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  1. Hei

    Hei's Items

    Name: Cape of Mastermind Heist Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 103322 Roll: 11+1 = 12 Item Type: Light armor Tier: T1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3x Loot Die Description: A silk-like smooth cape that is blackened to hide the wearer from the night. Post Link: leave blank
  2. After Hei had finished Picks new light armour, the blonde player entered his Shop again, picking up the armour and handing him the materials he had to pay, just to add, that Hei may be would need them for the next item he wanted to get. Hei was a little confused, but thanked him for the mats, until he saw the orderform Pick had in his hand. "Oh, so you want to get a second item right away. I'll give it a try and will message you again, once it's done." He said, taking the form from Pick. - Well, seems like he just decided that he wants to wear a cape, and find some more mats. Maybe he realized that gathering is a hard piece of work in this game - Hei thought, while looking for the right material for the job and after some browsing he found a light fabric, that would look like shadow once he finished his work. With the newly made perfect item in his inventory, he opened the menu and messaged @Pick again: Hey there, it's already done. Feel free to drop by and pick it up. If you could pay in col I would be super happy. Daily Craft 1: ID# 103322 CD: 11+1 = 12 -> perfect T1 light armour -1 mat | +8 exp Name: Cape of Mastermind Heist Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 103322 Roll: 11+1 = 12 Item Type: Light armor Tier: T1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3x Loot Die Description: A silk-like smooth cape that is blackened to hide the wearer from the night. Post Link: leave blank Started with 1104 exp Ended with 1112 exp
  3. Hei

    Hei's Items

    Name: Thief's Companion Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 103289 Roll: 12 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3x Evasion Description: A full-body armor that allows both stealth and rapid movement. Post Link: leave blank
  4. Hei had been in his shop, waiting for customers and playing with Huatli, who had become bored by simply waiting, so he first didn't notice the player who entered his shop. When the blond player, that looked a little like a pirate had greeted him and placed an order form on the counter, Hei had winced, and turned around, just to see the guy already leaving. "Okay, I'll message you once it's done" he had called out, so the player must have heard it. Then he went over to the workshop and started browsing through the materials to find some leather that would fit the style the player wished for. The piece of armour he created with the first attempt was so good, he immediately opened his menu an d messaged Pick Hey there @Pick: I already got your item ready for pick up, so feel free to get it. What method of payment do you prefer? Daily Craft 1: ID# 103289 CD: 12 -> perfect T1 light armour -1 mat | +8 exp Name: Thief's Companion Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 103289 Roll: 12 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3x Evasion Description: A full-body armor that allows both stealth and rapid movement. Post Link: leave blank Started with 1096 exp Ended with 1104 exp
  5. Once Saphira had sat down in an armchair next to him, she had turned to the old lady, that ran the tavern and asked her about some food, ordering soup for both herself and Hei. Hei wasn't a big fan of mushrooms in real live, but who knew if they would taste the same in this game, so when Saphira asked him, if he was okay with her ordering, he nodded and turned to the lady "I'd like to add some drinks to our order, if you'd be so nice to bring them too." he said, before the lady had left the room. Then he turned back to Saphira, looked at her with her shiny green eyes and said "Thanks for ordering, even though I probably would have ordered something else. What'd you say about us going to bed early today, so we can leave with sunrise. It's a superb view out there with all the snow reflecting the rising sun." While he waited for an answer, Hei petted Huatli who was snuggling up against his legs in front of the warming fire.
  6. Hei was taking some time off from crafting, so he was enjoying the sun at one of the closer lakes on the first floor. He had been swimming here when he had first started adventuring, but then the guild and his shop had taken up lot's of his time. So when he heard the bell sound the message made, he wasn't to happy about it. "Hmm, who is it today, that wants something from me?" he mumbled to himself, and swam back to the shore. Once he was so close to the shore, that he could stand without problems, he opened the menu and had a look at the message. It was from Pinball, and asked him if he wanted to do some gathering and col grinding on the eleventh floor. - Well, not exactly what I was hoping for today, but I haven't seen Pin in quite a while, and he is right about the mats. One is always in need of them. So it would be best to meet with him, I should reply, so eh knows I am coming - he thought, and replied to the message. Hey Pin, I wasn't really going to do anything today, but meeting you again and the chance of some good mats sounds good. I'll be there in about half an hour, need to get some equipment from the hanger first. And so, after sending the message, Hei quickly walked out of the water, shaking himself to get the water off of him. Once he was more or less dry, he equipped his shirt and went for a jog towards the hanger, where he picked up his equipment. This would be the first chance for him to use his new Trident and he wished he had the fitting shield, but Eatos hadn't finished it in time. Player Stats:
  7. The warm air and the cosy atmosphere made Hei feel comfy, so when he heard that it was okay for Saphira, he was happy that they would stay at this place. He had heard, that she had stuttered a little, and so he started trying to find out the meaning of it. - Maybe she doesn't really like it at all and it would be better to leave the tavern and look for another one, but she probably would have said so. So what else could it be? - he let this thought hang in his brain for some time, while he turned towards the armchairs that were placed in front of the fireplace and made his way up to them. "Hey Saphira, come here and limber up, it's the best to do against the cold outside" but he didn't really was there, as he was still thinking about the meaning of her stuttering. - Could it be, that she really likes me, and it is embarrassing for her to stay in the same room, as she doesn't know if I like her too? - was the next that wet through his mind. Maybe he would find out later, but if this would be the case, he could stop thinking about it now. As he returned from his thoughts, he noticed, that he felt a little hot in the face, maybe he had blushed, but it could just be the fire in front of him, so he did not do anything and just used the time to sit, pet Huatli who had crawled up in front of him and slightly smile at Saphira
  8. Hei

    Hei's Items

    Name: Duelist's Defense Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 102418 Roll: 11+1 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: MIT (1 slot), Recovery (2 slots) Description: A simple set of leather armor that gives room for a duelist to breathe. Still offers protection but doesn't restrict movement. Post Link: leave blank
  9. Hei came walking into the shop room, after he had made inventory of the materials he had stored in the workshop area, when he saw that there was a player waiting for him. The woman looked as if she had been standing there some time waiting, so Hei quickly walked towards her, greeting her with a friendly smile and "Welcome to the Hanger, my name is Hei. How can I help you today?" When the woman handed him a piece of paper with both a custom order and the name of one of the items he had in stock, Hei said "Okay, it might take some time to craft the Duellist's Defence, but you can take the cloak of eyes right now. Should I message you once the item is done?" With the new order in hand, Hei prepared the materials he had left to get going with crafting. After a few items, that did not fit what he wanted, or even got destroyed in the process of crafting, Hei was able to craft a perfect armour, that was what @Neopolitan wanted. He wrote her a message, saying: Hey Neo, I got the armour you ordered. Feel free to drop by and pick it up. Do you already know how you will pay me? I take mats or col. Hei Daily Craft 1: ID# 102414 CD: 8+1 -> Rare T1 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 102415 CD: 3+1 -> LD: 7+3 -> not salvaged -1 mat | +2 exp Daily Craft 3: ID# 102416 CD: 8+1 -> Rare T1 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 4: ID# 102417 CD: 3+1 -> LD: 11 -> salvaged -0 mat | +2 exp Daily Craft 5: ID# 102418 CD: 11+1 -> Perfect T1 light armour -1 mat | +8 exp Handed Over: Started with 1072 EXP Ended with 1096 EXP
  10. The exited scream coming from Huatli surprised him, and when he looked down, he saw the small dino to catch a snowflake with it's mouth, while she was jumping through the snow. Shortly after Saphira told him, that she agreed with looking for a tavern to stay the night, and after searching for one, she asked him if the small tavern she had found was okay. Hei had to look for Huatli before he could answer her, as the small raptor had run off, when the snow had started falling more heavy. "Huatli, come here. There will be more than enough snow tomorrow" he called the small one, trying to get her to come to him. After biting at some more snowflakes, she jumped through the snow towards him and followed them to the small tavern. Once Hei had entered, he felt the warmth of a burning fire in the fireplace and instantly felt at home. Looking at the interior all looked as if they were in someones living room and not a tavern at all. - This looks super nice, and just as if it was made for this - he thought, before he looked for the owner of the tavern. Soon an old lady appeared and asked them, what they were here for, and Hei asked if there was room for them to sleep. Looking at him, Huatli and Saphira the old lady said "Well, well. I believe I got just the room for you three. Good that you aren't any later, who knows if there would still be a room left." Hei slightly flinched when he understood, that there was just one room left for them, and so he turned to Saphira, to see how she would react and ask her "I know it's not the best of situations, but are you okay with us sharing a room for tonight?"
  11. After Hei had finished Ruby's light armour, he had told her that it was done, and so she had walked over to him, picked it up and then once more thanked him. With a smile and some giggling afterwards, she had told him, that he knew how to message him and then left the shop. That had been his latest work, and afterwards it had been quiet again for some days. Today was going to be just as boring as the last days he thought, but he had been wrong, as a white haired player entered his shop. "I got enough to stay alive, but I am not giving them away because I have to much. It's just so I can help those who want to help clear this game, to not die." Hei replied to the players first question. After that, the player told him what he was looking for, and added an order form, just in case Hei wouldn't have the item in stock he was looking for. Looking at the form, Hei turned to @Sharr and said "Well, I have a rare item that you could like, but it's not exactly what you were looking for. So you can decide if you want to have it with a little less enhancement (LD+2) and for free, or perfect as ordered. And in case you take the free one, there is a quest by which you can upgrade it later" And so Hei waited for a reply.
  12. After Hei and Eatos had killed the snow beast on the fourth floor, Eatos had gone home, and it seemed, that she had done her work later that day. When Hei entered her smithy the next day, the trident he had ordered was finally finished, and he could pick it up. Thankful for finally having a weapon his tier, Hei walked over to Eatos and said "Thank you very much. I will bring it to good use, when I'm hunting for some col for the guild." Hei said, before equipping the new weapon and taking some practice swings and stabs with it. The weapon felt a little more heavy than the spear he was used to, but he would soon be used to it's higher weight and it would surely help him deal some damage. Received: Trishula
  13. Hei

    Hei's Items

    Name: Delta Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 101962 Roll: 12 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Evasion III Description: The typical look and design of Ruby, don't lie. You love her. Post Link: leave blank
  14. Not to long, after Hei had sent @Asakku the message, that her item was ready, she arrived at his shop, thanked for the items and picked it up, telling him that she'd come back if she needed anything else. Hei who cared about all his customers and all players in general quickly said "You know, I got an offer for low level players, you can have one of the in stock items for free, how about some better armour?" before she could leave the store. Later that day a player he had met a long time ago appeared in his shop. It was the blonde woman he had met on the fourth floor way back, when he was still part of the Harbingers. They had teamed up to fight a field boss called Avalanche, and so he still remembered her "Hello Ruby, nice to see you too. It has been quite some time, and yes, I think I can do something for you. If you'd just fill in an order form, I will do my best to craft some armour for you. And it's really good that you got the mats, as I am out of T3 mats at the moment." and with this said, and the order in hands, he made his way to the workshop and started crafting: Daily Craft 1: ID# 101956 CD: 1 -> crit fail -1 mats | +2 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 101957 CD: 3+1 -> LD: 7+3 = 10 -> not salvaged -1 mats | +2 exp Daily Craft 3: ID# 101958 CD: 5+1 -> uncommon T3 light armour -1 mats | +4 exp Daily Craft 4: ID# 101959 CD: 3+1 -> LD: 10+3 = 13 -> salvaged -0 mats | +2 exp Daily Craft 5: ID# 101961 CD: 8+1 -> rare T3 light armour -1 mats | +6 exp Daily Craft 6: ID# 101962 CD: 12+1 -> perfect T3 light armour -1 mats | +8 exp 1x uncommon T3 light armour 1x rare T3 light armour EXP started: 1048 EXP ended: 1072
  15. Hei quickly changed into a stuffed and warm cloak and warm trousers, before he left the hanger with Saphira and his familiar. This would be the first time that Huatli entered the fourth floor, and Hei was eager to see, how the small raptor would react to the cold and glittering landscape. "Your right, we should hurry to reach the cave before it gets dark" he said, and lead her and the small dinosaur towards the teleporter. While the were on their way, Hei opened his menu and had a look at his notes regards the monster they had to kill. - Okay, it's a beast made of snow, that attacks with both it's claws and his spiky tail, that can deal huge amounts of damage. So I definitely should try to prevent it from hitting Saphira - was what he got from his notes. Once the reached the Teleporter, they quickly ported to the fourth floor, that indeed was already close to sunset. The snow already shone in an orange light, and Hei wasn't to sure, if they should head out this day, or maybe stay in a tavern to wait for the next day, so he turned to Saphira and asked "Wanna risk getting caught by the dark, or should we better stay the night before continuing with the quest?"