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  1. Embers didn’t feel fear, not properly, but something within her was concerned as the fire within Hestia seemed to break its seal and unleash itself. Embers listened, or at least, did her best too. However, her mind grinded to a halt upon hearing Domarus had actively threatened to kill Raven, and Embers finally understood why. Why Hestia, this juggnaut, had been ground to a halt. Not out of fear or weakness. Out of love. Out of connection through blood. She felt, something in her chest. Something that she didn’t like. It was a sad emotion, and Embers shoved it aside as quickly as she could. She hated those feelings. Following after Hestia, even if she doubted Domarus was having her tailed, she listened to what the other girl had to say. While normally, she would interrupt at her own pleasure, today was…well, today was far from standard. “You know Hes, you ain’t all that bad” Embers finally said as she smirked at the other girl “Honestly, I expected you to just be afraid, too afraid to go after Raven, like a damned cowards. Gotta admit, I’m glad I was wrong”. Embers hadn’t put any thought into majority of the situation, but the fire from Hestia was captivating her like a moth “As for dealing with Domarus…” Embers bit her lower lip “As much as I wanna take a crack at him, he’s not my kill to claim. So I’ll make you a bargain eh? I’ll leave Domarus for you to handle, and once his kingdom is burnt to ashes, I’ll join your guild” Part of her wanted to claim Domarus as her own, to be the one that fights, and ultimately, kills him. It didn’t matter the score, or who had the ‘right’ to kill him. After all, her dad had taught her a simple trick from work. It didn’t matter who claimed the kill, but who delivers upon it. But, hearing how Hestia had to back away for her sister…Embers found the idea impossible, and she’d of died before letting it happen. “So when are you coming against Domarus anyhow? It’s gotta be soon right?” She asked. She didn’t feel the urge to kill, her anger had started to burn itself out, although it was a constant within her chest “And how the ‘ell are you gunna deal with his mini-army of idiots?” Embers didn’t mention how she was part of that mini-army.
  2. Embers

    [PP-F05] One bad apple... <The Traveller>

    Embers felt the urge to put her fist through him. Why did he feel the need to make those damn comments, why couldn’t he just shut the hell up and listen to her! Anger boiled in her blood as the sun beat down on the pair. She took several deep breaths, simply out of instinct in preparion for the walk ahead of her rather than out of nerves. Stryder, for all the ‘talk’ he did, didn’t scare her. Even if he could beat her in game, he wouldn’t kill her. That was his weakness. “The moment we get out of this game, I’m breaking your arm” Embers said calmly as could before grabbing his arm, and figured, dropping the bombshell sooner rather than later, was the right option. “Fae joined a player-killer guild. I know you’re not stupid enough not to notice her leave yours, but she’s out getting’ people killed. She tried to wipe me out a few days ago because of my involvement in raiding their hideout a bit ago” It didn't matter if he didn't believe her, it was simple fact. Fae had attempted to kill her, albeit through a stupid proxy who should be dead. Fae had gone togue, and someone, anyone, had to deal with her.
  3. So she knew. She KNEW she knew, and Hestia still opted to say nothing! To run away from her own damn problems like that’ll solve anything! The anger within Embers continued to burn bright as she heard Hestia ‘validate’ her actions, validate her silence. Her lies. She was denying reality. The truth of the matter, and this girl was running away. Another growl came out of Embers throat as she felt the urge to slap Hestia rise within her chest. “And by running away, you expected what? That nothing bad would happen!” Embers yelled, not caring that Hestia seemed upset. That idiot of a girl needed to get something into her head. When it comes to family, you never turn away from reality. “That by inaction, everything’ll turn alright? Let me tell you one damn thing Hestia. You ignore it, then when you move against Domarus, if no one on your side does, he’ll kill her ‘imself. She is in the firing line, and instead of telling me, who could god-damn help, you say nothing!” Embers had started pacing as her anger threatened to overrun her into a blood haze, but the girl fought to keep her mind rational, to keep onto the sliver of humanity that lived within her. “Family is everything Hestia! And you’re willing to risk that by pretending what’s happening is a dream!? If I had a damn sister in her place, I’d drag her with me, kickin’ and damn well screaming to keep her safe. You have family alive, and you’re just….scared” Embers wanted to help her, wanted to do what Hestia seemed too afraid to do for her own sister. “When you move against Domarus, you’d better have a plan to sort her out. Even if she hates you for a short time, she’ll see it’s for her own good. You can’t hate family forever, blood’s too strong for that”
  4. The girl felt something land on her shoulder, and a violent growl emerged from her throat as she turned to see Rowan lazing hanging out on her shoulder. No longer wearing her armour, but rather, camo pants, boots and a singlet, Embers didn’t have any other ‘clothes’ than her old hiking gear, which was comfortable regardless of the actions. While she waited, her rage burnt up inside of her. Hestia had lied to her! After all they’d talked about Domarus, it didn’t come up once! Hestia said she was against lies, against manipulation, against untruths. And yet, whenever he’d come up, Hestia never told her. Never told her a simple truth. It pissed the girl off the more she thought about it. Embers saw something wave, and quickly saw that it was Hestia Not dressed in her usual battle armour, but rather, a shirt and shorts. Embers stood up tall, but the anger that was burning in her eyes was clear a mile away as she walked, heavy footed towards Hestia. As she walked, she tried to find the words to say. “Domarus is making a move soon” She said simply, relaying what she’d bothered to learn from the meeting recently “He’s convinced he’s got the Guardians hooked…” The girl looked away, and let out an angry growl “But more important than that…The hell did you lie to me for!” Embers turned to face her once again, rage consuming her face “I thought you were against lies, against Domarus’ non-truths, and you didn’t even trust me with the most basic of truths!” Embers, being herself, assumed that Hestia would be able to work out what she was saying despite proving no context. After all, to Embers, it was impossible to leave family out. How could you simply, not mention it?
  5. Embers sat on the 22nd floor with a pained look on her face. She had just discovered an ugly truth, something that, while part of her wished she hadn’t learnt, was best that she knew now, rather than never. Hestia’s warpath against Domarus had made some sense before, but now, it was so much clearer. The rage the burnt in the other girl was so more distinct. And Embers could feel that fire burning within her. An endless rage with a single question in mind. ‘Why did Hestia not tell me the truth? And why the hell did Domarus keep it hidden from her for so long?’ What was so wrong with honesty! The rage in the other girls eyes burned as she stared at her messenger system. A request to Hestia to meet her up here. There was a quest up here that she wanted to do, it sounded easy and, if nothing else, Hestia would talk. And if the other girl talked, then it was only fair she return the favour. @Hestia 'Hestia, come and meet me on the 22nd floor. There is a quest i wanna get done, plus we can have a chat'
  6. Embers

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    Thread Complete: Rewards Embers: Queen’s Honey: [Perfect Potion: +3 Damage for one thread] 2 SP +2Sp = 4SP 3400 Col Hestia: [Last Hit Reward] Matriarch’s Holy Stinger (Consumable):[Unique Item: Grants the Wielder double the Bleed Damage for one thread] 2SP 400 Col
  7. Embers

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    “Oh, I won’t be the one that kills you” Embers said “That’s Domarus’ job if he wants to prove his domance” While it probably wasn’t polite to say that in front of someone, she couldn’t stop herself from being just honest with the other girl. Domarus and Hestia, two titans who woulc class. In Embers mind, one of them had to die. One of them would kill the other. Domarus would certainly kill Hestia, but would she, with her self-destructive beliefs, kill him? She hoped Hestia would do it. The offer to join DHA, Hestia’s guild, was once again met by hesitation by Embers. She was curious if it would be a place for her to join, a ‘home’. But, with Telranya there….Would she ruin it? She knew Telranya and Jomie were an item, married through the games design. But despite all she’d heard, she’d never met him. But, even so, it was a worry. She didn’t worry about herself, but rather, Telranya. But then again, that was a battle for another day… “Judge, Jury and executioners” Embers let out a loud laugh “Hestia, you’re many things. But an executioner?” Embers didn’t finish her sentence. She knew Hestia wouldn’t kill, even if she was praying she would embrace herself. A name was dropped she didn’t know. Itzal? Who was that? Hestia’s ally in her war against Domarus? Whoever it was, it was interesting to know that she had an ally. Maybe Itzal would kill Domarus? Whoever it was, there had better be blood. “Well, regardless, I’ll see ya round. There’s something I wanna talk to ya about before ya make the big play on him” She said before making her own way to the floor mover. Domarus had something on Hestia, something big. What the hell was it? Embers wanted to find out.
  8. Embers

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    Embers found a grin on her face. Hestia, for all her boring righteousness, had a bite to her. Even she could smell the reference to the first time they met, when they went after the tiger thing. It was almost amusing to Embers. That one request, a moment where she was willing to admit weakness, had resulted in so much fun. Hestia came into her life, and then she found the war against Domarus by her. “You die, I’m coming after you, dragging your ass back to this hellhole of a game, killing you in the game. And then, I’m kickin’ your ass in real life” She said. While her tone was dead-hard, the smile on Embers face made it clear. This was far from a proper threat. And as Hestia piled on the compliments, Embers heard a voice in her head. A voice that told her why she liked this girl, why this girl was worth the effort. And why, maybe, just maybe. Hestia was deserving of loyalty. At the prospect of a hunt, the girl grinned and was about to suggest something when she heard a noise. The sound of a message arriving. She let out a scowl as she opened it up and her eyes scanned the words. “Damn idiot” the girl mutters as she rolls her eyes and looks up at Hestia “As much as I wanna kill crap, duty calls. Domarus wants another damn meeting. Something’ about, well…” Embers let out a slight shrug “It mentioned the Kids guild. I’d get on top of ‘em if I were you Hes. Stryders an idiot, but we both know what’ll happen to him if Domarus picks up his guild”. Embers didn’t want the Kid to fall to Domarus, but it wasn’t her place to stand in for him. It was his battle to fight, much like how, when Domarus and Hestia clashed. She would watch. Some battles, you just had to let it happen.
  9. Embers

    [PP-F05] One bad apple... <The Traveller>

    Embers let out a growl almost. While yes, she had brought him out to quest with her, it was more important than that! Why didn’t he seem to understand! She was annoyed already, and part of that was the stupid weather. She enjoyed beach levels of warm, not seering skin from bone levels of warm. “Come, you can walk and talk right?” She said, more of a demand than a question as she headed out towards the dessert. She had to get the ‘Traveller’ quest done, and she had information he needed to know. After only moments of silence, the girl looked at him as Rowan took off into the sky “Look Kid. I’m gunna tell ya some stuff, and ya ain’t gunna like it. So let me make this clear, what I’m saying is real, and if you try tell me I’m lyin’, I’m kicking your teeth in. Am I clear?”
  10. Embers

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    Calrex? Embers frowned hearing about him and, namely, this ‘unique skill’. Embers, had no idea what that was meant to mean. What was a unique skill, its impact? Embers found herself overwhelming curious now, so much so that the rest of what Hestia said about her build fell upon deaf ears. What didn’t was the final killin’ of that damn bee! Embers let out a loud yell as Hestia brutally wipes it out, slashing over, and over again as Embers eyes seemed to light up. Beautiful. It wasn’t nothing like how the girl had reacted earlier today upon learning that Domarus’ intentions for a guild she liked. But it was close enough if she was honest with herself. Plus, with someone who burnt like that, you couldn’t force them out. But when they let it happen, god she loved it. Hearing her talk about what she was willing to fight against. Embers, well, she wasn’t too surprised. Hestia was seemingly self-rightous and always, for some reason, puts others first. Embers hadn’t, and couldn’t, undstand that. Why place another so much over yourself? “You’d better not die” Embers said as she walked over to the other girl, an angry look in her eyes “There is somethin’ bout you I don’t understand. But I will, and you ain’t dying till I get it”. Hestia had, somehow, gotten inside her head. Embers wanted to understand why her. And she would be pissed off if she never got an answer for it. “Hell, live long enough and who knows. You might just become a constant” At the offer, Embers grinned. She was Supposed to have a meeting with Domarus later tonight. But.... "I can do some huntin' with ya" The girl said. She glanced at her inventory, namely, the list of quests. There was a question she kind of did want to ask...
  11. Embers

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    Embers glanced at her energy bar. It would come back soon, but she stayed where she was. Even with her energy back, she knew her damage would be insignificant in the grand scale of battle, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t TRY and land a blow onto the oversized pest. Assuming it lived long enough as Embers watched the mob run into Hestia’s thorns, dealing more damage in that connection than she knew her Scythe could do. “Kinda ironic, ain’t it?” Embers asked loudly “People argue what’s the best offense or defence. Who knew the answer was both?” Embers didn’t like that, but Hestia being…herself, had a point to that argument which had been playing inside her head. She glanced at the bee’s HP bar, and let out an annoyed growl. Dammit she needed to have more levels, better equipment. Something! She was getting outclassed by a tank! Someone whose primary job wasn’t’ even to DEAL damage.
  12. Embers

    <F1-PP> Trial by Fire

    Handsome? Well, it was the best Embers was gunna get out of Tel if she was honest with herself. As the other girl flipped through her inventory, clearly hunting for something, Embers allowed her mind to roam, and found a question for herself. Would she ever find someone to fall in love with? To stay with, look after as they looked after her? She had to stop herself from laughing at herself. What a stupid thought to have. ‘Damn games getting inside my head. Me settle down, rather get a brand and seer my damn skin with a nazi-sign’ she mentally yelled to herself as Tel flipped an image around. It caught her by surprise, not that it was a photo of a guild gathering, but rather, how many of them Embers could actually put a name to. Hestia, Kimi, even Ruby. A smile emerged on Embers face, although not for happiness in that Tel had friends. Rather, Embers knew, Tel would be safe no matter what. Hestia, Kimi and Ruby. They were reliable, to a degree. They would ensure Telranya was protected, or Embers would kill them for their failures. The smile that was on Embers face grew as she took a deep breath “It seems you’ve really moved up eh T? High rankin’ guild, hell you’re so much stronger than when we met, and I ain’t talkin’ about your levels” In a private way, Embers found herself somewhat envying Tel’s life. Surrounded by people. “Still, that lot of yours, they’re good people. Gotta be if you’re hanging around them” Embers gently rested a hand on the other girls shoulder “We both know I don’t like trustin’ people I haven’t met. But honestly, I’m just happy you’ve found a place to come alive. Still remember first time we met, you were stuttering constantly. Now, well, i see a wolf, not some sheep”
  13. Embers

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    On the ground, Embers watched as Hestia and the Queen bee went toe for toe. Of course, the fight wasn’t even close. Hestia would win it, and Embers…Well, she hated herself. She did next to nothing, in terms of damage. It pissed her off overwhelmingly, however, she knew it was the truth. That and she had next to no energy for the fight. She let out an animalistic growl as she didn’t bother moving from her spot. Her part in this fight was done. And while part of her yearned for it, screamed for war and kicked the cage, despite the burning within her eyes, she held it back. Her energy was low, and she did nothing against the bee. She was a warrior, and sometimes, people had to fight their own battles. This was not one of those ‘do it to prove a point’ battle, rather, she simply was useless. For now at least…
  14. Ember frowned. The hell? Why would a front liner, or anyone, SKIP over quests? They were the quickest way to become relevant, why would you? The large girl shrugged, each to their own, even if she thought ‘their own way’ was stupid. Embers glanced at her shoulder, the hawk, who made a noise right at the girl rolled her eyes. Embers scowled at her familiar as the other girl stood up. Although, what she said did confuse the girl. “The ‘ells wrong with how I said hi?” Embers asked as she looked forwards the endless waves of sand that was the direction they would be headed. “Mincing words takes too long, too many boring pleasantries and crap. You want something, do it, take it” Embers glanced over her shoulder at the other girl with a sly smile “As for the rest of it, well, damn right I’m hot. I’m me” She said confidently
  15. Embers

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    Embers smiled spotting Hestia fighting back, finally she was back in the action. But what the hell had happened to her? Embers knew the queen bee had attacked, and the next she saw, Hestia hit the deck. Her crimson eyes zeroed in on the Queen’s stinger. Was that the culprit? She let out a growl as she heard Hestia speak up, mentioning how the queen was all that was left as an issue. Spotting the bee’s hp bar, she managed to notice how the last minion was barely a hit away. Embers grinned. It was hers! “Well, I’ll clear a path!” Embers charged forwards with reckless abandon, once again, and while her Scythe didn’t land on the queen, it wasn’t Embers pain target. Her Scythe found the wing of the last worker wasp, and it exploded right as Ember botched her landing, tripping over a rock and hitting the ground. Sitting up, growling in anger, she found Rowan having landed near her, and the girl gave a nod to Hestia. She was fine, and it was her turn to take that queen down a peg. @Hestia [H: 4/5] Hestia: 1425/1425 ENG:104/138 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 EVA:-1 ACC:0 DMG:16 Self Heal: 102 Rec: +3 (Bleed 24 DMG 1/2) [H:3/1] Embers: 380/380 En: 6/38 Dmg: 9 Mit: 39 Acc: 2 The Queen: 336/500 MIT:75 DMG:200 Ablities: Bloodclot/paralytic immunity: Immune to bleed/stun/paralysis Matriarch sting: CD: 6+ stings player with most hate inflicting bleed and paralysis Bee 1: HP: 0/250 MIT: 25 Damage: 125