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  1. Niko, I'm sorry for being away for so long and not being able to manage Crescent Moon, I lost the original spark I had when coming here and everything just unraveled itself. But thank you for being my friend, I won't forget the times we had.

  2. Soon my lovelies. Soon I shall return.

  3. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    SAO-RPG: 2048 (Because Keith's is rip)

    cant break 6000....
  4. To anyone I am in RPs with. Work has begun a new transition for me, and with school, it has been hectic. I have not been on much, and will be on intermittent. I will still be part of the Nerius fight, and will check in here and there, but I may not be super active for the next week. It will be hard to be. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

  5. @Baldur, Now, your not gonna be another name we need to add to the memorial of life are ya? Your health is getting a little low in the boss fight mate. We already lost 3 people this month, we don't need to lose a 4th.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Rain


      ._. but I thought we're in greece....

    3. Baldur


      We're in Aincrad :P

      *coughs* I mean...

      THIS. IS. AINCRAD! *kicks*

    4. Seul


      Shhhh. It's not like anything else about the game has made sense-

  6. Here I am, sitting at work about to leave for the day, watching two worlds devolve and come to a near ignition point. Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.

  7. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    Hi, I'm pissed off.

    It was super active for a bit there back in may-ish. But it died down again. SAO is the most active as of right now.
  8. So, What happened to that k_i_r_i
    _t_o dude who was asking Rain why he was talking about Pokemon GO?

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    2. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      got his account deleted by staff.

      registered with a new one. This time he choose a name that isn't core canon.

    3. Nikodemus_Blackwood


      I kinda had a feeling that may have been the reason.

    4. Kiru



      There was a guy with the account Kirito, but he disappeared for too long. I hold a canon name, which I don't use all that often but I make sure I still use it.

  9. So, has anyone here played SAO Legend? I saw the banner add for it and checked out a review, but I want actual player feedback, not BS reviewer stuff.

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    2. Jazmyne


      I like it. Still playing now on the 3rd day.

    3. Rain
    4. Nikodemus_Blackwood



      meh. it lags where I am.

      The reason it lags is:


      Me I gotta download the apk :v

      ya know... living in a 3rd world country. We gots to stuff to survive. screw waiting, we download that apk.


  10. Entering the shop once more, Nikodemus came straight towards the counter and dug out the mats and col needed to pay. He stood ready and called out for the owner. "Hey, Rain. I am here for that order. I got the payment and everything!" Smiling, he set the materials down, and then counted them out. Next he counted out some Col. "Sorry I have to split it this way. I am running low on mats. Hopefully this is ok." Smiling, he gathered the items up and was ready to leave once he was sure the transaction was completed. Order picked up: -15 Mats -2,200 Col
  11. Almost caught up on replies. Almost. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  12. Sorry to all those I owe replies to. I have been on vacation for the 4th. I will be back tomorrow and will reply to everyone then.

  13. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    Where are you from?

    I, like my good friends Kain and Eibon, am from Utah. The state with the weird blue mountains, strange religion, and even stranger state nickname. We are also one of the 4 states that contribute to 'The 4 Corners' landmark. We just celebrated Pride week beginning of june, and are gearing up for Independence Day (YAY NO WORK!!! TAKE THAT!), and I have got to say... It is too hot here...
  14. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    [F06] <<Deforestation>>

    Taking this with Rain and Zandra!
  15. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    [F04] «Avalanche»

    Repeating this for the Potion