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  1. "Not a problem," Shield said with a nod, dragging his last catch further up the shore, then waiting for it to stop moving. "Unfortunately, that is a set of bonuses that wait behind a much higher paywall than most others. They are great, and provide a multitude of useful benefits, but boy does it take a while to get there." As his fish collapsed and gave way to its inevitable end, he gathered up the remains and stored them before returning to his fishing pole. He picked it up, making sure that his improvised system was in tact before casting out deep into the water. This time, his hook managed to make it to the water. It even managed to sink a considerable distance. Before it had properly come to a rest, however, it began to increase in speed. Shield sighed. Something had found it and was attempting to get away. He yanked and reeled, pulling in a smallish fish with a gaping mouth. "Well, I guess this one was just swimming in the wrong place at the wrong time. Drat."
  2. "Oh, yes," Shield said with a nod. "They don't get mentioned often, but there are numerous benefits to having a house in game. Having access for better amenities provides bonuses for being well rested, well bathed, for having extra storage space... why even the food items you prepare and consume there can have boosted effects or be extended to other players with proper preparation." Shield pulled back on his line and cast long, once again seeking to maximize the drag distance. Unfortunately, dragging would not be an option on this cast. Once again, a great fish, seemingly mistaking the bare hook for a slender flying insect, leaped from the water and chomped down on the barbed instrument. Shield rolled his eyes a little, but he had seen this enough to be prepared. His eyes were still mid-roll when he yanked back on his line, tugging the fish half way to shore before it ever had a chance to gain traction in the water. From there, it was so shocked from the sudden pull that it seemed to barely fight as he dragged it onto shore.
  3. "It may be optimal and we just don't have the numbers to back it up," Shield said with a shrug. He knelt down beside the most recent chest and set to work fishing out the right key. This choice was a little trickier. He set down the keys for a moment and fished around in his pocket. Eventually, he produced a hairpin which he bent slightly open. "See? This is the usefulness of a basement. Sometimes I just find things down there, and they end up being useful. I swear it just generates random objects that I never expect to use, but I pocket them anyway." He lightly probed around inside of the lock, feeling for its contours. "Ahh... I see. So we want... this one." He singled out a key and held it out. As usual, the key disintegrated and the lid came unlocked. The display this time had some much better news. "Now that's more like it. However many steps it's going to take me to find Vampiric weapons, we are now two steps closer to that." He collected the items and closed the lid, returning to his spot. "Well, I'd say things weren't too bad there. Let's try to replicate that."
  4. Shield finished unearthing his find, crouching down beside the chest and pulling out his second key ring once again. Holding a key to the lock, it opened, and he looked over the contents. "Already a slight improvement. Not bad," he said, collecting the contents and dismissing the menu. As the chest burst, the stones around where it had been buried rushed in to fill the gap. Shield was back on his feet and heading down to the water when he noticed something beside where Raidou was. "Is that-" He couldn't believe what he was seeing. After an hour of zero luck while fishing, a subtle change of tactic and suddenly they were both fishing up chests. "I guess we can't completely discount sheer dumb luck, but so far the evidence seems to be supporting the idea that dragging the bottom is a much more effective method than baiting a line and letting it bob on the surface until something bites." He quickened his step to return to the lakeside fishing station they had set up.
  5. Shield

    [F24 - PP/JL] Unexpected Visitor

    "I'm a tank," Shield said plainly, returning the favor of stating an obvious fact instead of an answer, but he did not let it remain as such. "It's my job to protect anyone who is in my party, even if I do not trust that person. I'm not going to shirk my duties over this," he sighed, allowing his shoulders to slack some. "I will have to counsel with players who know you better and who can say more in regard to your true character." He remained where he was by the door, unwilling to step further into the dojo as that would demand he remove his boots. "In the mean time, I don't feel it is appropriate to treat you as a visiting friend. I will remain present through your stay as a security measure for those who are under my protection here in the guild." His eyes wandered to the bamboo practice sword that she held. "And I'm afraid the idea of a friendly duel hardly seems appropriate, considering." This was Shield at his most cold. It was not in an attempt to display bitterness or to be petty. His walls were high and many feet thick. Even to those who he cared for completely, it was rare to illicit any shows of true tenderness from him, at least in the traditional sense of soft words and smiles. He leaned against the door, holding Ariel in his field of view. Maybe he was being too harsh, but this was a guild that was full of fresh new faces and a few players who were not yet ready to defend themselves against the threat Ariel would pose if she meant them hard. In the mean time, he would remain vigilant. That was his immediate concern. I wish she could have said something that could at least put my mind at ease regarding the girl... How am I supposed to deal with the possibility of her leaving in the presence of Ariel without any further protection?
  6. Shield

    [PP-F4] Discordant Meetings

    Shield listened as Mari talked about passion and the various things over which players take interest. He gave a nod. "Indeed," he agreed. "Players need something to keep them sane in here. That definitely needs to be something that we emphasize to the less experienced players. Means of finding fulfillment somewhere in order to fight off burnout and keep people sharp." He took another bite of the new roll, taking time to let both it and the conversation at hand marinate before swallowing and addressing Beat's inquiry. "Hard to say," Shield said. "We seem to be growing by the day. At the moment, it's just a handful. Maybe half a dozen. However, there has been a lot more interest in the guild than I had anticipated, and recruitment has thus far been incredibly successful." He took up his tea cup and tilted it slightly, only taking the cooler liquid from the top that had been exposed to the air. He set his cup back down and leaned back in his chair, finally showing signs of slowing down for the first time since Beat had begun laying out courses for them. "It's been heartening to see, both the success in forming the guild and in watching it grow day by day."
  7. Shield

    [F22 - PP] <<Witch of the West>>

    They were in the home stretch now. All it would take was one prick of Shield's thorns, and the witch would be finished. He pressed the attack, making sure to keep the pressure on so that Yuki would not pull too much focus onto herself. He stepped towards the witch, slashing at her middle with his blade. She easily danced out of range. That's fine. As long as I can keep the pressure on, I'll be fi- Shield felt the familiar prick of the witch's dagger as it slid between his ribs. A fresh paralysis symbol appeared in his HUD. Had he the ability to expand and retract his chest, he would have let out the most exasperated of sighs, but that was definitely not the case. The witch's laughter rang off of the stone walls, and she danced and skipped about the battlefield, jumping up and clicking her heels. For the moment, all Shield could do was watch her gambol about and wait for the timer to run out. "Ffff'g."
  8. Shield

    [PP|F02]<<Long Live the Queen>>Reunion

    "You've unlocked the skill, but have you invested any points into it since?" Shield asked, having to raise his voice so he wouldn't be drowned out by the droning buzz of the matriarchal insect that loomed over them. "Any weapon skill, even extra skills that have to be unlocked, still require you to put the skill points in before you can access the sword arts." With the amount of damage Yuu was capable of limited by a lack of proper sword arts, Shield figured it was time to play proper support. He unsheathed his sword and held it out in front of him, focusing on the tip of the blade. Wisps of red light began to coalesce at the point, forming together into a pale sphere of light. Shield turned to Yuu and gave his blade a flick, tossing the curious mass to her. "That will boost your damage for a couple of turns. Take your time, pick your moment, and see what you can do." The queen, taking advantage of Shield's teaching moment, rushed in and jammed her stinger into his neck, but he paid it no mind.
  9. Shield

    [PP|F02]<<Long Live the Queen>>Reunion

    "Wait," Shield said, watching Yuu stumble. "You have unlocked the Katana skill, haven't you?" His fingers slid his menu open and he quickly unequipped his first of two heavy armors, leaving only his shield and greaves equipped. "It's not just a matter of picking up a katana and swinging. You have to unlock the skill before you'll have access to the sword arts." The Queen came in swinging, waving her fat body through the air and aiming her needled abdomen at Shield. The heavy hum of her wings grew louder until her stinger pierced him. However, as it withdrew, several scorch marks stood out on her body, the red welts glowing with the color of a fresh wound. "Yes, you're going to have to do a lot better than that, I'm afraid," Shield said with mock empathy. "Yuu, tell me what skills you've put points into," he said, keeping the chatter running as he sidestepped, making sure he could always see the younger player around the queen's bulk.
  10. Shield

    [F22 - PP] <<Witch of the West>>

    Shield gasped and coughed for a second, his back hunching as he doubled over for a moment. With a loud gasp, he shook himself off and brought up his defenses for battle. "Christ in a handbag, that never stops feeling weird!" he said, giving one final little shudder before testing out all of his limbs. "I mean, I've felt worse things in this game, but I'll still pass, thank you very much." With that, he locked his dark eyes onto the witch and rushed in, taking a cross step before slashing at her with his blade. He missed by several inches, but the witch, stepping in to retort, was another story. Her claws raked across his chest, immediately blanketing her hand in the same hatched pattern of angry red marks from the flames and thorns that guarded Shield. The witch stopped, her arms falling to her sides and her face falling, pointing towards her own feet. "You know, it didn't have to be this way..." she said, reaching into her robe and pulling out a potion. She gripped the stopper with her teeth and ripped it out of the neck. Spitting the cork out, she downed the potion in one gulp, and she began to cackle madly, her body beginning to glow with a faint green light. "You fools! You didn't know what you are in for! But behold... I am now... SLIGHTLY HARDER TO HIT!"
  11. Shield knelt down and held the key out in front of the lock. With a puff of gold dust and a chime like ringing coins, the key vanished. The lid of the chest opened with a click and a slight creak of hinges, and a display window appeared with the listed contents of the container. Shield made a little bit of a face, but he was not wholly disappointed. "So the chest was fairly underwhelming, the tanks got DPS and support items and the DPS got tank items. Glad this whole encounter worked out." In the end, he knew that they would make do with what they had. The irony was not lost on him though, and the realization twisted at the corner of his lips in a wry smile. Collecting the contents and dismissing the chest, Shield returned to his feet and gave his neck a good stretch in both directions. "I suppose that's one down and two to go then. Shall we?" He made his way to the far end of the chamber from which they had entered. While he had not had a great deal of time to inspect it during the fight, now that he was up close and personal, he could see what appeared to be a pressure switch in the wall and inscription written across the sandstone. "Try your luck, little rabbit." It was a very simple but entirely unhelpful. There was no visible door anywhere in sight, and no sign of a keyhole or handle. No visible door mechanisms either aside from the pressure switch. He inspected it closely. It was made of the same stuff as the wall. He gently pressed with his hand. It didn't move. He leaned into it harder. Nothing. He pressed his shoulder into it and heaved, but it still did not give. He turned his attention back to the inscription. "Are only the rabbits from the fight able to open this?" he mused aloud, rubbing his jaw and feeling the texture of his beard as he thought it over. "That would be poor design... Revealing a puzzle after you've already destroyed the key..." He paced slowly from side to side. "If I were a rabbit... how would I try my luck? Push other spots on the wall? Maybe hope to get lucky guessing like that?" Out of curiosity, he began pressing his hands against other portions of the wall. Each to no avail. "Well, I'm clearly not a very lucky rabbit-" Lucky rabbit... Lucky rabbit's foot. Goddammit. Shield rolled his eyes and lifted his leg, planting the flat of his foot against the pressure switch which slid easily into the wall. A seam appeared in the wall beside where the plate had been and a stone slab twice his height and easily that wide slid back a few feet and then began disappearing into the wall, leaving an open tunnel that led deeper down into the earth. Sighing at how embarrassingly simple the answer had been, he shook his head and began down the next flight of stairs. The descent was a long one, and each time they reached a landing, Shield thought it would be the last, but by the fifth landing it became clear that the person who designed this portion of the dungeon truly believed in suspense. Finally, the next landing brought a much needed sight. In the wall opposite the stairs, a high arched entryway had been carved into the stone. Shield quickened his pace, eager to advance to the next stage of the dungeon. "I believe the next fight was something to do with a giant marshmallow something," he said, peering through the semi-dark of the tunnel to try to make sense of the other end. So far, all he could see was the yellow back wall of the next chamber. Perhaps there are more rooms ahead before we find the next encounter. Through his feet, he began to feel a rumbling in the ground. They were getting close, even if they couldn't tell from the view. The rumbling continued, and then suddenly stopped, interrupted by a long, high pitched whistle of some sort, almost like a tea kettle. This died away, to be replaced once again by the rumbling. They emerged into the next chamber, and it was immediately clear that they yellow something he had seen was not a wall. There in the center of the room, there sat a fat, squat marshmallow chick. It did not appear to have any eyes, or at least not visible ones, and its body swelled and shrank in time with the deep rumbling and the whistling sound. It was snoring.
  12. Shield

    [F22 - PP] <<Witch of the West>>

    "Mmm fffnnnn," was all Shield could manage with his jaw clenched shut. He remained upright, which was an improvement over some moments when he had been paralyzed in the past. He had memories of the ground rushing up at him, unable to stop himself or even blink for that matter as the floor rushed up to meet his face. Unnerving was not a strong enough word. The witch, deciding to capitalize on his immobility cackled and slashed at him again with her dagger. This time, though it made contact, it lacked the deadly delivery from before and served only to cover the hand that wielded it with slashes and burns from the defensive wall of damage that Shield had built up upon himself. Having had her thunder stolen after having landed such a successful hit, she began stamping around her workshop, flailing her arms in anger.Her eyes were beginning to bug out of her face as her rage mounted to a new level.
  13. "I've looked over the map we found before," Shield said, gesturing towards the tunnel that continued down deeper into the unsteady underbellies of the floor's mines. "I believe it leads us down that way. However," he said, stepping closer to the passage, "I believe there is more to the story than just that." He slowly walked the span of the entrance, looking along the arching tunnel mouth from one wall, up along the ceiling, back down the other wall. "Now let's see if..." his foot felt along the floor, until he felt something catch. With a swift motion, he stepped down and leaped back as the floor where he had been standing dropped away. The entire segment of hall sloped downward, the floor beyond disappearing past the ceiling of the moving section. "This portion is like a switch track on a railroad. The ground floor is the easy dungeon, the one on the map. The basement floor," he said, nodding down to another path that slowly slid into view, lining up with the mouth of the passage that had angled down to meet it. "That is the trap dungeon. It's meant to trap players who aren't being cautious. The monsters are much meaner. The loot, however, is going to be much nicer." He looked to Beat, already knowing his answer to the unasked question.
  14. Shield

    [F24 - PP/JL] Unexpected Visitor

    That was not an answer. Shield did not follow Ariel all the way into the dojo. He stood aloof by the door, his typically impassive countenance restored properly now that he was not longer - for lack of better words, compromised. He thought through her response, trying to deduce if she had intended any hidden meaning behind it, but from what he could tell it was merely a very safe, politician's answer. "Those players who I have known who have taken a life and are truly remorseful about it take responsibility for their actions," he stated plainly. "The fact that both parties in a duel have to consent is... related but immaterial." His spine remained erect as his eyes followed Ariel. "The fact that - assuming it was indeed by free choice - the decision for Lowenthal to participate in such a duel makes him equally to blame for its results is obvious. Bringing it up and alluding to spun stories reads to the listener more as an attempt to skirt an uncomfortable topic with more comfortable facts instead of actually addressing the concerns." At this point, he took a few steps closer, lowering his voice. He did not wish to appear to be threatening Ariel, and furthermore, if others were listening he did not want to make the situation messier than it already was. "I have every intent to give you a fair chance to explain yourself and why you made the decisions you did. I recognize that I am being very direct, particularly given we have not spoken one on one perhaps ever before." His hands opened in front of him as a show of good-will, the same as enemies might on the battlefield to prove that they are unarmed in order to allow more free parlance. "To say that we are coworkers on the front lines is an understatement. We rely on each other and put our lives in one another's hands every time we step into a boss room together. We have done so in the past and will almost certainly do so again in the future." He took a deep breath.still for the moment ignoring the request to spar until he felt he had some kind of answer. "I am asking you to account for yourself, and to give me a reason to not regret giving you that trust."