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  1. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Violet shuddered when Jon mentioned that she needed to be honest, and fully open up to him. she pulled back a bit from him, curling up sightly into a ball, though she was still looking up at him. "I will... just.. please don't treat me any differently..." she said sadly, resting her chin on her knees. "It started 7 years ago, when I was 20 years old, and I first came to the states. I was fresh out of a police academy, and enjoying life just like any reasonable young adult would be at that time. I lived in Los Angeles, working for one of the local police stations as a Negotiator, doing my best to work with everyone to prevent as many deaths as possible. I met one of my closest friends there, someone whom I felt that was the brother that I wish I had. His name was Declan Cian. We became fast friends when we were working together, and we'd chill out with each other at our houses, playing video games, watching movies, or going to the park with his wife and kids. It was... oddly idyllic now that I think of it. It hardly even really matters now though." she took a deep breath, her body starting to shake slightly again. "Then, not even a year later, I was driving home on a motorcycle that I bought a while back, just enjoying the afternoon air, and how the wind felt on my face. A truck came flying out of nowhere, hitting the tail end of my bike, and sending both myself and it flying." Her hand traced the scar on the left side of her face. "I lost the ability to see out of this eye, and some heavy scarring to boot. I was in the hospital for a little over two months due to other injuries that they were uncomfortable about me wandering about with. When I was discharged, Declan and his wife both helped me out tremendously. They kept me fed, they helped me with laundry and kept me company while I was recovering." "They mostly kept me off of the field after that, due to the nature of my injuries I would have been an extreme liability, and I could have gotten killed had I ever been put in a violent situation. Regardless of this, I kept my head held high, and continued to work just as hard as I did before. Then, that fateful day when it happened came... The day that Declan was murdered by a group of gang members. We were forced to do an all call due to a massive shootout between three separate gangs, and also due to the fact that they had hostages." she paused, before holding up eight fingers. "Eight of us... that's how many died. My boss was shot in the head, killing him instantly... Declan didn't get as lucky as he did. He was shot in the chest, and I held him in my arms as his own lifeblood choked the life out of him. I... I, for lack of a better term, went berserk on the gangs, firing a pistol till it was empty, before snatching up another and I just... kept going. My mind was just on autopilot at the time, and the only thing that crossed it was Make them Suffer for what they did." she glanced down at her hands, a blank look on her face. "When I got home, I found myself waking up screaming and in a cold sweat from my first nightmare. I was able to function for a while, and I did great for the most part, up until about two years before SAO launched. I was still functioning for the most part, aside from the ever-increasing nightmares, and I was still showing up in public. Until I had a breakdown, and just stopped leaving my house, curled up in a ball and sobbing. The only things I did to take care of myself then, was shower, eat, use the bathroom, and sleep if I felt able to do so. Even now, Its just been getting worse. I barely sleep or eat, and now instead of strangers, I just see people I care about getting hurt..." She lapsed into silence after that, staring at the floor. She didn't want to see how Jon reacted to her story.
  2. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Mina just sat there, trembling in his arms, her eyes shut tightly as the tremors wracking her body along with her sobs slowly began to die down as her panic seemed to fade away. She felt even more guilty than she did earlier after essentially lying to him about it. ".. I di-didn't say anything about them b-because I can't get rid of them..!" she said weakly, still clinging to Jon. "What reason would I have to bring u-up something that couldn't be fixed..? It's just my mind endlessly torturing itself with the things that it remembers, and there's not a thing I can do to fix it aside from putting up a mask to hide it away. It's the only thing that's been keeping me together for these past few years." she looked up with guilty eyes. "I'd rather help others fix their own pain and problems where it is fixable, than just try to fix something broken that hasn't been reparable for almost a Decade." she said, her face filled with grief. "And I'm so, so sorry for what I did earlier, I had absolutely no right to do that to you. You must hate me over that, don't you..?" her grip loosened, as she seemed to slowly relax, though her facial expression still remained the same despite the pangs of emotion rushing through her mind.
  3. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Mina was still slightly dazed from her tumble, though she still managed to pull herself up from her position on the floor. She looked up again, the room was somewhat blurry, just like it always was when she woke up like that, which was almost every night. Every time they just seemed to get worse, no matter what she did. It was part of why she refused to even sleep nowadays. She didn't have anyone that could pull her out of them with any kind of ease, or even make them go away entirely. She supposed that was just the side effect of what had happened to her. It didn't matter too much, as she spotted Jon coming closer, causing her to instinctively recoil away into the corner, her face suddenly becoming fearful. "Please no! G-ge-get away from me!" she whimpered, cowering backwards, her mind unable to comprehend that she wasn't still in the nightmare. "P-please don't hurt me..!" she flinched, and shut her eyes when he extended his hand out to her... until she heard him asking whether or not she was ok. 'If I was still in that nightmare, he wouldn't be asking about my safety..!' her eyes shot open, before she let out a sob and launching herself forward, and letting out a broken wail as she buried her head in his chest. "I'm not ok! I haven't been ok for almost 6 years!" she sobbed, clinging pathetically to Jon.
  4. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Rosa scowled at Jon, her brow furrowed in frustration. "Kid, the only thing I got now is that girl sitting on that bed, and she won't be around much longer unless someone sets her straight." she said darkly, "I'm not gonna pretend that you ain't right in that regard, cause you really are, but I'll be damned if you act like you know who I am. From what she's said to me, You hardly know anything about Violet compared to some other people, which is something we're about to correct... When she wakes up, that is. and judging by the look on her face right now it'll be pretty soon, you need to ask her about it, and I'll fill in what she can't really remember." Rosa turned her head in Violet's direction, where she was tossing and turning, gripping at the sheets around her tightly with a pained look on her previously peaceful face. 'Is it gonna be Declan this time, or someone else?' she thought, closing her eyes as she braced herself for the shouting that was about to come. Mina struggled to free herself from the nightmare, her dream self covered in red pixeled wounds as she grappled with her friends. Hestia, Itzal, Domarus... even Jon. She felt a burgeoning scream suddenly rip from her throat as she was suddenly skewered through the chest by an unseen figure, the person cleaving through her almost paper-thin armor with ease. Her movements became so frantic that she ended up throwing herself off of the bed, hitting the side table even as an Immortal object message appeared, shooting off a small amount of purple sparks. She sat hunched near the corner of the room, holding her hands up in a defensive position as she stared up at Jon and Rosa, her eyes almost completely dulled from how their usual life was. She was just a shell-shocked person that had come out of a vicious nightmare, and not the calm, fake persona she put up for everyone to avoid the stares. Rosa looked over to Jon, and then back over to Mina. "One hell of a way to wake up, that's for sure." she muttered, a slight wince on her face.
  5. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Rosa slammed her fist into the table, a scowl on her face. "Well would ya look at that, I'm already callin' BS." she said coldly, her eyes dark with a mostly calm fury. "She was over the moon when you said you'd go out with her on a date, and that's something I haven't seen from her in a pretty damn long time." She materialized a menu, before showing Jon a slew of messages between herself and Mina, detailing her excitement over the development. "And on the matter of her seeming like that was the only reason she called you over... She just has a pretty F***in bad habit of shutting people out when she shouldn't, and finds herself doubting who she is, and whether or not she's actually a good person." She raised an eyebrow when he said he wasn't answering any more questions from her if she didn't explain who she was, and how she knew Violet's real name. "Oh please, she used to work with my husband as someone who'd talk down people from doin stupid s**t." she said sarcastically. "Even then, I'm an Info broker. Info is the name of my game, Morgenstern. or would you prefer the name Jonathan? And as an FYI, If you haven't guessed it yet, we know each other IRL, though I'm pretty sure she don't know it yet. I'm Rosa Cian, the widow of her good friend Declan Cian. Just goes to show even the most perceptive people can't see the smaller tells, though you'd think my tattoo's would be a dead giveaway." Rosa's scowl changed to a Cheshire grin when Jon shot her a vicious looking glare. "Hey, what 'chu actin like I'm scared of you for?" she asked, tilting her head at him in a questioning gesture. "That attitude of yours doesn't scare people like me, I ain't got anything to lose to be honest."
  6. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Rosa looked at Jon, studying his features as he laid Mina down on the bed. Needless to say, she fully understood why Violet seemed so insistent on clinging to this guy. 'If I didn't know that he was dead and buried, I'd say he's a dead ringer for Declan...' she thought, looking over at one of the photo frames showing a man with blonde hair and amber eyes, posing for a group photograph that held a grinning Rosa with her natural hair color, and a much happier looking violet without the scarring around the left side of her face. It was probably her most treasured photograph that she had, having been able to bring it here from a quest on one of the floors a bit higher than this one. She turned slightly to look at violet, the younger girl's face scrunched up somewhat as she seemed to be drifting into the darker part of her mind. Rosa closed her eyes in defeat at this, folding her arms under her chest, a pensieve look on her face. "Let me set something straight first, I Ain't blamin' you for her being out cold. Poor girl's been having nightmares so often it ain't even funny." she said quietly, pouring some tea out for both herself and Jon. "Doesn't help she probably didn't sleep over what she planned on asking of you. I don't think I've seen her cry that much since we were at my husbands funeral." her multicolored eyes met Jon's amber ones. "Somethin' in that face of yours tells me you probably took it like she was doin' it to be rude, am I right?" she asked, a pointed look on her face. "An' don't you try lyin', I'm pretty damn good at tellin' truth from lie, it's a skill I got from working as a Mafia interrogator for a few decades, and having an interrogator for a husband. I ain't gonna be mad about yer answer, 'cause I told the idiot that It'd probably piss you off more than anything."
  7. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Rosario's attire: Rosa was idly chatting with one of her customers, a bored look on her face. He had given her info in exchange for a few of her specialty drinks, and a Golden Apple pie, her favorite dish to make. She was just about to send him off with his goods, and tend to the rest of her customers, and her other items cooking and brewing in a separate section of her building, when a blonde haired player came in carrying a woman with dark hair, one that she instantly recognized. 'The hell is going on..? Did she forget to sleep again..?!' she thought, her eyes narrowing at Mina. she snapped her fingers, and pointed at Jon with a scowl on her face. "Bring her over this way kid, I'll be with you in a minute." she said cooly, fixing her jacket and ruffling her two-toned hair. "Stupid girl probably forgot to sleep again, she needs to cut that crap out!" the last part was muttered to herself, though it was audible to others, as she walked over to the side, grabbing a few things from underneath her bar, before moving over to one of the back rooms. She left the door cracked open as she set up the bed for Jon to lay Mina on, setting a teapot and a trio of teacups on a small table off to the side of the room. she placed a plate of cookies and teacakes nearby, her amber and green eyes focused on the set up items, before she sat down in one of the nearby chairs, leaning it against the wall. when Jon entered after her, before she would gesture at the bed. "Just place Violet over on that, and come over here. I need to have a word with you real quick kid." she said sternly, pointing at one of the seats in front of her.
  8. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Mina flinched as his angry words scared her out of her tears, though his words did remind her of what her thoughts had been before. She had made him hate her, she was almost certain of it now. He immediately proceeded to tell her what place she would have had helping them back then, helping them push their foes back, and potentially preventing people from dying. She locked her gaze with his, a cold, dead look in her eyes. "Because dying to me, sounded like a rather nice alternative, especially if I were able to die saving the lives of others." she said hoarsely. "I didn't show up in the first place because I wasn't even moving or sleeping for several days, unable to even get a spark of a happy thought to show itself. I was too wrapped up with my past. You're entirely right, I should have moved forward with my life, and make due with what I had now rather than what lied in the past." She suddenly moved forward, her hands on his shirt almost instantly, her dead eyes suddenly flaring with fury. "But none of you aside from a player that I used to utterly DESPISE showed me how to move past what had happened. How to cope, how to get past it!" She snarled, tears suddenly starting to stream down her face again. "I understand why you are angry over it, and It's like being stabbed in the chest over and over, because I wished nothing more than to help others, and Neglected to care for myself. I set aside my own feelings, my own life so much for others that I tore myself apart to the point that I could hardly function! I spent over two hours agonizing over whether or not it was the right thing to ask this of you, because I knew you would most likely hate me in the end!" She had done research while she was still in the real world, and found that she had suffered deep mental scars from what had happened. She would have panic attacks when someone made to scream in her face, or when she was in an enclosed space with little mobility. She would stay awake for days on end, not being able to sleep due to vicious nightmares where she was greeted by herself with a weapon of some sort, and the cracking, splintering forms of their virtual bodies as their lives flickered out. This problem had forced her to call upon her willpower and every last dreg of her strength to hold herself together. "But I felt like I could have tried to help you work through any other emotions left behind by what happened to you..." she said, her rage dropping quickly into despair. "My whole life, I've dedicated my whole being to trying to help others, It's all I could do! Even after I had to watch my best friend die, I still wanted to help, but life just... wasn't so kind to me." she let go of Jon, sitting down suddenly as her arms limply fell to her side. Her eyes widened in realization as her vision slightly blurred, which wasn't a good sign in the slightest. 'S- s**t.. I guess not sleeping for 3 days finally took its toll on me..!' she deftly moved her hand, moving numbly to produce a pen and a piece of paper, and writing the location of her friend's bar, before her head hit the blanket, and everything went completely dark.
  9. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Mina felt her heart sink when she saw Jon's face go stony. 'He'll hate me for a while over this, won't he..?' she thought sadly, her facade barely keeping itself up. She had the feeling that what he was about to talk about was going to shatter what was left of her mask, the one she meticulously put up every day. It was a fight to even get up in the morning for her, though as of late, it had become slightly easier with hope in her chest and mind that they were going to get out, that they were going to be free someday. She would fight until her last breath to free them, to save them. If Jon paid any attention at all, he'd see her mask cracking and breaking in obvious places. She was shaking like a leaf, even under her warm, soft clothing. Her Jaw was clenched tightly enough to show the muscles in her face flexing. Her eyes, they were by far her biggest tell. They were completely glossy, unshed tears welling up in her eyes. She listened to his story, fighting with herself every second of it. She felt a strong pang of guilt hit her Hard. Hard enough to make her hunch over. 'I was right, they probably do hold that against me, for not being there..' she thought, fighting herself to keep her emotions in check. the news about Chaos and Fearx weren't exactly the bit that she hadn't heard, though she let out a soft whimper when he said that he'd been one of those that had been killed during the fallen event, fully confirming what shield had said to her. Her entire body felt like it had been frozen solid, stony cold from the sheer amount of Guilt that she felt. God, she could have been there had she just stopped weeping for those that were fallen long before now, for weeping over past mistakes, and actually gotten off of her ass and leveled herself up high enough to fight with her friends! She might have been able to save them then! Underneath her tears, her eyes dulled as she raised her hands as the area briefly warped from the way it really was. Blood stains on her clothes and hands, and the face of her friend stained with blood that was both his and her own. She shuddered almost convulsively, before willing herself to keep listening. She refused to bow, not like this, NOT LIKE THIS! She needed to listen. Violet listened to him describe what happened between Jon and Chaos. The SOB had forced him into submission, and enticed him with tidbits about his little sister, which lit a fire of rage inside of her. She had met Jon's sister on two occasions, once during the Star crossed lovers event, and once during the more recent event, the one where people had fought the pumpking, a vampire, and a giant scarecrow. The girl was so sweet to others, and was doing what so many neglected to do. She used her time to heal others, something that used to be one of her priorities when she had first joined up. 'Am I truly that pathetic that someone both younger and weaker than I is doing more for others than I have been..?' she thought morosely, her mask completely falling away as silent tears started streaming down her face. 'I could have done something, anything to prevent this... I could have..!' She felt her heart almost break in two once she heard him finally say why he'd killed that girl. He had done so out of greed..? She refused to believe it, but even looking at his face, she could see nothing but honesty present on it. A guilty honesty, but nevertheless it was still honesty all the same. Her body just wouldn't stop shaking anymore, she couldn't stem the flow of her tears, and worse yet, she felt like she was being smothered by an unseen force, likely her own guilt. It was almost crushing her just to be able to sit next to Jon, to smile and laugh like she was just the bright light out of their little group like she'd done before.. '... Maybe I should have actually thrown myself off that cliff when I decided to the first time, and spared them from worrying about...!' Her tears seemed to slow down, a resigned look on her face, and a defeated look in her eyes.'No... I'm going need to set something straight for him, he's beating himself up over something that was, by all intents and purposes, his best option at finding his little sister... ' "... I... I'm S-s... So... So...S-s-sor... Sorry..!" she whispered, her voice weak and frail sounding from her conflicting emotions. "I-I sh-sh-should've b-been there f-f-for all of you..! I-I should have been strong enough to fight with you. I have no right to call myself a friend, much less be s-someone worth you caring for. If you want to leave, just go. I have no right to ask you to stay, but I ask that you listen to what I am about to say. You might have killed one person, but that still makes you a better person than me..! What you did was not out of greed, but out of fear and worry for your sister, and your desperate actions to get to her again. She was a hostage being held by him!" She locked gazes with him, tears streaming down her face. "I'm not saying you did the r-right thing b- b.. by doing that! But that psycho could h-ha-have killed her! He could have killed your sister, but instead he chose to play mind games with you! H-he just wanted to S-sc-screw with you head after he w-wa-wa- was gone!"
  10. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Violet let out a snort of her own when Jon started laughing at her choices. "Jon, I know you're probably not legally able to drink IRL, which is probably why you're laughing like thats. It shouldn't stop you from enjoying it while you're here." she said, still laughing herself. "Personally I don't really drink too much, but it's better than the crap that they call the normal drinks here. It's player made, and it's based off of spiced whiskey, which my friend suggested for such a cold night." She took yet another drink of it, her eyes closed as she savored the flavor of the drink. She might not drink herself into a stupor in the real world, but she was still a bit of a functioning alcoholic unless she was needed to work long hours or come in for negotiations at the request of her friends. That thought was pushed to the sidelines when he quickly apologized for hugging her. "Don't apologize, I probably needed a hug anyhow." she said, shrugging. "I didn't mind it anyhow, I get the feeling that you probably need some comfort after you... did what you did.." She listened as he rambled about over what she had brought, asking if she had cooked it herself. "Oh god no! I'm garbage at cooking anything for the most part, unless you don't mind things like simple soups or dessert items." she choked out, her eyes wide. "My friend Rosario cooked these for me to take here, Especially after I told her how bad my cooking skills were. Now if you want music, I can play both the violin or guitar." She wished she actually had one on hand, but she didn't think to ask for one. people weren't very willing to hand them out as items, which was mildly annoying. Didn't matter too much, though, all she needed to do was go to visit an artisan to get one made for her, which was stupidly easy. She rolled her eyes as Jon took a drink from his glass, nearly choking on the spicy liquid. "Like I said, it burns like hell when you aren't prepared for it, Ne?" She took another, drawn out dreg from her glass, draining the rest of the liquid from it. She then leveled a stare at Jon, her red eyes locking into his amber ones. "Now, I'm going to be a bit blunt with you, and I'm sorry in advance if it hurts your feelings..." she said calmly, her face changing to a mask of calm, while she was internally an utter mess. She needed to tough through this, or she wouldn't be able to sleep later that night. "But I want you to tell me everything that led to what happened to you between the short period between the fall of the CA, and the actual event of it happening, to cause such a change in you, Jon. I want you to be as honest as possible. I know you probably don't want to talk about it like this, and certainly not here of all places, but this is for me to reassure myself that nothing else like that will happen, and that you're mentally okay. I've seen too many people go mad because they killed someone and didn't ask for any help... It's all I'm asking of you, Please...!"
  11. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Mina gave him a lopsided smirk when he said he was worried if it was going to be in town or not. "Don't be so worried, I wouldn't have picked somewhere in town anyways, its too boring in there!" she chuckled, mussing his hair from where she was laying on him. "I was either going to take you here, the waterfall caverns of floor 21, or to a bar that my friend owns that allows PKer's." Actually, Riker's edge was probably her last choice. Rosa would have been absolutely merciless in her teasing had she actually gone there with Jon, she certainly loved her gossip that was for sure. She noted that his face was flushed with embarrassment, probably from the fact that she was laying on top of him now rather than sitting next to him. She snickered a bit, though she noted that he had tightened his grip on her. "Jon, do you even want to enjoy what I brought here for us to have, or are you just going to keep treating me like a giant teddy bear?" she snorted, before gently pulling herself free from his grasp, as reluctant as she was to do so. He'd seemed almost desperate for some reason, though she figured it was probably just something she imagined. After mina sat up, she busied herself pulling out the various foods and sauces that she had brought. Soups, bread, crackers, cheeses, meats, cakes, pies, and various dressings and sauces were now laid out, along with two glasses filled up with the wine that she had brought. "I'd be a bit careful when you drink that, though. That crap burns when you aren't prepared for the taste." she warned, before taking a drink out of her own glass.
  12. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F4] Our Sour Song (Mina and Morgenstern)

    Mina was still focused on preparing for what was going to happen. She'd even pulled a mirror from her inventory just to check her appearance to make sure she was fully presentable. 'Oh Kami this is nervewracking!' she thought, her face not exactly betraying her currently chaotic mental state. 'Does this even look right?! I didn't dress too over the top, did I?' needless to say, she was so damn glad that those negotiator training classes were currently taking the opportunity to shine and make her look calm. She checked the ingame clock, worry seeping into her mind. 'He... is gonna show up right..?' she thought, glancing up just as she saw him approaching from a short ways away. Jon was dressed in obviously lighter clothing, which surprised her a bit. it was unusually cold as of late in this part of Aincrad, especially at night. She let out a faint chuckle, a smile on her face. "Mou, took you long enough Jon!" she said, her smile growing into a grin. "You ready to get this starte....!" mina's eyes had gone up, looking over at the bright green diamond over his head. her eyes widened by a slight amount. "... Your... cursor is... Green again..?" she said, a deadpan look on her face aside from the faint surprise in her eyes... before she broke into a wide grin, moving so she could tackle him with a hug from even where she was sitting, hitting him with enough force to knock him over. "You did the redemption quest! Congratulations~!"
  13. Mina's outfit for the date >> Floor Four, The Starglades, Night time << Mina was quietly waiting in the starglades deep within the wilds of the fourth floor, fidgeting with her long coat, a faint blush on her face from the cold. She had finally figured out where she wanted to meet up with Jon again, and planned on sending him a message soon... though she needed to wait just a little bit longer so that she could finish preparing what she had brought. Mina produced a large cloth blanket that had the bonus of feeling constantly warm no matter where you were at using it, making it perfect for what she was using it for. She produced another bottle of wine, this one a beautiful lime green bottle of wine that she had purchased for a nice sum from the very same Shop that supplied her with most of her alcohol. It was by far her favorite kind of alcohol that they made, and it certainly made warming up during the cold season a cinch. She then set out an insulated basket, a pair of plates, a pair of silverware, and a pair of fresh crystal glasses that she got with her order. She remembered the conversation that she had had with Rosario about it. The friendly girl had given her loads of support for the situation, and had even given her a few foodstuffs for free. At first she had been reluctant, but Rosa had been rather insistent on the matter. Now she was grateful for it, as she could get help from her to supply the meetup. She took a deep breath, before pulling up her menu to send a message to Jon to call him over to where she was.
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    [PP-F22] Bittersweet (Tricolor_Mina)

    Mina's expression changed to one of excitement when she saw that he was being genuinely serious, a wide smile breaking out on her face. She returned his smile with a lustful one, her red eyes locking into his amber ones. "Well, we have lots of time to figure that part out, ne?" she said softly, warmth flooding her body. For the first time in almost 10 years, she was legitimately Happy! She didn't have an underlying sadness to her thoughts, and she felt like her heart was on cloud nine with the rest of her mind... Then her mind went straight to oblivion when he pressed his lips to hers, kissing her for several seconds before pulling back from her. Mina's eyes were wide with shock, her mouth an almost perfect O in shape. Mina raised up a hand to her mouth, her eyes wide with shock. 'He... kissed me..?!' she thought, a faint blush dusting her face. Meanwhile, just going off of the tone of his voice Alone, he was pretty embarrassed that he'd actually gone through with it. Needless to say, Violet was rather happy with the entire situation, and figured that it couldn't have gone much better than it did just now. She flicked open her menu to shoot a message off to Jon, before pulling out a crystal, and vanishing from the area in a sparkle of blue light.