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  1. [F1] [Open] Decisions, Decisions.

    "I mean, they each have pro's and con's but it just mainly depends on what you.." He is interrupted by the purple dragon that flew between them. It hovered there for a minute then started running all over the Player. Chuckling, Reinholt steps back and runs a hand through his beard. That thing was lightning fast and soon stopped on the players shoulder and licks his cheek. Just then the other player he had saw, the owner of the dragon, comes over and apologizes. "No apologies needed, from me at least." He was still chuckling softly. The second player introduced himself as Itzal, the name sounded vaguely familiar but Reinholt shrugs it off. "Names Reinholt, I'm planning to become a blacksmith. This guy doesn't know what he wants to do though, i think he had narrowed it down to a couple options." He tucks his thumbs into his belt, looking between Itzal and the other player, and the pretty cool purple Dragon.
  2. Reinholt grins to himself, leaning on the counter of his new shop, Shield-Wolf's Forge. He had thought up a number a names, even decided on Honor's Flame. That was until Shield-Wolf came to him. It described him quite accurately, a shield to those who need it yet ferocious like a wolf. He looks around with an accomplished smile. The place was pretty bare bones right now, the biggest peice of decoration was the Shield-Wolf emblem that was set into the floor. But other than a couple chairs, there wasn't much. He smiles to himself and heads up the stairs to the forge. Can't have a shop with nothing to sell. He picks up his hammer and starts crafting.
  3. Reinholt nods toward @Fetu Lagi. "Nice to meet you Fetu Lagi." He says just before Pinball puts on his little show and charges off like a crazy person. Chuckling he motions for Fetu Lagi to follow him. "Naw, it should probably clear up soon. I'd like to get back before dark so lets hit to road." He had to admit, Pinball's ghost cat thing familiar was pretty cool. He had heard there was a special quest that granted a familiar, but it could get hard so he decided it would best to wait until he was a big higher level. "Just stick near me when we get into combat and let me attack first. What kind of weapon to you use? I have a 2handed straight sword that i don't need anymore that you might benefit from." He was trying to help the kid, plus he didn't any use for his old sword. The stats might benefit Fetu Lagi and he would feel better knowing he helped someone else instead of just making some Col off it.
  4. {PP-F8} Into the Woods <<Monkey King>>

    Reinholt was already in his combat gear. It was pretty much what he stayed in unless he was going to sleep or some such. At the mention of a storm he opens his menu and searches through his inventory. After a moment, a ragged looking, grey hooded appears over his armor. It was made from a heavy cloth. He rises to his feet and stretches, stifling a yawn. "I'm ready, if you are. Storm or no storm, we'll be fine. I'm sure." He spins on his heel and makes his way to the door, trying to open the door gently even in the wind. With a grunt he steps outside, the wind whipping at his poncho. "So whats the quest we're going on anyway?" He says over the wind, pulling the hood of his poncho up. He didn't much care for the weather. Hopefully it would pass pretty quick. "What floor is it on? This one or a different one. I honestly have been up here on the 8th much, so I dont know what quests there even are up here."
  5. A set of stone steps carved into the side of the cavern wall inside Nimbus leads to a heavy door. Above the door hung a sign that read 'Shield-Wolf's Forge'. Entering the shop you are greeted by a warm glow. Inside was lit by small crystals that lined the walls. It was shaped in a half circle with an elevated platform to the right where the forge was. Straight ahead was the counter, which completely separated the customer area and the shop area. Behind the counter to the right were stairs to the forging platform and to the left was another heavy door. The shop was sparsely decorated but did have the Shield-Wolf emblem set into the floor. There were a couple chairs near the counter and the in-stock items and prices hung on the short wall to the right. Info: Rank 1 Blacksmith 2/19 EXP 2 crafts per day Prices: Order form: In-Stock
  6. {PP-F8} Into the Woods <<Monkey King>>

    Reinholt smiles and chuckles with Pinball. He honestly didn't know if Pinball realized what he did before he did it or a happy coincidence. Either way it was a good laugh for the both of them. After the laughter had died down he watches the curious look across Pinball's face and means forward. "Hold habits die hard. Plus, I don't want to get used to have two eyes again, then go back to having the one when we get out of this game." He answers the unasked question. He had gotten it alot from other players so he already knew what what was going through Pinball's head. He listens to the bit about a dangerous quest and taps his fingers on the table, as if he was in deep thought. After a couple moments and bangs his fist lightly on the table and grins. "Danger is my middle name. Plus I'm always good to grind out some levels, find some treasure and the whole shebang. Just don't drudge up another one of those river monsters, eh?"
  7. {PP-F8} Into the Woods <<Monkey King>>

    Reinholt reaches over and picks up a donut. He holds it up and smirks at Pinball. "So cliche Pin. I thought you were better than that." With a chuckle he dips the donut into the hot chocolate before taking a bite. "Mhm. That's good." He says between bites and then touches his eyepatch "Used to be. An explosion made sure I'm not anymore. They don't much let cops run around with one eye. So by all means, do all the crack you want I'm not going to stop you." Grinning he takes a big gulp of his Hot chocolate and grabs a cookie, leaning back to get comfortable. "So what's up? You just enjoy my company that much you had to have me rush over here? He takes a bite of the cookie and nods, making the 'this is really good' motions with his hands and gives a thumbs up. This was some of the best sweets he'd has in game.
  8. {PP-F8} Into the Woods <<Monkey King>>

    Reinholt glares at Pinball as he brushes past him to close the door. He had already realized that Pinball was fibbing about being robbed. He's lucky I like him. Reinholt thinks to himself sourly as he sheathes his cobalt blade and flops into a chair. He is silent as Pinball searches his kitchen and smirks at the loud crash. "Yeah, I'll take a drink -and- a bite to eat since you thought it would be fun to make me run all the way here from where I was staying at on the 7th floor. I ought to bop you on your head for that. And next time you want my company, just ask. I used to be a Cop IRL and I literally ran all the way here, like a fool." He grumbles and leans back in his chair. Looking around the shop he make an appreciative face. The kid had a nice little place here. "Didn't know you had a shop, Pinhead. What, are you a cook?"
  9. QUEST REWARDS: 1 Heavy Greatsword (crafted item) 2 SP(1 quest reward, 1 thread) 7 T1 Materials (5 quest reward , 2 left over) 1 Shop TBD
  10. {PP-F8} Into the Woods <<Monkey King>>

    Reinholt was in Urbus on the 7th floor. Just hanging out in an Inn, browsing the boards. He stifles a yawn, just as a message came in. He lazily opens it. Eh, it's Pinball. What does he want?.. He thinks to himself as he starts to read it. After the first line he had set up, quickly reading the rest. With an loud curse he sprints out of the inn, knocking his table over and a couple of players down. Damnit Pin. I'm coming.. with that he sprints through the streets and toward the teleporter. He slides to a stop in the teleporter. "Teleport Florenthia!" He shouts and instantly dematerializes, only to materialize on the 8th floor. As soon as he could move he was sprinting. Cursing under his breath as he runs, he covers the distance pretty quick. He follows the poor directions and soon finds himself in clearing facing a stone cottage near a single tree. As he nears the building he draws Darukai, taking his sword in both hands he slams his shoulder into the door. Crashing through the door, he slides to a stop, his sword ready and his eyes scanning the room...only to find Pinball relaxing in a chair and no one else in the room. "Pin.." He pants, deeply winded from running all that way. "What..the...hell?"
  11. Reinholt's Evaluations

    Name: Heavy Greatsword Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank:1 Roll ID: 99835 Roll: 11 Item Type: 2H Straight Sword Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: 2 slots Dmg Description: A heavy bladed two-handed straight sword made for dealing damage.
  12. Reinholt approaches the anvil again. One way or another he wasn't giving up. He was alot of things, but a quitter wasn't one of them. With a calming sigh he lifts the hammer above his head and begins molding the material he had on the anvil. The material begins to glow and form under the hammer. After what seemed like an eternity of shaping the material into its new form, he brings the hammer down one last time and the glow fade. With an accomplished grin he sets the hammer aside and takes hold of his first creation. A large two-handed straight sword with a dark blade and purple and gold hilt. He hefts the sword, admiring his handy work. He brings up the stats and smile. "A rare item. Not too bad for my first sword." He says as he loads the item into his inventory and turns to Cedric. "Congratulations Reinholt. You've learned all i have to teach. You are now a blacksmith." Cedric says, causing a quest complete screen to pop up. He accepts the rewards with a grin. "Thanks Old man. Time for me to hit the road." He says as he gathers his this and leaves the shop. (ID#99835 CD=11 2H Straight Sword crafted)
  13. Reinholt had his menu pulled up and with a shrug he swipes it away. Guess I did put a notice up and didn't realize it. He offers a smile toward the new player. "Yeah I'm Reinholt." He says and turns his attention toward Pinball. "Hey Pin. How's it going bud?" He chuckles at the mentions of a quest and nods his head. "Yeah, I was doing this <<Long Live the Queen>> quest. It's a field boss, that I can probably solo, but you're both more than happy to tag along." He pulls up his menu and sends both players a party request, before turning toward the player that hadn't introduced himself. With a smirk, he brushes the hair out of his face again .He felt confident that no harm would come to this other player. Between himself, with his new gear, and Pinball who was probably triple their level, there was no reason to worry at all. @Fetu Lagi @Pinball
  14. [F1] [Open] Decisions, Decisions.

    Reinholt had been wondering the 1st floor, fairly bored to be honest. He was waiting to find a party to take on some of the tougher quests that were around his level, so he thought he could go out and see if he could help someone lower than him, or perhaps just gather some materials as he was -trying- to become a blacksmith. With a bored sigh he wonders, pretty aimlessly around with his thumbs tucked into his belt. He wore his Dragon bone armor, mainly because he never knew where the day would take him and wanted to be prepared if he had to jump in and help someone or ran into a bigger monster down here. Man, i need to find a party, or maybe just join a guild. I should be grinding levels right now. He heard a player speak, talking about a profession. Then he sees another player with a Dragon Familiar who seemed to be playing with his familiar. He walks toward the first player, the one who who spoke of deciding his profession and offers a smile. "I've decided on Blacksmith myself. I haven't became one yet, but I'm working on it."
  15. [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Reinholt had taken note of the other players. The only one that looked vaguely familiar was the blacksmith from the 7th floor, the one who made the sword that was on his hip. @Vigilon was it? He thinks to himself as he makes it back toward the bar. There were more people here than He though would show, but this was good for people. To socialize and just have fun, made the death game bearable to the players stuck there. Another player approached the bar and ordered a black tea. After a moment she turns to him and says hello. He offers @Macaroon a smile and tips his glass toward her. "Good evening, Miss." He says in a friendly tone. He sits his glass down on the bar and his left hand rests on the hilt of his sword. Just touching it his could feel the electricity surge through it. He was the only one with a weapon that he saw, but he didn't care.