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  1. After that embarrassing mistake the other day (namely, the first dragon quest she took with a few of her guildmates), Arabelle decided that now was the time to stop lazing around and start leveling up. She'd joined a guild, and even if it was on a whim, she supposed she still needed to do something and pull her own weight. Guilds were made for people to help each other, and if she kept endlessly lagging behind, even Stryder would notice. "I swear you're just copy-pasting that!" the small girl fumed, dismissing the PM window with a flick of her hand. Her uptight friend had used the same excuse when she asked her out that other day in the tavern with Dustin, and then when she asked her out on New Years (not New Years Eve, that was a complete trainwreck), and then when she asked her if that gathering trip was going to happen anytime soon. Apparently not. "I guess girls really change when they start getting popular with the boys~," Arabelle thought out loud with a slight hint of pride in her voice. She remembered the Christmas Festival and the moment her friend left their group to approach a cute boy. Who would've known her boring friend actually got game? She locked her shop door behind her and took a few steps forward. The black-green skirt of her military-like uniform flared as she spun around to briefly glance up at the tall, narrow three-story building that currently served as her home in Aincrad. Then she turned around and with a semi-transparent window showing a map of the main settlement hovering in front of her, she went on her way. The first thing in her appropriately named Operation Pass-The-Other-Girl's-Level-and-have-her-favorite-guild-leader-look-her-way-instead was to retake that tutorial quest. She'd already taken it before and it had been the most boring thing in existence, so she flunked it on purpose to play around with her much more interesting companion. He never learned about that, so asking him to help her this time around was out of the question. And so were her guildmates. She would never tell them straight out that she hadn't even done the first tutorial quest yet. Still, she needed that SP bonus, and this was the easiest thing (with a level-limited SP reward) on the list. She didn't need anyone's help on a simple gathering quest. But as she walked, she couldn't help but think about how awfully quiet it was. @Huginn
  2. Arabelle

    [PP/Floor1] The First of the Dragons

    So now the responsibility of dealing damage rested solely on her new favorite guildmate, Dustin. That was perfectly fine. His attack from earlier took off a large chunk of HP from the dragon hatchling and going by his current level, he should have enough energy for a few more hits. So - Arabelle's eyes narrowed as she circled around to the dragon's left side while the tanks on her team positioned themselves to the right and held its attention - why is he only dealing 1 DMG this time?! Was his level lower than she thought it was after all? Did he burn out somehow? Was he using a much weaker Sword Art with a guaranteed stun? That didn't make sense. The Other Girl's level and Mitigation, as annoying as her general attitude towards things was, should be high enough to tank a bunch of direct hits from the dragon. Her performance in the gathering mission the other day - even if all she did was <<Howl>> lamely off into the distance and panic everytime she was attacked - was the source on this. Mace missed her <<Stun>>. Gryas let out a <<Howl>> and called out for her to attack. Arabelle reversed her grip on her weapon and didn't hesitate. The dragon lifted its wing and she quickly ducked underneath it - oh god, if it folded its wing now, I would be toast - and ran along its exposed side, the sharp end of her scythe's blade cutting through its flesh as she passed through. Upon reaching the end, the small purple-haired girl stopped and whirled around. She bent her legs, gripped her scythe tighter, and launched herself into the air, delivering a crippling strike to its back. 1 DMG. <<Paralyzed>>. She hopped off the incapacitated hatchling, slightly dissatisfied. Well, if she couldn't deal more than one damage per attack, the best she could do now was follow up on Mace's failed stuns and help keep their tank alive by making him take less hits.
  3. "What, don't have any trust in me?" Arabelle teased upon sensing her fellow guildmate's hesitation. Figures. She was well aware that she didn't really come across as the type who was good at making strategies... or taking anything seriously for the matter. But this fight had been going on for too long, and she figured it was time to take a small risk and speed things up. The risk, being her not landing the final hit and having the Merfolk commit suicide by Thorns. The small girl spun her scythe in her hands and slammed blunt end of its handle against the ground. A faint greenish glow was beginning to coat its blade. "That's no good, Dustin. Didn't they teach you that guildmates are there for you to fight alongside and trust? Besides, when it comes to plotting out fights, I think I've learned from one of best!" More like she watched from the sidelines while he gave orders. But that was enough, right? The blade began to glow a brighter green. Dustin critted against the mob - <<Paralyzed>> it, too; she took note of that for later - so one of her weakest Sword Arts should do it. "Don't jinx me, Dustin," she continued with a smile. "Jinxes are always bad. Come on, Shi-chan!" Taking her scythe in both hands, she sprinted forward, following through on Dustin's attack with two powerful swings of her own. Aaand she missed. By overestimating the reach of her scythe once again, combined with all the pressure she had been feeling with landing one last hit some stroke of terribly bad luck, she'd completely missed a <<Paralyzed>> opponent. Arabelle felt heat rise up her cheeks as she laughed nervously and distanced herself from the Merfolk that was now recovered from its status effect. What in the flipping - Dustin really did jinx it! Jinxes are the worst!! Arabelle cleared her throat, still clearly embarrassed. "And in other literature, they call it foreshadowing." She glanced at the other mob, already at low HP. Damn, she was too slow with killing this one. Part of her had already accepted that there was a small chance of her landing the last hit on the first Merfolk, but she decided that they should at least try. "You guys keep attacking the first Merfolk, but as much as possible, try not to kill it!"
  4. basic attack on Nepent Variant [quest requirements fulfilled]
  5. [x2] Whirlwind on Nepent Variant
  6. using one Starter Healing Potion, mob roll [-1 Starter Healing Potion]
  7. With her energy spent on that failed attack and basic attacks being basically useless against that Quest Mob's mitigation (she'd clearly been relying on Spangie and her much higher damage output too much), she was stuck running around and dodging the Nepent's attacks while waiting for her energy to regenerate once again. Arabelle was almost embarrassed to admit that it wasn't too hard now that she had been engaged in combat long enough to recognize the Nepent Variant's repetitive attack pattern. It kept away from its opponents' striking ranges and used the sharp leaves at the end of its long arms to cut them but if a player got too close, it would change tactics and throw them. It looked gross and its Mitigation was extremely annoying, but other than that, it was generally a beginner-friendly mob. "And that's one thing to add to my collection of useless knowledge," Arabelle groused. The Nepent sent its arms flying at her and she deflected one with her the blunt side of her scythe's blade before backing away quickly.
  8. Now she was getting a bit ahead of herself. Arabelle stood still and glanced up at her energy. Any minute now... The blue bar slid back up to its halfway point and she moved. A bright green glow surrounded her scythe's blade as she charged forward, closing the distance between her and the Nepent once again. Fighting defensively wasn't really the best thing to do. She was getting a bit impatient, and if her estimates were correct, the annoying quest mob was one critical Sword Art away from being defeated. Now within striking distance, she ignored the mob's vine attack even as it hit her and left two long slashes, instead pivoting on her heel and releasing her weapon's energy with a large, upwards swing. ...which promptly missed because she'd overestimated the reach of her weapon. And forgotten just how short her avatar's arms were. Arabelle grimaced, pulling back from the mob whose screeches and clicks now started to vaguely resemble the sound of mocking laughter. Damn it!
  9. Well, it didn't do any damage, as expected. She'd hit it with the blunt side of her scythe's blade, right at the part where its head (body? or both?) connected with the roots that served as its feet. But it did succeed at keeping the angry Nepent Variant at bay as she stood up and dusted off her military-like uniform, which had gotten a bit dirty after her previous stunt. The latter part was totally important, okay?! "When I get home, I'm taking a long, long shower," Arabelle grumbled, taking her scythe in both hands once again. The quest mob recovered and scuttled forward, sending its arms flying towards her once again. It was the same old pattern and she retreated backwards while swinging her scythe, deflecting its vines with the blunt side of her blade. Most of it anyway. One got through her 'defenses' and left a long slash across her torso. She glanced at her energy - she needed one more! - and leaped back. "And I'm removing that person from my Friend List. And blocking her forever. Yeah, that sounds nice."
  10. They approached the cave's entrance. The small scythe-wielder skipped a few steps forward and squinted into the darkness. Nothing. But maybe her vision would adjust once they step in. "Hmm..." Arabelle took a cautious step forward and rested her hand against the beginning of the rock wall. A bright red layered itself over her normally colorless gaze as she stared intently at the inside of the cave. She could see the outlines of the cave wall, leading up to a fork in the path, and... nothing else. With her <<Detection>> skill being basically nonexistent, she wasn't even sure if there was a mob right in front of her that her vision wasn't picking up. Her eyes returned to their normal color and she spun around to face the party, and addressed their strongest member (aka probably the only one who mattered). "Pin, this is the location, right? You'd better not be making any mistakes, Mister Front-liner." The party of four hadn't stepped in yet, but she was sure that darkness would work against them somehow. Who even makes a beginner quest that puts their players right into an unfamiliar zone with special mechanics? Low-level quests were there to help players get a feel for the basics of a game. That thing is supposed to be reserved for higher levels! "Well, whatever!" Arabelle suddenly spoke up with a bright smile. She opened her menu with a flick of her hand and a large black scythe manifested in front of her. The purple-haired girl reached out and grabbed its handle with both hands, and its blade became a black-green blur as she gave it a wide showy experimental swing. Satisfied with her performance, she smirked and turned around, finally stepping into the cave. "We have Pin here to protect us, so we should all be okay!... I think." She reactivated her <<Detection>> and it was only then that she became aware of the <<Giant Bat>> looming over her.
  11. She heard the sound of something slithering against the ground behind her. And a combination of weird screeches and clicks coming from the Nepent Variant's dripping mouth. Ew. SAO was well-known for its immersive experience in the beta testing, but they could have at least made the mobs a bit cuter. So, you know, the players wouldn't feel super grossed out during combat or something? In her opinion, it totally ruined the experience. Arabelle glanced behind her. The quest mob looked angry at her narrow escape. And it was following her. Of course it was. She hadn't <<Stunned>> it or anything. Well, disregarding how gross-looking it was, the Nepent was still a lot faster than her. It closed the distance between them in no time and Arabelle was forced to drop and roll, grabbing her scythe as she did. The pointed leaves that she supposed counted as the Nepent Variant's hands cut through the air above her head. The small girl paused, and let out a breath. She didn't bother standing up. Arabelle sat upright and her beloved weapon's blade glowed green as she thrust it forward like one would with a spear.
  12. Arabelle hoisted herself up and reached for her weapon. It wasn't there. She'd dropped it when that thing sent her flying earlier. Her hands dropped to her side. The world was literally turning red, as if it was mocking her for being stupid enough to land herself in the red zone. What an annoying game mechanic. The weird reddish tint that was layered over the usual color of her surroundings served as a constant reminder that she was that close to dying - a useful thing for players who never watched their HP - but useful as it was, she was definitely turning that thing off later. But maybe it was time to finally let go? It would be painless anyway. The Nepent turned around and slithered towards the lone player, drooling hungrily from what she supposed counted as its mouth. It looked gross. Totally gross. She wasn't dying to that thing. That would be the lamest death ever. She grabbed at both sides of her head and pulled hard, shaking herself from her daze. Then she glanced up - "4 HP." Figures. The small girl reached down, flipping the small brown pouch at her waist open, and pulled out an HP potion. It restored more health than her current total, but now wasn't the time to be conservative with these things. Arabelle popped off the cork and downed the bitter liquid in one gulp. Its next movements were a bit clumsier. The Nepent was still far off but it sent its weird arms flying towards her once again, thrashing them around, desperate to get that one last hit. Sure, it covered a larger area, but it ended up being a bit predictable. "You and me both, I guess." She waited for the right opportunity and dove to the side, evading the creature's attacks. The small purple-haired girl turned, and the more mischievous side of hers - the more Arabelle-like side - briefly showed itself once again as she stuck her tongue out playfully before spinning around and making a break for her scythe. [- 1 Starter Healing Potion]
  13. Alone again? Arabelle brandished her scythe and grinned, though it looked more like she was baring her teeth at the plantlike quest mob in front of her. Her HP was a few points away from entering the red zone, and her blonde "friend" had just... disappeared. Not dead. She caught a glimpse of Angie's HP just before she lost sight of her, and she could ascertain that it was still in the green. If her "friend" had died just that suddenly, then whatever came after her friend would've gotten her too. It was simple logic. Spangie ran away. How f*cking pathetic. "Let's finish this by ourselves, Shi-chan." In response, a bright green glow surrounded her scythe's blade. Arabelle spun her weapon in her hands and ducked underneath the creature's thorn-covered arms. Aiming for the roots that she supposed counted as its feet, she tightened her grip and swung her scythe in a wide, sweeping arc. It was the best thing to do in this situation. Take away its mobility, and then land her strongest attacks as it attempted to regenerate. But as with many things in her worthless life, she failed. She thought she felt something wrap around one of her legs before she was flung across the clearing and the edges of her vision began pulsing red. [ooc: continuing this solo as Spangie has left the site.]