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  1. Here for about an hour T.T Can't wait for wednsday when my schedual for comp use goes back to normal.

  2. On mobile this is all weird

    1. Jomei


      I just use the full site button at the bottom

  3. Waking up after a day spent at work late and crashing as soon as I get home; blah I'm behind, must work harder!

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    2. Lowenthal


      I work until my body tells me to stop. Everyone has their own way

    3. Ssendom


      ^ Very true.

    4. Lowenthal


      I try to make the Impossible, possible. cause that's how TEAM GURREN ROLLS!

  4. Both Jomei and Lowenthal are into me, tiem to deflect their attentions to eachother and make glorious Jomthal happen!

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    2. Jomei


      ._. too many people know about this *sweats* its gonna be the most embarrassing heartbreak for Jomei ever haha

    3. Lowenthal


      I don't even know whats gonna happen. xD

    4. Zandra


      Ahti, dont take Jomei away from m.. ehm, never mind*sits down quietly*

  5. Ugh, finally feeling better, I'm sooo behind in replys T.T Please don't hate me guys.

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    2. Ahti


      Nuuuuu, letting other people down feels worse then stomach flu!

    3. Jomei


      ... -_- go ahead and reply then.. I just wont reply back until youre better xD

    4. Calrex


      ^ Smart move there XD. Hope you feel better!

  6. Ahti

    Skype Chatgroup

    Live:Khaosclaire Add me in~
  7. Note to all; if you throw your weapon inside of a boss, expecting to have the boss dead when the party attacks two more times, and they miss twice; you ain't gettign that back...

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    2. Skylar


      So it may have only one hp left.

    3. Ahti


      hmm, I grossly miscalculated- I must redeem my honor *Comets Sepiku*

    4. Jomei


      Crap! I had this awesome idea of getting the sword out of its belly for you, and completely forgot xD

      I think its about done anyways. If not, it'll be at one hp, and you can give it a sick kick in the face.

  8. Waiting for the 10th floor boss fight to finish to get to explore the next expc

    1. Mari


      After the boss fight the raid group gets A 24-48 hour head start on the next floor before anyone else can post ;)

    2. Ahti


      That's actually kick ass; we doing that for all floors or just the next tiers; cause if so gonna need to power level myself so I can start getting n on dat floor clearing action.

    3. Mari


      all floors

  9. Ahti

    Real Life Picture Thread

    The ginger it burrrrrrnnnnnnsssssss. No but in sorslors; I'd get a picture of me, but I have no recent ones, and It's require me to get all the things perfect before I can take a recent one of my self; so may come but might not.
  10. Wait are we still allowed to do Feeding the Enemy?

  11. Oki just made 4 items all 3 threes on the roll. YOU CAN'Y MAKE THIS CRAP UP! LIGHT MORE PYRES!

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    2. Leon010


      *sacrifices Lowenthal. Leon lives to see another day :)*

    3. Lowenthal


      Hey guys, there a clone of me running around killing kids. *sees corpse* Well then....

    4. Jomei


      No killing Lowenthal... we are apparent lovers now.. >///> Lowen-sempai xD

  12. SAO Lost song, the one with Charcter creation and online multiplayer, comfirmed for coming to america in 2015 fall.

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    2. Lowenthal


      I'm gonna have both. :P

    3. Prostatis


      Guys, it's okay. Wait for someone to port it.

    4. Ahti


      This is a port technically; an enhanced version port, but yes, since it was developed as a japan only title at first it will most likely stay on the major consoles in japan, namely Vita and ps3/ps4. The vita version MAY come to 3ds at the very least, but it wont reach xbox, just like most other Japanese anime games don't.

  13. *Blushes them promptly explodes into moe steam*
  14. Jomthal Dat sweet sweet BL