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  1. The Dub is on Hulu... (I only watch because my friends say my voice matches Klein’s)
  2. Is my build even in regs anymore or was it all thrown out finally?

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    2. Baldur


      I don't remember the last time you were back, but a lot has changed since then. You'll probably need to go look it over

    3. XWuZHeAR


      @Baldur nice il get on that in my spare time

    4. Baldur


      I just did the same myself

  3. Oh boy here I go coming back again

  4. XWuZHeAR

    [SP-F21] playing some fetch

    X's first hit surprised the goblin as an uppercut connected with the lower jaw sent the goblin up to X's eye level making the gross little creature flinch with pain and spit out a spew of red polygons. Before the goblin even began to fall back down to the ground X connected an insanely fast jab on the other side of the goblins head slamming him back into the ground making him bounce back up to receive an absolute vicious right hook to a vital sending the goblin sliding across the rocky coarse cave floor. That must be a new skill *spits* either that or goblins sure can bounce... RRuff ruff... The goblin eventually got up and seemed surprised to see X simply standing there waiting for him to attack instead of curb stomping every last pixallated polygon out of him. Its almost as if some kind of mechanic in a role playing game is preventing from doing so when you consider the super restrained look on his face. ID: 86387 MOB: 4 - 3 = 1 miss! Goblin:hp 120/210 X:hp 400/400 energy: 30/40
  5. XWuZHeAR

    [SP-F21] playing some fetch

    Just before leaving the quarry X notices something shiny in the distance; then without hesitation X charges over to the object with maruchan in tow. The shiny object then begins to move at a decent speed seemingly as if it spotted X and decided to run away. X would not simply surrender so easily and instead decided to turn and slide to get a better angle to cut off the object on its current path. While running X noticed the shiny object seemingly stopped and now stood still which prompted X to then stop running and stand still. The object then could be seen moving side to side but remaining in the same location. Annoyed now X decided to charge the thing once more, shortly after a red crystal began to appear, then a small body, next the shiny object turned into a dagger and the body a goblin... X tightened a fist with out slowing down. ID: 86360 BD: 8 hit! Acupuncture - (3x3) x 10 = 90 damage Goblin:hp 120/210 X:hp 400/400 energy: 30/40
  6. XWuZHeAR

    [SP-F21] playing some fetch

    Maruchan came running back to X almost immediately with out a mat which could mean maybe he just didn't look at all, but could you really blame him? This amazing vast cave to explore and here we are looking for materials to record art onto. Sure when you put it like that it all seems poetic in a sense but the main point is even while trapped in a never ending nightmare where else could someone have this kind of adventure? Maybe Maruchan was just excited to have found one he lost track of what was going on around him although the stark reality of him just being code in a virtual world does sort of shoot down that theory. In the mean time X continued on to look for more paths and possibly another rail to ride after pausing for a few moments to look at the amazing glowing crystals resemble stars on the cave ceiling. Come on boy, we got some more exploring to do... Ruff rrruff.. *Sharp whistle*... ID: 86359 LD: 10 + 1 = 11 no mat found!
  7. XWuZHeAR

    [SP-F21] playing some fetch

    Maruchan catches the dangling material in his mouth then is caught by X in the moving mine cart immediately after, a performance the likes of Aincrad have never seen before. The cart then slowed and came to a stop on the edge of a quarry gently lit by seemingly infinite glowing crystals. After hoping out of the cart the now exuberant couple runs over to the best lit area to take a look at the T3 recording crystal. ohhh its red... didn't expect that!...Rruff ruff... Lets wait till we get home besides there's still an endless amount left to be found... X was right in this case obviously these crystals were just cleared to be discovered by the front liners; floor 21 the new front lines quickly rushed by crafters of all professions; so normally one would assume this to be a rare commodity however, being a performer has its perks aside from the occasional groupie. They were a scarce group whose crafts aren't particularly sought out but that leaves a huge buffer for material shortages. *Sharp whistle*... ID: 86356 LD: 1 + 1 = 2 no mat found!
  8. XWuZHeAR

    [SP-F21] playing some fetch

    Throwing more and more rocks the duo continue their long search for the precious crystals that lie within this maze of cave networks, it wasn't long before metal clanging sounds were heard in the distance. Surprised the boy and his dog stroll over to the source of the sound to find a mine-cart track that leads into a dark narrow passage with no cart in sight. Looking at each other for a moment X and Maruchan begin to walk along the tracks deep into this presumed abandoned mine. Soon the path becomes lit by a trail of torches and a mine cart is actually found. Before X could even take another step Maruchan speeds off and hops onto the front ledge of the cart. Looks like a free ride haha... Rrruff ruff... After the pushing the cart to gain some momentum X hops in the cart himself and the pair begin to hold on tight as the decline increases dramatically. What happened next was almost too surprising to believe; a recording crystal dangled from the ceiling so without hesitation X lifted up and tossed maruchan to catch the all important crafting material. *Sharp whistle*... ID: 86354 LD: 15+1=16 Mat found! +1 T3 mat
  9. XWuZHeAR

    [SP-F21] playing some fetch

    X and Maruchan continued to explore the insanely endless cave for a better spot because clearly this spot wasn't working and X had better things to do like use the damn mats he set out to find. Along the way X continued to toss rocks across a wide open underground lake which a waterfall could be seen across on the other side. X's STR and SPD parameters are unusually high for someone of his level, must be the out come of being the possible only martial arts main in the entire game. X could probably wield some of the games best war hammers and use them with the speed of a rapier user however with out the skills required his damage output would not be anything exciting, but still could you imagine? Him just whippin' that thing around. Anyways X is currently using this stat anomaly to toss rocks at some crystals knocking most of them down from the cave ceiling. *sharp whistle*... ID: 86334 LD: 9+1=10 no mat found! Maruchan returns from the site of fallen crystals dirty and with out a single recording crystal.
  10. XWuZHeAR

    [SP-F21] playing some fetch

    Maruchan again returned with no mat in sight which is strange considering he had a higher rate of finding these crystals on floor one in the fields than in this vast cave full of glowing crystals. X in returned began to whistle a little song. The song drug on and filled the whole cave with amazing echoes of pleasant tones. The performer profession no doubt assisted him in hitting every note with near surgical precision. It was at this point X realized something huge about the performer profession. I might just drop the guitar all together and whistle my songs from now on... what do you think buddy? Rrruff rufff... Yeah no there's no way that would work, if it does I'm spending the rest of our col on food for you... Rrruff rrruuufff!!... Yeah yeah I bet you would want that to happen... *sharp whistle* ID: 86333 LD: 2+1=3 no mat found
  11. XWuZHeAR

    [SP-F21] playing some fetch

    Obviously lying with his previous statement X praised his pup for simply obeying his command by remembering what kind of whistle meant what. Then again Maruchan really only did this one thing as a real live treasure hunter. X then hoisted Maruchan up to look around at all the vast glowing rocks in the vicinity, of which some may be harboring recording crystals the vary material X uses to record songs however this floor offered tier 3 mats which are really only useful in healing songs but never the less were important in there own right. Another super unreasonable mechanic in this game was the tier system, it acts as a multiplier for certain enhancements but not others, and to balance it all out new floors are supposedly; after unlocked grant new enhancements but it only seems to unlock enhancements for the already over powered professions like blacksmiths or tailors. *sharp whistle*... ID: 86332 LD: 4+1=5 no mat found.
  12. X and Maruchan were having about as much fun a boy and his pup could have, in a dark muggy really really gloomy cave at least. Like seriously this whole floor is one huge cave? That's ridiculous like you can visible see from outside the floors there is clearly some space between every single floor at these lower levels. Like if the majority of the floors settlements and such were underground and the above ground was mountainous so players could explore the bare surface that would be understandable but, no its literally all cave with a few glowing rocks here and there. What was i talking about? Oh right right X and his pup... *sharp whistle*... Just like that Maruchan the wolf pup instantly understood his masters heart desires and ran off in search of materials... ID: 86317 LD: 3+1=4 no mat found. Good boy Maruchan, You did good!
  13. XWuZHeAR

    XWuZHeAR's loots and crafts

    Name: Redbone Debuff song Your Profession: Performer Your Rank: 3 ID: 86313 Roll: 12 Item Type: debuff song Tier: 1 Quality: perfect Enhancements: Lullaby (EVA - 3 for 4 turns) Description: X's cover of Redbone by Childish Gambino Post Link: Link Name: LES Healing song Your Profession: Performer Your Rank: 3 ID: 86314 Roll: 10 Item Type: Healing song Tier: 1 Quality: uncommon Enhancements: Heals 40 hp Description: X's cover of LES by Childish Gambino Post Link: Link
  14. X lazily strummed his guitar to the tune of whatever song he was thinking of from before the game happened, unlike most performers in the game X has zero musical background (aside from rapping at parties under the influence) however with the game assisted playing mechanics X is able to just think of songs and what kind of tempo or beat the song had, the game simply does the rest. As for singing to X its much like singing along to the car radio only what he hears come out of his mouth isn't what others hear and what the game records. The first crystal allowed a recording to be played back but no enchantments were put on it. Better than the next crystal which exploded mid recording ...damn... However the next crystal was a perfect craft holding an amazing debuff, a lullaby that would practically stun an enemy leaving them open for a good sword art. The following crystal held a healing song not a great one but 40 hp could go a long way for lower leveled players. Then a crystal nearly exploded but the song was instead allowed to be erased. X's luck then quickly ran out as another recording crystal exploded. 4 out of 5 ain't bad... 7-good item 3-mat loss 12 Name: Redbone Debuff song Your Profession: Performer Your Rank: 3 ID: 86313 Roll: 12 Item Type: debuff song Tier: 1 Quality: perfect Enhancements: Lullaby (EVA - 3 for 4 turns) Description: X's cover of Redbone by Childish Gambino Post Link: Link 10 Name: LES Healing song Your Profession: Performer Your Rank: 3 ID: 86314 Roll: 10 Item Type: Healing song Tier: 1 Quality: uncommon Enhancements: Heals 40 hp Description: X's cover of LES by Childish Gambino Post Link: Link 4 mat retained! LD: 16 ID: 86315 2 mat loss EXP total w/ ambition: 22 EXP
  15. XWuZHeAR

    Face-Claim Thread

    X will now have a brand new face and it is none other than my man... this guy! EDIT: Whoever can find me more pictures of my man here i'l give 500 col per picture i use