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  1. Embers

    (PP-F10) Meetings are Trial and Error

    The most Ragdoll spoke, the more Embers was getting pissed off. The laughing, the smile. And the fact Embers wanted nothing more than to kill her, punish her for the attempted assassination attempt. If this girl would just shut up, it would be so much easier! Instead, however, everything this girl was doing was pissing her off. She kicked at Ragdoll’s stomach “Shut up already!” she yelled loudly. She didn’t need this girl making her think more than she had too. It was really starting to piss her off. She lashed out once again before pacing away. She didn’t want to kill her, but letting her live without pain. Pain pain pain! She needed to inflict pain, that would make them even, but this stupid game denied such a basic commodity. “You’re lucky, in a way” Embers let out a deep breath “If this was the real world, I’d punch you until you bled all over this damn grass. This stupid world doesn’t allow me to give you pain, punch you like you damn well deserve” Embers stood up and turned her back to Ragdoll, muttering several things to her Familiar.
  2. Embers kept her focus on Rowan, and shook her head. She was getting more and more annoyed at Rowan of late. The hawk had been acting up lately, and Embers was overwhelming curious about why. He’d been flying off at random times, moody almost. Embers didn’t understand. She’d been treating this Rowan differently than the one back home. With more respect, more care and understanding. And yet, Rowan was more agitating and less obedient than previous. Why! Everyone said the better you treat people, the better they listen. So why the hell did Rowan act like this? She looked up hearing someone talk to her. The girl. Embers frowned. Arabelle? Why did that name sound familiar? The word ‘Volleyball’ made the girl chuckle, that’s why she looks familiar. “Embers” She said as she stroked Rowans feathers gently “Sorry about Rowan, he’s been stupid lately” She let out a sigh, before looking at Tsu “…You know this girl right?” She asked the frog-girl “Come on, either bring her along or tag with her” Embers shrugged her shoulders at how little she honestly cared if the girls either followed her or left her to do her thing.
  3. Embers

    (PP-F10) Meetings are Trial and Error

    Embers didn’t hesitated in her walk, but something the girl said stuck within her. She didn’t ‘want’ the girl to die, but she had to. Embers focused her eyes on the river she was approaching, and let out a soft growl listening to her spout off. Tell Tsu about her, and change her? What an idiot. Embers threw the girl on the edge of the river, and shook her head “Law of the jungle assassin. You were weak, and picked a fight with someone who was stronger. Therefore, your life is forfeit. Like a tiger trying to become head of the pride” The tears on the other girls face did nothing to change Embers mind. She felt…Odd. She’d never killed another human, despite her love for embracing her emotions, there was something inside of her that was screaming at her. She didn’t want to die…alone? Once again, that screaming inside her heart got louder. Did she really want to kill the other girl? Never. But what else was she to do? No one else understood, so if they judged her, let them. She shook her head. If someone came at her with a knife, she’d stab them with it. But this girl hadn’t come at her with a knife, but poison. Embers lashed out at the ground, kicking it several times to try and vent her anger. Why the hell was this so hard for her!? Why was her gut split in its decision? Part of her wanted to obey her own rules, her laws of the jungle. The rules that she had obeyed for years, the rules that had helped her rationalise the world she grew up in. And yet, despite her years of instinct that should be driving her forwards, something was holding her back! Something was crippling her, changing her. What the hell was it?!
  4. Embers

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    Embers watched Hestia make herself the target, using an ability she knew as a taunt. Forcing the monsters to attack her instead of being allowed to target her. It was an ability she hadn’t understood when she first say it, but now it made sense. Hestia could take more of a beating than she could, let them beat away on her. The nod from Hestia was all the signal Embers needed. She glanced at Rowan, who took flight. Finally, it was time for battle. While watching Hestia burn up had brought her much, there was only so much she got out of watching another burn. After all, she could feel it when she let herself alight. Rolling her shoulders, the girl charged forwards past Hestia, crashing into the wasps and letting her Scythe do its job. The scythe landed on three of her targets, getting a little chuck in most of them. Embers spun around, she knew the wasps would target Hestia, but she could feel the haze starting to leak into her system and the girl closed her eyes. Much like a drug, she felt it start flooding her entire system, and loved the feeling. “Ohhhh, yeah that’s it” she said to herself “This is gunna be a damn bloody fight, god this better be all I hope it would be” She opened her eyes, and zeroed in on Hestia as her vision blurred slightly. Time to see what Hestia could do in a fight… Sword Art: Trample Act (AoE) 6(9) Id: 101748 Bd: 9(+2)=11 <Hit>. 54-25=29 Dmg Id: 101749 BD: 7(+2) =9 <Hit>. 54-25=29 Dmg Id: 101750 Bd: 1(+2) =3 <Miss>. Id: 101751 Bd: 10 <Crit +1>. 60-25=40 Dmg
  5. Embers

    (PP-F10) Meetings are Trial and Error

    Embers frowned a little. This wasn’t what she had expected, she had prepared for some stupid talk about how she would ‘regret her actions’, as her last assassin had sprouted. This girl was…something else. Insanity reeked off of her like a plague. Was this one too mentally weak to survive the shift? That appeared to be the case. Oh well. No matter what stupidity went inside her head. She was a dead girl the moment she came here. “You’re insane” Embers muttered looking around. She’d rather not ‘kill’ her, if only because she’d get an orange marker. It would be easier to put the other girl in a position to be killed rather than kill her herself. It was the best she could do, since bringing her Scythe down on her would only bring more issues. Embers let out a growl, stupid world. Gripping the other girl by the collar, Embers began a short march outside of the shop, dragging Ragdoll across the ground as her crimson eyes looked for a place to dispose of her. They quickly zeroed in on what looked like a lake. Embers had no idea if you could drown in this game, time to find out.
  6. Embers

    (PP-F10) Meetings are Trial and Error

    Embers let out a soft growl. This Ragdoll was messing with her primal instincts. Part of her was on alert, and that alert kept one of her eyes trained on the closest door, and one hand near her Scythe. She had no issues fighting her way out, not since she was safe from any stupid tricks. Ragdoll was a smiling idiot, and yet, she smelt different. Something about her put her on alert. As long as she didn’t make any quick moves, Embers wouldn’t cut her open. “Tsu…damn hybrid” Embers said “Not sure why she handed out my information, even more since she knows i prefer to be….” Embers opened her eyes, and noticed it instantly. Ragdoll stopped moving after taking a bite. Her mind knew, raw instinct kicking in. She stood up to her full height of 6’0 and in a fluid motion, pulled her Scythe off her back, eyes hungrily hunting for anyone stupid enough to take a swing at her. After several moments, Embers eyes zeroed on the other girl. Her crimson eyes looked hungry for blood, as did the smirk on her face. “…You’re one of them, and you picked the wrong target. Unlike Domarus, or Hestia, who would throw you in that damn prison of theirs, I have no issues doin’ what’s gotta be done” Embers chuckled darkly as she reached forwards, grabbing Ragdoll by the collar of her uniform and grinned right in the other girls face “Pray to whatever pathetic gods you have, because they aren’t savin’ you from me”
  7. For once, when asked the question, Embers found herself hesitating. Was that really her information to share around? Given all she was hearing, it becomes more and more obvious, and yet, worried her greatly that information she carried around about the blacksmith. She saw Domarus charging in and…one shotting the monster. Of course he had the damage for it. She pouted a little, she’d of preferred a fairer fight… “She’s just…something about her puts me on alery, sets my instincts on fire” Embers said vaguely. While it wasn’t lying, it was far from the full truth. When she’d first met the blacksmith, she’d been annoyed at how formal she had been. Then she’d looked into the other girls eyes, and like a shark smells blood, Embers smelt blood on the girl. Embers turned to face Domarus, and battled away her hesitation. It was just her belief after all. “I saw somethin’ in her eyes once, it was a hatred. That kinda self-loathin’ stuff that turns you into a shell. Ain’t nothing good make someone hate themselves that much, even more since she carries it around with her”. Embers let out a soft growl, but it was more at herself. Why the hell did she feel the need NOT to tell Domarus what she honestly thought? The hell was this side of her?
  8. Embers

    <F1-PP> Trial by Fire

    Embers noticed it almost instantly. T was acting differently, or at least, odd. One thing that Embers had noticed about the other girl was that she often didn’t break eye contact. And yet, T was doing it over and over. Suspicion started to mount within Embers, namely curious about why this was the case. A small part of her brain put her on alert for an attack, right as she dismissed the idea as stupid. This was Telrenya after all, what was basically her little sister. Even if Embers wouldn’t ever admit those words to anyone, it felt right to admit to herself. “Leader….Jomie?” She asked hearing Tel mention the leader. She’d heard bits and pieces about him from Tel, mostly positive about him being nice and accepting. But their conversations hadn’t covered him a huge amount, partly because Embers didn’t see a point talking about someone she’d never meet, nor cared too as of when they had been chatting. However, that opinion shifted drastically hearing the news. Seeing each other, and.. Embers eyes instantly zeroed in on the ring. A ring. Embers didn’t care for marriage, hadn’t ever properly understood relationships and emotional support as she had never felt the desire nor need. Yet here was, what was to her, a little sister, committed to someone. Embers face had made several expressions, a frown, slight smirk. “Is he hot?” was the first thing to come out of her mouth. It was around the ‘nicest’ things that would come from her. Embers didn’t like marriage, hated the idea of it. Yet she could see the happiness on Telrenyas face and she didn’t want to make fun of it. She wanted to support her, but not what she did. She took a step forwards, and regardless of how Telrenya reacted, pulled the shorter girl into a tight hug.
  9. Embers

    (PP-F10) Meetings are Trial and Error

    At the other girls joke about the possible posion, Embers merely snorted. She didn’t care about this others girls reactions nor opinions. She had recently taken apart of a bust of a player killer guild, and she had been damn public about it as she did it. As they wrapped up, a simple warning about possible attacks against her game out. In a fight, she felt confident. But if she was paralyzed, well, she was dead. She refused to take that risk. “I’m a possible target for player killers. I know I can kill them if they attack me, but if I’m stunned, I die. I refuse to be killed like that” she said simply. Whether the other girl understood or not, Embers cared little for it. She had her reasons for what she did. Embers took another handful of nuggets and started chewing right as Ragdoll asked her why she hated her. Embers couldn’t stop herself and started laughing at her, loudly as she finished chewing, before shaking her head “Hate you? The hell would I hate you for? You may be a grinning idiot” Embers closed her eyes, leaning back in her seat “I just don’t like you”
  10. Embers

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    Embers followed in silence with her eyes clued onto Hestia. There was something, just so primal, so beautiful about someone being so angry that their flame comes out. Embers took a deep breath. Manipulation wasn’t her game, and while she didn’t understand it, there was some amusement to it. Listening to the girl talk, Embers shook her head slightly. Hestia got this emotional from methods? That was a lie, and yet, a lie Hestia expected her to believe? Embers laughed, loudly, despite Hestia’s rage. Embers knew rage, knew it in all its forms. You didn’t get this worked up over methods. “If that’s what you say…” Embers said when he laughter died down. She didn’t believe Hestia, and yet, she was curious if she would tell her. What Embers’ believed to be the truth. She shrugged her shoulders, and stretched her arms out. The boss wasn’t that far, but more than anything, Hestia interested her. Embers smirked once again, looking at her “If it helps, just pretend that this bee is Domarus~”
  11. Embers

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    Beautiful. The single word repeated itself in Embers head, over and over and over, as she watched Hestia finally burn. Embers smiled, the widest she ever had. Some people like her burnt a bright red, an inferno that engulfed everyone. But the rage, the burn of emotion within Hestia was different. A cold flame, blue just like her eyes. Watching her contain the scream that should have come as she lashed out, Embers felt something in her mind click. ‘Hestia and Domarus. They’re both burn with emotion. How am I gunna pick?’ She asked herself as she watched Hestia try and reign herself in, much to Embers disappointed. She’d of loved to see what happened if she let lose, let the fire within her chest explode. Even as she tried to calm herself, Embers could see it now as if it had always been there. The fire. Beautiful. Hearing Hestias explanation, it made…an annoying amount of sense. That blue-haired girl always did seem too smart for her own good. Plus internal knowledge of what that girl has done…Deception wasn’t Embers way, but if Domarus wanted to take over. She wanted to throw a spanner in the works. She wanted Hestia to get involved and watch Domarus, the man who hated it when his plans failed, to watch all his effort go up in smoke. Maybe that would make him accept his emotions rather than hide them away behind his stupid smiling face. Embers jogged to catch up with the other girl. As much as she wanted to drop the information she picked up about another member of the guild, she kept it to herself. She didn’t need to know about her, just yet. “Whats your issue with him? You’ve never said” She couldn’t help herself, probing at the other girl.
  12. Embers

    (PP-F10) Meetings are Trial and Error

    Embers had every intention to talk to Tsu, namely about giving out her god damn name to a complete nutcase! Even she could see that this Ragdoll wasn’t operating on all cyclinders, a waste of her damn time. She had half a mind to just kick open the window and leave. But she would wait and see what this Ragdoll wanted from her. Seeing the food placed infront of her, she quickly opened her inventory and used anti-paralyze item, before grabbing 4 in a single handful and stuffing her face. She hated that Domarus had been right. After their bust against the Pk’er guild, more strangers would approach her. She continued to eat, and briefly mulled over her options. She had nothing better to do, and Ragdoll was offering something. Well, she doubted they had anything she didn’t, but no harm in it. “Quests” She said bluntly “Find a partner you can stand, do quests for the first time to get a big bonus. Or simply do them over and over if you like that crap. That’s why people like me aren’t high levelled, can’t be bothered doing the same quests over and over again” She let out a sigh “At this point, get in a guild and pray the leader is kindhearted” She didn’t offer Ragdoll her guild. Ever since her meeting with Hestia, something had felt off about Domarus. More so than what she already knew.
  13. Embers honestly couldn’t care for the reasoning behind why Tsu refused to have damage in her kit. Her guild needed it? Stupid. If she ever gets attacked without her guild, she dies. Weakness. Glaringly big. She snorted at the stupidity, but said nothing. If Tsu didn’t see her weakness, then she would die for it. There was nothing Embers could do, nor cared to do. She looked up, spotting Rowan circling in the air. Damn buzzard. He found something. The real question is what was so damn important he pissed off? A growl escaped the girls throat as she marched forwards angrily. Rowan came down and landed on Arabelles’ shoulder right as Embers rounded the corner. Her crimson eyes locked onto the other girl instantly. She wasn’t running, but power marching forwards with a glare and a growl. “Rowan, the hell was that!” She yelled, the Hawk turning to face his owner but not moving from Arabelle “I thought it was clear, you damn buzzard. I claimed you…” The girl raised her right arm, and almost instantly, the Hawk flew off Arabelle and onto Embers arm “And you claimed me…idiot, one of these days you’re gunna fly into a building and I won’t come and save you” Despite her aggressive tone, Embers was smiling and even gave her pet a snack before looking back up at the person who her bird had visited “…The hell are you?”
  14. Embers

    (PP-F10) Meetings are Trial and Error

    Ragdoll. The first thought that crossed over Embers mind was she looked like an idiot. That stupid uniform, and just her aura. Embers believed herself a good read of people, and something was just off about this ‘ragdoll’. At her order to remove her weapon, Embers laughed loudly and shook her head. “No. You asked me here, you go by my rules. My weapon stays on me” she said clearly, not taking out her Scythe but not making any more to remove the item from her back. While she didn’t say it, part of her wondered if this was an ambush. She knew of a Pk guild on the rise, and she had been part of the bust. If people didn’t like her before, that would be enough to get her killed. Ambushed. Assassinated. If some idiots were dumb enough to try that, she would be keeping her Scythe on her at all times. Embers took a look at the menu. She would play ‘nice’, but that didn’t mean she’d play by this girls rules. “Build huh?” She asked before sighing. Some people in this world, idiots. “Screw it, those nuggets. A lot of them” The girl moved, kicking her feet up on one of the tables and looking at Ragdoll “Whatcha wanna know….? And don’t waste my damn time”
  15. Embers

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    Embers liked Hestia. Even when it was, well, clear even to her that Hestia was the stronger player, she didn’t try and show it off. It was about them, a unified force. An odd feeling for certain, and yet, something inside Embers chest moved. The girl frowned for those moments. The hell was that?! She had spent years trying to find something that would do something to her, and she had always assumed it had to be from someone like her. Someone who burnt with emotion. So how the hell was Hestia, who burnt behind her eyes, doing this to her?! “Oh, it’ll be a competition. Although, your spiked armour don’t count” She said, grinning “We both know that the last mob we ran into killed itself on you, and I’d rather a fair fight”. Embers, as much as she hated losing, did have herself honour. If Hestia wanted a bout, it would be on even footing…mostly. Although, Hestia’s reaction was everything Embers had silently prayed for. And for barely a second, she could understand why Domarus used deceit. The look on Hestia’s face, the ice in her eyes and the rage behind them. A single word came to mind seeing it. Beautiful. Shrugging her shoulders, she continued “I was speakin’ to Domarus before, said something about allying up with them or something. A little weird honestly, they’ve got numbers but that’s about it. Still, he said he wanted to aborb them or somethin’” Embers watched Hestia, because there was one thing she was curious about. “Oh, on that note, Domarus said something weird about it. He said that Eatos was runnin’ it, or at least, that he was talki’ to her and not the kid. Little weird since I thought Stryder was in charge ya know?”