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  1. Husky could only nod. He knew about the punishment for being a red player. It's a big penalty, but it's only fair for someone to pay the expensive price for taking another's life. Husky didn't blame Aereth for what he had done, but there was a better option, the option that Aereth had ignored, and he paid the price for it. There's nothing much Husky could have said. For the time, he still kept an eye out for potential enemy spawning around them. The brunette could see a few skeletons -those similar to the ones they had taken down- being generated back to the area. He could only hope that they won't wander closer toward their direction. "Aereth, I must ask..." Husky called out for his partner, his focus remained lock onto the monsters around the area. "Since as a red player, you can't enter town and cities, how do you use Teleport Crystals. The destinations are usually set in the city central area or town squares. Where would you end up if you use one, or you can't use them at all?" He continued. It was one few things that had troubled him for a while. Now that he have a chance to talk to a Red player in person, it's his only chance.
  2. "Be unpredictable..." Richard stayed silent, his eyes focused on the mirror image of himself, while his mind focused on the advice that Richard had given him. His hand on the ground clenched into a fist, as the warrior move forward step by step. In the next moment, Richard once again burst into motion. He weaved his path toward his target; the twin gauntlets on his hand glowed brightly with a fierce burning red fire. Richard saw his opponent, quickly stepped up and threw his fist forward. Richard duck under the swing before quickly threw a punch toward Richard's abdomen. Predicted the attack, Richard dropped his guard, trying to block the attack, But before the brunette could find out the attack was a feint, Richard swung his other hand around, connecting the punch with the jaw of his target. With his momentum, Richard swiftly delivered the second attack, knocking Richard down onto his back with a devastating uppercut to the forehead. ___________________________________________ ID: 87192 BD: 9 (Critical Hit.) MOB: 2+1 (Missed) Husky: 320/440 HP | 31/44 EN | 11 DMG | 34 MIT | 14 THR | 1 ACC | vs Gemini: 148/220 HP | 110 DMG | 38 MIT | 1 ACC | ( -((11*Falcon Jab: 10x1) -38) = -72 DMG)
  3. (since combat hasn't started, I'll base the quest off the new version.) There was a brief moment of silent, as the two fighters stood motionless. Then, both fired off in a burst of movement. Their first hit clashed against one another as if they both know where to strike at the same time. Richard pushed his opponent's hand aside, quickly spun around for a round house kick, aiming for Richard's face. However, predicted Richard's movement, the brunette duck under the kick. Saw his change, the brunette pushed his opponent aside and wound up for an attack. With only one leg to support his balance, Richard quickly stumbled forward. Regain his composure, he turned back to his opponent. However, once he turned around, Richard was standing tall next to him, swiftly deliver and gut wrenching punch to his stomach, followed up by a devastating punch to his face. Richard was staggered, knocked off the ground as he fell to his side. Quickly get back up to his feet, the Silvery Warrior turned to face his mirrored self once again. "Husky, I'm a copy of you. I can remember every fighting technique you have learned in the past. Some enemy will be much more relenting. You need to stay focus and be unpredictable if you wanted to win against a human player. Players are not the same compared to AI." Richard reminded Richard, striking his fighting pose, similar to Richard's unique posture. _____________________________________ ID: 87191 BD: 4+1 (Missed) MOB: 10 (Critical Hit!) Husky: 320/440 HP | 42/44 EN | 11 DMG | 34 MIT | 14 THR | 1 ACC | ( -((110+(22x2)) -34) = -120 DMG) vs Gemini: 220/220 HP | 110 DMG | 38 MIT | 1 ACC |
  4. "I see... So you're a part of a quest, in which I'll have to defeat." Richard restated Richard's words, confirming the details of the quest he was informed by the clone of himself, to which Richard replied, sipping his cup of tea. "That is true, unfortunately. At the end of the day, you will have to defeat me." There was a moment of silence. Neither of the two spoke a word; only sipping on their tea cup. Breaking the silence, Richard stirred, "Oh, right! If my data is correct, you recently just mastered Martial Art, didn't you?" he asked, looking at his tea partner. "Yeah. Not too long ago." Richard replied. "What if we pretend it's a little spar? Just a little friendly duel to see how much you've progressed so far?" The brunette suggested, in which his partner could only accept. The two set their tea cups to aside and stood up from where they sit. Both get into the same fighting pose as if Richard was fighting with a mirror.
  5. "So... an evil version of me..." Richard took a moment to wrap his mind around the idea. His mind rambled on and on about why would the game do this? "The system built a character based on the opposite spectrum of my personality... like a Gemini... almost." The more Richard kept on thinking about it, the more convoluted the whole ordeal turned out. "Is there a problem? I hope it doesn't create a divide between us?" Richard asked in concern, in his hand held the small cup of tea that Richard has poured for him. The brunette snapped away from his thoughts and returned to the conversation. "Ah... Pardon me... It's nothing, really. I'm just a little lost in thoughts." Richard replied, sipping on the wild daisy tea. "Not meant to be rude, but I have to ask. Why did the game create you... I suppose the system also create versions of other players as well... what purpose do you serve?" He continued, stating the question he had in mind. He hoped Richard would provide him an answer "Ah... So that's what troubling your mind. Well, you see, I am a part of a quest. 'The Gemini' will spawn a copy avatar of the player, with the behavioral records of them. With that, they could mimic the player's fighting techniques, as well as making an opposite personality compare to the player." Richard set his tea cup aside and explain to Richard about his existence, as well as the quest going along with it. There was a short paused, before the brunette continued. "There are some cases that the player's data are not enough to complete the Gemini's personality, in which the Gemini will instead build their personality based on existing data, making it resemble the player instead of something from the opposite spectrum. You are an example of such cases, hence... my niceness toward you."
  6. "Fancy meeting you here on the occasion. How's everything been for you? It's been god awfully long since I've seen you around." Husky smiled, greet his old time friend as she finally made her way to him. It has been a while since their last mission together, way later back when they all taken down the land shark on this very floor, along side with Teion. It's quite a coincident that they finally meet here again, after so long without any contact, on the same floor since they last met. Husky only hopes that whatever happened in this new expedition wouldn't come to the same result as the last one. " Let's head out. I'll fill you in along the way." "I actually found one a while ago. The NPC's name is Ali, he stays inside the town's tavern. The poor guy looks rather distressed; supposedly his brother is trapped inside a bandit cave not too far from here. He wanted us to help rescue his brother." Husky explained the quest details as he strolled down the street, with Aster walking by his side. "In any case, the bandit's treasure cave shouldn't be far from here. A small walk toward the west side of town from the town's gate and we should get there. However, you might want to stay close. I don't know much of this area, but I do have a hunch that they aren't the type that plays nice." The brunette carried on. He had checked all his equipped gear so see if anything is out of place. While Woofles isn't with him, the small buff from his little friend won't affect him much.
  7. The town square is not that far from the request board; therefore, Husky shouldn't have any trouble finding his way there. Meeting up with an old friend wasn't something he had in agenda for the day, but circumstances seemed to be in his favor. Since Husky had had his fair share of experiences working with the girl, he has some previous knowledge of her capability, what Aster's good at and what weakness she needs to cover. Waiting for his partner by the entrance of the inn, Husky pondered about the mission. How should they proceed and rescue the hostage hiding inside the cave? There're many ways that they could approach this mission, but Husky wanted to guarantee not only his partner's safety but his as well. They could try and rush through, taking on all of the bandits at once, or take them down one by one through stealth. Either way, their risks are apparent. Husky will have to ask @Aster more about it before the two embark on this quest together. "Right on queue." Husky chuckled to himself. Just as he had mentioned her during his planning, he saw the girl approaching from a distance. Husky his hands in the air to greet her. It has been a long time since they last met, and he was excited to see if everything is going well for her.
  8. While the monster is still occupied by @Morgenstern , Husky re-positioned himself behind the beastly figure. His eyes locked onto the boss; his composure leaning forward, lurking like a wolf hunting its prey. Lunged forward at the first chance he got, the Silvery Warrior had his strongest attack charged up once again. However, at the moment he strike, the Iron Guarding stepped back. His fist, aimed for the back of the Metal Giant's knee, missed its mark. With a swing by his free arm, the Iron Guardian grabbed Husky by his fist and lifted him to the air, before hurling him back toward the Paladin. Husky made a swift recover, just before he landed. Tumbled to the ground and back to his two feet, Husky regrouped with his partner. "Same tactic?" He suggested, swiftly get into position for the next offense attack. _______________________________________ ID: 85536 BD: 4+1 (Missed) Morgenstern: [H:6] HP: 1114/1114 HP | En: 82/98 | 11 DMG | 134 MIT | 1 PAR | 2 RE | Husky: [H:1] HP: 426/440 HP | En: 27/44 | 11 DMG | 34 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 HM | VS Iron Guardian: 60/225 HP | 200 DMG | T1 BLD | 12 THR
  9. Husky had his eyes fixed onto the girl in front of the request board in the square. Her brown hair with a tint of orange reminded him of someone he had met a while back. "Where have I met her before?" The brunette pondered. Maybe he had paired up with her somewhere in one of his adventures; maybe he, or a customer from his shop. Try his best, he couldn't tell exactly where had they met. Maybe he should try to meet up with her after his meal. If he greet her in person, he might be able to remember just where did he met her. However, his plan for the day might changed to something he hadn't planned for. While dining on the dish of shimmered fruits, Husky noticed a man sitting in a table not far from his. His head drooped down to the table, showing sign of concerns about something. With the plate still half finished, Husky left his table and joined the stranger's, sat down on the opposite side. "Hey there. Something the matter?" Husky spoke, his voice was warm and soothing. The stranger looked up to Silvery Warrior, and began telling him his story. Husky found out the stranger's name's to be Ali, an NPC resided on this particular floor. Ali has requested that Husky go and find any clue about his missing brother, Cassim. Through Ali's story, Cassim went missing after he had entered a chasm in the dessert, an area known for bandit activities. Fearing that Cassim might have been captured, or killed by the bandits, Ali had requested Husky for his assistance. Husky couldn't say no to someone in distress. Accepting the quest, he set foot out from the tavern, leaving behind his unfinished shimmered fruit. While on his way out, he did caught a glance of the request board. He could saw the newest request has been posted by the orange-hair girl. Memories of the name began coming back. "Aster!" Husky snapped. It was the girl that assisted him in getting his pet. How could he have forgotten her. By the look of the message, it seemed like she's eager to head out and venture with someone else. Since he had a quest to complete, maybe she could tag along. More people means more firepower. Opening his menu, he sent forward a message to the owner of the request.
  10. "Sure thing. What do you need of me?" Richard asked the mysterious player, setting aside his tea cup, and prepared to stood up to assist whatever task the stranger would request him. However, before the Silver Warrior even moved his foot, the player speak up. "Please, keep your seat. I only want someone to keep me accompanied for the time being." The strange mysterious player began taking off his cloak, revealed himself to be an exact replica of Richard himself. His equipment, his weapon, his facial structure and the scar over his eye, even the details on the wolf head on his shoulder pad. Everything seemed to matched up perfectly. Richard was baffled by the review of the strange player he's so suspicious of. "This might be a little subtle, but I'm suppose to be the darker side of you. Sorry if this is a little... sudden to reveal myself as a copy of you." "Oh... it's nothing. I'm just a little surprise to see myself. That's all." Husky reply, shaking himself from the initial shock. "Would you like some tea?" He asked, offering a sit next to him, where they could both share the delicious tea.
  11. Husky took a step back, watching the final push from the team unfold. Shield did his job blocking the Tagas from even laying a finger onto anyone, even himself. On contrary, the team has did a marvelous job taking down the boss, bashing the corrupted angel with hits after hits. Now, it's time to put the Angel to rest. While Beatbox and Teion are keeping the boss busy, Husky sat still in the back, waiting for his chance to arrive. He had already corked up his strongest attack, prowling behind the line. As soon as the monster was dragged down by Teion's scythe cleaved down to onto its shoulder. The Tagas landed onto one knee, trying to get back up to its feet. Before it could do so, Husky sprang to action. His fist glowed bright, as if burning in a bright fierce red flame. Now with nowhere to leave, the Silvery Warrior's attack connected. The punch knocked the corrupted angel back, lifting it completely from its feet and flown back to the stone throne. The health bar slowly drained empty, until there's nothing left. The boss shone brightly in a blinding light, before disappearing from where it sat, leaving behind the millions pixels bursting from it's body. Husky dove to the ground after his attack, as he tumbled forward and back onto his feet. "It's over?" Husky asked himself, glancing back to the party. ________________________________________ ID: 85370 BD: 6+1+1=8 (Hit) (14 * All Might: 15x1 = 210 DMG) [H: 9] @Shield - HP: 1074/1074 - EN: 94/94 [H: 4] Beatbox - HP: 1155/1155 - EN: 85/114 [H: 2] Teion - HP: 540/540 - EN: 40/54 [H: 5] Husky - HP: 440/440 - EN: 12/44 VS Tagas the Fully Corrupted - HP: 0/650 - DMG: 300 - MIT: 65 - BD's of 10 deals 150 [Unmitigatable] to All (- (210 DMG - 65 MIT) = -145 DMG)
  12. "Fair point. I don't see who would like to chose a dark humid cave as their ideal place to stay." Husky shrugged. Peering over the small boulder that they're hiding behind, Husky scanned the field for any stray monsters that would come toward their way. All he see was an emptied path, void of any creature. "At the very least, there're no monsters spawning around us at the moment. That'd give us more time to rest up." The brunette turned his attention to his partner. Aereth did mentioned of going to higher floors. It does give Husky some idea of Aereth levels. He couldn't tell exactly what his level is, but through what Aereth implied, the brunette could only guess that his companion was at least level 30, if not higher. He seemed more capable to handled himself, more than anyone he had met so far, so it also suggest Aereth is part of the frontline fighters. But Husky couldn't tell for sure. Either way, it's still reassuring to know there's someone of higher level that him tagging along.
  13. While Husky didn't pay mind too much about Beatbox performance, he find it odd in the frontliner's carefree attitude toward the fight, as if he could care any less about the fight. Anyhow, Husky only suppose that Beatbox have the right to do so. The tank player of the team has yet to loose any health, and only a quarter of the Tagas's heath bar remains. If they all keep the pace, the team would finish the boss relatively soon. Returned his attention back to the boss fight, Husky let his sword art charge, while he lunged forward after Teion for another powerful blow. However, this time, when he swung the metal fist toward the corrupted angel, Targas's wings flapped, took itself off the ground for a swift moment. The wind sent a gale of dust toward Husky, temporarily blinded him for a moment. His attack swung passed the angel's foot, as the bright red glowing gauntlet slowly diminished. ____________________________________ ID: 85094 BD: 4 (Missed) [H: 9] @Shield - HP: 1074/1074 - EN: 94/94 [H: 2] Beatbox - HP: 1155/1155 - EN: 85/114 [H: 0] Teion - HP: 540/540 - EN: 40/54 [H: 4] Husky - HP: 440/440 - EN: 29/44 VS Tagas the Fully Corrupted - HP: 254/650 - DMG: 300 - MIT: 65 - BD's of 10 deals 150 [Unmitigatable] to All
  14. (got cha) While Morgenstern is keeping the metal giant busy, Husky waited for his chance. One missed swing reveal a gap under its knee, and Husky took capitalized of the mistake. Dashed forward as fast as he could, the Silvery Warrior charged all his power into another punch. Once again, the gauntlet burst to a fiery red light, and this time, the attack won't be blocked by anything. The fist clashed against the metal giant's exposed knee, bringing the whole behemoth down to a thunderous crash. Husky leaped back, avoid getting caught amidst the dust cloud. "Good work!" He spoke aloud, raising a thumbs up to his partner. Once the dust cloud has cleared, the Iron Guardian begun to get itself back to its feet. The health bar hovering under its name has already been drained to blinking red. It wouldn't take long to take the monster down completely. Now, all he need was for @Morgenstern to finish the battle. _________________________________________ ID: 85022 BD: 4+1+1HM = 6 (Hit) Morgenstern: [H:6] HP: 1114/1114 HP | En: 82/98 | 11 DMG | 134 MIT | 1 PAR | 2 RE | Husky: [H:1] HP: 426/440 HP | En: 27/44 | 11 DMG | 34 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 HM | ( -12 THR DMG) VS Iron Guardian: 60/225 HP | 200 DMG | T1 BLD | 12 THR ( -(11 * All Might: 15x1) = -165 DMG)
  15. At the sight of the monster, Husky felt that this battle would be different from the previous one. Standing roughly twice his side, the metal clad being readied its blade. The menacing posture loomed over the two players. Husky readied himself, only waiting for Morgenstern to make his first move. However, when the paladin missed the attack, at the same time blocked and staggered the bestial figure, Husky saw his chance. Charging in for an attack, he swung his fist, the gauntlets bursting in a fiery red. All his power was concentrate to one single punch, as he threw it to the enemy. However, it didn't connect, as the Iron Knight caught his fist mid swing. The burning light radiating from his gauntlet immediately dispersed. Looking at the iron giant, the Silvery Warrior placed a foot onto the chest piece of the monster and pushed himself as hard as he could. Landed back down onto the ground, Husky took a moment to think of a better plan of attack. The monster seemed unyielding, as none of the attack coming from either player has been very effective. Maybe a different tactic would suffice. "Jonathan! I'll attack him from behind. Just keep the boss attention to yourself!" Husky gave @Morgenstern his strategy, before sprang to action. Dashed toward the other end of the room, the warrior stood waited, readied to follow the Paladin once he advance. _________________________________ ID: 85003 BD: 3+1 (Missed) Morgenstert: [H:0] HP: 1114/1114 HP | En: 82/98 | 11 DMG | 134 MIT | 1 PAR | 2 RE | Husky: [H:0] HP: 440/440 HP | En: 44/44 | 11 DMG | 34 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 HM | VS Iron Guardian: 225/225 HP | 200 DMG