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  1. An entire group of four, gone in a cloud of blue and white data crystals. Two attacks from her had apparently blasted their health bars to smithereens, and she had to say: she was very pleased at the result. Yet another large haul of col and empty recording crystals for her shop — and maybe she could actually try her luck with unidentifieds this time? she had a fair amount — but her satisfaction easily waned when she looked down. Arabelle almost scowled; the monstrous bugs had been quick to gather their coarse wooden spears and attack her as soon as she was within reach. A large portion of her health bar was missing. There were holes and tears all over her once-pristine armor, revealing the red 3D mesh beneath. All sure to heal up and repair and she'd figured even Bahr's finely-tailored armor would go through some wear and tear as she used it, but feelings weren't easily rid of by logic. She didn't like it when pretty things — pretty things that were hers — got damaged.
  2. Arabelle

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    "Funny," Arabelle remarked, lowering herself to sit seiza-style in front of him. Her red cloak fanned out in the snow around her. "I was just about to ask you that question. So perhaps, in my eyes, you did." He expected honesty; she gave it to him. Whichever side she might have wanted to lean toward, 'maybe' would always be the best answer she could offer. Kissing someone a few times didn't mean she had much insight into the person. "You left all of a sudden," she reminded. "I wanted to ask why now of all times. Correct me if I'm wrong, but your target's little murder troupe has been active since that event. Did something change? Or did you have a plan resting on a certain factor? What would it have been, then? Strength? Information? Or was it something else entirely?" Arabelle folded her hands on her lap and looked the man in front of her with a careful eye. No more romantic pretense, no more shallow gazes at the guild member she thought she found to her liking. She looked at Dustin like any other person and saw a furious storm brewing in tired bloodshot eyes as he tried — once again, to drive every last person away. "I already said." Well, unfortunately, she wasn't about to leave. "I spent all that time looking for you, so now I want to see this through to the end."
  3. Arabelle

    [PP-F9] Through Fire

    Amaterasu's flames faltered with the last of her Sword Art and Pinball moved in a rapid white flash, remnant wisps of black flame dissipating into the air as he treaded over them. There was an urgency to his movements — my, my, was he actually concerned? but no, she wasn't the type to deceive herself, if he even were, it wasn't about her — but his haste became his own undoing. "Getting a liiittle too carried away there, Pinball. As you do." She wondered if that would prompt a louder reaction, but for her part, she was positively displeased her hard work was ruined. Once more. Her weapon reignited. Arabelle spun, raining ruthless blows on the howling beast who'd escaped Pinball, and the corners of her vision pulsed red as sparks of flame spurted out of the canine's wounds and burst apart with small pops as soon as they came into contact with outside air. She finished it off with a slice to its throat but before she could celebrate her little victory, her head snapped up to face a hurtling mass of black. Somewhere near her, Pinball cursed. The final hellhound (wow, it was still alive?) thundered towards her with its fangs bared and magma dripping down its jaw; the deaths of its packmates must have left it extra motivated to give the pair a good thrashing. Or her, in specific. It bowled her over with a swipe of its paw and sank its teeth into her shoulder, lifting the smaller girl off her feet and shaking her in the air like a ragdoll.
  4. Arabelle

    [PP-F9] Through Fire

    First, he burned holes into her back, ever silent. The message was clear, however, and Arabelle didn't say another word as she strode onward. Then he was racing past her, cursed spear in hand, cutting through all three [Infernal Hell Hounds] with a single Sword Art. She clicked her tongue. "Predictable." Though her softer voice was lost in the beasts' angered growls, her song played on. The small purple-haired girl dusted off the last of the black crystal's remnants and increasingly hastened her steps, twirling Amaterasu into her favored grip with ease. Where she lacked in pinpoint precision, she made up for in grace and an affectation of effortlessness. Arabelle burst forward, and both weapon and wielder were wrapped in black flames as a Sword Art carried her through the system-assisted motion of a sweeping slice. Wrestling back control, she sunk her blade into the attacking Hell Hound's flesh at the end of her second attack's arc. Its jaw opened in a yelp of pain, and she wrenched the hound's head away from Pinball. Patches of skin tore off as she tugged her scythe back into her. "I'm grateful. I truly am," she told him with a small smile. Taking a small leap backwards, Arabelle twirled her scythe over her head and concluded the Sword Art with a slam of her weapon's blunt end against the rocky ground.
  5. Arabelle

    [PP-F9] Through Fire

    No response. But he silently followed after her, the sound of his footfalls bouncing off the cave's narrow walls. Such soft steps. Like a frightened cat creeping towards a curious foreign object. "Hey," Arabelle said. The small purple-haired girl didn't look over her shoulder, she simply continued leading him deeper and deeper into the depths of Mount Stylahm's caves. "You've been everywhere lately, you know? Talk of the town. It's almost as if everyone's got something to say about you. Who knew that timid boy from years ago would turn out to be this infamous. Not even I am close to achieving even a smidge of that renown. What d'you have to say, superstar?" Soon, their narrow tube opened up to a wider cavern. Lit up by the rivers of lava flowing in and out of cracks in the walls, the cave spanned meters wide, the ceiling high above their heads, and their only way out was a passage at the other end. The magma raised the closed area's heat to an almost unbearable level, but their greatest obstruction was the pack of hellhounds at the center of the cavern. Arabelle hardly seemed fazed as she ventured out a little further. "Ah," she half-heartedly feigned surprise. Her black scythe instantly materialized in her extended hand. "I took a wrong turn." The hounds' heads snapped in the players' direction and they growled in unison. "Well, well, well. Suppose we have to fight. You wouldn't leave me, would you?" Backing up to stand beside him, Arabelle tilted her head and smiled. "I'm her friend. I was by her side when you responded to her message on that fateful November day, and I've stayed beside her ever since. I don't think it'll be any... good if something happened to me, would it? So let's fight this, perhaps even for old times' sake." She unhooked the first crystal from her belt and shattered it. Lullaby.
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    "How about no."