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  1. The tall girl listened to Domarus, even though part of her knew she shouldn’t. That idiots once weapon was words, his dumb ability to talk and talk. And she knew she shouldn’t have listened to a single word he said. But, she did, and for those moments after, the girl froze entirely as what he said dawned on her. He was…right. Following Hestia wouldn’t get her what she desired would it? After all, Hestia burnt, but it wasn’t like Domarus. Domarus burnt like a wild flame, naked to the eye, and yet capable of greatness. It had been that flame that had captivated her interest, and lead her into joining him at the beginning. He had shown her strength, and beaten her face in during their fight. He had shown her strength, brutality and no mercy. Qualities she respected. By her own words, Domarus lived and ruled through the jungle, and by her own decree, she should follow him. But, he had stolen away blood….But which is more important?! She….had no idea. She swore softly as she watched the battle unfold, but she made no move to join the battle in front of her. Even although she could feel her blood on fire, she had to make sure she was right. “Blood or strength...I always thought, one didn’t stop the other but…” She let out a growl as she searched for the answer inside her own head.
  2. Adrian was a threat, but Embers wasn’t too worried. Even in his last moments, even Domarus wasn’t stupid enough to unleash the nutcase of a child. She had only met him a dozen times, and while he didn’t scare her, there was something unsettling about him. It was if she could see what had shattered, the pieces that had fallen off of him. And he was disgusting. A wolf who hunted purely for sport and made a mess of everything in his path. She caught the cuffs thrown to her, more out of instinct than predictions, and after letting out a huff, placed them on the belt of her armour. She’d much rather beat Raven into a bloody submission after the stupidity that was the younger sisters reactions, yet…She had made a bargain to Ember Nite to bring her sister back alive. And her word was her oath. “So we tag ‘em and move on, sounds easy enough” she grinned a cocky grin right as movement caught the girls eye. And she let out a loud laugh as she spotted a group of people, leading the way was non other than her former guild leader. The Alpha wolf who had beat her into ‘submission’ through nothing short of brute force. To his credit, it had been a great fight. But he had wanted her to submit, and that was something she’d never do. She was her own fire, her own hellfire. And you can’t stop it from burning. “Betrayed?” The girl echoed the word. It was an ugly word, one she hated Domarus to throw at her even if it was somewhat accurate. She was a Williams, and if there was one thing she could always hold from that last name, it was her damn honour and loyalty. She grabbed the Scythe off of her back, and while part of her body was screaming at her to charge. To bring her Scythe, her fist, down upon Domarus, she stayed her blood lust. “Trust me on this Domarus, there is nothing in this world I’d love more than to fight you again. To show you that I burn brighter than you ever could, and show you just how stupid you were to think you could ever control me. Kick you down and show you, you ain’t no Wolf Alpha” The girl felt her blood start to ignite, and her eyes began to burn with the fires of rage and hatred “But I ain’t got the first claim on ya. Hestia’s got that honour, you stole away her damn sister! Family Domarus! Blood comes before everything, and you had the balls to try and disrupt it” She glanced at Hestia. Part of her, the darkest part, wanted to see the other girl be defeated, if only for the reason she could step in and prove how bright she burnt! “But trust me on this Domarus, if you survive Hestia…I’m coming for you...And i'll show you how a Williams fights, and how a Williams kills”
  3. A violent growl escaped Embers throat as Hestia muscelled between her and the idiot who she wanted to hit. The asshole had deflected her strike, not even fighting back and threw useless words at her. A wolf fought with teeth, not words! And Embers wanted to sink her teeth into him so badly! Even if Domarus was the target…This idiot had just become Embers enemy number two…maybe. Possibly three depending on her mood after the fight. The girl wanted to lash out, the fire in her veins had started to pulsate already. “Be the bigger person? Ain’t that his job” She pointed with her chin, after all, he was about an inch taller than she was. “Plus you know I’m good for our deal. I made a damn bargain with you, and my word is my damn bond…” She shook her head, but Hestia’s intervention was enough to direct her flame, her hatred and rage, back to her target. Domarus… However, despite the idiot killer being an asshole, he started speaking again. She was about to yell at him to shut his hole…wait..Firecracker?! She hadn’t heard Hestia refer to her as it, and she felt a split. Part of her wanted to hit him, and yet, it wasn’t a bad nickname…She let out a soft growl of annoyance. “You’re right, we will. Once Domarus is dealt with, you and I are gunna have a long talk…” The girl licked her lips at the prospect, right as he started delivering a battle plan. Embers didn’t listen to most of it, after all, there was only a single part that interested her. Raven. She was to find the other girl, and take her away from the fight. Easily said, and easily done. Embers had her Scythe, and she knew how to cripple an opponent with her hands in seconds if she needed too, plus Martial Arts skills would be useful, if she could be bothered. Although hearing the name Adrian. Even Embers felt something run down her spin. There was something wrong with that boy, something so fundamentally broken in his head. Although… “Ain’t no way Adrian can make it here. Domarus might be an ass, but he has some common sense. He’s locked up and chained. Not sure where if I’m honest, but ain’t no way in hell he’ll make it. Not unless Domarus has gone completely mad and let the idiot off his leash”
  4. The girl noticed there was…something between the two boys. Probably a measurement contest gone wrong, if she hazard any guess. But if she was honest, she didn’t care for it, or them honestly. She was here for Hestia, the presence of them meant a single thing. Cannon fodder. They were to distract the unimportant people in the battle while Hestia dealt with Domarus and she handled Raven. Everyone else in the battle was immaterial. The orange marker one, the murderer, commented how they’d be outnumbered, and Embers snorted. Was that not obvious from the start? And numbers didn’t matter. “Outnumbered, maybe, out skilled?” She didn’t bother to finish her sentence. Partly because he said a single word, and the girl went an anger wash over her. This idiot…had just called her…a sidekick?! “I’m a what?!” She yelled as she marched towards him, rage flowing out of her “A god damn sidekick? You wanna say that again princess?” Without a moments’ hesitation, the second he was in range her leg shot out like a missile, aimed at his kneecap to bring him onto the ground. If it connected, the girl was certain she’d bring him to his knees and make him suffer for making such a student comment! However, her strike did not connect with his knee. Instead, Aereth had deflected her strike with a glare “You try that again, you’re dead” A growl escaped the girls throat, one filled with rage. In those moments, she didn’t care that he was stronger than her. She wanted to prove a point. “Come on, try it. See how far you get before I make you eat your teeth. Make my damn day ever better. I’m already screwing Domarus today. Do you want to be next on my list?” The girl smiled at the prospect of more violence. Domarus was the first target, but if this guy wanted to joined to join that….She’d be more than happy to give him what he wanted.
  5. One other arrived, making their ‘army’ size up to 4 people. Embers was a little disappointed. She knew Domarus didn’t have a massive force, not after she’d overheard bits and pieces about his kingdom starting to crash down. But even still, she had expected Hestia to be able to rally a few more people on her side. She was most surprised by the distinct lack of the Kid, Aka: Stryder. The kid was a goody-two-shoes idiot, but he and Hestia always seemed to think similar. “Good idea to bring ‘her’ here? I have a name jackass. Just ‘cause I was part of his guild don’t mean I’m some lost idiot…!” She wasn’t yelling, but her tone was far from pleasant as she wanted to hit this orange-marked idiot back and forth with her bare fists. It was only when Hestia addressed her did she stop her planned assault of the idiot, and hugged the other girl back. “Good to see ya Hes. Gotta admit, hell of a rag-tag team you’ve got here. I expected a grand army, but I suppose this’ll have to do. On the brightside, it’ll mean I can do my job without some idiot getting in my way” she glared at both Aereth and Itzal briefly before letting out a sigh. “Despite his kingdom burning down, he has a good chunk of idiots willing to throw themselves in front of him. I’d say he has at least half a dozen people, not to mention that psycho of a player-killing child he has locked away somewhere. Outside of that….” The girl let out an annoyed growl “What annoys me, is Domarus hasn’t even tried to contact me to join him, and if he knew it was today…”
  6. So today was the day huh? Embers had known this day would come for some time, it would inevitable from the moment she’d met both Domarus and Hestia. They were titans, rivals, that would clash against one another, in a battle that would shatter the ground. The prospect excited her. For as long as she’d known them, she had been waiting for this battle. Today it had happened. Hestia had messaged her saying today was the day for Domarus to fall. Well, that was the other girl’s goal at least. While Embers would have loved for a chance to punch Domarus right in his face, show him he wasn’t the wolf pack alpha he believed himself to be, it wasn’t her kill to claim. Hestia was the only one who could claim that kill, assuming she could do that. Embers had another job, a job that would, well… If it hadn’t been for Raven, Embers would be fighting alongside Domarus without a seconds thought. But while survival of the fittest was one rule she lived by, there was another. Don’t screw with family. And Domarus had broken that rule when he’d stolen Raven away from Hestia. Therefore, her job was simple. Get Raven and disable the girl until the fight ended. And a fight on the 17th floor. If Embers understood Greek Mythology, or, well, any Mythology, she’d understand the 17th floor is the perfect place for this battle to take place. Issue was, she had no idea. The girl arrived on the 17th floor, and it didn’t take her long to find Hestia and another person. Wearing her ‘Reaper’ heavy armour, and with her Scythe on her back. The girl always took pride in her appearance being that of literal death. “You can expect me” She said overhearing the other person talking. She took a good look at him, and snorted “God what are you supposed to be, a bunch of left over towels? I’ve seen more frightening things for Halloween like bunny girls” She rolled her eyes as she turned to face Hestia. “Todays the day eh? Gotta admit, can’t wait to see that idiots face when he realizes I ain’t standing by his side. He loves his damn control, knowing every little thing that happens around him. Love to kick it to ‘im before the fights even started”
  7. Hearing Hestia talk about Telrenya, it was a double-edged sword in a way. Larissa missed the girl a lot, but there was always the issue with her. She just couldn’t, it was too risky. Maybe in the future she would, but for right now. She just didn’t feel like she would be able to not made an accident. Say something, or hurt the girls feelings in a way. Or someone the girl cared for. But maybe in the future, when the girl joined the guild. But that was for future her to deal with, not for current her to deal with. “An animal, maybe…” The girl shrugged “Remember what we said. I was raised like an animal, to live off instinct. That ain’t changing Hes…But who knows” The girl looked at her hands with an amused smile “Maybe I can afford not to upgrade my claws, maybe I can disarm something like that in the future” Embers gently punched Hestia’s shoulder “Besides, I’ll be hunting with your pack soon no?”
  8. The other girl had, an annoyingly good, point. As family, you had to look after one another, make sure they were on the right road. Was she on the right road even? She hated doubting herself, and yet, around Hestia, it was more questions. Was she happy like this, with anger flowing through her veins at every moment? Yes. But could she be happier? She started walking with Hestia, trailing the other girl slightly. The more she thought, the harder it was to find the answer she wanted. She wanted to lash out again, why couldn’t she ever find the answers she wanted! She returned to focus enough to hear Hestia’s last comment, and one Embers snorted at “Good to know its always the elder going in the heat. I had the same deal with Tel back, when we were close in power. Now she’s married, happy with Jom. Everyone seems to move on. Everyone seems to evolve, and here I still am” She huffed with amusement “Mum would have said its poetic. The hunter who refuses to evolve, will be left behind by their pack’
  9. Embers had stopped listening if she was honest with herself. The Kids guild was nice, but there was something infinitely childish within it. They were so worried about it, when in reality, Embers thought the plan would be rather simple. Hit it until it popped like a balloon? Crappy monsters like this weren’t worth the strategy, none were honestly. “God this is just boring. Lets kill this damn thing and get over with it!” She yelled, and that’s when she spotted it. Her eyes zeroed in on the dragon, and she dragged the Scythe that existed on her back. While the dragon did get some reinforcements, two figures that seemed to come out of nowhere. But she didn’t care for some weaklings like that. She wanted a single thing, and that was to kill this stupid dragon and let out some god-damned steam! She threw herself forwards as usual, and with her bird, Rowan, at her side, her scythe landed a blow on the drakes scales. However, what the girl wasn’t prepared for was the scales striking her back! She skidded onto her feet, and let out an angry yell “The hell!? How can it hurt me when it isn’t the one attacking!” Unaware the Dragons ability included to deal damage when it was struck, the girl let out an angry growl that resonated from her throat. --------------------------- Ghidorah: 201/215 HP | 40 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 70 DMG | 14 Thorns party 1: [1]Embers: 386/400 HP | 40/40 Energy | 9 DMG | 39 MIT | 2 ACC [0]Stryder: 700/700 HP | 70/70 EN | 62 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA [0]Eatos: 420/420 HP | 42/42 EN | ... Elven Dragon Cultist 1: 50/50 HP | 25 MIT | 35 DMG | 14 Thorns Elven Dragon Cultist 2: 50/50 HP | 25 MIT | 35 DMG | 14 Thorns party 2: Saphira: 240/240 HP | 24/24 Energy | 18 MIT | 1 EVA | 3 ACC | 5 DMG Hei: 600/600 HP | 60/60 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 12 DMG | 54 MIT
  10. Embers hated people inside her own head, and hated it even more when people made her think too much. Hestia was making her think a LOT. About who she was as a person, to understand who she was. Embers wanted to scream in a way, and yet, she tried to muster hatred, a burning rage to throw at Hestia. But each time she tried to grasp it, the anger melted away the moment her sights were set on the other girl. She had a feeling it was her nickname.. Fireheart. Hearing it so much, and from someone she respected. It was almost as if her father could be…not replaced, but switched. Albeit temporarily. “Not friends” She said quickly as the other girl stated they were just friends. That was wrong. Embers looked up with a fire in her eyes “You plan on standing beside me through hell, to try and change me. Friends….don’t do that. If you’re truly committed to this, you can’t be just a friend. We’re family at that point, shared by blood…Or in this case, we forge blood together” Family bonds, the bond of blood, to Larissa Williams, was the single strongest, and most important sign of loyalty. To betray family was the lowest point a person could reach, and it is unforgivable to do so. If Hestia was true with what she wanted, then she would have no choice but to become Embers family. Closer to her than a romantic partner, if Embers ever cared to get one. At the offer of what next however, Embers found herself, honestly, stumped. Part of her wanted to continue, but after her last miss, and knowing how much she had been struggling....thinking. “I might be safer…to call it. I don’t like thinking deeply, but today…” The girl opened her inventory and pulled out the picture, looking at it once again “Today has been….a challenge. Plus, given I completely missed the bear…I’d rather not die for being an idiot…”
  11. To a degree, Embers could understand where the other girl was coming from. To be aware enough, in order to understand everyone. Where they came from, who they are as people. It was a skill, and one Embers didn’t possess, nor have any intention to possess. But while Embers wanted to lash out, more and more, the other girl seemed to be there. Wanting her to ‘open up’. Embers wanted to scream at Hestia in a way, this other girl seemed impossible in her mind, and yet, everything she said linked with what Embers knew about her. At the offer of family, her crimson eyes shot onto the girl. Did she have any idea what that would mean? What being family meant to Larissa? How deep rooted blood should be? Embers wanted to shake her head, to dismiss this other girl like she would anyone else. And yet, part of her didn’t want to. Part of her was begging this to be real, and take it on face value. Embers was torn down the middle “You may know that…but I don’t” She said honestly “I don’t know if I can live anyway other than this, it’s the only way I’ve ever lived. But if you’re being so damn insistent, you’re welcome to try. I’ll give you that much credit…” Embers was torn, and that was why she was welcome to the idea. If it was meant to be, it would happen and Hestia would change the fire that nested in her chest. If not, then no matter how much Hestia pushed, she would not budge.
  12. In those moments, even in her haze, it become crystal clear. She and Hestia were too different. Somehow, this girl, who had lost her father too, didn’t find a hatred for the world deep within her chest. Didn’t let it burn her out from the inside, somehow. “How do you do that…?” She asked softly as she takes a step away from Hestia, trying to understand the girl that stood in front of her “How do you understand, like that? Domarus stole your sister, threatened to kill you, and her. And yet you feel, pity” To embers, that was an alien idea. If she had a sister, and someone threatened her. She’d kill them, or die trying. “I’m…not like you Ember” Larissa said “I don’t think I could live like that. To be aware of others, to feel how they feel…How you manage that is, beyond me. Because I hate the world for stealing him away Hes…And honestly, I don’t think there is a day that I don’t feel that hatred”. Although she didn't say it, the meaning should be clear. Larissa Williams acted the way she did, for the anger that boils within her. To not care about another person, and live a selfish life, because her one reason to care had been stolen away.
  13. Embers felt something on her shoulder, in for those mere seconds, the girl wanted to lash out. Her dad was dead and gone, and she had promised to move on and be stronger. And yet, why, why the hell was she hurting!? She tried to find words, but words couldn’t explain it. The shard that had pierced through her the day the mercs came home…without him. She had known, the second she saw them, but even still. It had been a knife that buried itself in her chest…and five years later, the knife was still there. The girl latched onto Hestia once again. There was something primal, and yet comforting, about holding someone. She couldn’t explain it, but it was there. “I miss him…” She says softly “I just miss him so much. He was always there, he was the only constant I wanted….And then he went and got himself killed because he wasn’t strong enough to live…I don’t know how else to live, other than the way he taught me to do” Embers shook her head, before letting out a sigh “I don’t know how you do it, dammit…Ever since he died. Life has been, a blur, a haze of anger. How do you not hate the world for taking your dad away?”
  14. Embers said her eyebrows, not at how the other girl seemingly didn’t like her, but rather, the fact this girl seemed to have been the target of assassins at one point in her life. The hell would they go after a front liner, like a complete dumbass? While Embers was tempted to mention it, she opted to keep her tongue held. After all, the past was the pass and there was nothing she could do about a clearly failed assassination attempt. “Beautiful? Damn, didn’t realize you thought I was a catch” Embers laughs jokingly at the other girl, spinning on the heel of her boot and offering Ruby her hand to shake “Names Embers. And somethin’ tells me we’re gunna get along just swimmingly eh hun?” Embers threw a quick nickname at the other girl, trying to hunt for something that’ll stick to the other girl. She could be blatent and use a typical name, like hun, or babe. But for this girl, there was something that made Embers want to come up with something with a bit of flavour.
  15. Embers spots the directions the other girl is guided towards. Home, or hell. Both left her with an odd taste in her mouth, one she wasn’t a fan off. Seeing her dad like that had, it had torn her heart open and a patch-work job would do nothing to hold it together. She hadn’t lied to herself, seeing him had hurt her. Was that why all this was happening to her? Had to be, right? “…Honestly, I don’t know” The girl confessed to Hestia “Part of me wants to just, kill. Go through the damn woods, killing everything that gets in my way. But that ain’t gunna change nothing, he’s dead….He ain’t coming back” The girls voice got more emotional, more angry the more she spoke “And I’m left alone, trapped in a damn video game with a f***ing photo that just reminds me of what I ain’t ever having again!” Embers snapped and lashed out at a nearby tree, punching it hard despite the fact it did no damage to herself or the environment. Her breathing was heavy, near panting as rage flowed through her veins.