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  1. A feeling of panic came over him as he watched the redhead fall forward, feeling her virtual weight on him fall in an unstable manner. It was easy to tell that she had lost the passive level of control over her body as Teayre fell limp. While Calrex couldn't really deduce the strange skewed vision that she had muttered about while collapsing, the bluenette could suspect that she had overly exerted herself traveling so far from the thirteenth floor. Being an orange player, one of the things denied to his wife was the ability to access the teleportation plazas, meaning that the only means available was the staircases connecting the floors which originated from the defeated raid boss rooms. "Nine whole floors of travel after staying in the shop for so long...that's like running a marathon after staying at home for months without regular exercise...the fact that SAO is replicating that level of exhaustion, unless this is induced maybe by our subconscious? Either way I've got to get Teayre somewhere where she can rest" "Geeze don't the both of us have the Survival skill as well? How is the cold affecting her?" Giving a quick tug on both sleeves of his jacket loosened it enough for the Ultramarine Knight to shrug it off, draping it over his wife's shoulders before swiping on his menu with his free hand, moving the Grand Legionbane back into his inventory. Noticing the sword nearby, Calrex lifted the Amaranth Rose with an arm over his shoulder briefly so that he could retrieve the blade, also returning it to the inventory before shifting to pick the redhead up fully in his arms, giving a small sigh before scanning the area, "There's no good places that both of us can go to at the moment outside of Glacial Cove...and that spot is teeming with monsters. Tch...if that's the only spot we've got I just hope that staying just inside out of the snowstorm will be enough..." Orienting himself in the direction of the special location he steadied his senses, "Definitely not in the best position right now, so I need to stay on alert, at least until Tea's had the time to recover. It's a good thing this isn't affecting her game HP, but being unable to control your avatar properly is just as bad." @Teayre
  2. The sound of snow crunching below heavy weight rung out of Snowfrost Town, accompanied by creaking and scraping metal as a dark blue silhouette rushed past the guards at the settlement's edge. Labored breathing escaped from the full helm as the featureless headwear only showed a single pair of light blue slits, indicative of eyes. The armored player rushed through the fields, ignoring his surroundings as lower level mobs seemed to actively get out of their way, oriented in a specific direction. In front of the player was the light blue light emanating from his mini-map, which was tracing a location, "Glaciel Cove...I can't be far now..." "After staying in the boutique for so long...this is the first thing?" Thoughts of confusion and concern ran through his mind with each step he took. It had been so long since Calrex had seen his wife leave the Amethyst Boutique, her artisan shop, ever since Battojutsu faded from her skills. Before then, she was working with Baldur, training to move past the things that had happened prior, to move away from the terrible things she had experienced, and placed upon others. Part of him had assumed the worst from the message, while other parts were on alert, as if suspecting she had been kidnapped. It was why he had donned the Grand Chariot III while leaving the fourth floor settlement, and why Roc was already deep into the snow storm, ready to lend the Ultramarine Knight his sharp eyes in case of conflict. However, as he got further towards the location, as the silhouette of the familiar redhead came into view, his mind began to focus. He took a calm breath, letting his thoughts flow while remaining centered, "Focus on the Fudoshin mindset. I have to make sure she's safe...This may also be a trap for a potential ambush." His fingers flying across his menu for a moment his armor was replaced by his casual combat attire, the fur-lined blue jacket, white shirt, gray slacks, and brown boots clothing he had worn outside of combat for so long. A swipe of his right arm produced a series of faint lights that formed back together in an instant, the massive two-handed sword-like battleaxe, Grand Legionbane, appearing as he covered the rest of the distance, "Tea!" Sliding to a stop in front of her Calrex placed his weapon to the side, kneeling down on one leg while gently placing a hand on her shoulder, leaning forward so that he could see her face, "I got your message. Are you alright? What's going on?" @Teayre
  3. "Alright, what do we have...next..." "This...really is happening isn't it...we're fighting...a giant marshmallow bird..." As Mari began her attack on the next enemy, the Ultramarine Knight looked onward, only for his eyes to be met with a gigantic yellow Peep, "Uh...trademarked?" His brain took a moment to understand the situation, being unprepared to fight a massive, and seemingly potentially edible creature, "Of all the things...alright get my head in the game..." The Grand Legionbane became surrounded with swirling blue energy as Calrex brought the massive greataxe behind and over his head, raising it high with a calming breath. Once his <<Focused Howl>> energy reached critical mass, he slid one foot forward, bringing the weapon down into a ready stance as the power shot out like a directed sound beam, directly slamming into the massive marshmallow creature. Lowering into his stance to activate Sword Arts, the bluenette watched as his health jumped up, "Okay, that's much better than before. Might be this creature is the one to give us a little time to actually recover before the next set of mobs." With that he gave a nod to Oikawa, "Go take a bite out of this thing" @Oikawa
  4. Calrex

    [F24 - PP/JL] Unexpected Visitor

    "Sin-chan, I guess going from how Snow is addressing you it's sort for Assassin, gotcha." "Rather odd username for someone to be picking at her age, but I guess with the scars that might not be something unknown. Still, to think she's probably been through so much before even getting into his game. It reminds me a lot of what Teayre's gone through." Hearing Snow's comment on his attire he felt a bead of sweat form on the side of his head, "I...appreciate that. I'm sure if any of the others saw me in this they'd likely make a couple of...actually maybe more than a couple...friendly jabs, because I swear this thing's got some kind of extra shading effect or something. I'll probably have a small bite before heading to the dojo." With that he went over to the assortment of food, making a small plate before finding and taking a seat, adjusting the white cloak that draped over his shoulders so it covered a bit more of his torso, "I do appreciate that this is basically held to my body like it had magnets. Probably would be a bit too much to have it be constantly flying off." @Snow @Assassin
  5. Calrex

    [F24 - PP/JL] Unexpected Visitor

    As the white lioness cub rushed over and pawed at his feet, the bluenette gave a calm smile while crouching down, scratching Kimba behind the ears, "Well it's certainly been a while hasn't it. I'm guessing that means your master is visiting as well?" Roc opened his wings in greet, giving a quick flap to hop off the ground to land next to the fellow familiar, happy to see the fellow animal companion the peregrine falcon had not seem in quite some time. At the same time Calrex fully stood back up to look over at the two other players in the room, a bead of sweat on the side of his head, "Oh this? It's an old training attire I had in my inventory. I was thinking about stopping by the dojo to get some training in before heading back out again. As for Kimba here, heh yeah I've known Ariel from way back. When I was starting to get out of the first floor main settlement, she was one of the people I also partied with. Been a part of a couple of her guilds in the past as well." Looking over at the young girl that was with Snow, the bluenette also took note of the scars on her form, although this was not betrayed by his calm exterior, "Those definitely are not an aesthetic choice..." Giving a calming breath he took a few steps forward, glancing at the large abundance of food that was laid out, "I'm guessing you're visiting as well? It's nice to meet you, I'm Calrex." @Snow @Assassin
  6. Raising a hand, the bluenette's eyes traced the path of Mari's potion as she tossed it to him, the bottle landing in his palm as he closed his fingers around it. With the battle over, he watched the Burn effect of the red-hot bunny vanish, his health slowly climbing back up. Popping off the top Calrex consumed the potion, the additional status enhancement quickly taking effect as light blue flames flickered off of his form, much of a contrast to the original red flames of the DoT he was enduring prior. "My Battle Healing should still kick into effect once we start combat again, so hopefully i things work out right I should be able to get healed up a decent amount during combat. As long as I don't get struck by another DoT attack again, on top of other attacks. Achilles certainly did a good job staving off direct damage, but on top of the Burn I could only slow how much damage I would take." "More bunnies huh? Well let's just hope that not all of them are going to be doing damage over time like that red-hot one we fought earlier. This Pengu Ranger doesn't really take kindly to status effect as of late, heh." Stretching his arms, the Grand Legionbane moved around on his shoulder, reflecting the path of his hand traveling in space. "Well, extreme amount probably calls for area of effect damage now, so I'll stick with my axe for now. Pretty much ready to go if you guys are." Calrex - 1440/1805 | EN: 125/176 EN | DMG: 16 | MIT: 116 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 2 | BHL: 88 | IMMO 30 | ACH: 0.5 @Mari
  7. Calrex

    [F24 - PP/JL] Unexpected Visitor

    "Geeze did I overdo it on that nap?" At some point during the day, the Ultramarine Knight had found himself over at Baldur's estate, Breiðablik. The Western samurai had offered both him and Teayre a separate room to stay in, if they had decided to find a different place to stay other than the bedroom on the upper floor of the Amethyst Boutique. He hadn't taken up his mentor on the offer, but that didn't mean that from time to time he would stop in to at least take a quick nap before heading out onto the floors once again, albeit they were direct trips to the room to rest and back out. The room itself was still a nice setting, and could seemingly operate detached from the rest of the estate. Getting to his feet he gave a small stretch before swiping in his menu, "Maybe it might be a good time to stop by the dojo and do some movement training. I haven't really done it since training with that old man on the mountain back in the day. Might be a good time to swing around my old weapons as well." His clothes flashed white for a moment before being replaced by his old training attire. He rarely wore out, and going from the aesthetic effect it gave to his avatar, he was almost certain someone was going to make a joke or quip, "If only I was actually in this shape. I'm sure there's some kind of shading effect or something on the upper layer. There's definitely games that do that for added effect." He pulled the white cloak that hung over his shoulder a bit further to cover more of his upper body before crossing his arms beneath, "I guess if anything this is also the closest thing I have to traditional Japanese attire anyway." Sliding open the door to the room he was in, he quietly closed it behind him before turning down one hallway, heading down it as a casual pace. At this point of the day, it seemed the estate was rather quiet, with only the ambient sounds of life surrounding the compound occupying his ears, "I guess that room is pretty distant from the main parts of Breiðablik. Now the question of..." Reaching a split in the path Calrex paused for a moment, "Was the dojo to the left or the right?...I guess I can try right..." Traveling down the right hallway for some time, looking left and right for some way to get his bearings. After a couple of minutes, the scent of cooked food greeted his virtual sense of smell, "Huh...I guess I must be by the kitchen. Someone definitely seems to be making something nice. Maybe I'll stop by on my way." Reaching the doors to what he guessed was an entrance to the kitchen he opened the doors, his vision greeted by two people, a spread of food well suited for a feast, and a familiar white feline, "Hey...thought I'd pop in while heading to the dojo...wait...Kimba is that you?" As if in response to his query, his blue peregrine falcon Roc materialized, softly landing next to him. Calrex's Attire: @Snow @Assassin
  8. Calrex

    [F01-PP] The Gemini - Snow vs Calrex

    "Hm...maybe it was too soon to mention?" The bluenette closed his eyes for a moment after Snow spoke her piece, preparing to get up and take her leave. He also calmly stood , giving a small nod in response to her bow, closing his eyes for a brief moment. In the meantime, since the NPC host recognized the two were wrapping up their time in the Starlight Cafe, he had started making his way over in order to retrieve the porcelain tableware. "Something about this isn't sitting right, but I guess I can't really say much else. She's probably still got a lot to deal with, and I'm not exactly the person to be helping her through it. Daire was her only friend she knows from real life in SAO, and now she's gone. I guess I got lucky by making so many friends and allies so quickly into starting my questing." As the blonde began to move and make her exit, Calrex spoke one more time, more to get the words out than to try and stop her, "Jacob's Ladder...if you need a hand feel free to reach out..." A few swipes on his menu also allowed him to send a friend request over to Snow, but by that point she was already out the door. Returning his hands to his jacket pockets the Ultramarine Knight gave a small sigh, turning with a calm smile to the host before making his leave, "Well this has certainly been an interesting excursion to the first floor..." @Snow
  9. Calrex

    [F01-PP] The Gemini - Snow vs Calrex

    "Hm..." As the blonde spoke about what her guild left her, the bluenette listened while taking one last draw from his cup, finishing off the rest of his mocha. It seemed that Snow had received advice that was fairly standard for someone struggling with a non-DPS role. In some ways it would be putting her in a similar route to what Hestia had served as originally, a support tank. From what Calrex could recall, he had started off as a pseudo damage-dealer wen he wielded straight sword, but after picking up heavy armor and Howl it pretty much set his role as a tank in stone, "Still not fully sure if I should remain that way, but I'll give it a bit longer before I finalize that decision." "I'm not exactly what you would be expecting to see until much later in level. I'm one of the vey few players to my knowledge which have reached the highest level currently possible, so I have enough skill points to really diversify what I can do. If you want to be very specific, I'm a hybrid of a tank and damage dealer. As for the frontlines, they're much more diversified than a group of knights. A lot tend to be damage dealers, sporting light armor and wielding weapons suited for that, although to my knowledge a lot of people have branched towards stealth mechanics because of some recent changes to the ambush skill modifications." Moving his cup and saucer fully to the side he placed his arms into his jacket pockets, giving a contemplative sigh, "The main reason why normally people specialize in weapon and armor first is for survivability and the ability to adventure and complete quests on their own. If you take on any quests solo, then eventually at some point you will have to take down monsters, particular strong ones if you are looking to gain skill points quickly..." "Hm...I wonder...since it is what the others are hoping to embody..." "I know you just recently got out of a guild, but if you don't wish to carry a weapon, I can see if some of my guild might be interested in accompanying you through the quests. That way at least you'll have others to be able to work with you on at least majority of the quests I know of. They are have participated in the floor raids as well, so it's possible maybe one of them might know of your friend and be able to tell you what happened." @Snow
  10. Calrex

    [F01-PP] The Gemini - Snow vs Calrex

    He paused for a moment before straightening back up to sitting up straight, a bead of sweat running down the side of his head as he saw that his act apparently had put Snow over the edge, tears streaming down her eyes, "Sure thing, of course." Reaching down the bluenette retrieved his cup of what remained of the dark chocolate, espresso, and milk mixture, seeing that he was probably only a few sips away from running dry. Taking one of those sips he set it back down, his avatar's mouth simulating the fading warmth as the drink slowly lowered to room temperature, "Let's go ahead and switch topics then. I'm guessing since you do have equipment and skills that you have been doing, or at least planning to do, some adventuring. Was there something that you were looking to work towards. A lot of players I've seen nowadays, at least when I do wander around, have some kind of role they want to fill in mind." "Guess I'm not really one to talk though. I spent nearly half of my levels without any particular build in mind, since it was mostly taking skills in reaction to some adversity I encountered along the way. Efficiency in a role is definitely not something that I would say my skills embody." @Snow
  11. Using Bunny Stamp to upgrade equipment: Obtained (Purchased in this post) Old: New:
  12. Calrex

    [F01-PP] The Gemini - Snow vs Calrex

    The bluenette kept silent as Snow took her time with speaking, the little moments of time taken for each of them to take a sip from their respective drinks seemingly helping to control the slower than normal pace of their conversation. It certainly helped Calrex with processing what the blonde would say and compose a response in his mind before speaking. He gave a small smile as she expressed her embarrassment over her previous actions, hiding it behind his cup of mocha. As she finished her last statement, the Ultramarine Knight gave a calming breath, a faint bit of condensation escaping his lips before he spoke. "It's quite alright, and please there's no need to be expressing thanks. I probably wouldn't consider taking it, since a death on the frontlines during a floor raid is something I would also consider a failure. I may not have caused it, but in some way I still feel responsible, because as the supposed strongest and most prepared players out of all the ones in Aincrad, the frontlines should be doing all we can to make sure everyone survives. None of us should be boiled down to mere mobs to throw at the floor bosses until we make it through. Because of that..." He placed both hands on the table, bowing his head and upper torso, his face now directed towards his lap, "I truly am sorry. If anything this probably isn't an isolated incident. With all the lives lost to the raids, there are probably loved ones left behind in their wakes that don't wish to raise their voices. I appreciate that you were able to convey your frustrations." @Snow
  13. Calrex

    [F01-PP] The Gemini - Snow vs Calrex

    Calrex listened attentively as Snow explained her background with her friend and roommate Daire, the player known as Last_Chance. He took in each details, about how her friend was majoring in 3d design, most likely to be be some of game designer or programmer when she graduated. The bluenette himself was already a couple of years out of college before becoming trapped in SAO. As her story continued, he slowly raised his mocha to his mouth, taking a slow drink as the blonde spoke about her friend's daily messages about the dungeons and boss raids, although he did raise an eyebrow when Snow said Daire mentioned him by name. At that point, the Ultramarine Knight believe that Aincrad had some some kind of comedic timing, because as the person across from him spoke about her friend's crush on him, it took everything in his power to stop from accidentally inhaling some of his virtual drink or doing a spit take, feeling some sweatdrops run down the side of his head and back of his neck. "Okay...I really was not prepared for that." As Snow described Daire's features and build, he took a deep breath, making sure to not repeat his almost accident before setting the cup back down, giving a small laugh, "A DPS that wields a spear and shield huh? Well, I will admit that I don't know many players that would have that combination. I believe all of the wielders of a spear and shield tended more towards tanks. There was one player that was considered the main tank of the floor raids before his retirement named Tristan that wielded that exact set of gear, and oddly was also a redhead. As for a strong personality...I have a feeling she probably would have really blended in with a lot of the frontliners, they do tend to be a ragtag bunch when you get them all together." With that he adjusted a little so that his cup and saucer were out of the way of his hands as he placed both on the table, interlocked as he gave a breath, "If she was on the assault teams, then there may have been a chance I met her, and maybe even potentially fought alongside her. But...the floor raids are fairly chaotic, and there have definitely been times players have joined the frontlines for a raid, only to not show up again for the next one. Eventually...I think I might have started to not take in the small details like player names and really just went into an autopilot, protecting whoever was under my team assignment without really recognizing who they were outside of what they were doing. You probably could have swapped a player out for a cardboard cutout and I might not have detected the difference." @Snow
  14. Calrex

    [F01-PP] The Gemini - Snow vs Calrex

    He took a small sip of his drink once again, the bluenette letting a moment of quiet hang in the air after Snow gave her response to his words. A bead of sweat formed on the side of his head as he observed the changes in the blonde's body language, becoming more guarded from what he said, "I might have said a bit too much. She hasn't really adventured much, and most likely I may have become a bit desensitized with it constantly happening around me." "It is...although I do apologize if the way I spoke colored things in such a bleak light. I guess if anything, if you do decide to try and join the frontlines, I wanted to stress how serious each floor raid can be. Luckily enough it's been some time since we lost someone to the floor bosses, but because we only know so much information about the raid before entering, there is always the chance we can be caught unprepared." With that he took another gulp of his drink, almost as if he was suggesting that Snow should do so as well. Gently resting the mug back on the saucer he gave a small sigh, "Alright then, how about you tell me a bit more about your friend. I am truly sorry that I cannot place a face to the name, but maybe if you can tell me a bit more about her, maybe there is the chance that I know someone who might have known her." @Snow
  15. Calrex

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Look at that chiseled jaw, also I see the lack of life in your eyes...IT'S A CLONE!