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  1. Niko, I'm sorry for being away for so long and not being able to manage Crescent Moon, I lost the original spark I had when coming here and everything just unraveled itself. But thank you for being my friend, I won't forget the times we had.

  2. Soon my lovelies. Soon I shall return.

  3. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    SAO-RPG: 2048 (Because Keith's is rip)

    cant break 6000....
  4. To anyone I am in RPs with. Work has begun a new transition for me, and with school, it has been hectic. I have not been on much, and will be on intermittent. I will still be part of the Nerius fight, and will check in here and there, but I may not be super active for the next week. It will be hard to be. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

  5. Standing beside the young Alchemist, Nikodemus stared at the large dungeon and tilted his head. With a sigh, Nikodemus looked around for the others. "Where did everyone go go? I swear they were all right here..." Looking back to the dungeon, Nikodemus shrugged and then prepared his shield and his axe. He hefted the blade in his hand and smiled, ready to go in and fight whatever came their way. "So, you ready Zan? Cause if the others don't catch up... It'll be just you an me..." Stats:
  6. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    [F6-PP-NK] Lumber is Murder! <<Deforestation>> (Rain, Zandra)

    Seeing Zandra cut through one warrior, then Rain charge forward to pull the second one from her, Nikodemus prepared himself. Charging a Sword Art, Nikodemus leapt forward towards the amazon warrior and let loose his <Sharpened Chop>. The blade sliced through the shield and into the warrior, turning it to pixels. Breathing deeply, Nikodemus looked to Rain and Zandra. "You guys ok?" ID# 63770 results: Battle: 5 + 1 <Concentration> = 6 Craft: 7 Loot: 13 MOB: 1 miss Sword Art: Sharpened Chop 3x1 - (3 Energy) My DMG: 12 x 3 x 1 = 36 - 6 = 30 Nikodemus: 104/108 20/27 H: 2 [Cursed Warrior] [HP (0/24)] [DMG 18] [MIT 6] DED
  7. @Baldur, Now, your not gonna be another name we need to add to the memorial of life are ya? Your health is getting a little low in the boss fight mate. We already lost 3 people this month, we don't need to lose a 4th.

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    2. Rain


      ._. but I thought we're in greece....

    3. Baldur


      We're in Aincrad :P

      *coughs* I mean...

      THIS. IS. AINCRAD! *kicks*

    4. Seul


      Shhhh. It's not like anything else about the game has made sense-

  8. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    [F6-PP-NK] Lumber is Murder! <<Deforestation>> (Rain, Zandra)

    Watching as Zandra and Rain struck at the group of warriors, Nikodemus smiled. He realized either of them could have brought the group down with 1 hit, but that would have burned them out and left them weak. Deciding to do the same, Nikodemus prepared a Sword Art, the first he ever learned in Aincrad. Waiting to make sure the others were clear and that warriors were open, Nikodemus growled and let loose his axe, activating his <Crescent Thrush> Sword Art. The slicing blade of sickly emerald energy sliced past his two party members safely and then sliced through the 4 Amazons. With their last breath, each one leapt and struck the armored giant, chipping at his health little by little, before bursting into pixels. ID# 63734 results: Battle: 9 crit +1 Craft: 8 Loot: 18 MOB: 10 Crit +2 Sword Art: Crescent thrush - AoE - 1x2 - (4 Energy) My DMG: 12 + 1 x 1 x 2 = 26 - 6 = 20 Cursed Amazons: 18 + 2 - 74 = 0 + 1 = 1 x 4 = 4 Nikodemus: 104/108 22/27 H: 2Zandra: 201/201 47/49 H: 1Rain: 80/80 17/20 H: 1 [Cursed Amazon 1] [HP (0/24)] [DMG 18] [MIT 6] DED [Cursed Amazon 1] [HP (0/24)] [DMG 18] [MIT 6] DED [Cursed Amazon 1] [HP (0/24)] [DMG 18] [MIT 6] DED [Cursed Amazon 1] [HP (0/24)] [DMG 18] [MIT 6] DED
  9. Here I am, sitting at work about to leave for the day, watching two worlds devolve and come to a near ignition point. Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.

  10. ((OOC: We were killing a snake. simple.)) Charging forward, Nikodemus brought his axe around in a viscious euppercut strike at the large snakes face. His axe scored across it and carved a deep furrow in the scales, leaving a bright red gash. With a flick of his wrist, Nikodemus brought the axe down again, carving a second line through the creatures face again, leaving a perpendicular line beside the first. Finished with his strike, Nikodemus leapt back and landed a few feet away, breathing hard. "Verdammt thing's scales are like iron. I can get through, but it is shallow and not doing much!" ID# 63683 results: Battle: 9 Crit +1 Sword Art: Undertone - 4x2 - (8 Energy) DMG: 7 + 1 = 8 x 4 x 2 = 64 - 45 = 19 Party [H: 3] Seul [125/133 HP] [30/32 EN] (-1 HP) (-2 EN) [H:1] Nikodemus 88/88 HP | Energy: 4/22 | MIT: 74 (7+13+9+18+27) | Thorns: 14 (7+7) | DMG 7 [H:1] Hirru [112/112 HP] [19/28 EN] (+1 / -8 EN) [Howling Octave: 8x1x11= 88-45= 43] Enemy Amphis Serpens [51/175 HP] [56 DMG] [45 MIT] Ability: On MD rolls of 9 and 10 the Amphis Serpens will attack the two players with the highest hate and poison them. Poison deals 5 damage for 5 turns and can't be mitigated.
  11. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    [F1-PP-NK] Materials make the world go round. <<EaL Repeat>> (Rain)

    Laying there, Nikodemus grunted and stood, gathering the fallen materials. With a sigh, he looked to Rain and then smiled. "Well, I think that'll do it for me today. Lets head back." Turning, he returned with the Alchemist to town and divided the loot between them. Waving farewell, Nikodemus returned home.. Thread Complete: +1 SP for 21+ +12 mats per party member +2300 Col per party member Awaiting GM LD
  12. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    [F1-PP-NK] Materials make the world go round. <<EaL Repeat>> (Rain)

    Seeing Rain dispatch more enemies, Nikodemus smiled and then turned and charged at his opponents. Hurling his axe, he let loose with his Sword Art <Tomahawk Thrust> and sent the blade through each beast. After exiting them last boar, the axe bounded from the ground and flipped up into the air for a moment, then returned to his grip like a boomerang. As each boar squealed with rage and pain, they charged Nikodemus down and slammed into him, knocking him down. After they hit, they all burst into pixels, the <Thorns> effect in Nikodemus armor activating and tearing the beasts to shreds. ID# 63669 results: Battle: 5 + 1 <Concentration> = 6 Hit Craft: 3 Loot: 20 MOB: 8 Hit. Thorns Sword Art: Tomahawk thrust – 6*1 - AoE - (12 Energy) My DMG: 9 x 6 x 1 = 54 - 13 = 41 Thorns: 24 Boars: 3 - 74 = 0 + 1 = 1 x 4 = 4 Nikodemus: Lvl: 27 | 96/108 HP | Energy: 1/27 | MIT: 74 (7+13+54) | Thorns: 28 (14+14) | DMG 9 (1+4+4) [Giant Boar] [HP (0/60)] [DMG 3] [MIT 13] DED +1 mat on death, +1 bonus mat & 300 Col [Giant Boar] [HP (0/60)] [DMG 3] [MIT 13] DED +1 mat on death, +1 bonus mat & 300 Col [Giant Boar] [HP (0/60)] [DMG 3] [MIT 13] DED +1 mat on death, +1 bonus mat & 300 Col [Giant Boar] [HP (0/60)] [DMG 3] [MIT 13] DED +1 mat on death, +1 bonus mat & 300 Col 8 mats. 1,200 Col
  13. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    [F6-PP-NK] Lumber is Murder! <<Deforestation>> (Rain, Zandra)

    ((OOC: Curse you dice gods...)) Watching Rain approach, Nikodemus was about to caution him, but then noticed that in the blink of an eye the the man had cut down the female warrior. Blinking, Nikodemus smiled. "Good job mate!" Looking beyond the man, Nikodemus noticed a group of Amazonian's charging down the bridge. With quick motion, Nikodemus charged past Rain and put himself between him and the warriors. With his axe in hand, he planted his feet and then brought his axe around hard, slicing just before the warrior's faces, stopping them in their tracks.Bringing his shields up, he deflected a few attacks from the warriors and brought the pass to a stalemate. ID# 63665 results: Battle: 3 miss Craft: 12 Loot: 7 MOB: 1 miss
  14. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    PST Evaluation/Locking Requests

    Can I get a check and lock on this thread? Thanks a lot! PM if issues
  15. Nikodemus_Blackwood

    [SP-F4] Snowcones are good. <<Avalanche Repeat>>

    Reaching the teleport gate, he stepped in and shouted loudly, "Teleport: Nimbus!" and then closed his eyes. A feeling of air rushing crossed his skin, and he opened his eyes standing in the midst of the grey walled Nimbus. He smiled at being home, and stepped off the teleport gate. walking down the small outskirt lane where many Orange player acessable shops resided, Nikodemus smiled and entered his home, a blacksmith shop. Stepping in, he smiled and flipped the <CLOSED> sigh to <OPEN> and went to the counter. Using his HUD, he removed his armor and stood in his basic tunic and breeches. Stretching, he began to clean around his shop and set the Snowfrost potion he had gotten from Avalanche with other items he had gathered. Thread Complete +1 SP for 21+ Posts 1 Snowfrost potion +16 Mats +2160 Col