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  1. Violet was standing on the edge of the river, Righteous Executioner buried halfway into the sand next to her. She hadn't bothered to sheathe it, given that it would likely smear the toxic venom she was planning on putting on the weapon all over the sheath, which she would much rather avoid doing. She fiddled with her menu a bit, making sure that her mask and cloak were equipped and ready, and checking her inventory to make sure that she still had a teleport crystal or two in her inventory. You never know when something could go dreadfully wrong in a dungeon like this. She glanced over at the other two people that were already present, a bored look on her face. 'Guess we're still waiting on some people to show up, and setup to be done, huh..' she thought, before downing a damage potion, and pulling her blade out of the sandy ground, wiping it clean before carefully applying the toxic salve to the blade, making it briefly glint with a pale green light to indicate the item being effective on her weapon. With that, she swiped it to ensure that it was completely done, before clipping it to her waist, and making her way over to the others.
  2. tricolor_mina

    [PP-F24] Itzal & Zandra <<Saying Vows>>

    Violet straightened her bowtie, making sure that the small silver clasp that held the Ribbonlike material in place was set straight. She had decided to completely forgo a dress, and was wearing a rather fancy Tuxedo for a certain event that was happening today. A dear friend of hers, that hadn't contacted her properly in so long, had sent her a message, inviting her to join him at his wedding. She gently swiped her hands over her hair, sweeping it into a ponytail that was adorned with the same ribbon that her gloves and neck had, along with a secret sheathe for her beloved rapier, the deep red blade appearing to be a fancy ornament within her hair. She briefly shot @Morgenstern a message, frowning slightly. 'If he's late, i'll kick him in the shins after the wedding.' she thought, before whistling for her familiar, Akame, to come over to her so that she could place the ribbon on her neck. She pulled out a teleport crystal, one of the many she kept on her person, and called out the name of the 24th floor main settlement. A flash of blue light later, she walked out of the teleport gate, making her way to the location that they had set up. Violet felt her breath hitch in her throat as she spotted the setting. The elegant background of the Aisle was breathtaking, and she spotted a very, very familiar face standing at the altar. A warm smile crossed her face, and she gave a short wave to her dear friend. 'Kami, he looks so different from what I remembered...' she thought faintly, unshed tears pricking at her eyes. "Itzal... I hope you can move on, and be happy again. just like it was before, y'know..?" Akame seemed to be visibly sad, hanging her head a bit at the sight of Itzal. Violet silently moved her hand to her familiar's feathers, stroking the saddened familiar. "Naaa... I guess you miss Velnia as much as I missed Itzal, don't you, Akame...?"
  3. tricolor_mina

    [F21 - Tier 1 Boss] Siege the Day

    Violet sprinted forward, hoping to graze the Trebuchet for just a bit more damage. It was already well past a third of its health bar, and it was only getting lower with each and every successful attack against it. Her weapon carved another splash of red pixels into the mix that the others had done. At this point, every little bit of damage counted for this. If they had to fight these guys for a prolonged amount of time, they would end up getting overwhelmed, and more than likely die to any reinforcements that might come. Everyone else was still doing their part, and absolutely wailing on the boss, and potentially one-shotting the adds that could spawn. Violet pulled back a bit, lurking a bit closer to the rest of the group. The absolute last thing that she wanted in this situation was for her to get caught out by herself, and potentially get swarmed. One on one she'd be fine, but being alone would get her killed for sure.
  4. tricolor_mina

    [F21 - Tier 1 Boss] Siege the Day

    Violet watched as the last few Phalanx shattered into thin air, Pixels fluttering around the whole group of players, before she turned her attention back towards the Large Siege weapon that laid right in front of their group.. only for her to nearly face fault in shock. The boss, for some god forsaken reason, was sweating some sort of liquid (Perhaps it was Oil? Machines did require it most of the time). Was the damn thing sentient, or was the Cardinal making it do that just to play mind games with those that witnessed the utterly bizarre sight. She sighed, closing her eyes as she began to focus. Breathe in, Breathe out. Feel the air push down her throat, and fill her virtual lungs. She suddenly dashed forward, her eyes snapping open as she rushed the inanimate Siege weapon. Her rapier gleamed with a burning white light, easily cutting a deep groove into the weapon, before she lept back to where she had started, falling entirely silent.
  5. tricolor_mina

    [F21 - Tier 1 Boss] Siege the Day

    Violet closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath. None of these mobs were going to get in their way, not when the boss was so close to them. "Right, then... I guess we have to total all of these guys first..." Violet murmured, trailing off towards the end. Perhaps she should start bashing up the enemies rear guard. She dashed forward, before leaping into the air, landing in front of a startled Phalanx guard. "I'm sorry, but you lot are in our way. Do me a favor and die quickly, please." she said softly, before cleaving into the guard with her weapon, bloody red pixels accompanying her blows. A few moments later, the guard exploded into pixels, and Violet stood up a bit straighter, a menacing glint in her eyes. "Alright then, who's head is next on the chopping block..?" She whispered at the guards, the NPC's not even reacting to her threats. Oh well, she did like the theatrics, despite it being rather childish of her.
  6. tricolor_mina

    [F21 - Tier 1 Boss] Siege the Day

    Violet began sprinting forward the instant she saw the enemies spawning. She watched several of the other players rushing at the Minions, swiping at them. One of them had managed to catch the Aggro of four of them at once, while another had managed to one shot them. "Maa... I don't want to get shown up so early on.." Violet held up a single hand, pointing at the enemies in turn. "...Eenie, Meenie, Miney, MOE!" She singled out one of them, her rapier glowing with each status effect, plus an icy bluish white glow, indicating a critical blow. Her rapier tore into the Phalanx, easily cleaving through its armor, and wiping out its health bar. Even if she hadn't managed to cleave down its health in one go, the bleed would ensure that she would secure the kill. She turned to face @Astralin, frowning slightly. "Personally, I don't really think stating our roles does much. We're gonna need everyone working their asses off to get these things done and dusted so we can get to the actual boss." Violet called out, glancing at the others. "Just focus on healing anyone that needs it, and leave these mooks to us!" She swiped her rapier, a feral grin on her face. "Everyone, watch your energy. If you have to, switch with someone that can take the hits if you get too low." Dice Roll Results
  7. tricolor_mina

    [F21 - Tier 1 Boss] Siege the Day

    Violet was frustrated... well, frustrated was a rather light term for the emotions that were running through her head at the moment. She had joined the event towards the end, in order to spectate the fireworks festival that accompanied the Tanabata event that had recently passed, something that she had wanted to do with Jon the instant the first few rumors had popped up about it. When he'd actually asked her himself, she'd been over the moon, and had gone to a tailor to get a special Kimono made for the occasion. She'd even changed her appearance a bit to match it, though as always her eyes were still that startling shade of crimson that she had even in the real world. But then Everything just HAD to go to shit. out of all things, yet another boss raid had interrupted the peace that had enveloped the floor during the event. At least she was at a relatively safe level for her tier, and would technically be at the higher end for damage during the event. Her mask was slipped onto the side of her face, painting a stark contrast with the oriental dress she was currently wearing. Crimson Rose was on her shoulders, granting her a decent amount of protection, and even after consuming a protein, the fiery sensation burning away a sizeable chunk of her MIT, she still had a reasonable 31 MIT. Violet quietly scarfed down an accuracy snack, before groaning as her accuracy remained the same. "Mendoukusei!* I hate it when this shit happens... ah well, at least the snack was still tasty~" she sighed, before checking her weapon over. While she would normally use <<Jack's Burned Lament>>, She figured that using <<Righteous Executioner>> would be a more valuable option, since the damage output would be nicer than just using DoT effects to hopefully clear it down. Hell, she wasn't even sure what in particular would be going on... or if it would have minions. Being able to cleave down minions with precision and ease would be the way to go in this instance. Violet opened her menu, checking over the rest of her stats to see whether or not she'd gotten another boost. She took note of the fact that her Damage was boosted by an extra 3, while she now had 2 evasion to work with. 'Seems like kami must have blessed us, thats definitely gonna be useful. thats a healthy base for my damage output.' Violet moved her inventory around, shifting A pair of Teleport Crystals, and some vitality foods to the forefront of her Battle Ready inventory. She paused briefly, before moving a few healing potions into it as well. You could never be too prepared. "Bring it on, Cardinal... I'm Ready for whatever you throw at me!"
  8. **Color Key for speech reference listed at bottom of post A pair of people were clashing weapons in front of a woman with dark brown hair, and teal eyes, as well as a young woman with bubblegum pink hair, and deep red eyes. One of the fighters wielded a two-handed Scythe that was nearly a full foot taller than her, which was saying something given her height. She had piercing steel blue eyes, and pitch black hair, and was wearing sliver armor decorated with gold plate. The other was a man that wielded nothing but black gold gauntlets that allowed him to catch the blade as it swung towards him. "Glenn, If you ever do that again, I'll beat you over the head with that boar skull the boss got a few days ago!" the woman snarled, glaring at the man with fire in her eyes, prompting a snort from him in the process "As if! you're just salty I beat you, Ollie. Didn't she say drop it al-!" He was cut off mid speech by the woman slashing her scythe at his neck, forcing him to fall backwards in order to avoid getting his head lopped off (Not really, they were fighting in a safe zone, and in a training duel no less). "I don't care! If you ever do something that stupid again I'll beat the crap out of you, you utter fool!" Rosa leaned back in her chair, stifling a groan as the two began to bicker heavily back and forth. When Violet had returned with her after the kidnapping, both Glenn and Olenna had been bitching at each other almost non-stop. It was starting to grate on her nerves a bit... actually, more than a tiny bit. "Can you two just shut the hell up over it?! you've been going at it since we got back!" She shouted, a tic mark appearing on her face as she stared down her friends. "I've already chewed Glenn out for breaking protocol, don't make me go after you for not dropping the damn subject, 'lenna! " Olenna glanced off to the side, still looking as though she wasn't done with voicing her displeasure on the situation. Glenn on the other hand was looking at Rosa with an innocent expression, tilting his head. "Shuryō-san, I was just helping her with her pent up agression, I don't quite get what you're on about..?" he said, frowning. Rosa let out a growl, before slamming her face into the table she was sitting at. "Both of you were acting like literal effing children, and you're expecting me not to be upset..? oh thats just fan-effing-tastic!" Violet watched the scene with an amused look on her face, scrolling absentmindedly through the Aincrad times, a photograph from the recent raid meeting plastered on the story she had been reading. "Maa, Rosa... they're still going at it?" she laughed, shaking her head. "This is day... four..? I think its been four... no, wait, that was almost a week and a half ago. Yeah, they've been going at it for almost two weeks now. Somethin' tells me that Spade ain't gonna drop it any time soon." "She better drop this shit, or she's gonna be the next person I chew out."Rosa said flatly, glowering at the black haired woman. Olenna returned the scowl with one of her own, earning a whistle from Violet, and a growl from Rosa. "Lighten up a tad bit, Rosa. Its not like they're breaking shit like they did the first time. Oh! I asked Jon to come pay us a visit again!" Rosa seemed to perk up a bit. "You asked him out again? Che, here's hoping it don't turn out like that first date you two went on." Violet blushed a bright red at Rosa's statement, and let out a squeak of embarrassment. "Eff off Rosa! Like I'm ever gonna try to fuck that up like I did the first time! Just don't sit there embarrassing me like you did last time!" Rosa's laughter echoed around the room, much to Violet's eternal embarrassment. @Morgenstern Character appearance Key Color Key
  9. "This isn't the time or the place. Everyone's focus should be on staying alive. Even if you aren't in the raid, doesn't mean that the rest of them aren't. Baldur is leading this meeting and doesn't have the time to listen intently. Please save it." Violet found herself getting dragged off a few moments later, a look of confusion crossing her face as Jon pulled her away from the main group. Mari's words rang out in her ears, reminding her that this was a serious event. Reminding her that everyone's lives were at stake here. She fell silent as Jon seemed to turn to the girl briefly, and seemed to silently thank her for intervening. A brief pang of hurt hit her though, before they went too far, Baldur's voice seemed to ring out to her. "perhaps after the meeting, I'm sure we could all use something to raise our spirits." She felt the tension fade from herself, and she moved forward with Jon, a relieved look on her face. After the two had traveled a small ways away, Jon would eventually turn to her, a rather stressed look on his face. "I'm sorry. I know you want to tell him. But today... today we make a plan to keep the most people alive as possible. Any distractions could mean the loss of anyone's lives. Let's go, if you really want me to change than we have to find someplace for me to do it at." Violet tilted her head down, wincing slightly at his reprimand for bringing it up now. "This will not be the first, or last time I have, or will have attended something like this, Jon." she said quietly, gripping her left arm tightly with her right hand. "If you try to treat me like a damn child, you'll be getting my foot in your face, y'hear?!" She waited patiently outside of the room with her head tilted towards the wall after he exited the room to get changed. When he finally came back out, they started making their way back to the main room, and Violet's eyes lit up when she noticed the taco wagon. She missed having Mexican food, since she frequented restaurants like that almost every other day in the real world. "Maa, jon. why don't you go on ahead while I get us some food?" she said, a faint smile on her face as she walked over to the cart, purchasing a few burrito wraps, and a taco bowl. She absolutely adored it when she had the opportunity to have some, so she certainly wasn't going to pass that up right now. She made her way over to the actual meeting room, and would sit down off to the side, waiting for him, listening to the meeting with narrowed eyes. 'This fight certainly won't be pretty for them, thats for sure.' she thought, scowling at the thought of the floor boss somehow flaunting its presence before the actual boss fight. 'And something doesn't sit well with me about the floor boss showing its face already... that looks like a bad omen if I'm honest..'
  10. Violet found herself travelling to the 24th floor, a nervous feeling pervading her mind. this would be the first time in quite a while that she had found herself at a raid meeting. She'd dressed herself in a bright orange yukata, decorated with bright red flowers, a black and white obi tied with red string. to finish the look she'd even placed a matching flower in her hair, her familiar sporting a similar flower woven into red string as a part of a collar. She always tried her best to keep them matching, after all. She walked upwards towards the meeting place, an oriental home and guild nestled within the mountains, something that she was wholeheartedly impressed with. "Maa, baldur must've spent a fortune on these, especially for a place as gorgeous as this..!" she murmured to herself, approaching the water edge near what seemed to be a boat ferry. A small teen with a mop of shaggy brown hair was standing near the boat, seemingly waiting for the approach of another player. "Hello miss! If you'll step right this way, I'll go ahead and ferry you over to the meeting place." he called out, waving at her. Violet felt a mild wave of surprise hit her as she was startled into a smile. "Thank you, I greatly appreciate that, kiddo." she said softly, sitting down in the boat as the young man began to ferry her across the water, reaching the other end rather quickly. After she got out of the boat, Violet turned to the teen and thanked him, bowing in respect to him. It may not seem like alot, but even the small part that the teen was playing in getting players to the meeting hall was important, so she made sure to show proper respect to the kid. She adjusted her obi a bit, before walking into the actual meeting hall. She noticed quite a large group of people, four of whom she didn't recognize. A small child with snowy white hair and wearing a purple kimono was clinging to an older woman with ash blonde hair that was dressed in a rather impressive black kimono. A black haired man wearing an oak brown yukata was standing near baldur, along with a pair of women. The older of the pair, A frontliner by the name of Mari, was wearing a simple, yet elegant, purple yukata, with a koi-fish motif. The younger one, Cordelia, was someone she had met in passing, and she was wearing a vibrant red and black kimono with a golden otaiko. "Damn, she went all out with that one, that kimono is absolutely fantastic!" she gasped, her eyes sparkling with excitement. A boy with dark brown hair, and wearing what seemed to be a bright red track jacket was standing off to the side of the entrance, and seemed to be a bit uneasy with where he was. Maybe this was the first meeting he had participated in? the other guy was a face that was rather infamous among most of the players gathered, an orange player by the name of Pinball. Granted, she didn't know him quite that well, but he had somehow managed to earn the ire of several of the most powerful current frontliners, so that was more than enough of an incentive to keep her away from him, that was for sure. the other part of that incentive was that he had an active bounty on his head placed on him by the APD. Baldur was wearing his standard outfit, the familiar blue blue of his haori making her smile. a faint pang went through her when she noticed Jon had already showed up, and was dressed in what seemed to be fairly casual clothing compared to everyone else. Even shield, who she didn't expect to dress in a similar fashion, was at least dressed in something that could be considered formal if he was wearing his armor over it. She quietly walked over, a faint smile on her face. "Maa, jon, why aren't you wearing a yukata or kimono like almost everyone else?" She asked, tilting her head slightly. "I know you own one, so why don't you get changed into it, that way we match a little more~!" she elbowed him gently in the ribs, a playful smile on her face. Violet turned towards Baldur, smiling faintly at the Gaijin Samurai. "Looking spiffy as usual, eh baldur?" she complimented, a smile on her face. "Can you come over here for a minute, me and Jon have something we need to talk to you about before the meeting starts~" Internally, violet was actually kind of nervous. She had no idea how to go about talking to someone else about their wedding. She'd been to a few before, and even participated in one, but this was entirely new territory... even if the process was a great deal less complex in this world. 'Either way, I can't think of anyone who would fit the role better than baldur, other than itzal... and he's been gone for quite some time.' @Baldur @Morgenstern
  11. tricolor_mina


    Stats/Equipment/BRE in the spoiler above... Violet stared around the arena with a bemused look on her face. There seemed to be a mad scramble for consumables and other objects that would help, even a few people considering the use of buffs like safeguards. While it was a reasonable concern, she didnt feel like going out of her way to buff herself for an event boss. Instead, she would just use a teleport crystal should it get dicey during the event. Violet only spotted 4 players she was familiar with: NIGHT, Arabelle, Pinball, and Mari, deciding that it would be best to just wait and see what happens. She flipped open her menu, equipping her cloak and mask, masking her appearance from sight. She really, really didnt want to interact with anyone else, so she simply decided to keep to herself, for now at least. Violet stroked Akame under her chin, eliciting soft coos and chirps from the small familiar. "Maa... I wonder how this is gonna go..?" she murmured to herself, waiting for the event to start with bated breath.
  12. tricolor_mina

    [F22 - PP] Gala of Intertwined Fate <<Mina & Morgenstern>>

    Violet clung gently to morg, leaning her head onto his chest as they floated in the water, opting to stay still in his arms. It was far to peaceful for her to be moving around, and she was more than happy to live in that moment with him. Hell, if she could, she would've frozen them both in time right there. "Mmm... I guess we could go back to your place if you really wanna, I'm just enjoying the feeling of floating in the air." for all the detail placed into this game, they were unable to properly render the sensation of being afloat in water. it was sad in a way, but at least it was entertaining to have the sensation of floating in a void, despite having the feeling of being weighed down by heavy, water-logged clothing. she wrapped her arms around his chest, and nestled her head into the crook of his neck, brushing closer to his ear. "I don't ever want you to doubt how i feel about you again, alright..? One day you'll see me on the frontlines with the rest of you, ready to help take on the whole world right by your side... because i never want to lose someone I care for ever again." A memory flashed in her head of a blonde male with warm amber eyes, and a brilliant smile on his face. "I'll make sure you get to see the real world again, that's a promise."
  13. tricolor_mina

    [F22 - PP] Gala of Intertwined Fate <<Mina & Morgenstern>>

    Violet danced alongside Jon, her eyes still glittering with delight. The dark water made the gems and glowing stones stand out much more than they typically would, highlighting the water and their bodies in a glittering pattern that was reminiscent of starlight. shades of pale pink, baby blue, and golden yellow seemed to filter through the crystal clear depths. the rush of water inside of her ears was quite relaxing, and reminded her of time's she'd gone cliff diving in the real world. It was a hobby she'd picked up once more in the game, and despite the limits on the sensory input, it still managed to of an extremely high quality. Even the sensation of sinking within the water was... oh... Violet gently tapped Jon on his shoulder, before gesturing in the vague direction of his health bar. Her own health had sunken to nearly halfway, the downside of holding your head underwater for too long in the game. She crouched on the lake bed, before launching herself upwards, her head easily breaking the surface as she took a relieved breath.
  14. tricolor_mina

    [Quest - F4] Frosted dance <<Avalanche>>

    Violet let out a yawn as she walked through the clearing, searching for the field boss with a wary look on her face. She'd finally managed to get some sleep, for once having a distinct lack of nightmares. only the first one that had plagued her sleep. She gently ruffled the feathers of her companion, Akame chirping happily as she did so. Deep, calming breaths. In and out, in and out. Her heart felt as though it was still racing, even after all of that. even though she'd long since calmed down. Her dull red eyes glanced up at the early morning sunshine, glinting off of the snowy fields. it dyed the fluffy ice shades of pink and baby blue. She knelt down, and gently scooped up a blob of it, patting it down in her hands using her fingers. She threw it as hard, and as far away from her as she could, the snowball shattering into polygons upon impact with the dark bark of the tree it'd struck. She cupped her hands in front of her mouth, warming them with her breath, before continuing forward. Eventually, she stopped in the middle of the field, closing her eyes. She focused on any sounds, twitching slightly at every hint of movement. Then it began The snow seemed to rise up underneath her body, causing her eyes to go wide as the quest boss arrived, spawning directly beneath her. "Shite..!" Violet gasped, getting sent flying by the swift movements of the over-sized ice golem. Roll + details
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    A gift to shield!

    Giving 1x Easter bunny's favor to @Shield