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  1. To those I've owed posts to, I'm terribly sorry for the delay. Exam weeks has been driving me to insanity, but tomorrow should be an easy day, so I should be able to write more.

    1. Aereth


      No stress man. I know how you feel. School/University sucks at times. <-<

  2. Hello. To those I'm roleplaying with, here's just an explanation of my recent lack of posting recently. All I could say, was my muse for writing and my sense of creativity is rather lacking for the past week. I'll try my best to keep up with the pace, and sorry if it takes too long to reply.

  3. Wandering around his home floor, Husky stumbled upon a small hut on top of a hills of the dandelion field. Husky was excited. He had saw the establishment a few time in the past, but never had he really spend some time to investigate. But since this is his home town, He might as well stop over for a quick look. "Piera's Potent Potions..." Husky read out the sign swinging outside the shop. Turns out, there was an alchemist shop on his home floor all along, and he was oblivious to it simply because he never bothered to check. Scolded himself, Husky opened the door and entered the shop. The place is so much more magnificent than he had expected. A wide array of potions and crystals were placed on display, some he had never seen before. Zandra might be the best Alchemist, but her shop was never as good as this one. Taking his time browsing through the wares of the store, Husky grabbed a few crystals and and brought it to the shop counter. "Good day to you, Miss." He greeted, his mouth curved a gentle smile, contrast with the scar over his eye. "I would like to buy these items." The brunette spoke, as he opened the trading menu and sent the shopkeeper the appropriate amount of money for the four crystals he bought. _____________________________________________________ [-4800 Cols] [+2 Damage Crystal] [+2 Teleportation Crystal]
  4. Currently looking for a partner for adventuring. Could either be a quest, normal hunting or just socializing.

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    2. Grave


      Your turn, Morg :P

    3. Morgenstern


      My turn....

      I'll get to it in the morning


    4. Hikoru


      If you ever need a Sneaky-Burst-DPS, you know where to find me

  5. Husky

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    It's only the second time Husky has ever returned to this store. He still remembered the first item he had purchased from here. Only the finest quality of clothing product can be purchase here, for a good price too. While the location has moved to a different place, the ascetic of the place hardly changed. The place is still grand just as he remembered it. Entering the shop, the little bell rang with a small tingling melody. The walls are decorated with a massive amount of merchandise, many different colors. The two posters of famous Japanese band that he somewhat recognize. "Good day to you, Miss Ariel. I see that business is still blooming, despite the relocation." Husky greeted Ariel with a bright smile. As he presented her the item he has selected for purchase from the shelf full of items, his eyes darted to a fireplace nearby. What seemingly looked like a Lion was resting soundly before the warm fire. Returned his attention back to the shop keeper, Husky opened his trade menu, and exchanged his payment for the item. _____________________________________________ { Give 7 Materials to Ariel } [ -7 Mats ] [ + Tyger Fangs ]
  6. I'm currently open for any threads that yields rewards. Need something to occupied myself with.

  7. This is the first time Husky had ever gotten this high up in AinCrad. Any monster here could punctured a hole through his chest and send him straight to his doom. By any mean, Husky needed to be careful and not get entangled with one of the monster. Luckily enough, the trail should have relatively fewer monster spawning. Looking around, he came to the well-known Alchemist shop that everyone has been talking about. "Exellance Elexirium." The store lies near the path, almost as if it's a vacation home, rather than an alchemy shop. Inside the shop was indeed a very exotic sight. Decorated on the wooden wall was rows and rows of colorful potions, decorating the plain walls. Zandra came from the back of the store to greet him. He had remembered the beach party she had hosted; and he received the privilege of being the bartender. It was a fun time while it last. "Good day, miss. I would like to order a few things. Just some preparation for the next expedition." Husky greeted. He gave Zandra the order of two Minor potion of Sharp Dragon-fang and two Crystal of Agile Dragon wings. After paying her the materials for the potions, he waved goodbye, returning back to town, preparing for his venture out to the wild. _______________________________ [-8 Materials] [+2 Minor potions of Sharp Dragon-fang] [+2 Crystal of Agile Dragon wings]
  8. Back from my mini hiatus. Hopefully I didn't put anyone on hold. 

    1. Lessa


      Glad to have you back! You've been a pleasure to write with. :)

  9. Husky

    [F03] «Treant Rivalries»

    I shall partake the quest by myself.
  10. Hello, everyone. I have made my return, after a long time hiding. 

    Now, where do I go from here?

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    2. Husky


      Instruction wasn't clear. Am now in ALfheim

    3. Aoda


      I tried my best.

    4. Lessa


      Aw man, I'd rather be in Aincrad, if we are being honest.

  11. It is approximately 2 months now, and the Sheeptar battle is still ongoing. 

    1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      plenty of time until Christmas when he will appear again.

    2. Baldur


      There will just be year-round sheeptar events :P

  12. Husky

    [F06] <<Deforestation>>

    Partaking the quest with the assistance of @Grave
  13. Come and have some fun. Get wasted. Hang out. Or just do what you pleased


    1. Shirosu


      @Mack for good ol' times?

  14. Husky

    [F03]«Search for the Hoya»

    Taking this quest all by myself
  15. While I'm away, I thought of this idea. Please come and share your opinions.

    Also, all testing should be done by this weak. After this I'm free!