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  1. Reinholt had hooked his thumbs into the sides of his breastplate as he walked. He looked completely relaxed, with not so much a care in the world. His canine companion walked near him, its spiked tail swaying back and forth. The small feathered dragon lands in the sand, catching Fenrir's attention. The Sabertooth wolf seems to grin as it attempts to sneakily walk toward the fire breathing dragon. Realizing what his familiar was about to do, Reinholt sighs softly. "Fenrir! Be nice!" He calls, making his familiar look back. It huffs and turns back toward the feathered drafon familiar, but it had already returned to its partner. It slams its tail into the sand and returns to Reinholt's side. "Sorry, he hasn't been around too many other familiars, plus ours is a fairly new partnership for the both of us." Reinholt apologizes and reaches down to pat his Familiar on its back. "You two seem to have a nice partnership, fire and ice. Must be pretty beneficial to quest together." He says, turning and walking backwards, looking between Vigilon and Krysta and their familiars.
  2. Reinholt

    [F5/PP] Ahoy! Sand Shark!<<Blood in the sand>>

    Grumbling, Reinholt shrugs his shoulders. Not he minded being out here with Pinball, but with their current luck Pinball would fish up another river reaper or some such. "Fine. But if you fish up another river reaper, im walking away and leaving your ass here." He says with a chuckle. Pinball launches another attack and in a surprising outcome the Mummy was still standing, as it managed to dodge Pinball's attack. The moment Pinball finishes Reinholt dashes forward. With low energy all he could do was a normal attack, but he swung his heavy sword anyway. He smirks as his sword bites into the Mummies chest and he dances back away from the creature. "Alright Pin. Kill this thing, will you?" He chuckles as he looks at the mummy before them. It wasn't that the creature was super strong, It was just surprisingly agile. He glances to Pinball and readies himself for a other attack. Action Taken: Attack(-1en) vs Mummified Mariner= hit ID#100879 BD=9 DMG=10 -Players - [H:2] Pinball: 628/740 HP | 37/74 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 15 DMG [H:3] Reinholt: HP: 240/240 Energy: 0/24 DMG: 9 MIT: 27 ACC: 2 - Enemies - Mummified Mariner: 72/370 HP | 111 DMG
  3. Reinholt

    [F5/PP] Ahoy! Sand Shark!<<Blood in the sand>>

    Reinholt instinctively grins as the mummy starts to move toward him. He steadies his grip, waiting as the mummy shambles across the sand. Suddenly Pinball shouts his name and charges the mummy. He lands a heavy blow, the concussion of which blew sand everywhere, and the mummy slows to a halt, a layer of sand and ice now covering its body. "Your concern is touching, Pin." He says with a smirk, walking toward the now frozen Mummy. "That freeze effect is super handy, by the way." he says in a very off hand manner as he rather lazily swings his blade at the frozen mummy. The blade shatters the ice, sending shards and sand in every direction. With a smile he steps away from the mummy and looks over at Pinball. "Kill this ugly mug so we can head back. I got sand in places there shouldnt be sand." Action taken- Attack(-1eng) vs Mummy: hit ID#100873 BD=7+2=9 Dmg: 9+24=33 -Players - [H:2] Pinball: 628/740 HP | 38/74 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 15 DMG [H:1] Reinholt: HP: 240/240 Energy: 0/24 DMG: 9 MIT: 27 ACC: 2 - Enemies - Mummified Mariner: 82/370 HP | 111 DMG
  4. Reinholt

    [F5/PP] Ahoy! Sand Shark!<<Blood in the sand>>

    Reinholt grumbles as be rises to his feet. "You know, why dont you just shut your face and kill this damn thing." he mutters and runs his hand through his beard, shaking loose some sand. He watches Pinball sidestep the monster's attack and as it stumbles Reinholt dashes forward. He swings his pummel toward the mummy who some how manages to stumble out of the way. He curses under his breath and dances back away from the mummy. "This thing has some ridiculous good luck, so why dont you do your thing and squash this ugly thing?" He glances at his energy bar, that last failed attack completely drained it. He takes a deep breath and readies his sword to defend himself if needed. "I'm out of energy, so i cant use my sword arts anymore." He glances at Pinball's gauges from thr party menu and nods. "You got this right?" Action Taken: <<Fight Blade>> Hit[-9EN] ID#100861 BD=1 -Players - [H:0] Pinball: 628/740 HP | 54/74 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 15 DMG [H:0] Reinholt: HP: 240/240 Energy: 0/24 DMG: 9 MIT: 27 ACC: 2 - Enemies - Mummified Mariner: 370/370 HP | 111 DMG
  5. Anyone wanna take on <<Deforestation>> with me?

  6. Reinholt smiled at the fact everyone had a profession, something they did other than grinding levels and just hanging out. It was nice to see so many hard working players. Though it sounded like at the very least Arabelle had the same issue as him, lack of materials and no customers. Being a new blacksmith, most players went to the more experienced smiths. Plus Vigilon made a good point, most smiths were needed once or twice, but then they were useless. But it didn’t matter to Reinholt, as he liked to experiment with different things with his armor and weapons and it would be cheaper in the long run for him to just to be able to make it himself. He drops to a knee and digs in a small crevice, huffing slightly when he didn’t find anything. He stands back up and looks around, his eyes thoughtful. ”Well I’ll have to get up there and try out your shop Tsu and same with you Arabelle. I like food and music.” He chuckles and continues to slowly walk across the rocky 7th floor. ID#100822 LD=1
  7. Reinholt nods in agreement when Vigilon said they should get going. Fenrir paws disdainfully at the sand before then and thumps its tail harder on the ground, sending up a small sand cloud. Reinhokt glances at his familiar with a slight grin. "I guess my dislike for this floor has worn off on Fenrir already. But I agree, we should get moving." Krysta mentions he should lead the way and he smiles and nods his head. "I dont mind that at all." he responds and starts to walk out unti the vast desert before them. Fenrir stubbornly sits just inside the gate, apparently refusing to actually enter the desert. Reinholt pauses and turns back to his familiar. "Lets go Fen. I dont like this floor as much as you but im nkt complaining." Thr Sabertooth whines in protest, thumping its tail down again. Reinholt turns completely around to face his familiar and points to the ground beside him, his face serious. "Now, Fenrir. Lets go." The familiar snorts and slowly rises off its haunches to pad through the sand toward Reinholt. "See, its not that bad." Reinholt says as he turns and leads the way across the desert.
  8. Reinholt

    [F5/PP] Ahoy! Sand Shark!<<Blood in the sand>>

    "Oh mighty fishing gods, bless Pinball with your luck." Reinholt says with a chuckle as he draws his sword. "Just gonna keep this handy in case you fish up a kraken or some such." He halfway wanted to ^_est now, knowing it was advance him levels and he could unlock the next rank his sword art. He was at the expert rank now, but would move up to Master rank, unlocking even more powerful sword skills that would allow him to be that much more effective. He had been standing there, in his own little world with his sword in hand, but Pinball's voice brings his attention to What was going on. A mummy had staggered out of the oasis and Reinholt couldn't help but laugh. "I guess ask and you shall receive, huh?" Reinholt, still chuckling, advances on the mummy. As closes the gap, he attempts to dash forward but his feet slip in the sand and he winds up on his face. Action Taken: <<Fight Blade>> Hit[-9EN] ID#100791 BD=1 Miss! -Players - [H:0] Pinball: 628/740 HP | 55/74 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 15 DMG Reinholt: HP: 240/240 Energy: 8/24 DMG: 9 MIT: 27 ACC: 2 - Enemies - Mummified Mariner: 370/370 HP | 111 DMG
  9. Reinholt had been lounging in his shop when he heard thr ting of a notification. Lazily he opens his interface and reads the message. It was from Vigilon, his fellow blacksmith and acquaintance. "Oh the sand shark? Shouldn't be a problem with the three of us." He mutters and types out a quick response saying that He would be there shortly. Rising to his feet, he switches to his Vangardian Plate armor and the cobalt blade Darukai. He whistles and Fenrir rises from the spot he laid near the forge. The Sabertooth Wolf yawns as he starts to pad toward Reinholt. "Lets go Fenrir. We have a Sand Shark to kill." he says as they leave the shop. Soon they materialize on the 5th and start to trek through Fortaleza to meet up with the other two players, his familiar walking along beside him. Soon he arrives at the gates and waves toward Vigilon and Krysta. "Hey guys. Thanks for the invite. Ive already killed this guy once but i don't mind helping out again. Plus that potion is nice." Fenrir sits down on his haunches and lazily flicks its mace-like tail from side to side. @
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    Reinholt's Evaluations

    http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16427-f7pp-howl-of-the-sabertooth/?page=2 Familiar Eval
  11. Reinholt receives <<Sabertooth Wolf Tamer>> Fenrir(fighter familiar) 2sp(1 quest, 1 thread) 200 col(thread) Hestia Receives 1sp (thread) 200 col(thread) Pinball receives 1sp(thread)
  12. Reinholt

    [F5/PP] Ahoy! Sand Shark!<<Blood in the sand>>

    Grinning, Reinholt sheathes his sword and walks over to his friend. "Atleast I can do some kind if damage to the monsters you fish up now. Before i might as well been hitting it with a pook noodle." Reinholt says with a chuckle. It was true, last tkme they were fishing together Reinholt couldn't so much as land a hit on the monsters Pin had fished up. But now he was well on his way to being able to dish out Damage like Pinball. He pauses, thinking he saw something in the sand and crouches down to sift through the sand. After findind nothing he brushes his hands off and stands. "I was kind of hoping youd fish up a mummy though for real. Now that would of been a story." He smiles and pats Pinball on the shoulder. Before long, they would make a pretty good damage dealing team, with Reinholt being able to take the hits while both of them would be able to lay down the law. ID#100743 LD=1 no mats foun
  13. The Sabertooth growls and thrashes against Reinholt, its paws leaving red digital lines across his body. He doesn’t let up however, his grip never faltering. Growling now himself, He forces the beast to look at him. Their eyes lock, Reinholt’s eyes holding a feircness that they don’t often have. Moments pass and neither the Sabertooth nor Reinholt looks away. The Sabertooth stops trashing about, but still growls angerly at Reinholt. After what seemed like eternity the Sabertooth looks away, his growl fading into a whine.”See, was it that hard?” Reinolt says as he eases the Sabertooth to the ground. The Sabertooth sits back on its haunches and Reinholt kneels next to it. ”What do you say? Partners?” He says to the Sabertooth who responds by slamming its mace-like tail against the ground with a huff. Reinholt chuckles and scratches the Sabertooth behind its ear. ”You watch my back, I watch yours. That’s a promise, Fenrir.” He says softly as he rises to his feet. He looks around, his eyebrow raise. ”Now then.. How are we going to get back up to my friends..” He mutters, mainly to himself, looking up toward were Hestia and Pinball were.
  14. Reinholt

    [F5/PP] Ahoy! Sand Shark!<<Blood in the sand>>

    Reinholt grins as he hefts his sword in his hand. ”My word, that’s no way to speak to your best bud.” He chuckles and watches as Pinball lands his strongest sword art and then the shark’s heath drop considerably. He loosens his shoulders and nods toward the shark. ”My turn, Fish breath.” He mutters and dashes forward, his sword held loose in his right hand. The shark was still recovering from Pinballs hit as Reinholt leaps at the Shark and bashes the shark in the head with his pummel. The shark hits the sand, flopping lazily around like a fish out of water, thanks to the <<Stun>> status effect Reinholt had inflicted. Reinholt grins as he backs away from the stunned creature. "Finish Him!" He says in his best Mortal Kombat voice. He tries to keep a straight face but bursts into laughter. "I crack myself up.." he mutters to himself. Action Taken: <<Fight Blade>> Hit[-9EN] ID#100737 BD=8+2=10 DMG: 54+Stun - Players - Pinball: 628/740 HP | 57/74 EN | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 15 DMG Reinholt: HP: 240/240 Energy: 15/24 DMG: 9 MIT: 27 ACC: 2 - Enemies - Dusty Shark: 46/370 HP | 111 DMG
  15. Luckily the fall wasnt a Long fall. With a grunt Reinholt lands and kicks the Sabertooth off of him. Both of them scramble to their feet and start to circle each other, the Sabertooth growled and Reinholt grins. The Sabertooth lunges forward, swinging it's heavy spiked tail at Reinholt, who dances out of the way, and the spiked tail crashes through a boulder. Shards of the boulder pepper Reinholt, but he was other wise unhurt. "C'mon. I just want to be friends." He says through a wolfish grin. The Sabertooth responds with a deep howl and smashes it's spiked tail oj the ground. It charges Reinholt and leaps at him, its jaws agape. Reinholt makes no attempt to dodge, but instead moves forward to meet the attack head on. In a quick move he grabs the animals large 'Saber' fangs, side steps and uses the beasts own momentum to spin and he slams It into the cliff wall. The impact causes the beast to yelp. Reinholt brings the Sabertooth up to eye level and pins it against the wall. "That's enough!" Reinholt snarls at the Sabertooth. He spots Pinball out of the corner of his eye and shakes his head toward the boy. He obviously had the situation under control.