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  1. silver crow


    yep see ya there
  2. hey everyone it has been a whie but i'm back to continue my jorney anyone want to chat pm me

    1. Aspect


      I gotchu homie. 

  3. love the new profile pic ruby

  4. I do think that text and numbers are equal to each other but I did choose text
  5. any one got any ideas for my first thread

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    2. Outlander


      No, If I was talking about terrorists, I would say the middle east.

    3. silver crow

      silver crow

      cheers if you want to keep talking pm me

    4. Shi


      i have a few options for you:

      - silver crow finds the first chaos emerald and ascends to higher powers.

      - silver crow finds the blackwyrm coat ( i think @Seul would do this with you ).

      - silver crow does 100 posts worth of material farming.

      i rec. the 3rd option

  6. need a pst member to help me

  7. just finished my jornal hopefully in gets approved

  8. silver crow

    Woe Isn't Me

  9. if so please reply

  10. is @Macradon on

  11. silver crow

    burst link

    hi my name is silver crow I am 13 years old I like anime , manga and mmos would love to chat via pm
  12. silver crow

    The Name Is Life

    welcome back I am new to the site my name is silver crow and we should have a chat some day welcome back
  13. please reply pm me

  14. please reply pm me