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  1. The giant snow beast had hit him pretty hard, and he hadn't expected an attack like it, so the last thing he knew was flying through the air. When he could see again, he was coughing and his back and front hurt, he know hurt wasn't the right word, as the game suppressed pain, but he could feel the tingling, that would have been pain. Before he could get back to his feet, Eatos rushed towards him, putting herself in between him and the monster. This wouldn't have any effect, as the monster would still attack him, but the gesture alone made his appreciation for her grow a lot. When she then healed him back up to nearly full life, he knew that she was a really important part of his life. "You're right, I'll kill it." he said in response to her telling him he could do it, and just to show that she was right, he got back to his feet, the spear in hand and turned to the monster again. The monster had come closer while he had laid there. He could see the blank hate in the monsters eyes, and he knew he had to kill it to prevent Eatos from getting into the fight. He didn't know if the monster was able to use any kind of AOE attack, but he wouldn't wait to find out. So with his spear glowing once again, he jumped at the beast, just a few feet between him and his prey, when the monster turned and with a loud roar attacked him with a fury of claws. They hit him multiple times, while he was still getting closer to him, he could see his HP dropping, but he would not stop before he hit the beast. Then he was close enough, and he released the swordskill, hitting the beast multiple times with a speed his own eyes couldn't follow. Then he beast exploded into pixels. Rolls: ID# 100321 Battle: 10 -> crit -> 11*12 = 132 DMG Mob: 9 -> crit -> 161 DMG Stats: Hei: 280/520HP | 27/52 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 9 DMG | Hate: 4Snow Beast: 0/250 HP | 160 DMG | min 24 DMG through MIT Eatos: 420/420 HP | 42/42 EN | DMG: 7 | MIT: 9 | EVA: 3 | THRNS: 14 | 2 REC
  2. (PP-F10) Mushroom Hunting

    "I can't understand them. This floor is really relaxing with the darkness and the smooth lighting by all those mushrooms, not to forget the water that is everywhere if you just look close enough. I'll try come and grab a bite every now and then. " He said, hoping that Froppy wasn't feeling to bad about her shop not going well. He knew how it was, as his shop hadn't gone well for a long time, it had just lately started to flourish well, as it seemed most other tailors had closed or weren't that active right now. When Froppy then told him, that she liked the idea of gathering a little more mats and dividing them, he stood up, and Tsu then added, that they could get some food at her restaurant before he would leave again. "That's pretty nice of you, so let's do it." He said, and with a last look at the waterfalls, he turned around to go and look for some more mushrooms to gather. ID# 100320 LD: 13+3 -> CD: 12 -> +3 Bonus mats T1 Total: 14
  3. After Hei had lead Elias through his shop, showing him what he had in stock, which had taken longer than expected, as Elias had examined every piece he had with great interest, he had told him, that his wares were good, but nothing was exactly what he was looking for. "Thank you" Hei replied to the compliment, before Elias continued, asking him about a custom piece of armour, and while telling him how it should look and what stats it should have, he added a custom cloak to the order. "Yeah, I got a few orders, but I should be able to craft what you are looking for. I can understand that you'd like a light armour that is agile, so I'll try my best. And about the costs, it's not to much." Hei said, before going over his prices. "You can have one piece of armour for free, as this is my special offer for new customers and to help the players not to die. The second one will be 700 col or six mats." Later the same day, a rough looking guy entered his shop, and after a short moment of looking at the stock items and waiting, he told Hei, that Pinball had sent him over. - that's interesting, haven't heard off Pinnbal for quite some time- he thought, before relieng to Reinholt. "Well, then welcome to the Hanger, let me have a look at that." and he took the orderform Reinholt had brought. "I can try creating it for you, but I have to tell you, that the offer doesn't include custom orders and that items of perfect rarity are quite expensive. It'll be 1100 col, or if you want to get it soo, 12 T1 mats. Besides that, how do you know Pinball?" he asked.
  4. Hei's Items

    Name: Myrmidon's ArmourYour Profession: TailorYour Rank: 7Roll ID: 99401Roll Result: 10Item Type: Light ArmourTier: T1Quality: Rare Enhancements: +1 MIT | +1 EVA Description: A simple, form-fitting, padded black leaver sleeveless vest.Post Link: here Name: Myrmidon's CloakYour Profession: TailorYour Rank: 7Roll ID: 99405Roll Result: 10Item Type: Cloak / Light ArmourTier: T1Quality: Rare Enhancements: +1 EVA | +1 EVADescription: A simple black leather cloak with hood that drapes over the right shoulder.Post Link: here
  5. Assuring him, that the monster shouldn't be a threat for him, and that in case of it damaging him, she would use her heal to minimize the attacks impact, Hei knew that she was ready to fight. So he drew his spear and grabbed it with his right hand, whilst he picked up one of the big bones from the ground. Having a last look at Eatos before the fight, he turned so he faced the deeper tunnel, that would lead them further into the cave, and that would soon spit out a giant snow beast and hit the skull with the bone. GONG the sound echoed from the walls and made a shudder go down his spine. A short period of silence appeared after the gong sound disappeared and Hei was wondering if it hadn't worked, just to be interrupted by the sound of bursting ice and really heavy steps, that were coming closer. The giant snow beast, that looked somewhat like the combination of a giant gorilla and an avalanche burst out of the cave and with loud howling fixed Hei, who was still holding the bone in his hand. "That's right, I am the one who woke you!!!" Hei shouted at the beast to get it's full attention, then he dropped the bone and charged at the giant beast, his spear glowing in a dark blue light. Hei had started the charge up for his most powerful swordskill, that was called merciless fury, and he aimed at multiple locations of the beast, and once he was close enough to hit it, he released the skill, bringing it down to nearly yellow. Now standing in front of the beast, he wasn't quick enough to jump aside, and the snow spike tail he hadn't seen hit him from the side, sending him flying into the cave wall. Coughing he lay there, watching his HP dropping down quite a bit. Rolls: ID# 99826 Battle: 9 -> crit -> 10*12 = 120 DMG Mob: 10 -> crit -> 162 DMG Stats: Hei: 358/520HP | 39/52 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 9 DMG | Hate: 2 Snow Beast: 130/250 HP | 160 DMG | min 24 DMG through MIT Eatos: */* HP | */* Energy |
  6. [F17-SP]A Tailors Ascension

    Even though the Satyr had shaken his head when Hei had asked him about his name, a little later, when Hei was looking around and stopped ho inspect some plants he hadn't seen before, the Satyr cough and started to talk "Hear me master Hei, the goddess doesn't like to wait, but who does? So it would be nice if you could not stop at every flower you see. You know, if you do that, it'll be like Deoseus, what'd take you so long to bring this mere mortal to me? and all I would be able to say is that you preferred to pluck some plants." and Hei could see the worried expression in the Satyrs face. "Hmm, if you tell it like this Deoseus, it appears that this is merely your problem, but I'll try to not stop at every flower, just the ones that are really interesting to me" And even though Hei could see the Satyr not really being happy with it, he marched on, and stopped not to far away at another interesting plant and after a short examination, he gathered the parts that were of worth for him. ID# 99816 LD: 20 -> CD: 3 -> +1 bonus material T2 mat total: 2
  7. [F17-SP]A Tailors Ascension

    When he returned to the Satyr, the mythic creature quietly told him to follow along, as they had to wander for a few days maybe, as mount Olympus was all across the floor. "Okay, that sounds like a long journey I can use to restock my materials before I arrive and talk with the goddess" And the satyr, not happy but accepting that lead him out of the town. From outside the town looked even more impressive then from within, as it was surrounded by a huge marble wall, that would be a great defence against what ever would attack the town. But the surrounding landscape looked just as impressive, as it was covered in perfectly planned fields and meadows, only interrupted by aqueducts that crossed the land and brought water to everyone who might need it. Hei had to admit, that this was a really nice floor and he was a little sad that he never had visited it before. "Hey, do you have a name mister Satyr?" Hei asked, as he thought it would be nice to know it in case he wanted to talk to him, but the satyr just shook his head and lead the way further away from the town.
  8. Swimming right at the shore, Hei called his familiar to pet the little raptor while Saphira took of parts of her cloths and walked into the water, once she was in so deep, only her head was above the water, Hei turned to her "What do you say, isn't it just so refreshing in here?" He was aware of the fact that she might have problems with wearing so little with him around, but he didn't let her notice that he had thought about it. With both of them in the water and Huatli right next to the lake, he petted it once more before, with a single strong movement, swimming on his back to the middle of the lake, letting his gaze wander around in search of material to gather. Every now and then he saw Saphira somewhere, but for the moment he would ignore her and dive back down to see if there was more he could need. And he really found some more of those shiny shells and picked them up, then turning to Saphira and showing them to her "Hey, look what I found" ID# 99767 LD: 14+5 = 19 -> CD: 4 -> +1 Bonus material T1 total: 15
  9. [F17-SP]A Tailors Ascension

    With the Satyr still looking at him, waiting for a response, Hei decided that accepting it was the only way he would find out what this was about, so he turned his attention back to the satyr and proclaimed, so the other NPCs could hear it "If it is the gods' will for me to pay them a visit, I will indeed accept their invitation and follow you to their realm at the mount Oympus. Is there anything else I have to be aware of?" and to his own surprise it wasn't the satyr that answered, but some of the people that gazed at them. "Hey you, you have to bring a sacrifice for the gods, follow me and I'll show you my wares." - If this is some kind of joke, it is a good one - Hei thought but he followed the vendor into his shop, and saw that he had beautiful fabric and small statues made from gold. "Wow, these look really well made and like the gods would appreciate them, so what would you suggest for the goddess of love?" he asked, and the vendor showed him a small statue of a beautiful bird. Hei nodded and bought it, before he returned to the plaza where the satyr was still waiting.
  10. After Saphira had stopped hugging him, and he had accepted the item drop, he got back to his feet and so when Saphira thanked him and told him that they should really head back to town, he was ready to go. Saphira turned and started walking, with Hei right behind her. "You were the one who got the quest, so you should lead us to the person we have to talk to, and how about we get something to drink in a local tavern to celebrate your first field boss kill?" he asked her while they were walking back to the town. As he had walked around here before, he was aware of where they had to go, so he didn't have to follow the path and use the time to maybe find at least a few materials he could use for his shop. And indeed, not to far off their way, he saw a couple of blooming flowers, that looked like the cotton he had gathered on the first floor. Walking over there, he quickly gathered them and headed back to Saphira afterwards. ID# 99766 LD: 16 -> CD: 2 -> 1 bonus material -> 2 T1 mats found T1 total: 2
  11. (PP-F1) Piggy Slaying

    As he had asked the girl the first question, Fae yawned and Hei could see that she was getting sleepy already. - Maybe we should wait for tomorrow before continuing this game - he thought, when the little girl finally relied to his question. - So she can't decide, but it were both colours he could have seen being named. Not just that, they were complimentary colours. - was what he was thinking when the little one asked him the same question. He had to think about it for a moment and then replied "Well, before I entered this game I would have said turquoise as the sea, but since I have been here, I haven't seen much of the sea and it would be hurtful to always be reminded of the past, so nowadays I really like this ruby red my dragon eye is ." He already had told the small girl more about himself than he had to any other player with just this little information. As he had noticed that she had become sleepy, he added "How about we stop playing and continue tomorrow, I'm getting sleepy already"
  12. While ha was looking at the giant entrance to the cave, he did not see the hesitation and fear in Eatos face, and when he turned to her, she smiled at him. He realized that it looked a little forced, but he had already learned that Eatos had a hard time smiling and showing happiness, maybe even feeling happy, so he acted as if he hadn't noticed it. When she had then told him, that it would be the same as last time, him fighting and her healing, he had nodded with a smile on his face. "Alright, if that's how we should do it, I'm down for it. It shouldn't be a big problem to kill the monster, so let's head down this cave and find our big beast." he said and started walking into the cave that screamed of death. Down inside the icy cave, he saw the skull that was waiting for him to hit it with some of the bones that were scattered across the floor around it. He had done this once before, but before he would hit the skull and summon the mob, he turned to Eatos once more. "Ready to start the fight?"
  13. It seemed that Hydra was really tagging along, which after Eatos and Stryder both had told the group, that they would have to fight iron knight probably wasn't the worst of things. - I have never fought iron knights, but I suppose they are stronger than the normal mobs I have fought till now - He thought, before turning to the others. "Well, then should be begin our adventure and kill some iron knights? Just one more question. Where do we find them, I don't see any mobs that look like knights anywhere close by." with this said and asked, he waited for the others to agree on starting their journey and getting to know where they had to go. While he was waiting he once more realized how hot it was on this floor, and that he wasn't at all ready to take on the heat like it was, but that there probably wasn't a good way of avoiding it. Not just that, but he also thought about having to wander across this terrible floor, as it might be possible that the knights were somewhere across the floor and even though it was hot, a cold shiver ran down his spine. @Hydra
  14. Once Sebastian @Grimm had agreed to him taking measurements, he started right away and just a few minutes later, he had everything he needed. "Very well, I'll start doing my magic here, so feel free to either leave and I'll message you once I finished your attire, or to take a seat, enjoy a cup of tea and wait for me to finish work." and with this said, he left the player where he was and moved over to the workshop part of his shop. Browsing through his materials, he found exactly the right fabric to craft the attire of, and after about 15 minutes he returned to Sebastian, the suit and cloak in hands. "Here you go. Feel free to fit it on and tell me if it is what you hoped for. In case it is, I'll remind you of my prices, which would be 400 col or 3 T1 mats, with me preferring the material, so I can continue crafting." The Samurai who had ordered the T3 armour picked up an order form and after just a moment handed over the form with all the information Hei would need to craft the armour he wished to get. "Thank you, I'll try my best to meet your expectations and craft it with the material I got left." He had just said that, when Baldur left the Hanger and Hei was alone again. - Well, this will be a piece of hard work with just 6 materials, but if I remember right, there were some rumours about a rare quest, that could help me crafting, so I'll have a look into that. -
  15. Hei's Items

    Name: Royal Attire Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 6 ID: 93710 Roll: 8 Item Type: clothing Tier: 1 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: LD +1 Description: A white and blue suit with golden trim, along with a white, blue and golden cloak that covers the back. Post Link: leave blank