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  1. <<Howl>> Activated (-10 Energy / 162 Remaining) +3 Hate to Ratar, Isaxi, Rori, Evahira With the doors open Calrex gave a small sigh to center his mind before following the others inside, deciding to let the previous contemplations be push to the back of his thoughts. Facing forward through his expressionless helm the bluenette watched as their raid party was met by five bosses, each one matching a specific role as they had previous guessed. "We literally are fighting the boss version of a classic fantasy player team. Guess the idea of political positions might have been me stretching logical conclusions a bit too far." With the first team taking their actions the Ultramarine Knight watched their opening attacks meet their mark, striking with all of their might. However, only moments after it seemed that their work was undone, way past reversal. He gritted his teeth for a moment as he saw the five figures' health bars climb a bit over, "Great, so that one can do more than heal. The tank can actually buff as well." As the sense of wariness rushed over him Calrex's eyebrows furrowed for a moment. The card that Durares drew seemed to invoke some form of emotion, something that he attributed to some kind of forced exploit of the Cardinal System. Shaking his head for a moment he centered himself once again as light blue energy began to swirl rapidly around his forearms. A couple of his teammates already took their turns attacking, both Pinball and Hidden takin their shots at Ratar. 'That locks down one I need to immediately gain highest Hate on. Now for the other three..." Smashing his fists together he unleashed Howl, targeting Ratar, Isaxi, Rori, and Evahira, deciding that for his first action to prioritize the ones that seemingly have more attack capabilities. Durares was the wild card so far with his card deck, which definitely did not dismiss him as a threat, but that would be addressed with his next opening to act. Player Stats
  2. As more and more people began to make their arrivals Calrex kept silent, the light blue indicators being the only thing that seemed to show any form of activity behind his expressionless helm. First a player he had not seen before arrived with a cart, making is fairly clear that she was there for distributing items for the people to be participating in the raid. His friend and mentor Baldur followed. With a nod he responded to the gaijin samurai, "With all of the unknown things about this, yeah. However I'd really prefer that things don't come anywhere close to the aftermath of the Rohk battle." While the wound wasn't fresh anymore, the Ultramarine Knight could still remember that fact that two lives were lost in that battle, one being a player that shouldn't have been there in the first place, and the other being Azide, someone what was well qualified for the battle and yet still lost his life due to the devastating abilities of the boss. Aereth, Shield, and Beat arrived next, with Hidden, Teion, Telrenya, Ruby, Jomei, Hikoru, and Pinball to be last. His eyes locked on each player for a moment before he returned back to a more observational gaze of the entire area. While others accepted goods from the one player there just for item distribution, the bluenette refrained from doing so. It wasn't because he didn't need or want any of the items being offered, but more because he wanted to keep them available for others to come that would likely require them moreso. After all, it was previously discussed in the floor meeting that he would be the tank for the players that had yet to hit item tier three, which meant that overall their base stats cap would be notable lower as a result. That meant that he would need to keep any chance of them getting hit to a bare minimum, especially if the Bialas fight was any indicator of the fights to come. Pulling down his menu for a moment Calrex contemplated for a moment which starting item he'd use once again. Of course his gauntlets were already equipped, but as he revisited the thought of opening moves strategies went through his mind once again, "All actions will happen after I use Howl, but the question would be whether I'm aiming for AoE damage or single target. We'll have multiple teams that can focus on a single target, but at the same time we're doing a lot of reactive countermeasures, one of those potentially being prioritizing a single target to burst down as hard as possible, like the healer if there is one." Swiping back and to his inventory rather than his quick items the bluenette continued with his thoughts, "In the shared inventory I do still have a couple of items that can boost Evasion temporarily. That would boost it high enough to avoid most non-Accuracy boosted strikes..."
  3. It seemed the day of the floor raid had come, and with it the test of their preparations. As he looked forward towards the gathering area for the battle to soon commence, Calrex gave a small sigh. The area was fairly quiet, with the only sound currently closest being the light clanking of his Grand Chariot III armor as he made his way over. At the moment the Grand Gauntlets were his choice weapon to start, the massive striking implements attached over his armor's gauntlets. That being said there was a new piece to his current set. Worn across his neck was a small charm, one with a snowflake design template for the base that sparkled with an amethyst purple shade. In each of the quadrants was a different symbol, all being separated by an interlocked straight sword and katana. In order from top left clockwise was a kite shield, battle axe, crossed arms, and knight helm, each a slightly lighter shade to stand out from the base frame, the Rebellion of Sapphire. Giving a nod to Macradon, the pendant bounced for a moment, with the purple shades briefly glinting sapphire blue before the Ultramarine Knight moved to the side. The action of pulling out and activating a Safeguard potion at this moment felt like habit, something that needed to be done before the start of any raid. "Now we just have to wait for the others to arrive. Still wondering exactly how this battle is going to unfold. We do have a plan of approach based on what we know, but this time around the system still holds a lot of the cards, likely ones that could throw whatever best laid plans out the door. It certainly wouldn't be the first time." Opening and closing his fists the bluenette looked towards the doors for a moment before facing the ground, leaning back against a nearby wall and crossing his arms, "Outside of temporary buffs I'm about as prepared as I can think of. With Domarus finishing the new trinket, this means that I'll have maximized base Evasion without Light Armor's mod, full base Accuracy when using Martial Arts, almost full Mitigation on top of Achilles' reactive damage reduction, basically full base damage value, and the ability to quickly change between high single or AoE damage at the drop of a hat. Battle Healing is about as strong as I can get it without having to replace any other stats, and when switching to shield I'll have Rampart to neutralize even more damage. Since I'll be tanking for the team I'm on, Focused Howl is at the ready for making sure none of the others hopefully get singled out, and I've got more Safeguard potions at the ready should they need it." "I just hope it's enough..."
  4. As Calrex felt the second rain of blows come crashing down he gritted his teeth beneath his expressionless helm, looking over to the top left of his vision to see that the previously fading Paralyze indicator has solidified. The status was inflicted once again and he was immobile for another brief period of time. However, at the same time he had been tracking his health, and it had dropped by a partially larger chunk than initially expected. That being said, it was yet to drop below half. "The main problem is that none of these things have gone down yet. Going from their high agility it's going to make this a fairly long fight unless we get lucky enough to get them all pinned down. The first bat seems the most injured, but the others have barely even been scratched." While devising what he could do once getting back up Calrex glanced back to see that their secondary tank/healer Hestia had approached and used her First Aid to restore even more health. To top it off, his Battle Healing had triggered once again, bringing him very close to full, "Much appreciated. Now let's see if we can turn this battle around." @Baldur: 1090/1090 ENG: 93/106 MIT: 79/39 EVA: 3 | DMG 19/36 Bleed (Miss, -2 energy, +1 regen) Hestia: 1425/1425 ENG: 107/138 MIT:151/75 DMG: 16 EVA:-1 Regen: 3 on CD:6 Recovery: heal 45 HP when hit BH: heal 57 HP Thorns:54 (Paralyzed) Calrex: 1678/1765 ENG: 162/172 MIT:89/44 DMG: 16 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 | ACH: 0.6 | Thorns: 30 (Battle Healing +89) (3/0/3) Cave Bat 1: 562/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/0/3) Cave Bat 2: 1220/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/0/3) Cave Bat 3: 1250/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/1/3) Cave Bat 4: 1220/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) 
  5. Calrex walked back into the shop once again after receiving a notification that his requested in had been crafted. It had been a decent amount of time since he had placed the order, but the bluenette figured it was likely due to so many people having commissions that Domarus likely didn't have much time to keep up. It was something fairly common with the shops, like he could recall when Teayre and Oikawa were always busy with their crafts in the past. "It looks great, thanks for the hard work and best of luck with the rest of your orders." He gave a calm, friendly nod to both people working there before receiving the item and heading back out. + Rebellion of Sapphire
  6. "Geezes, talk about a serious followup punish." As he felt the Paralysis effect take over his avatar Calrex dropped to a knee as the Grand Legionbane's head slammed into the ground beside him, glancing at his health as the two strikes caused his health to drop by a decent amount. Luckily enough before he was stunned he was able to angle just body just right to avoid one incoming strike, seeing the claws coming close to grazing him. Right then his battle healing kicked in, but at the same time he took notice of the fact that his armor didn't appear to be holding up against the bats as well as normal. His mind immediately went back to fighting the Snow Beast from a lower level quest, where its passive effect was a partial phase that halved the amount of actual mitigation. "Great, so we're basically fighting four roided up snow beasts essentially. Not good, because they'll have a free unavoidable barrage unless they're AI give them a temporarily terrible attack round." At the same time, he noticed that the first bat had turned, its eyes now darting between the himself and Baldur. Immediately he began to think of a counter strategy, "Before you do that we need to do a quick damage control. If you both have Stunning attacks I'd suggest using them on bats 2 and 4 so we can minimize focus damage until I'm able to move again. Bat 1 already has eyes on you Bal, avoid attacking it until I'm able to get a chance to either attack or Howl." "The only problem is if these things are able to score another critical blow that means I'm stunned for another moment, which means still no Evasion. Guess I forgot about that weak point of Achilles, it's great for minimizing high amounts of damage coming from a single target, but repeat attacks from mobs add up a lot more faster than that, potentially quadruple the amount." @Baldur: 1090/1090 ENG: 94/106 MIT: 79/39 EVA: 3 | DMG 19 36 Bleed Hestia: 1425/1425 ENG: 123/138 MIT:151/75 DMG: 16 EVA:-1 Regen: 3 on CD:6 Recovery: heal 45 HP when hit BH: heal 57 HP Thorns:54 (Paralyzed) Calrex: 1512/1765 ENG: 161/172 MIT:89/44 DMG: 16 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 | ACH: 0.6 | Thorns: 30 (Battle Healing +89) (3/0/3) Cave Bat 1: 598/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (Bleed 2/3) (0/0/3) Cave Bat 2: 1220/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/0/3) Cave Bat 3: 1250/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/1/3) Cave Bat 4: 1220/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit)
  7. ID: 101974-101977 Battle Dice: 2/4/5/5 (Accuracy +3 / Evasion -3) All Miss (2 Energy Lost / 1 Recovered / 161 Remaining) As the humanoid bats continued to swarm around the group, their eyes focused on the bluenette, Calrex gave a calming sigh as he combined the weight of the axe head and his center of gravity to maneuver his way around their attack. However, because he had to focus on defense at the moment, he wasn't able to take advantage of any opening that happened to present themselves. Because of the creatures' nimble forms, it seemed that even with Roc's Accuracy the windows to strike were disappearing almost as fast as they appeared. There was one point where he thought he could attack, quickly dropping the Grand Legionbane low as the axe head glowed with blue energy. However, right as it began to build the bat he had locked on to moved far enough out of the target zone that it broke the Sword Art lock, the energy dissipating in the form of fizzling sparks, "Tch, these things are going to be a bit more of a nuisance aren't they." "Too bad I can't borrow Oikawa's Paralytic Thorns to lock these guys down. If my opening attack can actually work I can use Bullrush to keep them down, but if I miss any one of them that's one we can't follow up on." @Baldur: 1090/1090 ENG: 100/106 MIT: 79/39 EVA: 3 Hestia: 1425/1425 ENG: 129/138 MIT:151/75 DMG: 16 EVA:-1 Regen: 3 on CD:6 Recovery: heal 45 HP when hit BH: heal 57 HP Thorns:54 Calrex: 1609/1765 ENG: 161/172 MIT:89/44 DMG: 16 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 | ACH: 0.6 | Thorns: 30 (2/0/3) Cave Bat 1: 825/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (Bleed 1/3) (0/0/3) Cave Bat 2: 1220/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/0/3) Cave Bat 3: 1250/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/1/3) Cave Bat 4: 1250/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit)
  8. Calrex

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    It seemed the bluenette was brought into the conversation once again when Baldur directly addressed him and other full-time tank players as to their preference of team size. However, as he was spoken to again it was to ask if he was okay with protecting Hestia and the lower tiered players that would be participating in the fight. He thought about it for a moment, and it did make sense to pair the person capable of taking significant, or even the most, amounts of damage with the people that were the most at risk. Since his unique skill allowed him to absorb a lot of damage without needing to sacrifice skills or equipment to boost his mitigation, and with Hestia acting as off-tank/healer for their group it would mean she could keep an eye on their other team members' health bars should enough AOE attacks happen to come their way. As for the strategy their were proposing, the bluenette figured as much that it would boil down to what was being tossed around. If one had to simplify their tactics to a level, it was a deconstruction, or even the reversing of roles for a raid. Normally they were up against a single opponent, or at best an opponent with dregs that served as distractions rather than threats. However, what they were planning for was basically the boss version of a raid team, comprised of the archetypes for most fantasy parties. It seemed that most of the strategists were on the idea that prioritizing and picking apart a dungeon party, that it would be the most efficient course of action. First, eliminate the member responsible for keeping the party alive, the healer. From there it came to prioritizing the one dealing the most damage, whether that be a single target high damager or a consistent multi-target attacker. With those two main threats gone all that remained was cleanup of the rest, which normally supplemented or served as secondaries for the rest of the party. One exception to this would be the tank, especially if they had the ability to intercept attacks intended for the higher priority targets. He didn't really think back at this point, but it seemed that now the bluenette was doing so, at least to himself, "Of the five items, three seem clear, while two are more speculation. Shield for tank, scrolls for caster, potions for healer. Dice may be a variety of effects, but because it's dice that could mean that the effects are at random and not at the control of the AI. Crystal ball could mean prediction, but it could also mean responsiveness. However, this is about a Queen, which could mean more than just high fantasy party roles, and expanded to an actual governmental system. A shield may be a tank, but it could also serve to represent the military might, like a commanding general. Scrolls may be a caster, but it could also be a scribe or some form of intellectual representative, even an economist or accountant. Potions for healing could also mean chemical research and experimentation. Dice could mean a person that specializes in analyzing courses of action, someone trained to weigh the cause and effects of past events and assuming the best course of action, finding the patterns behind the chaos. The crystal ball in that case would symbolize, ironically, speculation or prediction of future events and preparing for them, someone that specializes in proactive measures instead of reactive ones." Crossing his arms he continued further in his thoughts, "If that's the case then the roles in combat might be different. The supposed tank would also serve as the representative of combat prowess, meaning that they could serve as both attacker and defender. The caster would be a form of buff and debuff in order to supposedly equalize or balance things to their side, sort of like a pseudo performer. Healer would have an expanded role, one that might involve status-inducing effects like poison, bleed, and paralyze that would keep us pinned down and make us even more susceptible to attacks. The supposedly random dice user would be one that has an AI trained to make decisions based on what had happened in the previous turns of the battle, and in some ways be a supplement to the crystal ball...which would be the boss' form of shot-caller, that determines the other combatants actions..." With that he let his thoughts leave where they lie. It may be something for him to be aware of, but not something that needed to really be brought up in this meeting. Instead he decided to put his trust in the people that have already spoken, since the meeting was already starting to go fairly long as it was now. Hikoru had already decided to make his exit, since being a DPS he already knew what he was going to have to do. The Ultramarine Knight at this point wouldn't be surprised is more of the people at the meeting already began to get antsy and take their leave. Hearing Macradon's response to the samurai-themed player's thought he gave a small smirk. It seemed that the self-proclaimed Scarlet Templar must have enough skill points saved up to take Focused Howl if necessary. Calrex wasn't entirely sure about the entirety of Mac's skill allocation, but he had to take the guess that the knight had at least a single slot left for the base skill. It was one of the built-in limits of SAO that only really came to light at higher levels, the fact that there was a cap on the amount of skills you could have. Extra Skills so far seemed limitless, but regular abilities were restricted to nine, at least if he could recall correctly, prevent one from having everything under the sun with enough of a point pool. Looking over at @Baldur he gave a nod, while also turning to face Oikawa and gave another nod of greeting, "Anyone that's under my charge during the raid I'll do my best to keep safe, at least as long as we don't get stormed by AoE attacks. I'll make sure to have enough Safeguard potions on hand, just in case things get a bit hairy in there, but with Hestia we should be able to keep the lower tiered players within a safe health range."
  9. Calrex

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    If he was being honest with himself, Calrex probably would have admitted that he had tuned out at a few points during the discussion. While he wholeheartedly agreed with everyone here that a well-thought out plan was necessary for the frontliners to have a chance at defeating the boss, he also had more than enough experiences to go off of that even the best-laid plans can be completely ruined, especially if they are laid out with such meticulous care that it would be like a stack of cards. As Baldur, Shield, Morg, and a handful of other people took their turns chipping in their two-bits as to what could/should be done he had noticed his attention cutting in and out, although not to the point of him starting to fall asleep standing up. Some of these were things the bluenette himself had been expressing and putting into practice for majority of the raids he participated in, and it was good that seemingly now there was actual traction on those cautionary words, such as having Safeguards and teleporation crystals a standard for every participant in the raid. Being placed as a tank role was pretty much expected for him after so many battles, and he already figured that was going to be the case once again. Shield's prioritization of crafting item distribution was something that could serve to help keep everyone covered. With the teams and the decision between three or four, he personally thought four might be stretching the teams a bit thin, but with the potential number of bosses that they could be encountering this time around it was justified enough for him to not voice anything. Interestingly enough, something that made him clearly stand up out of surprise, was seeing the doors open with a familiar face entering though. Seemingly as if he had been only away for a shorter period than it actually was, Oikawa made his entrance and also began contributing to the raid planning. As the young man's eyes scanned by him the bluenette merely gave a close eyed smirk and a nod while listening to the self-proclaimed Faint speak. While still not as long a running track record as Calrex or Macradon, as he stated, the Ultramarine Knight did know the ones he did participate in were rather harsh and intense. Oikawa was present for the Rohk fight, after all, and that was one of the first raids where lack of preparation resulted in two player deaths. In addition this was in spite of the fact that there were more unique skill wielder at that fight than current. Returning back to putting his hands in his jacket pockets Calrex leaned back against the wall, turning to @Baldur, "I had no idea that Oikawa was back. Did he contact you at all prior to this?"
  10. <<Howl>> Activated (10 Energy Used / 162 Remaining) It was certainly an odd interaction between the two male players and the NPC, at least from what Calrex could tell. The woman didn't seem to have a problem with trying to high horse lay into him and Baldur, but after dealing with so many seemingly scripted interactions from their AI peers he to some level had toned it out. He could definitely feel the simulated sensation of the NPC poking at his armor, but that was about as far as it got. "This may be scripted, but man her speech could make a less accustomed player to go Martial Arts on her. Even if she is from the surface, her personality is rather...subterranean." Without any extra time to respond the bluenette watched as the screeching that seemed to overtake the woman's explosive speech, the origin of the sounds being four humanoid bats. The Grand Legionbane began to swirl and glow with light blue energy as Calrex readied <<Howl>>. He looked back and down at the woman before grasping her by the wrist of the same hand that was prodding at him, "Ma'am, I'd suggest to get behind us and stay behind us unless you want to fend for yourself." With a calm push he sent her in the direction of Baldur, who had yet a chance to act, "Bal, no more time for NPC interaction, time to get that blade out!" At Hestia's signal Calrex took a few steps forward before lifting his massive axe upwards, then slamming it into the earth in front of him. The energy shot out with a explosive roar, as if a behemoth creature had appeared in the room and unleashed a roar. The howl overtook the volume of the bats as their eyes locked onto the Ultramarine Knight. @Baldur: HP: 1090/1090 EN: 106/106 MIT: 79/39 EVA: 3 Hestia: 1425/1425 ENG: 138/138 MIT:151 DMG: 16 EVA:-1 Regen: 3 on CD:6 Recovery: heal 45 HP when hit BH: heal 57 HP Thorns:54 Calrex: 1765/1765 ENG: 172/172 MIT:89 DMG: 16 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 | ACH: 0.6 (0/0/3) Cave Bat 1: 1250/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/0/3) Cave Bat 2: 1250/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/0/3) Cave Bat 3: 1250/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/1/3) Cave Bat 4: 1250/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit)
  11. Calrex

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    More strategies were exchanged as Calrex continued listen, hearing as more of the veteran raid members gave their thoughts. As @Baldur suggested that he be the shot caller for his team the bluenette took a moment to simulate in his mind what his own thought processes would be in the middle of a raid battle, "Shot calling seems really more for someone who's not having to decide their actions each round. If we're talking a classic dungeon crawler, it wouldn't be the fighter or paladin that's strategizing. It would more likely be the cleric or black mage that's doing so because they have more available mental capacity to observe the situation and alert the others for changing tactics. As much as I an technically qualified to do so, I'll be focusing on damage and Hate management for whatever team I'm on, meaning that keeping an eye on what the boss/es are doing might diminish my performance in the main duties of my role." It seemed that Shield might have picked up on this, albeit not exactly in the way he was thinking. Any form of pride aside, it was true that when in a group he preferred to be more of the person taking action than the one directing it. It was rare for him to take the reins unless there was no one else willing to step up and do so, and usually someone else would have gotten fed up and done so long before he did. He gave a small smirk with a nod, "None taken @Shield. However, I do think that if we do follow Baldur's suggestion and having the team I'm on be the all-rounder group, then whoever is not focusing on DPS or tanking be the shot caller for the group. As he said I now have maxed martial arts and two-handed axe with quick switching mods, on top of Achilles, meaning that I can contribute to tanking, single-target, and AoE damage for my team with minimal downtime. But that also means those are three things I'll need to be juggling throughout the fight. Preferably if there is a dedicated healer I would think them to be the best candidate for tracking the boss' tactics. I'll be sure to keep an eye out if I notice something for sure, but that's more reactive than proactive in that sense."
  12. Calrex raised an eyebrow beneath his expressionless helm at the NPC's scripted words, "Guess we really are going out of sync for this particular quest. Since Tesseleth is already eliminated, it would technically render this NPCs plight moot." Calmly lowering the Grand Legionbane to his side, one of the two large striking heads making contact with the ground lightly, the bluenette listened as Baldur interacted with the AI, giving a small laugh at his mentor's off-guard reaction to the villager's quick defensive response. His small bit of entertainment now quickly over he immediately went back to observing the environment. It still seemed like if there were any monsters in the area, they were not yet being triggered or drawn to their position. In some ways this put him even further on alert than if there were some on the way. Since Baldur was the one seemingly heading the interactions with the villager Calrex merely gave a nod, "If we are going to have a conversation, we'd better keep the volume down. I still am not seeing any movement nearby, which could mean that any enemies that are around are hiding in a set position or haven't caught on to us already. Either way if might be a good idea to have one of us on each side to make sure we don't get ambushed from an unprotected side." Using his right foot he kicked his axe up so that it stopped straight upwards, allowing him to rest the bladeless handle of the weapon against his shoulder. @Baldur
  13. Calrex

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    The bluenette as the discussion began, giving a nod to those he acknowledged from previous gatherings, as well as his mentor Baldur as the Western samurai made his appearance. " While multiple bosses are certainly something uncommon, it's not unusual to have mid or field level enemies appear aside from mobs in the past. Plus there was the Spartan battle in the past which actually gave us a massive battle that required special fight-only buffs. However, everything that's been said and accounted for so far seems sound." With that Calrex remained silent, open and observant. For the most part the people here were taking this upcoming fight with some sense of seriousness. It seemed Bialas might have been more than enough of an eye-opener to those that may have become a bit complacent. The boss fights were changing, and in order to survive their strategies needed to evolve as well.
  14. Calrex

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Upon seeing the message from Shield inviting him to the next meeting Calrex gave a small sigh before getting to his feet, "I guess it was only a matter of time before that happened. Looks like we're still trying to keep a decent pace with the floor clearings." Giving a small stretch before swiping on his menu the bluenette changed from his training attire into his casual combat-style clothing, putting his hands into the jacket pockets as the item materialized on his form. He felt the wind cease from hitting his chest as his shirt also appeared beforehand, his lower legs losing the tight grip of the greaves as they were replaced with dark gray slacks, "So the coordinates looks to be at some kind of meeting hall. Alright then, probably by the time I get there most people will have arrived, or likely the meeting will have potentially already started." Glancing upwards he signaled to Roc as the peregrine falcon streaked down in a hunting swoop before circling overhead, "Off to the 23th floor." Moments later the duo arrived as the teleportation plaza for the 23rd floor, swiftly making their way over to the destination of the coordinates, seeing a certainly fantasy-style structure upon getting closer. The hill/plateau that the hall was built on had a strong curve beneath that made its base foundation seem rather questionable by realistic standards, along with the stairs that seemed to have been built on a naturally-forming ramp, something that to Calrex's memory didn't really occur in nature. Dismissing the thoughts he made his way up to the front door and opened it, entering inside to see a small handful of people had arrived, "Guess I'm kind of early for once."
  15. A single moment went by that seemed to cause a shift in the atmosphere of the group and the area they were in. Even though they were all more than qualified to deal with whatever monsters they encountered, it felt like the air grew heavy, as if they were perceiving an actual threat, something that could more than likely be fatal. If he was being honest, any encounter in SAO could technically be fatal, but since most fights had many built in parameters as a result of the Cardinal system and the hard code of the game, such things were easily dispelled. However, because of the actions of his teammates, he felt himself also going on some form of high alert. Seeing Baldur raise his hand to request silence the bluenette refrained from speaking, even going so far as to lighten his breathing so that it wouldn't make an audible sound. Saing he heard a voice certainly gave reason for caution and concern, whether or not the source was NPC or monster. Calrex had seen more than enough films where the predator would use a familiar sound of voice to bait its prey towards their doom. Making his way over to his two companions the blunette calmly lowered his massive axe from his shoulder, placing it forward almost like a barrier to keep them from moving past him. Bending down slowly so that his armor would note shift and make a noise he turned slightly towards the gaijin samurai, "Whether or not the source of the voice is a threat, it's certainly out of place for this area. We're supposed to be encountering monsters here, not humans. I didn't get a chance to check with a info broker before coming here, but I did overheard from other players in passing making my way here that there was an optional alternative route to fighting the bats. If that was the case then the designers must have given a some kind of incentive for people to actively engage the monsters instead of that alternative, which could mean NPCs we have to rescue. Wouldn't be the first time we'd have to rescue someone from bats after all." Getting back to standing upright the bluenette gave a nod to Hestia, "We'll head slowly towards the source, but stay low so that we can assess the situation before going on. We know out team duties, but any advantage we can get over the foes we might face will be useful." @Baldur