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  1. ... rolling Hei: 434/600 HP | 22/60 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 12 DMG | +3 LD Living Armour: 0/430 HP | 90 DMG (+10 DMG per crit) T2 total: 21 Col total: 6725 ID# 108714 BD: 9 -> 12*(12+1) = 156 -> dead MD: 8-3 = 5 -> miss Lootroll: ID# 108715 LD: 4+3 = 7 -> CD: 8 -> (4+1)*HP col = 2150 | 1 T2 mat
  2. ... rolling Hei: 434/600 HP | 34/60 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 12 DMG | +3 LD Living Armour: 118/430 HP | 90 DMG (+10 DMG per crit) T2 total: 20 ID# 108713 BD: 2 miss MD: 2 miss
  3. ... rolling Hei: 434/600 HP | 35/60 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 12 DMG | +3 LD Living Armour: 118/430 HP | 90 DMG (+10 DMG per crit) T2 total: 20 ID# 108712 BD: 10 =critical hit -> 12*(12+2) = 168 DMG MD: 9 = critical Hit -> 90+10 = 100 DMG
  4. ... rolling Hei: 534/600 HP | 47/60 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 12 DMG | +3 LD Living Armour: 286/430 HP | 90 DMG (+10 DMG per crit) T2 total: 20 ID# 108711 BD: 3+3 = 6 -> hit -< 12*12 = 144 DMG MD: 5 - 3 = miss
  5. After Hei had checked on the flowers for more than five minutes already, he decided that there was no reason for him to further check them, as he had come closer to the fishing pond, and he could already see the many fish swimming in there, just waiting for him to catch them. As Hei knew it would be boring for Huatli, he opened his inventory and from it he took a bone with meat and all, turned to Huatli and started to wag the bone, so she started looking at it with all her interest. "Go and find it" Hei said, as he threw the bone into the huge bed of flowers, and Huatli immediately disappeared, following the bone and she would probably keep chewing on it for some time he would use to get some fishing going. With the fishing rod from his inventory, Hei started fishing for the fish he could see, but it seemed they were fed quite enough, so after about ten minutes he still had caught just one single fish. When he put the material into his inventory, he noticed, that his energy was back to full, so he would be able to fight another one of those monsters. ID# 108710 CD: 5 -> 1 mat fished up T2 total: 20 3/3 Energy fully recovered 534/600 HP
  6. When Hei first asked Cosi, if it was okay for him to switch from fishing to go and use some more standard gathering, Cosi interrupted him, as he had caught a big fish and had to reel it in before he could focus on what Hei said. "Wow, nice catch!" Hei said, before he continued talking to Cosi. After he had told him everything, the blonde agreed with him, but also told him, that he would continue fishing, as he wasn't that good in gathering, but that there were many ponds around, so Hei could go and look for mats and he would just fish in what ever pond was near. "Okay, then let's go" Hei said, choosing a direction at random after he had place the fishing rod back into his inventory. The direction he chose lead them through a nice and relaxingly green and lively forest towards a bigger meadow, where Hei could see quite a lot of bushes that all were possible spawnpoints for berries that could be converted into materials. Hastily Hei walked over to the first of the bushes, and checked for fruit, but there wasn't anything he was able to collect, shrugging his shoulders, Hei walked over to the next one, but before he reached it, his foot got stuck in a small hole on the ground and Hei stumbled and fell to the ground, just slightly being quick enough to get his hands to stop the fall. "ough... what was that?" he mumbled more to himself, then so Cosi could hear it. ID# 108709 LD: 1 -> crit fail T1 total: 14 @Cosi
  7. After Hei had split up the items that had been within the treasure chest, so they both would have something, he had hugged Saphira, who had hugged him back. After that, they had continued their walk through the snow, Huatli always jumping from one snowdrift to the next. - She seems so happy with all the now. Maybe I should come here more often- he thought, when Saphira asked him if what she had seen was what they were looking for. Hei had to look for it for a moment, before he saw the dark entrance into the cave system. "Yeah, that would be the entrance. In there we have to be careful. There are more monsters than just the huge ice monster we want to slay, so always stay close to me" he said and then he whistled once and Huatli quickly came to them and stopped jumping around. With them assembled like that, Hei grabbed his spear and made his way towards the entrance, and even though it looked dark from the outside the cave wasn't really dark, the blue ice got lighted by rays of sunlight that travelled through the ice from god knew where. It looked fantastic, and if there weren't the bones scattered around it would be a great place to look at. Between the Bones that littered the floor, there was a huge skull, that sat on an ice pillar and Hei knew, once he would smash it, the sound it created would summon the beast they were waiting to slay. "You have to be careful, the beast is really strong, and I don't want you to get hurt, so you best stay back and wait for me getting it's attention, once I summed it by hitting this skull" he said, but he did not really gave her a chance to reply, as he smashed the skull with the shield on his arm, and heavy steps could be heard from the deeper caves. The huge hairy monster with it's sharp claws and fangs walked into the cave, not like something that was about to kill someone, but like something that was just going to have a look who had arrived. Once the beasts glowing blue eyes had seen Hei and his companions, it growled and it seemed the cave started to shake. Hei who had seen it before whistled two times, and Huatli started to circle the monster, ducked to the floor so it wouldn't see her all well, while Hei shouted "Hey you, Snowy, I'm gonna kill you" and banged the spear at his shield. The blue eyes glowed brighter when the monster face Hei, who had already started running at it, his spear glowing from the power of the swordskill within. When Hei was close enough for the beast to attack, it tried to hit him, but the small raptor that had sneaked up to it jumped it's knee and the big monster fell to the ground, allowing Hei to release his swordskill, hitting it multiple times and dropping it's HP to not much more than half. ID# 108622 BD: 5+3 = 8 -> hit -> 9*12 = 108 dmg -> 142/250 HP MD: 1 -> crit fail Snow Beast: 142/250 HP | 160 dmg | partial phase (min 24 dmg even though mitigation) [1] Hei: 600/600 HP | 47/60 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 9 DMG | 27 MIT [0] Saphira: 240/240 HP | 24/24 Energy | MIT 18 | EVA 1 | DMG 5
  8. After Hei had told Stryder, that he would translate for him, but had added a joke, Stryder's face nearly slipped, and Hei had to giggle a little. He hadn't really though it would be that funny to see Stryder fight for control because of something that silly. But then Stryder smiled and told him, that he knew the feature, but he opted to not use it for the game feeling more like the real world. "Yeah, I can understand it, I don't usually have it active either, but then there aren't that much players that talk what I don't understand. You must know I travelled a lot before I got this game, so I am quite versatile in regards to languages. I can speak three fluently and understand like four more." Then Stryder proceeded to talk to the others, that started talking about the tasks Stryder had given them, and how they would do the teamfight. Hei overheard that Saphira complained about not wanting to be a support and he wondered how Stryder had come to think of her as a supporter at first. He had fought with her, and even though she wasn't that trained, she was a good fighter, and he would love to see her fight again. He himself had gotten the potion and had taken it when Stryder had told them, that they would leave soon. Once everyone was ready, Stryder tried to give a speech, and even though it wasn't that good of a speech, Hei felt the power of the words flow through him. They made their way towards a lake not to far off, to see if there was something they would be able to fight, and as Stryder saw a group of weaker mobs and a quite strong one, he told them about his plan. He would give everything for the guild, and when Stryder told the others, that they should call for him or Hei, Hei nodded towards the others and added "Yeah, don't worry. We'll come and help you out in case of there being any problems" Ready for the fight, he grabbed his weapon, but when Stryder told him to kiss his girl goodbye, Hei had to smile. He knew this was probably for him being mean to his leader earlier, but he still watched Stryder run towards the beast, waved at Saphira and said "Good luck with your fight, and stay save" When Hei turned back, he saw that Stryder had reached the beast and that it had already started to fight back, throwing him to the ground and kicking him. - Damn, I should better start helping him - he though, while he charged the beast, his spear glowing from the charging swordskill. The moment Hei arrived, Stryder got kicked again and this time he rolled back and came back to his feet. The huge lizardman was still looking at Stryder, so Hei used it's unawareness of him to attack it from the side. His spear swung at the monster and hit it multiple times, before it even could turn towards him. Once it turned, Huatli, who had run around it hissed at it from another direction, so the lizardman wouldn't know where to focus on. Stats Party 1
  9. Hei had watched the fight, as it had gone just like he had thought it would go, even though he was surprised by seeing the dragon live after Stryder had attacked it. But then there was Eatos, slicing it down with her Katana. - Nice, so now there is only the cultists to kill. I have never seen her use the Katana before - were the two things Hei was thinking, while he waited for Saphira to attack the Cultists. Both of the elves made their way towards Stryder, and it seemed Saphira had forgotten what to do, when she finally started running towards them, but missed the one she had aimed at by a few centimetres. - Well, seems like it's my turn to kill something - he thought, while he saw Saphira falling back, so he would have the space he needed. With the shield in hand he yelled at the cultists, who turned around and started walking towards him, but before they could reach him, Hei charged a swordskill and once they were close enough, he released it, hitting both of them with multiple heavy swings and saw, how they exploded into pixels. With a laugh he stopped attacking and turned to the others, "Heya, it's done. I think you should grab the stone Stryder and then let's get out of here and have drink" Ghidorah: 0/215 HP | 40 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 70 DMG | 14 Thorns party 1: [1]Embers: 386/400 HP | 40/40 Energy | 9 DMG | 39 MIT | 2 ACC [2]Stryder: 700/700 HP | 53/70 EN | 62 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA [1]Eatos: 420/420 HP | 42/42 EN | ... Elven Dragon Cultist 1: 0/50 HP | 25 MIT | 35 DMG | 14 Thorns Elven Dragon Cultist 2: 0/50 HP | 25 MIT | 35 DMG | 14 Thorns party 2: Saphira: 240/240 HP | 23/24 Energy | 18 MIT | 1 EVA | 5 DMG Hei: 572/600 HP | 46/60 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 12 DMG | 54 MIT
  10. To Hei it seemed, Cosi was really interested in what he told him, he even forgot to look for his fishing pole and missed the opportunity when a fish had gotten the hook. After that, he simply recast the line, and told Hei, that he had to catch up, if he wanted to pay for the items he had ordered. "Well, you maybe should. I don't know how long you'll take to get the materials, but even with my luck I don't have that much mats by now. And I might have forgotten about it, so good that you remembered me" he said, smiled and cast out the line, but it seemed the fish didn't want to bite this time. So when it took to long, Hei decided, that he would stop gathering by fishing, and instead use his gatherer skill and the enhancement of his cloak to go and find some materials the old fashioned way. "How about we go and have a look at what else we can find without just sitting here?" he asked the blonde. ID# 108549 CD: 3 -> nothing caught T1 total: 14 @Cosi
  11. After Hei had talked to Jinx in Chinese, after she had introduced herself, Stryder who had heard him talking Chines too, came over and said, that he now finally had a translator. Hei who knew off the translation setting of the game, but had decided to turn it off looked at Stryder and smiled "Well, I'm happy to help you with translation work, but I wont translate what ever you say behind those doors" and with an even bigger grin on his face, he nodded towards Stryders bedroom doors. "But on the other side, you know there is an option in the menu you can turn on to auto translate everything?" he asked as he wondered if Stryder really didn't knew. Before Stryder could reply, Jinx told him, that she was happy to have found someone who was able to talk Chinese too. And that it was difficult finding someone, but within her sentence, she lost focus and Hei would never find out what she wanted to say, as Stryder returned to him, handing him a perfect snack item, that would increase the amount of col mobs would drop in case of him killing them, and explained, that their fight probably would be dangerous, and with both him and Stryder having one of those, they wouldn't have to wait for the other one to deal the killing blow. "Alright, I'll wait with it till we head out, so it wont wear off before we got to kill anything. And in case of the fight becoming dangerous, you can count on me." he replied, being proud to get so much responsibility. After that, Stry went to hand some items to the other players, and Hei was on his own, thinking about the coming fight. After Stryder had asked them, if anyone ha d any questions, Gryas asked him, what kind of mobs they would be fighting. Hei who had never quested or fought on the floor didn't know what kind of mobs there were, so when Sty told them, that he wasn't to sure either, but that it might just be big versions of ordinary animals, Hei was sure, the fight shouldn't be to hard for them. "Okay, I'm ready to go. should we head out already?" he asked his friend and guildleader while his gaze wandered from one to the next, looking if they were just as ready as he was.
  12. After he had started searching the area around the place he had fought the monster and not found anything of value, Hei decided that he and Huatli would have a look at the neighbouring district, where there was not just even more of the mansions garden, but also the huge fishing pond, that was filled with fish. He would take his time and do some fishing, once his energy would have come back to full, as there always was a chance of fishing up monsters, or at least he thought so. "Come on Huatli, we're leaving these living armour now" he said, as he picked up his spear and walked around the corner, finding a huge garden with beautiful flowers and started looking at them, as there was a chance that some of them were pluck able, but even though he walked around, looking at them for more then five minutes there was not a single one he could pluck. While he was not able to find anything, his HP and his energy further continued rising. D# 108315 LD:6+3 = 9 -> noting found T2 total: 19 2/3 posts till full energy 504/600 HP
  13. Before anyone reacted to him appearing, a girl he hadn't seen before appeared from where Stryder's bedroom must have been. - she must be the newbie Stryder mentioned when I arrived - He thought. When she started introducing her self in fluent Chinese, it took like two words before he knew what was going on and focused on understanding what she said. As Hei had grown up in china, he was fluent too, so when she had finished he decided that he would reply in chinese, just to see how she would react. Hei thought it was odd, that she said her name, and then told them that she wasn't supposed to tell them, and that her name in here was Jinx. - Well, seems like she didn't have that much contact within the game, or she would have gotten used to using her tag by now - he wondered, but before he could reply his girlfriend appeared, apologizing for being late and greeting everyone, especially him with a smile. Hei smiled at Saphira and walked over to her, trying to not disturb anyone on his way and then softly and quite low he said "Hey my dear, nice to see you." and then kissed her on the cheek to greet her. After this he had to wait a moment, as Arabelle and Dustin introduced themselves before he could talk to Jinx. Turning to the girl that was wearing an eyepatch, he switched to Chinese and said "Hello Jinx, nice to meet you. As you are the new guild recruit, you might not know me. I am Hei and am assisting your friend Stryder in leading the guild. I hope you'll like it in the guild."
  14. After Hei had called for Saphira, she quickly walked over to him, and once she was able to see the chest he had found, she told him Good Job , smiling brightly and once she had really reached him, she kissed his cheek. With her touching him, Hei blushed, but he was able to stay focused on what she was saying. "Okay, if you think so, there is no need to tell me twice. I always love hunting for treasure" he said, looking at the chests lock and deciding, that it would be the same as ever. Hei was extremely bad in opening locks, but there always was the barbaric version of doing it, in which he was pretty good. The trident in his hand began glowing when he charged the weakest swordskill he knew, and once it was charged, he attacked the padlock, breaking it and freeing the chest. The moment he opened it, a pop up appeared in front of it, telling him what was in there. <<This Treasure Chest contains>> 600 col 8x Materials (Tier 1) 1x armour (Tier 1), heavy, perfect <<unidentified>> 2x consumables (Tier 1), rare, <<unidentified>> "Wow, we must have gotten really lucky with all this loot" Hei said, turning to his now girlfriend and hugged her really tight, pulling her close ho himself and he felt his face get even hotter than it had been before. Then he whispered "I think you should take this armour to Stryder, he should be able to find out, what it can do" and after accepting the loot, he opened a trading window with Saphira, sending her half of what he had found. ID# 108245 LD: 20 -> 600 col | 8 T1 mats | perfect <<unidentified>> T1 armour/ shield | 2 rare <<unidentified>> T1 consumables Hei: +300 col | +4 T1 mats | +1 rare <<unidentified>> T1 consumable Saphira: +300 col | +4 T1 mats | +1 rare <<unidentified>> T1 consumable | perfect <<unidentified>> T1 heavy armour
  15. After Hei had caught his last big fish, he had asked Cosi about his profession, and the blonde had chuckled a little, before he had started telling him, that he owned a merchant's store, but that it wasn't open at the moment. - I wonder why he hasn't done much in his profession. Maybe he is just very busy going on adventures with his friends - he thought, when Cosi continued, telling him, that was thinking about opening it for the public soon. "That's always nice to hear. What exactly does an merchant do?" he asked, before Cosi shrugging and grinning at him asked him how it was to be a tailor. Hei smiled and said "Well, I don't know how it is in the real world, never have touched a needle out there, but within this game it's a pretty well made crafting system. In the beginning I just thought it simply was choosing the right materials and while crafting deciding which enhancements would be best, but nowadays I noticed, that there is a hidden more specific crafting system I got once I reached a high enough level. So there actually is things like taking measurement and stuff like that one would have to do in the real world too. With this system, the Items wont use the auto fit function, so they fit perfectly for whom I made them, but not anyone else, except they had the same bodytype and measurements. " That was all he could tell Cosi at the moment, as he really didn't knew what else to say, so he turned his attention back to the pond. Cosi's line still hadn't moved, which was kind of sad, and became even sadder, when Hei cast his line out, waited for about half a minute and got another big one. ID# 108244 CD: 10 -> 3 T1 mats T1 total: 14 @Cosi