at least return some of the damage back, and at the same time if I dodge it and the tidal wave comes in again, hopefully that will reflect some of the damage back at this creature."
  12. Calrex

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 3]

    "Tch...guess this one's also immune to Stun and Paralyze. Looks like Mack's stunlock strategy won't see the light of day for quite some time again, heh." Trying to ride the momentum he had gained from his initial attack Calrex quickly rushed forward, aiming to strike again. Unfortunately, it seemed this around he wasn't able to land a hit, his strike hitting empty air between two tentacles. He was able to kick off one to backpedal from his failed attack, but that was the end of his window of opportunity to strike, sliding across the wanter until his momentum gave out and sank partially back down. It looked like his teammates were able to land strikes, which made him automatically think to prepare Howl once he gets the chance, "If any of them get a critical strike that means they'll be one successful attack from evening up our aggro. I'll need to make sure I put a large enough gap back in place so that we don't have to worry about that."
  13. As he had guessed, Calrex watched as the tide retreated further and further before a massive wall of water rose up in front of the two parties, the Leviathan reemerging behind it as the massive wave picked up each of the players, throwing them against a wall. Kneeling down he had slammed his right arm into the sand as far as he could and held on for dear life, but after the attack concluded he noticed that the only thing consumed was his Safeguard, "So this thing is a one-hit attack, alright then..." Glancing up at the health bars of his teammates he felt a bead of sweat form on the side of his head. In relation to whatever health they had before, it had been reduced by exactly half of the total amount, "So this thing has a scaling attack based on how much health you have remaining. That's probably good and bad, depending on where your health is at. The lower it is, the less damage you should supposedly take overall, but it also leaves you more open to falling against its other more conventional attacks." Hearing the DPS fighters rush forward the bluenette pulled his gauntlet out of the sand and quickly assumed the stance he uses to activate <<All Might>>, "No time to be wasting. We need to get an opening to strike now, or most likely that attack will be coming again soon." Rushing forward his right fist lit aglow with light blue energy before he slammed it into the respawned segment assigned to their team, adding some more damage to the already hurt part of the boss, "Now come on break already..."
  14. Hearing Hestia the blunette gave a small laugh to himself, "I would, but unfortunately I didn't get any prepared. I wasn't expecting another debuff to happen to Achilles right before the battle, or else I probably would have made as many of those as possible." "This is definitely not a good sign though. I hate it when my suspicions are right, especially because a tidal wave will likely be an AoE attack and no amount of Hate will make focus on a single target. Most likely going from our current circumstances we'll have to hunker down. Getting to higher ground would be the normal recommended course of action, but it seems like that would eject us from the battle." "Unfortunately it doesn't look like anyone has anything to temporarily boost our mitigation further, and unless someone has a mass block ability they discovered the best we can do is heal up and wait for the boss to be in range of our attacks again. Hopefully if you're DPS focused your evasion may help with reducing some of the potential damage, but this is a new technique I can't recall being used in previous boss battles." Crossing his arms for a moment his forearms ignited with swirling blue energy before bringing them apart, a brief blue glow encapsulating his form as he activated <<Parry>> to prepare for any damage that might come that will preemptively trigger his Safeguard, "At least if it does do something sneaky like bringing back that damage dealing rain effect again I'll be able to send some of the damage back at the Leviathan."