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  1. tricolor_mina

    [F6-PP] Acceptance for Brokenness. <Domarus & Mina>

    mina stared down at her hands, the look on her face slowly being replaced with solemn regret for her actions. She shuddered again, and closed her eyes, a solitary tear running down her cheek. "I might not have done anything that was too terribly close to what you did, but it was still rather bad regardless." she said calmly. "I led a fairly normal life when I was a kid. I was a poster child, got good grades and everything. I even graduated early." she looked up, her face filled "... what I did could've been called an accident had it happened another way, for the first at least." she said softly, clenching her hands into fists as she spoke. "But each and every one of those things caused more than one life life to end, no matter what I could have done, no matter my intentions. When I was nineteen, my friend and I were in a two-way collision that caused a fatal car crash. My wimpy little motorcycle versus a truck, and a Ferrari versus a semi-trailer. It was a miracle I even lived, even more so that I was injured as little as I had been, though the injuries were still major. The driver of the semi Flattened the Ferrari. All of the people in the Ferrari were killed on impact. Prior to that, as I failed to pay any attention, I ended up slamming into a truck head on, and while they were okay, my friend and I were not." Mina lifted her head and one of her hands, and tapped her left eye, before removing the eye-patch covering it, and revealing a large scar that covered most of the upper part of her face. She had a wistful smile on her face. "To spare you from the Gorey details, I lost an eye, and got a concussion, while my friend was comatose with a fractured skull for a month. Of course, my eye still works here, and I'm grateful for that, but... If I had paid more attention that day, I don't think that those people would have died. When I was twenty-three, I was involved in a fatal shootout between a pair of Yakuza, and a few civilians. I... shot and killed one of the Civilians, and, though my memory of this is quite hazy due to blood-loss, I recall killing one of the Yakuza as well. I was sentenced to jail for 2 years for it." Mina fell silent after she finished, and hung her head. "They all turned on me, all of my relatives, and all of my friends. I lost my job entirely for that, and I was forced to go to mental rehab for several months, and I've never been able to let go of my past. Good intentions or not, I... I still shot and killed innocents. I almost killed myself and my friend by being reckless." mina curled up a bit, her head buried between her legs, and she pulled up her hood. she shuddered, and clasped her hands over her head @Domarus
  2. tricolor_mina

    [F6-PP] Acceptance for Brokenness. <Domarus & Mina>

    Mina barely heard Domarus speak to her, her mind had begun pounding with the old thoughts and fears that she had once. Her worst nightmare was being completely and utterly abandoned, left all alone. Because in this world, she no longer believed that she could stand being alone. If it ever happened again, she was certain that it would kill her, or leave her broken beyond repair. If one paid close attention, you could just barely make out the faintest trace of sobbing coming from the pinkette. She thought back to the Miraak fight, to how she was mostly ignored, even by her own teammates. How in the Christmas event, she had been mostly abandoned except by the strange white haired girl. She remained hunched over, her hands curled into tight fists, and pressed hard on the ground. Her voice came out as a weak whisper. "... My reason...? For forgiving... you..? Because I know what rejection... is like... It hurts." She felt her mind get assaulted with more memories that she had of those days before everything went wrong. A smiling little girl holding a degree next to an older, blonde girl and a red haired man, both of whom had smiles on their faces. A woman playing the violin In front of a large crowd, her face displaying her emotions for all to see, and sweat dripping down her face. A dark metal gun clasped between her fingers as she pulled the trigger. 'It always feels so wrong!!' She though, her face filled with tears. 'Why?! WHY!?!?? What did anyone do to deserve something like this?!' Mina let out a sound that could be likened to the sound of a wounded animal, before continuing her earlier statement. "... I can't hurt someone like that! WHAT GOOD DOES HATING SOMEONE LIKE THAT DO?!?!!"
  3. tricolor_mina

    [F6-PP] Acceptance for Brokenness. <Domarus & Mina>

    Mina stood there throughout his speech, listening to the pain behind the last few parts. listening to the utter regret that seemed to lace some of his words. At first, all she could feel was the promised disappointment, which she expected, but then she picked up the faintest trace of... loneliness..? Mina slumped visibly, and hung her head, her eyes wide with dawning realization. 'He doesn't want to be left alone..! how did I not... how could I not?!' she thought back to her stay in the hospital after the murder... and to how her old friends had completely and utterly rejected her. How they had abandoned her. It was something that, in all honesty, she really couldn't blame them for. She had done so much good in her former line of work, but nobody cares once you do just one wrong thing. She plead guilty, she plead guilty. Even though she didn't like what Domarus had done, she couldn't... no, she wouldn't hate him. 'If I did that, I'd be no better than the people that left me behind and left me with the mental scars.' she shuddered visibly, and pressed one of her hands over her scar. "... I... have no reason to really... hate you... Even after hearing that." she shuddered again, before her legs gave out underneath her, and allowed her to fall to the ground.
  4. tricolor_mina

    [F6-PP] Acceptance for Brokenness. <Domarus & Mina>

    mina shook her head vehemently, an angry look plastered on her face. "You say I'm wrong, but I know I can't be! There's no way in hell that I can hate someone else more than... than..." she had started off shouting, but her voice ended up trailing off until it was little more than a whisper, making it so that she could only just be heard. she felt fear of her own crush into her, but she shook her head to clear her mind. It was obvious that Domarus was conflicted about how she would react to what he said, so she had to bury that feeling inside of herself. she met his gaze, her eyes still lacking their light, but filled with a grim determination. She stood up straighter, and snapped her arms out wide, her cloak billowing out, and her scarf unraveling, and returning to where it once laid on her shoulders. "I refuse to believe that. I firmly, truly, Honestly, refuse to believe that." she said, her determination showing even more. "My words aren't wrong, and I know they are not, Domarus!" a faint shadow crossed over the upper part of her face after she finished, shadowing her eyes just barely. If he looked at her face, he would see unshed tears welling up in her eyes. her next words were little more than a quiet whisper, just barely loud enough to hear. "... 'cause how the hell am I going to hate someone more than I hate myself, how am I to fear them?" @Domarus
  5. tricolor_mina

    [F6-PP] Acceptance for Brokenness. <Domarus & Mina>

    Mina shrugged when Domarus said that she would probably end up arresting him if she knew what he did. "While that may be true, I'd probably end up having to arrest myself for what I did in the real world, so you're not the only person in that boat. I'm pretty damn sure that half of the green players have darker, dirtier secrets involving crap they've done that they keep under lock and key, even more so than the damn red and orange players." '...Myself being one of them' she thought sadly, taking a closer look at his face. It was obvious he was worried about her opinion of him, so she decided to nip that in the bud straight away with a blunt answer. "Well to be honest, I didn't exactly have a good opinion of you until recently during the fight against that priest. I respect you, and the fact that you tried your best to protect everyone. Especially since most of those people were probably kids, or still fairly y- Aaagh! I'm getting off topic! My point is, is that it'll take more than whatever you did to make me hate you. All you'd end up doing is disappoint me, and even that wouldn't change my opinion. I'd just tell you try your best to redeem yourself." mina let out a snort of laughter when he made a comment about what she'd said. "Thank you very much sir, I'll be here all week!" she said snarkily, her voice filled with humor. her eyes on the other hand were dull, and rather lifeless compared to how most people's eyes were. she shrugged off his last comment, figuring her eyes made her message all the more clear. "Everyone has to dance with their demons at some point, Its a part of life, isn't it?" she said quietly, meeting his eyes. "The only thing I see going for you is the fact that you don't have the 'eyes of the dead' that tend to accompany those who are stuck in that kind of state, ne?" @Domarus
  6. tricolor_mina

    [F6-PP] Acceptance for Brokenness. <Domarus & Mina>

    Mina shook her head, and let out a sigh. "... there really isn't much that one could actually do to lower my opinion of themselves once I've begun to respect them. Speaking as a former cop, I've seen some of the crap that people do for stupid reasons, or for reasons that they believe are the right ones. All it is, is just disappointing." she said gruffly, her eyes displaying her annoyance of his worry.. until she noticed his face had the faintest trace of worry, or had she completely imagined it..? brushing that thought aside, she let out a sigh when he mentioned he was meditating in order to find some peace. "... Ya know... I always thought that meditation was just a load of BS, something that some random idiot came up with to try and calm people down. All it really does is give your brain the opportunity to process information. If you're in a rough place, all you're gonna end up doing is just causing yourself to dwell on dark thoughts, those what-ifs and could've-beens... At least, that's what it does to me." she glanced upwards at the sky, her eyes darkening slightly as she did so. "I'm not sure what kind of situation you might be in, but I'm fairly certain that you can pull yourself out of whatever kind of depressive state you're in right now. it might not work immediately, but I have faith that you can do it." she noticed the glare that the dragon was giving her, and she briefly gave a two-fingered salute to the dragon, a glare of her own present on her face. @Domarus
  7. tricolor_mina

    [F6-PP] Acceptance for Brokenness. <Domarus & Mina>

    (OOC: mina drops her stealth) Mina allowed herself to be viewed slightly by Domarus, her eyes filled with resignment. She didn't necessarily hate him, but she certainly didn't like him. for some reason he rubbed her the wrong way, though as of recently the man had actually earned her respect, namely during the Miraak boss fight. It made here shudder when she thought back to it, especially since she could still easily remember the claws of the priest rip into her chest, and cause her body to shatter. It ended up being a numbing experience, and had caused her to rethink how she wanted to live. To re-evaluate everything that she had ever done. It had even made her realize that she truly didn't want to die, despite knowing she had no place in the world if this game was cleared. She felt a jolt run through her at the resigned tone of Domarus' voice, his voice lacked the power and confidence that usually played behind his words, which startled her quite a bit. "Naa... your voice lacks its usual tone..?" she murmured to herself, before jumping from the tree to the ground, and pulling down her hood, turning to face him as she did so. "You seem like you're different than before... you certainly don't remind me of the confident man that led us in the Event Boss a few months back..." Mina's eyes had locked onto Domarus' own eyes, and her own held stern confidence. @Domarus
  8. tricolor_mina

    Trading Yakimba

    Accepting Yakimba :3 Thank you Itzi! +Yakimba
  9. tricolor_mina

    [F6-PP] Acceptance for Brokenness. <Domarus & Mina>

    Mina hopped along the small ridges of rock that were nearby, glancing at the roaring waterfall that poured from the natural rock formation around the pool of water. she smiled faintly, thinking of a few of her favorite activities IRL; Hiking and Rock-climbing. both of them were her favorite thing to do during her vacation aside from playing the violin and practicing theater or dance. she closed her eyes briefly, letting out a deep breath, before jumping towards the pool of water, allowing herself to fall into the deep water, and plunge down whilst curled into a ball. A few moments passed before she surfaced, letting out a gasp of exhilaration. she had landed closer to the shore of the pool of water, so she swam towards the edge, and pulled herself out of the water. Mina opened up her inventory, and equipped Midnight soul, pulling up the small white scarf that came with the cloak, hiding most of her face once it was fully wrapped around her neck. she turned around, prepared to continue her trek, when she saw a familiar red haired player seated on one of the flat rocks that were nearby. her eyes widened slightly, before she darted back into the jungle, and lept into a tree, climbing the branches until she was mostly hidden from view. -Enters Stealth- mina's appearance (hair is still pink owo) @Domarus
  10. tricolor_mina

    [F1-PP] Getting the Gang Together

    Mina stepped off of the teleport pad, and out into the main town, a tired look in her eyes. She was wearing her new cloak, Crimson rose, and walked over to what looked to be the local help wanted poster board. every so often, there would be mention of a somewhat powerful low-leveled player would start causing issues, and request help from someone who actually had fighting experience to stop them from harassing everyone. She had taken one at some point with someone she had befriended a few months ago. Rosario, a friendly green-haired player that had a strange looking dragon as a familiar. She had a tendency to travel with her fairly often, though today was different as he had decided to travel to a different floor on his own to take on a quest. If she wasn't mistaken, it had been <<Avalanche>>. It was a lot of fun to be quite honest, and she enjoyed bringing the bad guys down with the player. She looked over the board, and noticed one about the Army, a scoff escaping her throat. "Naa... that lot needs to learn some manners, they act like spoiled children harassing these poor people..." she shook her head before looking over the rest of the requests, a bored look on her face... that is, until she noticed a request about bringing back a veteran player that had gone into hiding on floor five. 'floor five huh... I think I could handle this to be honest' judging by the place written on the posted message, the player that had written the message was still in the area. "Jeez... I guess I ought to go ahead and meet up with this kid, I suppose..." she pulled her hood up on her cloak, smirking to herself. She had custom ordered a cloak like this because it partially seemed to block her face from view. She walked down the street, and walked towards the bar, a bored look on her face. She eventually entered the building, and walked through the door, looking around the bar for the person who gave out the quest... before sweat-dropping at the sight of a relatively young woman leaning over a set of elaborate looking plans. "Three guesses says that she's the one who posted the message..." she muttered quietly, before approaching the table and sitting down at one of the empty seats. Mina's outfit ^^ @Kirbs@Kataware@Akariah
  11. tricolor_mina

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Mina entered the hanger once again in order to collect her order, a faint smile on her face. "Thank you for getting my items ready so quickly." she said softly, a smile on her face. "I've needed to upgrade my wardrobe for the longest time, I definitely could've used these during the Miraak fight... heh."she gently picked up the beautifully crafted items, smiling at the colorful articles of clothing, before sending them into her inventory. "Naa... Thanks again, Mr. shopkeep~"She bowed respectfully to the owner of the store, before exiting the shop once again. + Midnight Soul + Crimson Rose + Performer Rose
  12. tricolor_mina

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Mina was still looking up at the tree, and she began humming to herself. it was an old Christmas song that her friend had taught her when she first met her. It was one of her fondest memories singing that song with all of her friends. Mina felt faint confusion run through her when she saw an orange player walk over to her. Mina perked up a bit when she realized that the girl actually wanted to keep her company instead of leaving her by herself. It made her feel just a slight bit happier than before, even though her source of comfort was an orange player. she smiled sadly at the girl, her hair hiding her eyes. "I'm just on my own because my friends aren't around, its not really that big of a deal I guess..." she said softly, her smile faltering a bit. "It's nice to meet you, My name is Tricolor_mina, but you can just call me Mina. It's what almost everyone does call me. What's your name..?" she asked, tilting her head slightly. @Hidden
  13. tricolor_mina

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Mina sighed quietly when she realized that nobody was likely to come and sit with her, or talk to her for that matter. It didn't bother her that much, but it still kinda hurt a little to know that. Itzal had his reasons, and so did Shield.... and to be honest, so did she. Her eyes dulled to the point that they were little more than dark pink orbs, and a sad smile crossed her face. Her hair fell in front of her face, and she laughed quietly. "But I'll still smile anyways, this really isn't the time to be sad, isn't it..." She clapped her hands to her face, and folded them behind her back. her hair had fallen completely over her dreary eyes, obscuring them from view entirely. she quietly stood up, and walked over to the giant tree, and looked on as it was decorated by the NPC's rushing around the field. It looked great, despite the fact that it was still mostly undecorated. she pulled her jacket tighter, and shivered.
  14. tricolor_mina

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Mina smiled faintly when she got a response from Itzal, and looked at it eagerly... though she stopped with confusion when she noticed that he had brought up the fact that he had a gift for her apparently? "Na, naa... you're such an idiot, but a sweet one nonetheless..." she murmured, shaking her head, a faint rumbling of laughter echoing from her throat. She sighed tiredly when Shield gave an explanation for his sadness. "... to be honest, I don't blame you if you have it rough this time of year. there's always something." she said quietly, her face changing to a sad frown. "It's especially rough whenever you start thinking about your real life around this time... I don't like it either, especially not after..." mina trailed off midsentence as Shield walked away from her, and began talking to another player. "Alone again, I suppose..." she murmured, a sad smile on her face. "Merry Christmas, Shield... I hope things work out for you one of these days." she walked back over to the vendor stall, and noticed the raffle that was supposed to be happening soon. her eyes lit up with excitement when she saw the armor, weapon, trinkets, and other items (Even a familiar!) available for the raffle. She turned to the merchant, a smile on her face. "Put me down for the raffle sir." she said cheerily, a faint smile on her face. She walked over to one of the areas that had a set of chairs. she sat down, and eventually, she pulled out her menu again, and messaged Itzal just one more time. @Itzal@Benny@Shield
  15. tricolor_mina

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Mina walked out of the teleport gate, a shiver running down her spine. It was absolutely gorgeous here at this time of year, nothing like the years previous. She smiled brightly, looking at the NPC's and Players scattered around the area, decorating it with festive cheer. She giggled a bit when she saw the shopkeeper and his apprentice hurriedly continue to set up their shop near a tent off to the side of the main plaza. "Na, naa~! It's so nice to see everyone so lively!" she stopped a few moments later when she realized that there was probably two people who weren't out celebrating the cheer... she opened her menu, and scrolled to her friends list, and then to the messenger that was a part of it. Mina then swapped over to another message, this one made out to Morgenstern. Her eyes darkened a slight bit as she typed out the message. Mina sighed, before walking around the area, a tired, but happy look on her face. "Christmas is... no time to be sad..." she murmured, shaking her head as she walked down the street. She perked up when she recognized her Guildmate, or ex-guildmate she supposed, Shield. He was standing there with a Santa hat on, a scowl on his face. His familiar was dressed in a similar fashion, and looked quite adorable in its little sweater. Mina walked over, a faint smile on her face, and waved at the visibly annoyed player. "Hello again, Shield... Are you having a nice time..?" she asked, her grin dropping a bit at his scowl. "Why do you look so mad? Do you not like celebrating Christmas..?" Mina's Outfit @Itzal@Morgenstern@Shield