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  1. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    Spade was jumping in and out of stealth, cleaving into the enemy as Diamond landed the finishing blows on two of them, and forcing a third to retreat and heal themselves. Meanwhile, Club was doing his best to keep up with Ain, who was displaying strength that he hadn't expected. He was hit twice by the attacks, though his armor flared to life, inflicting a slight burn on his opponent. Glenn had flung a reddish orb over at Rosa, before throwing a bloody red crystal at her feet, a red aura eating away at her armor, but boosting her damage at the same time. Glen crushed a different, pale red damage crystal, and applied a dark purple salve onto his gauntlets, the weapons glowing with a toxic looking reddish purple color, before he sucker punched one of the soldiers with his strongest sword art, knocking them easily into the red, and inflicting bleed, paralysis, and poison on the person, leaving them defenseless on the ground. Violet was preoccupied using Mass-healing, MIT, and damage crystals on her allies, a determined look on her face. Every so often, players would nearly break through the defensive circle, only to get a pair of flying fists, and a burning blade shoved at them, occasionally causing some of them to die. Violet grimaced, thanking her lucky stars that they were mostly orange players that were killed, and that she'd only hit one of the people with lethal damage. She noticed a familiar blonde running through the crowd of enemies, occasionally whacking them with his blade. "Jon! Hurry, Please!" she shouted, a look of panic in her eyes, before a weapon smashed into her mask, causing her to go flying backwards. Rosa pulled out another crystal, a black and silver Incarceration song, which she immediately proceeded to crush, throwing the effect at hidden when she reappeared, before immediately flowing into a guard, taking a heavy blow from the weapon. Rosa's weapon glowed with an emerald green, silver, and dark red light, the weapon biting into hidden's armor, and inflicting a powerful poison effect, and restoring some of the health that was taken away from her. a loud hooting could be heard, as Athene flew out of the portal, boosting her damage. "There's a reason that I have Ace as my moniker, kid... If you're underestimating me, that's about to be the biggest mistake of your life. You can still call it quits if you want to, but you're probably too prideful to even think of that as an option, ne?" she murmured sadly, shaking her head. "If you want to keep going, then so be it..." Rosa suddenly slammed her shield into hidden, forcing her to dodge or risk being paralyzed from the impromptu shield-bash.
  2. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    Rosa moved to the center of the room, her allies forming a protective half circle around violet and Mujo. Rosa flicked her arms out, revealing a shield on her right arm, and a long, wickedly sharp dagger in her left hand. A dark blue corridor crystal clasped in her right hand, which she held up beside her face, a blank mask on her face, her eyes returning to the same dull coloration from earlier. "So you say, I'm guessing you're expecting me to be a coward and back out of this..? heh... heheheh..... AHAHAHAHA!!" she cackled, before crunching the Corridor crystal in her hand, opening a sky blue portal behind her that released a total of 3 other players, each of them cloaked in black robes, with masks on their faces that resembled comedy and tragedy masks with festive decorations, a sun, stars, and a crescent moon. Rosa flicked her menu, causing her mask to reappear on her face. "F**k your expectations, kid! Enforcers! Arbiters!" She laughed, "Leave their leader to me, but feel free to pick off those that try and attack yourselves and end their lives! If the Demon want's to gamble with lives, then who am I to refuse?!" A sadistic smile crossed her face as her own weapon gleamed with a trio of effects, the blade practically dripping from the pre-applied salve that inflicted poison. "Well, Hidden?" she asked, tilting her head, and crouching slightly. "Are you just gonna sit there and wait for me to attack first, or are you going to be ballsy and attack me? I don't bite, promise..!" meanwhile, Glenn, spade, Club, and Diamond were all in offensive stances. Glenn seemed to be more focused on defending Rosa and Mujo, and was actively taunting Hidden, a venomous look on his face, almost daring her to come closer to himself and Mujo. meanwhile, Club had walked over to Ain, snickering at the other teen. "We're gonna enjoy cutting your guild down to size for threatening the life of our boss. But don't worry, we won't kill you or your leader... just enough of you to force you to listen to our.. Suggestion." Club hissed, his eyes glowing a lime green under his mask. Violet was silent, standing in a defensive position instead of the offensive movement from the others. instead, she opened her menu to send Jon a message, a bead of sweat dripping down her face. Things were about to go south real fast, which had her shuddering, her rapier gleaming with sparks that denoted the bleed and burn effect that was on her weapon. Her armor wouldn't be able to save her from dying if someone came after her directly, and hidden seemed to be staring her down, causing a cold chill to run down her spine. 'Jon, please hurry!' she thought, scrunching her eyes shut in fear. @Morgenstern @Hidden
  3. tricolor_mina

    Tricolor_Mina [the Diary of Nobody]

    Character Arcs Arc 1 - The Aimless Arc 2 - The Guiding Star (In progress)
  4. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    <<The warehouse>> Rosa's eyes were still locked onto hidden as she became increasingly angrier and angrier, stating that a measly 5 players wouldn't be enough to stop 20 from killing both herself and Mujo. "And..? I LIKE those odds, kid~ heh heh..." A deranged look crossed her face at the threat, before she ignored the last few moments of Hidden's anger, instead turning to Ain and Mujo, a wide smile on her face. "My friends will be arriving any second now, ne? Much faster than your guild, that's for certain, Hehe heh hehehe!" she suddenly steeled her emotion, before looking to Mujo, the deranged look much less prominent now. "You were right about that message not being for the reason I said it was for, but it was for OUR safety..." Rosa wiggled her foot forward just enough to tap hidden a bit with her boot before continuing. "I must have thrown her off so badly that she briefly lost it, so I asked for my guild to show up to pull off a rescue mission. You, one who is no longer of the faceless, but a normal player... how would you feel becoming a member of My guild instead? since your boss so callously threw you out?" there was the sound of rapid footsteps, Cries of "They're this way! They're this way!" echoing around the building. "We'll gladly take you in, and give you a family again if you so desired it. And to the one holding her down, I'd suggest you duck unless you want to be knocked unconscious." A green suited clown, Club, shot out of nowhere, tackling Ain off of Mujo, while Diamond and Heart focused on undoing the shackles that were on Rosa and Mujo respectively with the lockpicking skill. "Well never mind then, that was a tad bit unexpected~ Thank you kindly, Diamond!" Rosa said softly, giving the white haired girl a hug. "No problem, Boss.. It's the least I could do after being useless earlier..." rosa carefully hugged Shireen, a faint smile on the older woman's face. "Never say you're useless, I'd be lost without you guiding me, Shireen..." she said softly, before standing up. Mujo was untied by glenn, who pulled his mask to the side, and started to heal Mujo, his eyes and hands glowing a sky blue. "Hold still, Mujo... You're gonna be ok. I won't let her hurt you again." he said softly, his brows furrowed as he turned to look at hidden's unconscious form. A red cloaked player entered the room, a relieved sigh escaping her lungs. "Mou, Dia-chan! we haven't been chased, have we?" violet called out, a worried look in her eyes. "From my understanding, no. but I do think we're going to be attacked very soon, I wouldn't put it past hidden to order for reinforcements." she warned, furrowing her brow in frustration. "That doesn't matter now, we need to get the hell out of here!" said rosa, standing up and putting her mask back on. @Hidden@Morgenstern Glenn without his mask
  5. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    <<Rikers Edge>> Mina caught sight of Jon, a nervous look on her face. "Jon... I appreciate the flowers, really but uh... Sh!t just hit the fan." she mumbled, looking over at the increasingly agitated Heart, who was repeatedly messaging Mujo asking if she was ok, before grabbing the flowers from Jon, and punting them into her inventory. "Hidden... kind of... kidnapped Rosa..." Her voice became weak towards the end of what she was saying. She pulled up her own hood, and slid her skull mask over her face. "Look, I know you two don't exactly get along, but can you please help us..? We're all going, whether you come with us or not, anyways.." She stood up straighter, and took up a stance behind Club and Spade. Diamond turned to the group. "I've locked on to Shuryō sama. Let's get moving, everyone." she said curtly, before running out the door, followed by everyone except for mina, who stayed behind momentarily to give a pleading look to Jon. "... Please, Jon..!" she whispered, before turning and running after her friends, a determined look on her face under her mask <<The warehouse>> Rosa was simply sitting there in the chair next to Mujo as she chatted with her, a faint smile on the older woman's face at her antics. "Kid, you've got spunk. You remind me of a certain hotheaded kid that I made friends with a while back, y'know?" she said, chuckling as she swapped her menu for her friend map. 'they haven't started moving yet..? what's with the delay?' she thought, furrowing her brows when a chill suddenly went down her spine as a blur suddenly shot past her, and slammed into Mujo, causing her eyes to go wide with shock. "What the..!" She suddenly cursed inwardly, a horrified look on her face when she realized it was hidden. 'F**k, Hidden heard what the kid was saying..! thats no-' A snarl of rage suddenly ripped from her throat when she saw hidden slash Mujo in the face with her dagger, her multicolored eyes seeming to glow in fury. "ATTACKING YOUR GUILDMATE LIKE THAT IS A D**k MOVE YOU SON OF A-" Rosa started bucking against her restraints, a look of fury on her face as hidden strengthened them, and Ain came to restrain Mujo. Hidden said something that sounded like a taunt, prompting rosa to flick her head to the side, her mask flying off her face, revealing a look of lethal rage that would startle everyone else but her. "What do I Have to say about this..? Heh... heh heh... A word of advice, actually. I wouldn't have given a rat's ass if you'd have attacked me, hell I wouldn't have cared if you had KILLED me. But attacking someone innocent was the stupidest thing that you. Could. HAVE. DONE." She hissed, her eyes dark pits of raw fury, with none of their earlier brightness. Her guild was already on the way from what it seemed like on her map, which prompted another bout of humorless laughter. "Actually, I'll give you another word of advice. You kill the girl, I'm fairly sure that one of my own will be rather unpleasant with you, ne? I didn't think of you as someone so quick to fury, so quick to want to KILL.. I thought you'd be a tad more reasonable than that guild you're after, ne?"
  6. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    Rikers Edge Glenn saw the next message that had been sent by Mujo, and suddenly started to gear up again, causing everyone to perk up, confused. "Suit up. The situation's not good over there. The girl just sent the boss's line for when things are unstable." He said, glancing over at Olenna and Kuran. "Just the three of us should work, since i'm fairly certain-" Shireen stood up, already dressed in her outfit. "You guys aren't going anywhere without me, I don't care if the girl tracked me earlier. The boss is far more important right now." Glenn scrunched his face up in annoyance, before sighing and waving her forward as his mask flashed onto his face, obscuring it once again. "So we're going up against that guild? Sweet~ I can't wait for them to taste my blade if they try and stop us." Kuran said, a grin on his face before it was obscured by his mask. Olenna shot him a glare "Shuryō-Sama is in trouble and your first thoughts are of fighting the other guild rather than rescuing her?!" she snarled, before her mask flashed into place. "Not what I meant, but oh well~!" Glenn looked in the pair's direction, his icy blue eyes once again seeming to glow underneath his mask. "Spade. Club. I will warn you both once and ONLY once. Shut. the. Hell. Up." the bickering pair immediately fell silent, and Diamond joined him towards the entrance of the room. "We need to get moving now, we cannot waste time because you two chuckleheads decided you'd rather bicker than rescue our leader!" The warehouse Rosa smiled faintly when the girl sent the message to Glenn, closing her eyes. "Thanks kid, I really appreciate it, and I'm sure Glenn appreciated that too. Knowing him and good ol' spade, they were both probably worrying themselves sick." Rosa watched as the girl started to cycle through her inventory to see what was in it, her mind cycling through several plans that she could give her comrades once they showed up. "Y'know... I didn't expect anyone to act like we are all just a bunch of circus performers, but that actually sound's like a promising theme now that I think about it myself~" she said, giving the girl a cheshire grin. "As a thank you and an apology for earlier, there's a bottle of wine that you can have in my inventory. It's called <<Burning Blade Wine>>, I made it with feathers from some of the birds on floor 9, and it's one of my best selling wines~" @Hidden
  7. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    Rosa's face seemed to darken with annoyance. "I know what i'm doing, besides, I KNOW your goal was just to kidnap me, instead of trying to- ARE YOU SERIOUSLY WALKING AWAY?!" she spluttered, an angered look on her face, and somehow managing to buck the seat she was sitting in just by thrashing about in it. "WHAT THE HELL LADY!" eventually rosa settled down in her seat, a scowl on her face. At least she could use her player menu now, which was nice. the only problem was the fact that she couldn't raise her hands high enough to reach the text box, which annoyed her. She closed the menu in frustration, and glanced over at the girl from earlier, the one that had snatched her drink. "What are you..?" a puzzled look crossed her face until she realized that the girl was making her a sandwich, which made her eyebrow twitch in frustration. "I hope that's for you and not me, or it'll go to waste kid." she said, rolling her eyes. Her gaze softened when she heard her talk about not being wanted. "Yeah, I know that feel all too well kiddo, it's not fun to be the person nobody wants." she looked down, a frustrated look on her face. "The only reason I act so serious is because I try to keep my people prepared for the worst, and prepared for the fact that they could die at any time If we do something to fight back or retaliate against someone who has attacked us." she fell into silence for a few moments, before her eyes widened slightly. "Wait, did you say Heart contacted you..?!" Rosa pondered her options for a moment, a frown on her face. She could either try and convince the girl to send a message in her name, or she could just wait and hope that nothing happened, which seemed highly unlikely at this point. Hidden seemed to be on a rather short fuse at the moment, and she didn't want anyone to get caught in the cross-hairs of the fallout from her flipping the table. She took a deep breath, before opting to try and get her to pass on the message. "Will you do me a favor real quick, kid? Can ya send him 'A wild card is in play' ? My hands won't move high enough to write it out, and I need to make sure nobody is panicking over there."
  8. tricolor_mina

    [PP - F19] an Eye for an Eye <<Hidden, Mina, Morgenstern>>

    At rikers edge Glenn Perked up a bit when his messenger went off again, with another message from Mujo, which had him shaking his head. His eyes flickered over to rosa's icon on the map, which was blinking off in some remote location. it was odd to him, and seemed like it should've raised a few red flags for him, though it didn't cross his mind at the time. He sent out another reply, an anxious. At the hideout Rosa was rubbing her wrists as she looked up at Hidden, raising an eyebrow as she did so."So you're pissed because my group retaliated against some idiots that thought it was a good idea to attack a pair of people from a guild that's well known for killing in retribution?" she said, deadpanning when she realized the situation."I can't really say anything or agree to anything other than your guild needs to stay the hell away from mine, unless you plan on trying to keep a leash on the one's that attack without direct orders. that's just shitty leadership my dear. The Mafia family I worked for at one point does better at keeping a leash on their murderers than you seem to. And as an FYI, I know for a fact that my guildmates won't act on their own, not even if they think my orders are wrong. I've made that point very clear, after all, they did knock themselves out so you guys wouldn't be followed, ne?" Rosa closed her eyes, an annoyed look on her face, as an elegant looking card appeared in one of her hands. "Fools idealism if you ask me though, nothing ever goes as planned. I think My actions earlier told you as much." she twirled the card on the tip of her index finger, a smile on her face. "Be it an ace, a jack, a king, queen, or even the fair Joker, one card goes out of whack, and the table is flipped on its head, and suddenly you're on the receiving end of some very bad things, especially if you fail to keep some safeguards on the field. Word of advice, never expect anything to go to plan. Expect the unexpected and all that."
  9. Quest and Stats are listed above Snow crunched underneath violet's feet as she trekked to a quest spot towards, where she could farm a few Ice elementals, which would give her the opportunity to fight the <<Avalance>>, a powerful quest boss that was a danger to the lower-leveled players. She had akame perched on her shoulder, and simply followed the Icy path through the woodland part of the tundra to get to the spot, where she readied her weapon, and started to check over her inventory, a bored look on her face. the floor was filled with mostly uneventful and weak monsters aside from the occasional loot-standard monster that came about, which was fairly rare. The ice elemental's were pretty fun to fight, though! Akame fluttered into one of the nearby tree's so she could watch her master from a safe spot.
  10. tricolor_mina

    [F01 - R7 Blacksmith] The Lucky Armament

    orders are above, ne~! 16 Mats sent to yukiro as payment... and donates 30 T1 mats just because :3 Mina entered into the shop, glancing over at the boy sitting on a cot that was near an anvil off to the side of the room, who immediately stood to greet her. He seemed oddly familiar to her, causing her to tilt her head in confusion... Oh! she had met him during the Halloween event! He was the poor soul that had absolute shite luck when it came to hitting the boss, which made her wince inwardly. That had to have sucked... Her familiar hopped off of her shoulders, and began to flutter around the room while she nabbed a few of the request forms, filling one out for a perfect armor, the other one for a rare weapon. She figured it would just be easier to go after the <<Essence of Steel>> quest boss, than to sit there and ask someone to make her two perfects. Besides, it would give her the opportunity to actually test out the weapon and the shield when she went after the field boss. She carefully wrote her contact info onto each request, and passed them over the counter, along with a rather large pile of ingots... 46 to be exact. She cheerfully waved, before exiting the shop, her familiar fluttering out behind her. @Yukiro
  11. tricolor_mina

    [F1 - R9 Tailor] The Crusty Bahrnacle

    -9 T2 mats sent to Bahr Violet entered into the shop, looking around at the different clothing items on display, at which she whistled appreciatively. all of the items were very obviously quality made, and rather beautiful to look at. She noted that the shop owner seemed a bit... roguish, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing, just a bit odd to see on the first floor of all places. she took one of the order notes, and carefully spent a few minutes getting it sorted out, and checking off fields for the qualities that she wanted on the item. She was merely planning ahead at this point, just so she didn't have to worry about having to scramble around just to get everything finished in time for her to head into Tier two. she was merely 3 levels away at this point, which was nerve-wracking in her mind. She eventually finished filling out the paper, before laying it in the submission box, alongside a note with her username so that he could contact her once her armor was finished. With that, she turned heel and walked out of the shop, her familiar fluttering behind her.
  12. Placeholder for crafting spree...
  13. Thread Complete! 3 SP from thread completion 2000 col 28 Mats 2 unidentified Perfect Shields 4 unidentified rare consumables Akame the Feathery dragon (Familiar)