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  1. Shield

    Boss Drop Chance Discussion Topic

    I'm generally in agreement with what's been said above: Last hit bonus is fine, more or less. I do think that everyone should get some kind of unique drop, like the Freylise Potion or something special like that. I really like those kinds of things. One possible thing to consider for the reward is something RP based. Maybe having staff vote on a fight at the end to decide who the RP MVP is of a fight and then give them a "last hit" post once the hit points have been depleted. The player gets to dictate how they kill the boss and then staff closes the thread by posting the rewards at the end. We could potentially have secret objectives for each fight, and if players can sleuth it out and do the right thing, they might earn the right to take last hit. Maybe the boss has a weak point that is subtly hinted, and whoever targets said spot gets PM'ed by staff that they won the last hit at the end of the fight. I do not think that staff should have anything community voted ever again. The V-day event taught us that even us weebs are not immune to such contests turning into popularity contests.
  2. Shield

    Damage and Mitigation Discussion Topic

    I respect the notion that adding new mechanics will spice up gameplay. However, I can't get behind it. This isn't D&D and it isn't an actual digital RPG. Even with our system as pared down as it is, it is still far too easy to make mistakes and then have to go back and retcon entire posts. To then add a R-P-S advantage/disadvantage system on top of this would further bog down mechanics that are already pushing it as far as what is realistic and doable in forum format. The unfortunate matter is that we need to keep ourselves accessible and marketable to a diverse ability set, even those who struggle with numbers and strategies. As advanced players, particularly those who are well versed in the current system, the idea of adding new elements seems fresh and interesting, but I think the end result is going to be that new players will feel less interested and be more likely to get discouraged and move on to a simpler system.
  3. Shield exhaled a half-laugh through his nose. "The front lines aren't all that different from other games, which to my mind is a problem," he said, the corner of his mouth turning up in a wry little smile. "It's petty, with people bickering and squabbling among each other, ignoring battle plans to pursue their own desires. I will admit to making a few decisions at the end of a fight to help a friend land a last hit bonus, but never at critical moments or before the end of a fight was basically already decided." He shook his head slightly, his impassive barrier dropping slightly in his annoyance. "We're talking about much bigger issues. Players completely ignoring battle plans in pursuit of glory or bragging rights." He sighed, giving Cosi a sidelong glance. "There's a growing need for order and cohesion." Turning back to the path, be began scanning the trees overhead, though with his bare eyes he knew that he was not the duo's best bet to spot anything. He slowed his gait, squinting up into the canopy, trying his best to make out an actual animal from the sea of vines that swing loosely in the breeze that drifted through the upper reaches of the jungle, though was completely choked by trees on the forest floor. "It's a disorganized mess, but a necessary one."
  4. Shield gave Baldur a nod, turning his attention back to the scales and teeth in front of him. A new drakeling had just joined the fray, filling the hole that its fallen companion had once occupied. He took in a sharp inhale of breath, pressuring his chest and focusing a torrent of sound and air plastered the newcomer against the wall. "Don't get too comfortable, you sack of scales and bones! Between my thorns and the Muramasa, you're in a lot of trouble!" The beast responded in kind, opening up its maw to unleash a storm of fire, screeching out in rage at having been bested so early in its fight. The flames licked at Shield's body, ignoring his armor, but still unable to put a significant dent in his considerable pool of hit points. Baldur, on the other hand, had avoided the blast altogether. In the chaosThe other drake swooped in, hoping to catch Shield off guard, but as it bit into his arm, its health dropped dramatically, and it flapped away, crying and sputtering in confusion. "You do what makes sense for you, Baldur," Shield called out over the din. "I trust your judgment."
  5. "The square is loud enough without all this carrying on," interjected another voice, this one deep and gruff. The face of the player that belonged to the voice was not an unkind one, nor did it seem to bear ill will, but for that matter it was not particularly easy to read in the first place. "You're level three and making invitations for strangers to join you to fight dragons?" Shield went on, addressing Mutsu specifically. "Do you realize how reckless that is? Leaving safe zones with strangers that you haven't at least heard of is asking to be targeted by PKers." He looked over the other players who had been adding to the outburst in the square, some more so than others. He turned his attention now to Black, keeping his stance neutral but firm. He didn't want his address to sound too much like a challenge, but on the other hand in a way, that's what he was doing. "I feel like the girls in question have at least hinted here that you've overstepped yourself. Girls in gaming suffer enough harassment in games they can escape from, let alone this one where they can't." He knew better than to overplay the whole white knight routine, but at the same time, he was already a little perturbed by the volume of the whole matter. Still, despite not wishing to press the issue too far, he made a point to make eye contact with each of the girls who were now a part of the small knot of players, trying to read whether they wanted some assistance or if they were capable of handling it themselves. They seemed capable enough, but he didn't want to assume.
  6. Shield

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Shield listened carefully at the talk of corruption and demonic influence. Something to him did not add up. He looked down at the amulet handed to him and considered the raid and all of the discussion surrounding it. Why bother handing out an item for free to protect from an event specific effect? This is fishy... If they're going to just hand us a key and a lock at the exact same time, why even bother locking the lock? That makes no sense... If they say the devil and his minions are all masters of lies... how convincing of a lie would it be to hide as wolves among sheep, and cover their corruption with clerical tabs? If we are truly to trust nobody... He tapped the cross and stored it away in his inventory, not bothering to equip it. ...then I will trust nobody. Nobody that I don't know at least. The fell beings closed in on them from the front, and he felt the weight of the battlefield effect slam down on him like a ton of bricks, but his own Stone Wall defense held fast. When Zandra spoke, he nodded his agreement, confirming that he too felt the sensation. "Beat," he mumbled, glancing over at his ally. "I think you should use the amulet. I'll sharpen you next turn if everything goes well, so save your charge for once I'm set. I have a hunch that these items aren't what they're advertised to be, and likewise neither are these priests. We'll play their game though. But I'll leave it off for now." He checked his readout on his visual HUD. "I'm weakened, but I'm still in good condition for now. If you go rogue, I'll do what I can to bring you back to reality. Just remember who I am now that I'm here. If you see something and think it's me, but it does anything suspicious, like attack instead of defend or lose its temper over something small... assume that it's not really me. I'll be signaling you, so look for a sign if things don't feel right." With that, he turned to face the legion and charged ahead, standing in front of the church and his fellow front liners. "Hey, you glow stick wannabes," he howled, kicking up dust and debris in the wake of his voice, his wind hitting the flying demons like a wall of force. "Come here and take what punishment is coming to you! Ain't nobody else but me that you clowns need to worry about out here!" He took his vanity sword and slammed it into the face of his shied. The eyes of the Manticore Mask lit like angry embers, piercing through the dusk to taunt the army of foes.
  7. Shield

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Shield greeted @Baldur with a clap on the shoulder, waving away the apology as unnecessary. "We would survive without you, I'm sure, but it's always reassuring to have you." The conversation returned to planning and preparation. The issue that Hestia put to him was one he had seen as well. He was torn. While he would have loved to have himself, Beat, Baldur, and Zandra all on the same team, essentially giving their power-house arrangement a test run, in the current arrangement of players, they needed to distribute out the DPS a little more. "While I'd be happy to fight alongside the weeaboo master, I think @Hestia's got the right idea. We'll have more chances to fight side by side another day." The glance he exchanged with Baldur was a significant one, though hardly enough for anyone to pick up much. At the moment, nobody outside of that small knot of players knew of their future plans. That was not a matter of hiding anything nefarious. However, he was not eager to hurt the Ascendants by telling them he had outgrown the guild. He was serving loyally and doing his duty of training recruits. However, if he was honest, he did not feel he had a place there anymore. Jonathan had seen to that. If ambition was a crime, then he was eager to carve out his own niche elsewhere. He glanced around at Beat, Zandra and Baldur. Hopefully they will be the family I had hoped to find with the Ascendants.
  8. Shield listened, his features impassive, but his mind taking in everything quite carefully. Self preservation... yeah, I can understand that. We all want to live long enough to get back... for one reason or another. The walk was not an unpleasant one, though it was also not an eventful one. Noises came from all sides, from bird calls to the chatter of unusual rodents and other tropical fauna. After a minute of walking though, there was another sound that slowly came to the forefront of Shield's awareness. "I think that's running water," he said, glancing in the general direction of the sound. "That means we might find a break in the trees. Might give snakes somewhere to sun." He changed course slightly. They were still headed in the general direction of the waterfall, but as long as the river did not bend away from them, they would eventually intersect with it. "It's probably the river feeding out of the waterfall's base." As their footfalls and the dull snap of not so dry twigs under their feet emerged in the absence of words, Shield continued to mull over the response to his question. It seems like the more I learn about Cosi the more he and I agree on things, both on builds and professions and our reasons for our choices in the game. If he's really as dedicated and skilled of a gamer as he claims to have once been, we may have found a great potential off-tank for the front lines.
  9. Shield

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Shield offered a first bump to greet Beat upon his arrival and listened to the conversation as it bounced around from player to player. He nodded as he was relegated to the first team, keeping his thoughts to himself for the moment. There was not much that he had thought that had not already been said, at least not so far. A few faces had showed up that he had not seen at boss fights before. For one, Cosi and Kimi, one he knew from quest carries and the other from frequenting his shop. He raised a hand in silent greeting to the former, nodding in response to his question regarding a familiar quest. "As long as we're both prepared to go, I'm ready when you are, @Cosi." Then another face showed up that Shield had not expected to see on the front lines, at least not any time soon. "@Seul," he said, nodding his head in greeting. "It's been some time. When was our last quest? Was it Bloodstained Lands? I think that was the last time I saw you out on the battlefield. I had been starting to wonder if you'd retired or... if we'd lost you." It seemed that time was dwindling before the attack would hit. He summoned out his Spirit Plate heavy armor and the accompanying Stinging Nettle which materialized as sharp jutting spines at the joints of his armor. His Manticore Mask, the upgraded heavy silver shield that served as his primary defense, was already over his shoulder. He pulled the item down and secured it to his forearm, glancing briefly skyward for signs of what was to come.
  10. The fight was nearly at its end now, or so Shield hoped. The troop of monkeys circled back around, charging the tank with fierce determination despite their losing strategy. Shield relaxed, sitting back on his back foot a little further. The first monkey struck his barrier and burst into light shards. The second, its health dwindling to nothing, followed suit despite not even touching Shield this time. The final monkey, blinded by the storm of shards left behind by its fallen companions, flapped angrily in circles, swiping at its eyes with its gnarled hands. Shied gave Neo a glance and a nod. With only one monkey left standing, and almost all of its health bled away, suggestions on tactics were no longer necessary. He stepped to the side, allowing Neo full access to the battlefield without restriction, preparing himself to step back in as soon as Neo had taken her next strike, just in case she did not connect and finish the job. It had been nearly as grindy as his first time fighting them. Still, having company this time made it slightly less irritating.
  11. 1 Item Name: Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans ID: 107543 Roll: LD:2 Tier: 1 Type: Consumable Quality: Rare Enhancements: Vitality Description:  Coffee beans covered in a layer of sweet, milk chocolate, designed to recover lost energy. 2 Item Name: Protein Powder ID: 107545 Roll: LD:5 Tier: 1 Type: Consumable Quality: Rare Enhancements: Protein Description: A plastic jar with a muscular man screaming on the front label 3 Item Name: Shao Lin Spear ID: 107546 | 107547 Roll: LD:6 | LD:1 Tier: 1 Type: 2HAS Quality: Rare Enhancements: Accuracy I, Taunt I Description: A long spear with a tassel under the head to draw the target's focus, under which, on the polished bamboo handle, there is a pictogram of a shield carved.
  12. Shield welcomed Itzal, handing over the spyglasses. "I'm surprised you took so long to start buying these. As soon as they were released, I figured you'd be all over them!" he gave a nod to his fellow Ascendant before noticing a few new faces. The first hardly needed an introduction and had selected the desired item before even approaching the counter. Shield took the payment and gave a nod. "Best of luck in your crafting. Daresay we need more players doing the hard work of providing items." The player behind the flamboyant chef was another unfamiliar one, but he gave a nod of greeting as was customary for him. "I am, as long as I have the correct items in stock to make the trade." He looked at the items Mutsu handed over and gave a slight frown. "Unfortunately, these items are not in high demand. Keeping the equivalent in stock is difficult, because there's just so little demand at this point. I do apologize. I will, however, get right to work identifying them." He took down his golden scales that Hermes had granted him and set the first of the consumables on it. Tapping the magnifying glass icon, he watched as the readout began to scroll in front of him. "Looks like it's got a minor Vitality boost on it... and this one has Protein. That's quite a good find actually, since Protein maxes out at this quality as it is. Not bad." He took out the spear and laid it across the balance. The scale did not move, which told him immediately that there were no unique enhancements. Still, he continued with the transaction. "Looks like this has Taunt and Accuracy. Perhaps not the useful combination, but accuracy and protein would make a decent combination for a DPS. Just be careful not to pull too much agro with the Taunt." He waved to his new patrons and turned to arranging his new stock.
  13. "A tree dwelling snake, huh?" Shield thought aloud. "If we find a shady tree that doesn't have a super dense canopy, we might get to spot one sunning on a branch. Couldn't hurt to look at least. What colors and size ranges can we expect for the species you're looking for?" Absent-mindedly, he began wandering into the tree line, eager to put some distance behind them, but without the specific information of the type of snake they would be hunting for, he figured it was best not to go crashing into the brush Still, he scanned the nearby limbs for signs of life. There were a few colorful birds here and there among the canopies, but for the most part it seemed as if the wildlife was keeping to itself. "Hard to look when I don't really know what I'm looking for," he half-chuckled around. He was not hurried, taking slow deliberate steps towards the waterfall as he waited for Cosi to fill him in properly. There was still some distance yet to walk. "Cosi, why did you choose to tank?" he asked thoughtfully. "It's definitely not the most profitable role to play. Killing monsters for loot is much more efficient when you're a pure DPS, but before we discussed your bruiser build, you seemed more interested in defense than offense."
  14. Shield nodded, releasing Cosi's hand and glancing off in the direction of the waterfall that he had mentioned. "I know that spot well. Can't say my memories there are pleasant ones," he said with a wry twist at the corner of his lips. "It's a vital quest for anyone wishing to master offense in combat, but it can take its toll if unprepared." He swiped his fingers through the air, dragging down his menu and selecting a few icons. A brass cylinder appeared in his hand, which he extended out into a spyglass. "This should help you in the search. It's not my place to find your familiar for you, but this should make it so we can spot from further off to make a more cautious approach." He handed the item over to Cosi and turned his head out towards the jungle. "Well, have you researched the specific spots your quarry is likely to frequent? Tree tops? River banks? Anything like that? You mentioned it was a snake. That means it will likely want to sun itself somewhere." He strode out towards the trees, glancing around with mild interest at the scenery around them. It might be a pleasant day if Shield were the type to take notice of such things. For now, he was on a mission, and such observations would have to wait. Likely indefinitely.
  15. The chaos of the fight raged on. There were pockets of order beginning to form, players striving to regain their hold on the fight. With one fewer boss to deal with, in particular the healer, the fight was well in hand. The players, on the other hand, all seemed shaken despite the attempts to recover from being so thoroughly wrong-footed. With Hirru back in action, Shield listened as patiently as he could to what the Jade Hunter had to say. Once the proposal was finished, Shield took one step closer to the hunter. His lips were tight and his eyes stern. With a swift stroke of his hand, he slapped Hirru hard on the jaw. Pain was no object, so he did not hold back. The sound rang out through the battlefield. It was not easy to get under Shield's skin, but the confused player before him was working on it, and at the wrong time. "Get a hold of yourself, soldier!" he barked in Hirru's face. "I don't know where your priorities went, but this is a war we're fighting here, and that means casualties, on one side or on the other. We don't have the luxury of worrying about theirs right now! You've made your point with their healer, and he's gone and out of the fight now, but you're pushing it! Why do you think everyone has turned on you?" He gestured this way and that towards Macradon and in the direction that Hidden had gone after making her attack. All the while, his dark brown eyes remained fixed on Hirru. "I count you as an ally, but what you just did makes me question even that." He summoned a Teleportation Crystal out of his inventory and waved it in Hirru's face. "If you can't get your head on straight and follow the raid commander's orders, then maybe you should use one of these yourself instead of the enemy and go clear your head!" He tossed the item at Hirru, though without making the proper transfer, the item's form merely shattered and returned to Shield's inventory. With that, he pulled out his sword from the strap of his shield and held out his blade to charge up his Sharpness skill. A red orb formed at the tip, and he quickly slung it towards Beat before giving Hirru a sidelong glance. He turned to address the rest of those gathered. "All of you!" he bellowed with his powerful howling lungs. "We've always struggled with cohesion on the front lines, but this has been appalling! We're all on the same side here, and we hold councils for a reason! If you're going to defy orders and turn on each other, then you have no place here! Make your decision about where you stand!" With that, he turned his eyes back to Evahira, his anger now turned back towards his actual opponents. The fingers of his shield hand opened and a crystal of a different color materialized. With a squeeze, it shattered and the health bars of his party, including Hirru's, went up. "Let's finish this."