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  1. dice won't let me help my friend, smh
  2. Arabelle

    [PP-F01] Take Off <<TFFLAF>> w/ Arabelle

    The boredom got to her sometimes. Seated atop a random NPC settlement's roof (and much to the dismay of the AI occupants who had took to the balcony to shoo her off like an annoying stray cat only to be overridden by their coded routines and leave after a few minutes), Arabelle whistled to the tune of an old pop song and swung her legs in a rather childish fashion. She watched players come and go. The main road leading to the west town exit saw the most activity at noon. Players waited for their party members or just formed them right on the spot. Her keen ears caught bits of conversations. Quests, dungeons, changes in the floor structure, occurrences, rumors. Information exchanges. A few passed curious glances at the small purple-haired girl seated atop a settlement, dressed in a full set of light armor with a scythe larger than her person at her lap. Then her ashen gaze met theirs and they shook their heads to themselves and continued on their business. Kids these days, they must have thought. But she wasn't a kid. Arabelle smiled to herself and propped her chin on her palm. People watching.
  3. Arabelle

    [PP-F21] Hot and Steamy

    "Fuuuu--"dge. Cause we're all family-friendly here. On the third-floor room of a tall narrow building that was her settlement/shop, a small purple-haired girl slumped down on the table with a frustrated groan. In front of her were two cups of tea - one finished, and the other growing cold - a half-empty jar of honey, and two tickets to a special private pool in Floor 21's famed hotsprings with their redemption due date stamped today. She didn't know why he didn't just shift his schedule around and invite her at an earlier date instead of setting their hot springs date at the last minute, and then proceeding to get called out on an emergency. Something something guild mates walked straight into a trap while scouting something. Arabelle tilted her head up to stare at the PM. She stared at it as if staring hard enough would somehow change her best friend's copy-pasted reply to a 'Yes.' Today officially marked the fifth time in the row she had asked her best friend to hang out only to be rejected with a PM that sounded a lot like that one voice message you got when you dialed a phone out of reception. "The number you have dialed cannot be reached. Please try again later," mimicked the small purple-haired girl as she closed her PMs with a quick swipe down. She turned her head, her cheek resting against the wooden surface of the table. Staring at the small black cloth Claude had left on the back of an adjacent chair. Was Mishiro mad? Was she finally showing her jealousy and resentment for Arabelle's wonderful, stronger-than-before relationship with her "brother?" Probably. Those two were way too close for comfort anyway, and Claude better be glad she wasn't the insanely jealous type! (Or maybe she was, you know, actually busy, and Arabelle was constantly contacting her at her designated 'work hours' without realizing). But she wanted to go, and not alone! Reopening her PMs, Arabelle was faced with the depressing realization that she did not have as much girl friends to hang out with as she had boy friends - with the space or without (heh). Inviting a boy on a hot springs trip - using tickets Claude got for the both of them - was just in bad taste. So, girls. There was the unavailable Mishiro, that blonde b*tch she unfriended, some other girls who she didn't really have an interest in, that quiet lady from the guild, The Other Girl (ew), and... The small purple-haired girl perked up. She sat up straight in her chair and swung her legs as she typed out a PM. Arabelle remembered hanging out with her, and she was nice and kind of fun to be with. Unfortunately, after taking a quest and going for a quick swim on the beach, they didn't do anything after that. She could only hope the girl she hadn't spoken to in a bit would say yes.
  4. Arabelle

    [PP/Floor1] The First of the Dragons

    Recap! The Other Girl was apologizing for being a burden to everyone. Dustin was calling himself a monster and straight-up walking away. Mace was faring slightly better, with her pulling back the now-hooded boy and telling him to talk to the Other Girl, but she was slowly inching away from the group. Arabelle tried to keep smiling. She really tried, guys. But right now, she was on the verge of palming herself on the face with a loud groan and running back home. God, this had definitely devolved into a complete pity party with each round bringing a fresh batch of whining and "I'm a burden," "I'm a terrible person," "I'm not supposed to be your friend." Arabelle didn't - they were supposed to be happy! Barely even a scratch on her team thanks to yours truly, and it's not like Dustin and the Other Girl were that close to dying. They came out all fine, right? - She didn't know. This was troublesome. This was boring and their incessant complaints were grating on her nerves. She wasn't a part of this. She'd gone and done her role of Paralyzing the dragon so it wouldn't get any attacks on her team, while the other pair wore it down. Guild loyalty and obligation doesn't hold a candle to her impatience. "That's no good~. Take a step back and calm down. Look at it objectively. Look at everyone's stats and the results of the battle. I wasn't lying when I said everyone did well today." Arabelle opened and closed her menus and she half-turned to the area's exit with finality. "Claude's calling me. Bye." The small purple-haired girl held her hands behind her back and left.
  5. Arabelle

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    Prometheus was now gone. Probably went home crying to his mother after that lame performance he put on. Symphony had disappeared a round prior. Their health bars indicated they were still alive. But they were dropping out of the fight like flies. Now, it was just her and Katagawa. Don't leave, Arabelle wanted to say, but she didn't want to sound like a needy person. Nope! That role was designated exclusively to Mishiro! Besides, it would only take one more hit from her for the battle to be concluded and she was decidedly stronger than the other time she'd been left alone. But, whether it be to play her role to the very end or just for the rewards, the tank stayed. Katagawa jumped in the bunny's path and took the hit for her, killing it with her Thorns enhancement in the process. The bunny shattered in the tank's deadly embrace. Arabelle relaxed her grip on her scythe and stepped back. When she was expecting her to run away, Katagawa had stayed. Plus point in respect? "I... You too," the small purple-haired girl replied. There was no hint of sarcasm in her words. Arabelle watched the girl walk back to the safe zone by herself, then she turned her attention to the Easter Egg that had appeared in her rewards screen. She pulled it out and opened it, briefly looking through the second rewards window that had popped up. "Oooh, extra SP!" Humming to herself happily, she began her trip back to the safe zone.
  6. Arabelle

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    What a miserable upbringing he must have had. Poor, compassionate Arabelle's heart almost ached for what someone as good-looking as him could have been. Her mother would've had a few choice words with his, and perhaps educated these dullards on the grace of following the virtues God had set out for man. And faking a perfectly happy family life while she was at it! But, Arabelle supposed that was just a part of life. Not everyone would have a pure and elegant upbringing like her. Prometheus seemed to lose interest in the conversation - at least, he wasn't trying to provoke her as he did earlier, did he figure out his opinion didn't matter to her after all? - and he had turned to the little event mob. That was fine. Arabelle didn't say anything else. She had only responded to his trifling insults in turn, but when there were no attempts being made on her good name, she was gracious enough to at least stop pushing the conversation any further. Plus, they had an annoying Easter bunny to kill. God, she was starting to hate bunnies. Both growing tired of the slowly progressing fight, the two attacked with a renewed vigor. Prometheus dealt an impressive 1 DMG, Katagawa performed slightly better with a 3. Arabelle stood from her tree stump, dusting off her skirt. Right after the bunny landed a hit on Katagawa, the small purple-haired girl appeared behind it and swung her scythe in a wide arc. The Easter bunny recovered quickly enough to jump in the air and dodge hers. Miffed, the scythe-wielder fell back and looked up at her EN. Back to waiting.
  7. Arabelle

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    'I'm dark and brooding?' Arabelle almost laughed out loud. But that looked unladylike, so she contained herself and brought a gloved hand to her mouth as her lips parted with a giggle that was quiet enough to not be an obnoxious fit of laughter, but loud enough for Mister Wannabe Edgelord to hear. The small purple-haired girl lowered her hand to loosely grip her scythe's handle, and she smirked. "I'm not an edgelord, I'm dark and brooding? My, my, but isn't the former normally defined with the latter in mind? Those two premises would completely contradict each other in that case, no? You just come across as a guy in complete denial, like someone whose flaws are revealed would advertently attempt to reject that part of themselves. That's no good~. A wise old man once told me, the first step to improvement is accepting that your flaws exist!" In the distance, Katagawa was telling them to stop. It was clear that the slow progress of the battle was getting to her as well, and Symphony was... nowhere. Arabelle's mood darkened and she leaned forward, bumping her forehead against her scythe. Of course, of course. It was always the nice, friendly, clumsy ones who showed their true colors and ran away once things got bad. Their bright personalities enticed the others around them and they flocked to their side like moths to a flame, while underneath, they laughed at their deception and allowed themselves to be carried forward. Anywho! "And who even says that out loud, in real life?" Arabelle had lifted her head, but she didn't move from her spot. One more EN, and she would have a chance at that final hit. She tilted her head to the side and smiled. "Even those textbook Wattpad bad boys have more subtlety, and that's saying something. It's not cute at all~."
  8. Arabelle

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    "...my, my. That's rich coming from someone who can barely deal damage. What if next time you get a weapon skill instead of playing up that edgy, lone wolf 'I-do-what-I-want' appeal? Besides, aren't you the least bit embarrassed?" Mister Tin Man had once again failed to land another hit and was now seated at the same stump as her. The small purple-haired girl turned to him and brought a gloved hand to her lips, feigning nonchalance. Inside though, her blood was boiling. Who the hell was this guy and why was he more focused on getting a rise out of her rather than the battle in front of him? He didn't even have the right to. Was that just his way of showing interest? Oh - and at that, she had slightly calmed down, and internally, she laughed and she laughed. Charming. It was getting on her nerves, but at the same time, her interest in him was rising. At the very least, dragging this scum to the ground was more fun than waiting for this boring battle to end. She ignored the cigarette and pressed on, "All bark and no bite, actions barely aligning with words. My, my, it's not even cool at all. With how little you've been doing, you're just a whiny freeloader at this point. Do you really think I saw that as an insult? Sorry, Mister Wannabe Edgelord, your opinion of me matters less than trash. Try harder next time." When the bundle of rabbit and cloud(?) came bouncing over, Arabelle didn't move. She remained seated atop the tree stump with one hand on her scythe, regarding the fluffy mob with a disinterested stare. Arabelle was their best DPS. Katagawa needed to gather Hate. It was practically a given that they would protect her, even without her asking them to do so! The small purple-haired girl tilted her head to the side and rested her chin on her palm with a small smile. Surely enough, someone came to her defense. But - and the girl's shoulders loosened, her eyes widening by a slight margin - not the person she was expecting. Arabelle could only watch as the woman clothed in blue, who despite being useless outside of her Stuns, had been the only nice (who was she kidding, she was just as boring) person in this team so far, get launched to the air by Furry's attack. Their tank had come in to stun it a moment too late. As she repeated her pointless orders, Katagawa would be met with Arabelle's dissatisfied ashen stare. The former was wrong this time. Arabelle's EN ticked back up, but she remained seated with her legs crossed and a mysterious smile, unmoving. With only her weaker Sword Arts available to her, attacking would just prolong the fight at this point. Furry's HP would drop - though admittedly not enough for it to drop down and die - and once its Stun wore off, it would return to chasing after her. Or perhaps Katagawa could land another hit and gather enough Hate before it makes it attack once again, so that Furry would go after the tank as it should have and exhaust the last of its HP on the girl's Thorns. But did Arabelle trust her enough to do just that? Of course she didn't. "I might be aiming for that last-hit reward, after all~."
  9. Arabelle

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    Arabelle turned to the guy, now casually bringing out a cigarette for a smoke after his attack missed - in the middle of combat. Seriously, just how careless can you get? (Though to his credit, he must've known he didn't have the highest Hate value in the team). "People who can't land hits shouldn't complain!" the small purple-haired girl said brightly. She informatively pointed upwards at where she estimated Prometheus's HP and EN values were located - and underneath it, the rest of the team's - to show that her EN bar was empty. "Besides, I'm all out. I drained all my energy with that last attack. Do your best, everyone!" Guess she wouldn't be getting the last hit bonus for this mob either. She wasn't too concerned; she didn't want the item anyway, but it would've sold for a good price. Her ears picked up Furry's loud shrieks and Symphony's shouts - rendered incomprehensible by the former. For a second, she thought the DPS had managed to score a hit and was shouting in celebration. Instead, as she turned, she was met with the fluffy mob's angry charge. Arabelle exclaimed in surprise and scrambled to defend with her scythe, but she reacted a bit too late. The Easter Bunny's assault hit her square on the chest and sent her flying back until she slammed into a tree. Dazed, she spent a moment to recover her bearings and struck her scythe against the ground, using it as support as she slowly stood back up. A glance at her HP bar showed that it had dropped considerably, but not too much to be concerned with. This felt familiar. She hoped to god they wouldn't ditch her like that yellow-haired ditz. Arabelle backed away, placing more distance from the fight. She sat down on a tree stump and crossed her legs. She still held her scythe in one hand in case she needed to bring it up to defend later. "I'm regenerating," were the only words she gave in explanation. She propped an elbow on her knee and smiled. "Defend me with your lives, okay?"
  10. Arabelle

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    "Hmm? I'm not one," she spoke in a lilting, playful tone that seemed to imply otherwise. Arabelle lifted her scythe from the ground and smiled. "I'm a perfectly innocent little angel. It's not like I did it on purpose or anything, you just didn't get out of the way." Her Sword Art activated with a flash of neon green once again, and she readied herself as Symphony traded (or failed to) blows with the Easter bunny. "Axe-type weapons have a pretty far reach. It can result in some accidental friendly fire if you're not careful enough. I want you to remember that." And Arabelle demonstrated. It would probably be the last hit she would land in this fight, and she wanted to make it count! As Symphony fell back, Arabelle ducked underneath Furry's swipe and swung her scythe in a wide arc. The small purple-haired girl took another step forward as the bunny faltered at her successful attack, and both wielder and weapon momentarily became a black-and-green blur as she followed through the rest of the motions of her Sword Art, hacking and slashing at whatever her weapon could reach. When the Sword Art ended, she reversed her grip and thrust the blunt end of her scythe at the Easter bunny, pushing it away from her. No energy. She'd have to wait.
  11. "Kill it in two hits, kill it in one, my estimate of 'Easter bunny dying in under five' is still technically valid! Guess you've gotten strong enough to talk like that now, huh?" The small purple-haired girl had spun around to look at him with her usual smile. Her ashen eyes flicked down to where Dustin would usually keep his sword sheathed, finding that he didn't equip it even as they started walking. "I suppose those gloves aren't just for show now? That's kind of cool, Dustin~. Hey, hey, if Shiro-chan had her gloves with her, you guys could've had a duel! MA versus MA! Would it be an even match or an absolute beatdown, I wonder?" Now she was walking backward with his hand still held tightly in hers, keeping her balanced and guiding her forward? backward? wherever they were going. She trusted he wouldn't space out and lead her straight to a post. "That's unfair. I would have hung out with you anytime, dummy." Miffed at the fact that the Other Girl was now closer to her second-favorite guildmate than she was - really? that made for her third strike! absolutely unforgivable! - Arabelle looked at the Dustin with a dissatisfied pout that lasted until... he gave her another one of his treats. Stars were practically shining in her eyes as she accepted the cookie. Forgiven! Claude better be taking notes. Once she finished her cookie though, she half-crossed her arms and huffed. "All you needed to do was send me a PM. I'm always available for one of my favorite guildmates. And..." Arabelle suddenly let go of Claude's hand and she looked straight up at Dustin with an expression that wasn't as cross as it had been earlier. "--I was waiting for it, you know?" K'O! She smirked. "Besides, shouldn't boys usually be the ones making the first move?" She could practically feel the person beside her slowly latching onto the conversation he had previously been ignoring. Arabelle turned right around and latched onto his hand, but internally, she was laughing. He could only be feeling one thing at this point! Anything else was impossible! Now, she wondered with a small playful smile dancing on her lips, what would he - "What if they're both guys?" Effortlessly redirecting the conversation! Subtle, and at this point, she couldn't exactly bring it up anymore lest she risk tarnishing her reputation. Boring, but effective! "Lame," commented a disappointed Arabelle as she picked up the pace. It didn't take long for the group of six to pass the safe zone's gates. At some point, Mishiro approached and the three walked side-by-side for the rest of the trip. It felt like that first day, with her and Claude engaged in some conversation about whatever topic came to mind, and the dark-haired girl occasionally offering a comment. Arabelle had the feeling that moment from the first day had never repeated itself until now. She would have dwelled on it, but she wasn't a Mishiro. Sentimentality? Sweet, but she could only take it in small doses. "We're here. It should be straight ahead from here." The scout had led them straight to an open field. No trees or cover in immediate sight. "Hey, hey, wait a second. I thought part of the quest involved searching?" Arabelle crossed her arms and frowned. "The mob isn't even that small. Where would it even be hiding?" "It's a rabbit. Where else but underground?" Oh. "Arabelle and I are splitting from the team at this point." Much to the Other Girl's dismay (and Arabelle's vindictive delight), he retrieved the ferret from where it had rested at the Other Girl's shoulder for the entirety of the walk. "It's not that special, for an event boss. It has some EVA you might not be prepared for, so I'd suggest leading with a stun before your main DPS attacks. Also, Dustin, watch your Hate. Furry has a stun attack, and it'll be a lot of trouble if the main damage dealer is out for a round. Otherwise, just stick to your roles and you'll be fine." Arabelle liked it when he spoke in that more formal, detached tone. But - wait, that was supposed to be her role! It was her team, so it should have also been her briefing! "One other thing! I hope this doesn't affect everyone's decisions in a negative way, but Shiro-chan can't die!" Now that everyone's attention was on her - as it should be - Arabelle gave a smug smile. "Literally. A little birdie told me players under level ten can't die to this boss. Dunno why, maybe the game's giving free giveaways? If Shiro-chan's HP drops to zero, she'd be automatically teleported back to the safe zone. But~, that also means she'd fail the quest. Don't neglect her though. I'm just saying this so you guys won't end up panicking if her HP starts to drop. Which is possible, I think this one has an AoE." "Shiro already knows what to do in that case." He rubbed the aforementioned girl's head, the fond gesture slightly messing up her hair. "Stay safe. Send us a message when you guys are done, alright?" Claude lifted his hand and turned back to her. "Let's go, Arabelle. Where are you heading, anyway? Important enough to pass up on an event quest?" "Oh. I'm going on a date." Arabelle responded nonchalantly. She accompanied her words with a gesture at her casual clothes - even as they exited the safe zone, she hadn't worn her battle attire - and innocently tilted her head to the side. Claude smiled. "Of course you are." And, to the (probable) confusion of the team, the two went off in opposite directions.
  12. Arabelle didn't know why the boy was even calling out to her. Go see if she could find the kid...? That was exactly what she'd been trying to do since she ran out of energy, dishing out attacks against that oversized rat. She was even going down the right - oh. The NPC kid's annoying cries were gone, unable to be picked up by her keen ears, and somehow... the cave was dark, but it felt familiar? Blame her lack of directional ability. The small purple-haired girl internally cursed and turned around, heading back down the right direction. And found herself looking straight up at the large creature that almost blended into the darkness of the cave. As it swooped down at her once again with a bloodthirsty screech, she only had enough time to bring her scythe up to defend - and at the same time, a bright purple streaked through the air behind it and clipped through its wings. The annoying, and now very dead bat fell to the ground and so did its attacker. Finally! She let herself relax - a bit, and with that save, Pinball was almost forgiven for failing to land his hits at the very start of the battle! She sheathed her scythe and approached the boy. He should be glad he was cute. "That was wonderful. I'm not being sarcastic, but that last hit really was. Here." She reached down and helped him up with a smile. No sassy comments. Physical contact, but no flirting otherwise. Just. Pure. Praise. Arabelle, are you okay? "But~! We're not done yet. I know where the NPC is, so yes, all that running around earlier wasn't absolutely pointless! Let's go." The small purple-haired girl let go of his hand and went back down the right direction this time. It wasn't long after when she heard the kid's crying again - did that thing never stop? Whatever - to which she looked over her shoulder with a small, teasing smile. "You gonna be doing something after this?" Oh, there it was.
  13. Arabelle

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    The small purple-haired girl loosened her stance when Prometheus approached her as she was waiting for an opening. He stood just close enough to emphasize their height difference, and she had to tilt her head up if she didn't want to be looking at his chest plate as she talked. "My, my. Admitting your weakness, Mister Tin Man?" She used the funny nickname Outsider had called him with during that bar fight. "It's fine, it's fine~. A wise old man once said self-awareness is the key to improvement after all." She felt the strong urge to release her Sword Art in his direction but instead resorted to throwing jabs with a very deadly smile. Arabelle figured she still wanted the mook around to take hits, since their "tank" wasn't gathering enough aggro. "Or perhaps you simply weren't paying attention. You know, sugar, in these types of situations, actions speak louder than words." She ignored his high-five and favored to keep looking up at him with a sweet, playful smile. "I like fighting, too." It was a flirt, and a jab at the rest of the team's unexpectedly low DPS. Seriously, with the tank's attitude, Prometheus teasing her on a very sensitive topic, and the fight going at a slower pace than expected, Arabelle was getting tired of playing friends. Katagawa's strike launched the Easter bunny into the air. "Shi-chan!" The blade lit up with a green glow and her hair cast a shadow over her ashen eyes. Arabelle sped forward with her scythe readied - and she didn't change course to avoid the man in front of her. It was almost like she was aiming for him. A smirk played on her lips and she swung. Her scythe's blade cleaved through the air - once, then she twisted it in her hand and repeated that motion twice - generating a brutal onslaught of shockwaves that harmlessly moved past the man and shredded at the Easter bunny behind him. Arabelle struck her scythe against the ground and flipped her hair over her shoulder.
  14. Arabelle

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    Arabelle rolled her eyes playfully. She had seen Prometheus come up to Symphony out of the corner of her eye, and her sharp hearing picked up snippets of their little banter. Seems like Edgy McEdgelord / White Knight guy found his match. Maybe it had something to do with the pretty dagger user's maniacal laughter as she pierced the cute Easter bunny thing's fluffy hide. Paralyzed! This fight was taking a turn for the better. As much as she wanted to tease the two and their little flirtationship, she kept her attention on the ongoing battle and listened carefully as the woman called out to her and informed her of the bunny's weak points. Back of the neck, where Symphony had struck. No uppity tone. No needless comments. Arabelle was starting to like this lady. "Easy peasy!" The small purple-haired girl didn't hear Katagawa's rebuttal, but what she did know was that the tank drew its attention away long enough for her to circle around the bunny and deliver a clean slash to the back of its neck. She twisted her scythe in her hands and followed through with the rest of the motions of her Sword Art before quickly backing away. Smug as always.
  15. Arabelle

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    One of these fine ladies? Arabelle liked being called a lady, but she had to restrain a giggle. Prometheus looked like a complete edgelord but he seriously gave off white knight vibes! He didn't seem to be that much of a tough guy though, and one of the "fine ladies" with much higher HP values was telling him to stop. Really, though, it came off as her blaming her build's weaknesses on him. Of course he would be expecting a Howl, or some method of gathering Hate. "What's a tank without a Howl skill?" the small purple-haired girl grumbled. With the team's focus being on the battle, she doubted Katagawa would hear it. Maybe they shouldn't have skipped out on those introductions. "I'm fine!" Arabelle adjusted her grip on her scythe and, ignoring Katagawa's suggestion to stand back, moved forward and sent her weapon in a spinning-slash motion. She cleaved through the cloudy puffs of fur and felt her blade slice through flesh. Then, her scythe almost turning into a green blur, she allowed her momentum to carry her through two dizzying spins accompanied with the same sweeping attack motion of the first. She dug her other heel into the ground as the Sword Art finished and leaped back to place some distance between her and the mob. Not too much Hate gathered. A lot of damage dealt. Clearly, this team's MVP. She turned her head to look at Katagawa with a smug smile. "See?"