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  1. Embers

    [F17-PP] Formation

    "Shut up you dumb ass, i swear to god. I will pluck your feathers off one-by-one if i gotta...idiot" If looks could kill, the look Embers was giving her dumb-ass of a familiar would have gotten her arrested in the real world, again. The white-tailed hawk had spent many minutes 'pecking' at the girls new haircut. Her hair barely touched her shoulders now, as from before when it cascaded down her back. She liked it, but her dumb-ass familiar kept 'biting' her as it that'll grow it back! After the threat was made, Rowan simply stared at her with his eyes before simply giving up and resting on the girls bare shoulder. The 17th floor was...well, a damn relic. What the hell was this floor meant to be, the age before people realized looking pretty meant jack all? The girl just marched towards the hill Hestia had pointed out to her, presumably to 'meet' the rest of the Radient whatevers they called themselves. A guild that was supposed to 'fix' the joke that was the front line right about now. Arriving at the hill wearing her 'civilian' clothes, short jeans, combat boots and a short singlet that was basically a glorified bra, she spotted Hestia, that damn lion thing and...some boy. Who the hell was he? "Ya know, all this floor does is make me think...What if those Spartan people, ya know, the warrior badasses, had more than just spears...God can you Imagine goin' hunting with one of 'em?" Finding a nearby tree, Embers lazily leaned against it with a lazy grin. Some people were timid, meeting new people. That's the 'normal' behaviour, or you could be a Wolf, and bare your teeth at all the new pups in a pack.
  2. Embers

    [F9-PP] To just talk <<Fire Guardian>>

    Embers shot off after her Familiar, the hawk's wings carrying it through the air as the large girl 'ran', almost as if she was chasing it down. In a way, she was. She and Rowan often played this game in the real world, and Embers wasted no time teaching her new pet the same game. It was almost like tag, if Embers got close, he had to get close enough for her to reach him. And if she did, she got to pet him all she wanted. It was a 'game' they would play over many days, months even, until she eventually hunted him down. A way for her, the hunter, to improve in her tricks of the trade. The girl barely threw a glance at Hestia, but gave her nothing more than a cocky grin. Now wasn't the time to see who was 'stronger', but more...where was her spirit? Embers long since could recall the fire, the blue calm flame of rage, that she once smelt inside of Hestia. And Embers would love to beckon that out, to see that rage burn bright once again! "Don't fall too far behind eh! Would be a shame if ya got totally lost and i'd have to same save ya hes! Gettin' lost on a floor like this would be a pain!"
  3. Embers

    [F9-PP] To just talk <<Fire Guardian>>

    They needed her at level 33? Well, crap. She was a while away from that! Still, that idea pushed itself away upon hearing that Stryder, better known to her as 'The Kid', managed to make a round on the front line BEFORE her, she let out a growl. No way that little ass was beating her for that long, not now she had Hestia at her damn side! She opened up her quest section, and it didn't take her long to find one for this floor. She grinned as she glanced over its requirements, alone she'd be fine...with hestia, well, it was as good as won. "Hope you're ready for some hella hiking Hestia...Guardian of Fire, gotta hunt down some damn mongrel whose gotten a little to big, Cerberus, hah...Well, let's get going...I'm gunna need you and that damn shield on yours before this is over" Was it true, Embers had no idea. While on paper this quest seemed simple, last time she said that she had nearly gotten flattened completely, plus Hestia was a Front Liner, and she, a future Front Liner. AT this point, there is Nothing in Sword Art Online that could stop her now! Opening up the map, the girl simply gave Rowan a nod. The Hawk shot off into the air, and the large girl, without giving Hestia much of a cue, shot off in a jog, following after the familiar!
  4. Embers

    [F9-PP] To just talk <<Fire Guardian>>

    Embers let out a short laugh, for all her pro's, there would always be a fault for Hestia. She and her father, would never have gotten along. The mission was important, and you had to trust those you recruited not to die. That is just...mercenary work, people died and you couldn't get too bothered because there was always the next mission. The next fight, the next kill, to get on with. It was always, though, about the money and about the pride. Money to survive, and pride to cope. Embers felt the smile on her face grow, even as Hestia hugged her. That band of mercs, god they were idiots, and yet...she missed 'em. "Suppose changin' is just part of the world...Even if i don't like the idea of changing, the idea of being someone who i wasn't when i came into this world...Well, guess even people like me ain't immune to the reality of this world" The girl pulled the cigarette out of her mouth, and crushed it in her hand, the item exploding into crystal shards that scattered onto the ground. "There are a few quests on this floor Hes...If you're truly planning on draggin' me to the front lines...I suppose i need to get a few more levels under ma belt no?"
  5. Embers

    [F9-PP] To just talk <<Fire Guardian>>

    Embers had to admit, Hestia was an interesting one and yet...it seemed almost right to be apart of her pack, to follow an Alpha who would fight to protect. The promise of betrayal...sat poorly inside of Larissa however. While it was true that was her promise to herself, the idea of being a traitor, yet again...It was like sour milk, it just went wrong on so many levels the girl herself couldn't dig deep enough into how much she'd hate to be a traitor. "The name means nothing to me Hes, what matters is the message behind it. My old man was part of the Legion, they called themselves. The founder wanted them to be people ya never suspected i think, i can't remember the whole story. Eventually though, the Legion's name meant something different altogether - Victory no matter the cost...I'll start worry about the name, once we have a name worth worrying about" Although the last part...Embers let out a sigh, and sucked down a deep breath of smoke. She was kinda hoping Hestia would have forgotten this... "I was...gunna ask if i was different, a different person, than when we first met. I find myself doing things i didn't use to. I got into a street fight a week ago, some idiot kid picked a fight against this guy and his mates. A problem he needs to resolve, but...i got involved. I had no right to get involved, and yet...i did. It's just been sticking in my mind i guess..."
  6. Embers

    [F9-PP] To just talk <<Fire Guardian>>

    Embers wanted, in some ways, to go her own way. To remain the true wolf, the true Alpha, she'd always seen herself as. She didn't NEED anyone, didn't need someone like Hestia by watch over her...And yet, while her pride wanted nothing more than to refuse, her instincts...begged her to join. To accept the offer. There was something, primal, within her that saw this as a chance, an opening, to form a pack around her. Embers let out a snort through her nose, as a toothy grin slips onto her face. This was it, was it? She'd found her pack of mercs, her band...Her Pack. She may not be the Alpha, but to someone like Hestia...for now she was no Alpha. An Alpha leads by example, by force of will and strength, and Embers knew that with the fire inside of her, she'd get there one day...But that day was far from today. Embers hand shot out, tightly taking Hestia's and shaking it. The dark grin on her face, the look in her eyes, ozzing with excitment for blood. "Never through i'd say this ever...but, i'm glad to join. I'll be part of the Pack Hes, but as i'm sure you know...i'll give you the same warning i gave Domarus. You turn your back on me, you give me a reason not to follow you, and i'll be the first to succeed you. But...given that you burn, sometimes tells me that we're a long way from that..." This time, unlike before, something in her chest moved. Embers wasn't sure what the hell it was, but it...felt right. "But...i'm in Hestia. I'm part of the pack now"
  7. Embers

    [F9-PP] To just talk <<Fire Guardian>>

    So it was an inviation at the end of it all. Radient, whatever...Honestly the name didn't matter, but the offer...Embers found herself curious. While she didn't really care what took place on the front line, and did her best not to, the offer said a lot about everything. While Larissa would be the first to admit that reading between the lines wasn't her strongest suit, sometimes a hunter could smell blood a mile away...this was one of those times. The front lines were bleeding, and Hestia was rallying people who she thought would be able to reset it. Lead by example. Most of the names the girl hadn't heard before, with the exception of Sey...Although she wasn't sure why it sounded like a name she knew. Ruby and Morg were...well who cared. The only things that truly mattered with this guild was that Hestia was leading it, and she was inviting her. But more importantly, perhaps most important out of it all was...a place to belong. Even as the girl was offering it, something stired in the girls chest. She had no idea what it was, but she knew the feeling well. It was a similar feeling to when her old man would open the front door, that stupid cocky grin on his face. Was this...where she belonged? Not as an Alpha Wolf leading herself, but as a member of a pack? Was that where she belonged..... "I turned against the person whose guild i was last in Hestia, as you damn well know. You're not concerned i'll turn traitor?" In reality, in her true heart, she wanted to say yes. Part of her was jumping at this, because this, maybe, might be a place she belonged! But she had to check, one of the biggest things that had been bothering her since Domarus got defeated. He called her a traitor, and for those events...she was. As much as she hated to admit it, as her pride as a Williams, she had been a traitor....even if it had been for the right reason.
  8. Embers

    [F9-PP] To just talk <<Fire Guardian>>

    Embers smirked up at Hestia, the cigerette sitting lazily between her lips as she didn't bother to sit up, her legs dangling off the ledge. Hestia was preaching, and what was concerning Embers was how much of it didn't sync up with what she knew, but...Embers found herself holding her tongue, after all, she hadn't seen the disaster that was the front lines. But she seemed defensive, meaning she was right. Embers let out a laugh, but opted not to challenge Hestia on the front line situation. The rest of what the girl said, however, did catch her attention. For two reasons, the first being the use of the word mercanary. Embers knew she did little to keep her past hidden, and Hestia knew her father was a merc. And the second was the word guild. Even with the burning in her chest, she heard it. Hestia said the word differently, and Embers grinned. It seemed she was somewhat right, there was something Hestia wanted out of her. "Cut the chase Hes...We both know i can't stand that sorta crap. I know i asked you here, but i ain't no idiot. You want something outta me, so just say it. I hate people who dance around the stuff they wanna ask" Embers had a pretty good idea what Hestia was planning on asking, but...She'd let the other girl ask it first. See what the front liner wanted out of her.
  9. Embers had taken down two of the idiots alone, leaving just three to stand against her. She honestly wanted to let out a laugh, three people to stand against her? Were they trying to insult her?! The primal growl that escaped the girl, like a tiger who saw its next meal, as she eyed up the remaining few. However, her instincts were interrupted when something behind her moved! She moved, dodging to the side and preparing a heavy punch only to see the idiot who ran attacking one of her attackers?! "You're an asshole! What makes you think that i need some idiot to look after me?!" Embers was nothing short of pissed off, some idiot coming in to 'save' her, what a prick! The violent look flooded her eyes as she took her eyes off her opponents, and onto her so called savour "Didn't ask for your help asshole, i have this just fine!" Seeing their target being distracted, the last two decided to attack the girl from behind. Embers could hear them, and smirked as she glanced over her shoulder. The next actions took barely a second, a swing on the ball off her foot, one heavy punch and one wide kick, all 5 of her attackers were on the ground. The girls eyes hadn't left the cowboy "So what...am i supposed to thank some idiot who inserted himself into my life, urgh...typical ass"
  10. Embers

    [PP|F09] Hearts of Fire burn true

    The flipping around by her opponent caught her at confusing, however inaction was death! Embers acted on instinct, raising her arms to protect her head and the kick connected, and even forced her to take a step backwards. Damn that move was so stupid, and yet, it had worked? Was that [censored] guys entire idea, fighting so stupid your opponent couldn't play around it? She felt a growl escape her lips, but this time it was different. It wasn't purely anger, a rage that she always felt, but somewhere in there, admiration. Despite the amount of pain she'd inflicted on this boy, he wasn't backing away. This preppy was maybe worth it? The girl smirked seeing him take a stance, was that...a tackle? Embers shifted her weight onto her legs, preparing to take the charge head on! "I'll take whatever you got...Now come on and try take me down!" Grinning widely, the large girl waited for him to charge. When he did, she'd let his tackle connect..and try not to lose her balance! If she kept her balance, she'd be able to get her hands on him and win the fight! But it all relied on her surviving the initial tackle.
  11. Embers thought the battle was over, and that it was done and dusted. She had completely forgotten about the Treant King but, lost in her blood rage, she turned to face the monster with a smirk on her face. Another thing that needed to die it seemed. Well, this was only gunna end badly for it! Spinning the Scythe in her hand, she looked at Neo slam into the monster and tear its health down. It was her turn! She took 4 large steps forwards, before throwing herself into the air and striking with her scythe, and her Sword Art, the blade connecting with its target. The girl let out a battlecry as it hit, and was extremely pleased...Until she landed on the ground and saw...how little damage she'd dealt! "The...The hell?! Why the hell did it lose NO Health! I know it connecte....Dammit it, what is the armour on that god-damn tree! I thought i'd of melted like it did for ya...Dammit i'm still to weak!" ID: 114548 BD: 8. Sword Art: Crimson Rush (6EN) 6(9)=54 DMG-75MIT =1DMG [1] @Embers: 434/440 HP | 12/44 EN | 9 DMG | 39 MIT | 2 ACC [1] @Neopolitan 700/700 HP | 38/70 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 REC | 8-10 PLZ | 4 FLN Treant King: 51/150 HP | 75 MIT | 25 DMG
  12. Embers

    [F9-PP] To just talk <<Fire Guardian>>

    Embers mulled over the thoughts, namely her actions of late. She had seen there idiots, and while they deserved to be punched in the face, it wasn't her fight to take. And yet, despite knowing it wasn't her fight, she'd stepped in and done it herself. It pissed her off that those were her instincts now, to see conflict and throw herself in when it wasn't her fight. Ember shook her head. She was lying to herself. She'd stepped in to defend the idiot, not because she wanted too, bur because in those very moments, she had acted without thought. And it pissed her off that those were her instincts now, and wanted the truth. What the hell had Hestia done to her?! The arrival of Hestia was nothing she hadn't expected, or hear. Even in a floor like this, she'd heard the other girl. Her instincts were on point, as usual...but. "Hes...You remember my old man yeah? He always said to me that to fight for yourself, and what you believe in, was the right reason to fight. To fight for another was to cripple them, to make them weak and by doing it..." The girl shook her head. She wasn't sure why she was telling her any of this, even if she'd seen her at her weakest "...Although, that's not the point. I've heard about the front line, and how it's nothing more than a joke right now...What the hell if wrong with that lot?" @Hestia
  13. Embers

    [F9-PP] To just talk <<Fire Guardian>>

    The 9th floor, in its own way, was beautiful. Hot as hell, but Embers found it impossible to hate this floor. The 5th floor needs to rot in hell, but the 9th...with its lava flowing and eruptions...There was something so simple, and yet, destructive in it all. Larissa Williams, or Embers, sat on the ledge, her familiar by her side, and thoughts passing through her heads. Of late, she'd felt...scared. She knew she'd changed, and yet, she didn't fully understand why she was changing. Embers knew where it started, some that damn person...She caused this, all of this, to start happening. And she couldn't tell if she wanted to hug her, punch her or kiss her. It was just so confusing. Normally, she allowed her emotions to take her, but to be controlling them, moderating them...She had no idea how, and maybe there was someone she could talk to... A quick message later eased the girls mind, but her Familiar just gave her a look. "Piss off Rowan, i don't like it either but...i've gotta deal with it eventually" Reaching into her inventory, the girl gripped a lazily made cigerette. They weren't anything like home, but to kick a habit was hard.
  14. Embers

    [PP|F09] Hearts of Fire burn true

    The arena, the audience, none of that mattered to Embers. All that mattered, in the world, was the boy before her and the feelings that ran through her body like a virus, like an intoxicicating drug, the more she got, the more she wanted, the more she felt! All she wanted was to see, did this preppy burn! Was he worthy to be with her?! There was only a single way to find out, and her fist tightened in excitement. Finally, a fight! This is what she had been craving! She was truly an addict for this! "You piece of...Change?! You think i wanna waste my time, changing every idiot i run across? People change on their damn-well own, when they CHOOSE to! The only change i care for it mine..." Embers felt her rage burning out a little, and she let out a soft amused laugh. Hestia....had done that to her. Hestia made her realise she wasnt' ready to cut herself off from other humans, and yet, knowing she felt that way...she couldn't deny it, but didn't want to embrace it. A growl emerged from her throat as she smiled cocky at the boy, her para-military stance returning "Now then...Show me you're worthy...You wanna have me, you gotta take it through force like a true Hunter!" Once again, the girl threw herself forwards with reckless abandon! Despite her size, her speed allowed her to cross most the distance in barely 3 leaping steps, as she reeled her arm back, once again aiming an extremely powerful punch right for his chest! @Prometheus
  15. Larissa Williams, also known as Embers in Sword Art Online, couldn't believe her luck. She accidentialled her way onto the first floor, BUT there were idiots in abundence today it seemed. Or as they called themselves, 'debt collectors'. She had won a fight fair and square, and as per the deal, drank as much as she wanted. However the damn bar-keep screwed her and now wanted her arrested! Which was why the tall girl was now standing, surrounded by 5 boys who thought they were the bloody flavour of the month! The girl's burning red hair flowed as she sucked down a breath from the cigar she'd been given by a...well, she just called him a friend for now. They weren't bad, she had to admit that much to the preppy kid. She grinned darkly as her stance shifted, and to many, it looked lazy. To her, it was the second greatest present she'd ever recieved. It wasn't regular combat training, it was para-military mixed in with raw brutality and Embers down style. Hit them harder than they could ever hit you. The first two to throw themselves forward found out the hard way. Embers first movement was spinning on the ball of her heel, making her seem impossibly fast for having such a large frame, before reeling her arm back and punching him hard in the face, even using a Martial Arts Skill to ensure damage was done, even if the HP bar didn't drop. Seemingly stunned by this first attack, the second one didn't react at all as Embers pulled her arm back, and delievered one of her most devistating punchers ever, a right hook right into the boys stomach. The result; The target hit the ground and was several metres away at the end of it. Grinning widely, despite being outnumbered, Embers slowly advanced on her enemies. A hunter, a Wolf, who could smell the bloody of her prey!