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  1. tricolor_mina

    [F22 - PP] Gala of Intertwined Fate <<Mina & Morgenstern>>

    Violet felt her smile falter, before it faded to a look of pain as Jon actually confirmed her conjecture, instead of denying it like she'd thought. It had probably been just a useless wish to even hope that would even really be a thing, a painful realization that she had come to all too late. She closed her eyes, exhaling softly as he talked about how there was hardly any love in his relationship with his own father, who deemed it a flaw. How cruel of a person would you have to be to deny your own child, your own flesh and blood child, such an essential necessity. Love is what leads to healthy lives growing up, and was something essential to help children grow up into functioning adults. This was something she'd only really ever read about in textbooks when it came to american culture, something she'd thought was rare... And yet, here she was, looking at one of the many cases of that kind of problem. A very minimalistic case of emotional abuse. She was pulled out of her thoughts by Jon mentioning that he'd only put his last name as his username because he'd thought it was something that everyone did, causing her to let out a burst of startled laughter. ".. you... you thought that everyone put their name as their username..?" she gasped, an incredulous look on her face. "Damn, Jon! didja even play video games in any capacity before you came into this deathtrap of a world?! that- That's literally the last thing you do!" She felt like laughing at him, but it was a pretty easy to make mistake. still, it was one that was sadly incorrectable in this world, so he was stuck with that username for the foreseeable future. on the topic of maturity, though, Violet winced when Jon brought up that anyone would grow up a hell of a lot faster than they usually would when faced with a death game like this, where they could die at any time. "Maa... you say that, but there are still kids in here that are probably going to be developmentally stunted by the end of it all..." she murmured, a sad look on her face. "The kids that live at the little sanctuary in the town of beginnings... alot of them were damaged mentally, and are probably going to develop worse problems once we get released from this world... at most, we'd just pick up habits, and have nightmares, or even mild ptsd... but those kids are going to have so many other issues that it isn't even funny..." She fell silent, focusing on the ground. When Jon pulled away from her, mentioning that something didn't feel quite right, she felt confusion bubble up in her mind. 'Doesn't... feel right..?" She quizzed, a confused look on her face... until she realized what he was probably feeling, and the thought of it made her bust into laughter. "Oh my god I take the maturity bit back, this is F**ing PRICELESS!" she cackled, a cheshire grin on her face. "That look on your face right now is absolutely precious~! I didn't know that you'd be flustered like that, especially since ya grabbed my butt like that earlier. I'm most definitely never letting you live this down, love~!"
  2. tricolor_mina

    [F22 - PP] Gala of Intertwined Fate <<Mina & Morgenstern>>

    Violet shook her head when jon mentioned how his father essentially decided his life for him, something that was a new concept to her. Her parents had been eager to see her go into a career of her own choosing. Her brother had gone into the medical field, while her sister had been looking into programming if she recalled properly. none of them had been forced into doing an active career of her parents choosing. they'd been given the option of choosing what they wanted to do... which seemed to be something Jon had been unable to do. "A parent should never, ever, decide what their child will do in life." she said softly, looking to the side. "That doesn't sound like a family that shows love, more like a parent that desired an Heir, someone that wouldn't care if their child desired something else in their life." She closed her eyes, shaking her head. It wasn't her place to say whether or not a parent loved their child, but to her, it just sounded like an awful thing to do to a kid. She deadpanned when he asked whether or not she saw someone damaged beyond repair. "I see someone who chose to use their last name as a username, and ended up just telling people to call them by their first name instead." she said, shaking her head. "That alone just reeks of dislike, or at least that you have an issue with your last name. that, and the way you phrased that indicated a really, really formal relationship with your father... though I would hope that's just conjecture on my part, right?" a faint smile crossed her face. "Aside from that, emotional issues are far from easy to gauge, I mean, would you have ever found out I'm royally 'effed in the head without me or Rosa sayin' somthin about it?" Violet winced when Jon brought up the fact that she was calling him a minor. "S-sorry, jon... I didn't mean it like that.." she said sheepishly, an apologetic look on her face. "You're actually pretty mature for your age, y'know? In fact... it seems like that applies to everyone in this world, actually.. It's rather startling to see so many young teens, preteens, and young adults get caught in this, and see them get forced to act like adults... and kinda sad, actually..." When Jon brought up the question of practicality, she felt a twinge of pain in her chest, 'How could I fake something like this..? to pretend it as a mere practicality?!' she was about to open her mouth to speak, to refute what he said, when he pulled her closer, forcing her legs around his, and clasping his hands around her rear. A crimson blush spread across her face, and she let out a faint gasp, her eyes widening as he whispered... "I love you, Violet" she felt her heart thrumming in her chest, loud enough that she swore it could have been a real thing in this world. She leaned the rest of the way forward, pressing her lips to his for a long moment, before she pulled back a bit. a faint sheen of tears were welling up in her eyes, and a smile crossed her face as she raised a hand to Jon's cheek. "Love you too, Jonathan..!"
  3. tricolor_mina

    [F22 - PP] Gala of Intertwined Fate <<Mina & Morgenstern>>

    Violet let out an embarrassed chuckle, blushing as Jon chided her after complimenting her skill, saying that wasn't exactly what he'd meant. "I suppose you're right about that... sorry..!" she said sheepishly, scratching her head. "I didn't think that through, did I..? I think I just wanted to play for you, honestly... I speak better through my actions than through my words, it's always been the way I've done things." he moved closer, placing his hand on her face before he began to speak. she fell silent as she listened to Jon describe his life prior to SAO, a faint smile playing around her lips when he mentioned his age. "Ne... Rosa was right on the money about you being a minor, then?" She said, laughing faintly. "It explains why you've always given me weird looks when you see me drinking alot, that's for sure~" Violet tilted her head slightly when she heard that he was the son of a businessman in the real world, and was basically a loner that had very few friends aside from those that worked for his father. "... That sounds rather... lonely, does it not..?" She murmured, looking off to the side with her eyes dulling slightly with sadness. "... I never quite understood why parents would basically isolate their children from everyone else... it hurts them in a way that society never could in a million years." When Jon finished, and stepped back a bit from her, she tilted her head to the side, thinking of what she could tell him. "maa... my given Name is Violet Minatsuki Hitsue, and I believe that I am currently 27 years of age. I was born on the fourth of april, in Hokkaido, Japan, to a Doctor and a Police officer. I have an older brother who I've not spoken to in several years now, as well as a younger sister that I never really got to know, since I'd already gone off to college by the time she was even born.." She closed her eyes, before looking down at the ground, a faint smile on her face. "I have a love for Rock music, and I practiced Kendo in the real world, almost reaching my 7th Dan before coming to this world. I love sweets, and I can actually cook in the real world. I love to dance, and I used to incorporate fighting into dance routines while fighting in tournaments. I love caring for animals, and I would help my mother make homemade remedies for her clinic back home. It was just a simple life that I lived, back then." She moved closer to Jon, wrapping her arms around his waist. "Does that answer your question, love..?"
  4. tricolor_mina

    [F22 - PP] Gala of Intertwined Fate <<Mina & Morgenstern>>

    Violet looked at jon with a confused look on her face when he mentioned that he knew next to nothing about her. She closed her eyes as she pondered what she could tell him. Certainly nothing depressing from her past, and likely not anything that he hadn't already heard... when and Idea popped up into her head. She started fishing around inside of her inventory, looking through it for something that she kept on her since she'd seen it in that store. A few moments later she found it, before looking up, smiling faintly at Jon. "Maa... they say music is the quickest way to speak to one's heart, right? Then.. how about I play you a song?" She said softly, before pressing the button in her menu to materialize the object she had searched for... An elegantly crafted oak violin, stained a deep chestnut brown. The bow was a cream white in color, and both had gold and black detailing.making it an extension of herself. She put her all into playing the song, dancing around in the beautiful myriad of lights surrounding them.She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath as she began to play. Slowly moving her body to match, before eventually throwing herself into the melody. it had been so long since she'd played for another person, let alone someone that she deeply cared for. She felt herself slip into that place where she always did when playing a song, where she became one with her instrument, one with the melody. She was a part of it now, the feeling warming her, dispelling the chilling cold that she usually felt. It made her feel so... free. Eventually, she slowed down her playing speed, eventually stopping. She felt something wet on her face, and rubbed it away, realizing with a faint jolt that she had started to cry! She wiped them away, putting her violin away almost immediately after, a weak smile on her face. "... Maybe I should actually speak, too, now that I think about it... heh.." she said softly, glancing over at Jon, blushing faintly. the played song Memories (Violin ver.)
  5. tricolor_mina

    [F22 - PP] Gala of Intertwined Fate <<Mina & Morgenstern>>

    Violet smiled faintly, her eyes twinkling with amusement. His reaction was rather sweet, something that she'd usually expect from a flustered child. Akame climbed onto her head, watching Jon with a curious look on her face. "Kyaaoooo!" Violet reached a hand up, scratching Akame behind her ears, earning a happy chirp from the small dragon. "The fact that you're getting so flustered is really adorable, ne~" Giggled Violet, her smile widening into a Cheshire grin. Jon's innocent actions and speech were rather endearing, and the fact that he was getting embarrassed over something so simple was amusing to her in general. With that in mind, it was really no small wonder that she'd begun to fall for him. "And, no, I don't mind going off to somewhere else, I'd much rather avoid the mess that happens to be occurring over at that table right now... uh..?" She sweatdropped at the sight of Macradon and an unfamiliar orange-haired woman start to raid the various strawberry-related dishes and treats, shoving them into their inventories. Apparently it was just a raiding of the poor NPC's strawberry desserts..? It was both hilarious, and not at the same time."... what the F--k? What are they even... actually, scratch that, I don't even wanna know what's going on over there." She shook it off, before looking down the path that Jon had suggested, her eyes twinkling. "I would actually love to~ it's always beautiful at night, and the waterfall is especially gorgeous!" Violet extended her hand to Jon, an expectant look on her face. "C'mon! no time to waste!"
  6. tricolor_mina

    [Quest - F4] Frosted dance <<Avalanche>>

    Eventually, violet reached a part of the tree that would be suitable for her to take a break in, and began setting up a legitimate camp in the tree, setting up her heated blanket, and hanging a heated lantern from a nearby branch. she eventually began belting herself to the tree, to help prevent herself from tumbling out of it due to being startled awake, or flailing around due to a nightmare. Akame nestled her body next to her throat, protectively watching over her master. Violet yawned tiredly, her eyes darkening slightly as she began to feel more and more sleepy. Sleeping in the cold wasn't on her list of things to do (at least not in the game, it wasn't as fun if it wasn't truly dangerous), and she wanted to get this done as fast as she possibly could so that she didn't have to deal with the cold much longer, and so she could finally get back to her house, or possibly even crash at Rosa's bar, since she didn't think she would get proper sleep without being watched over by either her or Jon. It was certainly something that made her rest easier, when she knew she wasn't going to be alone if she woke up in a terrified state.
  7. tricolor_mina

    [Quest - F4] Frosted dance <<Avalanche>>

    Violet packed away all of her gear, placing each item into her inventory as softly as she could, a tired smile on her face. She held out her arm for Akame to hop onto, and continued on her trek through the snowy forest, pulling her cloak a bit tighter around herself. It was rather cold, so she'd opted for one of her warmer cloaks instead of one of her thinner, summer-oriented cloaks. The fluffy interior felt absolutely heavenly, it was like being wrapped in a fleece blanket! She glanced at the clock, sighing at the hour. It wouldn't be long until she had to actually camp out in a tree, and rest for the night. It was already dark outside, and she certainly didn't want to get caught out in the wilds where a mob could come after her. even being in in the 20 level range, she would still be in serious danger if she got mobbed by a bunch of monsters, which would almost certainly spell her doom. She managed to reach a rather large tree, and started climbing up, akame flying behind her as she did so.
  8. tricolor_mina

    [Quest - F4] Frosted dance <<Avalanche>>

    Violet stood up, stretching a bit. It was time for her to keep on moving, in order to prepare for fighting the <<Avalanche>>. She faintly remembered having attempted this quest with a friend of hers at a much lower level, but she couldn't even remember what happened to her... the whole situation had been well and truly screwed up. It certainly didn't help that the woman had disappeared midway through the quest, leaving her to face the avalanche alone. She closed her eyes, a sigh escaping her throat. Now that she was practically triple her old level, she'd likely have no trouble attempting it. She had proper weaponry and gear, and plenty of potions should she ever even need them. It was a boon that she hadn't had access to back then, which made her even more excited to get through to the frontlines, though that was something that she didn't think would happen very quickly... at least not until she got a more significant amount of damage. Her mind drifted to the frontliners currently there, including Jon and a few others that she remembered fondly. Hestia, Baldur (while they'd only spoken in passing, he'd been rather kind to her at the time, as it was when she had nearly died during a Halloween event.), and a few players that she'd even managed to get respect for, like Hikoru and a newer player, Cordelia. She'd either met those people in passing, or had read about them in the news. If they could hit the front lines, and fight for their lives, what would be stopping her if she finally managed to catch up with them?
  9. tricolor_mina

    [Quest - F4] Frosted dance <<Avalanche>>

    Violet sat down near a tree, setting up a mini-camp for her to rest at. Being at her current level meant that the first 10 or so floors were usually just an easy place to hang out at, making the quests on them much, much easier than the ones on higher floors. she laid out a heated blanket, and set up a cooking lantern to make herself a simple meal. Akame chirped at her from her perch in a nearby tree, before swooping down to land on the blanket. She stirred the small pot a bit, watching the timer carefully. Violet pulled it off of the fire when it dinged off, sighing a bit at the appearance of the dish. It smelled good, sure, but the flavor was probably going to be off, which sucked. She materialized a spoon, and began tucking into her meal, surprise coloring her face at the flavor. Apparently she'd been doing this enough to level up her cooking skill, which had her smiling. Rosa would probably be ecstatic, and violet immediately pictured the older woman being pleased with her progress, and giving her a few ideas on how to make even better meals. She shared a bit of it with Akame, the tiny dragon chirping madly in delight. She couldn't picture a better scene if she tried, unless it involved Jon, of course.
  10. tricolor_mina

    [Quest - F4] Frosted dance <<Avalanche>>

    Violet immediately shifted into running towards the second largest elemental, her rapier once again lighting up in a blaze of heat as she charged forward. She held out her weapon in front of her, before slamming it into the second elemental with a heated blaze from her rapier, igniting the creature with the blade, causing it to roar in agony as it moved backwards, the blazing limb falling off and shattering into polygons. Violet charged forward again, her eyes darkening as she cleaved into the giant creature one last time, her weapon easily carving up its skin, and wounding it heavily. She let out a whoop as she fell backwards, grinning madly at the sight of the creature crumbling away, before it shattered into thousands of polygons, leaving her with just the last golem, which actually began fleeing from her. She didn't even bother chasing it, shrugging as she walked in the opposite direction. She wasn't after the giant elementals anyhow, she was after the Avalanche. All the other ice golems were just a precursor to the main event. A laugh bubbled up in her chest, causing her to shake her head as she walked away.
  11. tricolor_mina

    [F22 - PP] Gala of Intertwined Fate <<Mina & Morgenstern>>

    Violet was still looking around, her eyes slowly growing more worried as she waited on Jon. Akame nibbled on her hair, trying to get her to calm down at least a little. Sadly, it wasn't working too well, and violet was still unnerved, leading to her moving over to a side table so that she could grab a cookie that she could nibble on to ease her nerves a bit more. She was a bit wary of the drinks, though she did thankfully spot a bottle of strawberry wine, quickly cracking the seal on the bottle in order to pour herself a drink. She took the wine glass that she'd poured and downed the drink in one go, pouring herself a brand new one almost immediately after. It at least tasted good, which was a surprise. most wines made by the NPC's tended to be rather bland or even bitter, unless they happened to grant a stat boost of some kind. She opened her inventory, and pulled out a piece of Taiyaki, passing it to akame, who immediately started to chow down on the meal, chirping happily. Violet giggled a bit at her familiar, before moving away from the refreshment table. A few minutes later, she finally saw Jon arrive, her eyes widening slightly at how well he'd managed to clean up. He looked rather handsome in that outfit, it suited him well! Her eyes twinkled as he approached her, seemingly speechless at her appearance, eliciting a giggle from herself. "Ne, Jon~ you look like you've never seen a lady all dressed up before~!" she giggled, sipping on the wineglass in her hand. "I was starting to get a little lonely waiting on you~ What do you think of my dress?"
  12. Violet adjusted her dress as she walked towards the entrance of the event area, an impassive look on her face. The whole thing seemed to be some kind of social event with an auction at the end of it. Her first thoughts were to not go, since she wasn't sure if she could bully Jon into meeting her there, which would have been a completely different beast. Her gothic dress, decorated with black and red roses, didn't entirely match up with the more vibrant and lighter-colored dresses and outfits that she spotted on the NPC's milling around the area, but it was nevertheless a beautiful one. Even akame had her own accessories, a small cluster of sapphire blue and white roses pinned to the tips of each of her tail feathers, a golden circlet on her head. She finally reached the main entrance, looking around at the various people, NPC and Player alike, as they milled around the area. She caught sight of the Event NPC, who seemed to be rather busy talking with the occasional Player, and discussing something with several NPC's. She didn't bother to eventry and approach the quest NPC, knowing that she probably wouldn't be able to go anywhere near her anytime soon. Instead, she walked forward towards the crowd of players, taking wary note of the orange player that was with them, watching the ginger-haired woman carefully. Violet realized with a start that she really didn't know anyone here, which elicited a faint groan from herself as she pulled open her menu, flicking through it until she found Jon's contact information, and pressing the <<message button>>, a frustrated look crossing her face. Half of her friend's list didn't even contact her anymore, and some of them were crossed off of it, which caused a pang of sadness to hit her heart, which she quickly crushed before she ended up crying, locking them behind her usual "Laugh it off" routine. She sent off the message, before walking over to the crowd of people, hoping to strike up a conversation with someone.
  13. *~- -~*~-Thread Complete -~*~- -~* 2 SP, 400 col For Tricolor_Mina 2 SP, 400 Col For Morgenstern -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~-
  14. Violet's eyes darkened slightly when Jon mentioned that Aincrad would still be unsafe throughout the duration of the whole deal... which was completely true. Even if Rosa had stationed as many people as she could afford to in order to keep a close eye on hidden, she would just be exhausting her resources on that. She stayed silent until Jon brought up his secondary motive. "A pretty silly one, honestly... all we needed to do was defeat the enemy and rescue Rosa, capture was a much more minor objective." a faint blush crossed her face again, eliciting a smile from her. "I'll probably show up a bit later than usual... I have to go replenish my item stores at my shop, since I basically used up everything. It'll be a while, but you're more than welcome to go with me if you want" She remembered something, prompting her to pop open her menu, and pull out a box that held a present for Jon. "You reminded me of a surprise I was going to save for valentines day, but I figured I can go ahead and hand it to you now, since I really want to see your reaction..!" since the game had sent her a notification that valentine's day was coming up soon. when he opened it up, it would reveal an intricate locket made from silver and gold. it was made in the shape of a star, and held a picture of violet on one side, and a picture of Penelo on the other side. She'd run into the younger girl several times now, and had managed to even get a few pictures of her. She figured that the two were siblings, given their uncanny resemblance, so she'd included the other girl into it. Now, violet didn't consider her a great artisan by any means, but her experience in shaping metals as a blacksmith had translated well into her hobby of metalworking, resulting in this. Now all she needed to do was wait for his reaction, which had her feeling nervous as hell. Meanwhile Rosa turned to Mujo and Glenn, a smirk on her face. "Now, as for you two... I'm making you work together until further notice, and I'm leaving your training to Heart, Joker~!" she said happily, a chuckle escaping her throat. "And Heart..? I don't care if it ended up saving my life, and got us a new member... Don't you ever contact an enemy like that again, or you'll be the one that needs saving, capiche?" her voice still held the earlier cheer, but it was laced with venom, and her eyes had returned to the same dark pits that they had been earlier. Glenn swallowed thickly, a bead of sweat dripping down his face, fear hitting him from the killing intent from rosa. "Y-yes ma'am..!" he whimpered, inching away slightly. Rosa stood up straighter, her eyes twinkling. "Glad to hear you listen, dear! why don't we go ahead and head back, ne?" She opened a corridor crystal, keyed to her bar, and walked through, disappearing through the portal. Glenn let out a sigh, before approaching the portal, and holding out his hand. "You coming, Mujo?" @Morgenstern
  15. Violet placed a hand on her forehead, a frustrated look on her face. "Kami, jon! you're being too stubborn!" She moaned, her voice laced with exasperation. "Rosa would Retaliate harshly if Hidden even Tried to eff with her guild again, and Hidden damn well knows that now! We were outnumbered 3 to one, and not a single person died because of how fluid Rosa's guild is! Hidden's group was the only one that suffered actual casualties!" Violet gestured around the room, her hand sweeping around at the members of Arbiters hand, all of whom were standing straight and tall, save for club, who was fuming at having been defeated so easily by Ain. Violet turned back to Jon, about to continue when he held out the bouquet of flowers from earlier, causing her to stop mid speech. ". . ." there was a brief pause, before she flushed with embarrassment after taking the flowers. "Wha- Oh, Kami! you came to bring me flowers then I dragged you off to here like a jerk! I'm so sorry!" she squeaked, putting her hands over her face in horror. "Now I feel really bad about dragging you into this!" Meanwhile... Rosa had a faint smile on her face as Mujo seemed to have a crisis about whether or not she should accept her offer to become an arbiter, which had her laughing silently. 'There's always a method to my madness, m'dear, you should know this by now!' she thought, amusement becoming more visible on her face. 'This is an agreement that neither of us lose from, we will only gain from this.' Her smile grew wider once Mujo seemed to overcome her crisis, and actually accepted her offer, changing into the Uniform. Glenn quietly stood up, dressed in his own uniform once again. The rest of the Arbiters and Enforcers gathered around Rosa and Mujo. A few moments later Rosa waved a hand in dismissal. "Go back to Riker's Edge, and await further orders for now. Heart. Joker. I want you two to remain here, I need to converse with you two in semi-private. Club, you need to go re-evaluate your strength in combat, even violet pulled her own weight and she's a full 20 levels behind you." She snapped her fingers, glancing at Diamond and Spade. "For being one of our newest members, Diamond, you did extraordinarily well. Spade, you could have done a bit better than you did, but i wont complain since you made it out of the few blunders you made expertly." now she turned to Moon, Sun, and Star. "As usual, you three excelled in combat, and in keeping everyone buffed and healed. Good work." A few moments, the rest of her group left, teleporting out of the area, leaving just herself, Jon, Violet, Mujo, and Glenn. @Morgenstern