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  1. Shield

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    "I'm not leaving an unprotected player in a boss raid!" Shield called to the air, watching as Beat and Baldur both evaporated. Cursing under his breath, he called out to Hirru. "Get out of here! I'll draw their focus until you're safely out!" He set himself down in his stance, bending his knees and cocking his elbow, focusing the remaining shaman at the tip of his narrow blade. "I know I don't have accuracy worth anything, but I'm not gonna hand you the chance to drop my focus and target our wounded players." He put a hitch in his step and hurtled forward, the tip of his blade beginning to shine with his activated sword art. The wily fish beast was ready for him though, having been tempered by the actual offensive players in the fight. It sidestepped his attack without a second though, and Shield slammed his foot down to stop his motion, skidding to a halt between the two fish creatures. "Come on then!" he bellowed, glaring at the weaker of the two. "Hit me!"
  2. Shield remained silent, the fury of the bat's claws continuing to tear through his body unhindered. His eyes remained fixed on his health gauge, watching the green bar drop, turn yellow, and the paralysis marker begin to flash and then replenish before fading entirely. He would have strained against his frozen condition, but he knew better. He had been here enough to know that the game was not something capable of being flexible in that regard. There was a day when he might have kicked against the goads, but for now, the situation was what it was. There were only so many attacks he would be able to take before his time ran out. He knew that in his inventory, there was a full stack of Teleport Crystals just burning a hole, but unless he got an opening, he would die with them there and untouched. His finger itched, begging to be able to swipe through the air to select one, but until that symbol faded from his health gauge, all he could do was wait.
  3. Shield

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    They wee getting down to the last of it. Both the Chieftain's health and the DPS' energy stores were dropping down to their last reserves. Unfortunatey, despite the plans that Baldur and the others had laid, they were running out of time. And with Hirru's missed attack, they were about out of chances. If we're going to stretch, then we need to stall that summon. Hirru has the right idea, but... Glancing own at the thin, unenhanced blade in his hand, Shield frowned. I'm the wrong person to be puicking up that ball we keep dropping. With a shrug, Shield charged up the sword art that he needed to do the trick. He sprang to his feet and charged, focusing his eyes on the frame of his target, but something in his approach was wrong. He stepped off with the wrong foot, and as he stepped to regain his rhythm, the light faded from his blade. He sprang back, raising his shield to resume his defenses. "We can't focus on defense anymore. We started our fight too far behind to have that luxury now. Hirru, if you're too low, and I don't have a heal ready, TP out. This fight isn't worth your life. Everyone else, we need to hit as hard as we can as fast as we can! I'll try to pump up your energy stores as best I can."
  4. Shield gave Anemone a nod. "That's the general idea, yeah," he said, turning and gesturing to the sprawling, water-covered floor around them. "Since things up here tend to his pretty hard, I'd imagine we'll want to put a focus on defense. Barrier might be in order after Sharpness, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. This isn't your first rodeo, so I'm sure you'll manage just fine." It had been some time since he had been in a fight with Anemone, and for that matter, at the time, the enemies in question did not pose a threat, so healing was not as necessary as it would likely be now. He was excited that he would finally get to see her properly in her element. The coliseum awaited them, and he took in the sight of the great stone monument before returning his eyes to his party. "Well, do we need to do much as far as preparations?" he asked, summoning and subsequently popping the cork on an Immolation Potion, not to mention bringing out a haunch of meat that he began to chew offhandedly. "I'll throw on my usual just in case. It's not a major boss, so I can't expect it'll be life threatening, but I'd rather be prepared." He swallowed a bite and chugged that was left of the potion, letting the effects of his consumables buff him up to his usual fighting condition.
  5. Shield

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    "Heads up, Hirru," Shield called, out dashing to the side of the hunter and tapping his elbow with the flat of his blade. The health gauge that surrounded Hirru's body ticked back up into the green, putting the remaining players all safely above half health. "I'm sorry, big guy," he said, turning his attention back to the chieftain. "That was a little messy with so many players trying to make sense of the chaos there. Thank you for your patience," he said, glancing to Beat and Baldur in turn. "Now we can properly start this fight." It was not ideal that the others should need to retreat. Hell, if they managed to come back in a single party with proper coordination, that would work quite nicely. We need to end this quickly though, so we'll have to see if they make it back. "Now," he went on, gesturing to Beat and Baldur. "It's up to you. Would you prefer to be roasted on the spit or filleted? I mean, we're more than happy to do both, but I was just curious which you're more excited about." It was usually not in his nature to get snarky with players, but the mobs were open season for venting his frustrations, and with the boss now at the mercy of a single coordinated attack, he didn't mind taking a moment to do so. He turned his head towards his team. "I'm going to need to split between healing and buffing, but just keep the chatter going, guys. If you need something, shout!"
  6. Shield could hear Hikoru calling out about something, but over the incessant clicking of the bats echolocation and the ripping talons on their fore-claws, it was a little difficult to make sense of it all. He braced himself, preparing to catch the next incoming strike with his blade. It came from his side, and he parried the attack, dragging his blade along the palm of the foreclaw. The resulting damage was paltry, but there was no time to worry about that for now. "Kinda busy right now, Hiko-" His words caught in his throat and he watched as his health gauge took a nose dive. It was the single largest drop of hit points he had seen in a long time, and the symbol beside it was just as alarming. Paralysis. Wonderful. If I survive this fight, there's going to be a lot of griping to the brokers about their lackluster reports of these enemies. He was a sitting duck. If not for his considerable health pool, this fight would be a game ender. Hell, with the wrong hits, it might still be. He tried to fight a breath into his lungs, but they fought him the whole way. It was like having the wind knocked out of him. All he could do was focus on keeping his mind right. He was still above half health, though that was likely to change any second. If this kept up and Hikoru was unable to take one of them out soon, he would be lucky to stay in the yellow.
  7. With the party still fairly fresh, Shield gave everyone a nod and then gestured forward in the direction of their prior progress. As he did so, the fires that had surrounded the battlefield died away, and the ceiling lit with a pale glow of luminous crystals that hung in great naturally forming chandeliers. "Unless there are any objections, I say we press on," he added, pausing for a moment for any input before turning and making his way ahead of the others. The mouth of the tunnel was not dark like the one before, but was rather lit by a series of red crystals that lined the walls in twisted wrought iron brackets. After a hundred paces or so, the passage widened into a large study. A series of desks lined either wall, each of which had what seemed to be an NPC standing over a pile of tomes. As Shield stepped into the room, their hooded heads wheeled around, and a red cursor formed above them with the tag 'Bone Thief' on their respective health gauges. "Odd," Shield said, holding out his sword arm to charge up another sharpening buff. "Hostile human mobs are rare in dungeons, though I suppose not unheard of." He tossed the glowing red orb to Jonathan before stepping into the center of the gathering foes, kiting them away from the others. Two of the foes were unable to reach him in the melee, but one connected with his jaw and the other across his chest. Shield glanced down at the wound that he could see and his mouth fell slightly open. There was a gash where the fist had struck him. "Now that's very odd. They're unarmed and yet their attacks register as blades somehow rather than just potent unarmed attacks." @Neopolitan
  8. Shield disregarded Zandra's comments about his health. He was sure it was meant in jest, but he had seen the kind of damage that dungeon bosses were capable of putting out. Truth told, he was far more concerned about them than he had been about any floor boss. He let out a sigh, watching as his health ticked back up towards full. "Loot is loot is loot," he said, turning his attention towards their surroundings. He scoured the room, running his hand along the wall, trying to feel for any hidden switches. He kept a close eye on the wall, watching to detect any extra light from his Seeking Aura earring. The silver hoop that dangled from his earlobe contained a single thread of gold wire that acted as a filament, glowing with a bright golden light if anything of interest was hidden nearby. He only needed to take a few steps before a golden glow flooded the area around him, casting light upon the face of the rock that was beside him. In the bright glow, he spotted a square panel that was etched into the wall with a clawed dragon foot outline in the stone. He pressed against it with his palm and the wall opened up, a hidden door sliding down and out of the way to reveal a chest held in a great stone dragon's claw.
  9. Shield

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Shield wasn't prepared to see Hestia flee, likewise for Ruby. He knew that could not have been an easy decision for either of them to make, but he would have time to marvel about their forethought later. For now, the odds just got a little better against the boss. "Hirru, can you hold out a little longer? We need to press our advantage, but as soon as I get off one last buff, I'm full-tilt healing you." He held out his sword arm, keeping a close eye on his party HUD as he charged up the threatening red bead of light that meant disaster for their opponents. He kept his other eye on the chieftain who, despite their best efforts, was already back in the green. "Heads up, Baldur!" he called out, tossing the red orb directly in front of the samurai, leading his comrade a little so that he could catch it on the run. "It's all you, now!" He ran forward, his shield up in his off hand, clashing with the side of the chieftain to press into him and draw his focus. It may not be enough to grant his ally an advantage, but it was at least worth a shot. "Question," he growled over the grinding of his shield against the scales of the great sahagin. "Are all of the members of your species this ugly, or did you do your best to ugly yourself up before the fight? You didn't have to do all of that on our account."
  10. "We don't need you to be quiet, though you are welcome to be if that's what you prefer," Shield answered, giving Anemone a sidelong glance before returning his eyes to the coliseum ahead of them. "Don't feel too bad," he continued. "Until just recently, I didn't have a weapon skill either, and even now it's basically a formality. It's a decent balance though. With two supports, we can each sharpen the DPS regularly and also have some extra space to barrier and to tank respectively," he said, gesturing towards Anemone with his thumb and then to the center of his own chest. "Beat will be here soon enough," he said, stopping beside Baldur as they sized up the quest NPC. "With a non-combatant that beefy, they must really be trying to sell how tough our opponents will be. It may be for the best that we have a proper healer. It's usually wise to have one regardless, but this floor has been rough so far. New challenges in finding the labyrinth, new challenges in overcoming the boss once you find it... It's been one feat of skill after another to handle this floor, and with what we're seeing, it's probably foolish to treat this quest as anything but."
  11. Shield nodded to Baldur. "You're welcome. Though Anemone and I already know each other," he added, standing and offering her a hand of greeting. "I figured she had long since retired or I would have brought her up long ago," he said. "It's good to see you again," he said, properly addressing her now. "I have to admit I was worried something more sinister might have befallen you, but I never saw your name on the Monument of Life, which was a relief." Turning his shaggy head, he addressed the others in farewell, nodding to Hestia and Macradon, and thumping Calrex on the shoulder. The party invitation appeared in front of him, and he clicked the option to accept without a second thought. "I'd be glad to adventure with you again, Anemone, if you're up for it," he added, giving a half smirk. "The fights up here are meaner. You might actually have to start healing me now," he joked, giving her a well meaning thump on the shoulder as well. With that, he turned his attention back to Baldur. His eyes were focused. If this really was about guild business, then it was something that deserved his focus. "You have my full attention, Baldur." He stepped closer to the samurai, inclining his ear.
  12. "I think you might have gotten some sand in your ears," Shield jibed back at the samurai. "I was just suggesting we go check the monument. Shall we?" He gestured ahead of them, back towards the teleportation plaza before striding off in that direction himself. "In any case, I have not only dealt with the shark quests, but have been drafted to repeat them a handful of times as well. If it were that, we wouldn't be off to investigate. I would just know where to go. Though I will admit, it is an interesting thing that both happen to have pointed to the same floor." She sand outside of the safe zone whipped high into the air, framing the little bubble of safety amid what seemed sometimes to be the never ending tide of sands that surged through the desert air. They arrived at the teleportation plaza, and stepping into the grid, Shield called out, "Town of Beginnings!" With that, he was whisked away, and the world of the fifth floor dematerialized, only to be replaced by the bustling square of the first settlement of Aincrad. He stepped out and waited for Baldur to join him, resting his hands in the pocket of his dark brown breeches.
  13. Shield

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Shield nodded. His suggestion had been more or less dismissed, which in all honesty, he was glad for. Strategic or not, he had not liked the idea of leaving the others behind to sort things out. His hand banished his Teleport Crystal back to his inventory. He watched as the hunter's strike landed only for the samurai's to miss. On top of that, their best odds for consistent damage was losing energy fast. Shield took a slow breath and extended his sword arm once again. The familiar orb of pale blue light began to form, and it soon swelled to its full size. With that, he pivoted on his back foot and tossed the ball of potential energy to Beat. "He's not going down right at this moment, but let's put ourselves in the best position possible to put him down in the next few hits!" he called out to the three attackers that surrounded him. "There's been a lot working against us. But all this is going to take is one coordinated attack."