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  1. Embers

    [PP|F09] Hearts of Fire burn true

    Her punch didn't connect onto its desired target, but if she was honest, that punch rarely worked out the way she wanted it too. While it did pack a serious punch, it was too slow to be used as a leader. It was far better a follow up on a target who was dazed, that's when it really exploded. Still, the fact he deflected her strike, rather than outright dodged it, did show he had some fight within him. And sometimes that's what mattered, the effort....if you were a coward. "You wanna stop, seriously?" Embers couldn't keep the annoyance out of her voice. This fight was finally started to get good, and he wanted to stop! What a damn tease....The growl that emerged from her throat was low, deep and lethal, like an angry wolf. She grabbed her cigar and sucked in a deep breath, it not having left her lips despite the fighting "God and here i was actually getting excited about you. Guess i should have listened to my instincts, you're nothing more than a prep kid. If you're not even willing to fight for what you want, what good are you?" The girl raised her hand, on it was a silver ring. A sentence written over it although it would be difficult to see "See this? This is a promise, to take whatever i want regardless of what stands in my way. That's the way of a true hunter, someone who is worthy of my respect. If you want me, you'd fight me to show me. So, preppy, tell me, are you gunna take what you want or not?"
  2. The world was nothing more than specs of red to Embers crimson eyes as she eyed up the last Treant that dared stand before her...her! The hellstorm itself, ohhhh how she could love to hear it scream in pain as she sunk her Scythe into it! The monster seemed to understand, as it made no attempt to flee, but rather, charged forwards right at Embers! The girl smirked, a dark vicious smile as her hands tightened its grip on the Scythe, and a loud battle cry roared from her throat. In those few seconds, the girl's large body moved with lightning speed and she threw herself, full force, at the Treant. Just in front of her was a bird, a Hawk, as if directing the girl who was blind-drink on rage. The treant swung one of its arms, but the girl ducked her head and her Scythe landed on its target, right in the heart of the monster! "Just die you mongrel! You were barely worth the effort of raisign my damn Scythe!" The girl almost screamed it as she pulled her Scythe out through the heart of the Treant, tearing it into two as she landed on the ground, Scythe returning to her single hand as it exploded behind her. Slowly, the girls eyes turned onto Neo, the blood haze in full effect as she licked her lips. It wouldn't take a genius to know violence was the only thing on the red-haired girls mind.
  3. Meditation? Larissa Williams had no idea where she'd fallen apart in her life, but today had to be one of her lowest points if she was honestly considering this. After who could remember, many conversations with Hestia about...well, herself, she had agreed. While she had no idea if she did want to change, she would, at the very least, entertain the idea of changing parts of herself if she choose to. After the whole 'Domarus being a pathetic example of a wolf', Embers had lost her direction. She was a hunter without a path, without a scent, and that was most dangerous. While she wanted nothing more than to hunt down Adrian, her instincts denied her even that. She had no doubt, he would kill her in a heartbeat. She was weak, but her levels wasn't what bothered her. During the fight, something Domarus had said rang true within her. Blood or power, which was important? During the fight, she'd come up with an answer. But if she was to truly understand, this waterfall was where she had to be. Although, she had no idea how this 'game' was supposed to help her. "I swear, if this turns out to be a waste...I'm kicking Hestia's dumb face in" She said to her only 'friend', a familiar by the name of Rowan. The large girl sat on the ground, and closed her eyes. If meditation was anything like she thought it was, then she would fall into a haze. Not a blood haze, like usual, but one where her mind goes blank and her animal instincts drove her forwards. That would be what would get her to where she was aiming for, a place so hidden, you can only find it when you are so lost, you cannot find your way back.
  4. An apology...Just an apology? A wave of anger came in, but lashed out when she saw those damn tears on his face. He looked so...pathetic, so weak. Maybe once he has cleaned up his act..."Do whatever you gotta, but next time i see you Domarus. We're havin' another fight, and if you whimp out, what happened last time will be nothing compared to what before when we both nearly broke the others arm" With someone like Domarus, this broken, there was no point wasting words. Fighting him would tell her if he was a wolf, or a damn sheep in need or a herder. Dealing with Domars, that was easy. Dealing with Raven and Hestia...Embers watched the sisters interact, and felt...wrong. She knew the feeling, and while the word screamed at her, she ignored it. Jealous. She was truly and utterly jealous for Raven, that she had a sister willing to do anything to get her back. It reminded her of her father, of what she couldn't ever have again. A true family, someone who she shared blood with. Someone worth dying for. "fightin' never ends Hestia. Not for someone like me, there is always the next fight...But, if nothing else...I guess even i'll admit it. Meeting you, changed me. No idea if its for the better or not, but...I'm not the same scythe-pullin' idiot i was when we first met. Part of me wishes i could go back in time, never have met you. Hell, maybe with me at his side, Domarus could have beatn' ya....But for whatever reason, i follow my gut. And my gut says you...." Embers shook her head, before smirking widely "You ain't no Alpha wolf, that is for certain....But even lacking that, i'd follow you to hell and back if you asked it...You need a firestorm, you know how to contact me"
  5. Rage flowed through Embers like a drug, making the world just that much better. A fight, sure she normally didn't carry a Scythe around in the real world, but there were exceptions to everything in this game. Like how there were gIANT God-damn trees trying to tear her apart! Although...crazier things had happened in the real world. The hawk landed on her shoulder, and Embers let out a growl "Oh so NOW you come back Rowan...One of these days i'm gunna ski...!" The girl was slammed into by one of the treants arms, and moments later, the second connected, throwing the large girl onto the ground, her Scythe landing a single step away from her. Slowly, ever so slowly, the girl stood up, and glanced up at the treants through her red hair, her crimsons eyes alive with rage and murderious intent. Having too much of a drug can be bad, and Embers had just overdosed on sheer rage. Picking up her Scythe from the ground, Embers didn't bother to carry it properly, holding the weapon by its handle and getting the blade drag through the grass. The air around her seemed to retreat as her rage could almost be smelt. She smirked a violent smirked, and would wait....The first thing to touch her would die.
  6. Embers felt as if her blood itself was on fire, a rage burning throughout her entire body as she stared at the Treant that had dare stand before her! She knew, could smell the other two. But she was confident in her partners ability, given what she'd seen of her. The grip on her Scythe tightened, her armoured hands tightening more and more around the metal shaft that was the heart of her weapon. She couldn't not have it flow through her, after all, an ambush was the sign of a coward. And how DARE they stand before her, the hellstorm itself. "Come on then, i dare you...make my damn day and hit me!" The girl yelled loudly, confidently as the Treants seemed to hesitate, and someone could notice they seemed to be silently communicating. However, Embers lacked that foresight so deep in combat and instead, relied on her instincts as all three Treants were right for her! She managed to dodge the first, and her Scythe deflected the blow of the second with ease! Seeing an opening, Embers charged forwards only for the third and final Treant's arm to catch her, and fling the girl into another nearby tree. Standing up, Embers let out an animalistic growl one would expect from a very angry wolf "Just let me kill you already, you useless trees!"
  7. Embers let out a slow whistle as she watched Neo easily dispatch of the last Treant, hell the other girl knew how to use the opening she'd created. It was pleasing to know she was fighting alongside someone who knew what they were doing! Resting her Scythe on her shoulders, she turned to the other girl, although that's when she noticed it. The Rapier seemed to...be stealing the light? She knew people liked their weapons to be unique, but to steal light? What sorta blacksmith made that? "What's up with that Rapier huh? The ligh...!" Before the girl could finish her sentence however, she moved. She wasn't sure why she had felt it, but she had. Her instincts had screamed at her to move, however she wasn't quick enough, her large size meant that two of the Treants vines managed to cras against her black armour, and one ever sliced across her face. The girl turned to face the Treant that had caught her across the face, and a sickening grin emerged. "...Now that was just f*cking rude, and for that, i'm gunna ensure your entire village burns to hell!" The girl threw herself into the Treants, and forced each to take a step back away from her as her Scythe smashed into one of them, over and over. [1/0/0] @Embers: 437/440 HP | 30/44 EN | 9 DMG | 39 MIT | 2 ACC [0/0/0] @Neopolitan 700/700 HP | 65/70 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 REC | 8-10 PLZ | 2 FLN Treant 4: 32/65 HP | 30 MIT 15 DMG Treant 5: 65/65 HP | 30 MIT 15 DMG Treant 6: 65/65 HP | 30 MIT 15 DMG
  8. Embers couldn't stop the grin on her face, fighting in a bar? Ohh this reminded her of home, although she was annoyingly sober for this one, but you couldn't win everything. Although a violent growl escaped the girls throat as Prometheus looked away from her?! HOW DARE HE! "You dare look away from me huh?! I'm gunna kick your ass just for THAT!" Embers moved forwards, and while she glanced at the others, they weren't the effort it would take to look at them. Besides, she was in a fight, and she wasn't gunna be rude enough to not pay attention to him! The boy threw a chair, and Embers let out a cocky laugh as she grabbed the chair out of the air "Idiot! Like that'll stop me!" Using the very chair that was thrown at her, she threw it back and, using it as a distraction to shoulder-barge the boy. @Prometheus
  9. Embers laughter didn't stop as the boy, Outsomething, protested it. "You were rallying people to train 'em to kill. Ya know what happens to schools like that in the real word eh? Droppin' missiles from pred-drones. Ain't no different here moron" She said to the guy who, for some reason, now has chalk board out. She glanced at the other people. Arabelle, she did know. Ran into her at the beach one time, and had somehow won a game of volleyball in the process. She grinned at the other girl "Witness it? I was part of the damn bust! My at-the-time guild leader caught wind of it, we kicked the damn door down. Whimp over there got his ass-handed to him so hard, it was a glorious thing. Cowards didn't even fight back" Embers gestured towards Outlander with her hand lazily. She could remember it mostly, more just Domarus throwing someone across the room. She assumed it was him. That's when Promethus wanted his rematch. His jab connected hard, but all it caused was Embers to grin widely, the cigarette still in her mouth. "You want a rematch eh?! I kicked your ass once, and i'm happy to repeat history!" The boy may have moved a table between her and him, as if that would stop her! Embers didn't even bother to catch the table, simply shoulder-charging it out of her way and taking a heavy swing at the boy. The punch would hit hard, but much like his jab, it was focused with power over speed.
  10. He only had 8? The girl would have growled at him, but instead, she grabbed the three she was offered and placed them within her inventory. She was certain she'd use at least one tonight, but why start with the good stuff. The girl pulled out a cheap cigarette, her lighter and rested it lazily in her mouth, and blew smoke into his face. She grabbed a chair and sat down near one of the tables, before eyeing the bar hungrily. She could use a drink, although, if they were expecting her to pay... That's when it dawned on her, although she was listening to the other girl who had arrived. The word 'outsider'. She frowned, why was that familiar? She looked at the boy as he left, and Embers couldn't not. She started laughing loudly as she looked at the mask-wearing idiot "That's why he looked familiar, you're those player-killer wanna be idiots from back then! God i remember that bust, watching Domarus throw that idiot around like a rag-doll...that was a good time" The large girl leaned back on the chair, and blew out another wave of smoke in the bar "Barely recognised him though..." Embers gave Promethus a cocky grin "I'd put my money on me, ain't one of you that can go blow-for-blow with me" @Prometheus
  11. Embers

    [PP|F09] Hearts of Fire burn true

    Embers let out a loud laugh as her punch connected and the boy hit a nearby table. So this idiot honestly thought he could pull of such a stupid attack?! Against her! The disrespect! She blew a wave of smoke out before grinning. She hadn't had a good fight in a long time, maybe this was it. Maybe this idiot would put up more of a fight! Embers crimson eyes watched him hungrily as he recovered from her hit, and his comment about it caused a wave of confidence to boom inside of her. "Damn right it did moron! Who the hell even tries that sorta crap, head down head first?! Are you a moron?! You wanna stand a chance in hell to fight me, you had better try because i swear if you don't put up a fight, i'm gunna break every bone in your damn body!" The girl was yelling loudly, rage and passion charging through her like a tidal wave as she watched his stance change. Finally. The girl licked her lips and threw herself forwards. For a girl who stood at 6'0, she crossed the distance in merely a blink of an eye, and swung her right arm with as much power as she could muster. The strike itself was far from subtle, and anyone with eyes could see the blow was aimed at the boys chest. However, if it hit him, it would hurt a lot. @Prometheus
  12. A new watering hole huh? Embers would be the first to admit it, she liked this kid. He was still a stuck-up preppy, but he had some merits even she'd admit to that. After their bar fight, she was excited at punching him in the face again. He'd made the idea so appealing, and now the idea...She could feel her blood pumping already, and she hadn't even arrived at the bar. She started to make her way to the bar, despite not wearing her Reaper Armour, it wasn't hard to fine. Wearing a simple short and shorts, the girl kicked the bar door open, and it was rather loud as the girl grinned. Her crimson eyes zeroed in on Promethus, and briefly looked around before taking a few steps forwards, grinning cockily "Ya know idiot, when you said you found a new watering hole, i had expected something...well, better than this" She held out an open palm at the boy, but if he made an attempt to take it, she'd slap it "Now pass over some of 'em cigars, payment for the last fight we had. You lost, you pay the price" She glanced around, and spotted a boy who...looked somewhat familiar. Now why was that? She ignored it for now, focusing on the boy who she could remember. @Prometheus
  13. Embers

    [PP|F09] Hearts of Fire burn true

    Embers eyes watched the boy, even if my mind was lost in rage and hatred. Ver crimson etes viewed the world with a tinge of red, and the girl could feel her blood on fire like a storm. She had needed this, so much more than she'd ever expected. She couldn't wait to see what this idiot had planned, after all, he'd come to her. He had better be prepared for the storm he'd just unleashed upon this damn world! The girl blew smoke out at his taunt, did this child honestly expect her to be impressed with grade-school humour? Seeing him bow down, the girls entire body shifted back. Even lost in rage, her para-military training was deeply ingrained into her blood. Her arms raised, and she'd wait. Wait for this idiot to try whatever the hell he was planning, because there was nothing, NOTHING, in this world that she couldn't do in a fight. His charge was unexpected, however Embers didn't have time to mock the sheer stupidity that was his charge. Instead, her body reacted. Her feet moved first, and despite her size, she was quick. She moved to the left of the charge and raised an arm forwards to 'catch' the charge, all the while pulling her right arm back, her first held tight. The moment the boys charge would connect with her, she'd use the outstretched hand to delay him and punch him as hard as she possibly could right in his face, after all, it should be in range at that point, hopefully.
  14. The damn Treants had dared to Ambush her?! Rage flooded through the girl as she pulled the Scythe behind her back, and grinned darkly. She heard the other girl, Neo, dealing with one of the Treants right as the one she was against took a swing at her, but the girl was too quick. Leaping forwards, she spun her Scythe in her hand and slashed the Treant up with her weapon. Leaping off the Treant, it exploded into particles as the girl landed on the ground, only for the treant behind her to take a swing at her! The girl, once again, raised her Scythe and 'caught' the attack, letting out a loud laugh as she did. Was this stupid creature really thinking it could kill her! HER! "Ohh come on you Stupid Tree! You honestly think you can Hurt me?! You want to stand against me, the Hell-Storm itself?!" As the girl yelled, there was a bird that landed on her shoulder, and peaked at her neck. Embers spun around, looking at the familiar, and for merely a second, her face softened, before returning to rage in battle. [2/0/0] @Embers: 439/440 HP | 30/44 EN | 9 DMG | 39 MIT | 2 ACC [0/0/1] @Neopolitan 700/700 HP | 65/70 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 REC | 8-10 PLZ | 2 FLN Treant 1: 0/65 HP | 30 MIT 15 DMG Treant 2: 65/65 HP | 30 MIT 15 DMG Treant 3: 0/65 HP | 30 MIT 15 DMG
  15. Embers

    [PP|F09] Hearts of Fire burn true

    Embers felt the world partly go red as she sucked down another deep breath. Not with her?! Was this little prep-schooler even tryingot imply she wasn't good enough?! She shifted her body to take a powerful punch at the boy, only for the idiot to finish his sentence. The girls laughter boomed out of her as she was forced to hold her cigar in her hand. He wanted someone to raise hell with? And of all people to find, he found her, a self-proclaimed Hell Storm. "You know, idiot, some people'll hit you for saying something so stupid. Raise hell, in a world like this? In a world where you can't drink properly, where stupid numbers dictate everything...The hell to raise is your own" The brash girl finished her drink, pushing it on the table and returned the cigar to her mouth as a single fact raged through her. He wasn't being honest with her, he was lying! And that hatred within her started to boil up more and more. However, the girls body moved on its own as he dare imply she was a coward. The moment he stood up, Embers body moved. Leaping onto her feet, she grabbed him by the back of his shirt and, with both hands, threw the boy into the wall nearby with a good degree of force. "How DARE you even imply that about me! I am the God-Damn hell storm itself upon this world, and you have the balls to suggest i'm boring?! You just entered the most painful fight of your damn life you Moron!" With the cigar in the mouth, the girl had fallen into a blood haze. Her body acted upon raw instinct, and now, lost in her rage, there was only a single way out of the bar for the boy.