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  1. Shield banged on the door to Beat's shop, waiting for a moment before barging in anyways. "Beat! We're late! Players are already off finding the next floor's labyrinth! If we don't hoof it, we're gonna miss the labyrinth guardian altogether!" He plopped down a few pieces of gilded bread and slid them across the counter to Beat's cooking space. "Chop chop, mister cook! We need to get the right bonuses or we're gonna be even further behind." His tone was hurried, but genial. By now he was accustomed to nudging Beat along and trying to keep him on task. Although he had been less of a handful in recent months, he had also kept to himself more. As long as Shield had a chance to get Beat out of his house, he was content. Even if they were late.
  2. Shield

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Shield nodded, agreeing with the spirit of Baldur's words. It helped having the extra perspective and the reinforcement of the motivation behind their cause. "Serving is a good way to think about it," he said to the samurai. "Guess you're really going to get to live up to your principles of Bushido, huh?" The players were slow to respond to the invitation, but even as he waited for a response, there was a commotion and in came a new player whose health had been depleted in the other fight. Shield abandoned his proverbial soapbox and rushed over, wincing as she hit her head and kneeling down beside the player to check on her. "Steady," he said, keeping his voice even and low. "Deserving isn't the point. You're back outside safe. You have to leave it up to the others now. You did your part, and they would be in a much worse place without the help you gave. We 'lost' some of our front liners in our fight as well." He gestured over his shoulder towards those who were gathered. "These bosses were a breed of their own. We haven't lost more than one player in a boss fight since I joined the lines, and the count for this event is already at half a dozen and counting." He offered @tricolor_mina his hand. "Take your time, get your bearings... You're safe and in good company."
  3. Buying from stock: Total [-33,000 Col] A newcomer entered Shield's shop, or at least a player he did not recognize. He checked the order over that had been presented to him, and he gave a nod, placing the requested items on the counter. He did not take his hand off of them immediately though. "I will allow the sale out of fairness since I had no notice posted to the contrary," he began, giving the mystery player a stern look through the fog that hid his features. "However, it is a disservice to present yourself in such a manner. This shop is outside of all floor safe zones as a service to players who may have needed to make regrettable decisions. That is a show of good faith on my part. It is also a risk on my part. I do not take it as a kindness that a patron would trespass on that kindness. Should you decide to come to my shop in such a manner again, know that I reserve the right to refuse you service." Having said his piece, he released the goods, and once the player had departed, he selected a large quantity of items from his stock for his own personal use.
  4. "How do you usually divvy up your battle ready inventory slots for boss fights?" Shield asked, turning just in time to see the newly arriving drakelings. Both of them gaped their jaws and unleashed their flames, washing over Shield. He threw up his shield arm, but it had very little protection to offer for the heat that overtook the air around him. Despite the wide area that the attacks covered, Baldur only seemed to have been caught in the nearer of the two. It was not a powerful enough attack to put either of them at risk, but after enough time, it might prove more irritating. "Not to say that buffs from performers aren't helpful, because they definitely can be," he said, remembering the Bialis fight as well. "I wish that it had always worked out better in previous boss fights than it has at times. It's just that I've never felt like there was just that much stuff that I've needed." In truth, he had been meaning to begin stocking up on some of the more specialized performer buffs, but they seemed to be more of a luxury or specialty item than something that he would need to carry regularly.
  5. Yee, go ahead and put me down for all threesies. We'll see what happens.
  6. "Well, if you're in a fight with me, don't you dare rob me of my thorns damage by stunning enemies," he jabbed. He held out his blade and focused his gaze at the tip, watching as the familiar blue bead of light formed and expanded to the size of Shield's hand span. He swung the weapon and tossed the orb to Baldur, watching his own energy drop as Baldur's grew. "Getting yourself bigger pockets is a very new kind of strategy that's really only become viable with the advent of the Quick Change mod. Without that, trading out weapons mid battle would be entirely impractical." The drakeling before him let out a screech and flapped towards him once again, raking its talons over Shield's forearm. Its health plummeted down to practically nothing, but it was not quite enough to finish it off. "Disappointing. In any case, that option is basically building yourself the floor bosses, since other situations are predictable enough with info brokers and such to more or less never need to change out equipment. Now there are builds that would benefit from a quick change and some extra slots." He straightened up a little and watched the drakeling flap in small, angry circles. "For example, I think Hikoru would benefit from a double proficiency, hitting once from the shadows with a maximized sneak attack and then switching to a more viable weapon until the next time he had a chance to slip into the shadows and charge again."
  7. The sound of his name roused Shield, though only enough to crack his eyelids. The sight of stars roused him a lot more than that. He should not be sleeping here, and he knew it instantly. He sat bolt upright, catapulting Lilith off of him and into the grass like a stray noodle flung by a toddler, only much more wriggly and immeasurably more angry. She balled up into a knot in the grass and gave Shield a dirty look before slithering up to Calypso's boot and snaking up around it like a tree trunk. She stopped just at the boot's top and turned to Shield once again, unhinging her jaw and letting out a very brief, very indignant hiss. "Oh, what are you going to do? Heal me to death?" he groused at her, rubbing his eyes as he stumbled to his feet. "I shouldn't have let myself sleep here. How long was I out?" A cursory glance at how dark and starry the sky had become told him he would probably not be happy about the answer. "Never mind that. We should just get back." He took a moment to get his bearings before hurriedly turning himself in the direction of Coral. With a pause, he managed to regain his composure a little, turning back to Callie. "Sorry, that came out a little more directly than I intended," he sighed, rubbing his eyes to force them to clear up a little. "Thank you for keeping an eye on me. I feel a little silly letting myself lose my judgment like that. I guess today took more out of me than I realized." He blinked hard and looked properly at her now. "Are you ready to go? Also, I may need that back," he said, pointing to Lilith who glared up at him and let out another hiss. "Yes, yes. You're very scary."
  8. "You're right about that being the easy part," Shield said, securing his Manticore Mask more tightly on his forearm. "They don't start getting mean until the weak ones are dead." He led the way down the tunnel, which snaked and twisted, tunneling down deeper and deeper into parts of the mines that Shield had not yet known. The hall opened up ahead once again, and before he could set foot in the room, a jet of flame roared up in front of him, spurting from along the ceiling. Glancing inside, Shield saw a large, winged red dragon crawling along the ceiling, glaring at him with fierce glowing eyes. Along the ground, three other dragons stood, each taller at the shoulder than Shield's head. The four of them took flight and swarmed in on the two player party. The largest set of claws missed him entirely, as did one set of smaller claws. The two sets that did make contact though took enough health for Shield to notice. "Heads up, Zandra! We just graduated to the big kid monsters!" he called out, throwing out his shield to drive the draconic menaces back. He held out his sword and quickly charged up a ball of red light, tossing it to Zandra. "Put the hurt on 'em!" Kills:
  9. "You know," Shield said, narrowing his eyes at the little bugger that had so far twice avoided his thorns and dug its claws deep into his face, "I'm getting a little tired of this little upstart's attitude." He lowered his body into a ready stance, his mundane sword out and at the ready, prepared to receive whatever attack was next. The relacement drake arrived, launching a fireball into the midst of the party that caught both Shield and Baldur. It was then that the other drake lunged. Its claws stretched out to cut at Shield, but he caught them on his blade and sliced lengthwise up the creature's arm all the way to the shoulder. It was not a powerful cut, but it was deep, and the counterattack used the drake's own momentum, dealing practically as much damage as his thorns might have on their own. "I was also getting a little tired of you having all the fun," he quipped over his shoulder at Baldur, his normally stoic face bearing the slightest hint of a smirk. "Half health after one turn ain't bad for a no-sword-arts tank."
  10. @Teion Can Shield and Calypso just sit beside each other between matches and very carefully avoid eye contact?
  11. Two new loot readouts appeared in front of Shield, each of them a bit of a letdown. "Well, whoever is cashing in on Col and crafting materials is making bank on this outing, let me tell you something!" he sighed, dismissing both of them and returning his eyes to the battle. "It looks like we're almost out of enemies. Do we want to start luring in more if we get to this situation again in the future? My general experience is, there's always one that sticks around long after his buddies drop." The last remaining Jewel Hoarder let out a screeching cry of anguish as the icy cold venom of Shield's armor began to work its way through the creature's digital veins. It kipped onto its back and flailed, lashing out in all directions with its claws to stave off both the pain and any incoming attacks. Slowly, it began to regain itself, compensating for the pain and trying its best to roll back onto its stubby legs. It sniffled and snorted indignantly, still incensed at the injustice of landing a hit but suffering the consequences far more and far longer than its target. Loot Totals @Neopolitan
  12. With the game plan set, Shield checked the energy stores once again. Both were still above half, but he needed to stay on top of it if they were going to reach their goal in one push. He took a breath and pressed the fist of his sword hand into the palm of his shield hand. A new drake arrived and blasted fire in his face, and the old one managed to slash him across the face with its foreclaw, both of which were just enough of a distraction to throw off his concentration, but still, by the time he opened his eyes, he was a little more energized than he had been. On the other hand, as he was assessing his energy, he noticed that his health had continued to decline, and his battle healing was just low enough that it wasn't keeping up. "Lilith," he hissed down towards his collar. A little multicolored head popped out of his armor, staring unblinkingly up at him with her viper eyes. "You're up!" Without another word, the snake unhinged her jaw and struck at his neck, digging in her fangs and massaging her venom glands with the muscular action of her jaw. The veins in Shield's neck bulged for a moment as his health flashed up towards full, and then Lilith released.
  13. Shield

    [F7 - Shop] Tacet Cibum {Rank 7 Cook}

    Shield checked his directory and double checked it, making his way from the floor 7 arrival point. Navigating by the map to the desired shop, he finally found himself in front of Neo's restaurant. Stepping inside, he waved to the shopkeep, making his way briskly over to her. "Good to see you, Neo. I've got a fairly large order." He looked over the current stock and nodded. "It looks like you have some of it already made. I'd like to take the Iron Infused Steaks and Golden Garlic Breads that you have in stock and request an additional 3 made of each. I'll go ahead and pay for the full order, take what is ready now, and then return when the rest is finished. Is that acceptable?" Shield already had a transfer window open and sent the necessary materials over to Neo. She would be needing them either way, after all. Shield's Order
  14. Shield

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Shield sat patiently. Hestia was already waiting to hear what he had to say, but he tried to give the others more time with one another. When those gathered had quieted down some and a fragile peace had settled in, he stood and raised a hand to call for silence. He waited a moment, letting anyone who cared to listen to redirect their attention before taking a breath and booming out over those gathered. "This was a difficult fight," he said, giving a very slight twitch at the corner of his mouth to acknowledge that he knew this was an understatement. "I am worried about the front lines. I do not think I am the only player who feels the same. Between the events of the last floor boos and what happened here today, it's clear that there's a lot of competing wills and a lot of players butting heads and following their impulses in the heat of battle," he went on, his dark brown eyes scanning the crowd, meeting the gaze of any who were listening. "Today, we received a harsh reminder that this isn't just a game, and that not only are our lives on the line, but even the supposedly immortal tanks were not safe from harm. I am built on 100% defense, and there are few players at a higher level than mine and look-" he pointed to his own health gauge, still sitting in the red despite his passive healing. "I used every opportunity available to me to defend and recover, and I barely survived." He let the weight of their situation set in, taking a moment to take a deep breath before speaking again. "We are entering a new chapter of this war, and it needs to be met with a united front, or we risk losing people we need. Baldur and Beat and myself have been speaking of plans to bring some organization to the front lines," he said, gesturing to both players in turn. "This is not a dictatorship, and in a lot of ways, we are not even imposing ourselves into positions of power. We are organizing ourselves, and we are planning to network crafters to make sure players on the Assault Team are properly equipped." His gaze rested on Calrex and on Macradon and Hestia, and so on, one at a time picking out all of the powerful players present. "Whether or not you join our ranks in any official capacity, even if you are already loyal to your own separate guilds, if you fight for the freedom of the players and work to push the front lines forward safely, I consider you to be an honorary member of the Assault Team already. However, if you wish to contribute to our cause to make sure that players stay alive and well equipped as they push the lines forward, then I invite you to seek me out and discuss what you can contribute. Every player is needed, and every player has value." He took another moment to look over those gathered and his expression softened a little, his jaw unclenching itself and his eyes relaxing. "I can't make players stick to a plan," he said, giving a very gentle shrug of his shoulders. "I think we need plans though, to make sure we're not fighting one another. That doesn't mean everyone needs to act as one, but the more that we're working together with one another - communicating, acting for the good of Aincrad rather than for personal interest - the more players that will see the light of day... the actual light of day. Not the artificial sun that we've been living off of for these long years." He extended his heavily armored hand, reaching out to those gathered with an upturned palm. "No matter your level, your build, or your occupation, we need you - we need each other."
  15. The first of this batch of enemies had met its end on Shield's thorns, and a summary of the loot sprang to life in front of Shield. He frowned, dismissing the window. "Col and materials," he said, turning back to the fight. He checked the health gauges of each of the enemies. While he knew his companions were capable of managing the damage, he still always felt the need to track progress. While one had avoided his thorns, it had not avoided the venom that his armor concealed. Shield nodded with satisfaction as he confirmed that its health gauge did indeed bear the Envenom marker. "Neo," he said, gesturing towards that same Jewel Hoarder. "That one is looking a little too healthy for my tastes. Any ideas how to deal with that?" The fight was well in hand, which was hardly a surprise given the collective skill and experience of those gathered. At this point, it was just maintenance for Shield. He charged up a sphere of pale blue energy and tossed it over to Jonathan. It brought the gauge up a little. Though it was not the equivalent of a full attack, a few more contributions would keep the party from needing to rest for a while longer.