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  1. After he had told them about the loot, he was able to see a kind of confused face on Jinx, but it went away after a second or two, and just after that she asked him, if 5000 col was good, and if they could help the guild a lot if they just continued fighting. Hei quickly nodded and answered "Yeah, 5 thousand is a good amount from one monster. I think I only ever got this much from a random field boss I had to kill, that nearly killed me back than. And it didn't even take us that long to kill it either, so we should be able to get a lot of col for the guild. But before we can continue we should rest, so our energy has a chance to recharge." With this said he turned to Dustin who was slowly and struggling getting back to his feet. Hei walked to his friend and reached out to him to help him back up. "That wasn't to bad of a fight Dustin, you really landed some nice hits. But how about you take a seat and rest for a little time so you regain your power. I wouldn't want you to get into the next fight in this condition." he said and changed his shield with the sunrise looking cloak he wore as a kind of guild sigil. Then he pulled out three bottles of lemonade he had brought. One he handed to Dustin and one he offered to Jinx, while he accepted Dustin's offer to give his part to the guild too. It was really nice of Dustin, and as he himself had enough col for what he needed at the moment he decided that he would donate his cut just like Dustin did, but he wasn't going to tell them, as he didn't though they had to know. -3 MIT | +3 LD 1/3 posts till energy recharged @Jinx
  2. Hei

    [PP-F22] Fishing Trip

    After he had reached the shore again he saw how Morgenstern used one of his skills, probably howl to taunt the giant fish monster, as it now turned its attention to the tank player. The same time the monsters red eyes started glowing Hei heard his comrade tell him, that he now had the monsters attention, and that it was time for him to start attacking the monster. With his trident back in hand he started whistling, so Huatli would come to help him, but before the raptor could attack the fish, it charged towards Morgenstern, who just moved his sword a little bit to negate the attack. The fish that hadn't expected that simply stopped in front of its supposed prey and Hei got a chance for attacking it. Huatli ran at the beast and started clawing at its hindlegs, and the moment one of the scales came loose Hei arrived at it, his trident glowing as he had charged a swordskill to use. He released it and started a series of attacks, that hit the leg multiple times, dealing some damage, but in comparison to the monsters HP bar it wasn't very much. - Danm, it has quite a lot of health, I hope Morgenstern can deal a lot of damage himself, or this fight will take all day. And what's with Kasier, she hasn't said a single word since we had arrived at the mountain, I wonder if she will help us in this fight - Hei thought while he moved away a little, just so he have a chance to react to what ever the king would do. <<King of Lakes>> 1067/1200 HP | 20 MIT | 125 DMG | <<Body Slam>> On an MD of 9, the boss will jump high into the air and crash down in the center of the players, sending out a shock-wave dealing 120 AoE damage. <<Dive>> On an MD of 10, the King of Lakes will take the player with the highest hate in its teeth and drag it back into the lake. The player will take 150 unmitigatable damage and need to swim back to the shore, missing their next attack. [1]Hei: 450/600 HP | 47/60 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 12 DMG | 54 MIT [5]Morgenstern 1430/1430 HP | 127/134 EN | 151 MIT | 16 DMG | -1 EVA | 3 ACC | 6 HM | Para. Immune KOL Attack: ID# 115580 MD: 3 +1 = 4 -> miss Hei attacking: ID#115582 BD: 5+3 = 8 -> hit -> 12*12 = 144 -20 MIT = 124 DMG -> 1076/1200 HP @Morgenstern
  3. Hei

    Hei's Items

    Name: Gambler’s Hat Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 8 ID: 115368 Roll: 11+1 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3x EVA Description: A round black Cowboy hat. Post Link: here
  4. Hei hadn't been in the shop for a few days, as he had been busy with mowing into his new house, but he left a note that one could message him, or just fill in one of the order forms and put it into the mailbox. When he arrived at the shop in the late morning and opened the mail box, he realized that no one had left anything for him, so he simply opened the shop and waited for customers. Later that day there actually was a guy coming in, he looked somewhat like a cowboy and Hei wasn't to sure about him, but after looking around a little, the player took an order form, filled it in and transferred the right amount of col for a perfect item. Hei nodded and told him, that he would message him once the item was done and that it for sure would take at least the day. So when no one else came the afternoon, Hei closed the shop and left for his house on the 22nd floor to work on the order in his nicely equipped sewing room. After the first material he wanted to use disintegrated after the first stitch. After this, he had just one material left, so he was super careful, and it was rewarded with a perfect item. With the item done he message @Clyde that he could get the item the next day from noon to 5pm, as the store wouldn't be open earlier. Daily Craft 1: ID# 115367 CD: 3+1 = 4 -> LD:3 -> not salvaged -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 115368 CD: 11+1 = 12 -> perfect T1 light armour -1 mat | +11 exp Started with 2119 exp + 15EP Ended with 2134 exp
  5. After the living armour nearly had been able to disarm him, so Hei had to grab for the trident before he was bale to continue the battle. Once he had regained his firm grip on the weapon, he followed the armour, that had just hit Jinx with some force, but the girl was still standing, and the armour she wore reduced the damage she took quite a lot. After she had been hit, she continued to stand strong and focus the attacks on her, once again using her howl ability, so we wouldn't get hurt by the monster. After that, Dustin managed to follow the monster, but he was already panting and Hei could see, that he was getting tired already. Maybe it was another benefit of being of high level, that one didn't drain once energy so quickly. He still had nearly half of his energy, but Dustin must have been close to no energy left after this fight. He at least landed a second hit at the monster just to sink to his knees afterwards. Hei followed the Attack just the moment the Armour swung its axe at Jinx. The girl had raised her shield, so the damage wasn't that high once again, and the shields thorns hurt the mob, so Hei's series of slashing blows dropped its HP to zero and it exploded into pixels. After they had faded away a popup appeared in front of Hei and he was albe to collect the loot, as he had been the one to land the final blow. With the buff he had gotten from the food he had been eating he got a good amount of col and some nice loot besides it. As they hadn't decided what to do with this loot, he turned to them and told them what he had gotten from the mob. "Hey, nicely done. We killed the first one and the loot is quite nice. We got ourself over five thousand col and a perfect T2 armour or shield, and some consumables, how will we deal with those? I would suggest we give them to Stryder for him to identify them, and decide who gets them afterwards, as we should look who can use them the best" [2] Hei: 640/640 HP | 26/64 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 13 DMG | (54 MIT) | +3 Prosperity | +3 LD [8] @Jinx: 274/360 HP | 3/36 EN | 53 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [3] Dustin: 338/420 HP | 6/42 Energy | 11 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | BH:3 Axe-wielding living armour: 0/750 HP | 96 DMG -> dead ID# 115361 BD: 5+3 = 8 -> hit -> 12*13 = 156 DMG -> dead MD: 6 -> hit -> 96 - 53 MIT = 43 DMG -> 274/360 HP Loot roll: 115362 LD: 18+3 = 21 CD: 8 -> 1x Perfect T2 Armour/Shield | 2x Perfect T2 Consumable | 1 T2 Mat | 4+3 prosperity = 7 * 750 col = 5250 col
  6. After he had disarmed the monster he had hoped that his comrades would be able to take advantage from it, but Jinx stayed back and did what probably was a good decision by further taunting the armour with her howl ability. - I Can see how this will help us, so there is nothing lost with her not attacking. She probably wouldn't have done much damage either way, as most tanks don't level up their attacks - he thought when he saw Dustin moving forward and trying to use the fact that the mob was disarmed, but the monster was quick enough to sidestep his powerful attack and he just hit the ruins wall, which shortly showed the sign, telling him that it was an immortal object, before Dustin jumped back away from the armour. With no one being able to hit the armour Hei got ready to do the beating himself, but before he was close enough to release a series of attacks against the mob, it reached it's battle axe, picked it up and turned against him. The heavy axe blade hit his spear, preventing it from hitting the armour and bringing Hei to a halt, as he nearly lost his weapon. With its opponent staggered like this, the armour turned around, and with a few steps it arrived at Jinx, swinging the heavy axe at her. The Axe collided with her shield, slamming the protection gear against Jinx and knocking her back a little. With it's arms close to Jinx for hitting her, it wasn't able to stop soon enough to not get hit by the thorns on her shield, so at least the mob got some damage. [2] Hei: 640/640 HP | 38/64 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 13 DMG | (54 MIT) | +3 Prosperity | +3 LD [6] @Jinx: 317/360 HP | 12/36 EN | 53 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [2] Dustin: 338/420 HP | 23/42 Energy | 11 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | BH:3 Axe-wielding living armour: 240/750 HP | 96 DMG ID# 115200 BD: 1 -> crit fail MD: 8 -> hit on Jinx -> 96-53 = 43 DMG -> 317/360 HP -> Thorns -> 18 DMG -> 240/750
  7. Hei

    Hei's Items

    Name: Security Sweatshirt Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 115187 Roll: 12 Item Type: light armor Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 2x MIT, 1x EVA Description: A basic blue sweatshirt, though thicker than most. Post Link: here
  8. After Hei hadn't been able to craft anything that was of good enough quality for his buddy, he had to try it again the next day. After he had woken up early and cooked some nice breakfast for him and Saphira he walked down the big wooden stairs to have a look out of the huge windows. The sky blue lake in front of his house was a nice few and he knew he could always pause his work to take a stroll along the shore. With this in mind and the fun of being a good tailor he started working on the armour Dustin had ordered. The first one he crafted wasn't that good, but just at the next attempt he was able to create sweatshirt that was sturdy enough to protect his pal against most weaker attacks, while still being soft enough not to hinder his movements. As the item was what he had hoped for he told Saphira that he had to go to the store for a few hours before he would return, and left the twenty second floor to bring the item to the first floor, where @Dustin would be able to pick it up. Daily Craft 1: ID# 115187 CD: 5+1 = 6 -> uncommon T2 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 115188 CD: 12 -> perfect T2 light armour -1 mat | +11 exp Started with 2092 exp + 17EP Ended with 2119 exp
  9. After Hei had finished his last orders, the players who had ordered them came to pay him a visit and get the items they had ordered. Both of them thanked him for the good work and went off again. Later that day Dustin dropped by and Hei greeted him as the friend he was. When he told him that he wanted to get some new armour Hei reminded him that it might be better to get it done in a better tier, as he was just a few levels away from reaching the minimum requirements for the better armour. So after they decided that it should be tier two Hei left the shop and went back to his home, where he had used the comfort of his new sewing room to work on the armour, but non of the items he created were good enough for his guild mate, so he decided he had to work on it the next day. Daily Craft 1: ID# 114927 CD: 6+1 = 7 -> uncommon T2 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 114928 CD: 2+1 = 3 -> LD: 14 -> salvaged -0 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 3: ID# 114929 CD: 7+1 = 8 -> uncommon T2 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 4: ID# 114930 CD: 5+1 = 6 -> uncommon T2 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 5: ID# 114931 CD: 2+ 1 -> LD: 16 -> salvaged 01 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 6: ID# 114932 CD: 4+1 = 5-> uncommon T2 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 7: ID# 114933 CD: 3+1 = 4 ->LD: 10+3 = 13 -> salvaged -0 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 8: ID# 114934 CD: 1 -> crit fail -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 9: ID# 114935 CD: 9+1 = 10-> rare T2 light armour -1 mat | +8 exp Daily Bonus Craft 1: ID# 114936 CD: 6+1 = 7 -> uncommon T2 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Bonus Craft 2: ID# 114937 CD: 3+1 = 4 -> LD: 11 -> Salvaged -0 mat | +4 exp Started with 2034 exp + 58EP Ended with 2092 exp
  10. Hei

    Hei's Items

    Name: Black Cloak Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 8 ID: 114604 Roll: 11+1 = 12 Item Type: cloak / light armour Tier: T3 Quality: perfect Enhancements: 1 MIT, 2 EVA Description: A simple black cloak, enhanced to not hinder the wearer but defend him against weak attacks Post Link: here
  11. It had just been a day since Hei had gotten a new order and started working again. He had been able to finish the order quite quickly and so he was without work again, or so he thought, when he heard a ringign noise and opened the menu. He noticed that he had gotten a message from a player he had never met before, but he remembered seeing her, and that she was one of the frontliners. As he read the message she had sent to him, he understood that she needed new equipment for the upcoming boss raid. He remembered that he had to craft a few items for the last boss raid, so he knew that she probably didn't have much time before the raid would start. He replied to her message, that he would take her order, and that he would accept payment in materials, so he could guaranty that the item would be done soon. After that he started crafting and the first attempt to create an item that would be fitting for the frontlines he created a nice looking cloak that had everything it needed for it to be a good match for Zandra Daily Craft 1: ID# 114604 CD: 11+1 = 12 -> perfect 3 light armour -1 mat | +11 exp @Zandra OOC: its done Started with 2023 exp + 11EP Ended with 2034 exp
  12. After he had started his last series of attacks the others started to realize how the fight was going. To Hei it seemed Jinx looked shocked when the creature attacked Dustin and sent him flying, and he could see in her eye, that she felt kind of guilty for it. He knew it probably wasn't her fault, as she couldn't have known that Dustin's attack was so strong, but then again he could understand her. Dustin on his hand quickly got back to his feet and started another attack, but Jinx coming closer and once again yelling at the monster to taunt it caught him off guard and he missed the monster. Hei was the closest to the living armour, but he saw that it had started moving towards Jinx. Hei knew that she was a tank, so it would be okay for the monster to attack her, and while it turned to her it would turn its back on him. Hei was ready to use this situation to his advantage, so he started channelling his next series of attacks and waited for the armour to totally ignore him, then he ran towards it the exact moment it raised its axe and hit it multiple times, hitting the back and the legs. The armour wasn't prepared for that and instead of hitting jinx it lost its grip on the axe the moment it had started to attack and the weapon got thrown away a few meters. "Look at that, it's lost its weapon. We should use it to our advantage and attack it while it can't hit back at us." [2] Hei: 640/640 HP | 39/64 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 13 DMG | (54 MIT) | +3 Prosperity | +3 LD [4] @Jinx : 360/360 HP | 21/36 EN | 53 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [2] Dustin: 335/420 HP | 25/42 Energy | 11 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | BH:3 Axe-wielding living armour: 258/750 HP | 96 DM ID# 114582 BD: 8 -> hit -> 12*13 = 156 -> 258/750 HP MD: 1 -> crit fail
  13. Hei

    Hei's Items

    Name: Hemp Armor Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 8 ID: 114418 Roll: 11+1 Item Type: ( Armor Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 2 Slots of mitigation (+36 Mitigation) and 1 slot of Evasion (+1 on mob die to hit) Description: During the time of the Sengoku Period in Japan during the waring states era, the samurai had but one enemy, the ninja. To protect themselves from slashing attacks but also maintain their quick and nimble abilities the ninja needed a form of light armor. The decided to create armor our of hemp which was both tough and light weight and was only a back up in case a mission went wrong or someone tried to get the drop on them. Post Link: here Name: Simple Adventurer Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 114415 Roll: 12 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 2 EVA, 1(9)MIT Description: A simple red jacket and blue overalls with some leather padding that allows the user to be mobile and sustain a bit of damage. Post Link: here Name: Mushroom Cap Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 114408 Roll: 11+1 Item Type: Clothing Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 LD Description: A large white hat that is similarly shaped like a mushroom with a red ribbon on the left side of it. Post Link: here
  14. After Hei had moved into his new House he hadn't had enough materials to work on any of the orders he still had to complete, so when a player with two eye colours entered his shop, and after looking at the wares for a short moment, before asking about paying for an order with materials Hei's face showed a big smile. This would be his chance to get a few mats, so he could get the orders he was still working on done. The player asked if he could pay with T2 mats and col, but Hei instead suggested, that he could pay in T1 and T2 mats, so he would have the materials to work on some orders. Once he accepted the order and got the materials Hei told the player he would craft the item within the week and then he would send him a message so eh could take the finished item. With the new materials and the new order Hei later left the shop to get some work done at home in his new sewing room he wanted to inaugurate, as he had not done any work in it before. Starting to work on Pleue's cap, he quickly put together a perfect piece of equipment he would be proud to show to her. To finish the second order she had made took him a while, but before the day ended he had also finished her armour, so she would be equipped well soon. After he had done this he took a look at the description of Ryujin's armour and started working on it, and finished it just as the sun went down. He had done all the work on a single day, and the new sewing room was a big help to it. Once he was done he opened his menu and sent a message to both @Pleue and @RyujinSeaLord that their items were finished and that they could come to the store and get them Daily Craft 1: ID# 114408 CD: 11+1 = 12 -> perfect T1 clothing -1 mat | +11 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 114409 CD: 8+1 = 9-> rare T1 light armour -1 mat | +8 exp Daily Craft 3: ID# 114410 CD: 2+1 = 3 -> LD: 2 -> bot salvaged -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 4: ID# 114411 CD: 5+1 = 6 -> uncommon T1 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 5: ID# 114412 CD: 1 -> crit fail -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 6: ID# 114413 CD: 8+1 = 9-> rare T1 light armour -1 mat | +8 exp Daily Craft 7: ID# 114414 CD: 3+1 = 4 ->LD: 3 -> not salvaged -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 8: ID# 114415 CD: 12 -> perfect T1 light armour -1 mat | +11 exp Daily Craft 9: ID# 114416 CD: 4+1 = 5-> uncommon T2 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Bonus Craft 1: ID# 114417 CD: 8+1 = 9 -> rare T2 light armour -1 mat | +8 exp Daily Bonus Craft 2: ID# 114418 CD: 11+1 = 12 -> perfect T2 light armour -1 mat | +11 exp Started with 1942 exp + 81EP Ended with 2023 exp
  15. His comrades where ready to battle once they arrived at the ruined place, and Jinx started the fight by taunting the first living armour, the one Hei had told them to fight first. She raised her shield and got ready for defending her teammates, when Dustin who was just as eager to fight ran towards the mob, leaving the protection Jinx was gonna give them and released a heavy martial arts attack against the armour, sending it staggering back a little and jumping back himself, as he tried to get a little distance in between. The mob that had just started looking for Jinx now turned its attention to the lightly armoured fighter and before Dustin was able to get away far enough it swung its great axe at him, hitting him with quite some good amount of power, sending him flying away from it. Hei who had not been able to prevent that used the chance to whistle a little, commanding Huatli to circle the monster. The small Raptor did as commanded and jumped the armour from behind, clawing at the armours helmet and revealing a weak spot. Hei jumped in while the armour was trying to get the raptor of its back and landed multiple hits reducing its HP quite a bit, even though his hits were not as strong as Dustin's hit had been. Once he had landed his hits, he whistled once again and Huatli jumped back, evading a swing of the axe. While still watching the armour Hei looked at the corner of his vision and noticed that Dustin's HP had dropped quite a bit. "Dustin, are you okay?" he asked, worrying if he had underestimated the mobs on this floor. [1] Hei: 640/640 HP | 51/64 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 13 DMG | (54 MIT) | +3 Prosperity | +3 LD [2] Jinx: 360/360 HP | 36/36 EN | 53 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [2] Dustin: 335/420 HP | 25/42 Energy | 11 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | BH:3 Axe-wielding living armour: 414/750 HP | 96 DM ID# 114365 BD: 3 + 3 = 6 -> hit -> 13*12 = 156 DMG -> 414/750 MD: 8 -> hit against Dustin -> 96-11 = 85 DMG -> 335/420 HP @Jinx