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  1. Even after Hei had told his friend, that he didn't need to worry about the others, as they were doing well, Stryder was still at them with his thoughts, so Hei saw the toadman moving at him, trying to use the fighters weakness, but Stryder jumped away from the blow, evading the attack and then sending a strong punch into the mob, dealing quite a lot of damage and making it stumble backwards. Hei saw that this was his chance to actually end the fight and stormed towards the monster. His trident began glowing, but when he arrived the toadman had already gotten back it's balance and blocked the attack with it's sword. Hei nearly got thrown to the ground when his trident got knocked away and the toad didn't wait for him to find his balance again but instead followed with another swing of the sword. Hei barely was able to raise the shield, so he just diverted the blow but was not able to block it all, so his HP dropped a little when the sword still hit his leg. "Damnit. I didn't got it. You'll have to finish it once more!" he called towards Stryder while he started to fall back a little. ID# 111593 BD: 2 + 3 = 5 -> miss MD: 9 -> critical hit -> 109 DMG - 54 MIT = 55 DMG -> 545/600 HP @Jinx
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    [F7-PP]Calming Soul

    Once they had started walking Hei could see the excitement in Saphira's eyes. She might not love to go hiking as much as he did, but he was sure she couldn't wait for them to reach the place he had just mentioned. They walked along a grassy hill that was just interrupted by a few huge rocks that had one day rolled down from the higher regions when Saphira climbed one of them. She looked like she was a child again, smiling and enjoying the day already. When she climbed back down and jumped in front of him when he reached her, she grabbed his hands and told him he should tell her a reason if he would ever leave her. - What a strange request for a time like this. I don't think I'll ever leave her, but I can understand her. I wouldn't want to see a loved one go without knowing why - That was what he thought, but he couldn't show it, so he smiled a little and replied "Don't worry, I'll just never leave you. And if there is something that leads to our ways to divide I'll for sure tell you" her with all honesty. After that she hugged him and Hei embraced it, also pulling her closer to himself but he was careful so he would not hurt her. After the moment was gone they continued their way towards the higher mountains and Hei was happy that the weather was this good. There were only a few clouds at the sky and the sun was shining bright. The meadow in front of them seemed to glow green with all that sunshine and they could hear a small creek not far from where they were at the moment. When they reached it Hei kneeled down and took a sip of the crystal clear water. It was really refreshing and he had a silly idea. He made a cup of his hands and filled it with ice cold water, then he splashed it at Saphira with a big smile on his face.
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    Face Claim Thread

    Hei: Hei - Darker than black
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    Hei's Items

    Name: Lucky Shirt Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 8 ID: 109662 Roll: 9+1 Item Type: Clothing Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: LD +2 Description: A standard tunic like shirt that seems uniformly blue, but as you get closer there are very beautiful and intricate designs woven into it in various shades. Post Link: here Name: Bloody Hand-Wraps Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 8 ID: 111126 Roll:12 Item Type: Weapon Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +1 Damage, +2 Bleed Description: Good solid hand-wraps that look normal, although once they have tasted blood they begin to glow red. Post Link: here Name: Dawn's Skarf Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 111125 Roll: 11+1 Item Type: Clothing Tier: 1 Quality: perfect Enhancements: Loot Die +3 Description: A long, warm scarf in the colours of the dawn Post Link: leave blank
  5. Hei had been in his shop, waiting for customers to visit when his girlfriend entered the shop and greeted him with a hug. "Hey my precious, how have you been? So what can i help you with?" he asked her and waited for her response, when she told him, what she wanted and that she wouldn't be able to pay him now he simply smiled "Don't worry, I'll craft it for you and I'm sure we'll get some materials the next time we go on an adventure. Also it's nice that you want to get an iconic item to show that your part of the guild." with this said he kissed her and then went to the workshop, quickly crafting the scarf she had ordered. After handing her the item another player entered his shop, this black haired guy got to the point quickly and Hei was sure he could help him. "You are right, I still got this offer going, so I'm happy to help a lower level player to get started. And of course I'll craft the other order as well, I'll di it right away, so just take a seat and wait a few minutes." after he read the order forms he quickly disappeared into the workshop to return with exactly what was ordered just half an hour later. Daily Craft 1: ID# 111123 CD: 6+1 = 7 -> uncommon T1 clothing -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 111124 CD: 6+1 -> uncommon T1 clothing -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 3: ID# 111125 CD: 11+1 = 12 -> perfect T1 clothing -1 mat | +9 exp Daily Craft 4: ID# 111126 CD: 12 -> perfect T1 weapon -1 mat | +9 exp @Mortambo Here are your items, and don't forget to pay the 1100 col per banker Started with 1856 exp + 26 Ended with 1882 exp
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    [F7-PP]Calming Soul

    Once they had arrived at the seventh floor, Saphira told him that she didn't love hiking, but that it was kind of fun and that she had been to the mountains just twice before, and that it had been in the real world. "So you have been to the mountains in the real word, that's cool. Not all people one meets have done that" Hei replied quickly, before Saphira could continue. Next she told him about her name, that really was the Japanese word for sapphire, and that her family had been poor. So the name showed how her family saw her. Then he noticed that Saphira must have remembered something from her past, as she switched from being happy to being angry, telling him that everything ended with her father leaving the family for someone else. After that she got really sad and Hei tried to help her through this, holding her hand and just looking at her, slowly he began talking again "That sounds terrible, but don't think about it now. There is nothing we can do from here. Just take a deep breath and try to focus on the good side of your life. Just embrace the warmth of my hand holding yours" he said and held her even tighter. He could feel that she was still fighting the sadness when she started hugging him, and he just stood there, holding her in his arms, waiting for her to come back. After some time she opened her eyes and looked at him, and he could see that she must have fought down the sadness. When she then asked her if he knew a good place to go, probably with a nice view, he smiled at her and kissed her cheek, before he replied "Yeah, I really know a place. It'll be quite a hike, maybe two or three hours to get there, but you'll love it." Hei was sure she would really like the place he had chosen for their hike. It was a small hut on one of the higher mountains and the best was, there were both a table and a basket of holding he had filled with nice picknick food. Soon they would start walking the green and grey slopes of the glorious mountain range.
  7. Hei had finished quite the amount of orders just before christmas and he was happy that he could help all these players while also earning some col he would use for a house he could live in with Saphira one day, but that day was still far in the future, as he didn't have even half the money he needed. The days after christmas had been quiet and so he was happy when a new customer entered the shop on the first day of the new year. "Welcome to the hangar, how can I help you?" he asked the blond girl. She was so small she must have been a child when the game started, maybe a little older than Fae. She looked so innocent when she asked him about some outfit for her to start her adventure and that she had heard he was giving away free items to lower levelled players, that Hei wondered what she was doing in this game. "Yeah, I can craft this for you. Let me have a look." he took the order form and left her standing in the shop while he quickly crafted the item she wanted. "Here you go, have fun with it, and if you ever need help you can ask me or anyone of the guardians of the new dawn, they are a really nice guild." Hei handed her the items and the girl left with a big childs smile on her face.
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    [F7-PP]Calming Soul

    When he reintroduced himself, telling her his real name he could see her smile and his heart felt warm and like it was about to burst every second. - How can a simple smile make me feel that way? - he was wondering when she told him, that she would continue calling him Hei, even though she might use his last name sometimes. "No problem with this. I think by now we all got really used to our usernames" he replied before she wanted to reintroduce herself. - Safaia Kioshi, that's such a nice name. And I think I already know where her username comes from - he thought, and just to be sure he asked. "Okay, so I'll call you Saphira for now, or maybe honey. I just wondered, is your name the Japanese word for sapphire?" After this, they used the teleporter to get to the mountainous seventh floor and when he saw Saphira's big eyes when she was looking around, he knew he chose the right one. Shortly after that she asked him, if she was right with her assumption that he liked hiking and he had to smile "Yeah, you're right. I love hiking in these mountains far away from all the other players and the like. And It's really good training too. How about you, do you like it?" he asked, hoping that she did, as he didn't want to drag her along doing something she didn't like at all.
  9. He had just been able to get out of the attack of that strange toad like looking monster when Stryder already dashed in to help him fight the second monster that had appeared, but before he could connect he screamed and it looked like his focus was lost. - What happened to Jinx, it mush be something terrible. I hope Saphira is alright over there - he thought, but he had no real time to check it out. The Toadman swung its sword again and Hei barely jumped aside, and blocked the attack with the net. It seemed like the toadman was about to attack once more, but its sword was stuck in the net, and so Hei tried to use this to his advantage. He charged a swordskill, but before he could release it the toadman tried to get its sword back and nearly knocked Hei over. At the last moment he released the weapon which lead to the Toadman stumbling and falling to the ground. If he could land a hit now this would be quite nice, but on the other hand he could use the moment the monster wouldn't be able to attack to have a look at Saphira and how their fight was going. "Hey Stryder, don't worry about them. I just got a look at their HP, none of them really got hurt." he said after looking at the party HP bars to get his friend back to the fight, as he would probably need him. He had fought a toadman once before and it had nearly killed him, so he wasn't to happy to fight one again. ID# 111043 BD: 2 +3 = 5 -> miss MD: 1 -> crit fail @Jinx
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    Hei's Items

    Name: Ripped school uniform Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 8 ID: 110702  Roll: 8+1 Item Type: light armour Tier: 1 Quality: rare Enhancements: +2 LD Description: A replica of Runas school uniform, dark red with black, the sleeves are ripped and her skirt looks a little short, even though it covers everything it should cover Link: here
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    [PP-F22] Fishing Trip

    ... rolling ID# LD: +6
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    [F7-PP]Calming Soul

    When Hei had arrived at the teleporter and hugged his girlfriend from behind he had felt her cringe under his touch, which made him feel a little guilty, as he for sure hadn't wanted to scare her. When she then turned around and kissed him, he has happy she wasn't mad at him or anything and returned the kiss. When their lips disconnected, she greeted him with her warm voice and he could see the glimmering shine in her eyes. It seemed she was somewhat nervous and curious when she asked him what they were about to do, what made Hei feel kind of excited. - If she is nervous about what we do, it has to be because it's really important to her - he thought, and so he took his time to think about how he would tell her what they were about to do. After a few moments he said "Well, I thought we could visit one of the floors I visit in my free time and I could tell you a little about me. You don't know much, and I don't know any more. So before I'll tell you what we are doing exactly, let me introduce myself once again." he had to swallow, as he hadn't told anyone his name, since he had entered the game. "My real name is Li Chen Chung, Li is okay, or you can continue calling me Hei, whatever you like. And now, how about we go there and I'll show you what we'll do. Let's just say, it's the seventh floor and I hope you'll like it."
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    Hei's Items

    Name: Lerale Fists Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 8 ID: 110844 Roll: 12 Item Type: Weapon Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 ACC Description: Wraps that seem light as air. Quick and precise strikes are the aim with these hand wraps. While they don't provide much more force, they will make their mark, one way or another. Link: here
  14. Hei had recently finished the battle outfits Mina had ordered and was just about to drink some tea when a cloaked player entered his shop. Underneath the cloak Hei was able to see the players white hair, but he wasn't sure if he had ever seen him before. The player didn't talk to him, but simply took an order form, filled it in and left it on the counter, then he left it, just moving away so Hei knew he would wait. - Well, seems I got some more work to do - he thought and had a look at the form. Knowing what he had to do,he offered Sey to take a seat and have some tea and cookies while he started working and not much later he had a bunch of not so well done items and the wraps Sey had ordered. With the item done he would return to the shop and show it to Sey "I hope it is as good as what you wanted and will help you." he said, as he handed the item over to Sey. Daily Craft 1: ID# 110837 CD: 7+1 = 8 -> uncommon T1 weapon -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 110838 CD: 6+1 -> uncommon T1 weapon -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 3: ID# 110839 CD: 3+1 = 4 -> LD: 13 -> salvaged -0 mat | +2 exp Daily Craft 4: ID# 110840 CD: 4+1 = 5 -> uncommon T1 weapon -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 5: ID# 110841 CD: 8+1 = 9 -> rare T1 weapon -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 6: ID# 110842 CD: 10+1 = 11 -> rare T1 weapon -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 7: ID# 110843 CD: 4+1 = 5 -> uncommon T1 weapon -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 8: ID# 110844 CD: 12 -> perfect T1 weapon -1 mat | +9 exp Started with 1817 exp + 39 Ended with 1856 exp
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    [PP-F22] Fishing Trip

    While Hei had been searching for the salamander and left the two players that knew each other search for themselves, Morgenstern hadn't found anything, so when they met again, he told Hei, that he wondered why they had such a hard time finding it, as well as that he had thought there would have been a fight and not just searching for a damn salamander. "Yeah, I thought that too, but it seems we were wrong. And I don't think he really did, but then I don't know what he was thinking at all. Do you think Kayaba is sitting somewhere, watching live feeds from SAO and laughing at them?" he continued the talking. He just shook his head a little, just by thinking about the scene when eh noticed something small and red right behind Morgenstern. - This can't be the salamander, can it - he thought, wondering if Kayaba really watched them and made fun of them like this. He mad a large step and caught the salamander in his hands, showing it to the others. "Well, I got it, just as we were talking about it. Wanna go back to the lake to finally get our fight?" @Morgenstern ID# 110713 LD: 15 -> found the salamander ID# 110715 CD: 11 -> caught the salamander