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  1. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    (OOC: Sorry 'bout that. I had some home issues, even then, I don't know how long I'll be here, so... Beat with me.) Go Dazia go! Go Dazia go! Nova chanted on the moments leading up to her song. After the song was done, she clapped enthusiastically. Give it up for Dazia! She clapped for a few more seconds before moving on. Before she could announce the next singer, a new guest approached her. Hello Asskku, it's nice to meet you! She said with a wide grin. It took awhile, but my party actually took off... She looked around, feeling proud for what she had done. Another guest who introduced herself as Drippy before, asked to sing. Its never to late! Welcome aboard! She said sounding as excited as ever. Alright! Next up... Um... I can't remember, give me a minute take five everyone. Oh, and does anyone have a clipboard? She walked into the corridor and down the hall looking for a pen and paper. @Dazia @Froppy
  2. I don't know If I should come back or not... But I'm at least gonna finish my Karaoke, I know you guys wanted rewards right, well, they are coming soon! 

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      Yo Novafire if you're wanting to stay on SAO then do so you're always welcomed around here in this community.

  3. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Nova finally had what she wanted the whole night, a contest. She almost squealed with delight when Krysta began singing. If there was such thing as a karaoke cheerleader, Nova would be it. She slowly moved to the back of the room, she like the way Krysta sang, it was so, peaceful. She was shortly interrupted by Sebastian. “Oh, hello Seb. Are you enjoying the party?” He then asked if he could join the competition. “Of course! I like watching you guys sing. I was actually considering to sing myself…” Nova said with a contagious smile. “I kinda wanna know though, what kinda song will you be singing?” She asked, her happy expression changing to curiosity. @Grimm @Krysta Shortly after that conversation another player entered the ballroom. Better late than never she thought. Nova walked up to the player who was wearing a beautiful dress, Nova wondered where she got a dress like that. “Hey!” Nova said cheerfully. “I noticed you walk in, I’m your hostess Novafire, friends call me Nova. If you need anything, just ask. Nice to meet you… Err… What’s your name?” Nova asked curiously. @Asakku After that, Krysta’s song ended, and Nova let out a gleeful “Eeeeek!” while jumping up and down clapping her hands. “Give it up for Krysta everyone!” She paused to let those who wanted to clap, clap. “Ok, next contestant, um… Who was next again?” She said with a finger on her chin. “How bout’ I pick…. Dazia. Come on up!” She said clapping. @Dazia @Krysta @Vigilon @Sharr @Pinball
  4. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Nova continued to monitor the party, trying to cater the guest’s needs the best of her. All while a smile grew wider on her face. She ran into the player Epsilon, who said she wanted to join in on the singing. “More the merrier.” She responded with a wide grin across her face. Then she got close and whispered. “You wanna impress them with your singing?” She then pointed across the ballroom towards all the guys. Afterward, she got on top of one of the tables and clicked a cup a couple times with a spoon. “Everyone, everyone, I have some news about the karaoke! The following players please head to the stage. Krysta, Vigilon, Spangie, Epsilon, and everyone else forgot to mention!” She said giggling at the end. “ Let's give them a big round of applause for volunteering to sing! If I didn’t say your name, just come on up if you wanna sing, because, I may have forgotten you asked...” Novafire said, clapping in the end. “The players are going in order in the way I announced them. Which means first up, Krysta!” After saying this Nova walked up to the contestants. “Good luck! I can’t wait!” @Krysta @Vigilon @Spangie @Epsilon @Dazia @Pinball @Mr.R @Sharr @Arabelle @Grimm @Froppy @Benjamin Bookworm
  5. Sorry I was offline for so long, I had some problems concerning schoolwork. But now that's over and I'm ready to resume my threads. I can't wait to see how the karaoke will turn out. XD

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      silver crow

      thats all right also i will follow you

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      Benjamin Bookworm

      Yay for karaoke!  It's gonna be a blast.


  6. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Nova was happy that more people came, she even saw Tsu again. Nova hadn’t seen her for a while, another player wandered over to her (Spangie) and asked if she sent the message. “Yep. I’m your host, Novafire, friends call me Nova, nice to meet you… Uh… What’s your name?” She then began wandering then thought about Grimms proposal. “I’m gonna need a reward… Hmm… “ She opened her inventory, looking for the right prize for a karaoke competition. “Ah-ha!” She said with a triumphant shout. She climbed a table and picked up a wine glass and gently hit it with a spoon a few times to get everyone's attention. “Everyone, everyone! Can I have your attention please? Thanks. I’m Nova, your host! Thanks to someone for this idea…” She winked at Grimm. “...there is now a karaoke competition! There is a prize too! The prize for first place is six tier one materials!” She said with a wide smile on her face, hoping she got to see someone compete. She climbed off the table, and walked over to Grimm. “You helped inspire that you know.” She said, sounding delighted and excited as ever. @Epsilon @Grimm @Vigilon @Krysta @Pinball @Spangie @Reinholt @Sharr @Arabelle
  7. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    @Krysta Aww! Its so cute! Nova exclaimed. Does it like to be pet, or are dragons different from cats and dogs? Nova said playful. @Grimm walked past, telling her that no one was gonna sing unless they were tipsy, then he said that no one could get drunk in game, he held up his glass with a 'cheers' which she assumed was him saying 'I can drink all I want with no regrets!' She kinda giggled at that. Then he said something about people doing karaoke if there was a prize. She thought this was an excellent Idea! Great Idea Seb. Can I call you Seb? I feel like Sebastian is to long... She said lazily. Next thing she knew, @Arabelle's crow flew up to the chandelier and stayed put. Then Vigilion's dragon flew up there too. Nova looked at Arabelle as she turned red and stumbled for an apology. Don't worry, I doubt anything bad would happen, there is no need to apologize. Nova said with a happy and innocent smile. She watched Grimm leave the room. She watched him walked down the hall, and never be seen for a while when he walked into the library. Hey look, Seb is exploring the mansion. I don't even know where most of this place is, and I have the map! She said giggling. Would anyone want the tour? All I know is Jake, the mansion's owner, told us the upstairs was off limits. But the whole first floor is fair game... Nova said squinting, trying to be intimidating but failing. (OOC: Oh, crap, were supposed to say what our character looked like, um, one sec. Here you are.)
  8. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Nova was surprised on how many people showed up, and in such little time too. She recognized two of the people that came in. Ben, Krysta, and Vigilon. “@Krysta, @Vigilon, how nice to see you both again! Hope you have fun! I hear you a couple now, Is that true?” Nova said, sounding energetic and curious as ever, she also shook Krysta’s hand. Next she greeted @Benjamin Bookworm. “Ben! I haven’t heard from you in a while. How have you been?” She asked politely. She then greeted the other guests that walked in. “Hello, Welcome! I’m Novafire, your hostess. In case anyone gets hungry, we have a food bar. It's not mine, someone just owed me a few favors, so, eat away!” She said playfully. “For entertainment, we have multiple options. Such as my top two. Socializing and my personal favorite, karaoke!” She said happily, tilting her her with a smile. She looked around to see the other new guests. There was four new players she could meet. One was a girl with purple hair, who said her name was @Arabelle, the other was a guy with a expensive looking outfit who said his name was Sebastian @Grimm, the next was another girl with orange hair(@Macaroon) who didn't looked dressed for the occasion, but neither was Nova, then a girl with a strange dress and golden eyes who said her name was Lindsey(@Epsilon), and a buff looking man wearing a plain white long sleeve shirt (@Reinholt). The Arabelle walked up and greeted her, Nova then responded to Arabelle’s comment: “I didn’t either, I guess you just have to know where to look, also who to help. That works too.” Nova said enthusiastically.
  9. WHY IS NO ONE AT MY PARTY. It is at this moment that I realized, I should add Athazagoraphobia, to my flaws...

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      I've actually been hoping to join in, but it's kind of hard to find a good image of a white dress...

      Also, I know the feeling. I tried to start an event a while ago, but nobody came...

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      Macradon's not a party guy

      so yeah


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      Hikoru is busy working, and could only be dragged to it by one person, who left site...


  10. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Nova was waiting patiently on a bench, looking at the food bar to her right when she heard something. It sounded like light footsteps. After hearing this, she got a little excited and was difficult not to show it. She smiled as a girl, who looked a little older then her, walked in. She had some cool looking eyes too, they almost looked, golden. Hi Lindsey! I'm Novafire, my friends call me Nova. It's so nice to meet you! Nova replied happily. Yes, I'm the one hosting this event. Oh, this isn't my place, someone owed me some favors. OK, a lot of favors. But at least I get to do something good for the players of this game. She said with a hint of excitement in her voice, and a big smile on her face. She looked towards where Epsilon came in. Did you see anyone else come in behind you? Nova asked curiously, hoping that she gets to meet as many new people as possible.
  11. I thought my other post would be like "Treasure Hunting" but it wasn't. :-(

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      Treasure Hunting, ah, good times.

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      Is your OP thread's party type casual, or fancy? I might need that little detail, as it may affect the apparel Krysta may wear to the event.

    3. Novafire


      Its between casual and fancy. So you decide.

  12. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Novafire once again had took up all the trouble of making a event that others could join, its been a while since she last did this. This time it was a party, well sorta, more like social hour with coffee and music , and maybe dancing. But that means new people and new friends. Nova liked the idea of meeting new people. She figured the more people she met, the more lives she could change for the better. She was happy, she got exited, she couldn't wait. She posted invites everywhere, and I really mean everywhere. Nova looked around at the room, it was a ball room she got access to via lots of owed favors. But only for the night. It was currently 8:00 PM. The party should end around 1:00 PM. The invites read such: Above is the ballroom she got access to. Enjoy the party guys! Hope to see you there!
  13. Hey! Guess who's back! Its been a while... Well sorta, I was playing as Epsilon before.

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      Idk, Ill try. lol

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      Well, I'm gonna go AFK for a bit, Ill be back at seven.

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      Well, Welcome back. Heads up, I'm a criminal now.

  14. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    Ok? I believe that Team December wins! Congratulations December! She said cheerfully and began to clap, she wanted to rest, she was getting tired. However that doesn't excuse Outlanders disrespect. She pulled Outlander aside and spoke to him privately. Outlander, please stop being rude... Its not kind, and that will get you enemys. You would want that, would you? She then stoped talking and turned around, walking to a nearby tree to think. It was a good day, besides a few unexpected obstacles, from the Dark Knight, Outlanders suspicious lifestyle with looks of people not understanding his "sarcasm". To the feud between Kyrsta and Dazia. At least we all made some materials, and we get to keep them. The best part of the day was to meet so many exciting people! But when one door opens another must close, I wonder what the next door will be? ((OOC: EVERYONE GETS 133 COL)) @Novafire = 5 SP @Outlander = 9 SP @The Dark Knight = Fix posts and I give your SP @H3LL0 = 5 SP @Benjamin Bookworm = 8 SP @Krysta = 5 SP @Vigilon = 5 SP @Dazia = 5 SP @Gwydion = OFFLINE @Tressa = OFFLINE @Hidden = 0 SP Thats all the names that I think were found... Alright. $P is good!
  15. Novafire

    [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    (OOC: No one can loot any new materials past this point. If you do, you will be cheating!) Ok, everyone! Nova said cheerfully. She then looked at Pinball. Sorry Pinball. You missed out on the game... Maybe if there is a next time though. She smiled, and looked back into the crowd. Ok, everyone, listen please! Everyone count their team total material count, then we get to see who won! She sounded happy, You do get to keep all materials you found. Which is the best part! Nova went to her group, which was Vigilon and Benjamin Bookworm. Ok, how much did we get, I don't remember. She really didn't she fell asleep, and her memory got a little fuzzy, she has trouble remembering little things. This was a problem before this game. She never seemed to remember anything unless it was very important. Matter of fact, she didn't think she remembered all of her teammates! @Vigilon @Benjamin Bookworm