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  1. *Stalks you and makes eerie ghost noises*

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      :O I had just gone to see when you were last online, too <_<

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      RIP. Baldur will go pour some Sake on the monument of life for her. Maybe that's how I'll start my new thread

  2. Opal

    State of the Site Discussion

    I had left the site altogether due to inactivity on my own personal problems IRL. Life got stressed hardcore for me and I just couldnt handle 'the grind' while maintaining a high level character while making things fun for myself. At the time, I thought my Opal had a good run with her story and I tried to kill her off as a means of moving on from her story. But with that came much regret, not that I have enjoyed my time with the alts I created in the meantime. However, nothing has been able to fill that void so to speak. I have been gone roughly 3 months, it hasnt actually been that long I think. I just recently came back to the discord to chat with some people, but I still feel weighed down by life in general to make a come-back of even if that is a chance to do so with my current schedule. I do plan on clearing this up by the end of the year and...I will be honest here. Having a chance to RP as Opal again would certainly feel like a nudge to get back into it things here. But I wouldn't say it's a 100% sold on the idea. From what I have read, it looks like the staff are really working hard on making this site active again. I figured I would say a few words on the subject since I found myself here. I'll keep an eye out on the developments and of course anyone is more than welcome to hit me up on Discord if you see me online.
  3. Will make note that Opal is not sending out PMs when I tag you in my final thread. Thats Opal just getting things off her chest and saying goodbye in a way she doesnt need to confront you. Sorry for the confusion. 

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      :D Lol. Yeah. I'll probably do some edits when I get around to it. 

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      *follows thread and watches with popcorn* This should be good ^-^

  4. Hey. Im back from my vacation. So I'll be getting back to posts on Monday. kthxbai

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      Nice to see you again ^^   How was your vacation?

  5. Opal

    Re-Evaluations Topic

    OLD: ID: Familiar Jaken [ 58314 ] LD: 19 +5 [3 Search&Detect] 2 [Equipment] = 24 Enchanted Familiar found Item: Familiar Name: Jaken Enchant: Accurate (+1 Accuracy) NEW: ID: 58314 LD: 19 +5 [3 Search&Detect] 2 [Equipment] = 24 Enchanted Familiar found Item: Familiar Name: Jaken Enchant: Fighter [T2] (Rank 1)
  6. Opal was...somewhat hesitant to deal with any kind of merchant or shop owner these days. However looking back at how things were right now, she needed to upgrade her gear through special means. It was difficult to nab a last hit kill in a Boss Raid, it was difficult to find players who could use the Picking Skill, almost everyone went with an aggressive build these days. She sighed and heard about a mysterious merchant that resided in a cave. Opal did not feel threatened to going out and checking up on this rumor, but low and behold there was a crimson haired woman who offering a rather sinister smile. Opal waved, and smiled feeling a little tense about the situation. "So yeah, umm...I'm looking to upgrade my gear a little bit. I am hitting a road block in power right now and I could use some unique enhanced equipment. So, I dont have any good materials on me and I will be more than happy to pay the cost for those. And I will give you 20 materials to start. Right now I am just looking for a Katana that can hold any sort of Unique Enhancements. I am looking for a Phasing Weapon, but any of the others besides basic damage would do...at least for now. If you fail at finding anything, its no problem. You can keep the junk if you get normal enhancements, I don't need the clutter in my inventory." She swept her menu open and exchanged 20 materials and 2000 col for the price of the good items and the 20 appraisals. One for each good item.
  7. Has anyone been investing in the Picking Skill? I wouldnt mind nabbing one of those higher up Treasure Boxes, would love a new unique enchanted weapon. So perhaps I can offer a trade of services. PM me if you have a good skill set for finding and dismantling chests! 

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    2. Rin


      I'm up for it.

    3. Opal


      There is a chance I wont be rping tonight. Im gonna be out clubbing with my girlfriends and more than likely be heavily intoxicated so i can get this done and situated Monday night after work. I'll PM you both and we can get the plot handled in the convo. 

    4. Domarus


      If it's possible for me to join a thread shooting for a chest please let me know.  I need col asap

  8. I will open myself up to a new RP thread if anyone is interested. However, I will be rather particular who I take up on this. But if interested, let me know via PM. Posting here is not necessary. 

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    2. Calrex


      Why am I in the corner?! I'm freaking strapping a GoPro to both of you XD

      Why am I in the corner?! I'm freaking strapping a GoPro to both of you XD

    3. Esther


      A part of me wants to say yes, because I am interested in your RP style, another part of me is like "eh" since it looks as though our characters just wouldn't RP well together.

    4. Lycan


      I'm always down. My feminine counterpart as well.

  9. Opal

    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    Opal's gaze lye on the newbie as she talked, and talked...and talked...and talked even some more. Rolling her eyes, the female knew this was the best time as any for she now had a chance to speak, "Listen you little Bitch. This is coming straight from me to you. I will have your head and your heart one day. If you wanna make this into something, you best find yourself a sword and talk to me in battle. I issue a challenge to you, a full loss duel. I had to listen to your insistent babbling and now you pushed and I am going to shove. You have some days to prepare for this battle. If you do not show I will take your name and obscure it into the dirt and everyone who knows you will fall in line as well. I am tired of you children who think you can play with adults because of your past and your history. I did this, I did that. You are a nothing now and you will be a nothing tomorrow. I will make damn sure of that." Opal took a moment to look over the dual colored hair of this little whiny girl, "Feelings get you nowhere in this world. Because they are so easily ripped from people. Now, I will rip and take everything from you. Your name, your heart and your friends. You got guts, now lets see you back up that claim as the Infamous Player Killer you are so proud to shove in my face." The woman lifted her hand to say goodbye as she kicked at the dirt and rubble around her, "I'll PM when you I have set a date for our battle. Come alone and come prepared." she said throwing her voice behind her. Left behind was the laughing of the Coffin member. She will enjoy killing that one. OOC: Challenge issued, I'll PM you a date. A no call, no show will result in dire consequences. Opal leaves thread, you may have Oikawa enter and do as you wish here.
  10. Not sure if anyone saw, but since there will be a split with ALO and GGO from SAO, a few others and myself will be redeveloping ALO from the ground up. So if anyone is interested in the development of the new ALO section, let me know via skype. Send me a PM with your contact and I'll get you situated when I get home from work. Thanks!  

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      Oooh, nice! Good luck!

  11. My body is back from vacation. hurrah. My mind is still there though. haha. 

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      If I am missing any replies for someone, let me know. :) 

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      Welcome back! I'll be getting to our thread soon.

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  12. I will not be adding or posting in threads until after July 10th. I'll be going on vacation starting on the 2nd and will be gone for around a week. Which means, I will also not participate in the upcoming raid. (Yeah, good luck with that guys Muwahahaha). Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know I am taking a small vacation for July 4th so I will have little to no activity. For those in threads with me will need to show patience. Thanks.   

  13. I was out partying last night, so i'll have replies after work tonight. 

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      Woo! Party Hardy! \o/

  14. Little worn out tonight. So only got a post done, will be back to it after work tomorrow night!