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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    Ruby had looked over to Hestia and said out to her after she had asked out to her "Alright, but I want to attack the boss one more time to see if we can get any form of chip damage on him. Seeing if we can keep a fair amount on him" [also because I accidentally put the bosses name in the roller, end me.] she had looked to the big guy once more and moved forward and performed the same attack upon it once more, attacking it where she can slamming her fist against it dealing as much damage as she could to it. She had looked around at who was here at the fight, then looked at what had happened, Ruby had squinted her eyes and had a second thought about whether or not this boss was even beatable, with how much damage was being dealt and shaman's appearing over and over, she had second thoughts over if this battle was even beatable. Ruby had sighed, she knew if they all had consumables maybe it'd be a different story, but at the current state it had appeared not to be the case.
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    Neo's Items

  3. Ruby had giggled and said out to her as she took the hand and said to her "My name is Ruby, its a pleasure to meet you." @Arabelle she had smiled. However looking back at the crowd that she had joined it had seemed to be one huge cluster-f as Arabelle had been a little difficult, then a child had spoke very strange then another being a little insecure about things. Ruby had blinked a few times then thought to herself "Man... what has Stryder got himself into? I know I don't know him that well, but I never played him to be a ladies man to this extent or just able to find himself in situations like this." however her thoughts had been broken to @Hydravion kissing her on the cheek, a chuckled left Ruby's mouth as the kids said out "Blah!" "Hello my love, are you enjoying the event today? Don't worry I won't actually kiss you till after the event." she had giggled "You can come over tonight if you want."
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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    Ruby had looked over to see a new group entering the battle, however they had started to spit out jokes and be a little corny with their approach, which had made Ruby roll her eyes at the sight of it. Ruby then had looked over to Hestia which had somewhat told her the best course of action to take in which Ruby had simply replied to her with a nod then changed her look towards the big boss lizard. Ruby had prepared her attack and moved forward which was one good swing of her arm against the Boss as she cant necessarily reach its jaw so it instead connected with its large body and hitting it as if she would a jaw just in a different spot. Ruby had took a few steps back and looked over to Zandra and stated out to her "Alright cutie with the giant axe, do you magic!"
  5. Ruby had giggled and said out to @Hestia "Ah don't worry Spencer is coming close, I'll just speak out to him in the mean time." then had looked over to Spencer as he spoke out, then he had looked out to his new boyfriend @Arsenal and stated out to him "Pleasure to meet you, my name is Ruby. Maybe down the line we will meet up to do a quest or two." then looked back to Spencer "I'm glad you have found yourself a sweetie, I found one of my own, knowing her she should be around soon." then had looked back to Hestia and said "Ah I am fine Hestie, just been doing the usual. You know, important stuff." then had looked over as @Hydravion had approached her with a greeting with her children, Ruby had smiled it had been the first time she had seen her students that she had been teaching in the game, with a step forward she had planted a kiss on her girlfriends cheek as her attention had been full and whispered into her ear "Come find me when you aren't busy love, we can enjoy the event privately." she had giggled. However after this things had seemed to be a blur, a lot of things had happened and Ruby had blinked a few times to see a man get arrested. Ruby had just looked over to the people that had been around her she had stepped up to @Stryder's group to join a new conversation however she had seen some things happen, Ruby had smiled and said out to @Arabelle "Well aren't you a cutie." she had giggled.
  6. "A christmas event huh?" Ruby had thought to herself as she had seen the message she had received from Spencer, she had a thought everyone else didn't bother to mention her as they had already made their way towards the event. However, Ruby with a bit of a smile was more than happy to attend the event such as this wearing her... typical Christmas attire. Appearing at the event she had looked around past all the NPC's that had appeared and other players not yet named to see what people were here... she had spotted a couple people that she did know however it was jammed packed with a handful of people not familiar to her, however she wasn't going to let this deter her from being here. "Raffle? Count Ruby in!" she had informed @Benny that she had wanted to enter the raffle. Looking over back to some of the people she had spotted the one person she had knew the most and poked @Hestia on the shoulder exclaiming out to her "Hey there, I should have expected you here." she had giggled. Looking then to @Spencer stating out to him "Well hey! It's been a while since I have last seen you, how have you been?"
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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    Ruby had looked over to see Zandra entering the area joining in on the battle asking out if they had been stupid. Ruby had simply just shook her head and said out to her "We thought we could of beaten this by our loansomes, but thank god you are here Zandra, I really do doubt out abilities to actually do it." she had admitted even though Hestia had seemed a little more confident in them. Ruby had simply just nodded her head and looked to try to eliminate the Shaman's one by one and eliminating a good amount of damage from the battle. After Zandra had done her thing Ruby had moved forward and slammed her fist against the Shaman's jaw once again dealing the same attack to it, Ruby had puffed out her cheeks "Well... its some damage I guess, it sucks I am not exactly built for it." she thought to herself. ~Group A~ [2/2/2/2] Hestia~ HP: 1209/1745 | Energy: 148/158 DMG:16 | MIT:171 | Thorns: 84 | Eva: -1 | BH: 80 | Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) | Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) | Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [0/0/0/0] Ruby~ HP: 935/1200 | Energy: 87/120 DMG: 18 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 35 | LD: 4 ~Group B~ Zandra~ HP: 1585/1585 | Energy: 154/154 DMG: 19 | FALLEN: 12 | MIT: 98 | ACC: 3 | Brn-Thorns: 30 | BH: 79 | Faid: 20% | 25% Dot reduction from first
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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    Ruby had looked over as Hestia had seemed a bit confused to why the Shaman had attacked Ruby, she had said out to her "We must of had a hate tie and it decided to attack me rather than you." then she had looked back to the battle at hand. She had looked to her HP and it wasn't really in the best condition even after one attack. Ruby had grinned but still looked to attack even though it could potientially be the worst idea she's had. Ruby had moved forward to attack the same Shaman however... she had tripped and fell as she tried to attack him. Ruby had blushed a bit in embarrassment then said out to Hestia "Maybe its possible that we need more than two people to win this battle like the giant lizard says..." she had got up from the ground and patted herself off preparing to what was to come. ~Group A~ [2/2/2/2] Hestia~ HP: 1696/1745 | Energy: 149/158 DMG:16 | MIT:171 | Thorns: 84 | Eva: -1 | BH: 80 | Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) | Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) | Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [0/0/0/0] Ruby~ (-2 hate from all sources HP: 935/1200 | Energy: 102/120 DMG: 18 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 35 | LD: 4 ~Group B~ Zandra~ HP: ??? | Energy: ??? DMG: | MIT: |
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    Oikawa's Chest

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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    As the combat started Ruby had looked around at her options seeing what she could do and what would be probably the best move to make. Ruby had looked over to Hestia in which had already been getting most of their attention which had meant at least hopefully it was safe for Ruby to strike upon someone or something. However Ruby had thought it would be a smarter idea to eliminate the shaman's before the actual boss, perhaps there would be some kind of special ability to them? Ruby didn't want the off chance of something like that happening, Ruby had moved forward to the first Shaman that she had seen and slammed her fist against the Shaman's jaw dealing a critical strike... sure it did deal quite a bit of damage to it, but there is the off chance that she might of accidentally grabbed its attention... oops. ~Group A~ [2/2/2/2] Hestia~ HP: 1745/1745 | Energy: 150/158 DMG:16 | MIT:171 | Thorns: 84 | Eva: -1 | BH: 80 | Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) | Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) | Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [0/2/0/0] Ruby~ HP: 1200/1200 | Energy: 103/120 DMG: 18 - ACC: 3 - EVA: 3 - MIT: 35 - LD: 4
  11. Ruby was in a bit of disbelief with a bit of things, Ruby had thought that Hestia had died, however noticing on her friends list and in the monument of life that she didn't die. She had went home after the boss in devastation after seeing that Hestia had died, however the day after she had made the notice, which had immediately got Ruby to message Hestia: She had been sitting on the 21st floor basically impatient to receive a reply, she needed answers before she went out on her expedition, she was basically shaking on the bench she had been sitting on with eyes wide open sitting in her brand new shiny Heavy Armor. @Hestia
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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    Ruby had looked over to the creature that had appeared before the two, Ruby had felt a little nervous however she had tried and succeeded to remain confident. Ruby had looked over to Hestia which had already began to speak out to them, however... Ruby really didn't speak out as well, Hestia had really already made the point already. Ruby had nodded her head as Hestia had turned to speak to her and looked back at the Labyrinth boss that had stood before them tall. Ruby had leaned over a bit and said out to her "Uh, are you sure we can take this on? I don't know about you, but don't you think typically Field and Floor bosses were never designed to be taken on by you know... two people?" she had questioned mostly with concern about whether or not Ruby was going to make it out alive or not. Stats:
  13. Ruby had turned to face @Hazado the man to be wed with Neo "Yes, I am her plus one, or rather her significant other, it would be logical that she would invite me after all wouldn't she?" she had giggled a little bit before then asking "So how in the world did you get to marry Neo and all? Granted that she chooses not to talk and all, how'd you make it happen?" Then after she had asked him the question @Hydravion kissed her on the lips and introduced herself to Hestia which had walked up to say hi to Ruby "Oh- hi Hestia, didn't expect to see you today. Yes, I sorta got myself into a relationship in the past few moments you last seen me." she had smiled happily as she had kept her hand on Hydra's hip. But after a moment Hydra had asked her to come help Neo with her dress as apparently she had been having troubles with it. Ruby had smiled and nodded her head saying out to Hestia "Sorry, someone is in need of a Fashionista that has been doing this sort of thing for years!" she had giggled then walked where Hydra had been to seeing @Sunova. "Oh hi Sunova! Looking really cute today~" she had said out to her before looking to @Neopolitan saying out to her "Alright Neo, Ruby is here to help you out again. Show me where you are having troubles. I am a fashionista in the real world, I have been doing stuff like this for years, more than capable to help you out here."
  14. Ruby had shrugged and said out to her "Well, if that's what he wanted to do, then so be it. A lot of people liked it, however again it's just one day he disappeared, no performances and everything was just lost." she had sighed "However, I guess what is the past is just the past now at this point. We need some happiness here granted everyone is losing everything nowadays." she had looked a little frustrated after speaking that, however she had quickly shook her head and returned back to her cheerful self. Ruby had giggled and said out to her "Well? Does that mean you can't sing for me now? Like right here right now? Come on, sing!" she had exclaimed out with a bit of excitement wanting Hestia to sing for her literally at the given second, she wanted to hear what Hestia had in mind and what voice she had been working with. @Hestia
  15. Ruby had shook her head "He wasn't at the mansion, there was something separate that had happened... but, I don't really want to talk about it. Maybe some other time, or someone else can tell you about it." she had said with a bit of a frown. However after a moment Hestia had asked her about what she meant about the Star of Aincrad, Ruby had blinked for a few minutes and asked "You've... never heard of the Star of Aincrad?" Ruby had blinked a few more times then said out to her "He was a player a while ago that dressed like a popstar and had one of the most flashiest swords anyone has ever seen. He wen't around singing and got the title "Star of Aincrad", I don't quite remember his name though. He did have blonde hair and blue eyes, I kind of remember that. He's kinda just been a thing of the past now." ID: 110433 - LD: 9+4=13 [yikes, it begins.]
  16. Ruby had shived a little bit at the name of Death_Adder, she could only remember the last encounter that she had with him only left her with a bit of fear then asked out to Hestia "Could you please not mention his name around me... only bad thoughts come to my head when you mention it." she had looked over knowing that he had used her as a tool to cause more chaos towards her own friends. However after a moment Hestia had spoke out to her with a little bit of a embarrassing statement then with sparkling eyes, Ruby had looked over to Hestia and said "Singing? You? I wanna hear! Give me a show! Perhaps you will be the next Star of Aincrad! Say... what even ever happened to that guy?" she had wondered where that man even went off to, he appeared being a star making people happier... then suddenly just disappeared one day. @Hestia
  17. Ruby had shook her head saying out to her "No no, its fine Hesty. I understand I kind of am copying your build a little bit. It's similar, just off by a few things, and by a few levels or two." she had giggled. After a moment Ruby had placed a finger onto her chin thinking for a moment then said to her "Well, I guess it just ultimately depends on things that happen I would guess. If I have to eliminate them because they refuse to stop fighting and try to kill me, then I have to use self defense. But once a jail has been found for us to use and to throw people in I would presume its not hard to land a Stun on someone then have enough time to tie them up. Of course if I have enough time, however... someone kidnapped me before and had enough time..." she had thought for a moment "I dunno, its something I need to think about right now." she said as they had got back on track and moved toward the outside world out of the main settlement to find a familiar. @Hestia
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    Ennakai's Items

  19. Ruby had chuckled and said to her "Hey it was a idea, I never said if it was a good idea or not, it was a idea." she had looked to the tower and felt a little nervous, she had never tried to find a labyrinth before, so she was a little intimidated and was honestly worried what was going to be ahead. However taking a deep breath she had prepared herself and nodded her head as she had followed behind Hestia toward the tower. She had kept her guard up just in case if anything were to happen at the split second, she had looked around she was at least happy she had been finally searching for a labyrinth on her own along with some other getting involved with progressing the game further. "So... are we getting potentially close to what we were trying to accomplish here?" she had asked out to Hestia. ID: 110422 - LD: 10+7=17 89/100 Hestia: 5/5 Ruby: 0/5 Loot: 2400 Col, 5 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Rare Weapon, 2 T3 Rare Consumables
  20. Ruby had smiled and said to her "Well I appreciate you coming with me irregardless. It means a lot to me." then they had appeared across the tower... however from what they could see they couldn't get to it without some sort of water travel. Ruby had frowned then looked over to Hestia as she had spoke out, nudging her a bit she then said to her "Or we can you know, swim across to the tower if you really wanted." she had giggled. However with a sigh she had said out to Hestia "But yeah, its just much better that we stay on land and search around for somethings, I'd prefer that we stay dry personally." she had looked around at the floating islands and all the different bridges that connect to different points, Ruby had placed her hand on her head and scratched it, she liked the look of the floor but darn it did get confusing when it comes to connecting bridges together. @Hestia 72/100 Hestia: 4/5 Ruby: 5/5 Loot: 2400 Col, 5 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Rare Weapon, 2 T3 Rare Consumables
  21. At first Ruby was a little bit worried as her tone shifted a little bit as she had began to lose her smile and move towards a frown, however she had recovered which was enough to put a smile back on Ruby's face. Listening to Hestia she had replied back to her "Well a entire boss fight can be entirely stressful and it doesn't help when I said uses previous assets to the floor, really brings down the tone you know." Ruby had giggled when she had nudged her back "But yeah I do appreciate you being here and all, and coming along with me. I didn't know if you had anything planned after the boss fight and all, I just wanted to keep the train moving so we can progress forward toward our eventual escape." she had sighed and said "I just hope we will all see the light of day... this has been already hell and back for me..." she had admitted. @Hestia 72/100 Hestia: 3/5 Ruby: 4/5 Loot: 2400 Col, 5 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Rare Weapon, 2 T3 Rare Consumables
  22. Ruby had giggled and said out to her "Oh come on, I said it still looks great. To me the fact they use the same assets and make it still look this good is honestly amazing. But don't keep your cute face pouting for too long you might accidentally get it stuck there." she smiled. Then looked over to the tower and back at Hestia saying to her "Uh, yeah. Why wouldn't I want to go see the ocean tower? I am not a stick in the mud, I like to see all the new stuff that has to be seen." she giggled then grabbed her arm and began to walk with her "Come on, no more waiting! Lets go!" however she quickly let go of her once the two had began to walk once more. She didn't walk fast at all, but at a good leisurely pace, enough to enjoy the space around her and Hestia, Ruby had nudged Hestia and said to her "You know I didn't mean to hate on this floor, I really do like walking on the floor with you. I am sorry that a lot of stressful things needed to happen today." 72/100 Hestia: 2/5 Ruby: 3/5 Loot: 2400 Col, 5 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Rare Weapon, 2 T3 Rare Consumables
  23. Ruby had smiled at the hug Hestia had given her when she stated out that she had been squishy and almost dying "Well, even in my own time and with other people my luck has been pretty awful to be honest. I have almost died more times than I am comfortable with. At this point I have kind of accepted that death is inevitable here, but I can't back down from these raids. I have to continue fighting." she had said out and admitted. Ruby had spotted the same tower that Hestia had spotted, Ruby had looked over and with a smile she had replied to her "Yeah its a much different floor than what we have seen before, however some of the things we see here are probably used assets on other floors to make this one. It still looks great, but everything here seems to be all the same things we have seen on previous floors. Minus the Colosseum, that one appears to be new." 72/100 Hestia: 1/5 Ruby: 2/5 Loot: 2400 Col, 5 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Rare Weapon, 2 T3 Rare Consumables
  24. Ruby had looked at her with a bit of a odd look then switched to normal saying to her "Well... he did get that title through a Unique Skill rather than getting it from another person or a self given title. Like me I gave myself "Feisty Healer" while a system gave Hikoru "Master of Shadows"" she looked back forward on the trail they had been walking, Ruby nodded her head from side to side and said to Hestia in response "Well, I know in the end its more than likely inevitable that almost everyone would be a jack of all trades rather than a singular thing. But I can say I was thinking of doing the sort of build I just honestly and obviously don't have the Skill Points to be able to do it at the moment. So I am stuck being a very squishy healer that almost dies in a bountiful amount of things until then." she had giggled. 72/100 Hestia: 0/5 Ruby: 1/5 Loot: 2400 Col, 5 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Rare Weapon, 2 T3 Rare Consumables
  25. Ruby had kept her attention to Hestia and nodding her head at the things that Hestia had to say about the whole build. Then let out a giggle when she had apologized for rambling on for a bit, she shook her head and said out to her "No no, don't be sorry. I wanted to know, and you went into detail about the whole thing, thank you~" she had gave Hestia a side hug for a brief second. She then thought to herself for a moment to remind herself about a few things that Hestia had said for future knowledge if she had been looking into the Jack of All Trades route. "I've been thinking about walking down that route, however... right now I seriously doubt I'd be able to. I'm still so far away from someone like you level wise. I've grown pretty lazy." she spoke to her keeping a eye out for the labyrinth they had been looking for. ID: 110419 - LD: 1+7=9 54/100 Hestia: 5/5 Ruby: 0/5 Loot: 2400 Col, 5 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Rare Weapon, 2 T3 Rare Consumables