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  1. Hei

    [F7-PP]Calming Soul

    After he had asked Saphira about the village she was from, it took her some time to find a good answer. They continued their way up the hill and it wouldn't take to long before they would reach the first stop he had thought of. With both of them walking hand in hand Hei felt a warmth he hadn't known before, as he had never really been the guy for close relationships. After a moment Saphira started to talk and told him about her past in the village and how she had planted with her mother and how there was not much time for her to play. - Her past must have been difficult for a child, I hope she can have a good time now, here with me - he thought, as he imagined her helping her mother instead of playing. After she was done he said "I bet your village is really nice, and I would like to visit it once we get out of here. Is it really that much like it is still in the past days?" he asked, but then he remembered that it wasn't his turn to have his question answered. "Forget about that, it's your turn to ask me something" after this they walked quiet again, while Saphira was thinking about a good question. After they had walked close to each other she finally asked him if he was afraid of something and added that being afraid of dying wouldn't count as an answer. As Hei started thinking about it, he realized that he wasn't afraid of many things, but now there was one more thing he had to worry about. "Uhm... I don't think it's a problem the it doesn't count, as I ain't really afraid of dying in this game. The design is tough through well enough for it to be fair, and as a good player I always stay where I should be save. In the real world I had to fight for my own interests, as my parents weren't happy with what I wanted to do, so maybe being ripped of the freedom to do what I want to do could count as a fear. Oh, and right now I realize, there is another new fear I haven't known before. ... It's the fear to lose you" with this some what cringy romantic last part, he wasn't sure if he could add anything else. So he simply decided to continue walking next to her, her hand in his, and wait till they would reach the glacial lake that was hist first goal. Once the lake appeared in their view, he stopped and appreciated the view. Then before they would head down there, he had found a question "So I think it's my turn again. As you might have noticed I really like the game, even with it maybe being my death, how about you. Do you like this world, or would you rather be back to your own old life?"
  2. To Hei it seemed like she was a little besides herself, just chomping on her food and more or less forgetting that he was there. Then after a brief moment, she was done wit the curry and her attention wandered back to him. Hei could see the thoughts taking on speed behind her eye, when she finally started to talk again. In fluent Chinese she told him that Stryder wasn't home, and she tried to tell him where he was, but she must have forgotten where he went, as she just stumbled along without really telling him where he was. Then she notices that the food was all gone and mentioned that before asking them why they were there. Before Hei could answer, Dustin who had waited a little aside told her that he was there to see his friend and Hei could hear that he wasn't super into her not thinking of it. But then he smiled and added that he was there because of the invite Hei had sent him. Sitting down besides the door, Dusting stated that he would wait and be ready once Hei needed him. Then the boy started eating some cookies and even handed one to Jinx, with the statement that she was the lady and Hei wouldn't get one. Hei had to smile and without any more thoughts said "Well, Jinx, Dustin. I had hoped to meet Stryder, so we could go and get some col gathering done. I thought we could get a share of the Guildhall already, but it looks like he isn't here. Dustin, I messaged you, as I thought you might want to come with us, and now that Stryder isn't here, Jinx, how about you tag along?" after telling and asking them, he opened his menu and took out a golden caramel muffin, just to show Dustin that it wasn't to bad, then he added "There is a place on the eleventh floor where Mobs are more frequently spawned and have a higher chance of good loot and especially more col. I thought we might go there and fight a few of the living armours that spawn there. And in case you need materials, there is a higher chance that they get spawned too." @Jinx OOC: eating the golden Caramel Cupcake for +3 Prosperity for the thread
  3. Hei

    Housing Evaluation

    House Name: The big Lake House Location: Floor 22 / Edge of Coral Description: On the Edge of Coral, right next to the big Lake there is a big log cabin, overlooking the small settlement. This three story high building still looks rustic as it's a simple type of building without any extras. The big upper floor is one huge open room that is both a living room and the two owners bed room at once. The first floor is taken by two rooms and an empty space that is designed to one day become the kitchen and the dining room. The two separated rooms are for both of them to do their work without leaving the floor. In the backyard, there is a special Fishing Pond that was beautiful fish in it and water lilies all over it. Plot Size: Estate Room(s): Bedroom (Floor 2) Living room (Floor 2) (Hei, Saphira) Attic Storage (Hei) Basement (Hei) Fishing Pond (Hei) Sewing Room (Floor 1) (Hei) Pharmacy (Floor 1) (Saphira) [10000 col] Room Upgrade(s): Master Bedroom (Floor 2) (Hei, Saphira) [15000 col] Extended Sewing Room (Floor 1) (Hei) [15000 col] Total Cost: DONATION + 2 * 15000 + 10000 = 40000 col
  4. After he had typed the message, he had just enough time to turn back to the door, before it was opened. The smell of curry filled the streets when the girl opened the door, a bowl in one hand. That wasn't Stryder, so Hei was a little perplexed, bit it seemed he wasn't the only one. The girl took quite some time, drinking her curry, before she started talking. Hei was sure he had met her before, but he wasn't sure where. When she told him that she was called Jinx a memory of the day they had been hunting as a guild returned and Hei remembered that she was part of the guild. - She's the one that switched languages back than. I wonder what she is doing here at Stryder's - he thought, before he replied to her question. Before he had chance to reply he was interrupted by another voice. It was Dustin, and he seemed to be in better shape when it came to knowing who was in the guild. But what was that about Hei actually being cool now. He turned to Dustin and said "What do you mean? Don't you think your second in command is cool?" But the smile on his friends face made him smile too, so it didn't sound as angry as it should. Remembering that Jinx just introduced herself, he turned back to her and said "Hey Jinx, you might not remember, but we already met back when we went for the hunting trip. My name is Hei by the way, and yes I was looking for Stryder, is he home?" @Jinx
  5. Hei

    [F7 - Shop] Tacet Cibum {Rank 8 Cook}

    After he had ordered the Items it seemed Neo needed some time to complete the craft. As he didn't knew how long making food would take, Hei started eating from the not enhanced food he had ordered. It was delicious and he knew he would really enjoy the muffin she was creating specially for him. Once she was done with the craft Hei took the two Items he had ordered and placed the into his inventory, handing over a stack of material to pay for them. Before he left, he wrote down Thanks Neo. The Food is great and I'm sure I'll visit your shop again. -10 T2 Mats + Golden Garlic Bread (+3 LD) + Golden Caramel Muffin (+3 Prosperity)
  6. It had been a some time since the leaders of the Guardians of the new Dawn had decided that they needed a place for them to meet and gather around. The guild was nice and they had done a few things together, but without a guildhall they weren't a real guild. After Eatos had died the progress of gathering col for it had nearly stopped, but today Hei would change that. It was still early, but the sun was shining bright on the first floor when Hei left the hanger with his small Raptor at his side. He had prepared for this, and his backpack was filled with useful items when he headed towards the teleportation plaza with a sandwich in his hand. He had had some tea, but he wanted to be early, so Stryder would sure be at home, so he was eating on his way towards him. Once he reached the teleporter, he quickly teleported to the twenty second floor and made his way to the stone house Stryder was living in. He knew he had his shop in there too, but if you didn't knew, it was hard to find it without any signs telling about its presence. Once he was there, he walked to the simple door and knocked a few times, then stepped aside and waited for Stryder to open it. While he was waiting in front of the house, he thought if there were others that would want to help, and he remembered that Dustin had joined the guild on a hunting trip, so hi might be one to ask if he would want to tag along. Quickly he opened the menu and typed a message @Dustin Hey friend, I'm at Stryder's and am planing to go out to the eleventh floor. I heard, somewhere in the forest, there should be a ruined castle where living armours spawn and that they have better loot than most other mobs. Also there should be a good amount of materials waiting for everyone who enters the castle. Hei OOC: @Jinx
  7. Hei

    [F7 - Shop] Tacet Cibum {Rank 8 Cook}

    Hei had never been to Tacet Cibum, but he had heard about the place. He knew that Neo, who had been to his shop before was the owner, and that she must be one of the best cook within the game. As he was about to start a gathering adventure he would check out her restaurant to get some of the nice food she was creating. When he entered the small shop, the scent of pine that is everywhere encloses him and Hei feels at home. He walks over to the counter and takes the sheet of paper to write down his order. - Hey Neo, It's been some time since we last saw. I really like your restaurant and would love to try some of your food. Could you bring me some of your Toast and Dip for now, and craft bag something for later. I need one of those great Golden Garlic Breads and a Golden Caramel Muffin I'll pay in T2 Mats if that is okay. OOC Order: Golden Garlic Bread (LD +3)
  8. After he had been hit Stryder instantly jumped into the fight, helping him by attacking the toadman with a multitude of punches followed by a kick that sent it flying to the ground and stunned it, so it wasn't able to move at all. Hei had waited for a moment like this and so he grabbed the trident a little more firmly, got back to his feet and ran at the monster, jumping into the air shortly before he had reached it and stabbed at it while flying over it. The trident was glowing dark red when it hit the mob, but the metallic ringing noise and the fact that the attack had not done any damage were caused by the trident hitting the big spiky collar the beast was wearing. "God damnit, I missed it once again. We are lucky enough you stunned it with your attack, at least it can't hit me in the back now" he said when he landed and turned to the monster. Stryder was lying on his back, as the last attack had drained the last bit of energy he still had. This fight would be going till he finally was able to hit the monster. ID# 112699 | BD: 2 + 3 = 5 -> missed [1] Hei (Level 30) : 545/600 HP | 20/60 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 12 DMG | 54 MIT - 3 Prosperity [2] Stryder (level 36) : 652/720 HP - 0/72 EN - 15 DMG - 3 EVA - 62 Mit - 4 ACC - 3/3 Concentration - 3 Prosperity MOB Toadman - 51/500 HP - 108 DMG @Jinx
  9. Hei had gotten a few new mats lately, so he was eager to finish the items Pleue had ordered, but it was like it had been the first time he had tried to craft the items she had ordered and everything he did wasn't quite good enough. Even worse, he failed to craft items at all multiple times. This hadn't happened to him for quite a while, as he had thought he was getting better in the job. - Well, I hope she is okay with waiting a little longer, as I have to get new mats before I can continue crafting for her - Daily Craft 1: ID# 112691 CD: 10+1 = 11 -> rare T1 clothing -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 112692 CD: 2+1 = 3-> fail -1 mat | +2 exp Daily Craft 3: ID# 112693 CD: 2+1 = 3 -> LD: 18 -> salvaged -0 mat | +2 exp Daily Craft 4: ID# 112694 CD: 5+1 = 6 -> uncommon T1 clothing -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 5: ID# 112695 CD: 9+1 -> rare T1 clothing -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 6: ID# 112696 CD: 10+1 = 11-> rare T1 clothing -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 7: ID# 112697 CD: 4+1 = 5-> uncommon T1 clothing -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 8: ID# 112698 CD: 3+1 = 4 -> fail -1 mat | +2 exp Started with 1910 exp + 32EP Ended with 1942 exp
  10. A girl entered Hei's shop, and when Hei went to greet her, she only gave him a small wave, so Hei waited for her to finish what ever she was going to do before greeting her. Seeing how she went over to the custom order forms, he was excited to see what kind of items she would like to have. After she finished, she put them into the box and Hei walked over to have a look. - Light armour with a little bit of mitigation and evasion. They are good for the lower levels, but later they will loos a little bit, so she probably will be back some time later. And this gathering hat, it will always stay good, so it's a good choice to get one of those early on. - He thought, as he read what she had filled in. Opening his menu Hei noticed, that he was nearly out of materials, so he went over to the girl, that had sit down on the sofa and told him, that she would just wait for him to finish. Hei didn't know how far he would come, but he would try. Walking over to her, he just placed down some cookies and some Tea in case she wanted some. Then he went into the workshop and started working on the hat first, but it seemed none of the items he was able to create were good enough for her, so after an hour he was out of mats and returned to the girl. "Hey there, I tried crafting your items, but I ran out of materials before I could craft anything good enough for you. If you want you can have one of the not so good ones till I am done with the right ones. I'll message you once I got a chance to work on them again." @Pleue OOC: you can have a rare version of the hat or the armour if you want to and can return it once the real one is done for no cost Daily Craft 1: ID# 112610 CD: 4+1 = 5 -> uncommon T1 clothing -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 112611 CD: 10+1 = 11-> rare T1 clothing -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 3: ID# 112612 CD: 1 = crit fail -1 mat | +2 exp Daily Craft 4: ID# 112613 CD: 6+1 = 7 -> uncommon T1 clothing -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 5: ID# 112614 CD: 9+1 -> rare T1 clothing -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 6: ID# 112615 CD: 8+1 = 9-> rare T1 clothing -1 mat | +6 exp Started with 1882 exp + 28 Ended with 1910 exp
  11. Hei

    [F7-PP]Calming Soul

    While he had been thinking about what to ask, Saphira grabbed his hand and they started walking again, slowly following the way that now lead up the mountain once again. The path was brought enough for them walking next to each other and Hei embraced the touch of her hand. When she then answered his question, telling him that she was indeed from Japan, and that she was from a small village not to far off from Tokyo he started forming pictures of her in some rural town, helping a woman that looked like an older version of herself watering plants in a garden in front of a small house. He didn't knew if this was really something that had ever happened or if any of the stuff he was imagining was true, but it popped into his head and he wanted to ask her about it, but he knew it wasn't his time to ask, so he simply walked next to her, waiting for her to ask something. After quite a while she seemed to have fund the right question, as she started talking. She asked him what he liked to do, like he had wrote in the message, and wanted to know what his hobbies were. This was a difficult question as much had changed, but he was sure he would be able to tell her what she wanted o know, so Hei just started talking: "Well, that's a goo question. As you may be able to think off for yourself, I really liked playing videogames back before the SAO days, but I don't know if I can count this into my hobbies, as it was mostly connected with my Job. Still I also enjoyed them in my freetime. Let me think about the other things I liked doing... I really liked to travel and see lots of new places. I visited many towns and always everytime I got the chance I also visited some smaller villages around, leaving the busy town behind me and enjoying the nature. Hiking also is one of my hobbies, but you might have realized this already." After he had told her all this Hei paused for a moment, also stopping from walking and looked around. As his gaze wandered around in this virtual world, he thought about what to tell her next, and after a few moments he continued talking, but not walking and said "And as for now, Travelling is quite easy with the teleporter and the different floors, so I still do that, but it's not the same if you always need to watch out for some mobs to come and kill you. So since we are in SAO I changed a lot and with me my hobbies. Nowadays I really like to just chill and maybe swim a little on the first floor, and I really like visiting the public garden and to forget the time while I help out there, planting and harvesting what I planted earlier." this was about it, so Hei stopped once more, held on to her hand a little stronger and started walking once again. While they walked Hei thought about the next question and his vision of her as a small kid helping her mother reappeared in his mind. He had to know about her past, and he hoped he wouldn't wake any bad memories, so he asked "So you are from a small town, was it a real town or more of a rural place with gardens and a lot of place for a small you to play in?"
  12. Hei

    [F7-PP]Calming Soul

    Hei was really surprised when he saw the shock in Saphira's eyes. He had thought it was a funny thing to do, but the glare she threw at him told him other, he was already about to apologize when her face changed and the serious expression disappeared and got replaced by a big smile. She quickly came closer and before he could react she was at the creek herself, getting some water in her hands and splashed it at him. The water was really cold and Hei cringed when it hit him, and he understood her shocked look. Splashing back he stood up, but she had already jumped over the creek and waited for him. It wasn't good if he would continue, as she was waiting with a smile, so Hei quickly followed her and she asked him if he was ready for some question game, where one could only ask one question and the other one had to answer before asking a question himself. "Okay, I'll say yes. I answered your question, so now it's my turn. " he said, smiling at her for what he just did. Now he had to think about something he wanted to know. Hei really didn't knew much about Saphira except her name, so he simply started by asking "Your real name is a Japanese word, so I want to know if you really are from Japan or if your mum and dad just liked the sound of the name." He hoped this was a good question to begin with. If he knew where she was coming from, he might be able to ask more precise questions, as he had been all around the world and knew a lot of places.
  13. Even after Hei had told his friend, that he didn't need to worry about the others, as they were doing well, Stryder was still at them with his thoughts, so Hei saw the toadman moving at him, trying to use the fighters weakness, but Stryder jumped away from the blow, evading the attack and then sending a strong punch into the mob, dealing quite a lot of damage and making it stumble backwards. Hei saw that this was his chance to actually end the fight and stormed towards the monster. His trident began glowing, but when he arrived the toadman had already gotten back it's balance and blocked the attack with it's sword. Hei nearly got thrown to the ground when his trident got knocked away and the toad didn't wait for him to find his balance again but instead followed with another swing of the sword. Hei barely was able to raise the shield, so he just diverted the blow but was not able to block it all, so his HP dropped a little when the sword still hit his leg. "Damnit. I didn't got it. You'll have to finish it once more!" he called towards Stryder while he started to fall back a little. ID# 111593 BD: 2 + 3 = 5 -> miss MD: 9 -> critical hit -> 109 DMG - 54 MIT = 55 DMG -> 545/600 HP @Jinx
  14. Hei

    [F7-PP]Calming Soul

    Once they had started walking Hei could see the excitement in Saphira's eyes. She might not love to go hiking as much as he did, but he was sure she couldn't wait for them to reach the place he had just mentioned. They walked along a grassy hill that was just interrupted by a few huge rocks that had one day rolled down from the higher regions when Saphira climbed one of them. She looked like she was a child again, smiling and enjoying the day already. When she climbed back down and jumped in front of him when he reached her, she grabbed his hands and told him he should tell her a reason if he would ever leave her. - What a strange request for a time like this. I don't think I'll ever leave her, but I can understand her. I wouldn't want to see a loved one go without knowing why - That was what he thought, but he couldn't show it, so he smiled a little and replied "Don't worry, I'll just never leave you. And if there is something that leads to our ways to divide I'll for sure tell you" her with all honesty. After that she hugged him and Hei embraced it, also pulling her closer to himself but he was careful so he would not hurt her. After the moment was gone they continued their way towards the higher mountains and Hei was happy that the weather was this good. There were only a few clouds at the sky and the sun was shining bright. The meadow in front of them seemed to glow green with all that sunshine and they could hear a small creek not far from where they were at the moment. When they reached it Hei kneeled down and took a sip of the crystal clear water. It was really refreshing and he had a silly idea. He made a cup of his hands and filled it with ice cold water, then he splashed it at Saphira with a big smile on his face.
  15. Hei

    Face Claim Thread

    Hei: Hei - Darker than black