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  1. Happy f*cking reunions…urgh. Embers had to put effort into not storming off the moment this ‘fight’ turned into a god-damned lovely dovey convensation. Thankfully, it didn’t last long with Hestia’s announcement to keep Adrian…not mentioned?! Embers couldn’t help herself but grin. Finally, this was the world she could thrive in. Dog-eats-dog kinda world, where prey, prey truly worthy of her, is out there. Adrian…Embers licked her lips at the idea of getting her Scythe into that psycho child… Hestia addressed her, and the girl grinned “I give you my word that Raven would survive didn’t i? But let me make this clear Hestia…This whole thing, it ain’t over” Embers looked around the battlefield “Adrian and Hidden are still out there, until they’re caught or dead. Trust me, if no one else, I understand that kid. This world is a game, truly…And he wants someone to catch him” The look in Embers eyes screamed it. She wanted…needed to be the one to catch him. Embers turned, only to see the look on Raven’s face and a wave of anger washed through Embers. How dare the little sister be so ungreatful! She marched up to Raven, but there was, despite anger, a small bit of understanding “Listen you idiot” Embers says harshly to the younger sister “That there, is your god-damn sister. She saved your life today, and paid the price. Taking a life, and saving one…Costs you the same. A piece of your spirit, and she’s given up a lot to keep you alive” Embers wanted to punch the sister so hard, the urge ran through her like a tidalwave and Embers clentched her right hand into a fight fist “You get what I’m saying, Raven?”
  2. Embers couldn’t believe her eyes! Hidden and Adrian ran away! The damn cowards! Despite knowing she couldn’t stop it, she charged forwards and swung her Scythe, hitting nothing but air and getting a serious of rather violent swears thrown around as the girl burnt through the anger within her system. The fight against Raven and Keres had gotten her blood boiling, but for it all to stop now?! It was an utter let down, all this work up and with no pay off! She kicked the ground, hard, before turning. The only good part of today was that she’d kept her word to keep Raven alive, and her word was still her gods-damned bond. As she returned to the team, Embers’ familiar, the Hawk, joined her on the girls shoulder. First things first…The girl walked up to Domarus, despite the fact he was hugging Keres. The primal instinct within her was begging for her to beat the crap out of both of them. “Oi, Dom. Let me give ya a warning. Next time you call me a traitor, I’ll stitch your mouth shut with your teeth, you got that?” The girl wasn’t sure what the hell happened in the fight against Hestia, but honestly. She didn’t care. Domarus was no longer the pack alpha he pretended to be, even more so with those damn tears on his face. The girl placed her Scythe onto her back, and turned to face Raven. “And you, Raven…Well, I think it’s safe to say you owe someone here one hell of an apology for being an idiot. So go, talk to your sister…Family needs to look after its own, after all” Embers took a step back as the blod haze washed off her completely, but there was still a savage smile on her face. Raven hadn’t been wrong, inside, she knew she was nothing more than an animal, a person who lived and breathed through instinct. But, just because that’s who she was, didn’t mean it was all she was. Maybe Hestia was right, but then again…maybe this was simply who Larissa had always been. The girl wasn’t sure…and didn’t care to overthink it.
  3. For a bunch of damn sheep, even Embers had to admit, they had some bite back in them. It was a scapy fight, and yet, that’s what favoured the resistance group. A lack of co-ordination from the assassins meant they didn’t kill the easy targets, and allowed the battle to drag on so much longer than it honestly needed to. “You know, if the lead assassin had a brain, they’d of won this easy. You kill that one first” Embers said to her familiar, pointing at Mishiro “You take the damage out of the group, and you’re left with a tank who looks like she can barely fight, and a support…God why are these Coffin wanna-be’s so useless at the one thing they claim to be any good at?” Embers had to admit, this was just a disappointment. She had expected the lead she had been biting at to be useful, or at the very least, interesting…But there was nothing. Still, leaning against the tree, she watched, waiting for something…anything!
  4. Embers

    [PP-F05] One bad apple... <The Traveller>

    It seemed like a passive threat, hell…All he said was that he’d be an enemy out of him? He acted like that would bother her. She’d made so many so called enemies, and nothing had ever come of it. Would he try and fight her, arrest her? Kill her? Embers started laughing at the mere idea of it, the kid going after her with the intent to kill… “I don’t care about that you idiot. If she tried to kill me, I’m taking her out” Embers says simply as she walks, batting the sand out of her way “Trust me idiot, I’m not gunna try and hunt Fae down. But she’s already made one swing at me, if she tries again…I won’t have much of a choice” The girl let out a sigh. The Kid was never gunna accept this, simply put. The kid wouldn’t accept it as the only option, he’d argue capture or…anything else. Why was this Kid just so stubborn sometimes? "You can do whatever you want...Hope for her, whatever...But let me make this clear. I'm not killing her, unless she gives me no other option"
  5. Embers finally arrived at the fight, and had to admit, this wasn’t what she was expecting to witness. It was 4 against three. Normally Laughing Coffin always has a clear number advantage, however here…they only had a single man up? What a farse, whoever was in charge of this hunting trip deserved to…Embers shook her head! Dammit, she had to stop thinking like that. She was only killing Because she had to, not because she wanted to! “Remember idiot, you’re a hunter. Not a murderer” she said to herself as she leaned up against a nearby tree, her Scythe on her back as she made a decision. She’d sit back and watch, and see if these people really could fight against this assassination attempt. If they survived, not only did it mean she wouldn’t need to step in, but also, these sheep would have a chance…After all, when your back is to the wall. You have no choice but to bare your teeth, and become a wolf…
  6. The fight was going wonderfully. Even with Keres on her back, Embers had already won the fight in a dominating, and yet in her mind, clearly one-sided fashion. She was contemplating beating some sense into Raven, when she heard a voice that, even within a blood haze, sent chills up her spine. Adrian….Oh dear god who let him loose? Releasing Raven, she turned to face the mad-child that had seemed to take out both Domarus and Hestia with…something. She hadn’t seen the daggers being thrown. She stared at the boy as Keres tugged, but the tall girl stood solidly in place, her crimsons eyes just staring at the boy as Embers realized something. She could think! Despite collapsing into her blood haze, and feeling a fire race through her entire body like a drug, part of her mind was not animalistic, and there was something screaming at her to fight this kid…and another part screaming at her to run the hell away from it all. She looked to see WHO was the idiot who allowed Adrian free, and spotted Hidden, Domarus’ pet assassin, standing next to the kid. Hidden….A violent growl erupted from the girls throat as she grabbed the Scythe from her back, and started the slow march forwards. “So this is what it comes to Hidden? Huh!? Calling on someone to damn broken, Domarus…Hell, even I wouldn’t have brought him to this battle. You trust someone who is about as emotionally stable as I am, and let me tell you, that’s begging for a knife in the back” Embers spins the Scythe around in her hands before stopping just out of Charge range, and smirks “So come on, who is gunna step up to the challenge?” She grins, but despite the Blood Haze, keeping a sharp out for any action made by Adrian. She knew the boy was crafty, and refused to be caught off-guard like the others.
  7. The two assassins, running away, stopped a short distance away from the fight “The hell was that! I thought you SAID she was easy. Now they’re gunna kick our asses, or kill us” “Chill out bro, we’ll…figure something out. We didn’t kill no one, so our markers will turn green soon…Then, we’ll…I dunno” “Die?” Suggested Embers as she landed from the tree she had been standing on, her Scythe pulled out as both boys went completely silent from fear. Armed in her black armour and Scythe, she truly looked like death. “After your failures to kill, I honestly can’t decide if killing you is worth the energy. But…then again, law of the jungle is rather simple…You’re weak, you die” Both of the boys grabbed their weapons, and without saying a word, tried to fight the Scythe-Wielding girl. Embers laughed, and swung her weapon, forcing both of them back! She grinned, cockily, as she licked her lips as if begging them for a fight. However, when they ran away, The girl made no attempt to pursue them. “If you’re a weak wolf…bow down to your alpha” she said to herself as she started to walk forwards, towards the remaining three Pkers. The remaining three people who needed to die for their actions.
  8. The look in Embers eyes was nothing more a raw animalistic as the girls mind was consumed. A large portion of her higher order processes and decision making had melted away, giving way for what she had often descried as a blood haze. A series of actions where she relied on her sheer instincts, much like a wild animal would in moments of fight or flight. Her eyes tracked Raven’s strike, and in those few moments, Embers mind, despite the blood haze, was crystal clear. She could see through Raven’s attack as if it were glass! After all, several years of para-military combat training did teach you a few things about tells. Embers body moved with seeming unnatural speed for a girl of her size, shifting her entire body weight into the attacking arm and effective ‘catching’ Raven in the air. The punch would still connect, but hit closer to Embers hip rather than her knees. But Raven was now trapped in Embers hands, and the girl grinned a wide, sadistic grin that screamed pain. “The insane one…is the girl who…strikes the Alpha Wolf” Embers gritted out slowly as the fire in her eyes seemed to heat up, and once again, with seeming unnatural speed for a girl who stood at 6’0 and had broader shoulders than most males, her arms moved. One punched Raven across the face, the other hand allowing the girl to ‘fall’, only for Embers legs to already be moving! They smashed into Raven’s kneecaps hard, and in barely a second, Embers had Raven on the ground. Raising her boot up in the air, she stomped down again, and again, and again! Feeding her own sadistic pleasures that bloomed deep within her blood haze. Suddenly, without warning, the kicking stopped. Raven’s HP had just entered the Red Zone, and Embers, while her eyes burnt, had rested her foot on the ground, instead of continuing her unrelenting attack. Reaching down, she picked Raven up and held her in the air with her hands. “The insane ones justify their behaviour? I don’t justify, I do what I want and to hell with the world. But maybe Raven, look in the mirror before you speak. You justified standing beside Domarus, a wolf so pathetic he couldn’t win a single fight when it mattered. A wolf who used others as meat shields for his own benefit…Because I’d of killed you just then, and he wouldn’t have battered an eyelid” Embers shifted her head towards Hestia “Your sister did all of this, for you. You may not like it, hell….You can hate her for now, but whats that dumb saying…Age comes with wisdom? Partnering up with Domarus long term is a bad call, and Hestia saw it coming. He wanted absolute control, but please…justify standing beside him…justify dying for someone like him”
  9. I'd be willing to put myself in there for the T1 half battle, and be a free agent for the tag battle if someone can't find a partner.
  10. Embers couldn’t understand Keres. This main wanted to get hurt, she knew that much. But what Larissa Williams had planned was more than simple pain. It would be broken limbs and week long recoveries if she had her way. The real world would have ended with a lot of blood and several people going to hospital. In this world however, it meant a simple thing. The red-haired girl didn’t have to restrain herself. She rolled her shoulders feeling the fire burning through her, and knowing she was on a timer… Rowan, the girls familiar, was caught unprepared by the snake that stopped its dive bombing attempt, and circled in the air looking for an opening, a way to fight. However, the flames made Rowan make an easy decision. Retreat. The bird swung back onto Embers’ shoulder instead of going on its own. Even more so as the Cheetah started coming for it! Feeling her familiar land on her shoulder, Embers let out a violent growl. This wasn’t’ how the fight was meant to go! Now outnumbered in people and familiars, the girl let out a yell as Raven’s attack against Embers head connected. She made no attempt to dodge it, after all, it brought Raven right into range! She swung her right arm back into one of her strongest punches and threw it right at Raven, who in the air, would struggle to weave out of its way. The fight seemed to back away, and Embers found herself slightly short of breath. But despite this, the smile on her face was undeniable. After all, this was perfect. So much of this was like back at the real world, minus the fact she was annoyingly sober for the fight. Although what Raven said sent laughter through Embres body as she stared at both her opponents, and shifted her stance. To most, it would simply look as she was standing casually, however, Keres would know the stance. It was the stance Embers always took before a fist fight, and was a hybrid of dirty street fighting, and military. It would give her the ability to react to most strikes, if her large frame allowed her to move quick enough for it. But as she dropped into her stance, a throaty chuckle escaped. The look in the girls eyes was barely human, much more akin to a wild animal. Feral and hungry. “You’re right…People don’t change if they don’t want to. And while I think there are some things I coul do to change who I am. When it comes to a fight, I survive on animal instinct in battle, and besides…I want to enjoy my time with the pair of you before I break you”
  11. “I’m not a complete idiot Rowan, I know I saw them come this way” The red-haired girl growled as she continued to hunt forwards. She had been following rumours of Laughing Coffin, namely a wave of new recruits for the org. Embers had started to take things into her own hands, and this was the start of it. After killing an assassin who had tried to kill her, Embers realized she had a taste for blood when it suited her, and killing murders suited her all too well. Rowan gave the girl a beady eye look, he had to. Rowan was, after all, Embers Familiar. A white-tailed hawk who she had claimed some time ago. Preening his feathers on the girls shoulder, the hawk hadn’t bothered to fly around and be helpful! After all…. Embers raw instincts took over, she could smell battle! Leaping up into one of the nearby trees, the tall girl climbed around until she saw it. A fight, between a white-haired girl, a grey haired girl, who were going up against…Embers could only grin as she spotted THREE Laughing Coffin assassins out in the open, although, her animal instincts told her that there were others nearby. Up in the trees, invisible to anyone who wasn’t looking up, the girl waited…After all, waiting was just part of behind a hunter. And Embers was one of the best.
  12. Embers watched as the rest of the Kids guild cleaned up the fight with ease, and all Embers felt was disappointed and robbed. The dragon hadn’t lasted long at all, she’d only been able to get a single strike in before the Kid and the Blue-haired girl managed to clean it up. She let out a slow growl, after all, this was supposed to be a time to fight…and yet, nothing. “Drinks, for a job barely done?” Embers said mockingly to the Kid “You’ve gotta be kidding me. I ain’t gunna go patting ya on the back for an easy fight…” The girl was somewhat annoyed, it was one of the easier fights, and Harem-Boy and the Kid were planning a drink? As if they had hunted down a tiger, or a rhino. It had been all too simple. “You go do whatever the hell ya wanna. I’ll be where the real fight is” The girl lifted her Scythe onto her shoulders and went marching towards the woods. It was time for a proper battle.
  13. Embers watched her HP bar, and wasn’t entirely surprised when Keres failed to do any real damage to her. Domarus himself had told her Keres was a non-combatant, and focused on other skills rather than combat ones. That would mean a rational brain would simply ignore the other girl until the fight with Raven was over, however, a blood haze was anything but rational is Embers fell into one. Her attention on Raven, who managed to dodge her strike would have been fine…if Keres had not come out of nowhere and touch her damn noise! A growl escaped Embers lips “Keres, last damn warning before I hurt you!” She yelled at the maid, swinging her Scythe at the maid right before she got out of range and her attack completely missed. “Rowan, take Keres. Keep her the hell off of me!” She ordered her familiar, and the Hawk took to the air to dive-bomb Keres. However, the distraction from Keres had caused Embers to open herself up, and several of Raven’s punched landed home as Embers realized her Scythe was more of a hurt than a help. The girl, in a swift motion, swung the blade onto her back and caught one of Raven’s punches with her hand. Embers grinned as she started to crush the other girls hand. Embers knew she wasn’t fast in fights, not compared to Domarus or even Raven. They were just quicker than she was, and she was ok wit that. After all, even Domarus had felt the sheer power that each punch she had contained. And Embers was in no mood to pull her punches. After all, some oppononents might hesitate to punch Raven in account of her looking so similar to Hestia…. “You know Raven, today just isn’t your day. For months, I’ve wanted to fight your sister” She said slowly ignoring what the other girl said. Stick and stones after all...and Embers had every intention to break some bones if it was needed. Licking her lips with excitement as her left hand, her non-natural hand, went to punch the other girl in the stomach. If Raven managed to block the strike, she’d feel the sheer power that was put into the punch. If she managed to dodge it, she’d have to get her other hand out of Embers grip first… “And you look close enough to her that it’ll count” Embers felt the fire stream through her entire body, her blood accelerating and she knew. She knew was close to becoming what everyone around her thought she was. A wild animal, a hunter. A blood haze was rushing towards her, and Embers made no attempt to stop it as she took a strong kick at Raven.
  14. Embers

    [PP-F05] One bad apple... <The Traveller>

    The girl didn’t care his solution to the ‘Fae’ problem, partly because she had a single belief that the only solution to the young girl was death. Or murder, both would work the more she thought about it. But it was not worth mentioning to the Kid, he was already unstable as it is, he didn’t need to know her plans to stick the idiot Fae with her Scythe. “You do it however you do. Although I’ll warn you know Kid, if she comes after me again, I’m killing her” Embers said, marching forwards through the sand “She f*cked with the queen of the damn jungle, and the only reason I let her live before was she used a proxy to get to me. If she swings whatever weapon she’s got at me, I’m sticking my Scythe through her chest” There was nothing in her voice to signal she would regret it. It was a simple fact of life for Embers, and one she might as well try take some pleasure out of.
  15. Embers found a large grin on her face as Raven seemed to be prepared for a fight, but more than that. What excited Embers was the other girl seemed to want to use her fists, a prospect that excited her greatly. Did Domarus not warn Raven about her prowess in fist combat? It seemed she was due an education in pain! However, her train of thought was cut off by something, flipping over her?! Her crimson eyes zeroed in on Keres…The main who always got inside her head. She felt a growl emerge from her throat at the mere sight of the other girl. The maid who was always inside of her damn head! “Keres, stay out of this if you want to live. Raven’s my own concern, but I won’t hesitate to break you if you stand in my way” She had little doubt the other girl was going to get in her way, and if that is the case…Well, she’d just have to break her like a poorly made toy. That’s when she saw Raven charge at her, and Embers grinned happily. Finally, it was time to fight! Embers tightened the grip on her Scythe, right as she noticed the other girl wasn’t using a sword…But her hands?! The smile that eclipsed on Embers face was one of pure joy. And in moments, the girl shifted her weapon in her hands and directed Raven’s strike into her weapon, using her Scythe as a shield from the blow, and brought the weapon above her head to swing in a wide ark! “My place is where I damn well please!” Embers yells at the other girl “Maybe you didn’t remember anything from when we were both Domarus’ lackies, but my place is queen of the damn jungle!”