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  1. After Dustin had petted Huatli and said that she was a cutie pie, he had realized that they all knew Hei, but hadn't learned about each other by now. Just then, Dustin decided to walk towards the outer town, and Hei had a short moment alone with Eatos, before he would follow Dustin. "You know that my Shop and house is down here on the first floor? I just left from there and got some cake and a few rolls for breakfast. I was about to go to the public garden, getting some work done and gathering some materials. The shop is going so well, I am always at the limit of my materials. Do you want to tag along and have a picnic later on?" he asked her. Hei waited for Eatos to decide if she wanted to come with him, and if so, he would reach out to her, helping her up from the fountain. When they would catch up with Dustin, who kind of danced away from them, he heard him singing, but as Dustin had asked a few questions he had to interrupt him. "Sorry for interrupting your singing. If you want to gather some materials, I got a good idea for you. I was about to head out to the public garden, there one can plant and garden and everything grows unbelievable quick. And there always are players who exchange fruit and vegetable for other kind of mats. And just for you to know, this is Eatos, the Guardian of the New Dawn. She is part of the leading party of the Guardians of the new Dawn." @Eatos
  2. Somehow Eatos looked like the will to be active and live had left her, as she didn't even moved, just shifted her eyes to him, before she told him, that she was here because she wasn't able to sleep. - I wonder why she can't sleep. I myself can't sleep well everytime, but she looks like she hasn't slept well in some time. Maybe there is something worrying her - he thought, but before he could actually do something with these thought Dustin, who wore the same full cloak he had worn when he had visited the hanger, said something about Hei seeing through the disguise, just to unequip the cloak afterwards. "Yeah, if you try to use it as disguise, you shouldn't wear it all the times. And don't worry, I wasn't really wondering about that, or do you see me wearing armour or the mighty shield and trident she crafted for me?" he asked, pointing at Eatos. Dustin seemed to love Angel, as he just continued petting her all the time whilst they were talking. When he then saw Huatli, it seemed the happy boy got even happier and Hei worried about him exploding of joy. "Yeah, she's a raptor as you can see. And yes, she is pretty awesome, you should see her in battle" he said, while Dustin walked towards the raptor, a smile in his face that made Hei wonder, if it could get any bigger. Huatli who had not expected the Husky's reaction stood there, baffled but when Dustin walked towards her, she quickly came back from her confusion and looked up at him with intelligent eyes. She clicked at him a few times before she walked towards the smiling boy and then slowly and carefully rub her head at Dustin's hand. @Eatos
  3. Hei was surprised by how fast Stryder appeared, he had thought the leader of the Guardians probably would take his time, but it seemed he had been on the second floor already, so when he arrived Hei quickly greeted him after Stryder had introduced himself to Dustin. "Hey Stryder, nice to see you. How was your day? We need to make sure we meet more frequently" he said, when Dustin suddenly rushed towards where the big ass rock was located. At first Hei did not hear the sounds, but when Dustin ran away, he heard the sounds of punching himself, and even though not as hasty as Dustin, he made his way to the rock, just to see that Pinball had followed his invitation and was already attacking the rock. "Hey Pin, long time no see. I see you already have fun with the rock" he yelled, as Dustin jumped through the air and attacked it. It would be time for him to do his best too. Telling Huatli, who had been following them quietly, to attack the stone Hei observed the raptor, as it attacked a small crack in the rock. This was the point he had to attack, so with the gloves of annihilation on his hands, he walked up to the rock and simply punched it a single time, aiming for the small crack in the rock and hit it exactly in the right spot, dealing some amount of damage that could have been close to 10% of the HP gauge. Hei: 600/600 HP | 60/60 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 4 DMG Boulder: 31/50 HP | -2 EVA ID# 105871 BD: 9 -> 4+1 DMG -> 31/50 HP @Pinball
  4. Hei

    [OP|F03] Tavern talk (PK accessible)

    It was already getting late afternoon when Hei received a message from a player he had crafted some cloth for, who had heard about a party going on in the sunset tavern. Hei who had not been to a party for quite some time and liked taverns, no matter if there was a party or not, decided that he would pay this tavern a visit. - So if I go and crash some party, I might as well ask Saphira if she'd like to come with me - he thought while he walked through the hanger and the rooms above, looking for some casual but still classy clothing. Realizing he did not own something like that, he walked down the stairs into the workshop of his home and quickly crafted some new cloths for himself. He replaced the shorts he normally wore with long dark trousers and got a white shirt and a black vest. Now he was ready for the party, or at least looked like he was ready. Quickly he opened his menu and switched to the message tab to sent a notification to @Saphira Hey Saphira, I just learned about a party in the sunset tavern on the third floor. Would you like to accompany me there? In case you don't have the right cloth, just come to my place, I'll quickly craft some for you. Hei.
  5. Hei enjoyed it be be um in the mountains of the second floor, ever since he had been here to help Stryder with the breaking the unbreakable. They had taken some time to break down the rock, but when Stryder had finally landed the last blow, they had been really happy. The NPC who was around for the quest was interesting, as he knew lots of the lore of the world, and so hei came by every once and then to just have some tea with him and talk about everything and nothing. When he had come here today, the player that had just ordered the Dragon Claw Handwraps bumped into him. - I knew he was going to do the quest, but I had never thought I would meet him today. - Hei thought. Once Dustin had recognized him, he made the same silly joke everyone did when they met him, so Hei simply shook his head a little. -Why did everyone think it was so funny to say that?- he wondered, but there was not time for thinking about it, as Dustin asked him if he knew any players that would like to help. Hei didn't have to think more than a second before the first name came to his mind. "Yeah, I do know a few players from my guild that could help. Should I send them a message and ask them for assistance?" he asked the player. But he did not really wait for Dustin to answer, but opened his menu and sent messages to his guild mates. Hey @Stryder, I know your a master of the unarmed fighting skill of this game. There is a lower level player I met earlier who wants to do the martial arts quest. How about you come here and help us. Meeting point is the NPCs hut. Hey @Pinball, Wanna tag along with me helping a lower levelled player getting the martial arts skill? I don't know if you got the skill, but I bet you can deal some good damage whether you have it or not. Meeting point is the NPCs hut on the second floor.
  6. Neo returned quite quickly after he had sent her the message that her items were ready for her to pick the up. So when she entered the shop, Hei handed her the equipment and she put it on, just to try if it fit. Then she put it back into her inventory, bowed to Hei and left the shop. Hei was happy that he had done some good work the day. Not long after this Rithe was the next one to come and pick up the item he had made for her. She inspected the items and then thanked him for crafting them and told him that it was perfect before she left the hanger again. Hei was sure there wouldne't be any more customers that day, so he was about to close the door when Dustin came in, smiled at him and told him, that he needed some handwraps. Hei who knew he had some spare materials for this simply nodded with Dustins description, and within a few minutes he had the item ready. The wraps looked like the hands of a dragon, and Hei who himself had the shadow hands for fighting without real weapons thought it was a well done design. He messaged Dustin that the weapons were done, and when he came by to pick it up, he said "Here's your dragon claws. Are you going to break the unbreakable? If so, do you mind me and Huatli joining?" @Dustin
  7. Hei

    Hei's Items

    Name: Dragon’s Fury Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7  ID: 103709 Roll: 9+1 = 10 Item Type: Weapon (handwraps) Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: One slot damage, One slot Accuracy Description: Hand wraps that appear to be copper, like dragon scales, with obsidian on the knuckles that appear to be claws. Link: here
  8. After Hei had sent the messages, there was nothing to do but wait and see who would be coming. The first one to come was Eatos, who walked over with Angel at her side. The Husky didn't really like Huatli that much, and she showed it in growling at her, but Eatos stopped Angel before the two would start a fight. Huatli who was a little smaller than the dog jumped back a little, but this time she didn't hiss at the dog, but curiously came closer, sniffing the air. Eatos greeted him and and instantly saw, that he used her items. "Hey Eatos, nice to see you. Of course they are brought to good use. I really like the trident, and as I haven't had a good chance to test the net shield, I hope to do so today." he replied, politely ignoring the fact that she had dark smudges underneath her eyes. The next to come was Embers, and she didn't hid that she disliked him at all. Hei knew that it hadn't been that wise to make the joke the day he did, but he had never thought that it would haunt him for the rest of his live, but it seemed Embers was going to remind him whenever they met. "You're right, this is the meeting point. Still sorry for that dumb joke I made, but I don't think you really care, do you?" he asked the fiery girl. He would not attempt to do small talk with her, as she was way to feisty for something like that. Staying at a save distance was his bast chance, so he walked back over to Eatos. When Saphira came third, Hei was really relieved, as there now was someone who really liked him. Well, liked him might be to little, as she did not just like him. Politely she first greeted the other girls before she came to him and hugged him. As their relationship was still kind of new for him, he wasn't sure if the others should know about it, but as he did not see any drawbacks from it, he decided that they could know and not just returned the hug, but also kissed her. "Hey, nice that you're here sweetie. How was your week. Sorry I wasn't able to visit you, but I had lot's of work in the hanger lately." The last to come was Stryder, with his silver at his side. First thing for him to do was apologizing for being late, even though Hei wasn't sure if he was late at all, there were still two more of the guild that could tag along, but it seemed they weren't coming, so he greeted his friend before talking to everyone who had come. "Hey, now that we're all here, how about we talk about the upcoming fight. The dragon is said to be stronger than the first ones, but that was what we expected. Another information I gathered is that it might be able to call for help, effectively summoning minions to help it fight. With us being five, we should divide the group into two groups, one that fights off the minions and one that fights the dragon." he made a short break at this point, just to continue "I believe I should be able to kill the minions by myself, as I have a quite powerful AOE attack, but to be sure, I would offer that one could team up with me. What's your opinion on that?" he asked, so everyone could be involved in planing, and it would not just be some rules he had made up. @Eatos
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    Hei's Items

    Name: Dwarven Leather Armour Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 105762 Roll: 10+1 = 11 Item Type: Light Armour Tier: 2 Quality: Rare Enhancements: MIT 2 Description: Hardened Leather armour enhanced with steel rivets.  Post Link: leave blank Name: Energizing Gambeson Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 105763 Roll: 8+1 = 9 Item Type: Light Armour Tier: 2 Quality: Rare Enhancements: MIT 1, Recovery 1 Description: A magically enhanced Gambeson, that can take a hit, and helps the wearer recover it's energy at a higher rate  Post Link: leave blank Name: Hardened Leather Armor Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 105764 Roll: 11+1 = 12 Item Type: Light Armour Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: MIT 2, Recovery 1 Description: A set of hardened leather armor made purely for defense  Post Link: leave blank
  10. When Hei had told Neo, that he wasn't able to craft the armour she had wished for, as there were caps on how much defence light armour could have, she took back the form and crossed out her first draft, replacing it with a combination of enhancements that he could embed in the armour. Handing back the form, Hei had a quick look, nodded to her, and watched her leave the shop. - Once I'll be done I will message her, but now let's get to work - he was thinking, but before he could leave for the workshop, the door opened again. Hei expected it to be Neo again, who might have forgotten something, but it was Kosan, who was here to get his equipment. When Hei showed it to him, the dark player complimented him on how good it was, and that he hadn't thought it would be so good as he took so short time. Before he left, he told Hei, that he could come by at his forge and would get some nice discounts. "Thanks. I'll have a look when I need new equipment. Farewell" With Kosan gone, he now had time to get the armour done. The first two attempts were not what Neo wanted, and so Hei continued crafting. With the third material he had landed a nice hit, and crafted some hardened leather armour that should fit just fine. With the armour done, he opened the message tab of his menu and wrote Hey @Neopolitan, I finished your armour and hope it can satisfy your exceptions. Feel free to come by anytime now and pick it up. Daily Craft 1: ID# 105762 CD: 10+1 = 11 -> rare T2 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 105763 CD: 8+1 = 9 -> rare T2 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 3: ID# 105764 CD: 11+1 = 12 -> perfect T2 light armour -1 mat | +9 exp Started with 1456 exp + 21 Ended with 1477 exp
  11. After they had hugged, and he had Kissed her, Hei was covered in some heavy warmth, that made it difficult to think, so when Saphira walked over to the bed, and crawled under the blanket, he slowly followed, not really noticing that it was just one big one until she began stuttering and asked him, if he would hug her. - Hugging her felt so good, why wouldn't I hug her. It`s not like we are naked, or she is asking me to sleep with her - he thought, and it seemed to take an eternity for him to get to the bed and for the thoughts to pass his brain. Covered in the warmth and the weight of all that had been on his mind, he climbed into the bed and without answering her questions cuddled against her, hugging her and within seconds he had fallen asleep. Hei's dreams circled around Saphira, and how much he loved her, how beautiful she was, and in the end, how she got eaten by a terrible version of the ice elemental they would fight later the day. This nightmare made him shudder and jump out of bed, probably waking Saphira and for sure Huatli, who has slept next to the bed. The small raptor hissed, when Hei nearly stepped on her tail, but Hei didn't really notice it, as he shook his head to get the pictures out of it. His gaze fell on Saphira, who was lying in bed, and he kind of relaxed, as he realized that she was still there and not killed by the game they were stuck in. Just to be sure that it wasn't just his imagination, he crawled back into bed and hugged her, and when he felt her warmth, his heart stopped speeding and he slowly got back to his relaxed self.
  12. When Hei was ready to leave, he had to run around his room once again, as Huatli had made the habit of hiding whenever they wanted to go. He didn't knew why she was doing it, but it seemed she had fun making him search for her. "Huatli, come here. We have to go, or there won't be any good food left for lunch" and it seemed the raptor understood. Quickly she jumped from the top of the closet and hissed, before she landed on his back. Hei shuddered, even though he knew the small raptor would never hurt him and grabbed her from his back, placing her on the ground next to him. With the small raptor following him, he made his way through the town of beginnings, scanning the windows if there was anything good he would like to eat later. When he walked past a small butchers shop, he stopped and bought a few pieces of meat for Huatli, and as he was sure he had used enough time, he simply walked into the next bakery he saw to buy some cake for the afternoon, and some rolls he could eat once he was in the garden. His search for food had brought him close to the central plaza, where everything had started all this time ago. - I could have a look a the plaza, haven't been there lately, and maybe I will meet some players that want to come along. There is always the chance to help some of the lower level players - he thought and changed his direction accordingly. When Hei entered the central plaza, there were still many player that hadn't ever left the city here, and Hei wished he could help them better, but he knew that he wasn't strong enough to clear the game, and as he wasn't a big leader, he wouldn't be able to lead any of them towards a way, where they would be able to fight for themselves. Walking through the masses, Hei realized, how big the pressure on those that actually fought in the frontlines must be with all these lives on their shoulders. With this thought wandering through his mind, he nearly would have missed, that there was Eatos sitting on the fountain, but a boy petting Angel had gotten his attention, and so he moved towards them. "Hey Eatos, what's up? Why are you sitting down here on the first floor, and who is your well dressed friend?" The second one was a joke, as he remembered that the player had visited the Hanger, and part of the equipment was made by himself. While he was greeting them, Huatli had already managed to move through the other players and slowly walked towards Angel and this time she simply clicked at her, not trying any prankster stuff. @Eatos
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    Hei's Items

    Name: Bone Battle Hand Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 105679 Roll: 12 Item Type: Hand Wraps Tier: 1 Quality: perfect Enhancements: DMG 3 Description: [Link] Post Link: leave blank Name: Runic Animosity Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 105681 Roll: 12 Item Type: Weapon (handwraps) Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: One slot bleed, two slots damage Description: Strips of obsidian colored cloth, etched with crimson runes and symbols of unknown origin. Designed to be wrapped tightly around the hands(and by extension knuckles) of the user to aid in unarmed combat. Have been known to 'cut' opponents, even though they are a blunt instrument. Post Link: leave blank Name: The Darkin Coat Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: Rank 7 ID: 105685 Roll: 12 Item Type: Coat Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3 Evasion Description: Use my "How Kosan looks" in the signature for description Post Link: leave blank
  14. After he had told Rithe, that she would have to wait till he had had the time to gather some more materials, she left and took it without any comment. Hei who had had customers like that a few times just shrugged and went back into his shop, where he would do some cleaning, as it was to late to start looking for new materials. He thought that it would be a quiet evening, and that he probably could close early, but when the girl with the colourful hair entered his shop and told him about some handwraps she wanted him to craft, and that she would pay in mats, Hei knew that this wouldn't be a short evening. "Okay, of course I can craft these for you. Just take a seat if you want to wait here, there are cookies and hot chocolate at this table right over there." he told the girl and took the materials, leaving her in the shop and walking over to the workshop of the hanger. Hei started working on the Handwraps @Ryoko had ordered, and it didn't take him long to finish them. As he still had the order for Rithe, he worked on it too, and finished it before he came back to the front and handed them over to Ryoko. "Here you go. They should be as you wanted them to be. Please bring them to good use." he said. After this, he messaged @Rithe that her wraps were done and that she could visit his shop again to pick them up. After Ryoko had left the shop, he closed it for the day. The next day, when Hei had opened again, a dark cloaked player entered his shop, looking at the items he had in stock to then come to him and describe what he wanted to order. "Allright, it should be done in no time. I'll message you once it's done" Hei said and disappeared towards the back of his shop, working on the items and actually finished it just an hour later. So Hei quickly sent a message to @Kosan. The cloak is done, come by and pick it up. OOC: Kosan, before you take the item, please pay using the banker. It would be most appreciated if you could pay in T1 mats Later that day, @Neopolitan paid him another visit, and she offered to pay up front, so Hei told her, that this would be pretty nice. "That would be so nice. Will you be paying in mats or in col? And let me have a short look at this form." so he inspected the form just to turn back to Neo "Sorry, I can't craft it this way. There is a limit in how much defence light armour can have. I can do two slots of MIT and one slot of what ever armour enhancement from this list you want to have." Daily Craft 1: ID# 105676 CD: 3+1 = 4 -> LD: 4 -> not salvaged -1 mat | +2 exp Daily Craft 2: ID# 105677 CD: 3+1 = 4 -> LD:5 -> not salvaged -1 mat | +2 exp Daily Craft 3: ID# 105678 CD: 3+1 = 4 -> LD: 6 -> not salvaged -1 mat | +2 exp Daily Craft 4: ID# 105679 CD: 12 -> perfect T1 weapon -1 mat | +9 exp Daily Craft 5: ID# 105680 CD: 5+1 = 6 -> uncommon T1 weapon -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 6: ID# 105681 CD: 12 -> perfect T1 weapon -1 mat | +9 exp Daily Craft 7: ID# 105682 CD: 9+1 = 10 -> rare T1 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Craft 8: ID# 105683 CD: 5+1 = 6 -> uncommon T1 light armour -1 mat | +4 exp Daily Craft 9: ID# 105684 CD: 9+1 = 10 -> rare T1 light armour -1 mat | +6 exp Daily Bonus Craft: ID# 105685 CD: 12 -> perfect T1 light armour -1 mat | +9 exp Started with 1403 exp + 53 Ended with 1456 exp
  15. To everyone who lately ordered some perfect T1 items at my store (The Hander)
    i will need some time to gather T1 materials before I can start crafting.