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    Jevi's Junk

    All Above, Approved.
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    Aereth: The Wolfs Cloak

  3. Want a signature but you cant make one or you just cant make a good one? Or maybe you want a professional looking one? Click me!

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  5. Let's Talk About Death_Adder.
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    Skill Refund Evaluation

  7. Come Join the Halloween Party! Click me.

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    Persephone || Lisa Edwards

    10/16/17 - Reapproved. Welcome back <3
  9. a lot of players shared their concerns with my statement on the podcast that I had ideas of releasing a guild questline based off the indiana jones series. Yes, I totally forgot @Lessa and her guild was doing that, and she has my apologies for me making the statement.

    From here, I simply will make a guild questline some other way inspired by something else or not inspired by anything at all.

    My apologies, I am so sorry.

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    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Approved. Be sure to send 5000 to Banker.
  11. For those wondering about Discord, it is going through a major outage at the moment and sending messages is not avaliable at the moment. Give it a bit to be fixed.

    1. Vale


      Update: It is fixed.

    2. Lessa


      ^ Not quite for everyone yet!

  12. Ruby

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Rank 2 - Search and DetectMod(s) Being Dropped: N/ASP Refunded: 13Cost: 13,000 Col
  13. SAO 2.5 is Running!

    1. Zeke


      *Chases after it*

  14. With a little bit of issues, the 2.5 patch should be up later this evening. So sorry!

  15. SAO 2.5 is coming out later tonight! Keep your eyes peeled! :eyes:

    1. Zeke


      Couldn't come at a better time. ^w^

    2. Fae


      Can't wait for it! I'm still waiting to see if there's gonna be a Halloween event.

    3. Paglikha


      If it comes out any later tonight, it's going to be the morning!

  16. Ruby doesn't fully remember Itzal and his personality, however she did know and remember that he was a scout and told her if she had needed help with Materials that he would help her out to the best of his ability to do so. Ruby had recently opened her new Alchemist store to truly be a guiding force to bringing out potions, crystals and the sort since there has been a wide abundance of them in the past few months... she even planning on handing out some uncommons and even teleport crystals for free. She had sighed, it had sucked that the guy she had met that took all of her stuff had done so, she had a good amount back then... but now she has a pitiful amount of materials that she can use. Only 24 T1. Ruby had made it to his shop wearing her witch outfit as he was in his store and asked out "Hey... I just opened a new store on Floor 8. And uh... I am wanting to see if you could help me out with Materials, I don't really have that much to be honest with you Itzal. Any help would be appreciated. I only got a few Tier one materials, I dont got Tier 2 nor Tier 3. And I don't even know if I have enough T1." @Itzal
  17. The SAO Tournament is back!
    This time with much more great prizes to be acquired by winning.
    Plus, its separated by Tier! Sign up here!

  18. For those interested:
    I have an open spot, and I am looking to hire one PST!

    1. Ichi


      Interested in what?

      Whatever it is, I'm in! Sign me up!

    2. Ichi


      Oh wait, nvm :P I was too stupid to see that PST means Player Support Team. Thought it's a guild or something, which I wish there would be an active one. The others seem...idle

  19. Ruby

    Spending Account

    Col - 1600 T1 Materials - 8 T2 Materials - 0 T3 Materials - 0
  20. remember when I said ill post for everyone, yeah. i should really do that.

  21. @Zeke - Message me on site if you can. If you cannot, you can connect to me through Discord: Beatbox#6138

  22. Guess I'll get my butt back to posting~ will get a post for you all in a bit.

  23. Wanting to know more about the game I am making? Well, I have a planned card list for you all! If you got any card ideas you'd like to see let me know!

    (except main characters, thats full.)



  24. To all I owe posts to: I will post soon, my new job has been sucking the muse out of me.