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  1. "Yeah," Arabelle agreed in response to Tsu's explanation of why she chose to become a healer. "Out of all the people I've met, I think you're the first who has a healer build. Heck, I think I even forgot about SAO's support players 'til you came along. It's a nice break from all the DPS and tank players, even though that means I'll be taking all the hits." A grin formed on her face as the frog girl explained that green was her favorite color. "Oh, it's mine, too! Purple's kind of my second favorite and I only dyed my hair purple cause when I had it green, it looked terrible." Arabelle held up her scythe with both hands so that Tsu could see the scythe's green blade. "I particularly like this shade of green. And maybe the lighter shades of green, too. That aside, I guess you really go with the frog theme, huh?" Arabelle assumed a thoughtful expression when Tsu asked her what she had in mind after they were done with the quest. "Uh. Ahahahahaha, I guess I really didn't plan that part. We'll figure it out as we walk~."
  2. Arabelle

    [PP-F1] Cheating the RNG <<Nature's Treasure>>

    "Did what hurt?" "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" was supposed to be the script. However, Arabelle had been sure he would answer the question instead of asking another question, so it was fine. The outcome would've been either funny or awkward and Arabelle didn't want to risk it since she wanted someone to gather materials with. Maybe she even specifically wanted to hang out with him since there was something she wanted to ask. She had to admit though, she wasn't sure what was running through her head when she asked him the first question. Well, whatever. Arabelle followed him back to the bench and let Pinball sit down first. Then, he looked up at her curiously. "Oh, hello there." Like he erased all memories of him launching himself off the roof, and she had come across him by coincidence. A totally normal meeting. Like that would actually happen with the both of them. Arabelle slightly tilted her head to the side and decided to play along, curious as to where he was leading to. "Hello there," she replied passively, not offering anything else to respond to. She wanted to see the awkward teenager take the lead in the conversation for once. Who knows. Maybe a social Pinball was cute. But at the same time, Pinball and social didn't really seem to go well together. Pinball asked her if anything interesting happened. She already told him about the shop, he had been to both of the parties she was at, he saw her new familiar and new weapon... Oh boy. "Pin..." Arabelle faked a distressed expression. "I went through everything that happened ever since we went on that quest with Reinholt and Etherial and I realized that literally nothing interesting happened. What am I supposed to do with my life now?" A short pause. Then she grinned and said. "Well, I did go on a date. And the guy was boring. That's all. How about you, Pin?"
  3. Arabelle

    [PP-F03] Friendship Bond

    "W-Worm?!" Arabelle exclaimed, her face turning red. She knew exactly what he meant by calling her 'worm' and a part of her wanted to tackle him for it. Playfully. She wasn't mad. However, tackling a big muscly dude seemed like a really bad idea, even though pain was virtually nonexistent in SAO. But still, what a ridiculous nickname! She tried to look as scandalized and disgusted as she could, then burst into laughter afterward. "Pfffft. Ahahahaha! At least choose something cuter, Hazado dude! Oh, I know. If you're gonna call me 'worm,' I'm gonna call you 'tree'!" The small purple-haired girl exclaimed, pointing at the teenager as she offered an equally ridiculous and embarrassing nickname. Then, she inched forward slightly and booped him on the nose. Just because she could. "You know, since you're big and tall and all that." Then he ruffled her hair and called her cute. Arabelle pouted, wordlessly pointing up at her now messed-up hair. Whatever he said, she was not cute anymore. Not with her hair sticking up like a rooster's. Arabelle liked the gesture though and laughed along with him, taking off her ponytail and letting her purple hair loose. It was slightly refreshing and she felt like one of those models from a shampoo ad. Then, the wind blew her hair into her face. Gawd. Arabelle stretched the rubber band between her fingers and tied her bangs back, leaving the rest of her hair loose. Not the type of hairstyle that looked good on her, but it kept her hair out of her face. Hazado asked what she wanted to do. "Wait, I thought you had it all planned out! Uh, lemme think," And she thought hard. Really hard. Then, an idea struck her and she placed her hands on her hips. "I've got a genius idea. Let's go material gathering!" she declared. There was a pause. Then, she laughed and said, "Just kidding. I know how tiring material gathering is and I really don't want to do it again for as long as I can. Anyways, there's a lake right beside this town, right? How about we go explore and see what the other side looks like? Maybe even go boating? Do they have boats here? Hm, let's check. Come on," Arabelle turned, facing the direction of the lake, and gestured for Hazado to follow.
  4. Arabelle

    [PP-F2] Perfect Timing <<The Venomous Warg>>

    Arabelle pushed an overhanging branch out of her way and looked over her shoulder, holding the branch up for the both of them. However, due to their height difference, Stryder still had to bend his head a little to get past the branch. His face was red and she spotted him looking down at her hand, still holding onto the jacket sleeve. She was surprised he managed to get past it and prepare a teasing(?) response for her. Then, he started speaking in a more serious tone. About his level and how it didn't make it different from others... Arabelle's cheeks reddened. It was true that she had started watching her words and actions awhile ago but she did it as subtly as possible though there was a slight moment of hesitation before she started speaking, and he was somehow able to detect that? Well. He might as well be a psychic. Arabelle let go of his sleeve and turned to face him. She hid her hands behind her back and took a step forward. Considering the lack of space between them earlier (since she was pretty much pulling him along), this meant that right now, they were really close. And once again, due to their height difference, Arabelle had to tilt her head up if she wanted to make eye contact. She felt like a schoolkid talking to their teacher. "You're pretty perceptive. Guess I'll have to watch myself around you~," Arabelle hummed, smiling playfully. "Just kidding. And, aight!" She took a step back and did a salute, her posture rigid like that of a soldier's but her smile never faltering. "I just think high-levels should be treated with more respect and all. Like how one would normally treat a high-ranking officer. Since, as you mentioned earlier, level is an indicator of how much effort you've put into helping everyone. Excluding people who level only for the sake of hindering everyone else's progress, I think - I really think - high-leveled players are admirable. Not just because they're good at playing the game, but because they're brave and selfless for taking the task of clearing the game onto themselves." She deeply inhaled and let out her breath in a puff. This was probably the longest serious thing she'd ever said, ever since meeting the stoic Shin. "Just my opinion. But, since you said so, I guess I'll treat you like I would any normal player!" She moved forward and took his jacket sleeve in her hand again. "And, you know, you basically gave me permission to keep doing this, so might as well!" Arabelle winked and turned around. Only to notice that they had walked into a very suspicious open clearing. And four formless blobs were now emerging from the ground, one blob bigger than the rest. Clearly, they had come across the quest mobs they were looking for. Arabelle let go of Stryder's sleeve and placed herself behind him. If he would turn to check on her, she would unsheath her scythe with one hand and wave at him with the other. "Defend me with your life, okay?"
  5. Arabelle blinked up at Tsu as she approached, dressed in an all-green outfit. That was fast. Seems like the girl was also bored and looking for a chance to hang out with someone. "Hey, Tsu!" she greeted with a small wave. She was almost tempted to say 'ribbit' back at the girl but quickly lost the opportunity to as the player moved to sit beside her. Arabelle moved over and rested the blunt end of her scythe against the ground to make space for Tsu on the bench. She leaned forward with a lazy smile, her head bumping the shaft of her weapon. "Healer build, huh? I didn't really take you for the healer type...no offense. But that's fine, that's fine~. Take care of me out there, okay?" Having said that, she stood and took the girl's hand in hers. She held her scythe with her other hand and started them off, leading the way to the NPC armorsmith's house. "Come on, let's get this quest over with so we can play!" While walking, Arabelle glanced at Tsu's outfit once again. "Say, do you also like the color green?"
  6. Arabelle's true alignment is that of a Chaotic Neutral, but somehow she got 'Neutral Evil' in the survey. Welp. Same issue with Dazia. Maybe the survey was asking the wrong questions. It was quite fun though~
  7. Arabelle

    [PP-F1] Cheating the RNG <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Arabelle gave in and was now sitting on a bench with her chin on her palms, watching players as they passed by when suddenly weird, maniacal laughter was heard above and behind her. Pinball? I'm definitely expecting you. You can't copy my tricks and get away with it! Just as she was going to check, a human-sized shadow passed over her. She straightened looked up, her mouth slightly open in awe. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying Pinball! He stayed up in the air for a few moments and Arabelle wish she'd brought a camera. And then, just like that, the boy landed on the ground in front of her with a smack. The players walking along the road veered away from the player, giving him strange looks. Arabelle held a gloved hand to her mouth and giggled. Then it quickly turned into a fit of laughter. "Ahahahaha! Pin, what the heck? Buut, props to that. I'll do you one better next time!" She recovered from her laughing fit and quickly circled around him as the boy was getting up. Arabelle squatted down and offered him a hand, wearing a sweet smile. "Hey hey, did it hurt?"
  8. Arabelle

    [PP-F03] Friendship Bond

    With a 'ping' of a notification, Arabelle groaned and rolled off her lodging's bed. She flopped onto the floor with a muffled "Oof!" and untangled herself from the pillow she had been holding. Arabelle placed the pillow back on the bed after dusting it off and opened her PMs with a swipe of her hand. Hazado...another quest? She didn't really feel like taking another quest now. She felt more like curling up in her bed all day and sleeping. But as she read through the next sentences of his message, an excited grin formed on her face. One thing her friends learned about her first is that Arabelle never rejects an offer to hang out. Unless she was doing something super, super important. Which, since a certain incident which occurred a few months ago, hasn't ever happened yet. She ran a hand through her messy hair and looked around her bare inn room for a brush. Oh, right. Inventory. She had been stuck in this game for two years and still found herself doing things the way she used to back in real life. Heck, now she was starting to miss sorting through her messy dorm room. Arabelle swiped through a few menus, then sent a PM back to Hazado. As promised, Hazado would spot her walking towards him only a few minutes after her PM was sent. Dressed in a cream turtleneck shirt tucked into high-waisted brown shorts and brown combat boots, with a green pendant hanging from her neck, Arabelle raised her hand in a casual wave as she approached the player. She didn't try and surprise him like she did with Pinball a week earlier, instead going for a more casual and 'normal' approach. However, Arabelle would definitely get the jump on him someday, like she already did with all her other friends. She whistled. "Hey, Hazado dude," Arabelle greeted, reusing a nickname Spangie had used when they first met the guy. "Looking good there. Planning to take Angie out after this? Girls definitely dig the muscly type~."
  9. Arabelle

    [PP-F2] Perfect Timing <<The Venomous Warg>>

    Stryder seemed like he wanted to keep playing. Though from the sly wink he sent her way, Arabelle deduced that he was probably just being playful and trying to get back at her for flirting with him earlier. Probably. Still, she wasn't sure. Contrary to what one may think, Arabelle wasn't the best at discerning people's intentions unless they made it really obvious. So, she winked back at him and said, "I guess I won't have to worry anymore. Dinner after this, sugar? It's on me." Then, he said his level. It was a bit of a moment killer, as Arabelle started seeing him as someone on a way higher rank than her. Chances are, she would start taking their interactions more seriously. But he's cute! And he's even responding, whatever his intentions are, argued the less rational part of her mind. Clarification: taking interactions more seriously did not anymore involve stopping herself from flirting. Unless it got too much. Arabelle knew a total dreamboat when she saw one. "Yeah, you're definitely strong enough. I'm level 5, DPS build. Anyways, if that's fine with you, I'll stay back until you get the quest mobs' attention. Should we get going then? I'm looking forward to dinner!" Once he gave the 'go ahead', Arabelle would smirk and take hold of his jacket sleeve, keeping her hold on it as they both made their way to the deeper parts of the forest.
  10. Arabelle

    [PP-F2] Perfect Timing <<The Venomous Warg>>

    He blushed. Arabelle wasn't surprised, it was the usual reaction. However, she didn't comment on that as her usual style of messing with boys only involved one suggestive statement unless she was being serious. She had to admit though, it was cute seeing his reaction. Stryder seemed to pick up on her intentions quickly. Arabelle blinked at the party invite for a few moments before remembering that she was supposed to tap 'Accept'. Guess I got too used to sending people those party invites...or having them warn me before sending it first. "Yeah, that's nice. What level--" I couldn't get a cute girl die in the woods on the way. Arabelle coughed and brought a hand up to cover her mouth. She was not blushing. Not in the slightest. A bit of heat crept into her cheeks. Okay, maybe she was. It wasn't every day a guy actually did something other than blush and act flustered from her playful little statements. Arabelle wasn't aware of his intentions. But if he was playing that game, then she was playing it too. "Hrm. Lovely. And said cute girl might have something better in reward for you helping her on the quest," she replied with a cheeky smile. "But, I guess we'll have to get out of this alive first. What's your level? Think you're strong enough to tank the quest mob for me?"
  11. Such was the content of the boring, uninspiring PM Arabelle sent to one of her friends. Well, maybe Tsu wasn't even a friend. Maybe just an acquaintance. They haven't actively spent time together outside of the two parties they'd seen each other in (and yet another coincidental meeting while they were out gathering materials) and Arabelle wanted to change that. Aside from the occasional passive-aggressive jabs the frog girl threw at a certain person she didn't like, Tsu seemed like a pretty nice girl. Maybe...just don't bring up her ex, Arabelle thought to herself as a reminder. Even so, the curious side of hers always springs at the worst time. Arabelle sat down on a bench, her lovely, lovely black and green scythe on her lap. It greatly clashed with her current outfit: a plain turtleneck cream-colored shirt with long sleeves, tucked into high-waisted dark brown shorts. She crossed her legs, knee-high brown combat boots crunching against the gravel, and brought up her PMs as she waited.
  12. Arabelle

    [PP-F2] Perfect Timing <<The Venomous Warg>>

    Her attention shifted to the boy's familiar as he mentioned her name for the second time. It was a pure white wolf - hence the name Silver - and it positioned itself quietly beside its master, regarding its surroundings passively. A lovely, elegant creature. And it looked very cuddly, too. If Stryder hadn't warned her against it, Arabelle would've been all over the familiar by now. "Mm, I suppose I must be pretty lucky you came across me then," Arabelle commented. She hid her hands behind her back, wearing her signature playful smile. "So. You basically saved my life. Do you want something in return, mister Stryder?" It would've been a normal statement, but her smile and the way she placed emphasis on the words made the situation a bit...different. She used a more serious tone in answering Stryder's question. "Well, considering how the weaker mobs in this area almost got me, I'd say no. I guess I'll just have to head back to the safe zone and find myself a party." She paused. But, wait. There was a guy right here. Hmm. Arabelle contemplated asking him straight out but decided on seeing how he would react first.
  13. Arabelle

    [PP-F4] Throwback <<Avalanche>>

    "Oh, I was...I was just asking in case you wanted an extra item," Arabelle explained quickly, though the slight hint of red tinging her cheeks implied that she didn't know about the quest item popping up in each party member's inventory. Rather, she had assumed it would only drop for the member who got the last hit on Avalanche. She sheathed her scythe and stretched. Now that they were out of combat, she was more aware of the coldness of their surroundings. "Let's head back. Sicknesses don't exist here in SAO outside of status effects, but I still feel like I'm gonna get sick from being exposed to so much cold," she sighed, looking back at the way they came. This would be a long, cold walk. "You coming along, Outsider?" And no, getting the guy's name wrong wasn't an accident. (Despite appearances, she wasn't the nicest girl you would meet). Turning around, Arabelle smiled innocently and led the way back to the safe zone. "Sun's setting, so I guess I'm treating you both to dinner. And I'm not letting you pay either, Vigilon! Consider this as my thanks for carrying me through the quest." --Thread Summary-- Arabelle 4 SP 300 Col <<Snowfrost>> Outlander 2 SP 200 Col Vigilon 2 SP 300 Col <<Snowfrost>> [ooc notes: since he didn't participate in the quest, Outlander wouldn't be receiving the quest rewards.]
  14. The small purple-haired girl giggled as @Spangie reached down and ruffled her hair. She could see her friend doing the same to an extremely pleased @Hazado with her other hand. Geez, that guy was in heaven. "Did you just speak in a country dialect?" Arabelle chuckled, reaching up to fix her now-messy hair. "And Hazado's a dude, he's not gonna get himself a man...oh, nevermind." She jumped up and hugged her blonde friend, fake sobbing along with her. "I'll never forget you, Squad Mom! I'll...I'll name all of my kids after you! Like...Angie 1, Angie 2, Angie 3," she laughed and let go. "Ah, but I'll have to find myself a cute guy first, though. Got any suggestions, Mom?" She turned so she was facing both Hazado and Spangie once they were talking about strategy. "I have a +1 ACC enhancement. It's a bit helpful and I end up hitting mobs most of the time with it," she offered. Speaking of enhancements, she really had to check with the two guys she'd ordered equipment from. She'd already paid for the equipment and she didn't want her Col and Mats to go to waste. "Yeah, searching the fields is a good start. And since it's a Wasp Queen we're looking for, how about we search around the places where the Wind Wasps spawn? Queens usually stick with their warriors, right?" Arabelle swiped through her menu and held out a hand. Her scythe materialized and dropped into her open hand. "I'm ready. Angie, you good?" She waited for the other girl to respond, then she skipped forward, in the direction of the fields Hazado had pointed out earlier. "Let's go! I want to get back in time for dinner!"
  15. <<MAGNOLIA>> Rank 1 Performer Able to craft T1 Consumables (Support Songs) 2 crafts per day Along one of the many narrow streets leading to Taft's teleport plaza stands a shop belonging to a player named Arabelle. A wooden sign hangs above the doorway of the three-story building with the word 'Magnolia' written on it in plain capital letters. The first floor of the building is the only floor customers can access. Upon entering the shop, players will be greeted by Arabelle's familiar: a curious crow named Moondust, holding an order form in its beak. He will also bring more at the player's request. Aside from a bonsai tree placed beside the doorway and the recording crystals (in-stock items) placed atop shelves lining the unpainted walls, the shop is vastly undecorated. A wooden counter - where most of the transactions occur - sits at the back of the room, with two stools placed in front of it. Price List Order Form Result Chart Rank and EXP Guide for the Crafter Disclaimer: I did not name this after the ice cream brand.